IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2012-09-01

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kerioDocScrutinizer05: you have all my feels00:29
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: did anyone unban him btw?00:32
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: why lcuk is banned?00:33
DocScrutinizer05because that's a procy of a loved dead perosn00:33
ZogG_laptophe asked for it?00:33
DocScrutinizer05proxy of a loved dead person*00:33
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DocScrutinizer05lcuk left this game stage. Nobody knows if voluntarily or by a childish mood or an accident00:35
ZogG_laptopi was shoked when i found out00:35
ZogG_laptophe was ncie guy00:35
ZogG_laptopand what u mean by accident?00:36
DocScrutinizer05we all miss him, and we feel bad seeing a 'bot' impersonating him00:36
ZogG_laptophis child was born just before, right?00:36
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DocScrutinizer05I mean nobody got the whole story except his wife00:38
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keriodamn, i didn't kno00:38
kerio...unsurprisingly, there's a related xkcd:
DocScrutinizer05so we just think of him with love and warm feelings and hope he entered a better stage of the never ending game00:39
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keriowhen did that happen?00:40
DocScrutinizer05over a year ago00:40
DocScrutinizer05lcuk been one of our most honoured members00:41
ZogG_laptophe was kind and with real spirit of help00:42
ZogG_laptopalways nice to people00:42
DocScrutinizer05it realy hurt everybody except the noobs00:42
keriogoddammit, i used to hang out in #liqbase too00:42
kerioor whatever the channel for that was, i can't even remember :/00:42
ZogG_laptopas i say a lot lately, i miss old #maemo a lot. not only people and mood. but time it self00:43
DocScrutinizer05now we have estels00:43
kerionot really, you guys banned him00:43
ZogG_laptopkerio: but look how quite it is :P00:43
DocScrutinizer05damn, sometimes I feel so tired of all that00:44
ZogG_laptopi'm still interested how many people donated for N900 mod :p as maemo may die soon with all the Nokia situation(hosting and stuff) and still no even small preview or prove of concept00:44
kerion900 mod?00:45
DocScrutinizer05FOSS once been a community of nerds00:45
keriooh, estel_'s?00:45
ZogG_laptopkerio: yup00:45
DocScrutinizer05now it's a loose conglomeration of trolls00:45
ZogG_laptopinteresting if i make donate app for my shitty app, would i get at least one donation? +)00:45
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: meh, trolls were fun once00:46
keriowhich app?00:46
ZogG_laptopkerio: for harmattan00:46
DocScrutinizer05yeah, back in the ole' good tinmes even trolls were more fun00:46
ZogG_laptopkerio: for n900 i have 0.1% of app :P00:46
ZogG_laptopkerio: but at least i know 1 person uses it00:46
* DocScrutinizer05 actually wishes pupnick back00:46
ZogG_laptoppupncik is something familiar00:47
ZogG_laptopwhat happend to him and where is he?00:47
DocScrutinizer05he's either dead or still in Frankfurt00:47
DocScrutinizer05suffered a stroke or sth00:47
* kerio is suddenly scared of his n90000:49
ZogG_laptopkerio: usb?00:49
DocScrutinizer05had to take heavy medication to keep running. Once every 2 months he missind taking his pills00:49
keriono, apparently members of its community suffer a constant stream of tragedies00:49
kerioDocScrutinizer05: goddammit00:50
DocScrutinizer05he asked me to ban him permanently00:50
DocScrutinizer05I did him this favour, though I wasn't happy when doing so00:50
DocScrutinizer05no fun00:51
DocScrutinizer05I'm actually missing him. He at least was honest and of straigght intentions00:52
DocScrutinizer05and I knew when he was going loose00:52
DocScrutinizer05*and* every now and then he contributed valuable thoughts00:53
ZogG_laptopfind him00:54
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DocScrutinizer05hard to accomplish. He's switching nicks00:54
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DocScrutinizer05~seen pupnik00:56
infobotpupnik <> was last seen on IRC in channel #meego, 336d 22h 6m ago, saying: 'tegra chipset?'.00:56
DocScrutinizer05geep irclogs for pugvader00:57
DocScrutinizer05or even for pug*00:57
DocScrutinizer05anyway I hope he's well and eventually drops by00:58
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DocScrutinizer05damn, how we loved our old decent trolls. And what we got now01:01
DocScrutinizer05youngsters with no clue what's diablo, but thinking they are peak of evolution of homo digitalis, and git the right to bitch on elders on whose shoulders they stand01:03
ShadowJKhello and good eveninf01:05
DocScrutinizer05hi ShadowJK my friend01:05
ShadowJKtbh, elders are pretty mouldy01:05
ShadowJKbut once in a while mould is useful01:05
DocScrutinizer05meanwhile they are. Got rotten by the bitching01:06
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer05; heard of a brewery called dortmunder hansa-brauerei?01:07
DocScrutinizer05if all maemo users were Asians, it'd be no problem. Asian culture got a sense of respect for ancestors and elders01:07
* ZogG_laptop is prepearing place for DocScrutinizer05 in the elder house :P01:08
DocScrutinizer05thanks, already got one01:09
ZogG_laptophow did i miss qwerty here01:09
ZogG_laptopi mean i was here when he was here01:09
ZogG_laptopbut i never knew all drama details01:10
DocScrutinizer05just waiting for my retirement in 5 years, to start straviing to death01:10
ShadowJKguys at $work just ordered a pallet of beer again. This time, by my influence, a german beer instead of a danish maize and sugar beer. :P01:10
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: why starving?01:10
ZogG_laptopmy fav is german01:10
ZogG_laptopt least one thing they do right :P01:11
ShadowJKretirement in 5 years? You're not grumpy and bitter enough to be that old01:11
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: today i was told german are still having nazi moods :P01:11
DocScrutinizer05ShadowJK: maybe I missed  a "1"01:11
ZogG_laptopShadowJK: oh, he is bitter and grumpy enuf01:12
ZogG_laptopbut still young :P01:12
ShadowJKneed more sugar01:12
ShadowJKsweeten him right up01:12
DocScrutinizer05ZogG_laptop: some assholes got nazi mood. But not only in Germany01:12
* DocScrutinizer05 prefers ethanol to sugar today01:13
DocScrutinizer05enough of sugar in hitchcock orange juice and Bols blue01:14
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: they banned brit-mila (circumstaising - how do you spell it) in german i heard01:15
DocScrutinizer05yeah, funny01:15
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DocScrutinizer05next they ban earring hole punching01:15
ZogG_laptopi think it should be the start01:15
IkarusThey didn]t01:15
Ikarusban circumcision01:16
ZogG_laptopban earring hole punching... in penis01:16
DocScrutinizer05I don't care. nobody gonna cit anything off my body ;-P01:16
Ikarusthey just made it a proper voluntary medical procedure01:16
Ikarusie, only for 18+01:16
ZogG_laptopIkarus: i mean the actually not the process but religious roots of it01:16
