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shawnjefferson~seen DocScrutinzer5101:02
infoboti haven't seen 'docscrutinzer51', shawnjefferson01:02
win7macgn o/01:03
shawnjefferson~seen DocScrutinizer0501:03
infobotdocscrutinizer05 is currently on #maemo (2d 8h 42m 10s) #openmoko (2d 8h 42m 10s) #n9 (2d 8h 42m 10s) #harmattan (2d 8h 42m 10s) #meego (2d 8h 42m 10s) #maemo-ssu (2d 8h 42m 10s) #infobot (2d 8h 42m 10s) #openmoko-cdevel (2d 8h 42m 10s). Has said a total of 414 messages. Is idling for 1h 15m 8s, last said: 'I think he meant break like "... into two halves"'.01:03
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shawnjeffersonwhat does it mean to request to be the maintainer of a package? What happens after clicking that button?01:14
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sixwheeledbeastI guess e-mail to the current maintainers, NFC if that works now or if it is midgard magic.01:17
shawnjeffersonhmmm, I sent a pm to the current maintainer of atari800, but no email yet. I've got a compiled version of v3.0.0 ready to go.  trying to figure out how to get it into extras-dev and hopefully into extras testing eventually01:19
shawnjeffersonI also sent an invitation request for access to autobuilder/extras.  who is currently approving those?01:20
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DocScrutinizer05that's merlin1991 and/or me01:40
DocScrutinizer05I already wondered if atari800 is free of copyrighted stuff that would get us into trouble01:41
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DocScrutinizer05and you never get compiled versions of anything into extras-*01:43
DocScrutinizer05the procedure is to upload the source to autobuilder01:44
DocScrutinizer05this is the only way to allow review of the true sourcecode01:45
DocScrutinizer05otherwise everybody could upload whatever they like, incl all flavours of malware01:46
bef0rdhas anyone tried to upload malware/malicious packages?01:47
shawnjeffersonatari800 doesn't contain any copyrighted material, the roms are not included01:48
shawnjeffersonI would upload the source of course to autobuilder01:48
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shawnjeffersonAtari has been touchy in the past about anyone using the trademarked name "Atari", but frankly the n900 is probably off their radar. the upstream package is still named atari800 although to get into the google store they had to rename the port to Colleen01:50
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GI_Jacknew n900 arrives in the mail, just waiting on the new USB port03:17
GI_Jacklongshot, but I'm now looking for hydrophobic spray on coating for circut boards, anyone?03:22
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GI_Jackphase one is successful I now have an n900 with a bright orange and green front bezel05:20
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Lava_Croftanyone here have experience with coloured replacement shells for the n90009:26
ShadowJKdidn't know such things existed09:27
Lava_Croftfor example09:27
Lava_Croftive seen them years ago already, but im getting the itch09:28
Lava_Croftwant to toy with it09:28
Lava_Croftits so wrong that it looks right09:28
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DocScrutinizer05you've seen the golden one?10:38
DocScrutinizer05that's wrong10:38
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eijk_Hi! What does it mean when the N900 plays a short sound on shut-down (after the screen turned black)? It doesn't happen always.10:49
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cehtehprolly just a timing bug, iirc its supposed to play a sound, but sometimes it shuts faster down (pulse?)10:55
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Lava_CroftDont think I ever heard my N900 utter a sound upon shutdown18:27
Lava_CroftNow im curious!18:27
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wndI think I've heard "battery low" sound at most five times. I've heard it at least twice the moment I've shoved in the recharger plug.18:32
Lava_Croftmy polarcell battery just arrived18:33
Lava_Crofta whopping 1500mah18:33
Lava_Crofti bet i barely notice the difference18:33
Lava_Croftalso great to see german company use air mail to send to the Netherlands18:34
entitledif your original battery i several years old, then you most definetely see a difference18:34
Lava_Crofti use 4 different BL-5J's with differing ages18:35
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Lava_Crofti see how old it is by looking at the plastic wrap on the battery18:35
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Lava_Croftthe older the battery, the more peeled off the wrap is due to removing the battery from n90018:35
Lava_Croftbut yeah, even the newest battery is at least a year old18:36
