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psycho_oreosIt's on the github.00:06
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useretailwhich one? do you have a link?00:16
psycho_oreosCorrection, gitorious, not github:
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phobos`hey guys01:08
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phobos`my /var/run/resolv.conf has this written in it01:08
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phobos`is this normal01:09
phobos`cuz my gprs is not working on n900, just stopped working a lil while back01:09
psycho_oreosIt's whatever your DHCP provider gave for your resolv.conf.01:09
psycho_oreosThere's a thread on
phobos`the /etc/resolv.conf contains
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phobos`ok can i just delete all these enntries wil they be created auto if i restart device?01:10
psycho_oreosThat's localhost, also dnsmasq does that.. It adds to the head of /etc/resolv.conf01:10
psycho_oreosThey should be created automatically pending on dnsmasq (which normally should be at boot) and then DHCP via networking.01:11
phobos`ok i'll take a copy of these delete entries01:12
psycho_oreosIf there's no networks connected chances are there would be no extra lines below 'nameserver'.01:12
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* psycho_oreos bets your router would have told your N900 those extra nameservers.01:14
phobos`in /etc/resolv.conf there is nothing but the
psycho_oreosYeah, again.. dnsmasq.01:14
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psycho_oreosIf you just rebooted your device and have re-connected back onto the network. After you got your DHCP lease, you don't see any extra entries below that line, chances are you most likely would have set those yourself.01:15
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phobos`the device rebooted its conneting to internet now01:22
phobos`but all the entries are same everywhere, the /var/run/resolv.conf has again got the same IPs01:22
phobos`but things r now working01:22
* psycho_oreos doesn't know what was not working before.01:23
phobos`device cudnt access the internet :)01:24
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psycho_oreosThat sounds like a rather vague/open-ended question.01:24
psycho_oreos1) No gateway defined? 2) Firewall issues? 3) DNS not working/resolving?01:24
phobos`no idea01:25
psycho_oreosI'd say learn some more stuff about networking, ideally stuff to do with using the right tools to diagnose under linux.01:25
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DocScrutinizer05is ping in messybox?02:10
nox-symlink to busybox here yeah02:13
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ecc3ganyone make busybox suid root, so ping would work? :o02:34
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nox-i just run ping as root02:34
ecc3gon one of my embedded boxes, I chmod +s busybox :o02:35
ecc3gthe busybox guys did spend some effort making sure it drops root right away for most things so it's not as bad as one would think02:36
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ecc3g(besides, how else would su->busybox work? :o02:39
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DocScrutinizer05ecc3g: that's a pretty bad idea04:00
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DocScrutinizer05suid messybox04:01
DocScrutinizer05and su in messybox is not working04:01
DocScrutinizer05btw how would messybox know that it shouldn't drop permissions for ping?04:04
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ecc3gthe messybox devs have looked into this, it drops root privs for everything but su, ping, etc. or at least it tries to...  Not to say there may be bugs and be exploitable but they did add in support for it06:45
ecc3gI have an embedded box with suid busybox, I don't get a rootshell when I run busybox ash, but can su and ping with it.06:46
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kerioecc3g: assuming one trusts busybox08:20
kerioand it's kinda hard to do08:20
keriobecause busybox is HUUUUUUUGE08:20
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psycho_oreosThe case is gets more worse when one uses busybox-power for instance and wants suid on that as well.08:46
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: The case  gets more worse when one uses busybox-power for instance and wants suid on that as well.08:46
psycho_oreosHmm... }:/ *shrugs*08:47
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infobotkerio: aw, gee09:48
infoboti heard <3 is love09:49
kerioit is!09:49
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brolin_empeyCan I recover from my “$ time sudo chvt 1” experiment by using only the video console?  I know I could log in remotely via ssh but that would be cheating. :-P11:03
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brolin_empeyTo which virtual terminal is the X server attached on Maemo 5?11:06
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brolin_empeyIncidentally:  Is rasterburn literally a terminal illness? ;-)11:10
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brolin_empeyHaha:  brolin-N900 is disconnected from my LAN and, of course, I cannot connect it to my LAN without using the video console, which I cannot use until I run chvt via ssh, which I cannot do until I can access brolin-N900 via my LAN. :-D11:19
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* brolin_empey believes the moral of this story is to ensure that Maemo is remotely accessible /before/ experimenting with changing the foreground virtual terminal on Maemo.11:25
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brolin_empeyfreemangordon: Pali: Any news regarding my 2 kernel-power patches?11:32
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Palibrolin_empey: my notebook with maemo env is in service...11:40
