IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2013-08-07

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psycho_oreos='-vc cv00:12
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ecc3gheh... slashdot posting: android gets n900Fly port. ?00:59
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oldtopmanIs there any way to get the n900 media player to respect disc number?01:54
oldtopmanRight now, it lumps all of my tracks from multi-disc albums together.01:55
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Sysaxedthat script02:04
Sysaxedshould I run it from another pc or from my n900?02:04
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Sysaxedyeah, right, from my phone..02:09
Sysaxednow my home folder doesn't work02:10
Sysaxedwell, accidentally I have ran this script twice02:10
Sysaxedso, what could have gone wrong? I have seen a lot of messages like "operation not permitted"02:11
Sysaxedmost likely for the last chown command02:11
Sysaxedbut it was executed as root, huh02:11
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SysaxedOH Right!02:35
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Sysaxedthere's no mkfs.ext3 on n90002:35
Sysaxedand the thread says just "Eat salmon."02:36
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Sysaxede2fsprogs !02:45
Sysaxedwhat the..02:46
Sysaxede2fsprogs installed but no mkfs.ext3 command02:47
Sysaxedoh :O02:47
SysaxedI guess I must stop talking to myself02:47
ecc3godd.  I think I'm getting really wrong AGPS locks using my wireless carrier's SUPL server...02:50
ecc3gMight have finally gotten the certificate right...02:50
ecc3gstill wrong though :D  But it's on the right state, right county at least...02:50
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Sysaxedwhat is the point of that sed -i '1d' ???02:53
SysaxedI mean, that goddamn file is overwritten with the next command02:53
ecc3g(no blinking satellite icon in the status bar)02:53
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Sysaxedoh yeah, now my phone doesn't boot02:57
SysaxedI'm sorry but02:57
Sysaxedwhoever you are...02:57
Sysaxedwell, my phone rebooted on the mkfs.ext3 command02:59
Sysaxedbecause of the watchdog02:59
SysaxedWell, I guess...02:59
Sysaxedcould be anything, really02:59
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Sysaxedso should I go with CSSU Thumb or not?03:47
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Sysaxedhow to install cssu-thumb on fresh n900? Should I install normal cssu first?04:54
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Sysaxed"The installation process is the same as other CSSU Flavours"04:55
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Sysaxed"Once this is completed, close HAM and go into the applications menu. Tap the Community SSU icon. This will run through a series of scripts to ensure the community repository are set up. "04:55
Sysaxedand no community ssu04:55
Sysaxedoh wait04:55
Sysaxedhere it is...04:55
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Sysaxedcan anybody show me their default /usr/sbin/mmc-mount file?05:43
ecc3glooks like a lot of vfat stuff05:51
Sysaxedpastebin it?05:53
SysaxedI have it corrupted, uh05:53
bef0rdwhy don't you just reflash?05:53
ecc3gthis has cssu installed (non-thumb) so dunno what got changed05:54
Sysaxedbef0rd: lol?05:56
bef0rdSysaxed: or did you just reflash and corrupted it again? :P05:56
Sysaxedyes, but it doesn't really matter05:56
Sysaxedit just seems like this guide is not working for cssu-thumb05:56
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Sysaxedwell, that's what happens when you write stupid scripts instead of telling people what to do...05:59
Sysaxedand all what it does... pastes the contents of that file into a case statement05:59
ecc3gI write scripts, they tend to work?05:59
SysaxedI said "stupid scripts"05:59
ecc3gI write stupid little scripts too, they tend to work?06:00
Sysaxedecho -e '#!/bin/sh\ncase "$(sfdisk -c $(echo $1 | cut -c1-12) $(echo $1 | cut -c14))" in\n  43|83)\n    mount -t auto -o $3,noauto,nosuid,noatime,nodiratime "$1" "$2" > /dev/null\n    ;;\n  *)\n    '$(cat /usr/sbin/mmc-mount)'\n    ;;\nesac' > /usr/sbin06:00
ecc3gcutting and pasting random scripts can be dangerous, yes...06:01
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qwerty123mtracker from devel gives dpkg error on uninstalling and dpkg --configure -a gives nothing!06:19
qwerty123and gcc 4.6 takes 21 mb of rootfs!! is it okay??06:20
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qwerty123freemangordon : ^06:21
bef0rdits not optified, so its going to take space in rootfs, if you really need it install it06:22
psycho_oreosGCC (along with the rest of the compiling/debugging etc tools) were never really designed to be installed on N900 itself. If one were to go about installing these, they should have at least the very common sense that it will instead (by default) install into rootfs because it assumes you are using scratchbox.06:25
