IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2013-08-01

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freemangordonooh, I bought a table from ikea today :)00:55
SpeedEvilI built a table from some wood today.00:55
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SpeedEvil2m*1.2m or so, and I can barely lift it.00:56
freemangordonmine is 95x55 and weights about 3 kg. some weird material00:56
freemangordonwood pieces but very light00:57
SpeedEvilMine is made out of old fenceposts.00:58
DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: hmm?00:58
SpeedEvilLightness is not one of its virtues.00:58
DocScrutinizer05how do you know I need a new table?00:58
DocScrutinizer05Oh, that one is even nicer00:59
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DocScrutinizer05but probbaly 15*15*25cm01:00
SpeedEvilIt was primarily a test piece to get my hand in, to try to make a 'passivehaus' shed.01:00
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: maybe issue a notice that normal operations are resumed01:00
DocScrutinizer05F!! U!! ikea!01:00
DocScrutinizer05even on scrolling(!) two cookie requesters pop up01:01
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DocScrutinizer05[GENERAL NOTICE] downtime ended, patches applied, all services started. Thank you for flying If you got complaints/suggestions/questions, please ping your stewardess01:03
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ecc2gugh... I sort of am kind of ticked that firefox is actually letting content providers know that you're reading (i.e. scrolling down)... it doesn't load content until it becomes visible (scrolled to) and that's when the coookies come...01:05
ecc2gthink most browsers do this01:05
ecc2gnot sure exactly how the webpage is coded to do this tracking but apparently it's possible01:06
ecc2gsort of like the favicon fiasco years ago.  I wonder if they'll fix this, maybe nobody noticed it yet?01:07
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ecc2g(kind of doubt it but...)01:07
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DocScrutinizer05not konqueror01:10
ecc2gkonqueror will load the whole page (and deal with cookies up front)?01:10
DocScrutinizer05this is a special ikea JS bullshit01:10
ecc2gwell i wish it treated that JS as if you scrolled it up front01:11
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ecc2git might be the same problem - a normal page will be all loaded.  JS might be doing this01:11
DocScrutinizer05on whatever_even(){placefuckingcookie, do other nasty shit}01:11
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: on whatever_event(){placefuckingcookie, do other nasty shit}01:12
SpeedEvilIt would be _so_ nice if our dear legislators had a clue.01:12
ecc2gon whenever_we_scroll_to_this_place_in_the_code() { read_this_advertisement_that_puts_a_cookie}01:12
SpeedEvilAnd they would have specified that you diddn't have to show the stupid 'we may set cookies' - if the user has set an explicit preference in their browser.01:12 does this BS.01:14
ecc2gI don't care about the cookies that much but underhandedly writing JS to tell you're scrolling is BS01:15
ecc2ghmm... wonder of i can hack greasemonkey to thwart it01:16
ecc2gthe cookie problem is so annoying I had to write a script to automatically delete any cookies not in a whitelist...01:18
DocScrutinizer05hell, you got no cookie white7blacklist in your browser?01:18
ecc2gI just let the cookies in and they get killed every once in a while :\01:19
DocScrutinizer05HEY GUYS!!!! AND GALS! HOW FEELS "the NEW" maemo,org?01:19
ecc2gwell, the problem being, I need to appear that I am allowing cookies... then make them disappear...01:19
DocScrutinizer05ooh, I see01:20
DocScrutinizer05look into inotifymonitor01:20
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DocScrutinizer05sorry, inotifywait01:21
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DocScrutinizer05funny enough not a part of a standard desktop linux installation01:22
ecc2gah, it's nothing I need to get rid of right away, I dump the cookies every once in a while, maybe every week or so01:22
ecc2ginfrequent enough to allow troublesome websites to work, frequent enough to mess with their user tracking :)01:23
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DocScrutinizer05while I start swearing...01:24
DocScrutinizer05saturn:/etc # zypper search inotify-tools01:25
DocScrutinizer05Loading repository data...01:25
DocScrutinizer05Reading installed packages...01:25
DocScrutinizer05No packages found.01:25
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# dpkg -S inotifywait01:26
DocScrutinizer05inotify-tools: /usr/bin/inotifywait01:26
ecc2gahh... i've always wondered what the SuSE package manager was... oops.01:26
ecc2ghmm... somehow inotify-tools was a dependency on my gentoo boxes and thus it's been installed on my server...01:28
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ecc2gnope, it's installed because I forgot I installed it.01:30
DocScrutinizer05damn, not a single comment regarding
Gh0styshould we? :p01:43
Woody14619Off to Europe, be back mid-April. :)01:46
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SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer51: Thanks!02:03
* SpeedEvil is kinda lagged these last months. :/02:03
DocScrutinizer05>>be back mid-April.<<???  2017?02:04
Gh0styalso why would one be offline in europe? :p02:06
Gh0stywe also have 3G internet coverage on most places02:06
bef0rdtheres no internet02:06
Gh0styand we have evolved over carrier pidgin and smoke signals also :P02:06
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DocScrutinizer05** this message sent to you from my pigeon loft02:10
psycho_oreosSomeone was probably trying to save as much cash as they can whilst roaming around in Europe, and/or they don't want to be bugged whilst on holiday (refer to Pali's case).02:10
DocScrutinizer05international (data) roaming admittedly is either cumbersome or terribly expensive, or even both02:10
SpeedEvilYeah - you need to buy national SIMs generally.02:11
Gh0stywell was just going to say02:11
SpeedEvilAnd finding sane ones can be an issue.02:11
Gh0stybuy local sim02:11
Gh0styadded advantage02:11
Gh0styyou dont get bugged! :P02:11
psycho_oreosI've heard numerous times travelling within Europe is expensive on its own regardless if you are roaming or not.02:11
Gh0styunless you give your number to buggers :)02:11
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Gh0stydepends if its a round-trip or just staying at 1 location :)02:12
Gh0stybut hadnt considered the round-trip thingy :)02:12
DocScrutinizer05hmm, traveling in europe is not more expensive than international traveling I'd say02:12
Gh0stythat sucks indeed02:12
SpeedEvilPrices vary - in the UK you can now get 'all you can eat' data - on your phone - no tethering - for £15/mo.02:12
Gh0stynext year they promised a fix for that02:12
