IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2011-07-13

GeneralAntillesjavispedro, is Fennec available?00:00
javispedronot in the base image00:00
javispedrodunno if they have packaged it for harmattan somewhere00:00
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vdvwhere maemo stores a list of repositories? i.e. which file?00:01
DocScrutinizerthat's it - annoying00:01
DocScrutinizer""dunno if they have packaged it for harmattan somewhere""00:01
jacekowskivdv: /etc/apt/00:01
trumeeDocScrutinizer: bot incoming and outgoing calls have the same id '1' :(00:01
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*** disco_stu_N800 is now known as disco_stu00:01
DocScrutinizertrumee: can you pastebin one inbound record plus one outbound record please?00:02
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i am using sqlitebrowser to see the records atm00:02
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vdvjacekowski, thanks00:03
DocScrutinizertrumee: there *has* to be a diff somewhere, as the phone history displays the direction of calls. Worst thing was they use a new database for that infobit now00:03
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DocScrutinizertrumee: ok, to ease my life, please paste the cmdline here ;-)00:04
GeneralAntillesIf only I could figure what order they're sending them out in.00:04
vdvwhat's the difference between "deb http://..." and "deb-src http://" ?00:04
DocScrutinizerI'll look up in my own databease00:04
javispedroGeneralAntilles: yours last00:04
GeneralAntillesMaybe there's a game show wheel.00:04
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, HATE00:04
* javispedro idly swipes on his n95000:04
DocScrutinizervdv: I think the one is for source repos00:05
jacekowskitrumee: it's not id00:05
DocScrutinizerI might be totally wrong00:05
jacekowskitrumee: there was some other column for that00:05
DocScrutinizertrumee: you're still with us?00:05
DocScrutinizertrumee: meanwhile I could have studied the manpage :-P00:06
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trumeejacekowski: it is the event_type_id00:06
trumeejacekowski: which seems to be 1 all the time00:06
trumeejacekowski: also the EventTypes table doesnt have an id for OUTBOUND_CALLS00:07
DocScrutinizertrumee: the inbound is sofiasip but maybe that's not realy relevant00:07
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jacekowskitrumee: when i was looking at it, it worked00:07
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yes, i would have thought both gsm and sip calls should have the same event_id00:07
trumeejacekowski: can you check if you have EventType for Outbound Calls?00:08
jacekowskitrumee: my n900 is fubar now00:08
jacekowskii've decided to buy an iphone00:08
jacekowskiiphone lasted me 24 months00:09
jacekowskin900 lasted only 1400:09
jacekowskiit's not the same quality as it used to be00:09
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ah, there is an outgoing column00:09
DocScrutinizertrumee: the second last int differs 0 / 100:09
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yeah, that is the outgoing column00:09
javispedroalterego: Jaffa: GeneralAntilles: you wanted to remove developer edition branding? ;)
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jacekowskijavispedro: do you want to sell your n950?00:10
Jaffajavispedro: heh, cool00:10
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, two of those people you highlighted just to be a bitch.00:10
DocScrutinizertrumee: so you know how to tweak the SQL query?00:10
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yes00:10
javispedroGeneralAntilles: MUAHAHA.00:10
GeneralAntillesAh, cool.00:10
GeneralAntillesI had found the background watermarked images, but hadn't located the statusarea one.00:10
javispedrojacekowski: "NOT FOR SALE" imprinted on the device00:11
DocScrutinizertrumee: don't forget the updated script ;-)00:11
DocScrutinizers/et/et to post/00:11
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: trumee: don't forget to post the updated script ;-)00:11
jacekowskijavispedro: do you want to give it to me for free?00:11
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* DocScrutinizer giggles00:13
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: that printing is easy to remove - I can lend you my Dremel and a soft polish disk00:13
GeneralAntillesIs it painted on or embossed?00:14
javispedroI just looked at the back of the device I realized I still have the camera lens protector00:14
javispedrono wonder it made crappy pictures00:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: MUHAHA00:14
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, s/imprinted/printed/00:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: It move 3cm on my device00:15
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* javispedro uses his n950 to browse to that URL00:15
vi__how do i launch mediaplayer from cli?00:16
DocScrutinizerhe's an ass, isn't he?00:16
DocScrutinizervi__: ask MohammadAG - he should know00:17
DocScrutinizervi__: there are several methods00:17
DocScrutinizerdepending on what exactly you want to get launched00:17
GAN900DocScrutinizer, if only he realized how thin the ice really is. *g*00:17
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javispedrooh, I can already hear it cracking from here =)00:18
vdvwhat does "W: Conflicting distribution: fremantle-1.3 Release (expected fremantle-1.3 but got )"00:18
trumeeDocScrutinizer: done.
trumeeDocScrutinizer: next step is get a popup if i exceed my free minutes00:19
Jaffajavispedro: No *baddJ* references in step 2 for me00:19
DocScrutinizertrumee: you want to link this to the trigger that updates the call duration at end of call00:20
*** vi__ has quit IRC00:20
javispedroJaffa: sorry, "dadd-"00:20
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ?00:20
DocScrutinizertrumee: then ideally send a dbus-msg with sum of minutes on each end of call00:21
DocScrutinizertrumee: there's a trigger (stored procedure I guess) that updates the end time of call - aiui00:21
GAN900it's nice having a laptop that can resume.00:21
DocScrutinizerinside that database00:21
trumeeDocScrutinizer: or, i can use dbus-scripts when the phone app is invoked , check for the free minutes available and give a popup00:22
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DocScrutinizertrumee: ideal place to also calculate the minutes total, and send it in a dbus-signal00:22
javispedrovdv: if this is for extras devel, you can put "fremantle" in distribution field (without version)00:22
Jaffajavispedro: ta00:22
trumeeDocScrutinizer: hmm, so the dbus signal is sent out at the end of the call rather than before i start making a new call00:22
DocScrutinizertrumee: that's my next suggestion then, just you listen to this signal *you* send from the call-end stored procedure inside the sql db trigger00:23
*** Smily has joined #maemo00:23
DocScrutinizertrumee: wouldn't it be rather useless to send a signal at start of call?00:23
trumeeDocScrutinizer: not sure if i can send a dbus signal from the trigger function in the db00:23
vdvwhat does apt-get update do? does it update packages? or just package database?00:23
DocScrutinizertrumee: me neither00:23
DocScrutinizerbut in a proper fulsize SQL it would work00:24
trumeeDocScrutinizer: as soon as i make the outgoing call, the popup will tell me that i have exceeded the free minutes, so i can stop that call00:24
DocScrutinizeras SQL has a method to call e.g dbus-send ninary00:24
javispedroone thing I wonder is why aegis doesn't crap itself when I edit theme files00:24
CaCO3vdv: update => update database. upgrade => udate packages00:24
vdvCaCO3, thanks00:25
DocScrutinizertrumee: I'd prefer a signal at end of call warning me about "7 minutes left", "6..."00:25
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: possibly because themes are not considered critical (this could be a misconception)00:26
trumeeDocScrutinizer: right00:26
DocScrutinizertrumee: maybe my idea with the dbus-send from inside the stored procedure is too nifty to be elegant00:27
DocScrutinizerjust do it as you suggested: use dbus-scripting to catch each start and end of a call, and then do whatever you like there00:28
DocScrutinizerway simpler to understand and to maintain00:28
*** the_lord has quit IRC00:28
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yeah00:28
*** rcg has quit IRC00:29
Jaffajavispedro: works perfectly :)00:29
DocScrutinizertrumee: you may even consider to start a while sleep 60; do... script on start of call, that checks for minutes left each minute during call, warns when minutes ->0, and gets killed on dbus-scripting sensing call-end00:30
DocScrutinizerso you are even safe with long calls00:30
*** dos1 has quit IRC00:30
javispedrogood to know :)00:31
CaCO3I request something for low battery00:31
CaCO3once it switched off during a call without a warning :(00:31
trumeeDocScrutinizer: problem with that is that i will be holding the phone next to my ear and wont see the popup :)00:31
CaCO3use the fibra00:31
DocScrutinizertrumee: vibrator is the magic item00:31
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i guess the phone could be made to vibrate00:31
trumeeDocScrutinizer: will stick with  a popup for a start00:32
DocScrutinizerkicking vibra it extremely simple, as simple as a popup00:33
* DocScrutinizer idly wonders what will happen if you call >> play-sound warning.wav << during a call00:34
vdvwhat's the difference between gcc-4.2 and gcc packages in SDK repository?00:35
trumeeDocScrutinizer: any idea how do i find the dbus message for a call termination?00:36
DocScrutinizeruse dbus-monitor?00:36
DocScrutinizermaybe helps00:37
DocScrutinizerCaCO3: doesn't help as there's no dbus signals listed you could listen to, afaik00:38
*** _0x47 has quit IRC00:39
trumeeyes, they are for sending signals not for listening00:39
CaCO3ups, sorry didnt read it right00:40
DocScrutinizerof course play-sound during call is completely muted00:40
*** Venemo has joined #maemo00:40
DocScrutinizerhail PA and its awesme mixing paowers00:41
Venemogood evening00:41
DocScrutinizerhi Venemo00:41
VenemoDocScrutinizer, is it sarcasm, or have you really come to like PA? :P00:41
trumeeDocScrutinizer: that message doesnt help00:42
DocScrutinizerVenemo: you're kidding?00:42
CaCO3there has to be a way to play a sound while you are calling00:42
trumeeDocScrutinizer: it only gives the current state of the call.00:42
CaCO3else you coudl not be notified about another call.00:43
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i dont want to poll the phone every minute :(00:43
DocScrutinizerVenemo: how much awesome mixing could be found in completely muting the play-sound output during a phonecall?00:43
VenemoI guess that was a decision to prevent dumb users from not hearing their calls00:43
DocScrutinizertrumee: sorry, I haven't looked into it, I knew I had that bookmark as it was sth I found worth a bookmark and it was related to callstate00:44
DocScrutinizerCaCO3: that's actually done *inside* the modem00:44
CaCO3hmm :(00:45
CaCO3letzt hack the HD ^^00:45
DocScrutinizerI still had to learn N900 signals SIP calls during a GSM call00:45
*** onen|openBmap_ has quit IRC00:45
DocScrutinizerOTOH I haven't learned yet it doesn't00:45
DocScrutinizerso your point might still hold00:45
*** BCMM has joined #maemo00:46
DocScrutinizeralas all that PA crap esp alsaped is completely undocumented00:47
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC00:47
