IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2011-03-04

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DocScrutinizerthat's *real* external IP, not what your phone *thinks* it is00:00
jacekowskii have my cool webpage00:00
DocScrutinizercmdline rulez00:01
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VenemoZogG_laptop: yes00:05
VenemoZogG_laptop: you can use whatever lib you want in a Qt app00:05
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ZogG_laptopbut i just thought would it be more prper not to use glib?00:06
VenemoZogG_laptop: it didn't seem necessary from that example, but...00:07
VenemoZogG_laptop: if you make a proper wrapper class around the stuff, it can work out well00:07
ZogG_laptopto use glib you mean?00:07
ZogG_laptopso i just make function that make this notifier right?00:08
VenemoZogG_laptop: yes, follow the example00:08
ZogG_laptopand than instead of all glib loops i use Qt signal?00:08
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VenemoZogG_laptop: when the thing calls you back, from the callback you can emit a Qt signal00:09
VenemoZogG_laptop: if you can't get it right by the weekend, I'll have more time to install the stuff from your repo and look at the app's code00:09
ZogG_laptopthanks man00:09
slirinobody here likes trackers?00:10
slirioctamed, fasttracker00:10
Sc0rpiustrackers? what is this 1992?00:11
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ZogG_laptopxmmsc_result_notifier_set (result, my_current_id, &udata); Venemo here i connect and listen to callback? right? it can be a signal right?00:11
VenemoZogG_laptop: what signal?00:11
slirifor me it will always be00:11
sliriand now we have amazing sunvox00:11
Sc0rpiusI remember I had ProTracker for my Amiga00:11
javispedrodivan: there?00:12
divanjavispedro, yep00:12
Sc0rpiusand I think I still have some S3M/MOD/IT files around00:12
RST38hnight,javispedro, how are things?00:12
javispedrohi RST38h00:12
ZogG_laptopVenemo signal for Qt to make an action?00:12
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Sc0rpiusbut it's useless now, everybody uses FL (Fruity Loops) or Reason nowadays and trackers are way forgotten.00:12
VenemoZogG_laptop: no.00:12
VenemoZogG_laptop: you call back a function that you make, and FROM that function emit the Qt signal00:13
ZogG_laptopVenemo, so i got it wrong00:13
javispedrodivan: specially the last parts of my post :)00:13
javispedroRST38h: pondering where do I waste my time tonight =)00:14
RST38hIRC, where else? :)00:14
MohammadAGChatRoulette of course00:16
divanjavispedro, thanks, I got it. Regarding /media/internal/.. Maybe it worth symlinking to a separate dir? Something like /home/user/MyDocs/preenv/internal. or even in /opt/preenv/internal.. Cause MyDocs dir isn't best place for games' trash.00:16
javispedro"technically" it is not for games 'trash00:17
javispedro/media/internal is exactly equivalent to MyDocs on a Pre.00:17
javispedroit is where you store user files, etc.00:17
divanjavispedro, now I still use ld_preload, but each game can specify own path via another variable.00:17
javispedrolike docs00:17
divanjavispedro, Asphalt5 saves replays into /media/internal/reply.sav00:17
* javispedro sighs00:18
divannot /media/internal/Asphalt5/replay.sav or smth00:18
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DocScrutinizeriFlops, epic00:19
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divanjavispedro, if /media/internal will symlink to some separate directory it would be easier to separate maemo related trash from preenv trash )))00:19
DocScrutinizertrashes to trashes00:20
lardmanDocScrutinizer: new measurement unit for numbers with a point?00:20
DocScrutinizermade of an iPad and a rubber string00:21
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DocScrutinizermade of *a pair of*...00:22
lardmanso you're not rushing out for the latest iJobbie?00:22
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lardmanwell iPads prices are probably in free fall now00:22
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lardmaniPad 1 that is00:22
DocScrutinizernah, I don't wear flipflops either00:22
divanjavispedro, what is the situation with /usr/lib/ library? Some games require it to be named Can it be set as by default, via symlink or hardlnk?00:23
chxit's still $400 or so00:23
chxcant see anything free fall00:23
javispedrodivan: that is quite stupid on many levels00:23
javispedrodivan: please just install the maemo package that has that library00:24
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divanjavispedro, package libavcodec?00:24
javispedro (thank Jeffa)00:25
divanIt what I did first. And it didn't work, until I've found on some thread this hint.00:25
divanGame started and crashed.00:25
javispedros/jeffa/jebba (weird typo)00:25
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divanit was Avatar game, as I remember00:26
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javispedroit must be something else.00:26
javispedrothat hint is stupid.,00:26
javispedronever read alligoodidea/govprov's messages.00:26
divanlet me check  again00:26
ZogG_laptopVenemo, i think i should rest and if tomorrow i wouldn't succeed by mself i'll ping you00:27
slirijavispedro thank you for your work on dosbox00:27
sliriand the snes00:27
VenemoZogG_laptop: k00:27
slirii am running this sunvox and the example music is amazing00:27
javispedrodivan: if it launches with that symlink, it means it will also launch when symlinked to (like the many other stubbed libraries in preenv) -- but however that would be a disservice to any game actually caring about such library, because the maemo one is quite fine.00:28
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javispedrosliri: yw00:28
slirihave you seen the sunvox program?00:28
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sliriyoutube sunvox n90000:29
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divanjavispedro, now with libavcodec52 installed (0.5+svn20090706-5), and 'ldd Avatar | grep avcodec' shows " => /usr/lib/ (0x40048000)" the game crashes right after splash screen00:30
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divangdb's backtrace stops somewhere in ogg decoding routine00:30
javispedroinside which library?00:31
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ShadowJKhuh, "libOMX.TI.Video.Decoder" uses same API as ffmpeg's lavc? Or is this why you said "stupid on many levels"?00:32
divanwhen I set symlink /opt/preenv/lib/ to /usr/lib/ and ldd points to /opt/preenv/lib/ (symlink) everything works.00:32
javispedroShadowJK: latter.00:32
divanjavispedro, I didn't figure out from what library...00:32
ShadowJKAlthough TI did hire some of the ffmpeg people ;)00:32
divanlet me try again00:32
javispedrodivan: try libstub.so00:33
javispedrodivan: cp or symlink it.00:33
divanjavispedro, what is libstub? symlink to libavcodec or what?00:33
javispedroan empty shared object.00:34
divan0x414c3e20 in oggpack_writeclear () from /usr/lib/
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javispedroI do not think avcodec links into libogg..00:35
divan#4  0x4140a904 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
derfIt does for some things.00:35
divanbut the fact is00:35
divanwhen I replace avcodec lib, everything starts to work00:35
derflibvorbisidec is the integer-only Tremor decoder.00:35
LjLon the topic of Vorbis, can i get Vorbis tags to work on my N810?00:36
LjLon its default media player that is00:36
derfIn 20090706, it did _not_ use mainline libogg.00:36
derfIt required its own custom version.00:36
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javispedrodivan: the libOMX.**** hint however is completely bullshit and WILL work. The game probably uses weak symbols or something like that to cope with the fact that library is not in the officially sanctioned list. The question would be why it crashes when it uses the system libavcodec.00:40
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divanjavispedro, so, explain me again what do I need to symlink to
javispedrorepeat what you were doing previously, but use "" (as is, without full path) as source.00:43
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divanWhat I did previously?00:44
javispedro/opt/preenv/lib # ln -s
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* javispedro wonders if there's something wrong with the maemo libavcodec, will check that later.00:45
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divanjavispedro, you right. It works with Video and audio seems to be working correctly00:47
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divanSo, until the question of maemo's libavcodec is unresolved, how do we solve this issue(without root priveleges)?00:50
divanjavispedro, can you temporarily make this symlink permanent?00:51
divanfor the next preenv upgrade, I mean00:51
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sliriit is not hard to get root00:54
divansliri, the game installer application will be run without root and I want to install all hacks for each game automatically.00:56
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peetahHi all01:00
sliridid broke addons for iceweasel?01:00
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peetahI would like to start developing applications on maemo 501:00
peetahwhich environment is recommended: maemo-sdk+ or the classic maemo sdk ?01:01
javispedropeetah: do you have experience in some language, or some UI toolkit?01:02
peetahjavispedro: I quite ok with C and C++ but never did anything with Qt01:02
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javispedrothe general rule I'm going to invent is: if you're interested in Qt, have experience with Qt, Windows or some other mobile platform development,  you need neither of the above and should download the Nokia Qt SDK01:04
divanpeetah, it worth learning. Qt is really handy libs and well documented. Start with Nokia Qt SDK 1.1. Latest QtCreator is really adapted for N900 development.01:04
javispedroon the other hand, if you have a Unixy background, Gtk+ background, or want to do lower level tasks or daemons, get the "classic" Maemo SDK.01:05
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peetahI'll look at the Nokia Qt SDK01:06
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peetahI thought that the sdk+ would have had some advantages compared to classic sdk, because of sbox 2.0, but I may be wrong01:06
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peetahwhat do you think ?01:07
javispedropeetah: if you know what scratchbox is, you should then probably be able to answer that question and discard the suggestion to download the qt sdk =)01:07
divanWhat is SDK+?01:08
javispedropeetah: if you don't know what sbox is, then it doesn't really matter. the official one is sbox1 though.01:08
divanIsn't it outdate?01:09
divanpeetah, for some tasks I use official Maemo SDK. sbox1 is good enough ))01:09
peetahjavispedro: I know about scratchbox because I did some cross development for arm platform, but I did not dig into the differences between version 1.x and 2.x01:10
javispedropeetah: so you have unixy background! get the classic sdk.01:11
javispedrospecially if you already used sb101:11
peetahjavispedro, divan: ok thanks, time to experiment now :)01:12
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sliriZogG: minitube tells me 'could not open media source'01:39
* sliri is amazed at the fun of sunvox01:39
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slirihave a great day all01:53
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luke-jranyone else have video out problems iwht PR1.3?02:34
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SpeedEvilMy video problems involve not being arsed to find the cable.02:35
SpeedEvilDoes that count?02:35
SpeedEvilWhat sort of problems?02:35
luke-jrpicture moving top to bottom over and over02:35
luke-jrlike a bad VHS02:35
SpeedEvilYou have the correct NTSC/PAL setting?02:36
luke-jrno idea02:36
luke-jrcan I check from CLI?02:36
SpeedEvilAlso - the volume buttons adjust tracking.02:36
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luke-jrthey adjust volume for me02:36
SpeedEvilI don't think you can check from CLI02:36
SpeedEvilwell - maybe02:36
SpeedEvilbut probably some gconf properyu02:37
luke-jrit got set to PAL somehow02:37
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luke-jrso now that I've reinstalled my kernel, where do I get the fixed wifi module? :x02:40
luke-jrI didn't save the TMO link02:40
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luke-jryeah, like working02:43
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luke-jrfor reference02:44
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divanjavispedro, so your suggestion regarding libavcodec? Can you symlink until maemo avcodec will be updated?02:57
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javispedroit is not a problem with the maemo avcodec, it worked for me.02:59
javispedroso I'm waiting for more results on the issue.02:59
ebzzryHi! When using a framebuffer kernel, is the kernel found at the same as the one install with
divanjavispedro, maybe it's just Avatar game bug. Anyway I need a solution. rootless.03:00
javispedro"and I need it now!!"03:01
divanNot now )03:01
divanjavispedro, does Avatar works for you?03:02
javispedroI do not have the game.03:02
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MrPPShey all - has the linux "wipe" utility bene ported to maemo/n900 yet?06:22
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cehtehMrPPS: wipe will not help you on flash media06:28
cehtehyou only put wear stress on the media but it marks blocks as unused (without necessary deleting their content) and writes data to another block, wear leveling06:29
MrPPSah i see, so it effectively does nothing for flash?06:30
MrPPSand therefore, would be just as secure with flash using rm -rf?06:31
cehtehit does .. it damages the flash :P06:31
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cehtehwell if you wipe or write the flash disks size many times it eventually overwrites the data06:32
cehtehbut since flash has limited overwrite cycles thats a bad idea06:32
cehtehbetter use an encrypted filesystem or something like that for the data06:32
MrPPSyeah fair enough06:33
MrPPScool, thanks for the help :)06:33
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deltquick question: over a VNC connection, how come clicking on the "4 squares with top-left one falling off" icon (all applications) doesn't work?06:47
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delt*sigh* bbl...06:54
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pigeonhas anyone else seen a crash with the Contacts app on the n900, where you add an address for a contact, and select the "Region", and choose anything, and it will just crash?07:22
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pigeonhow to run the contact apps from the command line?07:25
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timeless_w7ipso, people complain about how long it takes for nokia to respond to bugs, right?08:43
povbotBug 346405: was not found.08:43
* timeless_w7ip sighs08:43
timeless_w7ipyes dumb bot08:43
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*** Rarok has joined #maemo10:04
*** tarantism_ has quit IRC10:04
BluesLee i want to install the cssu, do some packages from extras-devel conflict with it? for instance hildon-desktop_kinetic or hildon-desktop_double_column?10:06
*** FIQ has quit IRC10:06
*** MadViking has quit IRC10:06
*** MadViking has joined #maemo10:07
*** FredrIQ|n900 has joined #maemo10:15
*** FredrIQ|n900 has joined #maemo10:15
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*** mardi has joined #maemo11:02
*** jhb has joined #maemo11:02
*** robbiethe1st has joined #maemo11:03
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo11:04
*** mikhas has joined #maemo11:05
vanousany uboot expert here? cannot get uboot to load maemo at all, shr boots ok from uSD, can flash without any problems...11:06
vanousafter flashing default kernel, i can boot maemo ok11:06
vanoushave tried custom uboot, combined images, default power46 with uboot...11:07
vanousstill get stuck at "booting kernel..."11:07
vanousare some modules or parameters required or what is it?11:08
*** rong_ has joined #maemo11:11
*** rong_ has quit IRC11:12
*** mirr0r is now known as fiberspeed11:13
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo11:14
*** lxp1 has joined #maemo11:14
*** msanchez has joined #maemo11:15
*** jekarhun has joined #maemo11:16
*** lxp has quit IRC11:16
DocScrutinizermodules need to match kernel. uBoot replaces kernel by a uboot+kernel hybrid11:17
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo11:17
RST38hDoc. Moorning.11:17
RST38hDoc: Any idea where this out-of-the-blue Meego DE announcement came from?11:17
RST38hWhy such a sudden generosity?11:18
DocScrutinizerno clue what U r talking bout11:18
RST38hsee above11:18
*** tackat has quit IRC11:19
*** jrocha has joined #maemo11:20
DocScrutinizeris it worth anything?11:20
*** tackat has joined #maemo11:22
*** prometoys has left #maemo11:22
*** kuuntelija has quit IRC11:23
*** kuuntelija has joined #maemo11:23
*** khertan has joined #maemo11:25
vanousDocScrutinizer: hmm, my kernel matches, at least i think it does.11:27
vanousas if i flash it directly, it boots11:27
DocScrutinizervanous: I installed PK46+uBoot via HAM, and it worked11:27
vanousnogo here11:28
vanousnormal pk46 boots ok for me11:28
vanousis there way to enable better kernel booting output?11:29
Corsacoh, people still working on dpkg for harmattan11:29
khertanCorsac, probably the best idea ... give fragmentation ;)11:30
*** villev has quit IRC11:30
*** villev has joined #maemo11:31
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC11:32
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo11:33
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo11:36
*** florian_kc is now known as florian11:36
DocScrutinizerRST38h: probably "Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers"11:39
DocScrutinizerRST38h: I.E. no apps for meego, so N950 is going to be an epic flop11:39
kerioomfg n95011:40
keriois it really happening?11:40
kerioa n900 with more ram?11:40
DocScrutinizerRST38h: my suspicion is that the pushbutton-to-recompile compatibility promise from maemo5 to meego doesn't deliver11:41
timeless_w7ipdoc: did we promise that?11:41
DocScrutinizererr yes, originally that's been the promise of meego and maemo-qt4.711:42
DocScrutinizerand it's been the only reason why meego didn't got bashed to the ground from beginning11:44
viszit's not going to be a flop if they already expect very low sales?11:44
*** fscker_ has quit IRC11:45
*** fscker has joined #maemo11:46
timeless_w7ip indicates meego has 4.7.111:47
DocScrutinizerRST38h: I guess M6-meegflavoured-HE doesn't fly either, as in no apps for that either - "out of the box"11:47
timeless_w7ipdoc: in theory a Qt 4.6 app can look ugly on both maemo5 and meego11:48
timeless_w7ipso it should "work"11:48
DocScrutinizerproof needed11:49
timeless_w7ipi don't think i have Qt on my n90011:49
DocScrutinizerthe migration path never been considered worthy for a QA criterion11:49
*** Earthwings_ is now known as Earthwings11:49
*** Earthwings has joined #maemo11:50
timeless_w7ipoh, i have libqt4-core 4.7.0~git...11:50
DocScrutinizeryou bet you have11:50
timeless_w7ipso in theory a Qt 4.7.0 app can look ugly on both maemo5 (pr1.3) and meego11:50
timeless_w7ipmigration? what's that?11:50
timeless_w7ipyeah no, we don't test that11:50
timeless_w7ipwe barely test the basic update path11:50
DocScrutinizerin practice it will segfault without further comment though?11:50
timeless_w7ipwhich is why there was e.g. a pr1.0.1 to deal w/ the fact that we couldn't upgrade from pr1.0 to pr1.1 of maemo5 :)11:51
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo11:51
timeless_w7ipwell, i dunno, it might not segfault, but i sure would bet on it looking ugly11:51
Corsacit's qt anyway, so it's ugly11:51
*** tekojo has joined #maemo11:52
*** tekojo has quit IRC11:52
*** tekojo has joined #maemo11:52
DocScrutinizerI dont give a flying F on looks11:52
DocScrutinizerwhat worries me is Nokia's notion about "bare bones supported, everything fancy is your problem and we honestly try to fsck it up for every update"11:53
*** Mece has joined #maemo11:54
*** lardman has joined #maemo11:54
lardmanwho was looking at quad copters?
