IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2012-02-06

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newbie007so if I wanted to purchase a n900 today? or n950? is that available?01:21
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nox-i see used n900.s at amazon.de01:23
newbie007if I could get hildon-desktop + open source (non-android) OS on a newer cell that is what I would purchase01:24
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merlin1991it seems there has been a breach on maemo.org01:36
merlin1991not exactly your standard jquery anymore01:36
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BCMMmerlin1991: i am not sure that IRC at this hour is the way to attract the attention that that deserves01:39
merlin1991well tmo is still up01:39
merlin1991I posted there aswell01:39
merlin1991but there is nobody to reach01:39
merlin1991at least for me01:39
BCMMi believe there is a product on bugzilla for the various maemo websites01:40
BCMMmerlin1991: a bugpost there should trigger an email to whoever manages such things01:40
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BCMMmerlin1991: is down from your POV?01:44
merlin1991the like I gave above works just fine01:44
BCMMi can neither ping nor http at it01:44
merlin1991dns spoofing?01:44
merlin1991can't ping it either01:44
BCMMmerlin1991:, you?01:45
merlin1991though http to ip doesn't work01:45
merlin1991firefox cash maybe?01:45
BCMMor transparent ISP cache01:45
BCMMby breach, do you mean that there is a modified, malicious copy of jquery?01:46
merlin1991well the thing there is anything but jquery01:46
merlin1991or the thing that is in whatever cache I had01:46
BCMMwhat is it?01:46
merlin1991it starts with an eval01:47
BCMMwhat happens if you reload? sure the link is up?01:47
merlin1991and is just obfuscated fud01:47
BCMMah, that does sound fairly indicitive of evil01:47
merlin1991ctrl+F5 ended up in everything from missing01:47
merlin1991so yeah it was the firefox cash01:47
BCMMi would file a bug01:47
jacekowskimaemo is closing?01:48
merlin1991jacekowski: it seems got breached01:48
merlin1991and is taken down atm01:48
jacekowskismoke and mirrors to shut down maemo01:48
merlin1991my ff cache containes some evil js bits instead of jquery, but now that I cleaned the cash I see that the whole box gives no answer anymore01:49
BCMMmerlin1991: i hope my advice to refresh didn't cause the loss of your only copy of the bad js01:50
merlin1991err it did :/01:50
merlin1991hm wait I googled the string01:51
merlin1991might still have it in my log :D01:51
jonaskoelkerHi all.  I'm running cssu 21.2011.38-1maemo2.1.  How do I upgrade to newest?01:52
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merlin1991that is the newest cssu01:54
merlin1991unless you want to go for testing01:54
jonaskoelkerI see.  Thanks :)01:55
jonaskoelkerdoes cssu support larger desktop shortcut icons?01:56
jonaskoelker(and is that part of a later version than mine?)01:56
merlin1991nope and nope afaik01:57
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jonaskoelkerI guess that's a patch for me to port from modified-hildon then :)01:57
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BCMMmerlin1991: you could probably carefully run parts of that, remving any evalsp to see what the  actual code is01:57
merlin1991I think there has been some work on getting the resize patch into cssu but afaik it was an unclean solution an noone improved it after that01:57
merlin1991jonaskoelker: there is a bug on the bugtracker where the issues with the current state of the bug are stated01:58
merlin1991if you happen to port it properly drop by with you patch in #maemo-ssu :)01:58
jonaskoelkerI just might :)01:58
BCMMmerlin1991: in any case, i think a bug report is the way to go. website is available as a product in bmo01:59
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merlin1991BCMM too tired now and also SD69 stated on tmo that he got told it is down for 'maintainance'02:00
jonaskoelkerthe orientation lock applet, can it lock on to landscape mode only?  I can't seem to make it lock to portrait...02:00
merlin1991yes it only locks to landscape02:00
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BCMMmerlin1991: sounds like somebody is on it then02:01
BCMMmerlin1991: i mean, it being down probqably implies that anyway02:01
merlin1991could be rouge script too ;)02:01
BCMManyone posting malicious client-side code would want the server to stay up02:01
merlin1991there's a pending merge request on gitorious for a portrait lock (with issues), but tbh the whole portrait / landscape / forced rotation bs needs to get sanitized02:02
jonaskoelkeris there anything stopping the applet from locking into portrait mode (besides the code not being written yet)?02:02
