IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2012-02-03

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Gh0styDocScrutinizer: afford?00:40
Gh0styits a free conference00:40
Gh0styand afaik you live in germany00:40
Gh0styso you're only a small drive away ...00:40
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Estel_another noob devel question: while writin sh script,  may use a || after a command, and thing written after it gets executed in case, that command *before* dual-pipe fail00:52
Estel_so, DO foo || echo bar00:52
Estel_results in bar, when foo fails00:52
Estel_yet, if I try to DO foo || echo bar && exit00:53
Estel_it exits no matter if foo suceed or not, as thing after && is recognized as next command (not as after-|| content)00:53
Estel_any other, better way to include failsafe mechanism in my scripts? preferrably, one that doesn't include epic IF cascades?00:54
DocScrutinizerno DO00:54
Estel_generally, I want to write things, that inform user about errors *and* roll-back changes made before by this script *and* exit afterward00:55
DocScrutinizera || b && c; is a bit tricky00:55
DocScrutinizeruse if; then; else00:56
Estel_ok, but how to prepare if that check if a was succeed?00:56
DocScrutinizera && b  is the same as if a; then b; fi;00:56
Estel_i.e. simple example00:57
Estel_yea, noticed that00:57
Estel_for example, i want00:57
Estel_swapon /dev/foo00:57
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Estel_and in case of fail00:57
Estel_return info and exit00:57
Estel_then, later in script00:57
Estel_swapoff /dev/bar00:58
Estel_and in case of fail, inform user, swapoff /dev/foo #that was swapon before and exit00:58
Estel_and so goes on00:58
DocScrutinizera && b  is the same as if a; then b; fi;00:58
Estel_script, that in case of error at any stage, roll-back itself, inform, and exit, to not leave user with mess00:59
DocScrutinizerif ! false; then echo "been ok"; exit 0; fi00:59
DocScrutinizerEstel_: rollback is tricky00:59
DocScrutinizerhelp trap00:59
Estel_generally true, yet this script is relatively short and not complicated, so I though it's worth it01:00
Estel_best idea would be to check in advance if swap exist on /dev/foo, and if /dev/bar is swap type partition, yet inactive01:01
Estel_and execute only if initial requiments are met (one if)01:01
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DocScrutinizerman bash|less "+2/^ *trap"01:01
Estel_must be busybox compatible :P01:02
Estel_thanks anyway, will look into it01:02
DocScrutinizertrap IS busybox compatible. the above man invokation to learn about trap cmd isn't01:03
Estel_I see.01:03
Estel_thanks, looks appealing anyway01:03
Estel_I think I presume what does it mean for script ;)01:03
Estel_noob dilema continued - is this:01:06
DocScrutinizer>> If a sigspec is ERR, the command arg is executed whenever  a  simple  command  has  a  non-zero  exit status01:06
Estel_if ! false; then echo "been ok"; exit 0; fi01:06
Estel_is same as01:06
Estel_if ! false; then echo "been ok"; ELSE exit 0; fi01:06
DocScrutinizerno, definitely and obviously different01:07
Estel_ok, I get how trap works now, thanks a lot!01:08
DocScrutinizerif ! false; then echo "been ok"; else echo "exit 0"; fi; echo "never been here after >exit 0<"01:09
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Estel_ok, so I correctly thing that (or I am wrong again):01:12
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Estel_if ! true; then echo "went bad"; else continue  fi;01:13
Estel_think/ not thing01:13
DocScrutinizertrap is a bit tricky, but extramely useful01:19
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DocScrutinizertrap "echo byebye; exit 0" EXIT01:21
DocScrutinizeris a bad idea01:21
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DocScrutinizerusually you have a >> cleanup () { trap "" EXIT; echo byebye; exit 0; } << and then a >> trap cleanup EXIT << at some early point in your script01:23
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DocScrutinizerand you probably got some more nifty code for >>errorhandler () { whatever }<< and then >>trap errorhandler ERR01:25
DocScrutinizerand you either change the way errorhandler() works, by defining some env like tmpfileopened=true01:27
