IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2012-01-08

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DocScrutinizer51sometimes a bit of common sense results in a way morerelaxed approach00:01
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jacekowskii bought a new phone00:21
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* ShadowJK has Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Note as potential next phones in case his N900 dies00:28
kerioShadowJK: not a droid 4?00:28
jacekowskinote is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE00:29
kerioi really want a physical keyboard :(00:29
jacekowskikerio: swype is amazingly fast00:29
kerioi doubt swype works well with the unix shell00:29
keriowhat the hell do i think i need a keyboard for?00:29
ShadowJKEven if it's as fast as regular keyboard, you still lose screenspace00:29
ShadowJKWhat's a droid 4 anyway00:30
kerioa miserable little pile of locked bootloaders00:30
keriobut enough talk, HAVE AT YOU00:30
jacekowskiwell if you have phone with screen as big as samsung note00:30
jacekowskiit's 5"00:31
ShadowJKI assume it's motorola, but all the motorolas available I see are Atrix, Defy, Defy+, Milestone2, XT72000:31
jacekowskiwith keyboard you still have like 3.5" left00:31
kerioShadowJK: droid = milestone00:31
ShadowJKYeah why I'd imagine Note wouldn't lose too much real-estate, unless they enforced some sort of silly minimum fontsize thing00:32
kerioand yeah, locked bootloader :(00:32
ShadowJKGalaxy Nexus supposedly has open bootloader though00:32
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ShadowJKWhich means I could potentially convince it to read my email.00:32
ShadowJKI'm only assuming it's less dangerous than trying to convince an N9 to do that00:33
jacekowskiShadowJK: it does00:34
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FIQseems my SD card is faulty indeed01:24
FIQmy computer doesn't recognize it at all01:24
Estel_request: could someone install truecrypt from extras-devel (usual warnings apply), and tell me, if running 'truecrypt' as root result in truecrypt GUI being loaded using hildon theme (=some parts unavailable), or regular 'desktop-like' theme?01:28
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Estel_scrap the above01:30
Estel_current version of truecrypt in -devel is borked01:30
Estel_going to fix it asap01:30
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Estel_request: could someone install truecrypt from extras-devel (usual warnings apply), and tell me, if running 'truecrypt' as root result in truecrypt GUI being loaded using hildon theme (=some parts unavailable), or regular 'desktop-like' theme?01:56
Estel_Warning, this version doesn't have working mount option (working on it). I'm just asking to check GUI01:57
Estel_as I'm trying to filter out if it's package problem or my device side01:57
Estel_basically, correct GUI should look "white/gray'ish", and after using "create new volume", every button should be visible01:58
Estel_on hildon theme, no button will be reachable (printed "under" screen).01:58
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Estel_if anyone can check that, I would be most grateful01:58
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Estel_(version uploaded today is 7.1maemo5, but mounting volumes is borked. maemo6 with this issue corrected is on it's way, but GUI issue confirmation/deny can be done with any 7.1 version)02:00
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plateqthere are multiple scrobblr/ plugins . which to use02:10
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Estel_fixed version of truecrypt has been uploaded to -devel and is already available03:00
Estel_now everything should work, so I strongly encourage testers ;)03:00
Estel_on the other hand, little question. In case of my device, using 'unset GTK2_RC_FILES' result in something in-between hildon theme, and non-hildonized one03:01
Estel_I'm using latest CSSU-t, by the way03:01
Estel_so - with unset (...), any program run afterwards does have smaller font etc, but unlike other people device, it still have 'dark' background (instead of white/gray), and everything is bigger than it should (yet, not as big as using normal variables)03:03
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Estel_for example, latest TrueCrypt 7.1 works for other people flawlessly (wrapper script do unset for users, or they would be unable to use buttons), but in my case, ikt's working differently03:03
Estel_using truecrypt as example - main window is just fitting into screen, but dialog to create new encrypted volume lacks buttons (they're printed outside screen). Fzor other people, it works ok - everything is smaller, and resembly theme foun in desktop PCs (cause wrapper execute unset GTK2_RC_FILES before executing actual truecrypt)03:05
