IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2013-04-17

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raid_i can't install that, i'm missing the dependencies00:07
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DocScrutinizer05SDK or tools repo, I'd guess00:10
DocScrutinizer05prolly SDK00:10
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raid_oh ofc00:17
raid_i forgot the sdk was its own repo00:17
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RiDhow likely it is for a N900 to be hardware damaged if it only shows up to NOKIA screen (doesn't show dots)01:01
RiDI guess it would be quite rare, right? (no, my n900 does not have that problem. I'm looking for 2nd handed ones in my country)01:01
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kerioRiD: not a common hw problem, no01:02
RiDOk, thanks01:04
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RiDAlso, there's one that says Bluetooth and Wireless does not work01:04
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keriohw problem, or borked CAL01:04
RiDthat one is quite in pristine condition, apart from that01:05
RiDbad word XD01:06
keriononworking bluetooth happens if you bork CAL in some way01:07
RiDI e-mailed him asking if it stopped working after an update01:07
keriobut wifi+bluetooth is probably a hw problem, they're the same chip01:07
RiDi might just try to negotiate with another one where it says everything works, just some scratches01:09
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raid_what package is autoreconf in? i can't install apt-file right now01:17
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raid_can someone type apt-file search autoreconf?01:19
rikaneeI'm pretty sure autoreconf is part of autoconf.01:22
DocScrutinizer51I'm ptrtty sure I nrver used apt-file01:25
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GI_Jackfound the problem01:28
GI_Jackmaemo5 doesn't like ifupdown it needs the busybox version01:29
GI_Jackfor the same reason it can't use bash and coreutils as the default shell01:29
GI_Jackmaemo 5 is indeed put together with some ugly hacks01:29
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infobotextra, extra, read all about it, jrtools is
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raid_i get the error 'file not found' when trying to run '/usr/bin/autoreconf'01:40
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raid_i copy the file to the current directory and try to run and i get the same error message01:40
raid_'file autoreconf' also says 'file not found'01:41
raid_what's going on01:41
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raid_i traced it to a problem with perl01:57
raid_file isn't installed. it said 'file not found' as in file the program01:57
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raid_i don't remember what you have to do to get autoconf to run with perl01:59
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infobotDocScrutinizer51: thanks02:41
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raid_/usr/bin/autoreconf  expects perl to be in /scratchbox/tools/bin/02:50
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raid_if i can't get 2-factor auth working on the n900, then it might be finally over04:53
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raid_any recommendations on phones?04:53
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bef0rddidn't you get it working last week?04:57
bef0rdand documented it on TMO?04:58
raid_it's not working anymore04:58
bef0rdoh :/04:58
raid_neither is the example that guy posted on the thread04:58
raid_it might work for google, but not for other sites04:58
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vi__who here can speak Italian?10:47
vi__kerio: You are Italian right?10:47
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GNUtoo-N71JQhi, where do I find the official images for the n900 for reflashing it11:38
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GNUtoo-N71JQit's been months that I asked11:41
GNUtoo-N71JQI was told to come back later11:41
GNUtoo-N71JQbecause there is something like nokia to community infrastructure migration11:42
GNUtoo-N71JQI'm back11:42
GNUtoo-N71JQmaybe the address changed?11:42
vi__I have no idea.  I kept my own copies so I would never be stuck without.11:43
fizzie is I think the mirror I've seen people talk about on channel.11:44
fizzie(That's the sum total of my knowledge about the topic.)11:44
GNUtoo-N71JQthanks a lot11:44
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Maceranybody know of some good bug tracking style software that can be modified for industrial health and safety issues?15:50
r00t|homeon maemo?!15:51
rikaneer00t|home: Well, don't let platform support stop him for using it for SCADA!15:52
rikaneeIsn't bugzilla a good candidate?15:52
jacekowskiMacer: flyspray?15:52
Maceri guess15:53
Maceri just need something that can be modified enough as to make custom areas :)15:53