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DocScrutinizeryou got errorhandlerA () { rm tmpfileA ; return};    errorhandlerB() { rm fileB; errorhandlerA; return}; errorhandlerC () { errohandlerB; echo "" >someotherfile; echo "duck and cover!"; return}01:31
DocScrutinizerand then of course:01:32
DocScrutinizertrap errorhandlerA ERR01:32
DocScrutinizerecho "" >tmpfileA01:32
DocScrutinizertrap errorhandlerB ERR01:33
DocScrutinizercp foobar fileB01:33
DocScrutinizeryou (tnaks to not so strict syntax for shellscripts) can interleave the traps AND the function defs for errohandlerB etc01:34
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: you (thanks to not so strict syntax for shellscripts) can interleave the traps AND the function defs for errohandlerB etc01:34
* rm_work waves and disappears again01:35
DocScrutinizerdoes your highlight also trigger on warm warmaker carmanufacturer etc rm ?01:36
* DocScrutinizer waves01:36
rm_workyou included just "rm" so it highlighted on that :P01:37
DocScrutinizerarms are bad01:37
rm_worknope :)01:37
rm_workin linux related channels it becomes a problem though <_<01:38
DocScrutinizerthe default workinf hours at my employer's office tend to becomme a problem01:39
* DocScrutinizer waves and says "N8"01:39
DocScrutinizererrorhandlerA () { rm tmpfileA ; return};01:42
DocScrutinizertrap errorhandlerA ERR01:42
DocScrutinizer echo "" >tmpfileA01:42
DocScrutinizererrorhandlerB() { rm fileB; errorhandlerA; return};01:42
DocScrutinizertrap errorhandlerB ERR01:43
DocScrutinizercp foobar fileB01:43
DocScrutinizeretc pp01:43
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Estel_Thanks DocScrutinizer, it's definitely worth reading material01:58
* Estel_ saved this whole conversation for further referrence, and also waves goodnight01:59
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lasheri didnt know thre was a maemo irc04:01
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ebzzrywhat is the command to determine the current profile settings?06:54
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[DarkGUNMAN]morning all10:34
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ruskie <-- so changing it again13:28
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* RST38h yawns, swallows a fly14:22
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vi___can I connect two bluetooth headsets to the n900 simultaneously?14:29
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Siceloi doubt that14:43
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DocScrutinizerneither HSP nor A2DP allows multiple concurrent peripherals afaik15:29
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RST38hNokia is said to be hastening the demise of its legacy Symbian platform, cancelling the development of all but one new Symbian-based device. Although Nokia Belle updates will continue to ship to existing customers, only one new model  a successor to the N8 high-end camera phone  will reach the market16:05
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Macerdoes that mean E7s are $20 now?16:10
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Macer349 ? pfft heh16:11
Macerif they drop to 200 i'll get one :)16:11
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RST38hProbably won't drp16:20
RST38hNokia seems to be bent on going out of business16:20
RST38hOn the other hand, if smartphones are only a fraction of Nokia's revenue, then it may not be that much of a difference...16:21
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Macera fraction of nokia's revenue?16:34
Maceroh yeah. i guess the crap phones are a big business to them as well16:35
Macerthat is a shame when you go to a smartphone powerhouse to a lowly crap phone distributor16:35
Macerfor shame nokia16:35
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ruskie <-- heh16:51
ruskie <-- hehe16:52
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tsolimanhi all. I am looking for someone with a Nokia 770 running OS200820:01
*** gri is now known as zz_gri20:03
*** sezuan has joined #maemo20:03
mgedminwas that a supported version, or are you talking about Hackers Edition?20:04
* mgedmin might be able to find his 770 maybe in a drawer20:04