Gh0stysomething like data roaming would be like a rate inside the  home country02:12
psycho_oreosIt would be unwise to stay in one location in Europe.. so many countries in one small spot compared to say.. US.02:12
DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: while that's nice if you can use it, it still seems too expensive for - say - 3 or 4 days02:13
SpeedEvilTrue - to an extent.02:13
DocScrutinizer05I happen to know a few details of woody's travel planning02:13
DocScrutinizer05I think he's going to visit at least 3 countries in 2 weeks or sth02:14
SpeedEvilBut it may be not unreasonable for - say - 4 days being able to use netflix/... without restriction.02:14
DocScrutinizer05odds are he could unpack and straight away bin his local SIMs02:14
psycho_oreosYeah I'd say that would be more economically viable. Its pretty much a waste to visit Europe and stay in one area during that entire time.02:14
psycho_oreosI mean if you're forking out the travel arrangements, business visits are an exception of course.02:15
Gh0styyeah i dunno depends if its for vacation or business :P02:16
Gh0styi mean i also go to the US but not for 1 year ...02:16
Gh0stythats not even allowed i think :(02:16
psycho_oreosI'd say it would be vacation if its more than one country.02:16
Gh0stymax 3 months without a work permit i guess02:16
psycho_oreosBetter that than having to fork out visa :)02:17
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psycho_oreosI wonder how else would the ISP would know that you were tethering apart from maybe doing L2TP scans or something.02:33
SpeedEvildeep packet inspection.02:37
SpeedEvilOr just shallow packet inspection.02:37
SpeedEvilIf you're playing a couple of HD streams at once - you're not doing it on your phone.02:37
psycho_oreosYou could be just downloading them with maybe something like cutetube ;)02:38
SpeedEvilBut todays phones make pretty much any assumptions questionable.02:38
psycho_oreosExactly, they're far more capable than what their predecessors mostly were.02:39
SpeedEvilI mean - I can easily see using a phone to do chromecast.02:39
SpeedEvilOr indeed run a server from your n900.02:40
psycho_oreosThere's even torrent clients for *cough*android*cough*.02:40
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SpeedEvilYeah. there was someone in #android the other day wondering why it made their phone hot. :)02:41
psycho_oreosSome people just don't thoroughly read and understand their instruction manuals enough.02:42
robbiethe1stYou should read it. Right? :P02:43
psycho_oreosI was referring to actual phone/device products, not some in-game virtual entity :D02:46
robbiethe1st <- actual real product!02:47
psycho_oreosNot as cool as this: :d02:54
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robbiethe1st ...I want03:04
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psycho_oreos <-- hahahaha, real cute.03:14
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DocScrutinizer05evidently in Germamy none of the providers checks for such "non-tethering" policy. It's actually hard to check when you don't allow false positives04:08
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DocScrutinizer05actually I think most have dropped any such policy, and replaced it by simply restricting bandwith and/or traffic and/or services (SIP, IM, Skype, particularly any filesharing). Especially all realtime applications like VoIP are easily fscked up by simply introducing too much jitter on RTT/pingtime04:12
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HtheBrobbiethe1st hi04:40
robbiethe1stSee? I am areound04:41
HtheByeah now04:41
HtheByou werent here for like 13 days :D04:41
robbiethe1stSays it04:41
HtheBcheck the logs :P04:41
robbiethe1stI may not have said anything04:41
robbiethe1stctually, have a date range?04:41
HtheBweird, i've always checked your nickname over here04:41
HtheBdate range?04:42
robbiethe1stlike, when I was supposed to be gone?04:42
HtheB~seen robbiethe1st04:42
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infobotrobbiethe1st is currently on #maemo (2h 1m 38s). Has said a total of 12 messages. Is idling for 20s, last said: 'like, when I was supposed to be gone?'.04:42
HtheBlet me check the log when I looked for you :P04:44
robbiethe1stI have logs for july 31,30,29... 25, 24, 23,22... 18, 17, 16, 15, 14... 11, 10, 9, 8... 2, 1..jun 27, 26, 25, 24...04:44
HtheBthats weird04:49
HtheBi was looking for it too04:50
HtheBthe one where it said 13 days :D04:50
HtheBwon the third one04:50
robbiethe1st*third* one?04:50
* HtheB hides04:50
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robbiethe1stYou're more trusting of me than I would be04:50
robbiethe1stI mean, you don't know me. I could decide to be lazy and just drop your packages in the trash, or sit on them for a few months...04:51
robbiethe1stYou never know <_<04:51
HtheBi trust yo04:52
HtheBi can feel it that way :)04:52
robbiethe1stYeah, I can see that04:52
HtheBalso, you've helped me with the auction04:52
HtheBtoo bad we lost that one :P04:52
robbiethe1stYeah, oh well04:52
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HtheByou told me that you would be here the next day04:53
HtheBand you were :)04:53
HtheBso there is no reason i wouldnt trust you04:53
robbiethe1stTrue, I suppose04:54
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robbiethe1stBut there's a big difference between just joining IRC in my normal routine, and actually having to get off my fat ass, get into my truck, and drive a whole mile to the post office.04:54
HtheBbesides, you're the bootmenu master :P04:54
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robbiethe1stJust saying04:55
HtheB(is it really that far?)04:55
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robbiethe1stProbably, don't know. The one by my parents place is 3 miles away, but I'm on the outskirts of town here, so I'm closer04:55
HtheBi see04:56
HtheBglad people like you are still alive04:56
robbiethe1stSee, this is the US. Things are very spread out here. 50 miles is commuting distance for some04:56
HtheBthe nearest post office is like 500meters away from here04:57
HtheBsome supermarkets has also 'post office' abilities04:57
HtheBfor sending packages04:57
robbiethe1stit's usually cheaper at the post office itself, though04:58
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HtheBhere its the same04:58
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HtheBbut hey, I think this is my reward of 'missing' the other one :D04:59
HtheBbeing patiently04:59
robbiethe1stwhat did you get?04:59
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HtheBthis was what he listed first05:00
HtheBi saw on the pictures one of the rare games05:00
HtheBso i asked if he can sell the game only05:01
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HtheBso he changed it05:02
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DrCodehi all05:04
