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Macerusing my damn n900 like a nit heh03:10
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Macerit seems to be acting better tho03:13
Macerthe sim seems to last longer03:13
Macerbut it cuts off every now and then :(03:13
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RST38hMoo all10:54
TermanaRST38h, morning10:55
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LaoLang_cool_How to configure xterm to use another shell? busybox is too suck on the supporting of multibyte charactor11:08
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wesk77LaoLang_cool_: when you install the bash package you can set it to default with bash-setup11:17
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LaoLang_cool_wesk77: hmm, I will try, thank you11:33
LaoLang_cool_wesk77: I can't find the cmd bash-setup...11:34
LaoLang_cool_apt-get install bash11:34
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LaoLang_cool_When I run chsh, and try to set /bin/bash, it says /bin/bash is an invalid shell.11:37
wesk77is the bin actually at /bin/bash ? there're 3 bash packages, with version 2, 3 and 4. bash4 provides the bin at /bin/bash4, maybe it's the same with version 2, i don't know. look through your /bin11:40
LaoLang_cool_wesk77: It's there at /bin/bash, now I get it work by modifying the string at /etc/passwd for user11:41
LaoLang_cool_what's the difference among bash, bash3, and bash4?11:42
LaoLang_cool_Too confused by the name11:42
wesk77well, there's always stuff added to be used in bash scripts11:43
LaoLang_cool_oh, there're four versoin, bash, bash2, bash3, and bash4!....11:44
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wesk77really? i only see bash, bash3 and bash411:44
LaoLang_cool_Which one is recommended?
LaoLang_cool_Diablo? Maybe it's for N850..11:45
wesk77i use bash3 on the n900 and bash4 on my desktop11:46
LaoLang_cool_wesk77: what's the difference among them?11:46
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wesk77 ;)11:48
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LaoLang_cool_for an interactive shell, I think bash is enough :)11:51
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wesk77probably yes, heh11:52
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LaoLang_cool_I installed busybox-power finally :)12:14
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narcosHi all.13:28
narcosI'm following the guide to try compile a new power-kernel (I require bridging support)13:30
narcosI got to Step 2 "sb-conf setup MaemoKernel" last night, but after logging out and logging back in it seems I can't find packages - e.g. "fakeroot apt-get install kernel-power-source" returns no package found, despite having adding the repos to sources.list previously13:31
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narcosI'd appreciate any advise on what I'm doing wrong -
narcosI seem to be stuck in a loop resolving depedencies13:39
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narcosI try install sources with "fakeroot apt-get install kernel-power-source" but get told there are dependency issues and I should run "apt-get -f install", but that gives an error about arch, so I add in the arch type "fakeroot apt-get -o APT::Architecture=armel -f install", and try to install kernel sources again, but have the same dependency issue13:41
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chem|st_even switched off device refuses to export MyDocs to usb (switched off I do not get the SD card exported as well)...14:13
chem|st_any ideas?14:13
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RaimuIs there a quick way to make a n900 to sound out terminal bells?16:21
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SpeedEvilplay-sound /usr/share/sounds/game-chess_checkmate.wav16:23
SpeedEvil- I don't know of a way to do what you want though16:23
RaimuWell, thanks for the idea, though.16:23
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villagernarcos: you've probably seriously broken your scratchbox, perhaps you've used "-o APT::Architecture" or something, you should never do that17:15
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villagernarcos: scratchbox has its own way of switching between architectures (sb-menu, for example), don't try other ways, or things *will* break17:18
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villagernarcos: though I suppose if you *have* to work around a broken rootstrap or something, then you also need the "-o APT::Architecture" in the "install kernel-power-source" step, I think17:25
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BCMMis there any way to turn the n900's screen off, but continue to use VNC? (usually, when power saving kicks in, the VNC screen goes black)18:27