Estel_any ideas?03:05
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Paliping merlin199104:29
merlin1991pong Pali04:29
Palimerlin1991, see
merlin1991at moment I have no git ready but I'll look into it04:30
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merlin1991that's why I prefer gitorious, you always have a website to access the repo too ;)04:30
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Palimerlin1991, code is also here:
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Palimerlin1991, this fix can be in CSSU05:09
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infobotwell, truecrypt is available on Maemo (fremantle) with GUI, and full support for XTS via kernel-crypto module. See:
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badcloud_has anyone worked out the kinks in qmltube's qtmobility dep?12:57
badcloud_I can't revert back to 1.1.1 because cutetube auth with youtube doesn't work for some reason12:58
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freddddRobot101, I am normally here all day until late evening time (22:00 GMT) to help test.14:15
freemangordonPali, did you rebuild KP with latest patches?14:25
freemangordonand BTW what is the problem with u-boot?14:26
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Palifreemangordon: build not yet14:27
PaliI start compiling now14:27
Paliu-boot draining battery14:28
freemangordonaah, yeah, I remember14:28
freemangordoni will try to fix it14:28
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Paliok, try14:28
freemangordonBTW is there a procedure to follow (i.e. how to try it?)14:28
Palisome info is here:
freemangordonwhere is source code, etc14:29
Robot101fredddd: fledermaus had some more questions for you, not sure what14:29
Palisource code is on branch pali14:29
freemangordonand I should clone that?14:30
freemangordonPali, do you know which is the last commit that does not drain battery?14:31
Palino idead, because I must rebased patches and mix all rx51 patches to one commit14:31
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Paliso now is rx51 support in one commit, so it is hard...14:32
freemangordonok, will try to find the bugger14:32
Palialso problem could be in u-boot itself not in rx5114:32
Palitry play with twl regulator code in rx51.c14:32
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Palitwl4030 regulator code in rx51.c is needed for eMMC access14:33
Paliwhen is disabled sometime eMMC card looks like is unplugged14:34
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freemangordonand still drainage?14:34
PaliI do not understand, but I think that NOLO doing someting bad14:35
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Paliyou can try restart NOLO (with flasher), restart n900 from u-boot and restart n900 before init (from bootmenu) and restarting when hildon-desktop is started14:36
freemangordonwell, in older versions there was no battery drain AFAIK, so I don't think it is NOLO14:36
Paliin all these situations is eMMC sometimes not accesable...14:36
Palibut with twl4030 regulator code working fine (at least on my n900)14:37
freemangordonwhy is cloning so slow? dman14:37
Paliold u-boot does not have relocation support in arm code and also no twl regulator support (so eMMC not working always)14:37
freemangordondoes it share some code with kernel?14:37
Paliu-boot is big project14:38
PaliI think no14:38
freddddRobot101, will he join later on?14:39
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freemangordonPali, why are all those 3 voltages enabled? esp VAUX3, AIUI this is camera VDIG?14:58
Palibecause eMMC14:58
freemangordonbut why 3?14:58
Palino idea14:58
Paliwhen I disabled some of them14:58
freemangordonahaa, who is the author?14:58
Palisometimes eMMC not working...14:59
PaliI was added all 3 to code14:59
freemangordonI find those by trial/error?15:00
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PaliI enabled all, then I got working eMMC. Then I tried to start disabling it and eMMC not working...15:01
Palilook also in power twl4030 code15:02
Paliit is in drivers subdir (I think)15:02
freemangordonI will15:02
PaliI was also plyaing here with voltages, before I got eMMC15:03
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Palimaybe something interesting is in rx51.h15:04
Palithis code in rx51.h was not touched (it comes from first ali's rx51 port)15:05
freemangordonwell, I look at it, but AIUI, there is only gpio mapping15:05
freemangordonPali, one more question. If those voltages are not enabled is there a drain?15:08
*** kW_ has quit IRC15:08
freemangordonOr you don't know because you cannot boot15:08
PaliI do not know now, I think that sometimes I saw battery draining and sometimes not15:09
freemangordonanything from powertop?15:09