AndrewX192I have 5 BL-5J batteries + a portable charger18:39
Lava_CroftDT-33 from Nokia18:39
AndrewX192my battery life is less than two hours :(18:39
Lava_Croftto charge the BL-5j's18:39
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Lava_Croftmine lasts a day18:39
Lava_Croftbut i take care with the battery usage18:39
AndrewX192I'm on remote desktop, a few ssh sessions, and streaming radio :P18:40
Lava_Crofti stream radio all day18:40
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Lava_Croftover 2h18:40
Lava_Crofter 2g*18:40
AndrewX192twice a day for an hour and a half18:40
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Lava_Croftwell, i streamED, since Radio1 in the Netherlands quit its 32kbps stream18:40
Lava_Croftand that was the only stream running well over 2g18:40
AndrewX192Lava_Croft: oh, and I'm using openvpn18:41
Lava_Croftirssi over ssh, omp permantently, logged in to FB chat18:41
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Lava_CroftOMP as in open media player18:41
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Lava_Croftit starts to die fast when you actually use the screen etc18:41
Lava_Croftor make it try to connect to a mobile connection like 2g or 3g18:41
Lava_Crofta flake mobile connection is really bad for battery18:42
AndrewX192I suppose you save a lot with 2G18:42
entitledandrewx192: those portable chargers won't charge to 100%18:42
AndrewX192entitled: no?18:42
entitledsomething like 80%18:42
Lava_Croftentitled: it never charges to 100%18:42
Lava_Croftwith no charger in existence18:43
AndrewX192entitled: why is that?18:43
entitledeven the official nokia ones what I've learned18:43
Lava_Croft80% is a bit meh low18:43
entitlednot sure18:43
Lava_Croftbut it never gets charged beyond 97% orso anyway18:43
Lava_Crofteven with proper wall charger18:43
Lava_Croft80% is just being screwed over tho18:44
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AndrewX192I don't think it's true18:49
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Lava_Croftin reality, we live in a world where the 80% option is probably more feasibly than the 100% one18:50
Lava_Croftbecause companies suck:<18:50
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psycho_oreosAt least portable chargers give your device extra time to run around before it goes flat. I mean you could have a faulty internal battery (not the BL-5J, the one that keeps time of time and date) and having to redo those simply because you don't have portable charger handy and you managed to get the device charged. The only other case is where you get one of those "charging boot loops" and that can be annoying as well.19:07
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anthonie@sixwheeledbeast around?19:24
*** konelix has quit IRC19:25
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: pong19:26
*** darkschneider has joined #maemo19:27
anthonieHi, I was wondering if any thought had been given regarding the joerg conversation here:
anthonieif things need to be done for the forum and members need to step up, I'd like to know where I can help. Hence the question19:28
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo19:29
sixwheeledbeastI hadn't read that post so looking over the thread now.19:31
*** japa-fi has quit IRC19:32
anthonieno prob, reason why I'm asking you is because a month ago or so, your name came up as the one that has lots of dirty jobs waiting to be assigned to someone.19:33
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: while I agree with your idea, the infra to do this would need setting up.19:33
*** Milhouse has quit IRC19:33
anthonieof course, and it's not a fixed idea, but perhaps we should/could get some people together that are able to something, and see what can be done, and how19:34
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anthonieas a first step, I decided to log on and get a hold of you here19:34
anthoniebut it's correct that you are dealing with lots of unassigned tasks?19:35
sixwheeledbeastOk well the "infra co-ordinator" maybe the best person to poke. I think to proceed someone can bring it up on Fridays CC meeting, and discuss then.19:36
anthoniewould you be able to do that, bring it up in the meeting friday?19:36
*** japa-fi has joined #maemo19:37
DocScrutinizer05I dunno why (maybe to extend battery life) but actually the Nokia charger seems to stop at 80%, or at 1000mAh or whatever19:37
*** florian has joined #maemo19:37
sixwheeledbeastI have taken upon myself to babysit autobuilder. I have been given access to do that. If I am available at the meeting I will mention it.19:37
anthoniesixed: ok, that's a start at least :) who's the benevolent infrastructure person?19:38
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:39