Macerbut i guess any its would do huh?15:53
jacekowskiflyspray is great15:53
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vi__Is there some kind of alternative to m$ visual studio?16:30
Cor-Ainot this window i wantede! sry! dont mind me!16:30
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rikaneevi__: Eclipse (lol)16:34
PaliccxCZ: ping16:39
Palivi__: Qt Creator16:39
Palivi__: or KDevelop16:39
Palivi__: or vim + makefile + gcc + gdb + valgrind (but only for linux) :-)16:39
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PaliccxCZ: that 0xFFFF bug which you reported is fixed now (in git)16:52
PaliI was able to debug and it16:53
Paliif there are no other reported bugs I will release new version of 0xFFFF which will be stable16:53
ccxCZPali: pong16:58
Paliare you going to test 0xFFFF?16:59
ccxCZjust got my external charger this weekend, so I might try again :-)16:59
ccxCZfirst I'll have to debug why /dev/usb doesn't show on my laptop though16:59
jacekowskiit shouldn't17:00
jacekowskithere is no /dev/usb17:00
Palithere is /dev/bus/usb/17:01
ccxCZyeah, that's the one17:01
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rikaneePali: only dependency of 0xFFFF is libusb, right?17:01
ccxCZreplacement for older thing in sysfs iirc17:01
Palirikanee, yes (gnu libc and gcc too...)17:02
PaliccxCZ, it was somewhere in /proc/17:03
Palimaybe you have broken udev17:03
rikaneeah. I'll try to build a static version for ARMel, and see if I can flash N900 from Android device (or even from iOS devices)17:03
ccxCZmaybe I have no udev :-)17:03
Palirikanee, you should be able to do it17:03
ccxCZbeen a while since I've tackled it so I forgot the proper paths17:03
Palibut I did not tested it17:03
ccxCZbut my other pc with the pretty much same userspace works, so I blame the kernel config17:04
PaliccxCZ, then you need to create character devices yourself17:04
ccxCZmdev on both machines, same config, should be at least17:05
Palisee if you have usb devices in /sys/bus/usb/devices/17:05
Palifor each device entry there should be "dev" file17:05
Paliwhere is "major:minor"17:06
Paliwhich means major and minor number for character device in /dev/bus/usb17:06
ccxCZyup, it's there17:07
Palirikanee, 0xFFFF needs old (legacy) version of libusb, not version 1.017:07
PaliccxCZ, so then mdev did not created character devices...17:07
rikaneePali: ah, thanks for the heads-up. I was wondering why it didn't work on Archlinux.17:07
ccxCZyeah, it's pretty weird17:07
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Palirikanee, Skry already created 0xFFFF package in arch repository17:08
ccxCZI need to set up some proper logging on the kernel hotplug handler17:08
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Palirikanee, you need arch package libusb-compat17:09
rikaneeGot it. I thought the new libusb (libusbx?) was plain compatible with the old one.17:09
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Palino, new libusb 1.0 is incompatible with old libusb17:10
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work17:10
Palilibusbx should be compatible with libusb 1.0 (but again not with old libusb)17:11
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jacekowskithat's the thing you love about linux17:11
jacekowskieverything is incompatible17:11
Palijacekowski, where is problem?17:12
Palinew libusb has another name17:12
Palinew libusb has new interface17:12
jacekowskibut libusb 1.0 is incompatible with older versions17:12
Paliso you can have both libraries in system17:12
Palijacekowski, old and new libusb are different implementation of userspace usb access17:13
Palinew libusb has cleaned api17:14
PaliI think this was good step. create new library which will have fixed API & ABI and rename it17:14
jacekowskiincompatible API17:14
jacekowskino it wasn't17:14
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jacekowskiit worked and now you have two incompatible implementations of same thing17:15
Paliand what will be better? using hacks in *new* applications because old libusb has some problems?17:15
Palithen we will have new windows17:16
Palicompatible with 16bit systems with all stupid winapi functions which have lot of deprecated arguments...17:16
jacekowskis/new\ windows/operating\ system\ that\ has\ most\ of\ the\ marketshare/17:18
rikaneePali: half the system is wasted on wrapper functions ;)17:18
rikaneeThere are actually just a handful of real DLL files needed by Windows itself, they're named "api-ms-win-something-something.dll", the rest is layers upon layers of compatibility hacks.17:19
Paliplus wrappers for other languages and VM...17:20
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* ccxCZ wonders why mdev traverses /sys/class for coldplugging instead of /sys/devices17:27
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: full ack17:30
