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Gear_hey, is there a frontend for some bluetooth cracking software?05:42
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Gear_hey, can someone tell me of a bluetooth "hacking" tool06:01
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Gear_i'm looking for a bluetooth sniffer for messing around wih my other phones06:25
Gear_especially my other n90006:26
Gear_but mainly a pile of reasonably crap phones that i don't use06:26
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DocScrutinizer05we hear you06:43
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Gear_and you're ignoring the question why07:00
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Gear_there is command lines stuff bu is there any frontend things?07:01
Gear_apart from the whole pwnphone image on one of my phones, but that isn't bvery good and chews the battery before you can really get anything one07:02
Gear_burns though battery for some reason even with packet injection and evertthing off. the frontends are a mix of html and god knows what, i haven't used it much because it07:03
Gear_sucks a bit.07:03
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psycho_oreosTo understand security is best to first understand the underlying measures. Installing this and asking that isn't necessarily going to help you when you don't understand the fundamentals.08:14
psycho_oreosIn the first few questions that you have asked, I can clearly see your lack of understanding behind the process. It seems like you are looking for some easy tool to do your bidding, frankly things doesn't work that way.08:18
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infobotquestion is, like, If you have a question and want people to give useful answers, make sure you have read this first:
infobothmm... xy is The XY problem: You want to do X, but don't know how. You think you can solve it using Y, but don't know how to do that, either. You ask about Y, which is a strange thing to want to do. Just ask about X.10:28
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infobotsomebody said bofh was Bastard Operator From Hell - see
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kebanyone can help me out a bit with rescue os usage? i'd need it to charge my battery12:07
kebbut the "flasheing" command on the wiki gives me error with missing file or directory an i have no clue what i should change in the command to make it work12:09
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kebanyone even here? -.-12:16
merlin1991keb: paste what command you used and an ls where you ran it12:16
kebflasher-3.5 -k 2.6.37 -n initrd.img -l -b"rootdelay root=/dev/ram0"12:16
kebcommand from wiki page, and i ran it from my download foldar the last time, where rescue os img is stored12:17
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merlin1991do you have a kernel file called 2.6.37 in the directory?12:17
merlin1991because -k $PATH tells flasher which kernel to load12:18
kebwiki did not say i have to download it, its a bit unclear12:18
kebfrom what i read there is 2 way to boot it, one from tarball and another way from img file12:18
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kebdid i read it wrong? anyways the link leading to kernel file is dead12:20
merlin1991 is the current location of the stuff12:20
merlin1991you do need the 2.6.37 in any case12:21
kebthx i seem to be in rescue os12:22
merlin1991but just get 2.6.37 and the rescueOS-1.1.img from the link above and load those with flasher-3.5 -k 2.6.37 -n rescueOS-1.1.img -l -b"rootdelay root=/dev/ram0"12:23
kebyep, i already ran the battery charging script, thx for help :)12:25
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kebi hope it isn' dead ... yday it was showing 30% or so and today it looked dead and was in bootloop getting only to nokia logo12:27
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keriobootlooping with an empty battery is the bane of a n900's existance :c13:13
kebyep... i really hope it will work, i just wish i know when the phone is ready for a normal boot again... i guess i'll let rescueOS charge it for a few hours13:14
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kerioare you sure the battery was too low to reflash?13:16
kebi dont want to reflash13:17
keriowhy not?13:17
kerioreflash and then unpack a backup13:17
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kebit turned off during the night and even on charger it was in bootloop13:17
keriobecause you DO have full backups right13:17
kebnop, but even if i have to reflash its not really an issue, i'll just set it up again13:18
kerioi thought so too13:19
kerioi decided to reflash and set up everything again instead of restoring13:19
kerioi tapped the screen, went "what the fuck, this is not my vibration pattern, fuck this"13:19
kerioand restored the backup13:19
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keriobecause really, fuck this13:19
vi__Perhaps i should make a backup13:19