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Palineed to wait until they repair it11:40
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brolin_empeyPali: OK.11:56
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jonwilDocScrutinizer05: ping14:36
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infobot:), ZogG_laptop18:05
DocScrutinizer05jonwil: pong18:08
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ashleyis there a FOSS Game Boy Color emulator for Fremantle?18:56
DocScrutinizer05umm, i'd be pretty surprised if not19:06
DocScrutinizer05iirc there are gameboy "emulators" in verilog, for FPGA ;-)19:07
DocScrutinizer05so you would expect some silly software emulator been built by a student for his graduate in CS19:08
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qwazixDocScrutinizer05, how much would a single NeoXXX cost if it was reworked to fit another case assuming that the Neo900 reaches the production threshold? (including payment for project members time to do the modified design etc etc)19:29
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DocScrutinizer05qwazix: please rephrase19:43
DocScrutinizer05I seem too dull to parse that, atm19:44
DocScrutinizer05you mean modify a GTA04 board build to custom, to fit in frankencase?19:44
qwazixlet's say I had the money to order a special-made NeoXXX board that fits into E7 case or Droid 4 case, how much would that cost, assuming Neo900 reaches production19:45
qwazixyes exactly19:45
DocScrutinizer05err, arounf 2500..600019:45
DocScrutinizer05feasibility analysis pending19:46
DocScrutinizer05GTA04 already reached production, the situations wasn't any different for GTA04-NeoN board once we got it working19:47
qwazixdon't put any effort in that silly idea, I don't have that kind of money, but I'm just pondering whether building a Neo950, would help the project assuming N950's sell for outrageous prices19:47
DocScrutinizer05NB that's a very rough and uneducated guess of me personally19:47
DocScrutinizer05  ask Nikolaus19:48
dos1ashley: I remember playing some GBC games on my N90019:48
qwazixThe line of thought was this, if synergies of working on Neo900 help drive the initial cost of creating another variant in a fancier case would be near 2k eur (a usual price for N950's on ebay) maybe selling just 2 of those could cover the initial investment, and then any more sold would help on the Neo900 bottom line by just increasing the total order number19:49
* qwazix hopes he made some kind of sense19:50
jogaashley, perhaps "vgb"19:50
DocScrutinizer05qwazix: makes some kind of sense, but is missing on a specific detail: those costs are not income/profit19:50
DocScrutinizer05IOW we will not own 2*2k of gambling money after selling 2 pcs franken-GTA0419:51
dos1ashley: but it looks like VGB/VGBA aren't free19:52
dos1maybe visualboyadvance?19:52
DocScrutinizer05but yeah, we are considering to sell Neo900-protos unconditionally, no matter which threshold of preorders reached or not reached. For ~5k you can order one any time19:53
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qwazixI know, I'm just thinking that maybe there are X people interested in Neo900, Y people that would pay outrageous money for Neo950, and Z people that would pay the regular price for Neo950. Now if there is a scheme (kickstarter perks?) to gauge if Y>2 then the total component orders would be X+Z driving the consumer cost for both Neo900 and Neo950 down.19:55
DocScrutinizer05of course we can't guarantee any special properties like standby time etc, which would need several such protoboards to get built and debugged and fixed/improved19:55
qwazixdoes standby time depend so much on board layout?19:56
DocScrutinizer05qwazix: that fails on N950 case availability, as well as N950 using another SOC19:56
qwazixE7 is pretty similar to N95019:57
DocScrutinizer05N950 hw design is quite different to N900/GTA04 design19:57
qwazix:nod: still it may attract the odd buyer19:58
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DocScrutinizer05yeah, but it doesn't help us19:58
qwazixif it doesn't then the point is moot, I was thinking that it might do because of the same components, even if board layout is different19:59
DocScrutinizer05all the contrary it would require us to source yet another SoC and other components, which all are different to those used in GTA04-NeoN19:59
qwazixwhy another SoC?20:00
DocScrutinizer05umm, scratch the SoC20:00
jonwilin order to be able to run N950 software20:00
jonwiloh wait no20:00
jonwilmy mistake, thinking of something else20:00
qwazixjonwil, that's up to a similar HPTF to do20:00
jonwilin any case n950 case is unavailable on market so thats the real issue for neo95020:01
DocScrutinizer05but it starts with the custom storage PoP chip with its 1GB of RAM that's not even "existing" according to aunt google20:01
qwazixor even there would probably be buyers (even more) longing for a N950/E7 form factor with fremantle20:01
qwazixDocScrutinizer05, rarest N950's which sell most expensive are the 512mb ones, so that doesn't seem to bother buyere20:02
DocScrutinizer05the target market for that is tiny20:02
DocScrutinizer05and probably limited to "original" N950, built by Nokia20:03
qwazixIt is. That's why I said, if the costs are around $2k-$4k and there are enough buyers pre-ordering then it might be a good idea.20:03
qwazixif no-one goes for it then nothing lost20:03
qwazix(My hunch is that there would be at least 4 people on the planet willing to shell >1k for a fremantle-running capacitive GTA04 in the E7 case)20:04
jonwil~seen pali20:08
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jonwilpali: ping20:08
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Paliah, jonwil is offline21:04
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