IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2012-03-25

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ShadowJKthe seller of "recently purchased N900" on auction site went MIA :-(00:45
* ShadowJK still has no spare N90000:45
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: WUT?00:45
ShadowJKI bid on a N900 and won, seller is MIA00:45
DocScrutinizercool shit00:46
DocScrutinizerI just instructed a good friend and ebay pro to get me 3 N90000:46
DocScrutinizertold him to charge me 10% for the action00:47
ShadowJKI haven't been able to do much hunting lately, been doing 14 hour days at work00:47
DocScrutinizersame here basically00:47
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: you've seen my "enlightenment moment" in cssu chan?00:48
ShadowJKno new versions for X decades, allegedly best thing since sliced bread thing?00:48
DocScrutinizerIOW, what do you think a RDBMS like sqlite is doing to RAM when database >NNN00:49
ShadowJKsqlite is kinda slow if database > 4kByte already :P00:49
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DocScrutinizerpossibly the answer to the miracle why some users suffer from 30s+ stalls, while others are perfectly fine with their N900 performance00:50
DocScrutinizer*my* SMS and mail and contacts RDB is extremely small00:50
ShadowJKsqlite + ext3 + flash is a deadly combination00:50
DocScrutinizerothers have the sms of last 7 years on their N90000:50
DocScrutinizernow figure an inbound SMS00:51
DocScrutinizerit needs to be stored to eventsdb, no?00:51
DocScrutinizerso sqlite will open *and load* the whole db00:51
ShadowJKHeck, when firefox switched to sqlite for the awesome bar (address bar to the rest of us), even quad core computers with 16 gig of ram and velociraptor harddrives experienced multisecond hangs of firefox when sqlite decided to rape the hd for every keypress :P00:51
DocScrutinizerwhich is the direct path to swap hell00:51
DocScrutinizerif you have the SMS of last 7 years stored there00:52
ShadowJKheh, yeah, if it doesn't fit in ram it'd be a few magnitudes worse..00:52
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DocScrutinizerresult: device freeze for 30+ seconds00:52
DocScrutinizersame for inbound and outbound calls00:53
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DocScrutinizerand whatnot else that's stored in a RDB00:53
DocScrutinizertrigger an event that makes $random subsystem access the DB and you're screwed if that DB is sufficiently crowded00:54
DocScrutinizerI already suggested to start a new taskforce, topic "mystery of sluggish N900 finaly exposed"00:56
DocScrutinizerso anybody concerned about your device got unbearably slow over time: just try deleting obsolete crap from your various databases00:59
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DocScrutinizerit's definitely no brilliant idea to have 3500 contacts in contact database, or similar number of old SMS, or even call events of 2 years ago01:00
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DocScrutinizerShadowJK: what do you think, sound rationale?01:06
DocScrutinizerso what's needed to know?01:09
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DocScrutinizerrun an application benchmark against a system with purged/virgin databases vs same system after adding 600 contacts and 1000 SMS?01:11
ShadowJKWell I'd be interested in knowing if it's memory starvation, inefficient algorithms, or sqlite fsync madness that makes it stall so bad01:12
DocScrutinizerit's already common knowledge that tracker is hogging system especially when you already got lots of indexed music in RDB01:12
tcatmHey. I'm new to Maemo. Where would be the best place to announce new packages (I might be creating a few once I've figured out how to do so)?01:12
DocScrutinizerhere? tmo?01:13
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DocScrutinizerfacebook? twitter? ;-D01:13
tcatmWhat's 'tmo'?01:15
infobotwell, tmo is, or trolls, morons, oxes01:15
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DocScrutinizerhere you'll find "power users" and devels willing to give merciless review on beta versions. On tmo you find lots of fanbois and same amount of trolls01:17
DocScrutinizermost devels avoid tmo by now, due to poor S/N ratio01:18
DocScrutinizertcatm: anyway, welcome to the club! :-D01:19
tcatmBtw, if there's anyone who has some time to help me create my first package from a cmake based source repo that would be awesome. I've noticed there is no quassel2go deb (only a dead link on qt-apps), so I've managed to build a binary but I have no clue how to create a .deb from it.01:19
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DocScrutinizerthere should be quassel afaik01:20
DocScrutinizerbut anyway, for those things you're absolutely right here01:20
DocScrutinizeryou'll always find someone willing to help, if you're not too impatient (turnaround time easily like half a day and 3 repeats of inquiry)01:21
tcatmThat's pretty much standard on IRC and -dev channels IIRC :)01:21
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DocScrutinizer92AAAJRB3: GOOGLE?? WTF!01:25
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DocScrutinizer[2012-03-25 00:26:43] [Whois] 92AAAJRB3 ist (Google)01:27
DocScrutinizer[2012-03-25 00:26:43] [Whois] 92AAAJRB3 hat Benutzerstatus in den Kanälen: #maemo01:27
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DocScrutinizermy kickfinger itches01:27
tcatmAre there any repos I should be aware of? (I've got a n900)01:27
DocScrutinizerextras, extras-testing || extras-devel, tools, SDK, (CSSU)01:28
DocScrutinizerprolly extras-devel is the most relevant of them01:28
tcatmk, I've already got -devel and extras in my sources.list01:30
infobotcssu is, like,
infobotrumour has it, jrtools is
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DocScrutinizeryou'll love rhat one01:33
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DocScrutinizerand just stay here 24/7, it's possibly most rewarding01:34
tcatmAre you aware of any scirpts that will automatically configure usb0 whenever I connect the phone to my computer?01:35
merlin1991tcatm: here you go:
DocScrutinizerfor networking?01:36
DocScrutinizertcatm: see, we're a nice bunch ;-)01:36
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tcatmCool. That package should be in one of the repos :)01:36
DocScrutinizerwell, that'S a special thing with the repos01:37
merlin1991sgissl never bothered todo it since he had the qt-apps page01:37
merlin1991and since it is a dead project I never bothered todo it either01:37
merlin1991though I'm semi working on its successor01:37
DocScrutinizerit's easy to get sth into -devel01:37
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: only if you have proper packaging in place01:38