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sixwheeledbeastHildon Foundation approved  Maemo Administration Coordinator: DocScrutinizer05 :)19:41
*** Mike11 has quit IRC19:41
sixwheeledbeastor ping a message to techstaff@m.o19:41
*** saidinesh5 has quit IRC19:42
anthonieI'll try and bring it up here on IRC later tonight or I'll send him a PM (assuming he has a talk account)19:42
*** saidinesh5 has joined #maemo19:42
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anthoniesixwheeledbeast: lol, just noticed who uses that nickname19:43
win7macanthonie, DocScrutinizer05 already knows, he is present ;)19:43
anthoniehave you followed the conversation, doc?19:44
DocScrutinizer05I'm aware but I dunno what to do about that topic. TMO is chem|st's domain19:44
anthonieNO!! ;)19:45
anthoniethe question is simple: Is there a list with open tasks? can something be done about it, either on talk, or outside it.19:45
sixwheeledbeastThe issue here is it will take time that we haven't got to brake tasks down and make them accessible.19:46
*** WielkiTost has joined #maemo19:46
anthoniereason for asking is simple: If I allow myself to bitch at people, at least I should make an effort helping out19:46
DocScrutinizer05there's no such list, beyond my age old calls for maintainers:
anthonie@doc, a call that I completely missed...19:47
DocScrutinizer05and for the list: it's probably simpler to make a list of topics where we don't need any help19:47
anthoniewell, that would be a start, getting more of those maintainers. I'll see what I can do with that thread19:48
*** heroux has quit IRC19:48
anthonie@doc, a negative list would lead to lots of discussion amongst people (this is important, that is important, ad infinitum) well described tasks that can be assigned would be better.19:49
DocScrutinizer05nemein basically disabled everything prior to migration#1 and never re-enabled it after migration completed, not to mention any check if those disabled things still worked - which usually they don't do19:49
sixwheeledbeastI feel wiki is covered now and is mostly self-maintaining19:49
DocScrutinizer05almost, yes19:49
DocScrutinizer05tmo is ok19:49
*** konelix__ has joined #maemo19:49
anthonietrue @ wiki19:49
*** heroux has joined #maemo19:50
DocScrutinizer05everything else is a mess19:50
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: unfortunately all the tasks need experience in 'xyz'19:50
*** konelix_ has quit IRC19:50
DocScrutinizer05and I'm a second away from givinbg up on the whole stuff19:50
*** OkropNick has quit IRC19:51
anthonienot sure what to sat19:51
anthonie@sixwheeledbeast: How complicated is this "xyz"? (don't answer if the answer itself is complicated...)19:52
sixwheeledbeastare you good with midgard? Will new BoD release funds to get people in to fix the mess? Obviously BoD hasn't been completely handed over yet.19:52
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo19:52
anthoniesixwheeledbeast: Never worked with it, but how complicated can it be to learn?19:54
*** konelix__ has quit IRC19:56
anthoniesixwheeled: we run this?
*** konelix__ has joined #maemo19:57
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: Well it seems only about 3 people in Finland now how to use it. Also is well out of date only version 1.19:57
anthonierofl @ 3 people, so there's a minority of Finish that doesn't know how to use it...19:58
anthoniealright, Migard1, let me have a look into it, and I'll get back to you to tell you whether I believe can do something with this software or not.19:59
win7macsixwheeledbeast, handover didn't even start yet... but I for one would put some effort to convince Nemein to help, with or without money20:00
sixwheeledbeastWell I say Finland but I probably mean Helsinki actually. As well as that there are all sorts of other things tied into this midgard to make other things work. SQL knowledge would be useful.20:00
sixwheeledbeastwin7mac: good that's what I want to here from BoD.20:01
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anthonieNot an expert, but I have come from .cgi CMS's in 1999 to Php/MySQL based stuff, and created my own cms for my tiny insignificant weblog back in the days20:02
anthonienot really afraid of a query, but could brush up on the inner join knowledge, I presume...20:02
anthoniewin7mac, reading this already, same thing, right?20:03
*** konelix__ has quit IRC20:03
win7macnemein is the company behind midgard20:04
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: well you have a lot more knowledge on this than I have.20:05
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC20:05
win7macnow if you really can help with20:05
win7mac...midgard, you'd deffo be our hero, anthonie!20:06
anthoniewhat needs to be done about it?20:06
anthonieis it broken, is it incomplete, apart from the fact that it needs updating, I mean20:06