DocScrutinizerso you had to figure from thin air and cryptic examples how to teak any of those policies - probably named cmt-audio or likewise - to allow mixing in audio to the GSM PCM stream00:48
DocScrutinizercheck /etc/pulse/* if you want to learn more00:50
DocScrutinizer(I wonder how this guy figured his tweaks - prolly mere guesswork)00:51
*** BCMM has quit IRC00:51
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*** wam has quit IRC00:52
* Khertan is loosing time trying to understand how to selecting text in harmattan terminal00:52
DocScrutinizertrumee: for now vibrator is your best effort to meet the purpose00:53
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yes, saw that.00:54
trumeeDocScrutinizer: but i first need to figure out to trap the call hangup signal00:54
trumeeand the last thing i want is another daemon for checking the call state00:55
DocScrutinizerand that post you linked shall help on that?00:55
DocScrutinizermeh, use dbus-monitor, there are a zillion dbus signals on call end, it's just a matter of picking the best of the abundance00:55
Khertanouch 4Gb reseved for aegis00:56
DocScrutinizercool eh :-/00:56
trumeeDocScrutinizer: dbus-monitor outputs shit loads of messages on a call end00:56
Khertanyep indeed00:56
DocScrutinizertrumee: indeed, and all of these are related to call end00:56
DocScrutinizerI'd check for sender=cmt or sth like that, those are rather original00:57
Khertan... git installed00:58
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i am just testing with sip calls. dont want to waste my free minutes :)00:58
trumeeDocScrutinizer: and guess sip calls generate much more dbus messages00:58
Khertanhum to setuptools in harmattan repository00:59
*** CaCO3_N900 has quit IRC01:00
javispedroDocScrutinizer: made a quick script to read magnetometer output:
* Khertan is amuzed by the fact that his QML version of khteditor look like faster on n900 than 950 :)01:01
*** nmjnb has quit IRC01:01
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: you are incredible01:01
javispedrowget it on n950 and run it via "python" ... aegis won't complain ;)01:01
chem|sthas anyone tried to get "motion" running?01:02
Khertandoes aegis will complain of thing install "manually" in /usr/lib/python/dist-packages/01:02
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# chmod +x ./compass.sh01:03
*** Mousey has joined #maemo01:03
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# ./compass.sh01:03
DocScrutinizer-sh: ./ Operation not permitted01:03
javispedroDocScrutinizer: it's python, not bash.01:03
DocScrutinizerso what?01:03
KhertanMUUUHAAHAHAHA Epic failed :)01:03
javispedroand I told you to run it via "python ..." so that aegis wouldn't complain01:03
*** DrGrov has joined #maemo01:03
maybeHerethere should be a little trollface picture next to every "Operation not permitted"01:03
DocScrutinizereven more muuuhahhahaahahahaa01:04
javispedrook, hit me :)01:04
DocScrutinizer#!/usr/bin/env python01:04
DocScrutinizeris not good enough for aegis01:04
javispedrowhat's not good for aegis is running, as root, a not digsig'd file.01:04
chem|stso everyone now moving on to 950?01:05
cehtehDocScrutinizer: did you noticed what i saied yesterday .. years ago some similar code-signing patch was proposed for linux but taken down as someone shown that a written in perl broke it01:05
DocScrutinizerno, only javispedro not moving to #harmattan ;-P01:05
* javispedro sighs01:05
javispedrois that thing logged already?01:05
DocScrutinizeryes, semi01:05
DocScrutinizersoon fully01:05
rm_workjavispedro: i agree with you though... it's probably a bad idea01:06
rm_workonly reason i'm in it is in case i miss something <_<01:06
rm_worki figure if someone there asks me a question, i'll respond here01:06
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: [2011-07-12 12:12:19] <dm8tbr> DocScrutinizer: I can get MeeGoBot here, but so far those logs are not public.01:07
DocScrutinizer[2011-07-12 12:13:03] <DocScrutinizer> I can get infobot here no problem,01:07
javispedrocivil war!01:08
vdvi'm trying to do apt-get install libqt4-dev, but it fails with unresolved dependencies: libqt4-dev: Depends: libgles2-sgx-img-dev but it is not installable01:08
*** klasu_ has quit IRC01:08
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: nonsesne :-D01:08
DocScrutinizerthat's cooperation01:08
javispedrovdv: where are you trying to do that?01:09
vdvon device01:09
vdvshould i do that on scratchbox? :)01:09
javispedroI'd say that, or on a chroot with all the SDK repos a01:10
javispedrond nokia-binaries.01:10
vdvmy intention is be able to compile and run qt application01:11
vdvcan't i do it directly on device?01:11
*** bash` is now known as bash`afk01:11
javispedroI suggest chroot.01:12
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: x=140..300   z=-40..150,   y=complete mess01:13
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: that's for all possible orientations01:13
vdvjavispedro, where should i chroot?01:13
javispedrovdv: read some of the on-device dev threads, like
javispedroDocScrutinizer: z is failry constant here01:14
*** PolarFox has left #maemo01:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: ALL POSSIBLE orientations01:15
*** sid_ has quit IRC01:15
DocScrutinizerface down and whatnot else01:15
javispedrofaceup z = -120, facedown z = 9001:15
vdvjavispedro: ok, thanks01:16
DocScrutinizerI'm sure my neighbours died from laughing watching me doing this dance while looking at my laptop ssh01:16
*** GNUtoo|laptop has quit IRC01:16
DocScrutinizerI should have completely undressed for that, and ignited some black candles ;-P01:17
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: there must be a way to retrigger calibration01:18
javispedrothis is probably as raw as it gets.01:18
DocScrutinizermy calibration dance was very poor I guess01:18
DocScrutinizerdunno, haven't seen the DS yet for that chip01:18
*** setanta has quit IRC01:19
javispedroseemingly ak8974 for n95001:19
javispedroand ak8975 for n9?01:19
*** Oppo|n900 has quit IRC01:22
*** tzafrir_laptop has joined #maemo01:24
*** javispedro has quit IRC01:24
* DocScrutinizer checks the wikipage01:24
*** wazd has quit IRC01:25
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Termanagood morning03:32
*** Openfree^ has quit IRC03:37
DocScrutinizeryoh Termana - good moaning03:42
*** pyther has joined #maemo03:44
*** pyther has joined #maemo03:44
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sid_what parameter should i use for mkimage for booting from mmc?03:57
sid_mk^Cage  -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 80008000 -e 80008000 -n meego -d zImage uImage03:57
*** yaccin has quit IRC03:59
*** marthd_ has joined #maemo04:03
sid_morning and good night04:07
*** marthd has quit IRC04:07
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*** d2biG has joined #maemo04:15
*** dRbiG has quit IRC04:15
holmesIIhelp, when I include <hal/libhal> , i got error: dbus/dbus.h: No such file or directory04:17
holmesII. i have /usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus/dbus.h, did I miss something?04:17
MohammadAGdo you have dbus-1 in the pkg config field?04:18
holmesIIdo you mean install it?04:18
holmesIIthe pkg?04:18
holmesIIi just buid it in a empty file.04:20
holmesIIin a .c file04:20
MohammadAGhow are you building04:20
holmesIIand just #include <hal/libhal>04:20
holmesIIgcc -o app app.c04:20
holmesIIi am using ECBOX in the virtual machine.04:20
holmesIIi downloaded the virtual image from the website and just run the virtual machine04:21
MohammadAGtry adding -I/usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus04:21
*** keithzg has joined #maemo04:21
holmesIIin terminal or in where?04:21
holmesIIwhat is the exact command?04:21
MohammadAGgcc parameters04:21
MohammadAGgcc -I/usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus -o app app.c04:22
holmesIIis there a space between -I and /usr?04:23
holmesIIi got the same error error: dbus/dbus.h: No such file or directory04:24
holmesIIplease!!.  but i got go right now. i will be back.04:24
*** sid__ has joined #maemo04:27
MohammadAGmohammad@mohammad-i5laptop:~$ pkg-config --cflags dbus-104:28
MohammadAG-I/usr/include/dbus-1.0 -I/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dbus-1.0/include04:28
MohammadAGgcc $(pkg-config --cflags dbus-1) -o app app.c04:28
*** sid_ has quit IRC04:30
*** infobot has quit IRC04:37
*** yaccin has joined #maemo04:39
*** lbt has quit IRC04:41
*** Vickao_ has joined #maemo04:41
Vickao_I am not able to download from QMLTube, ran it from terminal, the error is "QMaemoICPrivate fails to watch for GConf changes in "/system/http_proxy". and above this line there are also two more errors (?)04:42
Vickao_download videos I mean.04:43
*** sid_ has joined #maemo04:53
*** sid__ has quit IRC04:56
*** mirsal has quit IRC04:57
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo04:58
*** infobot has joined #maemo05:00
infobotDocScrutinizer: infobot joined!05:00
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot05:10
MohammadAGfmc down?05:14
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:20
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:20
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:20
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:20
*** Scifig has joined #maemo05:22
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo05:25
holmesIIit seems ok now. thanks. there are some other error. i will give feedback later.05:26
*** pyther has quit IRC05:29
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*** maybeHere has quit IRC05:34
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holmesIIi got another error? undefined reference to `dbus_error_init'05:54
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC06:06
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo06:08
*** mitsutaka_ has joined #maemo06:09
* DocScrutinizer yawns06:12
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC06:13
*** mitsutaka_ has quit IRC06:14
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hiemanshumorning everyone07:16
dm8tbrgood moaning07:16
hiemanshudm8tbr: moaning?07:16
* dm8tbr yawwwwwwns07:18
*** otep has quit IRC07:20
*** otep has joined #maemo07:22
*** c2pLaY has quit IRC07:26
*** MadViking has quit IRC07:26
*** Itschue has quit IRC07:31
*** nox- has quit IRC07:32
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:34
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:34
*** booiiing has quit IRC07:37
*** booiiing has joined #maemo07:37
Termanahiemanshu, morning07:37
*** vblazquez has quit IRC07:38
Termanahiemanshu, heard nothing on your end I assume?07:38
*** unixSnob has quit IRC07:38
*** Necc has joined #maemo07:39
*** GonzoTheGreat has quit IRC07:40
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo07:41
*** Necc has quit IRC07:53
*** Necc has joined #maemo07:57
*** bash`afk has quit IRC08:02
*** Khertan has quit IRC08:02
*** bash`afk has joined #maemo08:02
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*** Tuco1 has quit IRC08:06
*** Smily has joined #maemo08:06
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo08:06
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo08:06
*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo08:06
*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo08:06
*** Necc has quit IRC08:09
*** opdf2 has quit IRC08:09
*** opdf2 has joined #maemo08:09
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*** strohi has quit IRC08:13
*** tzafrir has joined #maemo08:13
*** strohi has joined #maemo08:14
*** strohi has joined #maemo08:14
*** swc|666 has quit IRC08:15
*** tzafrir_laptop has quit IRC08:16
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC08:16
