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DrCodehi all12:03
DrCodecan I use z-push with maemo?12:03
DrCodeany one using it?12:03
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keriowhat's zpush?12:51
DrCodeits imap push12:53
Lava_Crofti had to reboot to get Conversations to not show, I thought :(12:53
DrCodeis there option to use MultiPale Mail for exchange account?12:53
kerioLava_Croft: the scrollbar?12:53
Lava_CroftSadly, after rebooting I had to kill HD to make em show again12:53
keriooh nvm12:53
DrCodeor only one account?12:53
Lava_Croftno, ongoing convos showed up empty12:53
kerioDrCode: modest is an awful mess12:53
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DrCodez-push like nvm12:54
Lava_Croftmodest is modest in its abilities but grand in its sucking12:54
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DrCodewhat is modest?12:54
kerioor whatever12:55
DrCodemail for exchange worked great with gmail or exchange , but I cannot use both on same time12:55
DrCodeI had to use imap account with gmail , is very slow12:56
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psycho_oreosI believe there were some CSSU patches to make modest suck less. Though if modest still blows chunks for you then I wouldn't know what to suggest next, maybe go find a lightweight email reader (somehow).13:45
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WizzupIs modest foss?14:31
WizzupI may be interested in adding gpg support14:31
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psycho_oreos"modest is available under a BSD-like license. tinymail is available under the terms of the LGPL. Please refer to the source code for the details." --
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LjL-Alpsi really should get around to calibrating the battery circuit. it nagged me all evening yesterday about low battery, and then it survived all night and it's still not powered off14:48
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DrCodemy qustion15:06
DrCodecan I use 1 MFE to sync multiple accounts?15:06
DrCodewith novysync or z-push?15:06
DrCodeI mean with activesync15:06
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DrCodeI think I have found a soluion15:35
DrCodeI will use offlineimap15:35
DrCodegreat idea15:35
DrCodeI connect n900 with usb, can I see it has network on my linux?15:36
psycho_oreosHow do you mean?15:39
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Lava_CroftDrCode: ever heard of that company called Google15:56
Lava_Croftthey have this neat search engine15:56
Lava_Croftyou can search for stuff on the web15:56
Lava_Croftits really cool!15:56
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teotwakiWeren't they the guys who started in their garage?16:01
teotwakiI like them.16:01
psycho_oreosThey used to be cool... now they've become an evil necessity.16:02
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kerioomg omg omg omg16:06
keriobackupmenu update16:06
kerioomg omg omg omg16:06
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kerioomg omg omg16:08
keriothumby openmediaplayer16:08
kerioomg omg omg16:08
keriofreemangordon: omg omg omg16:08
keriono wait16:09
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keriolack of thumby openmediaplayer apparently16:09
psycho_oreosIts available on the same tmo thread (omp thread). Too bad its hosted on some free file sharing host.16:09
keriofreemangordon: host openmediaplayer pls16:10
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Iridospsycho_oreos, I wasn't really so concerned about someone hacking the N900... (although it maybe wouldn't be too hard to find now-known vulnerabilities that haven't been patched)... two separate issues a) I wondered if I can check on my own sim-card (not having a gsm/3g carrier under my control) ... and unrelated to that b) if I can check if the eduroam wireless connection uses certificates... because eduroam takes the uni password, which is kind of like the16:20
Iridos magic wand for anything I have access to at university...16:20
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psycho_oreosa) Not without some fancy tools (I wouldn't know what you need to even begin with, though openmoko hardware may give you some possible pointers. b) No idea, never used eduroam before so I wouldn't know.16:22
infobotrumour has it, pkg is