win7maconly techstaff can tell i think20:07
win7mac...all of it!20:07
sixwheeledbeastAlso another topic for meeting is all people with admin access, we need to make some sort of log of any changes. All the stuff I am doing I am logging for future reference.20:07
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: on migration#1 stuff that linked into midgard to make things work got badly broken.20:08
anthonieAll of it??? My god....20:08
anthoniewhat sort of things? php code or database?20:08
*** norrsken has joined #maemo20:13
anthoniesixwheeled: Am I correct to assume there's no docs for Midgard?20:13
*** zap_ has joined #maemo20:15
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: I can't give you a list, we don't know exactly what broke. I have not looked for documentation but possibly not. Maybe with admin access there is help documentation on the site.20:15
anthonieLet's leave the list aside, for a moment. I'll have a look at it locally and see if I can figure out how it works or how to work with it. You have admin access?20:17
DocScrutinizer05anthonie: for example we had a broken repligard table in mysql that has GUID<->$object references for *all* objects on midgard. We managed to finally recover it on a remote host Falk provided (not enough space on for that :-o  ) which took ~3 days of CPU time, then we restored the 22GB dump to the table which took basically offline for 24h20:17
DocScrutinizer05just for an example20:17
sixwheeledbeastTo gave an example I am deleting packages from extras-devel hen they are no longer the latest. If I don't something is broken that stops them being deleted and creates huge logfiles and bogs down the builder vm.20:17
DocScrutinizer05anthonie: random quotes from our maemo-admin IRC channel:20:18
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-07 17:18:32] <DocScrutinizer05> shall we finally do sth about *lock files, ?20:18
*** ferene has quit IRC20:18
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-08 16:21:03] <DocScrutinizer05> merlin1991: do you take care about Shawn Jefferson guy request upload privileges for the maemo ?20:18
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-08 16:21:38] <DocScrutinizer05> also follow up on his request for maintainership of this package?20:18
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-06 23:43:14] <DocScrutinizer05> #log: /var/log/apache2/maemo_https_error redefined in apache config as /var/log/apache2/maemo_https_error.log20:18
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-06 23:44:02] <DocScrutinizer05> #log: left over from de-cronolog-ification20:18
anthoniejust to be clear, all hardware that is needed is there and it works, or not?20:19
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-05 03:48:24] <DocScrutinizer05> [Fri Jul 05 01:32:01 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/lib/midgard/vhosts/
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-05 03:49:37] <DocScrutinizer05> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jul 21  2012 /var/lib/midgard/vhosts/
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-05 03:50:16] <DocScrutinizer05> root@www1:/var/lib/midgard/vhosts/ locate aegir/    ->>zilch20:19
DocScrutinizer05hw is ok20:19
sixwheeledbeastHardware has changed but is ok20:20
anthoniesigh of relief with that20:20
*** bertogg has quit IRC20:20
DocScrutinizer05well, for hw we actually can do sth, that's commonly required and widespred knowledge, and our techstaff is brilliant at it20:21
anthonieand there is no one left with enough knowledge of Midgard?20:22
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-06 23:12:37] <xes> DocScrutinizer05: these are the killed zombies: "25590 31797 18231"  of
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-06 23:13:41] <DocScrutinizer05> now if we knew on what they stalled... :-/20:22
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-06 23:13:47] <xes> DocScrutinizer05: the latest 3 process have almost the same cputime but they were zombie since hours20:22
DocScrutinizer05[2013-07-06 23:14:31] <DocScrutinizer05> fsckng script: www-data 12821 20.9 24.2 1736712 1468040 ?     S    20:24   7:36 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start20:23
DocScrutinizer05anthonie: no, there's nobody left with knowledge about maemo midgard and *willing to do* sth about it20:23
DocScrutinizer05ab has midgard knowledge, but I'm not sure how much he knows about maemo customizations20:24
DocScrutinizer05also seems he's busy20:24
anthonieI can not make any promises, but i'll look into the subject and see if I can help somewhere20:24
sixwheeledbeastno that busy then ;)(20:25
abI wasn't involved in running so I'm not a droid you are looking for20:25
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo20:26
