IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2012-04-02

MrPinguHave lots to do with maemo? :P00:00
DocScrutinizersure, it's used to clean PCB during production ;-P00:01
DocScrutinizerand with PCB I don't mean pentachloride biphenol00:02
MrPinguTo get back on topic: Is there some "go to end of page" shortcut in MicroB?00:02
DocScrutinizerumm, shift-pgdn?00:08
DocScrutinizererr, cursor-down00:09
DocScrutinizerjust for scrolling I guess00:09
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DocScrutinizernope, actually shift+cursorUp/Down jumps to beginning/end of page00:11
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DocScrutinizerspace to next "screen" down, and cursor without shift for smooth scrolling00:13
DocScrutinizerooh, shift-space one "screen" up00:14
DocScrutinizernext question: why doesn't exist a single decent pizza service here, to deliver by night?00:15
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MrPinguThank you, that about the space I knew.00:24
MrPinguBecause it's sunday?00:24
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DocScrutinizerno, because this town sucks regarding that00:25
DocScrutinizereach day of week00:25
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MrPinguWe have 2, but 1, really don't know what they put in there it's taste in not bearable :p00:27
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MrPinguBoth are closed on sunday and monday though00:29
DocScrutinizerhere you can starve from hunger after 22:3000:36
MrPinguI never order after 22:30 when I am home, so I don't know xD00:38
DocScrutinizerbut I found a estaurant that still is willing to sell me a pizza when I fetch it at their place00:38
MrPinguLet me listen 4 songs, then I am gone. I don't want to be tired at my tests...00:41
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LaoLang_coolIs there a tool for text selection on the screen? Sometimes I want to copy some text but can't find an easy way06:03
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ShadowJKin browser you can get out the pointer in hover mode06:06
ShadowJKin emails you hold shift and then paint06:06
Macertoo bad the res for wii totally sucks06:07
Macerhi :-)06:08
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LaoLang_coolShadowJK: what about fmms?06:09
LaoLang_coolit can copy a whole mms, but that's not so convenient..06:10
LaoLang_coolI like a uniform way in OS like other smart phone say iphone06:10
ShadowJKi haven't used fmms06:11
ShadowJKiphone has copypaste now? :)06:11
* ShadowJK vaguely remembers it didn't when maemo did06:12
robbiethe1stMaemo has the nicest default browser. Period.06:14
robbiethe1stAnd it's quite nice, too, especially if you install the click-to-play for flash addon06:14
* ShadowJK has adblock-css06:14
ShadowJKdoes click to play too :)06:15
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Maceri dont use mms at all06:32
Maceror txting06:32
Macerwhat a racket06:32
Macertxting has to be by far the most ridiculoisly overpriced thing in existance06:33
merlin1991I dunno 4 cents for a text or 4 cents for a minute of talking on my provider06:33
merlin1991(that is 4 cents txt woldwide, whilst talking goes all the way up to 3€ per min)06:34
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RST38hIf You Bought "Steve Jobs: One Last Thing" You'll Like "Hitler: A Career", Says iTunes Genius07:04
RST38hIn related news, Taliban Offer Question-and-Answer Service Online07:06
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LaoLang_coolI like txting :)08:37
LaoLang_coolanother question, is there a tool to let me can use some hardware keyboard to behave like pageup/pagedown?08:37
LaoLang_coolOr go to top/bottom08:38
robbiethe1stUh, shift+up, shift+down?08:38
robbiethe1stAlso, you can edit the keymap and define any combination of keys to be anything you want, so yes.08:39
LaoLang_coolrobbiethe1st: I mean in the case of when I'm in a conversation, I want to use keyboard to pageup/down, not by hand08:40
robbiethe1stYeah. Remember, there's a 'pgup' key on normal keyboards? So, you could map it, to, say alt+shift+up or something08:41
LaoLang_coolrobbiethe1st: oh, I'll try, thank you08:42