lardmanhi Mece11:55
Mecelardman, you're the developer of mbarcode, right?11:55
DocScrutinizeras in "NK-enter bug in libvte? Not our problem. We fixed the cli binaries that ship with stock system to work with NK-enter"11:55
* lardman wonders if he should have logged on this morning... ;)11:55
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo11:55
Mecelardman, i had some problems with it, i wondered if there's a solution.11:55
*** lolloo has joined #maemo11:55
lardmanwhat were your problems?11:56
Mecelardman, i wanted to scan the barcode from an invoice so I wouldn't have to writ the thing into the bank thing11:56
timeless_w7ipdoc: we don't honestly try11:56
lardmando you know what type of barcode it is?11:56
timeless_w7ipbut we do honestly succeed!11:56
* ptl wonders if there's Meego for the Galaxy Tablet (1) yet11:57
Mecelardman, first it couldn't read the thing for some reason. (it's a long one. no idea, it didnt say)11:57
lardmanptl: yes, but no touch events yes11:57
timeless_w7ipdoc; oh, is that why <enter> over ssh generally breaks?11:57
DocScrutinizertimeless_w7ip: yes11:58
timeless_w7ipdoc: got a bug i can vote for?11:58
Mecebut after i took a picture and opened the file it could read it, only how am I supposed to get the data? I ended up using google and copying from the url.11:58
Meceis there a way to just read the data so I can copy it to the clipboard?11:58
lardmanMece: ah ok, so mBarcode would decode it from file?11:58
Mecelardman, yep.11:59
lardmanwell mBarcode should give you the option of just copying the raw data to the clipboard11:59
RST38hDoc: Honestly, I am now out of ideas. My crystal balls are all clouded.11:59
Mecelardman, and then it wanted me to choose a service11:59
lardmanat the top there's a button to copy the data11:59
RST38hAnd moo, lardman11:59
lardmanhi RST38h11:59
Mecelardman, hmm. i just got a list of services.11:59
timeless_w7ip# "fix" the hold-key=sym nonsense11:59
Mecelemme try again11:59
DocScrutinizertimeless_w7ip: >>12:00
DocScrutinizer# NK-Enter bug, putting less +/, htop "search", and many other back to proper12:00
povbotBug 6009: "Enter" key sends wrong keycode to console applications12:00
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo12:00
*** rcg has joined #maemo12:00
lardmanMece: top right on the results window12:00
lardmanptl: why, you want to do some kernel hacking?12:01
ptlI want to use it12:01
lardmanWell I'll try to get the xinput2 stuff working over the weekend12:01
Mecehmm.. perhaps I have some wrong settings. I ended up directly in the search providers dialog12:01
ptlcool... do you have a page for your project, lardman? I've only seen your announcement.12:02
lardmanMece: oh, you mean the websearch plugin?12:02
*** khertan has quit IRC12:02
lardmanptl: the hummingbird page on the meego wiki12:02
lardmanMece: if you only have one plugin enabled and the checkbox ticked to automatically use that plugin, then it will jump straight to it without giving you the list of plugins that can handle the barcode content (and the copy button is on the top right of that page)12:03
Mecelardman, ah found the problem. my bad.12:03 ?12:03
lardmanptl: yes12:03
viszi'd like to see mBarcode send the scanned barcodes to some sort of server12:03
lardmanvisz: they are broadcast in a DBus message12:04
Mecelardman, is there any way to improve the searching somehow? so i don't have to take picture and open?12:04
*** QinGW has quit IRC12:04
lardmanMece: What type of barcode is it? 2D like a QR code, or a long 1D version?12:05
*** rantom has joined #maemo12:05
*** sge has quit IRC12:05
lardmanSome problems have been reported with very large barcodes, which seem to be caused by insufficient resolution in the video stream12:05
rantomHi, I'd have a quick question about promoting application from -Testing to Extras.12:06
viszi use the mbarcode to scan mac-addresses of ip-phones from their boxes, and use the macs to generate auto-provisionings12:06
lardmanthe video stream is not running at full res as otherwise the processing and display all take longer12:06
viszi guess the process could be automated much more if i just had the time =P12:06
Mecelardman, long 1D12:06
rantomWhy in some cases those applications won't go to the Extras, though they've got required thumbs up and QA is over?12:06
rantomFor example :
RST38hlardman: how about increasing resolution automatically?12:06
lardmanvisz: glad it's finding a use :) You could probably write a python plugin to do what you want quite easily12:06
lardmanMece: ok12:06
lardmanRST38h: yeah I was thinking about doing that, not had time yet12:07
lardmanbut you have to stop the pipeline to alter the res, can't be done on the fly afaiu12:07
lardmanand then it's working out whether you need higher res, or the user just hasn't pointed at the barcode yet, etc12:07
*** mece1 has joined #maemo12:08
lardmanperhaps I should add a button on the screen to temporarily increase the res for the next 5s or whatever12:08
mece1lardman, like this:
mece1whoa, bmp12:08
*** Mece has quit IRC12:09
*** sge has joined #maemo12:09
*** mece1 is now known as mece12:09
lardmannot sure I'd post my bank statement online either ;)12:09
lardmanok I see the barcode, is long and also has rather fine bars, so that will be the issue12:09
lardmanok, I'll sit down this weekend and see if I can take a crack at temporarily increasing the video res for things like this12:10
lardmanand also look at fixing some of the other bugs, etc12:10
mecelardman, it's not mine, LOL12:10
mecei just googled lasku12:10
lardmanoh that's ok ;)12:10
mecelardman, I have a differen suggestion.12:11
lardmanfire away12:11
meceallow mbarcode to take a photo, and crop it in the application12:11
*** smooph has joined #maemo12:11
*** FredrIQ|n900 has quit IRC12:11
mecemanually if need be12:11
lardmanso photo -> crop -> decode like that12:11
lardmanstill needs the pipeline to be reset12:12
mecelardman, no idea what the pipeline means in this context, but photo -> decode -> if fail -> crop -> decode12:12
*** smooph1 has quit IRC12:13
lardmanthere's a gstreamer pipeline which brings the data from the camera/video source12:13
*** MadViking has quit IRC12:13
mecelardman ah yes. Well I guess you'd choose which mode to use.12:13
*** MadViking has joined #maemo12:13
lardmancurrently the res is reduced so fewer pixels need to be processed which means the app is more responsive12:14
*** rantom has left #maemo12:14
mecelardman, yep, problem is with long codes need to have the camera further away..12:14
*** khertan has joined #maemo12:14
lardmanI'll have a look at temp switching the pipeline to full video res, but of course the still frame res is larger still12:14
lardmanmece: that's a side effect of the video res thing12:15
ptllardman: do you know how many and which sensors the galaxy tab has? This information was easy to find for the N900, but it seems quite hard to do the same for samsung galaxy tab.12:15
lardmanI chop off the edges, so you appear to be closer12:15
mecelardman, well I was thinking having optionally the photo version instead of the active search thing.12:15
*** FireFly has joined #maemo12:15
meceanyway, thanks. Great app btw :)12:15
ptllike, does it have an ambient light sensor?12:15
lardmanmece: ok, I'll have a think about that idea too12:15
lardmannp, glad people like using it :)12:15
lardmanptl: yes it has one of those afair12:16
lardmanptl: you could look at your dmesg output to see the sensor list12:16
*** vanous has quit IRC12:17
ptllots of output.12:17
lardmancat to a text file and read on a PC?12:18
ptlno need, I am reading it on my pc already12:18
ptlthanks anyway.12:18
ptlI was just saying that is a long text to parse. I'll try it. But I'd prefer a web source :12:18
lardmanyou'll need to stick the part ids into Google to see what they are in a lot of cases12:18
lardmanptl: well xda probably has something, but you have the raw info in front of you12:19
_0x47hi, I'm facing troubles on porting a debian package. The problem seems to be, that it comes with a built-in libtool, and scratchbox redirects the execution to the default libtool. Now, I've got some SBOX_REDIRECT_IGNORE lines in my debian/rules, but I'm not exactly sure if it works as expected. Output: sbox_redirect_log: debian/rules:
*** zap has quit IRC12:21
lardmanhas anyone used qtm 1.x to try to add calendar events? Is the backend supposed to work?12:23
*** vanous has joined #maemo12:23
_0x47was my message displayed correctly (3 links in the end)?12:23
lardman_0x47: yep12:23
_0x47k thx12:23
lardmanbut quite possibly no one knows how to fix your prob12:24
_0x47Yeah, I guess I'll just give up, seems like nobody really knows how/wants to use scratchbox. Not much info on the internet either...12:25
lardmanlooks like your libtool is being used though?12:25
_0x47I suppose if it was, there shouldn't be a line in the redirect log at all?12:26
_0x47I'm really not sure tho, I was just wondering why it should crash if it used the libtool from the package, as it builds on Debian just fine12:27
lardmanwell those errors are quite odd, looks like an X has been added to the front of each argument12:27
* lardman wonders about the last redirect12:27
lardmantacks on a /bin/sh to the start12:28
lardmananyway sorry, I don't know much about redirects in sb, other than that I try to avoid needing them12:28
_0x47even more weird is the fact, that these commands are not *in* the libtool (even without the leading X)12:28
lardmanby e.g. renaming the binary I'm going to need to use12:28
lardmanthey are in the command line being passed to doltlibtool though12:29
lardmanlast line of the build12:29
_0x47oh, then this may be an issue, but I don't understand if it is redirected or not12:29
_0x47because I onlt put redirect-ignores for libtool in the debian/rules12:30
lardmanwould it need to be, is doltlibtool even in sb?12:30
_0x47let me check12:30
lardmanI think not, perhaps your trying to redirect it has broken things12:30
_0x47not doing anything to doltlibtool yet, and is was broken right from the very first build. So maybe preventing any sort of redirecting helps. but wait, I'm doing a find right now12:31
lardmanit appears in the redirect log was why I asked12:32
_0x47well no, it is not in sb, so it cannot be redirected12:32
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo12:32
lardman[2011-03-04 10:08:29 24946] Redirect(0): Script(0)  ../../doltlibtool -> /scratchbox/tools/bin/bash ../../doltlibtool12:33
lardmanbut perhaps that's normal12:33
_0x47i hope it's normal12:33
*** smooph has quit IRC12:33
lardmanbbiab, got to pop out12:34
_0x47fair enough, bb12:35
*** drussell has joined #maemo12:43
* mva become a father second time. About half hour ago... ;)12:46
*** villev has quit IRC12:51
_0x47mva: congratulations!12:52
mva_0x47: thx12:52
*** MadViking has quit IRC12:54
*** MadViking has joined #maemo12:54
*** smooph has joined #maemo12:54
*** djszapi has joined #maemo12:55
djszapifrom dmesg: -> I do not see anything in the output of 'fdisk -l' after connecting the device to the host PC in mass storage mode, nor the N900 memory, nor even the mmc/sdcard partition table. What do I do wrong ? from lsusb: Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0421:01c7 Nokia Mobile Phones N900 (Storage Mode)12:55
*** lizardo has joined #maemo12:55
*** smooph1 has quit IRC12:56
*** tackat has quit IRC12:57
*** zutesmog has quit IRC13:02
*** zutesmog has joined #maemo13:02
*** buntfalke has quit IRC13:05
*** croppa has quit IRC13:05
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo13:05
DocScrutinizeris there any more generic way to display notifications and esp yes/no dialogs from .deb pre/post-install scripts than particularly calling dbus-send to rise those hildon notifiers?13:06
*** buntfalke has quit IRC13:06
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo13:07
DocScrutinizerin fact that's a massive flaw in pkgs like powerkernel, i2ctools, *#-ena and probably others, that breaks things when installing e.g via ssh remote login & apt-get13:08
DocScrutinizeryeah, ouch13:09
DocScrutinizerworks great with HAM, fails epically via fapman, apt-get and others13:09
chem|stthose should be like notes for ham triggering dbus-send and be normal apt-get status13:11
chem|stso something like HAM: $status for apt-get13:11
chem|stand not the pkgs themself calling it13:11
DocScrutinizersounds interesting but gibberish to me13:13
DocScrutinizerNB I am a noob to deb packaging13:13
DocScrutinizermy first approach would be to catch return error codes on dbus-send13:14
chem|ststatusmessages should be handled in a way that apt understands in any case, with X or without... just fail!13:14
*** qhubekela has joined #maemo13:14
*** buntfalke has quit IRC13:15
DocScrutinizernobody wants it to fail13:15
chem|stno it is fail13:15
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo13:15
*** smooph has quit IRC13:16
DocScrutinizersorry, I just can't see what "apt nderstands" means for installing a pkg in HAM that needs to open a "this needs a restart! <OK>" requester13:16
*** djszapi has left #maemo13:17
*** ptl has quit IRC13:17
*** qhubekela has left #maemo13:18
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo13:18
chem|stDocScrutinizer: the package should make HAM aware of it and HAM should generate the dbus-send, apt-get should show something like a sidenote13:18
chem|stso not the package should handle it but ham13:18
DocScrutinizer...doesn't help13:18
chem|stIm just talking what it should be like, yes13:19
*** zap has joined #maemo13:19
DocScrutinizerI'm asking HOW to implement it exactly like you suggested, I asked if there's a way to do it that way13:19
chem|stnope, that is missing from HAM side13:19
