IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2011-02-06

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VenemoDocScrutinizer51: okay, I finished the code cleanup and also pushed to Gitorious.00:11
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: now building the package00:11
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: this is a fresh scratchbox installation so it could take a while to install the dependencies :(00:13
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VenemoDocScrutinizer51: see
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VenemoDocScrutinizer51: most notable changes are perf improvements and some bux fixes, plus it now remembers the images you select00:34
vi_did anyone see that dickbag trying to sell his 'optomise n900 script'?00:35
Venemovi_: no, why?00:36
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vi_made me rofl all over my corn flakes00:36
Venemolol vi_00:37
Venemovi_: yeah, some guys are thinking they can sell crap :D00:37
DocScrutinizer51Venemo: to keep up the myth I never go sleep, I just answer 'I'll check it later'00:38
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: what? you never go to sleep! :P00:38
vi_doc doesnt sleep...he bides his time.00:38
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SpeedEvilFun - - how to snoop on your citezens!00:48
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MrBawbKen-Young: - check /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/key-actions/preset_shift_ctrl01:01
Ken-YoungMrBawb, Yes, thanks.   Someone pointed me to the solution on T.M.O.01:02
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MrBawbthe schema file is /usr/share/gconf/schemas/hildon-desktop-keys.schemas01:03
Ken-YoungDocScrutinizer, It was a Community SSU issue:
povbotBug 11813: All shortcut keys, for example screenshot with Ctrl + Shift + P broken01:05
DocScrutinizer51meh, really scary01:06
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DocScrutinizeractually I'd hate to see this nice feature break:
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MrBawbyeah, that was broken for me till I registered the schema01:15
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Sc0rpiusthat was already fixed01:21
Sc0rpiusthe keys problem01:21
Sc0rpiusand Ctrl-Backspace works as well01:21
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Sc0rpiusas Alt-Tab simulation (though I don't really like that)01:21
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DocScrutinizer51btw there are some 'hidden features' with that one: keeping bs pressed and clicking ctrl rotates backwards. releasing bs last doesn't select the window so the taskswitcher view keeps open. with tasksw open, you can select which task goes foreground wit qweasd and even *close* with shift-qweasd01:22
Sc0rpiusthat's right01:22
Sc0rpiusand if a notification is open, hildon-desktop crashes01:22
Sc0rpiusbut we'll fix that eventually01:22
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DocScrutinizeronly thing painfully missing is a way to escape to appstarter menu01:30
DocScrutinizervia kbd01:30
DocScrutinizerand then select apps to start there01:30
DocScrutinizerbut - as much as I like the qwerasdf positional shortcuts - this will prolly fail for appstarter, and also it's quite err, special. A highlighting frame moving around with up/down/left/right to select the item to activate with e.g ENTER, would be more mainstream, GUI concept wise01:33
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DocScrutinizeralso extremely missing: global shortcut for opening menu in an app01:35
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DocScrutinizerN810 had a dedicated hw-button for this. N900 / fremantle doesn't even support a keyborad shortcut :-((01:35
DocScrutinizera triple cheers on the usability&GUI-design tram @ Nokia :-S01:36
DocScrutinizererr, ¡¡¡01:37
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DocScrutinizermy emoticon parser segfaulted on ;o01:40
DocScrutinizerNFC what it might mean01:41
VenemoDocScrutinizer: so, could you test the app for me?01:41
DocScrutinizerVenemo: sorry, not the right mood right now01:41
DocScrutinizerI'll do it tomorrow, I promise01:42
Venemookay DocScrutinizer :)01:43
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* DocScrutinizer starts to understand why M. Jackson used propofol01:43
GAN900DocScrutinizer, 'cause he was killed by the mob?01:43
DocScrutinizerthat's not exactly what I thought01:44
MohammadAG<DocScrutinizer> a triple cheers on the usability&GUI-design tram @ Nokia :-S01:45
MohammadAGplease, thank the iPhone first01:45
VenemoMohammadAG: elaborate please01:46
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MohammadAGthe iTeam made one button for the iPhone to make it easy to use01:47
DocScrutinizeryou forgot the "" tags01:47
MohammadAGNokia used the idea and backfired = no buttons01:48
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DocScrutinizeryeah, prolly01:48
DocScrutinizergashead move01:48
MohammadAGthough really, the N900 isn't simple to use for the average iJoe01:49
DocScrutinizerthey simply forgot the N900 has a full hw kbd01:49
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MohammadAGeven if they added a button01:50
MohammadAGthough i have to credit apple01:50
MohammadAGthe one button can have three functions01:50
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MohammadAGhome / double c: multitasking BS / triple: accessibility01:51
DocScrutinizerthis is a much worse and fundamental crime: they forgot to implement full support for hw kbd. it's starting with ctrl-fn special char vkbd, and doesn't stop at things like missing menu-key-shortcut01:52
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DocScrutinizereven redond understood they need key shortcuts for *everything*, or more precisely: mouse is an alternative IM, and you should be able to completely operate the device without mouse and only using kbd, as you should even have a full vkbd to operate device with mouse only and no hw kbd attached01:54
DocScrutinizerthey even have two complementary key-shortcut schemes, the alt and the ctrl level01:56
DocScrutinizermaemo otoh has *none*01:56
javispedronot to worry, apple plans to remove its button too01:56
javispedrothey want to replace it with a seven-finger-required gesture01:56
javispedrounfortunately, us humans are not born with seven fingers per hand. steve jobs answer's "your parents shouldn't have you raised you that way".01:57
Venemolol javispedro01:57
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MohammadAGjavispedro, so we're all retarded in steve's eyes?02:00
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* javispedro tries the android sdk. the first thing I write "whoami", returns: "whoami: permission denied". And they say Android is open...02:01
DocScrutinizer51meh, I'm not argueing about iPhone's single button concept here. N900 and maemo have/are supposed to work with a full qwerty kbd02:02
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DocScrutinizer51and it's not acceptble there are no kbd shortcuts for virtually anything02:02
DocScrutinizer51esp since this is a massive regression from diablo to fremantle02:03
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stevomanuany 1 help im trying to mount m900 on ubuntu10.10 but it aint happening an im lost02:10
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BCMMstevomanu: is it in mass storage mode?02:11
stevomanuyes , but i need the whole system to mount as im trying to create flashable image02:12
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BCMMstevomanu: you can't mount the whole system as USB mass storage. what are you trying to do exactly?02:12
stevomanucreate an image of my rootfs so i can create a flashable image for maemo flasher02:13
BCMMstevomanu: i have no idea whether that's possible or a good idea, but if it is, you need SSH.02:13
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stevomanuits based on this
stevomanubut robinthe1st from maemo changed code a little here
stevomanubut none work02:15
BCMMstevomanu: yeah, you can use SSH to get at the full filesystem02:16
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stevomanuwell got that installed so will set it up see if it helps02:16
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stevomanublagged now thou lol02:16
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BCMMstevomanu: i have no idea what you just said.02:17
stevomanunever mind02:17
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stevomanumy mind is lost in all this code !!!02:18
BCMMstevomanu: if you aren't quite sure what's going on, i suggest not blowing stuff up.02:19
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stevomanuwell i need to learn thou as it would be so usefull to master02:19
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VenemoMohammadAG: can I ask you to test a new version of puzzle-master?02:23
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MohammadAGVenemo, no, you know why?02:24
MohammadAGcause you already did :P02:24
VenemoMohammadAG: what are your findings, if any? :)02:25
sleepeequestion to anybody that can help, if i may:  why isn't it possible to do an over-the-air update of maemo on nokia n900?  is there any other alternative other than using nokia pc suite?02:26
felluo.o i never use pc suite to update my n90002:27
Venemosleepee: there is over-the-air, it's callied SSU (seamless software update)02:27
BCMMsleepee: maybe you don't have enough free disk space?02:27
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sleepeei should have enough free space.. my hard drive isn't even half full.  i can update apps, but i can't upgrade to pr 1.302:28
Venemosleepee: see
BCMMis nokia pc suite the same thing as Maemo Flasher, or is it like the windows equivalent or something?02:28
BCMMsleepee: you have a hard drive?02:28
MohammadAGhardcoded GUI02:28
sleepeei'm sorry, i meant memory on my n900 isn't full02:28
MohammadAGit's for symbian devices, I'm not sure how they glued in maemo support02:29
sleepeeeverytime i try to upgrade maemo 5, it tells me i must use nokia pc suite and i can't move forward fro there..02:29
VenemoMohammadAG: ?02:29
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sleepeei'm going to try to do a video capture of what i mean and upload it to youtube or something...02:30