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robbiethe1stIt's pretty cool all the stuff you can do, but it takes some experimenting08:43
robbiethe1stI'm off, cya.08:43
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* DocScrutinizer waves08:51
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internetishardhave do you guys use skype on this thing? It's annoying to toggle off and on, and whenever I chat with it on my desktop my phone vibrates09:36
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* pavi is watching well made video10:14
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paviHi all I just installed the SDK and I was able to run the helo world GUI program both as stand alone and  via xephyr10:30
paviIn the SDK sources.list I can see it pointing to  fremantle/sdk   .  If I add just a line with only fremantle . Will I be able to run all the maemo repo apps on the emulator ?10:31
paviI am wondering if they are different targets like arm and x8610:32
*** mardi has joined #maemo10:36
x29apavi: in the project settings, click on the + and add a new target, you should see maemo5 as a target if you have the fremantle toolchain installed10:38
*** florian has joined #maemo10:38
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internetishardshould I try to buy a new board for the n900, send it in to fix it, or just buy a new one?10:42
*** ojaakko has joined #maemo10:42
internetishardIt's been well over a year since I bought it10:42
internetishardmaybe over 210:42
Siceloi'd try for a new/used N900, and fix current N900 on my own :/10:44
pavix29a:  where do I find project settings? on the emulator?10:45
internetishardtoo much fucked up10:45
internetishardcraigslist for used n900?10:45
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internetishard omfg, what a retard10:49
internetishardanyone here want to sell me one?10:51
Macerso like10:51
Macerwhat is special about the $900 n900?10:52
internetishardI have one but it's getting sketchy. some corrupt flash possibly, mic jack isn't working, antenna seems sketchy10:52
internetishardMacer: he put "PENTESTING" on it10:52
internetishardinstalled a free program?10:52
internetishardIt's retarded because anyone who knows what that is is going to know enough not to buy that10:52
internetishardwhat an idiot!10:52
MacerWEP cracking?10:52
internetishardprobably some l33t kid to stole his dads n90010:52
internetishardanyway, I need a new one10:53
Maceror an asian trying to sell an n900 for a retarded price10:53
internetishardI don't like how mine is behaving, hardware wise10:53
Macerskype i believe still sells new ones10:53
Macerebay has a few for an ok price every now and then10:53
internetishardwow, that's ironic, the skype integration sucks10:53
Maceri got mine from hk on ebay and it actually wound up great10:54
internetishardI can't skype IM on my desktop without my n900 vibrating every time I push enter10:54
Macer$240 i think10:54
Macerthey're kind of hard to come by10:54
Macerwish nokia still produced them10:54
Maceri'd buy 10 lol10:54
internetishardwish they were supported10:54
Macerfor $200/piece10:54
Macerno not really.. but this one is my 2nd10:54
internetisharddon't your friends' android phones do almost everything way better?10:55
Macerno ssh xforwarding10:55
internetishardso much faster10:55
Macerno apt :)10:55
internetishardyeah, I like that too10:55
*** kerio has quit IRC10:55
Macerno xterm10:55
internetishardcan a vpn replace ssh for you?10:55
Maceri suppose.. but openvpn is a pain sometimes and pptp is not as secure10:56
internetishardI mostly want to be able to forward all my IM services through irssi, and mount my multi-TB storage over vpn10:56
Maceruse sshfs10:56
internetishardActually, I looked into that and I think openvpn can be as secure as ssh10:56
Maceropenvpn yes10:56
Macerpptp no10:56
internetishardYeah, I do sshfs over GigE at home10:56
internetishardbut it reaaly isn't optimized for high volume traffic10:56
*** dos11 has joined #maemo10:56
Macersshfs is a bit taxing on the hardware tho10:56
*** kerio has joined #maemo10:57
Macerit has overhead10:57
internetishardeven with my ultra desktops it would stutter10:57