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merlin1991yeah the current system how h-d handles rotation kinda makes a portrait lock impossible to implement in a proper way02:02
merlin1991the whole handling needs to get sanitized and for that we also need a fix to qt because qt behaves different to gtk which makes the whole rotation experience inkonsistent02:03
jonaskoelkerI kan see what you did there :)02:04
jonaskoelkerso what you're saying is that nokia wrote some bungly spaghetti?02:04
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merlin1991I'm saying nokia wrote code for lanscape with some exceptions that can go portrait02:04
merlin1991then cssu came along and introduced forced roation02:05
merlin1991and then the lock02:05
merlin1991and that combination made it epic spaghetti :D02:05
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merlin1991btw the mg for the portrait lock is here: if you can't wait for it and want to apply it for yourself in its currenty ugly state :P02:05
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jonaskoelkerthat's my new favorite dish: epic spaghetti02:06
jonaskoelkerwith open sauce ;)02:07
* merlin1991 headesks trying to get his n900 to forward his packages02:08
jonaskoelkerugh, then I'd have to get a c dev env set up for my n90002:08
merlin1991scratchbox is your friend ;)02:09
jonaskoelkerI know.  The manual isn't02:09
merlin1991 should forward anything from usb0 in proper nat style02:09
merlin1991only that it doesn't and the notebook gets no connectivity02:09
merlin1991(I have bigger script in place that insmods the proper g_ether module, sets up usb0 and starts dnsmasq to provide a proper ip + gateway + dns to the notebook02:10
merlin1991 is the full script02:11
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merlin1991jonaskoelker: the sb manual is great02:13
merlin1991but it's on the maemo wiki02:13
newbie007I've got scratchbox / Xephry working on debian02:13
merlin1991which currently is dead02:13
newbie007it wasn't super easy02:13
newbie007I'd really like to get hildon desktop without xephyr running on my nook color02:14
newbie007I targeted ubuntu first and couldn't make it happen02:14
merlin1991if you avoid the common gotchas like 'don't use the py installer' and just go straight for a manual installation it works fine :D02:14
merlin1991newbie007: there is the cordia project which I think has based h-d on top of mer02:15
newbie007I didn't use the gui installer, sh over perl...02:15
merlin1991maybe you can add a lil hw adaption and have a proper image for your nook?02:15
newbie007yeah but that cordia is trying to come out with a new tablet,, instead of just targeting the existing hardware(s)02:15
newbie007if ever figure that out.. I think that would be super awesome02:16
newbie007I got a xoom also, I'd wipe that off in a second02:16
newbie007I have no trust nor love for android02:17
merlin1991at least the guys in #mer and #nemomobile keep repeating that it is 'super easy to port mer to other platforms' so if you get a mer base on your nook you should be ably to just apply corida h-d stuff on top02:17
newbie007what's the OS? a new distro called mer? and what's the default window manager02:18
newbie007I'll check it out02:18
merlin1991and the base os is mer02:18
newbie007other than mac, android, and hildon there really isn't a tablet based ui -- I think02:19
jonaskoelkerthere's probably going to be an ubuntu thing02:21
jonaskoelkernext up, ubuntu embedded-microchip-in-a-washing-machine edition02:21
jonaskoelkerwith 120% more emacs02:21
robbiethe1stJust so long as it has 120% more VIM too!02:27
newbie007what I like about nano is like backspace deletes the previous character, the up arrow moves the cursor up. That sort of thing02:35
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r00t-eeepcthe only reason i use vim exclusively is that my school essentialy forced all student to use emacs in the initial courses...02:36
r00t-eeepcwhich is the most fucking retarded way possible to promote an editor02:37
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newbie007I think emacs can also play solitare, execute terminal commands it basically is a OS02:39
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newbie007So I've created a desktop widget, it's for my own use. But I don't mind giving to the communtity. I don't know how to proceed.. any suggestions?03:26
merlin1991what does it do?03:28
merlin1991but in gerneal you apply for extras rights and upload it to extras-devel03:28
newbie007it's a circular icon that changes color based on some data it gets from the internet. Green to red based on price of oil, the DOW, doomsday clock, dollar index, price of gold03:29
r00t^homei hope it changes to grey when you are offline03:39
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newbie007it caches the last known value03:43