tcatmYes, for networking. Actually, doing ip l set usb0 up would be enough so I could easily access the phone via ssh.01:38
DocScrutinizerit's quite hard to get sth into and beyond -testing01:38
merlin1991for example the quassel2go package would never fly with the autobuilder01:38
merlin1991cmake exectues a part of the build at buildtime01:38
DocScrutinizertcatm: I dunno about scripts for USB (though I bet there are), I use WLAN and it "just works"01:39
merlin1991tcam there is mad-developer01:39
merlin1991it's in extras-devel, it's gui01:39
merlin1991but all it's logic is there in form of scripts01:40
DocScrutinizertake care about your USB port anyway, they're notorious to fall off the PCB when not treated like a raw egg01:40
merlin1991so drop one of those instaed of the (don't know the actual filename) and you can have it run whenever you press the button :)01:40
tcatmI see. Well, maybe I can tie something to a dbus event.01:41
DocScrutinizertoo complex01:41
DocScrutinizeron N900/fremantle we're free to tweak all sorts of config files and scripts in /etc01:42
DocScrutinizerso linking sth into ifup, or doing like merlin1991 suggested will probably do01:42
infobotusb-networking is, like,, or
DocScrutinizerbtw, for tie-ing (wtf is the rigth word?) sth to dbus msgs there's a great pks named dbus-scripting01:44
DocScrutinizerpkg even01:44
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: pc<tab><tab>:  pcsuite-enable.sh01:45
tcatmI see. I'll probably write a tiny daemon to do the work. I have a small crypto handshake in mind so my phone can be sure it is indeed connected to my laptop and only then run some sync scripts.01:45
* SpeedEvil got loads of WONTFIX notifications on bugs.01:46
DocScrutinizerI do that via ssh with keys01:46
SpeedEvilWhich regrettably aren't unrealistic or really arguable.01:46
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: yup01:46
merlin1991crypto handshake? Just ssh against known pub key and if not correct ABORT :D01:46
DocScrutinizerAndre_ announced that01:46
merlin1991SpeedEvil: for harm?01:46
SpeedEvilmerlin1991: fremantle01:46
DocScrutinizernope, fremantle01:47
tcatmWell, the handshake would also setup USB tethering. I don't want to expose that to everyone.01:47
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: see #maemo-ssu01:47
merlin1991again just try to ssh into your laptop and base everything on that :D01:47
DocScrutinizeryou don't want to use USB at all, if you can use WLAN01:48
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DocScrutinizerjust for sake of USB receptacle01:48
tcatmA USB receptacle can be replaced easily and I need it to power the phone anyway.01:48
merlin1991SpeedEvil: I'm still in the dark about the bugs01:49
DocScrutinizerthere are guys that prefer to charge their battery in external charger, rather than plug in USB fastcharger01:49
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DocScrutinizertcatm: this receptacle possibly is impossible or at least *very* hard to fix, once it ripped off the pads from PCB01:50
infobothmm... usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater)01:50
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DocScrutinizeron a sidenote I never had any issues with any of my 2 devices here, and I'm plugging at least one of them 1+ times a day01:51
DocScrutinizerdepending on your luck and particular hardware, YMMV01:51
SD69merlin1991: Nokia is not fixing fremantle bugs anymore01:52
DocScrutinizerHEY SD69 !!!01:52
ShadowJKhaven't for quite some time :P01:52
DocScrutinizerrare guest01:52
merlin1991oh hey SD69, though that Nokia is not fixing fremantle bugs was kind obvious since some time already01:52
tcatmbtw. How does the n900 resolve DNS? resolv.conf points to and I find that confusing.01:53
merlin1991tcatm: dnsmasq01:53
merlin1991since DocScrutinizer pointed towards #maemo-ssu I thought SpeedEvil was talking about cssu specific bugs and we didn't have that much wontix resolves yet01:53
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DocScrutinizernah, but that one thing about bug 8347 is clearly CSSU and I'd like to add according comment to bugtraq01:55
povbotBug Cell Broadcast Feature not available01:55
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DocScrutinizerSD69: how's living? :-)01:57
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DocScrutinizertcatm: where from you got your N900?02:00
tcatmDocScrutinizer: I've bought it from a friend for a few bitcoins.02:01
DocScrutinizermhm. Some of us are searching for new ones02:02
SD69DocScrutinizer: doing good02:02
DocScrutinizerShadowJK, me02:02
tcatmAre there any new ones?02:02
DocScrutinizerthen we'd not be searching ;-)02:02
tcatmAre there any other similar phones?02:03
DocScrutinizerwell, there are - in HK, in Poland, in neverland province of ebay02:03
DocScrutinizernope, and that'S the whole reason for our search :-)02:04
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DocScrutinizersome say N9 was similar. Some don't like N9 at all02:04
tcatmDoes it have a keyboard?02:05
merlin1991and it has software drm02:05
DocScrutinizerand crappy capacitive ts02:05
tcatmNo deal :D The most important reason I got it was to use emac's orgmode on the go.02:05
DocScrutinizerand friggin aegis, aka what merlin said02:05
merlin1991imo the ts isn't crappy02:05
DocScrutinizerwell, for you it may work, for me it's a nogo02:06
DocScrutinizerfact is fremantle as is wouldn't work on N9, due to way too small buttons/menu-entries02:06
ShadowJKwow that's some serious crappiness :)02:07
DocScrutinizerand forget about any sketching/painting programs, like e.g. numpty physics02:07
merlin1991well I use n9 as a fancy phone, not like the n90002:08
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: for me it is02:08
merlin1991and for a fancy phone for browsing @ uni it works perfectly02:08
ShadowJKwho the hell needs a phone :P02:08
ShadowJKphones are dead02:08
merlin1991SpeedEvil: what do the cool kids use nowadays?02:08
merlin1991err srry, meant ShadowJK02:08
DocScrutinizerI'm used to use my fingernails, or proper stylus, or whatever object to point to a spot on screen with max +/-1mm off02:08
tcatmmobile SIP client + open mesh networks = awesome :)02:09
* ShadowJK gets about 90% success rate with thumb on N800 /stylus/ keyboard ;P02:09
* merlin1991 gets 100% success rate with thumb on n900 keyboard, not so much on the screen though02:10
ShadowJKyeah ;P02:10
merlin1991typing is one thing that works really well on the n900 compared to the n9 experience02:10
* DocScrutinizer afk for some TV chillout02:10
merlin1991but the n9 is all about consuming, not creating :D02:11
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DocScrutinizerjust one thing: (you guessed it :-P)02:11