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kebi'll do that as well if i get it to work again.... but i may need to buy another battery maybe, its still on level zero, voltage keeps increasing and decreasing around 370013:21
kerio>increasing and decreasing13:21
keriothe fuck13:21
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vi__Just brute force the battery.13:22
kebit was around 3600 when i started, and i have seen it on 3766 as well13:22
vi__Hook it up to a bench supply at 4V and limit the current to 0.1A.13:22
kebif i had one13:22
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kerioReported Voltage (VOLT): 4025 mV13:23
kebi tried to boost it directly with a blanked usb cable trough pc but it didnot woirk either. once i rescued my mb526 that way but N900 wont start like that13:23
kerio^healthy battery, almost full13:23
keriokeb: you're using the wallcharger i hope13:24
keriocharge21.bash on rescueOS will draw something like 950mA13:24
kerioand bad USB hubs will just die13:24
kebcan't now, its on rescueOS, plugged to pc13:24
kerioonce it's loaded, the PC doesn't have to do shit13:24
kebor can i remove it from pc and put on charger?13:25
kebah, cool... its not in description either13:25
kebreplugged it to charger, i hope it wont stop charging like this13:26
keriothe script is still running right?13:27
keriowhat's the current?13:27
kebyep, and showing decreasing voltage13:27
kebits not good i guess13:27
kebon one line it showed charge done13:27
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kebrestarted the whole procedure, started charging script on wall charger, thank you, i hope it will work13:34
kebits really a difference, voltage, NAC (ik whats that tough), level are already increasing13:35
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kebhm.. i waited it to charge to 20% and tried to boot up, but still in bootloop, i guess i'll try a reflash15:38
kebthe funny thing is, in recoveryOS my hardvare keyboard backlight is working, and normally it did not. no clue why15:39
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kebweird, i put it back on charge script and its decreasing from 100%15:44
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SAiFsomebody tell me which shell are you using? on maemo, sh, bash, or ash? or busybox!?16:15
vi__ash is the busybox shell.16:16
SAiFits the default one right?16:16
vi__it is mostly compatible with sh.16:16
vi__you can install bash from the repos if you wish.16:16
SAiFI installed bash 416:17
vi__Unless you are doing some hardcore scripting, it will not really matter to you.16:17
SAiFit matter because I am learning16:17
SAiFI wass looking at the less command.16:18
vi__In my opinion the limitations of the default maemo shell environment are due to the lack of real gnu tools.16:18
vi__Less is a program.16:19
vi__That is run through sh.16:19
SAiFso what is the alternative in..16:19
*** dack has joined #maemo16:19
vi__There is the busybox less.  Which might have the features you need or there MIGHT be a 'real' less in the repos.16:21
warfareyou could even try more.16:22
vi__Alternatively, the debian squeeze armel binary might work.16:22
kebwhat happened if i cant flash my n900? i plug it in holding down "u" key, then flasher recognisez it, and again i can see no suitable device16:22
vi__Alternatively you could use easy debian.16:22
vi__Alternatively you could install busybox-power.16:22
vi__keb: is this some kind of question?16:23
kebyes, today in the morning it was turned off, and i wasn't able to turn it on, it got into bootloop16:23
kebi charged it now for hours with rescueOS and now i want to flash it because it is still in bootloop16:24
SAiFthing is I am learning linx using maemo, currently my only linux device. When I follow different guides, it focuses on bash mostly. but, I dont have bash. just this ash.16:25
vi__They are more or less the same.16:25
vi__keb: start flasher, it says no device detected. unplug battery. plug in usb. hold u. plug in battery.16:26
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SAiF I am using this, it shows a /proc folder which is permission denied in both root and user. and where is the /sys folder. its not listed. I know I am asking silly questions.16:28
vi__Have you chosen a text editor yet?16:29
SAiFnot yet. :)16:29
kebnokia logo flashes up with usb icon at upper right corner and thats it16:29
vi__SAiF: choose one and learn it well.16:29
vi__I of course recommend vi.16:30
vi__It is the best.16:30
SAiFI ll go with the ash.16:30
SAiFI have seen vi,16:30
vi__Anyone who says otherwise is a big fat liar.16:30
SAiFbut when I get in , I canniot get out.16:30
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vi__actually start of with nano or something.16:30
vi__nano is a text editor.16:30
kebled is not on either16:31
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vi__What are you trying to do with /proc?16:34
SAiFkeb, try flashing root first.16:34
vi__you cannot read or write to it.16:34
SAiFnothing, just found familiar.16:35
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vi__to view /proc/cpuinfo use cat or something16:35
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SAiFwell thats good.16:35