villagersleepee: quite common problem... a maemo update requires a whole lot more space than updating apps... try some of the stuff on
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stevomanusleepee how much rootfs do you have free ?02:32
stevomanufree rootfs soz02:32
sleepeehmm.. i'm going to check and see how much rootfs space i have02:32
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sleepeelol!!!  wow.. i only have 28.8 mb free..02:33
sleepeei guess that's why i can't update02:33
sleepeemaemo 5 update is 80 something mb02:33
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stevomanugutted , looks like its a reflash then02:34
sleepeeso if i free up at least 90 mb or so i should be able to do an ota update?02:34
Venemosleepee: correct02:35
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sleepeeok... i'll try to clear up some memory and i'll come back and let you know what happens...  it would've been nice if the maemo updater mentioned this though..02:36
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sleepeethanks... i hope i don't delete too much stuff  lol02:38
stevomanunext time flash a bigger rootfs image give you more space for installing apps02:40
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sleepeei'd love to do that, but i'm a novice at this and i can't risk to mess up my phone :(02:41
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sleepeei don't trust myself to partition up my phone like that just yet02:42
stevomanuits just a case of changing code when you reflash , but if you aint sure leave it02:42
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DocScrutinizersorry, nonsense02:55
stevomanuim runnging this command tar xf 20110201-0838-rootfs.tar -C ./rootfs/    an result is tar: rootfs: Cannot chdir: No such file or directory02:55
stevomanuits defo in right place02:55
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villagersleepee: sometimes rebooting also helps... oh, and according to this page you may need 42MB or so of free rootfs space:
sleepeei think i also have some apps i installed from extras-devel so i may have to uninstall those too..03:02
sleepeethis might take a while...03:02
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sleepeedoes debian chroot take up a lot of space on rootfs?03:13
villagerthat is placed on the emmc, not on rootfs03:13
sleepeehmmm.. i thought so.  i'm just uninstalling random apps hoping to free some space.  especially the ones from extras-devel03:14
villagermost apps are optified, which means designed to not use rootfs space, so unless you've installed something that isn't optified, that won't help much03:15
sleepeeoh...  guess i was wasting my time  lol03:16
villagerdisabling extras-devel in the application manager, though, may help because the app catalog itself is stored on the rootfs03:16
villagerand that can be done without uninstalling anything03:17
sleepeei disabled a few repos and it didn't seem to free up any space...  i think i'll restart and see if that makes a difference03:17
stevomanuhave you not created a backup using backupmenu ??03:19
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sleepeeyea, i think i created a backup on my computer using nokia pc suite.03:20
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sleepeei was hoping i wouldn't need to use it though..03:20
stevomanucheck out this post app is called backupmenu v2 an it creates a backup of every thing no need to download apps again03:21
stevomanuwhen you have a working system you like back it up then if any thing goes wrong just use app to restore it all /. , saves so much time03:22
sleepeeso the only thing it doesnt back up is the MyDocs data?   it saves everything else?03:24
stevomanuyep thats correct03:24
sleepeehmmm... good call.  i think i better do that now before i do something stupid.  lol03:25
stevomanujust as you left it , its probly my best app for n90003:25
sleepeeyou made it?03:25
stevomanuwell no point now if your system is flawed as you will just have same problems after restore my advice is flash it fresh then get you device as you want an backup03:26
sleepeewell.. my phone's not really messed up.  i just have to free up some space on rootfs so i can update maemo.03:27
stevomanuye but a reflash gets rid of the junk you no longer need , but its up to you of course03:27
sleepeebut it would probably be a good idea to backup before i keep messing around in root...03:28
stevomanudoesnt matter cause its dead easy to reflash if you do kill it !!03:28
sleepeelol!  i feel really stupid because i barely know what flashing means.. more reason to backup.  lol03:29
stevomanujust have a read here all the info you need
sleepeeseems i was right...  rebooting after uninstalling some apps freed up some space..03:29
sleepeeyea, i have a fair bit of reading to do tonight  lol03:30
stevomanuonce you have done it , nothing to it03:30
stevomanumy irc says i have missed 44 unread messages why i cant see then03:31
nox-i think you can /msg memoserv help03:31
stevomanunew to irc i am its all a bit strange03:32
nox-im not sure maybe its also more a freenode thing than an irc one03:32
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VenemoMohammadAG: pingping03:33
sleepeei'm new too as you can probably guess..03:33
villageryeah, freenode is doing all sorts of crap that's not standard irc03:33
stevomanuok cool03:33
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BCMMvillager: it's not exactly violation of standards, just implementation of extra stuff that isn't standard03:34
BCMManyway, aren't all services non-standard extensions?03:35
villagerBCMM: I know, I didn't say it was a violation03:35
doc|homehe didn't say you said it was a ... etc etc03:35
BCMMthis is why there isn't a reliable way to automate nickserv identification that works with all networks03:35
BCMMif nickservs where standardised, an IRC client could wait for nickserv to confirm login before /joining03:36
BCMMas it is, they don't know how nickserv will do that03:36
villager(but I did say it was crap... and I'll stick to that...)03:36
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BCMMvillager: having a nickserv is crap?03:37
BCMMoh wow, you aren't identified...03:38
villagerprobably... but having a memoserv is worse03:38
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* Dhraakellian enables -devel ever so briefly to install aptitude04:59
* Dhraakellian would, of course, prefer zypper, but that's probably in a large part because he's an openSUSE user and is used to it04:59
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daxtHow many of you have accidently put your N900 into a bucket of water ?05:30
daxtmine felled last night05:32
daxtand now its struggling to boot up :(05:32
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Dhraakelliandaxt: remove battery immediately, let sit for a couple days?05:33
sleepeethat sux..  i've gotten mine wet, but not completely wet like that05:33
sleepeei saw a youtube vid of some guy that stuck his n900 in a bucket of rice for a few hours.  the phone worked after that05:33
daxtits already removed , camera lense has some moisture inside05:33
daxti am sure that PCB in the phone is intact05:34
*** maybeArgh has quit IRC05:34
sleepeerice soaks up moisture05:34
sleepeeraw rice, of course.  not cooked  lol05:34
* Dhraakellian does not like HAM05:35
GeneralAntillesdaxt: stick it in a bag of desiccant or if you don't have any on hand, rice.05:39
GeneralAntillesdaxt: trying to power it on while it's wet will mess stuff up.05:40
daxtit tries to boot up05:40
*** rm_you has quit IRC05:40
daxti see the 4 white dots05:40
*** rm_you has joined #maemo05:40
daxtand suddenly fone turns off05:41
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sleepeea few years ago i jumped into a pool with my phone in my pocket. lol!  but what i did was wrap up the phone with some clothes and stuck in the dryer for an hour or so..05:49
sleepeeafter that it worked fine...  of course, it was a simple flip phone.. i don't know if that's a good idea with the n90005:50
daxtwithout Electricity in it , N900 shud be water proof05:51
daxtas long as there is no current in it , metals are water proof for short period of time :D05:54
sleepeei don't know what it's called, but sometimes some products are shipped with little balls that look like they're made of gel or silicone...  i think those are for moisture.05:54
sleepeeif you happen to have a lot of those lying around maybe you could stick your phone in some of that05:55
sleepeewhy can i not update maemo ota?  i keep getting this message:  "To update your device to this version of the operating system you must use Nokia PC Suite on your PC.  Connect the device to your PC via a USB cable and launch the application."05:57
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*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:58
sleepeethis sucks.  i deleted a whole bunch of stuff from the rootfs thinking it was because there wasn't enough space to do the update. apparently it's not because of that. :(05:59
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* Dhraakellian had to spellcheck that07:03
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Xithulusanybody else having repository issues with
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*** Xithulus has quit IRC09:14
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC09:17
*** hannesw has joined #maemo09:19
*** MacDrunk has joined #maemo09:22
*** Suiseiseki has quit IRC09:40
*** noodles900 has joined #maemo09:42
*** ferdna has joined #maemo09:43
*** tuho has quit IRC09:46
*** chx has joined #maemo09:46
*** swc|666 has quit IRC09:48
*** ferdna has quit IRC09:51
*** ferdna has joined #maemo09:54
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo09:55
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC09:55
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo09:55
*** MadViking has quit IRC09:55
*** tuho has joined #maemo09:59
*** Suiseiseki has joined #maemo10:02
*** Sicelo has quit IRC10:03
*** beford has quit IRC10:08
*** asj__ has quit IRC10:13
*** davyg has joined #maemo10:17
*** Kaadlajk has quit IRC10:21
*** Kaadlajk has joined #maemo10:22
*** dave1010 has quit IRC10:26
*** chx has quit IRC10:33
*** script has quit IRC10:34
*** daxt has quit IRC10:35
*** daxt has joined #maemo10:36
*** script has joined #maemo10:37
*** Shapeshifter has joined #maemo10:37
ShapeshifterHey, haven't been around for a while. Does anyone know if tweakr is pretty much obsolete and replaced by ProfileX?10:37
