IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2011-12-19

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kakashi__hi, can somebody please share your sources.list00:21
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kakashi__StyXman: aren't you using cssu?00:28
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StyXmannot yet, I think00:28
StyXmanI got my phone a few days ago00:28
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kakashi__I am actually looking for the cssu sources00:29
StyXmankakashi__: maybe this link?
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StyXmankakashi__: opening that page in maemo's browser is enough00:35
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kwtm2Need help --why is my microSD card mounted with the "rodir" option?  Looks like it treats the filesystem as read-only when trying to create new directories.  Is this supposed to happen or is it an error because my N900 is skroodupp?02:35
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r00t|homekwtm2: just remount it without that option?02:48
kwtm2r00t|home: Trying; unsuccessful so far.  But is it supposed to be that way, or is it an error that I should correct?02:49
kwtm2r00t|home: Would you mind doing a "mount" on your n900 and seeing if  /dev/mmcblk1p1  is mounted that way?  (I presume you've got a microSD on your n900?)02:49
r00t|homei just put one in to check...02:51
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r00t|homeno fdisk binary on maemo, lol02:53
r00t|homeno, just bad $PATH02:54
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kwtm2r00t|home: Am asking for help on #linux (with some trepidation) and not really getting useful info.  Apparently "rodir" is not really standard.02:55
r00t|homei never heard of it befpre02:56
robbiethe1st1. Back up everything on it. 2. reformat card, 3. reload02:57
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r00t|homeit's not like the option would be stored on the card?02:57
r00t|homemine just says "memory card format unsupported", i guess i got the partition table not to it's likeing... and too lazy to take it out and format in a windows bo02:59
kwtm2robbiethe1st: Interesting.  This was actually part of my attempt to "back up my n900 onto card" and then "restore everything onto my second n900" so that I can figure out what is wrong with my n900.  In the process it looks like I have to fix my card so that I can fix me n900. :P03:00
kwtm2r00t|home: Thanks for trying, though.  :P03:00
robbiethe1stUsing Backupmenu?03:00
kwtm2robbiethe1st: What's backupmenu?  Is that the built-in backup application?03:00
robbiethe1str00t|home, because running fsck on it to fix it will likely destroy some data03:01
r00t|homekwtm2: to remove the option, all it should take is a mount -o remount...03:01
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r00t|homerobbiethe1st: never occured to me...03:01
robbiethe1stkwtm2, No, 3rd-party app to backup the root/optFS to system images03:01
kwtm2r00t|home: I tried.  I better say what I tried, to save time and skip redundancy...03:01
robbiethe1stYeah, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that when you have a damaged FS which is still working... back it up before you mess with it03:02
kwtm2r00t|home:   I did    mount -o remount,rw  /dev/mmcbkl1p1 /media/mmc1      (yes, as root, of course)   Unfortunately, the rw part was unchanged and I noticed that it was already mounted with rw as well as rodir (I can create files -- I tried -- I just can't create new directories)03:02
kwtm2r00t|home: So I'm trying to see if there is a norodir option, or rwdir ... got stuck looking for rodir under mount (not mentioned in the mount page)03:03
robbiethe1stIt's cause the FS has errors on it.03:03
kwtm2robbiethe1st: Not sure the fs is damaged, and also I'm not trying to back up the root/optFS.03:03
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kwtm2robbiethe1st: Just trying to see if it's supposed to be mounted that way.  Would you mind doing a "mount" on your n900 and seeing if  /dev/mmcblk1p1  is mounted that way?  (I presume you've got a microSD on your n900?)03:03
robbiethe1stIf you run fsck, you'll see them. But make sure you use it in read-only mode if you haven't backed up03:03