tsolimanI have no clue .. I don't have a 770 and didn't realize it ran Diablo20:04
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:04
tsolimanI want to see the contents of /proc/component_version on it20:05
*** ArkanoiD_ has quit IRC20:07
tsoliman"Nokia 770 OS2008HE" so I am assuming HE = Hackers Edition20:07
tsolimanthanks in advance mgedmin :)20:07
mgedminHE is that20:07
mgedminmy 770 doesn't have HE20:07
mgedmin(and I'm not home ATM)20:08
tsolimanthanks anyway20:08
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lxp1i have quickly looked into the wifi kernel panic issue21:03
lxp1looks to me like it is a problem in mac8021121:03
lxp1could be a known and upstream fixed problem21:04
Palido you know which upstream commit fixing that problem?21:04
lxp1no i don't know anything so far, it's just a wild guess21:04
lxp1in the meantime 2.6.28 is pretty old so it is possible that it is already fixed upstream21:05
*** trumee_afk is now known as trumee21:07
lxp1but i am pretty sure it hasn't directly to do with wl12xx, but of course it could be a race condition, which isn't checked in mac80211 and triggered by wl12xx21:07
lxp1i am currently checking upstream maybe something pops up21:08
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:08
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lxp1by the way is the following patch already included:;a=commit;h=cfdfa4d3a0c7aa1287c61326a7714f262466157a21:11
*** guampa|2 has joined #maemo21:12
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lxp1it should fix that bug:
*** tsoliman has quit IRC21:15
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PaliI think no21:22
*** rd has joined #maemo21:22
BCMMwill having a .bash_profile break everything, if bash is my primary shell?21:23
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Aloof_Jezzsterhello to all - Maemo 5 what a nice internal NOKIA OS, The HILDON UI nice very nice.21:39
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trumee_freemangordon: ping21:57
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lxp1Pali: i think i'm giving up. i even can't locate the memcmp call in mac80211. can we be sure this is caused by an correctly install vanilla kernel-power?22:24
Paliit should be correct build of kernel-power22:25
lxp1either i'm missing something or the backtrace is corrupted22:25
Paliif you looking in kernel-power sources, make sure you have applied all patches from debian/patches22:26
lxp1i have only looked at a little bit older sources, but i greped the patches for changes in scan.c22:26
lxp1there are only changes in the nokia-20093908+0m5.diff patch, but there is nowhere a memcmp in sight22:27
lxp1even the current kernel doesn't contain a memcmp in ieee80211_bss_info_update22:28
Paliit can be inlined function22:31
*** penguinbait has quit IRC22:31
lxp1i am just looking for them, i supposed they weren't inline but i better check again22:31
Palimac80211/scan.c line 23822:32
Paliieee80211_bss_info_update calling ieee80211_rx_bss_get and here is memcmp22:32
Palibut I think this cannot be inlined22:33
lxp1the header doesn't specify inline for ieee80211_rx_bss_get22:33
Paliwith -O2 static functions can be inlined22:33
Paliand ieee80211_rx_mesh_bss_get is static22:33
lxp1you're right22:34
Palithe only static function in scan.c which has memcmp is ieee80211_rx_mesh_bss_get22:34
lxp1so it again has to do with mesh stuff22:34
PaliI will check ig MESH is enabled22:34
lxp1it is enabled22:35
lxp1maybe we should just disable it22:35
Paliyes, CONFIG_MAC80211_MESH=y22:35
*** fuz_ has quit IRC22:35
lxp1it also causes other bugs, because of the new IANA allocated values for mesh networks22:35
lxp1that was the other patch i mentioned22:36
Paliok, so the best option would be disable mesh?22:36
Palifreemangordon, are you here?22:37
Pali_freemangordon, see log ^^^22:37
lxp1i don't think mesh networking is very useful in this state22:38
lxp1as it is linux specific as far as i know22:38
lxp1and newer linux systems don't support it anymore, because of the IEEE standards22:39
lxp1here the mesh contants patch again:;a=commit;h=cfdfa4d3a0c7aa1287c61326a7714f262466157a22:40
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