IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2010-10-31

chupy35MohammadAG i am on dpkg00:00
MohammadAGsec, this isn't the easiest thing :P00:00
pupnike7 styling is beter00:00
chupy35ok, sorry :P00:00
*** Bash has joined #maemo00:01
MohammadAGchupy35, yay, got the command00:01
MohammadAG0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1028 reinstalled, 0 to remove and 12 not upgraded.00:01
chupy35:D MohammadAG , yes?00:02
MohammadAGchupy35, apt-get --reinstall install `find -name "*l10n*.list"| sed 's/.\///g' | sed 's/.list//g' | xargs`00:02
MohammadAGcopy it as it is here, since ' !=`00:02
chupy35ok,  like this?00:03
MohammadAGas it is above00:03
chupy35apt-get --reinstall install `find -name "*l10n*.list"| sed  's/.\///g' | sed 's/.list//g' | xargs`00:03
MohammadAGyou have to be in /var/lib/dpkg/info of course00:03
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chupy35MohammadAG ssh problem :S wait :P00:07
MohammadAGstuck without showing anything after the 0 upgraded... line?00:08
MohammadAGmost likely your device being slow, not an ssh problem, got the same :)00:08
*** floyd84 has joined #maemo00:10
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chupy351028 reinstalled00:10
chupy35MohammadAG 1028 Reinstalled00:11
* Noobmonk3y farts00:11
* b-man` passes out00:13
MohammadAGchupy35, :)00:14
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* Noobmonk3y giggles00:17
Noobmonk3ybed.... well... projector on the ceiling00:17
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* chupy35 thinks after that i will have rootfs full00:18
chupy35Processing was halted because there were too many errors.00:18
chupy35E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:18
chupy35should i reboot00:18
*** lcukn900 has quit IRC00:18
Noobmonk3yhold on00:18
Noobmonk3ywas just answering yes to my name00:18
chupy35ok XD00:18
Noobmonk3ywhen did these errors occur? flashing?00:19
*** igagis has quit IRC00:19
chupy35no Noobmok3y, after removing /usr/lib/locale files, i restore them but that didnt work00:20
Noobmonk3yb-man`: tough being me, lol00:20
Noobmonk3yso when exactley did the error occur?00:20
lbtis extras repo offline00:20
chupy35no, after a time00:20
chupy35of deleting that files00:20
chupy35do i reboot now?00:20
lbtX-Fade: ping .... seems dead00:21
Noobmonk3ywell, it wont make a difference, but i still dontknow what you did to make that error appear, something musta happenned just b400:21
Noobmonk3ylbt:  it's on holiday in dublin ;)00:21
chupy35ok, i am going to reboot phone so lets, see...00:21
lbtan error occured!00:21
lbtReference #97.4521214e.1288473689.abe3d2800:21
lbtno kidding!00:21
Noobmonk3ycool :)00:21
lbtthat's a shitload of errors before mine00:22
* lbt decides to not upgrade wife's n900 right now...00:22
chupy35Noobmonk3y, dont work :(00:23
*** Xhinde has quit IRC00:23
Noobmonk3ylol but ya back00:23
chupy35MohammadAg dont work00:23
Noobmonk3yok, so reflashed....00:23
Noobmonk3yrebooted still failed00:24
Noobmonk3ythe best and last thing you can do is flash the emmc + reflash .......00:24
Noobmonk3ythat should set it back to factory settings00:24
MohammadAGchupy35, why?00:25
chupy35dont know, is still the same way it was00:26
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MohammadAGdid you reboot?00:27
chupy35i also use some rootfs scripts00:29
chupy35yes, it should be another way00:29
chupy35i even can see the hour :(00:29
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chupy35fuck i forget my usb cable in other house, this suck so much00:32
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC00:32
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* DocScrutinizer51 rsyncs a usb cable to chupy35 00:36
*** Suiseiseki has joined #maemo00:36
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chupy35MohammadAG do u dont have any other idea? :P00:41
MohammadAGnope, otherwise I would've said it lol00:42
DocScrutinizer~trout MohammadAG00:44
* infobot slaps MohammadAG around a bit with a large trout!00:44
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andyph666is there an easy way to test if injection works00:49
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MohammadAGaireplay -9 wlan000:55
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pupnik http://   apple created revolutionary profits in 2008-200900:59
pupnikthose numbers are amazing00:59
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pigeondoes anyone the maximum number of vertices the n900 pvr gl can do for glDrawArrays?01:04
*** MadViking has quit IRC01:05
CutMeOwnThroathave you tried mbarcode? seems to work well for short 1D barcodes, failed for me for a longer code (or unknown encoding of course, how could I see) and the 2D like codes...01:05
CutMeOwnThroatalso tried it on the US drivers license and it read one out of three01:05
*** kuuntelija has joined #maemo01:07
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floyd84 /RELOAD01:11
*** floyd84 has quit IRC01:11
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SpeedEvil"sub maximal" Vo2 masturbation calories "heart rate"01:11
SpeedEvilwrong window.01:12
keriohaha what01:13
*** jd has quit IRC01:13
SpeedEvilI was looking on papers for correlating emotional state with heart rate and calorie output.01:13
*** jd has joined #maemo01:14
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*** jd has joined #maemo01:14
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maybeWTFanybody tried playing sims3 using preenv?01:14
*** bmoura has joined #maemo01:17
SpeedEvilAnything requiring multitouch won't work.01:17
SpeedEvilCan you use it with one finger?01:17
*** shamus has joined #maemo01:18
maybeWTFworks fine except for the minigames requiring moving the device itself01:19
CutMeOwnThroathow can it if there is none?01:20
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GAN900Anybody else completely tired of Android?01:21
GAN900We need some MeeGo devices.01:21
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MohammadAGGAN900, I can only agree01:26
SpeedEvilI can either agree, or disagree, but on balance I agree.01:28
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infobotpr1.3 is probably the latest (and probably last) software update for Fremantle, available since Monday October 25 2010. More information at -- see ~flashing for how to update01:55
*** rlinfati has quit IRC01:57
SpeedEvilpr1.3 was The last best hope for maemo. It failed. In the year of the android wars, it became something greater - our last best hope for victory.01:58
nox-and it keeps the cpu clocked high as soon as on charger...01:59
*** nuovodna has quit IRC02:00
ShadowJKSomeone should file a bug report about the cpu peg on charger thing...02:00
ShadowJKit's a serious bug imo02:00
nox-ShadowJK, DocScrutinizer51 found that out yesterday(?) using powertop02:01
*** kakashi_ has quit IRC02:01
*** Bash1 has joined #maemo02:02
DocAvalancheyeah, it's MY bug02:02
*** Bash has quit IRC02:02
nox-oh i didnt know you were the same guy :)02:04
DocAvalancheI'm known by *many* names >:-)02:04
*** zutesmog has quit IRC02:05
DocAvalanchereminiscence to Sisters Of Mercy02:05
*** _trine has quit IRC02:06
MohammadAG51ShadowJK, it won't get fixed, so why bother?02:06
nox-so its a kernel bug?02:07
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC02:07
DocAvalancheheard there's a weird thing called community SSU02:07
DocAvalanchenox-: positively02:07
MohammadAG51DocAvalanche, yeah, I heard of it too, but Nokia bug fixes aren't made OSS till the next PR02:07
nox-so its a part of this diff?;a=commitdiff;h=a2abd51199b9e61542a24ae9086ac1c6263106c4#patch902:08
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo02:08
DocAvalanchewho cares about Nokia OSS? We all know about inertia and mindset inside Nokia02:08
*** jpinx-eeepc has quit IRC02:09
ShadowJKMohammadAG, I think if there are enough critical bugs they would get fixed02:09
SpeedEvilthis is supposed to charge microUSB phones.02:10
DocAvalanchewe all bet on +  * Fixes: NB#161191 - Rover does not differentiate charging downstream port +    from dedicated charger02:10
SpeedEvilAnd would be very severely affected by the bug02:10
*** budfive has joined #maemo02:10
ShadowJKdc-11 looks just like wallcharger electrically02:12
nox-are the kernel sources all public so a suspected commit could be reverted and rebuilt?02:12
*** Natunen has quit IRC02:12
ShadowJKwell, different max currents..02:12
ShadowJKnox-, sure02:12
SpeedEvilBisect that git!02:12
dreamerwhere are the logs for fapman?02:12
* MohammadAG51 bets on musb_core.c02:12
DocAvalanchehoooray!!! the above link opened friggin 4..8 windows, then nuked those plus 15 windows previously open of my Konqueror to nirvana02:13
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC02:13
MohammadAG51or lis302dl.c02:13
nox-.oO(good i use noscript...)02:13
DocAvalancheswap usage: 37% (of iirc 6GB)02:14
*** crashanddie has quit IRC02:14
DocAvalanchefsckng KDE4 plus JS plague02:15
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo02:15
dreamercrap, seems my apt is completely screwed over by what autoremover did02:15
pupnikwhat do you think of the soft E7 newstyle keys vs the clicky N900 keys?02:16
DocAvalancheMohammadAG51: lis302.c won't do anything bad like that. It simply can't02:16
pupniki really prefer a tactile press-through point on a keybd02:16
MohammadAG51i'm just looking at stuff that has to do with voltage02:16
MohammadAG51musb_core.c it is02:17
ShadowJKWell, E7 is unobtainable at the moment. Ask again in 6 months when it's actually on display in stores so I can go try it out.02:17
MohammadAG516 months o_O02:18
MohammadAG51at the shitty res?02:18
*** sezuan has quit IRC02:18
*** Bash1 has quit IRC02:18
*** vibe_ has quit IRC02:18
*** sezuan has joined #maemo02:19
ShadowJKHowever, among E70, E75, N810 and N900... I like N900 tactile feel. N810 layout is superior. E70 has best typing speed. E75 is kinda OK if my nails are trimmed to the exact length, but the OS is so shitty it drops keypresses anyway.02:19
*** FireFly has quit IRC02:19
ShadowJKSo I guess perfection would be N810 layout with N900 keys in E70 formfactor.02:20
ShadowJKwell, E70-ish formfactor :-)02:20
ShadowJKor quad-folder02:21
pupnikShadowJK: i'm with you on those n900 clickies02:21
pupniki was thinking of N97 mini style soft-keys - dunno why i said E7 - they just look the same02:22
ShadowJKI typed on N97 or N97 mini for 3 seconds02:22
ShadowJKdidn't like it02:22
SpeedEvilI wish there was a nice cheap, low-power way to do tactile LCD keyboards.02:23
ShadowJKIt's not just about getting a response when you press the key02:24
ShadowJKit's also feeling where the key is before pressing it02:24
SpeedEvilI know.02:24
SpeedEvilThat's part of what I meant by tactile02:24
ShadowJKthe second part I haven't even heard of existing in any touchscreens02:24
SpeedEvilthough it's not what is usually thought of02:25
DocAvalanchesome film with wire matrix, that has e.g water to build up gas on matrix points when DC applied, and gas recombinating to water when AC applied?02:26
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo02:26
DocAvalanche(C)+(Pat.pend.) J.Reisenweber02:26
SpeedEviltrhere is a similar one to that.02:27
SpeedEvilThough using vapour bubbles from heating02:27
DocAvalanchewhy I'm always too late?02:28
*** zutesmog has joined #maemo02:29
pupnikwow i missed out on the DOS game 'liero' looks like a more exciting 'scorched earth'02:32
ShadowJKliero and scorched earth were my favourites when I grew up :-)02:33
ShadowJKliero is more personal :)02:33
dreamerhmm, how can I resolve this issue? seems apt and the app-managers are completely stuck now :/02:37
*** rlinfati has joined #maemo02:38
ohwhymeanyone here get neopwn to work?02:39
*** rlinfati has quit IRC02:39
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC02:40
korhojoapupnik, there's also wings, death rally and a prettier liero clone called molez02:41
*** KMFDM has quit IRC02:41
korhojoafinnish indie games <302:41
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC02:42
pupnikty korhojoa - this looks very well done02:43
*** dirtyrice88 has joined #maemo02:47
DocAvalancheShadowJK: (Someone should file a bug) are you?02:47
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo02:48
*** DocAvalanche is now known as DocScrutinizer02:49
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo02:50
*** dirtyrice88 has quit IRC02:51
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*** eris0xff has joined #maemo03:09
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*** eris0xff has joined #maemo03:14
eris0xffis there some sort of maintenance happening on
infoboti heard pr1.3 is the latest (and probably last) software update for Fremantle, available since Monday October 25 2010. More information at -- see ~flashing for how to update03:16
eris0xffIs intentionally down?03:17
DocScrutinizerbut it's not unusual at weekends03:17
eris0xffhavent got a response from it all day03:17
eris0xffis it still serving pr1.2 content?03:18
eris0xffguess that sholdnt matter03:18
DocScrutinizerfor most stuff it actually doesn't03:18
eris0xffcant browse it from here03:19
eris0xffor update from it03:19
eris0xffis repository a round robin dns name?03:19
DocScrutinizereverything a bit laggy and stuck today03:19
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC03:20
eris0xffyeah it looks like two different IPs03:20
eris0xffi can ping it03:20
eris0xffrunning off of akamai03:21
DocScrutinizerhost -a
eris0xfftoob% ping repository.maemo.org03:21
eris0xffPING a515.g.akamai.net03:21
DocScrutinizerhost -a a515.g.akamai.net03:22
eris0xff(         1068    IN      A         167     IN      A         2952    IN      A         1068    IN      A         167     IN      A         2952    IN      A         1068    IN      A n7g.03:22         167     IN      A
eris0xffi can get to it via http03:22
eris0xffbut when I try to browse or sync to it I get a whole lot of nothing :-)03:23
eris0xffspecifically extras-testing03:23
*** mtnbkr has quit IRC03:25
eris0xffso i can telnet to repository, but there must be a backend requrest for the apt sync and browse03:28
nox-akamai have messed up before...03:28
eris0xffsay it aint so03:28
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo03:29
eris0xffmmm gut beer03:29
nox-sometimes i could even browse maemo stuff on the pc but not on the n900...03:29
eris0xffyeah doesn't work on either tonight03:29
eris0xffakamai support must be out whoring for halloween03:29
DocScrutinizer wfm, doesn't: An error occurred while processing your request.  Reference #97.6c487b5c.1288488586.52f85a9303:30
eris0xffwell hells bells03:30
eris0xffi'll have to go do smething else.  my ISP was down until 4:30pm today (all day basically)03:30
eris0xffwas going to DL gnumeric03:31
*** wazd has quit IRC03:32
eris0xffman.  jobs isn't looking too good03:32
*** chx has quit IRC03:32
DocScrutinizerwell, I heard IP packets have a RTT of >60min right now ;-P03:32
*** chx has joined #maemo03:32
DocScrutinizerto avoid they arrive earlier than they've been sent03:33
DocScrutinizer02B:33 in Europe03:33
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th03:40
*** hannesw has quit IRC03:40
*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away03:49
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*** jd has joined #maemo04:18
*** jd has quit IRC04:18
*** jd has joined #maemo04:18
*** radic has joined #maemo04:20
chupy35hi, i have a problem, i deleted /usr/lib/local, i restore them but that didnt work, my phone actually looks like this
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC04:24
chupy35any idea?04:25
chupy35just like that ...04:30
wmaronewell, you wrecked all the language files, IIRC04:30
wmaronehave you rebooted since restoring them?04:31
chupy35i also run some free rootfs scripts04:31
chupy35and i also notice i dont have nothing on /usr/share/local04:32
wmaronehow old were the scripts?04:32
chupy35the wiki ones04:32
wmaronewell, a huge amount of stuff was moved off the rootfs back with the release of PR1.204:33
wmaroneso I don't know how safe those scripts are04:33
chupy35oh... but i think the main thing is that i remove a lot of stuff from /usr/lib/locale04:33
*** Aranel has joined #maemo04:34
chupy35all look now like programming widgets04:37
chupy35in default apps04:37
chupy35and in titles04:37
wmaroneright, those are converted into the proper text for the selected locale04:37
wmaronetry swapping locales if you haven't already04:37
chupy35i also try to change drom spanish to english but that didnt work04:38
Mekhmm, anything on except for the top-level index seems to give an error or timeout...04:38
Mek(and similar for
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC04:45
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo04:48
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo04:56
*** pupnik has quit IRC04:59
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*** tripzero has joined #maemo05:12
*** raster has joined #maemo05:14
*** raster has joined #maemo05:14
DocScrutinizeryep, repos are down05:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer05:18
*** chupy35 has quit IRC05:19
*** budfive has left #maemo05:19
*** DocScrutinizer changes topic to "Welcome to #maemo | | Maemo Community Council | | | PR1.3 being released slowly but surely. Be patient. DO NOT apt-get -dist-upgrade! See ~pr1.3 | repository down since ~00:00 Oct 31. for unknown cause"05:19
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer05:20
*** chupy35 has joined #maemo05:20
infobotDocScrutinizer: thanks05:20
jacekowskiis it it?05:22
jacekowskimeego released05:22
jacekowskimaemo is dead?05:22
jacekowskirepositories closed05:22
jacekowskiirc channel will be closed soon05:23
ds3Long live maemo05:24
*** KMFDM has quit IRC05:27
*** andrewfblack has joined #maemo05:27
andrewfblackwhy can't you copy the hicolor icon folder in terminal?05:32
lcukandrewfblack, better to show us what iit does when you try, i doubt copying icon folders is in the daily round of things for people :P05:37
andrewfblacksays it was ommited when I tried05:39
lcukmaybe a couple of lines of console ?05:39
lcukspecific command and error message for instance :P05:39
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:41
andrewfblackcp /hicolor /home/user/MyDocs/hicolor05:41
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:41
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:41
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:41
andrewfblackreturns cp: omitting directory 'hicolor'05:41
*** BabelO has quit IRC05:42
chupy35what does it means a snot green colored led while i turn on the phone, and then turns off05:43
*** kakashi_ has joined #maemo05:45
TermanaIt means you should stop blowing your nose on your N90005:45
*** benh has quit IRC05:45
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC05:46
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo05:48
*** smooph has quit IRC05:50
ni1sandrewfblack, cp -r05:54
*** chx has quit IRC05:58
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*** hcm_ has joined #maemo05:59
*** Dompie has joined #maemo06:00
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*** chx has joined #maemo06:06
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*** eris0xff has left #maemo06:20
Sargun_Screenanyone here installed meego on their n90006:22
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo06:26
pigeonis there something you can set or apt preferences so you can disable upgrade (check) to pr1.3?06:28
