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Macertmobile is totally broken00:21
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MacerStack Trace:00:22
Macer[SocketException (0x2746): An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host] System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size) +23200:22
Macermaybe that explains why their service is shit today too?00:22
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Macerwhat fking company works on their site on a saturday?00:23
Macerwtf this tmobile service is ridiculous today00:27
Macerit was fine for 2 months and now it is awful today00:27
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Macerlet me try my e7 out00:44
Macermaybe it's the n90000:44
Maceranother lemon? lol00:44
Maceri literally have 0 signal00:46
Macerand wehre i am i usually had a signal just fine00:46
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nox-maybe the tower is just down i.e. in maintainance?00:51
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Maceri'm online chatting with the tech guy01:04
MacerOh, okay. Please feel free to approach me once it is switched Off so I can start01:04
Maceroutsourcing fail01:04
Maceri have "approached" him now that it is off :)01:04
Macerhis name is Michael G. :)01:05
Macer$10 says G stands for Patel01:05
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Macernox-: that's what i asked. you would think this would be easy to figure out01:06
Macerbut he has me doing these YES/NO steps that the computer has him doing01:07
nox-maybe he doesnt know which tower that would be...01:08
Macerdude.. he should have a giant map at his fingertips :)01:10
Macerand he asked for my address01:10
Macerso i guess all i can do is wait01:10
MacerI am so sorry for the great inconvenience this has caused you, Gilbert01:10
Macerah well. what can you do :)01:11
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Macerthere is no way t-mobile does "maintenance" in the middle of a saturday lol01:30
Macerthat's insane01:30
Maceri am completely losing my signal01:31
nox-well maybe its not _planned_ "maintenance" then...01:32
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Macertheir network was hax0red by verizon! for them trying to be different !!01:40
Macerhe said something about rolling out lte?01:40
Macerlies i'm sure01:40
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Sc0rpiusI need a fast browser06:46
Sc0rpiusthat renders pages as mobile pages not desktop pages like microb06:46
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Sc0rpiusfennec renders great too bad it looks like it is the slowest browser ever created in the history of this and several other universe if you agree on string theory07:12
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DocScrutinizer05err, rendering like mobile pages?07:47
DocScrutinizer05I always thought that all browsers render more or less the same way, and it's mainly the server that delivers specially formatted "mobile" pages for certain browser identifications07:48
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rikaneeSc0rpius: Opera?08:42
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Sc0rpiusDocScrutinizer05, actually you are right, but for microb to do that I would have to install an add-on to change the user-agent to something that most servers would understand as a mobile10:32
Sc0rpiusI tried Opera but it closes (segmentation fault?) on most pages, even on Facebook (that's absurd).10:34
Sc0rpiusfennec is perfect, but it's so slow it's unusable10:34
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sixwheeledbeastScOrpius: Opera 11 ?10:43
sixwheeledbeastOr if thumb use fennec-thumb?10:44
sixwheeledbeastDoh Sc0rpius ^^^10:45
Sc0rpiusI'm using fennec-thumb yeah10:46
sixwheeledbeastOpera 12 has been known to segfault intermittantly but I have had no trouble with Opera 11. fennec-thumb should be useable.10:51
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kerioWoody14619: hmm, "unless there is a serious volunteer effort to calculate everyone's karma by hand, we will treat all accounts older than 3 months as eligible for this election only"11:09
