IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2013-04-18

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infobotaw, gee, DocScrutinizer5100:28
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DocScrutinizer51""Words guys like woody set up as laws? Where is the referendum on that? Few days discussion on a single thread, you missed, your fault, we rule now. Big FU to the community.""  FFS how dull can a single brain get?00:36
DocScrutinizer51hi Woody1461900:38
DocScrutinizer51every single word in this quote is BS00:39
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DocScrutinizer51EVERY! SINGLE! word00:39
RST38hincluding "a""an" and "the"?00:39
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DocScrutinizer51I'd like to anser: been this meddley selected for showing the post you had most trouble to undertsand a single word, or did you pick those sippets that would suffer maximum crippling of sense by posting them without context?00:42
DocScrutinizer05I still can't decide which weapon to use00:49
RST38hSo, gentlemen, are you talking about TMO posts, of all things?00:50
RST38hAny reason why anyone would discuss a tmo post in a semi-decent place like this one?00:51
Woody14619Because it could have an actual impact on the community?  Just a thought...00:53
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DocScrutinizer05I instructed HtheB to revert his thread teardown00:55
DocScrutinizer05it's the worst thing you could do to this particular thread00:55
DocScrutinizer05since when is bickering and fighting on tmo a reason to close a thread00:57
DocScrutinizer05perticulrly one where really important stuff regarding community is "discussed" :-o00:57
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chem|stDocScrutinizer05: in particular, we decided on let threads die on their own if they get offtopic far enough they get lost anyway... in this case it is gone to far 6 pages ago and fine to be closed... what I read on the last page reflects most of the offtopic discussion's continuous repeating page2page...01:39
Woody14619The problem being that the last rant is by someone who doens't have a clue as to what's going on.01:40
Woody14619And by closing with that, people will assume that it's correct.01:40
Woody14619Had it been closed 6 posts before that, or truncated (including removing the tiny quick  post I got in as a quick reply) that would be different.01:41
chem|stI could delete all but the starting post...01:42
Woody14619Thus the reason I tend to quick-post these days.... To get something in to refute, just in case a thread closes before I can compose a well thought out reply.01:42
chem|stdoes that happen frequently?01:42
chem|stthat is more of an issue for me01:42
Woody14619I've had at least 3 times this month where I hit submit to find the thread was closed under me... so... I'm going to say yes. :)01:42
Woody14619Though to be fair, those may have been the only three threads closed in the past month AFAIK.01:43
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chem|stWoody14619: I cut the firewood at the end for now01:45
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Woody14619Thanks... Will go check in a second... browser is rebooting atm. :P  Firefox V 20.0.1!  Yay?01:46
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Woody14619Close enough. :)01:47
chem|stwell you cannot delete all of it01:48
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chem|ststeam is hard to catch!01:48
chem|stgood night!01:49
Woody14619agreed. :)  Thanks again.01:49
chem|stnext time try a sane discussion with HtheB01:49
Woody14619I thought I did? :(01:49
chem|stI will talk to him about how he closed 2morrow01:49
chem|stnot sane enough it seems01:50
Woody14619Well, to be fair, I got no notice about anything....   The only moderation comment in the thread was yours that I saw.01:50
Woody14619And I did try to keep the tone civil.01:50
chem|stah no I ment directly not over the thread01:51
chem|stafter he closed it01:51
Woody14619Again, I did send a PM to him.  I was more confused than anything, but... Guess I'll re-read and see if my tone was off.01:51
Woody14619Wasn't intentional if it was...01:51
chem|stnew moderators need to be petted the first month until they know not to bark at night not drink from the toilet and so on...01:52
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Woody14619lol. :) well.  OK.01:52
chem|stboth HtheB and thdead1440 get into it pretty strong at times01:53
Woody14619To be fair, I don't know him, so... Which is why I questioned why he close it.  I was hoping for dialog honeslt.01:53
chem|stdead found his way around pretty fast though01:53