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
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merlin1991SD69: did only my mailinglist subscription break, or are there really no nominations so far?02:17
SD69no nominations02:18
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SD69if indeed council's only function was to work with Nokia, then it wouldn't matter02:20
merlin1991SD69: any plans on nominating yourself?02:20
*** b1ackdeath has joined #maemo02:21
SD69I was kind of hoping it would be unnecessary, because of lack of time02:21
tcatmAre there any zsh packages?02:23
merlin1991srly is down02:24
DocScrutinizerSD69: tbh I think Nokia killed council together with maemo02:24
merlin1991just wanted to suggest you check (it has a search interface)02:24
DocScrutinizerwut, down *again*?02:25
merlin1991seems like02:25
DocScrutinizerfriggin crap02:25
merlin1991a bit OT how can I clean the ff cash for a single webpage?02:26
merlin1991twitter is completely unuseable for me but seems to work on other pcs / browsers / ...02:26
tcatmI don't think you can do that but ctrl+shift+R should force a full reload.02:26
merlin1991doesn't work :/02:27
tcatmOr maybe ctrl+F5 or something like that. I don't remember the exact shortcut.02:27
SpeedEvilAlso - go to cookie manager - and nuke cookies02:27
merlin1991hm firebug shows me Component returned failure code: 0x8052000b (NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED) [nsIDOMStorage.getItem]02:27
tcatm -> Reload (override cache) > ctrl+shift+F502:28
SpeedEvilCheck you're not out of disc02:28
SpeedEvilWacky stuff can happen02:28
ShadowJKctrl-shift-r on n900 causes unwanted rotations :P02:28
merlin1991ShadowJK: removed with newest cssu-t ;)02:28
merlin1991nah I know for sure I messed up my ssd at some point and corrupted shitloads of files02:28
SD69DocScrutinizer: sure, Nokia has moved on and council (at least I) haven't02:32
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DocScrutinizermove on to redmond defined disneyland from a sane place? I'm glad you didn't02:36
*** valerius has joined #maemo02:36
merlin1991all the reload override cache things didn't work02:39
merlin1991purging the html5 local store on the other hand did02:39
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teotwakisup #maemo02:39
Macerok... i think i HAVE to use this n810 as a box now... my damn artigo broke02:39
SpeedEvilWhat's an artigo?02:39
Macervia based tiny pc02:40
Macerasian so it only lasts 5 years02:40
Macerlike everything else that comes out of asia02:40
Maceri need to get something to replace it02:40
teotwakimy girlfriend comes from asia!02:40
teotwakioh, and fyi02:40
*** teotwaki is now known as crashanddie02:40
crashanddieI said SUP MAEMO02:40
*** crashanddie is now known as teotwaki02:40
merlin1991SUP CRASHANDDIE02:40
merlin1991enough? :D02:40
Maceri need to figure out how to put debian on this n81002:40
teotwakithar ve go02:41
Macerand use it as a box :)02:41
Maceranybody know where i can get that info?02:41
teotwakiMacer: did you try easydeb?02:41
Maceri would perfer bare metal heh02:41
Macerteotwaki: i was trying to avoid a chroot02:41
Macermy maemo install on it is messed up... keeps rebooting on its own02:41
teotwakican't reflash it?02:41
Maceri need to reflash anyways.. figured i might be able to flash debian or something onto it02:41
Maceri'm even considering gentoo.. as long as it works02:42
Maceri'm just using it as a small server02:42
*** guampa has quit IRC02:42
Maceruntil i get something to throw this hard drive into02:42
teotwakiBy the way, I've noticed andre has been busy shutting down bmo02:42
teotwakikinda sad02:42
Maceroh lol02:42
Maceri'm surprised nokia hasn't alrady pulled the plug on maemo.org02:43
Macerare they going to keep the domain?02:43
teotwakiI'm getting it if it goes02:43
SpeedEvilteotwaki: :/02:43
merlin1991SD69: any ideas about
Maceryeah that's kind of messed up02:43
teotwakiSpeedEvil: feeling the pinch as well?02:43
SD69DocScrutinizer: no one sane was going to leave maemo for redmond, it's meego that peeled some people away02:43
SpeedEvilteotwaki: I got several WON'TFIX02:43
SpeedEvilteotwaki: Reasonable - but depressing.02:43
DocScrutinizerSD69: yup02:43
MacerSpeedEvil: even when maemo was in its prime everythign was wontfix02:44
teotwakiI got almost a hundred emails that it's shutting down02:44
Maceri remember when i asked for bt keyboard support and they marked it as wontfix02:44
Macersince m4 had it and m5 didn't02:44
Macerwtf? :)02:44
Maceri hate nokia02:44
*** guampa has joined #maemo02:44
DocScrutinizerbut meego is dead^2, while maemo is only said to be dead, you see the evidence of contrary here02:44
SpeedEvilI imagine there are things nokia would fix on fremantle. But they are solely of the variety that 'virus causes phones to make 911 calls'02:44
Macerthat would be an awesome virus :)02:44
merlin1991well the fix for the certificates wasn't exactly necessary02:45
merlin1991still they did it02:45
Macerhave it just send the sounds of someone being choked to death02:45
SpeedEvilPlaying sounds of screaming.02:45
ShadowJKteotwaki, andre has used that same message in bugzilla for year and half now :P02:45
Maceryeah haha02:45
SD69merlin1991: I think it's broken for good - time will come when itfor or02:45
teotwakiShadowJK: yeah, but he's been speeding up02:45
*** valerius has quit IRC02:45
teotwakiheck, I still have an app in the repos that sends all texts and contacts and whatnot to /dev/null02:45
merlin1991SD69: we'd need a db dump of the forums though02:45
teotwakijust to prove that the QA process was broken, and malicious apps could steal all the data they wanted02:46
SD69smerlin1991: the forums? is that a joke?02:46
merlin1991teotwaki: what is it called?02:46
teotwakimerlin1991: don't remember, some stupid calculator app02:46
teotwakiSuperCalc or something02:46
merlin1991SD69: not joking, one has to preserve all the trollposts02:46
Maceris that why my damn txts weren't working???02:46
* SpeedEvil sighs at market failure.02:46
Maceroh well... maemo still has a bit of a following02:47
SpeedEvilI want to buy a non-widescreen laptop.02:47
teotwakiSpeedEvil: good luck02:47
Macermaybe they'll sel lit to skype.. oh wait... ms already bought them02:47
*** b1ackdeath has quit IRC02:47
merlin1991SD69: but honestly tmo holds some valuable info, though the wiki would be a higher priority for me02:47
*** woodong50 has joined #maemo02:47
SpeedEvilI'm actually pondering making one from an ipad2 display and a pandaboard.02:47
SpeedEvilI have an awesome case for it.02:47
Maceri'm charging my n810 to put something on it02:47
Macerdamn thing has a layer of dust 3" thick on it02:47
teotwakiI gave my n900 to my girlfriend02:47
Maceri had to use windex :)02:47