*** rm_you has quit IRC13:20
*** setanta has joined #maemo13:20
*** rm_you has joined #maemo13:21
chem|stwhat you could do is check the parent process and if it is not HAM skip things13:21
*** achipa has quit IRC13:21
DocScrutinizerquick&dirty way: dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.Notifications /org/freedesktop/Notifications org.freedesktop.Notifications.SystemNoteInfoprint string:"NOTIFICATION" || echo "NOTIFICATION"13:22
DocScrutinizerdual purpose - catch error return codes and try a fallback plain echo13:23
*** achipa has joined #maemo13:24
*** achipa has quit IRC13:24
*** achipa has joined #maemo13:24
DocScrutinizerof course the check for PPID==HAM (or similar semantics) looks more sane, as e.g in a remote ssh the dbus-send still might work just displays on a screen you don't expect it at13:25
*** NIN101 has quit IRC13:26
*** crs has quit IRC13:27
*** ptl has joined #maemo13:27
*** crs has joined #maemo13:28
chem|stI have no better idea for now sorry13:31
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: afaik only i2ctools, powerkernel-related pkgs, and *#-ena do this weird thing. I consider getting rid of those notifications in all of them13:31
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:33
DocScrutinizerapt-get for example should work as well on a system in maintenance mode when there's no dbus started at all, not to talk about X/Hildon13:34
*** setanta has quit IRC13:34
*** setanta has joined #maemo13:35
* chem|st would leave those msg an just restart, note it down in the pkg details...13:35
DocScrutinizerif we need a special level of user protection, we could go for sth like `I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING=yes apt-get install i2ctools`13:36
*** tackat has joined #maemo13:36
*** _0x47 has quit IRC13:37
chem|stsuggested sth like that a year ago13:37
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo13:37
*** bergie has quit IRC13:38
*** bergie has joined #maemo13:38
chem|steverything but extras and ovi should have ham to warn users, instead of stupid "pkg is not verified" stuff13:39
*** barision` is now known as barisione13:39
DocScrutinizerif [ x$I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING -ne xyes ]; then echo "please read the docs at and in the README file in this pkg! aborting installation..."; exit 10; fi13:40
*** rm_you has quit IRC13:41
*** rm_you has joined #maemo13:41
*** baraujo has joined #maemo13:41
*** LjL has joined #maemo13:42
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo13:43
* ruskie really wishes people would stop using: [ x$I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING -ne xyes ] constructs... the x is completly pointless in modern day shell... especially if you know what the system will run... :(13:45
*** MadViking has quit IRC13:46
*** MadViking has joined #maemo13:46
mecehmm anyone played with dosbox on n900?13:46
* SpeedEvil remembers someone playing with it.13:47
jogacan't remember if I played anything but I've started it a few times :)13:47
DocScrutinizerjr@halley:~> if [ $me_doesnt_exist -ne xxx ]; then echo one; fi13:48
DocScrutinizerbash: [: -ne: Einstelliger (unärer) Operator erwartet.13:48
*** scoobertron has quit IRC13:49
ruskieif [ "$me_doesnt_exist" != "xxx" ]; then echo one; fi13:49
ruskieworks just fine13:49
ruskieand gets rid of that annoying x13:49
meceI wonder if it can play some of those nice fp dungeon crawlers,13:49
*** arno0ob has quit IRC13:49
keriolike minecraft?13:50
meceno, like eye of the beholder13:50
keriominecraft's better13:50
ruskieor you could even do: if [[ $me_doesnt_exist != xxx ]]; then echo one; fi13:50
mecekerio, umm...13:50
DocScrutinizeryeah, -ne is BS13:50
*** pyther has joined #maemo13:51
*** timeless_w7ip has quit IRC13:51
DocScrutinizerIroN900:~# if [[ $me_doesnt_exist != xxx ]]; then echo one; fi13:52
DocScrutinizersh: xxx: unknown operand13:52
ruskiethere might be a few operations where one would use the -mnemonic instead of a different operation... but in those cases it can be easier to predefine a blank variable and override it13:52
ruskieyes... [[ ]] is not sh13:52
ruskiebut in this case was refering to bash13:52
ruskiesince that's what you were running13:52
ruskieif [[ $me_doesnt_exist != xxx ]]; then echo one; fi13:52
ruskieon bash or zsh13:52
DocScrutinizerwe aren't talking about bash, we were about postinst in apt-get13:53
mecekerio, one might also argue that dragon age: origins is better than eye of the beholder, but that is entirely unrelated to my question ;)13:53
keriominecraft *is* a first person dungeon crawler13:53
DocScrutinizerso you shoud stay with generic shell syntax13:53
kerioit has dungeons, and it's first person13:53
ruskieDocScrutinizer, then [ "$me_doesnt_exist" != "xxx" ]; should work just fine13:54
mecekerio, true. but it does not run in dosbox, or on the n900 afaict13:54
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo13:54
*** Azog has quit IRC13:56
*** Azog has joined #maemo13:57
*** smooph has joined #maemo13:57
*** smooph1 has quit IRC13:59
*** MadViking has quit IRC14:00
*** calvaris has quit IRC14:00
*** MadViking has joined #maemo14:02
*** flexxxv has joined #maemo14:03
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC14:04
flexxxvhey, where are the icons for the categorize of ham stored? and where ist apmefo looking for icons? (I would like to symlink them)14:04
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #maemo14:05
*** MadViking has quit IRC14:05
*** muelli has joined #maemo14:06
*** MadViking has joined #maemo14:07
*** OkropNick has quit IRC14:11
*** e-yes has joined #maemo14:15
DocScrutinizerapmefo and catorice don't look for icons anywhere, basically. Both just edit the /usr/share/applications/hildon/ directory structure14:20
DocScrutinizerhildon is looking for icons that are defines in *.desktop files, no matter if catorize, apmefo, or nothing is installed14:21
flexxxvDocScrutinizer>: I mean the folder icons.14:21
flexxxvcatorize is using the HAM icons14:21
flexxxvI don't know where they are, but would like to link them to /opt/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/hildon14:22
flexxxvso that I can use them with apmefo14:22
flexxxvI already did this once but I forgot where these icons are stored14:22
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo14:22
*** willer_ has quit IRC14:24
*** willer_ has joined #maemo14:26
flexxxvok I found them. The HAM Icons are in /usr/share/themes/default14:27
*** E0x has joined #maemo14:29
*** mikhas has joined #maemo14:30
*** kama has joined #maemo14:32
*** mairas has joined #maemo14:33
*** BCMM has joined #maemo14:35
flexxxvarg I messed something up. in which package are the icons of /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/hildon/ ?14:37
ruskiegnome-hicolor maybe? or something similar14:37
ruskienote: dpkg is your friend14:38
ruskieit has a flag to search for a file in package14:38
ruskiemight be dpgk -S /path/with/filename14:38
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo14:38
E0xso , what about the official support of meegon in n900 as dev version ?14:39
flexxxvthx I just forgot about this14:39
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC14:39
E0xi want hear you opinion about it DocScrutinizer14:39
ruskieit's nice that they plan on working on it14:39
ruskiewould be nicer if they streched some design muscle and actually made a usable UI for the handset version14:40
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo14:40
E0xruskie: the actual UI ( i not tested it yet ) is not good ?14:40
ruskieit's like a mix between iphone and android...14:40
E0xbut is that bad ?14:41
ruskieaka a smartphone style device... so generally unusable for anything but phone functionality14:41
E0xah ok14:41
E0xi get you now14:41
ruskienot bad per-se... but frankly I wouldn't want to use it for anything more than phoning14:41
ruskiejust like I used my n95...14:41
ruskiehas all those functions... but pointless controls/ui14:41
E0xmaemo style is more mini-computer style14:41
ruskieand that's what I love about it14:42
E0xmaybe a mix between then could better14:42
E0xsomething like maemo 5 with a good portrait mode14:42
ruskieor just have two distinct UI setups14:42
ruskieone stronger on portrait/smartphone layout the other computer style/landscape14:43
E0xor a table mode , something like that14:43
E0xruskie: yes14:43
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo14:43
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC14:43
ruskiethat's really the only way I can see the device fitting everyone14:43
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo14:43
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo14:43
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo14:44
*** murrayc has quit IRC14:44
E0xa least this dev version of meego14:44
ruskiean as I'm not that familiar with various smartphone UIs I couldn't say if the current mode is great for those that prefer smartphone centric UIs14:45
ruskiebut it could be14:45
ruskieso the only thing that would be needed is a computer centric mode based on m4 or m514:45
E0xi really like maemo 5 style , but something i wish could be in portrait mode14:45
E0xlike unlock screen14:45
ruskieI never use it one handed14:46
E0xi can now type my unlock code with one hand just fine14:46
E0xbut was hard14:46
*** avs has quit IRC14:47
ruskieI generally have reach for all the sw keys14:47
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo14:47
*** scoobertron has quit IRC14:48
E0xtalking about this now make sense14:49
E0xthe project at tmo14:49
E0xabout have meego core and maemo UI14:50
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC14:50
ruskiewell I could live with any computer like UI frankly...14:50
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo14:51
*** mairas has quit IRC14:51
*** marciom has quit IRC14:52
DocScrutinizer51for sure I won't accept that meego mickey mouse UI14:53
*** _0x47 has quit IRC14:53
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo14:53
*** marciom has joined #maemo14:53
*** jrocha has quit IRC14:53
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo14:53
E0xDocScrutinizer51: heh14:53
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo14:53
E0xnow nokia just need open everything in maemo514:54
*** _0x471 has joined #maemo14:56
*** diegohcg has joined #maemo14:56 introduce world piece. easy one.14:57
*** kW_ has joined #maemo14:57
*** cfreak200 has quit IRC14:58
vanousDocScrutinizer, MohammadAG my uboot story has no lucky end. after all possible combinations (for MohammadAG: i can boot shr from uSD but cannot get maemo booting with uboot, it boots OK witj pk46) i have reflashed rootfs and did a clean install of pk46 and u-boot-power via ham, boot still ends with "Starting kernel..."14:59
*** _0x47 has quit IRC14:59
*** cfreak200 has joined #maemo15:00
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo15:00
*** renato has joined #maemo15:01
*** robbiethe1st has quit IRC15:01
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo15:01
*** setanta_ has joined #maemo15:02
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo15:02
*** setanta has quit IRC15:03
*** lmoura has quit IRC15:03
*** renato has quit IRC15:03
*** BCMM has quit IRC15:03
*** _0x471 has quit IRC15:03
*** e-yes has quit IRC15:03
*** pcacjr__ has quit IRC15:03
*** marciom has quit IRC15:03
*** e-yes has joined #maemo15:03
*** albanc` is now known as albanc15:06
*** mairas has joined #maemo15:07
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo15:07
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo15:07
*** chx_ has joined #maemo15:08
*** chx_ has quit IRC15:10
*** schend has joined #maemo15:10
*** lcukn900 has quit IRC15:11
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC15:12
*** chx has joined #maemo15:15
*** chx has quit IRC15:17
*** scoobertron has quit IRC15:19
*** chx has joined #maemo15:19
*** chx has quit IRC15:21
*** habmala has joined #maemo15:22
*** chx has joined #maemo15:23
*** chx has quit IRC15:24
*** aloril has quit IRC15:24
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo15:25
*** chx has joined #maemo15:26
*** chx has quit IRC15:27
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:28
*** chx has joined #maemo15:30
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:31
*** chx has quit IRC15:32
*** ptl has quit IRC15:32
*** ptl has joined #maemo15:34
*** chx has joined #maemo15:34
*** ptl has quit IRC15:34
*** BCMM has joined #maemo15:35
*** ptl has joined #maemo15:35
*** rysiek|pl has quit IRC15:35
*** chx has quit IRC15:36
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo15:37
*** aloril has joined #maemo15:38
alterego"N900 crahes ever 3 minutes!" another OC casualty? :D15:39
*** chx has joined #maemo15:39
*** janfrank has joined #maemo15:40
*** scoobertron has quit IRC15:40
*** ppenz has quit IRC15:40
*** chx has quit IRC15:40
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo15:41
BCMMdoes OC damage look the same as it does on x86? random segfaults and so on, certain applications effected disproportionately?15:42
SpeedEvilHard to say.15:42
*** Summeli has joined #maemo15:42
*** chx has joined #maemo15:43
GeneralAntillesJaffa: want to dump the twitter feed to the 'pad sometime today or tonight so I can work on it tonight?15:43
ccookeBCMM: yes. also smoke and a vague smell of burning15:43
BCMMi mean, it's really really recognisable on a linux PC15:44
BCMMwell, overheating damage in general15:44
*** chx has quit IRC15:44
BCMMnever OCed anything very far, but was asked to fix a P4 that was running at ~100C due to terrible cooling...15:45
BCMMccooke: surely that would happen long after the device was completely dead?15:46
ccookeBCMM: depends. I'm aware of an x86 chip that continued working while it was smouldering. Not for very long, mind15:47