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psycho_oreosOn second thoughts, I know some local universities that I've been wandering around in, they use some sort of VPN based access.16:23
psycho_oreosN900 with a tightened firewall should be able to stop most basic 802.11 based attacks, ultimately it depends on how willing you are in wanting to secure it against 802.11 attacks.16:25
Iridosit's actually pretty canny... uses some kind of tunneling, so your local university credentials work on all other universities that have it all over the world... and some kind of tunneling only reveals your password to your home university... which then tells the remote one you're ok to join16:25
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LjL-Alpsah damn i think i messed up my N900's wifi somehow16:26
psycho_oreosI somewhat doubt the same eduroam account would work elsewhere. It all heavily depends on their policies nonetheless. There's that and the need for accountability.16:26
IridosI said it's canny :)16:27
psycho_oreos*shrug* maybe it was a collaborated effort to begin with.16:27
kerioLjL-Alps: sudo modprobe -r wl12xx && sudo modprobe wl12xx16:27
Iridosit worked at 3 different universities (including mine) in germany so far... it didn't work at Northwestern in the US, but I think that just wasn't fully operational, they apparently only had it online for three days when I came there...16:28
psycho_oreosMaybe also stop wlancond && sleep 3 && start wlancond.16:28
Iridosas described here... point is kinda... you're a professor or other "visiting scholar", you give a talk somewhere... you just have internet, no hassle.16:29
LjL-Alpskerio: it goes on when i do that, but it won't connect to my SSID (which is an Android hotspot in AP mode, it worked until 10 minutes ago), saying "Network connection error. Try again?". it stopped working after a reboot, and i kind of played around with stuff like MeeCoLay, which did seem to "upgrade" some system libraries... :\16:31
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keriomh, meecolay only updates qt, i believe16:32
psycho_oreosI don't think its just that, but it also allows access to target university's libraries as well.16:32
Iridosoh well... thanks for a), I feard that is so... and for b) ... well, not a too big concern here, I guess16:32
psycho_oreosa) Its inevitable, N900 itself uses portions of proprietary hardware which nobody would dare to try and tinker with. b) I actually thought there was some software that you had to use to use eduroam. If that's the case, you might be able to (in theory) look for a linux equivalent and somehow port it to maemo.16:34
psycho_oreosAlbeit a) is slightly becoming lesser of the case, there has already been various attempts on other (what was then proprietary) parts of the device.16:35
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Iridosno... it's kind of a regular wpa2 wifi, it only uses eap-ttls or peap to forward the credentials...  it's the bit in the FAQ " The certificate of your home institution is the only point you need to trust regardless of who operates any intermediate infrastructure." that I wonder about...16:37
psycho_oreosI'm guessing the stuff to do with GSM is tied to CMT, messing around with that may ultimately brick your device iinm. *cough*android*cough* probably has similar stance except the actual GSM modem it seems to be available as a separate file.16:37
psycho_oreosOh, my bad.16:38
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LjL-Alpskerio: is there anywhere i can see logs of the connection attempts? or connect from terminal?16:39
kerioi guess that it'll log to syslog, if it's running16:39
keriooh right, wifi also logs some things to dmesg16:39
*** konelix has joined #maemo16:39
LjL-Alpsdmesg show a fair bit of stuff. it appears to be "timing out" while trying to WPA authenticate16:40
psycho_oreosIt gets first seen by dmesg (to lesser extent). Albeit it can only hold a certain amount of information, can't remember but maybe something to do with buffer/message ring.16:40
LjL-Alpsalso it says it's using US as regulatory domain, but maybe that's just because i have no SIM inserted, the network is on channel 11 anyway16:41
psycho_oreosI guess it depends on where you set your locale and *possibly* the firmware you flashed N900 with.16:41
LjL-Alpsit also likes to say "down" and "firmware booted", after that it tries 4 times to authenticate, and times out16:42