Shapeshifterjust because it's relevant to one of my packages10:37
*** lxp1 has joined #maemo10:40
*** daxt has quit IRC10:41
*** dave1010 has joined #maemo10:42
*** daxt has joined #maemo10:43
*** lxp has quit IRC10:43
johnxShapeshifter, I googled a bit and got the same impression10:44
*** paroneayea has quit IRC10:44
johnxah, then I found this: and this
*** jacktheripper has joined #maemo10:47
*** rd has joined #maemo10:48
noodles900my browser crashes often if there are more than 2 windows open - especially if it's showing scripty pages like gmail :(10:49
*** daxt has quit IRC10:50
*** daxt has joined #maemo10:52
johnxnoodles900, it might be worth trying the the 'smartphone' version:
johnx(this is for gmail at least)10:53
noodles900johnx: is that not just the "plain html" page?10:55
johnxnope. It's the "iphone and android" version10:55
*** ferdna has quit IRC10:55
noodles900ok - let's see ;)10:55
johnxit has a bit of JS for things like collapsible conversations, but it doesn't have much10:56
*** asj__ has joined #maemo10:57
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo10:57
* noodles900 waits for gprs.....10:58
noodles900loaded in about 2 minutes :)10:59
johnxSeemed insanely fast on my desktop11:00
* johnx shrugs11:00
*** daxt has quit IRC11:00
noodles900johnx: thanks - I'll play with that for a while. Looks strange but we'll see11:00
johnxA lot of other sites have 'iphone' or 'android' versions that might be worth looking into11:01
johnxOn the N900 they usually detect the N900's browser as firefox (since it's based on firefox) and they feed it the heavy desktop site11:01
johnxAlso, it's worth seeing if turning off flash helps11:01
johnxFlash ads can be a killer on performance/battery life/responsiveness11:02
*** daxt has joined #maemo11:02
noodles900where's the "off" switch for flash?11:04
*** booiiing|clone has joined #maemo11:06
johnxuhm, disable the plugin11:06
johnxI don't have my phone in front of me11:06
johnxI think you can get flashblock as well.11:06
*** dirtyrice88 has joined #maemo11:07
RobbieThe1stThere;s a nice userscript in the repos that acts like Flashblock11:07
noodles900yea looking for flashblock ...11:07
*** daxt has quit IRC11:08
noodles900RobbieThe1st: what's it called?11:08
*** psycho_oreos has joined #maemo11:08
*** booiiing has quit IRC11:08
noodles900RobbieThe1st: tks :)11:09
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC11:10
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo11:11
RST38hwell. moo.11:16
*** hannesw has quit IRC11:19
*** zap has joined #maemo11:22
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo11:27
*** jhb has joined #maemo11:28
*** avs has joined #maemo11:32
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC11:34
*** Termana has quit IRC11:34
*** asj__ has quit IRC11:35
*** asj__ has joined #maemo11:35
*** jhb has quit IRC11:35
*** jpe has joined #maemo11:36
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC11:41
*** psycho_oreos has joined #maemo11:44
*** rd has quit IRC11:46
*** Rarok has joined #maemo11:46
*** lardman has joined #maemo11:47
*** lardman has quit IRC11:47
*** lardman has joined #maemo11:47
*** fipu has quit IRC11:47
*** Termana has joined #maemo11:51
*** andre___ has quit IRC11:53
*** rcg has joined #maemo11:55
PhonicUKhey all, is there a good Neo Geo emu for the N900?11:56
*** avs has quit IRC12:05
*** noodles900 has quit IRC12:05
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo12:06
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer51: meego talk on fosdem12:08
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer51: still nothing about maemo12:08
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC12:10
*** Per_n900 has joined #maemo12:11
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo12:12
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo12:13
*** hannesw has joined #maemo12:14
*** psycho_oreos has joined #maemo12:14
*** ColdFyre has quit IRC12:15
*** ColdFyre has joined #maemo12:15
*** Reffy has quit IRC12:18
alteregoWhy would there be anything about maemo?12:18
*** toniher has joined #maemo12:19
*** Venemo has joined #maemo12:21
Venemogood morning12:21
*** DocScrutinizer2 is now known as DocScrutinizer12:21
lardmanis there any online stream of the talks?12:25
Venemolardman: if you mean the channel log, then yes12:26
Venemomorning DocScrutinizer12:26
lardmanno I meant the Fosdem talks12:26
lardmanunless there's someone furiously typing away transcribing the proceedings :)12:27
Venemooh, I dunno12:27
*** tilppis has joined #maemo12:27
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC12:29
lardmanhmm I really could do with a double height task bar12:31
*** florian has joined #maemo12:33
MohammadAGDebian Squeeze is out12:34
*** dave1010 has quit IRC12:34
*** buntfalke has quit IRC12:35
Venemomorning MohammadAG :)12:35
*** buntfalke_ has joined #maemo12:35
MohammadAGmorning Venemo12:36
*** dRbiG has quit IRC12:37
*** dRbiG has joined #maemo12:38
VenemoMohammadAG: I'm now adding portrait support to puzzle-master :)12:38
*** hannesw has quit IRC12:38
*** buntfalke_ has quit IRC12:39
*** scoobertron has quit IRC12:44
*** geaaru has joined #maemo12:49
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo12:50
*** MRZTITED has joined #maemo12:50
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC12:53
*** l13tl3_ has quit IRC12:53
*** Sicelo has quit IRC12:54
*** MRZTITED has quit IRC12:55
*** FireFly has joined #maemo12:58
*** dave1010 has joined #maemo12:59
*** l13tl3 has joined #maemo12:59
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer51: stskeeps is doing that talk about meego12:59
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: well, that's not any surprise, no?13:00
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo13:02
*** MadViking has joined #maemo13:03
*** me|kor has joined #maemo13:04
*** hannesw has joined #maemo13:05
jacktheripperif I touch the screen, lift my finger and quickly touch the screen somewhere else, the touch is still registered at the old position. Is this tweakable ?13:16
*** Ulukai has joined #maemo13:19
*** daxt has joined #maemo13:21
*** obarron|dx has joined #maemo13:21
*** obarron|dx has quit IRC13:22
*** mirr0r has joined #maemo13:23
*** LjL has joined #maemo13:23
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC13:24
jacktheripperby quickly I mean really really quickly.13:24
*** chx has joined #maemo13:28
Venemojacktheripper: worksforme13:29
jacktheripperoh I think it's so fast it doesn't notice the lift. It averages, but on preenv games for example it uses only the first touch position. nevermind :)13:30
Venemoalterego: ping13:32
Venemojacktheripper: maybe you have a faulty n90013:32
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo13:33
jacktheripperVenemo, no no, it's the application supporting capacitive touch only I think. as I said, only happens on preenv.13:33
*** RobbieThe1st has quit IRC13:33
Venemojacktheripper: mhmm13:33
jacktheripperor the game just doesn't sense movement. (doesn't need to)13:33
*** Svavel has joined #maemo13:34
*** chx has quit IRC13:36
*** Smhar has joined #maemo13:39
Smharis there a web page explaining how/what to free in rootfs?13:41
*** HRH_H_Crab has quit IRC13:42
VenemoSmhar: yes, in the wiki13:42
SmharI only have 37mb free and I want to upgrade to PR1.313:44
Smharbtw. is there a way to make N900 activate bluetooth when a call is made or answered and disconnect blue toth when a call is ended, thus saving battery life13:45
*** RobbieThe1st has joined #maemo13:46
*** hannesw has quit IRC13:46
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC13:47
*** daxt has quit IRC13:47
*** Salman has joined #maemo13:48
Salmansorry, got disconnected13:48
Salmanbtw. is there a way to make N900 activate bluetooth when a call is made or answered and disconnect blue toth when a call is ended, thus saving battery life13:48
*** daxt has joined #maemo13:48
*** villev has joined #maemo13:51
*** Smhar has quit IRC13:51
*** villev has quit IRC13:51
*** villev has joined #maemo13:53
*** spiritd has quit IRC13:54
VenemoSalman: if you want to save battery life, then don't enable bluetooth at all13:55
SpeedEvilAlso - most bluetooth devices will go to sleep once disconnected for a few mins13:56
SpeedEvilRequiring you to press a button to re-pair13:56
*** Per_n900 has quit IRC13:57
*** daxt has quit IRC13:57
*** mirr0r is now known as fiberspeed14:00
*** daxt has joined #maemo14:00
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:01
*** Salman has quit IRC14:02
*** HRH_H_Crab has joined #maemo14:02
alteregoVenemo: pong14:07
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo14:07
*** croppa has quit IRC14:09
*** daxt has quit IRC14:11
*** daxt has joined #maemo14:12
Venemoalterego: I'm making progress14:12
Venemoalterego: all thanks to your help yesterday :)14:13
alteregoIn regards to your performance issues, it's more about spreading the load across gpu/cpu14:13
alteregoAlso, are you running fullscreen?14:13
Venemoalterego: not yet, but I will be soon14:14
alteregoWell, gl works like crap when not fullscreen14:14
alterego(on the N900)14:14
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC14:15
*** Per_n900 has joined #maemo14:15
*** BCMM has joined #maemo14:16
Venemoalterego: it works very well now that I eliminated the overhead14:16
alteregocool, bbiab14:16
*** daxt has quit IRC14:20
*** dan2003 has joined #maemo14:20
*** daxt has joined #maemo14:21
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:22
*** dos1 has joined #maemo14:25
*** fiberspeed is now known as mirr0r14:26
Venemoalterego: I would need some help with something though14:26
*** andre900 has joined #maemo14:26
*** HRH_H_Crab has quit IRC14:28
JaffaMohammadAG: Didn't you do something like which rotated any app?14:29
*** daxt has quit IRC14:30
VenemoJaffa: are you referring to 'rotatedaemon' in -devel?14:30
trxthats not a problem, setting a rotation flag14:30
trxproblem is the app layout14:30
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo14:30
*** TomaszD has quit IRC14:30
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo14:30
*** daxt has joined #maemo14:31
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:31
Venemotrx: yeah.14:31
MohammadAGJaffa, nope14:32
JaffaVenemo: Yeah, guess so14:32