*** woodong50 has quit IRC02:47
teotwakishe's happily using it to text and place the occasional call02:48
*** woodong50 has joined #maemo02:48
teotwakiand almost completely unaware it runs linux or that it could connect to the wifi02:48
Macerit can???02:48
teotwakiMohammadAG: get the fuck in here02:48
*** valerius has joined #maemo02:49
merlin1991Macer: not if you manage to break wlancond with for example autodisconnect02:49
merlin1991teotwaki: Mag is more around in the week than on weekend02:49
teotwakiI'm writing a C++ application server02:49
teotwakiI talked to him about it here02:49
Maceri'm confused as to why this n810 doesn't boot02:49
Macerit isn't like i did anything special to it02:50
teotwakiAm planning the initial release sometime around this summer02:50
Macerother than drop it on concrete like a year ago lol02:50
merlin1991odd thing about todays downtime is that it's the regular page and not tmo that is broken02:50
merlin1991teotwaki: does it do anything fancy?02:50
teotwakimerlin1991: it's awesome?02:50
merlin1991in what way?02:50
merlin1991awesome like pulseaudio?02:50
merlin1991bah package search still is down02:52
SD69merlin1991: should we figure out the repos and build service first?02:52
merlin1991actually repos are piece of cake02:52
merlin1991build service is harder02:52
merlin1991but wiki02:52
merlin1991wiki is 100% pure information02:52
Maceri need to get an adapter and a damn sdhc for this friggin n810 for this02:52
teotwakiIt's seriously high performance, the web part will saturate two gigabit ethernet connections on a single core :)02:52
Macerbetter just to track down a piece of crap laptop just to get my server up and running02:52
teotwakimerlin1991: that's how awesome it is :)02:52
Macergood thing the hard drive is still goo02:52
merlin1991SD69: if we seriously consider keeping the community alive post we need the content of the wiki avaiable to new/all devs02:53
merlin1991it's still the #1 lookup place for anything maemo system related02:53
*** woodong50 has quit IRC02:54
teotwakimerlin1991: my primary job is as a voip server architect, so obviously i wrote some SIP PoCs, I can handle 2-3k simultaneous calls -- our current proprietary stack handles 600 tops.02:54
teotwakiI can load, unload, upgrade parts of the code as the server runs, without requiring a shutdown or restart, which is awesome for uptime02:55
SpeedEvilI've always wanted to handle 2000 calls on my n900.02:55
SpeedEvilActually I'm about to setup a SIP 'main' phone-number, for cost reasons.02:56
teotwakiit'll run on the n900, though I can't guarantee performance.02:56
SpeedEvilAs wackily - I can get BTs 'low user rate' - if I have a broadband connection.02:56
SpeedEvilAnd do most of my calls over that.02:56
teotwakiI hear ya SpeedEvil02:57
teotwakiI came back from Australia nearly two years ago now02:57
teotwakiAnd France does provide seriously good benefits when it comes to internet and phone lines.02:57
SD69merlin1991: does an OBS with harmattan and fremantle targets makes sense post
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: I suggested to mirror the wiki (aka wget it) some year ago - back when you all laughed at me, despite me telling you you never will get a warning prior to shutdown02:59
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: I had nokia people tell me we'll get notice prior to shutdown (if it shuts down)02:59
teotwakiSpeedEvil: my ISP recently got into mobile phones... unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles to france, unlimited calls to landlines around the world (most of it anyway, roughly 40 countries), unlimited data (fair use of 3GB, lowered speed afterwards), unlimited texts and mms's: 16euros (14 quid)04:00
merlin1991SD69: about obs I have no Idea, I heaven't used any obs so far04:00
DocScrutinizeryeah, and Nokia's word always been good for <fill in whatever you like>04:00
SpeedEvilteotwaki: That's quite good!04:00
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: hope for the best and prepare for the worst :)04:00
merlin1991though prefereable I'd get a db dump for the wiki somehow instead of letting wget run mad04:01
teotwakioh, and no 24-month or anything. No subscription fees, and no cancellation fees.04:01
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: yeah, so hope for "hey folks, wiki been down for 2 weeks now. It turned out it's just too much work to put it into working shape and condition again, so we decided we'll turn it down completely on end of this month. Until then it stays in limbo state"04:02
teotwakiAnd from the management console, you can freely change whether or not you want your contract to allow calls or anything that are not included in the contract04:02
*** nox- has quit IRC04:02
SpeedEvilteotwaki:The most awesome ISP I've seen is andrews and arnold, for mobile.04:02
teotwakithey also created the cheapest contract ever: 2 euros. You get 60texts and 60 minutes for that. Because we're a customer of their DSL offer, we got that one for free.04:03
SpeedEvilYou can be your own APN04:03
teotwakiany text after those 60 cost 1 cent... That's ten times cheaper than most other operators04:03
*** uen| has joined #maemo04:04
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: btw you'd need a db copy for any proper offline wikireader app anyway. Nokia never seemed like they'd be in love with this idea either04:04
teotwakiSpeedEvil: that's pretty sweet04:04
teotwakiSpeedEvil: I'll have to remember that when I move back to the UK.04:04
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC04:05
*** uen has quit IRC04:07
teotwakiI'm starting to enjoy seeing decent companies again04:07
teotwakiI feel we've been getting fucked for long enough04:07
teotwakiI don't mind paying a tiny bit more for people with good ethics, and who try to be "fair".04:08
SpeedEvilIf only it was happening in the mobile space.04:08
SpeedEvilAnd in some cases the market is really very, very narrow.04:08
SpeedEvilFor example - try to buy a 4:3 laptop.04:08
SpeedEvilOr one even with 140dpi04:08
teotwakiI just bought a new computer, desktop04:08
teotwakiI wanted a 4:3 screen04:09
teotwakiHad I pushed for it, I would've paid 4-5 times more.04:09
*** MrPingu has quit IRC04:09
SpeedEvilThey are just about available still.04:09
SpeedEvilBit you can get a 30" widescreen cheaper than a 20" 4:304:10
SpeedEvil- same vertical height04:10
teotwakiI've tried using a couple of screens in portrait04:10
teotwakiit sucks04:10
*** uen| is now known as uen04:10
SpeedEvilPortrait is fail.04:10
SpeedEvilEspecially with widescreen - it's too narrow04:10
teotwakiwell, it would be good for most work us geeks do04:10
teotwakiI mean, my code fits nicely, and for documents it's pretty good as well04:10
teotwakiI've just learned to use vim and :vsp.04:11