LjL-Alpsmaybe i should reboot my Android device too, rule out it's its fault (though other computers are connected to it)16:42
psycho_oreosFirmware booted is to do with the fact that wl1251 is a softMAC based chip (where firmware sits on the host OS) and not inside the actual chipset. Its not that important to know that.16:43
LjL-Alpsthen can we please hack that firmware to enable AP mode? ;P16:43
psycho_oreosdown and up is mainly controlled by wlancond iinm.16:43
psycho_oreosAsk TI.16:43
LjL-Alpsit connected now16:45
LjL-Alpsand i did literally nothing16:45
LjL-Alpsi, uh, opened CSSU Features Configuration, and FAM. don't see how these could be related16:45
psycho_oreosBesides enabling AP mode, you still need to upgrade the lot of wireless portion within maemo.16:45
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: well that sounds easier than reverse engineering a firmware in theory, no?16:46
psycho_oreosIt might also be something to do with range/interference.16:46
LjL-Alpsthere should be barely any interference here. well who knows, as long as it works16:46
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, that's kinda like expecting wl1251 kernel module to already be as formidable as wl12xx kernel module.16:46
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: sorry, i don't understand what you mean. is wl1251 (or wl12xx?) the "bleeding edge" driver with injection?16:48
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, wl1251 is the bleeding edge driver that has injection capabilities. If you used wl1251 for anything else apart from rfmon, it tends to crash the device.16:49
LjL-Alpswell i turned it on at some point just to see what it even was (the status bar applet i have offers that option), but then i always used the normal one16:50
psycho_oreosIOW, wl1251 isn't even stable to begin with, hence we're still using old wl12xx.16:50
LjL-Alpsoh, is it possible the wifi didn't have enough battery juice to actually work? i'm "charging" the N900 by having it connected to a netbook's USB port, and apparently there is 0% battery left16:51
psycho_oreosYeah I have a status bar applet that allows me to change it on the fly, but I'm trying to say that if wl1251 was as formidable/stable as wl12xx and that we could just be using one kernel driver for 802.11 stuff (forgoing wl12xx) then we might be even one step closer.16:51
LjL-Alpsi see16:51
LjL-Alpsit's really a bummer for me, the inability to be an AP (or rather, the inabilty to use WPA while being a hotspot). there are other reasons i might prefer to keep using my Android device as my main phone, but this is the big one :(16:52
psycho_oreosI don't know, its possible that the N900 was in power saving mode. However if its connected to an external power supply, N900 may not remain constantly in power saving mode.16:52
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*** piggz_ has joined #maemo16:53
LjL-Alpsand speaking of wifi power saving, is there usually any advantage in setting transmit power to 10mW instead of 100? since i see there's an option for that16:53
psycho_oreosIt's what nokia and TI chose to do, no tertiary/AP firmware, besides like I said its missing a whole bunch of userland tools required for proper AP mode.16:53
kerioLjL-Alps: i don't think so16:54
psycho_oreosI doubt it but I've always left mine to be at 100mW.16:54
LjL-Alpsi'm not sure why lack of AP mode implies also lack of ad-hoc WPA, but i suppose there's a reason16:54
*** user_ has quit IRC16:55
ShadowJKLjL-Alps; 10mW/100mW is a regulatory thing. In some countries you're limited to 10mW outdoors and 100nW indoors16:56
LjL-Alpshey... not sure i want to do this since it's more complicated than it should but - since we have host mode, would it be possible to use an external wifi dongle to support AP mode?16:57
psycho_oreosSomehow I think lack of ad-hoc WPA is related to an outdated wireless-tools :p i.e. wireless userland tools.16:57
LjL-Alpsthen i'll look into that16:58
psycho_oreosIt would require the wifi dongle to: a) be supported by linux natively and b) needs the driver to be built specifically for maemo kernel (compat-wireless or otherwise).16:58
psycho_oreosYou can but you won't get far.16:59
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psycho_oreosActually.. LjL-Alps && Iridos:
