IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2011-07-30

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TimmyTHow can i set socks proxy?00:10
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Guest91332good morning03:05
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* SpeedEvil rages at bugs.03:35
povbotBug 9827: Blocks should have highscore03:35
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SpeedEvilThe certificate expired on 07/28/2011 12:59 AM. The current time is 07/30/2011 01:35 AM.03:35
SpeedEvil hmm03:35
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hatake_kakashiany of you guys played with mtd-utils? and specifically on flasher-3.5's unpacked fiasco images? for some weird reason the mtd-utils I got, I can't extract rootfs.jffs2. In saying so, file reports rootfs.jffs2 as HIT data. I might give 0xFFFF a try03:53
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Hurriann900 doesn't like the word "preenv" ;)04:30
Hurrianoh wtf04:31
Hurrianossofilemanager crashes the thing04:31
Hurrianmount network share, select copy, new folder destination, crash04:32
Hurriantime to report some bugs04:32
DocScrutinizerhatake_kakashi: I don't think we got any jffs2 on N90004:37
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Hurrianhatake_kakashi: it's a UBIFS image04:38
DocScrutinizerhatake_kakashi: rootfs of fremantle/N900 is ubifs04:38
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hatake_kakashiDocScrutinizer && Hurrian: heh good thing some wise people are still awake :). I've figured it out sometime a little afterwards that it is UBIFS, with all the UBI! words in the first few lines of that rootfs.jffs2. Now to dump it would be another thing04:39
hatake_kakashithanks Hurrian04:41
Hurrianmaemo = most pelicular linux distro ever04:42
Hurrianoh right, back to reporting that bug04:42
* SpeedEvil ponders.04:42
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Hurrianmethinks memory corruption04:43
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Hurrianoh well, at least the reboots didnt damage the home filesystem04:44
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orangeyhello all!05:28
orangeyI'm trying to get the bleeding edge drivers loaded when I boot05:28
orangeyinstead of my usual protocol of doing it manually every single time05:28
orangeyI made a file in event.d05:29
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orangey(called kernel-power) and put the script from this post in it:
orangeyhowever, it still won't load up. The part in 'script' is of course something that DOES work when I do it manually (/home/user instead of /home/user/lxp)05:31
orangeyany idea how to even troubleshoot it?05:31
orangeydo I have to chmod +x the script or something?05:31
radicorangey: yes05:32
orangeyradic: that is not the condition of most other scripts in that dir05:33
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radicput #!/bin/bash in the first line05:33
orangeyradic: that would make this file completely unique and unlike all the other files in event.d, and not in accordance with what the wiki says05:34
orangeynot too surprisingly, +x didn't change anything05:35
radicand #!/bin/bash in the first line?05:36
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orangeyradic: no, but like I stated, none of the files in /etc/event.d have that05:39
orangeyand it is not the proper syntax according to the wiki05:39
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ShadowJKis bash even installed by default?05:43
radicorangey: you've strace installed?05:43
orangeyShadowJK: I have bash installed anyhow05:43
ShadowJKin any case, bad idea to get bash involved in bootup scripts05:43
orangeyradic: actually, don't believe so05:43
orangeyI think I got it.. have to do exec05:44
radicShadowJK: bash is installed by default on my N80005:45
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hatake_kakashibash isn't installed as default on any N900, nor was it provided with the firmware image05:47
orangeyi weep for my orphaned n90005:47
orangeyit's so wonderful05:47
orangeyand so hackable05:47
hatake_kakashithe default shell is ash which is provided by busybox05:47
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orangeyOk, finally got it06:07
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TimmyTok finally i flashed it06:12
