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ds_shadofhow i can tell my n900 to not rotate screen?04:20
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infobotsomebody said jrtools was
DocScrutinizer05sth like gconftool -s -bool ui-may-rotate false04:47
* DocScrutinizer05 evetually should copy his ~user/bin/* to or maemo5/usr/local/bin04:49
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scoobertronMy n9 usb door has bitten the dust.  Anyone know a good uk source for a replacement?12:22
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infoboti heard zappa is THE guitar _GOD_13:57
infobotaw, gee, vi__13:57
vi__~assault infobot13:58
* infobot hits infobot in the mouth with an iron bar13:58
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FreudHi everyone, i'm considering to buy a nokia n900, because i like programming and linux, are all the owners of the n900 gone to android or there's still a comunity using the n900?14:57
Ken-YoungThere is still a quite active N900 community.14:58
Ken-YoungYou can tell that by the fact that there are still posts to TMO every few minutes.14:59
Ken-YoungThere are *lots* of people, myself included, who would love to buy a brand new N900, if they could find one.14:59
Ken-YoungMany people, again myself included, still use the N900 as their main day-to-day phone.15:00
anYc_but (except core apps) not much is happening in terms of app development, I'd say15:02
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Freudif you type "Nokia n900" on google you can see a brand new one for £86.94 english pounds, i was wondering if its safe to buy it or its a fake with some tamagotchi operating system15:02
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Freudseller is called ordinaryworld200915:02
Freud99,6% Positive Feedback15:02
Freudi'm really tempted because i think that's the phone for me15:03
Freud*i mean on ebay, not on google15:03
Ken-YoungFreud,  It is a very fun phone.  If you install Easy Debian on it, you have a full linux workstation in you pocket.15:04
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mashina_why is the camera shutter blue?15:41
ecc2gbecause blue plastic was cheap15:42
deepyit's stylish15:42
mashina_i guess so15:42
mashina_it's shining a nice cobalt in the light15:43
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vi__The 'brand new' n900 is not brand new.15:47
vi__It is reconditioned.15:47
vi__I.e. old mobo in some knockoff case.15:47
mashina_ik bought mine used15:48
vi__Although, the odd brand new n900 does appear from time to time.15:48
mashina_and it's real, designed in finnland, no dexigned in china15:48
vi__That is boxed with the screen plastic still attached.15:48
vi__But these seem to be getting rarer and rarer.15:49
vi__And they go for quite a bit.15:49
mashina_i need to find which one of my five bl5js i have that holds most juice15:49
vi__Maybe 3x a second hand/reconditioned one.15:49
mashina_salvaged them out of c3s which are cheaaaaaap15:49
DocScrutinizer05vi__: for a bit 2like new ones"?15:50
vi__doc I do not understand what you mean.15:50
vi__aaah, i get it.15:50
mashina_you're vi, you understand vi commands15:50
mashina_had he used C-s, maybe you'd be confused15:51
vi__I paid ~£240 for a brand spanking new, never been used one about 1 year ago.15:51
vi__Far too much money for obsolete tech.15:51
mashina_$120 for mine15:51
DocScrutinizer05yeah, steep but normal15:51
mashina_and shipping is included in that15:51
DocScrutinizer05for NEw N90015:51
vi__It still had a screen foil on it.  Literally NEVER out of the box.15:52
mashina_and since same country, no duties15:52
DocScrutinizer05120$ for sure refurbished one15:52
mashina_or maybe they were ocd never take the plastic off15:52
vi__maybe not, maybe old stock from a dumb shop?15:52
DocScrutinizer05well, possible. Then you hit the jackpot15:52
mashina_or a time traveller with neo900s15:53
DocScrutinizer05when you can find any such occasion, tell me for a free beer or two!15:53
vi__Unfortunately my best n900 is showing it's age.15:54
vi__The vibration motor does not work some times.15:54
mashina_my control key is kinda hard to hit15:54
vi__You can here it squeel but no vibe.15:54
DocScrutinizer05my pile of spares diminished scaringly lately15:54
mashina_my sim tray still works, even after i accidentallyed tore it out15:54
jaskastill on my first one :D15:54
mashina_i snapped it in and its working now on edge15:55
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vi__mashina_: well that is something!15:55
DocScrutinizer05jaska: me too15:55
