IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2013-11-27

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povbotBug 12144: Make gtk-update-icon-cache work as advertised00:00
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xesfreemangordon: this is the latest gtk+2.0 that still has a working gtk-update-icon-cache
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vi__~kerio is kerio: holy shit you're old11:00
infobotvi__: cannot alter locked factoids11:00
keriosuck it bitch11:00
infobotwell, kerio is <sixwheeledbeast> ah kerio, you beauty11:00
infobot[vi__] 13:21 < DocScrutinizer05> vi__: you're absolutely right11:01
vi__I once copied my icons directory to a ramdisk and symlinked to it.11:02
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vi__There is a widget called 'app search widget'.  It lists all the programs hildon knows about.11:03
vi__It takes ~1.2seconds to populate the list when you activate the widget.11:04
vi__With the icons symlinked to a ramdisk it was unmeasurable.11:04
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freemangordonvi__: do you have any idea why?13:37
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DocScrutinizer05metainfo of fs getting flushed from bufferes by data transferred for the icons?13:50
DocScrutinizer05ioperf(?) should tell13:51
DocScrutinizer05on unrelated topic: vapor phase soldering is really a weird thing13:52
DocScrutinizer05waaay smarter than hot air reflow13:53
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sono2. Disadvantages14:27
sonoHigh running costs.14:27
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vi__I have no idea.14:50
vi__I assumed it was because they all need to be read from the emmc.14:50
vi__But surely it should be cached if that was the case?14:50
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mashinais reformatting a good idea if I haven't touched it in a LONG time?16:21
mashinai have an N800 i haven't touched in a few months and cleaning the cruft seems like a good idea16:22
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mashinanot turning on16:23
mashinaguess plugging it in would be a start16:23
mashinashe turned right on!16:27
mashinathat's a good start16:27
mashinaN800 lives again :D16:29
mashinaanyways, should I clean it out?16:29
*** arcean has joined #maemo16:30
mashinai have a nice big 32 GB SD card for it to replace to 128 MB card it came with16:31
*** user__ has joined #maemo16:31
chem|stmashina: it is not like it is getting dusty between the electrons when lieing around...16:35
mashinaeyah but maybe a fresh start is what i need16:35
mashinathere's probably lots of daemons and FS cruft and installed apps...16:35
chem|stwhat you need is a different thing16:35
chem|styou probably want to check if all repos are still available and if not have a look where they got mirrored16:36
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mashinai think i just used stock + some but i'll check when it charges a bit more16:39
marcosx86hello all16:44
marcosx86is the Meego pub repos dead?16:44
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vi__why is everyone getting excited about this jolla phone?17:24
vi__more closed source abandonware.17:25
hbibi can't understand it either ...17:28
SpeedEvilvi__: It is largely open sourced.17:29
SpeedEvilvi__: Is it less opensourced from a perspective of the drivers than would be liked - yes.17:30
SpeedEvilSimply because of market reality, and the inability to source parts with actual docs.17:30
Ilmatari'd like to see your source for claiming it's closed source17:30
SpeedEvilCan you screw with the underlying layers much, much more than android or even harmattan (due to aegis) - yes. (AIUI at least)17:30
*** Kabouik_ has joined #maemo17:32
SpeedEvilIs it as open as GTA* and neo900 - no.17:33
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* ShadowJK wonders if jolla or N5 will exit unobtanium status first17:49
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vi__is it as open as harmattan was?18:09
vi__If we could just get the specs to the MTK chips we could have access to a shit tin of modern hardware.18:10
vi__^shit ton18:11
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, vi__ is 13:21 < DocScrutinizer05> vi__: you're absolutely right18:11
vi__I know doc.18:11
vi__THanks for noticing.18:11
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marmistrzfreemangordon: ping18:14
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DocScrutinizer05sono: really? even with the insane cost of electric energy here in Germany?18:17
DocScrutinizer05sono: also seems like a hot air reflow needs like 50m^3 while a vapor phase you can run in your closet18:20
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DocScrutinizer05sono: ok, there are small hot air reflow which work for single boards18:24
