IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2012-02-04

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Gear_does anyone use playstation emulator?04:26
Gear_I'm wondering if it's necessary to overclock in order to play games04:26
SazpaimonGear_, most games, yes04:27
Sazpaimonsome games play okay on stock clock if you use gpu acceleration04:27
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newbie007Hi, I'm creating a desktop widget using example-desktop-widget as an example. Can I get some help? My problem is that when I compile not everything is linked. I've included another library to preform a curl request07:41
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newbie007I tried running ./ and also ./configure..07:42
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newbie007winokia really killed maemo huh :(08:30
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Macernokia killed maemo years ago08:52
Macerit still kicks ass tho08:52
Macerpersonally i still haven't found a better distro of linux for a  mobile device08:52
newbie007it is the best bar-none08:56
newbie007hildon desktop would kick android's ass given a chance08:56
newbie007there is a project trying to bring it to market, unfortunatly they are trying to bundle it with a tablet device instead of replacing the OS entierly08:57
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Macerif hildon was open maybe09:17
Macerbut nokia kept too much of it closed09:17
newbie007yeah nokia screwed the pooch, had I worked for nokia at the time that they went with windows (or even meego) I would have exposed the code09:20
Maceri'm actually surprised a nokia dev didn't do that :)09:20
Macersince i'm sure eventually they were fired anyways09:21
Macerin favor for ms09:21
newbie007I think the real threat is that a cell phone really isn't that different from a walkie-talkie the difference being that one is basically free and the other has huge corporations behind it09:22
newbie007google can be trusted, meanwhile they are locking down their phone to the point that there is no off-switch09:22
newbie007(trusted by big-corp)09:22
newbie007the next big thing in cell phone technology will be a peer to peer communication network outside of the billing of big-corp, this cannot be allowed09:24
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* newbie007 figured out my compile issue09:28
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trumee_freemangordon, ping11:12
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dolesame here12:27
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_freemangordontrumee, pong12:35
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DocScrutinizerPali: nothing new16:17
PaliDocScrutinizer, what should be new?16:18
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DocScrutinizereverything should be new and exciting, but actually down isn't that much16:18
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DocScrutinizerbtw not actually down but just dead slow16:20
DocScrutinizerso most likely some timeout will kick in before page got loaded16:20
Palinow is working16:20
Palibefore Error 50316:20
DocScrutinizerwell, there were times where this been "normal weekend operation mode" of maemo.org16:21
DocScrutinizerquite obviously it's best practice to push all the fishy updates and service packs 30min before everybody leaves for weekend, better yet: for xmas holiday16:22
DocScrutinizeralways been like this16:23
DocScrutinizerI never got the point in doing this - if I were to manage that bunch of admins/devels/<whatever> I'd have announced a mega big NOGO for *any* infra updates/mods on Fridays16:25
DocScrutinizerand if you pushed an update on Thursday that *requires* a fix on Friday, your weekend is moot - stay at office watch the shit hit the fan, and goddam FIX it in time16:26
DocScrutinizerNokia however never got the feeling they should be too concerned about an occasional few days abysmal user experience on their web appearance16:28
Palielinks working fine...16:28
Palionly firefox, chromium, konqeror is too slow :D16:29
Palielinks - web browser16:29
DocScrutinizermhm, maybe eventually I'll google that16:29
Palielinks is the best (text) browser16:30
Palisudo apt-get install elinks (on debian/ubuntu)16:31
DocScrutinizeryeah, you might have a point there, quite usually it's their "media content" I.E. pictures, icons, CSS, whatnot, that's fsckdup when sth breaks16:31
DocScrutinizerand sorry, no buntkuh crap here :-D16:32
Palielinks support some parts of CSS16:32
DocScrutinizerRPM based system with proper sysV init16:32
Paliit could have also packaged elinks16:33
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DocScrutinizerno gnome abomination either16:33
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* mgedmin pictures DocScrutinizer compiling kernels by hand in some hermit cave high in the mountains16:34
DocScrutinizerand GODDAMN I wish I could say "no lennart crap at all"16:34