*** chx has joined #maemo15:47
ruskiethere was a story about an amd proc that had the cpu fan fail ages ago and it kept running just with a heatsink @116C for months15:48
BCMMactually, if a p4 can run for *months* at about 100C (idle-ish), i wouldn't be surprised if you could reach the smoke point of some plastics, for a few minutes15:48
BCMMruskie: wow, any BIOS that doesn't kill the power when the temp does that is pretty worrying15:48
ruskieBCMM, this was when bios was not that smart15:49
SpeedEvilNokia Nielsen Panel - Invitation to Wall Charger Survey15:49
SpeedEvilActually - meh.15:49
khertanand bios doesn't do all15:49
*** chx has quit IRC15:49
*** chx has joined #maemo15:49
*** lolloo has quit IRC15:49
khertanmy amd 3200+ (2ghz) was oc to 3.8Ghz15:49
ruskieand again bios can be disabled to do that15:49
ruskieand I do it always15:49
khertanwith a very high voltage15:50
khertanworks during 2 days :)15:50
khertanand die :)15:50
ruskiefrankly had cpus that ran without a heatsink for some 5-10 minutes... than the system just froze15:50
ruskieshut it down... put the heatsink back... and it ran on15:51
*** chx has quit IRC15:51
BCMMmy bios is configured to make horrible noises if the CPU fan stops, and shut down if the temp hits 90 or something - i thought everybody had that now?15:52
BCMM(unless they are actually trying to do somethign stupid)15:52
ruskieBCMM, by default it might be15:52
ruskieI find it annoying that the bios would shut down the system for whatever reason15:53
*** janfrank has quit IRC15:53
ruskieespecially as the sensors can actually be off-by-a-lot15:53
SpeedEvilHow do you feel, if the charger is non-black?        How do you feel, if the charger is slim?        How do you feel, if the charger is thick?15:53
BCMMrather have it that way than have it shut down by the heat, personally15:53
khertanBCMM, yep15:54
*** chx has joined #maemo15:54
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo15:54
ruskieI'd need to check if my bios is actually set to do anything15:54
ruskieother than just start some siren crap15:54
SpeedEvilDo people read these things?15:54
SpeedEvil"How do you feel, if the size of the charger cost is optimized?        How do you feel, if the size of the charger cost is not optimized?"15:54
ruskieof course I'm not exactly worried about overheating... the amount of air that goes through all my computers tend to be quite high... so usually get just a slightly warmer breeze on the other side15:55
*** renatofilho has quit IRC15:55
ruskieSpeedEvil, rofl15:55
ruskieis that meant for some I don't know... beancounters or something?15:55
SpeedEvilruskie: It's a survey I got invited to take part in.15:56
SpeedEvilAbout phone chargers.15:56
*** chx has quit IRC15:56
khertanruskie, instead of having a expensive cooling system, it s cheaper to buy a higher processor and underclock it for the same result :)15:56
*** GAN900_ is now known as GAN90015:57
khertanSpeedEvil, size didn't matter15:57
ruskiemy only suggestion about phone chargers... use the same plug and don't make the bricks so large that they cover any other plugs around them... and for the EU market... make them schuko... NOT euro plugs so that they'll actually STAY in the damn outlet...15:57
khertanSpeedEvil, what s matter is to not to connect cable !15:57
*** GAN900 has quit IRC15:57
*** GAN900 has joined #maemo15:57
ruskiekhertan, who said about expensive?15:57
ruskiemost of the fans I got out of old/ancient PSUs and other systems15:57
khertanSpeedEvil, <<<< probably the best charger i ever see15:58
ruskieI have a 120mm fan iirc that I got from some ancient dual cpu 486 ibm servers15:58
ruskiehad to destructively dismantle the psu unit15:58
ruskieit was basically wellded shut15:58
SpeedEvilkhertan: I have a PSU design for my advanced torch that uses a really bright LED.15:58
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC15:59
ruskiebut I'm running it on 5V or maybe 12V not sure anymore... could be 12V it's quite but moves a LOT of air15:59
ruskieand that goes through my server15:59
ruskieit also helps that my server and firewall both run atom boards16:00
SpeedEvil np: Blondie - Atomic.16:00
ruskie <-- I want such a plug on the bricks... not the whimpy: which if the pins aren't just right will just fall out of the socket...16:02
SpeedEvil"I would like the cable to be fixed, but replaceable. For example, a standard nokia microUSB cable would plug onto the charger, and then wrap neatly round the charger, for secure transport.16:02
SpeedEvilThe cable could then be removed if you needed to connect to a PC, or if you need to use it as a garrotte, in case of meeting Mr Elop"16:02
ruskieI don't want usb plugs16:03
ruskieI want the charger to be dedicated with high quality electronics that do what needs to be done16:03
SpeedEvilyeah - well - power by wifi isn't there yet.16:03
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo16:03
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:03
ruskieI've went through to many 220v<->usb plugs16:03
*** chx has joined #maemo16:03
SpeedEviland power by EM field adds weight.16:03
ruskiethey all have this annoynig high pitched whine due to shoddy electronics... even the higher quality ones16:03
SpeedEvilruskie: How old are you?>16:04
ruskieI have very good hearing16:04
SpeedEvilruskie: Odd.16:04
SpeedEvilMost PSUs operate at >60KHz16:04
SpeedEvilactually - maybe not in pulse skipping mode under no loada.16:04
ruskieand by that I mean that I can "hear" if a TV is on without seeing if it's on...16:04
SpeedEvilThat's only 15625hz though16:05
ruskieit's actually annoying since an ambulance siren will cause me to cover my ears16:05
SpeedEvilAre you in fact a bat?16:05
*** chx has quit IRC16:05
ruskiejust sensitive hearing16:05
SpeedEvilGreat hearing isn't a superpower.16:06
ruskieit's a curse a lot of the time16:06
*** mardi has quit IRC16:06
SpeedEvilIt'd be a superpower if he could hear something in another country.16:06
*** pcacjr_ has joined #maemo16:06
* SpeedEvil realises he is listening to australia right now.16:06
ruskieit's actually a medical condition and could be treated16:06
*** setanta__ has joined #maemo16:07
*** pcacjr__ has joined #maemo16:07
ruskiebut so far the benefit of actually being able to listen to whispered conversations in a rather crowded room outweigh it16:07
cos^you should start dj'ing16:07
ruskieto actually lose my hearing?16:07
* SpeedEvil is reminded of the guy with two functional penises, who got one removed.16:07
ruskiecan't actually stand a lot of noise16:07
ruskiebass is something that happens to other people I just experience pain16:08
*** chenca1 has joined #maemo16:08
SpeedEvilEarplugs easily fix that though.16:08
cos^sounds bad16:08
ruskiecos^, well since I'm not a party goer16:09
ruskieand tend to enjoy any music at rather low low volumes it's not to much of a problem16:09
*** mpoirier has joined #maemo16:09
*** mpoirier has quit IRC16:09
*** murrayc has joined #maemo16:09
ruskieit can be treated by broadband noise theraphy16:09
*** chenca has quit IRC16:09
ruskieto reset the levels16:09
*** pcacjr has quit IRC16:10
*** setanta_ has quit IRC16:10
ruskiebut as said... so far hasn't negatively impacted me to such an affect16:10
ruskieanyway gotta run16:10
*** marciom_ has quit IRC16:10
cos^headphones to high volume and then cat /dev/urandom /dev/dsp16:10
*** scoobertron has quit IRC16:10
cos^==diy broadband noise therapy16:11
*** mece has left #maemo16:12
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo16:14
cos^dang, doesn't work on ubuntu. there's no more /dev/dsp16:14
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo16:15
lardmanah, cos^16:16
lardmandid you see my post from earlier about a quadcopter?16:16
*** mpoirier has joined #maemo16:17
*** machia has quit IRC16:17
lardmanBloody Android, first time I bother to boot it in weeks and I may have downloaded one of those bloody virus-ridden apps16:17
*** MadViking has quit IRC16:18
cos^lardman: nice16:18
lardmanwhat, the virus? ;)16:18
steve___Is there away to set the profiles based on time?  eg 11pm Silent, 8am General16:19
cos^time for after work.. afk16:19
*** iluminator101 has joined #maemo16:20
iluminator101is there a kindle app for maemo16:20
steve___iluminator101: Is the kindle ebook format called epub?16:22
iluminator101hmm....idk...i use only use .mobi's16:23
*** habmala has quit IRC16:24
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC16:28
steve___iluminator101: ahh.  I haven't used a kindle.  The other day I downloaded an epub file and viewed it with a firefox plugin.16:28
*** renato has joined #maemo16:30
*** Rarok has quit IRC16:30
*** The_Fellow1 has joined #maemo16:30
iluminator101steve___, i use this program called fbreader but its does have page forwards tags....16:30
*** wmarone_ has joined #maemo16:30
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:30
*** gomiam has quit IRC16:30
*** The_Fellow has quit IRC16:31
*** ptl has quit IRC16:31
*** ptl has joined #maemo16:31
*** pcacjr_ has quit IRC16:32
*** habmala has joined #maemo16:33
*** ptl has quit IRC16:33
*** tackat has quit IRC16:33
*** exes has joined #maemo16:36
exesso I have the Nokia N900 and am exploring ways to sync my contacts between it and Thunderbird, any ideas?16:37
exesI guess Funambol is the way to go16:37
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo16:38
exesI found this cool SyncML lightweight PHP/MySQL server called mooha, but I can't sync contacts to the phone from the server, only the other way around16:39
*** rysiek|pl has joined #maemo16:43
dominikbon the n900, is it programmatically possible to turn off the network devices (WLAN, 3G) without switching to flight mode?16:46
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC16:47
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo16:47
*** rysiek|pl has quit IRC16:47
*** renato has quit IRC16:47
*** rm_work has joined #maemo16:47
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:47
*** marciom_ has quit IRC16:48
*** dvaske_ has joined #maemo16:48
*** renato has joined #maemo16:48
*** pcacjr__ has quit IRC16:48
*** rysiek|pl has joined #maemo16:48
*** chenca1 has quit IRC16:49
*** setanta__ has quit IRC16:49
*** renato has quit IRC16:49
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC16:49
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo16:50
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo16:50
lardmandominikb: of course, but whether such functionality is readily available I don't know16:50
*** Flipi|BNC has quit IRC16:50
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo16:50
*** renato has joined #maemo16:50
*** Smily has quit IRC16:51
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:51
dominikblardman: maybe via dbus? probably not via qt(mobility)?16:51
*** lcuk3 is now known as lcuk16:51
*** setanta__ has joined #maemo16:51
*** lcuk has quit IRC16:51
*** lcuk has joined #maemo16:51
lardmanperhaps, I'd look to see what if anything is passed over dbus when you use the on/off button flight mode switch16:51
lardmanotherwise I guess you should be able to do what you need by echoing appropriate values in the sysfs16:52
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:52
*** frade has quit IRC16:53
*** The_Fellow has joined #maemo16:54
dominikblardman: flight mode is ok and i can easily switch to it via dbus, but i do not want this mode to be active when the device powers up again. when the device is powered off while in flight mode it presents a modal dialog on startup.16:54
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC16:56
*** renato has quit IRC16:57
*** pcacjr has quit IRC16:57
*** chenca has quit IRC16:57
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:57
*** marciom_ has quit IRC16:57
*** The_Fellow1 has quit IRC16:57
*** setanta__ has quit IRC16:58
*** flexxxv has quit IRC16:58
*** timeless_office has quit IRC16:58
*** mardi has joined #maemo16:58
*** tackat has joined #maemo16:58
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:58
dominikblardman: thanks. that does the job:
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo16:59
lardmangood good16:59
*** larsivi has quit IRC17:01
*** larsivi has joined #maemo17:02
*** BCMM has quit IRC17:03
*** njsf1 has joined #maemo17:06
*** Suiseiseki has quit IRC17:06
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Jartzaöri öri kirahvi17:35
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*** lardman has joined #maemo17:59
lardmanphew, looks like I didn't have any affected apps on my Tab18:00
lcuklardman, ?18:00
lardmanvirus scare for Android, and I happened to boot Android (first time in weeks) just while the infected files were in the market18:01
zerojayYou had nothing to worry about unless you downloaded the apps.18:02
zerojayAnd unless you tend to download scummy Paris hilton nude apps, you should be fine.18:02
lardmanyeah, well there was a scientific calculator and a barcode scanner listed too, it was those rather than the racy japanese school girl apps I was worried about ;)18:02
zerojayI highly doubt you would have downloaded them. They were all essentially spam apps anyways.18:03
*** niko has quit IRC18:03
zerojayWhat you can do to make sure you don't ever have a problem is install Lookout.18:03
khertanIt s funny that many french site are speaking about the n950 and his rumored specs as official18:04
*** niko has joined #maemo18:04
zerojayI learned long ago never to believe french sites about anything. lol18:04
zerojayDefinitely not about games.18:04
lardmansafer to finish porting Meego and not have to use Android again ;)18:05
zerojaySafer to not bother wasting your time, really.18:06