Woody14619(eg something like this)01:53
Woody14619I noticed. ;)01:53
Woody14619Yet he still won't run for Council.... :P01:54
chem|stneeded a slap or two and is very good help with cleaning the mess01:54
chem|stI am 4 years in now... ran for council with no love once (was on vacation to be honest)01:55
Woody14619Well... You know....01:55
chem|stgot vetted for cssu and talk...01:55
Woody14619There is this election coming up.... just saying.... ;)01:55
chem|stand essential here is "got vetted"01:56
* Woody14619 whistles and looks around at the ceiling...01:56
chem|stnight! ;)01:57
Woody14619night! :)01:59
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DocScrutinizer05I was a bit instructive in my post to him, though not particularly rude02:20
DocScrutinizer05all fine with what we have now02:20
DocScrutinizer05except for the genral insanity in this whole thread02:21
DocScrutinizer05but that's just the mirror of insanity in situ02:21
DocScrutinizer05believe it or not, this day gave me some hope02:25
Woody14619how so? :)02:25
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DocScrutinizer05GeneralAntilles: pingpingping p ing p i n gpi  ng p  ing02:52
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer05, pong02:57
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XATRIXDocScrutinizer05:  hi, is there a maemo port for "Lazors" ?07:56
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vi__what thread???10:25
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XATRIXDocScrutinizer05: hi, can you correct me if i'm using wrong repos, or i should add some extra10:41
XATRIXCurrently i'm using this one
XATRIXBut, fremantle1.2 ovi is currently disabled10:42
DocScrutinizer05you most probably DONT want extzras-devel enabled all the time, but since you already had...10:43
DocScrutinizer05nfc about ovi10:44
DocScrutinizer05I never used that10:44
DocScrutinizer05and I'd guess * doesn't work anymore10:45
infobotit has been said that mirror is, or - for fighting hashsum error, or see ~rmo-new10:45
DocScrutinizer05though nothing new in those repos anyway10:45
DocScrutinizer05generally all repos should be fine again10:46
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DocScrutinizer05all * is basically dead10:47
XATRIXNone is updating them ?10:47
DocScrutinizer05Nokia didn't consider transferring that stuff to communioty, but also didn't consider supporting it further10:47
XATRIXStupid position10:48
DocScrutinizer05well, nothing to update in there10:48
DocScrutinizer05any updates to the stuff in there would rather go to cssu anyway10:49
XATRIXSo, is still functional ?10:49
XATRIXIs it a nokia's repo ?10:49
DocScrutinizer05* is community now10:50
infoboti guess rmo is repository.maemo.org10:50
XATRIXSo, i simply has to switch of ?10:50
DocScrutinizer05yep, that should work10:50
XATRIXI mean, you strongly advice me to switch it off10:51
XATRIXHow can i check, how much software i already have installed from extras-devel.merlin ?10:52
DocScrutinizer05I suggest to switch to rmo, and I usually keep it deactivated, only enable it to install or explicitly update single packages10:52
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DocScrutinizer05that's not easy to determine10:52
DocScrutinizer05but then you don't bother either10:53
DocScrutinizer05installed is installed10:53
XATRIXYou mean ,i can skip it right now ?10:54
DocScrutinizer05skip what?10:54
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XATRIXif i have installed software from extras-devel, i have to live with this. nothing i can do ?10:54
XATRIXOr what did you mean?10:55
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DocScrutinizer05you could deinstall it if you don't like it10:55
DocScrutinizer05an installed package doesn't care where from it got installed10:55
XATRIXYea, but i don't know which soft. i currently have from extras-devel10:55
DocScrutinizer05the less it cares if that repo is enabled or not10:56
DocScrutinizer05I also don't know10:56
DocScrutinizer05and I usually don't care10:56
DocScrutinizer05and I haven't even found a convenient way to tell10:57
teotwakiDocScrutinizer05: quite the mood today, eh?10:57
DocScrutinizer05teotwaki: hmm?10:57
DocScrutinizer05I think HAM can tell where from a particular package got installed10:58
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DocScrutinizer05apt doesn't10:59
DocScrutinizer05due to a silly flaw10:59
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XATRIXDocScrutinizer05: also, where can i find maemo port of Lazors ? :)10:59
DocScrutinizer05no idea11:00
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XATRIXIt doesn't know :)11:00
