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lexxikso... now i have my battery charged so the phone is reflashable.. i dont have any important datas in it, but tons of applications and a few "spezial" configs&tweaks (u know.. but nothing important), so now, with the rescueOS, i need to create boot.scr on the MyDocs? If yes, what is its content? All the time before this 'issue' i thought that there is no uBoot related stuff on MyDocs.. :)00:19
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DocScrutinizer05ask pali, or any other uBoot user01:18
DocScrutinizer05I guess providing a boot.scr via pastebin is not asking for much01:19
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DocScrutinizer05another possibility: you flash kernel only - matching to what your rootfs installed kernel modules say is the right one for you (you probably know) - and then install uBoot again01:23
DocScrutinizer05...from booted maemo, as usual01:23
DocScrutinizer05this will re-create the boot.scr and the uBoot +  attached stock kernel, and anything else needed01:24
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DocScrutinizer05see flasher --help or wiki page or man page, how to flash kernel-only01:25
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DocScrutinizer05sorry, my uBoot is really ancient, I guess it won't help at all for solving your problem01:28
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DocScrutinizer05tbh I'm not sure if I have uBoot installed at all. Last time I booted the device in question is like 12 months ago01:32
DocScrutinizer05probably not, since I wouldn't need it01:32
DocScrutinizer05anyway I have no boot.scr01:33
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DocScrutinizer05and I guess yur boot.scr is proprietary to your system config, as set up in bootmenu/* config files01:34
DocScrutinizer05so probably the kernel-flashing is the better alternative01:35
lexxikthanks... i will try --flash-only=kernel option... however, thanks :)01:38
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BCMMmy n900 is stuck in USB mass storage mode, even though it isn't even connected to a computer01:38
BCMMconsequently, it won't turn off. what should i do?01:38
DocScrutinizer05it won't turn off?01:39
BCMMDocScrutinizer05, "device is being used via usb. disconnect device from the pc and try switching device off again"01:39
BCMM(i've never seen that before because i've never tried to switch it off while connected to USB)01:40
DocScrutinizer05never seen or even heard of this01:40
BCMMand it says mass storage mode in the status area and all that01:40
DocScrutinizer05simply connect device to PC or charger, then disconnect again01:40
BCMMi plugged it in, put it in mass storage mode, and noticed it wasn't appearing on the PC01:40
DocScrutinizer05it's a known minor inconvenience01:41
BCMMthen i accidentally dismissed a popup message while confirming it was in usb mass storage mode01:41
BCMMthen i unplugged it...01:41
BCMMthat fixed it, thanks01:42
DocScrutinizer05happens to me rarely even on unplugging fastcharger01:43
DocScrutinizer05it's a race condition01:43
lexxik(hehe :)..what about #maemo-techsup or #maemo-help huh? :-)01:43
DocScrutinizer05sure, if I can ask for entrance fees ;-P01:43
win7macsell PWs...01:44
DocScrutinizer05how much?01:44
DocScrutinizer05take 3, pay 201:45
lexxikhow much do you want for them?01:45
win7macby minutes01:45
DocScrutinizer05lexxik: buy me a lunch01:45
lexxiki will set up the third one as my root passwd, it is rly strong01:45
BCMMDocScrutinizer05, in this case the usb hub is clearly a bit weird anyway01:46
BCMMwell, second attempt neither phone nor hub noticed the connection. 3rd attempt, without the hub in the way, went normally01:47
DocScrutinizer05hubs - particularly unpowered ones - may cause some trouble, since they don't alloow even 500mA charging01:48
BCMMDocScrutinizer05, why should that matter?01:48
DocScrutinizer05because ENUM will fail in weird ways then, and finally hub may shut down the port01:48
lexxikso ive tried the --flash-only=kernel option, the uBoot didnt load but after Nokia logo is... nothing..  for a while it seemed promising (screen powered) but than my beloved brick shutted down... so the 'total reflash' is the only option now?01:49
DocScrutinizer05N900 isn't prepared for a hub that doesn't allow 500mA charging01:49
DocScrutinizer05lexxik: no, you just flashed the wrong kernel01:50
DocScrutinizer05uBoot can't load since it got replaced by the kernel you flashed01:50
DocScrutinizer05but the kernel needs to match the kernel modules in /lib/modules/*01:51
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ll /lib/modules/01:51
DocScrutinizer05insgesamt 001:51
DocScrutinizer05drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 7600 2011-03-06 21:52 2.6.28-omap101:51
DocScrutinizer05lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   12 2009-10-30 12:32 current -> 2.6.28-omap101:51
DocScrutinizer05yours might look pretty different, and the kernel you need to flash depends on that01:52
