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cbeauanyone in who knows anything about PEAP-mschapv2 on n900?00:15
cbeauI'd totally try cssu if it had a patch for PEAP-mschapv200:16
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Sc0rpiusthat's for PPTP?00:47
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vi__just watched prometheus.01:01
vi__wtf was that all about?01:01
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freemangordonmerlin1991, feedservice-plugin-fb-common FOSS replacement works like a charm. Please discuss with mag how to deal with API key/secret key. My opinion is that we should publish that as it is (i.e. cleartext secrets), after all the accounts are password protected01:02
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szopinhi council member01:44
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szopinwxWidgets: did anyone have a situation of not responsive touchscreen when using those?01:50
szopinor in a different approach: wxWidgets <- did anybody use those effectively???01:51
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Estel_szopin, hi02:17
Estel_what the hell is wxWidgets?02:18
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cbeauanyone knows anything about PEAP-mschapv2 ?04:45
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Sc0rpiusdamn I can't seem to update a notification.05:12
Sc0rpiusnotify_notification_update + notity_notification_show don't work AT ALL05:12
Sc0rpiusI wish conversations were open to read how they did it :( it's the only application I know of that updates notification correctly05:13
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Elleocan anyone point me towards what the difference between the qt-components and qt-components-10 packages? Which should I be depending on for maximum compatibility?12:53
Elleoah, looks like qt-components-10 is what I want12:58
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chem|stElleo: you are mike?14:55
Elleochem|st: yep14:55
chem|stah ok,14:55
chem|styou can have the testing live... you brake all dependencies and push to testing a bit fast14:57
ElleoI just changed the dependency from qt-components to qt-components-1014:57
Elleonothing else about the package has changed14:58
Elleosince qt-components doesn't appear to contain harmattan compatible components, whereas qt-components-10 does14:58
chem|stand you cannot install qt-components-10 with qt-components installed...14:59
chem|stso update brakes14:59
Elleonot much I can do about that14:59
DocScrutinizer51fsck the rest, as long as my app runs?15:00
Elleoit's not at all clear what I should be doing here15:01
chem|stElleo: make eyrie force uninstall of qt-components first...15:01
Elleochem|st: how?15:01
Elleothe procedure for porting from harmattan to the n900 seems very unclear to me15:01
Elleowith multiple incompatible versions of qt-components around15:02
DocScrutinizer51hell, an app that's going to replace qt on my system... You know what...15:02
ElleoDocScrutinizer51: it doesn't replace qt15:02
Elleoit replaces qt-components, the qml elements15:02
DocScrutinizer51the I'm mistaken15:03
chem|stDocScrutinizer51: qt-com10 is not able to overwrite needed stuff of qt-comp so it stalles and dpkg extis 115:03
Elleoand it's not the only app that depends on qt-components-10, it was a mistake to depend on qt-components in the first place15:03
Elleosurely qt-components-10 should be marked as replacing qt-components?15:03
chem|stElleo: and it does not replace it tries to install at the same time15:03
Elleowell isn't that a bug in qt-components-10?15:03
chem|stfor now a workaround is to have your install replace it by hand and note it to maintainers of qt-components15:04
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chem|styes but you cannot push things to testing if installing buggy stuff is required with out doing a workaround yourself15:05
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chem|stor it will brake when updating...15:05
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chem|stwhat it does15:06
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chem|st0.2-1 updating to 0.2-2 dies15:06
Elleoqt-components-10 is marked with Conflicts: qt-components (<< 1.0~20111000), the latest version of qt-components is 1.0~20111000-1, presumably that's the real issue15:06