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TimmyT1i've updated my maemo to its latest version, here i see it has added sum new account types in its built-in conversation messenger. but seems yahoo doesn't work, how to fix it?09:00
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iluminator101hi how do i find out whats inside a mp4 container in commandline?10:30
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dm8tbrmplayer with libcaca?10:38
dm8tbrbut more seriously, _what_ do you want to find out?10:38
iluminator101i got it ffmpeg -i10:39
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iluminator101what is the opposite of sudo gainroot11:27
iluminator101i wanna put it but to normal mode not R&D mode11:28
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iluminator101how do i reverse sudo gainroot11:44
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dm8tbriluminator101: 'exit'?11:47
iluminator101after did sudo gainroot my device is not charging...i plug it in nothing its not showing its charging11:48
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hatake_kakashiopposite of gainroot != switching between normal mode and R&D mode. To switch between normal mode and R&D mode you have to use the flasher utility11:50
hatake_kakashiand I personally don't think R&D mode will prevent the device from charging. I have two N900, both of them can be charged even in R&D mode11:51
dm8tbrsame here11:51
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iluminator101device is not charging nothing wrong with the plug11:52
hatake_kakashiI think there are at times the device does not accept charging. I am not sure exactly why but sometimes unplugging and plugging the charger cable back in will get the device charging11:52
hatake_kakashiI've had to repeat plugging in/unplugging process at most 5 times. Though if after several times (beyond 5) the device will still not charge, I think it could be potential signs of dead USB port.11:53
robbiethe1stI've found that BME is indeed flakey11:54
hatake_kakashiI thought there could be issues when one using pk, I'm using pk on both my N900 but mainly my older N900 is the one showing more prominent signs of requiring to plug USB cable in lots of times11:56
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robbiethe1stOne thing you can do is, as root, "stop bme", wait 30 seconds, plug in the USB cable(LED should glow solid orange) "start bme11:57
robbiethe1stIf you did it right, the screen backlight will turn /off/, and it'll start charging11:57
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Sicelotalking about that robbiethe1st, how does one stop bme? killing it reboots the device11:59
robbiethe1stUh, "stop bme" as root11:59
* Sicelo is stupid :P12:00
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robbiethe1stAlso, depending, ShadowJK's charging script may also help12:01
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Siceloyeah.. that's what i wanted it for, in order to do a proper learn cycle12:02
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ShadowJKrestarting bme with pk's battery kernel module loaded might fail or not work properly12:49
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cehteh   go elop, go! :P12:58
cehtehfrom 38% to 15% on a growing market .. sounds like a plan12:59
robbiethe1stOf course, Google's the real winner. Apple may have the highest per-vendor share, Google has the highest per-os share.13:01
robbiethe1stand probably has a huge chunk of that 48+17% share13:02
cehtehwhat licensing does andoig cost? whats googles profit (we all know that M$ gets its share too)13:02
cehtehwell i dont really care13:03
cehtehi only like to see some vendor grabbing the open platform model up13:03
cehtehapple wont, nokia denied ...13:03
cehtehleaves samsung, LG and few others13:04
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robbiethe1stAndroid costs nothing to license from Google. MS, however...13:09
robbiethe1st$5/handset unless you've got patents to cross-license13:10
*** mase76 has joined #maemo13:10
robbiethe1stPersonally, I want Kubuntu Mobile and or debian with hildon desktop... but I doubt I'll be seeing that anytime soon13:10
cehtehmaemo/meego would already be good enough, sans the nokia fuckup13:11
hatake_kakashithere's cordia which may potentially bring hildon-desktop onto ubuntu environments13:14
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robbiethe1stYea, and I think it's a good idea13:19
*** bactius has quit IRC13:20
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DocScrutinizeractualy powerkernel is broken regarding all i2c until most recently13:31