*** hiemanshu_ has joined #maemo08:19
*** Funnyface has joined #maemo08:21
*** kerio has quit IRC08:24
*** kerio has joined #maemo08:24
*** valdyn has quit IRC08:40
*** onen|openBmap has joined #maemo08:44
*** onen|openBmap has quit IRC08:44
*** kwek has joined #maemo08:44
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC08:50
*** tzafrir has quit IRC08:52
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo08:57
kerioshould i buy a pandora?08:58
kerioit looks really cool08:58
dm8tbrthe availability is kinda problematic I hear09:02
kerioyeah but it's like a n900 without the phone09:03
kerioand with analog sticks09:03
kerioand a bigger battery09:03
kerioand usb09:03
kerio*two* usb09:03
kerioand two sd09:03
kerioso not really like a n90009:04
dm8tbrew, it's really only a 34xx09:05
hiemanshu_anyone got MAssembly: Stylesheet missing "/usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libminputcontext/style/libminputcontext.css" while using the sbox SDK?09:05
hiemanshu_kerio, why not archos?09:05
dm8tbrI guess he's after the buttons09:06
keriodm8tbr: 34xx?09:06
hiemanshu_kerio, omap09:06
kerioand yeah, buttons r kewl09:06
kerioalso analog sticks and dpads09:06
dm8tbrkerio: 3530 is also 34xx basically09:06
hiemanshu_kerio, also you are talking about openpandora right?09:07
hiemanshu_just double checking :P09:07
dm8tbrwhich is the older versioni of the OMAP3. slower and moar bugs in the silicon09:07
hiemanshu_well 4.3" is really too small09:08
keriohow big is the n900?09:08
keriowell, it's supposed to be a handheld console of some sorts09:08
keriohiemanshu: no u09:09
hiemanshu_makes more sense :P09:09
kerioit really, really doesn't09:09
keriobecause to install mame on an ipod touch you have to jailbreak it and then bitch against cydia and then hope it gets updated09:09
hiemanshu_there are a lot more games for it, and angry birds <309:09
keriowhat else should i be playing?09:10
hiemanshu_angry birds09:10
hiemanshu_cut the rope, NFS, Infinity Blade09:11
*** Scifig_ has joined #maemo09:11
*** Scifig has quit IRC09:11
kerioguess what, as long as ff4 is there, i can play angry birds too09:11
*** Scifig_ is now known as Scifig09:12
hiemanshu_kerio, I can go on and on naming games that are awesome for iOS09:12
kerio10630 romsets found, 10630 were OK.09:13
kerioname 1063009:13
ScifigGood evening/morning all09:14
keriohiemanshu_: not to mention that i kinda want to own my devices09:14
kerioand i mean own, not 0wn09:14
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo09:15
hiemanshu_kerio, hah, well everyone has their choices :P09:15
ScifigI reinstalled scratchbox and lost my old gpg key. Now my package is rejected by builder "Can't check signature: public key not found". How do I get builder to accept my new key?09:16
kerioanyway, do you think the openpandora is kinda meh, because of the old cpu?09:17
hiemanshu_kerio, ja09:17
hiemanshu_I would get a bigger tablet instead09:18
kerio>buttons, analog sticks and dpad09:18
hiemanshu_old cpu, not buying!09:19
kerioi just want something to play dai-ou-jou on the road09:20
kerio(one of the 10630 games)09:21
hiemanshu_kerio, I have a PSP for on the road gaming09:23
hiemanshu_works perfect for me :P09:23
keriodo you think its CPU is that new?09:23
kerioalso your nick is horrible to tabcomplete, why don't you ghost hiemanshu?09:24
hiemanshu_kerio, I bought it years ago09:24
hiemanshu_kerio, because thats on quassel, and where I am right now, fucking quassel wont work :(09:24
hiemanshu_so ahve to use a ghost here09:24
keriono, i mean, /ns ghost hiemanshu09:24
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo09:26
*** Andy80 has quit IRC09:26
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo09:26
*** MacDrunk has joined #maemo09:26
*** schend has joined #maemo09:27
*** eMHa has quit IRC09:28
*** tchan has quit IRC09:28
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC09:29
*** tchan has joined #maemo09:29
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #maemo09:30
hiemanshu_kerio, I know, but I dont want to do that, that is connected to over 60-ish channels on 3 different networks09:33
keriowon't it reconnect? :|09:33
hiemanshu_it will, but I have it logging too09:33
hiemanshu_and my quassel client wont connect from where I am right now, some insane issue no idea at all :/09:34
*** zap has joined #maemo09:34
*** murrayc has joined #maemo09:35
*** andrenarchy has joined #maemo09:38
*** hiemanshu_ has quit IRC09:40
*** andrenarchy has left #maemo09:40
*** bash`afk has quit IRC09:43
hiemanshukerio: ok, this works on windows, but not on linux :/09:49
kerioyou're lying09:49
keriostop lying09:49
hiemanshuhah, I wish I was09:50
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo09:50
*** drj_cro has joined #maemo09:51
*** jrocha has joined #maemo09:52
*** wam has joined #maemo09:54
*** valdyn has joined #maemo09:54
*** Pavel has quit IRC09:57
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC09:59
*** geaaru has joined #maemo10:02
*** sandstorm has joined #maemo10:02
*** muelli has joined #maemo10:08
*** tzafrir has joined #maemo10:13
*** florian has joined #maemo10:14
*** florian has quit IRC10:14
*** florian has joined #maemo10:14
*** psycho_oreos has joined #maemo10:16
*** holmesII has quit IRC10:18
*** nid0 has quit IRC10:20
*** ^24seven has quit IRC10:20
*** klasu_ has quit IRC10:21
*** Arkenoi has joined #maemo10:21
*** nid0 has joined #maemo10:25
*** jhb has joined #maemo10:25
psycho_oreosany of you guys happen to have BH-905 headset? I just need the FCC ID for the device as I'm planning to mod mine somehow10:25
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo10:28
*** vdv has joined #maemo10:30
JaffaMorning, all10:33
* alterego checks his order10:34
alterego"New Order" :)10:34
alteregooh well10:34
*** Spydemon has quit IRC10:35
psycho_oreosstill waiting on n8? :p10:35
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo10:37
*** eMHa has joined #maemo10:37
vdvis it ok to modify /ets/fstab and add there a line to mount ext3 partitiion which is on microsd? won't it brick my device?10:37
alteregoNo, got the N8 last week, now my gf has stolen it.10:38
TermanaDamn. I think I'm going insane. Time to go to the loony bin for me10:38
hiemanshualterego: hah, same here :P10:38
TermanaWhen I add a set to my program, it works like it is suppose to. When I remove that set it stops. But the set actually DOES NOTHING.10:39
hiemanshuvdv: well no, but if you boot without the microsd you can have a probkem10:39
psycho_oreosalterego, lol10:39
*** marainein has joined #maemo10:43
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo10:46
*** piggz_ has quit IRC10:50
*** bergie has joined #maemo10:50
*** MadViking has joined #maemo10:51
*** mirsal has joined #maemo10:59
*** mirsal has joined #maemo10:59
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:59
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:59
*** retro|cz has joined #maemo11:00
*** croppa has joined #maemo11:03
*** eijk has joined #maemo11:03
*** tanty has joined #maemo11:05
*** Khertan_w has joined #maemo11:06
*** davyg has joined #maemo11:07
hiemanshuKhertan_w: morning11:08
*** deimos has joined #maemo11:11
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo11:11
vdvhiemanshu: what if i put noauto option?11:12
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, chroot is a way to change the root directory of a process, see also
hiemanshuvdv: sure, you'll have to still do a mount -a in the terminal then11:12
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo11:13
vdvi don't understand why in the instructions to configure chroot environment in this link "" two dirs are created /floppy and /sdk11:13
vdvhiemanshu: ok, thanks11:13
vdvwhy we need qmount?11:15
*** mirsal has quit IRC11:17
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo11:18
*** krayon has left #maemo11:20
vdvah, clear, we qmount sdk file to make changes in it11:22
vdvand then use modified image to do a qchroot11:23
*** cpscotti has joined #maemo11:26
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC11:29
*** mirsal has joined #maemo11:29
*** calvaris has joined #maemo11:30
*** Spydemon has quit IRC11:32
*** hurbu has joined #maemo11:35
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC11:36
*** Pali has joined #maemo11:38
*** achipa has quit IRC11:39
vdvseems i have misunderstood that chroot stuff11:40
vdvi thought, i do qchroot to some dir (which is on my microsd), and then i'm isolated from main system, and if i apt-get for example everything goes under chroot dir (which has it's own structure) and doesn't pollute main system11:41
vdvbut now i see, that the size of the dir to which i've chroot-ed is ~6Gb at the moment, while my sdcard size (on which that dir locates) is only 4Gb11:42
vdvhow can that happen?11:43
*** onekenthomas has joined #maemo11:43
vdvand why when i do df, i don't see which partition actually grows?11:43
*** CaCO3 has joined #maemo11:44
*** zap has quit IRC11:45
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo11:45
vdvhow can i "un-qchroot"?11:47
vdvsimply do exit from that shell?11:47
*** Venemo has joined #maemo11:50
*** Venemo has quit IRC11:50
*** Venemo has joined #maemo11:50
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo11:50
*** MrRagga has quit IRC11:50
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*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:21
*** davyg has quit IRC12:22
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*** Jade has joined #maemo12:47
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*** mirsal has joined #maemo12:50
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*** achipa has joined #maemo12:53
*** achipa has joined #maemo12:53
*** x29a has quit IRC12:53
*** x29a has joined #maemo12:53
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*** smhar has joined #maemo13:06
*** kwek has joined #maemo13:06
*** alehorst has joined #maemo13:07
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo13:08
*** Pali_ has quit IRC13:09
*** licensed has joined #maemo13:09
*** licensed has joined #maemo13:09
*** vdv has quit IRC13:10
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo13:11
DocScrutinizerhiemanshu: fstab on maemo5 is useless13:13
*** alehorst has quit IRC13:13
*** yacc has joined #maemo13:13
*** wazd has joined #maemo13:14
*** alehorst has joined #maemo13:14
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: is the partition hardcoded?13:14
hiemanshuthats sad13:15
DocScrutinizerfstab is a generated file13:15
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo13:16
*** Jade has joined #maemo13:17
DocScrutinizeryou should find a ticket on bmo, with a patch attached13:17
DocScrutinizerdunno if it's in PR1.3 or at least in CSSU13:17
*** pyther has joined #maemo13:18
*** Scifig has quit IRC13:20
*** drj_cro has joined #maemo13:22
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo13:23
*** licensed has quit IRC13:25
*** Hurrian has quit IRC13:29
*** marthd has joined #maemo13:35
*** kW_ has joined #maemo13:36
*** lxp has joined #maemo13:38
*** murrayc has quit IRC13:39
*** MadViking has joined #maemo13:39
*** lxp1 has quit IRC13:40
*** dos1 has joined #maemo13:45
deimosjust got "your order has been sent" email. FYI my OID is 052782 made on 7 july :)13:50
*** Venemo has quit IRC13:52
*** scoobertron has quit IRC13:52
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo13:52
DocScrutinizerdeimos: grat13:53
* DocScrutinizer looks for the vacuum cleaner... :-S13:53
*** scoobertron has quit IRC13:53
* DocScrutinizer curses debris unde laptop keys13:54
