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Macerso how do i01:28
Macerremove the pulse audio msgs from going to syslog?01:28
Maceri don't see it anywhere in syslog.conf01:28
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DocScrutinizer05Macer: you need to read the manpage about syslog.conf I guess02:43
DocScrutinizer05or check this:
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DocScrutinizer05it's just one line where you remove that parameter "--log-target=syslog" in a script02:46
DocScrutinizer05sed -i "s/--log-target=syslog//" /etc/event.d/pulseaudio02:49
Macerwhich script is that?02:49
DocScrutinizer05should do in one line02:49
DocScrutinizer05but better check and edit manually02:50
DocScrutinizer05since I can't check here if my advice is correct02:50
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Macerdoes it put it to /dev/null by default?02:51
Maceror does it simply not log at all?02:51
Macerif i remove it?02:51
DocScrutinizer05stops logging aiui02:52
DocScrutinizer05not sure though02:52
Macerah ok. let me restart it02:53
DocScrutinizer05pulseaudio --help02:53
Maceryeah i'll take a look at that in a minute. right now i'm restarting it to see what happens.. hopefully i don't have problems with it booting :)02:53
DocScrutinizer05--loglevel=0 might help02:53
RaimuRemoving that log-target will direct logs to stderr02:54
Macerkeeping it real02:54
RaimuAnd yeah, it's editable in event.d/pulseaudio02:54
Macerhm. ok02:55
DocScrutinizer05add --loglevel=002:56
Macersure sucks having so many mp3s on the thing02:56
Macerit seems to take forever to reinitialize the media database02:56
DocScrutinizer05sed -i "s/--log-target=syslog/--loglevel=0/" /etc/event.d/pulseaudio02:57
DocScrutinizer05up to 60 min here02:57
Macernow i'm getting something else spitting out errors non-stop :)02:57
RaimuDoc, it's log-level not loglevel02:58
Macerone sec....02:58
RaimuMinor correction02:58
MacerJun 30 18:59:00 Nokia-N900 tracker-indexer[1243]: GLIB WARNING ** Tracker - No data was allocated for row 5, this means the database contained NULL or non-managed values for all the data in it02:59
Maceri have a ton of those in the log02:59
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Macerhow odd03:02
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infobothmm... stv is Single Transferable Vote
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Win7Macseems like emails for subsribed tmo threads are unreliable ATM?03:15
Win7Macok, need to go to bed now. gn o/03:17
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Macertrying to figure out wtf is eating up my cpu right now05:59
Macerhow odd. my applet is showing a ton of cpu being used but htop shows 25-50 percent06:00
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Maceris there an applet that shows cell network traffic?06:01
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Maceroh. i guess it was the ap widget06:04
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Macerok maybe not06:08
Macermy video is chopping up ugh06:08
Macerlet me try to oc06:12
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DocScrutinizer05Macer: assuming that you don't have perceptual impairment and no magic spell either, when we don't say "your hw is fubar" we need to closely inspect and investigate _all_ the non-standard stuff that you installed and/or did on your N900. All your reports are not 'normal' for a stock fremantle installation. So I honestly would ask you to a) create a BM backup and osso-backup of your flawed system, create a description as precise as13:01
DocScrutinizer05possible of what you installed and configured and did and what been the problems you encountered, and then pretty please do a full reflash, DONT install *anything* and just use the device in stock config with stock apps/sw for at least a week, to rule out any hw problems or external source of trouble (e.g. AP, GSM carrier, whatnot else)13:01
DocScrutinizer05ooh, and please don't forget a "uname -a"13:03
DocScrutinizer05and a "for n in 0 1 2 3 4;  do dd if=/dev/mtd$n of=<yourSDcard>/mtd${n}dump; done"13:07
DocScrutinizer05make that your-uSD-card13:08
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DocScrutinizer05*absolutely* unrelated FYI factoid:13:24
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ./omap34xx-boot-order13:25
DocScrutinizer05sys_boot[5:0]: 0x3013:25
DocScrutinizer05Boot order: USB UART3 MMC1 OneNAND --13:25
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DocScrutinizer05so *theoretically* aiui it *should* be possible to provide a xloader/NOLO file via MMC113:26
DocScrutinizer05(we discussed this several weeks ago, either here or over in #maemo-ssu)13:27
DocScrutinizer05I forgot about omap34xx-boot-order back when13:28
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DocScrutinizer51and I again found CAL and gconf have enough stuff for weeks of experimenting14:09
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PaliDocScrutinizer51: problem is: we do not know filename(s) which are loaded from SD card (mmc1 is sd card) and also if nokia X-Loader can load NOLO from SD card...14:30
PaliI do not have documentation for HS devices14:30
Palior is there one leaked?14:30
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rikaneePali: ?15:10