keriois that to vote, or to be elected?11:09
sixwheeledbeastafaik to vote11:10
kerioaww :(11:11
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sixwheeledbeastnominees will be calculated by hand me thinks.11:13
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kerumI'm trying to install json 1.7.7 on n90014:30
kerumGem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension14:31
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sixwheeledbeastYay, just got my vote token. I see the wiki pages I did have been included.14:31
kerum /usr/bin/ruby1.8 extconf.rb14:31
sixwheeledbeastShame the links are broken, lol14:31
kerumextconf.rb:1:in require : no such file to load -- mkmf (LoadError)14:32
kerumcan anyone help me?14:32
kerumi get that when i do14:32
kerumgem install json -v '1.7.7'14:33
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grummundHi all, i installed the "Wifi Channel 12 and 13 enabler" package but still my router on ch12 does not show up, any ideas?17:54
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Drathirgrummund: what network type using your router b/g/n?18:00
grummundi have it set to 11g only18:01
grummundoptions are 11b/11g/Superg or a combination thereof.18:02
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grummundboth Linux box and WinXp laptop are able to connect oh Ch12.18:03
grummundthis is with a n900 btw.18:04
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Macerfmobi got around to fixing their facebook api but now like half the things don't work18:10
Macersimple things like going to your posts via notifications lol18:10
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Drathirgrummund: you have airodump-ng installed?18:15
grummundDrathir: no, should i?18:16
Maceromg you have got to be kidding me18:16
Macerit worked for an hour then went back to error 403?18:16
DrathirMacer: bitlbee also dont work with oauth fb revoked api keys proppably... :/18:16
MacerDrathir: yeah it's insane18:16
Macerit was just working. i used it for like 10-20 minutes then the keys were revoked?18:17
Macerfacebook is a bitch18:17
Drathirgrummund: no yyou shouldnt i ask if you have you can check what channels phone can see...18:17
grummundDrathir: using wifieye i see other networks18:18
grummundDrathir: also the n900 will connect fine with the router set to Ch1118:18
Drathirgrummund: check if network isnt hidden and have mac filtering...18:18
grummundit's not hidden18:18
grummundthe n900 will see it and connect on Ch1118:19
DrathirMacer: bitlbee site say that hey revoked... :/18:19
grummundother PCs (both Win & Linux) can connect on Ch1218:19
Drathirfb hacve strange implementation of xmpp :/18:19
grummundi may just revert the router to Ch11 to allow the n900 to be used.18:20
DrathirMacer: if working maybe servers issue only...18:20
Macerit was working fine18:20
Drathirgrummund: that looks like patch not working :/18:21
Macerthen the api returned 403 forbidden18:21
Macerso it's probably fb being little bitches to the 3rd party apps18:21
Macerjust so people are forced to use their ugly fb garbage18:21
Macerdoes anybody know a good cover for my n900 to get? i don't care about bulk just protection18:21
Maceri got a decent one but now one of the cheap chinese tabs seems to have worn18:22
Macerand the front cover doesn't stick as well :-/18:22
DrathirMacer: try to connect without password-oauth only with mnormal password ?18:22
grummundMacer: i had one off amazon for 99p - works great.18:22
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MacerDrathir: i don't know how to do that with fb? i can login just fine on a pc18:24
Macerfmobi requires oauth18:25
Macergrummund: so did i.. that is the one that isn't working :-/18:25
Macerthe little plastic tab broke off in one of the corners18:25
Macerso the front falls off18:25
DrathirMacer: try simple xmpp server nick username and with password18:26
Drathirhave you any xmpp client?18:27
grummundMacer: mine gets carried around in a backpack so not too much abuse18:27
MacerDrathir: that works fine18:27
Maceri am using it with the n90018:27