DocScrutinizer05then that doesn't exist11:00
XATRIXAlso, where can i find any connection logs of my IM protocols11:00
XATRIXCurrently my ICQ proto tells me "Network Error" but all the other protos work pretty well11:01
DocScrutinizer05sorry, no idea11:01
XATRIXI thinks it's a conersation plugin11:02
XATRIXDoes it write logs somewhere11:02
DocScrutinizer05I don't know11:04
DocScrutinizer05doesn't mean a thing, somebody else might11:04
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DocScrutinizer05also lsof and find / -mmin 30  are your frinds11:06
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DocScrutinizer05depending on find version maybe --mmin -3011:07
DocScrutinizer05if you used your IM during last 30 minutes11:08
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DocScrutinizer05of course this find invocation will most likely find other files as well which are being changed during last 30 minutes, but one of those files it finds is your IM log, if there exists such log at all. You might need to change parameters of the IM plugin to enable logging though11:13
DocScrutinizer05if yu just want to debug a connectivity problem, other tools/means come to mind: tshark, strace11:15
DocScrutinizer05google ;-)11:16
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chem|stWoody14619: starting a text with 'Uhm.. Really?' is like saying 'are you stupid or what?'12:22
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PaliNew kernel-power v52 TMO thread:
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freemangordonPali: cool15:23
PaliI did not have time for it earlier15:23
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DocScrutinizer05Rob going completely nuts now, he changed the password of HiFo content management to lock out the other two of BoD and HiFo communication officer15:48
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: :(15:57
DocScrutinizer05maybe I got some PM info wrong. He changed password but at least shared it to CO15:57
DocScrutinizer05nevertheless his answer to Kurt H Maier on community ML is absolutely devastating15:59
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer05, that's not something that can be clearly attributed.15:59
GeneralAntillesGiven he gave me the password when I asked for it.16:00
freemangordon"...there is currently no special election for Board of Directors despite that some people have claimed that there was>16:01
freemangordonthough... that could make sense16:02
freemangordonif MCC != HFC16:03
DocScrutinizer05I'm even more concerned about the other assumptions/proposals/prognoses he makes there16:03
GeneralAntillesThat is how he believes it is16:03
freemangordonwell, I guess we shold wait for BoD meeting to be held16:04
DocScrutinizer05yes, and the fact that he believes that can't change, not even by the smallest possibility, and that he thinks he knows about future rules, makes me really biased against him16:05
freemangordonGeneralAntilles: the probem as I see it is that he has obsessed BoD and acts like he is the one to have the final saying16:07
freemangordondamn RD, problem even16:07
GeneralAntillesfreemangordon, yes, there's a bit of a power trip going on there.16:07
freemangordonwhich makes me wonder what is all that about16:08
DocScrutinizer05it's all about a patent lawyer showing off16:08
freemangordonI doubt this is based on "believings" only16:08
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DocScrutinizer05have you read the meeting minutes of 8th Dec? The passage about "appointing MCC"?16:10
DocScrutinizer05it's as fuzzy as it can get16:10
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:11
DocScrutinizer05I tried to read it in a way that would imply MCC!=HFC, I failed16:13
thedead1440simple; ask ivan and tim to write what they meant when they were doing the appointment of MCC16:14
DocScrutinizer05go out of my kitchen! ;-P16:14
thedead1440the thing everybody fails to notice is rob is fighting on aspects decided by tim and/or ivan and neither of those 2 are being held accountable16:15
freemangordonhmm, yep, sounds sane16:15
thedead1440ask them to appear on this friday's bod meeting and say what they meant; if they say yeah we meant MCC=HFC; case closed16:15
freemangordonthedead1440: those meetings are "closed source" afaik16:16
thedead1440freemangordon: nah open source ;)16:16
freemangordonhmm, since when?16:16
thedead1440from this friday16:16
freemangordonok :)16:16
DocScrutinizer05Rob also claims >alas there's no defined way how HFC gets appointed<< (OWTTE) - dang, how could that happen, Rob?? Weren't YOU the lawyer supposed to prrofread the bylaws and spot and extinguish such flaws?16:17