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qwerty123okay!! anyways i have enuf space left in rootfs !! :P but and havenot really cleared06:27
qwerty123rootfs!! so is it okay if i optify gcc??06:28
psycho_oreoss/ery/ery basic/06:28
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: GCC (along with the rest of the compiling/debugging etc tools) were never really designed to be installed on N900 itself. If one were to go about installing these, they should have at least the very basic common sense that it will instead (by default) ins...06:28
psycho_oreosYou probably can optify, but you need to do it properly.06:29
qwerty123yeah!! i have optified in past, but not realy touched gcc! i remember, microb optification had caused my vkb to just flash n browser unusable...06:30
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qwerty123btw, using pidgin for irc!! takes less than 15 percent cpu wen in use!! n less than 3 percent wen idle!!06:32
qwerty123only shoots to about 12 13 percent when send is pressed!06:33
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qwerty123and , yes one more problem!! with my latest cssu, my dbus daemon is takin much more cpu n time! i use dbus wid shortcutd bt its still more when not in use!06:34
psycho_oreosAlso there's nothing known as mtracker, its known as mod-support (unless you went about installing other fancy stuff from -devel knowing full well they can cause undesired effects).06:35
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qwerty123well, that was just a time tracker, more like stop watch stuff from devel. seemed prettyharmless, just uninstallation caused some errors!!06:37
qwerty123it reported errors but its uninstalled now!!06:38
qwerty123not in fapman atleast!! :)06:38
psycho_oreosIf there were errors during either installation or removal of packages, dpkg keeps a record. It will be visible to a more knowledgeable person.06:39
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qwerty123sorry!! not a knowledge person i am.. and fapman had cleared its log. so couldnot take a look at it..06:41
psycho_oreosI said dpkg, not fapman.06:45
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psycho_oreosIMHO, a more sane person wouldn't go about installing things without proper knowing what and why such entities are placed there. There are abundant CLI tools which not many people realise that GUI heavily depend on. Last but not least, its your own N900 you are free to do whatever you want with it (which even includes borking your own setup).06:51
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freemangordonPali: hi.08:50
freemangordonPali: I almost finished filling
Palifreemangordon: hi, I got email from maemo wiki :-)08:51
freemangordonooh, noce08:51
Paliso I saw changes :-)08:51
freemangordonPali: but what remains are your patches08:52
freemangordon(and hostmode)08:52
freemangordonI can't remember what was decided about hostmode08:52
freemangordonPali: BTW, in case you've missed it, fremantle autobuilder/package interface(promotion) works08:54
PaliI read it, nice :-)08:56
Palipatch nilfs2-2.0.18.diff: it can be enabled only adding nilfs kernel module08:57
freemangordonPali: I know it is nice :P. Promote KP, KPS and all the others packages that were stuck ;)08:57
Palipatch option_disable_indicator_led.diff: can be enabled too it adding sysfs entry for disabling back camera led08:57
freemangordonPali: hmm?08:58
Palipatch trig-keyb.diff: I do not know what that patch is...08:58
freemangordonjust finish the table, there are 5 entries left08:58
Paliand wl1251 patches: it fixing monitor mode support, support for nl8021 stack08:58
PaliI have lot of other work now, so I edit them later...08:59
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Iridosmultiple exclamation marks, he continued... are a sure sign of a diseased mind11:03
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Nuni want to know how to play mkv files on n90013:00
psycho_oreosextra decoders support.13:03
Nunthank you but I installed it and it plays video with shuttering13:05
Nundo i need to use dsp profile ?13:06
psycho_oreosMaybe the quality is too high.13:06
psycho_oreosYou can try but ymmv.13:06
Nunalso there is package in cssu thumb providing support for mkv and flv but on installing it gave errors13:08
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Sysaxedis it safe to install stuff using apt-get instead of fapman or ham?15:07
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psycho_oreosDepends, in fair few cases no.15:09
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Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: in few cases like what?15:10
Sysaxedalso suggests apt-pinning, and faster application manager said a few bad words about it15:10
Sysaxedso, is it fine to use fapman with apt-pinning? or should I use apt-pinning at all?15:11
kerioSysaxed: if you have to ask, it's not safe15:15
psycho_oreosapt-get upgrade cases for instance.15:16
Sysaxedok, but besides upgrade it should be fine?15:16
Sysaxedand what about other questions? :)15:16