IkarusZogG_laptop: religious roots luckily are irrelevant to the German courts01:16
ShadowJKI'm told "hansa export" costs 30c/.5l in german grocery store.. In this bulk order we got ... 24*.33 for 14E, or approx 90cent per .5 litre :)01:16
DocScrutinizer05religion is kinda madness in my book01:17
ZogG_laptopIkarus: there are jews there01:17
ShadowJKand still everyone is overjoyed01:17
IkarusZogG_laptop: so ?01:17
DocScrutinizer05so no empathy01:17
IkarusZogG_laptop: they are still German citizens or inhabitants01:17
ZogG_laptopIkarus: actually it's not healthy to do at 18+ and dangerous, that's why i decided not to01:17
IkarusZogG_laptop: no reason treating them different because they have an imaginary friend01:17
ZogG_laptopIkarus: yeah and? it's not about nationality but religion...01:17
ZogG_laptopbut again i don't really care01:18
ZogG_laptopit just depend on intentions01:18
DocScrutinizer05If you wanna cut off your children's clit or cock or whatever else, travel to your own coubtry where that maybe is accepted practice01:18
ZogG_laptopif it's banned just for more civil reasons i don't care01:18
IkarusZogG_laptop: circumcision is needlessly maiming a child01:18
Ikarusneedless from a medical perspective01:19
IkarusDocScrutinizer05: Germany is considering making that illegal aswell now01:19
DocScrutinizer05that's again some bullshit idea01:19
ZogG_laptopIkarus: i disagree on medical part. a lot countries do that as it's more (what the word for clearness)01:19
IkarusZogG_laptop: only the USA and Japan do that01:20
Ikarusbased on very dodgy research01:20
Ikarusso not "a lot"01:20
ZogG_laptopIkarus: there are still unclear medical decision made for children01:20
DocScrutinizer05where I stopped counting? 3?01:20
Ikaruscutting into healthy children, not on my watch01:20
* DocScrutinizer05 heads to kitchen to prepsre another delicios longdrink01:21
ZogG_laptopIkarus: that's the point, the best age to do it is 8 days old :01:21
IkarusZogG_laptop: hence DON'T01:21
ZogG_laptopi wouldn't midn mine to be cut when i was 8 days old, but not now01:21
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: tea island?01:22
DocScrutinizer05beefeater, Bols blue curacao, orange juice01:22
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ZogG_laptopi know what is orange juice01:23
DocScrutinizer05you don't know beefeater and bols blue?01:25
ZogG_laptopmsot coctails for me is vodka/arak + something01:25
DocScrutinizer05well, blame your messed up country01:25
ZogG_laptopit's what i know, like and go for01:26
ZogG_laptopmy choice :P01:26
DocScrutinizer05yeah, got an unopened bottle of Absilut vodka in my ***freezer01:26
ZogG_laptopi had coctails like AMF01:26
ZogG_laptopwhere it's rom tequila vodka and more all together :P but i don't like rom/whiskey01:27
DocScrutinizer05I'll not open it unless I managed to freeze the stuff01:27
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ZogG_laptopi like vodka/arak/beer/breineger(how u spell it)/few types of wine/tquila sometimes01:28
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DocScrutinizer05good brown tequila is good stuff01:28
ZogG_laptopnever tried01:28
ZogG_laptopi'm simple man with simple needs01:28
ZogG_laptoplike i don;t eat any parts of animals except meat it self01:29
ZogG_laptopi eat simple food and most fancy is just not tasty01:29
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DocScrutinizer05here stuff it so mad and crazy you can't eat a donaut based on that premise01:29
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DocScrutinizer05there's real cherry in shampoo, and artificial cherry in drinks01:30
DocScrutinizer05and probbaly rela shampoo aroma in artificial cherry drinks01:31
DocScrutinizer05the strawberry aroma in yoghurt is made of trees, but you can get incence with true dried strawberrys01:32
DocScrutinizer05berries even01:33
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: it's everywhere01:33
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: world is going mad01:33
DocScrutinizer05depressing perversion01:33
DocScrutinizer05candy isn't kosher01:35
ZogG_laptopi don't care about kosher01:35
DocScrutinizer05but cat6food might be01:35
ZogG_laptopi respect people who wants to keep it till they respect my choise01:35
ZogG_laptopmy gf eats kosher only01:35
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DocScrutinizer05just no use in worrying about it in our mad world01:36
DocScrutinizer05basically it's all a mix of mist tasty garbage and you can even choose the flavour (though artificial)01:37
DocScrutinizer05there's biocide in everything01:38
DocScrutinizer05nothing without genetic manipulation01:38
ZogG_laptopeven if i eat human meat i don't care untill 1)it's tasty 2)i don't know that01:39
DocScrutinizer05and you can bet some idiot already pondered piping his chenical waste inti tap water supply01:40
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ZogG_laptopit happens in a lot of places. people spit and pi on food. u just don't know01:40
ZogG_laptopthat's why the secret is just not to  think of it01:40
ZogG_laptopat least most places people don't wash hands after toiltet01:41
DocScrutinizer05yeah. I don't wanna know01:41
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: that's the point. ignorance is bless actually :P01:41
DocScrutinizer05and I got a friggin lack of that01:42
DocScrutinizer05recalling some minor sidenote somebody uttered 5 years ago. not something you usually feel happy about01:43
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DocScrutinizer05anyway dudes, enjoy your time. see you later01:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer0501:52
*** DocScrutinizer05 was kicked by DocScrutinizer05 (User terminated!)01:52
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DocScrutinizer05thnaks to proper collaboration of some of the better trolls, we seem to have seen tofay 5 bans, done by 3 differnet chanops01:54
nox--bye doc01:55
nox--sweet dreams :)01:55
DocScrutinizer05or been it 5 kicks by 3 chanops?01:57
DocScrutinizer05anyway quite some Guiness record, for #ameo*01:57
nox--uh oh...01:58
DocScrutinizer05n8, nox--01:58
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LaoLang_coolHi, is it possible to define a key binding globally? So I can press, say, ctrl-shift-v to run vim03:00
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kerioZogG_laptop: the point is not circumcision, the point is forcing a useless and **dangerous** medical procedure on a child09:25
keriogenital mutilation is definetely not a good thing09:26
kerioalso note that the ban doesn't prevent circumcision, even at a young age, for valid medical reasons09:26
kerioand it doesn't prevent circumcision on adults09:28
kerioLaoLang_cool: xbindkeys09:30
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LaoLang_coolkerio, thank you, will try10:18
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trumeeis there any place i can buy a genuine N900 battery in UK?10:36
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Lava_Crofttrumee: probably a lot of webshops?11:00
Lava_CroftBL-5J is quite common afaik11:00
trumeeLava_Croft, yeah being common is the problem. more likelyhood of a fake11:03