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kwtm2robbiethe1st: To clarify: you are saying that, because my microSD card has errors on it, the N900 automatically mounts it in rodir mode?03:04
robbiethe1stI would check that first. I know that happens with rw/ro mode03:04
r00t|homekwtm2: and just umounting an remounting...?03:04
kwtm2r00t|home: Ahh... umount.  Hmm, okay, it means I have to shut a few things down, but I will try.03:05
kwtm2r00t|home: So in that case I would not need  -o remount   right?03:05
robbiethe1stAlso, hm... this is interesting. rodir is one of the options I'm seeing for my mounted sd card, but I can make directories in it without issue.03:05
r00t|homekwtm2: yes03:06
kwtm2r00t|home: And are you suggesting any particular way to  mount again after umount?  Or do I just do   mount /dev/mmcblk1p1  /media/mmc1   and just let whatever default settings there are take place?03:06
robbiethe1stTherefor, I'd say it's likely partition corruption.03:06
r00t|homekwtm2: maybe check if the rodir option is in fstab?03:06
kwtm2robbiethe1st: Interesting ... so maybe rodir is notthe problem?  Weird.  Mind comparing with my mount line?  I have:    (there are other lines for other filesystems, too, of course):  /dev/mmcblk1p1 on /media/mmc1 type vfat (rw,noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,noatime,nodiratime,utf8,uid=29999,shortname=mixed,dmask=000,fmask=0133,rodir)03:07
r00t|homemy fstab has rodir in the options for mmcblk0p1... which is MyDocs...03:07
kwtm2r00t|home: There's not even a fstab entry for /dev/mmcblk1p1 !  It must be generating it on the fly.03:07
robbiethe1stYeah, that looks right kwtm203:07
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kwtm2robbiethe1st: You're comparing for mccblk1p1, not mmcblk0p1, right?  (I have no problems with MyDocs, of course.)03:08
r00t|homenodev,noexec,nosuid -> pure paranoid / rooting protection...03:08
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kwtm2Awww, geez.  Then what the TUTTI FRUITTI is keeping me (and my rsync command) from creating directories so I can do a frigg'n backup just so I can use my second N900?   It's like a new snag every time I try to get around an old snag.03:09
mgedminyak shaving sucks03:09
robbiethe1stI can tell you right now, though, most of the time something happens weirdly, it's due to a screwed-up partition on the N90003:09
kwtm2It's like the TV series Lost , but on my N900.  Every time a mystery is about to be cleared up, three new ones pop up, just so they can keep the TV show going ....03:09
robbiethe1stJust wipe the SD card, reformat, run backup?03:09
kwtm2robbiethe1st: So you think reformatting the microSD card would cut through most of the crap.03:09
kwtm2robbiethe1st: Yeah I think I'll do that.03:10
robbiethe1stmkfs.vfat is what you want03:10
kwtm2robbiethe1st: Ok. Can I just format it on my desktop?  I'll dig up a SD card adapter.03:11
r00t|home"* Added 'rodir' to mount options. Fixes: NB#101324" -- "subversion at" --
robbiethe1stI suppose.03:11
r00t|homei wonder what NB#101324 was... does not have it...03:14
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merlin1991kwtm2: fixed your sd card issue?03:59
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kwtm2merlin1991: Hi.  Sorry I was away. Next step appears to be: reformat microSD card.  I have not yet done this --don't have time.  (Already blew 3 hours on this endeavour just trying to figure out why the heck my rsync script wasn't working.)04:27
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kwtm2Oh, well.05:52
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MohammadAGr00t^home: NB is Internal bug tracker13:21
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r00t^homeMohammadAG: so we will never know...?13:29
andre__MohammadAG, ?13:29
* andre__ needs context13:29
andre__and yes, NB traditionally refers to Nokia's internal Bugtracker13:30
r00t^home<r00t|home> "* Added 'rodir' to mount options. Fixes: NB#101324" -- "subversion at" --
MohammadAGandre__: Read a bit up13:30
andre__MohammadAG, cannot.13:30
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r00t^homewas just wondering wtf that might be needed for13:30
RST38hHello, gentlemen13:30
RST38hMoo, Mohammad, how is life?13:30
MohammadAGSsdd :p13:31
andre__r00t^home, bug is "Unable to set read-only file or folder using 'chmod' under /home/user/MyDocs and /media/mmc1."13:31