SD69merlin1991: DocScrutinizer: Nokia seems to think they have never "promised" us anything -
SpeedEvilBut the 30" ones - with 1600 vertical pixels - are probably good - if you have the desk space and cash.04:11
SpeedEvil- looking for a second hand one04:11
teotwakiI went for a good quality (colour and contrast/response times) 22" widescreen rather than whatever04:12
SpeedEvilPromised - in a manner that a legal case would succeed to force them - probably not.04:12
*** gri has quit IRC04:13
*** gri has joined #maemo04:15
SD69SpeedEvil: exactly04:15
SpeedEvilIt would be interesting to see some of the internal reasoning.04:16
SpeedEvil- why n9 wasn't released in UK/US04:16
auenfinternal reasoning was cause n9 was only launched in strong symbian areas?04:21
auenfUS is definately not a strong nokia area, let alone symbian04:21
SpeedEvilUK was.04:21
SpeedEvilTo a reasonable degree04:21
auenfUS is threoretically a strong windows phone area tho04:21
auenfis UK a strong windows phone area?04:22
SpeedEvilI think windows phone 7 has lived up to its promise in the UK.04:22
SpeedEvilIt's sold 7.04:22
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #maemo04:22
LaoLang_coolhello, is maemo's offical develpment dead?04:24
*** valerius has quit IRC04:25
*** auenf has quit IRC04:25
LaoLang_coolAnother question, the picture size in fmms' mms is too small, so I set the "Resize to" to Large under fmms' setting, but it doesn't work at all, what's wrong?04:27
*** auenf has joined #maemo04:28
*** LaoLang_cool has quit IRC04:31
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #maemo04:31
*** lxp has joined #maemo04:34
*** lxp1 has quit IRC04:35
*** otep has quit IRC04:39
*** otep has joined #maemo04:39
*** valerius has joined #maemo04:41
*** teotwaki has quit IRC04:42
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:04
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:04
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:04
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:04
*** valerius has quit IRC05:04
*** asmundg has quit IRC05:09
*** valerius has joined #maemo05:11
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC05:12
*** sildur has joined #maemo05:13
*** sildur has quit IRC05:20
*** eijk has quit IRC05:26
*** gn00b has quit IRC05:26
*** gn00b has joined #maemo05:27
*** robbiethe1st has joined #maemo05:40
*** robbiethe1st has quit IRC05:40
*** Macor has joined #maemo05:43
*** robbiethe1st has joined #maemo05:43
Macorrobbiethe1st: i meant without a chroot ;)05:43
*** mavhc has quit IRC05:46
*** Macer is now known as Mac3r05:46
*** Macor is now known as Macer05:47
LaoLang_coolHi, morning, has maemo's development by nokia been dead already?05:47
*** Mac3r is now known as Macor05:47
*** chenca has quit IRC05:48
*** robbiethe1st has quit IRC05:48
*** sheepbat has quit IRC05:48
Maceralready? :)05:50
Macerit has been dead for like....... years05:51
*** robbiethe1st has joined #maemo05:51
*** mavhc has joined #maemo05:52
Maceryou asked earlier about me installing debian on the n81005:55
Macerand said easydeb.. but i said i didn't want to use a chroot if i could avoid it05:55
LaoLang_coolMacer: me?05:57
LaoLang_coolok :)05:57
Macerah well.. going to test out this lenovo thinkpad as a server since my artigo broke05:57
robbiethe1stYeah, well...05:57
robbiethe1stI don't even have a N810, but I figured a chroot would at least work05:58
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo06:00
Maceryeah it would06:04
*** valerius has quit IRC06:05
Maceri was trying to run it without the need to run maemo .... i'll track down gentoo i suppose i remember luke-jr working on that garbage distro on the n81006:05
luke-jrf u06:06
*** valerius has joined #maemo06:06
*** robbiethe1st has quit IRC06:06
*** robbiethe1st has joined #maemo06:12
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC06:18
*** valerius has quit IRC06:20
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo06:20
*** loz` has quit IRC06:25
*** loz` has joined #maemo06:25
*** MacDrunk has joined #maemo06:26
*** radic has quit IRC06:27
*** radic_ has joined #maemo06:27
*** radic_ is now known as radic06:27
*** Roomerlol has quit IRC06:29
*** maybeArgh has joined #maemo06:33
*** maybeWTF has quit IRC06:33
*** valerius has joined #maemo06:43
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo06:45
*** LaoLang_cool` has joined #maemo06:48
*** SD69 has quit IRC06:53
*** valdyn has quit IRC06:55
Macerdamn luke-jr .... didn't even notice you were here :)06:57
Macermy n900 doesn't seem to be keeping its battery life long enough06:57
Macerhow long is an n900 supposed to last without touching it with the screen off?06:59
*** gn00b has quit IRC07:00
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo07:00
*** gn00b has joined #maemo07:02
robbiethe1stMacer: if no programs are running? several days07:02
robbiethe1stIf programs are still running? 8-24 hours07:02
*** dockane has quit IRC07:03
Macerhm. does that include widgets?07:04
Maceror do those turn off when the scren is off?07:04
Maceri'm going to leave it alone and see how long it lasts... seems to be draining much faster than normal but then again i use it constantly but it seems off07:05
*** valerius has quit IRC07:11
SpeedEvilMacer: 4 days+07:13
SpeedEvilMacer: also - powertop07:13
*** valerius has joined #maemo07:13
SpeedEviland the battery meter script07:14
SpeedEvilAlso - batteries purchased when the n900 is new will now have a ridiculous amount of internal resistnace.07:14
SpeedEvileven a 1.99 one from ebay is an improvement07:14
*** gn00b has quit IRC07:19
*** gn00b has joined #maemo07:21
robbiethe1stNew battery wise, I recommend the ~$10 Japod ones off DealExtreme07:25
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC07:30
Maceri am using the $1.99 ebay ones ;)07:30
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo07:30
Maceri will try out powertop07:30
Maceri dont see a powertop07:31
Maceris it in devel or testing?07:32
psycho_oreosmost likely in devel but could also be in testing07:32
*** valerius has quit IRC07:32
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC07:33
*** guampa has quit IRC07:34
*** valerius has joined #maemo07:47
Macerpowertop is segfaulting07:48
SpeedEvilI have no idea if this is the same version - WFM though07:52
*** Soder has quit IRC07:55
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo07:59
*** Timmy has joined #maemo07:59
*** z4chh has quit IRC08:06
*** asmundg has joined #maemo08:12
*** rlinfati has quit IRC08:16
*** auenf has quit IRC08:22
*** piggz__ has joined #maemo08:24
*** auenf has joined #maemo08:25
Macermargaret thatcher was awesome08:27
MacerSINK IT!08:27
*** Zahra has joined #maemo08:44
*** Ex-Opesa has quit IRC08:55
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo09:08