grummundi can lookup the amazon link if you wnat though18:27
Maceri just chatted with someone ;)18:27
Macerheh.. yeah well.. i try not to use mine much but i would still like the protection18:27
Maceri don't care much about the bulk of it18:28
DrathirMacer: with client you using for that inside n900?18:28
grummundMacer: this one here is a mock leather wallet type18:29
Drathirin short which n900 apps you using to connect?18:29
Macerthat is one of them18:31
MacerDrathir: i'm using fmobi to connect to fb18:31
Maceras well as telepathy to connect to the fb chat18:31
Maceri tried using the browser but it sucks for the "new and improved" fb18:31
Macerthe cpu gets maxed out and can't handle the page18:31
Maceri bet that $11 amzer is just as bad as the one i got for $1 heh18:32
Macertoo bad finding an otterbox would be next to impossible18:32
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MacerThe product arrived only with the back piece in the package. I read another review with the same problem, where are the front pieces (are you selling them separated?)18:33
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rikaneeMacer: the plain old non-HTML5 Facebook for mobile should still be there for browsers that suck.18:35
grummundMacer: that's what i have -
rikaneeI forgot what the URL was, so I'll have to figure out where my PSP was.18:36
Macerrikanee: where?18:36
Macerheh18:36 didn't work18:36
Macerhalf the stuff wouldn't work in microb18:36
Macerlike... the menu :)18:36
rikanee(in all seriousness though, the transition animations Facebook added to the HTML5 mobile site totally killed performance on notWebkit)18:37
grummundMacer: ^^18:38
Macergrummund: oh lol18:38
Maceri was looking for something that didn't require me taking the n900 out of it18:38
Macera protector more than a case... like the one i just pasted18:38
Macerwhere the kb will slide open18:38
grummundyeah it does that18:39
Maceryeah i guess but it requires an unsnap, flip back. and keyboard flip heh18:40
Macerthat seems like a lot of work ;)18:40
Maceri just want something simple that will protect the edges18:40
DrathirMacer:  works not bad inside opera...18:40
grummundMacer: get an iphone then :p18:41
MacerRIP otterbox stuff18:42
Maceri can't find anything like that for my e7 either18:45
DrathirMacer: gravity...18:45
MacerDrathir: i meant a case for my e7 ;)18:46
Macergravity is pretty awesome tho18:46
Macerbut i'm so worried that fb is going to screw over the little guy that i wouldn't buy it18:46
Macernext time i'm just pirating phone apps until i see them working... it was $2 and i never got my money's worth18:47
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DrathirMacer: nothing faster and less network usage i dont find on symbian... gravity was great...18:47
DrathirMacer: fmobi isnt free app?18:48
Maceryou buy it on the ovi store18:53
Maceri wonder if that squeaked when you opened it lol18:54
Macerthat's what i want :-/ i can't find it even on ebay18:54
Maceri guess it's just impossible to find decent covers for old devices18:55
Macerguess i'll do like you said and just get a leather case type one for it18:56
DrathirMacer: i want to test that app but if must buy it is bad idea better using something open to much api key changes to buy app...18:56
Macerwell.. talk to the dev ;)18:56
Macerlol... he obviously doesn'tn give a shit about making sure it works18:56
Macermaybe he'll give it up18:56
Macerbut when you have chumps like me buying it18:56
Macerthen why would you? heh18:57
Maceralso... nobody seems to want to dev an open fb client even tho the api is supposed to be easy to use18:57
lufI uploaded latest version of tinysmb to extras-devel. If no bug report I'll promote it into extras-testing next week.18:57
Macersurprised someone out there hasn't made a functional open one yet hhe18:57
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Drathirbitlbee should work but someone proppably must genere new api keys nad compile app with new keys... :/18:58
Drathiri run bitlbee inside alarm chroot and acces from  n900 irssi ^^18:59
Macerwell.. let me swap over to my e7 and see if it has the same issues19:00