*** jrocha has joined #maemo13:31
DocScrutinizeresp bme may refuse to work at random moments13:32
hatake_kakashimost recently would mean pk48 has addressed the issue?13:34
*** bash` has quit IRC13:35
hatake_kakashihmm interesting, I guess I may have to give pk48 a go. The last I read there was issues with bluetooth handsfree which directly affects me as I regularly use my BH-905 at work.13:38
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DocScrutinizerv47 (back to v45 it seems) is actually *broken* in a very basic way, and it's almost impossible to tell which are the symptoms of this bug13:41
DocScrutinizer*could* even kill your CPU13:41
DocScrutinizer(smartreflex aka PMU VCC voltage, this "undervolt" thing for CPU power, also gets controlled via I2C)13:42
*** edheldil_ has joined #maemo13:43
DocScrutinizerand on I2C there can happen random things on PK45..47 - though it's extremely unlikely something as nasty as ramp up CPU voltage to BRZZZZ level will happen13:44
*** jrocha has quit IRC13:49
robbiethe1stThat would explain random corruption, though. Some voltage not getting set quite right, one of those 300 times per second it ramps between 0 and 250mhz while in "sleep" mode13:49
*** edheldil_ has quit IRC13:50
DocScrutinizeryeah, matan introduced a "patch" (read botch) that basically implements an "always return ok" policy into I2C's "man 2 flock()"13:51
DocScrutinizerI.E. you CAN NOT lock I2C devices any more13:52
robbiethe1stSo, why is it not in extras-devel yet?13:52
robbiethe1stPali should be yelled at until he's uploaded it properly13:52
DocScrutinizernow add to that the fact that e.g PMU needs unlock sequence to allow writing to the VDD voltage settings etc13:53
DocScrutinizerpali whined to get help why it doesn't show up at all on repos13:53
DocScrutinizernobody cared so far13:53
DocScrutinizerit IS on extras-devel AIUI13:54
DocScrutinizerit just doesn't show up correctly13:54
DocScrutinizers/VDD/Vcore, Vcc/13:57
*** divansantana has joined #maemo13:57
*** muelli has joined #maemo13:58
*** dos11 has joined #maemo13:59
DocScrutinizerthe nasty thing about the brocken locking in I2C API is: it's harder to tell what may happen from that than it is to *proove* "bug free" for the whole kernel14:00
DocScrutinizerI.E. impossible14:01
DocScrutinizerit's just a sure bet to claim: all I2C related stuff *may* break as bad as possible14:01
DocScrutinizerwith this patch of matan14:02
robbiethe1stWhat did it solve, though?14:02
robbiethe1stthere's got to be some reason -- if misguided -- for that patch14:02
DocScrutinizerbq27200 kernel drive bme breakage14:02
DocScrutinizerbme opens bq27200 chip over I2c, the kernel driver bq27200.ko opens it exclusively though. Result: bme breaks14:03
*** lardman has joined #maemo14:03
*** Atarii has joined #maemo14:08
robbiethe1stWell... don't load the module, then? Or unload it before charging?14:10
SpeedEvilPretty much14:11
DocScrutinizerrobbiethe1st: just AIUI it's loaded forced on boot and seems hard to unload or blacklist14:12
SpeedEvilThe right solution (other than ditching BME) would be to put smarts into the driver, to treat an access to I2C port x as an access to the driver14:12
SpeedEvilThis is messy though.14:12
DocScrutinizerthe right solution short term is binning the bq27200.ko and this insane patch. Long term the sane solution got suggested by shadowJK iirc and is a LD_PRELOAD overriding the ioctl access to those I2C APIs14:13
DocScrutinizerof bme14:14
DocScrutinizerI'm back to my universal fopen() interceptor.so14:15
DocScrutinizersomebody also suggested there are ways to open I2C in a way that's not completely blocking (iirc it was speedevil)14:17
DocScrutinizerso bq27200 *could* do the "right thing" and lock the I2C resource only for milliseconds when a read to the bq27200 sysnodes of this driver actually requires reading a value from the chip14:18
SpeedEvilThat too, yes14:18
SpeedEvilA thingy that could do arbitrary ioctl remaps would be _so_ cool.14:19
SpeedEvilAs well as file14:19
DocScrutinizerbme seems "smart" enough to survive occasional -EAGAIN or -EBUSY on read to the I2C14:19
DocScrutinizerand if it's not it simply segfaults and gets restarted - not a big thing either14:20
DocScrutinizerunless it does that all the time14:20
DocScrutinizerthe bq27200.ko however allocates the I2C resource exclusively and permanently on module init14:22
