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bennypr0fanehello, I need some help using rescueos, where do I need to put the 2.6.37 and rescueos .img files so flasher can load them?00:05
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amospallabennypr0fane: where you want00:17
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bennypr0faneamospalla,  but then how would I load them? there is this flasher command in the rescueos documentation flasher-3.5 -k 2.6.37 -n initrd.img -l -b"rootdelay root=/dev/ram0"00:22
bennypr0fanebut it dioesn't have any reference to the location of rescueos00:22
amospallabennypr0fane: specify it on the command line00:23
bennypr0fanealso, there is no file "initrd.img00:24
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bennypr0fanehow is flasher supposed to find that?00:24
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bennypr0fanebtw would you happen to know what the .sig files are for?00:26
amospallaflasher uses the file you specify to it, just specify it with the path, as you would do with any other command line command00:29
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bennypr0faneamospalla, ok, but what about that initrd.img? where is it, what to do with it? is it a part of flasher?00:43
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kerioinitrd.img is rescueOS-1.1.img00:55
bennypr0fanejeez what? I didn't know that, so what?00:56
bennypr0faneshow me where I might have read that00:56
kerioyou've got like two files00:56
kerioone is 2.6.37 and the other is a file ending in .img00:56
bennypr0fanenevermind. I was *guessing* that, yeah (and about to try it). what's the harm in asking for confirmation though?00:57
bennypr0faneeverybody is not an IT-professional00:58
brolin_empeyPali: I have finally patched asix.c to backport almost all of the product entries added since the 2.6.28 kernel. How should I run diff to create a patch file? I mean which diff options do you prefer?00:59
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bennypr0faneI get a usb error: "USB device found found at bus 002, device address 012. Error claiming USB interface: Operation not permitted"01:07
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brolin_empeyThat is my first public patch for Maemo.01:53
brolin_empeyIs the .patch file I submitted accessible?01:54
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brolin_empeyMy second public patch for Maemo:
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brolin_empeyfreemangordon: Around?02:52
Maceri keep forgetting what the other nav software was03:00
Macerwhat's the name of it? mordana?03:00
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Macerhow is marble03:05
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nox-monav would be good if there were public maps for it...03:14
chainsawbikelast i checked there were03:15
nox-for the monav version in the repos?03:15
nox-last i tried there was a version conflict03:16
chainsawbikei have not used it in a while so that may be the case...03:18
nox-yeah it used to work some time ago...03:18
chainsawbikewhat version is in the repos now?03:18
chainsawbikei have (had) things setup to generate the map files, will look into it later03:20
nox-hmm my n900 has 0.3.release-3+hg5585bb4a8d77 tho that may be the old version i tried to go back to03:20
nox-not the old version then03:23
nox-chainsawbike, tia if you get to make maps :)03:23
Maceri am trying to use marble03:24
Macerit kind of sucks03:24
Macertoo bad nokia never made nokia drive for maemo03:24
Macernokia drive is absolutely awesome03:24
nox-chainsawbike, bonus points if you make them for n900 squashfs :)03:24
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Macermarble is destroying the n90003:27
Macerim trying to figure out how to get turn by turn directions03:27
Macerdoes marble not speak?03:28
nox-dunno, monav did when it still worked iirc03:28
Macerhm. ok then maybe i will check out monav03:28
chainsawbikenox~ i have made maps for it before ( custom routing and just updated maps) but never did anything with squashfs...03:29
nox-see above about the maps :)03:29
Macermarble isnt very untuitive03:29
chainsawbiketry modrana, its what i usually use03:29
nox-chainsawbike, iirc the only caveat is you need to make them for the old squashfs version n900 still uses...03:30
nox-(theres some make_squashfs app or however it was called iirc)03:31
chainsawbikeor update n900's version :P03:31
nox-update n900's kernel?  uhm....03:31
Macerso does monav have closed maps or something?03:32
Macerdo you have to buy them?03:32
nox-no, just convert them03:32
Maceri still dont know if marble talks heh03:33
nox-(easy for an osm guy i guess, maybe less so for others)03:33
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Macerwell... i guess according to tmo voice instructions work03:35