Drathirluf: thanks a lot i must remember to update...19:00
* Macer tosses his sim in19:02
Maceryeah these n900 covers i got totally suck19:02
Macercheaply made in china crap19:02
Drathirthe most missing for me is bombus :,(19:02
Drathirfrom symbian...19:03
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Macersymbian is pretty awesome in its own way19:03
*** LjL has quit IRC19:03
Maceri can say at the very least it had far more commercial support than maemo :)19:03
Drathiranyway its a java app, but perfect - fast, stable, thin, low resource and smallest network usage fromm all app on the world...19:04
Maceri'm waiting for these ubuntu phones to come out19:04
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Macerand for some reason tmobile service in my area dropped badly19:05
Maceri was maxed out with bars until yesterday19:05
Macerit's like they completely turned a tower off19:05
Maceri'm trying symbian fmobi now19:06
Drathire51 is great apps i find for all i need, only one bad thing is low memory/ram builit in, but with monitoring app i can open 10 apps in one time...19:06
DrathirMacer: have you orange carrier?19:07
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Macertmobile prepaid19:09
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Macerthe symbian fmobi works fine19:12
Macerso it was just the n900 that was abandoned lol19:12
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Drathirthat little sad when all platforms with n900 dont updated with the same time... :/19:27
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DrathirDocScrutinizer05: hi maybe you remember where n900 storage modules? i looking for names wifi normal and injection drivers...19:29
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Macerah well... i'm done buying my little toys ;) i'll wait until a good supported ubuntu phone comes out and get that and stick with the n900 and e7 until then19:48
*** Win7Mac_ has joined #maemo19:48
Maceri just don't want a phone that doesn't have a qwerty19:49
Macerand i sure don't want another conglomerate phone19:49
Macer3 of the largest tech companies in the world are the only 3 making phone operating systems19:49
Macerhow sad19:49
Maceroh... 4.. forgot the facebook phone.. but that's just android as well19:49
Win7Mac_@Drathir: DocScrutinizer is not reading ATM19:50
kerio3 of the largest tech companies in the world are the only 3 making phone operating systems, and none seem to be any good at it19:50
Macerkerio: lol!19:51
Macerthey are good enough at it to make whatever people want ;)19:51
Maceri wonder if blackberry has taken the ad-road19:52
Macerwhat are the 2 blackberry phones that were released?19:53
Macerone was a z1019:53
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Macerah.. the q1019:54
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*** hardaker has joined #maemo19:55
Macerwonder if t-mobile will have a q1019:56
Maceror if there is an unlocked ver that supports their freq19:56
Maceroh. i guess the q10 isnt even out yet19:57
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Sc0rpiussixwheeledbeast, thank you for the suggestion.  I downgraded Opera to 11 and it works great, you're right.20:20
Sc0rpiusand it's very sad about Opera 12, it's unusable.20:21
sixwheeledbeastSc0rpius: serves you right for using devel version :P20:23
sixwheeledbeastHopefully alopex will rock and be the amazing browser the N900 deserves.20:24
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*** Guest47924 is now known as Smily20:26
kerioit's qt, isn't it20:30
kerioit's already worthless to me :<20:30
Sc0rpiusyou don't like Qt?20:31
sixwheeledbeastsomething to do with key mappings ... yawn :P20:32
kerioit doesn't honour my xkb layout, and it doesn't honour the settings regarding hold-to-sym20:33
* Sc0rpius tests that, since he has a different layout as well20:34
Sc0rpiusoh you're right20:34
Sc0rpiusso I think I can't type comments in Facebook with áéíóú20:36
* Sc0rpius tries that20:36
Sc0rpiusbut I can20:36
*** valeriusN has quit IRC20:36
Sc0rpiusso it's  "honoring" my xkb layout20:36