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Gear_I'm making a kite that will have my n900 attached and can drop stuff10:58
Gear_so far I have gstreamer working for a wireless video feed to my netbook10:58
Gear_I need to think of a way to control a usb device connected to the n900 in order to drop stuff10:59
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SpeedEvilGear_: the easy way is to simply enable USB power11:06
SpeedEviland run it directly from the ~5V 200mA out.11:06
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SpeedEvilThis could in principle run a _very_ small motor, or more sanely, switch another higehr power signal11:06
Gear_what I need to figure out is how to switch things remotely using SSH11:07
Gear_like realistically I only need to trigger one thing, the rest of the hardware can be built around that11:08
Gear_I need to turn a switch on and off with my n900, the n900 will be connected via wifi to my netbook11:09
SpeedEvilSee above11:09
SpeedEvilTurn on USB hostmode power11:09
SpeedEvilthis is your signal.11:09
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DocScrutinizerGear_: ssh c booston11:10
DocScrutinizeror rather, open ssh, then simply start booston11:11
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Gear_I'm waiting for my host cables to arrive in the mail so I can't try this yet11:11
SpeedEvilAlso - you can use the audio out11:11
SpeedEvilsimply beep11:11
SpeedEvilOr a photodiode, and hte camera flash LED11:11
Gear_shit, the beep is like the simplest and best idea yet11:12
DocScrutinizerwell, 200mA@5V seem more appropriate to drive a not so small servo11:12
SpeedEvilan opamp and a diode, should get you a servo-compatible signal from an audio output11:12
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Gear_I was gonna worry about the whole "dropping stuff" mechanism AFTER I found a way to at least remotely trigger some sort of signal11:13
DocScrutinizerno way the simplest idea. The absulte simplest idea is to use the 5V from USB11:13
SpeedEvilWell - yes.11:13
SpeedEvilBut with the audio option, you can control multiple servos, and actually fly it using the GPS and a couple of servos and the accellerometer.11:13
Gear_it's connected to a kite11:14
DocScrutinizerbut that requires full RC equipment11:14
Gear_I cant' control the kite much except reel it in or reel it out, and the video feed will show me what's beneath the kite11:15
SpeedEvilYou won't get more than a few tens of meters unles syou aim an appropriate dish at the n900 from your antenna11:15
SpeedEvilfrom your router, even11:15
Gear_40m ? 50m?11:16
DocScrutinizershould work line of sight11:16
SpeedEvilranges will gretly depend on if there is any interference.11:17
Gear_it's line of sight because it's on a kite and I'm on the ground11:17
SpeedEvilAnd relative orientations are fun11:17
Gear_the n900 has to face camera towards ground11:17
* SpeedEvil hangs out on #highaltitude11:17
SpeedEvilWe're launching balloons :)11:17
SpeedEvilYesterday, we flew one 100 miles over england, and overshot a little, the cutdown failed, it landed 300 yards offshore, and blew back on.11:18
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DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: hope you're fine with the weather11:19
Gear_I'd love to operate a blimp or something, but I am poor as hell and don't wanna see my n900 go floating away to never be seen again11:19
SpeedEvilNot quite as epic a failure as the team that launched on the very western tip of the USA, meant to go 500 miles or so, but ended up in the Med.11:19
Gear_I'm in australia11:19
SpeedEvilOh - a number of people down there doing it too.11:19
Gear_it's summer right now11:19
Gear_are they in melbourne?11:20
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo11:20
SpeedEvilFrom memory, yes.11:21
Gear_I should probably try to find them11:22
SpeedEvilOne launched from melbourne, and got just off the sea next ot sydney11:22
SpeedEvilWe have a nice predictor.11:22
SpeedEvilThat can predict accurately (fairly) the path of a released balloon, given certain thins like rise rate and burst altitude.11:23
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Gear_actually I shouldn't have really said what my project even was, I thought you'd all be anonymous poeple extremely far away11:23
SpeedEvilMapping from kites is quite common - also see #openstreetmap over on irc.oftc.net11:24
Gear_I've already worked out a script to stream video from the camera, to my netbook which is in AP mode11:24
SpeedEvilYou have built a polystyrene shell for the n900?11:25
Gear_the kite I'm making is huge, hopefully it won't fall11:26
Gear_5 feet, parafoil style11:26
SpeedEvilI had a UAV design.11:26
SpeedEvilThe sensitive parts were shock-mounted on a PCB.11:26