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keriofapman is less safe than apt-get15:16
kerioapt-get tells you what it's about to do in detail15:18
psycho_oreosHAM is the most safest, apt-get with some caution, then fapman.15:20
psycho_oreossafe != foolproof15:21
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Sysaxedoh, then apt-get all the way15:30
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psycho_oreosThe general rule of thumb goes that if you are formidable with CLI stuff including troubleshooting and fixing stuff in CLI, then use apt-get. Otherwise don't.15:48
Lava_Croftwhat does apt-get install tell you more than fapman install15:48
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psycho_oreosI personally don't think its a matter of which tells you more. There are users out there who would probably never to read logs until something breaks. Therefore apt-get would tell it "right in your face" sort of thing.16:03
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psycho_oreosSysaxed, did also managed to get that eMMC converted to ext fs? I was away when you wrote all those messages later on.16:19
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: yes16:21
Sysaxedthere was a problem with one of the commands16:21
Sysaxedthe one which pastes the contents of a file to itself16:21
Sysaxedbut I did it manually and now it is working corretly16:21
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SysaxedOh, one problem is that I still can't get things to automount, but if I run fdisk -l /dev/sdb - it automounts16:22
Sysaxedcat will work as well..16:23
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psycho_oreosautomount from the host or within N900 itself?16:23
Sysaxedfrom the pc16:24
Sysaxedn900 is fine16:24
Sysaxedbut I guess it's a problem with my automount on pc.. so whatever16:25
Sysaxedhow to change default shell to bash? sudo chsh /bin/bash4 ?16:25
LjL-Alpswhat do you recommend using for e-mail on the N900? i see Modest seems a bit, uh, modest, and specifically it has no "push" provisions. is it a good idea to use IMAP push somehow, and if so, how? i see there's this QtMail/QMF package for instance16:26
psycho_oreosI think I did it awhile ago (changing from busybox ash to bash) via manually editing the /etc/passwd iinm.16:26
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* psycho_oreos hardly ever uses email on the N900 itself. If anything it was really using *cough* webmail.16:27
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: I've done it several times but still can't remember16:28
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Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: should I change for user only or root as well?16:28
psycho_oreosSysaxed, ideally only the user.16:29
psycho_oreosYou may want to change root sh to bash if later on you want root to be using bash and/or you ssh into N900 as root.16:30
SysaxedI remember there were boot problems with root as bash16:36
SAiFI cant get the calling screen in portrait mode, however if I use landscape, ie kb slide out it works...16:36
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ecc3gWhat webmail works well on the n900?  I actually use modest quite a bit, actually even set up imap on my home machine so I can check my mail without sshing in...16:40
psycho_oreosI recall a fair few may have done a dirty trick into symlinking /bin/sh to /bin/bash which needless to say causes bootloops.16:40
ecc3g(the trick was trying to get my home pc to relay mail for my n900 with authentication...)16:41
SAiFmy default mail client works well.16:41
SAiFusing gmail16:41
psycho_oreosI was using gmail on N900 but that's awhile ago really.16:41
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psycho_oreosSAiF, that might be an issue if using CSSU-S. Though somewhat a little offtopic.16:42
ecc3gI guess I never tried directly, I just have modest pointing to gmail16:42
* psycho_oreos recalls there was a thread about it.16:42
SAiFi reflashed two days ago, installed cssu-testing and some apps and the h-e-n and last was kernel power.16:43
SAiFand followed n900 perfect setup16:44
psycho_oreosWeird, then that leaves me to do other possible outcomes: 1) You may have to adjust blacklist using the old fashioned way or even whitelist. I'm not sure what they use now for enabling/disabling certain programs from going into portrait mode (when it breaks they layout). 2) You may have that orientation lock enabled, thouogh this wouldn't make much sense if you slid your keyboard out and the dialer went into portrait mode.16:47
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SAiFwhere can I get that orientation lock..selection screen16:54
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Sysaxedwhat was the name of a widget that allowed turning on/off wifi and bluetooth17:03
Sysaxedand there was an option to choose between stock and bleeding edge wifi17:03
Sysaxedwell, not a widget but a menu button17:05
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*** FredrIQ is now known as FIQ17:08