DocScrutinizer~wiki SLES16:35
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "'SLES' is an initialism for: * Sodium lauryl ether sulfate * SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, a server-oriented Linux distribution supplied by Novell, Inc. and targeted at the business market. "16:35
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DocScrutinizerwell, actually I run my own distro, regarding all the "personalizations" I did, but it's kinda "riped OpenSuse"16:38
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DocScrutinizeractually considering 'rebase' to some RPM based LTS commercial distro16:39
DocScrutinizeror maybe even centOS etc16:39
trumeeDocScrutinizer, centOS is very poor for desktop experience16:41
trumeeDocScrutinizer, atleast the previous version was.16:42
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DocScrutinizerI'm the sole responsible for my user experience16:42
DocScrutinizerit's just a question of how much work I'm willing to spend for administration of my system, and for which aspects thereof16:43
trumeeopensuse is good in that respect.16:44
trumeehowever, gentoo works best for me.16:44
DocScrutinizerI admit the concept of gentoo where it came from is a tad *too* radical for me16:45
PaliDocScrutinizer, did you looked at my bq2415x kernel driver?16:45
DocScrutinizerPali: nope16:46
DocScrutinizerI've read about the Q and A though, and they made me think you're on a good way16:46
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DocScrutinizerfor me what counts is: driver exposes a comprehensive set of methods to control each aspect of the chip in the most finegrained way, while still getting some abstract concepts to do things in a more convenient way. And then again, please no layering violations by implementing USB specific things like query for fastcharger or invoking ENUM from a kernel hw driver for a charger chip16:50
DocScrutinizerseems you got all that sorted16:50
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DocScrutinizerthe comment about "you better use that powersupply driver (API?)" is off topic to me, as the bq24150 is no powersupply, except maybe for boostmode and consumer USB peripherals16:52
DocScrutinizer( dead) yeah, after 10 minutes of loading, I see the very familiar image-less fsckdup rendering of plain text on http://maemo.org16:55
DocScrutinizerso it's quite obvious why your elink works :-D16:56
DocScrutinizerI guess it's CSS that's borked in such a case (though no HTML expert here)16:56
DocScrutinizeroooh, the images are on that's the one to be down then maybe?16:58
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DocScrutinizer seems down17:00
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DocScrutinizerindeed, "block images from" makes the page load with normal speed17:01
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DocScrutinizerwhile "normal" display/rendering of tries to chainload a truckload from and each of those http-gets has to time out prior to your page finally displaying any content - that can take ages, depending on your local connection settings like server-connection-timeout etc17:05
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fw190got a small problem17:26
fw190had some serius battery drain with latest kp49 and had to reflash17:26
fw190now I'm unable to install kernel-power-settings17:26
fw190any hints?17:27
PaliDocScrutinizer, hildon app manager by default breaking apt locks...17:29
Paliit is correct?17:29
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strangri get the error while trying to build for release using qt creator17:31
strangrdpkg-shlibdeps: failure: no dependency information found for /opt/QtSDK/Maemo/4.6.2/sysroots/fremantle-arm-sysroot-20.2010.36-2-slim/usr/lib/
strangrhow do add the dependency information for gdigicam17:32
strangri already have it installed in my sysroot...17:32
strangrplz help17:32
strangrsomeone help17:35
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Paligitorious is down too17:42
Palibad day: and not working...17:42
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DocScrutinizerPali: sorry?17:45
DocScrutinizerPali: HAM ignoring apt's lockfile?17:47
Paliseems yes17:47
DocScrutinizerit shouldn't17:47
Palican you test if it is true?17:47
DocScrutinizerthough it's a rather niche case17:47
strangryeah it is17:48
DocScrutinizerhmm, kinda annoying to test, as you'd have to make sure apt doesn't remove the lockfile "too early"17:48
Palibreak_locks: Setting this to true will break the lock of the dpkg status database if necessary.17:49
DocScrutinizermaybe meant to recover from previous aborts17:49
DocScrutinizerI'd rather not touch it17:50
Paliit really unlink() lock file and then lock it17:51
DocScrutinizerscenario: your device reboots during apt trying to do arbitrary stuff that sets lockfile. After that you'll face a HAM that's not working until you manually remove apt's lockfile, or start up apt manually again so it would take care about the stale lockfile itself17:52