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo13:54
DocScrutinizerdeimos: you should receive your DHL tracking info same time13:55
deimosnone yet13:55
DocScrutinizerit's from same dude as the OID msg13:55
* Sicelo brute force attacks ddp... to change shipping address info for OD 05278213:55
deimosgal ?13:56
*** scoobertron has quit IRC13:56
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo13:56
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo13:56
Siceloj/k ;)13:56
deimosnope, Polla Esguerra13:56
DocScrutinizerdeimos: who's sender of the mail subj: >>Ticket for order OID-052736<< ?13:57
deimosSicelo, the ddp has a military escort :)13:57
*** Vid has quit IRC13:57
DocScrutinizerwell, I got another mail of same addr with DHL info, tracking nr etc13:57
deimosDocScrutinizer, noreplay....#nokia13:58
* lardman is curious whether deimos will receive another email with tracking info soon13:58
deimoslardman, I will tell13:58
DocScrutinizermine took 2h from the >>ticket OID<< one13:59
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo14:00
hiemanshuI am still waiting for the 'Your order has been sent'14:00
*** scoobertron has quit IRC14:01
hiemanshuand everyone who got their devices should burn in hell14:01
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo14:01
DocScrutinizerhiemanshu: I'm in this channel every day, that's enough! I'm just booking a holiday in hell from that14:02
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: hah14:02
*** scoobertron has quit IRC14:02
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: I am going to be like that14:02
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: its fun :P14:02
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo14:02
*** Vid has joined #maemo14:03
deimosthey knocking the door !14:04
deimosits DHL !14:04
trxi got order sent 2-3 days ago14:04
trxand still no ID from DHL14:05
trxdamn DHL14:05
hiemanshutrx: email the DDP one asking for the ID14:05
DocScrutinizertrx: DHL **will not send anything to you**14:05
trxit won't?14:05
DocScrutinizertrx: DHL doesn't even know your friggin email addr14:05
lardmanappears DHL tried to deliver something today14:05
*** [DarkGUNMAN] has joined #maemo14:05
lardmanso my wife just phoned to tell me14:06
DocScrutinizersee, you were late to ask **NOKIA** for shipping details and DHL tracking number14:06
hiemanshulardman: and?14:06
lardmanshe wasn't in14:06
trxwhy did they tell me "You will also receive an automatic email notification from the courier providing you the shipment details. " in the mail then :|14:07
DocScrutinizerdudes, it's NOKIA that will send a mail with DHL tracking number to you (or not) - never DHL for all I know14:07
hiemanshulardman: so you can just go pick it up from the center?14:08
hiemanshulardman: or do you need a tracking number for that?14:08
DocScrutinizertrx: dunno14:08
lardmanbut in my case noone will send me an email with tracking info ;)14:08
trxwell, i dont really *need* the tracking id, but it would be nice if i could see if the package is in the country or not :/14:08
lardmanhiemanshu: centre if a pita to get to, will go for a re-delivery14:08
trxso i can leave my house :)14:09
hiemanshulardman: ah ok14:09
deimosmeanwhile more then 47 has received the phone14:09
DocScrutinizerlardman: then you need to pester *NOKIA* about it, as there's nuttin probably that DHL could do14:09
lardmanhiemanshu: got a bit of card with the details through the door that can be used to re-deliver or pick up in person14:09
lardmanDocScrutinizer: I know, and I did email them14:09
*** mardi has quit IRC14:09
hiemanshulardman: pester em then :P14:10
*** vdv has joined #maemo14:10
DocScrutinizerI really don't think Nokia is supposed to disclose your email to DHL14:10
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has joined #maemo14:10
DocScrutinizerso where from should DHL know whom to mail?14:11
trxi think they do14:11
trxits not like DHL will send spam or something14:11
lcukthey might if you order a parcel of spam from somewhere14:11
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has quit IRC14:11
*** lizardo has joined #maemo14:12
trxthat is correct :)14:12
*** MadViking has quit IRC14:12
DocScrutinizerwell, *I* never received a DHL mail without first clicking a tracking URL or "forward that mail to DHL"(a mail as the one from *NOKIA*)14:13
trxdamn, i caught a cold :| its damn 39C arround here for like a week, wtf14:13
DocScrutinizerthe tracking number always cam from sender, never from DHL14:13
trxDocScrutinizer i guess you are right14:14
DocScrutinizerafter all that's what the tracking number is all about, otherwise you could log in to DHL with your email addr14:14
hiemanshuI am off for the rest of the day14:14
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: when I get back home, I'll book you a holiday in hell :P14:15
*** hannesw_ is now known as hannesw14:15
*** drj_cro has quit IRC14:16
DocScrutinizerhiemanshu: thanks, but no need for that. You do a hell of a job to make my stay here as pleasant as possible ;-P14:17
DocScrutinizertrx: aircons can do that, frequently. AC is notorious to give you a cold14:18
lardmana cold or an irritated nose?14:18
trxyeah but i dont have one here14:18
DocScrutinizerneh, hayfever14:19
DocScrutinizer~weather EDDN14:19
infobotNuernberg, Germany; (EDDN) 49-30N 011-03E 318M; last updated: 2011.07.13 1050 UTC; Dew Point: 62 F (17 C); Pressure (altimeter): 29.77 in. Hg (1008 hPa); Relative Humidity: 68%; Sky conditions: mostly cloudy; Temperature: 73 F (23 C); Visibility: greater than 7 mile(s); Wind: from the S (170 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 KT)14:20
DocScrutinizerpretty nice14:20
trxdamn i wish it was 17C here too14:20
trxinstead of 35C14:20
DocScrutinizereh? dew point14:20
trxwell, 23 isn't far :)14:21
*** _NIN has joined #maemo14:21
DocScrutinizeryeah, that's at airport - here in downtown it actually has... 28.414:21
* DocScrutinizer should have a bike ride to airport14:22
RST38hmeanwhile: Apple Stops Distributing Pedophile Mascot14:22
DocScrutinizera bady doll?14:23
*** NIN101 has quit IRC14:23
DocScrutinizerused diapers?14:24
DocScrutinizerooh mascot, not fetish14:24
RST38hthe pedobear14:24
*** cmvo has left #maemo14:25
*** ruskie has quit IRC14:28
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo14:33
*** dos11 has joined #maemo14:36
*** dos1 has quit IRC14:36
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo14:37
*** WellMux has quit IRC14:37
*** knightstalker has joined #maemo14:38
*** dos11 has quit IRC14:41
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:42
Shapeshifteruh guys, wasn't there a 'personal data plan monitor' widget or something to keep track of rx/tx over gprs?14:43
*** jonwil has joined #maemo14:43
ShapeshifterI can't find it14:43
*** alehorst has quit IRC14:43
*** Openfree^ has joined #maemo14:43
Shapeshifteroh... "personal-gprs-mon"14:44
*** knightstalker has left #maemo14:44
trxSettings/Phone/ "Home Network Data"14:44
Shapeshiftertrx: I meant the home screen widget14:45
trxoh, that14:45
trxno idea :)14:45
*** dvarnes has quit IRC14:45
*** ruskie has joined #maemo14:46
*** dos11 has joined #maemo14:47
*** [DarkGUNMAN] has quit IRC14:48
*** dvarnes has joined #maemo14:48
*** WielkiTost has joined #maemo14:48
*** alehorst has joined #maemo14:51
*** lizardo has joined #maemo14:51
*** dos11 has quit IRC14:52
vdvif i do qchroot image dir, some mounts are done behind the scene, those mounts are not undo if i leave chroot, isn't there any command to "cleanup" after leaving chroot?14:53
*** mc_teo has joined #maemo14:53
*** yaccin has quit IRC14:57
*** scoobertron has quit IRC14:57
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo14:57
*** hurbu_ has joined #maemo14:57
*** Venemo has joined #maemo14:59
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*** croppa has quit IRC14:59
*** Vickao_ has quit IRC15:00
*** Tronic has joined #maemo15:00
*** hurbu has quit IRC15:00
TronicIs it possible to copy&paste in the N950 terminal?15:01
*** abner has joined #maemo15:07
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:07
*** andrunko has joined #maemo15:07
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC15:07
*** barisione has joined #maemo15:09
*** marthd has quit IRC15:10
*** marthd has joined #maemo15:15
*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo15:20
*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo15:20
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*** barisione has joined #maemo15:23
*** mesx has joined #maemo15:23
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*** barisione has joined #maemo15:24
*** barisione has joined #maemo15:24
*** mookie has quit IRC15:26
*** the_lord has joined #maemo15:26
*** vdv has quit IRC15:30
*** bboyvat has quit IRC15:30
villagervdv: what, like qumount?15:31
villagervfv: I think there's closechroot15:32
villagervdv, I mean15:32
*** arno0ob has quit IRC15:33
*** arno0ob_ has joined #maemo15:33
*** barisione has quit IRC15:34
*** Ian--- has quit IRC15:34
*** barisione has joined #maemo15:34
*** barisione has quit IRC15:36
*** barisione has joined #maemo15:36
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo15:37
*** Jucato has joined #maemo15:39
*** GNUtoo|laptop has quit IRC15:41
*** befr0d has joined #maemo15:44
*** DavidTalmage has joined #maemo15:46
DocScrutinizerTronic: nope15:48
*** schend has quit IRC15:49
DocScrutinizervillager: I'd expect a qchroot --close or sth15:50
DocScrutinizernfc about qchroot though15:50
*** c2p has quit IRC15:50
*** abner has quit IRC15:51
*** abner has joined #maemo15:51
*** sandstorm|away has quit IRC15:57
*** rm_work has joined #maemo15:58
villagerDocScrutinizer: no, those shell scripts don't take options... gotta use /sbin/closechroot16:00
DocScrutinizersounds like a poor design16:00
DocScrutinizerthat's what? Qt?16:01
villagerhuh? they're shell scripts, no GUI, so no Qt16:02
*** cpscotti has quit IRC16:02
villagerpresumably qchroot means "quick chroot"16:03
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo16:07
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:07
*** bboyvat has joined #maemo16:11
trxi've sent a mail to ask for my DHL tracking number16:12
trxand they said, "yeah, sending to serbia is not easy, so they sent it to *RUSSIA*"16:13
*** andrunko has quit IRC16:13
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:13
trxso they will send it from there...16:13
*** setanta has joined #maemo16:14
trxthere is DHL in serbia, in like 20 cities16:14
trxthey have offices16:14
trxwhy add 2000 extra kilometers to *my* shipment16:15
Cor-Aihahaha that sucks!16:15
*** Termana_ has joined #maemo16:15
trxyeap, i shouldn't have asked for tracking number, ignorance is bliss..16:16
lcuktrx more important than offices in your country is delivery vans!16:16
Termana_darn it. something is wrong with my BNC16:16
lcukunless the office itself drives down the road16:16
trxthey have delivery vans, i saw one just a week ago in my town16:17
MohammadAGTermana_, it's trolling you16:17
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo16:19
*** Termana_ has quit IRC16:19
*** habmala has joined #maemo16:20
*** mardi has joined #maemo16:21
*** lizardo has quit IRC16:21
*** lizardo has joined #maemo16:22
*** marainein has quit IRC16:26
*** zap has joined #maemo16:28
*** wazd has quit IRC16:28
*** javispedro has joined #maemo16:29
DocScrutinizerhi javispedro16:30
DocScrutinizer#harmattan has infobot now :-)16:30
*** barisione has quit IRC16:30
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:31