DrCodedose n900 support 64gb micROSD05:05
HtheBthere was a thread on tmo some long time ago about it..05:06
HtheBbut i really dont know.... try it :P05:06
robbiethe1stworst case, it05:06
robbiethe1stIt's a driver update needed05:07
robbiethe1stLikely, PK would have the drivers05:07
HtheBafaik, cssu should have those drivers05:07
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DrCodewhen i use chroot debbi command not working , any idea05:08
DrCodei use cssu05:08
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HtheBconn dropped05:17
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HtheBrobbiethe1st, going to sleep now05:40
HtheBi'll talk to you later :)05:41
HtheBoh btw05:41
HtheBhow 'fast' is the post in the us?05:41
HtheBlike: someone sends you a package tomorrow05:41
HtheBwhen will the package arrive?05:41
robbiethe1stDepends on distance, most likely ground(cheap shipping) can take 2-5 days in the US05:42
HtheBbefore (or on) monday?05:42
robbiethe1stdepends, where?05:42
HtheBlet me check05:42
robbiethe1stCalifornia, yeah, I'd expect it'd be here05:42
robbiethe1stNew York(other side of the continent), longer05:42
robbiethe1stPretty far, I don't know05:44
robbiethe1stKeep a watch on the tracking code05:44
robbiethe1stPlus, it really depends how quickly they ship. If they have it /in the mail/ before pickup tomorrow, that's one thing05:44
HtheBwell, i didnt got a tracking code (economic shipping eh :P)05:45
robbiethe1stOh, ok05:45
HtheBwe'll see05:45
robbiethe1stjust gonna have to see then05:45
HtheBif the first one came05:45
HtheBim sure the other two will arrive too:)05:45
HtheBthen, i wont bother you anymore xD05:45
robbiethe1stNo worries05:45
HtheBgood night pal05:46
HtheBnite all05:46
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ebzzry(Maemo 5) I just installed the latest CSSU-S update. How do I use the new camera ui?10:31
freemangordonebzzry: "the new camera ui" is not in cssu-stable10:31
ebzzryfreemangordon: Where is it? In CSSU-T?10:32
*** jmlich has joined #maemo10:33
ebzzryI have used the CSSU-S catalog. Can I install "over" the CSSU-T catalog?10:33
*** jmlich has quit IRC10:33
freemangordonyep, but disable cssu-s catalog first10:33
ebzzryfreemangordon: Thanks. I'll do that.10:34
freemangordonit won;t harm if you leave it enabled, but will slow down HAM10:34
freemangordonok, even further :D10:34
HtheBsince when did it ever go fast?10:34
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo10:35
HtheBi have disabled autochecker for HAM10:36
HtheBonce in a while (like once in 3 months?) i run ham before going to sleep just to check for update10:36
HtheBotherwise, it's very annoying that when you're connected to the internet, ham checks for updates automatically10:37
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ebzzryI noticed that there is a CSSU Devel catalog? Is it real? Is it worth installing instead of Testing?10:39
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kupehello everyone, will any of you help me in installing uboot with kp52 menu on it10:53
kupeI have cssu thumb and already flashed my device nearly 14 times today10:54
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo10:56
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kupedoc, kerio or any other please help10:58
*** ab has joined #maemo10:59
keriokupe: hi!11:05
kerioinstall uboot11:06
kerioinstall kernel-power-bootimg11:06
kerioln -s /etc/bootmenu.d/*power* /etc/default/bootmenu.item11:06
kerioand don't boot with the stock kernel, it'll end in tears and in a reboot11:07
kerioalso, why am i being pinged for this stuff11:09
kerioi'm just a user11:09
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kupethank you kerio11:28
kupehave a nice day11:28
kupeso lets me backup everything and then I will report you back11:28
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo11:29
RzRbackup what ?11:30
kerio*all* the things! _ò/11:30
RzRwhat's wrong ?11:30
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keriohe doesn't trust me :c11:33
kerioi feel unloved11:33
*** bef0rd has quit IRC11:35
kupeI didn't mean that11:35
*** Martix has joined #maemo11:36
kupebut its always good to have backup11:36
kupekerio can I use kernel-power 51vr1 bootimg if i have kpv51vr111:39
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freemangordonebzzry: If you don't know what cssu-devel is, DO NOT ENABLE THE CATALOG12:21
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ebzzryfreemangordon: Ok. Since we're there, what is it, and what does it do?13:23
*** lizardo has joined #maemo13:24
ebzzryfreemangordon: Yes. How is it different from -testing?13:24
*** Martix has joined #maemo13:25
ebzzryfreemangordon: let me load that.13:26
freemangordon~cssu-devel is
infobotfreemangordon: okay13:26
infobotcssu-devel is probably
ebzzryfreemangordon: ok. thanks for the warning.13:26
ebzzryI'm at 90% of the cssu-testing download. I've been downloading it since ~3 hours ago. I don't know why it is taking that long. My unit's internet connection is good, except for HAM related stuff.13:28
freemangordonhmm, weird, that shouldn't take that long13:28
ebzzryI can run wget and get realistic expectations. But when I install anything from HAM (or apt-get), it is bloody slow.13:29
ebzzryNo, I haven't tweaked anything network related. Anyway, maybe I can do some search on TMO. :-)13:29
freemangordonebzzry: never heard of such an issue13:30
freemangordonmaybe your isp does some traffic shaping13:30
ebzzryfreemangordon: maybe. I think I may run tcpdump on my gateway machine to see what's happening.13:31
ebzzryfreemangordon: Ya, some weird traffic-shaping rules, that (unexpectedly) bork connections to repository.maemo.org13:31
ebzzryfreemangordon: I wish I can run iftop on the system, while the upgrade is running. :(13:32
freemangordonconnect via ssh :)13:32
ebzzryfreemangordon: Unfortunately, I can't SSH to it, for some odd reason. :)13:32
ebzzrySSH is ok when not upgrading. :)13:32
freemangordonmaybe HAM stops it13:33
ebzzryfreemangordon: any hints? :-)13:33
ebzzrymaybe. :)13:33
ebzzryfreemangordon: and, unpingable! :-)13:33
freemangordonooh, yes13:33
freemangordonHAM puts the device on offline mode13:33
infobotfreemangordon meant: HAM puts the device in offline mode13:34
ebzzryfreemangordon: I used to use KP but stopped using it because my system has been mostly unstable with it. A frequent annoyance is not being able to reboot properly, i.e., it shuts down instead of rebooting!13:34
ebzzryfreemangordon: Ah, ya. Offline mode! :-D13:34
freemangordonebzzry: which version of KP?13:34
freemangordonthat should be fixed in latest testing version13:34
ebzzryfreemangordon: the biggest show-stopper though it that at random times, it sets the frequency so low!13:36
ebzzryfreemangordon: and I frequently find myself running 'kernel-config ...' from time to time.13:37
ebzzryThe last time I used KP was about two years ago.13:37