DocScrutinizer05if the kernel and modules don't match, the kernel will panic after loading01:53
DocScrutinizer05not much will happen after that, and nothing will happen before01:53
DocScrutinizer05usually device reboots on a kernel panic01:54
win7macregarding 500mA charging... Is there a good alternative to stock N9 wall-charger (1A), that provides around 500mA or even less?01:56
DocScrutinizer05you said "attached kernel" didn't load on uBoot, so you evidently didn't have stock kernel on your root01:56
DocScrutinizer05huh, why would you want 500mA or less?01:56
DocScrutinizer05and no, no usb charger provides less than 500mA, that would be rather insane01:57
win7macto not stress the battery01:57
DocScrutinizer05lol, it doesn't work like that01:57
win7macnot USB, but wallcarger01:57
lexxikso what i need now? the same 'stock' kernel that was in my n900 before uBoot issue?01:58
DocScrutinizer05no, you evidently had something non-stock01:58
DocScrutinizer05maybe you had powerkernel01:59
lexxikeg. kernel power?01:59
DocScrutinizer05I almost would bet you had KP01:59
infobotrumour has it, kp is
DocScrutinizer05somewhere in this thread I'd expect a mini-howto flash KP via flasher --flash-only=kernel02:00
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lexxiki will try to find it there, thx again. [hitting thx button]02:01
DocScrutinizer05anyway you could try KP02:01
DocScrutinizer05it can't be worse than stock kernel02:01
DocScrutinizer05for your recovery effort02:02
DocScrutinizer05and most recent one (kp52) would even work if you had thumbified system02:02
lexxiki will give you some free and strong passwords for that ;)02:03
lexxikbut keep it secret!02:03
DocScrutinizer05and I'm not all that sure but seem to recall KPisn't picky with version of its modules, i.e. KP52 might work with KP50 modules02:03
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DocScrutinizer05sorry we don't buy, just sell. Also no return of used ones02:04
win7macBut anyway, the higher the charging rate (mA), the less charging cycles the battery will take, in theory02:04
DocScrutinizer05well, only in theory, and even then not entirely correct02:05
win7macnot linear02:05
win7macdepending on type02:05
DocScrutinizer05actually LiIon suffers much more from deep discharge than from speed charging02:05
DocScrutinizer05ShadowJK did some tests, and it seems the cell is happy with the standard 800mA charge it gets for a short while during initial charging of deep discharged cell02:07
DocScrutinizer05increasing that to 950mA though seems to significantly reduce battery life02:07
DocScrutinizer05very usual recommendation is 0.7C02:08
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win7macnow the last one is scientific and worth aread02:08
DocScrutinizer05meh, I#ve seen *all* that years ago02:08
infobotsomebody said batteryfaq was
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DocScrutinizer05> >Table 2: Cycle life as a function o fdepth of discharg eA partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life.<<02:11
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DocScrutinizer05300@100%disch vs 1500@50%disch02:11
DocScrutinizer05the whole artice doesn't even mention charge-current02:14
lexxikthe question now.. is where to get kernel-power v52 image compatible with flasher, im right? is it the same .bin format as 'full' firmware images?02:17
DocScrutinizer05I'm not sure about that02:18
DocScrutinizer05but I guess it is02:18
DocScrutinizer05since basically on device flashing is also done via flasher-3.5(fremantle/ARM-build)02:19
win7macCommercial chargers do not allow changing the charge voltage limit. Adding this feature would have advantages, especially for laptops as a means to prolong battery life. When running on extended AC mode, the user could select the “long life” mode and the battery would charge to 4.00V/cell for a standby capacity of about 70 percent. Before traveling, the user would apply the “full charge02:20
win7macmode” to bring the charge to 100%. Some laptop manufacturers may offer this feature but often only computer geeks discover them.02:20
DocScrutinizer05so basically whatever is used to "install" KP on device should also be fine for flashing via PC02:20
DocScrutinizer05LOL, seems this article is rather old02:20
DocScrutinizer05seversal laptops now offer that feature02:21
win7macbut ok, so you would not recommend going 500mA?02:22
lexxikif i know, or KP installation is used .deb package.. so i will download it and 'dpkg -x' it and see what the package contains... are there any chances that flashable image is included?02:23
DocScrutinizer05win7mac: if you're worried about your battery life, use ShadowJK's tweaked to a lower constant-voltage (sth like 4050 instead 4200)02:26
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DocScrutinizer05lexxik: sure, it will be included02:26
win7macthanks, will look into that charge21.sh02:29