DocScrutinizeraaaah wait - and bme also keeps a handle/control open but not an exclusive one, so it used to work as long as bme gets started before bq27200.ko module14:23
*** janemba has joined #maemo14:23
*** mesx has joined #maemo14:24
DocScrutinizerstop bme; start bme -> doom guaranteed, for pre-matan-I"C-breaking-patch14:25
*** samzzi has joined #maemo14:25
*** samzzi has left #maemo14:25
DocScrutinizernow doom is permanently pending though harder to trigger in a reliable way14:25
*** tackat has joined #maemo14:26
DocScrutinizeralso doom is pending in *all* I2C access now, until recent V48 PK14:26
DocScrutinizerV48 restores the pre-matan.patch behaviour and also should remove bq27200.ko from the list of modules that get autoloaded on boot14:28
DocScrutinizerI.E modprobe bq27200; stop bme; start bme; -->doom guaranteed14:28
DocScrutinizerno big thing as for now nobody should rely on bq27200 module anyway14:31
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: no big thing as for now nobody should depend on bq27200 module anyway14:31
*** barisione has quit IRC14:32
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:32
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:32
DocScrutinizera useless module anyway, as iirc it not even provides full access to the chip's wealth of data14:32
*** barisione has quit IRC14:32
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #maemo14:34
jacekowskii have a device with Processor       : Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l)14:34
jacekowskiand it's like 6x faster than n900 cpu14:34
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC14:34
DocScrutinizerby which metrics?14:34
*** marthd has joined #maemo14:34
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:35
jacekowskijust calculation14:35
jacekowskirunning pi14:35
DocScrutinizeralso Watts/drystone ?14:35
*** barisione has quit IRC14:35
jacekowskitime that it takes to calculate pi to few spaces after .14:35
DocScrutinizerand: can it suspend?14:35
jacekowskiand it's NAS not a phone14:35
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:36
*** barisione has quit IRC14:36
DocScrutinizerhmm, I have access to a device that is ~300 times faster than N900 cpu on such tasks14:37
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:37
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC14:37
*** barisione has quit IRC14:37
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: how about RE bme a bit, and patch in more sane voltage threshold?14:38
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:38
*** barisione has quit IRC14:39
SpeedEvilIndeed, I'd kill for a BME with a battery threshold of 3200mV14:39
SpeedEvil(kill BME)14:39
*** barisione has joined #maemo14:39
*** Roomerlol has quit IRC14:39
DocScrutinizer3100 even14:39
DocScrutinizerbut honestly, result of such effort should be a "tool" patchbmevoltagethreshold <int mV>14:41
DocScrutinizerquite possibly a sed script tuned to patch binaries ;-)14:42
DocScrutinizer(the approach I failed on epically, when it was about patching the smslib14:42
DocScrutinizerit's daunting ther seems to be not ONE unix tool / set of tools capable of simple hexedit-alike patching in a scripted environment14:43
*** tackat has quit IRC14:43
DocScrutinizermessybox doesn't exactly help on the issue either14:45
DocScrutinizermessybox is quite in line with harmattan aegis in this regard: allows only what some maintained figured the users may need14:46
Atariibspatch is not what you're looking for?14:46
DocScrutinizerAtarii: sounds good, never heard of it14:46
DocScrutinizerfirst random factoid: not installed on my pretty comprehensive desktop x86 linux developer system14:47
*** cobra182 has quit IRC14:47
SpeedEvilvim on a binary file14:47
SpeedEvilThough that's not quite what you're looking for14:48
DocScrutinizererr, I bet that will work :-D14:48
SpeedEvilIt pops up a hex screen14:48
DocScrutinizerwell, I bet vi *could* eat scripts as well14:48
ruskieMEMMOVE=0x$(objdump -S -j .plt $INPUT | grep memmove |awk '{ print $1 }')14:49
ruskie[ $MEMMOVE = "0x" ] && echo "Can't find memmove call in $INPUT PLT"14:49
ruskiesomething like that?14:49
DocScrutinizerI have to admit I managed since ~20 yeras to not touch vi(m)14:49
ruskiethere is also xdelta for binary patching14:49
DocScrutinizerruskie: yeah, just check messybox awk, to feel with my frustration14:50
ruskieand then using printf on stuff14:50