ebzzryfreemangordon: I'll take a stab at it again. I'll finish the CSSU-Testing installation, create another rootfs and optfs backup using BackupMenu, then install the latest KP.13:38
freemangordonebzzry: ooh, lots of things changed since then :D13:41
ebzzrySo, what's the name of the KP now?13:41
ebzzrys/KP/KP package/13:43
infobotebzzry meant: So, what's the name of the KP package now?13:43
freemangordon"enhanced kernel for power users" or something13:44
ebzzryfreemangordon: Thanks. How about its name in HAM?13:44
ebzzryfreemangordon: ok13:44
*** Martix_ has joined #maemo13:52
*** Martix has quit IRC13:54
*** andre__ has quit IRC13:57
ebzzryboom. there goes a backupmenu restore.14:00
ebzzrysomehow my cssu-testing installation borked up my system! >:-(14:00
ebzzrythanks to backupmenu. *sigh*14:01
psycho_oreosheh, that is a nice greet to cssu-testing :) not really for beginners.14:03
*** BCMM has joined #maemo14:04
*** SAiF has joined #maemo14:05
ebzzryIt would have been fine, had I known what happened. :)14:06
ebzzryconsolatory messages would have been great! :-)14:07
SAiFI got my n900, touch screen changed, cost about 21.5USD or 16.2 Euro, or 1300rupee.14:07
SAiFthen I noticed, that the key board lights are not working.14:07
SAiFthought of ambient light sensor, but its clearly open, but the led got hidden under a black coating or whatever.14:08
psycho_oreosI guess in some ways you might be able to backtrace to what may have caused the issue. Not sure about default HAM but HAM in red pill mode has access to interesting log section.. well in either case there should be a log of where HAM would be verbosee in its proceedings.14:09
SAiFokay LED is clearly under a coating, I cant even see it while charging,14:10
psycho_oreosShould probably take it back and say that it was not properly fixed, that there was keyboard LED which normally lights up are all now hidden thanks to that black coating or whatever.14:10
SAiFno no no ..14:11
SAiFthe top led is under a black coating,14:11
SAiFbut about keyboard lights I dont know.14:11
SAiFI can type in it, but I guess, it doesnt detect keyboard is pulled out.14:12
psycho_oreosYou mean where there's that three LED colours that would show the state of the device?14:12
SAiF*(bad english)14:12
SAiFYes that one14:12
psycho_oreosThere's a GPIO sensor that would tell you if the keyboard "tray" is out or not. I'm not sure on your setup but I think you can find info from kernel via dmesg regarding if the keyboard slid open or was closed.14:13
SAiFokay, again. Charging LED is defenitely under a black coating, I can understand that, but why is the keyboard drawn out position not detected?14:14
SAiF^^I couldnt fully understand what you said..14:14
psycho_oreosThere's a sensor that governs whether the keyboard tray is out. Depending on your setup you might be able to see via "dmesg" (a command line based command) to see if kernel would see the keyboard was open or not.14:15
SAiFokay..I think I should understand this time :)  can you link me to a pic or something of that sensor, and where is it located?14:16
*** kupe has joined #maemo14:16
psycho_oreosI'm not an engineer, DocScrutinizer05 would know very well about stuff like this but "dmesg" command should easily tell you if the sensor did detect keyboard is either out or in.14:17
kupeanybody what I am doing wrong here is uboot image14:17
kupestill there ain't an option for kp 51r114:18
SAiFkeyboard is definitely not detected, virtual keyboard opens up even with tray out, and portait mode, and it even doesnot unlock screen with drawing keyboard,14:20
SAiFAnd I think its Docs off duty time,14:20
SAiFwill have to wait till night....14:21
*** sardini has joined #maemo14:21
*** kupe has quit IRC14:22
*** kupe has joined #maemo14:22
psycho_oreosSAiF, in the meantime you could consult with N900 hardware schematics. There's info on the wmo about it.14:22
kupepsycho please help14:23
psycho_oreoskupe, I don't have uboot setup. I can't I'm afraid (even though I ought to move to uboot soon).14:24
* psycho_oreos looks at the link anyway.14:24
psycho_oreosFrom what I can see, I don't think there's any particular issue with your device. That might be the standard procedure as to what uboot does by default, is to prompt user choices.14:25
psycho_oreosWhat happens when you try the first choice?14:26
*** SAiF_ has joined #maemo14:27
psycho_oreosSAiF_, did you get my last message?14:27
*** SAiF_ is now known as Guest75314:27
kupeattach kernel takes me to omap 1 kernel14:28
psycho_oreosI suppose it won't boot with the stock kernel?14:29
*** SAiF has quit IRC14:30
*** Guest753 is now known as SAiF14:30
keriokupe: have you installed the bootimg?14:30
keriohave you ran u-boot-update-bootmenu?14:30
SAiFpsycho_oreos , got it, was afk14:30
kupehere comes kerio yes i have ran u-boot-update-bootmenu14:31
keriowhat was its output?14:31
psycho_oreosSAiF, from my N900 (with kp52) I slid the keyboard out and back in, "dmesg| tail" yielded these as results: [64952.292419] slide (GPIO 71) is now open for keyboard "tray" out and [64965.253295] slide (GPIO 71) is now closed for keyboard "tray" in.14:31
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: check ~#  dmesg14:32
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: for >> slide (GPIO 71) is now open <<14:32
psycho_oreosIt should be close to the bottom of the dmesg output, the more closer to the bottom of the output the more recent it is.14:33
DocScrutinizer05indeed ;-)14:33
SAiFoops theres lot, pls wait14:34
DocScrutinizer05there's some "black varnish" over the indicator LED always, that is the "sunglasses effect" and shouldn't stop indicator LED from shining thru it14:34
psycho_oreosI thought you would start telling him where the sensor might be located :) I have a hunch its underneath the screen but that's just a wild guess.14:34
DocScrutinizer05I could also thell him where on chip the BGA ball of the GPIO is, but would either help to solve his problem?14:35
SAiFGPIO 69 inactive14:36
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: for >> slide (GPIO 71) is now open <<14:36
SAiFI tried both ways, but it shows GPIO 69 is now inactive14:37
psycho_oreosI dunno, was just thinking if it may help to see where the faulty part may lie and whether it was the technician's fault or just the affected part(s) are dying out.14:37
*** ab[out] has joined #maemo14:37
psycho_oreosYeah GPIO 69 != GPIO 71. They're connected to different stuff.14:37
*** kupe has quit IRC14:37
SAiFoops again14:37
*** ab has quit IRC14:38
*** kupe has joined #maemo14:38
psycho_oreosI suppose you could just do "dmesg| grep slide"14:38
DocScrutinizer05find /sys -iname '*engine*'14:41
SAiFplease understand that I am a newbie, trying to keep up14:41
keriokupe: but booting with the keyboard out doesn't show those entries?14:42
SAiFi shoulb be root14:42
DocScrutinizer05ls -l /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/14:42
kupekerio well what should i do now ??14:43
