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Sazpaimonso whats this I hear about microsdxc cards working on N90007:55
Sazpaimoni thought they were electronically incompatible with sdhc07:55
Sazpaimonhow does that even work07:55
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Macerapparently that one works08:09
Macerin an n90008:09
Maceri wonder why people are talking about fat3208:11
Macercan't you format the sd as ext2/3/4 and have the n900 read it?08:11
Macerall you have to do is install the ext driver for windows so you don't have lame fat32 restrictions like 4GB files08:12
Maceralthough i really can't see putting a 4GB file on a phone anyways08:12
Macersince the n900 itself can't ply high def mkvs :)08:12
robbiethe1stNot that you'd notice the high-def... the N900's screen is only 800x480, or wide-screen, 480P08:22
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Macerbut it seems as though the sandisk 64GB sdxc has been tested and works although requires a reformat08:36
Macerbut meh.. what's a reformat amongst SDs? :)08:36
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SazpaimonMacer, yeah I know it works09:48
Sazpaimonbut i want to know how09:48
Sazpaimoni thought the two are incompatible09:48
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oilinki is tihs correct?11:52
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oilinki community11:53
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trumeefreemangordon: ping15:38
freemangordontrumee, pong15:39
trumeefreemangordon: was wondering if you found time to build that debug version of bridge driver?15:39
freemangordontrumee, still not, and TBH I am wondering if it will be of any help. It just does not make sense, I have 2 devices here playing those videos perfectly. And I am out of ideas why the hell it does not work for you.15:42
freemangordonYour DSP crashes like it is undervolted too much, but that should not be the case15:43
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trumeefreemangordon: right. kp48/stock kernel play those videos well. would it help if i test against 720p codecs?15:44
freemangordontrumee, well, that could be usefull15:44
freemangordonand it takes only about 10 minutes to install15:45
freemangordonwill you do that?15:45
trumeeyes, can do that. although, you will need to tell me how to remove them after the test15:46
freemangordonok, sure15:46
freemangordonit is a matter of apt-get ;)15:46
trumeeok, i am reading the instructions from first page of 720p thread15:46
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freemangordonjust follow then15:47
freemangordonBTW I am not sure you will wand to revert to stock :D15:47
trumeeomap3-dsp-hd-codecs pre-depends on wget ?15:49
freemangordonyep, needed to download the codecs from nokia repo15:49
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trumeei dont need to backup of stock?15:50
freemangordonnope, you can atp-get install --reinstall it15:51
freemangordondon't forget to remove gst-openmax15:51
trumeeyes, done that. now rebooting15:51
Siceloif those vieos don't play because of undervolted dsp, then i agree with trumee that  kp49 is broken. i haven't adjusted any voltage/speed properties on mine.15:51
freemangordonSicelo, trumee is not OC at all15:52
Siceloi know15:52
freemangordonneither is SR enabled (despite the fact there is a bug in KP pre50, causing SR vdd1 to be enabled)15:53
freemangordonbut he flashed a build with that bug fixed, the same result15:53
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freemangordonhmm, harmattan kernel has a new version on SDK repo, will check it if there are changes re DSP15:55
trumeefreemangordon: ok, with 720 and no SR, video plays well15:56
trumeefreemangordon: no dsp crashes15:57
freemangordonand how it is with SR?15:57
freemangordoncould you check it15:57
freemangordonjust do kernel-config load default15:57
trumeefreemangordon: no crashes with SR again15:59
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freemangordonthat is great, seems SR is stable after all. So at least we have a workaround. The problem is that crash is because on your device gst-openmax is incompatible with KP49. Maybe I will have to build upstream gst-dsp and get rid of that gst-openmax once and for all.16:01