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sonoi just quoted...18:30
sonoin a meeting18:30
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infobotwell, music is essential for hacking -- especially calming music for debugging so you don't throw the damn machine out the nearest window  Available from magnatune, a company that isn't evil.18:35
infobotInformation is not Knowledge \ Knowledge is not Wisdom \ Wisdom is not Truth \ Truth is not Beauty \ Beauty is not Love \ Beauty is a French phonetic corruption of a short, cloth, neck ornament.currently in resurgence. \ Love is not Music \ Music is THE BEST18:35
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vi__infobot you suck18:37
infobotand very well I might add18:37
vi__infobot you banana18:37
mashinaalright, all my repos seem acceptance18:43
mashinaseems like it;s the perfect time to wipe it clean (n800 that is)18:43
DocScrutinizer05vi__: you suck18:44
infobot3! is, like, 618:44
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mashina~global thermonuclear war18:48
infobothow about a nice game of chess?18:48
marmistrzfreemangordon: ping18:56
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freemangordonmarmistrz: pong19:03
marmistrzI installed the sdk from the cli script19:04
marmistrzThese are my packages19:04
freemangordonAFAIK that one install hathor19:04
freemangordonyou need aphophis19:04
vi__what like from stargate?19:05
marmistrzWhat's strange hathor worked since a year or so, and has recently broken.19:05
freemangordoncould be19:05
marmistrzbtw. apophis seems to break embedlite-components, iirc19:05
marmistrzsorry, my mistake19:06
freemangordonno, it is hathor that breaks it19:06
freemangordonthis is what I have installed19:06
freemangordonmarmistrz: just download the debs and install them19:06
marmistrzcan I install from the apt repo on amd64?19:07
freemangordonmarmistrz: yes, but you need to install x86 libs19:07
freemangordonalso, you need to tweak some of the debs and remove python dependency19:08
marmistrzyou dl-ed from here?19:08
freemangordonyou'll see what I mean when you hit the error19:08
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freemangordonmarmistrz: I use x86 virtual mashine19:09
freemangordonno amd64 ;)19:09
marmistrzand would using tar.gz for apophis workaround the error you're talking about?19:09
freemangordonmarmistrz: NFC19:09
freemangordonyou'd better do as I say, that is how I make aphophis working on my ubuntu 12.04 64bit19:10
marmistrzthx :)19:10
marmistrzwhy do we need to use the older release for Maemo?19:11
marmistrzaccording to
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freemangordonmarmistrz: I guess somehting is broken in hathor19:11
freemangordonbtw my qemu is from hathor19:11
marmistrzSo should I download apophis-only pkgs, or tweak anything more?19:12
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo19:14
marmistrzfreemangordon: And does the autobuilder use hathor or apophis?19:15
*** LauRoman has quit IRC19:15
freemangordonmarmistrz: hathor19:15
freemangordonmarmistrz: yes, just download the same versions as mine and you'll be ok19:16
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marmistrzfreemangordon: Just noticed that my version of qemu is the apophis one... ;) 0.10 is entirely non-existent in hathor...19:21
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Palifreemangordon: ping19:33
freemangordonPali: pong19:33
Palifreemangordon: where is your LD_PRELOAD patch?19:33
Palifor rtcom-call-ui19:33
freemangordonon my PC :D19:33
freemangordonhold on a second19:34
freemangordonyou know, quick'n'dirty19:35
Paliwill look at kernel19:36
freemangordonPali: we can't avoid LD_PRELOAD IMO19:38
freemangordonif not for call-ui then for something else19:38
*** eijk has quit IRC19:39
freemangordonI wonder if this isn't way easier than maintaining kernel patches19:39
*** LauRoman has quit IRC19:41
freemangordonPali: ^^^19:41
Paliproblem with above patch is that above path can change again in next kernel version...19:41
*** eijk has joined #maemo19:42
freemangordonPali: sure, but a .so is way easier to maintain19:43
freemangordonPali: not to say we can put those replacements in a config file and tweak it while booting19:43
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Palifreemangordon: for that audio/jack problem, it is better to create new hal module for exporting it19:52
*** florian has joined #maemo19:53
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mashinaalright, gonna wpe it20:10