Lava_Crofttrumee: I had trouble finding a fake one in a Dutch webshop11:03
*** timo^ has joined #maemo11:03
Lava_Croftenter 'bl-5j site:uk' in google11:04
Lava_Croftwithout the ''11:04
Lava_CroftGenuine BL-5J goes for 9euros in the webshop where i bought em11:05
Lava_Croftno idea how much quid that would be11:05
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keriowhen talking about SDs and batteries, if you got them for cheap then they're fake11:19
keriono exception11:19
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Lava_Croftand you assume 9euros = fake?11:21
Lava_CroftWeird assumption11:22
Lava_Croft9 to 14 euros is the common price to genuine BL-5J's over here:)11:23
Lava_Croftdepending on where you buy it11:23
LaoLang_coolwhy xkeybinds  doesn't work here...11:24
LaoLang_coolI use a default rc file, but the setting doesn't take any effects11:24
*** jrocha has joined #maemo11:24
LaoLang_coolcontrol+shift+q doesn't do a "xbindkeys_show"11:25
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ShadowJK9E might be a genuine bl-5j, but it's probably old stock14:10
*** luf has joined #maemo14:14
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Lava_Croftand its certainly a genuine one, well genuine 414:27
Lava_Croftbut there's always people who, through the tubes of the internet, can see if they are genuine14:28
* Lava_Croft winks14:28
ShadowJKthe new bl-5 are 1400-something mAh14:29
*** Dibblah has joined #maemo14:29
kerioShadowJK: and a double scud is almost 3000 :D14:30
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keriohas anyone ever encountered an error in image-viewer that prevents any kind of image display while claiming that there's "insufficient memory to display the image"?15:34
kerioi don't even know how to troubleshoot it15:34
ShadowJKdo you have swap enabled?15:35
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*** fredrinLap has joined #maemo15:38
kerio...i hope15:38
kerioman, if it's *that*...15:39
MrPinguand? is it *that*?15:40
kerioidk, it's booting15:40
kerionope, it's not that15:41
*** malin has quit IRC15:41
kerio.. fucking .15:42
MrPinguAlready restored that backup?15:42
keriono, i didn't even make it15:42
keriofound the problem15:42
kerioi don't...15:42
keriothis is how i fee15:43
kerioyep, found the problem15:43
*** malin has joined #maemo15:44
kerioShadowJK: how big is the default emmc swap?15:44
kerio(rhetorical question)15:44
kerio(but please answer)15:44
keriohow big is my 4gb swap partition?15:45
ShadowJKit's 0 if you overflow signed integer? :)15:45
kerioex fucking actly15:45
ShadowJKdoes it work with emmc swap?15:46
ShadowJKlol, fantastic15:46
kerioshould i make my swap partitions smaller or bigger, then?15:46
ShadowJKwhat if you have uSD 4g swap at prio 10 and emmc swap at prio 5?15:46
kerioShadowJK: eeh, i found that it still uses the swap at the lower priority15:46
keriojust much less so15:47
ShadowJKnot if it's 0 in use15:47
keriono, i mean, i actually tried this at some point15:47
ShadowJKin other words. if you disable/enable emmc when usd is in use15:47
keriotogether with compcache, too - which is stupid15:47
kerioi just don't want to, though15:48
ShadowJKI always have emmc swap enabled too, a side effect15:48
kerioit's stupid15:48
kerioand i'd have to adjust my swapswap script15:48
*** valeriusN has left #maemo15:49
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo15:49
keriowell, this is fun15:49
kerioand by fun i mean FUCKING STUPID15:49
keriogaah, and this piece of crap isn't even open15:50
MrPinguI'm out15:50
*** MrPingu has quit IRC15:50
*** tanty has joined #maemo15:52
kerioShadowJK: what would you do?15:54
ShadowJKmy scripts already accidentally leaves emmc enabled :)15:55
keriomeh, you know what, my script is actually pretty good15:57
keriobut i don't want to deal with swap priorities :s15:58
keriomaybe i'll make it 5gb?16:00
kerioDocScrutinizer05: fukken nokia got me again16:00
*** dhbiker has quit IRC16:00
*** ChanServ has quit IRC16:02
kerioShadowJK: do you think 512M would be ok for image-viewer?16:04
keriomeh, it's actually a pretty bad thing regardless16:04
keriobecause i could have a very low free swap modulo 2GiB, but still have a lot free16:05
keriothis is a serious problem ._.16:05
*** ChanServ has joined #maemo16:07
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ16:07
DocScrutinizer05kerio: I think I told you not to use insanely large swap16:07
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: good morning16:07
DocScrutinizer05kerio: maybe you want to read manpages about swap and swap related stuff16:07
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: did u finish Absolut?16:08
DocScrutinizer05not even started with absolut16:08
DocScrutinizer05kept that for today ;-D16:08
* DocScrutinizer05 checks if freezer already managed to freeze Absolut16:08
*** FIQ has joined #maemo16:09
ShadowJKhe wont find in manpages that nokia's "is thereenough memory?" heurestics have overflows :)16:09
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo16:09
DocScrutinizer05but swap itself has limitations16:10
keriothe only thing that complains is the fucking image-viewer16:10
DocScrutinizer05quite some time since I investigated all this, but I recall limits both in size of single partition as well as in max number of partitions16:10
kerioi'm afraid 2gb will overflow too :c16:11
DocScrutinizer05and definitely large swap means huge tables resident in RAM which, at a certain turnaround point, negates the purpose of swap16:11
DocScrutinizer05there's a certain fixed ratio between size of swap space and size of stay-resident management tables16:13
DocScrutinizer05let's assume this ration is 100:1 (an arbitrary number I picked), then for 2GB swap you'll 'waste' 20MB of RAM16:14
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: let's assume this ratio is 100:1 (an arbitrary number I picked), then for 2GB swap you'll 'waste' 20MB of RAM16:14
DocScrutinizer05probably you also waste CPU cycles to manage that huge amount of swap16:15
kerioso i should just use a 1gb partition?16:15
keriothat sounds... small :c16:16
DocScrutinizer05and for sure you can't speed up IO bandwidth, so from a certain max size of swap you'll find device frozen in minutes of swap IO16:16
keriosurely you mean *used* swap there16:16
Ikarusswap trashing16:16
Ikarusone thing that needs to to be fixed on Linux16:17
kerioIkarus: fun fact: your n900 is *constantly* swap trashing16:17
DocScrutinizer05basically nowadays swap sizes >RAM*3 are useless16:17
Ikaruskerio: swap trashing means interactivity goes down the drain due to swap behaving16:17
Ikarusmost of the time my N900 doesn't get quite that far16:18
DocScrutinizer05back in times where swap was RAM*10 or even *20, it been considered acceptable when system stalls for several seconds when swapping. Main concern been to get jobs done at all16:18
DocScrutinizer05and systems been so slow it was basically irrelevant if a task needed 30min to terminate, or 5h (with massive swapping). As said above, main concern: it finishes at all eventually16:19
*** Hoolxi has joined #maemo16:20
kerio...wait, wtf16:20