*** e-yes has quit IRC06:29
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC06:32
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo06:33
*** radic has quit IRC06:36
*** radic_ has joined #maemo06:36
*** hardaker has quit IRC06:41
*** e-yes has joined #maemo06:41
jpinx-eeepcpigeon: I have been ignoring the warnings for days :)06:53
*** Muelli has quit IRC06:55
*** muellisoft has joined #maemo06:55
pigeonhmm, it's just that my apt has gone into the state where it tries to upgrade whenever i try to install something else...06:57
pigeonor i've probably upgraded one or two packages from pr1.3 but the 1.2 version is not available anymore, so i can force a downgrade.06:58
jpinx-eeepcpigeon: sounds like you are half-way -- not a good state to be in...07:00
pigeonah, i might have fixed it...07:01
*** Natunen has joined #maemo07:04
*** mrmoku` has joined #maemo07:05
*** mrmoku has quit IRC07:06
*** Termana has quit IRC07:10
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:32
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*** RobbieThe1st has joined #maemo09:25
infobotrumour has it, pr1.3 is the latest (and probably last) software update for Fremantle, available since Monday October 25 2010. More information at -- see ~flashing for how to update09:27
*** cfreak200 has quit IRC09:31
*** cfreak200 has joined #maemo09:32
RobbieThe1stGees,'s slow09:33
*** tilppis has joined #maemo09:40
*** zap has joined #maemo09:44
*** chupy35 has quit IRC09:48
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo09:48
*** mrmoku` is now known as mrmoku09:50
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*** crashanddie has joined #maemo10:00
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*** avs has joined #maemo10:05
*** psycho_oreos has joined #maemo10:06
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*** goldbergus has joined #maemo10:23
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*** chupy35 has joined #maemo10:31
*** jpe has joined #maemo10:32
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*** l13tl3 has joined #maemo10:33
*** hannesw has joined #maemo10:33
*** real_ate has joined #maemo10:37
timeless_mbpanyone know where my A/V cable is? i know i saw one recently :(10:39
RobbieThe1st# find / -name "*cable*"10:39
psycho_oreosinside the nokia box ;)10:39
timeless_mbpbox? hrm10:39
* timeless_mbp goes to look10:40
timeless_mbpok, followup question… where's my box?10:40
psycho_oreossales/retail packaging box.. if you haven't used it recently.. I have never used mine.. so mine I'd expect to be still sitting where it was last saw..inside the nokia n900 box10:40
psycho_oreosin the closet I'd imagine10:41
maybeWTFi know where mine is10:41
psycho_oreosso do I10:41
maybeWTFin my pocket10:41
RobbieThe1stI never got a box with miner10:41
maybeWTFso, have you looked in your pocket?10:41
*** vibe_ has joined #maemo10:41
psycho_oreoswtf the box in your pocket? you must have a really really large pocket there10:41
maybeWTFerr no, the a/v cable10:42
psycho_oreosah ok lol10:42
maybeWTFbecause you never know when there's an opportunity to force the tv shows you like on other people10:42
psycho_oreosI got mine with the box, n900.. though I"d _love_ to get that n900 hacker's box10:42
RobbieThe1stn900 hacker's box?10:43
psycho_oreosheh, there is that potential if you did have loads of tv shows on your n90010:43
maybeWTFpsycho_oreos: well there's 32gb that want to be filled, so...10:43
timeless_mbpi don't have any pockets big enough for the box10:44
psycho_oreosRobbieThe1st, its like a big black cube and it comes with usb cable that you must plug into the computer.. connect to it via telnet or something and follow a question before the box will reveal its contents10:44
psycho_oreosmaybeWTF, which is fair enough :) everyone has various ways of filling their n900 :)10:44
timeless_mbpi fill my n900 by lending it out to someone else10:45
RobbieThe1stOh, yea, I remember something about that10:45
timeless_mbpwho has so far managed to break the screen (sometime this summer) and the usb port (this past week)10:45
timeless_mbpi think i'm going to have to go to work and grab a cable :(10:46
* psycho_oreos has broke neither but fails to install otterbox's screen protector properly.. now the face of his n900 looks like some teenager's face (i.e. full of zits)10:46
maybeWTFpsycho_oreos: it served me well the last time i got stuck in a traffic jam for a few hours with a friend, i used that opportunity to get him hooked on archer10:46
psycho_oreosmaybeWTF, heh never heard of archer.. almost thought of archos10:46
TermanaDesiretimeless_mbp: how do you propose to do that on a weekend?10:49
timeless_mbpTermanaDesire: same way i'd do it any other day? by walking there?10:49
mavhcthis is a helium airship, it won't explode10:49
aquatixmaybeWTF: sounds fun10:50
TermanaDesiretimeless_mbp: they leave it open on weekends? Or there's people working there on weekends?10:50
RobbieThe1stIs failing or something?10:50
timeless_mbproughly badges allow weekend access10:51
*** Commander1024 has quit IRC10:54
*** D-man has joined #maemo10:57
*** rd has joined #maemo10:57
*** avs has quit IRC11:01
*** mece has joined #maemo11:02
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo11:03
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo11:04
*** larsivi has quit IRC11:05
*** larsivi has joined #maemo11:05
*** orlok has joined #maemo11:05
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo11:07
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo11:08
D-manHi, any idea why have test and dev repos stopped working? (hash sum mismatch)11:09
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC11:10
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo11:11
timeless_mbpthey do that regularly11:12
timeless_mbpthere's a race in the update procedure11:12
*** goldbergus has quit IRC11:13
*** robink has quit IRC11:13
D-manSo I just have to wait until they fix it? :)11:13
*** robink has joined #maemo11:14
timeless_mbpit fixes itself if someone pushes another thing to the build queue11:16
timeless_mbp… or you wait for someone to fix it manually11:16
timeless_mbpit's 11am on a sunday11:16
timeless_mbpgo out and play?11:16
*** MadViking has quit IRC11:18
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo11:18
psycho_oreosisn't it a funny irony that those who aren't particularly into the gadgets (in particular phones/internet tablets) could easily confuse n900 over iphone? :)11:18
psycho_oreosin other words, don't you guys have people thinking you have an iphone when you're actually holding n900 in your hand? and when asked they either ask or say its an iphone11:19
psycho_oreosno url, just what people's instant reactions are11:19
D-mantimeless_mbp: ok, thanks for clarifying that.11:22
*** davyg has joined #maemo11:23
D-manpsycho_oreos: Well.. I guess. Once I popped it out while waiting for a class to start and two bithces came to me saying that I have an awesome phone and that they always wanted it.11:27
D-manBecause it's soo cool, coz it has like 5pixel aand.. uunm.. 32G!!11:27
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC11:28
psycho_oreosD-man, they didn't mistaken it for iphone? :)11:28
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo11:28
D-manNope.. they knew it was n900, but they didn't have a clue what linux is. They just wanted it..11:29
*** BluesLee has quit IRC11:29
D-manI had keyboar out... maybe it was because of that..11:30
*** igagis has joined #maemo11:32
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC11:32
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo11:32
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC11:32
psycho_oreoswhich is good, so long as they don't go drooling over iphone for that :D11:33
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo11:33
orlokpsycho_oreos: never had anybody ask11:33
orlokbut i work with geeks11:33
* chupy35 goes to sleep11:33
orlokpsycho_oreos: most of them are actually embedded ARM developers11:33
*** goldbergus has quit IRC11:33
*** chupy35 has quit IRC11:33
orlokthey wish there was better GSM capability11:33
psycho_oreosorlok, had an engineer (also software developer) who got himself x6, when I flirted my n900 he thought it was iphone11:34
orlokours do embedded linux development on arm for wireless modems11:34
psycho_oreosahh so they'd knew it wouldn't be iphone in the very least :)11:35
orlokjust updated to 1.311:35
orlokadded extras-testing11:35
*** Wizzup_ has joined #maemo11:35
orlokyeah heh, some of them talk in AT commands for a living heh11:35
psycho_oreosATZ! ATZ!11:36
orlokyeah, data over GSM11:36
orlokPCM access to the GSM audio11:36
*** gaveen has joined #maemo11:36
*** gaveen has quit IRC11:36
*** gaveen has joined #maemo11:36
orloknot sure if thats possible with the GSM audio11:37
orloktreating it as an audio device11:37
psycho_oreoslol those are a little over my head if one were to discuss those in detail11:37
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo11:37
orlokpsycho_oreos: basically being able to access the GSM audio input/output via a linux app11:37
*** Wizzup has quit IRC11:38
orlokso you could modulate your own tones down the line, record, playback, etc11:38
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC11:38
orloksoftware GSM modem11:38
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo11:39
* psycho_oreos is really confused..11:39
orlokyou know how modems work?, or the basic idea?11:39
orlokphone modems11:39
orloklike, PSTN, audio frequency11:39
orlokold school copper phone network11:39
psycho_oreosI have heard about hacking the GSM bands to intercept calls.. that was in defcon and maybe tapping into GSM to hear just radio waves11:39
psycho_oreossort of11:39
orlokone frequency is 0, another is 111:40
orlokexcept more complicated11:40
psycho_oreosgood old dialup days of modem that used to make funny noises before the rest of noise was translated into digital signals11:40
orlokso you can send binary data over an audio stream11:40
orlokmodulation and demodulation11:40
psycho_oreosyeah but why do that? lol11:40
orlokas audio is available where other data standards are not11:41
psycho_oreoshmm ok11:41
orlokanyway, you can do it if you have access to the GSM audio streams via some reasonable interace11:42
orloksimilar things are also used by HAM radio people11:42
orlokheres been linux drivers for ages that allow you to use a sound card as a modem, hooked up to a ham radio11:42
orlokanyway, i wish.11:43
orloktheres an app, phonet? i think that gives basic AT command access11:43
psycho_oreosinteresting thought but wouldn't it get demodulated?11:44
orloki can be logged into my phone from a desktop and run it and answer the phone remotely11:44
orlokwhat do you mean?11:44
orlokvia the GSM audio nastyness/radio interference?11:44
psycho_oreoswell no just sending audio signals over GSM band.. one would technically be facing a whole bunch of modulators/demodulators on the frequency I suspect11:45
orlokpsycho_oreos: anything past that gets into stuff that i didnt leanr cos i didnt go to uni heh11:45
orlokaudio codec compressors, etc11:46
orloksmart people work for us11:46
*** e-yes has quit IRC11:46
orlokfew phd physicists/mathemeticians/EE's etc11:46
psycho_oreosorlok, ahh11:46
psycho_oreoswell yeah its still all too well above and beyond my knowledge :)11:47
*** hannesw has quit IRC11:48
*** mirr0r has quit IRC11:50
*** mirr0r has joined #maemo11:50
*** goldbergus has quit IRC11:50
SpeedEvilorlok: it basically doesn't work.11:50
orlokSpeedEvil: the gsm audio access?11:51
SpeedEvilorlok: The audio codecs are designed to throow away non voice-like signals.11:51
orlokSpeedEvil: oh, heh, it works all right11:51
orlokSpeedEvil: i manage deployments in about 6 different countries11:51
SpeedEvilorlok: This acts to screw up this idea. The codecs are basically designed to emulate noises that can be produced by thehuman throat.11:51
SpeedEvil(at speed)11:51
orlokyeah, it sounds silly11:52
orlokbut it does work11:52
*** GuySoft has quit IRC11:52
*** The_Fellow has quit IRC11:52
orlokSpeedEvil: now, any ideas if i can get audio device access to the N900's gsm module? :)11:53
SpeedEvilorlok: The transmit path looks like mic -> a/d -> encode -> radio - with errors -> cell tower -> decode -> PSTN -> cell tower -> encode -> radio - with errors -> decode -> d/a11:53
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC11:53
SpeedEvilorlok: you have no control over what codecs are picked in the middle.11:53
orloki know11:53
SpeedEvilSimple FSK is limited to perhaps 40 bits/second11:53
orlokdont tell me it doesnt work when i work somewhere that does it11:53
SpeedEvilorlok: at what bitrate?11:53
orlokfast enough for whats needed :)11:54
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo11:54
SpeedEvilorlok: I ask as some people in the past here have confused this for CSD - circuit switched data - which is very different.11:54
orlokwe did have some issues due to a volcanoe the other day11:55
orlokbut the main issue was our in-country tech evacuating his family11:55
SpeedEvilAnd works in an utterly different way.11:55
orlokSpeedEvil: yup, completely different.11:55
SpeedEvilThere is no simple access to voice data.11:55
orlokSpeedEvil: did you read what i said about the phd mathemeticians, etc?11:55
SpeedEvilAs far as I'm aware - through any standard API.11:55
SpeedEvilNo, I just woke up, and diddn't read all the backscroll.11:56
orlokwe ended up buying them some of those nvidia gpu offload cards to speed up the algo generation11:56
SpeedEvilIt is possible to hack faster data-rates using voice-like codecs11:56
orlokSpeedEvil: lots of smart EE's, comp sci people, etc11:56
*** Creteil has joined #maemo11:56
SpeedEvilbut that's messy.11:56
Creteilhi all11:56
orlokSpeedEvil: we have manufactured our own arm based embedded linuxmodem with a GSM chip, etc11:56
SpeedEvilI used to have a link to a paper on this.11:56
orlokdeployed acorss several countries11:57
orloketc etc etc11:57
zapExtras is down or is that just me?11:57
orlokoh, and we terminate the calls on digital lines11:57
SpeedEvilorlok: There is no standard API to get voice data directly out of the modem. It is done.11:57
orlokinside the telcos datacenter11:57
CreteilSomeone know why I'm stuck at :11:57
Creteil[sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL: ~/tmp/Building/sabnzbdplus] > apt-get update11:57
Creteil0% [Waiting for headers]11:57
CreteilI'm tired of that, and it's like that since hours right now ...11:57
zapCreteil: hehe, same here11:58
*** e-yes has joined #maemo11:58
SpeedEvilorlok: err - it is done with pulseaudio internally - which could be patched, or convinced to do this.11:58
SpeedEvilorlok: but the standard software stack does not do this, and would get very confused if you attempt it.11:58
CreteilI don't understand how a compagny like Nokia doesn't have the resources to maintain decent servers ...11:59
SpeedEvilorlok: you're probably going to have to kill large parts of the infrastructure.11:59
* orlok thinks his beer seems warm and flat11:59
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo12:00
orlokSpeedEvil: Damn, heh12:00
SpeedEvilorlok: Many people have come in here in the past, and just assumed that you can simply connect a modem to GSM-audio - and this doesn't work - hence the confusion.12:00
orlokyeah, its not the sort ofcapability i see nokia making easily available12:01
SpeedEvilorlok: I'm not sure it's really trhat.12:01
orlokSpeedEvil: nah, heh, i understand what i am saying sounds insane12:01
SpeedEvilorlok: It's just that whole heaps of the interface are binary, without much good reason or rationale.12:01
orlokthere was an app to record calls12:01
Creteilzap, it look like problem come from here :12:02
Creteilbigbob@bigbob-laptop:~$ host repository.maemo.org12:02 is an alias for is an alias for has address has address
SpeedEvilorlok: It doesn't sound insane, and can be done in two ways - either you live with under around 50bps, or you use a virtual throat that is excited by data, and 'voice recognition' on the other end. I saw reports of 1400bps this way over two GSM codecs.12:02
*** Dompie has quit IRC12:03
Creteilzap, round robin on akamai, maybe servers are ooo at akamai side ...12:03
orloki'd say more, but.. no :)12:03
Creteilzap, but damn, ooo since many hours it's just amazing ...12:04
orlokso i chose the wrong time to update to 1.3?12:04
orlokhold on12:04
orlokdifferent country12:04
orlokmy ISP has its own akamai cache12:04
orlokFetched 2924kB in 5min55s (8233B/s)12:05
SpeedEvilThat's faster than a v56 modem!12:06
*** goldbergus has quit IRC12:06
SpeedEvilorlok: yeah - read the source and APIs used by 'Call Recorder' - maybe I'm rwrong - I'm just going by hearsay - I haven't personally read up on all of the APIs, I've been concentrating on the hardware docs.12:07
SpeedEvilIf it canbe done, there are obvious other useful things that could be done.12:07
*** mirr0r has quit IRC12:09
Creteilcan someone here give me the resolv of please ?12:09
RobbieThe1stAnd not-so-useful-things, like a robo-call application12:09
*** pcfe has quit IRC12:09
*** mirr0r has joined #maemo12:09
zapCreteil: both IPs don't work for me12:10
*** chx has quit IRC12:10
RobbieThe1stIt's an thingo12:10
RobbieThe1stso, erm...12:10
RobbieThe1stgo set / as your dns servers12:10
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo12:11
*** florian has joined #maemo12:11 2849 IN CNAME
zapCreteil: dig @ repository.maemo.org12:12
zapthis gives me and
Creteilbigbob@bigbob-laptop:~$ host
CreteilUsing domain server:12:13
CreteilAliases:12:13 is an alias for is an alias for has address has address
RobbieThe1stIt's a dynamic akamai setup12:13
SpeedEvilRobbieThe1st: there are many things that can be done - for example - call screening - 'press seven to continue'12:13
SpeedEvilRobbieThe1st: To find real humans.12:14
*** pcfe has joined #maemo12:14
*** pcfe has quit IRC12:14
*** pcfe has joined #maemo12:14
RobbieThe1stSpeedEvil: Yea, I know12:14
SpeedEvilRobbieThe1st: Playing back synthesized background noise, for alibis.12:14
RobbieThe1stheh, yea12:15
*** K0JIbKA has joined #maemo12:15
*** K0JIbKA has left #maemo12:15
tybolltis mii-tool generally considered deprecated in favor of ethtool?12:15
tybolltmii-tool seems b0rked12:16
*** _trine has joined #maemo12:17
CreteilRobbieThe1st, yes look like round-robin dns ...12:19
*** dos1 has joined #maemo12:19
*** dos1 has joined #maemo12:19
SpeedEvilWhat I really want is live voice->text decoding and indexing of all calls, and searchability.12:21
SpeedEvilWell - assuming I had gotten >3 calls on the n900 that is.12:21
pupnik_SpeedEvil: online services do that12:21
SpeedEvilyeah - I know.12:21
*** goldbergus has quit IRC12:23
alteregoWhat a night12:26
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo12:28
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo12:28
TermanaDesirealterego: how was the dress up party?12:30
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC12:31
*** felipec has quit IRC12:31
alteregoGood thanks, I won the competition :D12:31
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo12:31
TermanaDesirealterego: so you had a howling good time then? :p12:33
alteregoYes fangs12:39
*** ham5 has joined #maemo12:43
ham5new pr 1.3 I cant change my gconf.xml for the osso/dsm/locks it reverts back when I do I set a longer auto lock time12:44
ham5has the file changed?12:44
