IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2013-02-22

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marcello_NAthere is a way to install printer on maemo?01:19
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DocScrutinizer05I think somebody built CUPS01:48
DocScrutinizer05however support for printing is missing in most apps01:48
Macer that's what I liked about kde on the n81001:52
Maceroffice managed to print01:52
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Drathirn900 terminal missing keys Home and End for me :/02:56
Drathirsometimes when a lot of text this keys can help a lot...02:57
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thedead1440Drathir:  You can remap your arrow keys to get Home and End04:23
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Drathirthedead1440: thanks i check that, but sad that near PgUp and PgDn dont have also home and end or switch inside sym+ctrl menu with keys f1-f12...05:39
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kerioitalians do it better :)13:07
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DocScrutinizer05[personal notice] Thank you NielDK for your dedication to council work and maemo at large despite your personal problems which i hope you'll be able to sort soon to make your life less troubled. Please come here as often and as soon as you feel you can14:32
DocScrutinizer05you're always welcome, all the best for you!14:34
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DocScrutinizer05[2013-02-22 13:36:40] <warfare> The box is in the rack, I'm going to install it in a few minutes ;)14:37
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keriounless that's code for something else14:59
kerio*krrst* the box is in the rack, i repeat, the box is in the rack, over *krsst*15:00
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Drathirthedead1440: ok keys remapped and working hrhr, but now question is phone sucessfully reboot or not? ^^16:10
Drathirthedead1440: thanks a lot agaim...16:10
thedead1440Drathir: np ;)16:11
*** zacharias has joined #maemo16:13
Macerfmobi is broken :-/16:16
Maceron symbian16:16
Macerand facinate is just not as good16:16
DrathirMacer: what do fmobi?16:16
Maceri didn't even know there was an fmobi for maemo heh16:16
Macerfacebook client16:16
Macerit's probably the best one ever made when it works heh16:16
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Maceri should bust out the n900 and see if it works16:17
thedead1440isn't gravity a good social app for symbian?16:17
*** Aoyagi has joined #maemo16:17
Maceri don't think there is an updated qt type version16:18
Macerit's like the old ugly interface heh16:18
Macereven the stock nokia "social" app is awful heh16:21
DrathirMacer: try snaptu and ko all gravity16:23
ShadowJKcellmo failong :(16:23
Drathirthedead1440: sad that not see ported gravity to n90016:24
Drathiralso putty dont see too16:25
Maceryeah i have gravity 1.x16:26
Macerit's old symbian style16:26
Macers60 type stuff16:26
Macerie: lame heh16:26
Maceroh nm16:27
Maceri can update to 2.x16:27
thedead1440Drathir: is gravity really needed? I'm not really a social networks user so not too sure but the N900 has good replacements doesn't it?16:28
Macerstill looks awful lol16:28
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Drathirthedead1440: good? have something old on qt4 for facebook but is a "little" slower than gravity on facebook and twitter api when compare gravity is mor intuitive and faster with use16:31
thedead1440oh ok16:32
thedead1440there is a tweetian backport on the n900 from Harmattan which should be good considering its well-received in Harmattan16:32
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo16:33
DrathirMacer: i dont know if dont have somewhere my old symbian stuff must look for it16:33
Maceri guess gravity 2.x doesn't look too bad16:33
Macerfmobi was by far the best one tho16:33
Macerbut it's broken :-/ don't know why16:34
*** Pali has joined #maemo16:34
Macerkeeps trying to access an address that doesn't exist to authenticate16:34
Macerso probably fb problem16:34
DrathirMacer: change looks for dark color mode other was owfull16:34
*** sixwheeledbeast has joined #maemo16:35
Maceryeah i just changed all that16:35
Macergravity isn't too bad now16:35
Macerbetter than facinte and social to say the least16:35
Maceri need to try fmobi on the n900 and see what happens16:35
Macermaybe he didn't pay hsi facebook bill :-P16:35