internetishardI just don't think it's good with dirs, crypto is fast enough on these machines10:57
Macerbut i had a g2.. it broke... i took it apart and got a.. the replacement parts10:57
Macerand it is still taken apart because i use my n900 far more10:57
internetishardfor example, I mounted my raid over gigE with sshfs, and I never could figure out why browsing dirs took so long to load10:57
internetishardI could stream blueray over it though10:58
Macerdont know. works rather well on my stuff10:58
internetishardbut all the folders in a dir took like 3s to show up, which was annoying10:58
Macerbut the overhead is killer10:58
Macersince i am using a synology10:58
internetishardI'd like to fix my mic jack on the n90010:58
Macerwith 128MB and a 1.2 GHz Armv510:58
*** eijk has joined #maemo10:58
internetishardthat'd make me happy for a while10:58
Macermy usb port fell off my 1st one10:59
Macermade in korea10:59
Macerthis one isn't10:59
internetishardoh, another thing I'll miss with other phones10:59
internetishardis all these batteries I bought10:59
internetishardand keep charged10:59
internetishardin my pocket10:59
* dm8tbr needs to open his devices and check if he can add some mechanical stability somehow11:00
Maceryeah... i have 311:00
Macer3 n900 batteries11:00
Macerand a wall charger11:00
Macerbut i got it to avoid touching the usb port11:00
Macerunless i really need to11:00
dm8tbre.g. scratch of side of pcb and then solder the port to the pcb11:00
dm8tbrneed to take it apart and have a look11:01
Maceryeah... i know it is possible11:01
Maceri have one that was made in finland tho11:01
Macerso maybe they used quality workmanship and solder :)11:01
internetishardMy headphones work, but the mic won't... any ideas?11:02
internetishardthe jack is a little loose11:02
Maceras opposed to the asian industrial penny pinching machine11:02
*** dos11 has quit IRC11:02
Macerno idea. sorry.11:02
Macermaybe a worn jack11:02
Macerbroken headset11:02
internetishardI opened it up and couldn't tell11:02
Macernon-nokia headset11:02
internetishardI tried multiple headsets11:02
internetishardheadset supposed to be standard11:03
Maceri know nokia uses the headset port for video as well11:03
Macersupposed ;)11:03
*** eijk has quit IRC11:03
Macernokia is going bankrupt11:04
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internetishardMacer, does it matter that it's for video too (for headsets)?11:14
*** croppa has joined #maemo11:14
internetishardwtf, nokia makes good shit. They need to learn how to fucking run a company11:14
Macerblame their ceo11:15
Macerhe has just had blunder after blunder11:15
Macerhow he is still ceo is beyond me11:15
internetishardI don't know enough about nokia11:15
internetishardcan't fire the CEO, eh?11:15
internetishardhe probably gives investors better options when they try to kick him out11:15
internetishardNow that I'm part of a HW device company, I see what can go wrong11:16
internetishardIt's obvious that nokias engineers, marketing, and sales don't fucking communicate11:16
Macerthey just dropped the ball on a lot of things11:17
Macerthen went into a panic trying to make something new and couldnt stick with anything11:17
Macerthe graphs say all11:19
*** drussell has joined #maemo11:20
Macerthe key stats and ratios on the bottom right are a more clear picture of the state of nokia11:20
Maceri will give them a few more months11:20
Macerand they will be bankrupt... or desperate11:20
Macerselling patents off is the last sign11:21
dm8tbrI'm really interested to see how their US sales of Lumia900 will turn out11:22
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internetishardThe question is, which phone will I get next that I can actually switch out teh batteries on the fly with11:26
internetishardand also has a HW kb11:27
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paviWhat are the open source games which use opengl in maemo ?11:53
internetishardbut that's not open11:55
internetishardmaybe openarena runs11:55
paviI am looking for a simple mobile game which uses opengl on maemo and runs on n90011:59
paviI am not asking for a desktop port :P11:59
internetishardyeah I know12:02
paviAren't there anything which comes near to te bounce game?12:04
