IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2013-10-16

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samn900I would know how to fix cutetube which has a wonderful player but no audio01:31
samn900any tip?01:33
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ShadowJKSilent profile active?01:41
samn900maybe yew01:41
samn900is it that?01:42
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ShadowJKSome apps are silenced when you set phone to silent01:43
ShadowJKThere's magic API that apps can use to avoid it, but not all know how to use it01:43
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Win7Macgn o/01:45
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kolpTrying to build a control panel plugin. When I call it in the sdk, why does the 'Save' button sometimes vanish between starts?02:05
kolpI didn't recompile or restart the control panel02:06
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xesjust found this really nice addressbook script:
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kolpDoes gconf interfere with itself (caching?) when two different apps do r/w access to the same conf keys?03:04
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DocScrutinizer05hah, really a nice script, especially the header ;-)06:13
DocScrutinizer05  ;-D06:14
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ApicA wonderful splendid Prickle-Prickle Morning (UGT) to you all.11:25
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x29aApic: lol, sie hier?11:47
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sonoPali: then what are you still doing there.14:22
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DocScrutinizer05sono: this sounds insulting to me14:55
sonohmm, debian lxde chroot terminates14:55
sonoDocScrutinizer05: nevermind14:55
DocScrutinizer05sorry, I won't. I don't like to see pali insulted or offended14:55
sonoDocScrutinizer05: wait until he is back and ask him then. it was about a dead channel14:56
sonothere is no need to whiteknight14:56
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sonoDocScrutinizer05: are you still actively using an n900?14:58
sonoin fact, is anyone?14:58
wndI am14:58
DocScrutinizer05this question is kinda silly in this channel14:58
kolpsono: Of course. Daily and exclusively. What kind of question is that...14:59
DocScrutinizer05rather ask who's NOT using a N900 and nevertheless in this channel14:59
sononice. i got one a week ago. first time owner14:59
sonoit's a very likeable device, tho i am still struggling with some things14:59
sonobut i'll have to check them out on my own, first14:59
sonoanyway, i love it15:00
DocScrutinizer05first thing to now fall for: fremantle is NOT debian15:00
sonoi used oldschool phones for a long time before reluctantly getting an android 2 years ago15:00
sonoi had already forgotten about the n900 at that point15:00
jogawish I had more of them15:01
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: first thing to not fall for: fremantle is NOT debian15:01
sononow i got an old one from an acquaintance in the UK15:01
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sonono, that much is clear15:01
sonowish i knew why the easy-chroot lxde thing doesn't open a root window, tho..15:01
DocScrutinizer05the package management is quite different15:01
sonoit worked the first time, after reflash, it doesn't15:01
wndI switched from an S40 feature phone (nokia 6000-series) to n900 roughly two years ago. I still feel sorry for those n90015:02
sonoi might want to wipe the SD card first.15:02
sonoi'll figure it out.15:02
sonownd: sorry?15:02
wnds/$/s I couldn't bring home from work and that were practically doomed to be trashed/15:02
mashinai went N800 -> N90015:02
sonownd: oooh.15:02
mashinawith some hobby pdas between15:02
jogaI used to use 9300i before n90015:02
mashinai had a nokia c3 but never used it15:03
mashinathey just make battery spares for N90015:03
sonohm, i need to replace the battery too.. it only keeps for a day or so15:03
sonoebay, i suppose...15:03
DocScrutinizer05a day of real active usage seems normal for all "smartphones"15:03
sonowell, it's idle most of the day, of course.15:04
sonoin my pocket, automatically switched to GSM only15:04
DocScrutinizer05nevertheless it might be a software problem15:04
sonoso it sohuld last weeks, really15:04
wndand I still haven't got around to check how long the battery would last if I switched wlan off. I now get two full days at most.15:04
sonoDocScrutinizer05: i didn't do a lot on it.. update, remove and install some packages15:04
DocScrutinizer05some apps you better steer clear of15:04
sonoDocScrutinizer05: powerkernel15:04
jogaI want to see a smartphone that lasts weeks15:04
infobotwell, speedpatch is >>first i don't realy understand what does this patch do (that is why it is called miracle patch)<< [/quote original-author-of-speedpatch]15:05