Macerbut you need to download and configure stuff03:35
Maceri will have to look into it more03:37
Macera lot of the options they show i cant find or dont see03:37
chainsawbikei think modrana has voice by default?03:39
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Macerit would be nice if marble had like.... options03:43
Maceri cant find where you change the units03:43
Macerto imperial03:43
WizzupWhy would you want that? :)03:43
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Macerbecause i am an arrogant american03:47
Macerand we use miles03:47
Maceri am trying to find where you change it03:48
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Macerand i have to figure out how the hell i set up the voice turn by turn03:49
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Wizzupwell, the scientific part of the us doesn't03:55
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MacerWizzup: so like.... 10 americans?03:58
Macerunfortunately the government does haha03:58
Macerthere has to be a way to change it tho03:59
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teotwakiMacer: man up. Use metric.04:16
Macerno thanks ;)04:17
Maceri would if we used it here or if i was in EU04:17
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psycho_oreosIn the Oceania region, imperial measurements aren't heavily used either.05:24
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robbiethe1st!seen robbiethe1st05:55
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psycho_oreosAny of you guys use Google Drive? I was wondering if: 1) Google Drive imposes upload speeds (from you -> them), and 2) Google Drive also imposes download speeds (from them -> you). I'm getting a measly 50KBps upload, I've contemplated about TCP and HTTP overheads but it's still not justifiable. I've reached around 70KBps when torrenting (again mainly uploading), so a 20KBps to be deemed as overhead isn't really justifiable.06:11
psycho_oreosActually scratch what I said, I just checked my modem router page and it seems like its restricted from ISP end (even though they said they add a layer of protection and see if it helps...). Grr I will need to improvise.06:26
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psycho_oreoslolwtf, Copying from class 10 microSDHC to eMMC via Mass Storage Mode crashes. Trying to copy 4GB ext2.img file.07:11
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Macerthe garage ssl cert is expired09:08
Macerjust throwing that out there09:08
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discopigmmm doing a fresh install maemo install12:03
discopigfeels so good after having the same install since 200912:03
kerioso good12:03
discopigit was getting so slow and bloated12:03
discopig4 years of stuff installed12:03
keriountil you realize that all of your tweaks aren't there anymore12:03
discopigyeah :(12:03
kerioand even the touchscreen pattern is awful12:03
discopigi made sure to create backups of my old install with backupmenu though12:03
discopigso i can go and figure out what tweaks i had12:03
discopigso worst case i just restore that12:03
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grydiscopig: which device is that?12:50
gryah :)12:58
discopigthe only true phone13:01
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lexikdiscopig: the only true SMARTphone13:23
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bennypr0fanehello, a question about rescueos, again: I'm trying to make a backup of rootfs. /rescueOS/ is supposed to mount rootfs to /mnt/maemo. I tried this in mass-storage mode, and I assumed that was supposed to mount the maemo rootfs to that path of the *host pc*. However, /mnt/on my pc is emtpy.16:45
keriono, no, it's just mounted locally16:46
kerioyou can't export mtd via mass storage16:46
bennypr0faneIf that mounted rootfs to /mnt/maemo *on the N900*, it doesn't make an sense to me16:46
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kerioit mounted it there16:46
kerioyou can access it16:46
bennypr0fanebcs I don't know how it helps me make a backup16:46
kerioyou can make local backups, fwiw16:47
kerioor you can use usb networking maybe16:47
bennypr0faneI can't wrap my head around how this works16:47
bennypr0fanerescueos runs in RAM16:48
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bennypr0faneis ram on the nand-chip where rootfs resides as well?16:48
bennypr0faneanyway, if I need to mount the maemo rootfs in rescueos, that means everything on the N900 except the content of RAM is considered a whole separate computer by rescueos, yes?16:51
kerioit's just an OS running from ram16:51
kerioit has access to the hardware16:52
bennypr0faneso why the need to mount it16:52