*** piggz_ has quit IRC17:10
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LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: i've also found some hints that with the bleeding edge drivers and "airbase" it's possible to obtain a "Soft AP" mode17:17
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, ideally I wouldn't be using airbase-ng for AP mode. It was not designed for that sort of purpose.17:18
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LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: well i guess not, but the situation wrt AP mode doesn't seem particularly "ideal" on the N900 :P17:20
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC17:23
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, it seems doable but not easy.17:24
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Iridosso how's the normal wireless-dialog offereing WPA if there's no wpa_supplicant17:31
*** LaoLang_cool has quit IRC17:31
psycho_oreosWhat? huh?17:32
psycho_oreosI don't think the wireless-dialog actually relies on wpa_supplicant at all. It relies on some other in-house program to do all the connecting and stuff.17:33
*** rcg has joined #maemo17:36
psycho_oreoswpa_supplicant is/was the normal way of authenticating/hosting WPA secured networks. I just don't know why it was not to be embedded into maemo at all.17:39
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LjL-Alpsi just succeeded in using airmon-ng and airbase-ng to create an unencrypted AP that my netbook could connect to, i guess that's something17:40
LjL-Alpsmy N810 doesn't seem to see it though17:40
psycho_oreosairmon-ng isn't really needed, not sure would "bleeding-edge" kernel module be needed either.17:42
keriopsycho_oreos: to inject stuff17:42
kerioLjL-Alps: this is in monitor mode, right?17:42
psycho_oreoskerio, yeah with "bleeding-edge". Maybe that is a dependency for airbase-ng I guess.17:43
LjL-Alpskerio: i suppose so, i don't understand this stuff very much so i'm mostly googling things around. but, i've started airmon-ng, that created a mon0 interface, and then i started airbase-ng on mon017:43
psycho_oreosIt would definitely have to be in monitor mode, airmon-ng just turns an interface (or VIF even) into monitor interface.17:43
LjL-Alpsairbase-ng actually seemed to be happy enough being started directly on wlan0, but that way i didn't see it from my N810, so i tried with airmon17:43
psycho_oreoswlan0 needs to be in monitor mode (ideally).17:44
psycho_oreosThat would also make mon0 rather redundant, which like I said makes airmon-ng isn't a necessity.17:44
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: are you saying it would be better to put (how?) wlan0 in mon mode, rather than "bridging" it to mon0 using airmon?17:44
LjL-Alpswell the important thing now anyway is to see if i can use WPA with this17:45
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, 1) iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor (the interface or VIF needs to be down via ifconfig first). 2) It's not a matter of bridging factor, mon0 is essentially wlan0, it just shares the same "base".17:46
psycho_oreosIf you are say for example already associated to a network on one VIF, you can for example with another interface setup Ad-hoc/AP/rfmon mode. However the extra interface must share the same frequency as the base as it is a hardware limitation.17:47
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: is what airmon-ng does then to create a "VIF" in monitor-mode, and leave the wlan0 "VIF" in normal mode?17:52
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, essentially yes.17:53
psycho_oreosor basically it doesn't do anything to wlan0 but use that as a "reference point". It actually does more than that such as it checks the driver used and reports information about the wireless (802.11) chipset.17:54
*** rcg has quit IRC18:04
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo18:05
LjL-Alpsmeh, everything on google tells me how to make an airbase-ng AP that accepts *any* WPA key, so i can sniff people's passphrases, but that's not what i want to do :\18:05
*** rcg has joined #maemo18:06
psycho_oreosYou were already forewarned about that :P18:06
*** stef_204 has quit IRC18:08
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: fair enough, but i get the distinct feeling it *is* possible to use this program to make a proper (if resource-intensive) WPA2 AP. just, since as you say it's not its intended purpose, there's not an ocean of documentation about it18:09