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freemangordontrumee, I would recomment to leave it as it is, even make "default" your power-up KP profile, should have about 20%-30% better battery life16:02
freemangordonbut it is up to you of course16:02
trumeefreemangordon: :)16:02
freemangordonyeah, harmattan codecs are not only abot 720p16:03
trumeefreemangordon: i guess folks wont be too happy when kp gets merged with CSSU, and people are using stock codecs16:03
freemangordonthey support much more video formats than stock, divx one of them16:03
trumeefreemangordon: how do i make "default" as my default?16:04
freemangordontrumee, agree, but the final goal is to have harmattan codecs in CSSU ;)16:04
freemangordonjust copy  /ush/share/kernel-power/default to /etc/default/kernel-power16:05
freemangordonactually there is a kernel-config command for that, but i am not sure for the exact format16:05
trumeefreemangordon: perhaps, this needs to be put as a issue on the starting page of kp49/50.16:05
SpeedEvilYou're assuming SR is stable on all devices16:06
freemangordonsure, but anyway my next todo is to build upstream gst-dsp and test it with the stock codecs. if that works I can push it in CSSU, removing that obsolete and crappy gst-openmax16:06
freemangordonSpeedEvil, so far seems so16:07
SpeedEvilIt greatly depends on the usecase too.16:07
merlin1991freemangordon: does upstream gst-dsp have support for our arm?16:07
SpeedEvilFor 'idle' life, it will have almost no effect.16:07
freemangordonmerlin1991, it is the only support it hs :D16:07
SpeedEvilmp3 is possibly the baest case16:07
freemangordonSpeedEvil, it is most effective for idle life16:08
freemangordonfor example - without SR the voltage for 250 is 36 (if memory serves me well). SR calculates voltage for 250 in range 22-2516:08
freemangordonthat is about 30% lower16:09
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ShadowJKIn idle frequency is 0 and voltage is 0 :)16:09
freemangordonShadowJK, sure, but you have core woken up about several hundreds time per second16:10
freemangordonand that is where lower voltage kicks in16:10
freemangordonBTW there is a thread on TMO, some guy did some measurements.16:11
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC16:12
ShadowJKSR is so flaky and unreliable even TI who made it disowned it :)16:12
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo16:12
freemangordonShadowJK, it works on n9/50. All that matters is efuse calibration, which for some reason is nuts on n900. So what KP49 and above do is:16:13
freemangordonget 2 reference points from efuse16:14
freemangordonre-calculate for the whole frequency range. So far it seems to work stable.16:14
ShadowJKSo does that do anything to fix stock codecs stability relaive to stock kernel?16:15
ShadowJKThey're already a bit too crashy ime :)16:16
freemangordonSR has nothing to do with DSP :)16:16
freemangordonand actually noone but TI/Nokia can change DSP binaries. Which won't happen :)16:17
DocScrutinizerfreemangordon: (undervolted/overclocked) my very first quetion to trumee16:18
freemangordonnope, stock16:18
freemangordonno OC, no UV16:18
freemangordonno SR16:18
freemangordonafk for a while16:18
DocScrutinizerwell, EM would eat DSP permanently, and could happen even without OC16:23
DocScrutinizerbtw the primary goal of CSSUI is to deliver a system that's 100% compatible to stock, just *more stable*16:24
DocScrutinizergoal #2: fix design flaws while not breaking goal #116:26
DocScrutinizergoal #3: get new cool much demanded features while not breaking #2 or #116:27
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DocScrutinizerCSSU is no hacker edition16:29
*** luke-jr|otg has joined #maemo16:30
*** sq-one has joined #maemo16:31
DocScrutinizerfreemangordon: (OC) even with allowed clock rates, the spec of the SoC sopecifies "no more than 15 per 1000 dead chips after nnn hours of activity"16:33
DocScrutinizerodds are somebody might be one of the 1516:33
DocScrutinizeryou know these things always follow Gauss curve16:34
DocScrutinizerexcept for gaussean mean vs OC that's an exponential function16:36
DocScrutinizerof some higher order16:36
freemangordonDocScrutinizer, trumee has problems with KP49 and stock DSP binaries, KP48/stock work as it should, KP49 with harmattan DSP binaries too. I don't think it is a matter of EM.16:37