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:31
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:32
javispedroit's still an abomination!16:32
*** barisione has quit IRC16:32
javispedrowhere are the publicly visible, google-indexed, logs?16:32
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:32
* javispedro puts sim on n950...16:32
javispedroplan to test this afternoon on the field16:33
*** barisione has quit IRC16:33
infobotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.16:33
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:33
*** barisione has quit IRC16:33
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:34
DocScrutinizerpublicly visible, probably also google-indexed16:34
*** barisione has quit IRC16:34
*** Termana has quit IRC16:34
javispedroprovider sent me an email congratulating me on choosing a MMS capable phone! I will now be able to enjoy interesting MMS offers and promotions!16:34
* javispedro sighs16:34
*** mhlavink has quit IRC16:34
*** barisione has joined #maemo16:34
*** mhlavink has joined #maemo16:35
javispedro 40416:35
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:36
*** Guest22706 has joined #maemo16:37
DocScrutinizerit's active since 18h, so you have to wait another few16:38
DocScrutinizerthis is no livelog16:38
Guest22706darn it16:38
DocScrutinizerwell, you're free to /join if you want "live"16:39
javispedrothere's people that like to turn the computer off =)16:39
*** hurbu__ has joined #maemo16:39
*** Guest22706 is now known as Termana16:39
DocScrutinizerthe traffic isn't likely to make your client fall short of RAM in 24h16:39
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo16:41
*** hurbu_ has quit IRC16:43
*** javispedro has quit IRC16:44
*** Rpa has joined #maemo16:59
jonwiltoday was a very successful day, I grabbed all the logs I need to implement cbsms17:00
*** leniwiec_1 has quit IRC17:01
jonwilAll I need to do now to write the implementation I have planned is to A.Find some actual information about it (e.g. from the GSM specs) that explain some of the bits I dont know and cant find out through testing and B.Find out how to attach GDB to whatever process is loading so I can debug some of whats going on in that plugin17:02
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo17:02
jonwilfinding the answer to A is going to be annoying given how hard it was to find any of the specs for GSM/3G/UMTS/etc last time I looked17:08
jonwiland B will be hard because I dont know how to  attach to hildon-desktop with GDB (I think that's the binary that does the status bar gizmos) or if its even possible to do it safety :P17:10
*** Scifig has joined #maemo17:11
*** davyg has joined #maemo17:14
*** cpscotti has joined #maemo17:15
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo17:15
Sicelo~seen robbiethe1st17:17
*** Jade has quit IRC17:17
infobotrobbiethe1st <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 3d 2h 34m 26s ago, saying: 'Facebook = evil'.17:17
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:18
*** opdf2 has quit IRC17:22
*** Triscar0 has quit IRC17:22
*** cpscotti has quit IRC17:23
*** johnsu01 has joined #maemo17:25
*** Necc has joined #maemo17:26
*** johnsu01 has quit IRC17:27
*** johnsu01 has joined #maemo17:27
DocScrutinizerjonwil: I can probably help a bit on A17:28
jonwilso you know of some specs on how the smscb data is actually encoded?17:29
DocScrutinizerjonwil: I looked into all that's related for your case out of own interest17:29
DocScrutinizerit seems easy17:29
DocScrutinizerI decoded it17:29
DocScrutinizerit's a normal SMS for most of the bits17:29
DocScrutinizerit's that strange 7in8 encoding17:30
jonwilyeah the actual text is no problems17:30
jonwilI am trying to figure out what the geo scope means as well as what the message code, update number and dcs mean17:30
DocScrutinizeraah, you ask about the other bits like $LANG etc?17:30
jonwilother bits beyond just the raw characters17:31
jonwilthats where I am stuck17:31
jonwilI am also wondering if there are any official specs for what the different message identifiers mean.17:31
DocScrutinizermessage code is probably about representation (popup etc), update number should help to filter out retransmits17:31
DocScrutinizerand DCS I've seen but have to look up again17:32
*** Triscar0 has joined #maemo17:32
jonwilI know that channel 50 is used to transmit the cell tower name17:32
DocScrutinizer(msg id) there is, I actually have it *somewhere* in my ~x GB pdf docs here17:33
jonwilbut there has to be some sort of spec that says "channel 50 is the cell tower name"17:33
DocScrutinizer(50) just convention17:33
jonwilwell someone made the decision and its been documented somewhere for everyone else to follow17:33
DocScrutinizerthere is a "suggestion" about some chan's meanings17:33
DocScrutinizerI'll try to dig out that pdf for you later17:34
jonwilin any case this doesnt really help me unless I can solve B and get a debugger inside connui-cellular-operator-home-item.so17:34
DocScrutinizerbasically most of what's been planned for smscb isn't implemented at least here in Germany. For example iirc there should be a channel index in plain text, on chan117:36
DocScrutinizerthere are weather-chan defines, as well as particular chan for (car) traffic messages17:36
DocScrutinizernone of that exists17:37
jonwilwell all I get here on Optus in .au is channel 5017:37
jonwilwith the cell tower name17:37
jonwilWhat I did find out today is that there are multiple cell towers with different IDs all squawking the same name17:38
DocScrutinizerin germany I get chan221 gaus-krueger coords on O2 carrier17:38
DocScrutinizerno cell tower names though17:38
DocScrutinizerI heard t-mobile/t-kom does city names on 50 or 10017:38
DocScrutinizeras there occasionally were tariffs for cheap calls in same city17:39
DocScrutinizersome 10 years ago ;-)17:40
jonwilI only get tower names if I switch to GSM17:41
jonwilI think few if any carriers do tower names on 3G17:41
*** DHR has joined #maemo17:41
jonwilbecause there has been no support for it in 3G kit17:41
jonwiland there is no support for it in 3G kit because operators dont care about it17:41
*** achipa has quit IRC17:42
DocScrutinizeron O2 the so called home-zone (cheaper tariff) gets calculated from gauss-krueger locally on MT for display, while actual balncing is done independently based on a less precise BTS based scheme17:42
DocScrutinizerI'm not sure if there is such a thing like SMSCB on 3G. They might have scraped it from specs17:42
jonwilthere definatly is17:43
DocScrutinizerin favour of another IP centric approach17:43
jonwilat least AFAIK17:43
jonwilwikipedia says "Cell Broadcast messaging is also supported by UMTS"17:43
DocScrutinizerthat's strange then, as I don't see how O2 does their homezone calculation for display then17:44
*** cpscotti has joined #maemo17:44
jonwilwikipedia also talks about an interface between the cell broadcast center to the 3G RNC17:44
DocScrutinizerprobably it got obsoleted by AGPS SUPL via UMTS which should also deliver the BTS location17:45
*** baraujo has joined #maemo17:45
jonwilwith mention of a 3gpp spec for it17:45
jonwilwell there is definatly support for CBSMS in 3G UMTS networks17:45
jonwilas in the specs support it17:45
jonwilits just a question of which networks do anything with it17:45
DocScrutinizer:nod:, never seen it happen though, here and for O2 (no investigation done for other carriers)17:46
DocScrutinizeranyway ttyl17:46
jonwilI suspect that the use of CBSMS for emergency warning and things will be made to work on 3G networks as well as GSM17:47
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:47
*** Triscar0 has quit IRC17:48
*** Triscar0 has joined #maemo17:49
*** willer_ has joined #maemo17:52
*** jhb has quit IRC17:53
*** Scifig has quit IRC18:04
*** Necc has quit IRC18:06
*** achipa has joined #maemo18:11
*** achipa has joined #maemo18:11
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:11
DocScrutinizerfair enough18:12
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo18:16
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo18:16
rm_workso who all actually got their devices shipped today? :P18:16
rm_workwant to know who to congratulate18:17
*** MadViking has joined #maemo18:17
* Jaffa is pissed off with Found a load of them (I think), including the obvious two the Twitter feed refreences18:17
dm8tbrrm_work: I got mine in the morning18:19
rm_workJaffa: ?18:19
*** scoobertron has quit IRC18:19
Jaffarm_work: Watch the videos from closely and enter codes at There are 12 codes remaining to be found which'll win their finder an N918:19
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo18:20
JaffaUnfortunately it doesn't distinguish between right, but found and wrong code or even wrong captcha.18:20
JaffaI wouldn't mind too much if the Twitter feed at was actually updating with those that've been found. Then, at least, I could feel smug.18:21
JaffaBeing right is more important than winning :)18:21
rm_workif i weren't at work i might take a crack at it18:22
rm_worki am seeing how they work in general, i think18:22
JaffaThere seems to be one in each one18:22
JaffaAnd there's also a letter hidden in each. 'S', 'T', 'E/3', ...18:23
JaffaSince there's six videos, that leads to another one.18:23
*** Necc has joined #maemo18:24
*** _berto_ has quit IRC18:27
*** sp3001 has quit IRC18:29
*** bergie has quit IRC18:33
*** licensed has joined #maemo18:33
*** licensed has joined #maemo18:33
*** kwek has quit IRC18:33
GAN900Randomized shipping order18:33
GAN900gotta love it18:34
*** gri has joined #maemo18:34
*** Oppo|n900 has joined #maemo18:34
*** Oppo|n900 has joined #maemo18:34
JaffaGAN900: It's also randomized device shipping.18:34
GAN900Maybe I'll get a C3!18:35
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC18:36
TronicIs it possible to copy text (other than textfields) from N950 browser?18:37
*** eijk_ is now known as eijk18:38
fralsnegative, no superawesome manipulation mode :<18:38
JaffaIt's also not possible to copy, paste or launch links in MeeGo Terminal18:41
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo18:41
JaffaThose two limitations are surprisingly annoying18:41
*** hawai`i has joined #maemo18:44
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC18:46
fralsterminal is in gitorious ;)18:47
Tronicfrals: Cool. Is there some good docs on how to gets started with development?18:48
fralsi guess should have everything you need18:49
TronicTHe phone had the API docs in it but that doesn't really help too much. SDK is not ready yet, I suppose (I have one for N900 only).18:49
Tronicfrals: That is a consumer site, not useful at all.18:49
fralsTronic: it got a "Developers" link18:50
griTronic: The scratchbox sdk is pretty usable in my eyes18:51
*** Mousey has joined #maemo18:53
*** jrocha has quit IRC18:53
deimoslardman, DHL email come 2:09 after the delivered email18:54
Tronicfrals: More API docs and hype, yahoo. Perhaps a more recent SDK version than what I installed a while back. No info on git repository addresses, package repositories (extras?) etc.18:54
TronicI guess I need to go browsing the forums/google myself.18:54
fralswhat git repos are you actually looking for?18:55
fralsafaik the oss stuff should eb on meego.gitorious.org18:55
TronicJust trying to get an overlook of the device. To know what there is source code available for, perhaps look or modify it to familiriaze myself with the system.18:56
fralssomething like "Harmattan overview" provided in the developer docs?18:56
*** Jucato has quit IRC18:57
TronicGetting there...