*** mavhc has joined #maemo20:10
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Pali$ sudo hal-device -a /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_soc_audio_logicaldev_input < /dev/null && sudo hal-set-property --udi /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_soc_audio_logicaldev_input --key input.jack.type --strlist-pre "a" && sudo hal-set-property --udi /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_soc_audio_logicaldev_input --key input.jack.type --strlist-rem "a"20:15
Palifreemangordon: maybe above command can help ^^^^20:16
Paliit create fake hal device with input.jack.type property20:16
Pali(I do not know which property rtcom-call-ui reading)20:16
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*** dafox has joined #maemo20:27
Palifreemangordon: yes, above commands fix rtcom-call-ui crashes20:32
Palihere is upstart script:
Palijust store it to directory /etc/event.d/20:33
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marmistrzfreemangordon: ping21:02
*** android_808 has joined #maemo21:09
marmistrzandroid_808: ping21:11
android_808marmistrz: pong21:11
marmistrzYou remember the scratchbox stuff?21:11
android_808What bit?21:11
marmistrzThe one from cssu thumb21:12
android_808yep, how you getting on with it?21:12
marmistrzWell, reinstalled the whole scratchbox (simply untar-ed)21:12
marmistrzwith these pgks21:12
infobotmarmistrz meant: with these pkgs21:12
marmistrzStill segfaults with libgtk2.0-bin21:13
marmistrzTried pushing hathor qemu, even qemu-arm-static from raring21:13
marmistrzstill fails21:13
marmistrzdidn't install from debs, as they want me to remove python ;) - its easier from tgz21:14
marmistrz(for qemu-arm-static, changed the qemu variable in /scratchbox/users/marcin/targets/fremantle.config)21:15
marmistrzandroid_808: seems it would be the end of the report :)21:17
android_808remind me, been up for hours, what command you run to cause it?21:17
marmistrzbrb, gotta reboot21:24
*** marmistrz has quit IRC21:24
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*** marmistrz has joined #maemo21:26
marmistrzandroid_808: I'm back21:26
android_808marmistrz: Welcome back. i've got same glib as fmg mentioned, libglib2.0-dev 2.24.1-1maemo1+0cssu0+thumb0, and libgtk2.0-bin (program from here) 2.14.7-1maemo34+0cssu2+thumb0.21:26
marmistrzandroid_808: it fails even with the sdk version21:27
android_808marmistrz: what is output of cat /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr on host?21:27
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: (LD_PRELOAD) what about apps?21:28
android_808marmistrz: change it 4096 or lower, I'm on 021:28
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marmistrzwhat does that mean?21:29
*** zemmy has joined #maemo21:29
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marmistrzandroid_808: and do I have to reboot after the change?21:30
android_808no. From wiki: In order to run ARMEL binaries in scratchbox the mmap_min_address needs to be set to 4096 or lower. Normally the SDK installer warns about that, but in Ubuntu Lucid the /proc entry is visible only to root, so the SDK installer can not see it. This also prevents qemu from checking the value, in which case it is assumed to be 0. Because of this, until21:30
android_808 the bug is fixed (kernel 2.6.34 is unaffected, and at least that version will be in Maverick), the value should be set to 0 on Lucid.21:30
marmistrzandroid_808: Well, magic, works! ;)21:30
marmistrzthank you very much!21:30
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android_808add it to /etc/sysctl.conf and it will automatically set it on boot.21:31
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marmistrzand what does the mmap_min_address in the system?21:31
marmistrzs/in/do in/21:32
infobotmarmistrz meant: and what does the mmap_mdo in_address in the system?21:32
marmistrzs/in /do in /21:32
infobotmarmistrz meant: and what does the mmap_min_address do in the system?21:32
android_808marmistrz: See: My turn for a qt question.21:33
marmistrzok, thx :) proceed ;)21:33
android_808marmistrz: is there any real difference between public slots: and public Q_SLOTS: in a qt header file?21:33
marmistrzI have no idea.21:34
marmistrzI'd have to dig a little21:34
marmistrzbut my guess it'd be the same21:34
marmistrzI've never seen Q_SLOTS, always used slots21:35
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android_808fmg sent me a test app for embedlite work.  I've always used slots: but I get error about expected : before 'slots'.  Appears to be caused by some of the lines in project file. Source file from fmg uses Q_SLOTS and that builds21:36
marmistrzWell, strange and interesting.21:36
marmistrzGonna let you know if I find sth21:37
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marmistrzI have to quit, send me an e-mail/pm if you were to need something.21:38
marmistrzthx again!21:38
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zammywhy if I recharge my n900 by dynamo hand tool it does not charge?22:30