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narcosvillager: Thanks for the tips. Could you recommend a tutorial that would guide me through compiling a power kernel?18:37
narcos(or anyone else)18:37
narcosvillager: I was following, which links to for the env setup18:38
narcosMy end goal is to have bridge support in the power-kernel18:38
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villagernarcos: well I haven't tried that particular scratchbox configuration, just the regular sdk configurations18:41
villagernarcos: but I assumed that it would be similar to the standard armel target18:42
villagernarcos: the rootstrap installation succeeded, right?18:42
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vdvsomebody knows where i can get gtkhtml version > 4.0 ?19:51
vdvfor maemo519:51
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RST38hMeanwhile:Samsung TVs Can Be Hacked Into Endless Restart Loop20:26
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*** totalizator has joined #maemo20:59
*** freemangordon has joined #maemo21:03
freemangordonping Pali21:04
vdvanyone from modest cssu supporters here? how you built it?21:06
freemangordondpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot21:06
freemangordonin SB21:06
vdvhow it finds tinymail?21:07
vdvrepository doesn't contain sources
freemangordoninstall it from CSSU repo21:07
Palipong, freemangordon21:08
freemangordonhi Pali21:08
freemangordonu-boot -110 errors seems gone :)21:08
Palikernel or u-boot problem/patch ?21:09
vdvfreemangordon, i want get it compiled21:09
freemangordonwell, both. We already know that meego/nemo kernels need dto patch21:09
freemangordonvdv, it is on gitorious21:09
vdvfreemangordon, tinymail?21:10
PaliI read that problem is not only on n900, but also on beagle (and other TI) boards21:10
freemangordonPali, but there is some other bug triggered by enabling eMMC in u-boot21:10
freemangordonthose are different problems21:10
*** APTX has joined #maemo21:10
*** zap_ has joined #maemo21:10
*** gormux_ has joined #maemo21:10
freemangordonBB problem is -110 from the card you are booting from21:11
freemangordonn900 problem is -110 wfrom BOTH cards :)21:11
*** jhb has quit IRC21:11
freemangordon-110 from external card is solved by applying DTO=14 patch21:11
freemangordonand some other patches21:11
Palithen patches should go to upstream21:12
freemangordonbut on n900 we sill have mmcblk1 (eMMC) -110, which is solved (as POC) by not enabling eMMC in u-boot21:12
freemangordonPali, I think they are upstream21:12
*** kama has joined #maemo21:12
freemangordonwel, now for u-boot21:12
*** kama has quit IRC21:13
*** kama has joined #maemo21:13
freemangordonI want your help on - how to disable eMMC(RES_VAUX3,RES_VSIM,RES_VMMC1) just before booting kernel21:13
*** gormux has quit IRC21:14
Palifreemangordon, in u-boot rx51.c is function after /* enable i2c access po powerbus */21:14
Palimaybe reverting params for that function after all twl4030_regulator_set_mode calls can fix problem21:14
freemangordonI searched through u-boot code, but cannot find any way to execute board specific code before booting the kernl21:14
PaliI will try to find some way21:15
freemangordonPali, my idea is soething different21:15
freemangordonlets leave that code as it is, just find the way to disable tose just before booting kernel21:16
Palifuncion bootm_linux_fdt21:16
Palithis is called when booting kernel21:16
freemangordonlet me check21:16
Paliand also do_bootm_linux21:17
Palinot funcion bootm_linux_fdt but do_bootm_linux21:18
freemangordonmost probably announce_and_cleanup21:18
freemangordonor even cleanup_before_linux21:18
freemangordonanyway, i would propose another "weak" function here, something called "misc_init_r"21:19
freemangordonoops, misc_fini_r21:19
freemangordonagain, with weak linkage (the same as misc_init_r)21:19
freemangordonso we can disable/cleanup whatever we need just before boot21:20
freemangordonwhat do you think?21:20
Palibetter ask on #u-boot channel21:20
*** penguinbait has quit IRC21:21
PaliI do not want to add something which will be rejected on upstream21:21
freemangordonwhy do you think it will be rejected, it is just another amty function21:21
PaliI rewritten some parts of patch series due to upstreaming problems21:21
freemangordonvdv, here
Palimaybe there is some function which is called before booting21:22
freemangordonmaybe, but I just cannot find it21:22
vdvfreemangordon, oh thanks21:22
freemangordonok, lets move to #u-boot21:22
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:22
vdvfreemangordon, what's the difference with ?21:23
*** sq-one has joined #maemo21:23
freemangordonvdv, NFC21:23