*** retro|cz has quit IRC18:06
*** mat-_ has joined #maemo18:08
*** real-dev has joined #maemo18:09
lardmanotoh, it's quite good to play with Android and see just how nicely it works, gives one something to aim for with Meego18:10
lardmanviruses notwithstanding18:10
zerojayAnd still have a command line to boot.18:11
lardmanfor an end user the nice calendar, email integration, very good maps, etc. make it great18:12
lardmanbut I'd like to run maths and modelling sw, so need to be able to program in C/C++/FORTRAN really18:12
*** ShadowJK_ has joined #maemo18:12
*** stonda_ has joined #maemo18:12
*** zgoldber1 has joined #maemo18:12
lardmanplus who wants a finished product, it's the getting there that's fun18:12
zerojayThink you can do that now.18:13
*** mikki-ku1 has joined #maemo18:13
*** mikki-ku1 has quit IRC18:13
*** Treibhol1 has joined #maemo18:13
*** lardman|gone has quit IRC18:13
zerojaythat's why I'm helping port cyanogenmod 7 (gingerbread) to my phone with a few others.18:13
zerojaySamsung Captivate.18:14
*** achipa has joined #maemo18:14
zerojayGalaxy S18:14
lardmanah ok, no wonder you've not been around much18:14
zerojayWhen the whole shift to meego happened, I wasn't happy with what I saw and what I had to deal with.18:15
*** dailylinux has quit IRC18:15
*** Zhonghua2 has joined #maemo18:15
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lardmanzerojay: understandable18:18
*** willer__ has joined #maemo18:18
*** tchan1 has joined #maemo18:18
*** iluminator101_ has joined #maemo18:18
*** Plnt has joined #maemo18:18
Corsaczerojay: and how do you find the galaxy S and the whole android stuff?18:19
*** marciom_ has quit IRC18:19
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC18:19
*** bernard_1 has joined #maemo18:19
*** Wamanuz4 has joined #maemo18:19
GAN900zerojay, ordered a Nook Color for shits'n'giggles.18:19
*** The_Fellow1 has joined #maemo18:19
*** iluminator101_ has quit IRC18:20
*** setanta_ has joined #maemo18:20
lardmanGAN900: planning to port Meego to it?18:20
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo18:20
*** mhlavink_afk has joined #maemo18:21
*** The_Fellow has quit IRC18:21
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*** maybeWTF has joined #maemo18:24
lardmanany thoughts on this sudden Meego on the N900 effort from Nokia?18:24
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo18:24
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC18:24
lardmanperhaps they have finished Harmattan and needed something to do with their time?18:24
*** khertan_ has joined #maemo18:24
*** der_moder_dscc has joined #maemo18:24
*** setanta_ has quit IRC18:24
MohammadAGwhat sudden effort?18:24
ruskieyeah they figured that they make an insane mistake with the wp7 stuff18:24
*** fabo_ has joined #maemo18:24
*** nik0_ has joined #maemo18:25
MohammadAG(haven't been on tmo in a while, sick)18:25
*** marciom_ has quit IRC18:25
ruskieMohammadAG, haven't you heard? nokia is officially helping with n900 meego18:25
*** npm_ has joined #maemo18:25
lardmanthe recent announcement that they'll produce a developer edition18:25
MohammadAGhasn't that always been true?18:25
ruskieMohammadAG, no18:25
lardmanthey were working on a hw reference platform, but not on making it usable, apparently18:25
GAN900lardman, yes.18:25
_0x47lardman: hey there, remember my problem with the porting?18:26
lardman_0x47: yes indeed18:26
lardmanget it sorted?18:26
*** marnanel` has joined #maemo18:26
*** tchan has quit IRC18:26
*** willer_ has quit IRC18:26
*** Macer has joined #maemo18:26
ruskie <-- they broke it again...18:26
_0x47not really, but I indeed found the problem18:26
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC18:26
ruskiewp7 that is18:26
*** zgoldberg has joined #maemo18:26
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo18:26
_0x47lardman: optarg=`$echo "X$arg" | $Xsed -e 's/[-_a-zA-Z0-9]*=//'` ;;18:26
_0x47$echo is echo18:27
lardmanMohammadAG: on meego ml or meego wiki rather than tmo18:27
_0x47X$arg is the current arg, with X in front18:27
_0x47and Xsed is sed (gnu)18:27
_0x47to remove the X again18:27
_0x47so, I ran these commands from command line like18:27
*** davyg has joined #maemo18:27
lardman_0x47: well glad you worked out what it was18:27
_0x47echo "Xasdfsgfarg" | /usr/bin/gnu/sed -e '1s/^X//' -e 's/[-_a-zA-Z0-9]*=//'18:28
_0x47and it works perfect :/18:28
*** gregoa_ has joined #maemo18:28
*** iluminator101 has quit IRC18:28
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC18:28
*** dmb has quit IRC18:28
*** bernard_ has quit IRC18:28
*** orospakr has quit IRC18:28
MohammadAGanyone got a link to meego-dev?18:28
lardmanbut still not the script?18:28
GAN900lardman, hope something useful comes of it.18:28
_0x47lardman: yeah, but I don't get it, why would it fail from a script?18:28
MohammadAGapparently, I'm only subscribed to -community18:28
lardmanGAN900: iirc Ubuntu is/has been ported18:28
lardmanMohammadAG: too many bloody lists over there18:28
*** ArGGu^^_ has joined #maemo18:28
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo18:28
*** mavhk has joined #maemo18:28
lardman_0x47: check that bash/sh handles the shell stuff correctly18:29
*** leriusNva has joined #maemo18:29
GAN900lardman, the guides I saw all seemed to be doing it weirdly, though.18:29
GAN900Had to launch a vnc server.18:29
_0x47lardman: do you know how I can find out whether I use sh or bash?18:29
*** alturiak is now known as 84XAABRHU18:29
lardman_0x47: might expect bash, but gets sh in sb, somethihng like that18:29
*** orospakr has joined #maemo18:29
*** dmb_ has joined #maemo18:29
*** alturiak has joined #maemo18:29
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo18:29
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*** haj has joined #maemo18:29
GAN900It's chroot or similar bs.18:29
*** Dhraakellian has joined #maemo18:29
lardmanGAN900: ah ok, yeah that's a waste of time18:29
_0x47lardman: i just had the same thought, but how to find out?18:30
*** OviQ2G_ has joined #maemo18:30
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo18:30
lardmanGAN900: well when you get it give me a shout and I'll give you a hand18:30
GAN900Seems like Ubuntu could be booted fine, though.18:30
*** gregoa has quit IRC18:30
MohammadAGGAN900, thanks18:30
*** gregoa_ is now known as gregoa18:30
*** vivijim` has joined #maemo18:30
lardman_0x47: check what is and isn't available in sh vs bash, see if that stuff is used in the script, etc?18:30
*** Wamanuz3 has quit IRC18:30
*** mhlavink has quit IRC18:30
*** OkropNick has quit IRC18:30
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*** jjo_ has joined #maemo18:30
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*** niko has quit IRC18:30
*** El_Angelo has joined #maemo18:30
*** vivijim has quit IRC18:31
*** El_Angelo has quit IRC18:31
lardmanGAN900: yes I'd have thought so, then just a faff getting touch to work, etc18:31
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo18:31
lardmanwhat is up with this silly irc server?18:31
*** Smily has joined #maemo18:31
MohammadAGit's freenode18:31
*** wijiji has joined #maemo18:31
GAN900Really cool if I could get MeeGo going.18:31
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo18:31
lardmanpresumably one of the servers is having troubles18:31
*** monkeyiq has joined #maemo18:32
GAN900Too bad there's no Tablet UX yet, though.18:32
_0x47lardman: it's so weird, it works on both. (if I run the command from sh, and bash I get the expected result)18:32
*** mairas has quit IRC18:32
lardmanGAN900: have you done some digging into how to flash a kernel, etc?18:32
lardmanGAN900: does it have an SD card slot?18:32
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo18:32
lardman_0x47: not the raw command but the shell-isms used to get the commands running in the scrikpt18:32
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #maemo18:33
_0x47lardman:  but If I run the script manually from bash or sh, it will fail. I have debug enabled and modified it a bit to see on which line the sed command fails, let me pastebin18:33
*** mitsutaka_ has joined #maemo18:33
*** SmilybOrg has quit IRC18:33
lardmanwhat does it have after the hash-bang?18:33
*** zutesmog has joined #maemo18:33
lardmandoesn't matter if you run the commands in the terminal18:34
*** jevin_ has joined #maemo18:34
*** jjo_ has quit IRC18:34
*** jpinx_away has quit IRC18:34
*** The_Fellow has joined #maemo18:35
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*** disco_stu_N800 is now known as disco_stu18:36
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*** habmala has joined #maemo18:37
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*** zerojay has joined #maemo18:37
*** kuuntelija has joined #maemo18:38
GAN900lardman, yes.18:39
*** amigadave has left #maemo18:39
GAN900lardman, no, haven't done any digging yet.18:39
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo18:39
*** GalegO has joined #maemo18:39
lardmanGAN900: yes to the sd slot?18:39
GalegOHi guys!18:40
*** retro|cz has joined #maemo18:40
GalegOHow the nexts steps og meego by Nokia?? If I buy a N900, how it will be supported?18:40
lardmanthat's good, can leave the main system intact then18:40
_0x47doesn't matter if I run the script with sh or bash (#!/bin/bash) or from command line18:40
GAN900Little Endian question response?18:40
*** jpinx_away has joined #maemo18:40
GAN900I really like high-dpi IPS displays.18:40
lardman_0x47: hmm, ok, so it's not that then18:40
GAN9001024x600 at 7 inches is about perfect for a tablet.18:40
lardman_0x47: I don't know I'm afraid, and am a bit busy atm so don't really have time to do any digging18:40
lardmanGAN900: yeah same as the Tab18:41
_0x47lardman: ok, thanks anyways18:41
*** johnsu01 has joined #maemo18:41
*** smooph has joined #maemo18:41
lardman_0x47: multitasking writing CUDA code and talking is about all I can manage, not also debugging shell script problems, sorry!18:41
GAN900Lot cheaper, though. *g*18:41
lardmanGAN900: yeah18:41
_0x47lardman: it's okay :P18:42
*** GalegO has left #maemo18:42
*** nik0_ is now known as niko18:42
*** johnsu01 has quit IRC18:43
*** johnsu01 has joined #maemo18:43
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*** Summeli has joined #maemo18:46
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*** ptl has joined #maemo18:47
*** Mek has joined #maemo18:48
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*** defragger has joined #maemo18:48
*** visz has joined #maemo18:48
*** mpoirier has joined #maemo18:49
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC18:49
*** mpoirier has quit IRC18:49
*** janemba has quit IRC18:49
*** janemba has joined #maemo18:49
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC18:50
_0x47lardman: I found it! :) the $echo variable has the very amazing and totally awesome value if '' (these are two ' with nothing in it ffs)18:50
*** barision` has joined #maemo18:50
_0x47if -> of*18:50
_0x47that's kind of a lame thing, took me like forever to find out18:50
*** joga_ has joined #maemo18:50
*** marciom_ has joined #maemo18:52
*** drussell has joined #maemo18:53
*** niko has quit IRC18:53
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo18:53
*** stonda has joined #maemo18:53
*** yanu has joined #maemo18:53
*** yanu has quit IRC18:54
*** yanu has joined #maemo18:54
*** fabo_ has joined #maemo18:54
*** fabo_ has quit IRC18:54
*** fabo_ has joined #maemo18:54
*** mikhas_ is now known as mikhas18:54
*** albanc` has joined #maemo18:55
*** zutesmog1 has quit IRC18:56
*** barisione has quit IRC18:56
*** albanc has quit IRC18:56
*** joga has quit IRC18:56
*** mortenvp has quit IRC18:56
*** redeeman has quit IRC18:56
*** eijk has joined #maemo18:57
lardmanalways the simple things you know ;)18:57
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo18:58
*** githogori has joined #maemo19:00
*** kimitake_idle has joined #maemo19:00
*** aloril has joined #maemo19:01
*** PhonicUK2 has quit IRC19:02
*** achipa has joined #maemo19:02
*** achipa has quit IRC19:02
*** achipa has joined #maemo19:02
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo19:02
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo19:02
dominikb_is it possible to program the n900 so that it wakes up (powers up) at a certain time?19:03
*** Treibholz has joined #maemo19:03
lcukdominikb_, since the n900 already can wake itself up to bring up alarms and stuff, I would say it is pretty likely, though probably uber complex19:04
*** Evanescence2 has quit IRC19:04
*** hejos has joined #maemo19:04
*** zutesmog has joined #maemo19:04
hejoshi there19:04
SpeedEvilIt's actually not.19:04
hejosis it possible to use a more recent kernel on the n900?19:04
SpeedEvilThe n900 will wake itself from off if there are scheduled alarms19:04
lcukSpeedEvil, waking up to ring alarm != bringing it up fully afaik?19:05
lcukie do you know how to change it to do it?19:05
*** sharpneli has joined #maemo19:06
*** kahless has joined #maemo19:06
*** basiaf has joined #maemo19:07
*** febb has joined #maemo19:07
*** real-dev is now known as dev19:08
*** gavin has quit IRC19:08
hejosno one?19:09
*** gavin has joined #maemo19:09
*** gavin has joined #maemo19:09
lcukhejos, more recent in what way?  afaik only meego ould biuld with later later kernels19:09
hejoslcuk: why not? I need the latest version of our usb controller driver19:11
*** flexxxv has joined #maemo19:11
hejoswith meego I heard it's not possible to use the host mode on the n9019:11
lcukhejos, don't ask me, IANAKH (I am not a kernel hacker)19:12
flexxxvhey, how can I check if a charger support fast charging on N900?19:12
*** lmoura has joined #maemo19:12
hejosthx anyway :)19:12