kerioanother thing, which is also something fennec does, is that fn-release-<key> doesn't work as fn+key20:37
kerionot sure if alopex also does that20:37
Sc0rpiusfn, release, and then key works as well20:37
Sc0rpiuseverything I tried works in Opera 1120:37
kerioit doesn't work in yappari for me, though20:38
kerioand that's qt *and* text-heavy20:38
kerioit's one of the reasons i stopped using it20:38
Sc0rpiusyour xkb layout doesn't work in Yappari?20:38
Sc0rpiusthat's very weird20:38
kerioanother reason is, it's not a Conversations plugin20:38
Sc0rpiusunless you use an IDE or something to type chinese20:38
kerioand a third reason is that whatsapp sucks balls20:39
Sc0rpiusit can't be a Conversations plugin20:39
keriosure it can, it's masqueraded xmpp20:39
Sc0rpiusI agree on your 3rd reason, we should hack Line or Vibe and write a client for that20:39
DrathirWin7Mac_: thanks a lot for info i wait, and dont think go anywhere...20:39
Sc0rpiusit can for text only, but you'd lose the multimedia and that's the ONLY reason to use WhatsApp20:39
Sc0rpiusotherwise we would use GTalk and that's it20:39
Sc0rpiusI *could* write a Conversations plugin for Whatsapp text-only but who would want that20:40
Drathirbb never dead in my opinion have great phones which must work dosent matter what happen...20:40
*** freemangordon has joined #maemo20:40
kerioSc0rpius: receiving multimedia would work20:41
keriosending... eh, not so much20:41
Sc0rpiusthe first thing I tried was to write a conversations plugin20:41
Sc0rpiusand when I saw the API, I knew it was pointless20:41
* Drathir have 12.10.16 opera version...20:42
Sc0rpiusDrathir, I'd suggest you to downgrade20:42
*** Guest3815 has quit IRC20:44
Sc0rpiusbut I wonder20:44
Sc0rpiusif so many people has so many problems with introducing text in all Qt apps20:44
Sc0rpiuswhy nobody has patched Qt for that, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be hard20:44
keriopatches welcome, at #maemo-ssu20:45
Sc0rpiussince CSSU there has been newer Qt versions for the N900, some even fix several bugs that the stock firmware has20:45
Sc0rpiusyeah, patch it :P20:45
Sc0rpiussince I can't reproduce the problem I wouldn't know where to begin20:45
freemangordonSc0rpius: hildon QT IM plugin is a mess20:46
keriofreemangordon: what happens if we disable it?20:46
freemangordonthough it is in my queue20:46
kerioactually, wrong question20:46
freemangordonkerio: no text input in Qt apps?20:46
keriohow do i disable it?20:46
keriono text input at all?20:46
freemangordonI guess so20:46
keriowon't qt just use the standard xkb one?20:47
Sc0rpiusI modified my keyboard layout to type áéíóú and ñ and it works in all my Qt apps, so I wonder why people do that doesn't work for them20:47
freemangordoniirc it is ifdeffed20:47
freemangordonkerio: ^^^20:47
kerioi modified my keyboard layout to type àèéìòù<>[]{}%~`20:47
*** VD has joined #maemo20:47
kerioand none of the shift+fn+<key> combinations work in qt20:48
*** VD is now known as Guest8589320:48
Sc0rpiushmmm I don't use shift+fn+key combinations20:48
freemangordonSc0rpius: kerio: toldya, it is in my queue, I am the most affected (because of the cyrillic)20:48
Sc0rpiuslemme see20:48
kerio...where have you put those keys then? :O20:48
Sc0rpiusall my Fn+key combinations work in Qt20:49
Sc0rpiusI changed Fn + arrow keys for the dead keys20:49
Sc0rpiusactually this is what I did20:49
Sc0rpiusI changed , to dead key '20:49
keriothose only make sense as home/end/pgup/pgdwn20:49
Sc0rpiusFN <- is the ,20:49
Sc0rpiusFn up is the dead key `20:49
Sc0rpiusfn -> is the ;20:49
Sc0rpiusand Fn down is the dead key ~20:50
Sc0rpiusso I don't use shift ever.20:50
Sc0rpiusand looks like the shift is the problem, since all my Fn+key combinations work in Qt20:50
kerioreal men don't use combining accents!20:50
Sc0rpiuswhat do you mean20:51
kerioand they're not even combining accents, they're a weird thing20:51
Sc0rpiusso you have a key for á??? instead of typing ' first and then a ?20:51
Sc0rpiusthat's weird in this side of the planet!!!20:51
Sc0rpiusall our keyboards are in english we don't have keys for áéíóú we have to type ' and then a to á20:52
