IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2012-04-19

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MrPinguWell something totally different; What are the most challenging and well build games for the N900? I mean I really enjoy frogatto, brainparty and colorflood. All are smooth and nice, but theres also "junk" in the repos. Anyone knows a good and challenging timekiller for the N900?00:37
SpeedEvilI spent way too much time on angry birds.00:38
SpeedEvil- though no longer available00:39
tadzikMrPingu: Mahjong is a killer timekiller for me00:39
DocScrutinizeractually the only game I ever used for >30min is numpty physics00:39
SpeedEvilI think the game I played for the most time other than AB was nethack00:40
SpeedEvilbut that was the console version00:40
DocScrutinizerand maybe occasionally a minesweeper ;-P00:40
SpeedEvilI wore out a protector playing 'blocks'00:40
DocScrutinizeraaah yes, this00:41
DocScrutinizertoo, occasionally00:41
DocScrutinizerbut then I'm no games fanatic00:41
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MrPinguAaah I hate my wireless =/00:48
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MrPinguThanks for the suggestions :) Angry birds seems a good time killer for me!00:49
MrPinguI don't play a lot on N900 but I like games that are mobile; pick up and play and quit fast when needed. Not that you need to rush to a savepoint for example :P00:51
DocScrutinizerfor that minesweeper and tetris are probably excellent00:54
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DocScrutinizeror the acme puzzlemaster00:54
SpeedEvilAB isn't available anymore though00:57
DocScrutinizerweird enough00:58
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DocScrutinizerI wonder if you could get it back by flashing PR1.0 plus first vanilla00:58
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MrPinguStrange, maybe google still have it...00:58
DocScrutinizerthen upload to rapidshare ;-D00:59
DocScrutinizerduh, what's on that "new" device?00:59
MrPinguI don't upload anything ;P01:01
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DocScrutinizerhmm nope, they flashed it with 21.2011.38-101:02
DocScrutinizerno AB01:03
FIQ|n900acme puzzlemaster is what?01:04
MrPinguI found 5 debs of AB... Google is your friend :P01:04
FIQ|n900also why did someone upload wine to repositories when it doesn't even work properly? :p01:05
FIQ|n900first: ARM, second: yay text input in GUI! oh wait...01:06
FIQ|n900I actually checked if the second part had changed since (by installing).. apparently not01:06
FIQ|n900so it ships with a notepad desktop shortcut that is essentially useless01:06
FIQ|n900DocScrutinizer: ok01:07
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MrPinguWell some dosgames do work very well on dosbox on n900 eg supaplex and prince of persia01:08
FIQ|n900what's a recommended GUI editor for maemo?01:08
merlin1991khteditor works quite well01:09
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FIQ|n900Notes (or whatever "Anteckningar" is in english) doesn't really work that good, PyGTKEditor is perfect for both programming and normal text if it weren't for a really annoying save related bug, so yeah01:09
FIQ|n900hmm, will look into that01:09
FIQ|n900also, html format... really?01:10
FIQ|n900(@ notes/notepad/whatever)01:10
MrPinguI only use leafpad and nano :P01:10
DocScrutinizernotes is braindead01:10
DocScrutinizermcedit here ;-D01:11
FIQ|n900I know that I'm tired when I write "apt-cache search merlin199(HL)1" in xterm01:11
DocScrutinizerif you change the background from unbearable blue to something sane, it's quite nice01:11
FIQ|n900instead of the actual name of editor01:12
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merlin1991FIQ|n900: khteditor is from the same guy as the pygtkeditor, only that the package is about 1 year younger and in general better :D01:12
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DocScrutinizerI bet it's from khertan01:13
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: hm it's kht ...01:14
merlin1991no not going to be from khertan xD01:14
DocScrutinizer~seen khertan01:14
infobotkhertan is currently on #harmattan. Has said a total of 1 messages. Is idling for 13h 22m 31s, last said: 'Morning'.01:14