Gear_all I really have is a thick silicone case for the phone11:26
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Gear_a piece of crap that cost 2 dollars and probably won't protect it from anything11:27
*** eijk has joined #maemo11:27
SpeedEvilInside a carbon fibre egg. Inside a polypropylene foam shell. Inside an outer fibreglass shell.11:27
SpeedEvilIt was designed to take full power impacts onto concrete.11:27
Gear_a polystyrene shell would probably blow in the wind and aim the camera in the wrong direction so I couldnt' see where the stuff lands when I drop it11:28
SpeedEvilI'd strongly recommend you make a polysyrene block with the n900 in the middle, and just enough cut away to clear the lens11:28
Gear_I might use some high density foam or something, if it's too big the n900 will be blown by the wind and won't be looking at the ground11:30
SpeedEvilDo you have a frame?11:31
SpeedEvilOr is it totally tensioned?11:31
Gear_I haven't made the kite yet but I think it'll use the same setup as they use with kite aerial photogrpahy11:32
Gear_it hangs from the line11:33
Gear_another cool thing would actually BE kite aerial photography, so far the video feed I have going with gstreamer is at 320x240 and looks really fucking bad11:33
Gear_it's over wifi, I connect the phone using the netbook as an AP and it's like a streaming web feed, I'm looking at it with VLC player11:35
Gear_(I started learning linux about 4 weeks ago)11:35
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Gear_320x240 was the best I could actually get to work :/11:37
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo11:37
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Gear_there's clearly room for serious improvement, but I also want to be able to say "I did this myself", instead of "I used something that a bunch of other people figured out and just connected my phone to the kite"11:45
SpeedEvilFair enough11:45
edheldilGear_:  sounds like a fun project :)11:47
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:47
* SpeedEvil needs to get on with some fun stuff.11:47
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Gear_so just powering a servo from USB is one way of doing it11:50
*** lukasz_gut_ has joined #maemo11:51
Gear_when I turn on usb mode, it'll make the servo go... I assume in one direction? how could I control the servo more? or how could I use USB host mode as more of an on/off switch so I could just use a relay and then build the rest of it however I want11:53
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC11:53
SpeedEvilIt would just be on/off11:55
SpeedEvilIn principle, you could plug in a USB servo controller11:55
Gear_so I turn usb host mode on, then turn it off again?11:55
*** MacDrunk has joined #maemo11:56
Gear_I dont' want to buy one of those11:56
SpeedEvilyes, it's just a 5V switchable signal11:56
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Gear_I know next to nothing about linux but I assume that using ssh, I could just run a script that turned on usb host mode for like one second then turned it off again?11:58
Gear_or 500ms or something11:58
Gear_I was waiting for some crappy usb host adapters to arrive so I could plug a normal usb plug into those and go from there, but now I should probably just cut up any old cable and use the signal directly from that12:00
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Gear_how woudl I turn hostmode on for about 500ms then off again?12:02
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Gear_did anyone answer the question I had, I'm using some webchat thing and it disconnected12:44
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dhbikerhi there13:06
dhbikeri'll ask again... is there any problem with updating ALSA on N900 ?13:06
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SpeedEvil,27225/ - on facebook15:11
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Gear_hey how can you put a timer in a script15:28
Gear_like start a program, wait x seconds then stop it15:28
e0xbash script ?15:30
Gear_yeah I think so15:30
Gear_like x terminal15:30
Gear_I started learning linux a few weeks ago15:30
Gear_I think that's a bit beyond what I know so far, I just want to start usb host mode, wait a second at MOST then stop it15:34
Gear_someone is asking how to make a script that checks for an internet connection every hour15:35
Gear_what do I take from that to "run program, wait 500ms then stop that program"15:36
Gear_or even 1 second if it really has to be15:36
e0xyou can take the same concept and apply to you scenario15:39
e0xGear_: anyway you can use15:40
e0xthe command sleep15:40
e0xexample : sleep 10 | cd / ; will wait for 10 seconds and do cd to /15:41
*** rzr has joined #maemo15:41
Gear_so "whatever | sleep 1 | whatever else"15:42