zammyas I apply the same on an android tablet it works...22:30
*** rzr-mob has quit IRC22:32
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freemangordonPali: well, creating a fake hal device might prevent call-ui from crashing, but it actually sets a notifier on it22:37
freemangordonso, call-ui will never get notified about a neadsed plugged or something like that22:38
Paliproblem is that full audio is buggy... and until this will be fixed (in kernel or userspace) it does not make sense to do something more...22:38
freemangordonthat's for sure22:39
freemangordon(broken audio)22:39
DocScrutinizer05yeah :-/22:40
DocScrutinizer05zammy: short D+ and D-22:40
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zammy? DocScrutinizer0522:41
DocScrutinizer05zammy: I'd be DAMN CAREFUL with such geeky stuff like hand dynamo charger. You might easily fry your device22:42
zammyI don't get---22:42
zammyhow fry22:42
zammyit's not a freaky charger22:42
DocScrutinizer05e.g. by driving the dynamo backwards thus applying inverted voltage to USB22:42
*** Aggese has quit IRC22:42
zammybut a mobile phone charger22:42
zammyjust dynamo22:42
zammyyes... I can suppose it is inverted...22:43
DocScrutinizer05or simply by the damn thing outputting 25V the very moment the charger circuit switches off the load22:43
zammyDocScrutinizer05, indeed as I try to charge my n900 it seems cause the opposite effect22:44
DocScrutinizer05you've been warned22:44
zammyhow to ... shall I give back this damn hand charger22:45
DocScrutinizer05no, we can't and won't evaluate the risks and quirks of your particular charger22:45
DocScrutinizer05odds are it's a damn cheap build from china, with absolutely nothing in it to protect the phone22:46
zammyDocScrutinizer05, as I stress the damn charger with weird moves22:46
zammyso stressing my self too22:46
zammyI get sometimes n900 saying battery is charging22:47
DocScrutinizer05again, not going to evaluate this any further22:47
zammybut after a while as I loose the right rythm it says charger disconnected22:47
zammybut it says that even if I am still applying the hand22:47
zammyand ... DocScrutinizer05 this you can evaluate22:48
zammyjust like error22:48
DocScrutinizer05I could explain all those effects to you, but i won't since it takes a while and no benefit of it22:48
zammyit sends weird red sparking led signals22:48
DocScrutinizer05the damn thng probably not even has a buffer capacitor22:50
zammythat's the point the same I suppose22:50
DocScrutinizer05use it for dumb battery chargers, not for delicate electronic devices22:51
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DocScrutinizer05or power your USB attached torch gadget with it22:52
DocScrutinizer05wait, does it even come with USB or do you use an adapter to connect a generic barrel connector or whatever to the poor N900?22:53
*** Aggese has joined #maemo22:55
zammyI use an adapter by my self22:55
zammyI have many miniusb adapters...22:56
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zammyno way with all cables22:59
zammyit is just able to wake up the phone... but does not charge it22:59
zammyas you say it's buffer capacitor lack... the cause22:59
DocScrutinizer05the cause is you'e using an absolutely FORBIDDEN DANGEROUS adapter23:01
DocScrutinizer05nd, where does the damn thing state "5.0Volt USB compliant output"?23:03
zammyat max 4volt23:03
zammyI verified23:03
DocScrutinizer05you're a seriously weird guy23:04
zammydon't you have any geek advice?23:05
DocScrutinizer05yes: stop doing such dangerous experiments!23:05
zammyI can't promise23:05
DocScrutinizer05or get used to *learning+ about what you're about to do23:06
zammymy only reason to buy n900 was testing the fly thing23:06
DocScrutinizer05see USB specs23:06
DocScrutinizer05ooh, you also could try the throw thing23:07
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*** Elleo has joined #maemo23:07
DocScrutinizer05there's an app that demonstrates how accelerometer range gets exceeded when you throw the N900 against a brick wall23:07
zammyvery cool23:08
zammyI mean the accelerometar stuff23:08
zammynot the wall23:08
*** Aggese has quit IRC23:09
DocScrutinizer05yeah, the problem with the app: only very few people were able to read out the logs of acceleration from the N900 storage after doing the test23:09
DocScrutinizer05there must be a bug in the app, regarding writing the logs to flash storage, allegedly it can even cause massive problems reading *anything* from flash23:10
zammythat's a challenge23:10
zammyanyway a good app... the best one23:11
zammygood this one?
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zammywhat's the flex flat23:33
*** Kabouik_ has joined #maemo23:37
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