vdvah, it's just personal clone von naikel21:23
freemangordonPali, anyone on u-boot I should try to contact?21:24
Palino idea about correct person21:24
vdvfreemangordon, do you know maybe, whether i should build with "./ --with-platform=maemo --with-toolkit=hildon2" ?21:26
vdvboth tinymail and modest21:27
*** Zahra has quit IRC21:27
freemangordonvdv, look at debian/riles21:27
freemangordonbut the best option is dpkg-buildpackage21:28
freemangordonvdv, out of curiosity, what are you trying to achieve21:28
freemangordonfix some bug or what?21:28
vdvfist, understand the code21:29
vdvand then try to make it better :)21:30
freemangordongood luck21:36
*** scoobertron has quit IRC21:36
*** jatt has joined #maemo21:36
freemangordonPali, something to add on #u-boot?21:37
*** aloril has quit IRC21:37
jattmy battery discharges very fast makes sense to buy a new one?21:37
Palinot flash but eMMC21:37
freemangordonyeah :)21:38
freemangordoncorrect me on #u-boot :P21:38
*** Roomerlol has quit IRC21:38
*** rzr is now known as rZr21:40
*** ghostcube has joined #maemo21:41
*** thexception|off is now known as thexception21:44
*** piggz_ has joined #maemo21:44
vdvwhich command starts app inside of xephyr?21:44
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC21:47
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #maemo21:48
*** kov has quit IRC21:49
*** aloril has joined #maemo21:51
*** OkropNick has quit IRC21:53
*** ced117 has joined #maemo21:54
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*** ced117 has joined #maemo21:54
vdvjatt, i'd rather buy a new device21:56
*** githogori has joined #maemo21:57
*** zach__ has joined #maemo21:58
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:03
*** narcos has joined #maemo22:08
narcosHi all. I have a modified N900 which comes with powerkernel 40. I want to have bridge support in the kernel, so I can use tools like brctl22:09
narcosI notice (i) that /proc/modules exists, so the kernel has module support, and (ii) a line in this file "bridgedriver 156908 1 - Live 0xbf204000" <- do you know if this is what I'm looking for, or what this module is for, or how I can figure out what it's for?22:10
narcosAh, I've learned that the contents of that file are currently loaded modules (akin to lsmod).22:16
narcosSo, that bridgedriver module is already loadeda22:16
narcosand given that brctl doesn't work, I assume that is not the bridge module I want22:16
*** TTilus has joined #maemo22:21
TTilusive got x2x working between n900 and my desktop and cursor visible22:22
TTilusx clipboard does not seem to work22:22
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:23
*** konelix has joined #maemo22:23
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo22:31
*** teotwaki_ has joined #maemo22:31
*** kov has joined #maemo22:32
TTilushow do i copy/paste text between n900 and desktop?22:33
merlin1991vdv: af-sb-init start startes the whole ui simulation22:36
merlin1991to just start and app in xephyr  "export DISPLAY=:2" and run it22:36
infobotmerlin1991 meant: to just start an app in xephyr  "export DISPLAY=:2" and run it22:36
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:37
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*** zach__ has joined #maemo23:04
vdvmerlin1991, thanks23:05
*** javispedro has joined #maemo23:09
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #maemo23:11
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*** pcfe has joined #maemo23:18
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo23:19
freemangordonPali, after all it seems we should fix the kernels :D. Or not, it is really much easier to do a patch in debian/patches with the hook in question, and to disable eMMC before boot23:20
Palifreemangordon, do you have kernel patches which fix all problems?23:24
Paliif no then some maemo u-boot patches will be needed23:24
Palibut it is not too easy to maintain u-boot patches out of tree23:24
freemangordonPali, I don't have a patch for "eMMC" problem. I will try to find one when have a time23:25
Palimaybe comparing omap hs mmc driver in 2.6.28 and 2.6.37+ will help23:26
Palior looking into twl4030 regulator driver23:26
*** netkat has quit IRC23:27
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*** dhbiker has joined #maemo23:51
*** MrPingu has joined #maemo23:51
*** zach__ has quit IRC23:52
MrPinguDoes dbus-monitor not show all dbus events? I mean I don't see keyboard open/close showing up in "dbus-monitor"23:53
MrPinguI think it should show up as in dbus-scripts it's listed as event...23:53
*** andre__ has quit IRC23:55
jacekowskisome are system events some are user events23:59
MrPinguAh I see, how to see "them" all?23:59

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