DocScrutinizer05there's none left over of those who ran and willing to continue on it20:26
DocScrutinizer05and actually only ~30..40% of our itches are related to core midgard20:27
*** guampa has joined #maemo20:27
DocScrutinizer05most of stuff is related to autobuilder et al, which is entangled to midgard but not fixable on a midgard level20:27
*** frafl has quit IRC20:27
anthoniebut on that sixwheeledbeast is working, right?20:28
DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast is maintaining some autobuilder tasks manually, when autobuilder fails on them20:28
DocScrutinizer05like cleaning out old packages from repository20:29
anthoniewhich is great20:29
DocScrutinizer05which autobuilder every now and then starts to try and fail 5 times a day20:29
DocScrutinizer05then sixwheeledbeast removes the package manually, which is a botch and not sustainable in long term20:29
anthoniequestion about the lock files, it's not just the .dsc's that get locked is it?, in other words, there's more when you run and ls on *.lock I assume?20:30
DocScrutinizer05so sixwheeledbeast doesn't maintain autobuilder, he "is" autobuilder20:30
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC20:31
anthoniewhich is a situation we'd like to get rid of at some point and leave the work again to autobuilder.20:31
DocScrutinizer05give me the command line you want to have executed, please20:31
DocScrutinizer05we have dozens of such hiccups20:32
DocScrutinizer05a list of issues tends to never get finished20:32
DocScrutinizer05issues change and grow faster than you can edit the list20:32
anthonie stated this as a result of something done on root@garage:/var/tmp# ll /var/tmp/*.dsc.lock, I assumed it's an ls or something.20:32
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo20:33
DocScrutinizer05ll is an alias for ls -l20:33
anthonieok, could you remove the .dsc so it looks for all lockfiles?20:34
anthoniethat I assumed20:34
sixwheeledbeastanthonie: sorry was afk, yes what Doc says I am not "working" on it I don't have that knowledge, I am merely stopping the databases filling with rubbish and logging what I am doing to tide us over. I feel it is better than having the builder shutdown completely.20:35
sixwheeledbeastAT least packages are pushed to extras-devel for users to test.20:36
anthonie@6, fully agree20:36
anthoniequestion, has anyone done a fresh install of Midgard locally, just to see where and how far it would get?20:38
sixwheeledbeastAlso to do with builder, devs can't push packages up to testing or extras either something else that needs fixing and testing.20:38
*** gomiam has joined #maemo20:38
DocScrutinizer05anthonie: nope20:39
DocScrutinizer05except probably nemein during migration#1, which may have caused a lot of the issues20:39
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:39
anthoniecan' t find decent sys requirements for Midgard, but I presume it needs the standard apache/php4/mysql install and possibly Zend framework?20:40
DocScrutinizer05but again, only smaller part of our problems are directly caused by midgard20:41
anthonieok, so let' s try and do small steps20:41
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #maemo20:43
DocScrutinizer05(on a sidenote: I intentionally keep that convo in this channel, rather than taking it to the #maemo-admin channel. I hope display some of the pinch we're in, to attract savvy members who are willing to help according to
win7macanthonie, thanks so much for looking into it! :)20:44
*** NeutrinoPower has quit IRC20:46
DocScrutinizer05on that postcount=81 issue above, the problem raised from somewhere into postgresql or mysql user database which suddenly refuses to authenticate the admin user, and only fix I found feasible was to create a new dedicated user20:46
sixwheeledbeastjoin #maemo-admin20:47
win7macwould be interested too20:47
sixwheeledbeastshould we?20:47
win7macI'm in!20:47
DocScrutinizer05no, since there we dont discuss stuff, we only coordinate actions there20:47
sixwheeledbeastI see.20:48
win7macthought it would be PW'ed20:48
DocScrutinizer05or, if you actually mean #maemo-admin verbatim, then I don't see why we should do that right now20:48
win7macno need, just curious20:48
DocScrutinizer05#maemo-admin is not THE channel20:49
DocScrutinizer05it doesn't exist20:49
DocScrutinizer05THE channel is ##20:49
*** geaaru has quit IRC20:49
DocScrutinizer05but again, we don't discuss stuff there20:49
DocScrutinizer05to keep a high S/N for those who are already doing sth now and then, and need to check what anybody else is just doing20:50
DocScrutinizer05about 10% of posts are "ALERT!!!!" ;-P20:51
win7macok good, won't disturb over there ;)20:52
anthonieback, sorry for the delay20:54
sixwheeledbeastWell if anthonie has CMS knowledge and is willing to help that's a start.20:55
anthonieat least I can have a look into it20:56