*** felipec has joined #maemo12:45
PaulFertserebzzry_: hey, feel free to look at the commit log at h-e-n:paul-experimental, i've got something new there.12:46
*** ilius has left #maemo12:46
ham5look at how to set the auto lock time bigger then 1 hour12:48
*** FireFly has joined #maemo12:50
*** teilzeitstudent_ has joined #maemo12:52
* Noobmonk3y grumbles12:55
*** teilzeitstudent has quit IRC12:55
* ham5 Offers Noobmonk3y some gum, you want .<~Juicy-Fruit~>. or .<~SpearMint~>. ?12:55
Noobmonk3yooo juicy fruit not had that since i was a id!12:56
infobotNoobmonk3y meant: ooo juicy fruit not had that since i was a kid!12:56
* Noobmonk3y is gonna burn the world of QT if qprocess doesnt start working..........12:57
*** hannesw has joined #maemo12:58
*** The_Fellow has joined #maemo13:00
*** grub3r has joined #maemo13:02
*** kkb110 has quit IRC13:02
grub3rhi folks13:03
grub3rgot a n900 quiestion13:03
grub3rssh client13:03
grub3rwhen using ssh client getting about 20 lines with this message:13:05
grub3r*/etc/ssh/ssh_config: line 11: Bad configuration option:13:05
*** githogori has quit IRC13:05
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo13:05
grub3rwhere *option:13:06
grub3rand many more...13:06
grub3rat the end: etc/ssh/ssh_config: terminating, 17 bad configuration options13:06
grub3rhavent changed anything in sshd_config file13:07
grub3rnor in ssh_config13:07
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC13:07
grub3rnoone, anyone?13:09
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo13:10
grub3rwhat? how?13:10
grub3rnew to n900 and maemo13:11
Noobmonk3ytoo early in here :p13:12
jacekowskiis it really the end of maemo?13:13
jacekowskirepositories down13:13
jacekowskimeego released13:13
ham5do they shut down the repos?13:13
* Noobmonk3y looks outta the window for amageddon13:13
jacekowskiit doesn't look well13:13
grub3rit must by early in here13:13
Noobmonk3yi've got qprocess reading uptime, but the arguments are not working lol13:14
RobbieThe1stNah, the server's just plain locked up13:15
RobbieThe1stauto-builder's not working, repo's down13:15
RobbieThe1stThis is just a plain old server issue.13:15
jacekowskiRobbieThe1st: because nokia switched it off13:17
Noobmonk3ylol jacekowski13:17
Noobmonk3ywhere MohammadAG51 when you need his SSU ;)13:17
jacekowskiirc channel will be closed soon13:17
* grub3r Startet the chat13:19
*** BCMM has joined #maemo13:19
grub3rno help to get, but the chat is operational...13:19
*** guest has joined #maemo13:19
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC13:20
*** muellisoft is now known as Muelli13:20
MohammadAG51Noobmonk3y, here :P13:21
MohammadAG51moanin o/13:21
Noobmonk3yMohammadAG51: as you are here, explain this to me :( (Although qprocess is now working!)13:22
Noobmonk3ypleeease dont tell me i have to split each of those effing arguments out lol13:22
*** marcel has joined #maemo13:23
MohammadAG51before i click the link13:24
*** gaveen has quit IRC13:24
Noobmonk3yyou need bacon?13:24
MohammadAG51you have to split each of those effing arguments out13:24
Noobmonk3yoh ffs ffs ff13:24
Noobmonk3ys/s/ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs /13:24
infobotNoobmonk3y meant: ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs13:24
RobbieThe1stjacekowski: Late reply, but the build server's still -very slowly- responding. Thus, not switched off13:25
MohammadAG51Noobmonk3y, not sure, that should work, what do you get?13:25
Noobmonk3yout put is in that link13:25
Noobmonk3y(underneath code)13:25
Noobmonk3yi get the full uptime link13:25
grub3rgot it working mates13:25
infobotNoobmonk3y meant: i get the full uptime output13:25
*** grub3r has left #maemo13:25
*** benh has joined #maemo13:26
*** Bash has joined #maemo13:26
* MohammadAG51 scratches head13:26
MohammadAG51never used QProcess :/13:26
MohammadAG51but that should work13:27
MohammadAG51if there are no syntax errors13:27
*** BabelO has joined #maemo13:27
*** BabelO has quit IRC13:27
*** BabelO has joined #maemo13:27
Noobmonk3yjust crashed the n90013:27
Noobmonk3ymeh tried to cheat and used - QString program = "uptime | sed -e 's/.*p *//' -e 's/, l.*//' -e 's/  / /'"; - same output13:28
Noobmonk3yalterego: how's your qprocess knowledge? - :)13:28
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC13:30
SpeedEvilMohammadAG51: look at /proc/uptime13:30
*** psycho_oreos has joined #maemo13:30
SpeedEvilMohammadAG51: the first field is uptime in seconds13:30
Noobmonk3ySpeedEvil: you mean me? :)13:31
Noobmonk3ySpeedEvil: you may just have been my saviour, converting that to days will be alot easier lol!13:31
Noobmonk3yalthough i'ma gonna have a load more qprocess commands to get working after :)13:32
*** benh has quit IRC13:32
*** psycho_oreos is now known as soero_ohcysp13:33
*** soero_ohcysp is now known as psycho_oreos13:33
MohammadAG51N8, initial impressions13:34
MohammadAG51first startup -> shutdown, wtf?13:34
psycho_oreosthat's symbian for you :)13:35
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo13:35
*** l13tl3 has quit IRC13:35
MohammadAG51UI is fast13:35
*** smooph has joined #maemo13:36
MohammadAG51camera's epic!!!13:37
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo13:39
korhojoaMohammadAG51, i tried one yesterday13:39
korhojoalaggy as hell :<13:39
*** jdphone has joined #maemo13:40
*** jdphone has quit IRC13:40
*** LjL has joined #maemo13:42
*** BabelO has quit IRC13:42
*** trupheenix has quit IRC13:44
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo13:44
*** jophish has joined #maemo13:45
ham5how do I set the auto lock time bigger then 1 hour13:45
ham5changes seem to revert back in pr 1.313:45
*** pH5 has joined #maemo13:46
*** TermanaDesire has quit IRC13:46
*** timeless_xchat has quit IRC13:48
*** chittoor has joined #maemo13:48
*** guest has quit IRC13:48
*** RobbieThe1st has quit IRC13:49
MohammadAG51i have to disagree13:51
*** D-man has quit IRC13:52
BCMMmy notification light doesn't seem to work at all in 1.313:54
BCMM(i have the LED Pattern Editor installed)13:54
BCMManyone else have this problem?13:54
*** schend has quit IRC13:55
BCMMit just doesn't seem to light up for messages and so on, and when i test a pattern from the editor, it says "Exit status: 65280 failed to set red led current"13:55
ham5works fine here13:55
*** schend has joined #maemo13:55
ham5you have them turned on in the settings13:56
BCMMham5: do you have the pattern editor installed?13:56
*** fab_ has quit IRC13:56
*** fab__ has quit IRC13:56
BCMMham5: yeah, they're on in settings13:56
*** fab_ has joined #maemo13:56
ham5notification settings13:56
ham5have them checked?13:56
BCMMi've even enabled "device on", to make sure13:56
BCMMham5: are you using the led pattern editor?13:56
*** fab_ is now known as fab13:57
*** _trine has quit IRC13:57
BCMMhuh, that' odd13:57
BCMMham5: what version of led pattern editor do you have?13:57
ham5changed em all up13:57
ham5I donno13:57
ham5its your problem tho13:57
ham5gl hf13:57
BCMM(just checking in case i'm missing a version with a 1.3 fix or something)13:57
ham5shit works here all im sayin13:57
BCMMi suppose it's possible that something hardware broke at they same time as me updating13:58
MohammadAG51software version on N8: "PR1.0"14:00
BCMMham5: i just did that... that's when it broke14:00
BCMMham5: it broke when i flashed 1.314:00
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC14:00
ham5broke when you reflashed? so reflash again14:00
ham5reflash the 1.3 is what im saying14:00
ham5check sum the image file u downloaded14:01
ham5confirm you have a good copy14:01
BCMMoh, hadn't thought of that14:01
BCMMflasher doesn't do that then?14:01
ham5oh I dont know14:01
ham5how would it know them all14:01
BCMMham5: well, maybe an image has checksums embedded14:02
BCMMugh, is there a way to get a checksum without typing in my IMEI again?14:02
*** benh has joined #maemo14:03
ham5what img file I have 3 on hand14:03
*** radiator has joined #maemo14:03
ham5MR0 ?14:04
psycho_oreosb9f8690318a3be61767826d15b8c1784  RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin14:04
BCMMpsycho_oreos: same, thanks14:04
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo14:05
BCMMwell, i can't reflash right now, because i don't have time for all the application reinstalls, and i need this phone to function as a satnav later today14:05
BCMMbut i'm going to try uninstalling the pattern editor14:05
*** yofel_ has joined #maemo14:05
ham5just revert your mce.ini file from the back up14:05
BCMMactually, how can i make sure i have a "vanilla" mce config file?14:05
ham5should of backed it up14:06
Noobmonk3yMohammadAG51 , lcuk .... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon! ->
BCMMham5: well, i'm wondering if that's why stuff is broken - maybe the editor has restored a backup from before 1.3?14:06
BCMMis there a surefire way to get a vanilla mce.ini? a package i could reinstall? somewhere to download one?14:06
dRbiGNoobmonk3y: looks sorta like scottish breakfast14:09
*** yofel has quit IRC14:09
lcukNoobmonk3y, mmm i see your bacon and its good, shall raise the stakes a little: :p
*** benh has quit IRC14:09
*** trupheenix has quit IRC14:10
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo14:10
Noobmonk3yooo luck..... wow!14:10
Noobmonk3yi was too lazy to get more food, so replaced mushrooms, tomatoes and sausages with extra bacon!14:11
Noobmonk3ydRbiG: its a 'Whatever was in the fridge' breakky!14:11
* SpeedEvil is waiting delivery of his new stupidly large freezer.14:12
Noobmonk3yomg Porn, porrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn!14:12
SpeedEvilWhich I shall stock with DIY ready-meals.14:12
lcukand Noobmonk3y, you think bacon is only for breakfast? :P14:12
Noobmonk3ylcuk: just the missus cook that for you every breakfast lunch n dinner?14:13
Noobmonk3ylol lcuk i had that for dinner last night ;)14:13
Myrttibugger, forgot to get beans14:13
lcukNoobmonk3y, hunters chicken :P14:13
Noobmonk3ybacon n cheese - roast chicken n chips :)14:13
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC14:13
lcukmmmm bacon :D14:13
Noobmonk3ylol Myrtti :p14:13
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo14:13
* Noobmonk3y is now full14:13
lcukMyrtti, do you have the important stuff tho?14:13
lcuklike bacon :P14:14
Myrttilcuk: nice finnish frankfurters, tomatoes, eggs...14:14
* lcuk is actually hungry now after posting pics14:14
Myrttibacon in Finland is a bit rubbish14:14
lcukMyrtti, it wasnt so bad when i got it14:14
Myrttiso I don't usually bother for anything else than cheesefilled mushrooms14:15
lcukyou just have to have more of it to make up14:15
Noobmonk3yfrals: there's an opening in the finnish market! and you lot are so close to denmark, meh14:15
lcukfrals would sell trout infused bacon and it would be a speciality dish :P14:15
MyrttiFinns just don't associate that bacon can mean good rashers14:15
Myrttiit's just stripey bacon, which is a bit meh for me14:15
lcukMyrtti, that first pic i showed was in Helsinki14:16
Myrttithin, pathetic greasy things with little meat and a lot of hassle14:16
* lcuk recalls it was uyum14:16
Myrttilcuk: go to a grocery store and find me some of that. I can't.14:16
*** _trine has joined #maemo14:16
BCMMi've just remembered that my keyboard backlight isn't working either, which is worse14:16
BCMManyone else had the keyboard backlight and the notification light stop working in 1.3?14:16
lcuk:( Myrtti14:17
Myrttilcuk: it's way too obvious that's from a hotel14:17
Noobmonk3ynope :|14:17
*** _trine has joined #maemo14:17
lcukMyrtti, its way too obvious its in my tum14:17
BCMMcan someone pastebin a default mce.ini from 1.3?14:17
lcukBCMM, if you can make my 900 visible on the network i can post file14:18
Noobmonk3yaghhh ffs14:18
lcukbut its not responding and its not in its cradle14:18
Noobmonk3ythere is one person from work who has found me on twitter14:18
Noobmonk3yits the bloody chief executive!14:18
BCMMlcuk: huh, what's up with it?14:18
lcukBCMM, MIA14:18
MohammadAG51for a normal user, the N8 is epic14:18
MohammadAG51for me, multitasking is meh :P14:18
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC14:19
BCMMoh, it is physically missing as well?14:19
lcukNoobmonk3y, best behaviour for you14:19
Noobmonk3y:| :| :|14:19
*** davyg has quit IRC14:19
* MohammadAG51 wonders if he can rm -rf or similar14:19
*** emma_ has joined #maemo14:19
* lcuk wonders where his device actually is14:20
Noobmonk3ylcuk: on ebay? ;)14:20
lcukand why have i got a traffic cone here14:20
BCMMlcuk: it's ok, i remembered that there is actually another n900 in this room14:20
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC14:20
*** tilppis has joined #maemo14:21
psycho_oreoslcuk, to remind you of vlc? ;)14:21
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo14:21
*** drizztbsd_ has joined #maemo14:22
*** smooph has quit IRC14:23
*** fecub has joined #maemo14:23
*** drizztbsd has quit IRC14:23
BCMMhealthcheck won't light the LED either14:23
lcukNoobmonk3y, time to get your cape14:24
*** smooph1 has quit IRC14:24
* Noobmonk3y giggles14:24
SpeedEvilThere are people that have reported failed RGB LED14:26
*** smooph has joined #maemo14:26
Noobmonk3yBCMM: - baclights.sh14:26
infobotNoobmonk3y meant: s/
Noobmonk3yoh meh14:26
Noobmonk3ymeh meh14:26
Noobmonk3ymeh meh meh14:26
*** tilppis has quit IRC14:28
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo14:28
Noobmonk3ymy speaker is definitley buggered since pr1.3 but just about makes a noise, so will do14:28
*** e-yes has quit IRC14:30
*** smooph has quit IRC14:30
*** smooph has joined #maemo14:31
*** scoobertron has quit IRC14:31
*** smooph1 has quit IRC14:32
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo14:34
*** dneary has joined #maemo14:34
*** _trine has quit IRC14:35
*** smooph has quit IRC14:35
BCMMNoobmonk3y: thanks, was wondering if there was a low-level way to do things to leds14:36
Noobmonk3yunfortunatley thats as far as my knoledge goes - ie, testing from terminal :|14:36
BCMMNoobmonk3y: so what are 1-6? three colours, left kb, right kb, cam?14:36
Noobmonk3ythey are the different light bubls so to speak14:36
Noobmonk3ybulbs* led's etc14:37
Noobmonk3ythere are 6 under your keyboard14:37
*** xDaReaperx has joined #maemo14:37
*** xDaReaperx has left #maemo14:37
*** smooph has joined #maemo14:37
Noobmonk3yor did you want the led test?14:37
Noobmonk3ysorry - thought u said keyboard14:37
Noobmonk3ythere is a led light hardware test function14:37
BCMMNoobmonk3y: both are out14:37
BCMMNoobmonk3y: hardware test function?14:38
*** |187| has quit IRC14:38
*** |187| has joined #maemo14:38
BCMMNoobmonk3y: ok, i don't have those sys entries...14:38
Noobmonk3yin terminal try - cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/selftest14:38
*** smooph1 has quit IRC14:38
*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo14:38
BCMM_under /sys/class/led i have only one directory14:39
Noobmonk3yooo yahhh14:39
*** tackat has joined #maemo14:39
Noobmonk3yrthe structure jhas all changed in 1.314:39
Noobmonk3yhow weird14:40
Noobmonk3yit wont let me cd to i2c-1 :|14:40
Noobmonk3yok, well14:41
Noobmonk3yselftest is working on mine14:41
*** dneary_ has joined #maemo14:41
Noobmonk3ytook me a second to get there14:41
*** dneary has quit IRC14:41
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo14:41
Noobmonk3ycd /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/14:41
*** smooph has quit IRC14:41
Noobmonk3ythen type cat selftest14:41
BCMMi have /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/ but not /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0032/selftest14:41
Noobmonk3yselftest is a file in there14:42
Noobmonk3ywithin 2-003214:42
BCMMnot for me it isn't14:42
Noobmonk3yooo ls in there14:42
Noobmonk3ywhat do you have?14:42
BCMMi just have but modalias name power subystem uevent14:42
Noobmonk3yahh well there's ya problem!14:42
Noobmonk3yyou haven't got any of the files lol!14:42
Noobmonk3ylcuk: i'm assuming this is not gonna be as simple as copying them over to him?14:43
BCMMi don't think that's how sysfs works...14:43
BCMMmaybe there's a module i don't have loaded?14:43
Noobmonk3yhmm possibly14:43
*** chittoor has quit IRC14:43
Noobmonk3yif you cat modalias, what do you get?14:44
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo14:44
*** tilppis has joined #maemo14:44
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC14:44
*** e-yes has joined #maemo14:44
Noobmonk3yok, same as me14:45
Noobmonk3yso i think you are right14:45
Noobmonk3ysomething just isn't loading14:45
BCMMis it possible that i'm running an odd kernel? i have fcamera installed, and used to use kernel-power14:45
Noobmonk3ythe problem is i have no idea on the internals of linux loading14:45
Noobmonk3yi have titans kernel .. hmmmmmmmmmm14:45
BCMMcould something odd have happened when i restored the application list, ending up with my having the wrong kernel?14:45
Noobmonk3yand i did used to use kernel power14:45
Noobmonk3yyeah possibly14:45
BCMM(i did a flash then restore backups)14:45
BCMMwhat should a "vanilla" 1.3 install have for uname -a?14:46
Noobmonk3yworth installing or re-installing something like titans or kernel power?14:46
*** smooph has joined #maemo14:46
Noobmonk3ylol no idea,14:46
Noobmonk3ymine is power40 variant14:46
*** dneary_ has quit IRC14:46
BCMMis there anyone here who has 1.3 but hasn't messed it up, and would be prepered to pastebin lsmod and uname -a?14:47
*** smooph1 has quit IRC14:48
*** _trine has joined #maemo14:49
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo14:50
*** smooph has quit IRC14:50
*** rd has quit IRC14:52
Noobmonk3yno luck?14:53
hahlobtw can one use n900 as a ltsp client?14:53
*** smooph1 has quit IRC14:54
*** schend has quit IRC14:54
*** j3j5 has joined #maemo14:54
BCMMhahlo: doesn't that require netboot?14:54
*** smooph has joined #maemo14:56
*** emma_ has quit IRC14:56
DocScrutinizerUSB hostmode finally arriving RSN:
BCMMRSN == "really soon now"?14:56
*** emma_ has joined #maemo14:57
*** juk has joined #maemo14:58
BCMMheh, so i guess everyone who's actually here has custom kernels and so on?14:58
*** gaveen has joined #maemo14:58
*** gaveen has quit IRC14:58
*** gaveen has joined #maemo14:58
*** dos1 has quit IRC14:58
psycho_oreos<< has14:59
hahloBCMM: yes pxe14:59
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo14:59
*** gaveen has quit IRC14:59
*** emma has quit IRC14:59
BCMMhahlo: i doubt we have PXE14:59
*** emma_ is now known as emma15:00
hahloBCMM: I just thought if somebody has made pxebootloader for n900. ok I see15:00
BCMMhahlo: i think ltsp can work with a normal kernel boot though15:00
*** smooph has quit IRC15:00
BCMMhahlo: well, how would it work? wlan's are a bit more complex than wired ethernet15:00
dRbiGi have the stock kernel15:00
BCMMif you have 1.3, would you be so kind as to help me by pastebinning lsmod and uname -a?15:01
BCMMi think i might be missing a module or something15:01
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC15:02
dRbiGhmm, 1.3 - i did the big maemo update - is that what moves me to 1.3? (or, in other words, how do i check which 1.x i have?)15:02
Noobmonk3yyup lol15:02
*** smooph has joined #maemo15:03
psycho_oreossettings > about device15:03
*** smooph1 has quit IRC15:03
dRbiG20.2010.36-2 == 1.3? :)15:03
BCMMdRbiG: if you did a big update in the last few days, and the package was called maemo 5 or something, that was pr1.315:03
BCMMdRbiG: yeah15:03
dRbiGas i thought15:03
dRbiGvery good15:03
psycho_oreosI don't think pr1.3 would have shipped a new version of kernel would they? or maybe they might15:04