DocScrutinizer05now you want "realtime" and this absolutely rules out huge swap sizes16:20
keriousb mass storage exports the whole sd?16:20
kerioi really hope the swap partition is somehow locked16:20
DocScrutinizer05no, afaik MSM exports the first partition if that partition is VFAT16:21
keriowell, my os x is definetely aware that the uSD has three partitions16:21
DocScrutinizer05hmm, are you sure that's not 3 devices with no partition?16:22
keriotwo devices, one with a single vfat partition (mydocs), and another with three partitions, vfat and two linux swap16:23
DocScrutinizer05I *think* cssu ke-recv got patched to export all partitions on uSD16:23
kerios/all partitions on uSD/the uSD/16:23
keriooh, btw, i'm running cssu-devel now16:23
kerioi'm not sure g_file_storage can export more than two files16:24
DocScrutinizer05whatever, there's a script doing that. You may tweak it to meet your needs16:24
kerioso if you want to export more partitions, you have to export a whole device with a partition table16:24
DocScrutinizer05check /usr/sbin/osso-usb-mass-storage-enable.sh16:26
keriohm, it's not that i think16:26
keriothat's callable to export manually something16:26
kerioooh, g_file_storage has a way to export more than two devices16:27
kerioanyway, no, that script is called by something else to enable ass rage mode16:27
*** Krayon has joined #maemo16:27
DocScrutinizer05 /sbin/modprobe g_file_storage stall=0 luns=2 removable16:28
DocScrutinizer05I think  /usr/sbin/ will be called by ke-recv, with phy device to export as parameter16:33
DocScrutinizer05for now it's built to get called max twice16:34
DocScrutinizer05first call exportsa to LUN0, second to LUN116:34
ShadowJKthe idea of using a ludicrously large swap partition isn't to have room for more apps running, device becomes mostly unusable at around 200-400M swap in use anyway. The idea is that it takes longer before 4g gets fragmented than it takes for 1g to get fragmented16:35
DocScrutinizer05actually a 3rd call will override the second16:35
DocScrutinizer05by redefining LUN1, aiui16:35
DocScrutinizer05dunno if it gets called by a events.d script, a init.d script, some helper script called by ke-recv or directly by ke-recv16:36
DocScrutinizer05seems /usr/sbin/ke-recv has a reference to /usr/sbin/osso-usb-mass-storage-enable.sh16:39
DocScrutinizer05so I assume it's called directly by ke-recv process16:40
DocScrutinizer05ask pali if you want to learn more, iirc he patched ke-recv16:40
kerioShadowJK: yeah but DocScrutinizer05 claims that a 4gb fragmented swap partition will take exactly 4gb worth of reads to be swapoffed16:42
*** sq-one has joined #maemo16:42
DocScrutinizer05I never said that16:43
DocScrutinizer05I said that due to fragmentation, your real amount of reads will be way more than the 'used' swap suggests16:44
DocScrutinizer05if you got one 512byte block used per MB of swap space, your swapoff will need to read in the page containing that 1MB for each block to swap in16:45
kerioanyway, you can stop complaining now16:46
DocScrutinizer05which, regarding read speed both on interface and on MMC internal controller, creates a significant overhead16:46
kerioi've got a 1gb partition16:46
kerioand besides, swapon is basically free, and ionice -c 3 nice swapoff should put absolutely no strain whatsoever on the system16:47
kerioalthough i'm not sure ionicing swapoff will help16:48
keriobecause well, it's a kernel thing16:48
DocScrutinizer05swapoff does no IO basically16:55
*** e-yes has quit IRC16:55
kerioanyway, we need an opensource replacement for image-viewer16:58
*** Darkchaos has quit IRC17:04
*** fredrinLap has quit IRC17:11
*** valerius has joined #maemo17:12
*** mvp_ has quit IRC17:15
DocScrutinizer05actually a funny bug17:16
*** Neutron9 has quit IRC17:18
*** joga has quit IRC17:18
*** joga has joined #maemo17:18
*** dhbiker has quit IRC17:21
*** jonwil has joined #maemo17:29
jonwilthe parts needed to fix my N900 have finally arrived17:32
jonwilneed to go to the repair shop next week and get them to sort it :)17:32
*** hardaker has joined #maemo17:32
kerioDocScrutinizer05: or maybe i'll just get jacekowski to edit the binary17:33
kerioand crack the free ram check17:33
DocScrutinizer05should be pretty simple17:35
DocScrutinizer05at least when you can live without that check17:35
keriohell yeah i can17:35
keriowell, now i don't know17:35
kerioi only have 1gb of swap17:36
DocScrutinizer05disabling the check it simple like flipping one bit in a compare condition17:36
kerioDocScrutinizer05: huh... not really17:36
kerioi want the check to succeed both times17:36
kerionot only when there's "not enough ram" as it thinks17:36
keriowhich compare would you make there?17:37
DocScrutinizer05you want the check to take "not enough ram2 path no matter what the real situation?17:37
kerioit would have to be "lesser or greater or equal"17:37
kerioDocScrutinizer05: no, i want the check to take the other path :)17:37
DocScrutinizer05thought as much17:37
kerioregardless of ram17:38
*** mzanetti has quit IRC17:38
kerioso it's more than a bit17:38
DocScrutinizer05well, if the compare is "<0" now, you can change it to "=0"17:38
kerioit could be a byte or maybe two!17:38
kerioDocScrutinizer05: but what if you have exactly as much free ram as the threshold?17:38
kerio(modulo 4GiB)17:38
*** mzanetti has joined #maemo17:39
DocScrutinizer05of course you always can change the branch destination addr to point directly behind the branch17:39
DocScrutinizer05kerio: (exactly as much) then you're fsckd ;-P17:39
keriohell naw17:39
keriojust hope the correct branch is the one right below, and change that to a NOP17:39
kerioor, if it's not, change it to a JMP17:40
DocScrutinizer05anyway it's simple17:40
DocScrutinizer05other possible fix would be to patch the system function that returns the free ram value17:41
DocScrutinizer05could even be done per LD_PRELOAD I think17:41
kerioi actually thought about that17:42
ShadowJKswapoff on fragmented space is mostly a cpu dominated operation, and then followed by the high command overhead. 4K chunks, only VAX used 512 :)17:42
DocScrutinizer05I guess the return value of that function is uint, while it's compared as a signed integer17:42
DocScrutinizer05so if MSB is set, it turns negative17:42
kerioDocScrutinizer05: 4gb would overflow anyway17:43
DocScrutinizer05dang, we've seen that somewhere else last few months ;-P17:43
kerioit's 32bit17:43
*** Timmy has joined #maemo17:48
Timmywhy do i need to enter a CAPTCHA while i am registered in maemo talk when i try to send a new topic?17:48
DocScrutinizer05kerio: if the function returns byte, then yes17:49
DocScrutinizer05if the function returns maybe words or dwords, then it's 8GB or 16GB17:49
Timmyalso can't set a picture for my profile17:50
DocScrutinizer05but I rather think we're running into age old 32bit limitations here17:50
DocScrutinizer05Timmy: either you are not registered, or tmo is in pathological state (not really something unheard)17:51
TimmyDocScrutinizer05: tmo?17:51
infobottmo is probably, or, or It's *not* T-MO (see ~T-MO) or trolls, morons, oxen.17:52
Timmyalso i am registered and my username is Timmy on the website, and it's a while that i am facing this problem17:52