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jogaI recharged some old tiny nokia a while ago and it idled for a good two weeks or so with an old battery15:05
sonojoga: ahem, if i switch my samsung cheap-o android device to GSM only, it is good for a week with casual use15:05
jogasono, wow, never have I heard anyone claiming a week with any smartphone15:05
sonojoga: it's the 3G modes and the display that eat power.15:05
DocScrutinizer05joga: my N900 easily stays a week on standby15:06
sonojoga: NOT active use15:06
DocScrutinizer05when not logged in to GSM and WLAN15:06
sonojoga: this n900 is dead after a day of casual use15:06
jogamine can probably idle for about two days or something15:06
sonojoga: with 2G and wifi off?15:06
jogaI actually never turn gsm off15:06
jogaso yeah it might be better, and also useless to me ;)15:07
sonono, but HSPDA/UMTS15:07
jogaanyway I've accepted that when I go home, I just plug it in charger15:07
jogashould I try to watch a youtube video in metro or something the battery life would be closer to an hour than a day15:07
DocScrutinizer05that's what I always did, even 15 (20?) years ago, with all mobile phones I had15:07
sonoDocScrutinizer05: so with GSM actually off, i can get a week?15:08
sonoDocScrutinizer05: did you ever run 2G only?15:08
sonohow long?15:08
DocScrutinizer05unclear, see above15:08
sonothanks =)15:08
infoboti heard power is
sonoso what do you all think about jolla?15:09
pcfejust waiting for my pre-order to ship ;-)15:09
DocScrutinizer05the company or the device?15:09
sonowell, as a geek i primarly concern myself with the device,15:10
pcfelol, that building is quite huge, that would never fit into my post office ;-)15:10
sonoas a social being, i care about the company too =915:10
pcfeon a more serious note; I think the device and the company need to go hand in hand, so quite happy about all I hear so far. I care deeply about open devices15:11
DocScrutinizer05about the device little is known yet, and that's already a downside of the device. and what's known is another downside for me, I don't expect to use mine as daily phone15:11
pcfefor me there are many of the FLOSS defenders from NOK there now, so I am hopeful (well and TBH what are my alternatives WRT to having a phone with an open bootloader and that has any chance in hell of booting an upstream kernel)15:12
DocScrutinizer05it's pretty questionable how "open" jolla device will be15:12
sonoindeed little is known, sailfish is also worked on behind closed doors15:13
sonoDocScrutinizer05: that is my main concern15:13
DocScrutinizer05the OS is open maybe, the device though... who knows15:13
pcfewe'll see later this year when the hardware hits the shelves if I am too much of an optimist or not15:13
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sonoanyway, thanks for keeping maemo alive everyone15:15
sonoi'll dive deeper into it in the coming weeks15:15
ApicYeah, thanks from me too.15:15
ApicEspecially I find ModRana great!15:15
DocScrutinizer05what does the hw hitting the shelves change in the status of the device regarding openness? without proper docs it's still not an open device, even when available and even when it maybe isn't tivoized15:15
sonoDocScrutinizer05: he's going to find out when it hits the shelves, is all15:16
DocScrutinizer05you find out that there are still no docs about the hw at all?15:16
DocScrutinizer05I already can tell you about that15:16
jonwilopen MCE is great :)15:16
DocScrutinizer05said the developer of open MCE ;-P15:17
DocScrutinizer05but yeah, awesome15:18
DocScrutinizer05(though I had no chance to test it yet)15:18
jonwilI am running it on my own N900 with no failings yet15:18
kolpjonwil: How did you manage to clone even the bugs like the one linked to in the tmo thread? :P15:19
sonojonwil: google-fu failure, link?15:19
kolpj/k. I suppose they are in the meego source15:19
jonwilIts a 1:1 clone of the code, bugs included15:20
DocScrutinizer05so finally we can fix the annoying indicator LED dimming, and the idiotic waste of a whole smart engine for sth silly as a 100ms ramp-up/down of kbd backlight15:20
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pcfeDocScrutinizer05: someone will rip it apart, so at the latest when comercially available we'll know the used chips inside, that will already answer a lot of questions WRT to HW docs15:20
sonoo.o i really have to install the SDK and look at the architecture soon15:20
* sono can't quite follow15:20
sonoDocScrutinizer05: smart engine?15:20
*** zemmy has joined #maemo15:21
DocScrutinizer05pcfe: sure, but that doesn't qualify the device as open - at best as "ripped" or "rooted"15:21
DocScrutinizer05sono: see LP552315:21
sonowe prefer the term "reverse engineered" over here in corporate land15:21
sonoDocScrutinizer05: thanks15:21
DocScrutinizer05has 3 mini-cpus15:21
DocScrutinizer05one for each color of LED15:22
sonoand a kernel driver for it15:22
DocScrutinizer05but Nokia decided to assign one "color" aka engine exclusively to the kbd backlight15:22
