IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2013-04-30

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DocScrutinizer05n900-dk: nope00:47
DocScrutinizer05if your garage email is correct, you might receive it even in time for referendum still00:48
DocScrutinizer05if your garage email *been* correct00:48
r00t|homeyou corrected a valid sentence into a gramatically incorrect incomprehensible one...00:51
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Win7Mac_so we'll see voting-results in ~10 mins? ::really curious::02:52
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DocScrutinizer05one NO vote03:04
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DocScrutinizer0582 votes total if I counted correctly03:06
Win7Macthats rather poor...03:07
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Woody14619yup... to be fair, one of the 4 "no vote" votes was me, nuking a bad token.03:07
DocScrutinizer05hmm yes03:07
Woody14619Well, not super bad.  Half of last year's MCC vote.03:07
Woody14619gotta go. :)  Have fun! :)03:08
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DocScrutinizer05well, "bad token" as in "who's HiFo?"03:08
Win7Macat least its a clear result and we can move on.03:10
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ShadowJKDocScrutinizer05; btw, if you think maemo/hifo is nightmare, I just attended AGM of my ISP. The board members outnumbered non-board members by a factor of 2. No previous info had been given about the changes to the rules the board wanted changed03:24
ShadowJKetc :)03:25
ShadowJK.. and we authorized the board to continue outsourcing stuff to companies owned by various board members ...03:26
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DocScrutinizer05oh, nice03:32
ShadowJKalso, the board suggested the existing rule limiting board membership to 6 consecutive years should be removed03:47
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DocScrutinizer05well, no such rule in maemo03:49
* RST38h moos03:56
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DocScrutinizer05RST38h: *now* you show up. with a lame excuse why you weren't able to vote ;-P03:58
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DocScrutinizer05RST38h: in ~23h you get another chance :-D04:12
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RST38hDoc: I have no lame excuses. After all, I am a cow!04:49
RST38hBut, to be deadly serious, I see no reasonto vote any more =(04:49
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zammyhowever I was terrible in mistake yesterday because after I did my flash... idk why but not soon... but however that flash has deleted all music too has really deleted everything...11:06
zammynow I am perfectly starting from zero11:07
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Win7MacMoin Jörg, wie werden die Stimmen gewertet, die JA + NEIN gewählt haben?13:12
Win7Macah... nvw, sorry13:12
Macerwhy does the video player keep saying no connection to server when trying to play streamed videos?13:17
Macerand why does my camera app keep randomly crashing? :(13:18
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Macerprobably a broken api im sure13:22
Macerlord forbid things just keep working13:22
Macercutetube and some other one both dont work13:22
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Macernone of the youtube clients work :-/13:33
Macerawesome interfaces... no functionality13:33
DocScrutinizer05Macer: I hope you're not using the cssu-thumb player on a non-thombified kernel13:37
DocScrutinizer05frequent crashing would be the expected result13:38
DocScrutinizer05for all apps that are thumb but running on a non-thumb kernel13:39
DocScrutinizer05video player, camera, flashplayer/videoplayer/mafw (whatever cutetube utilizes)13:39
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XATRIXWhy there're no more updates for KP ? I think N900 it's a good platform to work with. Why CSSU stoped updating ?13:42
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DocScrutinizer05CSSU never stopped updating. And KP is unrelated to CSSU14:07
DocScrutinizer05and KP seen last update max 2 months ago14:08
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sixwheeledbeastXATRIX: what makes you think both are not "updated"14:16
XATRIXsixwheeledbeast: seems like my latest KP kernel built 201214:21
sixwheeledbeastXATRIX: do you mainly use "Stable" software?14:22
XATRIXbot igronres me :)14:22
XATRIXNot sure14:22
sixwheeledbeastextras-devel repository?14:22
sixwheeledbeastyes this is from devel and is only 2 months old!14:24
XATRIX2 month ?14:24
sixwheeledbeastPlease note: Extras-devel is "unstable" testing software not "Stable" (if your reading backscroll)14:26
sixwheeledbeastyes only 2 months - bleeding edge14:26
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Richlvheya. on , there's a link to "", which seems to be dead14:28
dimirRichlv: what the fuck are you doing here? :-D14:29
XATRIXPossibly i was talking about Uboot :(14:29
sixwheeledbeastwell since Nokia no longer support and wiki's are old that doesn't suprise me. However it used to redirect to Harmattan i.e.