griSomeone said a sdk update will come in the next weeks18:58
griAlso currently accounts api can only be viewed on gitorious :(18:59
x29aanybody working with the qtsdk and a local copy of qt? or would it make sense to link the path to the qt version of qtsdk/desktop?19:04
* DocScrutinizer wonders if a firmware update will come in the next weeks19:04
*** Oppo|n900 has quit IRC19:04
DocScrutinizerit's not exactly sensible to give developers an obsolete OS19:05
fralsah give it a break, few weeks old is not obsolete19:06
*** robink has quit IRC19:06
*** robink has joined #maemo19:07
*** smhar has quit IRC19:08
lardmandeimos: thanks, I got a dhl tracking number after contacting Nokia, but the package had already been delivered (or attempted anyway)19:08
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:09
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, track down konttori and beat it out of him.19:13
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: haha19:13
DocScrutinizerfrals: according to konttori there are 3000+ bugs fixed from what we got to recent version19:14
DocScrutinizerfrals: I'd think that's just obsolete enough to start getting annoying19:15
fralsmaybe if you consider every string fix in localization a bug19:15
DocScrutinizerthat's what konttori said, yes19:15
*** klasu_ has quit IRC19:16
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo19:16
fralsi have a hard time believing you or anyone else would get seriously hindered in development by event a fraction of those bugs19:17
DocScrutinizer>> konttori_home Hmm.. we have fixed around 3000 bugs since w22. So, what you guys have is pretty different from the current reality19:18
fralsguess he forgot to mention 2800 of them were localization bugs ;p (number out of thin air etc etc etc)19:18
*** Itschue has joined #maemo19:18
Itschuemoin moin19:18
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC19:19
GeneralAntillesfrals, things like working GTalk make it a lot easier to use as a primary device19:20
*** arno0ob_ has quit IRC19:20
GeneralAntillesand working phone calls, apparently.19:20
Shapeshifterwhat has working GTalk?19:21
GeneralAntillesShapeshifter, not in the public image.19:21
fralsGeneralAntilles: getting it google certified would allow it to be distributed, i assume19:22
fralsand would you rather have no device at all then one without gtalk?19:22
ShapeshifterGeneralAntilles: but that's just IM, or voice/video as well?19:22
GeneralAntillesfrals, at the moment that's the case, so meh.19:22
Itschuehelolo ma i right that the lifeguard_reset file shows how often the specify ap ist restartet?19:22
*** Sc0rpius has joined #maemo19:22
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo19:25
*** piggz_ has joined #maemo19:25
*** Jeffrey04 has joined #maemo19:27
*** the_lord has quit IRC19:29
hiemanshuwell nokia still hasn't shipped my phone :(19:34
*** DavidTalmage has quit IRC19:34
*** jhb has joined #maemo19:34
Itschuei find cat 32wd_to but n900 cant open file  is this file only available whne there are min. 1 count? or i this a false argument(befehl)19:37
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:37
Shapeshifterso how does this sound? Step 1) I put up an iphone 3GS 8gbit up for sale for around 220 euros, new, unopened. 2) If nobody buys it - meh, if somebody does -> 3) I do a new contract with a mobile provider which gives me an iphone 3gs 8gb for free. total running cost for the contract over a year: 220 euros. 4) I ship the iphone I sold earlier19:37
*** valdyn has quit IRC19:37
SpeedEvilWhere did you get the first phone?19:38
JaffaShapeshifter: You've sold something you don't own19:38
*** rcg has joined #maemo19:39
SpeedEvilNot true AIUI. You own the phone - you're just locked into keeping paying the contract.19:39
Shapeshifterwell it's called 'selling short'19:41
ShapeshifterSpeedEvil: there is no first phone19:41
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo19:42
rm_worki get it19:42
rm_worklol interesting plan19:42
rm_workdunno if they lock the iphone to your plan somehow19:43
rm_worksince it is CDMA not GSM (right?) it will have to be programmed or something? there's no SIM? not sure how that works19:43
ShapeshifterThe upside is, I have no risk. I don't even want an iphone. But I can just sell off the phone first - (if it sells) - and then use that money to run the plan for a year. If it doesn't sell, I lost nothing except the 20 cents for the auction.19:43
Itschuehow ca i find out how often the n900 has a watchdog reset and software reset?19:43
Shapeshifterrm_work: it will have a sim lock, but I checked the going prices19:43
Shapeshifterrm_work: people still love buying their overpriced iphones19:43
ShapeshifterMy only worry is what happens if they run out of stock of iphones 3gs's just as someone commits to buying my not-yet-obtained phone19:44
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo19:44
Shapeshifterwell, it wouldn't be any worse than a negative feedback on my ebay.19:44
rm_worki assume so, as long as you either refund their oney or refuse to accept it somehow19:45
*** C-S-B has quit IRC19:47
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo19:48
*** muellisoft has joined #maemo19:48
*** muelli has quit IRC19:50
*** onen|openBmap has joined #maemo19:51
*** davyg has quit IRC19:52
*** MadViking has quit IRC19:52
*** c2pLaY has quit IRC19:54
*** scoobertron has left #maemo19:57
DocScrutinizer51"sorry I broke it while packagin"19:58
*** retro|cz has quit IRC19:59
trumeeDocScrutinizer: what do i need to send a message using dbus-send?20:00
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=org.questions /org/questions/linux org.questions.linux.ask_some_questions20:00
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: returns error Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.questions was not provided by any .service files20:00
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: i was hoping to send the 'total call time' via dbus signal20:01
DocScrutinizer51don't give destination20:01
DocScrutinizer51for signals20:02
DocScrutinizer51no type=methodcall20:02
*** _NIN has quit IRC20:03
GAN900I'm going to have to expand the 2-minutes hate soon.20:03
*** jrocha has joined #maemo20:04
*** andre900 has quit IRC20:04
*** valdyn has joined #maemo20:05
*** kama has quit IRC20:05
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC20:07
*** unixSnob has quit IRC20:08
rm_workGAN900: ?20:08
GeneralAntillesMore and more people getting N950s.20:08
GeneralAntilles2 minutes just isn't enough time.20:08
rm_worki think i missed your "2 minutes of hate"20:09
*** tackat has joined #maemo20:09
fredrinwhere can i get an 950?20:09
ShadowJKYou cant20:09
ShadowJKthat's why we hate20:09
DocScrutinizer51fredrin: wait two weeks, then I'll tell Nokia they can sell you mine :-) I prefer my N900 all days20:11
fredrinnot sure if i want to get an n90020:12
fredrini got two n900 now20:12
fredrincan switch though :(20:12
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo20:12
fredrinhow's life by the way DocScrutinizer20:12
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer51 has a N950 and hating it :P20:13
rm_workDocScrutinizer51: you really don't like it compared to N900? that's kinda what I was afraid of20:13
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: ok, this works.  dbus-send --system    /org/questions/linux org.questions.linux.ask_some_questions20:13
*** hypatia has joined #maemo20:13
piggz_you can be a tech blogger and get one it long as you tweet irish guy who has a technology blog has been sent one20:14
hypatiahey folks, i have the AWS n900 and want to reflash with the latest image.  should i be using the NA or the Global bin?20:14
hypatiaas in aws 3G20:15
hypatiatmobile US etc20:15
hypatiaso global eh20:15
hypatiathanks :)20:16
SpeedEvilI don't think there are any cases you don't want to do global20:16
*** Atarii has joined #maemo20:17
hypatiagood to know20:18
*** florian has quit IRC20:19
*** vblazquez has quit IRC20:21
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo20:22
*** piggz_ has quit IRC20:24
*** cpscotti has quit IRC20:26
*** marthd_ has joined #maemo20:26
DocScrutinizer51always global20:27
*** Jade has joined #maemo20:27
DocScrutinizer51localized seems always about leaving things out to comply some local legalese20:27
*** Oppo|n900 has joined #maemo20:28
*** marthd has quit IRC20:29
*** jrocha has quit IRC20:29
*** marthd_ is now known as marthd20:29
rm_workhow do i tell if i'm running global or NA firmware20:31
rm_worki forget which i flashed last time20:31
*** tzafrir has quit IRC20:33
rm_workwhich kind of SD does n950 use again? guessing microSD?20:33
rm_workwait what?20:34
SiceloN950 u mean?20:35
GeneralAntillesIt's just got the 16GB built-in.20:36
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo20:36
trumeehow can i restart dbus-scripts daemon?20:36
*** otep has quit IRC20:36
*** otep has joined #maemo20:36
crashanddiesup #maemo20:36
crashanddieMeego flying high still?20:36
crashanddieNokia deceived anyone lately?20:36
trumeesince /etc/init.d/dbus-scripts restart doesnt restart i20:37
crashanddieCanceled a project, anything?20:37
trumeelet me rephrase my question how do i restart an 'upstart'  daemon?20:38
hypatiahuh, after reboot, sdcard won't mount over usb20:38
hypatiaon 1.320:38
Venemocrashanddie, hm?20:39
hiemanshuGeneralAntilles: yours sent yet?20:39
crashanddietrumee: service dbus-scripts restart?20:39
trumeecrashanddie: /bin/sh: service: not found20:39
Venemocrashanddie, they shipped da N950 before I anticipated, so I'm happy with them20:39
hiemanshuGeneralAntilles: so I am not the only one, happy to know :P20:39
hiemanshuVenemo: I iz not :P20:39
crashanddietrumee: and what does /etc/init.d/dbus-scripts restart say?20:40
hiemanshuI am happy for different reasons, so its fine for me now :P20:40
crashanddietrumee: or stop/start for that matter20:40
crashanddietrumee: upstart should be compatible with the old sysv system.20:41
trumeecrashanddie: killall dbus-scripts did the trick20:41
crashanddieyou didn't try stop, did you?20:41
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo20:41
trumeecrashanddie: no20:41
crashanddietypical :P20:41
