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DocScrutinizer05~ECHAN is channel error07:35
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0507:35
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Macerany btc app for maemo for the n900?08:13
Macerlike a btc wallet or something?08:13
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kerioMacer: hm, wouldn't bitcoin-qt work as it is?08:25
fmunozsdownloading the whole blockchain on the n900 would be an issue08:27
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keriogood point08:27
keriobut what's the alternative?08:27
keriotrusting a third party?08:27
kerioplease :P08:28
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fmunozsyea, khertan released something for the n9 that uses an onlin service, it could be adapted for the n90008:28
Macerkerio: i don't know08:29
Macerfmunozs: can't you just copy the blockchain over from somewhere else?08:29
Macerit's like 6GB08:29
Macerthat shouldn't take too long08:29
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fmunozswell it gets bigger08:30
fmunozsi'm not sure about the size but it takes a couple of days to sync on my laptop08:30
fmunozs I was going to try this one and eventually try to use it on the n9*08:33
Macerfmunozs: really? my laptop took like... maybe 5 hours08:35
Macerbut i have an awesome net connection at home08:35
Maceri was just curious if there was a client already in place08:36
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Macorseems like there is a bitpurse for n9/harmattan09:11
Macorno n900 btc client tho :-/09:11
Macorandroid and ios client tho09:11
Macorwill be interesting to see what becomes of these ubuntu phones09:12
Paliwhat is btc?09:16
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AndrewX192My N900 charging port has almost given up, need to buy a new device now. How's NegriElectronics?09:38
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DocScrutinizer05you more likely will get help on fixing your "charging port" than any notion about $randomElectrics here10:41
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DocScrutinizer05GeneralAntilles: MWKN published a doublette11:13
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DocScrutinizer05selling yesterday's newspapers? ;-)11:13
DocScrutinizer05 vs
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dreamerhmm, the headphone-detect on my n900 sees somewhat flakey/busted. Now I read somewhere that in 'alsamixer -c0' there should be an option to set it to headphone out permanently. However whatever settings I try get resetted by the flakey detection. How should I set it to really be permanent?12:14
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DocScrutinizer05dreamer: whatever you read somewhere, it's most likely nonsense. alsamixer is not master of the state of that headphone-detection, rather it's slave of alsaped, a pulseaudio(!)-daemon that Enforces Policies, and that is probably triggered/controlled by kernel resp /sysfs nodes which check a hw A/D converter12:30
dreamerok, check12:31
DocScrutinizer05your best bet is to clean your headphone plug and the receptacle in N900. You probably need to disassemble the N900 to do that, and best common practice is to swap the AV receptacle for a new one. It's a low effort procedure since that part is not soldered to the board12:32
dreamerhow is that the 'best bet' in premanently setting the state of the plug?12:32
DocScrutinizer05not in permanently setting it but in fixing the issue's root cause12:33
dreamerto be honest I do not feel like replacing the jack-port12:33
DocScrutinizer05well, then clean the contact springs and the pads on PCB that those springs touch12:34
zammyI want the upstart gui12:34
zammyor a guide12:34
DocScrutinizer05most likely that already suffices to fix flaky-detection issues12:34
dreamerhmm, I think it might be the ground-connection because the jack is a slightly thinner than other plugs I have around12:35
DocScrutinizer05Macer: spam?12:36
Macerlooks like we will now get a tax on over state line purchases12:37
DocScrutinizer05Macer: please don't paste URLs here that don't come with any clue in URL itself of what they are all about, as well as no comment from you why you post it here and what it's about12:38
DocScrutinizer05that is considered channel spamming12:38
DocScrutinizer05don't expect anybody to click on your URL just to find out *IF* it's something relevant or just spam12:39
Macerwell.. it was and i stated what the subject was afterwards but ok12:39
Maceri cant say i have ever pasted "spam" here but i guess i get your point... sorry to have broken into the conversation12:40
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DocScrutinizer05I bet I've not been the only one who clicked on it hoping for something relevant to headphone detection problems12:41