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Elleosince qt-components-10 actually conflicts with qt-components 1.0~20111000 as well15:07
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chem|stElleo: 0.2-2 has just a nice and lit black screen...15:09
Elleochem|st: with qt-components-10?15:09
Elleotry doing an "apt-get --reinstall install qt-components-10" maybe qt-components removed some parts of that package if they conflict15:10
chem|stI uninstalled qt-components and all things eyrie pulled and started from the beginning15:10
Elleoincluding qt-components-10?15:11
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Elleobecause on my system which had qt-components-10 from the start it works fine15:11
chem|stElleo: eyrie pulls qt-components-10 (1.0~git20111014-1+0m5)15:12
chem|stis there another version in devel?15:12
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Elleoyeah, looks like there is15:13
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Elleohow do I unpublish a package?15:13
ElleoI think I'll just leave this until qt-components is sorted in testing15:14
chem|stleav it in devel for now...15:14
Elleohow do I revert it to devel?15:14
chem|stI have no idea, I am no maintainer15:16
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chem|stwhat else is different versions15:16
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Elleowell I've filed a bug for the qt-components-10 issue15:19
Elleonot sure there's really much else I can do for now15:19
chem|stmake it work with the version in testing?15:20
chem|stElleo: I am pulling in from devel now, anything to know?15:23
Elleochem|st: pass15:24
ElleoI haven't used my n900 in over a year, this is my first attempt at doing anything with QT on it15:24
chem|stqt-components-base-theme gets an upgrade too15:24
chem|st:) no worries, I am sure you will get it sorted over time!15:25
Elleohmm, what should I be specifying with -t to get packages from extras-testing? simply doing apt-get install -t extras-testing qt-components-10 still seems to pull from extras-devel15:26
Elleooh, I guess they all end up with the release name of "fremantle" or something15:27
ElleoI'll just disable devel temporarily15:28
chem|stfor instance yes15:28
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chem|stI'd try to replace qt-components-base-theme first, see if that brakes it already15:29
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chem|stqt-components-base-theme 0.1.90-1+0m5.1 got upgraded with qt-components-base-theme 0.8.0-1+0m515:30
Elleookay, I'll try with the various combinations of versions of both packages until I track it down15:31
Elleoseems to be qt-components-10 doesn't have
chem|stElleo: just to tell.... for the records... awesome! battery; cell strength; network; clock displayed^^15:32
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Elleo(in testing)15:32
Elleohopefully it's just a change in the package naming15:32
Elleobecause there's no way I'm rewriting the entire UI with new components ;)15:32
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chem|stElleo: ehrm how do you get the minimize and close buttons on n900?15:33
Elleochem|st: just tap where they would otherwise be15:34
Elleoit should automatically show a message at the top immediately after start mentioning that15:34
Elleo(handled by qt-components on the n900, not by me)15:34
*** aparaatti has quit IRC15:35
chem|stthe message does not show for very long though15:37
Elleolooks like I might have to depend on qt-components for now after all15:37
Elleosince they do provide components (even if they have all the wrong dimensions)15:37
Elleoand just hack the QML a bit for the n900 to change the sizes of things15:37
Elleoit looks like it's probably mostly the toolbar component in qt-components that's broken15:39
chem|stand it does not work...15:40
Elleochem|st: make sure you're using a song it actually knows about15:41
Elleothat fingerprint database is quite small at the moment15:41
chem|sttried world charts...15:41
Elleo <-- is known to work for example15:41
Elleoalternatively has a big list of all the supported tracks15:42
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chem|stnope still15:43
michaaa62hi, i am having problems installing ubuntu-mobile on my n90015:43