internetisharddon't be gay12:04
internetishardquake3 is the most hardcore opengl game that runs on the n90012:04
paviinternetishard: I am not looking for hardcore ones .. I am looking for simple ones12:05
paviQuake is an action game with inputs12:05
pavibounse just takes the speedometer input12:05
internetishardget faster app manager12:06
internetishardand type "accel"12:06
*** teotwaki has joined #maemo12:06
internetishardand it will filter for all accelerometer apps12:06
internetishardsome of them being games12:06
paviok thanks12:07
paviby the way whats faster app manager ?12:07
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edheldilpavi:  tuxracer12:31
paviedheldil: ok will try it out12:33
*** jrocha has joined #maemo12:35
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Sicelorandom reboots on my N900 now :(12:59
* Sicelo suspects KP50.12:59
Siceloany way to confirm?13:00
Siceloin fact, not reboots, but complete shutdowns13:01
dhbikerSicelo: mine did too when i had that battery patch for test13:01
Siceloi don't have that patch13:01
dhbikerbut in the other hand13:01
LaoLang_coolhello, is there a way to show battery capacity instead of the default picutre?13:01
dhbikerno reboots with kp5013:01
Siceloi generally don't install anything unusual.. on installs recently are CSSU stable (which i doubt i cause for this) and KP50 (which got installed by mistake)13:02
dhbikercssu stable + kp50 + injection drivers ... no reboots13:03
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* Sicelo is not going to downgrade kernel.. can't stand this13:48
Sicelokilling the battery too. battery almost finished after 5 hours of use that normally gave 12 hours13:51
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infobotjrtools is, like,
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SiceloLaoLang_cool: i uses bq27200 scrpit. what do you want to do exactly?15:18
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KhertanHi all !15:33
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*** flux has joined #maemo17:11
fluxhello. is there a webcam server for n900?17:12
fluxthere seem to be various ways to stream videos, but is there a standalone http server for that?17:12
*** paroneayea has joined #maemo17:14
*** major has quit IRC17:18
fluxalso, for those approaches: how does one activate the focusing mechanism automatically?17:20
*** eijk has quit IRC17:21
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*** narcos has joined #maemo17:30
narcosHey all. I'm trying to create a desktop icon for a script which needs to run as roon (uses tcpdump). There seem to be so many articles out there with partial solutions - could someone recommend off hand to follow?17:30
narcosEven more specifically, I'd like it to appear in the pwnphone desktop, if you're familiar with it17:31
*** diverse_izzue has joined #maemo17:31
r00t|homenarcos: create a .desktop file that runs it via sudo... where's the problem?17:37
narcosr00t|home: I managed to figure it out by copying another .desktop file, thanks :)17:39
narcosr00t|home: How do I add that icon to another, err, Desktop - I'm not sure of all the terminology yet17:39
narcosBut on the pwnphone there exists the regular desktop area (which now has my icon), and I'd like it added to the pwnphone desktop list17:39
narcosHmm, a separate question - where do I find the backtick character on a N900 ?17:43
narcos`  <-- that17:43
narcosFound it :)17:45
narcosI seem to be thinking out loud into the #, sorry17:46
*** ferdna has quit IRC17:47
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narcosThanks, bye!17:56
*** narcos has quit IRC17:56
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freemangordonguys, does anyone know who is the author of blessn900 and abettercamera?20:06
*** BCMM has joined #maemo20:07
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*** whatever4ever has joined #maemo21:33
whatever4everany cool new smartphones with HW kbs?21:33
whatever4everwell, the speed at which any dude on an android can get directions vs me with the n900 is starting to kill me. Sometimes GPS doesn't lock on for minutes, apps crash a lot, general instability21:34
whatever4evermaybe I should just overclock?21:35