sonoDocScrutinizer05: ok15:22
DocScrutinizer05yep, that link is fine, so I don't need to explain it again, since I did there already15:23
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*** Martix has joined #maemo15:23
ApicAw. My Contacts in the App times out with the Throbber searching for them forever... probably Flash borked... in what Dir on FS are the Contact XML files stored?15:24
DocScrutinizer05>>There's really no reason why you need to assign 1 of those 3 machines to this *occasional* short ramp function and break true rainbow 3 color effects on indicator LED. Sound rationale: while kbd bl ramp the CPU is awake anyway. No obvious benefit in offloading the task to a LP553 engine [except from saving 50 lines of code in mce]!)<<15:25
sonoyea, i already wondered why they did this when i read it, and still have no answer15:26
sonothat said, my soldering is OK...15:26
sonoso... ;)15:26
sonoi meant, my soldering skills are OK-ish so i don't see why i shouldn't rewire the channels.. ;p15:29
sonoit was a joke15:29
Apic~/.osso does not seem to contain the Contacts15:29
ApicOr is my whole Dir where they are stored vanished?15:29
DocScrutinizer05I hope you don't think of "fixing2 this sw issue on a hw level - you can't15:29
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: I hope you don't think of "fixing" this sw issue on a hw level - you can't15:29
DocScrutinizer05Apic: hmm?15:30
sonoApic: i have an ~/.osso-abook/ with "db" in it?15:30
sonomaybe you're looking for that15:30
pcfeDocScrutinizer05: as I said, I am hopeful. I might just be an incorrectable optimist. But many of the people that went to Jolla from NOK are drinking the FLOSS cool-aid, which for me is a good thing15:31
ApicIs there a DB-fsck>15:31
infobotApic meant: Is there a DB-fsck?15:31
DocScrutinizer05pcfe: sure15:31
sonoDocScrutinizer05: they way i understood it, they are using the third channel for the keyboard? i should read the whole page perhaps.15:31
sonoDocScrutinizer05: nevermind then =)15:31
sonoi'll get there15:31
DocScrutinizer05sono: the lp5523 has a muxer15:32
*** _rd_ has joined #maemo15:32
DocScrutinizer05you don't need to solder anything ;-)15:32
sonoDocScrutinizer05: ah ok. i got to take the time when i am off work to read the wiki a bit, just so15:32
DocScrutinizer05each of the 9 LED can get miuxed to any (or none) of the 3 engines15:33
DocScrutinizer05and even when not muxed to any engine, each LED still has its own PWM hardware, incl register to control brightness via I"C from APE CPU15:34
ApicI'll try overwriting .osso-abook with .osso-abook-backup15:34
DocScrutinizer05it's just that MCE doesn't allow to assign any of the 3 indicator colors to the 3rd engine15:34
DocScrutinizer05the LP5523 driver though does15:35
DocScrutinizer05MCE hard-muxes all kbd BL LED to engine315:36
ApicStill searches forever B-(15:36
ApicI'll check whether I have a Backup15:36
ApicYes, from 2013.06.2015:36
DocScrutinizer05Apic: .osso-abook15:36
ApicYes, found it, but restored the .osso-abook-backup and still fails15:37
ApicIs there a .db-fsck>15:37
infobotApic meant: Is there a .db-fsck?15:37
ApicI'll try Backup Restore, but it says "Communication and Calendar", not "Contacts"15:37
ApicDoes it contain Contacts too?15:38
ApicI hope so.15:38
DocScrutinizer05yes, sure it does15:38
DocScrutinizer05I think addressbook.db is a berkley db15:39
kolpBtw, is there any compelling reason for using different db backends for contacts, calendar, events, ...?15:40
DocScrutinizer05good question15:41
DocScrutinizer05possibly because often the backends are FOSS15:41
DocScrutinizer05and already used a certain architecture15:42
ApicOkay restoring Backup worked \o/15:42
DocScrutinizer05tbh I got NFC about what is osso-abook-backup15:46
DocScrutinizer05possibly it's just a quick copy/snapshot done by osso-backup, to compress and backup a consistent state of db15:47
DocScrutinizer05or maybe not15:47
DocScrutinizer05maybe the contacts app using it for implementing a sort of transactions?15:48
DocScrutinizer05really no idea15:48
DocScrutinizer05jonwil: shouldn't mce get a post on FPTF thread as well?15:52
ApicDocScrutinizer05: Do You get payed by Nokia btw? Or are You completely Fan-Guy?15:52
jonwilyeah maybe it should15:53
DocScrutinizer05well, I'm the moron wo got appointed to volunteer for the community15:53
DocScrutinizer05I never got paid by Nokia15:54
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer05, that's why we love you :P15:54
DocScrutinizer05oooh, and I hoped you love my for my character15:54
ApicFat Respect!15:54
DocScrutinizer05hi moh, old arab!15:55
MohammadAG20's the new old? :/15:56
MohammadAGhi DocScrutinizer05 :)15:56
DocScrutinizer05well, for terrorists, 20 is quite old ;-P15:56
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DocScrutinizer05how's studying?15:57
*** atlas___ has joined #maemo15:58
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DocScrutinizer05you already got hired to write stuxnet-II ?15:59