michaaa62int_ua: are you here?15:45
*** args[0] has quit IRC15:45
chem|stmichaaa62: then you may go to #ubuntu-mobile15:45
chem|st~seen int_ua15:45
infobotint_ua is currently on #maemo-ssu (1h 48m 30s), last said: 'freemangordon: Hi, we are talking about the 3.0 kernel with mpoirier on the #linaro channel if you are interested :)'.15:45
michaaa62thanks, i try.15:46
chem|stElleo: does the app need to find a fingerprint or does it create one?15:48
chem|stechonest claims 30M songs15:48
Elleochem|st: it creates a fingerprint then looks it up15:48
Elleochem|st: that's for their file fingerprinting15:49
Elleochem|st: for echoprint (their open source over the air algorithm) there's only about 200,00015:49
chem|sta shame15:49
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Elleoright, I've managed to cobble together a version that works with qt-components in testing15:55
Elleoalthough you need to use the power button menu to close it since that version doesn't support any of the top bar stuff15:56
chem|stgood... note that in the screen somewhere maybe┬░┬░15:57
Elleomaybe in the next version, I'm just going to push this out to get rid of the broken version in testing then get some sleep15:58
Elleoalthough hopefully by then qt-components-10 will work properly15:58
Elleosince I don't really want to have to maintain a bunch of extra hacks for the n90015:58
chem|stElleo: sleep well!15:59
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DocScrutinizer51keep in mind powerbutton menu might not offer the needed functions16:10
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:11
DocScrutinizer51user is free to reconfigure that menu to their liking16:11
ElleoDocScrutinizer51: well I'll add a quit button or something in a future release16:12
Elleofor now I just want to get a version in testing that doesn't use qt-components-10 since that seems broken16:12
DocScrutinizer51Elleo: there's always ctrl-bs ;)16:14
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Elleoheh, I guess16:14
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dreamerhmmm, why can't I have my micro-sd formatted to ext3? isn't there support for that fs?17:03
luke-jrdreamer: you can, but Maemo stupidly hard-coded vfat expectations some places17:04
*** geaaru has joined #maemo17:04
dreamerluke-jr: so the mediaplayer and stuff will only read media on a vfat card?17:06
luke-jrnah, you just need to mount ext3 manually17:07
luke-jralso, ext3 is a poor choice for flash17:07
luke-jrmight consider ext217:07
dreamerok. is that because of the journalling? (read something about it)17:07
luke-jrext3/ext4 assume magnetic driver behaviours17:07
*** Dibblah_ is now known as Dibblah17:07
dreamerhmm, I just copied over 8Gb from my previous card .. don't really feel like re-formatting :P17:07
luke-jryour risk :P17:08
luke-jrext3/4 are more likely to corrupt data, and destroy the card17:08
dreamerwell it's a brand new class 6 card17:08
luke-jrpersonally I'm more worried about data corruption17:08
dreamerand isn't journalling supposed to prevent data corruption? :)17:08
luke-jrit's supposed to, but it assumes magnetic behaviours ;)17:09
luke-jrMicroSD often write things out of order, which makes those assumptions bad17:09
luke-jrbecause ext3 won't even do an integrity check later if it thinks it knows what's going on17:09
*** Scorcerer has joined #maemo17:10
luke-jrat least ext2 will scan the filesystem for errors17:10
freemangordonluke-jr, latest CSSU-testing automounts all partitions on SD card17:10
luke-jrfreemangordon: cool17:11
freemangordon(assuming fs is supported)17:11
* luke-jr makes note not to consider CSSU until he has a long day free17:11
luke-jr(that'd mess up my own mounting scripts)17:11
freemangordonyeah, you should remove them17:11
luke-jrfreemangordon: not practical!17:12
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luke-jrI arrange them for other OS's17:12
luke-jrfreemangordon: does it auto-enable swap too?17:12
luke-jrwould be nice if it disabled the internal swap if it did that <.<17:12
dreamerso, bla. reformat to ext2? is that the concensus? (still have to manually mount I guess?)17:12
*** idoru has joined #maemo17:12
StyXmandreamer: yes17:13
luke-jrdreamer: unless you need permissions/owners, you might also consider vfat <.<17:13