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thedead1440more people should appear during the meeting and grill rob; the same 3-5 people chasing him makes it a coup... more community members chasing him makes him look like holding community to his hostage16:17
DocScrutinizer05which in my book he does anyway16:18
freemangordonis it IRC meeting or voice?16:18
thedead1440voice, audio + chat16:18
freemangordonhmm, ok16:18
freemangordonthedead1440: i'll ping you tomorrow for the details :P16:18
thedead1440why wait till tomorrow ;)16:19
freemangordonI'll lose the address till then :D16:19
thedead1440hehe ok16:19
DocScrutinizer05well, we *could* do this (ask Tim and Ivan), or BoD simply decides tomorrow to appoint MCC==HFC (again)16:20
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thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: preferred solution is to ask tim and ivan before tomorrow for confirmation and get this officially stated in the meeting16:21
DocScrutinizer05same time settling the argument, fixing a perceived by Rob flaw in bylaws and finnally listening to community and moving HiFo forward16:21
DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: I don't think so16:21
thedead1440i know neither tim or ivan well otherwise i would have badgered them for a confirmation of mcc=hfc long ago16:22
DocScrutinizer05no matter what they thought they decided, what's needed and in spirit of bylaws fathers is MCC==HFC16:22
DocScrutinizer05and nobody really wants to decide who's been right or wrong in this dispute16:22
thedead1440yes Doc but that is made infinitely easier when the directors who voted this speak up and confirm it.16:23
thedead1440because Rob wasn't a director then and these two directors appointed MCC16:23
thedead1440if they say we meant it as MCC=HFC; there is nothing Rob can do to prove otherwise as those decisions were made officially before16:24
DocScrutinizer05if the decision isn't a mandatory unanimous one, and Rob still accepts Jim and Woody as regular BoD members (he better did, or he needs to sue himself for pulling them in)16:24
DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: and if they don't?16:24
DocScrutinizer05then we're back to my approach16:25
*** sirdanceal0t has quit IRC16:25
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: if they say MCC=!HFC then yes you have to get an appointment done tomorrow.16:25
DocScrutinizer05I dunno when exactly Rob got appointed for BoD, anyway he's the third on list of attendants16:26
thedead1440Rob got appointed after Texrat left16:26
thedead1440have a link to the 8/12/12 minutes?16:26
DocScrutinizer05and if that's the case (Ron=BoD at 8, Dec) then we again had 2 vs one when he didn't think that's been mmc==hfc16:27
thedead1440Texrat resigns but Rob not appointed as of 8/12/1216:28
DocScrutinizer05still this introduces 2 more variables (Tim and Ivan) while finally might result in partially same procedure16:29
thedead1440do what you think is right; i'm not going to argue legal stuff that is not going anywhere. I chimed in with a blind-spot in discussions so far only.16:29
DocScrutinizer05and even if it doesn't result in same procedure since they say it was meant for HFC, then this way is not any shorter or easier than the other16:29
thedead1440we can discuss things hypothetically when its bloody simple to send and email each to tim and ivan for a yes/no answer and path forward is clearer.16:30
DocScrutinizer05look, as much as I try to do what community wants, I'm not the one pushing for HFC. If woody and Jim have a plan then they shall sort it out tomorrow, if not then I'll not step up to do their job16:31
DocScrutinizer05maybe Woody is right and mmc==hfc been decided in an even earlier meeting already16:32
DocScrutinizer05maybe even before any of regular BoD been appointed16:33
*** FlameReaper has joined #maemo16:34
DocScrutinizer05after all Woody introduced the concept of HFC and elections into bylaws, and aiui he been one of the pre-official founding members of HiFo16:34
DocScrutinizer05SD69 never been very happy with community having a saying in anything, maybe he never felt like this part of bylaws was worth his valued review16:35
DocScrutinizer05now he claims it's flawed in bylaws and thus he can't execute it. Sounds coherent to me16:36
*** sixwheeledbeast is now known as sixwheeled|away16:37
*** sirdanceal0t has joined #maemo16:41
DocScrutinizer05heck, in the end it's been last term's COUNCIL that established the HiFo, together with other volunteers16:41