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lexxikso.. ive found .fiasco image :) i will give it a try :P02:33
DocScrutinizer05I wonder where from you got KP52.deb02:33
DocScrutinizer05pali has an annoying habit to hide his tarbal and .deb attachements *somewhere* arbitrary random post number in his threads02:34
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DocScrutinizer05or maybe you're better off with KP50, dunno what you had installed02:35
lexxikim sure it was kp52 :)02:36
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* lexxik is hapy02:50
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lexxikit worked!  :DDDDD02:50
lexxikDocScrutinizer05: lunch is yours...02:51
win7macsleep is mine... gn o/02:53
DocScrutinizer05lexxik: great!03:01
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DocScrutinizer05lexxik: so now just install KP52.zimage and uBoot again, and you're set03:06
DocScrutinizer05I guess there must be a KP52-for-uBoot package03:07
lexxikyeah, its named 'kernel-power-bootimg'03:08
DocScrutinizer05just checked03:09
lexxikif i want uBoot now, i must install that and 'u-boot-update-bootmenu' ...?03:09
lexxikis uBoot still installed i guess03:10
DocScrutinizer05contans a zimage-
DocScrutinizer05you nuked uboot by flashing powerjernel03:11
DocScrutinizer05so first install zimage-, then install uBoot again03:11
DocScrutinizer05uBoot installation will pick up zimage-
DocScrutinizer05well, actually your zimage- might still be there (I guess in /boot/*)03:12
lexxikso firstly the kernel-power-bootimg, than u-boot-flasher and finaly the u-boot-update-bootmenu03:13
DocScrutinizer05and yes, u-boot-update-bootmenu should pick up the config files for that zimage from bootmenu/* and create a new boot.scr03:13
DocScrutinizer05but you still need to flash uBoot to kernel partition03:14
DocScrutinizer05so yep, what you said03:14
DocScrutinizer05or rather, I guess u-boot-flasher will automagically invoke u-boot-update-bootmenu03:15
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lexxikalso my nitdroid partition is on its place, and the .item's files are still in /etc/bootmenu.d... so just u-boot-updateblahblah and uBoot will work as before?03:16 PREinstall script03:16
DocScrutinizer05look, you _first_ want to make sure there's a proper boot.scr file, only _then_ flash uBoot to kernel partition in NAND03:18
DocScrutinizer05this is why I guess that installing uBoot the recommended way will auto-invoke u-boot-update-bootmenu _prior_ to flashing uBoot03:19
lexxikis it problem problem?03:19
DocScrutinizer05since _after_ flashing uBoot you're in a limbo state at best, until you get a proper boot.scr03:20
DocScrutinizer05to be utterly clear on this: when you flash uBoot now without taking care to first create proper boot.scr, then you are *exactly* where you started several hours ago03:21 i dont understand.. when i will install uboot, it doesn't create it?03:22
lexxikanyway.. what to do now?03:24
DocScrutinizer05run u-boot-update-bootmenu03:27
DocScrutinizer05check that you got a boot.scr where you think it shall be03:28
DocScrutinizer05err, first check if your zimage- is inb /boot and the according files in bootmenu.d/*03:29
DocScrutinizer05then run u-boot-update-bootmenu03:29
DocScrutinizer05then check boot.scr03:29
DocScrutinizer05then install uBoot exactly the way it's recommended to get installed03:29
lexxikdone. bootmenu.scr is03:29
lexxiklocated on myDocs03:30
lexxikand zImage of kp52 is also on its place03:30
lexxikso now the u-boot-flasher?03:30
DocScrutinizer05well, the uBoot package03:31
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lexxiku-boot-flasher is already in newest version.. reinstall it? or let i be?03:53
DocScrutinizer05you need to reimstall it03:57
DocScrutinizer05this info about newest version is obsolete incorrect info from before you flashed powerkernel via PC03:57
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lexxikok.. everything is working... and just for info, the 'attached kernel' is  now the power-kernel v52?04:02
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HtheBrobbiethe1st !05:21
HtheByou're alive :D05:21
HtheByou were gone for lik 4,5 days05:21
robbiethe1stUm, more like three05:22
robbiethe1staddress is 141 willms rd, elk, WA 9900905:26
robbiethe1st... of course, this is the wrong window, but meh05:27
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japa-fiAnyone have eSpeak caller installed and functioning?08:40
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Macerhow do i use a port with sftp?09:10
Macerthought it was -P09:10
Macerdid that change?09:10
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Lava_Croftman sftp09:18
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ApicCelebrate Confuflux11:06
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DocScrutinizer05OT story: never c&p from a mcedit window to anything. I wondered why my udev rule didn't work, until I noticed that's no tab in there but literally "<--->"12:31