Timmynot a anoyoing problem, just reporting that17:53
Timmyerr, anoying17:53
DocScrutinizer05yeah, thanks17:53
DocScrutinizer05I think you should contact Reggie, maintainer of tmo17:54
DocScrutinizer05or wait for chem|st to picjk up on this threaqd here17:54
*** valerius has quit IRC17:54
DocScrutinizer05maybe chem|st can do something to investigate17:55
DocScrutinizer05dunno about which powers he got on tmo17:55
Timmyping chem|st17:55
*** fuz_ has quit IRC17:56
DocScrutinizer05chem|st: see ^^^ - tmo behaving mad17:56
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:57
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC18:03
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #maemo18:03
DocScrutinizer05tbh I dunno if that's maybe normal. Though I don't think so. It could be two unrelated probelms as well18:03
*** fuz_ has joined #maemo18:05
kerioDocScrutinizer05: yeah but it reported the wrong size for me, and i had ~4G + 256M18:09
keriowell, maybe slightly more than 4g of free ram18:09
DocScrutinizer05not even 32bit desktop linux works particularly great with more than 4GB RAM (ok, slightly different issue, but still...)18:10
*** Neutron9 has joined #maemo18:11
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC18:13
*** valerius has joined #maemo18:13
*** Hoolxi has joined #maemo18:18
kerioDocScrutinizer05: would it be theoretically possible to install a faster cpu and more ram on a n900?18:19
keriohow feasible would that be?18:19
DocScrutinizer05hard to say, depends on a lot of preconditions18:19
*** Timmy has quit IRC18:20
DocScrutinizer05for the faster, you might find a CPU up to 1GHz I think, for RAM you have to see what you can get18:20
DocScrutinizer05then swap the whole chip, gifted SMD reworkers can probably do that with ~50% to 75% yield18:21
DocScrutinizer05after some practice18:21
DocScrutinizer05maybe 25% chances on the first few devices to undergo that rework18:22
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #maemo18:22
DocScrutinizer05I.E. calculate for 10 to 20 devices to practice, and you may find you established a maintainable and sustainable process18:22
DocScrutinizer05or not, if some unknown murphy effect strikes18:23
kerioDocScrutinizer05: you don't have a job right now, right?18:23
kerioi have a business proposal for you!18:23
DocScrutinizer05then you just need a source for the better chips, and the chips shouldn't be locked18:23
DocScrutinizer05kerio: sorry, I can't afford this18:24
DocScrutinizer05if I had some 5..10k EUR to 'waste', I'd maybe consider it18:25
*** valerius has quit IRC18:25
DocScrutinizer05break-even point would take me to sell quite a number of those pimped N900 though18:25
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC18:27
DocScrutinizer05seems like I'd need at very least 30 preorders, if the rework costs 200EUR18:27
DocScrutinizer05or take the risk I won't find 30 customers willing to pay 200EUR for the rework, and lose my investment18:28
kerioi'm prepared to invest TENS of euros in this project18:28
keriomaybe even two or three tens18:28
DocScrutinizer05well, then that's obviously a business model for you, not for me18:28
keriook fine, i'm prepared to invest 200€18:29
DocScrutinizer05I'm more than happy to help with theory18:29
keriobut i want an upgraded n900 at the end18:29
*** sLumPia has joined #maemo18:38
*** Hoolxi has joined #maemo18:40
*** shanttu has joined #maemo18:41
*** args[0] has quit IRC18:46
*** valerius has joined #maemo18:46
*** sirdancealot7 has joined #maemo18:49
*** till has quit IRC18:49
*** murrayc has quit IRC18:49
*** till has joined #maemo18:50
*** args[0] has joined #maemo18:53
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC18:54
*** dvoid has joined #maemo19:00
*** teotwaki__ has joined #maemo19:10
*** antero has quit IRC19:10
*** fredrinLap has joined #maemo19:12
*** mzanetti has quit IRC19:14
*** mzanetti has joined #maemo19:15
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC19:16
*** mzanetti has joined #maemo19:18
*** Darkchaos has joined #maemo19:19
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:23
keriojacekowski: ping19:27
kerioShadowJK: ooh, it appears that bq27200 changed something in the calibration data without actually performing a full calibration19:28
kerioit went from 1305 mAh to 1303 for the full charge19:28
keriois that legit?19:28
Siceloi believe so, yes19:30
* kerio mourns the loss of 2 mAhs19:32
*** hardaker has joined #maemo19:38
*** valeriusL has joined #maemo19:38
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo19:42
*** louisdk has joined #maemo19:54
*** louisdk has left #maemo19:55
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:56
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:58
*** VDVsx has quit IRC19:58
*** Venemo_N9 has left #maemo19:59
*** ferdna has joined #maemo20:00
*** sLumPia has quit IRC20:04
*** sLumPia has joined #maemo20:05
*** shanttu has quit IRC20:08
*** shanttu has joined #maemo20:08
*** GAN900 has joined #maemo20:09
*** x29a_ has joined #maemo20:09
*** till- has joined #maemo20:10
*** petteri_ has joined #maemo20:10
*** pronto_ has joined #maemo20:10
*** ghjgfjghjbn2 has joined #maemo20:11
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*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC20:17
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*** piggz_ has joined #maemo20:17
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*** vblazquez has quit IRC20:17
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo20:17
*** piggz has quit IRC20:17
*** ferdna has quit IRC20:17
*** GAN900 is now known as GeneralAntilles20:17
*** x29a_ is now known as x29a20:17
*** petteri_ is now known as petteri20:17
*** ferdna has joined #maemo20:17
*** louisdk has joined #maemo20:18
*** sLumPia has quit IRC20:19
*** NGNUton-BC has quit IRC20:20
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo20:20
DocScrutinizer05kerio: aging20:29
keriohappens to everyone :)20:30
DocScrutinizer05see config in ROM data from bq27k-detail.sh20:30
DocScrutinizer05actually bin/bq27k-detail : SD=201 thousandths of percent per day   AGELMD=120:33
kerioso it's not actually measured20:33
DocScrutinizer05means the chip will reduce your LastMeasuredDischarge by 0.202% per day20:34
DocScrutinizer05to account for naural aging of cell chemistry20:34
*** mva has quit IRC20:35
DocScrutinizer05of course that's a rough guesstimate method20:35
DocScrutinizer05but after 30(?) cycles CI=1 anyway, so you will probably never really see massive impact of cell aging20:36
DocScrutinizer05since you should run a learning cycle to reset CI=020:36
*** e-yes has joined #maemo20:36
kerio"idk what's going on lol"?20:37
DocScrutinizer05means "forget all values the chip displays, probably bogus"20:38
kerioi'll have to download your script again20:38
*** johnsu01 has quit IRC20:40
*** johnsu01 has joined #maemo20:40
DocScrutinizer05for your convenience20:41
DocScrutinizer05just wget them20:41
DocScrutinizer05and chmod +x20:41
Sicelonice script there, .. how about calling `` instead of bme for resuming chaarging?20:43
DocScrutinizer05kerio: >> 0 CI    Capacity Inaccurate flag. A 1 indicates no valid learning cycle. <<20:46