*** eichi has quit IRC16:42
DocScrutinizer05but whatever been intended, it seems obvious that majority of community mebers thought we won't have a THIRD entity/SECOND council. So even if the bylaws are fuzzy or flawed, the only right thing to do is: current BoD appoints mcc==hfc16:43
*** florian has quit IRC16:44
DocScrutinizer05forget what's been intended in the past in bylaws, ask what's *possible* to do now about it in accordance with those bylaws16:44
*** techlife has quit IRC16:45
DocScrutinizer05to implement what's obviously the notion and intent of vast majority of community members16:45
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:46
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:47
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:48
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:48
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:49
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:49
*** amospalla has quit IRC16:50
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:50
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:51
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:51
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:52
*** amospalla has joined #maemo16:52
*** techlife has joined #maemo16:52
DocScrutinizer05most funny part in Rob's chain of argumentation (aiui) is: there's no HFC. There are no rules for elections. There is no word in the bylaws how to install a HFC. The rules for elections are to be set up by HFC, according to bylaws. So we're in a deadlock that only BoD can break, we'll do this by appointing a HFC any way and any time we (err *I*) like16:57
*** techlife has quit IRC16:58
*** markinfo has joined #maemo16:58
DocScrutinizer05he's perverting the meaning and reason for having a HFC: to shoot down BoD when they don't behave.That's like Berlusconi firing all judges and thus refusing to ever go to court, since nobody except him can appoint new judges17:00
keriothat's not exactly what happens in italy17:01
DocScrutinizer05yeah, I know17:01
DocScrutinizer05I didn't say it was an example completely taken from reality17:01
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:01
DocScrutinizer05in Hungary however that seems to be pretty exactly what happened lately17:03
thedead1440careful on your terminology Doc; you are running into a quagmire by implying HiFo = HiFo BoD and not HiFo BoD or HiFo Council17:03
thedead1440as council member you are actually going to just end up doing the same thing you castigated MT for in the last metting...17:03
*** sixwheeledbeast has joined #maemo17:04
thedead1440...and qwazix to the rescue :)17:04
*** sixwheeled|away has quit IRC17:05
DocScrutinizer05oh well, I see what you meant17:11
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo17:16
DocScrutinizer05if it wasn't for all the community mebers asking, begging, even blackmailing me to continue my work, I had resigned weeks ago17:16
*** brzys has quit IRC17:20
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work17:20
*** messerting has joined #maemo17:22
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:23
*** brzys has joined #maemo17:23
vi__DocScrutinizer05: It is appreciated.17:24
thedead1440and how is your statement related to anything except to glorify your ego? Doc you are a good man whose work is appreciated so don't be a reverse-Rob who needs to show his importance to events when proven less than 100% accurate. I say this to you because i know you usually mean well. unhappy? Then +q me.17:24
DocScrutinizer05nah, I just have my desperate 5 minutes. Rob's mails and posts always have that effect on me17:25
DocScrutinizer05in short: I'm pissed17:26
DocScrutinizer05particularly since I suspect "the other party" feels joy from those silly games17:27
*** rcg has quit IRC17:28
DocScrutinizer05so it's kinda like beating a masochist. It's not satisfying since you're always playing the other one's game17:28
DocScrutinizer05masochist: "beat me, please beat me!"  Sadist: "NOOOOOO! haha"17:29
*** drussell has joined #maemo17:31
DocScrutinizer05now s/beat/torture/17:31
* DocScrutinizer05 needs a looong walk in the park17:32
thedead1440go for it then17:36
DocScrutinizer05yeah. Do you know that feeling? sometimes I feel like ssh root@* killall -SIGSTOP -r '.*'17:45
keriowe're lucky ssh doesn't work like that, then :P17:46
DocScrutinizer05ooh, I have other means, but feeling like != actually doing it17:46
*** messerting has quit IRC17:47
*** dos1 has quit IRC17:49
*** githogori has quit IRC17:51
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC17:52
*** dos1 has joined #maemo17:53
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo17:53
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*** sixwheeledbeast has quit IRC17:58