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MohammadAGSame shit different day13:31
andre__fixed in March 2009 for Fremantle.13:31
r00t^homeandre__: ah, thanks!13:32
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r00t^homeso, rodir probably only makes non-writeable directories readonly...13:33
r00t^home(somebody was wonderingg if that was the reason why he can't create directories, must have been something else then)13:33
r00t^homemaybe the +w was missing from the root or something13:34
RST38hMohammad: indeed13:34
r00t^homekwtm2: you read that?!13:36
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r00t^home(he was the somebody)13:38
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kwtm2r00t^home: Thanks for notice.  Will see if that's why I can't write --the error was "read-only filesystem", so if this could have been fixed by just a chmod I shall be mytilipist15:31
*** cityLights has joined #maemo15:33
cityLights~seen MohammadAG15:33
infobotmohammadag is currently on #maemo (3h 16m 7s) #harmattan (3h 16m 7s) #meego (3h 16m 7s). Has said a total of 51 messages. Is idling for 1h 7m 19s, last said: 'Dropped?'.15:33
cityLightshi there15:34
cityLightshow are you doing this warm day?15:34
cityLightsI was just at Eurocomm and saw the N9 for the first time15:34
MohammadAGa bit tired, didn't sleep well last night :p15:34
MohammadAGisn't that in israel?15:35
cityLightsseems they are "testing" it for release here?15:35
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo15:35
kwtm2Wait, what am I saying?  This is on a vfat system.  There *are* no permissions on vfat directories!15:35
MohammadAGthat wasn't expected15:35
MohammadAGcityLights, through operators?15:35
cityLightsI didnt follow upm did you get you N9 dev kit?15:35
*** rick8024 has joined #maemo15:36
kwtm2r00t^home: (to repeat) Wait, what am I saying?  This is on a vfat system.  There *are* no permissions on vfat directories!15:36
cityLightstheir engineering team is using N915:36
kwtm2I hear the N9 is more locked down than the N900.15:36
cityLightsMohammadAG: did you sell them Hnrew support?15:36
infobotcityLights meant: MohammadAG: did you sell them hebrew support?15:36
MohammadAGsell? I just made a keyboard layout15:37
cityLightsok, but you wrote it - so you may get paid....15:37
MohammadAGI already released it on tmo15:37
cityLightsI see15:37
MohammadAGerr, fmc15:38
cityLightsso you did finnaly get the N9 dev kit...15:38
cityLightswhat is fmc?15:38
*** dimw1t has joined #maemo15:38
*** divan has joined #maemo15:38
cityLightsEurocomm should have got you the dev kit - IMHO15:38
cityLightsok, As I am less stress now, can you please update me what is going on?15:39
cityLightsdid you move to using the meego?15:39
cityLightsand dropped the N900?15:39
*** Pali_ has quit IRC15:39
cityLightsEurocomm claim that it is holding back on releasing the N9 , as it doesnt offer enougth program via the app store15:40
cityLightsI think that if it can run waze and sell less then the iPhone - it can succed15:41
MohammadAGN900's still with me15:44
cityLightsI saw you need to sleep15:47
cityLightsmaybe I can catch you later?15:47
cityLightsI have been away for sevral weeeks , and want to catch up15:47
*** zk8 has joined #maemo15:48
MohammadAGnah, not sleeping till night15:48
MohammadAGgotta study a bit of physics later15:48
MohammadAGso I have to stay up15:48
*** cyndis has quit IRC15:49
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:49
cityLightswhat did you managed to get done with your N950?15:49
*** cyndis has joined #maemo15:51
MohammadAGWorking on Sociality now15:55
MohammadAGYay, Qt app in Apple's app store
fluxmohammadag, nice. when's the first one for WP7/8?-)16:01
*** dimw1t has quit IRC16:04
*** dimw1t has joined #maemo16:06
r00t^homekwtm2: well, at least it gives a hint at why the rodir is there16:06
r00t^homekwtm2: also, the dos filesystem driver DOES implement permissions, they are just not persisted to disk16:06
kwtm2I guess ... I wonder if rodir is even the issue here, since MyDocs is also mounted rodir-wise and there's no problem with it.16:06
*** mfridh has quit IRC16:06
r00t^homemost likely not16:07
*** gomiam has quit IRC16:07
*** saswata has quit IRC16:07
kwtm2Now I just have to find 16GB of free space with which to back up my microSD.  I'll do it later.  More pressing things right now.16:07