kerioand on this hardware, there's a mtd that houses the contents of maemo's /, and an eMMC that houses the contents of maemo's /home/user/MyDocs and /home16:52
kerioin unix, when you want to access some sort of storage, you have to mount it somewhere16:53
keriothat's precisely what happens in maemo, except that /dev/mtd4 is mounted on / instead of /mnt/rootfs16:53
kerioand /dev/mmcblk0p2 is mounted on /home instead of... idk, /mnt/free116:53
bennypr0faneI pictured it like all that getting mounted in rescueos from the start, like harddisks on a desktop pc16:54
keriothe fact that most OSes automount everything in boot time isn't exactly relevant16:55
kerioespecially for a OS that's meant to be used as system rescue16:55
kerioby default, you really want to do nothing16:55
kerioespecially not mount a partition read-write16:55
bennypr0faneI see16:55
bennypr0fanethe harddrives that are normally automounted at startup are mounted under /dev/something, is it?16:58
kerio/dev/ holds device files16:58
bennypr0fanewhere then?16:58
keriousually under /mnt or /media16:59
bennypr0faneshould be safe to run the enable-networking script in rescueos while files are being transferred to the host pc, right?17:01
kerioi mean17:02
kerionothing will be damaged17:02
keriobut the mass storage mode will be disabled17:02
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bennypr0fanerootfs mounted, usb networking enabled: now how do I find N900 on the host pc, e.g. in Gnome file manager?17:25
keriobennypr0fane: mmh17:26
keriowell, first you have to set usb networking up17:26
kerioon the pc side17:26
kerioit should appear as a network card17:27
bennypr0faneI get this from ifconfig: usb0      Link encap:Ethernet  Hardware Adresse 96:fe:5c:00:95:ff17:27
bennypr0fane          inet6-Adresse: fe80::94fe:5cff:fe00:95ff/64 Gültigkeitsbereich:Verbind17:27
kerioset the ip as, netmask
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keriothe n900 should be at that point17:27
kerioyou can configure it with gnome's network manager17:27
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kerioonce you have that configured... mmh, the easiest way is probably to run ftpd on the n90017:27
bennypr0faneah right, it's doing something alreadyy17:28
kerioand then open
kerioit's not going to do anything17:28
keriothere's no dhcp server, you have to set your ip manually17:28
kerio...i *think* that there's no dhcp server17:28
bennypr0faneso how do I set the ip on the pc?17:28
kerioit's been a while since i used gnome17:29
keriobut rightclick on the network icon on the top right17:29
kerioand go from there17:29
bennypr0fanewell it sees a usb ethernet device and say "connecting..."17:29
bennypr0fanebut it's not getting anywhere17:29
kerioedit that connection17:29
kerioand set the ip manually17:29
kerioanyway, rescueos should ask you at boot time if you want to enable usb networking, telnet and ftp17:30
bennypr0faneit did17:30
kerioah ok17:30
keriothen you just have to configure networking17:30
bennypr0faneI said no to all, as I thought I could to everything via mass storage mode17:30
kerioand then you have ftp access17:30
kerioit's ok, just run ftpd i think17:31
kerioon the n900 side17:31
keriobut what are you trying to do?17:31
bennypr0fanemake a backup of rootfs17:31
keriojust use backupmenu, really17:31
bennypr0faneis that in uboot or sth.?17:31
bennypr0fanebcs my n900 boots to a black screen17:32
bennypr0faneonly thing I can get to is uboot17:32
keriofair enough17:32
keriofirst of all, run charge21.bash on the n900 side17:32
kerioactually no17:32
keriorun telnetd17:32
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kerioand then run charge21.bash17:32
bennypr0fanewhat is it for?17:33
kerioto charge17:33
bennypr0fanetelnetd17:33 crap17:33
keriocharge21 will draw more power than the usual usb port can provide safely17:33
keriotelnetd is to have a terminal on the pc side17:33
bennypr0fanethat's nice17:33
kerioso you have a real keyboard and you can copypaste stuff :)17:33
keriobut you need the correct configuration for the usb networking first17:33
bennypr0faneso I did this in terminal on the pc: ifconfig usb0 up17:37
bennypr0faneifconfig usb0 netmask
bennypr0faneroute add usb017:37
kerioi think you've got 15 and 14 confused17:39
bennypr0fane..still doesn't have an ip17:39
bennypr0faneI copied it from rescueos documentation17:39
bennypr0faneshould I try and swap 14 and 15?17:39
keriothat's what happens on the n900 side17:40
kerioon the pc side, you have to do the reverse17:40
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo17:40
keriobut really17:40
keriojust do it through the graphical interface17:40
kerioyou've got one :s17:40
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bennypr0fane .14 is the route, .15 is the ip address, yes?17:43
*** sunny_s has quit IRC17:43
keriodon't bother with the route17:43