whatever4everNo idea...21:35
wmaronestill nothing out there I'm interested in21:35
*** shanttu has joined #maemo21:38
StyXmanwmarone: I don't think overclocking would help you find satelites21:38
whatever4everhaha, thanks21:38
StyXmanspecially when the phone doesn't do any actual calculation21:38
StyXmanI mean, it just pokes and pings for signals21:39
StyXmanwhat I've benn told in this channel is that AGPS actually helps a lot21:39
StyXmanand that it only works with an actual data plan21:39
whatever4everI've a data plan of course21:40
whatever4everthe programs are sluggish as shit21:40
StyXmanI mean, you have to query servers which have satellites positions already calculateed21:40
whatever4everI just want to be able to look up directions before any granny on the street does21:40
whatever4evernot going to happen on this thing21:40
wmaronenokia maps is terrible, yes21:40
whatever4everwell, I've tried the rest too21:40
StyXmanwhatever4ever: have you a) turned AGPS on and b) changed the APGS server to google's?21:40
whatever4everin what program?21:41
whatever4evergot a link/tutorial21:41
StyXmanwhatever4ever: no program, that's phone wise, so to speak, AFAIK21:41
StyXmanwhatever4ever: settings-> location-> network positioning -> enable ->
*** Dynamit has joined #maemo21:53
*** atlas has quit IRC21:54
DocScrutinizerhaha, yes21:57
whatever4everDocScrutinizer, that was a "yes" change that setting to make gps way faster?21:58
DocScrutinizeriirc StyXman was moaning kust like you, until I told himabout 30s later he smiled21:59
whatever4everhaha, okay, I changed it22:00
whatever4everreminds me of ""22:00
whatever4everanyway, for speed and responsiveness, waht do you recommend these days DocScrutinizer?22:00
whatever4everDo you dual boot with meego?22:01
DocScrutinizerkeep life wallpapers and similar crap off your device22:01
DocScrutinizerthat's all I do, and I'm just fine with speed of N90022:01
DocScrutinizerof course N900 is no device for "who's got the longer dick" games with your iphone friends - but I don't mind22:03
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:04
*** githogori has joined #maemo22:05
DocScrutinizerwhatever4ever: geberally speaking, more than 3 optimizers will kill your N90022:06
DocScrutinizerooh, one tip you actually might find useful: never keep browser window open. And every other day do a "killall browserd"22:09
*** Zahra has quit IRC22:09
DocScrutinizerand most likely you don't want to keep all your spam mail (and the few real mails) on your N900 at all22:10
DocScrutinizerI.E. mail on N900 sucks, in several ways22:10
muellisoftheh. maybe one should write a tiny package that just installs a cronjob to kill the browser at night...22:11
*** muellisoft is now known as Muelli22:11
DocScrutinizerget a few nice helpers, like 2g/3g switcher, simple brightness applet22:11
DocScrutinizerthere's no cron on N90022:11
DocScrutinizerbut there's alarmed, which is way better22:12
*** nid0 has joined #maemo22:13
DocScrutinizerload applet as well a must22:13
DocScrutinizeras otherwise you won't even notice when something rapes your CPU or RAM22:13
*** geaaru has joined #maemo22:13
DocScrutinizerand without simple brightness applet I already had fixed this device with a sledge hammer ;-D22:14
* Sicelo makes a note to get brightness applet sometime soon22:16
DocScrutinizerif you got IRC running 24/7, like I do on my N900, you'll probably want 2G/3G switcher and usually keep modem at 2G22:16
DocScrutinizerit will extend the average standbay time with IRC from 5 to 15 hours22:17
DocScrutinizerYMMV depending on number of channels and how much traffic on them22:18
DocScrutinizerand how far you are from next "tower"22:18
DocScrutinizerin extreme cases 2G can be more power conserving than WLAN22:19
DocScrutinizerwhile 3G is a known power hog22:20
*** z4chh has quit IRC22:20
NIN101and there is even one more secret "optimization" feature: reboot :P22:22
*** BCMM has quit IRC22:22
*** Timmy has joined #maemo22:25
*** Timmy has quit IRC22:25
*** Timmy has joined #maemo22:25
Sicelobtw, simple-brightness-applet simply does same thing as standard brightness control, at the expense of space in status menu. i'm not so sure it's for me. i use lowest brightness setting all the time, and ALS takes care of the rest22:25