*** sat20501 has left #maemo16:08
kwtm2I am *sooo* tempted to reformat my microSD to ext2/3 but I should just do vfat and make sure it runs before I reformat.16:09
kwtm2This is so maddening.  I'm just trying to backup and restore to my second n900. :P .... Actually, the whole thing is so I can see if I can fix the problem with my email on the original n900.16:10
kwtm2I can't receive email (when it had been working fine before) but I need to get a backup device running before I go tinker with my problem n900.16:10
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo16:12
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PSleggsis it true someone reverse engineered browserd?18:07
*** PSleggs is now known as vi_18:07
*** jpe has quit IRC18:08
*** retro|cz has quit IRC18:08
fw190don't know a thing about it18:08
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo18:10
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vi_does bme REALLY need to poll i2c bus 5 times/second?18:11
vi_the answer is no if you are wondering.18:11
*** sabayonuser2 has joined #maemo18:13
*** nsuffys has joined #maemo18:13
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*** dangergrrl has quit IRC18:17
SpeedEvilIt doesn't.18:19
SpeedEvilIt polls it once every 618:19
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:23
vi_it is still a pain in the balls18:24
vi_anyway, I just noticed.  Even with bme stopped the mass storage/pc suite mode dialog still appears.18:25
vi_how the F is that even possible?18:25
SpeedEvilIt's not BME that notices the usb18:25
vi_I thought it was BME that was 'watching' usb port to detect plug/unplug action.18:25
SpeedEvilI forget what it is18:25
vi_well hose me down18:26
*** xqo has joined #maemo18:26
xqohi. what do you think of the N9? Would you buy it again?18:26
* SpeedEvil checks bank statement.18:26
vi_so I can actually stop bme and have have the start when usb is plugged in.18:26
SpeedEvilNope, not bought it the first time.18:26
vi_xqo: fuck no.18:26
xqoyeah but how good is it? :P18:26
xqocan i write a python server, host it on the phone, ssh to it and run a python webscanner, for example?18:27
SpeedEvilSomeone remind me - what's ohmd18:27
vi_xqo: it is an abortion.18:27
xqohow limited is the N9?18:27
vi_no wait, it is a koke18:27
vi_actally i jest18:27
vi_it is both18:27
SpeedEvilxqo: yes.18:27
mgedmin_xqo, I would buy a N918:27
xqowhat is NOT so good about it?18:27
mgedmin_no apps18:27
*** sabayonuser2 has quit IRC18:27
xqowould i be better of with an android phone`?18:28
vi_xqo: it is the worst of 2 worlds18:28
xqovi_ why?18:28
vi_it sucks for all the old school maemo fans because it is so locked down and non functional.18:28
* mgedmin_ wonders if xqo would hear more favourable reviews if he/she asked the same question in #n9 or #harmattan18:28
vi_it sucks for teh kiddies because it aint got no appz18:28
vi_and never will18:28
vi_so pay your money and take your choice18:29
vi_however right now N9 is little more than a light up paper weight.18:29
vi_of course he would get a favourable response in #n9.18:30
vi_They are ALL fighting a serious collective case of consumers guilt.18:30
*** mortenvp has quit IRC18:31
xqovi_, what phone would you recommend then`?18:31
vi_xqo: that depends entirely on usecase.18:31
vi_If you want a top notch phone, consider a symbian.18:31
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo18:31
vi_If you want a 'smartphone' with appz. Consider an android.18:32
xqoi want python in a reasonably open phone that also works well for consumers18:32
* mgedmin_ barfs at the mere thought of symbian, but whatever18:32
vi_If you want a pocket computer, consider an n900.18:32
vi_mgedmin_: what is wrong with symbian?18:32
vi_mgedmin_: It is a far better OS that android.18:32
vi_mgedmin_: it has multiple task scheduling and a bulletproof phone stack.18:33
*** bergie has quit IRC18:33
vi_^gsm stack.18:33
vi_xqo: those things don't go together.18:34
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:35
vi_there never has and never will be a 'reasonable open phone' that simultaneously 'works well for consumers'18:35
mgedmin_vi_, aesthetics/usability -- granted, I haven't seen _modern_ symbian versions18:36
*** ghostcube has quit IRC18:37
*** scoobertron has quit IRC18:39
*** fosstux has joined #maemo18:43
*** mortenvp has quit IRC18:49
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vi_MohammadAG: ping18:52