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, probably not really worth it in the long run. You'd be spending far more time and effort in getting airbase-ng to act as a proper AP (which ends up breaking various levels of regulation as well, along with rewriting history). Far more effort than getting wpa_supplicant to work so that you can use Ad-Hoc with WPA.18:11
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: why does it break regulations?18:12
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, I think you are basically circumventing the fact of how TI and nokia refused to offer Tertiary/AP firmware for instance.18:13
freemangordonpsycho_oreos: how's -thumb?18:13
psycho_oreosThat plus airbase-ng wasn't really cut out for "normal" usages, it was specifically designed to take advantage in a loophole amongst specific drivers. Its kinda like you're trying to add more fuel to the already burning flame.18:14
psycho_oreosfreemangordon, somewhat very impressive though compared with another N900 not being in -thumb I can see that more swap is being used as a result (on a -thumb enabled N900).18:15
freemangordonpsycho_oreos: I guess you run more stuff on it :)18:15
psycho_oreosfreemangordon, yeah that's expected heh :) everyone has different uses with their N900.18:16
*** arcean has quit IRC18:17
*** LjL-Alps has quit IRC18:18
freemangordonpsycho_oreos: having SIM card and IM accounts eats lots of RAM18:19
psycho_oreosfreemangordon, I have SIM card inserted. Not running IM but I have a ton of processes in the background (no, not accessible through task-switcher).18:22
psycho_oreosI am definitely impressed at how long it takes for the time it took between in me opening the camera lens shutter till it asks me to open which program for camera. That plus a few notable speed ups here and there.18:23
*** fuchs__ has joined #maemo18:24
*** flo_lap has quit IRC18:24
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC18:38
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:40
*** XATRIX has quit IRC18:40
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*** NIN101 has joined #maemo18:48
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*** discopig has joined #maemo20:19
*** valerius has joined #maemo20:20
Wizzupkerio: fsck + reboot helpen wrt scroll issue20:24
Wizzupbut I think my mmc is dying20:24
*** shentey has joined #maemo20:27
*** cpt_nemo has quit IRC20:28
*** cpt_nemo has joined #maemo20:29
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC20:31
DrCodeany one using offlineimap?20:34
DrCodewith dovcot20:34
*** LjL-Alps has joined #maemo20:35
*** valerius has quit IRC20:47
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo20:49
*** aloril has quit IRC20:51
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*** aloril has joined #maemo21:05
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*** soltys has joined #maemo21:29
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo21:30
Sysaxedany idea why I can't connect my phone to debian unstable?21:31
SysaxedI was able to do that for a long time, then I have updated my system21:31
Sysaxedthis broke it for n900.. But I was able to do that on other PCs21:32
Sysaxedthen I eventually updated them all...21:32
Sicelowhat do you mean?21:34
Sysaxedoh, I connect it to the pc, select mass storage mode and nothing happens21:34
Sysaxedcan't see sd card on internal memory21:34
Sysaxedsometimes, like one out of 20, I'm lucky to see sd card21:34
bef0rdcould be an usb hw issue?21:35
bef0rddoes lsusb detect the phone?21:35
Sicelothat sounds like it has nothing to do with Debian or any OS21:35
SysaxedNo, this is not a hw problem as stated above21:35
SysaxedI can still access it on one of the systems where apt-get dist-upgrade was not ran in two months21:35
Sicelodefinitely something in your connections.. either USB is on its way out, or your pc usb ports are about to go21:35
Siceloor, your usb host on pc has flaky drivers21:36
Sysaxeddifferent laptops, not a driver problem21:36
Sysaxednot a usb problem, because I was able to connect it a week ago to old pc21:36
Siceloall the laptops have debian unstable?21:36
Siceloso obviously your USB port on the offending pc/laptop is kaput21:37
Sysaxedon all of them?21:37
Sysaxed4 laptops total, 3 stopped working after upgrade21:37