SAiFso cat is to display..16:36
kebit seems to work... i hope its not bricked16:38
kebcmt flashed succesfully16:38
vi__actually cat is to conCATenate i.e. join some files.16:40
vi__but it works just fine for showing the contents of a file quickly.16:40
vi__You will find with scripting is where the true power of the n900 lies.16:41
vi__You find you can make it do ANYTHING.16:41
vi__check out this:
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warfareSAiF: Install ArchLinux in a VirtualBox if you want to learn Linux.16:44
vi__Install gentoo, then you will no choice!16:44
kebthx SAiF, i succesfully booted it, any guess why emmc flash did not work?16:44
vi__Install gentoo, then you will have no choice!16:44
*** dack has quit IRC16:44
jogaheh, when my gf was at student exchange in different timezone and asked me to do a wake-up call for her in the morning, I made a little scheduled script to call her number and put the speaker on so if I wake up I can talk a bit to her too, but I didn't :p she did though16:45
vi__WHen you can script your n900 you suddenly realise that 10000 apps are now redundant.16:46
SAiFbootlooping is an error with the root files system, and if root is not working fine, you cannot flash emmc.   So the order for your case is flash root, flash emmc and then flash root again.16:46
vi__Yes I can can make my phone wake me up at 0638 and tell me the time in Chinese voice then play a radio station.16:46
vi__It is a 1 liner.16:46
SAiFI have a slackware 14 lying around :)16:46
kebi skipped emmc this time, but it should not cvause any trouble, right? atleast i have my documents16:47
vi__You do not need to flash emmc.16:47
vi__You know what is in emmc flash image?16:47
vi__You know why it is ~300mb?16:47
vi__because it is full of some bullshit mp3 and 2 videos.16:47
kebif i read it right it replaces the whole internal storage16:47
vi__There is literally nothing of any value in emmc image.16:48
vi__except maybe the partition table.16:48
kebi tought i might have some corrupted data in there thats why i attepted to do the emmc flash first16:48
vi__After the first boot a bunch of stuff is copied to emmc /opt/.16:49
jogaalso ages ago I put a script that runs in the morning and checks if my net and server is ok and if they are, it doesn't do anything, but if something's wrong it gives me a popup message telling what, haven't needed to touch it in two years or so :p16:49
jogaso before I leave home in the morning I can sort it out heh16:50
vi__My alarm is a cron job.16:50
vi__It puts phone in inline mode and connects to the net.16:50
vi__It sets the volume to 0 then connects to an internet jazz radio station.16:51
vi__Then over the course of the next 15 minutes it slowly increases the volume to maximum.16:51
SAiFthats good, I think you should share that script.16:52
vi__I can share it without even touching the phone.16:53
jogagoes to show how powerful having proper cli on a phone can be16:53
vi__ssh in, cat to pastebin, share link.16:53
SAiFwell vi__,16:54
*** Agge has joined #maemo16:54
SAiFI use vnc to connect to n900, what is ssh,16:54
vi__ssh is the collest thing ever.16:55
SAiFHeard it a lo but dont know it'16:55
*** dack has joined #maemo16:55
vi__When you understand what it is, a seperate session on a machine you start to see how balling the n900 is.16:55
*** Aggese has quit IRC16:57
vi__It is just a shame the hardware is so old now.16:57
*** Neutron2 has quit IRC16:58
vi__And all the f***** closed blobs.16:58
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SAiFwait for Q2 Q3 of 201416:58
kebi am curious about the neo900 project16:59
vi__wtf happens in Q2 Q3 2014?16:59
kebeven if the hardware i have read about there on the forums is not the most high end, it would be nice to see the system on a more powerful device17:00
SAiFneo900, if I am not misunderstood.17:00
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kebas much curious about it as about ubuntu touch... too bad it does not run well on my mb526 :)17:05
vi__What we ned is someone to roll fremantle for the MTK chipset.17:08
vi__That way we would have any number of cheap chinese devices compatible.17:08
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vi__AcCtually just debian with hildon on top.17:10
vi__There was one attempt at that.17:10
vi__I think it was called cordia or something.17:10
vi__I even donated some euros to help.17:10
kebnot an easy job i guess17:11
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SAiFwhat is this symbol used for? % with an extra o on the bottom half.18:01
SAiFactually there are some strange symbols in the symbol section of xterminal, can any one introduce them for me?18:03
SAiF% / 10. thats great.18:04
*** Aggese has joined #maemo18:05
SAiFwhat abt the others. I cant even search for those words as I dont know what its called.18:08
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vi__I have not used that silly keyboard thing in years.18:12
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DocScrutinizer05vi__: terrible pun18:32
*** raccoon_ has joined #maemo18:32
DocScrutinizer05friggin students have too much spare time to do nonsense18:33