*** zap has quit IRC18:57
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*** swc|666 has joined #maemo19:00
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xqowhat about this,
SpeedEvilThe Video below is a demo of ACL running on an x86 MeeGo tablet running Android Apps.19:10
xqo""MeeGo powered Nokia N9 will run Android applications seamlessly""19:11
SpeedEvilMyriad teams are having ongoing discussions with various Device  Manufacturers who may incorporate Myriad Alien Dalvik in their product  portfolio in the future. Keep tuned!19:13
SpeedEvilIOW - never happening.19:13
SpeedEvilNokia are not going to pay them.19:13
*** fosstux has quit IRC19:15
jazedalIf FOSS had a better financial plan, there's no reason FOSS can't produce consumer quality apps.19:15
fluxthey could put it to appstore and people could perhaps pay a few euros for it19:15
SpeedEvilflux: sure19:15
SpeedEvilIt seems like they are uninterested in this though.19:16
*** jazedal has quit IRC19:16
*** ghostcube has joined #maemo19:17
*** jazedal has joined #maemo19:17
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*** n6pfk has joined #maemo19:51
*** user___ has joined #maemo19:55
*** kW_ has quit IRC19:55
user___what makes the dialog that appears when you plug in the USB cable?19:59
*** BCMM has joined #maemo19:59
user___The one that asks for mass storage or pc suite?19:59
user___is it a script?19:59
user___a program?19:59
user___I see there is /usr/sbin/pcsuite-enable/disable and osso-mmc-mount/umount scripts20:00
user___but they are only run when the respective dialog is chosen.20:00
*** etrunko has quit IRC20:03
*** vi__ has joined #maemo20:04
*** polymar has quit IRC20:04
*** etrunko has joined #maemo20:04
*** kama has joined #maemo20:04
*** vi__ has quit IRC20:05
*** user___ is now known as vi__20:05
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*** etrunko has joined #maemo20:13
StyXmanvi__: most probably something on hal20:16
MohammadAGvi_, StyXman hal isn't userspace, anyway, it's the status menu applet20:21
vi__so short of re-writing somthing (assuming it is even open) There is no obvious way to have a script executed by the plugging in of the usb cable?20:24
vi__also without dbus-scripts and bme.20:24
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo20:25
NIN101"hald-addon-usb-cable: listening on /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/usb1/../mode"20:26
vi__NIN101: I do not follow.20:26
vi__what are you saying?20:26
NIN101one way: poll  /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/usb1/../mode20:27
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt20:27
vi__also, no polling20:27
vi__the idea is to eliminate bme20:27
vi__Charging can be handled by charge21.sh20:28
*** valeriusN has quit IRC20:28
SpeedEvilNot that I'm not saying it's not a good idea.20:28
SpeedEvilBut the benefis in most cases are small.20:28
StyXmanSpeedEvil: too many negations20:28
vi__SpeedEvil: because it sucks balls and causes many extra HW wakeups/second20:28
SpeedEvilNo, it doesn't.20:28
vi__yeah it does.20:29
SpeedEvilNo, it doesn't.20:29
vi__yeah it does.20:29
SpeedEvilNo, it doesn't.20:29
vi__yeah it does.20:29
NIN101backupmenu just runs with something like " &" and that's it.20:29
*** marienz has joined #maemo20:29
vi__run powertop with then without bme.20:29
NIN101always active20:29
vi__NIN101: always active charge script causes 100's of extra wakeups/second20:30
SpeedEvilI get 6 wakeups in 30s20:30
SpeedEvilwhich is right20:30
SpeedEvilFrom what I recall20:30
SpeedEvilWith it unplugged20:30
MohammadAGyou can monitor dbus?20:30
*** jhb has quit IRC20:30
vi__I am talking about it spamming the i2c bus.20:30
SpeedEvilvi: Reading I2C is almost free20:31
MohammadAGvi_, monitor DBus20:31
SpeedEvilvi: With BME in normal manner active, I've had my n900 logged into wifi and cell modem for over 5 days.20:31
vi__SpeedEvil: lol, no u didnt.20:31
SpeedEvilYes. I did.20:32
StyXmanis it much of a problem to produce wakeups if you're charging? I understand it means charging slower, but how much?20:32
SpeedEvilStyXman: essentially unmeasurable.20:32
vi__the problem is the wakeups while we are waiting for the device to be charging (i.e. when it is in normal operation)20:33
SpeedEvilUmm - BME does 1 wakeup every 6s20:33