DocScrutinizerprolly not, right16:37
*** ale152 has joined #maemo16:38
freemangordonand having upstream gst-dsp in CSSU is not making it "hacker edition"16:38
DocScrutinizerthough it *could* if the pk49 together with stock codecs results in using an unusual branch in code that in turn uses an opcode that got "fused" in dsp16:38
*** jonne has joined #maemo16:39
freemangordoncould be16:39
DocScrutinizerhighly unlikely, but possible16:39
freemangordonbut it seems it is not only trumee, Sicelo says he has the same problem16:39
PaliHi, I need help. One of my application is auto killed when started from Menu16:39
PaliWhat changes are need in desktop file?16:40
DocScrutinizerwhich are the codec binaries used in CSSU?16:40
Palifor proper dbus registring?16:40
freemangordonThere are no DSP binaries in CSSU (yet)16:40
freemangordonPali, maybe you should look at adeclock thread, nicolai posted some code16:40
Paliok, thanks16:41
DocScrutinizerPali: I tend to always forget about what it was, but I think you need to register your app inside your app, sth like that16:41
freemangordonBut I have no clue if your case is the same.16:41
DocScrutinizerI'm not sure if fix to .desktop is sufficient16:41
DocScrutinizerI guess it's more like when you use that "service=foobar" thing in .desktop, your app needs to register with dbus which usually gets done by Qt main or sth16:43
*** jhb has joined #maemo16:44
PaliI'm using osso_initialize in that app16:44
DocScrutinizerthat's the one iirc16:44
DocScrutinizerand your app auto-quits after 90s?16:45
DocScrutinizers/90s/the dbus-reply wait timeout/.16:46
*** luke-jr|otg has quit IRC16:47
Paliapp := game wargus (using stratagus engine); app quit when I click start campaign16:48
Paliwhen I start it from xterm there is no problem16:48
DocScrutinizerthen that's probably not related to above mentioned domain16:49
Palishould be16:49
DocScrutinizerPali: rather your env isn't what your app expects it to be, when started from icon16:49
Paliin old version I removed from desktop file X-Osso-Service16:50
Paliand after that no quit problem16:50
Paliand now I released new version and it has that problem16:50
DocScrutinizeryes, but that is not related to clicking anything, it quits always after 90s(?)16:50
*** Venusaur has quit IRC16:51
DocScrutinizerI guess you are e.g. using relative paths and your cwd is different when running from icon16:51
DocScrutinizersth like that16:51
*** gri is now known as zz_gri16:52
PaliI will try to add X-Osso-Service file16:52
DocScrutinizerdon't you have any printf() in case something (fopen() for instance) goes awry? can't you do "myapp 2>/tmp/myapp.log" in .desktop?16:53
DocScrutinizertry myapp16:54
DocScrutinizere.g. your app might want to print to stdout and that's closed when running from icon16:55
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DocScrutinizerPali: you might want to do "less /etc/osso-af-init/"17:02
DocScrutinizerthis gets sourced by, gives an idea about what env an app needs to run properly17:03
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DocScrutinizer(<Pali> in old version I removed from desktop file X-Osso-Service) yes, exactly what I told ya, when you got that line in your .desktop, the system (hildon-XXX) will try to talk to that client on dbus. if there's no answer then after timeout the app gets killed (AIUI)17:06
DocScrutinizercommon problrm: the name in X-Osso-Service= doesn't match the dbus name your app is using17:07
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PaliI created proper file in /usr/share/dbus-1/services17:35
Paliand added X-Osso-Service to desktop file17:36
Palibut app is still killed17:36
Paliand in syslog is: hildon-desktop[1888]: GLIB WARNING ** ClutterX11 - bad window 0x3e0000117:36
PaliI will try to use gdb, why is still likked17:38
*** ab has quit IRC17:42
freemangordontrumee, ping17:44
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC17:47
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PaliDocScrutinizer, gdb telling me that app got SIGSEGV18:19
Paliso it is not caused by hildon-xxxx18:19
Pali app in desktop does not fixing crashing18:25
*** jhb has quit IRC18:25
DocScrutinizer51when you already use gdb to trace the segv, you should know which line is causing it and why18:27
*** koo5 has quit IRC18:27
DocScrutinizer51cmd BT in gdb should help18:28