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DocScrutinizer05since I checked "on device" with mc(edit) it was particularly hard to spot12:33
DocScrutinizer05only the char foreground color gave a clue about the true nature of this "<--->"12:34
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DocScrutinizer05and of course the cursor movement12:49
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DocScrutinizer05((the 'attached kernel' is  now the power-kernel v52?)) hell, no. uBoot comes with stock kernel attached and that doesn't change by any simple means12:51
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Lava_Croftgotta love n900 protection measures12:57
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DrathirDocScrutinizer05: in normal pc uou also normally dont cp text from mcedit, you need press shift to mark text for cp ant from terminal menu not right mouse key use copy.13:30
DocScrutinizer05Drathir: and that's exactly what I did and what "converted" a TAB to "<-->"13:31
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Drathirbtw i saw last time something that terminal sometimes loosing a focus, that mean dont react to write in terminal and mark also prompt is empty inside not full, works switch right on/off screen after off screen and on again all back to normal state...13:33
DocScrutinizer05on target laptop I used mc to check why the project didn't work and the file looked pretty normal in mcedit. Only the color of that "TAB" alias "<-->" was not blueish but white13:33
Drathiryes that hardly to recognise the difference...13:34
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Drathirin terminal on n900 i mostlu using cat for copy or "cat file |less" if a text is longer and i need a part from top...13:36
DocScrutinizer05sure, but as stated this story been OT. I.E. not related to maemo13:37
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DrathirDocScrutinizer05: interesting but one bad things for me is language of comments...13:41
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japa-fiSorry to be repetitive: anyone here have eSpeakcaller installed and operational? (it's supposed to say who is calling. text-to-speech)13:45
*** bef0rd has quit IRC13:48
psycho_oreosI have.13:49
japa-fipsycho_oreos, do you have kernel power and does the espeak caller still say the names out?13:50
psycho_oreosjapa-fi, kp52 and yes it does.13:50
psycho_oreosIt even speaks when you have a missed call.13:51
psycho_oreosErr wait.. *thinks back* it may not.. it only does it for missed calls. I don't quite recall hearing it at other times.13:51
japa-fiI recall it saying the name between the rings or so when the phone rings. At some point it stopped functioning. Thought it was just "software rot", too many things installed and conflicting. Now that I've recently wiped my phone, I decided to install it again. Does not say a word :(13:53
psycho_oreoshmm hate to ask this but you do have espeak stuff installed right?13:54
japa-fiIt pulls them as dependanceies13:55
DocScrutinizer05Drathir: sure, it's not meant to go to public domain, but I still decided to keep most comments in english13:55
psycho_oreosYeah that's the norm, I had a weird thought that it may not have included it. I also have espeak GUI installed as well.13:55
DocScrutinizer05Drathir: this is the line:   echo 'ALL<--->ALL =  NOPASSWD:/usr/local/bin/' >>/etc/sudoers13:56
japa-fipsycho_oreos, I have eSpeak 1.46.27 + eSpeakCaller 0.8-213:56
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psycho_oreosjapa-fi, just checked mine and I have the exact same versions.13:57
DrathirDocScrutinizer05: yes i catch that for private use is most friendly way using own prime language... yea now i see line...13:59
DrathirDocScrutinizer05: one time i have a similar situation but with strange dont showing symbol... all should bo ok but dont working, also others ppl copy what im paste and him works becayse when paste to site this hidden symbol dont copied also, i catch them with idea of one ppl to check all text in plain not editor and be there, remove them all works correctly...14:02
DocScrutinizer05yep, those non-printing chars are notorious fun14:04
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psycho_oreosjapa-fi, this might be old but it might somehow be worth a try:
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo14:31
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psycho_oreosSomehow I don't think "software rot" could be replicated time and time again. If anything it would be similar to having bad blocks within the filesystem. Besides, even if bad blocks exist, its not like the kernel would be foolish enough to have others using that bad block.14:33
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japa-fipsycho_oreos, thanks for the hint. Manual execution of espeakcaller provided error in import espeakcaller_contacts. I''l have to check on this more later.14:33
psycho_oreosjapa-fi, no problems. Not sure about importing contacts..14:35