*** noodles900 has joined #maemo14:33
*** jhb has joined #maemo14:34
*** daxt has quit IRC14:35
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:36
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC14:37
*** daxt has joined #maemo14:38
*** kakashi_ has joined #maemo14:38
alteregoVenemo: what's that then?14:39
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo14:39
Venemoalterego: I'd like to find an algorythm to place the pieces to a reasonable place when the app is resized [eg. via autorotation]14:41
MohammadAGVenemo, rotatedaemon works with xrandr directly I think14:41
MohammadAGcc Jaffa ^14:41
VenemoMohammadAG: correct14:41
MohammadAGw00t_ daemonized it iirc14:41
alteregoVenemo: well, you want them in random positions and not overlapping too much right?14:42
MohammadAGI need some help with a shell script14:42
*** dvarnes has quit IRC14:42
alteregoAlso, when rotating you probably want to sub divide them again to make the rows shorter for portrait14:42
alteregoLike 6x4 for landscape and 4x6 for portrait, or something.14:43
*** villev has quit IRC14:46
*** Venemo has quit IRC14:46
*** dvarnes has joined #maemo14:46
*** Venemo has joined #maemo14:46
alteregoVenemo: get my last two messages?14:47
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC14:47
*** daxt has quit IRC14:47
*** daxt has joined #maemo14:49
MohammadAG[: 17: =: unexpected operator <-- what does this mean?14:50
alteregoMohammadAG: $answer = "y"14:52
*** Venemo has quit IRC14:52
MohammadAGalterego, already fixed that, sec14:52
alteregoYou should probably quote $answer too14:52
*** noodles900 has quit IRC14:52
MohammadAG alterego14:53
MohammadAGY/y/N/n work fine14:53
MohammadAGbut I expect it to default to Y if the user presses enter14:54
*** eijk has joined #maemo14:54
MohammadAG(similar to apt-get)14:54
MohammadAGand it does that, but shows 4 errors14:54
MohammadAG[: 17: =: unexpected operator *414:54
*** dan2003 has quit IRC14:56
*** Venemo has joined #maemo14:58
Venemohey again14:59
Venemoit disconnected again... :(14:59
*** felipec has joined #maemo14:59
Venemoalterego: actually I scale the graphics view very well when rotated15:00
*** Ulukai has left #maemo15:00
Venemoalterego: the 'only glitch' is that I want the pieces to appear at better places15:00
*** mlpug has joined #maemo15:01
Venemoalterego: I'm also getting a resize event at the beginning of the app in which the size of the graphics view is 100×30...15:01
*** joga has quit IRC15:03
*** joga has joined #maemo15:03
*** RobbieThe1st has quit IRC15:05
*** arixx has joined #maemo15:08
*** arixx has joined #maemo15:08
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo15:09
*** daxt has quit IRC15:12
*** BCMM has quit IRC15:13
*** daxt has joined #maemo15:13
*** pcacjr has quit IRC15:18
alteregoVenemo: yeah, that happens. Part of Qt unfortunately. You should be able to setFixedSize maybe ..15:18
Venemoalterego: nah, I just don't do anything for the first resize event15:18
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo15:19
Venemoalterego: I'm thinking of linking to your libRXsupport for the fullscreen button15:19
alteregoWell, you only really need the header file ..15:20
alteregoBut it's up to you15:20
Venemoalterego: is it transparent?15:20
Venemoalterego: I'm thinking about where should I put the button on my UI15:20
MohammadAGcan someone confirm that dsme-thermalobject-surface is installed by default?15:21
MohammadAGi.e just check if it's installed on your device15:21
VenemoMohammadAG: yes15:21
*** moshee has quit IRC15:21
*** moshee has joined #maemo15:21
*** moshee has joined #maemo15:21
alteregoVenemo: Well, top right is quite consistent I think15:22
Venemoalterego: top right? I haven't seen it there in any apps yet15:22
Venemoalterego: it's bottom right in the browser15:24
alteregoOh yeah15:24
*** villev has joined #maemo15:24
alteregoWell, it's bottom right in Columbus15:24
*** asj__ has quit IRC15:24
Venemoalterego: problem with bottom right is that the user might click on it accidentally when he wants to grap a puzzle piece15:25
*** arixx has quit IRC15:28
*** hannesw has joined #maemo15:28
*** mirsal has quit IRC15:29
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:30
*** dave1010 has quit IRC15:30
*** Venemo has joined #maemo15:31
*** pcacjr has quit IRC15:31
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo15:31
*** Diod has joined #maemo15:34
*** zeltak has joined #maemo15:34
Venemoalterego: is showFullscreen() enough or I should set something else too?15:34
*** hannesw has quit IRC15:36
*** mlpug has quit IRC15:36
*** BCMM has joined #maemo15:38
MohammadAGit's enough for FS15:41
Venemook, thanks15:41
Venemois this a bug?15:43
Venemoa Hildon banner rotates my app back to landscape15:43
*** dan2003 has joined #maemo15:43
*** valerius has quit IRC15:43
*** kwtm has joined #maemo15:43
*** valerius has joined #maemo15:44
Venemothis is only true for banners that are system modal15:46
MohammadAGVenemo, if it's parented that shouldn't happen15:47
dan2003Hi, im making a qt based homescreen widget, I want to open a dialog if the widget is pressed, i assume the normal connect signal->slot mechanism should be used, but i dont know which to use, the qtcreator IDE sugests only a few of  which none seem relevant / or work. What should i use?15:47
Venemodan2003: if you want something when a button on the widget is pressed, the use clicked()15:48
Venemodan2003: if you want the entire widget to react to clicks, read up on mousePressEvent() and mouseReleaseEvent()15:48
dan2003Venemo: ah, ok, thanks :) the latter sounds like what i want15:50
VenemoMohammadAG: it doesn't happen when it's parented15:50
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC15:51
dan2003Venemo: yaay! thx that works :)15:52
Venemodan2003: :)15:52
dan2003hmm.. but with an issue, (which i can work around) it present a dialog, but when i press a button in it it acts as if i have pressed the widget which is underneath (another home screen widget)15:53
dan2003ill move that dialog out of the way for now15:54
*** fiferboy has quit IRC15:54
Venemodan2003: well you have to take care of such cases for yourself15:54
*** dave1010 has joined #maemo15:54
Venemodan2003: what widget will that be, btw?15:54
dan2003i just treid and this happens for both the contact widget, (present the call dialog) and the facebook widget (opens browser)15:55
*** Titogelo has joined #maemo15:55
dan2003if either are under the area where my dialog comes up, they seem to have mouse focus instead.15:55
*** andre900 has quit IRC15:56
*** rm_you has quit IRC15:56
Venemodan2003: interesting15:56
*** rm_you has joined #maemo15:56
*** villev has quit IRC15:58
*** crs_ is now known as crs16:00
*** javispedro has joined #maemo16:02
*** chx has joined #maemo16:03
*** andre900 has joined #maemo16:03
*** MadViking has quit IRC16:05
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo16:08
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo16:08
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo16:09
*** noodles900 has joined #maemo16:10
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo16:10
*** arixx has joined #maemo16:14
*** arixx has joined #maemo16:14
javispedrooh god, Android does truly suck.16:16
*** hannesw has joined #maemo16:16
* javispedro 's downloaded the SDK ...16:16
Venemojavispedro: yeah... I agree16:17
*** felipec has quit IRC16:17
Venemojavispedro: we learned a bit about android dev (I had a course called mobile Linux applications), and it sucked.16:18
javispedroI couldn't believe a day would come where I would _crave_ for busybox.16:18
javispedroyes, the android builtin shell is that bad.16:18
*** chx has quit IRC16:18
javispedroand the libc?16:18
javispedrothe best way to describe it: it's like a deconstruction of unix.16:18
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:19
*** Koko_koala has joined #maemo16:19
*** comawhite has quit IRC16:19
MohammadAGjavispedro, hah16:19
*** murrayc has joined #maemo16:20
MohammadAGI like how most commands fail in the android shell16:20
MohammadAGeither Permission Denied or no output at all16:20
*** machia has quit IRC16:20
*** Termana has quit IRC16:20
*** hannesw has joined #maemo16:21
*** Koko_koala has quit IRC16:21
javispedroyou want to use sysv or posix ipc? sorry! we instead offer you our crappy "Android SHM" with no support for semaphores, mutexes, or anything. We're only single core! For performance!16:21
*** Sicelo has quit IRC16:23
*** obarron|dx has joined #maemo16:24
*** buntfalke has quit IRC16:25
*** obarron|dx has quit IRC16:25
*** machia has joined #maemo16:25
*** me|kor has quit IRC16:26
* javispedro rants some more, quietly.16:27
*** chx has joined #maemo16:27
javispedrosymbian is more posixy than this...16:28
javispedrowhich is quite, quite sad.16:29
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo16:30
*** andre900 has quit IRC16:31
*** chx has quit IRC16:33
*** andre900 has joined #maemo16:34
ShadowJKI found no hints of posix in symbian :)16:34
MohammadAGI found DBus on Symbian^316:34
korhojoathere's DBus on it?16:34
*** Sicelo has quit IRC16:34
javispedrothere's even glibc16:35
korhojoaoh wow16:35
javispedro(see the open C stuff)16:35
javispedroso, symbian implements sysvipc. bionic does not.16:35
pupnikebay germany lists the N900 as having AMOLED screen16:36
ArkenoiIs console io still broken?16:36
korhojoa_o| \o| \o/ |o/ |o_16:36
Arkenoion S^3?16:36
korhojoapupnik: ebay? probably a seller?16:36
javispedroI did not check, but I'm sure they even fully implement pthreads, bionic does not.16:36
pupnikkorhojoa: no, ebay.  not the seller. ebay16:36
javispedropupnik: haha.16:36
korhojoawhaa :D16:36
ShadowJKI haven't seen symbian^3 :)16:37
pupnikor rather, a job filled by the wrong person16:37
ShadowJKMy E75 has s60v3fp2 oe something16:38
*** Venemo has quit IRC16:38
korhojoaShadowJK: i think it's got fp316:38
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo16:38
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo16:38
MohammadAGthere's no FP3 for V316:38
korhojoareally? :<16:39
korhojoasaddened, I am.16:39
MohammadAGFP2 is the last one16:39
korhojoabut there is one for v116:39
MohammadAGor 216:39
MohammadAGUnannounced Nokia X7-00 and C5-04 Found on Ovi Store <- lol fail16:40
javispedroclearly, those are atom phones!16:40
* ShadowJK wonders about C6-01, does it exist yet16:40
korhojoaMohammadAG: :D16:40
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo16:41