*** Zahra has quit IRC09:30
*** LaoLang_cool` has quit IRC09:43
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*** rd is now known as Guest8226411:09
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*** netkat has joined #maemo11:50
*** FIQ has quit IRC11:54
*** Zahra has joined #maemo11:56
LaoLang_coolany fmms user? picture i mms of fmms is too small, can I get it larger?12:05
LaoLang_coolI've set "Resize to" to large, but it doesn't work, or maybe it's another meaning that I misunderstand?...12:06
*** NGNUton-BC has quit IRC12:08
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo12:13
darkschneiderany way to sync n900 with icalendar format?12:14
r00t|homein worst case you'll have to write some code...12:18
lartza_perhaps you could sync evolution with icalendar and sync n900 with evolution12:20
*** ferdna has joined #maemo12:22
*** ced117 has joined #maemo12:23
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo12:27
*** Evanescence has quit IRC12:31
*** NIN102 has joined #maemo12:32
*** Pali has joined #maemo12:34
*** NIN101 has quit IRC12:35
*** Guest82264 has joined #maemo12:41
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo12:42
*** Guest21403 has quit IRC12:45
DocScrutinizerthis powertop is a big mystery, as it seems nobody knows where from it originally came12:52
*** eijk has joined #maemo12:52
*** e-yes_ has joined #maemo12:53
DocScrutinizerprobably Nokia "forgot to delete" it when shipping first developer/tester N900s12:53
*** eijk has quit IRC12:53
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo12:53
*** eijk has joined #maemo12:58
*** eijk has quit IRC12:58
*** eijk has joined #maemo12:59
DocScrutinizero.O powertop13:00
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: WTF is the surce?13:01
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: and where's the changelog, and what are the diffs between 1.13 and 1.2?13:04
*** gn00b has quit IRC13:04
*** gn00b has joined #maemo13:06
*** 92AAAJRB3 has quit IRC13:14
DocScrutinizerdang, I'm fiddling with maemo since quite some years now, yet it never occurred to me to simly browse to on any NIT13:23
*** muelli has joined #maemo13:24
*** ferdna has quit IRC13:24
*** jpe has joined #maemo13:28
*** ced117_ has joined #maemo13:32
*** Timmy has joined #maemo13:34
*** ced117 has quit IRC13:35
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer: It's a package containing nokia's binary, I have no source13:38
DocScrutinizerwhy are you and this guy with unspeakable name maintainers?13:39
MohammadAG1.13 is the PC version, I packaged Nokia's version13:39
MohammadAGFrom the binary on tmo13:39
DocScrutinizerI'm running 1.13.2 here on N900 just fine13:39
MohammadAGWhich is from PR1.0 iirc13:39
MohammadAGAfaik nokia's version has changes or sth13:40
MohammadAGAnyway, I did it for convenience13:40
DocScrutinizerwtf is "nokia's version"?13:40
MohammadAGAsk ShadowJK or SpeedEvil13:40
MohammadAGOne of them knows13:40
DocScrutinizeror rather, what's NOT nokia's version?13:40
DocScrutinizeras metioned I got Powertop 1.13.3 here on device, quite certainly from tmo post I linked above, and it works fine and seems what everybody is using13:42
DocScrutinizerI foggy remember I bitched why there's no powertop on my device, when I was new to N900 (aka PR1.0)13:44
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer: Oh 1.2 is just a bumped package version, powertop itself is 1.13 from tmo13:45
MohammadAGThe major bump is due to some fuckup by the packaging system13:45
MohammadAGIt didn't accept 1.13-1 I think, don't remember exactly, this was over a year ago13:46
*** Timmy_ has joined #maemo13:48
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:49
*** sq-one has joined #maemo13:50
*** Timmy has quit IRC13:50
*** jrocha has joined #maemo13:50
*** sLumPia has joined #maemo13:50
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo13:50
DocScrutinizerdang, forced disconnect13:51
DocScrutinizerI foggy remember I bitched why there's no powertop on my device, when I was new to N900 (aka PR1.0)13:51
DocScrutinizerincredibly obscure history of that tool13:51
DocScrutinizerquite evidently what we got on N900 is only loosely related to intel's powertop13:52
*** _federico3 has joined #maemo13:52
DocScrutinizerall hail to povbot irclogs13:53
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: :nod:13:53
DocScrutinizerthanks for packaging13:53
DocScrutinizermgedmin: probably it's been mentioned WAY too rarely: many thanks for povbot and logging13:55
MohammadAGYw :)13:55
DocScrutinizerfigure it! FIVE MINUTES until friggin DSL allowed reconnect. Long enough to make me think I'm obviously breathing bytes, not air13:57
*** e-yes_ has quit IRC13:58
DocScrutinizer(dang, msg from supervisor: "all scripts breathe bytes, you idiot")13:58
*** eijk_ has joined #maemo14:00
*** eijk has quit IRC14:00
*** sq-one has quit IRC14:00
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*** gn00b has joined #maemo14:03
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*** thexception is now known as thexception|off14:37
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*** Timmy has quit IRC15:00
*** Timmy has joined #maemo15:00
*** Pali has joined #maemo15:01
*** Timmy_ has quit IRC15:01
darkschneiderhello, anyone using syncEvolution with horde via syncML, the only info is quite outdated (2006) and looks like a bit has changed15:02
*** Ex-Opesa has quit IRC15:07
*** gn00b has quit IRC15:19
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo15:21
*** gn00b has joined #maemo15:21
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*** HRH_H_Crab has joined #maemo15:23
*** thexception|off is now known as thexception15:23
*** hardaker has joined #maemo15:24
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*** Pali has joined #maemo15:25
*** croppa has quit IRC15:28
*** hardaker has quit IRC15:33
*** dos1 has joined #maemo15:33
*** e-yes_ has joined #maemo15:35
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*** eijk_ has joined #maemo15:56
*** sLumPia has quit IRC15:59
*** sLumPia has joined #maemo16:01
DocScrutinizerI'd not expect any info from 2006 being applicable at all today16:07
*** int_ua has quit IRC16:08
*** BCMM has quit IRC16:13
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo16:13
*** hurbu has joined #maemo16:24
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC16:27
*** eijk_ has quit IRC16:36
*** Evanescence has quit IRC16:43
*** dimw1t has quit IRC16:44
darkschneiderDocScrutinizer: yes indeed :)16:49
darkschneideri'm still trying to figure it out :D at least i found the config file... but now figuring out the rest looks more complex16:49
DocScrutinizerdarkschneider: I think there should be some better more recent info about syncing at large in wiki16:51