DrathirMacer: looks like they must update api and program must to be updated maybe they fix it16:36
Macerso far it's been that way for like 3 days heh16:36
Maceroh well.. no big deal. i can deal with gravity16:36
Macergravity isn't bad once you disable the "blue toolbar" option heh16:37
Macerwhy would you have a blue toolbar by default? it is so ugly16:37
*** dlan^ has joined #maemo16:39
DrathirMacer: also gravity can handle multiple accounts oauth ssl and stream in near real time16:40
Maceri only use fb ;)16:41
Macerso the other accts don't matter much to me tbh16:41
DrathirMacer: now fmobi i check on n90016:42
Macerfor using just fb... fmobi is killer heh16:42
Macerit is like 10x better than the app that fb themselves make16:42
Macerawesome interface16:42
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:43
DrathirMacer: gravity also have a thousand options dont see on first look16:43
*** NIN102 has joined #maemo16:43
Macerwhy does it use its own kb16:44
Macerand not my swype kb?16:44
DrathirMacer: gravity is direct created for twitter in last time they add support for facebook and work on that - twitter is more perfect than facebook when i last using program16:45
Maceryou can't check in in gravity ;)16:46
DrathirMacer: kb settings also can be changed if good remember16:46
Macernot that i can see16:46
Drathirsadly no :/ my old e51 have a accident and looks little dead ^^16:47
Maceri'm running this on an e7 ;)16:47
Macerwhat's important to me is the interface more than anything16:48
Macerguys here really gave e7 a bad rap16:48
Macerit's an awesome device16:48
Macerif i knew it was this good i'd have gotten one long ago16:48
Macersymbian seems better than maemo.. i just miss the little things16:49
Macerlike an xserver and xterm ;)16:49
Drathirfor me nokia good phone end on e51 and n900 all phones after sadly are really bad :/16:49
Macere7 isn't ;)16:49
Maceronly because it has the qwerty tho heh16:50
thedead1440Macer: actually the E7 was a good device >2 years ago; the EDoF camera, lack of expandable storage etc are really let downs and after using Symbian^3 for a few months the lags always come back to haunt.16:50
Drathirrally i dont have e7 in my hands16:50
Macerthedead1440: yeah those things are valid points16:50
Macerbut nowadays they are $30016:50
Macerand good ;)16:50
Maceri can deal with the 16GB and edof cam16:51
Maceri just won't take pics of human blood cells heh16:51
sixwheeledbeastyuck, symbian multitasking16:51
Drathirbut nokia 500 when i configure to friend is a pice of bad words16:51
Macersixwheeledbeast: what's wrong with symbian multitasking? :) seems to work ok for me16:51
Maceri hate their newer gen phones don't have a kb :-/16:51
Macerno newer phones do nowadays16:51
Maceri NEED my qwerty16:51
Macerthe multitasking seems to work rather well in comparison to say... iphone or wp7 :) even android heh16:52
sixwheeledbeastMacer: everything gets hidden and it's counter-intuitive16:52
*** zacharias has quit IRC16:52
sixwheeledbeastI also NEED a keyboard now16:52
Macersixwheeledbeast: heh.. what do you mean hidden?16:53
Macerholding the middle button brings up a task manager16:53
Macersimilar to the button in maemo on the top left16:53
Maceryou can even install an app to bring it up by pressing somewhere on the screen heh16:53
Drathirsixwheeledbeast: on e51 i works on 10+ apps in really good performance one reason why no more was no more of ram in phone i stay less than 5mb free near 2mb and phone go smoothly16:53
Macerit strangely reminded me of maemo when i used it16:53
Macerminus the xserver :-/16:54
Macerand telepathy16:54
sixwheeledbeastit's not "proper" multitasking so to speak, it does work better than If-fone I agree.16:54
Macerwhat i would give for telepathy now heh16:54
Drathiryes that the reason i took my n900 - have a kb :p16:54
Macer9d0ji don't understand16:54
Macersixwheeledbeast: i dn't understand :)16:54
Macerhow is it not proper multitasking?16:54
Macerapps continue to run in the background16:54
*** zacharias has joined #maemo16:55
Macerand you have a task manager to get access to them which lists which ones are running and shows a screen shot16:55
Maceralmost exactly like maemo16:55
MacerDrathir: that's why i got the e716:55
Maceras opposed to like an 808 or something16:55
Macerthe kb :-/16:55
sixwheeledbeastbut there not running together there minimized and you have to go back to each one to get rid16:56
Macerthe task manager allows you to close them from the list16:56
Macereach one has a little "X" to close them directly from the task manager16:56