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: you're free to edit ;-)20:47
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC20:50
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo20:50
DocScrutinizer05kerio: I invested lots of my precious time to make output a tad educational. You should use that opportunity20:54
*** wicket64 has joined #maemo20:56
*** eMHa has quit IRC21:00
*** pronto_ is now known as pronto21:02
kerioDocScrutinizer05: k21:02
esaym153anyone know where the source code is that handles changing the background image in diablo?21:03
*** JZA has joined #maemo21:05
JZAhi unfortunately I kinda bricked my phone21:05
JZAanyone can help me restore it21:05
JZAI applied a patch and didnt reboot instead the thing just half ass boot21:05
kerioJZA: full reset, coldflash, reflash vanilla+combined21:05
keriooh, you just need the latest then21:05
kerio"bricked" is much harder than that21:06
kerioload rescueos and then undo the patch21:06
DocScrutinizer05dafaq, why coldflash?21:06
JZAkerio: well by half ass boot means I cant even see the screen21:06
kerioor maybe reboot without watchdogs (via rd flag)21:06
kerioDocScrutinizer05: he said bricked21:06
DocScrutinizer05he said "OMGitDoesNotWork!"21:06
JZAkerio: only my keys get light up, but I dont get any sort of prompt cant get on the wifi so I cant even remote access it21:07
keriorescueos could save you21:07
DocScrutinizer05JZA: reflash21:07
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, maemo-flashing is
keriootherwise, reflash and then restore the backupmenu backup you surely have done before tinkering with your system, right?21:07
JZAI do have some backups, not as current as I wish21:08
DocScrutinizer05kerio: please! be gentle to new users21:08
kerio"<Mr. Wolf> so pretty please, with sugar on top, clean the fucking car"21:09
DocScrutinizer05JZA: try reflashing (unless you got extremely valuable data in your rootfs - a location you usually don't touch as normal user)21:09
kerio...dammit infobot21:10
DocScrutinizer05kerio: why confuse new users?21:10
kerioJZA: if you had a shell, could you undo the damage?21:10
kerioDocScrutinizer05: unix is to be fixed, not reinstalled21:10
DocScrutinizer05kerio: if he had a shell, he probably had mentioned it21:10
keriohe could have one21:11
keriowith rescueos!21:11
DocScrutinizer05he could as well be a trolling kernel guru21:11
*** otep has quit IRC21:12
DocScrutinizer05he's asking "OMG, my device is bricked! it doesn't boot anymore" which, taking in account the further explanations, was already incorrect, since it boots but doesn't obviously finish to load hildon21:12
DocScrutinizer05kerio: if he had messed around with glibc or initscripts, he probably had mentioned that21:13
DocScrutinizer05JZA: reflashing will reset your rootfs, but (if you don't flash eMMC/VANILLA image, sth usually not necessary) it will keep your user data incl messages and call log and all21:14
DocScrutinizer05only thing you need to restore from backup are the applications themselves21:14
DocScrutinizer05backup restore offers an option to select what to restore. DO NOT restore your user data, it would reset the still living data to the state of your last backup21:15
DocScrutinizer05JZA: in any case *always* do a backup before you do any restore. So you can revert and possible damage done by restore, by restoring to the current backup you did21:16
DocScrutinizer05no restore without previous immediate backup, never!21:17
DocScrutinizer05seen users "restoring" their perfectly sane system to dead too many times21:17
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: seen users "restoring" their perfectly sane system to death too many times21:18
DocScrutinizer05JZA: if you run into trouble with simple flashing of rootfs/COMBINED, come back here ask for help21:18
DocScrutinizer05do NOT flash eMMC/VANILLA21:19
JZADocScrutinizer05: I remember this process I never did it because the USB didnt work for me. It had problems detecting the device. I am using Mandriva Linux21:20
JZAI hope this time works better21:20
DocScrutinizer05the key is to blacklist cdc_phonet21:20
DocScrutinizer05instructions how to accomplish that are in wiki I pointed at21:21
DocScrutinizer05I hope they apply to mandriva as well21:21
*** sq-one has joined #maemo21:21
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:22
*** NGNUton-BC has joined #maemo21:23
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:23
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC21:24
*** Darkchaos has quit IRC21:27
*** nox- has joined #maemo21:28
DocScrutinizer05JZA: out of curiosity: what's been that "applied patch"?21:30
DocScrutinizer05JZA: what exactly did you do?21:31
JZAit was... a module that will give priority to userland process21:31
JZAmeant to be able make the calling trump other process on the bg21:32
JZADocScrutinizer05: anyway I need to juice up the mobile first21:34
DocScrutinizer05JZA: (patch) _all_ that is already in stock maemo21:35
DocScrutinizer05by default21:35
DocScrutinizer05since Nokia engineers had same brilliant idea, you know ;-)21:35
DocScrutinizer05JZA: (juice up) does that mean your battery is low? if so, flashing may fail. You should be extremely careful about battery usage (even while charger plugged in it will still eat battery until you 'fixed' your problem!)21:38
JZAJZA: so what can I do?21:39
DocScrutinizer05test for battery (and other prerequisits for flashing): press and hold "u", plug in fastcharger, check if NOKIA screen with USB logo upper right is steady. If not, your battery is too weak21:40
DocScrutinizer05you'll need to get your battery charged by external charger or other means independant of N90021:40
DocScrutinizer05ooh, this test of course needs to be done on powered-down device21:41
DocScrutinizer05I.E. remove battery, reinsert battery, hold 'u', plug in charger21:41
DocScrutinizer05after test renove battery again immediately, to make sure it won't deplete21:42
DocScrutinizer05if device comes up with dim NOKIA screen but doesn't stay there with USB logo, then it's your battery that's too weak. If device doesn't come up at all, either your fastcharger or your battery or your USB receptacle is defect. OR you need a coldflash to restore NOLO bootloader (rarely ever needed)21:44
JZAwell this will take a while21:45
DocScrutinizer05I won't elaborate now on distinguishing between those different defects, unless you actually got that problem21:45
DocScrutinizer05JZA: removing and inserting battery, holding u and plugging in charger will take a while?21:46
DocScrutinizer05how so?21:46
DocScrutinizer05I can do all that in less than 60s21:46
JZAcharging the battery will take a while21:46
JZAhow fast can u do that?21:46
DocScrutinizer05aaah, your battery is too weak?21:46
*** ponyofdeath has quit IRC21:47
DocScrutinizer05and you got an external charger for charging it outside N900?21:47
DocScrutinizer05N900 will NOT charge your battery unless you got flashing amber LED21:48
DocScrutinizer05it will DIScharge battery even further in that case21:48
DocScrutinizer05JZA: please talk to us, we're trying to help!21:48
JZAis charging alright21:49
DocScrutinizer05we can't if we don't know what's going on at your side21:49