Palirikanee: do you see there something about HS devices?15:11
Palithere is info only about GP15:11
PaliI already wrote that we do not have documentation for HS devices :-(15:11
rikaneeshouldn't the Beagleboard connect MMC/eMMC to OMAP same way N900 does (embedded SDHC controller)15:11
Palibootrom is different, because nokia n900 is HS (high secure) device15:12
rikaneeso, x-loader needs signature?15:12
Paliso it will not load bootloader signed with gpsign.c program15:12
Paliright, x-loader has strong signature15:13
Palinot gpsign15:13
PaliMLO file signed by gpsign is only for GP devices, not for our HS15:14
rikaneePali: tried disassembling x-loader?15:14
Palibut AES256bit signature is uncrackable15:14
Paliso modification is not possible15:14
rikaneefwiw, you could try flashing x-loader onto a SD card, and see if OMAP bootrom reads it from there15:15
rikanee(how to check this, though?)15:15
Pali"flashing x-loader onto SD card" how?15:15
Paliunder which file name?15:16
Palior how to store it?15:16
rikaneefile name's either mlo, mlo-mmc(0,1,2) on first FAT16 partition on sdcard15:16
PaliMLO not!15:16
PaliMLO is GP bootloader name signed with gpsign15:16
Palithis not working on our HS devices...15:16
Paliand there is another problem: X-loader booting NOLO booloader (somehow)15:17
Paliand NOLO is stored in NAND15:17
rikaneePali: x-loader cannot be modified, so if it's hardcoded to load NOLO, it'll always load what's flashed to NOLO's area15:18
rikaneebut at least, NOLO doesn't have to be signed15:18
Palibut maybe bootrom loading full first nand partition and X-loader *maybe* skip to RAM (nothing loading)15:18
PaliNOLO is not signed, right15:18
Palibut in X-Loader bin there are some strings like "nand partition" and similar15:19
rikaneePali: if you want u-boot in boot chain, then you'll have to replace NOLO with some program to just jump to a bigger memory area, and load u-boot from there15:19
DocScrutinizer05side note: MMC1 is uSD15:20
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PaliI think current u-boot stored in kernel area is good (for now)15:20
rikaneeDocScrutinizer05: yep, yep: I assume that Nokia devs used uSD as OMAP primary boot device in development15:20
Paliu-boot can load kernel from mmc and sd15:20
DocScrutinizer05uBoot is not related to this topic15:21
Palihere is only info which I found about image format which can our HS omap board boot:
Pali"TI's eFuse patent mentions that the “X-LOADER” string is required for the system to boot in HS mode"15:23
Palisomebody with access to internal TI datasheets?15:24
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DocScrutinizer05ROM:0000000C 02 00 51 E1                 CMP     R1, R2          ; Checks whether it is running at the correct RAM location.15:31
DocScrutinizer05ROM:00000010 1B 00 00 1A                 BNE     loc_84          ; If it's not, branches into a dead loop.15:31
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rikaneePali: ISW isn't documented anywhere :(15:33
Palirikanee: I know, above url is only one which I found...15:34
rikaneeI smell that it may be locked out using Trustzone15:34
PaliI already wrote (maybe year ago?), forget hacking x-loader and nolo15:35
Palialso now with working uboot we do not need to modify nolo & x-loader15:36
Paliand with cold-flashing (also implemented in 0xFFFF) we can reflash x-loader & nolo even if nand partitions are erased15:36
rikaneePali: none of that ISW stuff ever showed up with raw dumps of mtd, so selective lockout is the only assumption I have about it15:36
Paliand cold-flashing (flashing nolo&x-loader) working also with totally discharged battery15:37
rikaneethe marketing materials for Trustzone say that locked-out regions are completely invisible to the user, so there's that15:37
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DocScrutinizer05  >>Note: If you are using an HS (High Security) OMAP device, an extra step is required. First, build x-load.bin using the steps above. Then, download the MShield signing tool and use the commands below. Contact your TI representative to get access to this tool.<<15:41
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DocScrutinizer05on a sidenote: ((forget hacking x-loader and nolo)) hacking NOLO is perfectly feasible and already been done15:42
jon_yContact your TI representative to get access to this tool. <- oh uh15:43
jon_ygoing to be stuck in purgatory15:43
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rikaneenda tool, likely15:45
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rikaneemysteriously, the binary's missing.15:54
DocScrutinizer05but you might be able to get that binary in darknet15:56
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japa-fiCould someone test / validate if qt-components-10-com-nokia.meego-1.1-compat is available from the repos? I can't install it, can't locate the package17:37
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japa-fiDrathir: thanks.18:55
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Drathirjapa-fi: np18:56
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japa-fiWhat repo is that in? I have enabled extras, extras-devel, community and the two nokia ones (ssu apps, ssu mr0) but still can't get that one18:57