FIQ|n900I associate that with worldedit/whatever in minecraft01:15
merlin1991I really liked his twitter client, if it only weren't so slow on startup (thanks to pyside)01:15
DocScrutinizerwhat? mcedit?01:15
DocScrutinizerit's mudnight commander01:15
FIQ|n900yes, i know01:15
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: yep. there is a minecraft tool called mcedit01:15
FIQ|n900but in my head it becomes MCEdit01:15
merlin1991and the best thing about it, is that it actually renders faster than the real minecraft client (lol)01:16
FIQ|n900lol, it does?01:16
merlin1991yep it does01:16
FIQ|n900perhaps not coded in java? :p01:17
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FIQ|n900this thing looks almost exactly like PyGTKEditor by first impressions01:19
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FIQ|n900I approve01:21
FIQ|n900thanks, merlin199101:22
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: would you suggest I make that yellow "!" vanish now on my daily phone? ;-D01:22
merlin1991go ahead :D01:23
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DocScrutinizerso "T" is "S"? \o/01:23
FIQ|n900that thing gave me a nice bill one time01:24
DocScrutinizerthe "!"?01:24
FIQ|n900"ok, now let's check for updates when in another country!"01:24
DocScrutinizerhe, yeah. nasty01:25
FIQ|n900I forgot to turn it off...01:25
FIQ|n900I did it almost immediatly when back home so it would never happen again01:25
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FIQ|n900or.. "turn it off"01:26
FIQ|n900aka set it to run once a year or something01:26
DocScrutinizerhere every now and then somebody buys a smartphone without proper new data plan. Results in bills like 12,000EUR01:26
FIQ|n900sounds fun01:26
MrPinguYeah if money isn't a problem to you :P01:26
MrPinguNear  a reflash... installed every "might be interesting" game :p Well that's not the reason of the reflahs01:27
FIQ|n900I did that once, for every single category of apps01:28
MrPinguI was smart enough to mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 on a fremantle PR1.3 chroot01:28
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FIQ|n900bad idea (@myself)01:29
MrPinguso I did apt-get install on chroot, and then check later oh dang, it's the real /home/opt mounted in chroot...01:29
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FIQ|n900shouldn't it whine then?01:30
FIQ|n900apt-get, that is01:30
FIQ|n900"hey, you're filling up /home/opt and do dangerous things! please type "Yes, do as I say!"01:30
MrPinguNo it just installed as you chroot as root01:31
MrPinguso it just installed when I said to do so...01:31
MrPinguso my sdk intented chroot has al it's apps installed to the "real" home/opt01:32
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FIQ|n900"sdk inteded" er01:32
MrPinguintended :P01:33
FIQ|n900..did you install maemo SDK or what?01:33
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MrPinguNo just enable sdk repo and pull off build-essential01:33
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MrPingu+ a bunch of others01:33
FIQ|n900doesn't it collide with current packages?01:34
FIQ|n900versions and such01:34
MrPingubut I wouldn'tdare to do that on the "real" maemo as I use it as primary phone :P01:34
MrPinguI didn't noticed anything special with versions01:35
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MrPinguWell you can also use the sdk rootstrap to make an on-device chrootimage01:36
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MrPinguProbably a bit better than a PR1.3 ripped from the flashimage if you are about to use it as SDK01:38
FIQ|n900I installed archlinux to my memcard some months ago, including pulling developer things (GCC, make, etc), which ended up fully functional and usable.. I should've put energy into a working environment for doing things to maemo instead01:39
FIQ|n900the only drawback was that something that took 30s to compile on computer took 3min on the device :P01:40
MrPinguN900 compiles very slow...01:40
FIQ|n900at least it produced things exactly like the desktop did, which surprised me for some reason01:41
MrPinguKismet 2011 took me more than 2 hours and then discovering it had lots of errors01:41