*** net_split has quit IRC20:34
StyXmanwell, I noticed that If I leave the n900 plugged in to the chager during all night, sometimes I wake up to an almost empty battery20:34
SpeedEvilTht may be a USB plug/soccket problem20:34
NIN101I read that it doesn't recheck once led == green20:35
vi__StyXman: then you have a serious problem.20:35
NIN101but still yeah, it should be empty then...20:35
*** niko has joined #maemo20:35
SpeedEvilStyXman: Unless you've got skype installed + 3G data active, in which case it's normal20:36
StyXmanSpeedEvil: I'm not sure about skype (I removed some soft I won't use) and I don't have 3G20:36
*** Trcx has joined #maemo20:36
*** dimw1t has quit IRC20:37
*** orbiting has joined #maemo20:38
vi__SpeedEvil: would you believe I got a 4000mS sleep time in powertop?20:39
StyXmanvi__: have you been seeing «get smart!» lately?20:40
SpeedEvilvi_: yes - that's normal20:40
vi__i dont understand20:40
StyXmanvi__: then ignore me20:40
SpeedEvil~3.6 is my usual. Though currently somethigns keeping the CPU active. I need to try to work out what I installed20:41
infobotSpeedEvil: okay20:41
vi__SpeedEvil: orly, I have never seen it before.20:41
vi__SpeedEvil: what is the biggest culprit?20:41
SpeedEvilBadly written stuff can drag it down20:41
SpeedEvilOr up20:41
vi__I found callnotify and batterygraph to be motherfuckers.20:41
vi__what other things have you stripped out?20:45
SpeedEvilThat is the base state on a freshly flashed device20:46
SpeedEvil- with no wifi activity20:46
SpeedEvilI'm not actually seeing that right now, as something is keeping my CPU in C1 all the time. grrr20:47
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo20:47
*** etrunko has quit IRC20:48
vi__well I am quite far from a stock device20:48
vi__I have already ripped out around 1/4 of startup junk.20:48
HyperSnyperif i have skype logged in and running on my main system, then go afk and recieve message if login to same acc on n900 can i view previous messages ?20:49
SpeedEvilvi__: why?20:51
vi__HyperSnyper: lol, i dunno.20:51
vi__SpeedEvil: why wut?20:51
SpeedEvilvi_: Why did you start ripping stuff out?20:52
*** ponyofdeath has joined #maemo20:53
StyXmanwhy not? having it as lean as possible should mean more disk space, less boot time and less processes potentially draining battery20:53
vi__because I dont want to waste a single Hz from such a low power computer on crap like 'cherry' and '5 dots startup' and20:53
vi__and operator name plugin20:54
StyXmanvi__: do you have a log of the things you have done?20:54
StyXmanI mean, is it written somewhere?20:54
vi__StyXman: not really.  I have been evolving this setup since I got the n900.20:55
StyXmangood thing I just got it20:55
vi__It is pretty simple though20:55
StyXmanit's almost pristine20:55
StyXmanvi__: did you change many things outside /etc?20:55
vi__well you have not just bought a phone20:55
vi__nor a computer20:55
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo20:55
vi__you have just bought a hobby.20:56
StyXmanvi__: of course I did :)20:56
StyXmanactually, that's why I got it20:56
StyXmanI mean, that's why I got a n900 instead of any other smartphone20:56
*** githogori has joined #maemo20:56
StyXmanI would get a n950, but... :(20:57
vi__StyXman: you dont want an n95020:58
vi__they are gay20:58
*** etrunko has joined #maemo20:58
StyXmanI don't mind about the phone's sex inclination at all...20:58
vi__I want something that is hardware wise an n950 however completeley open.20:59
*** swc|666 has quit IRC20:59
vi__(however they can keep the gsm chip secret f they really want)20:59
*** maybeWTF has joined #maemo21:00
*** liar has joined #maemo21:00
StyXmanwell, as far as I know, it's still a deb based base with a new interface21:00
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
StyXmandang, I have so many things to read!21:01
vi__in short, the n950 is locked down tighter than a nuns vagoo21:02
StyXmanwell, then, then I got the best21:02
*** maybeHere has quit IRC21:03
*** trbs has joined #maemo21:03
vi__StyXman: how new a user are you?21:04
StyXmanfor the n900? a couple of weeks21:05
StyXmanlinux in general? 15 years and counting21:05
StyXmanI already ported strace to the n900 to find why marble wasn't loading21:05
*** orbiting has quit IRC21:05
vi__StyXman: then you are in the best position to exploit the maximum potential from the device.21:06