*** XATRIX has quit IRC17:59
*** sixwheeledbeast has joined #maemo18:01
DocScrutinizer05~listkeys ZIP18:01
infobotFactoid search of 'ZIP' by key (21 of 42422): zip 11717 ;; zip 13659 ;; zip 14777 ;; zip 14975 ;; zip 18438 ;; zip 24473 ;; zip 27501 ;; zip 33537 ;; zip 34642 ;; zip 45343 ;; zip 47703 ;; zip 4985 ;; zip 51022 ;; zip 5152 ;; zip 54129 ;; zip 56687 ;; zip 64853 ;; zip 66854 ;; zip 74136 ;; zip 75294 ;; zip 77580.18:01
DocScrutinizer05do you know how many times a felt tempted to ~forget *ZIP*, and didn't do it because Tim asked me not to go too leete with regex factoid editing18:02
DocScrutinizer05s/ a / I /18:03
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: do you know how many times I felt tempted to ~forget *ZIP*, and didn't do it because Tim asked me not to go too leete with regex factoid editing18:03
keriohold on, are there no backups?18:05
keriodammit i want to do a ~forget * so much18:07
n900-dkHow come 'apt-get update' output, and log from HAM update isn't the same?18:08
*** jpinx_ has joined #maemo18:08
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infobotthanks, sixwheeledbeast19:07
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo19:07
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freemangordonhmm, wiki is as fast as a snail :(19:22
*** jrocha has quit IRC19:22
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sixwheeledbeastdeja vu. snail==wiki. http://www.snail-world.com19:25
*** cityLights has quit IRC19:25
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n900-dkHow come is never updated with news and announcements?21:19
n900-dkAll the election stuff and server news should popup right into my face21:20
*** sq-one has joined #maemo21:21
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo21:22
*** florian has joined #maemo21:25
*** florian has joined #maemo21:25
sixwheeledbeastn900-dk: because nobody has been able to login for a good while. I think the big plan is to get back to using m.o more.21:27
n900-dkisn't it like 3 weeks now, where community has been in charge?21:31
n900-dkwe can't expect people to see the election announcement on tmo21:33
sixwheeledbeastn900-dk: there are still lots of things to fix and monitor infra wise. Which Doc is doing a fine job of coordinating ;)21:34
n900-dkYes,I'm sure he is, but I just think m.o. is the maemo communitys face to the outside - and to me it seems dead for years21:37
n900-dkand it makes me sad21:37
*** valeriusL has quit IRC21:39
*** sixwheeledbeast1 has joined #maemo21:44
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*** brolin_empey has joined #maemo21:54
sixwheeledbeastextras downloads counter has been stuck since 20121209 :(
*** minde has quit IRC22:00
DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast: there are several jobs that don't run yet, I guess22:04
*** rcg has joined #maemo22:11
PaliNIN101: ping22:27
NIN101Pali: pong22:27
PaliNIN101: what do you think about rescueos image in some extras-devel package for uboot support?22:27
Palinew version of uboot (which will be released soon) will have ext2/3/4 support so kernel and initfs images can be loaded from emmc optfs22:28
PaliI think that having rescueos entry in uboot could be usefull and storing it via apt/dpkg to /opt is better then to /boot (which is on rootfs)22:30
NIN101I haven't played around with uboot much, I don't know what to think. As you know, I am not very active anymore, which means I am not going to do it. If others want to do it, they are welcome to of course.22:31
Paliwith new version of uboot it is possible and I can do needed packaging22:32
NIN101you don't need my permission as every component is open source.22:32
NIN101and my few little scripts too.22:32
PaliNIN101, uboot can load any kernel & initfs image before starting maemo/rootfs22:33
PaliI'm just asking what do you think about it?22:33
kerioPali: rescueos-bootimg that installs in /opt/boot?22:33
Palikerio, yes22:33
keriomeh, i already have that :P22:33
Palime too :-)22:33
Palibut it is not in extras-devel so not easy to distribute for end users22:34
NIN101the main idea of rescueos that you don't need anything preinstalled to boot it. but what you describe at least sounds nice and useful.22:34
keriooh, it's actually amazing as an on-device thing22:34
*** messerting has joined #maemo22:37
NIN101thx :-).22:39
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:39
*** ssvb has quit IRC22:41
*** Martix has joined #maemo22:52
*** valerius has quit IRC22:57
*** ssvb has joined #maemo22:57
n900-dkshould I run apt-get upgrade?:23:00
n900-dk following packages have been kept back:23:00