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer05, painful here in Israel16:00
*** ebzzry_ has quit IRC16:00
MohammadAGthough in my free time, I did learn Java16:00
* MohammadAG hands DocScrutinizer05 a pistol16:00
* DocScrutinizer05 reads "Java" and shoots himself in the forehead16:01
kolpIs there any info on what 'Update automatically' in the 'date/time' applet means exactly? Update from GSM network, I suppose?16:02
kolpOk. And who is repsonsible for doing that?16:03
kolp'Cause it's just a gconf key16:03
DocScrutinizer05nowadays 99% of GSM networks support this16:03
DocScrutinizer05kolp: (who's doing) there's a weird closed source time daemon, and I guess csd is also involved16:03
* kolp is writing an open clone of the date/time applet, in case anyone is wondering16:05
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DocScrutinizer05what really really sucks is welcome daemon which asks for time/date/language while in backgrounf time and date get set by the concurrently running black magic for GSM time-adjusting16:05
DocScrutinizer05so I usually boot two times in sequence after swapping battery16:06
DocScrutinizer05on second boot the tinme and date got adjusted and correct from 1st boot16:07
kolpMy experience was that networks didn't support this so I have it switched off and use ntp instead16:07
DocScrutinizer05depends on your carrier, you might be one of the 1% where it fails16:07
DocScrutinizer055 years ago things been worse16:08
kolpI think I have it switched off since I got my first n900, in 201016:08
DocScrutinizer05also roaming can introduce quite a number of really exciting effects with this automatic16:08
DocScrutinizer05so if you're frequently roaming, you probably rather want to switch automatic timeadjust off16:09
DocScrutinizer05since it also automatically sets TZ, etc16:09
DocScrutinizer05and you have no control *when* it does that16:09
DocScrutinizer05and I seem to recall that sometimes it doesn't set TZ and and clock same time16:10
DocScrutinizer05rather with a few hours delay between the two16:10
DocScrutinizer05so first you get TZ A but with time of TZ B, and later on the TZ adjusts. Or the other way round16:11
DocScrutinizer05but maybe I'm wrong on this16:11
DocScrutinizer05might have been another platform16:11
*** ebzzry__ has quit IRC16:12
DocScrutinizer05this stuff is always much fun to debug, since relatively few roaming across TZ happens, and you hardly ever can do it in a controlled environment16:13
DocScrutinizer05...unless you got a CMU200 or similar, in your lab16:14
DocScrutinizer05or the BB5 firmware source so you could flash a testbed frirmware that fakes such stuff from modem16:15
DocScrutinizer05even with a CMU200 it helps a lot when you're e.g. Nokia so a 2 dozen carriers worldwide provide detailed data about their timestamp feature and how it's implemented, to you16:16
DocScrutinizer05MohammadAG: when will you be free again? We coukd use a few brilliant heads in FPTF16:17
DocScrutinizer05MohammadAG: and are you planning for a better place than this violence and idiocy infested IL?16:18
kerioDocScrutinizer05: how is gsm time supposed to work again?16:28
DocScrutinizer05kerio: hm?16:29
DocScrutinizer05please ask more specifically16:29
keriowhat polls for it?16:29
keriois it polled?16:29
keriois there a way to figure out if it's working for you?16:29
merlin1991kerio: it doesn't work for me xD16:30
DocScrutinizer05I guess the modem either gets queried or gets asked to send an unsolicited message whenever a timestamp comes in16:30
DocScrutinizer05I'm sure you could monitor sth to find out. wireshark ISI dissectors should work for sure. Dunno if dbus would show sth16:31
DocScrutinizer05afaik there's no AT command to query the network if and how timestamps are supported16:31
DocScrutinizer05so you just wait if it works or not16:31
*** guerby has quit IRC16:32
DocScrutinizer05I never looked into it indepth16:32
kerioi'd rather just ntp16:33
DocScrutinizer05just know the trouble we had with it in fsogsmd and relatives16:33
kerioor mayne gps16:33
DocScrutinizer05well, GPS just fails when you don't have a semi decent idea of your location and local time16:33
*** guerby has joined #maemo16:33
kerioit works16:33
DocScrutinizer05yeah, *eventually*16:34
*** YnG has joined #maemo16:34
jonwilfyi, the GSM time stuff is handled by libcsnet (aka plugin for csd)16:34
*** _rd_ has joined #maemo16:34
kolpIs the gms network supposed to send timestamps on a regualr basis, if supported?16:34
DocScrutinizer05jonwil to the rescue :-)16:34
jonwilIt talks to the clockd daemon via dbus16:34
infobotkolp meant: Is the gsm network supposed to send timestamps on a regualr basis, if supported?16:34
jonwiland the dbus call is documented :)16:34
DocScrutinizer05kolp: yes16:34
jonwilaloso my network sends correct time signals16:35
*** konelix has joined #maemo16:35
DocScrutinizer05hail dbus16:35