Sysaxed1 is still not upgrades21:37
Sysaxedoh, sorry, 3 laptops and one normal pc21:38
SysaxedBus 004 Device 004: ID 0421:01c7 Nokia Mobile Phones N900 (Storage Mode)21:38
Sysaxedthat's what lsusb says21:38
Sysaxednow, how can I get it mounted?21:38
* Sicelo can't follow what Sysaxed is saying21:38
Sicelois the N900 working with the other laptops or not?21:38
SysaxedSicelo: ask a question?21:38
Sysaxedit's working on a laptop that was not updated for a long time, YES21:39
Siceloand on all updated ones, it doesn't work?21:39
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC21:40
Siceloso, i said if hardware is ok, the only other thing making sense here is that the driver for the usb host on the offending laptops is flaky21:40
Sicelo18:36 < Sicelo> or, your usb host on pc has flaky drivers21:41
Siceloother usb devices work fine on the updated laptops?21:41
*** tanty has joined #maemo21:43
Sysaxedjust tested an usb drive, connected and mounted automatically21:43
Sicelowhat does the N900 show?21:44
Sysaxedwhat do you mean?21:44
Sysaxeda simple prompt, USB storage or PC suite mode21:44
*** soltys has quit IRC21:44
Sysaxedand then nothing21:44
Sysaxedwow, not it said that only sd card is connected21:46
Sysaxedand sd card was mounted, yeah21:46
Sicelolol.. that's what i was asking21:46
Sysaxedand if I try that once again..21:46
Sysaxedsaid same thing, sd card only21:46
Sysaxedbut now it's not accessible from pc..21:46
Sysaxedah right, I had terminal opened21:47
Sysaxednow, when terminal on n900 is closed... it says.. nothing!21:47
Sysaxedwell, "Connected to pc" or something like that21:47
Sysaxedand then nothing happens21:47
*** shentey has quit IRC21:48
*** sq-one has joined #maemo21:52
*** soltys has joined #maemo21:53
psycho_oreosSometimes dmesg contains useful information. If you have sysklogd installed, syslog also provides more information.21:57
*** LauRoman has quit IRC22:02
*** Rocketsfan has joined #maemo22:04
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: dmesg on n900 or my pc?22:04
psycho_oreosSysaxed, mainly N900. PC might also be useful but not now.22:08
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo22:08
*** drussell has quit IRC22:09
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: well, no errors or anything weird22:11
SysaxedI can upload it.. but uh..22:11
*** e-yes has joined #maemo22:13
*** valerius has joined #maemo22:13
*** soltys has quit IRC22:13
SysaxedFAT errors are most probably unrelated22:14
*** florian has joined #maemo22:14
Sysaxedbut who knows...22:15
Sysaxeddmesg on pc22:16
*** thomasjfox has joined #maemo22:18
*** tanty has quit IRC22:19
psycho_oreosFAT errors are pointing at your eMMC, it probably needs fsck or something. Dmesg output from PC I could see sdb and sdc being created. That could be from N900, so check via fdisk -l to see if /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc are actually N900's exports to PC.22:20
*** vogon has joined #maemo22:20
*** valerius has quit IRC22:20
*** BCMM has quit IRC22:24
psycho_oreosSysaxed, /dev/sdb looks almost certainly like your eMMC. /dev/sdc looks like 1GB microSD that doesn't seem to be setup properly. Your /dev/sdc setup often reminds me of my old n95.22:25
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo22:25
Sysaxeduhh, what do you mean by "doesn't seem to be setup properly"22:26
Sysaxedwell, it looks weird, but it was working22:26
Sysaxedand it IS working if I open up a terminal and block my eMMC so it wont try to give any access to it22:27
psycho_oreosHave a look at those question marks, and the filesystem reported by fdisk. It seems like its all obfusicated output.22:27
Sysaxedso are you telling me that if I take my sd card out it will start working correctly?22:28
psycho_oreosI'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm saying the way how that 1GB microSD is setup looks weird.22:28
psycho_oreosNo, both should be working fine.22:28
psycho_oreosI'm pretty certain your 1GB doesn't actually have 4 partitions does it?22:29
SysaxedI have no idea22:29
Sysaxedit was not me who was formatting it22:29
Sysaxedbut I have only seen one partition22:29
psycho_oreosI'm guessing there's no way in hell it would show up as four separate partitions. Besides 1GB being split into four (or so) makes illogical sense.22:30
Sysaxedwell, I should reformat it one day22:30