*** dave1010 has quit IRC16:42
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC16:43
*** panaggio has joined #maemo16:43
*** anidel has joined #maemo16:44
*** silanus has quit IRC16:45
*** C-S-B has quit IRC16:45
*** felipec has joined #maemo16:47
*** pcacjr has quit IRC16:51
*** HRH_H_Crab has joined #maemo16:51
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo16:51
*** HRH_H_Crab has quit IRC16:52
*** rosseaux has quit IRC16:53
*** chx has joined #maemo16:57
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo16:57
*** dave1010 has joined #maemo16:58
*** noodles900 has quit IRC16:58
*** rosseaux has joined #maemo16:59
*** |R has quit IRC17:01
*** |R has joined #maemo17:04
*** silanus has joined #maemo17:04
*** moshee has quit IRC17:04
*** moshee has joined #maemo17:04
*** dave1010 has quit IRC17:06
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:07
achipaShadowJK: depends on your country I guess17:08
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo17:09
*** Sargun has joined #maemo17:10
achipaand let's not forget that deep down, every phone has an atom or two (or a billion...) in it :)17:10
MohammadAGneed to learn GTK or find a way to start Qt apps faster :/17:11
*** Venemo has joined #maemo17:11
achipaboost 'em17:12
javispedrosomething that harmattan will probably already have17:12
javispedroachipa: is the qt booster already one?17:12
Venemoalterego: are you still here?17:12
MohammadAGjavispedro, well, I want to rewrite control panel applets that don't behave17:13
javispedrohum, that is a no go, as the control panel itself acts as a gtk+ booster..17:13
*** HRH_H_Crab has joined #maemo17:13
pupnikdigital-8 camcorders still fetch insane prices17:14
MohammadAGthat's why I want to learn gtk17:14
MohammadAGQt applets work fine, they just hang the UI for 2s or so17:14
MohammadAGwhile gtk applets are instant17:14
MohammadAGshouldn't be too hard, I think17:15
javispedrounfortunately bare gtk+ will mostly slow you down..17:15
javispedro(I mean, as a coder :) )17:15
achipajavispedro: uhm, I think I saw some of that stuff in MTF, not sure how easily transplantable would that be to plain qt17:16
achipajavispedro: and of course something by the name of another well esatblished library is not helping searches...17:16
MohammadAGjavispedro, what do you mean by "bare gtk+"?17:16
*** Sicelo has quit IRC17:16
javispedroMohammadAG: "not vala" =)17:16
MohammadAGwhy would it slow me down?17:17
*** chx has quit IRC17:17
*** chx has joined #maemo17:17
alteregoVenemo: yeah, what's up?17:17
javispedroachipa: oh. fremantle had a skeleton qt booster module, but it does nothing (apart from NOT preloading gtk+ libs, which is already nice =) ).17:18
MohammadAGvala, I recall qwerty12 mentioned that in one of his sources17:18
Venemoalterego: I managed to do most of what I wanted but I still have a glitch :(17:19
*** mirageding has joined #maemo17:20
* javispedro recently develop the theory that Gtk+ applications usually have less featured (aka "simpler") GUIs because it is more time consuming to create and implement a Gtk+ GUI =)17:20
javispedrowhich I'm not sure is a bad or good thing :)17:21
Venemoalterego: accept my invitation to ##puzzle-master17:21
*** hardaker has joined #maemo17:22
MohammadAGjavispedro, lol17:22
Venemojavispedro: you can use gtkmm if you want something simpler17:22
MohammadAGjavispedro, the notification light applet is an example17:23
javispedroor vala17:23
Venemoyeah, or vala17:23
MohammadAGit's just 6 checkboxes and a save button17:23
MohammadAGwhich I'm guessing is 6 HildonCheckButtons and a HildonPannableArea17:23
*** panaggio has quit IRC17:24
MohammadAGthe save button's probably a GtkButton right?17:24
MohammadAGand the dialog is a GtkDialog17:24
javispedrothe button is probably managed by the GtkDialog itself17:24
VenemoMohammadAG: probably HildonButton and HildonDialog, not sure about the latter.17:24
javispedrothere's a GtkDialog construct that accepts a set of stock button and their actions17:24
VenemoMohammadAG: but javispedro is right, it may be handled by the dialog itself17:24
javispedroHildonDialog is deprecated in fremantle, use gtkdialog17:24
*** mpoirier has joined #maemo17:25
*** dave1010 has joined #maemo17:26
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo17:27
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC17:28
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo17:29
jacekowskiuse qt17:29
MohammadAGjacekowski, too slow for control panel applets17:30
MohammadAGstock applets open instantly17:30
javispedrobecause the host app is a gtk+ one, so it just calls the applet's show function. While with a QT applet it has to link with all the Qt libs, then do static, dynamic initialization, etc.17:31
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC17:32
alteregoHow do I do that?17:33
achipajavispedro: that's not theory, that's fact17:33
jacekowskijavispedro: afaik applets are preloaded17:33
achipajavispedro: and with qml it will become even more apparent17:33
javispedroachipa: hehe :)17:33
jacekowskijavispedro: so you could just make everything ready on load17:33
jacekowskiand then just wait for show17:33
*** Rarok has quit IRC17:33
achipajavispedro: and I would go even further - if QML gains general traction, it can easily be the thing that turns the tide in the now prevalent 'open source apps are sucky (because they look sucky)' view17:36
achipait 'just' needs to survive long enough to mature :)17:37
javispedronote the other part of my theory -- that gnome is actually simpler because of gtk+ is hard.17:37
javispedroI also fear that if doing monstruous, giant UIs suddently becomes easier, we'll have KDE.17:38
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC17:38
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo17:38
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo17:38
javispedro(and I actually can see this KDEification even in MaemoQT(HildonQt ;) ) apps, but I guess that's because I'm being overly paranoid)17:39
achipajavispedro: was talking mainly in the context of single apps17:39
Venemoachipa: I asked many people, but noone seemed to know the correct answer17:40
Venemoachipa: is QML compiled or interpreted?17:40
*** andre900 has quit IRC17:40
achipaVenemo: neither17:40
achipaor both :)17:40
Venemoachipa: elaborate please17:40
achipahow familiar are you with .ui files ?17:42
achipamaybe it's easier to explain that way17:42
Venemoachipa: sufficently I think. moc generates .h files from them so they are compiled.17:42
achiparight. but not necessarily :)17:42
Venemoachipa: ?17:43
*** chenca has joined #maemo17:43
Venemoachipa: so it's possible to use them in an interpreted way too17:43
achipathe bottom line is - there is no 'interpreter' in the sense of something running and continuously evaluating expressions (except for embedded JS, but let's talk about that separately)17:44
achipait is basically a parser that constructs regular C++ objects17:44
Venemoachipa: well this QFormBuilder seems like an interpreter to me. it interprets a .ui in runtime and constructs objects according to it, doesn't it?17:45
achipayou could equally have a QML to .CPP compiler just as you have for .ui17:45
Venemoachipa: XAML works this way: it's added to the executables as an embedded resource and then it's interpreted in runtime. this makes it that slow17:46
*** wazd has joined #maemo17:46
*** Sicelo has quit IRC17:46
Venemoachipa: this is why I'm hoping that QML doesn't do such hocus-pocus and it's compiled to native code17:46
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:47
achipathe only way QML affects speed is the initial startup, after the objects are constructed, it doesn't add or detract (again, JS caveat)17:48
Venemoachipa: ookay17:48
Venemoachipa: so it is just as insane as XAML :(17:48
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo17:49
achipaVenemo: and, I would expect soon enough someone will make a qml->cpp compiler if it becomes such a big problem17:49
Venemoachipa: sadly I don't think anyone will care17:49
achipaVenemo: I have not used xaml, but IIUC it's in a somewhat worse position, as it goes through the .net stuff, plus XML parsing is heavier than what QML does17:52
achipabut otherwise, yes ,the approach does look similar17:53
*** dirtyrice88 has quit IRC17:53
Venemoachipa: XAML is translated to BAML so no XML parsing is involved.17:54
*** chenca has quit IRC17:54
villagerjavispedro: no, gnome is not simpler because gtk+ is hard, gnome is simpler because of ideology - early gnomes actually had more complex UIs, but the Powers That Be worked to eradicate that17:54
Venemovillager: I use Gnome exactly because of its simplicity17:54
villageryes, I use gnome too17:54
javispedroand I used Gnome there as an example only, was the second thing that came to mind.17:55
RST38hEHLO javispedro17:55
Venemovillager: KDE is maybe a bit more eye-candy (with Compiz it's equally as good)17:55
*** VladNistor has joined #maemo17:55
Venemovillager: however in KDE it's much harder to find any options that I'm looking for. in Gnome, it's just System/Preferences17:55
javispedrohey RST38h17:55
achipaVenemo: but BAML is just an intermediary format, isn't it ? i.e. it's just a more machine friendly representation of the structure17:55
villagerVenemo: I like gnome, I did not say that this ideology is bad, I just tried to present it in a neutral way17:56
Venemookay villager :)17:56
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo17:56
villagerVenemo: not everyone likes that ideology (kde users for example), though, and I certainly would have liked more options in certain apps...17:57
villagerVenemo: but overall I think it's a good idea if you're going for user-friendliness17:57
Venemoachipa: correct17:58
Venemovillager: yeah, I agree17:58
Venemovillager: some more options would be of course welcome, but I like the overall minimalism of their UI17:58
*** Gyjf has joined #maemo18:00
* achipa has a flamboyant comment about comparing mac and gnome, but will refrain from it in the name of desktop peace18:02
GuySofthey all, if i want to write a GUI (twitter client) that will work both on N810 and N900, any toolkit you might recommend?18:05
*** Sicelo has quit IRC18:05
MohammadAGQt 4.518:05
MohammadAGYATC - Yet Another Twitter Client? x{18:06
GuySoftMohammadAG, it will be the ONLY client for N81018:06
*** felipec has quit IRC18:06
javispedroNote that Qt on the N8x0 is in a worse shape.18:06
