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sixwheeledbeastWin7Mac: you rang?00:34
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sixwheeledbeastGood night all, don't forget voting open in ~2h, maybe update #maemo topic Doc :)01:15
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Win7Mac_thanks and good nite01:16
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kwtm2Hi. From the N900 terminal command line (bash or ash or whatever), how do I start a new terminal window?  Preferably something I can do from within a script, if possible.01:33
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kwtm2seen kwtm01:36
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kwtm2infobot can you hear me?01:37
infobotYES I CAN HEAR YOU!01:37
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DocScrutinizer05~seen kwtm01:57
infobotkwtm <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 31d 7h 34m 29s ago, saying: 'Whew, I was wrong.  I probably thought I swapped the batteries but I didn't. The first N900 is booting okay with the SIM card inside. Never mind, will go nurse my battery. :P'.01:57
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DocScrutinizer05Woody14619a: howdy stranger!04:30
bef0rdI actually had the token in my email sorry for the message .. and received the new one yesterday04:32
DocScrutinizer05thanks for voting04:32
DocScrutinizer05see my most recent tip on
DocScrutinizer05it's a real pity we weren't able to offer a "[X] sync both MMC and HFC votes" option checkbox on
DocScrutinizer05but my dual-window method is almost as good04:37
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Maceris there a functional youtube client?06:31
rikaneeMacer: CuteTube?06:36
rikaneephew, voted.06:36
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zemmyI am getting a bit of troubles with msn to connect on my n900 as chat12:20
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zemmywell now I am trying fring13:35
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zemmylots troubles ... fring much more problematic14:00
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_rdIs there a way to disable GPS (e.g. via dbus) if an application has registered for GPS?17:50
_rdUsecase would be that I use the accel and disable GPS whenever it does not detect any significant motion.17:50
_rdI.e. when I arrived somewhere and forgot to shutdown navit or another mapping application.17:50
Pali_rd, there is API for using GPS17:51
PaliI do not know if it using dbus, but it is C api17:51
Palifor example status menu GPS plugin using that api too and is able to stop GPS17:52
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_rdaaah...good hint. And can I reenable the GPS again when I detect movement?17:53
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Pali_rd: I think yes, but really not sure17:54
Pali_rd: look here:
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_rdHmm... location_gpsd_control_stop () looked promising, but the explanation implies that it is not doing what I am asking for: "...Location service is kept running as long as there is at least one application using it...."18:04
_rdIs the location framework open? I am wondering if it would not be best to directly patch the location framework. Then all GPS applications would benefit...18:05
Palilocation framework is closed18:06
Pali_rd: but, that checkbox in status area applet which enabling/disabling GPG seems only changing some gconf key18:07
Paliand there is scheme of all gconf keys18:07
Paliso you can try to change some enable gconf key18:07
Palithat may be working...18:08
Palilook at gconf keys: /system/nokia/location/supl/18:08
_rddo you know where the gconf keys are documented?18:08
Paliin scheme files18:09
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Pali_rd: look to file: /etc/gconf/schemas/location.schemas18:13
Pali(on n900)18:13
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_rdPali, thank you, looks promising. I will experiment a little with that.18:20
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_rdPali, gconf works nicely.18:41
_rdI will hack together a python script for my own purposes....18:41
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_rd....with some enhancements that would make a nice enhancement in cssu18:42
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sixwheeledbeasthmm.. since the new ribbon cable, I have started noticing proxy sensor issues in sunlight. not good.21:59
sixwheeledbeastI suppose england only has 3 days of sunny weather a year anyway...22:01
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sixwheeledbeastmmm... may give this a go.
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05, qwazix22:10
zammyhey everyone22:16
zammywhere do live all22:16
zammydon't they wake up while I do...22:16
sixwheeledbeastspeak like yoda, you do.22:16
zammyanyway I was wondering about a good client for all chat22:17
zammyincluding twitter...22:17
sixwheeledbeastfor n900 i guess?22:18
zammyI have msn gtalk facebook skype twitter irc... some SIP22:18
zammyyes ofc22:18
zammyI know pidgin on my linux22:18
sixwheeledbeastthere's pidgin for maemo22:18
zammyI know there is the default conversations on n900 that works fine22:19
zammyI downloaded pidgin for maemo too22:19
zammybut how to get it in autorun22:19
zammysome autostart manager22:20
zammyautostart / autorun22:20
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sixwheeledbeastto start at boot time?22:20
zammyis it the name?22:20
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sixwheeledbeastyou have to make a valid upstart file and save it in /etc/event.d/foo/22:21
zammysome guide?22:21
sixwheeledbeastpidgin can be heavy for maemo tho.22:21
zammyI agree22:22
zammybut I get troubles with default conversation but I really like it22:22
zammyit works like pidgin22:22
zammylooking like pidgin too22:22
sixwheeledbeastIt's nice to have the same features as your desktop so it's give and take.22:22
zammyI mean... my msn does not work... the output error says that I have opened the msn and twitter in some other client22:23
zammybut I don't...22:23
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sixwheeledbeastnfc, i don't use twit-book or skyp-ter. I have real friends I go the pub with :)22:25
zammyyes... but I want to have all22:25
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zammydropn900 does not work22:27
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sixwheeledbeastthere's a hacky fix posted on TMO today I believe22:33
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Macerdo i need a power kernel still for mobile hotspot?23:10
Macerkeeps giving me a failed to start error23:10
Maceri thought cssu came with an iptables kernel23:10
Maceroh.. then again. i didn't restart. maybe mobile hotspot instsalled on23:11
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Macerguess not :)23:35
Macerhm. thought mobile hotspot added the kernel for you23:35
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Macerhow odd23:36
Macerhm... kernel-modules-maemo conflicts with power kernel?23:36
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MacerException: Command 'insmod /lib/modules/2.6.28-omap1/nf_conntrack.ko' returned with code 256 (0 expected)23:42
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Macerim kind of stuck23:46
Maceri cant install the power user kernel23:46
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