Drathirsixwheeledbeast: new galaxy tab if good hear can handle two aps on half shared screen16:57
Maceryou must have not used symbian in a while lol... it isn't the same s60 from the n95 days :) although.. i loved my n9516:57
sixwheeledbeastNot in my experience of a 580016:57
sixwheeledbeastDrathir: I wouldn't have andriod16:57
Maceri always thought nokia was stupid for holding onto symbian for so long16:57
Macerbut after actually using belle... it was about to become awesome16:58
jacekowskisymbian was great16:58
Macerthey were just too late heh16:58
jacekowskiandroid is horribly slow compared to symbian16:58
Macerjacekowski: yeah16:58
jacekowskiesspecialy early versions of symbian16:58
Macerand belle looks very similar to android16:58
Macerthe qb based apps look great16:58
jacekowskias in 7650 and thereabouts16:58
jacekowskithen it somehow got slower16:59
Drathirsixwheeledbeast: but only show way where this all going to share screen resolution of screen must be really high16:59
thedead1440Drathir: SGS2, SGS3, Note2, a number of Galaxy Tabs and iPad all have split-screen. iPad also has multiple windows (jail-broken)16:59
Macerthedead1440: LIES!!16:59
jacekowskisplit screen?16:59
thedead1440Macer: ?16:59
jacekowskiphone screens are already tiny and you want to make them smaller16:59
Maceri'm joking16:59
Macernote is rather large16:59
Drathirjacekowski: with good hardware androids work smoothly but dont know if it worth a price17:00
Maceri honestly can't picture someone talking on one without using an earpiece17:00
sixwheeledbeastbut it's more of a preview if you need to work on the screen you fullscreen obv.17:00
jacekowskiDrathir: i've got galaxy nexus17:00
Macerthat thing looks like it needs a hand strap17:00
thedead1440jacekowski: My SGS2 with split-screen is good for the times you want to do a direct copy-paste, chat while waiting for browser to load etc. Use the split-screen then you realize it works well17:00
jacekowskiDrathir: which is 2x1.2GHz17:00
jacekowskiDrathir: and people that used android for longer than i do claim that it is really fast17:00
jacekowskiDrathir: by android standards17:01
Hurrianthedead1440, you mean you're on the official Samsung 4.1.2 ROM?17:01
jacekowskiDrathir: after hearing that, i don't want to know how slow it was before17:01
thedead1440Hurrian: the leaked SGS3 JB ROM17:01
*** ced117 has joined #maemo17:01
Macerjacekowski: yeah i don't get that.. when did phones require quad core 2GHz cpus?17:01
Maceri wish i had that kind of batttery in my e7. it would last for 200 days :)17:02
Drathirjacekowski: how much ram onboard?17:02
Hurrianthedead1440: I'd much prefer swiping from app to app (LMT Launcher, perhaps) instead of split screen on a phone.17:02
Macersounds like my tf10117:02
thedead1440Hurrian: also things like notification bar having direct access to call the sender of a sms, reply, forward buttons all there make it really useful. My SGS2 is not there for playing around; its for getting things done and it does it fast and well when i need it17:02
Hurrianthedead1440, yep, Android notification bar and quick reply sure is useful.17:03
Drathirjacekowski: yes i agree it looks a higher performance  grade17:03
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thedead1440Hurrian: also the ability to play 720p and 1080p without installing any codecs, smart stay from S3 are pretty neat17:03
thedead1440as is the copy of EasyAnswer from the N917:04
Hurrianthedead1440, it depends on what device you have17:04
HurrianIf you're unlucky enough to have bought a Tegra 2 device, HD playback on non-baseline profile is shit.17:04
*** futpib has quit IRC17:04
*** vblazquez has quit IRC17:05
thedead1440I play non-baseline HD normally17:05
*** futpib has joined #maemo17:05
thedead1440its not only device but drivers17:05
thedead1440and Samsung's own ROMs have best support for playback17:05
HurrianYup, my Note 2 plays anything I throw at it, even Hi10p videos.17:05
thedead1440that's cheating; Note 2 vs S2 :p17:05
*** raandoom has quit IRC17:06
HurrianThe only downside is that I rarely, if ever, bring it out with me.17:06
Drathirif n900 can use 720p with accelerate in mplayer that was really strong17:06
HurrianI used to have a S2, until I broke the screen. Bought a Note 2, thinking I'll play with it as much as I did with the S2.17:07
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo17:07
Hurrianthedead1440, speaking of split screen, I just got a U2311H, and it's frakkin' big compared to my old 18.5" Samsung.17:08