bennypr0fanewow, " use the ui tool" that's a rare advice to get on #maemo lol17:43
bennypr0fane*gui tool17:44
bennypr0faneawesome, connection is up!17:44
bennypr0faneok now the ftp17:45
bennypr0fanemy ftp clint can't connect17:49
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bennypr0fanekerio, you there? sorry I'm still not through17:59
bennypr0fanehmpf, it was .14, not .1518:04
bennypr0faneI will understand this one day18:04
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brolin_empeyPali: Around?19:31
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brolin_empeyPali: Around?20:40
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marek_ello. I have problem with mine n900. I just bought second n900, as my 1st got modem busted. I got it yesterday, it worked fine. I updated to CSSU-testing. I enabled and changed lock-code. After few right unlocks I unlocked it properly, but right after unlocking display got blank and it is blank ever since. I tried to exchange displays to no effect. I tried to reflash it to no effect. Any ideas?22:20
LjL-Alpsis it camera-ui2 or what that causes my images/videos to end up in DCIM rather than the respective folders?22:22
*** gomiam has joined #maemo22:23
marek_oh, btw after display got blank I received phone-call but was unable to accpet it22:23
gomiamMarek_: n900?22:24
*** gomiam has left #maemo22:27
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*** eMHa has joined #maemo22:41
Lava_CroftLjL-Alps: camera applications stores them in DCIM by default?22:51
Lava_Croftphotos and videos22:51
marek_gomiam: yes n900. btw I forgot to add: no vibra on turning on, no nokia tune. Only LED is working (even properly). Keyboard is light up22:53
LjL-AlpsLava_Croft: ah, does it? i was under the impression they'd go into Images and Video clips respectively. i probably thought that since the "Photos" app doesn't show anything, although that might be because of trackerd acting up...22:54
Lava_Croftgoes into DCIM, can choose between DCIM on device or sdcard22:55
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo22:56
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo22:57
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*** mashina_ has joined #maemo22:59
mashina_stupid question: accidentally forgot to charge my N900, died in sleep, and it's charging - when I plugged it in, it booted, shown the flashing dots boot screen for a bit, and went to black, while still showing charge lights - this is normal, yes?23:00
marek_mashina_, yes it is perfectly normal23:01
*** ab has quit IRC23:01
marek_it usualy takes me at least2 times to turn bastard on23:01
*** totalizator has joined #maemo23:01
mashina_so just wait and it will try to turn back on again?23:02
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work23:02
marek_mashina_, you can actually tell, if n900 is going to turn on while on charger - if dots will go right, left - more then 4 times, then it is going to turn on23:02
marek_give it at least 60 seconds, but 2-3 minutes is safier23:03
marek_you need quite a bit of power to turn it on23:03
mashina_just sitting at black for a bit23:03
marek_I know it from autopsy23:04
mashina_usually most devices are either happy to turn on right as you plug them in, or really twitchy power wise23:04
infobotRemove battery for 1 minute. Insert battery. Plug powered ***NOKIA WALLCHARGER*** to device. Watch steady amber. Let sit and charge. Do NOT try to boot. After 30 min, you got either a) a booted up N900, b) flashing amber which means you can boot, c) steady amber going off - in this case start over again with ~flatbatrecover23:04
mashina_n900 straddles in the middle23:04
ecc3gand try other chargers if you have them.23:05
marek_mashina_, if you have led pattern editor, then you can change pattern for charging battery to more recognizable one and you would know straight away if you can turn it on23:06
* ecc3g needs to get another charger.... this nokia ac10c has a max charge rate of 300mA...23:06
marek_acctually I avoid wallcharger (ac-12x) as it is quite powerfull and charges to fast. I charge from usb instead - it gives me up to 25% more charge23:07
ecc3gmy weak ac10c won't recover from flat battery...23:08
marek_AFAIK (from experience) 350mah is too small to get internal charger working on bme23:08
marek_but usb does recover23:08
marek_what about by my blind and death n900? anybody?23:09
*** Sysaxed has quit IRC23:09
ecc3gyou need a good charger, even though it says nokia, it doesnt mean it's a good charger.  grr.23:09
hatake_kakashimarek_, chances are you can probably try reflashing.23:10
marek_you need at least 500mah, but not sure - usb works slightly differen23:10
marek_hatake_kakashi - it would somewhere closer or even further from 10th time I did it23:10