JZAbut will take a couple of hours at least21:49
DocScrutinizer05mhm, so it's charging. That is *good*21:49
esaym153is there a way to change the background image with gconftool (or any command)  in diablo?21:49
DocScrutinizer05esaym153: sorry, I never looked into that21:50
DocScrutinizer05maybe eventually some other more experienced diablo user may pick up on your question (they are rare even in here now)21:50
DocScrutinizer05N8x0 change background, anybody?21:52
befordwhat is the question? how to do it?21:54
DocScrutinizer05via cmdline21:54
befordah no idea :P21:54
DocScrutinizer05I admit I'd have no idea how to do it on fremantle21:56
trumeewhy does no *female* microusb cable exist?21:56
* DocScrutinizer05 looks at his several "female" cables21:57
befordthat's sexisy21:57
trumeei want to connect nokia charger with microusb <> some cable<>N90021:57
DocScrutinizer05mini-USB extender cables21:57
trumeebecause my nokia charger doesnt work directly with N900 (some loose connection in N900 i guess)21:58
DocScrutinizer05I don't get it21:58
trumeealthough it works fine with anoth usb cable and a usb htc charger21:58
*** florian has joined #maemo21:59
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i need a adaptor to convert Nokia microusb charge to a full usb plug. is that possible?21:59
DocScrutinizer05trumee: you need a charger that delivers 5V (@>1000mA) **and has D+/- pins shorted**21:59
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: that wasnt my question22:00
DocScrutinizer05trumee: I still don't completely understand your task22:00
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i need a microusb to type A cable22:00
DocScrutinizer05you want an adapter to plug a 'normal' USB blug 'inot' the N900-fastcharger?22:01
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: yes22:01
DocScrutinizer05never seen such thing22:01
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: yeah, why that doesnt exist22:01
DocScrutinizer05you *might* find USB hubs that have a micro-USB receptacle for upstream and normal F USB ports downstrem, _and_ no switched power on downstream22:02
DocScrutinizer05(why) it's quite uncommon usecase22:02
DocScrutinizer05still I fail to understand why you need that22:03
DocScrutinizer05"because my nokia charger doesnt work directly with N900" suggests no adapter will help22:04
nox-i guess his n900 usb port is just `marginal' and only works with `some' plugs22:04
trumeenox-: yes22:04
DocScrutinizer05more likely the charger is defect22:04
nox-well that could be too ofc22:04
DocScrutinizer05way more likely22:05
trumeei have 1 A to B usb cable which works with N900. and i am using that with a htc usb charger22:05
DocScrutinizer05one of my 3 chargers is defect22:05
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i have a nokia charger and a power-monkey charger. both used to work fine, but now they dont22:05
trumeeand i suspect the usb receptacle inside the N900 is the issue22:05
DocScrutinizer05both ceased to work?22:06
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: yes22:06
*** sq-one has quit IRC22:06
DocScrutinizer05that's strange indeed22:06
DocScrutinizer05inspect and clean your N900 usb receptacle22:06
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: dont have the time for that since i am travelling. and  i need to have the powermonkey battery pack working, which unfortunately has a microusb tip22:07
DocScrutinizer05also make sure you haven't introduced sw reasons for charging to fail22:07
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: no that is the behaviour with stock flashed. i have checked that22:08
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: there are tips available for powermonkey including a USB, but expensive.
DocScrutinizer05if actually usb receptacle has poor contacts, often it helps to carefully retract the plug 0.5 .. 1mm from receptacle to make the contacts work again22:08
DocScrutinizer05trumee: sorry I have no better advice to help you out of your pinch22:09
DocScrutinizer05well, one maybe: try of shadowjk, it doesn't need the D+/- short to do proper charging22:10
*** jrocha has quit IRC22:11
DocScrutinizer05so if the contact problem is with D+/- and not with +5V or GND, then should still charge, while bme won't22:12
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i tried the CA-146c adaptor with the powermonkey battery pack and it worked22:13
trumeehowever, how much juice will be wasted with CA-146c22:13
*** ferdna has quit IRC22:14
trumeei simply run, or do i need to stop bme?22:15
DocScrutinizer05stop bme22:15
DocScrutinizer05stop bme; sleep 5; charge21.sh22:16
*** jluisn has joined #maemo22:19
trumeenope, doesnt charge22:22
trumeeStatus: 0x00 Mode: STANDBY Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 3924 NAC: 804 level: 73 % Rate: -103 System: -1053 Ch: 950 Compensated:22:22
trumeealthough, the yellow led is blinking, which i guess is fake22:23
*** Dibblah has joined #maemo22:23
DocScrutinizer05yellow LED is controlled by mce, it's irrelevant if nobody controls mce though22:26
*** teotwaki__ has quit IRC22:26
DocScrutinizer05but wait, maybe I'm wrong with and charging from arbitrary sources22:27
DocScrutinizer05status 0x00 means something22:27
DocScrutinizer05~ # bin/charge21.sh22:29
DocScrutinizer05Charger: 122:29
DocScrutinizer05Pre-Config Status: 0x20,  0x20 . 100mA: 0x20 500mA: 0x10 800mA: 0x10 Unlimited: 0x1022:29
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x10 Mode:CHARGING Full:0 Wall:1 Voltage:4164 NAC:1209 level:100% Rate:-184 System:-467 Ch:283 Compensated:22:29
DocScrutinizer05with fastcharger22:29
trumeeyou have Wall:1 while i have Wall:022:29
*** thetet has joined #maemo22:29
DocScrutinizer05that's D+/- detect22:30
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i do get a Wall:1 if stick CA-146C between this powermonkey batter pack and N90022:30
DocScrutinizer05I think status 0x10 means D+/- short22:31
*** thetet has left #maemo22:31
DocScrutinizer05aka Wall:122:31
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: so my usb receptacle is faulty22:32
*** javispedro has joined #maemo22:32
trumeeand i need a micro usb to full usb cable :(22:32
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x00 Mode:STANDBY Full:0 Wall:0 Voltage:4159 NAC:1204 level:99% Rate:-14 System:-336 Ch:322 Compensated:22:33
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x10 Mode:CHARGING Full:0 Wall:0 Voltage:4177 NAC:1204 level:99% Rate:-8 System:-189 Ch:181 Compensated:22:33
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x10 Mode:CHARGING Full:0 Wall:0 Voltage:4164 NAC:1204 level:99% Rate:21 System:-262 Ch:283 Compensated:22:33
DocScrutinizer05when plugging in a charger that's missing D+/- short22:33
DocScrutinizer05so should work like I expected22:34
nox-hm does this mean a `normal' 500ma usb port cant be used for charging, even slower?22:34
trumeechadi: is current?22:35
DocScrutinizer05it can22:35
trumeechadi: is current?22:35
*** teotwaki__ has joined #maemo22:35
DocScrutinizer05unless your OS switches down the power on the port when no proper negotiation aka ENUM22:35
trumeecrap, xchat is changing *Ch* to chadi22:35