crashanddieGeneralAntilles: Think it'll arrive in time for your passport to expire?20:42
trumeecrashanddie: 'stop' doesnt work20:42
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo20:44
GeneralAntillescrashanddie, probably just.20:44
crashanddiedoesn't work still has entered the OED as "an apt description of a technical problem", so please elaborate.20:45
crashanddies/doesn't work/"doesn't work"/20:45
infobotcrashanddie meant: "doesn't work" still has entered the OED as "an apt description of a technical problem", so please elaborate.20:45
crashanddieGeneralAntilles: how's you?20:45
crashanddieGeneralAntilles: funny you saw ZZ Top just before I did..20:45
*** licensed has quit IRC20:47
crashanddiegod I'm so fucking bored.20:47
*** Necc has quit IRC20:47
*** kinkelson has joined #maemo20:48
*** sq-one has joined #maemo20:48
*** DavidTalmage has joined #maemo20:48
crashanddieI've been on holiday for what, a whole of 3 days, and I'm so bored I don't know what to do next.20:49
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:49
*** habmala has quit IRC20:51
*** FredrIQ is now known as FIQ20:51
*** kinkelson has left #maemo20:52
DocScrutinizer51now the 950 GPS seems exactly like N900: no SIM no FIX20:56
merlin1991is there a proper way to query the kernel wich filesystems it can mount?20:56
*** mzanetti has joined #maemo20:57
DocScrutinizer51something like /proc/fs20:57
*** Necc has joined #maemo20:58
DocScrutinizer51crashanddie: now that's a really serious cas20:59
*** gn00b has joined #maemo20:59
GeneralAntillescrashanddie, go take some pictures.20:59
DocScrutinizer51usually holiday starts when you stop feeling bored21:00
merlin1991can someone on stock kernel pasetbin the content of /proc/filesystems21:01
*** Necc has quit IRC21:01
*** klasu_ has quit IRC21:02
*** licensed has joined #maemo21:03
*** licensed has joined #maemo21:03
GeneralAntillesMy Google21:05
GeneralAntilles+ feed is filled with Italian and Spanish.21:05
GeneralAntillesand some Japanese.21:05
*** smhar has joined #maemo21:18
hypatiaso i reflashed, and i can't connect to mobile data - it shows up in connections, but when i go to connect it says "no saved connections available21:18
*** Mousey has quit IRC21:23
*** Necc has joined #maemo21:24
*** onen|openBmap has quit IRC21:25
hypatiahmm the internets suggest re-seating the sim21:25
*** wam has quit IRC21:26
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: i got the dbus working to show the minutes used.
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: but still havent figured out how to trap the call hangup21:26
DocScrutinizertrumee: let's see what's my mood in 30min, maybe I like to help21:28
*** Necc has quit IRC21:28
DocScrutinizeriirc I got some dumps of call-setup and call-teardown, as I also looked into it some 6 months ago21:29
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo21:29
trumeeDocScrutinizer51: sorted21:34
trumeeDocScrutinizer: found the signal and job is done21:34
trumeeDocScrutinizer: sig_call_state_ind none21:35
DocScrutinizerindeed, sounds familiar21:35
trumeeDocScrutinizer: there is a niggling issue21:35
trumeeDocScrutinizer: that signal is triggered both on sip and gsm calls. i want to trap only gsm calls21:36
DocScrutinizerhah, set a flag file on GSM call initiation21:36
DocScrutinizertouch /tmp/trumee_thisIsGSM21:36
trumeeDocScrutinizer: but what do i find out if its a gsm call?21:37
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i mean what signal to trap?21:38
DocScrutinizerwill mess up when you establish_GSM, establish_SIP, teardown_SIP (here it thinks you end GSM), teardown_GSM21:38
Itschuehow can i find out how often watchdog reset the device21:39
DocScrutinizertrumee: on signal sig_call_state_ind none you check if /tmp/trumee_thisIsGSM is existing. If yes ->this is a GSM call, anyway delete file21:39
DocScrutinizerItschue: every unadvertised reboot is a watchdog reboot21:39
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yes, but where do i set /tmp/trumee_thisIsGSM flag?21:39
DocScrutinizeron call-setup21:40
trumeeDocScrutinizer: and how do i sense that?21:40
DocScrutinizeryou know from call-setup if you establish a GSM call21:40
*** the_lord has joined #maemo21:40
DocScrutinizerat very least from rtcomm account21:41
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i am lost21:41
DocScrutinizerI guess also from format of callee number21:41
*** lxp has quit IRC21:41
*** lxp1 has joined #maemo21:41
trumeeDocScrutinizer: i need the dbus signal for gsm call-setup21:41
DocScrutinizertrumee: ping me in an hour21:41
Itschueif the watchdog reset the device is this only viewable in the lifeguards_resets? because cat 32wd_to  n900 sys no such file or directory21:41
DocScrutinizerIroN900:~# cat /proc/bootreason21:44
Itschuedocscrutinizer is cat 32wd_to possibly oder kann mann das so nicht eingeben ?21:45
trumeeDocScrutinizer: CreateRequested ?21:46
trumeeDocScrutinizer: any idea if that is for gsm only?21:47
DocScrutinizerItschue: sorry I don't know what you are planning to do21:47
DocScrutinizerwhere is that file with filename 32wd_to ?21:47
DocScrutinizertrumee: should21:47
*** florian has joined #maemo21:48
*** florian has joined #maemo21:48
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC21:48
DocScrutinizernot sure21:48
*** piggz_ has joined #maemo21:48
DocScrutinizerI *think* csd is modem-only21:48
DocScrutinizerego GSM21:48
Itschuei want to know if there is an extra xounter for 32wd_to and sw_rst /proc/bootreason is empty  and in lifestatguard_resets isnt such an entry i will know how often my device reboot by myself or an error21:48
DocScrutinizerItschue: afaik there is no such counter for general watchdog-tiimeout21:49
Itschuein dsme is only the last boot reason right?21:50
DocScrutinizeranyway a general wd_to should be *extremely* rare as it would mean you made the kernel freeze21:50
Itschueok and sw_rst21:50
*** befr0d has quit IRC21:50
DocScrutinizeriirc you find wd_to bootreason in /var/log/syslog if you have installed syslogd21:50
*** Oppo|n900 has quit IRC21:51
Itschueok great21:51
DocScrutinizerItschue: sw_rst is a scheduled reset by software, and thus no error at all - why should it get protocolled21:51
*** waite has joined #maemo21:51
piggz_Khertan_w: lo....i came across a forum post by you regarding meego/qwidget/style/rotation while trying to solve the same problem.  i sorted the style bit out, but do u know if rotation is possible?21:51
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: well, work is interesting21:52
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: either you were not ready for holiday, or vastly overdue21:52
crashanddievastly overdue21:52
crashanddieFirst days off since Decembre 24th.21:52
Itschuei want to go really sure that my deive hanst rebootet by itself because i cant watch/hear 24/721:53
DocScrutinizerthat's why I said "severe case"21:53
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: Recently we setup our own redhat network, so I've had to write all of the RPM spec files and redo most of the makefiles of the company. It's amazing how little people know of packaging and compilation.21:53
GeneralAntillescrashanddie, find a game to play?21:53
crashanddieGeneralAntilles: yeah, just did that for the last half hour21:53
GeneralAntillesFind a good book.21:54
crashanddiegf is about to come home from work though, and then we're off to go watch fireworks21:54
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: he first has to leave the office building also with his mind21:54
crashanddieBut this afternoon was hell.21:54
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: I've been doodling constantly about new ideas and features, and code implementation... Severe case as you say.21:54
DocScrutinizerno game's helping there21:54
DocScrutinizerdo some monotonous work, like digging the garden21:55
crashanddieDon't have a garden.21:55
DocScrutinizeror wood pecking21:55
crashanddieWell, I do, but it's not mine.21:55
GeneralAntillesScrub the floors.21:55
*** Jeffrey04 has quit IRC21:55
*** tzafrir has joined #maemo21:55
GeneralAntillesClean your keyboard.21:55
DocScrutinizertoo much IT21:55
hiemanshuhey DocScrutinizer GeneralAntilles21:56
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: see how many times you can climb top of next skyscraper in a row21:56
GeneralAntillescrashanddie, go do 50 push ups.21:56
DocScrutinizeror that21:56
DocScrutinizerthen do some 50 more21:57
crashanddieI did the windows (the physical windows, not malware cleaning), painted the flat, changed the tyres and the oil on the bike and car, did the shopping, cleaned the freezer, fixed the bathtub...21:57
crashanddieA whole year of to-do list items, done in about 2 days.21:57
crashanddieNow what?21:57
DocScrutinizeryour's is a severe case, it needs strong prescriptions21:57
GeneralAntillesGo get smashed with the GF?21:57
crashanddieYeah, but she doesn't drink...21:57
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ah, found easier solution, Terminated21:58
GeneralAntillesIt's never too late to start.21:58
DocScrutinizerthat's a god one21:58
DocScrutinizertrumee: ^^^21:58
crashanddieThe thing is, I'd love to get back into open source...21:58
crashanddieBut frankly, I can't be arsed to deal with the drama that comes with it.21:58
GeneralAntillesSounds too much like work.21:58
*** tackat has quit IRC21:59
* DocScrutinizer wonders if he's maybe morally obliged to kickban crashanddie for 3 days21:59
crashanddieyou do realise I can unban myself, right? :P21:59
*** tackat has joined #maemo22:00
crashanddiethe guys at work set up an IRC server22:00
DocScrutinizerI'll convince your GF to smash your PC22:00
crashanddieMy router can surf the web :P22:00
DocScrutinizeryou're a lost case22:00
crashanddieRouter, connected to the TV, has a browser.22:01
crashanddieYou know, the one with the remote that has a gyro in it?22:01
DocScrutinizeryeah, the weird one that stands on one corner22:01
GeneralAntillescrashanddie, are you cooking dinner?22:02
DocScrutinizerdarn, that thing oughta have exploded since >3 months22:02
crashanddieNo, we're going out22:02
crashanddieGeneralAntilles: I cooked last night though ;)22:02
crashanddieMaybe I should become a vigilante.22:02