anthonieare those system requirements correct in any way?20:56
* sixwheeledbeast is thinking if anthonie didn't see DocScrutinizer05's call for maintainers, who else didn't?20:57
anthonieit needs to be stickied/buttonized, added as a plugin to tasers and what not!20:58
DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast: indeed20:58
sixwheeledbeastDON'T win7mac will make another banner .... argh :P20:58
win7macLOL, was just about to type sth... ;-)20:59
anthonieok, the plan is as follows: I'll start and see if I can install Midgard locally to get to know the system and at least have an install of it that actually works.20:59
sixwheeledbeastcool, I mean the other option is to use something else. But this was written off months ago due to the man power it would require to start again.21:00
DocScrutinizer05that's for sure a fine plan, but I'm not all that sure it has a good effort/achievements ratio21:01
anthoniemigration would be a huge task indeed21:01
win7macanthonie: awesome!21:01
anthoniewill report back21:01
DocScrutinizer05anthonie: how about rather looking into what we actually have?21:01
anthoniedoc: I would, if I already knew the package, but since I don't I think it' s better to at least see it working fully, rather than trying to troubleshoot the "unknown"21:02
DocScrutinizer05but whatever you plan to do, definitely appreciated21:02
sixwheeledbeastagreed ^^^21:03
anthonienow I need to get back to the wife because she is demanding food which I need to cook! Whatever you do, never combine programming with a love for cooking!21:03
merlin1991anthonie: damn I'm doomed, that was my lifestyle so far21:04
merlin1991DocScrutinizer05 did you look into the extras account or not?=21:05
*** timeless has joined #maemo21:06
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo21:07
*** ToJa92_ has quit IRC21:07
*** piggz has quit IRC21:07
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: sorry?21:09
merlin1991you asked if you should go ahead yourself21:09
merlin1991now I'm asking you if you did so :)21:09
*** XDS2010_ has joined #maemo21:09
DocScrutinizer05aah, about that request, no I didn't do anything yetz21:09
merlin1991looking into it then21:10
*** ToJa92 has joined #maemo21:11
merlin1991crap, operator fail21:13
*** aap__ has quit IRC21:22
*** aap has quit IRC21:23
*** utanapischti has quit IRC21:26
*** utanapischti has joined #maemo21:27
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*** Milhouse has joined #maemo22:17
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo22:18
*** myk42 has joined #maemo22:27
myk42Does anybody know if there has been a fix for the N900's video jitter? I have scoured the web - especially forums - and have read of a fix by overclocking; has anyone here with/or had a N900 fixed the video jitter permenantly?22:31
freemangordonmyk42: video jitter?22:31
myk42I have watche alot of vodeo onn youtube from N900 and they all have a jitter in the playback.22:32
freemangordonmyk42: use cutetube22:32
*** Ex-Opesa has quit IRC22:32
myk42Video's jump and freeze22:32
Lava_Croftyeah, cutetube works fine with that22:32
freemangordonor watch them fulscreen22:32
freemangordonfullscreen even22:32
Lava_Croftdoesnt mplayer have the ability to play directly from yt urls22:32
freemangordonmplayer does not use HW acceleration afaik22:33
freemangordonbut mediaplayer does22:33
myk42'cutetube' haha -- wasa typo22:33
freemangordon~package cutetube22:33
* infobot puts cutetube in an unmarked cardboard box on the top shelf of an inconveniently located closet22:33
freemangordonwtf :(22:34
Lava_Croft 2133   freemangordon : ~package cutetube22:34
Lava_Croft 2133   * infobot puts cutetube in an unmarked cardboard box on the top shelf of an inconveniently22:34
Lava_Croft          located closet22:34
myk42i am considering getting an N900 it does everything i need and more, but i want to record video when i am out - and there is a very big issue with the video so i have read?22:34
Lava_Croft 2134   freemangordon : wtf :(22:34
* Lava_Croft kicks putty in the groin22:34
freemangordonmyk42: what video? recording or playback?22:35
freemangordonrecorded video stuttering is fixed in CSSU-T22:35
freemangordonand I have never knew that video playback stutters on n900 :P22:35
*** piggz has joined #maemo22:36
freemangordonmy english sucks as usual :)22:36
myk42freemangordon: stutter on video recording was what i meant;22:36
freemangordonmyk42: it is fixed almost if not on 100% in CSSU-T22:37
myk42Almost? :) so it's actively being worked on still? Thats good news!22:39
qwazixmyk42, in my experience video on CSSU-T is completely stutter free22:39
qwazixboth recording and playback (SD not HD)22:39
qwazixhaven't tried freemangordon's HD video rec/playback22:40