*** disco_stu_N800 has joined #maemo19:13
*** otep_ has joined #maemo19:13
*** otep_ has quit IRC19:13
*** otep has quit IRC19:13
*** disco_stu has quit IRC19:13
*** arno0ob_ has quit IRC19:13
*** disco_stu_N800 is now known as disco_stu19:14
*** eijk has quit IRC19:14
*** eijk has joined #maemo19:14
*** lxp has joined #maemo19:15
*** ZogG has quit IRC19:15
*** ZogG has joined #maemo19:16
*** e-yes has quit IRC19:16
GAN900flexxxv, what's it rated for?19:16
*** lxp1 has quit IRC19:17
GAN900This is a SpeedEvil or DocScrutinizer question, but I'd say less than 700 or 800mA and it's unlikely to meet a fast definition.19:17
flexxxvBut I dont know if it shorts D+ and D-19:17
GAN900The factory one is 1.2A19:17
GAN900Ah, hmm.19:17
GAN900Does it charge?19:17
SpeedEvilMy 0th order answer would be 'get out your DMM'19:18
flexxxvyeah it charges (or it woul but says it is full)19:18
flexxxvI couldn't I use a multimeter?19:19
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo19:20
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo19:20
SpeedEvilDMM = Digital MultiMeter19:21
SpeedEvilmeasure between the D+ and D- pins - if shorted, it will fast charge19:21
kerioflexxxv is a steampunk hipster19:21
keriohe only uses analog equipment19:21
*** scoobertron has quit IRC19:21
MohammadAGzooming into hildon-desktop is fun19:21
MohammadAGit's a shame some patches on gitorious were ignored19:22
lardmanhejos: the exact comment was iirc that someone would need to get the host patches in order and preferably mainlined19:22
flexxxv:P not too easy to measure these pin... need some old cable19:22
keriowell SpeedEvil was into measuring pins before it became mainstream19:23
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo19:24
flexxxvwhat does 200 Ihm means?19:27
flexxxv(between D+ and D-)19:27
GAN900Steampunk hipster? I'm gonna have to remember that one.19:29
*** delphi is now known as trx19:35
*** mikhas has quit IRC19:38
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo19:39
vanousMohammadAG: i am trying to troubleshoot system not wanting to uboot into maemo pk46.  the uboot-pr13 boots just fine. any way to see what happens after "Starting kernel ..." ?19:40
vanousi have tried all combinations, making sure pk46 and modules are installed correctly,  finally reflashed rootfs and did a clean u-boot install but situation is still the same19:41
vanousused HAM for the install19:41
vanousyesterday i tried the same, after extracting pk46 kernel from deb and flashing it directly (from a linux box) it would boot, when i create a combined image, i get always the same result (as with u-boot-power): "Starting kernel..."19:43
vanousMohammadAG: any idea?19:43
*** janfrank has joined #maemo19:44
*** javispedro has joined #maemo19:46
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo19:47
*** Gyjf has quit IRC19:50
*** LjL-Temp is now known as LjL19:50
*** florian has quit IRC19:51
*** niko has joined #maemo19:51
*** mairas has joined #maemo19:57
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: for N900 this means fastcharge20:00
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: only when measured at charger output :-P20:01
flexxxvone charger less20:02
flexxxvMy Camera also needs micro usb for chargin :D20:03
*** tchan1 is now known as tchan20:04
*** tchan has joined #maemo20:05
DocScrutinizeryeah, micro-usb now is kinda defacto standard for charging (at least in china and EU) - nevertheless they found some dozen creative ways how to use those 5 pins for charging, so an apple charger won't work with Nokia, and odds are your camera charger is using still another scheme to indicate / enable fastcharging20:06
jacekowskimicrousb sucks20:06
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC20:06
jacekowskiold nokia connectors were so much more robust20:06
DocScrutinizerchina sucks20:06
DocScrutinizerEU sucks20:07
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer sucks20:07
*** fisted has joined #maemo20:09
flexxxvI still haven't experienced any probs with micro usb. (N900, other cellphone, mouse etc)20:09
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo20:09
*** eMHa__ has quit IRC20:10
*** Venemo_N900 has joined #maemo20:12
* DocScrutinizer neither20:13
Venemo_N900why did my MyDocs file system become read-only?20:13
DocScrutinizerrounds endurance of micro-usb is higher than mini-usb20:13
MohammadAGVenemo_N900, fsck it20:14
javispedroVenemo_N900: my suggestion is that you use a computer (via usb mass storage) to backup it, then fsck/scandisk it, then restart n900.20:14
Venemo_N900and why did it become messed up?20:14
MohammadAGno need to restart, just umount, fsck, mount20:14
*** lardman|home has joined #maemo20:14
Venemo_N900can I do it from the N900 alone?20:15
MohammadAGunsafe removal20:15
*** ZogG has quit IRC20:15
javispedroVenemo_N900: beacuse you don't know why it happened is why I suggest you back it up. Just in case...20:15
DocScrutinizerwith 5 cups of coffe20:15
*** BCMM has joined #maemo20:15
Venemo_N900javispedro, understandable20:16
MohammadAGumount /dev/mmcblk0p1; fsck -a /dev/mmcblk0p1; mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /home/user/MyDocs20:16
Venemo_N900DocScrutinizer, hahaha20:16
*** ZogG has joined #maemo20:16
*** zap has joined #maemo20:16
DocScrutinizersomething along the line umount; fsck.ext3; reboot20:16
*** muelli has quit IRC20:16
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, vfat*20:16
DocScrutinizertime for 12648430   ☕20:16
Venemo_N900umount: cannot umount /home/user/MyDocs: Device or resource busy20:17
javispedrothis is why you _always_ suggest to restart when doing support ;)20:17
MohammadAGclose whatever's using it20:18
*** bjv has joined #maemo20:18
Venemo_N900but why the hell is it busy? only the irc app and terminal are running20:18
Venemo_N900anyway, I'll do it when I get home and take a backup as javispedro suggested20:19
*** Venemo_N900 has quit IRC20:19
DocScrutinizerVenemo_N900: install backupmenu, it has a fsck option for all fs, early during boot when they aren't yet mounted20:19
MohammadAG(or force the umount)20:20
MohammadAGumount -l ...20:20
javispedrothat does not force it20:20
javispedroit does a lazy unmount, which could actually be dangerous here20:20
Proteouscan't you tell what file handles are open?20:20
javispedron900 has lsof iirc20:21
javispedro(on stock busybox I mean)20:21
hejoslardman: just read, what do you mean?20:21
*** kuuntelija has quit IRC20:21
lardmanhejos: re host mode?20:21
*** jhb has quit IRC20:22
hejosI mean20:22
hejosit's not possible to apply that patches because20:23
hejosthere are also the nokia patches and the H-E-N patches20:23
lardmanyou would need to change the patchset20:23
hejosor the hen patches are just mainline patches?20:23
lardmanbut there's no reason why you couldn't do that20:23
lardmanI've not compared so I don't know20:24
DocScrutinizerfuser -k20:24
lardmanbut basically the kernel version has changed, you'd need to rebase the host mode patches and either keep them for your use, or try to get them into mainline20:24
hejosyes exactly, the kernel version is changed so even applying those patches20:25
hejosonly to that files it's very very very possible that it doesn't compile20:25
lardmanhejos: of course, I've no doubt they won't even apply20:25
DocScrutinizerh-e-n patches never will go mainline :-P20:25
DocScrutinizerwhat's the problem?20:26
lardmanin which case hejos will need to maintain a patchset against the current Meego kernel, which is what hen does now against the Meego kernel afaiu20:26
hejosDocScrutinizer: yes but I mean, h-e-n patches are based on mainline right?20:26
lardmanbased on the Maemo kernel afaiu20:27
dominikb_lcuk: just read your msg. you think it's not that easy to schedule a 'power on', right?20:27
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC20:27
DocScrutinizernah, they are on top of nokia patchset20:27
DocScrutinizerso maemo, yes20:27
hejosbut what Nokia does in particular?20:27
*** MadViking has joined #maemo20:27
DocScrutinizerwho knows20:27
hejosand why the host mode doesn't work on Meego20:28
hejosMeego it's a new kernel20:28
hejosthere should be the host mode20:28
DocScrutinizernow that's an interesting question20:28
hejosstupid question maybe20:28
DocScrutinizermaybe they got a completely different musb-core stack20:28
hejosare you speaking about Meego?20:29
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo20:29
MohammadAGthe patches aren't upstream20:29
hejosbut doesn't work for sure?20:29
hejosthe usb host on meego20:29
DocScrutinizerI heard (and know) mainline is some patches ahead with musbcore20:29
MohammadAGafaik no one tried20:29
DocScrutinizerand meego bases on mainline afaik20:30
hejosmaybe I can try meego20:30
hejoswhat's the main disadvantage?20:30
hejoswhat doesn't work?20:30
DocScrutinizerin meego?20:31
hejosmeego + n90020:31
DocScrutinizerI guess installing angrybirds won't work20:31
hejosI mean which features of the n900 don't work20:31
*** trbs has joined #maemo20:31
MohammadAGangrybirds works i think20:31
hejosit's just a game20:31
*** Guest95451 has joined #maemo20:31
MohammadAGare you a developer?20:32
lardmanhejos: your justification was that you required a more modern version of something or other wasn't it?20:32
DocScrutinizerso s/angrybords/arbitrary maemo apps/20:32
lardmanso you should trade off the effort of moving the patches forward vs your code backwards20:32
hejosI want to try the last version of our usb controller20:32
hejosYep MohammadAG20:32
*** tarantism_ has joined #maemo20:32
*** Spydemon has quit IRC20:33
DocScrutinizerso if you know about why your usbcontroller (whatever it be) needs newest kernel usb support, you also should know about the usb differences between maemo and meego20:34
DocScrutinizerand applying/adapting the h-e-n patches shouldn't be any hard for you20:35
lardmanI'm assuming this controller is a controller of something with usb control, as opposed to a controller of usb devices20:35
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo20:35
*** dos11 has joined #maemo20:36
lardmanI guess that backporting your device driver would be significantly easier than moving the HEN patches forward to Meego, but I've not looked at either20:36
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC20:36
DocScrutinizerh-e-n patches are basically simple20:37
hejossee you guys20:37
*** febb has quit IRC20:37
*** achipa has quit IRC20:37
*** defragger has quit IRC20:37
*** Mek has quit IRC20:37
*** The_Fellow has quit IRC20:37
*** wijiji has quit IRC20:37
*** orospakr has quit IRC20:37
*** dmb_ has quit IRC20:37
*** alturiak has quit IRC20:37
*** vcgomes has quit IRC20:37
*** olvix has quit IRC20:37
*** edisson has quit IRC20:37
*** apoi has quit IRC20:37
*** ccooke has quit IRC20:37
*** Noma has quit IRC20:37
*** dominikb_ has quit IRC20:37
*** t0h_ has quit IRC20:37
*** Dragnslcr has quit IRC20:37
*** pyther has quit IRC20:37
*** jekarhun has quit IRC20:37
*** spiritd has quit IRC20:37
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*** infobot has quit IRC20:37
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:37
*** Metallikettu has quit IRC20:37
*** ponyofdeath has quit IRC20:37
*** haj has quit IRC20:37
*** hejos has quit IRC20:37
lardmanhejos: which particular kernel version intoduced the change in the usb driver that causes your problems?20:37
*** dos11 has quit IRC20:37
*** dos11 has joined #maemo20:37
*** kuuntelija has joined #maemo20:38
*** febb has joined #maemo20:38
*** achipa has joined #maemo20:38
*** defragger has joined #maemo20:38
*** Mek has joined #maemo20:38
*** The_Fellow has joined #maemo20:38
*** wijiji has joined #maemo20:38
*** orospakr has joined #maemo20:38
*** dmb_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** alturiak has joined #maemo20:38
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo20:38
*** olvix has joined #maemo20:38
*** edisson has joined #maemo20:38
*** apoi has joined #maemo20:38
*** Noma has joined #maemo20:38
*** ccooke has joined #maemo20:38
*** dominikb_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** t0h_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** Dragnslcr has joined #maemo20:38
*** pyther has joined #maemo20:38
*** jekarhun has joined #maemo20:38
*** spiritd has joined #maemo20:38
*** Kilroo has joined #maemo20:38
*** rjeo has joined #maemo20:38
*** mk8_ has joined #maemo20:38
*** infobot has joined #maemo20:38
*** s1gk1ll has joined #maemo20:38
*** Metallikettu has joined #maemo20:38
*** ponyofdeath has joined #maemo20:38
*** haj has joined #maemo20:38
DocScrutinizerhis problems are caused by git. Paul's commit is pretty clear20:38
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot20:38
*** msanchez_ has quit IRC20:38
lardmanah well, I tried20:38
*** Natunen has quit IRC20:39
*** Natunen has joined #maemo20:39
*** Natunen has quit IRC20:39
DocScrutinizerlardman: check h-e-n git, it's mainline + nokia patches + paul's h-e-n patches20:39
lardmannot something I've ever used nor needed to20:40
lardmanbut really it'd not surprising that the patches don't apply to a far newer kernel20:40
DocScrutinizerit's not a huge complicated patchset, and if it doesn't apply, then we seen some improvements in musb-core that are nice to have and might obsolete some of h-e-n20:41
DocScrutinizernot hard to figure20:41
MohammadAGit should apply with some offsets20:41
lardmanah fair enough20:41
lardmanas I said, I've not seen either his driver nor the hen patches20:42
*** fabo__ has joined #maemo20:42
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #maemo20:42
lardmanit would be better to try to move the patchset to the Meego kernel of course20:42
*** fabo_ has quit IRC20:42
*** fabo has joined #maemo20:43
* lardman is facing the same issue with the Samsung patches for the Tab20:43
DocScrutinizerI can't see elementary problems, except maybe meego is missing quite some bits nokia contributed for musb-core that aren't mainline20:43