*** Jade has joined #maemo14:50
*** sid_ has joined #maemo14:53
DocScrutinizerI had a solution along od and sed, but it also had "issues" - one of them the nasty habit of od to spit out a trailing line with addr but no value14:54
SpeedEvilruskie: s/grep memmove|awk/awk '/memmove/14:57
*** rpa has joined #maemo14:57
*** tackat has joined #maemo14:57
*** edheldil_ has joined #maemo14:57
*** leniwiec_12 has quit IRC15:00
*** sid_ has quit IRC15:02
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo15:03
*** BCMM has quit IRC15:03
*** sid_ has joined #maemo15:05
*** FireFly has joined #maemo15:05
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo15:06
*** Necc has joined #maemo15:07
*** Oppo|n900 has quit IRC15:08
*** Necc has quit IRC15:10
*** ale152 has joined #maemo15:14
*** Necc has joined #maemo15:16
*** Zahra has joined #maemo15:19
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*** ferdna has quit IRC15:37
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*** egs has joined #maemo15:40
*** Necc has joined #maemo15:40
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*** klasu_ has quit IRC15:43
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo15:46
*** robbiethe1st has quit IRC15:46
*** climber has quit IRC15:47
x29acan i make the packaging call more verbose? im using the QtSDK to deploy via mad, but i get: mad dpkg-buildpackage -nc -uc -us' failed.Exit code: 215:47
*** trbs has joined #maemo15:49
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: o you happen to recall teh samplerate of the voltmeter on the bq2720015:50
SpeedEvilah - nvm - I should look itup15:50
x29aill try to run mad from the console, not within qtsdk15:51
*** Suiseiseki has joined #maemo15:52
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo15:52
*** hardaker has joined #maemo15:55
SpeedEviloh - 2.5s15:56
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: some ticks faster than the 5.2s15:59
SpeedEvilI'm wondering about a hacked up battery analyser to properly spit out impedence15:59
SpeedEvilimpedence spectroscopy15:59
DocScrutinizer*should* work15:59
SpeedEvilI'll knock out a proto tonight.16:00
DocScrutinizerping me if you need sparring, review, help, whatever16:00
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: OT but nice:
DocScrutinizerlooking forward to wear one of those in 10 days16:02
*** marthd has quit IRC16:04
*** c2pLaY has quit IRC16:07
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:08
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*** licensed has joined #maemo16:13
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*** dos11 is now known as dos116:23
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*** lardman is now known as lardman|away16:29
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*** Venemo_ has joined #maemo17:36
*** orangey has joined #maemo17:36
orangeyhello all17:37
orangeyHow do I edit the .mo files in /usr/share/locale/?17:37
hatake_kakashiyou can't17:40
orangeyhatake_kakashi: surely there's some way to manipulate it?17:40
*** sq-one has quit IRC17:40
*** sq-one has joined #maemo17:40
*** orangey has left #maemo17:40
*** hannesw__ has joined #maemo17:41
*** hurbu has joined #maemo17:43
*** licensed` has joined #maemo17:44
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*** mc_teo has joined #maemo17:51
*** mc_teo has joined #maemo17:51
*** vblazquez has quit IRC17:52
DocScrutinizerseems man 1 localedef   is providing some info. Anyway you need the input files I'd think17:52
hatake_kakashiI was about to reply but he left. .mo files are precompiled translation files. He'll need to obtain the .po files which allows editing with some translation software17:54
*** Oppo|n900 has joined #maemo17:54
DocScrutinizeralso note /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive17:56
DocScrutinizera PITA17:56
*** kraft has quit IRC17:57
*** sid_ has quit IRC17:58
*** mase_76 has joined #maemo17:58
*** kraft has joined #maemo17:58
*** Venemo has joined #maemo18:00
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:00
*** Venemo has joined #maemo18:00
*** mase76 has quit IRC18:01
DocScrutinizer23MB of cruft, on rootfs where space is precious18:03
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC18:03
DocScrutinizerand no way t get rid of (sorry) abominations like zh_CN18:04
hatake_kakashiI suppose that could be optified (and maybe later on use binding mount). Much like /var/lib/dpkg where if one has extras-devel enabled or whatever its causing it, it chews up more rootfs space18:05