GuySoftso anything else perhaps?18:07
RST38hjavispedro: how is reality tonight?18:08
RST38hsolid enough?18:08
javispedrono, it's more like gruyère18:08
* RST38h has not idea what gruyère is but suspects it is cheese.18:09
javispedroit is =)18:09
*** Sicelo has joined #maemo18:10
javispedrohave some work to do now, but been trying the Android SDK18:10
javispedroa horrible, horrible experience so far...18:10
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:10
javispedrohad to download nearly 2GiB of git repos to build the ext3 module for the emulator kernel...18:11
*** Venemo has joined #maemo18:11
RST38hjavispedro: Ah haha18:12
RST38hjavispedro: I *looked* at the Android stuff but have notinstalled it yet: too much other work that has to be done on a tight schedule18:12
javispedrobig time sink...18:15
javispedroAlso, I wonder who had the idea to ship the emulator configured with less than 90MiB of RAM.18:15
javispedrorunning busybox meant the system started OoM killing the UI...18:15
javispedro(busybox as a static binary.... otherwise you don't even get a sane mount command)18:16
*** saltsa_ has quit IRC18:17
MohammadAGwho's on PR1.0? :P18:17
MohammadAGnaw crap18:19
MohammadAG3h to download one image for a 100kb file...18:19
*** felipec has joined #maemo18:20
*** saltsa_ has joined #maemo18:24
*** paroneayea has joined #maemo18:25
DocScrutinizerHello, hei joerg_rw!18:25
DocScrutinizerMake a resolution to simplify your life this year with the sleek new Nokia Ovi Suite. Browse Ovi's massive music library to put together the perfect playlist, download free street maps to your phone, get recommendations for the best mobile apps, share photos and videos with family and friends, and much more.18:25
RST38hjavispedro: Sounds almost like these guys did not know what Linux was =)18:25
*** noodles900 has joined #maemo18:25
RST38hDoc: Guess at which point of this message I threw up.18:26
javispedroRST38h: see a few hours ago for my rantins about their pure crap c library.18:26
javispedroI keep it that it resembles more a deconstruction of unix than anything else.18:26
VenemoMohammadAG: what file?18:26
RST38hjavispedro: For unknown reasons, too18:26
RST38hjavispedro: Why the hell would they need to rewrite libc???18:26
MohammadAGVenemo, lock screen18:27
MohammadAGthe PR1.0 had transitions18:27
MohammadAGPR1.0 one18:27
VenemoMohammadAG: hmm :)18:27
javispedrooh well they try to go to great lengths to explain their decisions, but usually, it comes down to both points: they thought multicore phones where far away, AND, they didn't know how to use ulimit.18:27
DocScrutinizerRST38h: with the very first 'i'?18:27
MohammadAGI'd say at Ovi18:28
RST38hMohammad <-- correct18:28
* javispedro usually stops reading at "your life".18:29
RST38hjavispedro: and not knowing how to use ulimit made them rewrite libc??? Hmmm18:29
VenemoDocScrutinizer: where does that come from?18:29
DocScrutinizerNokia <>18:30
javispedroRST38h: well to be fair they would have to introduce new limits, like sysv ipc keys, that they seem to think as the evil reincarnated.18:30
MohammadAGRST38h, yay, what do I win?18:30
DocScrutinizer~dict hei18:30
infobotcould not find definition for hei18:30
RST38hMohammad: an Ovi Suite install package!18:32
* MohammadAG pukes18:32
javispedroRST38h: though I also fear the real reason is the usual one: Bionic is BSD. They used BSD code for the trivial libm/math.h functions, etc.18:32
javispedroand avoided anything they would probably need to pull code from a GPL lib.18:33
javispedrothen made the appropiate excuses and shipped it.18:33
DocScrutinizerandridiot? meh!18:34
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo18:36
RST38hjavispedro: they are already using Linux kernel. What difference will using gnu libc make?18:37
RST38hjavispedro: furthermore, if they absolutely hate gnu libc, why not use BSD libc, as a whole?18:37
RST38heither will be fine, I guess18:37
*** valeriusN has quit IRC18:38
javispedroprolly the bsd libc would need some work under Linux, as for the other question, ask them..18:38
*** chx has quit IRC18:38
*** kwtm has quit IRC18:38
*** Flipi|BNC is now known as Flipi18:40
*** lxp has joined #maemo18:40
*** lxp1 has quit IRC18:42
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC18:44
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:47
*** noodles900 has quit IRC18:52
RST38hjavispedro: On the other hand, after suffering Symbian libc, nothing can make me flinch.18:54
javispedroat least it implements sysv ipc ;) in fact seems to be enough to run gnome's glib.18:55
MohammadAGhow do I change branches after cloning?18:56
MohammadAGshouldn't it be git checkout branchname?18:57
RST38hthere should be a special command to change the pbranch in the existing tree18:57
javispedroRST38h: I was getting scared that the symbian libc actually seemed more posix to me than bionic. Symbian at least is trying...18:57
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:57
RST38hjavispedro; Not on their own accord though. They had to implement libc when porting MIDP to Symbian :)18:58
javispedroMohammadAG: (git checkout) yep, should, unless it is remote.18:58
javispedroRST38h: that one (OpenC) is the one I'm talking, seems complete. But didn't had the "pleasure" to use it.18:59
*** ArGGu^^ has quit IRC18:59
VenemoMohammadAG: correct18:59
VenemoMohammadAG: if it's remote, then you'll need git fetch too18:59
RST38hjavispedro: Oh, I had to use the one that came before19:00
Venemojavispedro: I haven't seen any updates for OpenTTD. what's up with it? :)19:00
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo19:00
RST38hjavispedro: estlib.lib19:00
*** daxt has quit IRC19:01
javispedroVenemo: less free time than last year. Also, still waiting for someone/upstream to reflow the dialogs..19:01
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo19:01
RST38hRS232-to-USB driver crashed, completely fucking up Win7 USB subsystem.19:02
RST38hRebooting. =(19:02
*** daxt has joined #maemo19:02
Venemojavispedro :(19:02
pupnikpeople still trying to sell nokia e61s for 119 euro >_<19:03
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo19:07
MohammadAGVenemo, so how do I switch to a remote one?19:07
RST38hpupnik: given that some people are trying to sell virginity, on eBay, I do not find E61 offers amusing19:09
javispedroVenemo: just bumping version should be easy enough, however there are many other things I had on the queue (music, dialogs, upstream kinetic scrolling..)19:10
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th19:11
*** ToJa92 has joined #maemo19:11
RST38hjavispedro: bionic has at least one virtue, that I can see19:12
RST38hjavispedro; *No STL*19:12
* javispedro actually kinda likes STL, at least the basic parts of it..19:13
javispedrobasically containers and char strings... the rest...19:13
RST38hYou can throw together a string class in a matter of hour19:15
RST38hAnd reuse it later in all your projects19:15
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:15
RST38hContainers will take a bit longer but at least you will know for sure how they work :)19:15
javispedroi used to do that, but string is fine enough19:15
*** Cor-Ai has joined #maemo19:15
*** janemba has quit IRC19:17
*** janemba has joined #maemo19:17
MohammadAGjavispedro, git fetch branchname should get me the branch?19:18
*** madalu has joined #maemo19:19
javispedroI usually use git branch -r19:19
javispedrogit checkout --track -b <local> <remote> should work19:20
javispedrofor ex. if git branch -r shows origin/my-branch-119:20
javispedrogit checkout --track -b my-branch-1 origin/my-branch-119:20
*** rd has joined #maemo19:21
*** avs has joined #maemo19:22
*** larsivi has quit IRC19:26
*** rd has quit IRC19:26
*** stevomanu has joined #maemo19:28
*** jacktheripper has quit IRC19:29
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo19:29
*** pupnik has quit IRC19:34
*** rd has joined #maemo19:34
*** mirageding has quit IRC19:35
*** ferdna has joined #maemo19:35
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik19:35
*** kontio has joined #maemo19:37
pupnikwhat's the cheapest umts/3g phone for tethering?19:39
*** beford has joined #maemo19:41
stevomanuBasically any 3G phone will support "tethering".19:41
*** stevomanu has quit IRC19:42
*** stevomanu has joined #maemo19:42
*** Corsac has quit IRC19:45
*** stevomanu has quit IRC19:48
*** stevomanu has joined #maemo19:48
*** mikhas has joined #maemo19:49
*** mikhas has quit IRC19:49
*** mikhas has joined #maemo19:50
*** mikhas has quit IRC19:50
*** stevomanu has quit IRC19:51
*** mikhas has joined #maemo19:51
*** stevomanu has joined #maemo19:51
*** Extends_ has joined #maemo19:54
*** stevomanu has left #maemo19:55
*** pasquale has joined #maemo19:56
*** pasquale has quit IRC19:56
*** sean_w has joined #maemo20:00
sean_wHi. What is the best way to sync contacts and use my Google Voice caller ID?20:01
*** Sc0rpius has quit IRC20:04
*** Scorpius has joined #maemo20:06
*** Scorpius is now known as Sc0rpius20:06
*** eMHa has quit IRC20:06
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC20:08
toresbe       /win 7820:08
*** toresbe has left #maemo20:08
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo20:10
*** mirsal has joined #maemo20:10
*** Corsac has joined #maemo20:12
*** eMHa has joined #maemo20:13
*** beford has quit IRC20:14
*** chigga has joined #maemo20:15
trumeeIs it possible to automatically run openvpn when i connect to a specific ssid?20:20
*** nox- has joined #maemo20:22
*** murrayc has quit IRC20:24
trumeeguess poking /etc/network/if-up.d would do the trick20:25
*** Venemo has joined #maemo20:25
*** beford has joined #maemo20:26
MohammadAGwhat's a space in regexes?20:28
*** roadi has joined #maemo20:36
*** Kilroo has quit IRC20:37
*** Kilroo has joined #maemo20:37
kerioMohammadAG: is that the start of a pun?20:37
*** jacktheripper has joined #maemo20:38
Proteousa regex and a perl script walk into a bar20:38
*** javispedro has quit IRC20:38
* kerio doesn't get it20:38
*** TomaszD has quit IRC20:39
*** daxt has quit IRC20:40
*** mpoirier has quit IRC20:46
*** avs has quit IRC20:47
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo20:48
*** TomaszD has quit IRC20:48
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo20:48
*** blackthorne has joined #maemo20:48
trumeeis there any way to get the ssid of the wlan connection?20:51