*** dos1 has joined #maemo15:05
*** dos1 has joined #maemo15:05
infobotrumour has it, pr1.3 is the latest (and probably last) software update for Fremantle, available since Monday October 25 2010. More information at -- see ~flashing for how to update15:05
_llll_is it not avaialble in the uk?15:05
*** yofel_ is now known as yofel15:05
BCMM_llll_: it's not available if your devices thinks it's a UK device15:05
BCMMSome important kernel-related bugs were fixed, for details (changelog and the actuall diff to the previous version) refer to [1].15:05
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo15:05
BCMM(from the wiki page)15:06
hahloBCMM: true just here are so advanced hackers thou :)15:06
Noobmonk3yled_class               2948  2 leds_lp5523,leds_twl4030_vibra ;)15:06
_llll_i would hope my device considers itself a uk device15:06
dRbiGBCMM: of course cifs is not really there by default15:06
*** smooph has quit IRC15:07
BCMMdRbiG: thanks for the pastebin15:07
*** gaveen has joined #maemo15:07
psycho_oreosyeah kernel version seems to remain unchanged15:08
*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo15:09
BCMM_is this normal in dmesg? isp_mod: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module15:10
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th15:10
BCMM_preceded by many lines of isp_mod: Unknown symbol something15:10
dRbiGBCMM: no, it's not15:12
BCMMhuh, anyone know what it means?15:12
BCMMi have a line identical to line 67, except that vibra comes first15:13
psycho_oreoscould be a module version errors.. hmm..15:13
* alterego yawnz15:13
psycho_oreosI usually say depmod -a for cases of unknown symbols.. but with symbol disagreeing it seems like there's still older modules still out and about15:14
*** jpinx-eeepc has joined #maemo15:15
BCMMwhat does isp_mod do?15:16
*** drizztbsd_ is now known as drizztbsd15:17
psycho_oreosISP Control Module Library | ISP CSI2 Receiver Module15:18
BCMM_i don't know what that means15:19
TurskiMohammadAG51: btw, did you already test your fmtx module?15:19
BCMM_i don't even know if that means "make leds not broken" or not15:19
TurskiMohammadAG51: i'm going to try it now...15:20
jacekowskiTurski: fmtx module?15:20
BCMMpsycho_oreos: that's camera-related, right? presumably, that just means that fcam needs updating for 1.3?15:21
Turskijacekowski: PR1.2 kernel module compiled with PR1.3 headers15:21
Turskijacekowski: that would allow use of fm-boost15:21
juki having error compiling js in scratchbox15:22
jacekowskiTurski: do you have sources of new kernel15:23
jacekowskiTurski: repository is down at the moment15:23
jukeditline/Linux_All_DBG.OBJ/libedit.a: could not read symbols: File in wrong format15:23
jukcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status15:23
jukmake[1]: *** [Linux_All_DBG.OBJ/js] Error 115:23
Turskijacekowski: no, but got that compiled module from MohammadAG5115:23
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC15:24
*** hardaker has joined #maemo15:24
jukwhat's wrong15:25
*** wazd has joined #maemo15:25
jacekowskiMohammadAG51: do you have kernel sources?15:25
jacekowskilatest kernel15:26
MohammadAG51it's only a patchset anyways15:26
MohammadAG51isn't it on the repos?15:26
jacekowskirepos are down15:27
Noobmonk3yoh ffs my n900 wont turn on15:27
*** felipec has quit IRC15:27
Noobmonk3yahaaaa back in action15:28
alteregoPics of me and my gf last night:
infobotit has been said that hostmode is
RST38h"the effectiveness of pat-downs does not matter very much, because the obvious goal of the TSA is to make the pat-down embarrassing enough for the average passenger that the vast majority of people will choose high-tech humiliation over the low-tech ball check."15:29
*** mirr0r has quit IRC15:29
*** mirr0r has joined #maemo15:29
*** felipec has joined #maemo15:30
*** benh has joined #maemo15:30
RST38halterego: Malware?15:30
RST38halterego: the facebook url15:31
alteregoShould be a public link to that album15:31
nid0it is15:31
nid0worked fine for me15:32
alteregoIS that firefox complaining?15:32
alteregoBecause I don't get that ^.^15:32
RST38hNo, me complaining =)15:32
alteregoOh, hah :P15:32
RST38hIt just sounded so much like an average spam email :)15:32
alteregoYou can see a cheeky N900 in the first pic on the right ;)15:32
alteregoSo it's not completely off topic :P15:32
RST38hOne day too early though, right?15:33
* RST38h was almost led to believe today that Haloween is supposed to happen on the night of Oct30/Oct3115:34
*** emma has quit IRC15:36
RST38h1) A lemming writes a "deep" blog post about his concerns of Nokia's future15:37
RST38h2) He starts a separate t.m.o thread *about* his blog post, with the 3 lines of text containing his blog URL15:38
RST38h3) Profit? :)15:38
nid04) gets rightfully bashed for being an idiot15:38
alteregoWhat about this: "still on pr 1.2 shud i bother wid pr 1.3 or stay on pr 1.2"15:39
nid05) hopelessly attempts to defend his idiotic point of view15:39
alteregoI find that thread topic offensive.15:39
alteregoSo I wont be reading it ..15:39
alteregoAnd also mind numbingly dumb ..15:39
RST38hnid0: Nah, with the current concentration of "just good people" there, he will be preaching to the chorus of exactly the same comments as his15:40
*** emma has joined #maemo15:41
nid0well luckily everyone who has replied to the thread *has* bashed him, so far at least15:41
DocScrutinizerwas about to write //kickban tmo ;-P15:42
jukspidermonkey ported!15:43
jacekowskiwell, nokia future isn't bright15:46
jacekowskiclosing repositories without warning15:47
jacekowskinot supporting older phones15:47
*** juk has left #maemo15:48
*** benh has quit IRC15:48
Appiahwhich older phones are not supported anymore?15:48
nid0The list is endless15:49
fralsclosed repos?15:49
* frals thinks he has missed smth15:49
Appiahwhich recent phones are not supported anymore then? :)15:49
RST38hrals: Extras* are shut down, all software gone, good night.15:50
* RST38h explodes in satanic laughter15:50
*** smooph1 has quit IRC15:52
BCMMalterego: re the "shud i bother", some people just struggle to find ways to differentiate themselves, i guess15:52
alteregoHrm, yeah ..15:53
pupnik_huhu RST38h15:53
Noobmonk3yfrals: did you trout the repo's?15:53
RST38hehlo pupnik15:53
BCMMsomeone needs to teach him to change the colour of his notification light or something15:53
fralswow reading that "b log post on nokias recent problems"15:53
DocScrutinizerWTF? It's Friday aft or what?15:53
BCMMthen he can upgrade like the rest of us, and not feel like a sheep...15:53
fralsi should start pulling shit out of my arse and post about it as well15:53
ZogGfrals, how is it?15:54
RST38hBCMM: That is the most ironic part: they all end up trying to "differentiate" themselves by doing exactlyt the same things :)15:54
pupnik_can we get maemo or meego on motorola droid 2?15:54
orloki have just upgraded to 1.315:54
RST38h(also see "Think Different" campaign ;))15:54
ZogGfrals don't you work there?15:54
orlokapt repository suggestions?15:54
ZogGpupnik_ is droid 2 released?15:54
fralsyes i work at nokia15:54
RST38hfrals: If they find out, you will be severely punished =)15:55
RST38hfrals: Misrepresentation of the employer, etc =)15:55
BCMMNoobmonk3y: do you know if that selftest is in regular kernels, or just a titan feature?15:55
fralserr wat?15:55
orlokfrals: how do i get /dev/dsp type access to the  N900's GSM audio stream?15:55
fralsim really not following now15:55
Noobmonk3yBCMM: works on the standard onew15:55
ZogGfrals so you can't =)15:55
pupnik_it looks like an excellent competitor to N900 spec-wise15:55
BCMMNoobmonk3y: on 1.3?15:55
Noobmonk3yon 1.0 -> 1.315:55
BCMMNoobmonk3y: i mean, if it's missing, something has gone wrong, right?15:56
Noobmonk3yand including 1.315:56
fralsah, right, no, i probably cant, i was just telling what i thought of his post :p15:56
ZogGpupnik_ you can go with android why bother?15:56
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo15:56
fralsorlok: err, why do you ask me?15:56
orlokfrals: is it at all possible?15:56
orlokfrals: <frals> yes i work at nokia15:56
Noobmonk3yfrals:  is a fish farmer, the above is all lies..........15:56
ZogGfrals you can't say anything bad on your compamy15:56
nid0frals: you just announced you work at nokia, ergo you know everything about maemo, the n900, and everything.15:56
ZogGor they force you to work exctra at weekends15:56
RST38hLet us thermorectally cryptoanalyze him!15:57
orlokfrals: " i have no idea" "not possible" "we cant tell you" would all have also been good answers15:57
BCMMlet's analyse everything he says as a coded message about pr1.4's release date15:57
*** korhojoa has quit IRC15:57
RST38hyes, let us try composings words out of every third letter he types15:57
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo15:58
*** korhojoa has joined #maemo15:58
pupnik_get your omap4 phone now! (TI Blaze)    lolol15:58
RST38hThat is TI's developer device15:58
RST38hAnd yes, it does look like a huge soapbox15:58
ZogGtoday wrote to 3-4 companies to port there programs to maemo =)15:58
*** K0JIbKA has joined #maemo15:58
pupnik_hee hee15:58
alteregoHeh, That guy just has really small hands, it's about the same size as an N900 :P15:58
ZogGlayer browser15:59
*** K0JIbKA has left #maemo15:59
fralsorlok: seriously, because someone works for company X does not mean he knows anything about product Y, really ;)15:59
BCMMalterego: or it's just bad photoshop15:59
pupnik_i'd buy a phone with a 5" screen and slider keyboard15:59
ZogGfrals where do you work exactly?15:59
DocScrutinizerorlok: you 'just' have to write your own ALSA OSS compatibility layer15:59
lcukZogG, at his desk.15:59
fralsZogG: what lcuk said15:59
ZogGi mean what exactly16:00
pupnik_A phone with 2x BP4L batteries for hotswapping16:00
lcuk6'3" from his workmate on the left16:00
ZogGdoes is connected to meego/symbian/desktop/qt development16:00
DocScrutinizerorlok: honestly /dev/dsp is so deprecated even on 'sane' systems...16:00
alteregoBCMM: heh, it looks like a 365016:00
Turskipupnik_: RJ45 in a phone :)16:00
alteregoThe second "smart" phone from Nokia16:00
pupnik_  2x 3000mAh batteries in a N810 sized form factor16:01
lcukZogG, if you see a ninja on the street, do you ask him what he does?16:01
pupnik_sorry 2x 1500 mAh16:01
zap"init 1" displays "+ [ x1 = x-t ]"16:01
zapis this a joke I don't understand?16:01
ZogGlcuk i fight him16:01
ZogGfrals lcuk don't have to answer if it's so secret16:02
lcukpupnik_, structural integrity requires some amount of body shell around those batteries to support them16:02
RST38hlcuk: I call the ambulance16:02
lcukheh RST38h16:02
RST38hunless of course you are using those batteries themselves as the shell16:02
*** smooph has joined #maemo16:03
lcukRST38h, i wonder why they do not normally use batteries for hardware integrity in other things16:03
pupnik_plenty of space for that lcuk16:03
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC16:03
orlokDocScrutinizer: you understand what i mean though.16:03
RST38hlcuK: because I own a patent on this ! =)16:03
pupnik_top and bottom both have 2-3 mm16:04
dsgAnyone else seeing wifi lockups ("Firmware booted" message shortly after association until wl12xx is unloaded and reloaded) after some hours of activity?16:04
dsgAfter flashing pr1.316:04
RST38hseriously though, it is impractical to have two batteries in a phone16:04
lcukpupnik_, not knocking the idea of course, more battery life ftw16:04
orlokeasy fix16:04
lcukbut a single larger battery would eb the normal mechanism16:04
RST38hif you really want more capacity, go for a single double cap battery instead16:04
orlokwould be a rechargable backpack16:04
lcukwell design specifics of a device would include "big ass" battery16:05
pupnik_lcuk: sure - just saying ... 3000 mAh!  it's not unthinkable16:05
RST38hand hotswap can be done (if really needed) with the deep sleep mode and a capacitor16:05
lcukRST38h, we suggest this16:05
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo16:05
lcukand its kinda sorta possible16:05
alteregoI see hostmode is coming along nicely16:05
orlokif i ever  start running out of juice16:05
DocScrutinizerorlok: though I actually do NOT understand exactly what you mean, I still suggest you have a look to recaller pkg sources16:05
lcukbut which existing devices out there do it now16:05
RST38hit is possible16:05
orloki plug into my eeepc16:05
*** Rarok has quit IRC16:05
lcukdo other phones do hotswap16:05
RST38hlcuk: my wristwatch does16:05
orlokDocScrutinizer: looked, will look again16:06
lcuki rarely have to swap the battery on my watch16:06
pupnik_hotswap is an opportunity to add a feature that Nokia can not afford to miss16:06
lcukquarter past the freckle16:06
RST38hlcuk: well when I do, it does16:06
orlokDocScrutinizer: i want to send and receive GSM audio data directly16:06
* RST38h does not need hotswap16:06
lcukpupnik_, well16:06
lcukit would be time based with a capacitor16:06
orlokvia a standard device preferably16:06
RST38hthere is a plenty of other features nokia cannot afford to miss. Like regular bugfixes to their firmware.16:07
orlokcan you be powering an N900 via charger/USB and remove the battery?16:07
kerioif you set offline mode16:07
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo16:08
kerioand stop any cpu-intensive process16:08
kerioand stop the bme16:08
orloki'll just turn it off :)16:09
kerioit's better with the wallcharger16:09
kerioorlok: the wallcharger provides 1.1A16:09
kerioboth wifi and cellmo are largely idle16:09
keriowith bursts of up to 3A16:09
orlok so it depend on the chargers current?16:09
keriousb is .5A16:09
orlokas to whether it can survive the battery beoing out?16:09
keriowell, it depends on the usage16:10
korhojoaif you want to be sure, make your own charger16:10
DocScrutinizerorlok: yes16:10
orlokgot it, makes sense completely16:10
kerioon offline mode, it's possible16:10
korhojoastick a linear regulator to your car battery and wire it up to put out power via the usb->microusb cable16:10
orlokyuh, yuh, easy heh16:10
korhojoathat should give you at least 10A if you heatsink it properly16:10
orloki didnt know if there was some sort of discoupling from the battery16:11
infobotfrom memory, hotswap is
* orlok does robotics/electronics/imaging/etc shit for a hobby16:11
zapAnybody knows a easy way to unmount /home (being logged in via ssh/wifi) to repartition the internal memory card>16:12
DocScrutinizerkorhojoa: you forgot the <just kidding> tags16:12
orlokgot a pile of AVR's and adjustable power regulator modules lyring around16:12
*** radiator has quit IRC16:12
korhojoa DocScrutinizer what, those are not optional anymore?16:12
orlokkorhojoa: i already have a 12V SLA battery set up with an assortment of regulaing circuits for assorted robotics crap16:13
korhojoawell then16:14
korhojoajust get 5v out and you're set16:14
korhojoashort the d+ and d- to get it to charge via that16:14
DocScrutinizernot for multilevel jokes that base on a false assumption suggesting a nonsense action that wouldn't even work correctly if the false assumption been correct. Readers tend to miss the meta level16:14
orlokkorhojoa: 3d imaging using a laser rangefinder to a robot built worth cordless drill motors and chopping boards that can break an ankle16:14
DocScrutinizerkorhojoa: stfu!16:14
korhojoahaha :P16:14
orloki have the factory charger16:15
korhojoaorlok, sounds pretty cool16:15
korhojoait should work just fine16:15
orlokbut i'm not actually interested in hotswap at all16:15
orlokbut its awesome to know that its possible16:15
orlokif i'm ever holding some ultra-super-important national security data in ram that i cant save16:15
korhojoaalternatively, you could just get a usb power brick thing16:15
DocScrutinizerorlok: I operated my device like 5h, even with WLAN, without any battery inserted16:15
orlokand i'm forced underground away from society16:15
DocScrutinizerorlok: I'm not sure if I mentioned this in above quoted thread16:16
korhojoaDocScrutinizer, wait, what, how did you keep it from rebooting?16:16
korhojoar&d mode or something?16:16
orlokkorhojoa: yeah, my eee901 also works as a charger, heh16:16
DocScrutinizer~tell korhojoa about hotswap16:16
korhojoaThere's a 3rd condition which will lead to immediate hard switch off of charging, and that's a ~32 minutes timer inside charger chip that will unconditionally stop emergency charging when timer expires. That's where the 30 minutes figure in above instructions comes from.16:17
DocScrutinizerkorhojoa: also see jrbme16:18
ZogGDocScrutinizer ban all of them, they make laugth of me16:19
DocScrutinizerkorhojoa: yes, to overcome this 32min figure, you need to do something along the lines of jrbme alternative charging method. BME will shutdown in <1s when battery gets removed16:19
DocScrutinizerZogG: hey pal, wut?16:19
ZogGDocScrutinizer =(16:19
korhojoaahh. i see. clever.16:19
* ZogG needs huge16:20
* korhojoa gives ZogG a 'huge'16:20
orlokany suggested apt repositories? i just upgraded to 1.316:20
*** tilppis has quit IRC16:20
Noobmonk3yMohammadAG51: ->
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo16:22
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC16:22
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo16:22
Noobmonk3ylol MohammadAG  you yoyo16:22
ZogGorlok yes, use x86-64 repo of ubuntu16:22
*** fecub has quit IRC16:22
MohammadAGjacekowski, sorry, was setting up the N8 for my mom16:22
MohammadAGmy dad went back to his E6616:23
orlokZogG: hah hah hah.16:23
MohammadAGthe N8's port is not the same as the N900's16:23
MohammadAGthe OTG adapter of the N8 will not fit in the N900's port16:23
korhojoaon-the-go, ah, okay. got it.16:24
alteregoMohammadAG: got a kernel for me to try? :)16:24
orlokisnt it a standard plug?16:24
MohammadAGalterego, no :P16:25
MohammadAGorlok, it's rectangle shaped16:25
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo16:25
MohammadAGthe N900's cables work in it, but the N8's cables don't work with the N90016:25
alteregoDo I have to compile it myself then? Where are the latest hen patches?16:25
KegetysI wonder why they'd use a nonstandard cable?16:26
*** jkyro has quit IRC16:26
MohammadAGalterego, wait for a release, shouldn't be far away16:26
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo16:26
alteregoWaiting is for girls.16:27
MohammadAGI'm really liking the N8 btw16:27
MohammadAGit's good as a phone16:27
alteregoHave you got one?16:27
lcukalterego, ive got something to show you16:27
alteregoI'm still seriously considering getting one ..16:27
MohammadAGit's for my mom, but yes, you could say that16:27
alteregolcuk: fire away :)16:27
lcukwait there a mo16:27
MohammadAGalterego, been using it for an hour16:27
MohammadAGvideo quality is awesome on an HDTV16:28
korhojoais it 1080p out?16:28
*** crs has quit IRC16:28
MohammadAGkorhojoa, looks more like 72016:28
alteregoI think only the latest OMAP4 is capable of 1080p16:29
MohammadAGthe camera processes images instantly16:29
alteregoThat's good.16:29
MohammadAGI don't have to worry about shaking16:29
MohammadAGsound's load enough for me, but it's mono(?? WTF?)16:29
korhojoamy dad kind of wants the E716:30
nid0tbh, a meego hdmi device capable of 1080p coupled with xbmc would be <316:30
MohammadAGbtw, the default charger in the box is a 2mm one, but microUSB charging works16:30
korhojoai don't understand why they don't switch to the microUSB16:30
MohammadAGand I'd like to praise nokia for one thing16:30