kolpWhat#s the interval, approx?16:35
kolpAny idea?16:35
jonwilwhen I went on holidays to different timezone (same cell network) and turned on N900 after getting off airplane, it picked up new time with no issues16:35
DocScrutinizer05kolp: varies vastly16:35
jonwilnew time and time zone16:35
DocScrutinizer05between a few seconds and several minutes afaik16:35
kolpAh, ok16:36
kolpThen there is still hope...16:36
jonwilfor the dbus details, look in under get_network_time_info method and network_time_info_change signal16:36
DocScrutinizer05though disclaimer: <see above> I never...16:36
jonwilthats how csd tells timed the new time16:37
jonwiltime settings that is16:37
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo16:37
DocScrutinizer05DAMN .xml files16:37
DocScrutinizer05my browser just renders them16:37
jonwilLet me see who else might be using those same dbus interfaces16:38
DocScrutinizer05rendering them results in blank page16:38
*** Wizzup has quit IRC16:39
DocScrutinizer05btw could we gett all that stuff into maemo wiki?16:39
jonwilfeel free to update the wiki if you want :)16:39
jonwilI suck at doing that kind of wiki work :P16:39
*** Wizzup has joined #maemo16:40
* DocScrutinizer05 too16:41
*** Pali has joined #maemo16:41
DocScrutinizer05maybe Sixwheeled feels inclined...16:41
*** _rd_ has quit IRC16:44
DocScrutinizer05csd_ss.h sounds braindamaged. supplementaryServices is more than just call divert16:44
jonwilcsd_ss.h contains only the info I could pick up16:44
DocScrutinizer05it's basically all from *0# to *99#16:44
jonwilss.xml contains the full interface pulled from introspection16:44
jonwili.e. csd_ss.h is bits from bluez etc16:45
*** konelix has quit IRC16:45
jonwilok, the time dbus calls are used by clockd, osso_startup_wizzard.launch and libconnui_cell.so16:45
DocScrutinizer05refer to explanation in starhash16:46
DocScrutinizer05well, I guess Nokia subsummed it under USSD16:46
*** LauRoman has quit IRC16:47
*** drussell has joined #maemo16:48
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo16:50
jonwilok, so anything else I can look up?16:51
*** arcean has quit IRC16:51
*** _rd_ has joined #maemo16:51
*** Martix has quit IRC16:52
DocScrutinizer05jonwil: btw are you aware of the weird TZ integer in "get_network_time_info" ?16:52
DocScrutinizer05and what's/who's_using ?16:53
DocScrutinizer05(TZ) it's sth like 15min steps +- of UTC16:54
*** _rd_ has quit IRC16:57
jonwillibconnui_cell is used by connui-home-cellular (operator name widget), connui-cellular-settings (cellular settings control panel), connui-conndlgs-cellular (cellular connectivity dialogs) and connui-statusbar-cellular (cellular signal status widget)16:58
*** YnG has quit IRC16:58
*** DrCode has quit IRC16:58
* DocScrutinizer05 ponders writing a dbuslogd, similar to syslogd16:59
jonwilwouldn't be that hard by copying dbus-monitor and changing it a bit17:00
kolpWouldn't that just be dbus-monitor > /var/log/dbuslog?17:00
jonwilyeah something like that in the background17:00
DocScrutinizer05seems only imports the time dbus calls just because the are part of net_interface.xml17:00
DocScrutinizer05kolp: exactly17:01
DocScrutinizer05though |gzip >dbuslog.gz17:01
*** DrCode has joined #maemo17:01
*** YnG has joined #maemo17:01
jonwilnope, libconnui_cell actually hooks up to (and monitors) the network_time_info_change signal17:02
DocScrutinizer05dbus is rather chatty17:02
jonwilnot sure what it does with it17:02
jonwilthe signal that is17:03
*** Martix has joined #maemo17:03
DocScrutinizer05maybe it offers a lib function to get network time17:03
*** YnG has quit IRC17:05
jonwilnope, it doesn't17:07
jonwilnot sure what it does with the signal17:07
DocScrutinizer05obviously nothing then17:07
jonwilit wires it up with a call to dbus_g_proxy_add_signal17:07
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo17:07
jonwilits possible the results it gets from the signal are sent to a registered callback17:07
DocScrutinizer05hmm, then it kinda _does_ provide a function to query network time status/value17:08
jonwilI cant follow the ARM code to know for sure whats going on17:08
DocScrutinizer05not yet at least17:09
jonwilso it might be doing nothing or it might be passing it to a callback or it might be doing something else17:09
*** topro has quit IRC17:09
DocScrutinizer05~lart nokia for csd stack being closed17:10
* infobot gives nokia an extra strength ACME sleeping pill, sending nokia to sleep for 150 years, and awakening to seven strange dwarfs and a large apple for csd stack being closed17:10
jonwilWhats needed is not the code for CSD but the documentation for the dbus calls it makes17:12
jonwiland exposes and stuff17:12
DocScrutinizer05alas that's also closed resp nonexistent, and THAT is really BAD17:12
jonwilyeah I bet even libscnet-dev wasn't supposed to be released17:13
jonwilbut it was and I am for sure going to use the info it contains :)17:13
DocScrutinizer05sure thing17:14