trumeei want to invoke openvpn/change sip connections Before a certain wlan gets connected. I was thinking of putting some script in if-up.pre.d20:52
*** FIQ has joined #maemo20:53
ShadowJKare if-up if-down scripts executed at all on maemo?20:53
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC20:53
trumeeShadowJK, are they not?20:53
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo20:54
ShadowJKI'd assume a pessimistic outlook before proven wrong :-)20:54
trumeethat will be a bummer.20:54
*** ptl has quit IRC20:54
*** xuggs has joined #maemo20:55
*** mybluevan has joined #maemo20:58
*** zpol has quit IRC20:58
DocScrutinizer51Venemo: your puzzle-master killed my phone :-P20:59
*** mardi has quit IRC20:59
DocScrutinizer5111 year old tester thought he'd like to have a 33 * 33 puzzle XD20:59
*** madalu has quit IRC21:00
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: yay! :P21:00
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: don't worry, 15×15 is the max in my current builds21:00
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: although I wouldn't try that size on the N900 either21:00
DocScrutinizer51though it's probably mainly fremantle's swap and OOM to blame, you still should ulimit your app21:01
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: well I may set different limits according to platforms21:01
DocScrutinizer51took 30min of patience to recover, via 'doesn't react. Kill?'21:02
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: but imagine that 33×33 involves the creation of 1089 pixmaps.21:02
*** avs has joined #maemo21:02
DocScrutinizer51I'm aware of that21:02
VenemoDocScrutinizer51:  :)21:02
*** ToJa92 has quit IRC21:03
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: also, it's virtually unplayable in that size in such a small screen :P21:03
DocScrutinizer51another suggestion: aliases for the resolutions, and also for the pictures21:04
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: aliases?21:05
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: what do you mean by aliases?21:05
*** ptl has joined #maemo21:06
*** pronto has joined #maemo21:07
*** avs has quit IRC21:08
*** onekenthomas_3 has joined #maemo21:08
*** sean_w has left #maemo21:10
*** onekenthomas_2 has quit IRC21:10
DocScrutinizer51sorry, roaming21:11
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:11
DocScrutinizer51a better name than /home/user/foo/bar/acme.jpg21:11
DocScrutinizer51plus preset sets like 'name=my_simpleJR; x=6; y=5; accel=false'21:11
Venemothat's a good idea21:13
Venemoand how would you give any name to /home/user/foo/bar/acme.jpg? should it be user-settable or what?21:13
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo21:17
*** mardi has joined #maemo21:18
*** FIQ has quit IRC21:18
*** FredrIQ is now known as FIQ21:18
DocScrutinizerideally yes21:20
DocScrutinizerwith defaulting to basename21:20
*** tilppis has quit IRC21:21
Venemohm DocScrutinizer, okay21:21
DocScrutinizerfor the profiles - you might want to store these with the pictures21:22
*** comawhite has joined #maemo21:22
DocScrutinizers/profiles/preset sets(.21:22
DocScrutinizerso one picture is a 4*4, while the other is 6*821:23
DocScrutinizerediting the x*y in settings would just change that one picture then21:23
*** javispedro has joined #maemo21:24
DocScrutinizerbut that's not seamless with current UI paradigma, so it might need further thinking to file off rough edges21:24
*** Kilroo has quit IRC21:25
*** Kilroo has joined #maemo21:25
*** Kilroo has left #maemo21:25
*** hannesw has quit IRC21:25
DocScrutinizertge accel has been considered funny useless cheating21:25
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:26
* javispedro is stocking popcorn for mwc21:26
DocScrutinizerand it doesn't notice when all tiles fell in place, you need to touch screen and slightly move one tile so the game is solved21:26
DocScrutinizer(has been considered - by my tester :-D )21:27
DocScrutinizer(that's why he thought he wants to cheat with 33 * 33)21:27
*** BCMM has quit IRC21:29
VenemoDocScrutinizer: this is by design21:29
VenemoDocScrutinizer: you have to assemble the pieces by yourself, the game won't solve itself with the accel :P21:30
DocScrutinizerbut that 11 yo boy preferred puzzle master over his 5222(?) music xpress marble rollercoaster game, so it's actually of a certain attractiveness21:30
VenemoDocScrutinizer:  :)21:31
DocScrutinizerVenemo: (by design) my tester didn't understand that21:31
*** mybluevan has quit IRC21:31
VenemoDocScrutinizer: tell your tester, "you have to solve your puzzle, it won't solve itself"21:32
VenemoDocScrutinizer: I'll give you a newer build soon, it has some more eyecandy21:32
*** wazd___ has joined #maemo21:32
DocScrutinizerI did, still it took him 30s and then some tries to solve the ceated one21:32
*** wazd has quit IRC21:32
VenemoDocScrutinizer: hm21:33
DocScrutinizeractually it's a rather useless option21:33
VenemoDocScrutinizer: you mean, what is a rather useless option?21:33
Venemowell it isn't supposed to be cheating.21:34
*** davyg has quit IRC21:34
DocScrutinizerit is though. A blind person could solve arbitrary puzzles21:34
Venemoaccel moves the pieces with supposedly random speed, I don't really know why it cheats21:35
Venemoalthough I noticed it myself21:35
DocScrutinizerflip the device left/right and up/down 6 times, and the puzle is solved, you just need to touch screen21:36
DocScrutinizerit's like filling a pill tablet21:36
DocScrutinizer(if you wonder: those boards with 100 holes. you move power ower them until all holes are filled, then press 100 pills with a 2nd board with matching bolts21:37
VenemoDocScrutinizer: yes, I noticed, but I don't know the reason.21:38
VenemoDocScrutinizer: I want it to be random.21:38
DocScrutinizerthen that's a bug21:38
DocScrutinizeranyway, don't make it default21:38
DocScrutinizerand make your app call ulimit to avoid swap-killing whole system, no matter what21:39
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:39
VenemoDocScrutinizer: what is ulimit?21:40
DocScrutinizerumm, a shell comand which I have nfc what's the c equivalent for21:43
VenemoDocScrutinizer: and what does it do?21:44
DocScrutinizerjust learned it's not a system function obviously, at least for memusage etc21:44
*** wazd___ has quit IRC21:45
*** larsivi has joined #maemo21:45
*** ptl has quit IRC21:45
DocScrutinizerfor shell it limits the usage of memory, the count of file handles, filesize, etc, of childs21:45
DocScrutinizerbash: help ulimit21:46
VenemoDocScrutinizer: well the limitation of puzzle sizes should fix this21:46
*** ptl has joined #maemo21:48
VenemoDocScrutinizer: also now there's auto rotation in the newest build21:49
*** noodles900 has joined #maemo21:50
*** wazd___ has joined #maemo21:50
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo21:53
DocScrutinizerVenemo: umm, seems I missed to update to newest puzzlemaster prior to "testing" it?21:54
VenemoDocScrutinizer: no, the newest build is not packaged21:55
DocScrutinizerthere's no version info in "about" :-/21:55
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:55
VenemoDocScrutinizer: will put it in there21:56
*** linuxplatform has joined #maemo21:57
DocScrutinizerso, gimme some ahdjkpffz to click on, to update!21:57
Venemoookay, just wait a moment :P21:58
*** wazd___ has quit IRC22:00
*** wazd___ has joined #maemo22:03
*** wazd___ is now known as wazd22:03
*** ptl has quit IRC22:04
*** davyg has joined #maemo22:04
*** kodomo_ has joined #maemo22:05
*** ptl has joined #maemo22:05
VenemoDocScrutinizer: do you prefer a binary package or building from source yourself?22:05
*** kodomo has quit IRC22:06
*** noodles900 has quit IRC22:06
piggzwhats new in the hildon-desktop update i just got?22:20
*** mw22 has joined #maemo22:21
Venemopiggz: probably the community SSU?22:21
*** aap has joined #maemo22:21
piggzVenemo: i know that, just wondered what the change was :)22:21
*** aap has quit IRC22:22
Venemopiggz: I dunno, ask on #maemo-ssu22:22
VenemoDocScrutinizer: so?22:23
MohammadAGsee debian/changelog or gitorious22:23
MohammadAG~seen merlin199122:23
infobotmerlin1991 <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 5d 1h 39m 25s ago, saying: 'time I finally read that opengles book I own :)'.22:23
piggzMohammadAG: ok22:23
*** BCMM has joined #maemo22:24
*** ZogG has quit IRC22:26
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo22:26
piggzooo, desaturation....lets try it out22:27
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo22:28
VenemoBCMM: instead of blurring22:29
BCMMi, was wondering if it was for that22:30
BCMM(as the modal-parent effect, right?)22:30
BCMMalso, is this an ssu thing? are we discussing this in the wrong place?22:30
unixSnobanyone know how to get ahold of the gpg key E40DC434616730BD?22:30
*** linuxplatform has quit IRC22:31
VenemoBCMM: it's a configurable option22:31
BCMMVenemo: in what?22:31
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc322:31
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo22:31
MohammadAGyou need a custom hildon-desktop22:32
MohammadAGthe next CSSU update will include it and make it configurable, thanks to thp22:32
BCMMMohammadAG: that's what i was wondering, thanks22:32
*** kuuntelija has joined #maemo22:33
BCMMMohammadAG: next as in  the one i'm installing now, or the one after that?22:33
MohammadAGthe one after it22:33
MohammadAGi'll hopefully upload it today22:33
piggzah, i thought it was in already as it was comitted22:34
piggzmy error22:34
BCMMit's always bugged me that one can't read the parent window other than in short snatches while switching windows22:35
MohammadAGI'd upload it, but my laptop lacks WoL :P22:35
*** beford has quit IRC22:35
*** ZogG has joined #maemo22:36
BCMMtalking of how it's annoying having to actually physically go to where a device is sometimes, what's the simplest way to make sound some from a shell, even if the n900 is on silent?22:36
BCMM(for when i am SSH'ed in, but can't find the damn thing)22:37
BCMM(yes this actually happens quite a lot)22:37
MohammadAGI use my script22:37
*** avs has joined #maemo22:37
MohammadAGphone-control --volume 100, then i use mplayer22:37
BCMMMohammadAG: so what does phone-control do? convenient command-line access to stuff which doesn't otherwise have convenient command-line access?22:38
MohammadAGBCMM, I can't remember dbus paths and I hate having to browse the wiki to look up the dbus command for something22:39