*** vi__ is now known as advice_g21:06
*** advice_g is now known as advice_dog21:06
*** dimw1t has joined #maemo21:06
* advice_dog says dont install battery patch or speedpatch.21:06
StyXmanand the device is the most exploitable one21:06
StyXmanagain, my strongest reason to buy this one21:07
* advice_dog however look at the code to see some of things being done. some is kind of useful.21:07
*** advice_dog is now known as vi__21:07
vi__StyXman: you have to think bigger.21:07
vi__StyXman: buy 221:07
StyXmanwhat for?21:07
StyXmanconvert them to walkie talkies?21:08
SpeedEvilFaStrace has been on the n900 for ages21:08
StyXmanSpeedEvil: I couldn't apt-get it21:08
vi__StyXman: are you uk?21:08
SpeedEviltools repo21:08
StyXmanvi__: well, an .it born in .ar living in .fr21:08
vi__lol, ok.21:08
StyXmanSpeedEvil: aha21:08
*** mgedmin_ is now known as mgedmin21:09
StyXmanscreen! yes! :-P21:09
StyXmanstill, I plan to port some VCS and etckeeper to track my changes in /etc21:10
StyXmanSpeedEvil: tx21:10
*** Venusaur is now known as Suiseiseki21:12
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo21:15
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo21:15
*** scoobertron has quit IRC21:18
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo21:18
*** federico2 has joined #maemo21:21
*** federico2 has joined #maemo21:21
*** thexception|off is now known as thexception21:22
*** Pali has joined #maemo21:22
*** Pali has joined #maemo21:22
*** rd has joined #maemo21:24
*** psychologe has joined #maemo21:30
*** jeverling has joined #maemo21:31
DocScrutinizer~lart SpeedEvil21:31
* infobot puts SpeedEvil through a wood chipper21:31
DocScrutinizer~forget 3.621:31
infoboti forgot 3.6, DocScrutinizer21:31
DocScrutinizervi__: StyXman NIN101: listen to SpeedEvil - you all have wrong numbers and false facts21:33
*** nox- has joined #maemo21:34
NIN101ok uncle! (would like to know which fact i got wrong though)21:35
*** valerius has quit IRC21:35
DocScrutinizerthe "doesn't recheck when >geeen<" non-fact21:35
*** maybeArgh has joined #maemo21:36
NIN101hmm ok. I blame TMO.21:37
StyXmanDocScrutinizer: uhm?21:37
DocScrutinizerthat's my daily phone, on fastcharger, after 11h of xchat with 12 channels over 2G sucked the battery to 47%21:39
*** maybeWTF has quit IRC21:39
DocScrutinizerand that's without charger and display, just doing IRC and WLAN and ssh:
DocScrutinizerI can do this for a weeks21:42
DocScrutinizera week*21:42
DocScrutinizerand I did no ultraspecial tricky optimization - au contraire I simply didn't install every shitty optimizer and/or widget I could find21:44
DocScrutinizerand got rid of skype21:44
DocScrutinizerand have no other IM than SIP (I actually forgot to mention that above^^^) and IRC21:44
*** valeriusN has quit IRC21:45
SpeedEvilAny thougts on why ohmd has suddenly decided to eat 1% of CPU, and keep my device active?21:45
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo21:45
*** rd has quit IRC21:45
StyXmanI have no 3g, so it doesn't make much sense to have any communication app21:45
SpeedEvilCPU time 2 hours, in 3 hours of uptime.21:46
StyXmanunluckily the closed packages use only dependencies, and in the wrong direction, I think21:46
StyXman(f.i. I cna't deinstall languages I don't need)21:46
*** Malin is now known as julingMaling21:49
*** julingMaling is now known as julingMalin21:49
*** julingMalin is now known as Malin21:51
nealDocScrutinizer: You get a week of use on a single charge?21:53
*** jhb has joined #maemo21:53
SpeedEvilA week of standby21:53
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo21:53
DocScrutinizerwithout use21:53
SpeedEvilOr a week of reading SMSs incoming occasionally21:54
nealoh, I guess I missed that21:54
SpeedEvilyou're not going to get more than a few minutes of dispay-on time during that21:54
*** peb_ has joined #maemo21:55
*** psychologe has quit IRC21:58
*** ketas has joined #maemo21:59
*** luca_ has left #maemo22:03
*** mck182 has quit IRC22:05
vi__DocScrutinizer: care to tell me where I am wrong?22:06
vi__DocScrutinizer: that seems to be your thing, telling people they are wrong.22:06
vi__DocScrutinizer: I have nothing but respect for the shear level of knowledge you posess wrt embedded systems.22:07
vi__DocScrutinizer: however you have a real problem.22:07
vi__DocScrutinizer: you are a person to go so as splitting points on grammar just to tell somone they are wrong.22:07