DocScrutinizerwell, looking at the FQN starting with /usr/, and at18:07
infobotfrom memory, optification is a inventive duct tape workaround to reclaim space in fs root, done due to the fact the systeminit *and* partitioning is FUBAR,,_Deploying_and_Distributing/Installing_under_opt_and_MyDocs, or ""OMG - I wish somebody had looked into FHS and moved /usr to eMMC"", bullet1,2 and fhs-2.3.html#PURPOSE16 dot318:07
DocScrutinizerI'd guess yes it *should* be optifyable18:07
DocScrutinizeras I don't give a dang about early boot having access to a full set of translations of every possible string to every supported locale18:08
hatake_kakashiit maybe tricky though :) I guess if its not required around boot time it may not cause bootloops and may also not affect with the various UI18:08
DocScrutinizerbut, you know, that's maemo and Nokia18:08
hatake_kakashihmm or maybe the rest could be optified18:08
DocScrutinizerI bet there's only PIN and lockcode entering dialog, and firstboot wizard for setting date/time/kbd/location that's affected by missing /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive18:12
*** lardman|away is now known as lardman18:13
hatake_kakashihopefully the worst case scenario with optifying it would be that one gets stab_me_*, push_this_*, etc lookalike UI :)18:14
hatake_kakashis/the/in the/18:14
infobothatake_kakashi meant: hopefully in the worst case scenario with optifying it would be that one gets stab_me_*, push_this_*, etc lookalike UI :)18:14
mgedminwazd, what's the licence of
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo18:19
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo18:21
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Ballanuxhi all18:47
*** jimmy1980 has joined #maemo18:47
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:48
*** Ballanux has left #maemo18:48
*** ale152 has quit IRC18:57
*** ale152 has joined #maemo18:57
hatake_kakashihahaha, I created /etc/rc.local, within it I added mount /opt/var/lib/dpkg /var/lib/dpkg -o bind. Upon reboot I get the fancy looking dialog as I mentioned before :D19:02
*** Malin_ has joined #maemo19:05
*** valerius has quit IRC19:13
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*** dos1 has joined #maemo19:18
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo19:23
rcgdamn.. lol.. kept updating the date in the changelog but forgot the day of week.. apparently the autobuilder then simply ignores the date and takes the date of the next upcoming, matching day of week xD19:26
*** lbt has quit IRC19:26
*** licensed` has quit IRC19:29
*** lbt has joined #maemo19:30
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*** licensed has joined #maemo19:32
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*** luke-jr_ is now known as luke-jr19:55
DocScrutinizerwho provided the original DONT_PANIC bootvideo? I'd like to give proper credit on
keriois there a way to just disable mr hands?19:59
kerioor is a 1-frame video the best way to do that?19:59
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo20:01
DocScrutinizerkerio: see note in
*** TimmyT has joined #maemo20:01
DocScrutinizerjust one line :-) ::  /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10hildon_welcome = shaking-hands-video20:02
TimmyThow to mount root partition of n900 on my pc?20:02
mgedminTimmyT, use sshfs20:03
*** MadViking has quit IRC20:04
*** lardman has quit IRC20:04
*** MadViking has joined #maemo20:05
*** sid_ has joined #maemo20:06
*** Milhouse has quit IRC20:07
TimmyTmgedmin: through wifi?20:07
*** wazd has quit IRC20:07
mgedminsure, why not?20:07
mgedmin(you could also use it over usbnet, if you want greater speed)20:08
TimmyTmgedmin: that's why i need to do this through usb20:08
TimmyTmgedmin: it is a little bit slow20:08
*** mase_76 has quit IRC20:14
*** mase76 has joined #maemo20:14
*** rd has joined #maemo20:14
TimmyTis there any music player with graphic equalizer?20:15
*** muellisoft is now known as Muelli20:16
ShadowJKjacekowski, what MHz does your Feroceon run at?20:16
* ShadowJK has a 1200MHz sheevaplug with "Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l)"20:17
*** gri has quit IRC20:18
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo20:22
*** jhb has quit IRC20:24
*** klasu__ has joined #maemo20:29
*** nox- has joined #maemo20:33
*** unixSnob has quit IRC20:34
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*** nox- has quit IRC20:35