MohammadAGsmooth scrolling16:30
korhojoai know a few phones that only charge over microUSB after they're booted up16:31
MohammadAGthe gallery is on par (or maybe faster) than the iPhone's gallery16:31
*** jkyro has joined #maemo16:31
MohammadAGscrolling in between photos is identical to alterego's scrolling in Qt :P16:32
DocScrutinizerN8 has a micro-AB port as is mandatory for OTG devices. The adapter has a micro-A plug, as according to USB specs. N900 changed receptacle from micro-AB to micro-B when Nokia decided N900 can't comply with OTG specs, as according to those specs a device with micro-AB has to fully support OTG ootb and Nokia didn't manage to finalize the drivers needed for cert16:32
alteregoMohammadAG: I was going to work on something similar for the N900 actually ;)16:32
MohammadAGalterego, yay :)16:32
MohammadAGerr, wait, was?16:32
jacekowskiMohammadAG: does it have hdmi port?16:32
*** goldbergus has quit IRC16:33
MohammadAGjacekowski, needs the inbox adapter16:33
alteregoWell, I've not got around to it.16:33
alteregoMight start on it now actually .. :D16:33
MohammadAGbut yes, I used my PS3's cable16:33
Kegetysah, does the N8 have the same shaped plug as the N810?16:34
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: WHAT??? N8 has a barrel 2mm charger receptacle??16:34
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, yes, it charges via both microUSB and 2mm16:34
MohammadAGprobably for charging while using OTG16:34
* DocScrutinizer *loves* N8 hardware16:34
MohammadAGit's OMAP2 though, right?16:35
nid0dumb question, can it charge from both at the same time?16:35
korhojoausually they just pick one16:35
DocScrutinizernid0: dumb answer: how should that work?16:35
MohammadAGthe E75 also has both 2mm and MicroUSB16:35
korhojoai tried plugging in both microusb and the 2mm to a E75 and it charged from the one first plugged in16:35
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, it should charge up till it explodes16:35
korhojoawhen that first source was disconnected it showed a charger disconnected thing, and then immediately a charger connected16:36
orlokN8 runs what os?16:36
KegetysI have an OTG cable with the same shaped plug as the N900 though so the rectangular one is apparently just shaped differently?16:36
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo16:36
MohammadAGSymbian^3, which is amazingly a huge improvement from ^1?16:36
DocScrutinizerKegetys: A16:36
DocScrutinizerKegetys: chargers are B16:36
DocScrutinizerKegetys: see my above lengthy post16:37
KegetysDocScrutinizer: I mean that the rectangular plug is electrically the same as the one in N90016:37
Kegetysas my N900-shaped OTG cable works fine in the N810, putting it to OTG mode automatiacally16:37
DocScrutinizerA, B, AB just differ in mech shape16:38
DocScrutinizerA and B plugs fit AB receptacles16:38
MohammadAGalso, angry birds is more enjoyable on the N816:38
DocScrutinizerN810 has AB, N900 has B16:39
MohammadAGbetter FPS and colours16:39
Kegetyswould be cool if this cable would work on the N900 automatically some day as well :)16:39
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo16:39
DocScrutinizerchargers have B plugs, usual standard OTG cables have A plugs16:39 one end16:39
MohammadAGhaptic feedback isn't on touch only16:39
DocScrutinizerA plug have ID pin grounded16:39
DocScrutinizerso device can detect them16:40
DocScrutinizerand switch to hostmode16:40
MohammadAGit vibrates three successive times (very quickly) when you select something in the camera16:40
MohammadAGdoesn't vibrate when scrolling between homescreens16:41
MohammadAGoverall, it's an enjoyable experience, till you remember it's symbian16:41
*** tchan has quit IRC16:41
MohammadAGand they stole _OUR_ naming scheme, SW that came on it is called PR1.016:41
DocScrutinizera really standard conforming OTG cable has a micro-A at one end (GND on ID pin) and a micro-B at the other end16:41
DocScrutinizerthe device you plug A into is host, the other is peripheral16:42
MohammadAGjacekowski, do you still want kernel_2.6.28-20103103+0m5.diff.gz?16:42
DocScrutinizer(until OTG does a HNP :-P)16:42
Kegetysyeah I got this from ebay so no wonder its nonstandard. but seems a bit silly to have the separate A and B plugs if they are electrically the same16:43
*** tchan has joined #maemo16:43
MohammadAGjacekowski, apply it on a vanilla 2.6.2816:43
DocScrutinizerKegetys: they are electrically the same so AB receptacles can work. A nad B are to distinguish peripherals from hosts16:44
DocScrutinizerlike on all USB16:44
*** jkyro has quit IRC16:44
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: screwit! git-pull pauls branch on h-e-n16:45
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: and tell MohammadAG how to do the same :-P16:47
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, I refuse to work on's git16:49
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC16:50
DocScrutinizer""...on a vanilla 2.6.28"" WTF? a mainbranch linus vanilla 2.6.28, or a Nokia vanilla 2.6.28 or what? Mohammad is trying to drive us all crazy with his clusterbombing patches against random sources16:50
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, vanilla means kernel.org16:50
MohammadAGyou should know that16:50
MohammadAGand they're not MY patches, they're nokias16:50
MohammadAGyou're not making sense16:51
DocScrutinizerno, YOU are16:51
MohammadAGwhy would jacekowski apply Nokia patches to a Nokia vanilla to make it a nokia vanilla?16:51
MohammadAGwe're not making memes, the repo is down, he wants the patches16:51
MohammadAGyes, indeed I am16:51
korhojoa[not making sense]16:52
redeemanis bluetooth handled by the same chip/radio as wifi?16:52
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: why do you think jacekowski would even WANT to apply any moh patch to create a nokia vanilla???16:52
redeemanbluetooth/wifi has completely stopped working, the bluetooth controller doesn't even show up anymore16:52
alteregoredeeman: I believe so, yes.16:52
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, any moh? patch?16:52
MohammadAGit's fucking nokia's from nokia's fucking repo16:52
redeemani guess my device is toast then16:53
*** jophish has quit IRC16:53
alteregoWhat am I doing ..16:53
alteregoI can do this in Qt Quick! :D16:53
* alterego has just had an awesome interface idea.16:53
*** mikhas has quit IRC16:53
*** OutpostME has joined #maemo16:54
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: nokia "patches" on git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/maemo-rx51-kernel16:55
DocScrutinizerthough when nokia's repo is down odds are this won't work either16:55
Noobmonk3yam i being stupid...16:55
Noobmonk3yis there no way to change version number in qt creator?16:55
MohammadAGNoobmonk3y, for debs? those are just for testing, when you want to push to devel you need to use scratchbox :P16:56
Noobmonk3yoh buggerydoo daaaaaaaa16:56
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo16:56
Noobmonk3yso much for making life simple16:56
*** jkyro has joined #maemo16:57
*** javispedro has joined #maemo16:58
kerioi want a n916:58
Noobmonk3yi wonder if i wait long enough that will change :P16:58
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC16:58
Noobmonk3ykerio bacon will have to do ->
Noobmonk3y even16:59
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC16:59
zapAre there good rescue initrds out there? Something with which I could ssh into n900 and do something? (like there was for N810)16:59
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo17:00
*** fecub has joined #maemo17:02
*** Frode_Haugsgjerd has joined #maemo17:03
MohammadAGzap, yes, meego's17:05
infobotwell, initrd is initial root disk. initial RAM disk, or god's way of punishing you for using a prebuilt kernel image, or  ...And you WILL HAVE TO INCLUDE AN INITRD STATEMENT IN YOUR BOOTLOADER (hint, hint).  Typically if you can't find your root filesystem, this is your problem.17:05
zapinitrd-rescue from meego enables networking, but for some reason I can't ping the nokia? I have usb0 on pc set up to
MohammadAGshouldn't it be
zap2.15 is N900?17:06
MohammadAGconfigure your PC as
zapmy pc is 2.117:06
zaphmm ok17:06
zap18:08:06.087236 arp who-has tell
zapthat's what I see on usb0 with tcpdump17:08
zapis that kernel for N900?17:08
MohammadAG <-- yes17:08
*** scoobertron has quit IRC17:12
*** crs has joined #maemo17:12
Frode_Haugsgjerdhi anyone got a mirror of the flasher util forn n900, the download site is unavailable17:13
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo17:14
*** tilppis has joined #maemo17:15
*** korhojoa_ has joined #maemo17:16
zapnope, does not ping even17:16
zapstrange problem, with n810 it worked nicely17:16
*** fecub has quit IRC17:16
*** korhojoa has quit IRC17:17
*** korhojoa_ is now known as korhojoa17:17
*** coffeecat has joined #maemo17:19
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC17:19
*** njsf has joined #maemo17:20
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo17:21
*** pH5 has quit IRC17:21
*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away17:21
zapusb storage mode works fine, hm17:23
*** juk has joined #maemo17:24
Frode_Haugsgjerdthx zap :)17:26
*** florian has quit IRC17:31
zapHmm 68 unused megabytes after the swap partition on internal MMC... are they used somehow? Or I can grow the swap in there? :)17:32
*** Suiseiseki has quit IRC17:33
*** Suiseiseki has joined #maemo17:33
*** njsf has left #maemo17:33
*** fecub has joined #maemo17:33
*** avs has joined #maemo17:36
DocScrutinizerzap: >>Toggle USB networking on/off (N)  >>Start [local] recovery terminal (T)17:39
AranelIs there any music visualizer for Maemo?17:40
DocScrutinizerzap: even with N on, it's unclear if the IP stack is configured to answer pings17:40
lcukAranel, one in progress17:40
lcukbut not yet released17:40
lcukdunno about others17:40
DocScrutinizerlcuk: o/17:41
Aranellcuk: what is it and who's developing it? maybe I can convince him to make me a beta tester! ^^17:41
DocScrutinizerbet it's liq*17:41
jukwhy guys porting androids ubuntus instead of improving maemo17:41
lcukAranel, kotczarny and pupnik_ are hacking in #liqbase on it atm - mostly targetting x86 at this time17:41
DocScrutinizerlcuk: you noticed ~hostmode?17:42
Aranellcuk: can't I make the same thing with gstreamer? some "magic" command?17:42
lcukDocScrutinizer, :) kot and I have been long time friends and helping each other to optimise and improve performance17:43
lcukAranel, idk, can you?17:43
infobothostmode is probably
Aranellcuk: I hope. I'll try asking them about it.17:44
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo17:44
lcukoooh DocScrutinizer :)17:45
lcukAranel, thats an awesome visualisation17:45
MohammadAGlcuk, there's always gstreamer17:45
MohammadAGAranel, yes, gstreamer17:46
MohammadAG Aranel lcuk17:46
Aranellcuk: yup, I loved it too and he did it a year ago so I think It shouldnt be hard to do.17:46
AranelMohammadAG: yay it's working it's working! ^^17:50
AranelMohammadAG: It's kinda slow but looks awesome. How can I make it play the music at same time?17:51
* Noobmonk3y feels clean :)17:53
alteregoGrrr, I need N810 fiasco and tablets-dev is throwing up17:53
keriohmm, is the n900 still under warranty?17:53
kerioi don't have the receipt anymore17:53
MohammadAGAranel, no idea ;)17:53
MohammadAGbut it should be possible, since afaik the built in player uses gstreamer17:54
*** dneary_ has joined #maemo17:54
*** goldbergus has quit IRC17:54
AranelMohammadAG: lcuk: thank you :) I am googling about it now, maybe I can find a way to make gstreamer play the music too.17:56
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC17:56
jukso nokia wont dumps us with n900 maemo users?17:56
MohammadAGAranel, rythmbox does it afaik17:57
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo17:58
AranelMohammadAG: rhytmbox? does it work good on N900? I used it with a GNOME desktop long time ago but I guess It would be a very heavy app for us.17:58
kerioMohammadAG: you might as well install gnome17:59
jukAranel: sure it's ***ing heavy for n90017:59
jukit's actually stupid idea to making desktop on cell phone18:00
MohammadAGno, it works on ubuntu :P18:00
*** dneary_ has quit IRC18:00
MohammadAGquestion is, how do I make a window fullscreen18:00
Araneljuk: lol I mean GNOME desktop on my Ubuntu box, not N900.18:00
*** goldbergus has quit IRC18:03
MohammadAGanyone used wmctrl before?18:04
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th18:05
DocScrutinizerwtf is up with repositories et al?18:05
MohammadAGwmctrl -i -r 0x04a00005 -b toggle,fullscreen18:05
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, they're down, hence why jacekowski asked for the patches I uploaded18:05
DocScrutinizerI know they're down. The question is: Anybody in duty and actively caring to bring them back up again18:06
Noobmonk3yhmm can i ask another stupid qt question pleeeeeeeeease!18:06
MohammadAGAranel, wmctrl -i -r 0x04a00005 -b toggle,fullscreen18:06
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer,  repository down since ~00:00 Oct 31. for unknown cause || guess not lol18:06
AranelMohammadAG: what is does?18:07
MohammadAGfullscreen visualization18:07
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: I placed that notice into topic :-P18:07
MohammadAGafter you launch it of course18:07
AranelMohammadAG: ^^18:07
AranelMohammadAG: did I said that I'm a huge fan of you? :D18:07
Noobmonk3yqDebug() << myProcess->readAllStandardOutput(); displays df-h fine in debug, but how do i get that into a QtextBrowser?  tried converting it to a stringlist and a textstream, but it only wants strings :(18:07
DocScrutinizerX-Fade: ping18:07
AranelMohammadAG: oh, wmctrl doesn't work on mine, wmctrl not found.18:08
*** trumee has quit IRC18:08
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo18:08
MohammadAGwmctrl -l | grep gst-launch*| awk '{print $1}' actually18:08
MohammadAGhmm, no18:08
MohammadAGwmctrl -i -r `wmctrl -l | grep gst-launch*| awk '{print $1}'` -b toggle,fullscreen18:09
MohammadAGlooks like18:09
pupnik_goom + gstreamer running on tv-out (omap3, n900)  nice nice18:09
AranelMohammadAG: yup it's working now.18:09
RST38hpupnik: looks like you can see the proximity sensor blinking infrared at this image =)18:11
RST38hor is it just noise?18:11
RST38hpupnik: 0:1218:12
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:12
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo18:12
*** goldbergus has quit IRC18:15
MohammadAGRST38h, proximity never turns off18:15
RST38hMohammad: just a flicker from the tv screen then18:15
pupnik_no, i think you're right perhaps18:15
MohammadAGI said, never turns off18:15
pupnik_because the flicker position doesn't move18:15
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC18:15
MohammadAGit's always on18:15
pupnik_if it were a reflection, it would change position as the camera moves18:15
MohammadAGget an infrared cam, and film the N90018:16
lcukMohammadAG, just because the low level driver doesnt turn off does not mean its not18:16
MohammadAGthe front and back sensors are always on, even when not in use18:16
lcukit looks to me like its blinking also18:16
MohammadAGlcuk, it always blinks18:16
jarkkomI think most phone proximity sensors are ir-based, they measure reflection18:16
MohammadAGsame with the N97/5800 etc18:16
*** coffeecat has quit IRC18:17
jarkkomor I guess you have dozen different ways to do it but IR emitter/detector one probably would be cheapest18:18
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC18:18
pupnik_>>> MUST SEE <<< pilot lands plane after losing wing >>>
AranelMohammadAG: lol, It sounds stupid I know but now I figured out why gstreamer doesn't give me music output.18:19
*** coffeecat has joined #maemo18:19
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo18:19
AranelMohammadAG: It's because I muted N900 and completely forgot about it :| Now It works, fullscreen + music also plays too ^^18:19
MohammadAGoh, you didn't have music at all?18:20
MohammadAGlol I thought you wanted it to play with the default player18:21
AranelMohammadAG: lol no, It didnt play music at all and I thought It's because gstreamer is set to only visualization not playing it actually.18:22
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo18:22
pupnik_that's a mind blowing youtube ^^18:22
AranelMohammadAG: playing it on the default player would be nice too but I think It would be pretty hard for me, music player is closed source :(18:23
Noobmonk3yright, off to the cinema!18:23
Noobmonk3yciao alls18:23
*** vblazquez has quit IRC18:23
Aranelpupnik_: MohammadAG said you're also working on a visualizer, how it's going?18:23
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC18:23
*** vblazquez_ has joined #maemo18:23
Aranelpupnik_: oops, not MohammadAG, lcuk :)18:23
MohammadAGlcuk did, not me18:23
pupnik_Aranel: lots of fun18:23
*** vblazquez_ is now known as vblazquez18:24
*** e-yes has joined #maemo18:24
*** goldbergus has quit IRC18:24
Aranelpupnik_: can I try it? can I? can I?18:24
*** Creteil has quit IRC18:24
*** BCMM has quit IRC18:24
*** vblazquez has quit IRC18:24
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo18:24
pupnik_Aranel:  wget  and then  to find compilable rules18:25
Aranelpupnik_: yay, thanks18:26
* javispedro 's developing a "simplistic" fmradio clone atm
*** coffeecat has quit IRC18:26
javispedrowritten in C, < 100 KiB, warm-starts up in less than a second :)18:27
pupnik_nice javispedro18:27
RST38hjavispedro: BRING IT ON! (C)George WWW Bush18:27
*** VladNistor-mob has joined #maemo18:27
*** coffeecat has joined #maemo18:27
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo18:27
RST38hactually,make it WW18:28
hahlo"yes we can" the another president18:28
RST38hjavispedro: Can I have a tiny feature request?18:28
javispedroit has no features, so ask =)18:28
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo18:29
VladNistor-mobnokia bluetooth keyboard is funny with the n90018:29
RST38hjavispedro: Add background in the shape of an old tube radio dial :)18:29
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo18:29
RST38hjavispedro: ask wazd for graphics if needed, I am sure he will be happy to make some up18:29
VladNistor-mobit does not recognise the FN on the keyboard, but if i press the fn on the phone it works on the keyboard18:29
VladNistor-moband longpress of keys works just like on phone18:30
javispedroRST38h: wazd already prototyped a fmradio app:
javispedrobut I personally want to keep this one simplistic18:30
*** BabelO has joined #maemo18:31
*** BabelO has quit IRC18:31
*** BabelO has joined #maemo18:31
RST38hjavispedro: I believe adding a fixed background will not complicate it too much :)18:31
*** fecub has quit IRC18:31
MohammadAGhehe, N8's battery low ding is an enhanced N900 one18:31
RST38hN900 makes really creepy noises when it runs out of battery18:32
*** Frode_Haugsgjerd has quit IRC18:32
DocScrutinizer(proximity) ack, those sensor chips are always on18:32
SpeedEvilSpeaking personally, I hate the stupid scrolly concept of a scrollbar for FM tuning.18:32
SpeedEvilI know the frequency.18:32
SpeedEvilI want to bea able to type in 102.818:33
RST38hIf you know the frequency, enter it with keyboard!18:33
javispedroSpeedEvil: that works18:33
SpeedEvilThat diddn't work ith fmradio last I tried it18:33
lcukportrait mode keyboard18:33
javispedroSpeedEvil: in my app ,of course.18:33
SpeedEvilah, sorry.18:33