kerioyeah well, other layouts exist20:52
keriofor fuck's sake, the italian keyboard has ç, ° and § as shift+key combinations20:52
kerio(the full-size one, i mean)20:52
Sc0rpiushow do those shift+key combinations work?20:52
Sc0rpiusif I type shift a I would get a capital A, so I wonder...20:53
kerio§ is shift+ù20:53
Sc0rpius(I mean in real desktop keyboards)20:53
kerioù is the last key before enter, in the home row20:53
*** guampa has joined #maemo20:53
keriohysterical raisins, yes20:53
keriobut that's what i'm used to20:53
Sc0rpiusshift ù is Ù in my keyboard :)20:53
Sc0rpiusand I type it as Shift (hold), ` and then u20:54
keriocapital letters are at the beginning of sentences in italian, or at the beginning of proper nouns20:54
kerioaccents are at the end of certain words20:54
Sc0rpiusmy native language is spanish so I know what you're talking about20:54
keriothere's hardly ever a reason to use accented capitals20:54
keriounless shouting20:54
kerioosx has alt+shift+certain keys for capitalized accented letters, however20:55
Sc0rpiusbut looks like it's only the shift-fn-key that is not working in Qt, that must be very easy to fix20:55
*** Win7Mac_ has left #maemo20:55
keriofreemangordon: heard that? it's "very easy"20:56
Sc0rpiussince Fn+key work...20:56
*** jean_brat has joined #maemo20:58
*** messerting_ has quit IRC20:59
*** messerting_ has joined #maemo20:59
Sc0rpiusthe thing is, I'm not sure if CSSU pulls the whole Qt source in their git repository...20:59
Sc0rpiuswell it's there21:02
DrathirSc0rpius: why?21:04
Sc0rpiuswhy what21:04
freemangordonSc0rpius: for sure it is the whole source21:06
DrathirSc0rpius: why downgrade? what is wrong with 12?21:06
Sc0rpiusyes, I'm lookint at the QHildonInputContext_X11.cpp for the sake of curiosity21:06
Sc0rpiusDrathir, Opera 12 in Maemo crashes all the time21:07
freemangordonSc0rpius: not anymore, at least here it is rock stable21:07
Sc0rpiuswell it was crashing so I downgraded to 11 and now it works fine21:08
sixwheeledbeastIt is better but it still had reports of the occasion segfault, must depend on the website.21:09
*** shamus has quit IRC21:10
*** shamus has joined #maemo21:10
Sc0rpiuskerio when you press Shift + Fn + key in a Qt app do you get the Fn+key combination or the Shift+key combination?21:10
DrathirSc0rpius: crashes when have to much ram usage what i saw...21:11
Sc0rpiuswith Opera 12, I start it, go to facebook, press Login, and it crashes. 100% of the time21:12
Sc0rpiuswith Opera 11 everything I've tried works fine21:12
DrathirSc0rpius: could me seand a page adress and you using phone or pc UA?21:13
Sc0rpiusI guess the phone user agent, since I haven't modified it21:13
Sc0rpiusI use the default settings I haven't even seen the configuration page21:14
Drathirok i will check...21:14
Sc0rpiusI'm happy with Opera 11 though :)21:14
DrathirSc0rpius: try delete opera and opera folder and install 22 again, maybe have a old broken configuration settings?21:15
Sc0rpiusok I can try that21:15
Drathiropera:about opera:config opera:cache21:16
*** jean_brat has joined #maemo21:16
Drathiryou can compare settings....21:16
Drathirwith booth...21:17
jean_brathi.. i just brought a logitech bluetooth keyboard for Ipad.. and paierd it with N900.. Pair is successful21:18
jean_bratbut however keys are not working21:18
jean_bratif i open text msg and start to type something21:19
freemangordonjean_brat: install extkbd21:19
*** ron0062000 has joined #maemo21:20
Sc0rpiuswell if I'm not mistaken, if you press Fn+Shift+key you'd get shift+key and pressing shift+fn+key you'd get fn+key in Qt apps.21:20
freemangordonSc0rpius: yep, sounds like what exactly happens21:21
Sc0rpiusbut in the code looks like it's one or the other since it's21:21
freemangordonshift is somehow wrongly recognized21:22
Sc0rpiusif (qtkeycode == Qt::Key_AltGr) { bla } ELSE if (qtkeycode == Qt::Key_Shift) { bla }21:22
Sc0rpiusbut never the combination of the two.21:22
Sc0rpiusso the last one pressed is the only one that will modify21:23
Sc0rpiusnot sure I would have to read more code21:24