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FIQ|n900compiled misc test things and everything just worked01:41
FIQ|n900not really the experience I had with maemo Sdk on computer01:41
MrPinguI couldn't compile aircrack-ng nighlty build because make was a version to low...01:42
MrPinguI compiled mdk3-v6 succesfully on my device01:43
FIQ|n900It would probably do it faster if I didn't have a class 2 SD card though (NITDroid took 5min just to boot up)01:43
FIQ|n900hm, nice01:43
MrPinguOh dang it's almost 1 am, I should be sleeping :o have to get up at 6 am =/01:43
FIQ|n900what time over there?01:44
MrPinguSo, ciao01:44
FIQ|n900er, nvm01:44
FIQ|n900"almost 1am"01:44
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DocScrutinizerok, somebody asked me what's my next device (OWTTE) - since there's no decent successor to N900, I'll probably look into a completely different approach: google glasses03:09
DocScrutinizerI'll rather try to figure how I can live with (or counteract) loss of privacy and getting a google drone, than not exploring basically intriguing new stuff like Siri or this google AR thing03:13
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infobotDocScrutinizer meant: I'll rather try to figure how I can live with (or counteract) loss of privacy and becoming a google drone, than not exploring basically intriguing new stuff like Siri or this google AR thing03:14
DocScrutinizerdamn, again03:14
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Macerusing my n900 with its paper fix06:46
Macerwow this sucks06:46
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ErwinJungeIs there a mediaplayer for N900 that supports gapless playback and is not rockbox? I tried searching but keep turning up rockbox and really hate that UI.14:07
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Maceryeah. this damn paper trick isnt working anymore :-(14:44
Macern900 is officially broken14:44
SpeedEvilhave you tried wrapping it in a towel?14:45
SpeedEvilUnfortunately, there isn't a simple way to try to repair14:46
*** lardman has joined #maemo14:50
*** lardman has quit IRC14:50
*** lardman has joined #maemo14:50
*** fizzie has quit IRC14:54
pcfeDocScrutinizer: there's a pretty good chance google glasses is over hyped, maybe they found a way to get the display tech workign in real life and full field of vision without anyone noticing, and they got the power consumption under control, again without the rest of the industry catching on. But it's much more likely you'll be running around with a backpack if you want sth half working and you'll have something along the lines of VGA resolution in one corner of14:55
pcfeyour field of vision/14:55
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:59
*** uen| has joined #maemo15:02
*** uen has quit IRC15:03
*** alehorst has joined #maemo15:04
*** jhb has joined #maemo15:04
*** gn00b has quit IRC15:04
*** sahib2 has joined #maemo15:06
*** _berto_ has quit IRC15:06
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo15:10
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo15:10
*** guampa has joined #maemo15:11
*** gn00b has joined #maemo15:11
*** murrayc has quit IRC15:13
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #maemo15:13
*** schen has joined #maemo15:16
chem|stMacer: what is your problem about?15:30
Macersim reader15:32
Macerkeeps giving me the no sim icon15:32
Macerand sim reader keeps resetting15:33
chem|sthad that but it had nothing todo with the sim reader at all, went away without doing anything to the sim or reader at all15:35
chem|stwas about two weeks I got frequently an error after connecting to mobile internet services15:35
SpeedEvilI had the same issue - and it was not fixed.15:36
chem|stdisconnecting it and bump no-sim15:36
Maceryes. that is what it is doing15:36
chem|stgoing offline mode and online again worked sometimes15:36
Macerwas trying that ;-)15:37
chem|sta reboot worked every time15:37
Macerit cuts out.... comes back..... etc15:37
SpeedEvilNot here.15:37
chem|stso I doubt it is the connector but the controller15:37
Macerover and over at random times15:37
*** zeq has quit IRC15:37
Macerusually when using the modem15:37
chem|stok it was not random over here15:37