MohammadAG<SpeedEvil> Speaking personally, I hate the stupid scrolly concept of a scrollbar for FM tuning. << +1 on that18:33
*** dirtyrice88 has joined #maemo18:33
javispedrothat's what I dislike about the current radio app, it's very nice and newbie-friendly.18:33
MohammadAGI hate how it doesn't stop where you left it18:34
*** ToJa92 has quit IRC18:34
SpeedEvilAlso - I hate teh concept in that it wastes half of the power.18:34
*** dirtyrice88 has quit IRC18:34
MohammadAGoh for fuck's sake nokia, no symbian sdk for linux?18:34
SpeedEvilIt will mostly chew through the battery in 8 hours18:34
SpeedEvilwhereas properly implemented, it should only use about 30%18:34
javispedroSpeedEvil: not fixable; i'm using pulseapi drectly instead of gstreamer, so I guess it will improve a bit, but not much18:34
SpeedEvilUnfortunately doing it 'right' is not possible without pulseaudio hacking.18:35
javispedroif someone wants to port module-loopback to pulse 0.9.15, that should help reduce two context changes per each 10*4096 block18:35
SpeedEvilYou basically need to teach pulseaudio about using the audio hardware as more than just a/d and d/a18:35
*** radiator has joined #maemo18:35
SpeedEviljavispedro: err - no18:35
SpeedEviljavispedro: you can configure it so that it the audio path never leaves the audio chip at all.18:36
SpeedEviljavispedro: The CPU is completely asleep when doing FM radio.18:36
javispedroSpeedEvil: first pyfmradio did that18:36
javispedroSpeedEvil: breaks speakers, you know18:36
javispedroSpeedEvil: specially with fmradio as bypass volume is quite loud18:36
javispedroSpeedEvil: and hardly regulable with the hardware mixer18:36
SpeedEvilThe chip also has onboard speaker protection filters.18:37
javispedronot the kind we need, or else you would just have fixed around 50%'s of what pulseaudio employs its cpu time on =)18:37
SpeedEvilbut you need to fix PA, or you break audio for the rest of the fevice.18:37
SpeedEvilyes, the kind that's needed - they do high-pass filtering just fine.18:38
javispedroare you _completely_ sure? pulseaudio needs no fixes at all.18:38
*** goldbergus has quit IRC18:39
javispedroso it would seem stupid if the feature is there but completely unused and htey bothered to code a software version of it18:39
SpeedEvilI mean pulseaudio as I understand it treats the soundcard as d/as and a/ds - it uses none of the internal routing capability or digital filters.18:39
SpeedEvilThis is common.18:39
SpeedEvilPeople write specs based on not reading all of the datasheets.18:39
SpeedEvilAnd do stuff like polling, when the device supports change interrupts.18:40
javispedrothis is like.. the #1 complain on the audio subsystem on the N900.18:40
SpeedEvil(see the orientation detection.)18:40
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC18:41
RST38hThey use pulse to do some filtering to save the speakers18:41
RST38hOtherwise, you may damage speakers18:42
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: it IS completely stupid18:42
javispedroDocScrutinizer: I know it IS stupid. but a few minutes ago, I thought it was unfixable save for DSP xprot.18:42
SpeedEvilI forget who did a test implementation. See page 38 of
SpeedEvilthe codec datasheet.18:43
*** kkb1101 has joined #maemo18:43
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: who had a test implementation of the inbuilt filtering/18:43
*** piggz has quit IRC18:43
DocScrutinizerforgot the nick :-/ shame on me18:43
*** kkb110 has quit IRC18:43
DocScrutinizer3 letter asian guy aiui18:44
ShadowJKnot me18:44
*** coffeecat has left #maemo18:44
javispedroMNZ is doing it on the DSP!18:44
DocScrutinizersounds right18:44
javispedronot by any codec filter afaik18:44
javispedrobut by a filter on the dsp18:44
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo18:44
SpeedEvilAh - MNZ18:44
DocScrutinizerwhat means DSP? of course the filters on audio codec are a DSP18:45
DocScrutinizerbut not THAT DSP18:45
*** piggz has joined #maemo18:45
SpeedEvilSee page 38 - of the above link - it's a FIR/IIR filter inside the audio codec chip.18:45
DocScrutinizereven 2, or 418:45
SpeedEvilIt's not a very good filter - it can't do parametric EQ. But it's fine for simple high/low-pass18:46
DocScrutinizer2 for preemphasis (exploitable though) and 2 general-purpose18:46
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: it CAN do parametric EQ, that's the whole point18:47
DocScrutinizerit can't do graphic EQ18:47
SpeedEvilI meant graphic18:47
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo18:47
*** TheXception|off is now known as TheXception18:48
DocScrutinizerunless you transfor your graphic EQ settings to a parametric one that fits on the chip's filter HW18:48
*** goldbergus has quit IRC18:49
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: so, again - stupid or not? :-P18:50
javispedrobefore shouting it aloud I'd need to guess what are the cons.18:50
DocScrutinizerclumsy to handle, especially for SW centric developers that don't give a shit about reading complex chip datasheets18:51
javispedro(or because of HW centric developers that do not give a shit about common usage by the software =) ).18:52
DocScrutinizerless universal than the PA SW centric approach which is well orthodox inside the maemo audio paradigme18:52
javispedroPA is a just a wrapper over ALSA. If it can be implemented on ALSA, it can be implemented on PA.18:53
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo18:54
SpeedEvilIt's easier to implement stuff in software if you ignore all the complex modes of the chips, that the HW designers of the chips put there to save battery.18:54
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: the main hw glitch in N900 audio which burns the speakers obviously is the missing highpass/DC-decoupling. Quite clearly these small transducers don't like being driven @ 5Hz and full power, from a DC-coupled class-D amp18:55
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: when maemo developers noticed speakers escaping magic blue smoke, they entered panic mode and implemented a fix in PA18:56
DocScrutinizernobody even considered it could be done in HW18:56
*** wall[e] has joined #maemo18:56
lcukbiggest n900 related audio issue is nothing to do with electronics18:57
lcukits positioning!18:57
lcukthe sound comes out sideways18:57
lcukput a pair of bat ears on the n900 to send the device towards operators ears ;)18:57
lcuksend the sound18:57
DocScrutinizerwell, those ears are available for iPhone :-P18:58
*** goldbergus has quit IRC18:58
DocScrutinizermaybe they fit to N900 as well ;-D18:58
lcuki left my headphones when i was on a long train trip one time18:59
lcukhad to cup hands to be able to hear things18:59
DocScrutinizeryeah, it's not a pocket megaphon :-D19:00
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC19:01
javispedroSpeedEvil: page 38 talks about a "digital" filter19:01
javispedronot an analog19:01
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: legend has it this was the reason for the last delay of N900 MP rollout19:02
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: so what?19:02
SpeedEviljavispedro: yes - it's got internal A/D and D/A19:02
javispedroon power save mode, all dacs and adcs are powered off19:02
SpeedEvilIt goes digital internally19:02
*** goldbergus has joined #maemo19:03
*** Creteil has joined #maemo19:04
*** juk has quit IRC19:05
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: well, I see your point for the particular usecase SpeedEvil was pondering. Needs further evaluation, I'm not sure about that (audio with filter while CPU asleep), but I'm sure for all 'normal' usecases that digital filter is good enough to get rid of this 30% PA cpu hog19:05
CreteilNo news about the cause of repos down ?19:05
*** rd has joined #maemo19:05
CreteilIf someone have :19:06
CreteilFilename: pool/fremantle/free/i/imagemagick/imagemagick_6.3.7.9.dfsg2-1~lenny3maemo1_armel.deb19:06
DocScrutinizerCreteil: nope :-/19:06
CreteilCan it send me please ?19:06
javispedronow my question is.19:06
javispedroso if it's just a matter of writting some control registers, like reg 12, and just setting audio to the adcs as per usual..19:06
infobotjavispedro meant: so if it's just a matter of writting some control registers, like reg 12, and just sending audio to the adcs as per usual..19:06
javispedrosounds trivial?19:07
DocScrutinizeryes, it is19:07
DocScrutinizerMNZ did a POC19:07
javispedrothis has nothing to do with PA, then. It's just a matter of exposing the functionality to userspace.19:07
javispedro(well, and then disabling whatever PA does...)19:07
javispedro(and trying to talk to Nokia about it...)19:08
DocScrutinizeryes, plus getting rid of this cruft Nokia implemented into the closed source speaker protection19:08
CreteilDocScrutinizer, I'm just amazed how a company like Nokia can have this sort of troubles with repositories :-(19:08
DocScrutinizerCreteil: no idea- maybe because it's weekend19:08
javispedroDocScrutinizer: supposedly disabling xprot has been done already, because it reads what to do from a .ini file for all I know.19:09
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: alas the "talking to Nokia" part is hard, you know19:09
CreteilDocScrutinizer, lol, Someone at Nokia switched of the NOC when going to the week-end :-) mouahahahaha19:09
javispedroDocScrutinizer: I know the answer already: "try and try to integrate it on Meego kernels first"19:09
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: Nokia not even willing to release the audiometric specs of their filter cruft19:10
Creteils/switched of the NOC/switched OFF the NOC/19:10
infobotCreteil meant: DocScrutinizer, lol, Someone at Nokia switched OFF the NOC when going to the week-end :-) mouahahahaha19:10
*** smooph has quit IRC19:11
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: just like they don't disclose any other specs like e.g battery charging parameters recommended, or max current for flash LEDs, or or or19:11
*** smooph has joined #maemo19:12
*** D-man has joined #maemo19:13
DocScrutinizereither you do a complete RE on existing closed blob crap like bme, PA speaker prot... Or you implement on best guess and test if it actually works like expected or will break your device19:14
*** hcarrega is now known as kardinal19:14
javispedroI understand that's awful.19:14
javispedrobtw, what does meego-arm do here regarding xprot? are you pulling nokia's PA modules?19:14
*** jkyro has quit IRC19:14
DocScrutinizerAs community developers usually don't have a 5 dozen to do the latter approach, it's not better than on any other completely closed platform19:14
javispedrodoes anyone know or I have to ping Sts_keeps ? ;)19:14
Aranelpupnik_: wget osc27, wget osc-2010.10.30-11.. , ./osc27, gcc osc-2010.. , correct?19:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: (meego xprot) "we'll deal with that later"19:15
* javispedro makes mental note not to listen to any music using meego19:16
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: I brought it up on #meego-arm19:16
DocScrutinizerreaction was, errrm... not worth remembering19:16
javispedrothat's some good info to add to a potential bugreport19:17
* DocScrutinizer shrugs19:17
DocScrutinizer#meego is somewhat pretty ignorant regarding such topics. First thing you receive is bashing with "Is it upstream??"19:18
javispedro"No, it is Nokia propietary".19:18
DocScrutinizersoHso me is going "MEH, screwit"19:18
javispedroI can understand such a upstream rule.19:19
javispedroI cannot understand stupid Nokia propietariness.19:19
DocScrutinizersuch an upstream rule won't get you any platform specific drivers anyway19:19
javispedrowe're talking about exposing codec features through alsa. nothing platform-specific so far.19:20
DocScrutinizerit's not upstream as Nokia hasn't pushed it. So meego won't get it as it's not upstream, and nobody cares19:21
*** VladNistor-mob has quit IRC19:21
*** ech0Asus has joined #maemo19:21
javispedrolemme see if we're talking about the same thing19:21
javispedrowhat's needed is information on what is xprot exactly doing19:21
javispedroso that we can replicately it on a hw level19:21
DocScrutinizeralternatively we need proper detailed specs of transducers19:22
DocScrutinizerfreq range, peak power, RMS power, sinus power19:22
DocScrutinizerduration of bursts allowed19:22
DocScrutinizerfreq response (to calibrate filters to make speakers sound better)19:23
DocScrutinizerspecs of what nox does are F' of that19:23
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo19:23
DocScrutinizerer xprot19:23
* javispedro ponders something19:24
javispedroDid I hear once that pulse doesn't do xprot for headphones?19:25
DocScrutinizerwe can get datasheets of codec and amp, we hardly get for transducers, esp when operating in this particular enclosure19:25
DocScrutinizerfor sure HP should be handled differently than speakers19:26
javispedroI wonder how it knows wheter you are using headphnes or not.19:26
javispedronot the system, but PA specifically.19:26
javispedroif it does it by monitoring alsa ctls, all is well.19:26
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC19:26
javispedroif it does it by any other means, then pyfmradio is not using xprot.19:26
DocScrutinizernever wrapped my head around that19:26
*** githogori has joined #maemo19:26
javispedrowhich could be an issue.19:27
*** jkyro has joined #maemo19:27
DocScrutinizeranyway, time to get some dinner19:27
javispedropotential problem here indeed.19:29
javispedroso, tapping "Speakers" on fmradio just changes some alsa ctls to point dacs to speakers19:29
javispedrobut does not notify anyone else.19:29
javispedroif pulse is not listening to ctl changes... it will keep xprot disabled.19:29
* javispedro needs to remember to fire an email about this19:30
*** maybeArgh has joined #maemo19:35
*** maybeWTF has quit IRC19:35
*** kakashi_ has quit IRC19:35
*** jd has quit IRC19:36
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC19:36
*** jd has joined #maemo19:36
*** mirr0r has quit IRC19:36
*** wileybd has joined #maemo19:37
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC19:37
wileybdanyone know where i can download the latest n900 firmware, the main site seems to be down.19:37
*** goldbergus has quit IRC19:38
javispedronowhere, just wait 24h19:38
CreteilSomeone have an idea how to fix that :19:38
Creteildh_gencontrol -i19:39
Creteildpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown information field `C Homepage' in input data in general section of control info file19:39
Creteildpkg-gencontrol: warning: can't parse dependency19:39
Creteil python-openssl (>= 0.6)19:39
Creteildpkg-gencontrol: error: error occurred while parsing Recommends19:39
Creteildh_gencontrol: command returned error code 230419:39
Creteilmake: *** [binary-indep] Error 119:39
javispedroCreteil: next time use a pastebin service19:39
infobot[~pastebin] A "pastebin" is a web-based service where you should paste anything over 3 lines so you don't flood the channel. Here are links to a few : , , , , , , or install pastebinit with yum or aptitude.19:39
*** jophish has joined #maemo19:39
wileybdwow next time i will saveing the firmware on my harddrive19:40
Creteiljavispedro, does it is considered as a flood by your irc client ?19:40
javispedroCreteil: also read:
javispedroCreteil: or pastebin your full control file.19:40
*** hurbu has quit IRC19:41
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo19:42
*** Samsunix has quit IRC19:43
*** tilppis has quit IRC19:43
Creteiljavispedro, ok wait 1 I come back ...19:43
*** Creteil has quit IRC19:43
pupnik_Aranel: rename any .c file to osc-pix.c and then run ./osc27 and then hit F319:45
pupnik_did they fix the speakers on more recent N900s?19:45
*** Creteil has joined #maemo19:46
Aranelpupnik_: wow, the_sun looks very cool. But It's effect duration is 2 seconds,  then It stops. Is it normal?19:47
*** mirr0r has joined #maemo19:48
pupnik_Aranel: it should be continuous19:49
pupnik_are you on ia32?19:49
Aranelpupnik_: yes19:50
*** ech0Asus has quit IRC19:50
wileybdnid0 thanks so much19:50
Aranelpupnik_: Intel C2D working as a 32-bit, Ubuntu 10.0419:50
*** vzq has quit IRC19:50
pupnik_c2d here also, debian - join #liqbase to get better info19:50
Aranelpupnik_: should I work it on armel?19:50
pupnik_there is an armel version19:50
wileybdanyone by chance have the debian file for flash updater 3.5 so i dont have to use windows?19:51
*** nox- has joined #maemo19:51
Creteilwileybd, get it !!!19:52
pupnik_nabend nox19:52
*** jd has quit IRC19:52
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo19:52
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC19:52
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo19:52
*** jd has joined #maemo19:53
nox-moin pupnik_, #19:54
wileybdcreteil im not sure if its transferring or what19:54
wileybdcan you send it one more time?19:55
Creteilwileybd, done19:56
wileybdok i accepted it19:56
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC19:57
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo19:57
*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo19:57
Creteilwileybd, you received it ?19:59
*** hustla123 has joined #maemo19:59
Creteilwileybd, on my side I see the offering of the file, but no ack of receiving ...19:59
CreteilAborted DCC File Transfer of “maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2_i386.deb” to “wileybd” (
wileybdah man i cant find it it not transfering for some reason, im on ubuntu and using xchat the dialog comes up and i click accept but its not going in the default .xchat downloads folder not sure why20:00
Creteilwileybd, because you are behind nat I think ...20:00
wileybdi have the windows version i can use the dos version it should work20:00
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo20:00
MohammadAGthey ask us not to distribute their binaries, and they can't distribute them themselves20:01
wileybdyeah i havent configured my firewall for any of this20:01
*** vzq has joined #maemo20:01
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC20:01
wileybdive never had this problem before when i updated but im learning alot about this now and to make sure i keep a firmware version of my own thats for sure20:02
wileybdwhat a pain20:02
Creteilwileybd, wait 1 I put it on a FTP ...20:02
*** hustla123 has quit IRC20:02
wileybdi guess nido used pastebin somehow20:03
wileybdthats how im getting the firmware its downloading now20:03
wileybdhe pasted this above
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo20:04
wileybdoh i see he sent me a nokia link20:04
nid0thats just a tinyurl of a link from tmo, someone noticed that ovi suite can download the firmware fine still and simply captured the url it uses to fetch it20:04
wileybdwhy the hell isnt that one on there site as a place to get the firmware20:04
wileybdi see20:04
nox-is that 1.3?20:05
nid0nox-: yea20:05
nox-ah cool20:05
nox-btw re 1.3, any news on the charging cpu clocking bug?20:06
*** chx has joined #maemo20:07
MohammadAGgrr, is down20:07
* MohammadAG pokes X-Fade 20:07
javispedroit's sunday!20:07
MohammadAGffs I wanna fix the SSU for a monday release20:07
nox-javispedro, ppl arent supposed to update their phones on weekends? :)20:07
MohammadAG(or fix repos)20:07
javispedrogo play some game, ffs.20:07
MohammadAGjavispedro, no PSN20:08
wileybdok everything is downloading thanks for the help20:08
MohammadAGI wonder if the server runs on 256MB ram20:09
javispedroMohammadAG: 770 cluster.20:10