*** luke-jr has quit IRC20:36
ShapeshifterTimmyT: use compression with sshfs, it will be quicker for most files in /20:37
*** nox- has joined #maemo20:37
*** luke-jr has joined #maemo20:38
*** luke-jr|otg has joined #maemo20:38
DocScrutinizerlol, I managed to make N900 play BOTH the DONT_PANIC and the Hands video X-P20:38
*** willer_ has joined #maemo20:39
*** lardman has joined #maemo20:40
*** lardman has quit IRC20:40
*** lardman has joined #maemo20:40
jacekowskiShadowJK: 120020:41
DocScrutinizerkerio: refresh my tools page20:42
*** sq-one has quit IRC20:44
*** rd has quit IRC20:44
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC20:45
*** rpa has joined #maemo20:49
hatake_kakashiTimmyT, I think rockbox has graphic equaliser20:49
*** leniwiec_12 has quit IRC20:52
*** onekenthomas has joined #maemo20:54
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo20:58
*** BluesLee has quit IRC21:00
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo21:05
*** geaaru has joined #maemo21:05
*** buntfalke has quit IRC21:06
ShadowJKbtw, encoding a ~60s wav to mp3 with lame: 1200MHz Feroceon armv5: 2m13s, N900 omap3 @ 600MHz: 1m28s21:09
*** marthd has joined #maemo21:10
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo21:11
ShapeshifterShadowJK: how come?21:11
*** jacekowski has quit IRC21:11
ShadowJKhow come what21:11
ShapeshifterShadowJK: why is the omap3 so much faster?21:11
*** jacekowski has joined #maemo21:11
ShadowJKNeon, and does more work per clock overall21:12
*** fvahid has joined #maemo21:15
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo21:15
fvahidhow get kernel of the maemo ?21:16
jacekowskicompiled or not?21:16
*** BCMM has joined #maemo21:17
fvahidjacekowski: not compiled21:17
jacekowskiapt-get source linux-kernel21:18
jacekowskior something like that21:18
jacekowskii don't remember package name21:18
fvahidim not use n900.21:19
jacekowskiin scratchbox21:19
fvahidjacekowski: tanx21:20
ShadowJKfvahid, looking for anything in particular?21:22
fvahidShadowJK: yes21:23
TimmyTfvahid: ok im back21:26
*** c2p has quit IRC21:27
TimmyTfvahid: i think u are better to buy a n900, rather than finding a girlfriend, kuz whoever she be, u can't install irssi on her21:27
TimmyTfvahid: maskhare :D. akhe morche chie ke kale pachash chi bash21:30
*** nsuffys has joined #maemo21:32
TimmyTwhen i try to install sum apps like smplayer or extra decoders or nano-opt , it says that sum dependencies are missed and are not available in the repository? what is this? :D how to fix it? is there any hidden key to install apps from maemo's repository?21:34
jacekowskithere are like 3 repositories on maemo.org21:35
jacekowski+ loads of private repositiories21:35
TimmyTjacekowski: i only have extra fremantle-1.3, wat are other things?21:37
jacekowskiextras testing21:38
jacekowskiand devel21:38
*** mase76 has quit IRC21:38
TimmyTjacekowski: so are u saying those dependencies are available in testing and devel repos?21:39
TimmyTjacekowski: i promise it is my latest silly question im asking u21:43
*** vi__ has joined #maemo21:45
jacekowskisome are21:46
*** Cobra1823 has quit IRC21:49
*** fvahid has quit IRC21:49
*** willer_ has quit IRC21:55
*** GNUtoo|laptop has quit IRC21:57
*** C-S-B__ has joined #maemo22:01
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo22:02
*** vi__ has quit IRC22:03
*** C-S-B_ has quit IRC22:03
DocScrutinizerDONT_PANIC! :-D
ruskieI thought there was some app in the repos for managing bootmenus22:08
*** marthd_ has joined #maemo22:08
*** leniwiec_12 has joined #maemo22:09
*** mase76 has joined #maemo22:09
ludensanyone here knows anything about the offline caching patch for modest in CSSU22:10
*** jrocha has joined #maemo22:10
DocScrutinizerruskie: err, managing bootmenus?22:10
ruskieerm bootvids even22:11
ludensim asking cos i just saw this
*** rpa has quit IRC22:12
*** marthd has quit IRC22:12
ruskieDocScrutinizer, btw wrt to that cron job... you could just have fcron on the n900 and run the job that way?22:12
*** mc_teo has quit IRC22:14
*** deimos has joined #maemo22:14
DocScrutinizerwhich cron job?22:15
DocScrutinizerthe backup-cronjob that runs on my PC? no, I can't, as that would mean N900 knows how to log in to my home IT, without me entering the password. And that's sth I definitely never will do22:16
ludensso... cssu has apparently had a modest patch added recently. but my apt says my modest is the latest version. what do i do to get this patched version?22:18