freemangordonluke-jr: no, there is a code for auto-enabing swap in ke-recv (legacy from maemo4 I suppose), but it is commented out17:13
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StyXmanluke-jr: or filesnames with things like ? or !17:13
luke-jrfreemangordon: probably something to do with my experience that Maemo crashes with uSD swap17:13
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo17:14
dreamerluke-jr: well, I don't need it particularly. I just may want to have files >4G on it some day ..17:14
StyXmandreamer: or that17:14
luke-jryou planning to run VMs on N900? XD17:14
freemangordonluke-jr: It is you the only one having problems with swap on uSD then.17:14
freemangordonfor others it leads to a massive performance gain17:15
freemangordonBTW i think flash wearing is a bit overrated17:15
freemangordoneven an average TtF of 100000 hours means 700 years according to a document vi_ posted somewhere (compcache thread?)17:16
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*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:33
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*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:41
*** ClaesBas_ has joined #maemo17:41
*** _berto_ has quit IRC17:41
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo17:42
*** ychavan has quit IRC17:43
cbeauAnyone knows anyting about getting PEAP+mschapv2 working on maemo?17:43
*** hurbu_ has joined #maemo17:45
*** hardaker has joined #maemo17:45
*** cbeau_ has joined #maemo17:46
*** cbeau_ has quit IRC17:46
*** hurbu__ has quit IRC17:49
*** hurbu_ has quit IRC17:50
chem|stdreamer: you may mount ext3 as ext2...17:50
cbeaui've been using ext3 for a couple of yrs without problem. there is some fix in a couple of files somewhere you have to make to get it to automount in maemo, but it does work.17:51
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo17:52
*** fastlane` has joined #maemo17:52
chem|stcbeau: we do not want a sd-card mounted as ext3 but if you do not want to remake-fs you can just mount an ext3 as ext2 and journaling is off17:52
chem|stcbeau: what is it, eduroam with peap mschapv2 seems to work...17:53
*** hurbu_ has joined #maemo17:53
dreamerchem|st: I'm tempted, but I may just reformat17:53
*** ClaesBas_ has left #maemo17:55
chem|stdreamer: you do not need to reformat ext3, if you mount it as ext2 it is just ext2...17:56
chem|stext3 is ext2+journal afair17:56
chem|stthink that never changed?!17:56
*** mlwane has joined #maemo17:57
cbeauchem|st: well, eduroam or not, it doesn't work for me. I think it doesn't work for anyone... these maemo forum/wiki posts are from before the last update I think... I think that's what broke my mschapv217:57
*** ezisto has joined #maemo17:57
cbeauchem|st: do you use peap + mschapv2 yourself?17:58
chem|stcbeau: told you yesterday17:59
mlwanehey everyone18:00
chem|stbut your outer tunnel seems to work, but your mschap doesn't18:00
cbeauchem|st: oh, i have terrible memory. see, i'd really like to find someone who is using it and it's working fine for them. or i'd like to get help from anyone to get it working.18:00
mlwanei'm having this weird problem ..18:00
cbeauchem|st: that's right. the outer tunnel is correctly communicated as PEAP, but the inner tunnel is not communicated to be mschapv2 so when I send my password, it doesn't know what to do with it.18:01
chem|stcbeau: certificate? anonymous username?18:01
chem|stmlwane: elaborate18:02
mlwanewhen i try to install libqtm-12-contacts i get this error: "libqtm-12-contacts: Depends: libqtm-12 but it is not going to be installed"18:02
cbeauchem|st: certificate is up-to-date and working (no warning, no issue) and the username is not annonymous and completely well received (acknowledged) as per our computer people's logs.18:02
*** ekze_nyan has quit IRC18:02
mlwanebut libqtm-12 is perfectly installed !18:02
*** ekze has joined #maemo18:02
*** fastlane`` has joined #maemo18:03
chem|stthere is a 2nd username for mschap that has to be set afair18:03
*** fastlane` has quit IRC18:03
*** beford has joined #maemo18:03
*** beford has joined #maemo18:03
chem|stmlwane: that may be a version problem18:03
cbeauchem|st: yes, in the advanced menu. And I've done that. And I am able to verify through our computer people that it has been properly received.18:04