MohammadAGah, so it's just swapping like hell then20:10
MohammadAGit's not down, just... inaccessible20:10
javispedroactually, it's akamai20:10
* MohammadAG checks dictionary20:10
MohammadAGakamai (n.) -> see retarded (n.)20:11
MohammadAGX-Fade, needs to have a hotline or something20:12
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik20:12
nox-a hotline?  they should just fix their stuff...20:12
MohammadAGwell, shit happens20:12
*** githogori has quit IRC20:13
nox-well its certainly not the first time20:13
MohammadAGbut it's been sometime since it's last happened20:13
*** tilppis has joined #maemo20:14
* nox- suspects they are just not prepared for the load after a new release20:14
nox-(and im pretty sure their logs tell them already so a hotline wouldnt help :)20:15
MohammadAGyes, but X-Fade's mostly always away on weekends20:16
MohammadAGso if it breaks on friday, you'll have to wait till monday till he checks logs20:16
nox-ah X-Fade works for akamai?20:16
MohammadAGno, X-Fade is the repo admin20:16
MohammadAGor admin, whatever20:16
MohammadAGhe's the "webmaster"20:17
nox-i c20:17
nox-i just wonder if the problem has more to do with akamai than the repo itself...20:18
nid0its highly unlikely20:18
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC20:18
nid0the internet still works, so akamai's working20:19
nox-at least ive seen `strange' stuff like maemo websites accessible from pcs but not from the phone before...20:19
*** hannesw has quit IRC20:20
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC20:20
nid0the maemo sites arent hosted on akamai20:20
*** dneary_ has joined #maemo20:21
nid0most subsections of are statically hosted in finland, and tmo's hosted by softlayer in the states - it's the download repos that're served by akamai20:22
*** GNUtoo|laptop has quit IRC20:22
nox-i c20:22
Creteilwell, someone have an idea on this error : ???20:22
*** benh has joined #maemo20:22
nox-wild guess:  dkpg tools version mismatch?20:23
crashanddieCreteil: if the file is coming from devel, don't ask us, ask the uploader20:24
Creteilnox-, what do you mean exactly ?20:24
*** habmala has joined #maemo20:24
nox-whoever built that package used a version that adds fields maemo's version doesnt yet know?20:25
*** kakashi_ has joined #maemo20:25
nox-as i said just a guess...20:25
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:25
*** trupheenix has quit IRC20:25
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo20:26
*** e-yes has quit IRC20:26
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo20:26
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo20:26
*** smooph has quit IRC20:27
*** buspital has joined #maemo20:27
*** javispedro has quit IRC20:29
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo20:30
*** the_lord has joined #maemo20:30
*** j3j5 has quit IRC20:32
infoboti heard pr1.3 is the latest (and probably last) software update for Fremantle, available since Monday October 25 2010. More information at -- see ~flashing for how to update20:33
*** hannesw has quit IRC20:33
_trineinfobot might be wrong20:33
b-man`~burn himself20:34
* infobot pours gasoline all over himself, ignites the fire, and then enjoys some toasty marshmallows with the glorious blaze20:34
nox-btw DocScrutinizer, any news on the charging cpu clocking bug?20:34
_trinePR 1.2 might be the last firmware for the UK20:34
DocScrutinizernox-: lol, maybe somebody opened a ticket meanwhile?20:34
nox-whats special about uk that they need their extra version?20:34
*** dneary_ has quit IRC20:34
_trinenox we are special20:35
nox-mmh :)20:35
_trinewe need to have the lastest spy ware fitted20:35
nox-i c.... :)20:35
_trineby our government20:35
*** MadViking has joined #maemo20:36
_trinenox it goes with all the CCTV and town hall spys20:36
*** spinningcompass has quit IRC20:37
*** e-yes has joined #maemo20:38
*** hurbu has joined #maemo20:42
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo20:43
*** spinningcompass has joined #maemo20:43
*** benh has quit IRC20:45
*** quanttrom has quit IRC20:50
*** j3j5 has joined #maemo20:50
*** bennypr0fane has joined #maemo20:54
*** the_lord has quit IRC20:54
MohammadAG1k available on N90020:55
*** bennypr0fane has quit IRC20:59
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC21:00
SpeedEvilcehteh: neat21:00
pupnik  Omap3 Dreamcast emulator 5-6 fps21:00
b-man`infobot: MohammadAG is I AM YOUR FATHER21:01
infobot...but mohammadag is already something else...21:01
infobotmethinks mohammadag is your father21:02
b-man`ah, so he beat me to it lol21:02
MohammadAGit was my idea anyways :P21:02
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:02
infobotrumour has it, n900 is a wooden box with stained cans inside21:03
*** ToJa92 has joined #maemo21:03
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC21:03
MohammadAGno i21:04
infoboti guess frals is a large smelly trout, or the developer of fMMS21:04
*** dvaske has joined #maemo21:04
infobot[b-man] the traffic lights dude21:05
Myrttifor gods sake21:05
Myrttithe bot works in pm too as far as I know21:05
MohammadAGsorry, it felt empty in here :P21:05
b-man`<infobot> [b-man] the traffic lights dude - kinda true XD21:06
* b-man` grabs the picture21:06
b-man`gah, where is it :P21:08
ptlmy N900 is screwed up, since I went with him into a party I am not able to boot from it. Tried flashing it a dozen times, it always stops at a random percentage of the "Programming CMT" phase. What should I do?21:08
b-man`ah, here it is :D
MohammadAGis it the latest image ptl?21:09
lcukptl, do not get the n900 drunk again.21:09
ptlMohammadAG51: tried with PR1.2 and PR1.321:09
lcuktry it from a different computer with different leads, failing that idk and nokia care would probably be the best folks to chat to21:09
MohammadAGCMT is the modem21:09
lcuktake out the sim?21:10
ptlYeah, I had sent it to a Nokia authorized support center and it stood there for a week. They sent me back saying they had no replacement parts for the N900 yet. :-/21:10
ptlYes, I did take out the SIM, the memory card21:10
nid0try sending it to a different repair center that doesnt suck21:10
ptlCMT is the modem part?21:10
ptlit's the only one in a 200 miles radius :-(21:11
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:11
ptlwell, anyway21:11
MohammadAGptl yes21:11
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo21:12
ptlI called nokia and they said I should return to that repair center and tell them that they indeed have the part21:12
MohammadAGCellular Modem Tsomething21:12
*** dvaske has quit IRC21:12
MohammadAGreplacing the modem's easy21:12
MohammadAGafail it's next to the battery21:13
ptlCellular Modem Telephone?21:13
ptlwould it be too costly, MohammadAG51?21:13
MohammadAGlock switch side21:13
MohammadAGhmm, the antenna's 6.00 €21:14
DocScrutinizer51wtf replacing rapuyama??21:14
DocScrutinizer51gsm antenna != cmt21:15
*** gaveen has joined #maemo21:15
SpeedEvilThe modem is on the motherboard.21:15
SpeedEvilIt is not a service centre replacable part21:15
SpeedEvilI question if it is ever repaired to that level routinely.21:16
DocScrutinizer51s/service center/21:16
ptlNokia CP-321 is the modem?21:16
SpeedEvilThe modem is not a replacable part.21:16
SpeedEvilIt is part of the motherboard.21:16
ptlflashed successfully right now, but still can't boot21:16
ptlI even tried that rescue image but after I flash-boot from it the screen goes black21:17
*** quanttrom has joined #maemo21:17
MohammadAGtry a framebuffer kernel21:17
MohammadAGit should say where it fails to boot21:17
DocScrutinizer51recharge bat21:17
ptlwhere do I get that?21:17
ptlI did recharge the battery21:17
DocScrutinizer51bs fb21:17
DocScrutinizer51ptl: do again!21:17
MohammadAGI wonder if 1.2 and 1.3 modules and intercompatible21:18
b-man`i don't see why not21:18
b-man`same kernel version21:18
MohammadAGdifferent headers?21:18
b-man`the kernel headers should be the same21:19
MohammadAGptl flash that kernel21:20
ptlI will21:20
ptlflasher-3.5 -F zImage-fb-omap1.bin --flash-only=kernel -f -R21:20
MohammadAGflasher-3.5 -k zImage-fb-omap1.bin -f -R21:21
b-man`erll *-R21:21
MohammadAGdoesn't matter21:21
MohammadAGb-man`, and it's not a fiasco, so it's not -F21:21
MohammadAGit's just .bin cause the old server it was on only accepted files with an extension21:21
* MohammadAG wonders where he can get a BH-505, besides ebay21:22
ptldone flashing kernel21:22
ptlit's trying to boot. white screen with blue Nokia logo21:22
ptlseems to be stuck21:22
MohammadAGb-man`, yes21:23
MohammadAGptl, no text?21:23
ptlthe screen flashed, logo again21:23
ptlno text21:23
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer51, signs of fucked up NOLO ^21:23
* MohammadAG pokes jacekowski 21:23
b-man`Nolia LOader21:23
MohammadAGbootloader, but that should be flashed by areflash21:24
b-man`boot loader21:24
MohammadAGa reflash*21:24
b-man`***Nokia LOader21:24
ptlYeah but I just flashed an entire FIASCO image successfully21:24
* b-man` hates his kb :P21:24
MohammadAGb-man`, we got it the first time :P21:24
b-man`MohammadAG: i know, i just hate making typos :P21:24
MohammadAGptl, you flashed the 1.3 image right?21:24
ptlI wish I could at least make my internal MMC available for a backup21:25
MohammadAGdesolder it :P21:25
MohammadAGsec though21:25
ptlIf I could do that, I would copy it entirely then send to Nokia for international support21:26
*** florian has joined #maemo21:26
*** wazd has quit IRC21:26
*** strcpy has joined #maemo21:27
* MohammadAG wants a BH-505 in less than 15 days21:27
MohammadAGsuggestions? please?21:27
ptlwhy can't I even run the rescue image for making ~/MyDocs available?21:27
ptloh, thanks21:28
MohammadAGflash that21:28
MohammadAGif that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas21:28
MohammadAGor /dev/mtd1's fucked up21:28
MohammadAGptl, meego image?21:29
ptl1.3 maemo 5 image21:29
MohammadAGno, the rescue image21:29
ptlthe meego rescue image21:29
MohammadAGthat didn't work?21:30
ptlit says it doesn't overwrite anything, it would just present a menu with options21:30
ptlthe menu never appears, the screen fades to black after the nokia logo21:30
MohammadAGthen nothing shows?21:31
ptlyep, nothing shows, it stays black for about 20 seconds, then reboots21:32
ptland the 1.3 kernel did not work also :(21:32
ptlwell, I got so dependent on that device I don't know what to do21:33
*** strcpy has quit IRC21:33
MohammadAGsomething on the very low level seems broken21:33
ptlI will resort to the Nokia care center again21:33
ptlyes.. it is definitely a hardware issue..21:33
MohammadAGrunning a rescue image off of RAM should work21:33
ptland it didn't :(21:34
MohammadAGthe kernel is loaded though21:34
MohammadAGsince fading to black only happens on 2.6.3521:34
ptlit's not really 'fading'. black points appear over the nokia logo screen until it goes all black, it's very fast21:35
ptl*black pixels21:35
MohammadAGyeah, I know21:36
*** tackat has quit IRC21:36
MohammadAGI thought something went wrong the first time I saw it21:36
ptlwhat is the kernel parameter for booting via framebuffer? I will try adding it to the meego rescue kernel21:37
MohammadAGthat kernel already has a framebuffer21:38
MohammadAGotherwise, it wouldn't be able to show the menu21:38
*** tackat has joined #maemo21:38
*** smooph has joined #maemo21:39
*** smooph1 has quit IRC21:41
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo21:44
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo21:48
*** fecub has joined #maemo21:52
*** kuuntelija has joined #maemo21:57
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo21:57
*** tackat has quit IRC21:58
*** mikhas has joined #maemo22:00
nid0oddly, my device has decided out of the blue to no longer display contact information while the phone's ringing or the call's in progress, but then shows the correct info in the call log after the call - any idea what might cause that? :\22:01
JaffaMohammadAG: ping22:03
JaffaMohammadAG: Two things; what's downlevel from git trunk on PR1.3 (ISTR, you saying hildon-desktop or modest was); 2) is there a post somewhere about the new repo?22:04
MohammadAGJaffa, is down, otherwise, I was aiming for a monday release22:05
MohammadAGJaffa, I've included Matan's patches in the latest hildon-desktop from git for the repo btw22:05
JaffaMohammadAG: Cool.22:06
MohammadAGhildon-desktop is two versions old afaik22:06
MohammadAGand it looks like it's more than that, since the calling bug is still there22:06
* Jaffa 'll have the community repo in the next MWKN then :))22:06
MohammadAGeven though it should've been fixed in .4022:06
MohammadAGJaffa, the repo is ready right now, but it's down, and I just need to push two new updates22:06
MohammadAGyou're on .install file away ;)22:07
JaffaMohammadAG: Indeed ;-)22:07
MohammadAGone*, fail lol22:07
JaffaMohammadAG: Happy for it to be teased/trailed in tomorrow's MWKN?22:07
MohammadAGI don't mind, might release it tomorrow anyways, if X-Fade fixes the repo in time :)22:07
JaffaMohammadAG: Yeah, but I'm editing the issue now ;-)22:08
opdf2I see that I have the latest backupmanu from the App Man, but when I launch it it says i have 0.3x version22:09
*** zzztrumee is now known as trumee22:10
*** leandrosansilva has joined #maemo22:11
* MohammadAG so wants to port Symbian^322:11
MohammadAGit's a huge leap from Symbian^122:12
pupnikMohammadAG: how do you liek n8?>22:13
*** avs has quit IRC22:13
MohammadAGit wins over the N900 in some aspects, fails in others22:13
MohammadAGUI is on par with the iPhone's in terms of being smooth22:14
MohammadAGgallery is smoother on the N8 actually22:14
MohammadAGphone app works well, doesn't droll for 2 secs when clicking answer22:14
MohammadAGcamera's awesome, etc, but browser fails a lot22:14
pupnikMohammadAG: would you mind if the whole device were thicker? (as thick as the camera part)?22:14
MohammadAGnetwork connection management is fail, as always with Symbian, it keeps WLAN and 3G active at the same time22:14
MohammadAGnope, it's very light as it is22:15
chxHm, does the N8 have a physical keyboard? If not, then why do people compare it to the N900?22:15
MohammadAGthe keyboard is an input method, both devices have input methods22:15
pupnikdunno.  it's 2x as expensive and is completely boring for linux folks22:15
pupnikn900 ~ 350 euro, n8 ~ 680 euro22:16
chxMohammadAG: the N900 can be had below $300 ow.22:16
*** strcpy has joined #maemo22:16
MohammadAGI got this for 400 bucks22:16
pupnikheh i'm wrong on the n8 price22:16
pupnikthat was e722:16
MohammadAGor 35022:16
MohammadAGthe N900 was more expensive in the shop22:16
pupnikyeah n8 is 440 here22:16
MohammadAGand it's not really mine, I'm just "reviewing" it :P22:17
*** leandrosansilva has quit IRC22:17
*** leandrosansilva has joined #maemo22:17
pupnike7 is preordering at like 650-68022:17
MohammadAGthat's a lot...22:18
MohammadAGit has no microSD slot, and an 8MP camera22:18
pupnikMohammadAG: for me N8 selling point is having a seriously good camera with you all the time22:18
MohammadAGI can get a ready image in 2 secs22:18
pupnikplus i love the styling on these so much22:18
DocScrutinizerJaffa: if you got voids to fill, there's great progress on hostmode, mainly driven by PaulFertser22:18
MohammadAGfocused and processed22:18
chxwhat would be a good case for N900?22:18
chxDocScrutinizer: hostmode??22:19
infobothostmode is probably
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you spammer :P22:19
chxoh usb hostmode.22:20
chxi hoped for wifi :)22:20
MohammadAGlol what?22:20
MohammadAGwifi hostmode?22:20
* MohammadAG likes N900 notifier22:21
MohammadAGif only it were a daemon22:21
MohammadAGwell, an auto started daemon that is22:21
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, but still imo22:21
DocScrutinizer*cough* grmbnitscriptsmbl22:21
MohammadAGI think hostmode shouldn't be rushed to the public22:21
AranelErr fremantle/sdk/free libqt4-core 4.6.2~git20100224-0maemo1+0m5  504 Gateway Time-out [IP: 80]22:21
Aranelwhat's wrong with Scratchbox?22:21
MohammadAGrushed is in hyped today22:22
MohammadAGwe should hype it tomorrow :P22:22
MohammadAGAranel, topic22:22
AranelMohammadAG: d'oh.. thanks.22:22
*** crashanddie has quit IRC22:22
MohammadAGfreemoe's dead22:23
MohammadAGwe need a fast server to mirror the official repos22:23
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: we won't hype it at all, a simple britsish dry alpha release will do :-P22:23
*** wall[e]_ has joined #maemo22:23
JaffaDocScrutinizer: ta22:23
MohammadAGhostmode tagline "it only enumerates everything"?22:23
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, screw alpha, prebeta!22:24
JaffaMohammadAG: I love the N8's hardware compared with the N900. Feels very stylish, but understated. Whereas the N900 looks like an slab/brick.22:24
DocScrutinizerHELL beta even22:24
keriothe n9 looks better22:24
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, let's revolutionize releases22:24
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, the release will be a gamma release22:25
MohammadAGnever heard of those22:25
DocScrutinizergamma ray release22:25
*** wall[e] has quit IRC22:25
*** wall[e]_ is now known as wall[e]22:25
MohammadAGor X-hostmode, anything with an X these days is cool22:25
AranelMohammadAG: is it 00:00 Oct 31 GMT? Or which time zone?22:25
DocScrutinizerAmiga workbench 1.3gamma22:25
MohammadAGno, it's not GMT, it's UTC :P22:25
jacekowskiSun Oct 31 21:25:56 CET 201022:25
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: well that's been before you were born :-P22:26
MohammadAGk, iHostmode22:26
AranelAww, so repos down for more than 3 hours. :|22:26
MohammadAGHostmode status: guru meditation22:26
jacekowskiAranel: repos are closed22:26
jacekowskiAranel: no more maemo22:26
MohammadAGlol jacekowski22:26
* DocScrutinizer closes jacekowski22:27
Araneljacekowski:  sure.22:27
MohammadAGjacekowski, got the kernel?22:27
jacekowskii'll do it tomorrow22:27
pupnikhey, with maemo5, you could run the whole OS on a lower-res screen, just by using hildon to scale down from 800x48022:27
wileybdWhats the next step if ive just reflashed my n900 with the latest update and after its completed it reboots gets past the white nokia logo and then just sits there displaying the white flashing circles from left to right for like forever. Ive tried the windows updater like 3 times and now ive used to flasher tool in debian like twice and i still get the same results. Ive also pulled the battery and waited  5 mins between these insta22:27
wileybdalso did the R&d mode on and off22:28
MohammadAGwileybd, reflash it again, and this time be patient22:28
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC22:28
MohammadAGfirst boot is always slow since 1.222:28
wileybdah ok22:28
wileybdhow long is slow?22:28
*** habmala has quit IRC22:28
wileybdlike 15 mins?22:28
DocScrutinizerwileybd: stop messing around clueless, check22:29
MohammadAGwileybd, no, more like 5...22:29
MohammadAGmaybe you're eMMC needs flashing?22:29
MohammadAGback it up, and flash it22:29
wileybdyeah i did see in r&d mode "No init ramfs"22:29
JaffaMohammadAG: Do you know if the problem is being looked at?22:29
wileybdsounds like a ramdisk issue22:29
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:29
MohammadAGJaffa, hmm, which one?22:29
JaffaMohammadAG: *.maemo.org22:30
DocScrutinizerwileybd: that's normal22:30
wileybdjust not sure what it does when it reflashes so22:30
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo22:30
MohammadAGwileybd, no initfs, normal22:30