*** uen| has joined #maemo14:43
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: ls -l /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/14:43
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: use tabulator to auto-complete pathnames14:44
SAiFI am on a pc, and n900 in my hand,14:44
SAiFwhat is tabulator14:44
psycho_oreosAlternatively if you have setup SSH, you can just SSH and paste those commands in :)14:44
SAiFokay dont mind14:45
SAiFI got the output14:45
*** ab[out] is now known as ab14:45
SAiFI will, soon,14:45
SAiFokay,, I am such a fool14:45
SAiFso what should i tell you from this output14:46
DocScrutinizer05if there are 3 lines with engines, for example14:47
*** uen has quit IRC14:47
*** uen| is now known as uen14:47
DocScrutinizer05engine1_mode ... engine3_mode14:48
SAiF3 engine lines14:48
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: cd /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/14:48
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: cat selftest14:49
DocScrutinizer05FFS I have a fail on LED3!14:50
SAiFgot an14:51
DocScrutinizer05might be related to my recent messing with triggers14:51
freemangordonhmm, I have fail on LED0 :(14:51
SAiFCan You please explain in short words what I just did?14:51
SAiFI guess testing, itself14:52
SAiFfor errors..14:52
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: cd le<TAB>g14:52
freemangordonhmm, OK now14:52
freemangordonSAiF: ignore me :)14:53
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: are you root?14:54
SAiF^^ happy to see you, freemangordon, though I have failed to get 720p working14:54
SAiFyes root14:54
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: are you in /sys/class/leds/lp5523:g now?14:54
DocScrutinizer05echo 50 > brightness14:55
SAiFwhere is '>'14:56
SAiFgot it14:57
SAiFokay done14:57
DocScrutinizer05is indicator LED shining up green?14:57
SAiFno, its beneath14:58
SAiFyes, I could see it after turnig of room lights, that too slightly for 1/20th of a second14:59
DocScrutinizer05please rephrase14:59
SAiFpls wait15:00
SAiFI saw green light shining for 1/20th of a second15:01
DocScrutinizer05that's weird15:01
SAiFI could only barely see that through this black coating.15:01
DocScrutinizer05I wonder if they installed some fake digitizer on your device15:02
*** Martix_ has quit IRC15:02
SAiFanyway my main concern is not front led,15:02
*** Martix_ has joined #maemo15:02
SAiFI know it most probably may not be original15:03
DocScrutinizer05mine is, since that isn't supposed to vanish after 1/20th of a second15:03
SAiFIs the led located on the touch screen digitizer?15:03
DocScrutinizer05SAiF:  cd ..15:03
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: cd *kb315:04
SAiFthen what difference the digitizer makes in led times15:04
*** ab has quit IRC15:04
SAiFin kb3 now15:05
DocScrutinizer05ok seems this 20th second might have some reason15:05
*** dhbiker has quit IRC15:06
SAiF20th second in the sense, it shines at the instant when I press enter with that command15:06
DocScrutinizer05while :; do echo 100 >brightness; done15:06
DocScrutinizer05(stop by ctrl+C )15:06
DocScrutinizer05shall light up led behind I,  O, K15:07
SAiFNo, it doesnt15:07
SAiFagain in  a similar manner15:08
SAiFwhen I press enter, it lights up and fades out within a second15:09
DocScrutinizer05that's extremely strange15:09
DocScrutinizer05but shows your problem is sw side15:09
SAiFthanks then I could do a reflash15:10
DocScrutinizer05and actually some weird stuff around your digitizer having no transparent spot where indicator LED sits15:10
DocScrutinizer05I wonder whether your Ambient Light Sensor has a transparent spot15:10
SAiFthat indicator LED, I can Adjust, because I had to wait 1.5months to get even this digitiser15:10
SAiF.. haha there is no transparent spot15:11
*** kupe has quit IRC15:11
SAiFthats what I was trying to say15:11
DocScrutinizer05please do:  cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0029/lux15:11
SAiFthis keyboard thing I can reflash15:11
*** ced117 has quit IRC15:13
DocScrutinizer05then cover upper right corner of screen frame next to NOKIA label with your thumb and do again (cursor up fetches last line)15:13
*** mhlavink has quit IRC15:13
DocScrutinizer05then expose device to bright light and do again15:13
DocScrutinizer05report the three numeric values you got15:13
SAiFpls wt15:14
*** mvp has joined #maemo15:14
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: then do: cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/proximity/state15:14
DocScrutinizer05cover same corner and redo15:15
DocScrutinizer05it should show "open", and then when covered show "close"15:15
DocScrutinizer05"closed" even15:15
SAiFno such directory15:15
SAiFpls wait trying again. sorry to keep you waiting15:16
DocScrutinizer05use TAB15:16
DocScrutinizer05it never does spelling errors15:16
DocScrutinizer05cat /sy<TAB>/de<TAB>i<TAB>pl<TAB>gp<TAB>pr<TAB>st<TAB>15:18
DocScrutinizer05same with autocompletion in capitals:15:18
SAiFI got the first one     3015:19
amin007110Just curous to know if that little magnet exists in it's house under screen on top of third column from the right side of keyboard.15:19
DocScrutinizer05cat /syS/deVices/plaTFOWM/gpIO-SWITCH/prOXIMITY/stATE15:20
DocScrutinizer05amin007110: yes, that's next to check, though we already kinda did that, via dmesg15:20
amin007110aha, ok15:21
SAiFwas reading you above comment nokia was written on the left side?15:21
DocScrutinizer05and that was rather negitive result, though I don't trust in that result15:21
DocScrutinizer05yes, the metal frame has a NOKIA tab on left upper corner  o.O15:22
SAiFyes now understand, the sensor, you mean. closed shows 0 and open shows 30 3215:23
SAiFin room light15:23
DocScrutinizer05that's almost OK15:23
SAiF285 near monitor15:23
DocScrutinizer05wat about proximity sensor?15:24
SAiFpower failed,  I may go offline15:24
SAiFlet me check15:24
SAiFgot stuck when I opened the phone function,15:26
SAiFhavent opened it for two months15:26
SAiFnot responding..15:26
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: then do: cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/proximity/state15:26
*** mvp has quit IRC15:27
*** mvp has joined #maemo15:27
DocScrutinizer05your device is thoroughly fsckd up, please do a full reflash15:27
SAiFactually, I reflashed a week before giving to technician,15:28
DocScrutinizer05and what did technician flash to it?15:28
SAiFnope, he just changed the digitizer15:28
DocScrutinizer05and which malware did he install?15:28
SAiFbut A cause may be this.15:29
DocScrutinizer05sorry, busy. reflash, then test again and come back15:30
SAiFI had power kernel installed in it and he never switched off phone, he just remove the battery. and each time you boot in it shows kernel loading failed15:30
*** deafboy has quit IRC15:30
SAiFDoc.. will be back soon.15:30