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Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: thanks, but I don't think it's able to switch bluetooth as well?17:22
Sysaxedit's called advanced interface switcher17:22
LjL-Alpsthat's a useful applet, you can use it instead of a bunch of others17:36
LjL-Alpsis firefox distributed by a much updated version than the Fennec in extras-devel?17:37
SAiFfennec works?17:37
LjL-Alpsvery slowly, here17:38
SAiFtried it yesterday.. didnt work.17:39
LjL-Alpsalso i see Chromium has been removed from extras because of some patent whiner... bit appalled by that :\17:39
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SAiFby the way happy Eid-ul-Fitr17:41
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SAiFpsycho_oreos: status-area-orientationlock-applet doesnt make any difference in calling menu17:45
psycho_oreosChromium is still available elsewhere but its not updated.17:48
psycho_oreosSAiF, so check relevant blacklist/whitelist.17:48
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Palifreemangordon: KP52 is still missing here:
*** phunguy has left #maemo19:27
Palifreemangordon: is promotion of packages working?19:28
PaliI think still not :-(19:28
sixwheeledbeastPali: it should be which package?19:31
Palisixwheeledbeast: It looks like every my package has: Package promoted but missing in extras-testing19:33
sixwheeledbeastDo you not have an option to promote them?19:33
Palipromote button is not visible19:33
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:33
PaliI tried to promote fiasco-image-update-ask some minutes ago19:34
Paliso I can wait if this will work19:34
Palibut other packages definitily are missing in extras-testing interface and promote button from extras-devel version missing too19:34
Palisixwheeledbeast: Can you look at other (not fiasco) packages?19:35
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kerioPali: what's callnotify?19:51
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kerioPali: bug report on bmerep/batteryapplet: there's a point where bq24k still hasn't started charging again (it was at 96% according to bq27k) but there was no green led19:52
kerioit went pulsing orange -> green -> nothing for a while19:52
ecc3gfsck. my ac10c is broken.19:56
kerioi don't think fscking it will help19:57
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC19:57
kerioespecially the stock version19:57
ecc3gI think the strain relief on the wart side is borked.19:59
keriofreemangordon: the people demand a new fennec build19:59
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Palikerio: only battery applet / hal does not report charging? or also kernel drivers refuse to start charging?21:13
*** frafl has quit IRC21:14
Palisixwheeledbeast: here is list of other packages which are without "promote" button:21:14
*** mvp_ has quit IRC21:15
*** mvp_ has joined #maemo21:16
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Paliand kernel power packages which totally missing in interface (last version 52):21:16
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:18
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kerioPali: no no, it's just a UI problem i think21:34
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo21:34
Palikerio: provide output of hal-device bme21:34
kerionot now21:35
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lexikHi :) so ive tried to register to TMO and this is what i get: "You have left a required field blank.".. ideas? ("i agree" button checked..) also im preparing a "USB fix how-to" (status now: microUsb's from ordered") thats the reason why i want to register to TMO - to share with you my soldering-skills fail :P22:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo22:25
ashleylexik: what browser/OS? it did that for me on Windows 7/Internet Explorer 10 (hence why I still haven't registered at TMO)22:25
lexiksadly im now using old MS WinXP with Chrome22:26
*** Pali has quit IRC22:26
lexikbut ive get the same "error" on my linux box with chromium22:26
lexik(and also on my n900 with microb)22:26
lexikbut.. does it matter?22:27
lexikgoing afk.. your opinions i will read in log :)) thx :)22:28
*** lexik has quit IRC22:28
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psycho_oreoslexik && ashley, I've added a bug on that issue:
povbot_Bug 12703: Unable to register on forums.23:19
*** Mike11 has joined #maemo23:19
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ashleypsycho_oreos: alright, thanks :)23:19
*** perlite has quit IRC23:20
*** perlite_ is now known as perlite23:21
psycho_oreosashley, no worries. Thanks for confirming as well. Though it'd be nice if you could somehow also register on maemo bugzilla to confirm it :)23:21
*** amin007110 has joined #maemo23:22
ashleyI /should/ even have a BZ account, just need to try to remember its password...23:23
*** Mekkis has quit IRC23:26
ashleyalright, registered and voted23:28
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