DocScrutinizer05I think it's Rate that's relevant22:36
DocScrutinizer05everything else is 'made up' by charge21.sh22:36
trumeePre-Config Status:  0x00,  0x00 . 100mA:  0x00 500mA:  0x00 800mA:  0x00 Unlimited:  0x0022:36
trumeeStatus: 0x00 Mode: STANDBY Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 3884 NAC: 791 level: 72 % Rate: -180 System: -1130 Ch: 950 Compensated:22:36
trumeeStatus: 0x00 Mode: STANDBY Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 3903 NAC: 791 level: 72 % Rate: -102 System: -1052 Ch: 950 Compensated:22:37
trumeeStatus: 0x00 Mode: STANDBY Full: 0 Wall: 0 Voltage: 3903 NAC: 790 level: 72 % Rate: -102 System: -1052 Ch: 950 Compensated:22:37
DocScrutinizer05looks like there's no power on VBUS22:37
trumeeRate is always negative on mine22:37
DocScrutinizer05Rate <0 means battery discharging22:37
DocScrutinizer05with 180 resp 102 mA22:37
*** Cor-Ai has quit IRC22:38
*** Cor-Ai has joined #maemo22:38
DocScrutinizer05your problem isn't D+/- short but actually missing power from VBUS/GND22:39
DocScrutinizer05it seems22:39
*** rick8024 has joined #maemo22:40
trumeewith CA-146C in series22:40
trumeePre-Config Status:  0x10,  0x10 . 100mA:  0x90 500mA:  0x90 800mA:  0x90 Unlimited:  0x9022:40
trumeeStatus: 0x90 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 1 Voltage: 4112 NAC: 781 level: 71 % Rate: 296 System: -370 Ch: 666 Compensated:22:41
trumeeStatus: 0x90 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 1 Voltage: 4120 NAC: 781 level: 71 % Rate: 472 System: -134 Ch: 606 Compensated:22:41
DocScrutinizer05unplug non-D+- charger, one line without charger, last with nokia fastcharger:22:41
trumeeStatus: 0x90 Mode: CHARGING Full: 0 Wall: 1 Voltage: 4122 NAC: 782 level: 71 % Rate: 507 System: -83 Ch: 590 Compensated:22:41
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x03 Mode:CHARGING Full:0 Wall:0 Voltage:4177 NAC:1210 level:100% Rate:14 System:-167 Ch:181 Compensated:22:41
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x00 Mode:STANDBY Full:0 Wall:0 Voltage:4061 NAC:1210 level:100% Rate:-135 System:-1085 Ch:950 Compensated:22:41
DocScrutinizer05Status:0x10 Mode:CHARGING Full:0 Wall:1 Voltage:4161 NAC:1209 level:100% Rate:-120 System:-427 Ch:307 Compensated:22:41
DocScrutinizer05trumee: for some unknown reason, either VBUS or GND contact of your 'normal' charger doesn't work22:42
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i think these receptacles of N900 have a problem22:42
trumeethe charger is the same i.e. powermonkey22:43
DocScrutinizer05strange it doesn't have same problem with CA-14622:43
trumeethe CA146-C seems to have better contact with N90022:43
DocScrutinizer05maybe you plugged the charger to a defective receptacle that ruined the plug?22:44
DocScrutinizer05I think if the problem was in N900, it wouldn't work with CA-146 either22:44
*** BCMM has joined #maemo22:45
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i havent used that powermonkey with anything else22:45
DocScrutinizer05hmm, maybe it's just defect?22:45
trumeeDocScrutinizer05: i guess it is possible to make the microusb to type B manually22:46
DocScrutinizer05connect red to red and black to black, and short the green and white wire to N90022:47
DocScrutinizer05any 8 year old boy should be able to do it ;-)22:48
DocScrutinizer05for just charging, there's no rocket science in USB22:48
trumeelol, these are expensive too,
DocScrutinizer05for actual data transfer things are quite a bit different22:49
DocScrutinizer05what the hell do you want to do with those?22:51
DocScrutinizer05replace N900 receptacle?22:52
trumeeno chop off the male microusb receptacle from CA-101 and replace with this22:53
DocScrutinizer05and then?22:54
DocScrutinizer05then you have a male fullsize plug with power on it?22:54
trumeeyes, i do22:55
DocScrutinizer05nice, but I don't see any use for such thing22:55
trumeefast charger<>custom cable<>CA101<>N90022:55
DocScrutinizer05how will you connect your custom cable to CA101? F-2-F adapter?22:56
DocScrutinizer05isn't it way simpler to get a USB fastcharger with USB fullsize receptacle?22:56
DocScrutinizer05basically you're building a micro-usb extender the hard way22:57
trumeebecause i want to use the powermonkey battery pack which only has a microusb tip22:58
trumeeat home i am using a USB fast charger as you have suggested22:58
trumeealso, in the car i have a DC-10 adaptor which again has a microusb tip22:59
DocScrutinizer05I still doubt an extender of any complexity reliably will fix the (yet unknown) issue22:59
DocScrutinizer05battery packs usually need some way to enable the regulator in them. It's either done by a switch, or by plugging in the cable, or by the cable getting plugged to a device and somehow the battery pack detects that condition (by monitoring ID pin level, or data line levels)23:01
DocScrutinizer05my silly little battery pack here abuses ID pin of the mini-USB receptacle to detect plug in of any of the 10 charger cables it came with23:02
*** teotwaki__ has quit IRC23:03
DocScrutinizer05actually I think it delivers 5V out on ID23:03
DocScrutinizer05while it uses VBUS to charge internal battery23:03
DocScrutinizer05the powermonkey might even try to detect short between sleeve and GND pin to sense plugin to a device23:04
trumeeis it possible to open-up CA-146C and remove the circuit?23:05
DocScrutinizer05a tad hard (I think it's tightly glued) but possible. I did it23:05
trumeebecause i dont need the circuit. N900 is happy with CA-146C receptacle23:06
trumeeso i will need to do any soldering to remove and shot the wires?23:06
*** Fabian_S has joined #maemo23:06
trumee*remove circuit23:06
DocScrutinizer05the two barrel receptacles are spring loaded contact type, so stay in case conveniently when PCB gets removed23:07
DocScrutinizer05but you need to solder the wires of the plug to one of them springs23:08
DocScrutinizer05plus I think you will have to extend the wires, as they are probably too short to reach to the barrel receptacles23:09
DocScrutinizer05maybe not worth the effort?23:11
trumeeyes, seems so :)23:11
DocScrutinizer05for a guessed anticipated loss of 20%, that easily might be less when running with 5V proper input23:12
trumeeyeah, maybe ok. i will do a field test while travelling :)23:13
DocScrutinizer05rule of thumb: if it doesn't get warm, then the loss is small23:13
DocScrutinizer05sorry for playing captain obvious23:14
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:22
*** mva has joined #maemo23:25
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:26
*** githogori has quit IRC23:28
*** sq-one has joined #maemo23:31
*** qwazix has joined #maemo23:33
*** DrGrov has joined #maemo23:35
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:35
*** DrGrov has left #maemo23:35
*** ponyofdeath has joined #maemo23:37
JZAwow still charging23:41
jacekowskikerio: pong23:42
*** githogori has joined #maemo23:44
*** ced117 has quit IRC23:45
*** githogori has quit IRC23:49
*** kodomo_ has joined #maemo23:52
*** kodomo has quit IRC23:55
*** thetet has joined #maemo23:55
*** githogori has joined #maemo23:56

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