Palibooting is always possible with attached kernel to end of u-boot (combinated image)15:09
PaliI do not know powertop15:09
PaliI only monitor script15:10
*** rd has joined #maemo15:17
Palifreemangordon, kernel is compiled, deb packages on standard place15:17
freemangordonthanks, maybe you should announce it on TMO :)15:18
freemangordonPali, which image shall I flash for u-boot15:18
freemangordonuImage or zImage15:18
freemangordonhmm, does not boot :D15:19
freemangordonit is kernel, ain't?15:19
Palido not forget to create combinated.bin15:19
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:19
freemangordoni followed your instructions15:19
freemangordonHW rev 220415:19
Palirun ./u-boot-combinated-builder.py15:20
Paliit will generate combined.bin15:20
freemangordoni've done that15:20
Paliand boot combined.bin15:20
freemangordonboot or flash?15:20
Paliyou can also boot: flasher -k combined.bin -l -b15:21
Paliit does not flash image to nand15:21
freemangordonyeah i know15:21
Palialso you can flash it, but make sure you have battery or external charger15:22
Paliwithout working kernel or rootfs it is not possible to charge battery15:22
Palibecuase only BME can charge it15:23
Paliand if you have less then x% NOLO will not enter to flash mode15:23
*** arvut has quit IRC15:23
freemangordonhmm, it boots then shutsdown15:23
ShadowJKThe hardware will only charge itself until there is enough to start system15:23
ShadowJK(which is less than what nolo demands for flashing)15:24
freemangordonseems my battery is flat :D15:25
Paliwhat did you do with battery?15:30
freemangordonnothing, it is my second device15:30
freemangordon"development" one. And it was not charged15:30
Paliah, ok15:31
PaliI have external nokia charger for these u-boot situations...15:31
freemangordonme too, it booted ok with charger attached. but then hit SGX recovery bug :D15:32
PaliShadowJK, is there any info about image for omap (coldflashing)? info about 2nd x-loader image15:34
ShadowJKI don't know15:35
PaliI see that coldflasing is possible if battery is too low15:35
Palibut then NOLO not allow to start normal flashing... (but coldflashing is possible)15:35
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*** valerius has joined #maemo15:39
jacekowskicoldflashing is done by boot rom15:40
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo15:44
Palijacekowski, I know, but is there any info how to create image which can omap bootrom load & boot?15:44
*** rd has quit IRC15:44
Paliwhat is format of that image?15:45
jacekowskiit's not going to work15:45
jacekowskiit has to be signed by nokia15:45
jacekowskiformat of it is public tools to sign it are public15:45
jacekowskinokia keys are not15:45
freemangordonhmm, nolo is not signed AFAIK15:45
Paliwhere is that public tools? I was not able to find anything15:45
jacekowski1st stage bootloader is signed15:45
jacekowskinolo-scnd isn't15:46
jacekowskiand that can be replaced15:46
jacekowskiand that's just raw binary15:46
Paliweeks ago I worte open source cold flasher program (source code on TMO)15:46
Palibut in omap docs there was nothinh about that format15:46
jacekowskiall you need is magic value at offsets 0x4-0x815:46
jacekowskior something like that15:46
jacekowskiyou need that NoloSCND in it15:46
jacekowskior whatever it was15:46
jacekowskiand xloader will load it15:47
PaliNOLO image has someting like header (address where to load, NoloSCND sign, and size of image)15:47
Palibut I'd like to know what is format of x-loader image, not nolo15:47
jacekowskiyou need to look for HS docs15:48
freemangordonThere was some info on TI forum, can't recall where15:48
jacekowskithat's signing tool15:48
jacekowskican't remember where i found it15:48
Paliok, thanks15:49
jacekowskiit's called MLO by TI15:49
Paliif you find some docs (eg fomat), let me know15:49
jacekowskibut unless you have nokia keys that tool is useless15:50
SpeedEvilUnless you replace the SoC15:50
SpeedEvilIn which case, you can upgrade speed and RAM too15:50
SpeedEvil(though practiclaly, that's not happening15:50
jacekowskii don't remember exactly15:51
freemangordonjacekowski, is it RSA or 3DES?15:51
Paliis nokia key strong?15:51
freemangordonor single DES?15:51
jacekowski256bit AES from what i remember15:51
jacekowskisame shit as in milestone15:52
jacekowskiand there was a lot people trying to crack that15:52
jacekowskiand they had everything locked15:52
jacekowskinot just xloader15:52
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freemangordonPali, according to powertop, MPU is never powered down(100% ON), I don't know how that could be related to emmc voltage. Initial conclusion is that the problem with battery drain is not in rx51.c15:57
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kerioi want fremantle on a galaxy nexus :(16:01