VenemoDocScrutinizer: see
MohammadAGso I merged all (or most?) commands from the Phone Control wiki in one script22:39
VenemoDocScrutinizer: now I'll start with your latest recommendations22:39
BCMMMohammadAG: splendid!22:40
SpeedEvilplay-sound /usr/share/sounds/game-chess_checkmate.wav22:41
*** kontio has quit IRC22:41
*** hannesw has quit IRC22:42
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, doesn't work in silent afaik22:42
BCMMnah, it's the other half of the problem22:42
SpeedEvilMohammadAG: ah22:43
unixSnobFor the logs => To properly get around the missing key error "NO_PUBKEY E40DC434616730BD", run this: gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key E40DC434616730BD && gpg --armor --export E40DC434616730BD | apt-key add -22:43
MohammadAGplay_sound ignores volume, always uses 10022:43
BCMMi'm going to do both in a simple script and call in whereami22:43
BCMM(like whoami, the other command one only types when one's brain has temporarily stopped working)22:43
MohammadAGbut only in general22:43
*** mirsal has quit IRC22:43
MohammadAGsometimes I just echo 255 into the vibra22:44
VenemoMohammadAG: what does that do?22:44
MohammadAGits sound is enough to find the device22:44
BCMMMohammadAG: 255? is the strength of the vibration configurable?22:44
SpeedEvilit's analog22:44
SpeedEvilIt starts at around 19 - varying in temp22:44
SpeedEvilthough at that output, you can;'t feel it22:45
MohammadAGVenemo, start the vibra22:45
VenemoMohammadAG: ah.22:46
MohammadAGecho 255 > /sys/class/leds/twl4030:vibrator/brightness22:46
MohammadAGtry it as root22:46
*** anidel has quit IRC22:46
*** moshee has quit IRC22:47
MohammadAGtouching the screen will disable it, ideal when doing it over ssh22:47
unixSnobfuck me... The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG E40DC434616730BD Extras repositories (Fremantle Extras) <>22:47
VenemoDocScrutinizer: your tester should test full screen mode and automatic rotation :P22:47
*** moshee has joined #maemo22:47
*** moshee has joined #maemo22:47
unixSnobgetting the proper key installed just avoids the first problem22:47
MohammadAGalso if you know a desperate girl and she has an N900....22:47
*** beford has joined #maemo22:47
BCMMMohammadAG: surely that would void the warranty?22:48
MohammadAGBCMM, depends on the girl22:48
*** Sargun has quit IRC22:48
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: sleep 2; echo 255 > /sys/class/leds/twl4030:vibrator/brightness22:48
trxand the vibration FQ22:48
VenemoDocScrutinizer: also the animations are refined, plus the puzzle assembles itself when you surrender22:49
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, that's not necessary over ssh22:49
DocScrutinizerI know22:49
DocScrutinizerVenemo: he's asleep now, I guess22:49
MohammadAGtrx, yeah, and what happens after 20 minutes22:49
MohammadAGthe slider might become loose22:49
VenemoDocScrutinizer: well I'll suffice with you then if you wanna test :P22:49
*** Sicelo has left #maemo22:50
trxyeah, or strange fluids might make a short..22:50
BCMMwhy does "echo 20 > /sys/class/leds/twl4030:vibrator/brightness" produce a quite beeping noise?22:50
DocScrutinizerwatching news about Egypt, maybe later22:50
DocScrutinizerBCMM: PWM cycle freq22:50
Venemoalso DocScrutinizer, it's now not possible to cover a piece with a bigger piece22:51
SpeedEvilBCMM: PWM frequrncy22:51
*** anidel has joined #maemo22:52
DocScrutinizerBCMM: vib motor gets switched on for 20 parts and off for 235 parts of a 1/4000 second22:52
*** alextreme has quit IRC22:52
*** andre__ has joined #maemo22:53
*** andre__ is now known as Guest2724422:53
*** C-S-B has joined #maemo22:53
*** avs has quit IRC22:53
*** hannesw has joined #maemo22:54
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:54
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has joined #maemo22:55
*** ml-mobile has joined #maemo22:58
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has quit IRC22:59
DocScrutinizerbtw 255 for vib might be not safe for extended periods of time. And it's useless anyway - I found the effect is even better on lower power for the vib. 255 is simply too fast for such a heavy device to make it vibrate23:00
*** arp_ has joined #maemo23:01
*** alextreme has joined #maemo23:02
*** valeriusN has joined #maemo23:02
*** npm_ is now known as npm23:03
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo23:03
DocScrutinizerthough vibrator REALLY behaves extremely strange when echo 100 > /sys/class/leds/twl4030:vibrator/brightness while locked23:05
RST38hvibrator has brightness? =)23:05
DocScrutinizerthere's *definitely* something ODD going on23:05
DocScrutinizeryeah :-S23:05
*** TomaszD has quit IRC23:06
trumeeGuys, it it possible to run the Openvpn applet from the command line?23:06
DocScrutinizervib is a LED23:06
VenemoRST38h: according to the kernel, the vibrator is a led23:06
*** dos1 has quit IRC23:06
BCMMRST38h: presumably, it's connected to the same system that does LED brightness23:06
BCMMthe LEDs are definitely PWM, because i can see it23:06
trumeeI can always call openvpn directly in a script, but it will be more useful to have a gui feedback the applet23:06
*** valeriusN has quit IRC23:07
DocScrutinizerit's so fsckng hilarious how vib behaves, I just wonder what strange bug that might be. Suspect CPU freq governour23:07
*** moshee has quit IRC23:07
*** moshee has joined #maemo23:07
*** moshee has joined #maemo23:07
*** unixSnob has quit IRC23:08
DocScrutinizerBCMM: nope23:09
BCMMDocScrutinizer: to what?23:09
DocScrutinizerBCMM: LEDs are completely different hw23:09
BCMMheh, so why does it have brightness?23:10
DocScrutinizerbecause of it's a similar type of device?23:10
trxbrightness = voltage is it not?23:11
*** hurbu__ has joined #maemo23:12
DocScrutinizerdamn, could anybody confirm this totally random fsckdup behaviour of vib, for `echo 150 > /sys/class/leds/twl4030:vibrator/brightness` while locked?23:12
BCMMwill my n900 explode?23:12
VenemoBCMM: of course23:13
*** jhb has quit IRC23:13
DocScrutinizerprobably they'd have been better off calling it intensity rather than brightness, for all devices of class LED23:13
DocScrutinizerBCMM: nope23:13
BCMMDocScrutinizer: what sort of oddness? it just vibrates, loudly23:13
BCMMwhat does yours do?23:14
DocScrutinizermine changes between 255-intesity, 150-intesity, and 0, on a random pattern23:14
trxwierd :D23:14
trxchanges patterns23:15
DocScrutinizertrue random, yes23:15
*** hurbu_ has quit IRC23:15
*** larsivi has quit IRC23:15
DocScrutinizerwell, not true, but at least good enough23:15
DocScrutinizerno pattern23:16
trxno pattern at all23:16
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo23:17
DocScrutinizerstop mce didn't help23:17
DocScrutinizerseems a true kernel bug23:17
DocScrutinizerI suspect CPU clock freq changes firing back to PWM somehow23:17
DocScrutinizerthe most strange thing is it only happens when locked23:19
DocScrutinizerwell, screen brightness as well has one component controlled by same hw PWM23:20
DocScrutinizerso it might be possible that something gets disabled or misconfig'd when screen goes to sleep (aka dim backlight)23:20
*** chx has joined #maemo23:21
DocScrutinizerI prolly should check the kernel driver source23:22
DocScrutinizerI guess I could spot the bug23:22
*** radic_ has quit IRC23:22
DocScrutinizer(btw I mentioned this already some 6..9 months ago, seems I should have opened a ticket instead)23:23
*** Guest27244 is now known as andre__23:25
*** radic has joined #maemo23:25
*** andre__ has quit IRC23:25
*** andre__ has joined #maemo23:25
DocScrutinizertrx: so what's the kernel you are using?23:26
trxpower v4623:27
DocScrutinizersame here23:27
DocScrutinizergoing to check with stock kernel, but I thnk I'm sure it happened some 6 months ago as well, on stock23:28
*** Flipi is now known as Flipi|BNC23:28
DocScrutinizerMEH, OK on stock23:29
*** dan2003 has quit IRC23:29
DocScrutinizerso my next suspect is this friggin dbrightness patch23:30
DocScrutinizerwhich is cmpletely unclear how it's meant to work anyway23:31
MohammadAGpull the battery23:31
MohammadAGswitching kernels won't help23:31
MohammadAGLED gone?23:32
*** dotblank has quit IRC23:32
*** hardaker has joined #maemo23:32
MohammadAGor did misinterpret that23:32
MohammadAG= me sounding like an idiot23:32
DocScrutinizerpower kernel buggy23:32
MohammadAGdid I*23:32
VenemoMohammadAG: would you please test the latest puzzle-master?
DocScrutinizerX-( missing pkgs: libhildon-extras1; libhildon1 (>=2.2.22)23:35
*** chenca has joined #maemo23:35
*** GNUtoo|laptop has quit IRC23:35
VenemoDocScrutinizer: or just install from -devel23:35
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: could you kick out that dbrightness patch?23:37
MohammadAGnot now, in bed :P23:38
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:39
GAN900MohammadAG, lazy bastard.23:40
*** blackthorne has quit IRC23:41
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo23:43
DocScrutinizer51Venemo: no puzzlemaster to install or update, even from -devel23:44
MohammadAGGAN900, got school :P23:44
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: I meant that for the libs23:44
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: puzzlemaster update will go to -devel after you have tested it :)23:44
*** SiggyF has joined #maemo23:45
*** MadViking has joined #maemo23:45
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo23:48
VenemoDocScrutinizer51: especially interested in your 11-year-old tester :) so please show it to him(her?) tomorrow :)23:48
DocScrutinizer51I'm reluctant to (try) install those libs23:49
MohammadAGVenemo, where do you store recently used images?23:50
chem|stI think my debian killed my external hdd...23:50
VenemoMohammadAG: QSettings23:51
*** nox- has quit IRC23:52
VenemoMohammadAG: ~/.conf/Venemo/Puzzle Master/...23:52
xuggsHi. Can someone help figure why this is failing?
MohammadAGVenemo, do you save on exit?23:52
MohammadAGcause I had to delete it, twice :p23:53
xuggsI am trying to use SIP over OpenVPN but it fails to connect23:53
*** nox- has joined #maemo23:53
VenemoMohammadAG: I save it when you add a new one23:54
VenemoMohammadAG: and the app doesn't forget them while it's running23:54
VenemoMohammadAG: I'll add options to maintain the list23:54
*** jpe has quit IRC23:57
GAN900MohammadAG, no excuse.23:57

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