thedead1440yup the Note2 is pretty decent17:08
*** konelix has quit IRC17:09
thedead1440Hurrian: ah nice; finally 2 Word documents properly split ;)17:09
HurrianI can finally see the point behind tiling WMs, too. Before I got this, I had only one app on screen at any given time.17:10
Hurrianimo, a full size tablet would make 100% use of split-screen.17:10
thedead1440Hurrian: indeed iPad makes good use of multi-windows too17:11
Hurrianthedead1440, /that/ jailbreak tweak finally got tiling WM mode?17:11
thedead1440Hurrian: you mean Quasar?  Its since 201117:11
HurrianLast time I tried it, it used floating windows, which were cool, but wasted a lot of space. Didn't see a tiling mode last time.17:12
infobotthedead1440 meant: Hurrian: you mean Quasar?  Its since 201217:12
thedead1440its floating windows but you can put 2 windows properly with little wastage17:12
*** konelix has joined #maemo17:12
HurrianAh. Well, Apple better start making their apps resolution and aspect-independent, like Android.17:13
thedead1440the HW arms race has made multi-tasking really a foregone conclusion17:13
HurrianThat was one of my main gripes with Quasar back then - apps just scaled, they didn't morph.17:13
thedead1440ah seems better now17:14
*** zacharias has quit IRC17:14
Hurrianthedead1440: the multitasking needs to not feel awkward.17:14
*** eijk_ has joined #maemo17:14
*** bef0rd has quit IRC17:15
*** eijk has quit IRC17:15
thedead1440Hurrian: indeed but its getting there isn't it? Due to the powerful HW poor SW is disguised17:15
HurrianThe current Android and iOS multitasking model is fucked, really. It takes you out of the moment.17:16
*** dlan^ has quit IRC17:16
HurrianWhat needs to be done is a multitasking environment where you feel that all the apps you have open are a glance/swipe away.17:16
thedead1440yup or you can tile them all17:16
Hurrianthedead1440: a "wall" of apps, arranged in a tiled grid, each app occupying full screen, and you can simply swipe through them.17:17
thedead1440i wasn't willing to install the leaked S3 ROM since i felt split-screen is a gimmick but using it for somewhile the worth is there when you really are multi-tasking.17:17
HurrianIs split screen on the S2's screen comfortable? I can't imagine a square web browser window.17:18
thedead1440Hurrian: imagine on 3G you are waiting for TMO to load and you chat below on Gtalk while the loading is done17:18
thedead1440multiply that by 6-8times and it makes sense then17:19
thedead1440you don't have to swipe or press any button to monitor the load of webpage progress17:19
thedead1440or having maps in one split window and gtalk/etc on the other17:20
HurrianDid you change your system font size? I can imagine the split screen enabled apps being really cramped on the stock font size.17:20
thedead1440yup its slightly smaller for me17:20
Hurrianthdead1440: imo, the holy grail of mobile multitasking is a DS-style double screened phone.17:21
HurrianOr, a sliding one with two identically-sized screens.17:21
thedead1440before this i used to use hybrid mode ROM. It had a mix of tablet and phone UI so like for settings you don't need to click click click and then back back but navigate like a tablet17:21
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo17:21
thedead1440Hurrian: yup that would be really cool and desirable17:22
*** przelosowany has joined #maemo17:22
Hurrianthedead1440: I tried PA on my S2 before, when it didn't have the pie function, and was only troubled by the waste of space the SW keys have17:22
Hurriannow, if you have a S2 without the hardware keys, that's another story17:22
thedead1440true it was fixed later on iirc17:22
przelosowany - I'm looking for this .deb, but link in the thread is dead17:23
HurrianIf they made a Note 2-sized Galaxy Nexus, I would buy it in a heartbeat.17:23
*** _berto_ has quit IRC17:23
przelosowanyI'd do a lot to avoid compiling on phone; bunch of photos were deleted accidentally and I don't want to write anything in their place17:23
HurrianParanoidAndroid PIE is the boss.17:23
thedead1440Hurrian: yup that would be epic17:23
thedead1440I also dig the build quality of Samsung. They give you expandable memory, user-replacable battery and a good screen but its all plastic. Kinda feels cheap no matter how good the internals are17:24
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #maemo17:25
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:25
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #maemo17:25