dimirRichlv: why the heck you bother about maemo, you've got n9? :-D14:29
dimirIt shows exactly how much official support you get for maemo.14:30
dimirSo, seems legit. :-D14:30
sixwheeledbeastI suppose wiki's good do with a Nokia cleaning operation ...14:31
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Richlvdimir, i'm reporting a broken link, you slow person :>14:35
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sixwheeledbeastRichlv: thank you, but expect to find most things linking to nokia broken.14:40
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DocScrutinizer05hey sixwheeledbeast! :-)15:59
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DocScrutinizer05Win7Mac tried to query you15:59
DocScrutinizer05he wants to help on wiki16:00
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DocScrutinizer05alas he just shreddered his mirc client ;-D16:03
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n900-dkshouldn't voting for MCC start today?18:10
freemangordonn900-dk: didn't it start yesterday?18:15
Win7Macit starts today 23:5918:16
n900-dkahh okay, thought 2013-04-30 meant today :)18:19
Win7Macyeah, it's not very clear18:19
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keithzgI'm baffled, I clearly have an account on'm even logged in right now---but itself, I guess the garage, doesn't even think I have a username for which I could reset the password.19:33
* keithzg really WANTS to vote...19:33 accounts are not accounts19:35
GeneralAntillesYou have to register an account at maemo.org19:35
keithzgHmm. But I assume a newly-registered account shan't be eligible to vote, right? At least, that'd seem . . . open to fraud, heh.19:37
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andre__don't you need a karma of 10 or so?19:38
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sixwheeledbeastkeithzg: yes must be registered 3 months ago, karma was broken so no.19:39
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keithzgOh well, I'll register anyways if only so I'm prepared for if this whole Hildon Foundation debacle gets sorted out and things return to working (especially if Jolla actually releases something more---be it a phone or a blob we can run on existing hardware---that we can sink our teeth into).19:41
n900-dkkeithzg: You think Jolla will do this?19:44
keithzgn900-dk: Let me put it this way: neither the N900 nor the N9 were giant consumer successes, but each in their way (hardware+software) lives on today. I definitely think Jolla will come out with *something*, and even if that ends up being short-lived we'll have another contribution to the vague "maemo" ecosystem.19:47
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n900-dkmaybe, let's see if they ever release something :)19:48
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* keithzg would be entirely satisfied if Jolla released a device themselves or if they released code that could be made to run on the N9 or Nexus 4 . . . although for the latter, a new Nexus 4 would be needed. Damn breakable glass screens!19:48
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zammyhey there... does anyone know some clock screensaver similar to nightlight on nokia 5800 for maemo I mean... I want to install some clock screensaver in order to make my n900 look like a clock20:20
zammya digital clock or similar20:21
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keriozammy: hm, i don't know of one20:57
keriobut it would kinda suck battery, i guess20:57
keriothe screen is one of the biggest power draws20:57
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sixwheeledbeastprobably don't expect to hit C4 anymore, as mentioned in the thread21:12
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PaliDocScrutinizer05, login still not working21:18
sixwheeledbeastAlso IIRC there's something that made the notification LED flash the time.21:19
*** tom_____ has joined #maemo21:19
sixwheeledbeastOr espeak the time with the camera button.21:19
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zammyhey thanks sixwheeledbeast I will test it soon21:28
sixwheeledbeastnp, yw.21:28
zammyand what about a nice flashlight as torch you know what I mean right?21:28
sixwheeledbeastflashlight is available yes.21:29
zammyyes... I have read really in a fast way somewhere googling that there is a app for n900 which works by opening the cover of the camera21:29
zammythen it askes if you want just camera or the flash ligh option21:30
sixwheeledbeastI use "camera lens launcher", to select between Camera, Flashlight and mBarcode on lens cover open21:30
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zammythat one21:33
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zammybut sixwheeledbeast22:02
zammyfor me the cam lens22:02
zammydoes not work22:02
sixwheeledbeasthardware or the application?22:03
sixwheeledbeastin settings you have to set it correctly.22:03
sixwheeledbeastIIRC it's default as default maemo behaviour22:03
zammyI don't get22:04
zammyI don't see any cam lens... icon22:04
zammybut I have installed it22:04
sixwheeledbeastSettings > Extras > Camera Lens Launcher > Opening of lens cover will ...22:05
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zummysixwheeledbeast,  it should look like this
*** zammy has quit IRC22:08
zummyoh I got it sixwheeledbeast22:09
zummyI get it by the minitask above22:09
DocScrutinizer05Pali: midgard still not working22:11
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo22:11
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* DocScrutinizer05 counts money, calculates if that's sufficient for a dangerous booze22:12
sixwheeledbeastconservative booze instead?22:13
zummybut in any case sixwheeledbeast I don't get this
sixwheeledbeastwhat are your settings?22:14
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zummyI don't get any cam settings22:15
*** mvp has joined #maemo22:15
sixwheeledbeastin here: Settings > Extras > Camera Lens Launcher22:16
zummyok, I never took that extras since I started to use it lol22:16
zummyI try22:17
zummyalright done sixwheeledbeast22:22
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PaliDocScrutinizer05, ok, if you need some help with something, let me know...22:30
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: appreciated. Indeed we need all help we can get, with the midgard issue you discovered22:32
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