*** odin_ has quit IRC22:28
DocScrutinizerwell as long as you're happy with that, and don't feel the need to keep backlight from fading after 30s every now and then22:28
DocScrutinizerflashlight is also cool, though clumsy to activate22:29
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:29
DocScrutinizerliterally saved my life a few times22:30
AliasXZmy 2 cents - by using all of above and baterypatch with speedpatch + power kernel, clocked at 950mhz with conservative governer, I get 3 days of normal usage22:30
AliasXZif I'm lucky 422:30
Siceloyeah, flashlight is kewl ;)22:30
DocScrutinizerand batterypatch is a hoax22:31
*** nid0 has quit IRC22:31
DocScrutinizeras is speedpatch22:31
SiceloAliasXZ: 4 days of use, or idling?22:31
AliasXZof use, I still use my N900 at work22:31
*** nid0 has joined #maemo22:31
AliasXZhowever, that is putting the phone in offline mode @ night22:32
AliasXZdon;t need it when im sleeping ;)22:32
DocScrutinizerbatpatch and speedpatch are already 2 of the needed 3 optimizers to finally kill your device. I'd guess your overclocking qualifies for #3 X-P22:32
AliasXZmeh it's lasted 3 years so far22:33
* DocScrutinizer is envy about the preprepreproduction device of AliasXZ22:34
AliasXZdo you talk like this to everyone who adds a comment they feel is relevant?22:34
*** odin_ has joined #maemo22:34
DocScrutinizerI just comment on the supposed 3 years age of your device22:35
AliasXZyes it is 3 yrs old, got it 09 April22:36
AliasXZsorry its 2 years and 363 days old22:36
* ShadowJK would imagine the "conservative" governor uses more energy on just about every practical CPU in existence22:37
DocScrutinizerwell maybe I get older much faster than I notice :-)22:37
AliasXZall im saying is, thats what I use with power kernel 4222:37
DocScrutinizerhi ShadowJK22:37
AliasXZclocked - 250 - 95022:38
DocScrutinizerwell, I guess I don't have to ask infobot about OCing again22:39
DocScrutinizeras everybody got fed up with this elemtary truth meanwhile22:39
*** penguinbait has quit IRC22:39
*** netkat has quit IRC22:43
DocScrutinizerSicelo: 4 days of idling would be a bit short a standby time22:43
DocScrutinizerI think I easily get 7 days idle standby22:43
DocScrutinizerI get 4 days with wlan and IRC, with a low number of small channels22:44
*** konelix has quit IRC22:45
Siceloyeah. i was just wondering about AliasXZ's usage pattern22:46
*** konelix has joined #maemo22:46
AliasXZIt's normal use, email, wifi, 2G only with a few phone calls, I don't talk on it for hours22:47
AliasXZi mostly text22:48
AliasXZIM accounts kill the battery22:48
DocScrutinizerwell, wifi means actually NO 2G22:48
AliasXZwhen im at work, there is no wifi22:48
AliasXZonly when I am home22:48
DocScrutinizerindeed, IM is terrible22:48
AliasXZi duno if it uses anything when it isn't act connected?22:49
DocScrutinizer2G? only uses power for data volume22:49
AliasXZno i mean wifi, if it is enabled, but not connected22:50
*** hurbu has joined #maemo22:50
DocScrutinizerthat's why all those auto-disconnecters are mere nonsense usually22:50
DocScrutinizerooh yes22:50
*** dafox has joined #maemo22:50
ShadowJKDDo you mean wifi connects but IM accounts disconnected?22:50
DocScrutinizerit uses more whn unconnected then when connected. That's why you got those 5.10.30min scan pause in settings22:51
AliasXZthe 3 day thing no IM accounts at all, if I use IM accounts its like a day to 1 + 1/222:52
DocScrutinizer"scan WIFI every 5min" basically means reduction to 1/5 of the power consumed, and that's still noticeable22:52
AliasXZif im lucky22:52
AliasXZI dont scan for wifi, all manual22:52
DocScrutinizervery power concerning :-)22:52
AliasXZbut ost ppl cant be bothered with that ;)22:52
DocScrutinizeranyway, bye folks22:53
AliasXZwhats new with the latest stable cssu? (cant be bothered opening browser) :p22:54
RaimuTo be honest if you can't be bothered with a browser that's a little offensive all by itself.22:55
AliasXZsorry :(22:56
*** konelix has quit IRC22:58
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AliasXZbye everyone ;023:44
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