thedead1440Use N9-esque build quality+materials and its suddenly so much more desirable17:25
Hurrianthedead1440, I don't really give a crap about Samsung's flexiplastic build (see the battery cover, ffs). I stick it into a rubber/plastic shell, and call it a day.17:26
Hurrian(Not to the extent of putting it in an Otterbox, but I usually use a clear plastic condom just to keep the device body safe from cracks)17:27
thedead1440haha i use a plastic shell usually17:27
keriootterbox ftw17:27
thedead1440its not worth to be left naked like the n9 :D17:27
Hurrianthedead1440, if there's one thing I could tell phone manufacturers: stop making it thinner, give us bigger LiPos17:28
thedead1440+1 to that17:28
Hurrianwe /have/ to be approaching the physical limit of manufacturing these things17:28
Hurrianimo, start researching ways of making them less brittle, make them water resistant like most Sharp android phones from Japan, and put a bigger battery in there.17:29
HurrianThere's no reason a $600 device should be that brittle.17:29
thedead1440Yes water resistant like Sharp or Xperia FTW17:30
thedead1440Its kinda a trend to make them anorexic but now that we seem to be reaching a limit maybe just maybe they go the other way and start stuffing a larger battery etc17:31
teotwakiHurrian: I'm fairly sure in 1983, someone said the same about CPUs "Stop making it smaller, I want it to be able to ventilate like mad. We /have/ to be approaching the physical limit of manufacturing these things."17:31
Hurrianyup, I don't see the problem in that, people carry Note 2s in their pockets, what's an additional 2mm?17:31
Hurrianteotwaki: If they can manufacture the PCB on the shell, props to them.17:32
ShadowJKSo many coworkers have expensive fancy phones with broken glass screens... :-)17:32
ShadowJKtoo thin bezel, too thin phone, not enough shell to absorb impact and bending forces17:33
HurrianShadowJK, it's about the glass being on the outside, and not the bezel.17:33
HurrianI blame Apple for making this thing popular.17:33
HurrianIt looks pretty good, but it simply shatters way too easily.17:34
thedead1440Well they did raise the bar on getting better looking phones in a way17:34
HurrianThe worst offender wrt glass on the outside in the Android camp is the GNote.17:34
HurrianUhh, GNex.17:34
HurrianWhoops, sleepy.17:34
thedead1440I heard the Nexus4 too has a glass issue due to the glass-back17:35
Hurrianit has a /glass back/?17:35
HurrianMan, what's the point of that?17:35
kerioHurrian: to catch more fingerprints17:35
thedead1440Not too sure but that's the last i read. They are damn rare in Singapore so haven't got a close-up with one yet17:35
HurrianGiven that Nexus devices are the epitome of cost-cutting, while looking good, I'm surprised they didn't slap a hologram sticker on a plastic back.17:36
*** sLumPia has joined #maemo17:36
thedead1440Hurrian: yup glass back:
HurrianWow. That's just looking for accidents.17:37
thedead1440Indeed i would have thought they would have learned from ip4 and ip4s disasters17:38
HurrianDid every phone manufacturer simply stop using the sides and back as buffer zones for hits?17:38
*** sLumPia has quit IRC17:38
thedead1440seems like it. They cut costs then make sure you have to pay to get it repaired so earning back somewhat what they lost initially17:39
HurrianThat's a pretty sad state of affairs.17:39
thedead1440Its always been like that. Nokia used to abuse after-sales repairs too with crazy prices for minor things and their premium lines had a lot of these minor issues too.17:40
Hurrianthedead1440, they do that half-intentionally with shitty QA for products.17:41
Macerlike usb ports falling off?17:41
sixwheeledbeastI don't thing anything is manufactured to last now, they want you to buy the next one.17:41
Macermy n95 was pretty good17:41
Macerlasted years17:41
thedead1440Macer: that's a more recent phenomenon :D It inflicted the N8 too17:41
*** sardini has joined #maemo17:41
Macerthat's awful17:42
Macerusb ports falling of is major fail17:42
thedead1440Macer: on the N8 the Nokia VP or something like that acknowledged it and asked for people with issues to bring it to their nearest Nokia Care but to get it replaced was utterly troublesome so most people would do it at 3rd parties17:42
Macerlike the iss having itself implode because of a cheap weld17:42
*** _rd has quit IRC17:42
thedead1440Hurrian: indeed17:43
Maceri can't even think of where a nokia care center would be in chicago heh17:43