jonwilheck, I am highly surprised Nokia committed to publish info in ofono for MeeGo rather than simply keeping it secret and releasing a blob for that bit along the lines of what they did with BME and GPS and stuff17:15
*** florian has quit IRC17:15
jonwilI bet Intel had something to do with that though17:16
*** hardfalcon has joined #maemo17:19
*** pcfe has quit IRC17:19
*** pcfe has joined #maemo17:19
jonwilits clear that nokia wanted to release as little info as possible when doing ofono stuff17:22
DocScrutinizer05they don't feel confident in security and stability of their BB5 ISI interface17:23
DocScrutinizer05the more low level the interface, the harder the security audit17:24
DocScrutinizer05now figure what's going on with that insane shared-RAM stuff17:24
jonwilI have noticed that basically all mobile devices (even those who are notionally "open" like Google Nexus devices) have closed blobs to talk to the cellular radio17:25
DocScrutinizer05yes, exactly for that reason17:26
DocScrutinizer05security by obscurity17:26
DocScrutinizer05the modem OS usually has very low inherent security - there's no memory protection, no users not to think of permissions, no proper preemptive multitasking, zilch17:28
DocScrutinizer05so every little exploit in a e.g. uart driver or HSI driver instantly compromises the complete modem system17:29
DocScrutinizer05think of a modem OS as kernel-only, with all the processes implemented as kernel modules17:30
DocScrutinizer05real fun when *something* corrupts your process' local variables memory area17:31
DocScrutinizer05you can't even say which of the 190 processes running on the modem been the culprit17:32
DocScrutinizer05kinda like windows217:32
*** KhertanAtwork has joined #maemo17:32
DocScrutinizer05ok, maybe windows3.117:33
*** trx has quit IRC17:37
jonwilyou dont want to know about some of the stuff that I saw when I worked for Motorola on a 6 moth student internship (back when the RAZR V3 flip phone was the best thing since sliced bread)17:37
DocScrutinizer05I worked on ST-E NovaThor modem until a year ago17:37
DocScrutinizer05I can only concur17:38
DocScrutinizer05though one thing I actually would like to share, alas I mustn't diclose the original internal memos: verification and certification of a radio stack is a process that nobody who hasn't seen it can figure how much work it involves17:39
DocScrutinizer05messages like "meanwhile the UMTS validation reached 30min uninterrupted calls even with cell handover in same band" are quite usual17:41
jonwilIts not just about the phone, its about all the 100s of different devices the phone could talk to over Bluetooth or WiFi or cellular or whatever17:43
*** XATRIX has quit IRC17:44
DocScrutinizer05well, that too17:45
DocScrutinizer05but not when you're just working on the modem17:45
DocScrutinizer05this been a different department in ST-E, sitting in a different location several 1000km away, and probably also several 100 people17:46
DocScrutinizer05definitely developing the modem software alone is a way huger project than e.g. developing a system like maemo17:48
DocScrutinizer05maybe the bb5 cmt-firmware is not as large (in MB) like the rootfs image, but that doesn't mean it's less complex17:49
jonwilif only the cellular standards bodies could make their damn standards less complex (look at WiFi or even WiMax compared to UMTS/LTE)17:58
jonwilI suspect the #1 reason they are so complex has to do with patents17:58
jonwiland every one wanting to throw in their latest patent into the ring17:58
jonwilto make more money from every phone sold17:59
keriosure, a big-ish part may be that17:59
keriobut it's still really complex stuff17:59
*** HylianSavior has joined #maemo18:00
kerioanyway, i need a better home router18:01
keriowhat should i buy?18:01
DocScrutinizer05why? got a D-Link? ;-P18:01
keriolinksys wrt610n18:01
keriodd-wrt crashes like a mofo18:01
kerioopenwrt doesn't support it18:01
mashinai have to use my isps18:02
keriomashina: hah18:02
jonwilwhat ISP is that?18:02
mashinait isnt bad but the webui only works in ie and webkit18:02
jonwilprobably some crappy ISP18:02
kerioi have a dsl modem of my own18:02
kerioit uses pppoe :318:02
mashinaftth actually18:02
jonwiloh ok, thats great :)18:02
mashinai can see the ONT in the basement18:02
keriodoesn't ftth usually give you an ethernet cable with dhcp?18:02
mashinayeah but they do some magic for iptv18:03
mashinavlan and dhco abuse18:03
keriodisregard their reality and make up your own18:03
mashinait needs to be replicated either manually or with customized firmware18:03
kerioaka put a router behind their router18:03
kerioand dmz your router18:03
jonwilI have a combined DSL modem/router18:03
kerioanyway, if only i could diagnose the dd-wrt crashing issues, i could go back to that18:04
mashinaand it's a functional router - the recommended replacement is an asus rt-n56u that costs 100$18:04
kerioright now, i put the original firmware back on18:04