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PaliDocScrutinizer, but after reboot unix lock on that file will not be set17:53
Paliso apt-worker can set lock on that file17:54
DocScrutinizerthat's not the point, the file itself lingers on17:54
DocScrutinizerno, it doesn't work that way afaik17:54
DocScrutinizerapps check if file exists, not if it's locked17:54
DocScrutinizerHAM couldn't unlink() the lockfile if there's been any flock set on it, I suppose - though iirc on linux flock is 'cooperative' so HAM had to check if there's any flock set, otherwise it wouldn't even notice there is and could happily unlink it nevertheless17:56
DocScrutinizerthe "semaphore" is not the flock on the file, but the mere existence of the lockfile itself17:57
DocScrutinizerthat's why you prefer to have all those lockfiles on a ramdisk17:58
DocScrutinizeras that ramdisk for sure gets cleaned on reboot17:58
Paliit using apt lock which is use fcntl(FD,F_SETLK,&fl)18:01
Paliand: struct flock fl; fl.l_type = F_WRLCK; fl.l_whence = SEEK_SET; fl.l_start = 0; fl.l_len = 0;18:02
Paliso HAM checking if fcntl return != 118:04
Paliand if problem, ham unlink file, create it again and call that fcntl18:04
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DocScrutinizerhmm, it seemed to work just fine so far, so my advice: don't touch it18:06
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OldBearIs there an IRC channel or blog where Nokia N810 users hang out?19:37
ShadowJKthis was it before n900 drowned it out :)19:40
DocScrutinizerOldBear: you'll find the highest density of N810 owners here in this very channel19:41
* DocScrutinizer seems to recall a N810 subsection on tmo...19:41
* DocScrutinizer pets his N81019:42
* DocScrutinizer pets his other N81019:42
*** fw190 has left #maemo19:42
* ShadowJK 's N800, N810, N900 and N900 are powered on :)19:43
*** wmarone has joined #maemo19:43
* DocScrutinizer pets his both N90019:43
* DocScrutinizer glares at that other crap that pretends to run maemo19:43
ShadowJKno love for n950?19:44
DocScrutinizernot really19:44
DocScrutinizersemi nice hw (modulo the c-ts I never will have any love for), but an unbearable abomination of OS19:45
DocScrutinizerno uSD slot?19:45
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*** hylas has joined #maemo19:45
OldBearI just acquired the N810 because I wanted a WiFi only device to use when travelling for email, IM and Skype.19:45
DocScrutinizerfor sure a decision you'll not regret19:46
*** flo_lap has quit IRC19:46
DocScrutinizerI used N810 for IRC almost exclusively, for almost 2 years19:47
ShadowJKWas standing outdoors queueuing for burgers yesterday, took out my N900 to check stove and airtemp at home, and the guy next to me was like "how do you do that, mine doesn't work!?", he had some c-ts htc device, I told him to take off his gloves, and it worked like half a minute19:47
ShadowJKthen his frozen finger wasnt registered anymore19:47
DocScrutinizeryeah, c-ts is awesome, isn't it?19:47
ShadowJKI notice the c-touchpad on my netbook doesn't register my finger unless I blow on my finger first19:48
OldBearAs my grandmother used to quote: "Cold hands, warm heart"19:49
ShadowJKI always had my N810 switch to 3g (via bluetooth via my cellphone) when outside wifi back before i had N90019:51
Macerhas anybody here tried meego on the n900 lately?19:52
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shanttuis there a permanent fix for a bluetooth headset with n900? on 75% attempts to use it, it disconnects after less than a minute20:13
trumeeshanttu: what kernel are you running?20:16
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shanttutrumee, kp4920:46
trumeeshanttu: kp49 is buggy for some headsets. Pre50 will have patch to fix that20:47
trumeeshanttu: best to stick with stock until 50 hits the repos, or roll your own kernel without the bt-mice patch20:48
shanttutrumee, excellent. thanks for the info.20:48
shanttutrumee, not in a rush. just wanted to know what could be worng and glad to hear it's known20:48
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shanttutrumee, thanks21:01
trumeeshanttu: np21:01
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xbox_gamerhai there guys22:53
xbox_gamer(and girls if any )22:53
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xbox_gamerced117 ? from #libxenon ? :P22:57
ced117nop xbox_gamer :-)22:59
xbox_gameroops sorry23:00
xbox_gamerhe has almost the same nick as that guy23:01
Aloof_JezzsterPure Geeks Nokia finest23:01
ced117no problem :-)23:01
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xbox_gameri was wondering why noone has attempted to update alsa on N900 :P23:02
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xbox_gamerbecause last month there was a new release... 1.0.2523:04
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xbox_gamerSmilyOrg: pozdravlen :P23:05
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