*** NIN102 has quit IRC17:43
Maceri think nokia still has too much arrogance in its head17:43
Macerwhere they think they can give a huge chunk of their users the finger heh17:44
Hurriane.g. N900 being soldered under the sun, N9 CNCd pretty wrong, Lumias bricking, etc.17:44
Macern900s being soldered under the sun?17:44
Macerwas there a sky window or something?17:44
HurrianMacer, s/under/by/17:44
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo17:44
Macermy lumia 900 was fine other than software issues17:45
Macerstill is.. i might ebay it soon17:45
thedead1440Macer: L920 has major bricking issues17:45
Hurrian"100% tin solder! RoHS ultracompliant!"17:45
Macerultracompliant ;)17:45
Macerbecause compliant isn't enough!17:45
Maceri had 2 n900s17:45
Macer1 usb port fell off17:46
Macer1 modem brok17:46
Macerafter the 2nd one i was in despair and gave up on them17:46
Maceri mean i would have bought a 3rd and 4th if i broke them myself :)17:46
Hurrianfwiw, Sharp makes a pretty long-lasting phone.17:46
Macerwhat does it run tho? android i'm sure17:47
thedead1440Macer: Same happened to my n8 but luckily just in time for the N9's release so i chucked it happily17:47
HurrianI have an Intel Atom-powered F-07C which runs hot 24/7.17:47
HurrianMacer: Windows 7.17:47
thedead1440Hurrian: that is one cool device17:47
MacerHurrian: meh17:47
Macerwindows 8 you mean? or wp717:47
Macermy lumia 900 was suppsoed to get some lame wp7.8 update17:47
HurrianIt requires a nuclear reactor to run, but it hasn't shown any sign of bright spots on the LCD.17:47
*** konelix has quit IRC17:48
HurrianMacer: Windows 7, as in Windows NT 6.1.7601, x86.17:48
Maceroh wow17:48
Maceran x86 phone?17:48
Maceryou have a pic of it?17:48
HurrianMacer, I'll take a pic tomorrow, can't exactly use a flash at this time.17:49
Macerthat thing?17:49
HurrianYep, mine's a bit brighter blue though.17:49
*** konelix_ has quit IRC17:49
Macerthat's the problem with x8617:50
Macerthey cant solve the heat problem :)17:50
HurrianIt probably lasts 5 hours on standby.17:50
Macerand power problem lol17:50
Maceryou would think that intel would do the obvious thing.. .and use an arm in conjunction with an x86 cpu17:50
HurrianIt probably needs a quadruple-SCUD to run acceptably.17:50
HurrianMacer: If you don't feel like burning power, you can switch to the maimed Symbian OS on it17:51
Macersymbian on x86? :)17:51
HurrianApparently, yes.17:51
HurrianI guess you could have a little ARM core that runs Symbian, and simply boots Windows when you need it on the x86 core.17:51
Macerthat would have been better17:52
Macerit has a fan?17:52
HurrianNah, passively cooled. Processor's under clocked to 0.6GHz for obvious reasons.17:52
HurrianI'll probably need to be in Japan to safely use it at 1.2GHz all the time17:53
thedead1440that is the last Symbian device from Japan iirc17:53
Hurrianthedead1440, Symbian's everywhere on Sharp's low-mid end devices.17:53
Macerthat thing looks pretty cool17:53
Macerwonder if i can get one to work on att 3G in the US heh17:53
HurrianIt's just not quite recognizable as Symbian. Nor does it work anything like Series 60 Symbian.17:54
Maceryou mean fujitsu17:54
Macernot sharp heh17:54
HurrianNah, Sharp still makes low-end flip phones for Docomo.17:55
HurrianThey suck though, unless you're a weeaboo. It's ridiculously locked down if you're not using the carrier's SIM on it.17:55
Macer3G Network : HSDPA 800, 850, 1700, 2100 MHz17:55
*** NIN102 has joined #maemo17:56
HurrianNo camera, no internet access, no image viewer, etc.17:56
HurrianMacer: Japan has their own bizarre band thing going on.17:56
HurrianIIRC, the USA at least has a network on the 2100 and 800 bands, so you should be good to go with that17:56
Maceri thought in the US tmobile used 170017:56
Maceryeah i think att uses 210017:57
Macernot positive tho17:57
Macerotherwise i'd buy this thing heh17:57
Macerand the dock :)17:57
Macerwhy don't they sell cool shit like this in the US? :)17:57
thedead1440Japan always come up with good phones; see this WP from Toshiba one of the first WP7 and i think the best WP7
Macerinstead we get stupid iphones17:58
Hurrian595USD? Lemme tell you, it isn't worth it, unless you're seriously into it.17:58
Macercan it run linux?17:58
Hurrian(P.S.: It works with Ubuntu 11.10, last I tried.)17:58
Maceror does it HAVE to run windows?17:58
Macermore like 63517:59
Macerafter shipping17:59
HurrianGetting into the BIOS and messing with it is a bitch though.17:59
Maceris it in japanese? :)17:59