chem|stswitching from gsm to umts or going internet was triggering it15:38
Macerit happens when i access the internet via the modem15:38
Macerit is weird15:39
Maceri was going to flash it with stock maemo and see if that helps15:39
Macerat least eliminate the possible sw probability15:39
Macerif it still does it i will have to assume hw15:39
chem|stguess firmware is the issue and I doubt you will be able to go back in firmware terms15:40
*** gn00b has quit IRC15:42
*** croppa has quit IRC15:42
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:43
*** zeq has joined #maemo15:43
*** gn00b has joined #maemo15:44
Siceloalso.. one could try `ifconfig phonet0 down` then `ifconfig phonet0 up` .. if it's not hardware, that is :)15:45
*** sasquatch has quit IRC15:45
*** sahib2 has quit IRC15:51
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:53
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:55
*** netkat has joined #maemo15:59
*** gn00b has quit IRC16:03
*** turbovomit has joined #maemo16:03
*** gn00b has joined #maemo16:05
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:08
*** shanttu has joined #maemo16:10
*** Wikier has joined #maemo16:13
ErwinJungeTo answer my own question re gapless playback: After much more searching and trying a lot of media players, nope. Only rockbox has gapless. I should probably look into updating MAFW to support gapless...16:13
tadzikisn't mpd available?16:14
tadzikthere may be no good client on maemo though16:15
ErwinJungetadzik, exactly the other way around. mpd clients galore, but no mpd :)16:18
*** lxp has joined #maemo16:18
ErwinJungeAnyways, if someone would hack gapless into mafw, all of the players that use mafw (nearly all players) would have gapless. So that's now on my todo-when-i-have-some-time list16:19
*** lxp1 has quit IRC16:22
*** turbovomit has left #maemo16:26
*** gormux has joined #maemo16:27
*** lartza_ has joined #maemo16:27
*** fizzie has joined #maemo16:30
*** gormux_ has quit IRC16:30
*** hylas has quit IRC16:41
*** setanta has joined #maemo16:43
*** dos1 has quit IRC16:49
*** retro|cz has joined #maemo16:50
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*** gn00b has joined #maemo16:53
*** abner has quit IRC16:54
*** abner has joined #maemo16:54
*** sasquatch has joined #maemo17:00
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*** maybeHere has joined #maemo17:07
*** konelix has joined #maemo17:20
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*** gn00b has joined #maemo17:23
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*** jhb has joined #maemo17:30
*** Wikier has quit IRC17:38
*** NishanthMenon__ has joined #maemo17:45
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*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo17:51
*** Kilroo1 has joined #maemo17:51
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*** konelix has joined #maemo17:53
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo17:54
*** Saviq_ has joined #maemo17:56
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*** rm_work has joined #maemo17:58
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*** mitsutaka has quit IRC18:01
*** konelix has joined #maemo18:02
*** noch has joined #maemo18:06
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*** harbaum has quit IRC18:07
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo18:09
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*** Zahra has joined #maemo18:12
*** ieatlint has joined #maemo18:12
*** dafox has quit IRC18:13
*** konelix_ is now known as konelix18:15
*** MrPingu has joined #maemo18:15
*** florian has quit IRC18:16
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*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo18:18
*** gn00b has joined #maemo18:19
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*** paroneayea has joined #maemo18:33
*** turbovomit has joined #maemo18:37
*** micahf has joined #maemo18:38
micahfhey, is it possible to receive incoming SIP calls on an n900 while asleep, only using WIFI?18:39
jpinxis it possible to flash from a vm ?18:40
jacekowskijpinx: no18:45
jacekowskijpinx: well, kinda, but no18:45
jpinxjacekowski: expand "kinda" ? ;)18:46
jacekowskiit will take you longer to set it up and it will be unreliable18:46