DocScrutinizerno idea how much this is applicable to your particular usecase though16:51
darkschneidermmmm i'll regoogle if you say so16:51
darkschneideryeah, but i did not found much, so let's look again, syncML is not that uncommon... (that why i installed horde on our productions server at first :D )16:52
DocScrutinizerWTF happened to wiki layout??16:55
DocScrutinizerMEH there's an almost invisible search textbox uper right. Anybody else "seeing" this as grey in grey, without any label?16:57
DocScrutinizerdarkschneider: is what you were looking for?16:59
darkschneider(thanks on phone)16:59
*** Soder has joined #maemo16:59
*** gn00b has quit IRC17:04
darkschneider(re, you know sunday.. gf calls, thanks for help, looking at links now)17:05
*** gn00b has joined #maemo17:06
darkschneiderok the first two results and the other are the one i was looking at already, daly they do not offer much insight  :(17:07
darkschneiderindeed, horde, even if listed as supported, does not have a template ready, this is because horde is not a company offerend service, but it'a a framework (sorry if i'm saying something obvious to you, do not want to be offensive)17:08
darkschneideri wonder if i can find a way to contact one of syncevolution guys and updated the wiki with his help17:09
*** udovdh has quit IRC17:11
*** udovdh has joined #maemo17:14
*** aap has joined #maemo17:23
*** aap is now known as regawyte17:25
*** valerius has quit IRC17:30
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*** lbt has quit IRC17:41
*** lbt has joined #maemo17:41
*** markinfo has joined #maemo17:51
*** elninja has quit IRC17:58
darkschneiderDocScrutinizer: just to give away some happyness, i do not know how i managed to sync calendar... for contacts i'm working on it... so it's possible to have it work18:04
DocScrutinizercomsider to update the wiki, please :-)18:05
darkschneideryeah, if i manage to make contacts work i will for sure, it's needed18:05
darkschneidernone should be condamned to spend 6 hours on it like me :D18:05
DocScrutinizermuch appreciated, thanks a lot18:05
darkschneiderbut wait... contacts are still to make work...18:06
DocScrutinizerI'm sure each detail on what you found is valuable, even when you get stuck somewhere18:06
DocScrutinizerso thers could avoid same deadends and continue where you stopped (in case you actually get stuck, or lose interest)18:07
darkschneideryep you right, bettter i write some lines just now18:08
darkschneiderok time for anoteh registration on a wiki :D18:08
DocScrutinizerit's awiki, it doesn't mind frequent edits, as long as they aren't too messy18:08
*** BCMM has joined #maemo18:08
DocScrutinizerand for the really "volatile" stuff there's a discussion page backed up on each wiki page18:09
DocScrutinizera widely unrealized and underrated feature18:10
darkschneideri see, as usual but if there is any detail i should know say me18:10
DocScrutinizerno special details18:10
DocScrutinizerjust do yourself and reviewers a favour and register18:10
*** valerius has joined #maemo18:11
DocScrutinizerit's way more convenient to edit wiki when you're registered18:11
DocScrutinizerand we don't need to review every single little edit of yours once we know you're not a spammer18:12
*** elninja has joined #maemo18:12
*** BCMM has quit IRC18:12
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:13
DocScrutinizertry to keep in mind this wiki is about maemo, not about N90018:14
darkschneiderargh right, that will be a problem18:15
darkschneideras it's the only maemo device i have tried, so i do not know differences18:15
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo18:16
DocScrutinizerno problem, just don't forget to set your topics right, so othwrs know what you're actually talking about18:17
DocScrutinizerespecially think twice befoe you "fix" things that seem to be ncorrect *for N900*18:18
DocScrutinizerthey might be meant for older maemo versins, and somebody else has missed to set his topics right18:19
DocScrutinizerif in doubt, just ask here for a review18:19
*** int_ua has joined #maemo18:20
*** jargon- has quit IRC18:22
DocScrutinizerto get an idea about the "problem", just look at flashing page content as well as history ;-)18:24
infobotit has been said that maemo-flashing is
darkschneideri see18:25
DocScrutinizerlast resort was me adding >>This page has seen massive edits to get it in line with N900 details of flashing. N8x0 owners might want to have a look to older versions, like <<18:25
darkschneiderlol poor18:25
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:25
darkschneiderok starting to edit18:26
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo18:31
*** KrayonWork has quit IRC18:34
*** radic has quit IRC18:36
*** radic has joined #maemo18:36
*** jargon- has joined #maemo18:40
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*** PeterWolf has quit IRC19:03
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo19:06
*** smhar has joined #maemo19:07
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:09
darkschneiderDocScrutinizer: should i sign?19:10
DocScrutinizersign as in "---" (or whatever it was)? nah, not on front pages, but for sure on discussion pages19:10
DocScrutinizersign as in "register/sign-in": sure!19:11
darkschneiderok ready for your reading if you have time:
DocScrutinizerI'll give it a cursory look19:12
darkschneideri meant as to signature, thanks19:12
darkschneiderso i can edit and fix things if you find terrible stuff19:12
darkschneiderhey you have to follow your name! I try to be dark and schnider all the time :)19:12
darkschneiderok found a typo. if you find more, say so i make one edit for all typos19:14
DocScrutinizerlooks pretty fine :-)19:14
DocScrutinizersorry no time to give it a thorough proofread now, will come back to it later19:15
DocScrutinizermany thanks!19:16
darkschneiderno prob :) really thanks already for all your time :)19:17
*** nmjnb_ has joined #maemo19:17
*** kama has joined #maemo19:18
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:19
*** _federico3 has quit IRC19:23
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*** loganbr has joined #maemo19:26
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*** mortenvp has quit IRC19:39
*** maybeArgh has quit IRC19:39
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo19:46
*** trbs has joined #maemo19:49
merlin1991darkschneider: found a few typos: I did not test it/ Now press the title bar/ but add/ any more detail/ or the sync style19:50
MacerDocScrutinizer: lol. well it is segfaulting19:51
Macerfrom the devel repo19:52
Maceri just removed the widgets19:52
Macerand will see if they are the cause of the drain19:52
*** ferdna has joined #maemo19:52
DocScrutinizerthe one from tmo .zip just works for me19:53
Macerwhere is it?19:53
Maceri will download it19:53