Drathirsad that x86 and x64 cpus cant shutdown and start fast and systems can works on the fly with arm and 86/64 cpus will be good to place on motherboard arm core and system start in hybrid mode arm+cpu86or64 and when booted up if not used turn off cpu and still works on arm core low power when need more power that arm can give turn on cpu dynamically...17:59
HurrianNah, it's the english InsydeH2O-based BIOS.18:00
ShadowJKolpc had quick start/stop18:00
Maceryou try putting win8 on it? :)18:00
HurrianDrathir: That'll require some crazy fat binary fuckery.18:00
thedead1440Hurrian: I felt such hybrid devices would take-off but it seems nobody is interested especially due to x86's power consumption18:00
ShadowJKbut used open hw so they could fix bios18:00
Macerthedead1440: i'd say due to production cost18:00
Macerwhen the cattle are satisfied with arm based crap iphones18:01
Macerwhy make something good?18:01
*** jon_y has quit IRC18:01
*** sLumPia has joined #maemo18:01
HurrianMacer: Once I get in a cold enough environment to run it at 1.2GHz, I'll get it to Win818:01
Drathirdocomo can run lineage2 on their phones lol18:01
*** jon_y has joined #maemo18:01
Macerin a cold enough environment?18:01
Maceryou said it has a fan?18:01
jacekowskithedead1440: intel atoms are very low power18:01
HurrianNo, it's passive.18:01
jacekowskithedead1440: 1-2W18:01
Macerwow really?18:01
Macerpassive x86? is that even possible?18:02
Drathirthat must have strong hardware18:02
HurrianYep. Underclocked to 0.6GHz.18:02
Macerit's running at 600MHz??18:02
Macerscrew that18:02
thedead1440jacekowski: but they require huge battery packs to function well right?18:02
Maceryou underclocked it on purpose?18:02
jacekowskithedead1440: no18:02
*** RST38h has quit IRC18:02
HurrianYes. 1.2GHz on the spec sheet is a joke, you know damned well it's gonna go full Fermi at that clock18:02
jacekowskimost powerfull atom is 3W@1.5GHz18:02
HurrianNo, it's 0.6GHz from factory.18:02
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:03
jacekowski1 core +HT18:03
Macerhow did you get calls in ubuntu?18:03
HurrianMacer: Calls don't work outside of Symbian mode.18:04
thedead1440Macer: its Symbian phone + Win computer18:04
Macerwtf? lol18:04
HurrianIt's mega bizarre.18:04
Macerand do you have to reboot?18:04
Macerto get to symbian?18:04
HurrianYes, switching hibernates Symbian, and launches Windows.18:04
HurrianTakes about 30 seconds.18:04
Macernm then18:04
Maceri figured they had some windows app that was able to do the calling18:05
Hurrianha, no.18:05
Macerand symbian mode was just for the "standby" moments18:05
Macerwhen you don't need it as a computer18:05
Macerthat's totally lame18:05
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo18:05
Hurriantl;dr, they built a tiny netbook.18:05
Maceryou're telling me they couldn't code a windows app to access the modem? :)18:05
HurrianMacer, they couldn't code an app to properly access the uSD slot.18:06
HurrianThe way you access the uSD card is you have a userspace program, that talks to Symbian, running inside a VM, to access the card.18:06
HurrianThat was so incredibly, mind-bending levels of stupid I don't even18:07
Macerwhy can't they use the same method to talk to symbian running inside a vm to access the modem? :)18:07
Maceryeah that sounds like it might slow things down a bit18:07
HurrianNo clue. It would've probably been another joke feature.18:07
Maceryeah i figured they would have had like some quick switcher that ran symbian inside of a vm while in windows mode18:08
Macerwhat if you miss a phone call? :)18:08
DrathirMacer: have celeron passive a long time ago because fan broken :p18:08
MacerDrathir: heh.. yeah.. x86 cpus.. even slower ones don't take kindly to passive cooling without retarded types of heat sinks18:08
MacerHurrian: can you even put it in your pocket or do you pull it out to a blue screen?18:09
Macerthat thing does look pretty neat tho in concept18:10
Macerbut no phone calls/txts/etc during windows mode makes it fail and not worthwhile heh18:10
Drathiri think the future belong to vm's18:12
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC18:12
Drathirsomthing easy that can manage hardware and run vm and only that in this userspace customer can install all they want18:14
Drathirthat will be good few os all running in the same time and can easy switch between them18:15
*** freemangordon has joined #maemo18:19
*** RST38h has joined #maemo18:20
Drathirbtw how much place is given to n900 apps?18:24