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Macerdreamer: there is always option b12:43
Macerbt headset12:43
Maceri have some motorola flex bt headphones that are awesome12:44
ShadowJKMacer; so it's coming in line with every other place on earth? :-)12:44
Macerpricey but worth it12:44
MacerShadowJK: i know. pretty soon we will have to pay as much as brits for gas12:44
Macerdidnt we have a revolution over such things?12:44
ShadowJKatleast your sales tax is tiny12:45
ShadowJKand not 24% like here :P12:45
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Maceri forgot what chicago is12:46
Macermaybe 9.2512:46
Macerwe pay the highest sales tax in our entire country12:47
Macerto pay for a broken pension fund ;)12:47
Macerim more concerned about being taxed for buying n900s :-P12:47
Macerit is just a cash grab12:48
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dreamerMacer: dude, screw bt12:52
dreamerMacer: I just want to turn off the headset detect and set it to always output12:53
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DocScrutinizer05you can't switch off the headset detect, it's done by hw that always is active13:10
DocScrutinizer05what you can do is tweak the system on a multitude of levels, starting at kernel and the kernel module that operates the GPIO resp the IRQ associated to it and the A/D converter and the schmitt triggers13:13
DocScrutinizer05aka threshold level detectors13:13
DocScrutinizer05you also can try to write to sysfs node13:14
DocScrutinizer05or teak alsaped13:14
DocScrutinizer05or dbus messaging13:14
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DocScrutinizer05dbus-scripting might be a possibility to achieve what you *actually* want13:15
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DocScrutinizer05look at /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/headphone/*, might give you a starting point13:18
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DocScrutinizer05sudo watch --beep --interval 1 cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/headphone/state13:24
DocScrutinizer05dbus ->
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DocScrutinizer05input:   od -t x2 -w2 /dev/input/event213:33
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DocScrutinizer05hal:  watch hal-get-property --udi '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_headphone' --key button.state.value13:38
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Palikerio: ping15:15
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GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer05, crap, forgot to clean the Etherpad from last week.15:29
GeneralAntillesJaffa, fixitfixitfixit! :o15:29
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DocScrutinizer05GeneralAntilles: ohmy shithappens15:31
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DocScrutinizer05it's so sneaky, probably most people won't even notice15:32
GeneralAntillesThese are all the little niceties Jaffa always remembers that are falling by the wayside since he's occupied by productive things. :D15:33
DocScrutinizer05I first thought I'm kinda silly now15:33
DocScrutinizer05GeneralAntilles: how do you like the sandbox test elections I've put up?15:34
GeneralAntillesHadn't seen it15:34
* GeneralAntilles goes to the grocery store15:34
GeneralAntillesI'll look later.15:34
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DocScrutinizer05signal sender=:1.21 -> dest=(null destination) serial=284 path=/com/nokia/policy/decision;; member=audio_actions   on is incredible15:44
DocScrutinizer05policy enforcer daemon could be actually mad useful, if only we had some minimum amount of manpages or other docs for it15:44
DocScrutinizer05but hey, this is a *phone* (with an occasional mp3player app running on it) - who would care about AUDIO on such a device?? ;-P15:45
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kerioPali: i'd pong, but you're not here18:07
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DocScrutinizer51[notice] Don't forget to VOTE!19:30
DocScrutinizer51if you haven't yet, you should hurry19:30
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kerioi voted!20:20
keriosome days ago20:20
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PaliDocScrutinizer05: info about is in prolog and ohmd sources on gitorious23:44
PaliDocScrutinizer05: alsaped (closed daemon) sending that dbus signals to ohmd daemon and plugugins (open source)23:45
Paliand that plugins doing something...23:45
Paliand all routing rules are writen in config ini file and in prolog code23:46
Paliini file is ediable with vim and prolog code is decompiled on gitorious cssu23:47
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zemmyI find catorise does not work23:56
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