jacekowskithan it will take you to install linux\windows or any other supported OS18:47
*** turbovomit has quit IRC18:47
*** ferdna has joined #maemo18:47
chem|stmicahf: yes18:47
jpinxjacekowski: I'm told that flashing from XP is not as reliable as from linux - is that right?18:48
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo18:48
chem|stjacekowski: sometimes usb enumeration does funny things...18:48
micahfchem|st that's exciting, i just ordered an n900 and am trying an experiment to use only SIP over city-wide wifi18:48
jacekowskicoldflashing is bit of a problem because device only appears for like 3s which is less time than it takes for windows to enumerate and install drivers for the first time18:48
chem|stjpinx: win7 has some issues afair18:48
*** gn00b has quit IRC18:48
jacekowskibut normal flashing isn't a problem18:48
jacekowskiapparently there is some funny stuff happening on 64bits but that's on linux and windows18:49
chem|stjacekowski: never had those issues on linux18:49
*** konelix has quit IRC18:49
chem|stmicahf: would love to have city-wide-wifi over here^^18:49
jpinxHmmm - think I'll reboot into debian ;)  thanks jacekowski chem|st :)18:50
*** gn00b has joined #maemo18:50
micahfit's been something of a dream for a while to ditch mobile providers for the local wifi!18:50
chem|stmicahf: SIP skype jabber, anything you like even msn calling18:50
*** konelix_ is now known as konelix18:50
*** ced117 has joined #maemo18:53
*** ced117 has quit IRC18:53
*** ced117 has joined #maemo18:53
micahfwhat do you suppose the battery will act like with SIP always waiting for calls over wifi?18:53
micahfi might need to get one of those solar chargers :D18:53
*** ghostcube has quit IRC18:54
jpinxmicahf: on wifi I get about 6 hours18:54
*** tanty has quit IRC18:54
micahfjpinx: and that's part of the time using it and part time standby?18:54
*** sq-one has joined #maemo18:55
jpinxwifi on seems to use a lot18:55
*** PeterWolf has quit IRC18:56
chem|stjpinx: depends, the 6 hours I get is with skype logged in18:56
jpinxmicahf: gprs on <3G also uses a lot - I can not get through a day18:57
*** tanty has joined #maemo18:57
chem|stpure wifi on gsm/umts off lasts alot longer18:57
jpinxchem|st: skype munches bandwidth, cpucycles, batteries, your lunch,,,,,,18:57
micahfmaybe i'll try and get a 2400 mAh battery18:57
chem|stjpinx: do not forget your first born son18:58
micahfman, it must have munched mine before it was ever even born!18:58
jpinxmicahf: I have a little external battery pack with 2 x AA in it - that gets me through18:58
micahfthat's a good idea18:58
jpinxand I turn skype off ;)18:58
chem|stsome sacrifices you have to make to have 24/7 mobileSIP!18:59
micahfi think they'll be worth it!18:59
chem|stthey are!18:59
micahfi can always just put it in airplane mode  and get some away time18:59
*** markinfo has joined #maemo18:59
chem|stand anywhere you have USB you have a charger!19:00
micahfmaybe i'll write a python script or something that does scheduled away time19:00
micahfyes USB is easy to find!19:00
chem|stor buy a solarbattery^^ $40... 2000mAh19:00
*** konelix has quit IRC19:00
*** PeterWolf has joined #maemo19:01
jpinxmicahf: I'm out in the sticks - the battery pack was my best option with rechargeable AA's19:01
micahfthats pretty nice19:02
jpinxmicahf: there are single AAA external packs - but be warned - they are not enough ;)19:02
micahfi see19:02
jpinxI mean AA --  no AAA19:02
micahfyeah, you're saying go with the AA's, the AAA's aren't big enough19:02
jpinxyes - and go for 2 AA's --  not a single one19:03
DocScrutinizerooh mo bile SIP19:03
micahfyes! isn't it exciting?19:04
DocScrutinizeron all the standby time figures I posted for/from my device last month+ I always forgot to mention I had not only IRC but also SIP active19:04
jpinxmicahf: and also nte that the recharge rate is slow, so it's best to actually have the ext power plugged in while the phone is on19:04
*** turbovomit has joined #maemo19:05
micahfDocScrutinizer: where are those?19:05
DocScrutinizerin chanlog?19:05
lartza_I've noticed that jabber doesn't take bandwidth at all after tuning /usr/share/osso-rtcom/jabber.profile keepalive19:06
DocScrutinizermeh, keepalive is zarro bandwitz19:06