Sysaxedbut still, what about my things not being mounted at all?22:31
psycho_oreosIn either case I'd personally fix it by backing up contents of the microSD and nuke the partition table (of microSD), re-partition, re-format and chuck all the data back on it.22:31
Sysaxedwell, I don't care about microSD, really22:31
SysaxedI want my eMMC to be mounted...22:31
psycho_oreosYou should be able to have eMMC mounted correctly, not sure about microSD with all those weird unknown filesystems.22:32
Sysaxedyou were saying something about fsck?22:32
SysaxedI have opposite problem...22:32
LjL-Alpsthe NITDroid site seems to be mostly down, how decent was it for the N900 last time, out of curiosity? hardware support?22:32
psycho_oreosYeah, that dmesg output from your N900 shows errors with /dev/mmcblk0p1 which is actually the eMMC partition.22:33
Siceloheh, and this N900 works fine on other computers?22:33
SysaxedSicelo: not after upgrade22:33
Sysaxedand this is the output from one of these that can't get it working22:33
psycho_oreosSysaxed, you should be able to still mount the eMMC on your PC without issues. fdisk -l shows it as /dev/sdb, dmesg reports two extra "drives". So the kernel is seeing it, its just a matter of getting it mounted.22:34
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, that is a little offtopic here (fyi), their forums is still up but I don't think their main focus is on N900 anymore.22:35
LjL-Alpspsycho_oreos: ok, i'm sorry, was just mildly curious (i have an almost identical Android device anyway so running Android on the N900 would really just be to see what it's like)22:36
psycho_oreosLjL-Alps, not an op here myself :) I do recall nitdroid builds for N900 was lacking features (mainly due to N900's use of proprietary components and android's lack of focus on non-officially supported devices).22:38
*** florian has quit IRC22:41
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: oh, so it's just not being mounted automatically?22:42
psycho_oreosSysaxed, yeah I'm guessing (if you have autofs or something like that). I don't like auto mounting personally.22:42
*** florian has joined #maemo22:43
*** florian has joined #maemo22:43
psycho_oreosSysaxed, regardless, check mount to see if its already mounted (or even df should suffice). If its not mounted, mount it by hand and see if there's any issues. If there's issues, dmesg (from PC) should tell you what.22:44
*** guampa has quit IRC22:45
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: how to mount it?22:48
SysaxedI've never done it manually22:48
psycho_oreosSysaxed, its not mounted. "mount /dev/sdb /path/to/mount/to".22:49
*** rcg has joined #maemo22:50
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: you're right.22:50
Sysaxednow it is mounted22:51
psycho_oreosSysaxed, mount will also tell you as well, dmesg may spill errors, etc if it happens.22:51
Sysaxed[21662.448520] FAT-fs (sdb): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.22:51
psycho_oreosYeah, that's what N900 faced, albeit N900 has old e2fsck tools. Hopefully your Debian unstable has much much newer e2fsprogs, you should be able to fsck (but eMMC must not be mounted).22:53
Sysaxederrr, I've started doing it from n90022:54
SysaxedFATs differ but appear to be intact. Use which FAT ? 1) Use first FAT 2) Use second FAT22:55
Sysaxedwhat should I answer?22:55
psycho_oreosI don't know lol.. when running fsck, sometimes its better to backup the remaining data (where possible).22:56
* psycho_oreos doesn't even use FAT32 on his N900s.22:56
Sysaxedoh well, I have been trying to get rid of it for a long time22:57
psycho_oreosGet rid of?22:57
Sysaxedof fat partition22:58
Sysaxedand use ext instead22:58
Sysaxedis there any easy way to do so?22:58
psycho_oreosI'd send interrupt signal to e2fsck, plug N900 back into PC. Copy all the eMMC data off it, then format and put the data back on.22:59
psycho_oreosThere was a guide on the tmo.22:59
*** soltys has joined #maemo23:02
Sysaxedwell, I'm not stupid and I know how to use google23:03
Sysaxedbut I cannot find it23:03
Sysaxeddid you remove the partition totally or just reformatted it as ext?23:03
Sysaxed"Maybe you'd like to use the following "illegal" characters FAT  doesn't support in your file names (like music tracks)... " * : <  > ? \ |"23:04
Sysaxedoh, hell yeah23:04
psycho_oreosThere were no partition to remove, if there was you'd be doing it wrong.23:04