vi__This was actually created by an annoyed engineer.18:34
vi__It was actually published in signetics catalogue.18:34
vi__In the 70's18:34
*** Aggese has joined #maemo18:36
deepywrite-only memory?18:38
DocScrutinizer05vi__: good we nowadays have emulations: /dev/null18:38
SAiFFINO.. hhaha18:39
DocScrutinizer05needs cleanout only once per year usually18:39
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vi__alkaline battery is 1.5v under load.18:47
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DocScrutinizer05  >>The average voltage under load depends on discharge and varies from 1.1 to 1.3 V<<19:16
ShadowJK0.8 lower bound, if you want to use all the energy stored in the battery19:20
ShadowJKIIRC they had to issue a clarification that write-only memory was a joke, after they got contacted by several companies asking for pricing info and datasheets19:25
DocScrutinizer05recoil of a poor prank. Asking for a quotation is the better prank19:27
*** Agge has joined #maemo19:28
DocScrutinizer05I bet that employee didn't get a bonus payment for his brilliant idea19:28
*** SAiF has quit IRC19:29
DocScrutinizer05If only I'd know of an effective dodge I could apply to all those friggin chinese suppliers that offer everything (component wise) just to explain to you "we don't have that, but wouldn't you need our acme crap chip instead?"19:30
*** Aggese has quit IRC19:30
DocScrutinizer05wasting their own as well as everybody else's time and energy, and ruining any serious search for components19:31
kerioShadowJK: wait, why didn't they sell something?19:32
*** Aggese has joined #maemo19:32
DocScrutinizer05because they had to produce and *test* a chip that complies with the datasheets19:32
ShadowJKOur local industrial automation seller takes our order, the same day we get 1 thing out of 20 item order. "oh, those are out of stock"19:32
kerioDocScrutinizer05: it's a datasheet for a write-only memory component :s19:33
keriohow much testing do you have to do19:33
kerio"ok, it does nothing, as intended"19:33
DocScrutinizer05ohshit, it actually *can* get read out19:33
ShadowJKinput impedance: 0.1R19:34
*** Agge has quit IRC19:35
ShadowJKoutput impedance: max 10MR typ 2MR min 10R19:35
*** dos1 has joined #maemo19:37
kerio"goddammit bob, all you had to do was make a chip that does nothing, and it turns out that it does something!"19:39
DocScrutinizer05nah, first they have to create *datasheets* for a chip that does nothing19:39
kerio...isn't a write-only memory chip a chip that does nothing?19:40
sonohey now, it has to actually store data, or it's not to spec19:41
sonothe fact that one cannot read it is irrelevant19:41
sonoone might want to hack it up and read it anyway som day..19:41
keriooh no no19:41
keriothe datasheet guarantees the external interactions and the behaviour19:41
sonowell, touche19:41
keriochip internals have no guarantee19:42
*** Aggese has quit IRC19:43
*** Agge has joined #maemo19:43
DocScrutinizer05well, exactly such internal discussions would cost the company $$$$$ before they even could come up with a proper datasheet that their cistomers read and say "no thanks, not what we expected"19:44
keriolet's make a company to sell write-only memory chips19:44
ShadowJKwrite only write once19:46
ShadowJK(blast cap)19:46
DocScrutinizer05do you have any idea what it takes just to publish a datasheet? there are lawyers, engineers, business guys... and all have to do a proper job, just to publish a 2 sheet datasheet19:46
kerioyeah but think of the money we'll make19:47
DocScrutinizer05otherwise you publish a datasheet that not a single component gets sold on, but you have sufficent trouble with it for a 50 man crew for a year19:48
ShadowJKMy whole week at work has been wasted on making ~5 signs19:48
ShadowJKIt gets painfully slow when everyone feels qualified to make decisions on the font, fontsize, and colours.19:49
DocScrutinizer05which is exactly what this dude did with that fake write-only-datasheet. I bet he must have been his boss' best guy19:50
kerionote to self: EEs don't have a sense of humour :c19:52
DocScrutinizer05[2013-11-21 18:36:14] <DocScrutinizer05> display connector still a problem.  of course again 50 suppliers claim "MOQ:100, available, capacity:500000/week" and when you ask for quotation, they answer "that component is EOL, obsolete, and hardly ever asked for. Hard to find and *very* expensive"19:57
DocScrutinizer05^^^ is where my humour died19:57
DocScrutinizer05minimum order qty19:58
*** darkschneider has quit IRC19:59
DocScrutinizer05and then when you see your work of months succeeding or failing on a silly connector for ~20ct/piece... Hardly a laugh19:59
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DocScrutinizer05kerio: re hunour: see last ยง in
kerioyeah, yeah21:20
DocScrutinizer05yeah you're right, we lack a certain sense for humour. We compensate with other kinds of humour and sarcasm21:21
DocScrutinizer05we all live with a permanent requirement for absolute perfection. Sometimes we can't stand ourselves ;-)21:24
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