Macerthe repo one is broken19:54
Maceri am losing power somewhere and dont know where19:54
Maceralgthough.. i am using battery eye to see the power drain. during use i really lose it but that is understandable19:55
Macerbut when idle i am still only getting arounf 10 hrs19:55
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DocScrutinizerI pasted the link already20:15
DocScrutinizersee backscroll20:15
*** Soder has joined #maemo20:16
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*** eijk has joined #maemo21:09
Maceri want to run21:12
Macerand ecoach and the gps is taking forever to lock21:12
Macerisnt agps supposed to help with this?21:12
DocScrutinizerwhat's your supl server?21:13
Macerthe nokia one21:13
DocScrutinizerforget it, use google21:14
Maceris there a better one?21:14
Macerwhat is google's?21:14
DocScrutinizersame, just google21:14
DocScrutinizeryup iirc21:14
Macerwow lol21:15
Maceronce i put it in it locked lol21:15
Macernice :)21:15
DocScrutinizeractually not nice - of Nokia21:15
Maceras long as it works tho... ok... let me get my run on lol21:16
darkschneidermerlin1991: thanks, fixing them now21:22
*** sq-one has joined #maemo21:26
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darkschneiderMacer: it is taking forever.. i never managed to improve it without a small trick: open maep, no idea why, but with that open localization become much faster (i tested also the same with ovi maps...)21:37
*** gn00b has quit IRC21:39
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Macerthat thing locked like a champ .. thanks :)22:20
Macerdarkschneider: it seemed to lock on almost 20secs after i changed from to
Macerdon't know if it was that or it just finally locked on but it worked great22:20
Macerecoach kind of sucks tho..but it gets the job done :)22:21
darkschneideryah ecoach miss features22:21
darkschneideri think author needs stilumus22:22
darkschneidersince the base is very good22:22
Macerwell.. it isn't as good as endomondo on android at the least22:22
darkschneidertrue, but it's a problem of userbase22:22
Macerbut it still works well enough22:22
Macermaybe... lazy n900 users don't want to work out :)22:22
darkschneideri have to say that battery wise it's good also22:22
Maceronly people with iphones work out heh22:22
darkschneidereheh yeah22:22
darkschneidernaa ihpone people use the app to show they have the app22:23
darkschneiderthey just start it "because it's cool" :D22:23
Macerwell.. some of them run with it strapped to their arm to show they have an iphone every now and then22:23
Macernobody cares about my n900 :(22:23
*** Roomerlol has quit IRC22:24
Maceri bet they would if i started shooting the built in death ray at them22:24
*** Ex-Opesa has quit IRC22:24
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo22:24
darkschneiderand they think it's cool to share around. When i learned course length and such, i stopped needing ecoach to track my progress :D Sad enough i bout the very nice polar wearlink bt sensor, but it's the only one not supported! don't do my name error... if you buy a sensor get anohter (even if the sensor quality will be lower and price higher)22:24
darkschneideri hears they have an app against death rays called iDodge, but not sure they are really enough a.g.i.l.e. to use it :D22:25
darkschneider(what a terrible coder joke.. ok sorry... i'll go back trying to have things done)22:26
*** Zahra has quit IRC22:31
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*** vizzy has joined #maemo22:35
vizzyhi. is it right that there was a powerkernel update a few days before?22:36
vizzyi ask because i updated to the new version as my n900 suggested. now some of the apps wont run. e.g. wlan gets unstable, bleeding edge drivers wont load, marble wont start, ans some other apps that were working nicely before stopped working or exit unexpected22:37
*** mardi has joined #maemo22:39
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*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo22:47
vizzyim confused about all the shorts, OC, SR etc22:48
vizzycan i revert to kp49 somehow?22:48
freemangordonvizzy, you need bleeding edge drivers kompiled against KP50, see the thread on TMO on how to get them22:50
vizzyi read something about that, yes22:50
vizzybut i have no clue how to do it22:50
*** ferdna has quit IRC22:51
vizzyah, already there, reading through the kp50 thread, which is confusing  me much more22:51
*** valerius has quit IRC22:54
vizzybecause my english isnt that good and i dont understand all the shorts22:54
vizzywhat is sr?22:54
vizzyoc is over clocking i 'guess' after a while22:54
SiceloSmart Reflex22:54
freemangordonaah, that stands for SmartReflex22:54
vizzyok, and what is smart reflex? *g sorry to ask , but i heard that before, or i see an option somewhere but i have no clue what it does22:55
vizzyor if i have it activated or not :)22:55
freemangordonpromises to use abbreviations never again on talk.maemo.org22:55
freemangordonvizzy, better use it, it should give you better battery life22:55
vizzyok, if i find the option again i will enable it22:56
freemangordonotherwise just google for smartreflex, there are good explanations over the internet22:57
freemangordonvizzy, where do you expect to find that option?22:57
vizzybut i really would like to have my old kp49 back, it was working nice, i didnt expect problems after updating to kp50, but now a lot of apps are going crazy it seems22:57
*** piggz__ has quit IRC22:57
vizzyfreemangordon, tell me22:57
freemangordonvizzy, KP50 should be more stable than KP49, what overclocking profile do you use? or do you use some fancy application to set up kernel-power and overclocking?22:58
vizzyoverclocking profile? no, i had a widget running on the desktop that let me select cpu speed....22:59
darkschneideryess :)) did it, ok updating the guide so that eveybody cn sync with horde :) ( i'm sure there is at least one other sysadmin in the world that want that his phone get synced with horde)22:59
*** ColdFyre has joined #maemo22:59
freemangordonvizzy, which widget is that?22:59
vizzygood question, it always has gone after a reboot, like most widgets22:59
vizzymaxCPU is its name23:00
vizzyfreemangordon, yes, for me i cant add widgets to desktop that will stay there after a reboot23:00
freemangordonwell, that is not normal. at all23:01
NIN102your system is messed up.23:01
*** valerius has joined #maemo23:01
*** netkat has quit IRC23:01
*** ced117 has quit IRC23:02
vizzygrml :)23:02
freemangordonvizzy, do you have root access enabled. i.e. rootsh?23:02
vizzyqcpufreq let me select smartreflex, i enabled it now23:02
vizzyfreemangordon, yes, i use ssh for this23:02
*** florian has joined #maemo23:09
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