mashina_i had an n800 for the longest time15:55
vi__N800 was tougher.15:55
mashina_the hump made it nonportable15:55
mashina_but it was a tank15:55
mashina_a slightly slow tank but a tank15:55
vi__Hard to believe nokia invented the first modern smart phone now.15:56
mashina_if i went back in time i'd tell them to ignore the camera (vga is useless and nonsupported by lots of apps) and get rid of the hump15:56
deepycan I sync my calendar with google calendar somehow?15:56
mashina_and it didnt even have telephoney!15:56
jaskaand they wouldnt listen.. being a corporation.15:56
vi__deepy n900?15:56
vi__depends if google have depreciated the API yet.15:57
vi__use syncevolution/15:57
vi__I think the gui MIGHT work/15:57
mashina_i want to use owncloud but concerned if caldav is a bitch15:57
mashina_shame exchange is the most portable calendar sync api that works on everything :/15:57
mashina_i need a 770 and N810 to complete my set15:58
mashina_maybe an n9 someday15:59
vi__I have a bridge you could buy...?16:00
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vi__Do you think any non n900 enthusiasts still buy n900?16:03
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vi__This is practically a zappa song.16:11
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DocScrutinizer05>>Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.<<17:16
DocScrutinizer05I definitely need to take care about getting a box located in china or Singapore or Taiwan or sth17:17
jaskarights.. schmights..17:17
DocScrutinizer05Belarus, Russia, Turkey17:17
DocScrutinizer05Iran ;-P17:18
lexik(What's GEMA? Some bas****ds like czech OSA?)17:18
DocScrutinizer05well, for China and Iran they probably need to have a special firewall exempt for my box, or I couldn't use it for anything ;-P17:19
DocScrutinizer05sth like RIAA17:19
DocScrutinizer05an official mafia17:19
lexikSo yes. As OSA & IFPI in czechia..17:20
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anYcvi__: had the same issue, I manually activated the vibration on different levels for some time and now it works again19:10
anYcit's available through some /proc or /sys LED control file19:11
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DocScrutinizer05Gatta_Negra: according to you need to short the upper large almost square pad with the lower right small pad - the one on opposite side of the small brown capacitor next to the sensor direction uSD. Or to any other GND connection nearby, e.g. "outer" end of that capacitor, or a small patch on the GND plane around the huge square pad where you scratch away the green varnish20:16
Gatta_Negraif soldering does not work i will try that20:17
Gatta_Negrathank you!!!20:17
DocScrutinizer05the component probably is a "HED55XXU12"20:17
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DocScrutinizer05available on internet form HK etc, in MOQ of thousands20:18
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DocScrutinizer05but no datasheets available20:18
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Gatta_Negramhm we were searching datasheet yesterday20:20
Gatta_Negrano luck20:20
DocScrutinizer05btw the sensor (HED55XXU12) might be sensitive only to one of the magnetic poles of the magnet - either S or N - so rotation of the magnet by 180° so front is down and bottom up might cause the sensor to malfunction20:20
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kerioDocScrutinizer05: just use proxmate, maybe20:51
keriofor youtube videos20:51
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DocScrutinizer05I have a bad feeling with proxmate since they don't tell where is the proxy they use, and what is their business model20:57
DocScrutinizer05non-obvious business model == YOU are the good that's making their money20:57
kerioi dunno,
*** Aggese has joined #maemo20:59
kerioapparently they take donations20:59
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Sysaxed`just a tiny correction - "However, we promise do to everything (including very open communication) to finish the project." to do* :)21:08
DocScrutinizer05dos1: ^^^^21:12
DocScrutinizer05Sysaxed`: on neo900 or goldelico?21:12
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Sysaxed`DocScrutinizer05: neo90021:14
DocScrutinizer05thanks, so dos1 ^^^^21:14
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DocScrutinizer05kerio: fair enough21:16
DocScrutinizer05actually pretty cool21:17
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DocScrutinizer05this page made me like them21:17
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