*** guampa|2 has joined #maemo19:07
*** guampa has quit IRC19:07
DocScrutinizerit's just frequent, and that is going to kill your standby time19:07
*** guampa|2 is now known as guampa19:07
Macergot my lumia 900 :)19:07
DocScrutinizerwhen on GSM/3G19:07
chem|stlartza_: SIP and jabber are both pretty well on interrupts and wakeups19:07
*** mardi has joined #maemo19:08
chem|stMacer: you wont save nokia with supporting windows phones...19:08
lartza_DocScrutinizer: yeah I thought increasing the keepalive made it less frequent19:08
*** mortenvp has quit IRC19:08
chem|stMacer: what do you want for your n900?19:08
lartza_increasing standby time19:08
lartza_anyway skype eats the battery in less than a day, jabber can stay online for 2-3 days19:09
chem|stlartza_: so does SIP19:09
*** retro|cz has quit IRC19:10
micahfDocScritinizer: so there are ways to optimize?19:10
chem|stmicahf: SIP is quiet good itself19:11
*** bugzylittle is now known as bugzy19:11
chem|stskype and msn are a nightmare19:12
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:13
*** mardi has left #maemo19:13
micahfyeah i only plan on using SIP really. it'd be nice if i could receive sms messages19:13
Macerchem|st: lol19:14
Macerchem|st: i won't save nokia doing anything ;) they'll have to save themselves19:14
chem|stMacer: what? I am serious!19:14
Macerbut jesus.. att was almost giving them away19:14
Macer100 off your first bill.. 100 free accessories... 99 for thephone19:14
micahfDocScrutinizer: so basically you're saying that there are ways to optimize how often the antenna is used?19:15
Macerchem|st: i don't know. how much will you pay for an n900 with a broken sim reader?19:15
Macerthe more tech savvy might want to see if they can fix it19:15
micahfMacer or they won't use sim, they'll use SIP :D19:16
chem|stMacer: that's the only way to sell crap shit, in europe there is still no market for lumias at all19:16
Macerchem|st: it is nice ;)19:16
Maceri'm using it now19:16
Macerhey... the interface is better than maemo :-P19:16
Maceronly thing it's missing is xterm :(19:16
chem|stMacer: I read reviews like 'nice for a day or two then I moved back to my old phone and sold it'19:17
*** mase76 has joined #maemo19:19
*** tanty has quit IRC19:19
chem|stmailinglist sounds like nokia is interested in reviving maemo...19:19
micahfwhat's the lumia like?19:19
Macerchem|st: if you say so19:20
Maceri don't judge based on others ;)19:20
chem|stnokia offering developer N9s to push Qt...19:20
Macerhow is the n9 doing in europe?19:20
chem|stn9 sold more than all lumia together19:21
chem|stmore often19:21
micahflumia is a windows phone?19:22
chem|stnokia was blaming the nokia stores presenting the lumias wrong19:22
chem|stmicahf: yes19:22
chem|stmicahf: 2nd19:22
micahfsounds like a sad day for everyone :(19:23
micahf(i'm just jk, some people like windows and that's alright)19:23
chem|stwell nokia lost 980mEUR over the last 3 month NSE lost 1bEUR though...19:23
micahfthat's a lot!19:24
chem|st66% market loss in china19:24
micahfi am still using a nokia 6260 with symbian19:24
micahfoh wait, that's not right19:24
micahfpretty amazing phone19:24
jogalooks like soap19:25
micahfgood point19:26
jogaI once had a nearly similar one but different model, more rectangular frame19:26
micahfwell mine could use some soap19:26
Macerchem|st: well they are selling out in the states19:26
*** eMHa has quit IRC19:26
Macerand lord knows we have far more debt to work with than eu when buying shit we can't afford :)19:26
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo19:26
Macerlook at our awesome 14T govt debt19:26
Macer(high fives)19:26
Macerthank god we have tanks19:27
micahf(high five!)19:27
micahfour police departments have tanks19:27
Macerwow really?19:27
micahfthe pentagon has a program to give police departments tanks for free!19:27
Macersoviet russia? :)19:27
tadzikwater tanks, maybe ;)19:27
micahfwell yes, amphibious tanks19:27
tadzikeven better19:28
Maceri sure wish this damn ms phone had the ability to use integrated gtalk tho19:28
Macerthat is a drawback19:28
Macerbut one i can live with19:29 upgrade path from mango to apollo eh19:29
tadzikMacer: no xmpp client?19:29
Macertadzik: i got one from teh market19:29