kerioi don't want to lose maemo, but the n900 is seriously old16:01
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kevinBHello I bricked my Nรง and has only OS X around16:07
*** kama has joined #maemo16:08
*** jhb has quit IRC16:08
kevinBso is it possible and how can I mount N9's partition while it s powered-off16:08
SicelokevinB: /join #N916:08
Palifreemangordon, problem also can be in uboot code...16:09
ShadowJKfreemangordon; charger connected?*16:10
*** camden has quit IRC16:16
freemangordonShadowJK, does not matter, i've repeated tests with both connected and disconnected charger16:17
freemangordonwith charger connected there is huge activity on IRQ 5616:18
freemangordonwhoever uses it16:19
*** fredddd has quit IRC16:19
freemangordonPali, there is missing line in boot log compared to non-uboot-boot, "Disabling unused clock "sys_clkout1"". Any clue?16:23
Palifreemangordon, no idea16:23
PaliI do not know it16:23
*** badcloud has joined #maemo16:25
*** vblazquez has quit IRC16:26
*** kakashi__ has joined #maemo16:28
kakashi__has anybody applied speedpatch?16:28
kakashi__when I try ap-get install speedpatch - i can't get it to work16:29
kakashi__seeems like I am missing the sources16:29
kakashi__any pointers, guys?16:29
*** badcloud_ has joined #maemo16:29
badcloud_anyone got 1.2.0 version of qmltube to work?16:30
*** Ian-- has quit IRC16:34
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo16:35
*** Ian-- has joined #maemo16:37
*** plate has joined #maemo16:43
Palifreemangordon, In rx51.h is line "MUX_VAL(CP(SYS_CLKOUT1),(IEN  | PTD | DIS | M0))"16:44
Paliit could be someting with that message in boot log16:45
freemangordonyeah, still fighting to understand what is that suppoed to mean16:45
*** valerius has quit IRC16:45
freemangordonPali, is there anyone we can ask for help on that?16:48
Palimaybe on u-boot mailinglist16:48
luke-jrbadcloud_: you want Gentoo?16:51
luke-jrbadcloud_: have you ever installed Gentoo on a normal PC?16:52
luke-jrif not, I suggest doing that in a VM first16:52
badcloud_hey luke-jr16:53
badcloud_no, haven't used gentoo before16:53
luke-jryeah, set it up in a VM first ;)16:54
*** plate has quit IRC17:00
freemangordonPali, changing the above to MUX_VAL(CP(SYS_CLKOUT1),(IEN  | PTU | EN  | M4)) made missing dmesg line to appear, but CPU as still 100% ON and device is slow as hell. Who is the author of this rx51.h?17:02
Palifreemangordon, author is ali17:02
freemangordonwhere i can find him?17:02
Paliand he wrote me, that he taken rx51.h from beagle.h17:03
freemangordonyeah, I see17:03
Paliold ali code is here:
*** badcloud_ has quit IRC17:05
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*** nsuffys_ is now known as nsuffys19:06
jpinxanyone able to help me transfer a simple text file from one N900 to another by bluetooth -- they are paired ok, and synch is working but only allows transfer of contacts (all), calendar events and calendar notes19:11
*** fosstux has quit IRC19:11
*** hurbu has joined #maemo19:14
*** fredddd has joined #maemo19:15
*** fredddd has joined #maemo19:15
*** habmala has joined #maemo19:15
Sicelojpinx: not sync. use File Managerto 'Share'19:15
Sicelos/ert/er t/19:15
infobotSicelo meant: jpinx: not sync. use File Manager to 'Share'19:15
jpinxk - thanks :)19:15
*** Dibblah has joined #maemo19:16
freddddRobot101, do you know anything about SASL?19:18
Robot101fredddd: a bit19:19
freddddWell I do not really, and I am following a mail server tutorial which suggests it.19:20
freddddDoes it provide increased security for the connection from user to server?19:20
freddddI have setup a single user mail server (personal use) for myself in the past and the tutorial I used back then did not suggest it.19:20
Robot101hrm... it's a standard mechanism to add pluggable authentication into various protocols19:21
freddddI plan to just use STARTTLS with my mail server. =/19:21
Robot101there are SASL mechanisms (PLAIN, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM, etc) and a SASL handshake which can be included into different protocols (SMTP, IMAP, etc)19:21
Robot101STARTTLS refers to setting up an encrypted channel19:22
Robot101typically when you set up the encrypted channel, the server will identify itself to you using a certificate19:22
freddddBut IMAP + TLS is not good enough? What does this SASL do that TLS does not do?19:22
Robot101whilst you can use client certificates to prove your identity to the server, it's not typical19:22
Robot101usually you will then also use SASL to log in to the server - then it knows who you are19:22
Robot101or, put another way, it's just how you send your username and password to log in :)19:22
Robot101if you use IMAP you must use SASL to log in19:23
freddddBut this should be encrypted regardless, with TLS, no?19:23
freddddI should do the SASL part then too.19:23
freddddI will be using IAMP.19:23