*** fecub has joined #maemo22:13
*** peb_ has quit IRC22:14
*** jhb has quit IRC22:16
*** beford has quit IRC22:18
*** larsivi has joined #maemo22:18
*** n6pfk has quit IRC22:19
*** gomiam has joined #maemo22:25
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo22:26
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo22:26
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*** maybeArgh has quit IRC22:28
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*** flo_lap is now known as florian22:33
*** ponyofdeath has quit IRC22:33
*** ponyofdeath has joined #maemo22:33
*** vmlemon_ has joined #maemo22:36
*** kodomo_ has joined #maemo22:37
*** kodomo has quit IRC22:40
jazedalvi__: Note the name...DocScrutinizer22:41
*** sat2050 has joined #maemo22:41
DocScrutinizeryou're welcome to continue that "discussion" in #defocus22:43
*** Smily has quit IRC22:43
DocScrutinizeractually I think your last 6 posts are more of a self-reference than anything else22:43
DocScrutinizerand this is the last but actually 3rd too much answering post on that22:44
*** ketas has quit IRC22:46
*** liar has quit IRC22:46
*** sat2050 has quit IRC22:47
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC22:51 does one wakeup every 5 sec when charging, and about one every 15 when not charging. But because it's a script, it will look "better" than bme in powertop. I haven't checked, but I think bme should use less cpu actually.22:52
*** rd has joined #maemo22:53
ShadowJKbtw also, when USB is active (as in when you're charging), wakeups are kinda not all that important because the device never goes to C4 sleep anyway.22:53
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo22:54
*** ketas has joined #maemo22:54
*** marainein has quit IRC22:54
*** Smily has joined #maemo22:54
ShadowJKvi_, as DocScrutinizer said, the "doesn't check again after green" is incorrect. Indeed, the green light isn't synchronized with the charger, that is, the green light can come on before the battery is full, or a few hours after (as measured by the charger itself), depending on the circumstances. However, what is true however, is that a transient problem like a glitching cable or port, can make bme retry with lower charge current, if it does that too often22:58
ShadowJK it'll end up charging slower than consumption (as just having stuff connects to USB adds a constant powerdraw), and from that situation it (bme) doesn't retry with higher current.22:58
*** ArGGu^_^ has joined #maemo22:59
*** retro|cz has joined #maemo23:00
*** ravent-n900 has joined #maemo23:00
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:00
*** retro|cz has quit IRC23:00
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC23:01
ShadowJKStyXman, communication apps don't make much sense on 3g either. Only thing that makes sense on 3g is huge downloads.23:04
nealShadowJK: You mean because of 3g's high ramp up / tail energy?23:08
nealShadowJK: or what's the problem?23:08
*** fosstux has joined #maemo23:08
ShadowJKa one-time transfer of, say, 5 kilobytes, will on some networks use as much energy as a databurst of MegaBytes..23:09
*** jhb has joined #maemo23:12
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC23:14
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo23:15
*** nsuffys has quit IRC23:18
*** mtnbkr has joined #maemo23:21
*** hurbu_ has joined #maemo23:21
vi__ShadowJK: wtf? I never suggested that bme does not check after green light.  That was someone else.23:21
*** hurbu has quit IRC23:22
vi__NIN101> I read that it doesn't recheck once led == green23:22
*** vi__ has quit IRC23:22
*** ravent-n900 has quit IRC23:23
*** ravent-n900 has joined #maemo23:26
*** fosstux_ has joined #maemo23:28
*** fosstux has quit IRC23:28
ShadowJKoops sorry, that was for NIN101 then? :P23:29
*** hurbu_ has quit IRC23:31
*** ced117 has quit IRC23:36
*** kW_ has joined #maemo23:36
*** vivijim has joined #maemo23:36
*** sq-one has joined #maemo23:40
*** hurbu_ has joined #maemo23:45
*** gomiam has quit IRC23:47
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:48
Paliping X-Fade23:48
Pali~seen X-Fade23:50
*** fosstux_ has quit IRC23:50
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo (20h 42m 50s) #harmattan (20h 42m 50s) #meego (20h 42m 50s), last said: 'pawky: yes'.23:50
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