hatake_kakashiIt sounds like it might be hardware issue. Though if flashing works and you get the device booting up properly. Then its something that got messed up in CSSU (which is quite rare unless you are using Testing repo).23:10
hatake_kakashimarek_, that didn't make sense to me.23:11
marek_I flashed it around ten times already23:11
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo23:12
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC23:12
hatake_kakashiAhh and you don't see anything displaying on the screen after all that? then its somewhere else that's stuffed. Maybe some chipset or something.23:12
marek_with reboot, without - it have no effect at all. Still no vibra, no nokia tune (ok there lock-code, so I won't get tune unless I enter lock-code)23:12
ecc3gthings i fear buying second hand: hard drives, video cards, cell phones.23:12
marek_ribbon is perfectly ok, actually both ribbons23:13
marek_and both displays23:13
hatake_kakashimarek_, does it actually display lock code on the screen? if not then its still hardware fault.23:13
marek_ecc3g - how many brand new n900 you came across last week?23:13
hatake_kakashiYeah in that case its something that's stuffed onboard.. maybe the video chipset or something that broke.23:13
marek_nothing at all on display - it is simply blank. I think even backlight is gone23:14
marek_don't scare me. this cpu is to big challange for me without tools23:15
hatake_kakashiWell, if you replaced the screen and the ribbon but it still doesn't respond then its definitely something onboard the PCB that's stuffed. I recall you said you had two N900. If you swapped those parts on the second N900 and it still works. Then its a very good chance that on your main N900 some chip is dead/fried.23:15
LjL-AlpsLava_Croft: ok, good to know, thanks. it's weird though for a device to have Images and Video clips folders by default, and not put camera stuff there :P23:16
mashina_i'm using a charger for a nexus4, so it def delivers power23:16
hatake_kakashiIt is hard to tell what exactly is dead/fried, for me I would diagnose it the way I would diagnose for PC, one thing at a time.23:16
Lava_Croftit seperates images from photos23:16
marek_actually it is spare, as I just started to get to myself. Anyway the one with busted modem have everything perfectly fine. The other doesn't diplay anything even with whole display module from working one23:17
Lava_Croftcamera-photos, say23:17
hatake_kakashimarek_, a wishful way of thinking if you are handy with soldering delicate stuff. You could probably swap the modem. Though chances of that happening are somewhat fairly slim.23:18
marek_hard to diagnose it as there is lock-code, I have no tv here23:18
mashina_i have like 3 spare batteries I harvested from Nokia C3s23:19
marek_no way, not with my hands and mine lack of needed tools23:19
mashina_they're cheap so a lot of people I know bought them23:19
marek_you cannot do it with ordinary soldering iron23:19
mashina_when they got Androsid, I took their batteries as spares to fuel my N90023:19
hatake_kakashiI don't think TV may necessarily help if the video chip is actually fried. I'm no maemo hardware expert (let alone N900) but I'd say the outputs from its own touch screen is linked with that a/v jack.23:20
hatake_kakashiYeah you definitely cannot do delicate stuff with ordinary soldering iron. You'd need a proper workbench and would have had experience with SMD soldering.23:22
hatake_kakashiAt this point in time marek_ I'd say its something on the PCB that is stuffed. It might be the video chipset, it might be CPU, etc. It's hard to know what broke, but electronics are either working or not working. There's no such thing as "in-between" states.23:25
hatake_kakashiDocScrutinizer05 would be the best person to talk to in a bid to try and locate the one that possibly broke. Albeit he's not here.23:26
sixwheeledbeastLava_Croft: have you looked at /home/user/.config/user-dirs.dirs23:26
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo23:27
Lava_Croftsixwheeledbeast: no, but i have a clue about what i does, i guess:)23:27
sixwheeledbeastor was it LjL-Alps that asked? ^^23:28
Lava_CroftLjL-Alps: :)23:28
*** eMHa has quit IRC23:29
Lava_Crofti didnt know either tho, never bothered:)23:29
sixwheeledbeastsorry :o23:29
Lava_Crofti think its perfectly fine to keep camera stuff in dcim23:29
Lava_Croftoh, no problem :)23:29
sixwheeledbeastI have everything like this go to uSD in respective folders.23:29
*** gadgetoid_ has joined #maemo23:32
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*** e-yes has joined #maemo23:48
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*** quackquack has joined #maemo23:52
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mashina_1n900 is working fine23:54
*** gadgetoid_ has quit IRC23:55
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