*** kupe has joined #maemo15:31
SAiFit shows open and closed correctly15:32
DocScrutinizer05WOOOOOOW, cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/selftest does a NIIIIICE lightshow15:33
DocScrutinizer05never knew15:33
*** ab has joined #maemo15:34
DocScrutinizer05you of course can SEE how it checks each LED15:34
DocScrutinizer05SAiF: why :( ?15:35
SAiFi dont see light show :)15:36
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo15:36
SAiFamin007110 said something abt a magnet?15:36
SAiFdo I have to open the back to check whether that magnet is still present15:37
DocScrutinizer05cd /sys/bus/platform/devices/slide15:37
DocScrutinizer05cat state15:37
DocScrutinizer05"open" / "close"15:37
DocScrutinizer05>> "open" / "closed"15:38
DocScrutinizer05depending on your kbd slider15:38
SAiFalways closed15:38
DocScrutinizer05watch cat state15:39
DocScrutinizer05(stop with ctrl+C)15:39
SAiFthats an issue, I dont have to use ctrl+c, it automaticly comes to #15:40
DocScrutinizer05when it never shows "open" then your magnet missing. Get a magnet and place it next to upper row of opened kbd, slide along from Q to P15:40
DocScrutinizer05wait WHAT?15:40
DocScrutinizer05watch echo state15:40
DocScrutinizer05does NOT keep displaying the recent value?15:41
DocScrutinizer05until you abort it15:41
DocScrutinizer05that's a severe problem15:41
SAiFbut fortunately SW right?15:41
*** mvp has quit IRC15:41
DocScrutinizer05anyway, please do a full reflash15:41
DocScrutinizer05won't cure your probably missong magnet, that got lost at technician when he replaced digitizer15:42
*** mhlavink has joined #maemo15:42
SAiFyes after checking out that magnet from Q to P15:42
DocScrutinizer05(the magnet is "inside" screen slider)15:42
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC15:43
ebzzryWhat are the usual "successful" ingredients to accomplish a complete CSSU-Testing installation?15:43
SAiFI dont want to think that much I will do a full reflash by night and be back soon, bye15:43
*** ebzzry has quit IRC15:43
*** mhlavink has quit IRC15:43
amin007110DocScrutinizer05, cat command represent just one result, it doesn't keep printing states. I think.15:44
DocScrutinizer05@ ebzzry15:44
DocScrutinizer05amin007110: check out ~# watch cat /sys/bus/platform/devices/slide/state15:45
amin007110now yes15:45
*** kupe has left #maemo15:46
DocScrutinizer05watch -bn1 cat state15:46
DocScrutinizer05WTF??? @kupe15:46
DocScrutinizer05freenode issues?15:47
*** mhlavink has joined #maemo15:47
*** Mike11 has joined #maemo15:53
*** geaaru has joined #maemo15:53
*** guampa has joined #maemo15:53
DocScrutinizer05[general notice] we achieved another step towards " finally rached useful condition": promotion should work, see
*** sunny_s has quit IRC15:59
*** croppa has quit IRC16:00
DocScrutinizer05please ask your government to make week 31 "maemo fixing celebration holiday"16:01
*** sunny_s has joined #maemo16:02
Lava_CroftThere's already a religious minority responsible for celebration holidays here16:02
DocScrutinizer05isn't it like this everywhere on this globe?16:03
DocScrutinizer05and isn't maemo community a religious minority?16:03
jon_yDocScrutinizer05: the whole week? :)16:04
DocScrutinizer05and we will see more to come till this week ends16:05
jon_ymy calendar doesn't show work weeks :(16:05
*** geaaru has quit IRC16:05
DocScrutinizer05toldya this bug I spotted was in the heart of infra16:05
DocScrutinizer05and rendered it broken since end of last year16:06
DocScrutinizer05now that it's fixed we finally will sort out the few unrelated things easily16:06
psycho_oreosSo what are those unrelated things just curiously?16:08
psycho_oreosAhh yes the autobuilder :)16:08
DocScrutinizer05dir owner/group/permissions16:08
DocScrutinizer05for example16:08
DocScrutinizer05we never realized since the jobs doing the promotion been broken thoroughly by that other core bug16:09
DocScrutinizer05now that the jobs work, we can spot those minor simple issues easily16:10
DocScrutinizer05maybe there's more to fix around user credentials/accounts promoting from garage to the other VMs16:11
DocScrutinizer05but we will fix such stuff too pretty soon now16:11
*** geaaru has joined #maemo16:12
psycho_oreosAt least lesser need for maintanence overheads :D16:12
DocScrutinizer05takes a hell of a workload off techstaff's shoulders16:12
DocScrutinizer05and sixwheeledbeast will be unemployed ;-P16:12
DocScrutinizer05no more new recurring "old package version got removed by repo-management"16:14
psycho_oreosProbably the same goes with those aching apache issues I presume as well? :)16:14
DocScrutinizer05we will clean out quite exactly one million bogus package remove events which will speed up all cronjobs and stop heavy workload on apache for those cronjobs and pages like
jon_yyou run heavy cron jobs on your web server machine?16:18
DocScrutinizer05thus the cronjobs have a chance to actually finish and not abort with "out of RAM", and apache processes will not timeout and go zombie anymore16:18
DocScrutinizer05jon_y: you want to run them for us on your machine? ;-P16:18
psycho_oreosYeah, hence those aching issues with apache and OOM. I remember that chunk of OOM errors you pasted the other day.16:19
jon_yDocScrutinizer05: you only have a single server?16:19
DocScrutinizer05partially at least16:19
psycho_oreosAny relief is better than none :D that's the bottom line.16:19
DocScrutinizer05jon_y: please refer to
DocScrutinizer05and related pages16:20
DocScrutinizer05linked there16:20
jon_yI'm on DSL with about 20KB/s up link16:21
jon_yyeah, not much there to help host16:21
DocScrutinizer05jon_y: I was just kidding you. we don't need more servers to run jobs on them16:23
*** shawnjefferson has quit IRC16:24
DocScrutinizer05we have two blades populated with a hexacore, on a supermicro server, and we gonna pupulate a third blade eventually16:24
DocScrutinizer05populate even16:24
DocScrutinizer05jon_y: see
kerio90% of those resources end up feeding a php monstruosity, sadly :(16:25
jon_yugh, I hate php after working with them16:25
jon_ythe syntax the syntax!16:25
kerioor lack thereof16:26
*** konelix has joined #maemo16:27
jon_yI was actually bitten by the php "special" ternary16:27
DocScrutinizer05typically we're idling a lot, nevertheless16:27
DocScrutinizer05what we need is more storage and more memory16:27
DocScrutinizer05and we will get both with a third blade eventually16:28
DocScrutinizer05then we even got enough resources to joggle with to set up a development environment where we could test improvements to maemo.org16:29
*** andre__ has joined #maemo16:29
*** mvp has joined #maemo16:29
DocScrutinizer05if we find any maintainers/devels willing to take care and with enough free time for the workload this implies16:30
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: ooh, flopswap is in testing :D16:30
keriowhat's flopswap?16:30
DocScrutinizer05hi freemangordon :-)16:30