*** divan0 has quit IRC20:43
DocScrutinizerbut meego is never using anything not mainline, so also won't ever use h-e-n :-P20:44
lardmanBut like now, someone could maintain a patchset against the current Meego kernel20:44
DocScrutinizeras h-e-n has zero chance to ever go upstream20:44
*** wmarone_ has joined #maemo20:44
DocScrutinizercould, if somebody cared20:44
DocScrutinizerI'm not interested in meego20:45
*** wmarone has quit IRC20:45
DocScrutinizerpaul isn't as well afaik20:45
lardmandocscrutinizer: we'll get you there in the end, I hope20:45
DocScrutinizerso odds are you rather see a h-e-n debian than a h-e-n meego maintained somewhere XD20:45
*** kama has quit IRC20:45
MohammadAGstock player's shows Information not available20:46
MohammadAG(media player)20:46
MohammadAGI started mine, and it picked up song metadata right20:46
*** Natunen has joined #maemo20:46
lardmanI'd like to see an orderly move to Meego, assuming we have something usable20:46
Guest95451FINALLY, i understand why "do you want to proceed? (y/n): y" "ok, arborting" happens20:46
*** fabo_ has joined #maemo20:47
*** fabo__ has quit IRC20:47
Sc0rpiusMeego is dead20:47
*** spiritd has quit IRC20:47
*** fabo has quit IRC20:47
Guest95451due to it promting for y/n, but it expects an answer in my own language >.>20:47
Guest95451(apt, that is)20:47
*** fabo__ has joined #maemo20:47
Guest95451"j" worked20:47
MohammadAGYeah, that's annoying tbh20:47
MohammadAGpressing enter without a "y" works though20:48
DocScrutinizerLANG=C apt-get install foo20:48
*** janfrank has quit IRC20:48
Guest95451MohammadAG: yeah20:48
Guest95451but still annoying20:48
jacekowskiit needs answer in local locale20:48
jacekowskibut asks question in english20:48
DocScrutinizeridiotic, a clear bug in apt-get or I18n20:48
DocScrutinizeraka .po20:49
MohammadAGgod this fails, I restarted Nokia's player and it still says Information not available20:49
*** Natunen has joined #maemo20:49
*** Guest95451 has quit IRC20:49
*** Guest95451 has joined #maemo20:49
*** Guest95451 is now known as FIQ|n90020:49
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: that'S because the string "commandment 1: I am your mediaplayer. You shalt not have other mediaplayers than me" is accidentally missing in Nokia mediaplayer20:51
*** fabo_ has quit IRC20:51
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: i don't think he believes in 12 commandments20:51
jacekowskior was it 1020:51
*** vanous has quit IRC20:51
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, nah, it's because Nokia's player heaviliy interacts with tracker20:52
Sc0rpiuswhat religion has 13 commandments?20:52
DocScrutinizermine :-P20:52
MohammadAGmine talks to mafw, which talks to tracker20:52
MohammadAGand for metadata, I fetch it directly from the file with mafw20:52
*** vanous1 has joined #maemo20:52
DocScrutinizerso it's almost there for working without friggin trackershit20:53
MohammadAGso basically, the closed mediaplayer is made of shitty code20:53
Sc0rpiuslike all closed Nokia code20:54
Sc0rpiusand open too20:54
MohammadAGmodest? :p20:54
Sc0rpiusModest is terribly shitty20:54
DocScrutinizerthat disproves my assumption shitty code and embarrassment i smain reason for Nokia keeping things closed20:55
DocScrutinizerwell, mediaplayer source is useless as you can't compile it without the gfx-accel .h20:56
DocScrutinizerand those never will go FOSS20:56
DocScrutinizerthough I dunno why20:56
*** e-yes has joined #maemo20:56
MohammadAGwhy is it using gfx-accel?20:56
MohammadAGgstreamer should be accelerating directly20:56
DocScrutinizerfor video pla.... errrrrr20:56
*** spiritd has joined #maemo20:57
DocScrutinizersee metadata and tracker X-P20:58
MohammadAGbut isn't?20:58
xkr47I was thinking of adding the output of "pactl list" from my n90021:00
DocScrutinizerbtw I still feel like it's unknown yet how to playback video with superimposed graphic widgets (rew, play/pause, fwd et al) on N900 screen, while routing plain video to AV-jack21:00
xkr47pactl doesn't come with the default pulseaudio package, but I wanted the output so I compiled a binary myself and have it now21:01
DocScrutinizerfor both superimposing the widgets, and not doing that on AV21:01
xkr47would somebody like to suggest some specific location in the wiki where this information would fit in=?21:01
DocScrutinizererr pactl, seems I got that21:02
DocScrutinizerIroN900:~# pactl --version21:02
DocScrutinizerpactl 0.9.1521:02
DocScrutinizerCompiled with libpulse 0.9.1521:02
DocScrutinizerLinked with libpulse 0.9.1521:02
*** federico2 has joined #maemo21:02
*** federico2 has joined #maemo21:02
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo21:02
dominikb_is there a single dbus command for deactivating the wireless device? found one for cellular radio, but none for wireless so far.
DocScrutinizerIroN900:~# apt-cache search pactl21:03
DocScrutinizerpulseaudio-utils - Command line tools for the PulseAudio sound server21:03
xkr47DocScrutinizer, aha ok thx21:03
xkr47on the pc it's in the same package, so I just thought it was excluded21:04
DocScrutinizerpackaging on maemo is a bit different sometimes21:04
DocScrutinizerdominikb_: nah, afail it's more involved than simple dbus-send21:05
MohammadAGbtw, you probably noticed the zoom in, but it's still 800x48021:05
MohammadAGthat's the zoom in feature in hildon-desktop in the next CSSU update21:05
DocScrutinizerLOL it still shows cover art XP21:06
MohammadAGyeah, but the whole playlist is "Information not available"21:06
MohammadAGso is the label above the seekbar21:06
DocScrutinizerzoom in HD, that's a nice feature21:07
MohammadAGand there's a white line under the cover art21:07
javispedrohum... I never noticed there was a reflection in mediaplayer?21:07
MohammadAGjavispedro, that's mine21:07
javispedrothen who's the "information not available" one?21:07
* DocScrutinizer wonders what it sounds like to have both playback same song. Do both sync??? :-o21:08
dominikb_DocScrutinizer: i found that savepress-script and to turn off WIFI they shut down the interface, unload the kernel module. and for restarting WIFI they have to do even more ( just thought that there was an easier path to that ...21:08
DocScrutinizerno, that's what I frequently hear devels talk about, for WLAN21:09
javispedrobackend (MAFW) should sync them both21:09
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, mafw's the backend, they should co-exist fine since mafw's doing the actual playback21:09
FIQ|n900is it possible to change the input box in xchat to as it looks on desktop, or is it changed at source level?21:10
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: javispedro: that's what I thought21:10
MohammadAGFIQ|n900, source code21:10
FIQ|n900aw, ok21:10
MohammadAGchange it from hildon_text_edit(?) to gtk_text_edit(?)*21:10
MohammadAGthen compile21:10
dominikb_DocScrutinizer: is what happens when one changes to "flight" mode open, i.e. accessible as source code or is that in some closed software component? ;)21:10
FIQ|n900Well, if i had scratchbox set up :P21:11
DocScrutinizerdominikb_: nfi21:11
DocScrutinizerI'd guess closed21:11
*** Metallikettu has quit IRC21:12
dominikb_DocScrutinizer: ok, thanks!21:12
DocScrutinizerdominikb_: it's a known issue WLAN kernel driver will eat batery until modprobe -r21:12
*** Trizt has joined #maemo21:13
dominikb_DocScrutinizer: ok, so it's wise to unload the kernel driver. i'll do that then.21:13
DocScrutinizerI don't think there's any subsystem that interfaces fro dbus to modprobe21:13
*** mat- has joined #maemo21:13
MohammadAGbtw, one question21:13
*** E0x_ has joined #maemo21:14
MohammadAGhow does one listen to dbus signals when the app's closed?21:14
*** real-dev has joined #maemo21:14
DocScrutinizerif there's any then it's called ICD2 -> closed source21:14
MohammadAGLike, how do I listen to the dbus signal that requests the now playing window21:14
*** nidO has quit IRC21:14
*** fscker_ has joined #maemo21:15
*** bjv has quit IRC21:15
*** kimitake_idle has quit IRC21:15
*** dev has quit IRC21:15
DocScrutinizerdbus has some methods for so called proxies, and it can start up the original process when somebody talks to the proxy - is what I seem have heard sometime21:15
*** mitsutaka_ has quit IRC21:15
*** chenca1 has quit IRC21:16
*** zgoldberg has quit IRC21:16
*** trumee_ has quit IRC21:16
*** real-dev is now known as dev21:16
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC21:16
*** davyg has quit IRC21:16
*** bernard_1 has quit IRC21:16
*** mat-_ has quit IRC21:16
*** E0x has quit IRC21:16
*** robink has quit IRC21:16
*** trumee has joined #maemo21:16
DocScrutinizerthis won't work for signals, for obvious reasons - signals aren't associated to any target so target can't have a proxy21:16
*** Treibholz has quit IRC21:16
*** willer__ has quit IRC21:17
*** lolcat has quit IRC21:17
*** fscker has quit IRC21:17
DocScrutinizeryou need a daemon like dbus-scripting then21:17
*** zgoldberg has joined #maemo21:17
*** bernard_ has joined #maemo21:18
*** fiberspeed has quit IRC21:18
*** mirr0r has joined #maemo21:18
DocScrutinizerstill you got the problem of "target" missing the signal that caused the "target" startup21:18
*** Treibholz has joined #maemo21:18
*** lolcat has joined #maemo21:18
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC21:18
DocScrutinizerso dbus-scripting saemon would have to resend this particular signal in a modified way only to the started process21:19
*** fabo__ has quit IRC21:19
*** fabo__ has joined #maemo21:19
*** dailylinux has joined #maemo21:20
*** unixSnob has quit IRC21:20
DocScrutinizernfc what's a "now playing signal"21:20
*** jacekowski has quit IRC21:20
javispedromoo RST38h21:21
RST38hjavispedro: heya21:21
*** nidO has joined #maemo21:21
DocScrutinizershouldn't this be a message rather than a signal?21:21
*** jacekowski has joined #maemo21:21
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, it's a signal for the stock player to open the now playing window21:21
DocScrutinizernm, I don't want to know that21:21
MohammadAGyou can see it when you click the stock mediaplayer widget21:22
*** dominikb_ has quit IRC21:22
*** pronto has quit IRC21:22
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo21:22
*** pronto has joined #maemo21:23
*** briglia_ has joined #maemo21:27
lcukrandom twitter to irc crossover21:27
* RST38h says hello21:28
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo21:28
*** davyg has joined #maemo21:28
* SpeedEvil says fish.21:28
*** briglia has quit IRC21:29
*** der_moder_dscc has quit IRC21:29
*** Zhonghua has joined #maemo21:29
lcukRST38h, \o21:29
*** Zhonghua has left #maemo21:29
*** willer__ has joined #maemo21:30
* javispedro ponders when's stupid bill gates going to push w7 sp1 x64 to him. he's surely going to choose the busiest day ever instead of a light weekend.21:31
*** jpinx_aw1y has joined #maemo21:31
*** Earthwings_ has joined #maemo21:31
RST38hturn off automatic updates21:31
javispedrogood point.21:32
*** romaxa___ has joined #maemo21:32
javispedrothe ideapad spent more than four hours to install it. you've been warned.21:32
*** davyg has quit IRC21:33
*** Natunen has quit IRC21:33
RST38hIdeapad is feeble21:33
Sc0rpiusjavispedro, it has to be there already21:33
Sc0rpiusI mean the SP1 patch21:33
Sc0rpiusbut it's not FORCED, but if you go to Windows Update without clicking anything you'll read "1 important update is available"21:34
Sc0rpius"Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems"21:34
Sc0rpiusit'll be forced in months21:34
*** jkyro has quit IRC21:34
* javispedro comes from that dialog, and he saw nothing save for the usual crap21:34
Sc0rpiusall my computers have the update available.21:34
Sc0rpiusbut i haven't install it yet21:34
*** smooph has quit IRC21:35
*** monkeyiqd has joined #maemo21:35
nidOsp1 is tiny anyway21:36
nidOif you've been installing all normal updates, sp1 is like a 15mb install21:36
*** robtaylo1 has joined #maemo21:37
*** aloril_ has joined #maemo21:37
javispedromore like 500...21:37
nidOwell, it was a 15mb download and about a 30 second install on my desktop21:37
javispedro<javispedro> the ideapad spent more than four hours to install it21:38
nidOslightly smaller on my tablet, but a few mins to install21:38
*** shpaq` has joined #maemo21:38
*** Shapeshi1ter has joined #maemo21:38
*** yanu_ has joined #maemo21:38
*** jjo_ has joined #maemo21:39
*** FauxFaux_ has joined #maemo21:40
ThreeMhi there21:42
ThreeMis there any kind of application error log on the N900?21:43
ThreeMvideorecording is broken and i want to check why :)21:44
*** jakemaheu has joined #maemo21:44
jakemaheuAfternoon, all. :321:44
*** Petteri__ has quit IRC21:44
jakemaheuIs there any way to disable the magnetic sensor for the internal SD card on the N800?21:45
jakemaheuI seem to have... misplaced my battery cover. >_>21:46
*** mirr0r is now known as fiberspeed21:48
*** FauxFaux has quit IRC21:52
*** FauxFaux_ is now known as FauxFaux21:52
MohammadAGjakemaheu, never owned an N800, but a custom kernel should fix it21:53
*** retro|cz has quit IRC21:54
*** muelli has joined #maemo21:54
* jakemaheu isn't a kernel hacker. :P21:55
MohammadAGit's just a case of commenting out some lines21:56
jakemaheuIs fanoush still in the biz?21:56
MohammadAGbut I don't have an N800, so I'm basing this off what I know from the N90021:56
*** Robotnixon has joined #maemo21:56
MohammadAGthink not :(21:56
jakemaheu:< he was the bomb with the 77021:57
*** Robotnixon has quit IRC21:57
ThreeMcan i lunch camera in terminal to see the application errors?21:57
*** BCMM has quit IRC21:57
*** dailylinux has quit IRC21:57
jakemaheushould, i can launch mbarcode and it spits out debug mesages21:58
jakemaheuymv, though21:58