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DocScrutinizer05LOL, Buerger-CERT rises devcon "very high" for
*** rc_ has joined #maemo15:32
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japa-fipsycho_oreos, apt-get install python-osso <-- problem solved, espeakercaller now speaks again :)15:34
*** freemangordon_ has joined #maemo15:34
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psycho_oreosI guess there's loads of people in .de using dlink devices *snickers*.15:37
psycho_oreosjapa-fi, *nods* nice :)15:37
*** guampa has joined #maemo15:38
kerioDocScrutinizer05: english pls15:39
DocScrutinizer05kerio: sorry, I won't set up a webpage for you that I translate. You're free to use google-translate or simply click the links in this buerger-cert website15:46
keriooh ok, the first link is in english15:46
*** lexxik has joined #maemo15:47
keriomeh, doesn't seem like that big of a deal15:47
*** jmlich has joined #maemo15:47
DocScrutinizer05kerio: short sory: buerger-cert changed thread-level to "very high" for a warning they sent several days ago, since today they learned it "can get exploited by JavaScript"15:47
DocScrutinizer05the threat vector probably is: you browse a specially prepared website in your local machine. That website, via JS, roots your D-Link router15:49
DocScrutinizer05I knew about that threat vector from very beginning15:49
DocScrutinizer05it's obvious15:49
DocScrutinizer05luckily I retired my D-615 several months ago, also it seems this particular router is not in the list of vulnerable ones, but I don't care15:51
DocScrutinizer05err DIR-61515:52
* DocScrutinizer05 idly ponders to disable uPnP on his router, no matter if D-Link or not. Actually I think nothing really _needs_ it anyway15:53
keriowhy is upnp enabled? :o15:53
keriodo you not know how to forward ports manually?15:53
DocScrutinizer05because I "tested" it since 2 weeks15:53
DocScrutinizer05I know how to manage a router15:54
DocScrutinizer05I enabled uPnP to see if it gets used by _anything_ when enabled15:55
DocScrutinizer05seems it's about time to revert to "disabled"15:55
DocScrutinizer05particularly since it didn't change anything for SIP15:55
DocScrutinizer05and no surprise in that - I'm sitting behind even TWO routers here15:56
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DocScrutinizer05annoying: FritzBox doesn't alllow port forward for port5060: "used internally". Fsck SIP-ALG16:00
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo16:08
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psycho_oreosThere are Bittorrent clients like qBittorrent which sends out UPnP commands to the gateway (usually its the router) to port forward.16:27
psycho_oreosThen there's DLNA for instance which relies on UPnP for various media related stuff.16:29
n900-dk_should I run 'apt-get upgrade'?
*** sixwheeledbeast has quit IRC16:34
psycho_oreosMainly if you're willing to handle the upgrades. If you have enabled extras-devel and you don't want to risk bricking your device then you might want to disable that repo first.16:36
n900-dk_how come these updates doesn't show up with apt-get update?16:37
psycho_oreosUpdate just downloads the list of packages from various repo.16:37
n900-dk_But they also doesn't show up via HAM16:38
*** tanty has joined #maemo16:43
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psycho_oreosI think the ones that shows up on HAM are usually the ones that aren't part of the "core" stuff.16:49
*** FIQ has quit IRC16:50
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DocScrutinizer05that's exactly the reason why you shouldn't do apt-get upgrade. It upgrades(updates) stuff that's not meant to get updated17:43
DocScrutinizer05Maemo (particularly HAM/repo) works different than usual debian stuff and apt17:43
*** geaaru has joined #maemo17:43
DocScrutinizer05so, as a general rule, never do apt-get upgrade (even less dist-upgrade)17:44
*** XATRIX has quit IRC17:45
DocScrutinizer05e.g there might be a new version of a lib that's not compatible to the old one, but the app that's using this lib has no updated package yet in the repo where the new lib lives17:46
DocScrutinizer05in HAM you'd see an update for the app when it becomes available, and on updating the app you implicitly update the lib as well. While via apt-get upgrade you update the lib before the matching app becomes even available17:47
*** Guest71040 is now known as SAiF17:48
SAiFI used to do that.. ;)17:49
DocScrutinizer05btw this is not limited to extras-devel, though the other repos should usually be consistent. Nevertheless apt-get upgrade is generally deprecated17:50
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amin007110"eventlogger" sometimes count unread messages to negative numbers and remain in this status long time, for example in the desktop widget it shows -2 or -3 unread messages, that in actual situation -3=1. Any workaround for this?21:18
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win7macfinally some life here ;-)23:55

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