jonwilit does ADSL2+, 4 LAN ports and WiFi18:04
DocScrutinizer05kerio: vulnerability?18:04
mashinaembedded security is a joke18:04
kerioeh, i tried openwrt18:04
kerioand i barely got the original firmware back18:04
keriodd-wrt crashes really frequently18:04
mashinai ran my old wrt54g as a wifi adapter18:04
mashinaddwrt was stable but it was shit at recieving wifi18:05
mashinai got a new adapter, much more stable signal18:05
kerioi guess i could reinstall ddwrt18:05
keriomaybe a more recent build18:05
kerionot sure why, but it's the only alternative firmware that properly supports the dual radios18:05
DocScrutinizer05mashina: (wrt54g AP) same here18:05
mashinamine is in client bridge instead of ap18:06
mashinaits a bitch to get client bridge working18:06
mashinaand i have a vxworks model18:06
mashinaso i needed to use a lite build18:06
jonwilI may be able to get FTTH in my area soon depending on what happens (or if I am unlucky the government will decide my area only gets FTTN not FTTH)18:07
DocScrutinizer05I had a D-Link 615 which I luckily retired now18:08
kerioi really, really, REALLY want to use a non-stock firmware though18:08
keriothis one has wps18:08
kerioand it can't be disabled18:08
mashinakerio: do you live near others?18:08
mashinait matters less if your neighbours are are all old or so poor they cant afford computers18:09
keriomashina: i live in a city18:09
kerioand it's a matter of principle18:09
mashinawps never works for me anyways18:09
mashinaeven when i did try it18:09
keriodd-wrt is just shit, though18:12
*** konelix has joined #maemo18:13
*** trx has joined #maemo18:15
*** trx has quit IRC18:15
*** trx has joined #maemo18:15
kerio"build 14929 is recommended"18:20
kerioare you fucking kidding me18:20
*** freemangordon has quit IRC18:24
keriofuck it, i'm installing the latest build18:24
wmarone__heh, dd-wrt is crap18:25
wmarone__if it's supported, you might try OpenWRT18:25
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo18:31
DocScrutinizer05Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/22/09) mini18:34
*** zammy has joined #maemo18:35
DocScrutinizer05Woody14619a: ping18:38
*** jonwil has quit IRC18:39
*** valerius has joined #maemo18:40
*** konelix has quit IRC18:40
*** Martix has quit IRC18:44
*** florian has joined #maemo18:45
*** florian has joined #maemo18:45
*** Pali has quit IRC18:46
*** valerius has quit IRC18:48
keriook, i'm on Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/24/13) mega18:49
keriohakuna matata18:49
kerioit's not really yolo18:49
keriobecause it's not something stupid18:49
kerioor, well18:49
keriosomething stupid you can't recover from18:49
merlin1991gotta love hakuna matata18:51
keriogoddammit why do i have to specify three dns servers to ignore my ISPs18:52
*** kerum has joined #maemo18:59
*** kerum has joined #maemo18:59
kerumi have some trouble flashing my N90018:59
kerumi've been following this guide:
kerumwhen I do "flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51.bin -f -R"19:00
kerumI get: flasher v2.5.2 (Sep 24 2009)19:00
kerumSW version in image: RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_MR019:00
kerumImage 'kernel', size 1705 kB19:00
kerum        Version 2.6.28-20103103+0m519:00
kerumImage 'rootfs', size 185728 kB19:00
kerum        Version RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_MR019:00
kerumFIASCO subimage data length mismatch19:00
kerumcan you help me?19:00
merlin1991redl the image, it seems to be broken19:01
kerumthought of that, wanted to make sure19:01
infoboti guess combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see  or
kerumshould i get that one?19:01
keriomaybe flash vanilla too19:02
kerumi got the vanilla .bin downloaded too19:02
*** rd1381 has joined #maemo19:03
rd1381can somebody help me with network speed in n900?19:04
kerumdoes the vanilla have to be the same date as that?19:04
kerumi downloaded this one: RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin19:06
rd1381i cant get anything with apt-get larger than 10kb19:06
rd1381it gets stuck19:06
mashinamake sure you have a good signal and you can use the web fine19:08
keriokerum: i think that the vanilla is still that one19:08
keriohell, it hardly changed between versions anywayt19:08
kerumk, ty19:10
kerioDocScrutinizer05: mmh, it's still kernel 2.4.3719:12
keriodo i want to risk even more?19:12
*** Woody14619a is now known as Woody1461919:13
*** valerius has joined #maemo19:15
rd1381mashina: i dont think the web open fines or not cause i didnt download a big file from it just from apt-get19:18
rd1381the signal is good for my ipad and laptop19:18
*** kerum has quit IRC19:18
*** Cor-Ai_ is now known as Cor-Ai19:27
*** Malinux has quit IRC19:31
*** shentey has joined #maemo19:33
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC19:42
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #maemo19:42