Gear_will do whatever, wait one second, then do whatever else15:42
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penguinbaitmiss you lcuk :(18:56
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trumeedoes anybody know why 'umount' is not need in PCSuite on windows?19:11
*** machia has joined #maemo19:12
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo19:12
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trumeeofcourse while accessing the drive via PCSuite mode rather than mass storage.19:12
Siceloask yourself why umount is needed in the first place .. buffers.. prolly pcsuite doesn't wait.. just immediately performs the data transfer needed19:14
trumeeSicelo, could be an explanation19:14
Sicelojust my guess though19:14
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:15
trumeeSicelo, windows doesnt even show up an option to safely umount.19:16
* Sicelo hasn't used pc suite since 201019:16
trumeemakes me scared.19:16
Sicelolol, there's Safely Remove Hardware  on the taskbar next to clock (of course, not pcsuite) :P19:17
trumeeSicelo, never noticed that. will check it next time.19:18
*** valdyn has joined #maemo19:19
Sicelocome to think of it .. say u are accessing your N900 file system  via ssh .. there's no mechanism to 'safely unmount' if connection breaks suddenly.. not sure if that could damage anything though19:19
Sicelotrumee: that's for Mas Storage mode only though..19:20
trumeeSicelo, ok doesn't matter then19:21
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DocScrutinizere0x: sorry, | pipe char isn't used with sleep21:24
DocScrutinizeras sleep doesn't read from stdin21:24
*** crashanddie_ has quit IRC21:24
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo21:25
e0xsleep 10 && something ?21:28
DocScrutinizermore like it21:29
*** valdyn has quit IRC21:29
DocScrutinizerbut that's an "if a then b", you'll not want to check if sleep was ok, so why not simply whatever; sleep 5; whatelse;21:29
*** ab has joined #maemo21:29
DocScrutinizermkdir foo && echo bla >foo/bar21:30
DocScrutinizerls | wc21:31
DocScrutinizermkdir foo || echo "mkdir failed!"21:31
DocScrutinizerwhich is a short form of `if ! mkdir foo; then echo "mkdir failed!" `21:33
DocScrutinizerwhich is a short form of `if ! mkdir foo; then echo "mkdir failed!; fi" `21:33
DocScrutinizerscratch first one21:33
DocScrutinizerif mkdir foo; then echo bla > foo/bar; fi21:34
DocScrutinizerwhich again could get more verbose: ` mkdir foo: if [ 0 -eq $? ]; then echo bla > foo/bar; fi21:36
DocScrutinizers/ foo: / foo; /21:37
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DocScrutinizerok, scratch that again21:38
DocScrutinizerwhich again could get more verbose: ` mkdir foo; if [ 0 -eq $? ]; then echo bla > foo/bar; fi21:38
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vi__ruskie: !!!22:01
vi__ruskie: you are a smart linuxy chap.22:01
vi__riddle me this...22:01
ruskiestill waiting22:03
vi__assuming I have 2 headsets connected to 2 audio devices on the same computer...22:03
vi__can I make them talk to each other like an intercom?22:03
*** zgr has joined #maemo22:04
vi__full duplex22:04
*** valdyn has joined #maemo22:04
*** zgr has left #maemo22:04
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vi__is that a thing I would have to do with pulse audio?22:06
vi__where else can I ask?22:07
*** rick8024 has joined #maemo22:08
*** valdyn has joined #maemo22:09
*** ferdna has quit IRC22:10
DocScrutinizermeh, use alsa22:11
vi__alsa, easy22:12
vi__can I pair 2 bluetooth devices to my n900 at a time?22:12
vi__I.e. 2 headsets.22:12
DocScrutinizersimple form: (arecord -D hs1|aplay -D hs2 )&; (arecord -D hs2|aplay -D hs1 )&;22:13
DocScrutinizerno, not to same BT transceiver/dongle22:13
vi__gst-launch pulsesrc ! pulsesink22:13
DocScrutinizer(alsa) you may want to learn about alsaloop22:13
vi__perhaps I could use the wired headset for one person, a bluetooth headset for the other?22:14
*** rd has joined #maemo22:15
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vi__DocScrutinizer: What about a BT dongle on USB hostmode. 2 Headsets attached.22:17
vi__Do they just present themselves as mics+speakers to the OS?22:18
DocScrutinizerwell, I guess as bt headset22:18
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badcloudis there a way to get hardware alt-key to work in bash?23:23
mgedminhardware alt key?23:24
badcloudaka blue-arrow key23:24
mgedminit's not alt, it's fn23:24
badcloudoh, right23:25
mgedminmapped to ISO_Level3_Shift, IIRC23:25
mgedmingenerally to get alt+letter in bash you press Esc then the letter23:25
mgedminesc is on the toolbar, IIRC23:25
*** federico2 has joined #maemo23:26
*** federico2 has joined #maemo23:26
badcloudmgedmin: nice, thanks23:26
*** MNZ has joined #maemo23:26
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