*** turbovomit has quit IRC19:29
tadzikI see19:29
Macerwell.. not a xmpp client19:29
Macera gtalk only client19:29
Macerbut i'm sure there are jabber ones out there19:29
Maceri just didn't bother19:29
tadzikgtalk only smells fishy to me19:29
tadzikbut sounds good enough if that's what you use it for anyway19:30
Macerit's IM19:30
Maceri just wish they all used jabber/xmpp19:30
Macerso they would all work together19:30
tadzikwell, gtalk is just xmpp19:31
Macerbut they're trying to hold on with a firm grip to their lame ass IM protocols19:31
Macerto keep their cutomer base?19:31
*** MrPingu is now known as MrPingu|Away19:32
tadzikit makes no sense to me either. But I can see their reasoning, as in "if they want to chat with facepalm users, make them do it via facepalm only"19:32
*** MrPingu|Away is now known as MrPingu19:32
*** PeterWolf has quit IRC19:33
*** arno0ob has quit IRC19:38
*** mase_76 has joined #maemo19:45
*** jhb has quit IRC19:46
*** gormux_ has joined #maemo19:46
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*** mase76 has quit IRC19:48
*** gn00b has joined #maemo19:48
*** turbovomit has joined #maemo19:49
*** gormux has quit IRC19:49
DocScrutinizermicahf: I haven't "optimized" anyrhing for SIP, au contraire. I've set keepalive to "by REGISTER" and "120s"19:53
micahfby register?19:53
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:54
*** Jade has quit IRC19:55
*** gn00b has quit IRC19:57
*** sq-one has quit IRC19:57
micahfi've been reading about anveo as an SIP provider19:57
micahfit's looking pretty good19:57
micahftext messages are 4 pennies each, which really isn't bad.19:58
*** gn00b has joined #maemo19:59
micahfit could definitely add up though19:59
*** MrPingu has quit IRC20:01
*** mssssm has joined #maemo20:03
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*** narcos has joined #maemo20:53
narcosHey all!20:53
*** maybeWTF has joined #maemo20:54
*** maybeHere has quit IRC20:54
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*** demute has joined #maemo21:04
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*** swc|666 has joined #maemo21:06
demuteif your Nokia N900 broke today what phone would you buy?21:09
*** andre__ has quit IRC21:09
tadziksome cheap HTC I guess21:11
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:14
*** narcos has quit IRC21:18
*** kov_ has joined #maemo21:20
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jaskasome featurephone21:23
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo21:23
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC21:25
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*** Timmy has joined #maemo21:56
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*** Timmy has joined #maemo21:56
narcosHi all. I'm trying to compile a custom power kernel. To that end, I'm trying to get scratchbox going with the nokia binaries by following
narcosAt the point where I open scratchbox with /scratchbox/login, the guide tells me to enter 'sb-conf se FREMANTLE_ARMEL'22:01
narcosBut I get the error of "sbrsh-conf: No such target"22:02
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo22:02
*** gn00b has quit IRC22:02
narcosIt seems maybe I need to create the target first, so I run sb-menu and select "Setup a target"22:02
narcosand then select new22:03
narcosI guess I should enter the name as "FREMANTLE_ARMEL"22:03
narcosbut then I am unsure of what compiler to select22:03
narcoscs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7 or cs2007q3-glibc2.5-i486 or host-gcc22:03
*** dos1 has joined #maemo22:04
narcosI guess the arm7, right? Since I want to compile for the arm processor on the phone22:04
*** gn00b has joined #maemo22:04
*** kov_ has quit IRC22:07
*** vblazquez has quit IRC22:13
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo22:15
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*** kov_ has joined #maemo23:52
*** DrGrov has joined #maemo23:52
vizzygreat, i must be blind or nowhere is mentioned that the maemo sdk installer only works with squeeze withour errors. argh.23:53
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:54
*** kov_ has quit IRC23:56
*** nox- has joined #maemo23:56
*** konelix has joined #maemo23:58

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