*** dos11 has joined #maemo19:43
*** jrocha has joined #maemo19:53
*** konelix has joined #maemo19:54
*** kerum has joined #maemo19:54
*** kerum has joined #maemo19:54
kerumwhen running flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51.bin -f -R19:54
kerumi get some output and Suitable USB device not found, waiting. at the end19:55
*** Malinux has joined #maemo19:55
kerumi connected my N900 with usb while holding u19:55
kerumthe screen turned on and the usb icon is in the corner (no backlight though)19:55
*** MrPingu has joined #maemo19:56
kerumanyone care to help me?19:56
kolpAny output from flasher-3.5?19:59
*** networkpadawan has quit IRC20:00
*** kerum_ has joined #maemo20:00
kerum_sorry, dc20:01
kerum_here's the entire output20:01
*** mavhc has quit IRC20:01
kerum_do you know what's the issue?20:03
*** kerum has quit IRC20:03
*** kerum_ is now known as kerum20:03
*** kerum has joined #maemo20:03
*** dos11 is now known as dos120:03
*** mavhc has joined #maemo20:04
*** Malinux has quit IRC20:04
*** japa-fi has joined #maemo20:05
*** mavhc has quit IRC20:05
*** Malinux has joined #maemo20:06
*** mavhc has joined #maemo20:07
*** pcfe has quit IRC20:08
*** freemangordon has joined #maemo20:08
kerumkolp: still here?20:15
kerumthere was some "failed to install driver" message in windows20:15
kerumthe tooltip balloon, but i lost it20:15
kolpkerum: have you seen this?
kerumchecking it out now20:18
kerumomfg, works!20:21
kerumty a bunch!20:21
*** Woody14619 has quit IRC20:27
*** kerum has quit IRC20:34
*** bef0rd has quit IRC20:34
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:39
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC20:44
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo20:45
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo20:46
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC20:54
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo20:54
*** SmilybOrg is now known as Guest4520520:54
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC20:57
*** arcean has joined #maemo21:04
*** edheldil has quit IRC21:05
RST38hThe meat used in the food is from an unknown source, and tends to be a bit tough and gamey. Simple testing has proven that it is not from typical beef or chicken stock, and personnel D-1282 (convicted on multiple counts of cannibalism) verifies that the meat is not human.21:06
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*** Luke-Jr has joined #maemo21:10
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*** Custodian has quit IRC21:15
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #maemo21:17
*** shentey has quit IRC21:23
*** edheldil has joined #maemo21:23
*** Martix has joined #maemo21:29
*** Pali has joined #maemo21:37
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo21:39
*** Luke-Jr has quit IRC21:41
*** Luke-Jr has joined #maemo21:42
*** _d0t has joined #maemo21:47
*** Guest45205 is now known as Smily21:47
_d0thello gentlemen. What driver should I specify in xorg.conf to start X on n900?21:47
_d0ttried omapfb, but get this No screens found error21:48
*** mvp has joined #maemo21:48
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo21:53
*** Kabouik has joined #maemo21:56
*** dafox has joined #maemo22:01
*** konelix has quit IRC22:01
*** LauRoman has quit IRC22:07
*** tzafrir has quit IRC22:12
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:17
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo22:18
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo22:25
*** Cor-Ai has quit IRC22:29
*** Cor-Ai has joined #maemo22:30
*** piscodig has joined #maemo22:31
*** discopig has quit IRC22:32
*** piscodig is now known as discopig22:33
*** bindi has quit IRC22:38
*** bindi has joined #maemo22:38
freemangordon_d0t: what distro?22:49
_d0tfreemangordon: gentoo. Never mind, fixed that already. Now X just segfaults22:50
freemangordonalso, which kernal?22:50
freemangordonomapfb should work22:50
_d0tit doesnt22:51
_d0tkernel 3.1022:51
freemangordontry newer kernel, there were some changes patches in omapfb22:51
_d0t3.12 doesnt boot at all. I just get a black screen.22:53
freemangordon_d0t: that one boots for sure22:54
freemangordonthough I tested it only with maemo522:54
_d0twill try, thanks22:54
*** sq-one has joined #maemo22:56
*** valerius has quit IRC23:14
*** tzafrir has joined #maemo23:17
_d0tbtw, another question - how do I calibrate the battery?23:23
_d0tbq27x00-battery 2-0055: battery is not calibrated! ignoring capacity values23:24
_d0ti keep getting those in dmesg23:24
_d0tkolp: thanks23:28
*** valerius has joined #maemo23:29
*** Woody14619 has joined #maemo23:29
*** arcean has quit IRC23:46
_d0tfreemangordon: nope, still black screen instead of the console23:46
*** robotanarchy_ has joined #maemo23:51
*** OkropNick has quit IRC23:53
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:54
*** robotanarchy has quit IRC23:55
*** robotanarchy_ is now known as robotanarchy23:55

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