DocScrutinizerinstall CSSU?22:19
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo22:19
ludensi have it already...?22:19
DocScrutinizeror simply get and dpkg -i the .deb22:19
ludensyeah but the .deb by the developer is not the same as the .deb for cssu, but i cant find anything about modest at the cssu website...22:20
DocScrutinizerHAM will automatically pull updates from CSSU repo, so check if there are updates available in HAM22:20
*** BCMM has quit IRC22:21
ShapeshifterDocScrutinizer: why the don't panic video? is it some sort of meme?22:21
*** gn00b has joined #maemo22:22
*** rd has joined #maemo22:22
ludensDocScrutinizer51: sorry, ive already checked HAM for updates22:22
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything, see also,_the_universe,_and_everything22:23
DocScrutinizer>>DON'T PANIC (always upper-case) is a phrase written on the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.[31] The novel explains that this was partly because the device "looked insanely complicated" to operate, and partly to keep intergalactic travelers from panicking.[32] It is said that despite its many glaring (and occasionally fatal) inaccuracies, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy itself has outsold the Encyclopedia Galactica22:26
DocScrutinizerbecause it is slightly cheaper, and because it has the words "DON'T PANIC" in large, friendly letters on the cover<<22:26
Shapeshifteryeah I read that22:26
ludensshould i do some kind of new install of cssu?22:26
Gh0styis there actually a way to rotate the screen to unlock the phone (lock code screen)22:28
DocScrutinizerask MohammadAG22:28
Gh0stytrying and typing that one 1 handed is difficult when holding it upright :/22:28
*** antman8969 has joined #maemo22:29
ludenshm reading the cssu changelog the patch doesnt seem to have been implemented at all. so problem solved22:29
*** radic has quit IRC22:30
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*** mesx has joined #maemo22:33
*** Kukiz23 has joined #maemo22:35
Kukiz23what is best game for n900?22:36
*** c2pLaY has quit IRC22:36
*** jrocha has quit IRC22:37
DocScrutinizerthe one you're playing the most22:38
*** Atarii has joined #maemo22:38
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:39
*** vi__ has joined #maemo22:40
Kukiz23the one?22:40
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC22:47
Kukiz23i ask for best game for n90022:47
*** TomaszD has quit IRC22:49
vi__it is unethack22:49
ludensdo i need to uninstall CSSU before i can switch to the testing version?22:49
ludensHAM says 'CSSU is already installed'22:49
vi__ludens: there is only the tsting version22:50
*** FIQ has joined #maemo22:51
ludenswell then i am very congfused22:52
ludensill ask in #maemo-ssu22:53
*** net-split has joined #maemo22:55
DocScrutinizerruskie: I actually don't care about any app to manage bootvideos, it's not like I change them 5 times a day. I'm not even booting 5 times a month. And for sure I wouldn't want to explain how to use that app to get "my" DONT_PANIC movie installed and running22:59
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo23:01
vi__don't boot videos just increase boot time?23:02
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC23:03
SpeedEvilNot by the length of the video23:03
SpeedEvilSimply as other stuff happens in the background.23:03
SpeedEvilIt is additional CPU though23:03
DocScrutinizera bit23:04
DocScrutinizeras that's mostly DSP/GFX23:04
SpeedEvilVery little in the case if the DSP is used.23:04
*** antman8969 has quit IRC23:05
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*** Milhouse has joined #maemo23:35
Shapeshifterwhat the tmo mods should do is some parenting for all the chaotic users. every app should be in the bug tracker for example. then, if someone 'complains about something not working' the post should be deleted and a note dropped that this belongs on the bug tracker. feature requests, too. Then, everytime someone writes a guide and posts it on the forum, it should be moved to a new wiki page and deleted.23:36
*** tackat has joined #maemo23:37
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*** cpscotti has joined #maemo23:37
*** Smily has joined #maemo23:38
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ShadowJKActually most of them are too incoherent for bugtrackers23:39
*** antman8969 has joined #maemo23:41
*** BCMM has joined #maemo23:46
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