Sysaxed"How about Unicode support?"23:04
*** bef0rd has quit IRC23:06
*** dhbiker has quit IRC23:06
*** shentey has joined #maemo23:06
Sysaxedwhy ext3 and not ext4?23:06
psycho_oreosNote the date when it was posted.23:07
Sysaxedso I can safely change it to mkfs.ext4?23:07
psycho_oreosBesides I don't see my N900 showing ext4 supported.23:07
SysaxedI thought that there were support23:07
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo23:07
psycho_oreosIts up to you you can experiment.23:07
Sysaxedcame with one of the updates, uh?23:07
Sysaxedor was it in power kernel..23:08
*** kwtm has joined #maemo23:08
psycho_oreoscat /proc/filesystem| grep ext4 yields nothing.23:08
*** Rocketsfan has quit IRC23:08
kwtmsomeone remind me --what's that N900 package that gives different ring tones to different callers?  I installed it a long time ago and can't remember how to access it. (Shows you how often I make new friends ... )23:08
Sysaxedpsycho_oreos: yeah, that's right23:09
Sysaxedby the way, if anybody is interested23:09
SysaxedBitTorrent sync is running amazingly well on n90023:09
psycho_oreosIf you think of it, it sort of breaks formality, /home and /home/opt is using ext3.23:09
Sysaxedyou just place a binary anywhere you want and it's going to work great23:09
Sysaxedaccess is via webui23:10
SysaxedI haven't tested battery usage yet, my 8gb folder is still synchronizing... but well!23:10
Sysaxedoh, and there was some problem when n900 was rebooting under heavy load because of btsync, but swappolube proposed settings fixed it23:11
*** goldkatze has quit IRC23:11
kwtminfobot seen kwtm23:15
*** XATRIX has joined #maemo23:15
kwtmOkay, I guess I'm muted.23:15
infobotkwtm is currently on #maemo (7m 35s). Has said a total of 2 messages. Is idling for 9s, last said: 'infobot seen kwtm'.23:15
XATRIXHi, how can i disable IPv623:15
XATRIX ?23:15
kwtmOh, wait, I'm not muted.  Just not noteworthy enough, I guess. :P  Oh, well.23:16
XATRIXkwtm: you're not23:16
kwtmIt's okay, I figured it out.  Turns out it's called "custom ringtone" and it actually modifies the Contacts app instead of being an app on its own.23:16
kwtmXATRIX: Unfortunately, I am not able to help you.  The only thing I know about IPv6 is it's 50% more than IPv423:17
psycho_oreos~seen kwtm23:19
infobotkwtm is currently on #maemo (11m 41s). Has said a total of 6 messages. Is idling for 2m 31s, last said: 'XATRIX: Unfortunately, I am not able to help you.  The only thing I know about IPv6 is it's 50% more than IPv4'.23:19
*** thomasjfox has quit IRC23:20
Sicelostock Maemo doesn't do IPv6 without tweaking.. what do you mean XATRIX?23:20
*** valeriusL has joined #maemo23:21
*** Custodian has quit IRC23:21
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #maemo23:21
*** Sysaxed has quit IRC23:21
XATRIXSicelo: seems like my windows netbios proto can't find N90023:22
XATRIXAs long as i understand it binded to IPv6 address ?23:22
psycho_oreosHe probably installed kernel-power and it has ipv6 kernel module automatically loaded.23:22
Siceloit didn't23:22
Siceloyou N900 is at
XATRIX          inet6 addr: fe80::edd:efff:fe0a:3d40/64 Scope:Link23:23
XATRIXtcp        0      0 ::ffff: ::%168:*                LISTEN23:23
Siceloi have that too..23:24
XATRIXSomething is definately wrong here23:24
sixwheeledbeast"fe80::" is a link-local ipv623:24
Sicelowhat is the windows pc supposed to see on the N900 btw?23:24
XATRIXSMB shared partition ?23:25
XATRIXI'm started TinySMB23:25
XATRIXIt worked as a charm a while ago :(23:25
psycho_oreosYou can probably blacklist ipv6 and maybe reboot.23:26
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo23:26
Siceloi'd start with rechecking the config for TinySMB23:27
XATRIXYea, i'm going to try it23:28
XATRIXMy windows PC, can't even connect to23:28
sixwheeledbeastDo you have ipv6 working on router or other devices?23:30
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC23:39
*** Vanadis_ has quit IRC23:41
*** piggz has quit IRC23:42
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo23:46
*** Venusaur has quit IRC23:50
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #maemo23:52
*** piggz has joined #maemo23:53
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:55
*** sq-one has quit IRC23:56
bef0rdpff n900fly has been here for a while :P23:58
*** XATRIX has quit IRC23:58

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