n900-dk  libgcc1 libsdl-mixer1.2 libstdc++623:00
n900-dkThe following packages will be upgraded:23:00
n900-dk  gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg libpurple0 libzbar0 python-location python-protobuf23:00
*** darodi has quit IRC23:04
*** darodi has joined #maemo23:04
Macergot my 32GB SD from amazon finally heh23:05
Macerc10 :)23:06
Macerlet me run off and throw music and stuff on it23:06
*** FIQ has quit IRC23:08
sixwheeledbeastah, Macer did you sort the camera issue out? Was is the user-dir file?23:12
*** darodi has quit IRC23:14
*** fw190 has joined #maemo23:15
*** jpinx_ has quit IRC23:17
*** fw190 has quit IRC23:20
*** valeriusN has left #maemo23:21
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:22
*** darodi has joined #maemo23:23
*** valerius2k has joined #maemo23:28
sixwheeledbeastsysop's: "Problem with git push to Garage"23:30
*** OkropNick has quit IRC23:31
*** shamus has quit IRC23:36
*** shamus has joined #maemo23:37
*** darodi has quit IRC23:41
Macersixwheeledbeast: yes23:43
Macersorry... was doing stuff23:44
Macerbut yes it was the dirs file23:44
Maceri didn't even have one which was odd23:44
Maceri have to decide on what to do with the internal storage heh23:44
Macersince i have a 64GB N900 now (2x32GB)23:44
*** FIQ has joined #maemo23:44
*** nox- has joined #maemo23:44
Maceri was just thinking of keeping movies/shows on the internal storage since i don't change that stuff much anyways23:45
Macerbut now i have to start encoding stuff that will actually play on the n900 heh23:45
Maceri don't even know the best settings to use have to figure that out23:45
*** valerius has joined #maemo23:45
sixwheeledbeastMacer: kk, it has been known before that the file could be missing but noone has yet to workout why.23:45
*** darodi has joined #maemo23:46
* sixwheeledbeast has a 96GB N90023:46
Macerdid you use a thumb drive in the usb port or something? heh23:47
*** XATRIX has quit IRC23:47
Macerhow can i get the obex to access the SD?23:47
Macerit seems to only send you to the internal storage23:47
kerio32 gb of internal storage and a 64gb usd?23:47
eccerr0rI just have a 16G microsd in my n900, and I really have no use for it :\23:48
kerioMacer: make a symlink in ~/.obex-root23:48
Macerkerio: ah ok23:48
sixwheeledbeastwell minus two 800mb swap spaces (64GB uSD+32GB eMMC)23:48
DocScrutinizer05Pali: rescueos is meant to crank up a system from scratch, so it doesn't basically matter what it uses, as long as the system is as close to standard os as possible23:48
Macersixwheeledbeast: i didn't think ther were 64GB SDHC23:48
Macerand that SDXC doesn't work23:48
kerioDocScrutinizer05: huge problem: no recent mtd-utils :(23:48
sixwheeledbeastSDXC and they work23:49
Macerwow really??23:49
Macerif i knew that i'd have gotten a 64GB sd lol23:49
Maceri got the 32 because i just assumed the sdxc wasn't compatible23:49
sixwheeledbeastMacer: you should of asked :P23:49
Macerhaha.. yeah i guess so23:50
DocScrutinizer05they shuld be backward compatible, but might fail for capacities >(iirc)64GB23:50
eccerr0rhmm... i should swap to my 16G card...23:50
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo23:50
Maceri have an 8GB for nemo testing heh23:50
Macerspeaking of which i should try nemo out.. there were a few bugs they said they fixed as far as an n900 goes23:51
Maceri've been testing it out on my broke modem n90023:51
DocScrutinizer05though afaik SDXC introduces a new faster interface spec, they should support old interface as well. Alas old interface hits its limits somewhere around 64GB addr space afaik23:51
Palion TMO more users wrote that 64GB SDXC working fine wih n900...23:52
*** iDont has joined #maemo23:52
sixwheeledbeastI updated the wiki a while ago
*** sunny_s has quit IRC23:52
Palionly needs to remove that stupid exfat....23:52
*** croppa has joined #maemo23:52
keriois there a good exfat driver for linux?23:52
Palikerio, yes23:54
Palither is very good driver for linux :-)23:54
Paliand faster then MS driver23:54
Paliit has two problems: driver is proprietary and cost too much23:54
kerioi meant a real driver23:55
Palithis is real kernel driver23:55
Palicreated by tuxera23:55
kerioisn't that FUSE?23:56
Pali(those who created also very fast kernel ntfs driver - again too expensive)23:56
Paliit is real kernel driver23:56
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:56
kerioalso, real = available as a compile option in the kernel from
Palikerio, there is some free oss fuse extfat driver23:57
Palibut very very slow23:57
Paliso not very usable23:58
*** valerius2k is now known as valeriusN23:59

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