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Drathirjapa-fi: btw sorry that late ansfer because im jumping throught channels...19:42
amin007110Could someone help me with wireless connection problem? N900 can't connect anymore to any router with any level of protection; however Ad-Hoc (ex: Mobile HotSpot) and GPRS works without problem. Upgrading to KP52 or booting in OMPA1 kernel doesn't make any difference. It scans wifi networks, asks for preshared key on connect request, but wifi icon remained blinking after that until switching wlan0 off or connect to GPRS, reboot, etc.. Also if wlan0 was sti19:42
amin007110ll turned on, GPRS notification icon remains blinking though it already connected. Switching wireless off produce 'error connecting to network' message and answering NO to retry request presents you a stable GPRS notification icon.19:42
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Drathirany error message eg. cant connect?19:50
japa-fiDrathir: No worries, I also jump between millions of workspaces and do stuff. The paste had expired or you copied the id wrong, could you redo it?19:52
Drathiramin007110: maybe dhcp have a problems try to assign static adresses...19:52
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Drathirjapa-fi: yes ofc19:53
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amin007110Drathir, no error at all.20:00
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japa-fiDrathir: This is incredible. Enabled the same repositories as you have. Yet, the qt-components-10-com-nokia.meego-1.1-compat cannot be found.. :(20:06
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japa-fiI must have incorrect extras-devel defined then..20:11
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Lava_Crofttrying tweetian?20:11
japa-fiMy intention is to instal that...20:12
Lava_Crofttry to dpkg -i it and after it whines about dependencies let it install and do apt-get -f install afterwards20:12
Lava_Croftto make it fix deps20:12
Lava_Croftthats how i installed tweetian anyway20:12
japa-fiI had fremantle free non-free20:12
Lava_Crofti guess thats fine too20:12
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japa-fiTrying dkpg -i. It results to: pre-depends on qt-components-10.  qt-components-10 is not installed.20:17
japa-fiNot famialiar with .deb packages (fedora user). I take this is safe to ignore (as you mentioned before). Question is: how?20:17
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Lava_Crofttry apt-get -f install now20:21
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo20:21
Lava_Croft'apt-get -f install'20:21
Lava_Croftno quotes etc20:21
Lava_Croftif dpkg cries about dependencies, dpkg is smart (not) and just installs the .deb anyway20:22
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japa-fiwohoo! Now I have tweetian installed20:25
Lava_Croft \o/20:25
*** Sc0rpius has joined #maemo20:26
Lava_Croftno problem20:26
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amin007110Drathir, manual IP assignment in Settings>>Internet Connections doesn't solve the problem. Now the Wi-Fi icon is blinking by the battery icon. It lasts forever :)20:29
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devilinsidehow to update cssu?20:43
devilinsideignored it when it showed in ham.20:43
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sixwheeledbeastclick update in HAM?20:59
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DocScrutinizer05devilinside: your keybooooooooooooooooooooooooooard is broooooooooooooooooken21:16
*** SmilyOrg is now known as Smily21:16
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DocScrutinizer05amin007110: you have - or had - auto-disconnect installed?21:17
devilinsideDocScrutinizer05 :  sorry :P21:18
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #maemo21:20
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amin007110DocScrutinizer05, No.21:27
DocScrutinizer05then that's not it :-)21:27
*** piggz_ has joined #maemo21:27
amin007110DocScrutinizer05, dmesg shows that authenticating occurred. However, no IP assigned. Also I noticed that wifi icon in Hildon Menu changed to Ad-Hoc shape while trying to connect to a router.21:33
amin007110iwconfig info says that wireless mode is managed.21:33
*** piggz_ has quit IRC21:39
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DocScrutinizer05icd2 messed up somehow21:42
DocScrutinizer05or wpa-supplicant, a notorious biatch21:43
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giorgioCEi've found a problem on showing mail messages on gmail21:56
giorgioCEit report a strange message of error on server21:56
giorgioCEhave you information about it?21:57
freemangordongiorgioCE: bug in tinymail, fixed in CSSU21:57
giorgioCEbefore we have not it21:57
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ecc3ggoogle suddenly decided to change their server somewhat and an old bug in modest got choked up on it... now I wonder if I should start using CSSU or not...22:05
*** Pali has quit IRC22:05
keriocssu-stable is Recommended™22:06
giorgioCEistruction for installation?22:07
freemangordongiorgioCE: the bug:
infobothmm... cssu is
freemangordongiorgioCE: instructions ^^^22:10
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