freemangordonSc0rpius: Patches are welcome :). Though I have to look at it too, because it reverses small/capital letters in QML apps. Here, with my bulgarian keyboard21:25
freemangordonQML and Qt apps that is21:25
* freemangordon wonders why there is no bug for that21:26
*** shamus has quit IRC21:26
*** shamus has joined #maemo21:27
jean_bratfreemangordon, i have installed extkbt.. it does not show in the main menu..21:34
jean_brati deleted the device and repaiered it as well... no help21:34
jean_bratextkbt shows in the in installion list of App manager21:35
freemangordonoh, ok21:36
jean_bratso its been installed i believe21:36
freemangordonjean_brat: does BT icon turns blue?21:36
jean_bratyes its blue21:37
freemangordonok. could you pastebin your dmesg log?21:37
jean_bratlet me reboot the device and pair it again21:39
jean_bratok.. seems like its working.. z and y are interchanged.. and caps lock and shifts and numbers are not working21:45
freemangordonjean_brat: select your correct layout21:45
freemangordonsettings->external keyboard21:46
jean_brathow do i do that?21:46
freemangordonjean_brat: go to settings and select "external keyboard"21:46
*** ron0062000 has quit IRC21:47
micknameis it possible to enable svg rendering in microb?21:48
jean_bratits a Logitech Tablet Keyboard for ipad.. not sure what to selct there..21:49
freemangordonwell, try with pc103 first21:50
freemangordonjean_brat: or ask google which layout linux users choose for this kbd21:50
jean_bratits like the exact ipad on screen touch keyboard... don know what layout is it..21:53
micknamealright, i set html5.enable to true in about:config and it seems to be working now.. i hope this doesnät kill the browser21:55
*** shreevathsa_ has joined #maemo21:56
*** jean_brat has quit IRC21:56
*** shreevathsa_ has quit IRC21:57
*** jean_brat has joined #maemo22:02
Sc0rpiusDrathir, deleted .opera dir22:04
Sc0rpiusinstalled Opera 1222:04
Sc0rpiusstart it22:04
Sc0rpiusI click ACCEPT and it crashes :/22:04
Sc0rpiusthis is bs22:04
Sc0rpiusback to Opera 1122:06
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:06
Sc0rpius11.5beta1-14~fremantle0 that's the stable one for me22:06
Sc0rpiusOpera 11 also loads way faster22:08
*** pcfe has quit IRC22:13
*** pcfe has joined #maemo22:13
*** pcfe has quit IRC22:13
*** pcfe has joined #maemo22:13
DrathirSc0rpius: check opera:cach any files there?22:17
*** Pali has quit IRC22:27
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:29
*** jean_brat has quit IRC22:35
*** piggz has quit IRC22:37
*** Guest34378 has joined #maemo22:43
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo22:49
*** Guest34378 has quit IRC22:53
*** ron0062000 has joined #maemo22:55
freemangordonooh, vi is here :)22:56
*** eijk has joined #maemo22:56
freemangordon*was here22:56
*** BCMM has quit IRC22:58
*** piggz has joined #maemo22:59
*** arcean has joined #maemo23:05
*** xes has joined #maemo23:07
*** ab[out] is now known as ab23:11
*** hardaker has joined #maemo23:14
* ron0062000 when is the next update for cssu23:14
*** BCMM has joined #maemo23:15
* merlin1991 thinks /me is supposed to be used like this not for a straight question23:17
* sixwheeledbeast agrees with merlin199123:17
*** _LauRoman has joined #maemo23:18
*** LauRoman has quit IRC23:20
*** pcfe has quit IRC23:22
*** pcfe has joined #maemo23:22
*** pcfe has quit IRC23:22
*** pcfe has joined #maemo23:22
sixwheeledbeastron0062000: when its ready
freemangordonkerio: new bb-power is in the thumb repo, mind to test it?23:25
sixwheeledbeastIs there a plan to update CSSU stable version to the latest? Seems only 4.1 is available from the repo?23:28
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: there is CSSU meeting on Tuesday, I guess we'll duscuss this along with the other stuff23:29
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon:  \o/ also could someone in the know fill in the blanks on
freemangordonwell, I think that one is supposed to be chem|st :)23:34
*** BCMM has quit IRC23:34
sixwheeledbeastI have done the columns but didn't know were to find the rest :)23:35
*** _rd has quit IRC23:46
*** BCMM has joined #maemo23:57

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