ThreeMthe cam app only crash on taking videos21:58
*** federico2 has quit IRC21:58
*** aloril has quit IRC21:58
*** githogori has quit IRC21:58
*** yanu has quit IRC21:58
*** jpinx_away has quit IRC21:58
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC21:58
*** OkropNick has quit IRC21:58
*** jjo has quit IRC21:58
*** LjL has quit IRC21:58
*** rm_you has quit IRC21:58
*** Suiseiseki has quit IRC21:58
*** KMFDM has quit IRC21:58
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:58
*** Shapeshifter has quit IRC21:58
*** Earthwings has quit IRC21:58
*** aslani has quit IRC21:58
*** krau has quit IRC21:58
*** romaxa__ has quit IRC21:58
*** shpaq has quit IRC21:58
*** robtaylor has quit IRC21:58
*** derf has quit IRC21:58
*** monkeyiqd is now known as monkeyiq21:58
ThreeMtaking pictures works21:58
*** valerius has joined #maemo21:58
jakemaheuit's videocamera then?21:59
jakemaheuwhich device do you use?21:59
*** _llll1 is now known as _llll_21:59
jakemaheuAhhh, not sure, then.22:00
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo22:02
DocScrutinizerjakemaheu: use arbitrary other magnet :-D22:03
jakemaheutime to grab the source for the turbo-diablo kernel ;D22:03
DocScrutinizerThreeM: overclocked?22:03
ThreeMit was, but now it runs with stock clock22:04
ruskie <- so I guess you need to be google to get anything like this going...22:04
DocScrutinizerdamage done by OC persistes22:04
ThreeMahh but!22:04
ThreeManything else runs fine22:04
DocScrutinizerexcept it might actually cause the errors whan undervolt in effect now22:04
*** githogori has joined #maemo22:04
DocScrutinizerThreeM: doesn't matter22:05
DocScrutinizerodds are it's completely unrelated, but there's a non-zero chance OC fried the GFX core video cam part22:05
DocScrutinizerand undervolting doesn't help anything to make OC more safe22:06
ThreeMi have set up the clock about 50mhz higher to 650mhz, so i dont beleive that the error cause by oc22:06
DocScrutinizernah, that shouldn't cause a lot of damage in the short term22:06
*** leriusNva has quit IRC22:07
DocScrutinizerthough I never heard 650 is a valid core clock freq22:07
ThreeMor it was 750, ok 100mhz higher22:07
ThreeMonly way to verify it is to flash to stock again i think22:07
MohammadAGchanging software doesn't fix damaged hardware22:09
*** Suiseiseki has joined #maemo22:09
*** briglia_ has quit IRC22:09
*** pahartik has joined #maemo22:10
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo22:11
*** Brownout has joined #maemo22:13
DocScrutinizeryeah, so the idea to flash stock system without any additional apps is actually the only right thing to verify if it's hw related or not22:14
*** Brownout has quit IRC22:14
*** Brownout has joined #maemo22:14
ThreeMok, good to have the option to backup22:15
ThreeMi give it a try22:15
*** nox- has joined #maemo22:15
DocScrutinizerthere might be niche cases where a hw part is broken that only shows when running non-stock sw, but that's rare22:15
*** willer__ has quit IRC22:15
*** willer__ has joined #maemo22:16
*** LjL-Temp has joined #maemo22:16
*** rm_you has joined #maemo22:16
*** federico2 has joined #maemo22:16
*** lizardo has joined #maemo22:16
*** aslani has joined #maemo22:16
*** krau has joined #maemo22:16
*** derf has joined #maemo22:16
ThreeMits the only function to be broken, then cpu damage i gues other things also have problems... but im not very similiar with ARM cpus22:16
*** willer__ has quit IRC22:16
*** willer_ has joined #maemo22:16
DocScrutinizerearly stages of OC EM deterioration might show as failures occuring at OC frequencies that formerly ran without problems, for example22:16
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo22:17
*** crashanddie_ has quit IRC22:17
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo22:17
*** LjL-Temp is now known as Guest8897722:17
crashanddie_Gotta love life's way of reminding you you're at its mercy...22:17
crashanddie_What's that about the cobbler's son always being the one without shoes?22:17
DocScrutinizernah, EM will happen at one spot, one gate, one MMOSFET first22:17
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo22:17
crashanddie_I work in telco, and the DSL line at my flat is maxing out at an amazing... 1.3MBit/s22:17
crashanddie_Apparently, while they were wiring the connection yesterday, they thought it'd be a good idea to connect me to the MDF about 7km away...22:19
crashanddie_Rather than the one less than 2km...22:19
DocScrutinizeralso EM is causing statistical effects first, like more and more 1+1=3 results, but not always22:20
MohammadAG7km is closer than 2km22:20
crashanddie_This being said... The modem is effing cool though...22:20
*** joga_ is now known as joga22:20
SpeedEvilcrashanddie: usually they don't have a choice22:20
*** joga has quit IRC22:20
*** joga has joined #maemo22:20
*** marciom_ has quit IRC22:20
crashanddie_Remote control has motion sensor, even the modem has a tilt sensor so it can display the information based on if you hold it horizontally or vertically22:20
SpeedEvilcrashanddie: There is only one wire22:21
*** Natunen has joined #maemo22:21
crashanddie_SpeedEvil: they have a choice, my neighbour is on the right MDF.22:21
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC22:21
SpeedEvilOh - it has a screen, I guerss22:21
DocScrutinizerWUT? modem with autorotate? o.O22:21
crashanddie_SpeedEvil: and the MDF I need to be on has exactly 1338 free lines22:21
crashanddie_DocScrutinizer: yeah, lol22:22
crashanddie_Modem has internal HD of 250Gb, available as NAS22:22
*** Guest88977 has quit IRC22:22
*** Guest88977 has joined #maemo22:22
*** Guest88977 is now known as LjL22:22
javispedrosurely it doesn't have gigabit ethernet =)22:22
lcukDocScrutinizer, it rotates the bits 90degrees to align them correctly coming out of the port22:22
* SpeedEvil is guessingthatis not Medium Density Fibreboard.22:22
DocScrutinizerlcuk: :-D22:22
SpeedEvillcuk: Don't be so skeptical.22:22
SpeedEvillcuk: There are actually wireless devices that do that.22:22
rm_worklol SpeedEvil, that's exactly what i thought... MDF... hrm22:22
lcukinstead of 0 and 1, it gives 0 and -22:23
SpeedEvilEncode data in polarisation.22:23
MohammadAGcrashanddie_, did you get KZ3?22:23
crashanddie_rm_work & SpeedEvil: main distribution frame22:23
lcukdifferent issue SpeedEvil22:23
crashanddie_King Zeus the 3rd?22:23
MohammadAGKillzone 322:23
SpeedEvilcrashanddie: Is that like a DSLAM?22:23
crashanddie_SpeedEvil: oh, DSLAM is international is it?22:24
DocScrutinizerdidn't know DSLAM is international22:24
crashanddie_Everyone here in France keeps talking about "NRA"22:24
*** pcacjr has quit IRC22:24
ThreeMin german it clls DSLAM22:24
DocScrutinizeryeah, but they translate it to "DSL Anschalt Multiplexer"22:24
DocScrutinizerwhile it actually is Access I guess22:25
lcuk:D hurray for damn small linux22:25
crashanddie_That's the one I want to be on22:25
crashanddie_this is the one they put me on22:26
javispedrocrashanddie_: last link was not valid22:26
javispedro(missing nra)22:26
crashanddie_the modem is damn cool though... the TV module has a bluray player? lol22:27
crashanddie_Bonus points if you notice they show "1337" as the time during the video22:29
javispedrosee how most routers suck22:29
crashanddie_and this is the TV interface:
javispedrothey even put a dect base into that one and I'm sure it won't even get as hot as a stupid retail one22:30
*** wizL has joined #maemo22:30
crashanddie_web browser et all22:30
crashanddie_with multi-tab browsing :D22:30
crashanddie_I'm off for the night, need to meet some friends and stuff22:31
crashanddie_take care people22:31
javispedrocya crashanddie_22:31
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo22:32
*** jpinx_aw1y has quit IRC22:32
*** jpinx_away has joined #maemo22:32
crashanddie_oh, javispedro here you see it on its "foot"
*** Earthwings has joined #maemo22:34
javispedroand the accelerometer22:34
*** Earthwings_ has quit IRC22:35
*** lmoura has quit IRC22:35
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC22:35
*** BCMM has joined #maemo22:35
javispedrothat is one kickass router =)22:35
*** crashanddie_ has quit IRC22:35
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:37
DocScrutinizerif it actually works then yes22:37
DocScrutinizerthe fot is extreme nonsense however22:37
SpeedEvilAre you sure it's an accellerometer?22:38
SpeedEvilI have a digital picture frame with a little rotaryswitch to do orientation22:38
DocScrutinizersteelball switch22:41
*** lmoura has joined #maemo22:45
*** rd has joined #maemo22:47
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #maemo22:47
DocScrutinizertbh I'm not amused by IP-TV and the fact they got immanent control about what and when you can and actually do watch22:47
jakemaheuthey can't already do that?22:48
DocScrutinizerlocalized, even personalized news - not a nice future22:48
keriowhat about the transcendent control?22:49
DocScrutinizerjakemaheu: I don't think anybody can monitor what I am watching on my TV right now, without placing highly sophisticated spy equipment next corner22:49
*** onekenthomas has quit IRC22:49
jakemaheudo you have a cable box for on-demand?22:50
DocScrutinizerOTA braodcast by definition is one-to-many and anonymous22:50
*** Metallikettu has joined #maemo22:50
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo22:54
*** tych0 has joined #maemo22:55
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC22:55
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC22:56
* nox- satellite dish, same22:58
nox-and also, iptv `steals' adsl bandwidth when in use...22:59
*** niala1 has joined #maemo23:02
*** dailylinux has joined #maemo23:02
*** Spydemon has quit IRC23:03
*** mikhas has joined #maemo23:05
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo23:06
DocScrutinizervideo-on-demand is basically BS. If I want to watch a movie, I'm free to download it from any commercial site, and for true television as it's meant to be, OTA or equivalent one-to-may technologies are the right choice, no need for one-to-one botch to emulate OTA23:06
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: video-on-demand is basically BS. If I want to watch a movie, I'm free to download it from any commercial site, and for true television as it's meant to be, OTA or equivalent one-to-many technologies are the right choice, no need for one-to-one botch to em...23:07
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:08
*** mairas has quit IRC23:09
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:10
*** setanta has quit IRC23:16
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo23:17
Spydemonif somebody is able to read french, infos about N950 here :
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC23:19
*** jakemaheu has quit IRC23:20
niala1Spydemon: what do you want to know23:20
kerio768mb ram23:20
kerio1.2ghz cpu23:20
kerio16gb or 32gb23:20
kerio4 row keyboard23:20
kerio4g? wtf23:20
keriolooks thin <323:21
*** E0x_ has quit IRC23:22
*** shpaq` has quit IRC23:22
*** shpaq has joined #maemo23:22
*** swc|666__ has joined #maemo23:23
niala1screen 4 fingers23:23
niala1no date23:24
kerioi know23:25
keriowhat kind of 4g?23:25
niala1not specified23:26
kerioi know that too :)23:26
Spydemonif he will look like photos, i find N900 cuter :P23:26
niala1but he say source= different sources not specified.23:28
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo23:28
niala1The N950 was presented by Rich Green, CTO of Nokia, during a conference dedicated to developers23:29
niala1on website. not me :)23:29
SpeedEvilI thought it was simply mentioned in a presentation.23:29
SpeedEvilOr is this more thanthat.23:29
keriospecs and shit, yo23:30
niala1i think google can tell you more23:30
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo23:30
nox-o_O  3d even...23:30
niala1i think webmaster just search on google23:31
*** barision` is now known as barisione23:32
niala1no hdmi...23:34
*** muelli has quit IRC23:34
*** lardman has quit IRC23:34
*** rosseaux has quit IRC23:35
*** Natunen has quit IRC23:36
ThreeMok guys, hardware issnt broken23:38
ThreeMafter reflash to stock PR1.3 videorecording works again23:39
ThreeMDocScrutinizer , you made me frighten :)23:39
DocScrutinizergood :-D23:40
ThreeMbut why it fails before? i have no idea how to check it :)23:40
*** Brownout has quit IRC23:41
DocScrutinizerme neither23:41
DocScrutinizermight be fcam kernel drivers or whatever23:42
ThreeMi had remove the fcam driver, but it dont fix the problem23:43
ThreeMbut anyway, i dont mess up the device :) i will never overclock again :)23:43
DocScrutinizerso N950 "official" news, and first website that has it is a french one ? o.O23:44
DocScrutinizersorry I simply have no trust in french websites23:45
DocScrutinizerdon't worry - I don't trust chinese websites either XD23:45
*** dailylinux has quit IRC23:46
ThreeMi will verified it for you ;)23:47
*** willer_ has quit IRC23:47
ThreeMoh dear my english today is the best :(23:47
DocScrutinizermini-USB MUHAHAHAHA french23:47
*** chx has joined #maemo23:47
DocScrutinizersee scrollback23:47
*** mortenvp_ has joined #maemo23:47
DocScrutinizer(for link)23:48
*** rosseaux has joined #maemo23:48
*** muelli has joined #maemo23:52
DocScrutinizerl'ecran tactile capacitive - MEH piss off23:53
*** diegohcg has quit IRC23:55
DocScrutinizerjust another case of "wait iPhone, *I* can do that" - instead of Nokia doing something *smart* and adopting these cute Stantum MT23:56
DocScrutinizersee which direction meego is heading. a metoo-iPhone-clone, useless for true tablet use23:58
TreibholzCalDAV is so weird...23:59
DocScrutinizerthat's what Nokia thinks is best way to "differentiate"23:59

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