DocScrutinizer51also avoiding to strip debug symbols off your binary is a good idea18:29
freemangordonPali, is it Qt app you are debugging18:29
Palifreemangordon, no18:29
Paliit is Stratagus & Wargus, it use SDL video output18:29
PaliDocScrutinizer51, I have debug symbols18:30
Palibut problem is that it crash on first line of some function18:31
Palifirst line is function declaration18:31
DocScrutinizer51so look in gdb for stack frames and even line number18:31
DocScrutinizer51if it says it faults on 1st line then youu got no debug symbols inside that function18:32
DocScrutinizer51or the function in fact is inline18:32
DocScrutinizer51gcc seems to love doing implicit inline when optimizing18:33
Paligdb saying it crashing on line 565 and it is: int CPlayer::CheckLimits(const CUnitType &type) const {18:33
DocScrutinizer51is this a local function or a lib function?18:34
DocScrutinizer51btw my c-fu fails on second const in there18:35
DocScrutinizer51lib comes w/o debug info18:36
Paliaaa, it is not lib it is linked into executable18:36
DocScrutinizer51anyway a lib func shouldn't segv unless you feed borked parameters (and a good lib not even than)18:37
Palibut I have debug symbols for full executable18:37
*** penguinbait has quit IRC18:37
DocScrutinizer51start gdb, load app binary, set a breakpoint in the func call, then run. when bp stops, you can inspect the parameters passed to func18:39
DocScrutinizer51check they are reasonable18:39
DocScrutinizer51or simply scrutinize your code that sets up the parameters for that function18:40
Palibut why app crashing only when started from hildon menu?18:41
DocScrutinizer51you'll find out when you see why it crashes at all18:41
Palione passed parameter is OK (it is object and gdb show me all members), and also is *this pointer OK18:46
DocScrutinizer51Pali: honestly, that function line you quoted makes no sense to me - could anybody explain the meaning to me please?18:46
DocScrutinizer51I can't parse ""  ) const {  ""18:47
Paliconst (in c++) means that this function can be called on const object18:48
*** Zahra has joined #maemo18:48
DocScrutinizer51fsck c++18:48
DocScrutinizer51Pali: thanks18:49
*** dimw1t has joined #maemo18:50
DocScrutinizer51I even fail on "const object", maybe I need some more coffee18:51
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BCMMwhat's the best way to use the IR transmitter at the moment? it appears that the online DBs used by irreco/qtirreco don't work20:27
*** thexceptg has joined #maemo20:29
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Macerseems like omweather doesn't update when the screen is off?20:48
*** koo5 has joined #maemo20:49
Macerat least i keep catching it with an x/y temp when the screen comes back on and i have to manually update it20:49
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo20:49
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Siceloi know foreca doesn't (which i think is a good thing)20:54
*** thomashc has joined #maemo20:55
*** pakke has joined #maemo21:00
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Maceri suppose21:06
Macerguess it wants to save that 5min of battery life :)21:06
Maceryou would think it would refresh once the screen came on at least tho21:06
Macernot all the time but if it missed a scheduled refresh21:07
Sicelowell, foreca does .. also depends on how good/bad my internet is (usually bad, lol)21:07
*** thomashc has quit IRC21:07
Maceri guess maybe i'll swap to foreca then21:07
Macerit isn't a big deal but just enough to feel like scratching a chalkboard21:08
Macerbecause starting the app and updating probably eats more battery than itself just updating while the screen is off21:08
Macerdamn.. i wonder if the burger place is open21:08
Macerguess i'll go see21:08
*** Free-MG has quit IRC21:15
ShadowJKforeca updates when screen comes on again21:22
ShadowJKalso things like "Tickstill" you can catch it showing old timer data for a split second after screen coming on again21:22
ShadowJKwell written software :)21:22
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jonaskoelkerHi all.  I add one of my contacts to my desktop; he doesn't show up on-screen.  I think his coordinates might be screwy.  Where do I check for this?23:00
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