chem|stwhat network is it you are connecting to?18:04
mlwane"The following packages have unmet dependencies: libqtm-12-contacts: Depends: libqtm-12 but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages" that is what i get exactly18:05
chem|styou must not set a password there18:05
cbeauchem|st: my university's wireless network. it uses the same infrastructure for its eduroam ssid as for the others (multiple ssid mapping to same network)18:05
chem|stmlwane: lock into package which version it depends on18:05
cbeauchem|st: you must not set a password where? In the advance menu? I couldn't even if I wanted to: no field for that there.18:05
chem|stok then I have no further suggestions18:06
*** Free-MG has joined #maemo18:06
cbeauyes, I know. I've tried all the obvious, read all the forums and tried everything everyone suggested. At this point I have tried all the combinations of all the options in all the menus, still no luck. Argh!18:06
cbeauI think javispedro could help me, but he's not around.18:07
chem|stcbeau: ask on the mailinglist if someone from your university or someone with eduroam setup may have a suggestion18:07
cbeauchem|st: I've done one better: I've sat down with the wireless guy and by tracking my MAC address, he could look at my requests while they were coming in and failing. It is through him that I found out the inner tunnel protocol was not being communicated to the system.18:08
cbeauchem|st: and even he has no suggestion for me at this point. There are other protocols opened (like GTC and WEP), but the former requires that I keep retyping my password everytime I move a little bit and the latter requires that I authenticate through a website every time :(18:09
chem|stbut that is eap-mschap and that is working for my inner tunnel18:09
cbeauI mean peap+gtc and wep. yeah, wep has been kept around for a few very old machines which required it.18:13
cbeauchem|st: what do you mean that is eap-mschap and that is working for my inner tunnel? Do you mean that you use gtc and if that's used than mschapv2 should work too?18:14
cbeauwait, no, that makes no sense: what doesn't work for me is PEAP+mschapv2 but what does work is PEAP+gtc but the latter method does not allow you to cache a password (in the maemo interface) so it's not practical (i have to type password everytime I move a little)18:18
cbeauchem|st: what are you saying works for you?18:18
chem|stttls outer mschap inner tunnel18:19
cbeauchem|st: oh, i see. so i perhaps it is the peap+mschapv2 that messes up on communicating the mschapv2 part of things...?18:20
chem|styes and that may be not an issue for you but the guys at uni...18:22
mlwanechem|st: i checked .. i have libqtm-12 version 1.218:24
*** args[0] has quit IRC18:24
mlwanechem|st: and libqtm-12-contacts doesn't specify any version it just says depends on libqtm-1218:25
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:25
*** chenca has joined #maemo18:25
cbeauchem|st: do you have any idea what package on maemo would be responsible for this problem?18:25
*** _berto_ has quit IRC18:26
*** DocScrutinizerST has joined #maemo18:26
*** wicket64 has quit IRC18:28
*** sq-one has joined #maemo18:35
*** penguinbait has quit IRC18:36
*** messerting has joined #maemo18:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo18:40
chem|stcbeau: no but if, I am pretty sure it is closed source18:44
*** zap_ has quit IRC18:45
*** maybeWTF has joined #maemo18:45
*** DocScrutinizerST has quit IRC18:46
*** maybeHere has quit IRC18:46
*** Saviq_ has joined #maemo18:46
chem|stmlwane: do you have that problem when installing cssu?18:47
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC18:47
chem|stmlwane: on tmo there is a thread about having those troubles when installing cssu if PR1.3.1 is present18:48
freemangordon~seen ascipa18:57
infoboti haven't seen 'ascipa', freemangordon18:57
freemangordon~seen acsipa18:57
infobotfreemangordon: i haven't seen 'acsipa'18:57
*** NishanthMenon has quit IRC18:57
chem|st~seen achipa18:57
infobotachipa <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 204d 6h 6m 56s ago, saying: 'also libqtm-12 seems to have lost the promotion block so it's borked in general as it propagated to testing'.18:57
freemangordoninfobot: you're blind18:57
*** NishanthMenon has joined #maemo18:58
chem|sthehe exactly what we are after but 204d ago^^18:58