freemangordonmyk42: well, I am not aware of a device that still has stutter (with CSSU-T installed), but as not all the device have CSSU-T, then I can't be 100% sure ;)22:40
myk42)I don't need HD atall - just aslong as it doesnt pixilate on a tv screen np! :(22:41
myk42i meant :)22:41
freemangordonqwazix: it is perfect up to 960x720, 1280x720 suffers from low framerate22:41
freemangordoni.e. 22-24 instead of 25 fps22:41
myk42wow i think i will get a N900 if the video recording will work without a stutter!22:42
qwazixfreemangordon, :nod:22:42
freemangordonqwazix: BTW got embedlite working with pure Qt, are you still interested in UI?22:43
myk4222-24 is great i think,22:43
freemangordoninterested in as interested in writing :)22:43
myk42Anybody here pre ordered a Jolla yet ? :)22:44
freemangordonmyk42: yeah, but you need to OC bith CPU and DSP to have that working22:44
infobotfreemangordon meant: myk42: yeah, but you need to OC both CPU and DSP to have that working22:44
freemangordonqwazix: well, I can provide you with my geckotest source if you wish22:45
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo22:45
freemangordonyou can steal whatever is needed from qml stuff22:45
freemangordonqwazix: the pint is that gecko init is working :)22:45
*** piggz has quit IRC22:46
qwazixjust a sec22:46
myk42Tbh it's all Greek to me - i will have to google it and find more details when i get one- just googled 'CSSU-T' and still in the dark, but i am happy to know that there is a fix that works!22:46
infobotmethinks cssu is
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, ssu is
myk42I think i can manage to OC it, 'CPU' and 'DSP',22:48
infobotI overclock in winter to keep dpkg's toes warm.22:49
freemangordoninfobot: you are stupid22:49
infobotfreemangordon: I think you lost me on that one22:49
myk42freemangordon: just reading! Thanks your a true gent!22:50
freemangordonmyk42: overclocking is easy, but you should decide it for yourself whether to do it or not22:50
freemangordonmyk42: as it increases the EM risk for your SoC22:50
myk42i can always buy another N900 if i mess up, they are cheap 2nd hand now22:50
freemangordonmyk42: so far I am not aware of any device fried with OC, but who knows22:51
qwazixfreemangordon, did the qt version fix the video framerate drop?22:51
freemangordonqwazix: no, right now I am compiling gecko with a patch that use bc-cat for video playback. but we really need Qt on fremantle, as we don;t need the qml overhead22:52
qwazixokay, please give me a stable source tree, so that I can work on it without having to pull every time22:54
freemangordonqwazix: sorce tree for what?22:54
qwazix>  well, I can provide you with my geckotest source if you wish22:54
ashleya somewhat off-topic question: anyone around with some experience w/ the Nokia E7-00?22:55
ashleyI bought one of those second-hand and it has the micro-USB issue (similar to what some N900 devices have); I was told that it _does_ charge, but only when connected to a computer and even then it might be 'flaky' far I've managed to make the device beep randomly and "boot" to the Nokia screen, after which comes the "loading" screen and then it shows a black screen with the battery icon on the right corner...the battery icon shows that it is _no22:55
ashleyt_ charging, and usually after this the screen turns completely black within a few seconds22:55
freemangordonqwazix: oh, this is just for reference22:55
qwazixplus a commit of m-c that is known to work22:55
infobotqwazix meant: plus a commit of m-c that is known to compile22:55
freemangordonqwazix: lets continue on #embedlite, this is OT here22:56
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo23:03
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anthoniedoc, you still around? I need a public key for the repository of Midgard. "Fetched 4,139B in 1s (4,006B/s)Reading package lists... Done : GPG error: ./ Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY DFD08130B9E2252E"23:21
*** konelix_ has quit IRC23:22
anthonieI think it would be better if someone of Maemo send them a mail, actually, to put in some weight.23:22
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo23:23
*** freemangordon has quit IRC23:23
*** konelix__ has joined #maemo23:28
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DocScrutinizer05anthonie: afaik GPG "errors" are always just warnings23:40
DocScrutinizer05and I dunno about opensuse.org23:41
*** ab has quit IRC23:43
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myk42freemangordon: i just wactched about the first smooth video i have seen recorded on an N900 - in HD too. The guy put up a link to donload the  video and a link to the HOWTO to get it all working; which was a forum thread which was started/the very first post of 124 --- by you! :) HD looks great on my pc!23:58

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