*** raid_ has quit IRC17:32
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vi__looks like I am using visual studio.  The company would rather pay £800 to 'keep everything the same' than use something else.17:34
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ccxCZat least there's vi mode for visual studio :-)17:45
*** Martix_ has joined #maemo17:46
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rikaneevi__, are you at least using VS 2008?17:51
rikanee2010 and newer are slow as dog shit.17:52
Palivisual studio nor any other MS application does not have valgrind support18:01
Palior application with valgrind features18:01
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vi__I just downloaded visual studio c# express 2012.18:08
vi__We shall see how this goes.18:08
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vi__Who is a cheap courier service to get something shipped from germany to the UK?18:14
*** florian has joined #maemo18:17
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r00t|homevi__: dhl? ;)18:20
vi__TNT, 27euro.18:23
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*** discopig has joined #maemo18:27
DocScrutinizer05hmm, I used M$-VS last time ~2000 and it wasn't that bad, for editor etc18:27
DocScrutinizer05(ok, this been for VB. No comments please!)18:28
vi__But I am able to send parcels TO Germany for only 15euro.  What T F Germany?18:28
DocScrutinizer05wheep a bit18:28
*** dos1 has joined #maemo18:29
*** darodi has quit IRC18:29
r00t|homevi__: what's the size/weigt....18:30
*** florian has quit IRC18:30
vi__65*15*15cm @6kg18:30
DocScrutinizer05WTF UK - maybe the customs there are way more demanding18:30
vi__It is widely known our customs and exercise are complete bastards.18:31
DocScrutinizer05shipping a parcel isn't like a math algo that you can reverse18:31
vi__A one way hash!18:31
vi__UK customs will open your shit, charge you an extra 20%.  The post office will pay this then have you pay £10 for the service.18:32
vi__cost of your stuff+20%+£10.18:33
r00t|home<vi__> 65*15*15cm @6kg  <--- 20eur with dhl...18:33
sixwheeledbeastmmm, got a friend that had a yoshi full system shipped from states and had the 20% sting. Still cheaper than buying in UK tho.18:34
r00t|homeif it was 60cm and 5kg, 15eur18:34
vi__according to dhl uk site it is £80.18:35
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vi__Are you sure that is a Germany -> Uk parcel?18:36
r00t|home80 pounds would be like max weight and size to some 3rd world country18:36
r00t|homethe page i linked is in english18:36
vi__I am reading it now.  It is served from  There appears to be no equivalent.18:37
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r00t|homei wasn't even serious about suggesting dhl... it's just what you get if you go to the post office here18:38
*** 77CAAYPZF has joined #maemo18:39
vi__It looks to be the cheapest so far, good suggestion.18:39
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vi__The actual shock is only 40cm long.18:41
*** otep_ has quit IRC18:41
vi__They should be able to wrap it <60cm18:42
r00t|homeweight has to be <=5kg too to get into the cheaper class18:42
*** Natch has quit IRC18:43
vi__it is only 5euro more.18:43
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*** Natch is now known as Natch_l18:45
*** Natch_l is now known as Natch18:45
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r00t|homevi__: it seems that dhl outside of germany only does express deliveries or business customers... which would be why it's so expensive on
*** Martix_ has quit IRC18:53
DocScrutinizer05ordering a DE->UK shipment in DE is probably much cheaper than ordering same stuff from UK18:57
r00t|homedhl's biggest competitor for private shipping inside germany... will ship to uk for 1eur less: ("Internationaler Versand")18:57
vi__aaah, hermes.18:57
*** eichi has quit IRC18:57
r00t|homeDocScrutinizer05: that too... and normally nobody would do the reverse anyway18:57
DocScrutinizer05ordering from UK was like "instruct UK parcel service to pick up at foreign location"18:57
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vi__Time to take chem|st up on his offer to assist with a DE purchase!18:58
* DocScrutinizer05 hides18:58
*** rcg has joined #maemo18:58
r00t|homeindeed... all germans, hide!18:59
r00t|home<-- hides18:59
vi__too late!18:59
vi__I have your number now!19:00
r00t|homeIP number, eh?19:00
DocScrutinizer05ever heard of VoIP? ;-P19:01
* DocScrutinizer05 glares at his PC's speaker, waiting for it to start shouting commands19:01
DocScrutinizer05on a unrelated sidenote: ISDN actually allws very finegrained remote control of each particular subsystem of your "phone", like microphone, speaker, earpiece, display...19:03
DocScrutinizer05allows* (I've heard)19:03
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keriovi__: i am italian, and i was also at the uni21:17
keriowhat do you need to be translated?21:17
kerioand in which direction?21:17
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