Robot101yes, it will be encrypted. but encryption doesn't mean anyone should read your mail or send via your server... :)19:23
freddddNo, that is why I have a username and password. :X19:24
Robot101yes - SASL is how IMAP checks your password19:24
Robot101it's just a protocol and API for logging in19:24
freddddBut I logged in before without it when I used to have an IMAP server up.19:24
* fredddd is confused19:24
Robot101your IMAP server was probably just doing SASL for you19:24
ruskiehmmm anyone know where/if anywhere erminig stores any caches/etc..?19:24
Robot101dovecot for instance, just does it for you based on whatever user/pass database you configure19:25
Robot101but afaik, all IMAP logins are done with SASL19:25
freddddHa, I will go with it then.19:25
Robot101ie the protocol requires it. in older protocols like XMPP or SMTP then SASL is an optional add-on19:25
freddddWas just not sure if it would be of any use for my particular situation.19:25
*** lukasz_gut_ has joined #maemo19:25
Robot101you want it on your SMTP server so only authenticated users can use your server as a mail relay19:26
freddddI usually thought if you use regular encryption (TLS) with a connection you were good to go.19:26
Robot101otherwise you will become the pawn of merciless spammers :)19:26
*** Pavel has joined #maemo19:26
Robot101encryption is different to authentication19:26
Robot101TLS = encryption, SASL = authentication19:26
Robot101you need both19:26
freddddI get it now.19:26
Robot101and usually, you also don't want SASL to work without TLS, otherwise your password could be sent in clear19:26
ruskiewell both are nice ;)19:27
freddddI am following this:
*** CodenameStrike-N has joined #maemo19:27
jacekowskiwell, if you've got TLS then whatever you've got is going to be safe19:28
Robot101fredddd: ignore that bit about libsasl and saslauthd, it's wrong - if postfix is using dovecot to do SASL, then it doesn't use libsasl etc19:28
jacekowskicyrus is much better option19:28
Robot101fredddd: it looks like the tutorial had the old way and was only half-updated to the new way with dovecot (which is preferred, as libsasl is whack and dovecot is awesome)19:28
ruskiejacekowski, hahaha19:28
freddddRobot101, in the past I used this one:
Robot101life's too short to configure cyrus :)19:29
freddddIt is from 2008, but it resulted in me setting up a working server on Debian 6 which appeared to be fine.19:29
jacekowskiit only takes like 20 minutes19:29
ruskiefredddd, try
Robot101fredddd: that looks pretty good - similar to what I have except I also have TLS19:29
freddddRobot101, an additional post explains that.19:30
Robot101anyway **(* look at the time I gotta pack19:30
Robot101train in 40 mins19:30
freddddThanks for the information. ^^19:30
ruskiealso note there are #postfix and #dovecot channels that such things would probably fit better ;)19:31
freddddYeah well I know Robot101 is pretty knowledged in this so I was hoping to get a short and direct clear answer from him, which he somewhat did, which self research did not with search engines.19:31
freddddThe SASL bit was only confusing me.19:31
freddddI have setup Postfix and Dovecot before just fine.19:31
ruskiewell see the dovecot wiki directly ;)19:31
ruskiehas the howtos there already ;)19:32
*** Pavel has quit IRC19:33
Palifreemangordon, did you found someting in u-boot?19:34
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo19:35
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FIQis it just me or is uboot-power package broken?20:01
*** lukasz_gut_ has quit IRC20:02
FIQdue to it depending on an old kernel version of kernel-power20:02
*** scoobertron has quit IRC20:02
FIQMohammadAG: ^20:02
FIQ~seen MohammadAG20:04
infobotmohammadag is currently on #maemo #harmattan #meego, last said: 'javispedro, ssu chan'.20:04
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*** jargon- has joined #maemo20:22
freddddOr anyone in general, although the channel might be inappropriate.20:23
freddddIf I interpret it right, imaps is deprecated compared to imap, right?20:23
freddddThis mail server tutorial is suggesting me to switch to imaps for my server when configuring a certificate on it.20:23
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valdynfredddd: certificate suggests that you use an encrypted connection, which is not provided by imap without the s21:41
*** dafox has joined #maemo21:41
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freddddIMAP + TLS > IMAPS (SSL) right?21:42
luke-jrfredddd: yes21:42
luke-jrvaldyn is either wrong, or talking about something client-specific :P21:43
luke-jralso, it's possible your mail server doesn't support TLS?21:43
*** thomashc has quit IRC21:47
freddddIt does.21:50
freddddDovecot and Postfix support it.21:50
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