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: hi16:30
kerio(swapon swap2 && swapoff swap1) || (swapon swap1 && swapoff swap2)?16:31
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: please post on TMO that autobuilder/repos are just fine, something in the line of "developers, developers..." :D16:31
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: asking EVERYBODY not needing extras-devel to disable it immediately16:31
DocScrutinizer05eventually, freemangordon. I got an appointment with GF16:31
DocScrutinizer05will kill me when I'm late16:32
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: I don't give a shit about your sexual life :P16:32
freemangordonno hurry16:32
kerioi just use the watchdog to reset my swap usage16:32
DocScrutinizer05~rape freemangordon16:32
*** otep has quit IRC16:32
* infobot takes freemangordon behind the WallMart and makes a few grunts and screams16:32
keriosomething tends to reboot my n900 before i've used my 2gb swap16:32
freemangordonkerio: the point is that promotion works ;)16:32
*** otep has joined #maemo16:32
DocScrutinizer052GB swap are insane nonsense16:33
kerioand yet16:33
DocScrutinizer05watchdog will reboot device when kernel tries to swap large amounts of it16:33
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: once we cleanup the events table, I suspect we'll have some RAM freed16:34
DocScrutinizer05even .7GB are already too large16:34
kerioactually, the only time the watchdog triggered was when i was connected to a really flaky wifi hotspot16:34
kerioso i just assumed it was a powersaving issue16:34
keriothat caused a panic16:34
freemangordon(re infra resources)16:34
keriobut idk if a kernel panic ends up as a watchdog reboot in bootreason16:34
DocScrutinizer05the only reason why they used 768MB of swap space, except for marketing blabla, been that swap fragmentation kicks in later16:35
kerioand 2gb is even later16:35
DocScrutinizer05you can't reasonably use >maybe 500MB swap on a OMAP3 device with flash16:35
kerioof course you can't16:36
kerioi doubt you can get to 256mb of swap sanely16:36
DocScrutinizer05that would be what I'd use for swap size16:36
kerioeven if it doesn't crash, it'll perform horribly16:36
kerio500mb of swap means you have to cycle swap partitions a lot more often than me16:37
DocScrutinizer05and then use floopswap or sth like that, frequently16:37
*** mattaustin has quit IRC16:37
DocScrutinizer052 swap partitions of 256MB each16:37
DocScrutinizer05absolutely sufficient16:37
DocScrutinizer05keep one active, one to swapswap16:38
DocScrutinizer05(swapon swap2 && swapoff swap1) || (swapon swap1 && swapoff swap2)16:38
kerioassuming swapon fails if the partition is already enabled16:38
*** basiaf has quit IRC16:39
DocScrutinizer05yeah, won't prolly work, but nice oneliner anyway16:39
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: maemo will complain if only 256MB of swap is set16:39
DocScrutinizer05oooh, why?16:39
*** basiaf has joined #maemo16:39
kerioi would actually make it barely more than 256mb16:39
freemangordonOMM killer settings16:39
keriobut... there's 256mb16:40
kerioit's not out16:40
freemangordoncheck in /proc/sys/vm/...16:40
freemangordonIIRC OOM killer kicks in too early if anything < 512MB is set16:40
*** japa-fi has quit IRC16:41
DocScrutinizer05I recently reswapped to a tiny swap partition I happened to have on my uSD, and maemo actually unloeded some preloaded processes, but recovered just fine after reswapping again back to 768MB16:41
DocScrutinizer05and device been usable though laggy on that tiny swap as well16:41
DocScrutinizer05laggy on stuff like opening dialer etc16:42
DocScrutinizer05not generally laggy16:42
DocScrutinizer05of course, since it needs to swap out or even stop other processes to start up dialer when needed16:42
DocScrutinizer05but all that been completely transparent to user and not really had any negative impact on fremantle operation16:43
psycho_oreosSo then make four "slabs" of swap with 256MB each, whilst simultaneously enabling two extra swaps (of 256MB) disable the other two swaps (of 256MB)?16:43
keriopsycho_oreos: why? :s16:43
kerio...hell, i think i might have *two* 2gb swap partitions on the usd16:44
DocScrutinizer05it just introduced some lag when opening new stuff like dialer etc, and of course some loglines in syslog from OOM16:44
psycho_oreoskerio, trying to kill two birds with one stone :)16:44
DocScrutinizer05HD even?16:44
psycho_oreosHD OOM?16:45
DocScrutinizer05actually 3 swap partitions of 192MB each, of which always 2 are active, that might be worth a try16:46
DocScrutinizer05HD is the process managing the preload stuff16:46
DocScrutinizer05there are some rather nifty scripts somewhere16:46
DocScrutinizer05or was it actually c source?16:47
DocScrutinizer05can't recall, I looked into it when trying to figure what parameters the .desktop X-MAMEO-PRELOAD= key takes, except 'always'16:48
*** Kupe has joined #maemo16:48
*** ced117 has joined #maemo16:48
DocScrutinizer05actually it doesn't support any other values, but once it been planned to support other stuff that hen didn't pan out16:49
DocScrutinizer05s/ hen/ then/16:49
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: actually it doesn't support any other values, but once it been planned to support other stuff that then didn't pan out16:49
Kupehello everyone16:52
DocScrutinizer05sorry   >>X-Maemo-Prestarted=always<<16:52
psycho_oreosOn second thoughts of 3x192MB swaps. It probably will still trigger OOM killer since the threshold was < 512MB swap.16:52
DocScrutinizer05find the code that hanles this, and you also found the code that handles unloading of processes when short on RAM16:53
* psycho_oreos would rather look at the shortcomings of quick and dirty hacks :D16:54
DocScrutinizer05Kupe: hi! here to stay this time?16:54
DocScrutinizer05[2013-08-01 14:46:15] <kupe>16:55
DocScrutinizer05[2013-08-01 14:46:19] <-- kupe has left this channel ("Leaving").16:55
Kupeneed help on uboot16:56
psycho_oreosIt seemed almost like kupe "ragequit" *ducks*16:56
DocScrutinizer05Kupe: so shoot!16:56
psycho_oreosKupe, did you do what kerio said earlier on? there were two things you needed to do and you mentioned you did one. Nothing about the other.16:56
Kupe and
KupeI already did both16:57
Lava_Croftgood focus16:57
KupeI have u-boot flasher , fiasco-image_update ask and uboot tools installed16:59
KupeI installed it using ham17:00
psycho_oreos<kerio> kupe: have you installed the bootimg? <--- I think that was left unanswered.17:00
Kupeya it is installed17:01
* DocScrutinizer05 waves and vanishes17:02
Kupesorry guys it seems like noone is going to help17:02
KupeI thought I should find out what I did wrong but...17:04
infobotN900 uBoot is a siamese twin binary [uBoot+stockMaemoKernel] that resides in kernel NAND partition /dev/mtd3 aka "kernel". You can't uninstall it, rather you'll nuke it when you flash/install another kernel like stock maemo kernel or powerkernel. To start other than stock maemo kernel via uBoot, you have to provide the according kernel image files17:04