freemangordonyeah :D18:58
mlwanechem|st: I already have CSSU installed19:00
freemangordonchem|st: depending packages: "mbarcode-plugin-qrcode libqtm-12-dev libqtm-12 libqtm-12-declarative "19:00
*** valeriusN has left #maemo19:01
*** kwtm has quit IRC19:02
freemangordonhmm, maybe a new upload with "replaces: libqtm12-versit" will do the job19:02
freemangordonanyway, someone should report that problem to Attila Csipa19:04
*** fastlane`` has quit IRC19:04
mlwanechem|st: thanks for the help, I guess it was a version conflict since it installed smoothly after disabling dev, testing and ovi repositories19:06
*** dafox has quit IRC19:07
*** florian has quit IRC19:11
chem|stmlwane: good to know o_O19:12
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taixzoDoes anyone know how to get geolocation working with a QTWebView?20:20
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:22
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*** c3sso has joined #maemo21:07
c3ssoseems like I have a broken rootfs memory. Can somebody guide me how to mark the bad blocks?21:09
*** iDont has joined #maemo21:11
*** NishanthMenon has quit IRC21:12
*** tanty has quit IRC21:12
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*** timeless has joined #maemo21:13
*** timeless has joined #maemo21:13
c3ssoanybody here to help?21:13
mlwaneis it possible to clone maemo5 to an sdcard ?21:16
taixzomlwane, yes21:16
c3ssohmm I would be also interested in that. seems my memory for rootfs is corrupted21:17
taixzoone moment, let me find the page again21:18
taixzook, see
c3ssook, that will not work for me, as my rootfs is borked, i/o errors even after fresh reflashing.21:20
mlwanethanks a lot taixzo21:21
c3ssoso I cannot copy it over, I need to fix the filesystem / flash memoy first21:21
taixzoc3sso, perhaps you could copy from a emmc image?21:23
jacekowskinot from emmc21:24
*** federico3 has joined #maemo21:26
*** waite has joined #maemo21:26
taixzoI mean for flashing.21:26
*** dhbiker has quit IRC21:32
c3ssoseems that I could use backupmenu to fsck the root partition - does anybody know about that?21:32
*** schen has joined #maemo21:33
taixzodo you already have bm installed?21:33
c3ssotrying to install now21:34
taixzohmm. I don't know if you can install it if you can't boot.21:34
c3ssoI CAN boot. but the flash mamory is corrupted. So it works after first boot, but on second, I e.g. use the images, some programs to not behave correctlz, apt fails to write to /var/cache/apt/archives and so on. But on fresh flasheing, it could work.maybe I am lucky.21:36
mlwanec3sso: the guide for cloning maemo5 may help you, there is a step in which you mount the rootfs on a pc21:40
c3ssook I will check it out21:40
*** spark666 has joined #maemo21:46
*** spark666 has joined #maemo21:46
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c3ssook, installing backupmenu fails - proram manger spits out "not enough memory left"21:51
*** ced117 has joined #maemo21:53
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*** ced117 has joined #maemo21:53
c3ssoseems I am stuck, as I would have to have cloned the phone before.. also how to boot into other os if I cannot install bootloader?21:54
*** minde has joined #maemo21:54
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taixzoc3sso, you can flash a kernel with uboot22:06
*** penguinbait has quit IRC22:08
c3ssook, seems I have to read the wiki more thouroughly, thanks!22:08
*** jd has quit IRC22:08
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mlwanec3sso: you can try booting meego from an sdcard, you may be able to mount rootfs there and maube use some tools to check the system23:08
taixzois meego more stable than Nemo?23:09
*** minde has joined #maemo23:10
fastaCan I get wpa2 support on an n900?23:13
GeneralAntillestaixzo, MeeGo is defunct.23:15
GeneralAntillestaixzo, so, yes.23:15
taixzoGeneralAntilles, ok. I was wondering because it seemed to run smoothly, whereas nemo always hangs after a few minutes of use.23:16
Siceloto mount maemo's rootfs 'externally', you may find NIN101's RescueOS unbeatable, among other methods23:18
Siceloabout Nemo, eew, i was hoping things would get better23:22
*** minde has quit IRC23:36
*** minde has joined #maemo23:43
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