Drathiri think all space is shared but looks like isnt...18:24
*** przelosowany has quit IRC18:25
jacekowskiit can be changed though18:27
jacekowskiyou just have to reflash modified emmc and fiasco18:27
jacekowskistock fiasco but modified emmc18:27
*** florian has quit IRC18:28
*** valerius has quit IRC18:30
Drathirlol that say me cant install to low space18:30
otypoks:Drathir you want to see something like this ?18:30
* ShadowJK 's laptop mostly runs passive cooling18:30
*** sinill has joined #maemo18:32
*** sinill has quit IRC18:32
Drathirjacekowski: thx a lot...18:33
*** dos11 has joined #maemo18:36
*** Merlin1973 has joined #maemo18:37
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:38
*** rcg has quit IRC18:39
Drathirotypoks: O.o nice but where is arch logo ? ^^18:41
Drathirotypoks: i like that idea must read more about it, because looks great thanks a lot...18:46
*** WielkiTost has joined #maemo18:48
*** dos11 has quit IRC18:48
otypoksnp, its working on beagleboard so it should be possible to give it a try on n90018:48
*** valerius has joined #maemo18:51
*** XATRIX has quit IRC18:53
*** _rd has joined #maemo18:53
*** Merlin1973 has quit IRC18:58
Drathirfor now its little scare for me that i can broke booting oryginal sstem19:03
*** sLumPia has quit IRC19:08
*** calvaris has joined #maemo19:20
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*** halXI is now known as sardini20:28
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*** mvp_ has joined #maemo21:09
*** lantizia has joined #maemo21:13
lantiziaHey, if people can run ubuntu on top of android using a chroot... what are the odd's I can copy the filesystem of my n900 over and run that in a chroot?21:13
bef0rdwhat ubuntu?21:14
bef0rdubuntu desktop already works21:14
bef0rdubuntu phone it probably requires some low services provided by android21:14
lantiziai'm not on about ubuntu phone or ubuntu touch21:15
lantiziai'm just citing that since running another linux based OS in a chroot on android has been found to work - then maybe it could work for maemo too21:16
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo21:17
*** louisdk has joined #maemo21:22
*** _rd has quit IRC21:24
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*** shamus has quit IRC21:31
*** shamus has joined #maemo21:32
bef0rdlantizia: not sure if I understand you21:32
bef0rdlantizia: running other linux in a chroot has been working with maemo for a long time, there are packages, images, and everything is on TMO21:32
lantiziabef0rd, yeah you've clearly misread21:33
bef0rdlantizia: if you want to use a Maemo chroot on Android, I think qwazix or some other user was working on that21:33
lantiziaah yes that is what I mean21:33
lantiziaqwazix, are you about maybe?21:34
bef0rdlet me see if I rmember the thread21:34
qwazixlantizia, I only did one on N950, and that didn't work very well21:34
lantiziabef0rd, so it's different to the one I've already linked to?21:34
lantiziaI also found this attempt...
*** andre__ has joined #maemo21:36
*** andre__ has quit IRC21:36
*** andre__ has joined #maemo21:36
*** Martix has quit IRC21:45
*** Martix has joined #maemo21:45
*** soltys has quit IRC21:45
lantiziabef0rd, well I've installed an X11 server on my android - so I'm hoping to get maemo to display there :D21:46
*** soltys has joined #maemo21:46
lantiziamaybe I'd be better whacking together a custom debian armel install that simple runs the GUI of maemo and is perhaps compaible with it's repo's?21:46
*** louisdk has quit IRC21:48
bef0rdI wouldnt know21:48
*** louisdk has joined #maemo21:51
*** soltys has quit IRC21:52
*** ian--- has joined #maemo21:56
*** louisdk has quit IRC22:05
*** MentalistTraceur has quit IRC22:07
*** soltys has joined #maemo22:08
*** MentalistTraceur has joined #maemo22:08
eccerr0rhmm...where did the maemo5 SDK virtual machine images go?22:09
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:10
*** chenca has quit IRC22:15
eccerr0rhmm probably right where they're supposed to be, minus slow network.22:15
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:18
keriolantizia: probably, yes22:20
keriomaemo fremantle as it is, is highly dependent on a whole load of bullshit22:21
*** robink has quit IRC22:25
kerioi'm not entirely sure why you'd need the "ui" of maemo22:25
kerioi mean, you already have that, it's gtk and qt :)22:26
*** saidinesh5 has quit IRC22:34
*** tommis has quit IRC22:36
*** saidinesh5 has joined #maemo22:36
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