*** Kupe has left #maemo17:04
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:05
DocScrutinizer05"nobody solving my problem, despite I already waiting 10min. See ya"  *cough*17:07
psycho_oreosCan't help the helpless. We're not glued permanently to our devices 24x7 with complete wizardry-like level of skills when it comes to maemo devices.17:07
psycho_oreosIt in itself is probably also a sign that this impatient user may soon part the N900.17:08
* psycho_oreos senses probably another N900 will be available to buy soon enough.17:09
*** Martix_ has quit IRC17:10
psycho_oreosBesides.. here isn't paid/priority/priviledged support. Here is community driven free help, nobody is obliged to help out regardless of whatever they were doing beforehand.17:11
jon_ywhat if he dumps the n900 into the recycling bin?17:11
psycho_oreosI don't think he would be that dumb to do that but who knows what he'll do with it. Hopefully the more sane way is to sell it to someone who would be more patient enough.17:12
jon_ydo not underestimate what angry people do17:13
jon_yor the impatient17:13
psycho_oreosdo not overthink about the situation either. Its not your device in the first place :)17:14
jon_yyeah, too bad17:14
psycho_oreosI'm sure the majority of us would like to think that he would have a more sane approach. He was evidently too impatient and is pretty lucky considering how many testers before him risked their devices to get a functional uboot.17:17
*** konelix has quit IRC17:20
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo17:20
*** konelix has joined #maemo17:21
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo17:21
brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: At least you have a girlfriend.  I barely even have any local female true friends. ☹17:28
*** teotwaki has quit IRC17:28
*** teotwaki has joined #maemo17:31
*** Martix_ has joined #maemo17:32
brolin_empeyIncidentally, I want ckermit for Maemo 5 but I do not want to sidetrack myself to try building and packaging ckermit for Maemo 5. ☹17:33
*** shentey has joined #maemo17:36
*** Kupe has joined #maemo17:36
*** shentey has quit IRC17:36
*** shentey has joined #maemo17:36
Kupewell Yes i was impatient I have been trying to get working uboot on my n900 since morning and couldn't find what I am doing wrong17:37
Kupebut that doesn't mean I am going to sell my n900 :)17:38
* brolin_empey will have to settle for minicom for the few times he needs a handheld serial terminal emulator. ☹17:39
Kupemaybe its better to wait for newer version uboot 2013.717:40
brolin_empeyOr remember to finally try using GNU screen as a serial terminal emulator.17:44
SAiFphsyco_oreos: your senses are wrong in kupes case.. :)17:44
*** trx has quit IRC17:46
*** SmilyOrg is now known as Smily17:47
brolin_empeyHeh, nice cobweb site:
*** mvp has quit IRC17:50
*** sardini has quit IRC17:52
*** Kupe has left #maemo17:52
*** Malinux has quit IRC17:54
psycho_oreosThe walls have ears.. o.O17:57
*** Malinux has joined #maemo17:57
psycho_oreosAt least I wasn't completely wrong in my speculations :p N900 is an old device no matter how you look at it and I didn't think there would still be people that are impatient and not willing to part their beloved N900s :D17:59
psycho_oreosI'm sure t.m.o. would have a fair few threads about ubooting. There you might be able to pick up some clues as to why it may not work in your case. If all else fails, it doesn't hurt to ignite the same old threads about uboot again and wait for someone to give you maybe some directions.18:01
*** sunny_s has quit IRC18:26
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo18:33
ShadowJKphew. got crossed out sim icon, but no errors in dmesg. Reboot didn't help. Turned out the sim card was actually dislodged18:37
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:37
keriophew indeed18:37
*** ab has quit IRC18:37
keriokupe left again, wtf18:38
*** Martix_ is now known as Martix18:38
*** stef_204 has quit IRC18:40
*** japa-fi has joined #maemo18:41
*** dos11 has joined #maemo18:44
psycho_oreosI'm sure whoever relayed messages to kupe about what was said after he left again will inform him either way.18:47
kerioomg omg omg omg omg pypy for ARM18:50
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo18:50
keriofreemangordon: omg omg omg omg18:52
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:53
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo18:54
keriobrolin_empey: i always found minicom to be better than screen to act as a serial terminal18:55
kerioscreen always fucked up the pseudographical characters during the debian installs on my sheevaplug18:56
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:00
*** SAiF has quit IRC19:01
*** rcg has quit IRC19:10
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC19:15
*** SAiF has joined #maemo19:18
SAiFsorry to bother you guys, but  I just cant find that tiny little software (work around) for driver installation for flashing in win 7 64.19:19
SAiFIt works great, and easy, but couldnt find it anymore. any help is appreciated.19:20
*** florian has quit IRC19:21
*** mvp has joined #maemo19:22
SAiFthanks, and ..19:25
SAiFOkay by reading that thread again I now know it was  libusb-win32, again any links?19:25
*** WielkiTost has joined #maemo19:25
*** dos11 has quit IRC19:26
thedead1440again did you read it properly? The link is right there:
*** dos1 has joined #maemo19:29
*** WielkiTost has quit IRC19:30
SAiFThere is something really wrong with me, I still couldnt find it, may be I am not looking well enough, the second google link get me to this same page.19:31
SAiFbut thank you for your assistance..19:31
*** vogon has joined #maemo19:36
*** XATRIX has quit IRC19:37
*** Pilke has joined #maemo19:40
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bef0rdRzR: ffx phone was released in Venezuela today :)
*** ab has joined #maemo19:52
*** thomasjfox has joined #maemo20:03
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RzRbef0rd, yes and Did @mozilla actually said that in #Brazil there is still no date for the release or price ? #FireFoxOs ?21:34
*** amin_007110 has joined #maemo21:35
*** brolin_empey_ has joined #maemo21:38
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freemangordonkerio: hmm?21:56
*** e-yes has quit IRC21:56
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*** shanttu has joined #maemo21:59
keriopypy for ARM :D22:01
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo22:01
keriobuild pls22:01
freemangordonwtf is that?22:01
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo22:03
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kerioa JITted python implemented in a subset of python23:26
*** OkropNick has quit IRC23:29
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