GeneralAntillesFighting street crime22:03
DocScrutinizeranyway, enough of RL testing Nokia's beta HW, time for some relaxing - too hot here22:03
GeneralAntillesToo much like work.22:03
crashanddieGeneralAntilles: then I reply to your "reading books" -- too much like work.22:03
crashanddieAnd the worst part is, I can't buy any gadgets to have fun with.22:04
crashanddieI put myself on a spending diet.22:04
*** cpscotti has joined #maemo22:05
crashanddieThe only week where I actually have time to do nothing, and I've got nothing to do!22:05
*** DHR has quit IRC22:05
GeneralAntillescrashanddie, /fiction/ of course. :P22:07
crashanddieI can't.22:07
crashanddieWell, I could.22:07
*** piggz_ has quit IRC22:07
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:07
crashanddieBut I won't.22:08
*** DavidTalmage has quit IRC22:08
*** Plnt has quit IRC22:13
*** tzafrir has quit IRC22:19
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo22:19
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo22:19
*** DavidTalmage_ has joined #maemo22:20
*** FireyFly|n900 has joined #maemo22:22
*** pauly__ has joined #maemo22:25
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC22:25
*** hardaker has joined #maemo22:26
pauly__i put my n900 on Ebay!!22:26
*** andre__ has joined #maemo22:26
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:26
*** andre__ has joined #maemo22:26
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC22:26
nmjnbgood luck with that.22:26
pauly__i know22:27
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:27
pauly__is $275 usd or best offer good prie22:27
*** Venemo has joined #maemo22:27
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:27
*** Venemo has joined #maemo22:27
*** marthd has quit IRC22:28
*** kW_ has quit IRC22:29
nmjnbI'm not from the US so I really can't tell22:29
*** vdv has joined #maemo22:30
nussei paid 180 euro for mine22:30
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ping22:31
*** tzafrir has joined #maemo22:31
trumeeDocScrutinizer: the popup works if i run dbus-scripts --debug, but without --debug doesnt work :(22:31
*** holmesII has joined #maemo22:32
DocScrutinizernow that's kinda weird22:32
*** Plnt has joined #maemo22:32
trumeeDocScrutinizer: seems popupnotifier is never triggered even though i can see dbus messages with dbus-monitor22:32
trumeeDocScrutinizer: do you care to test?22:32
DocScrutinizernah, I care to profread maybe22:32
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ok, let me pastebin it.22:33
DocScrutinizerno use in testing things that don't work22:33
*** Mousey has joined #maemo22:34
*** gri has quit IRC22:35
trumeeDocScrutinizer:  is not being tiggered22:36
*** piggz has joined #maemo22:37
DocScrutinizertrumee: you're sending  >> string:$usedminutes string:`expr $FREEMINUTES - $usedminutes` << which looks weird in itself without and ticks or ", but worse you expect uint on the other end22:40
DocScrutinizerdoesn't explain why the script isn't called without --debug22:40
DocScrutinizeraah sorry, no22:41
DocScrutinizeryou're *sending* uint to the notifier, well that may work22:41
*** FireyFly|n900 has quit IRC22:42
DocScrutinizerorg.calltimer.values.give_some_values  vs   * * org.calltimer.values give_some_values *22:43
DocScrutinizerI'm not sure about that either22:43
DocScrutinizermay be correct though22:43
DocScrutinizerI always found configuring correct triggers for dbus-scripts a PITA22:44
DocScrutinizertook me half a day first time22:44
trumeeDocScrutinizer: modified upstart of dbus-scripts to --debug and rebooted.22:45
*** wazd has joined #maemo22:45
DocScrutinizertrumee: also make damn sure you got no garbage files in /etc/dbus-scripts.d/ !22:46
DocScrutinizerI once had the "funny" idea to place a script in there as well, which ended as a dbus forkbomb22:46
DocScrutinizernow I know maemo5 kernel can handle no more than 1000some processes ;-P22:47
DocScrutinizeractually dbus-scripts daemon is a bitch regarding the trigger config files22:48
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ughh, even with dbus-scripts --debug --system  using upstart doesnt work22:49
DocScrutinizerplus iirc it has a severe flaw in that it can't match at all on one of the several components of a dbus signal22:49
trumeeDocScrutinizer: however if i do a killall -9 dbus-scripts and then do a dbus-scripts --system --debug it works!22:49
DocScrutinizerso don't you think it was related more to the way you started dbus-scripts when you first used it with --debug?22:50
DocScrutinizeryes, exactly what I thought22:50
DocScrutinizerdbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.Notifications /org/freedesktop/Notifications org.freedesktop.Notifications.SystemNoteDialog string:"Free minutes consumed: $5, Remaining minutes: $6" uint32:0 string:"OK"22:50
DocScrutinizeris to session bus, no?22:50
DocScrutinizersession bus of root is inexistent22:51
DocScrutinizerprepend that dbus-send call with run-standalone.sh22:51
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yup, that could be the issue22:51
trumeeor i could do dbus-send --system i think22:52
DocScrutinizerthat *is* _an_ issue22:52
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo22:52
DocScrutinizerI'm sure notifier msgs must go to session bus22:52
DocScrutinizeras you theoreticaly could have multiple sessions (aka Xservers) that all have their own notfier handling22:53
DocScrutinizerso sending a notifier dbus comand to system bus is rather meaningless, or at nest ambiguous22:54
DocScrutinizerprepend >> dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.Notifications /org/freedesktop/Notifications org.freedesktop.Notifications.SystemNoteDialog string:"Free minutes consumed: $5, Remaining minutes: $6" uint32:0 string:"OK"<<22:54
*** fscker has quit IRC22:54
*** fscker has joined #maemo22:55
DocScrutinizerI'm doing exactly the same in improved booston script and also in some postinst script22:55
DocScrutinizerit's a known "issue"22:56
DocScrutinizerand is meant for exactly this22:56
*** pauly__ has quit IRC22:58
trumeeDocScrutinizer: yay! you were right22:59
*** alehorst has quit IRC22:59
Itschuehello has some one a minute for me?22:59
trumeeDocScrutinizer: thanks for pointing that out23:00
DocScrutinizertrumee: yw23:02
DocScrutinizertrumee: make a nice package and mention me in the thanks ;-D23:02
Itschuedidnt find anrgrybirds in ham tryed to install via apt-get but it says handler silently failed23:02
*** kW_ has joined #maemo23:03
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ^^, most i will do is post it in tmo :)23:03
*** alehorst has joined #maemo23:03
DocScrutinizerItschue: hmm, that "handler silently failed" issue sounds somewhat familiar. I'm not sure what's the problem though, maybe somebody else can help23:04
Venemosounds vaguely familiar but I forgot the solution23:05
vdvhow can i tell maemo not to do update if internet connection becomes available?23:05
*** kamui_ has quit IRC23:05
*** swc|666 has quit IRC23:05
Itschuei find its very curious since i have the n900 i didnt find angrybirds in ham many peoples sayd it is in ham23:05
Sicelovdv: it's on customizing maemo page on wiki .. i forget actual command23:06
DocScrutinizermaybe all those were wrong23:06
*** the_lord has quit IRC23:06
DocScrutinizerSicelo: some gconftool --set commant to change time interval of updates to 1 year23:07
vdvah, right, something like that23:07
Itschuethe "handler silently failed"   i found that could be broken package but i didnt think so23:08
wazdRayman Origins engine is gonna be open-sourced!23:08
*** wam has joined #maemo23:08
Itschueis it possible to download angrybirds .debfile with the pc? but i didnt know from where23:09
SpeedEvilItschue: I think the n900 got moved from ham to the ovi store23:09
SpeedEviland then the ovi store died23:09
*** rd has joined #maemo23:10
*** Itschue23 has joined #maemo23:12
Itschue23i hate disco23:12
Itschue23in ovi i found the angry birds level packs but didnt the game curious i think23:13
*** Itschue has quit IRC23:13
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:13
Itschue23docscrutinizer is syslogd devel?23:14
*** Jade has quit IRC23:17
*** sq-one has quit IRC23:19
Itschue23doc is it sysklog?23:20
trumeeDocScrutinizer: done,
*** Rpa has quit IRC23:20
*** Rpa has joined #maemo23:20
DocScrutinizerItschue23: yes, sounds familiar23:20
*** kamui_ has joined #maemo23:20
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo23:22
Itschue23yes it called sysklog   provides sys log daemon23:23
DocScrutinizertrumee: seems you forgot something elementary ;-)23:25
trumeeDocScrutinizer: which is?23:25
trumeeDocScrutinizer: ah!23:25
trumeeDocScrutinizer: end time in database?23:26
*** hannesw has joined #maemo23:30
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC23:30
trumeeDocScrutinizer: tx, updated23:30
*** geaaru has joined #maemo23:30
*** sq-one has joined #maemo23:31
*** wazd has quit IRC23:32
*** javispedro has joined #maemo23:34
*** Triscar0 has quit IRC23:36
*** nomis has quit IRC23:37
*** jhb has quit IRC23:37
*** nomis has joined #maemo23:37
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo23:39
*** doc|home has quit IRC23:40
*** rd has quit IRC23:42
*** leniwiec_1 has joined #maemo23:45
*** GNUtoo|laptop has quit IRC23:46
*** Rpa has quit IRC23:47
*** renato has quit IRC23:51
*** doc|home has joined #maemo23:53
javispedroso, who to kill to get "account-plugin-google-talk" harmattan package?23:54
javispedro(and btw, no sign of generic jabber/xmpp support...)23:55
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: I oubt killing omebody will really help ;-)23:55
* DocScrutinizer blows sharply on s|d keys23:55
*** kamui_ has quit IRC23:56
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: and o/ :-)23:56
javispedrowell, field testing was ok, save for lack of gtalk..23:57
javispedrobattery is just slightly above n900's.23:57
DocScrutinizermy field testing revealed a poor GPS, as usual - without SIM inserted23:57
*** rm_you has quit IRC23:57
*** rm_you has joined #maemo23:57
DocScrutinizeryou'd think after <24h since last fix, at almost same location, under plain sky, it should get a fix a bit faster than only after 15min23:59

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