wileybdah ok22:30
MohammadAG"no initfs \o/"22:30
wileybdyep thats it22:30
MohammadAGJaffa, X-Fade's away22:30
infobotfrom memory, initrd is initial root disk. initial RAM disk, or god's way of punishing you for using a prebuilt kernel image, or  ...And you WILL HAVE TO INCLUDE AN INITRD STATEMENT IN YOUR BOOTLOADER (hint, hint).  Typically if you can't find your root filesystem, this is your problem.22:30
DocScrutinizernote the god part22:30
JaffaMohammadAG: OK, quick summary of the problem for me to raise a support issue?22:30
JaffaMohammadAG: We have people who are paid to support us; even in X-Fade's absence! :)22:31 is down22:31
MohammadAGand tablets-dev22:31
JaffaAnd lists.maemo.org22:31
DocScrutinizerwileybd: does it still charge when hoocked to wallcharger?22:31
MohammadAGJaffa, didn't notice that22:31
DocScrutinizerif so then I'd honestly recommend you give it a good charge prior to continuing to mess around with flashing22:32
wileybdthe yellow light stays flashing22:32
wileybdill check again22:32
DocScrutinizerwhic is a good thing22:32
DocScrutinizerhe said flashing22:32
MohammadAGwith stays before it ;)22:32
D-manHey guys. How would I increase icon size in Catorise aplication?22:33
MohammadAGisn't catorize just a editor?22:33
Jaffab-man`: It uses the icons used by HAM in the theme22:33
MohammadAGmeaning increasing icon size would be done by editing hildon-desktop22:33
wileybdyellow light on the bottem left is flashing but its also has the flashing circles on the screen from left to right when plugged in22:33
Jaffab-man`: Edit those (or change the icon names in the .directory files under /opt/catorise/share)22:34
JaffaMohammadAG: There's a fair bit of padding, TBH.22:34
DocScrutinizerwileybd: try to switch off or remove and reinsert bat, then DO NOT power on, just hoock up to charger. If it flashes amber, keep it like that until green22:34
*** felipec has quit IRC22:34
D-manok, will look at it.22:34
MohammadAGdo AMOLEDs use very low power?22:35
JaffaMohammadAG: (and anyone else): Nemein ticket #1546 reported.22:35
MohammadAGthe screensaver on the N8 is always on, and it looks like it's a bit bright (not 0 brightness)22:35
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo22:35
nox-~bug 154622:35
povbotBug Text is scrambled in textareas when entered with the thumb keyboard in Opera22:35
MohammadAGnox-, internal bugtracker22:35
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: yes, oled is prety economic22:36
*** smooph has quit IRC22:36
MohammadAGdamn, was thinking of doing the same on the N90022:36
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: see, only the bright pixels use power, compare that to LCD22:36
MohammadAGI guess that'd rape the battery right?22:36
*** smooph has joined #maemo22:37
DocScrutinizerwith backlight yes22:37
MohammadAGand without?22:37
DocScrutinizerwithout it's yet to test22:37
DocScrutinizerseems LCD controller eats quite a bit22:37
wileybdok i took the battery out waited 5 seconds put it back on snapped the cover back on then plugged in the charger and i did not turn it on, the i could see the nokia logo behind the dim sceen faintly and then the yellow light started flashing on the bottem left and now the circles are back going from left to right22:37
wileybdso i guess it turns on by itself when plugging in the wall charger?22:38
MohammadAGdid you flash again?22:38
DocScrutinizerdoes it still flash yellow?22:38
DocScrutinizerI suggest keeping it that way, though it's not 100% sure it actually charges22:38
wileybdok i will leave it for awhile22:39
ptlyou got the circles at least22:39
ptlI didn't even get that22:39
wileybdis there really any way to completly damage a n900?22:39
ptlwileybd: I think I just achieved that22:39
DocScrutinizerif it doesn't turn green after 2 hours, you're probably really out of luck22:39
ptlonly the nokia logo screen22:39
ptlflashed a zillion times22:39
jacekowskiwileybd: drop it from 20m22:39
MohammadAGwileybd, yes22:39
MohammadAGjacekowski, was gonna say that lol22:39
wileybdok so the green light just says it fully charged? or does this mean a software error?22:40
jacekowskiMohammadAG: you're too slow22:40
DocScrutinizermicrowave oven22:40
DocScrutinizergreen == charged22:40
wileybdi new all that was going to start22:40
MohammadAGjacekowski, hmm, is 20m enough?22:40
wileybdi meant by an accidental remove of a usb plug when updating or somthing like that22:40
jacekowskiwileybd: no22:40
jacekowskiwileybd: you can just flash it again22:40
wileybdthats what i was thinking22:41
jacekowskii pulled out battery in middle of flashing of CMT22:41
MohammadAGI ctrl^c'd the flasher to see if the N900 would get bricked22:41
jacekowskiand all that happened was that i had no phone features22:41
MohammadAGin january22:41
wileybdi mean ive seen bricked routers like linksys and dd-wrt and stuff like that i just wasnt sure about n900s22:41
ptlMohammadAG51: what if it did?22:41
jacekowskiand after flashing it it worked again22:41
b-man`Jaffa: i'm B-man not D-man :)22:41
jacekowskiwileybd: n900 has bulting hardcoded bootloader22:41
MohammadAGptl, didn't think that far22:41
jacekowskiwileybd: that can be used to coldflash it22:42
MohammadAGinto the omap3 right22:42
*** b-man` is now known as b-man1722:42
jacekowskiand omap2 as well22:42
wileybdi see22:42
*** b-man17 is now known as b-man`22:42
jacekowskiaccording to my latest research rapuyama is only omap2 based on omap322:42
jacekowskiand i'm not sure if rapuyama bootloader is flashed at all22:43
*** vibe_ has quit IRC22:44
PaulFertserAny idea why didn't call git update-server-info, and so h-e-n repo is unavailable via https?22:46
MohammadAGPaulFertser, cause is dying22:46
DocScrutinizer51jacekowski: could you please document on wiki "how to nuke NOLO - and how to restore aka coldflash it again" please22:47
DocScrutinizer51subtitle "including detailled step by step instructions"22:47
MohammadAGfor x in `ls /dev/mtd* | xargs`; do dd <you know what> of $x; done22:48
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer51, there you go ^22:48
DocScrutinizer51now for the rwestore part22:48
MohammadAGcommand crippled for obvious curious-people reasons22:48
DocScrutinizer51much appreciated :D22:49
MohammadAG@noobs if you figure out the command, do it as root, that way you won't be ashamed you did it as user and failed :P22:49
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer51, I think you just need to manually input lsusb output22:49
MohammadAGUsing serial port /dev/ttyS022:50
MohammadAGtcgetattr: Input/output error22:50
MohammadAGI'm not trying it with the device connected22:50
DocScrutinizer51jacekowski claims to have been there, done that22:51
DocScrutinizer51so share it22:52
MohammadAGsudo flasher-3.5 -c -F Desktop/PR1.3/RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -h RX-51:210122:52
MohammadAGthen you probably need to add   -U, --usb-device=ARG        Specify USB device to use (bus:device address), and I guess that's it22:53
* MohammadAG pokes jacekowski 22:53
*** D-man has quit IRC22:53
DocScrutinizer51yeah, handwaving22:53
*** scoobertron has quit IRC22:53
MohammadAGhere you go22:53
MohammadAGUsing serial port usb22:53
MohammadAGSuitable USB device not found, waiting.22:53
MohammadAGmohammad@mohammad-i5laptop:~$ sudo flasher-3.5 -c -F Desktop/PR1.3/RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -h RX-51:2101 --serial-port=usb22:53
MohammadAGthat should work ^22:53
*** scoobertron has joined #maemo22:53
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo22:55
*** trumee is now known as zzztrumee22:55
*** kkb1101 has quit IRC22:55
opdf2I'm gonna flash PR1.3 image from 1.2. Is it still recommended to flash emmc as well?22:55
MohammadAGit was never recommended22:56
opdf2okay ty22:56
* MohammadAG dispatches a team of highly trained monkeys to fix - it works for google...22:56
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC22:56
DocScrutinizer51just another example of Nokia leaving community on their own by not disclosing elementary info and thus up to geeks to brick their devices on trying to RE22:57
DocScrutinizerAn annoying PITA!22:58
DocScrutinizerjust one sentence in flasher manpage/README: clodflash is to [recover NOLO via USB | flash NOLO witha special jig]22:59
DocScrutinizerDAMN NOKIA, IS IT THAT HARD????22:59
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo23:00
*** jophish has quit IRC23:00
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer51: cat /dev/zero > /dev/mtd023:01
jacekowskibut you can coldflash even with working nolo23:02
DocScrutinizersee, jacekowski claims even OMAP2 as in N8x0 can do coldflash via USB (AIUI) - yet there's not a single report in the internets about anybody ever did it23:02
b-man`that could have saved my N800 :(23:02
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer51: i'm not claiming that omap2 can do coldflash23:02
* b-man` nuked nolo had had a dead n80023:02
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC23:02
jacekowskii'm claiming that omap2 based rapuyama can be flashed even if firmware is not flashed correctly23:03
*** merlin1991 has joined #maemo23:03
jacekowskiMohammadAG: coldflash only works on linux ( windows is too slow to enumerate device )23:04
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: so pretty please could you write up a terse wikipage with byte/char-precise detail on what you tested to work, what you think should work, and what you know can't work. And how23:04
MohammadAGjacekowski, I'm on linux, sure that was @ me?23:04
*** CutMeOwnThroat has quit IRC23:05
jacekowskiMohammadAG: ok, what you have to do now23:05
jacekowskiMohammadAG: is get correct usb device id23:05
MohammadAGmy device isn't dead :)23:05
MohammadAGI was just trying to find the steps needed23:05
jacekowskiyou can still coldflash it23:05
MohammadAGI'm not flashing it to see if cold flash works23:05
MohammadAGflashing is a PITA, too many customizations23:05
jacekowskias far as noticed coldflash isn't really flashing it23:05
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: we all are just wild guessing, and gambling with our precious N900 :-D23:06
MohammadAGit's flashing the bootloader?23:06
jacekowskiit's just booting nolo23:06
jacekowskiat least it looks like that's all it does23:06
MohammadAGmakes sense, as it only asked for a 2nd image23:06
jacekowskii mean if you run coldflash command with minimum required parameters23:06
jacekowskiit only boots phone with nolo running23:06
jacekowskiand then if you disconnect it and try to power up it's still dead23:06
MohammadAGhow do I get to the serial console, without a serial cable23:06
DocScrutinizerso 2nd image is flashed by RAMed NOLO23:07
MohammadAGwait what?23:07
jacekowskiyou can't23:07
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: that's how it looks23:07
MohammadAGit's only booting NOLO off of RAM?23:07
MohammadAGjacekowski, so how do you flash it?23:07
*** Xenon|XZ has joined #maemo23:07
jacekowskiwith normal flash command23:07
DocScrutinizera cmdline please23:07
jacekowskigive me a sec23:07
*** perlite has quit IRC23:07
jacekowskii'll boot linux23:07
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC23:09
*** perlite has joined #maemo23:09
*** foxfell has quit IRC23:09
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: there are other poor guys occasionally crashing their NOLO and urban legend even from gurus is "take it to Nokia care, there's no way to flash new NOLO without a jig"23:09
*** foxfell has joined #maemo23:09
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: switch off your phone23:10
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: open device manager23:10
jacekowskiand look23:10
jacekowskiyou will see device called nokia boot rom for a second23:10
DocScrutinizerwtf is device manager?23:11
jacekowskii mean when you start phone23:11
jacekowskion windows23:11
jacekowskithat thing with all devices23:11
jacekowskion linux it will go to dmesg23:11
DocScrutinizernow we're talking23:11
jacekowskii'm not sure where is my fiasco image23:12
*** Flipi|BNC is now known as Flipi23:12
jacekowskifound it23:12
DocScrutinizerok, first part was easy :-P23:12
*** l13tl3 has joined #maemo23:13
*** smooph1 has joined #maemo23:13
*** leandrosansilva has quit IRC23:13
DocScrutinizerOct 31 22:12:55 halley kernel: [3385404.507462] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=34, Product=38, SerialNumber=023:14
DocScrutinizerOct 31 22:12:55 halley kernel: [3385404.507483] usb 1-1: Product: Nokia USB ROM23:14
DocScrutinizeractually 2nd part was similarly easy23:14
*** smooph has quit IRC23:14
jacekowskithat device is there only for a second or so23:14
jacekowskibecause after that nolo boots23:14
jacekowskior phone shuts down23:14
jacekowskii think it shuts down23:15
DocScrutinizeryep, is immediately replaced by ass rage dev23:15
jacekowskior does something else23:15
DocScrutinizerOct 31 22:12:56 halley kernel: [3385405.809781] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=523:15
DocScrutinizerOct 31 22:12:56 halley kernel: [3385405.809800] usb 1-1: Product: Nokia N900 (Update mode)23:15
DocScrutinizerOct 31 22:13:07 halley kernel: [3385417.331425] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=323:16
DocScrutinizerOct 31 22:13:07 halley kernel: [3385417.331444] usb 1-1: Product: N900 (Storage Mode)23:16
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo23:18
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: so I gather you invoke flasher with a NOLO to RAMload, a 2nd img NOLO and xloader to get flashed to NAND by RAMloaded NOLO, plus the -coldflash parameter?23:18
DocScrutinizerthen plug in powered down N90023:18
jacekowskiNokia-N900:~# cat /dev/zero > /dev/mtd023:19
jacekowskicat: write error: No space left on device23:19
jacekowskiso that's first23:19
DocScrutinizeryeah, boot should fail epically23:20
jacekowskinothing happens23:20
jacekowskiwhen i try to start it23:20
DocScrutinizerassuming mtd0 actually is NOLO partition23:20
*** lbt has quit IRC23:21
MohammadAG51it is23:21
*** rd has quit IRC23:21
MohammadAG51dev: size erasesize name mtd0: 00020000 00020000 bootloader mtd1: 00060000 00020000 config mtd2: 00040000 00020000 log mtd3: 00200000 00020000 kernel mtd4: 00200000 00020000 initfs mtd5: 0fb40000 00020000 rootfs23:22
DocScrutinizerfine, so "nothing happens" is pretty much what describes N900 trying to boot with nuked NOLO23:22
jacekowskii think i broke it23:22
*** zzztrumee is now known as trumee23:22
MohammadAG51i doubt it23:22
*** tilppis has quit IRC23:23
*** krau has quit IRC23:23
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:23
MohammadAG51take out battery23:23
MohammadAG51execute cmd23:23
MohammadAG51plug in n90023:23
wileybdok the light is green, flash it again? should i use the windows updater tool or debian with the image i have?23:23
MohammadAG51shove battery in23:23
DocScrutinizerwileybd: yep23:23
DocScrutinizeruse linux to flash, windows flasher is a PITA23:24
DocScrutinizereach one of the 7 different23:24
jacekowskiit's working23:24
jacekowskii think it needs more time23:24
jacekowskiwithout battery23:24
jacekowskito fully switch off23:24
wileybdim going reinsert the battery, hold u, at the same time plug in the usb cable and then release when i see the usb icon, but before all of this i will start the flasher command23:25
pupnik5 row keyboard... 5 freakin rows...   can we take the android hardware drivers and boot maemo on that?23:25
MohammadAG51actually, with a broken kernel, you can keep the device on without a battery23:25
jacekowskii suppose when it's dead without bootloader it takes couple seconds to discharge caps23:25
wileybdim starting flasher like this23:25
wileybdflasher-3.5 -F ./RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R23:25
DocScrutinizerLAdies and Gentlemen, you all witnessed a resurrection23:25
wileybdSuitable USB device not found, waiting.23:26
MohammadAG51of an N900, not a person23:26
MohammadAG51wileybd, root?23:26
DocScrutinizerwileybd: please keep it for 5min more23:26
MohammadAG51and plug in the N90023:26
*** ClaesBas has joined #maemo23:26
*** krau has joined #maemo23:26
DocScrutinizerwe're all attending a miracle23:26
DocScrutinizerbrought to us courtesy jacekowski23:26
MohammadAG51and a properly undocumented flasher23:27
wileybdSending and flashing rootfs image (185728 kB)..23:27
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: bother to c&p the cmdline?23:27
*** Flipi is now known as Flipi|BNC23:27
wileybdErasing CMT:  54%23:27
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: i was doing it on my linux laptop23:27
jacekowskiand wifi decided to die23:27
jacekowskiso one second23:27
wileybdyes im running that flasher app as root23:27
jacekowskii'll have to retype it23:27
DocScrutinizerwileybd: please keep it for 5min more23:27
wileybd5 min more ? you mean when it says its done23:28
DocScrutinizerI mean stfu23:28
MohammadAG51no, just disconnect it when it's done23:28
MohammadAG51lol DocScrutinizer temper :P23:28
jacekowskiflasher-3.5 -c -h RX-51:2101 -2 2nd.bin......... -s secondary.bin...... -S usb23:28
wileybdCMT flashed successfully23:28
jacekowski-S usb is very important23:28
wileybdive pulled the usb cable23:28
jacekowskiotherwise it will try to use serial port23:28
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer23:28
wileybdoff of the n90023:28
MohammadAG51yeah, as i said above23:28
*** DocScrutinizer sets mode: +q wileybd!*@*23:29
MohammadAG51dude wtf?23:29
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: have no mercy23:29
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: ok once again for clarity23:30
jacekowskinuke bootloader23:30
jacekowskiNokia-N900:~# cat /dev/zero > /dev/mtd023:30
ClaesBasAny tips on where to dl maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2_i386.deb ( out of order )?23:30
jacekowskicat: write error: No space left on device23:30
DocScrutinizerflasher-3.5 -c -h <what?> -2 <what?> -s <what?>23:30
*** swc|666 has quit IRC23:30
jacekowskione second23:30
MohammadAG51DocScrutinizer, unpack your fiasco with -u23:30
jacekowskii think it's problem with killswitch23:31
MohammadAG51and unquiet the guy23:31
*** fab has quit IRC23:31
*** DocScrutinizer sets mode: -q wileybd!*@*23:31
MohammadAG51ty, i have no idea why you did that23:31
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo23:31
DocScrutinizerbecause jacekowski wasn't finished23:31
MohammadAG51this isn't #jacekowski23:31
MohammadAG51with all respect to both of you23:32
DocScrutinizerand wileybd can wait another 5 min23:32
jacekowskilet him talk23:32
AranelMohammadAG51: do you know a mirror URL for SDK packages? It's still down and I really want that libqt package. :|23:32
wileybdno im still laughing on the stfu23:32
*** mece has quit IRC23:32
*** Flipi|BNC is now known as Flipi23:32
jacekowskii'll finish talking when i'll get my wifi working23:32
DocScrutinizerk, up to you.23:32
MohammadAG51Aranel, mirror's dead23:32
* DocScrutinizer hands a cookie to wileybd23:32
Myrttiyou all need a better hobby23:33
Myrttimay I suggest knitting23:33
jacekowskiso first23:33
SpeedEvilMy hobby is burning stuff I find around the garden.23:33
wileybdi knew i should have left this thing alone23:33
jacekowskinuke nolo23:33
* DocScrutinizer decides staling Myrtti is even nicer than knitting23:33
MohammadAG51Myrtti, how old are you to suggest knitting? :P23:33
SpeedEvilTo quote Buffy. 'Fire Pretty'.23:33
DocScrutinizerstalking even23:33
jacekowskithen start linux PC23:34
MyrttiMohammadAG51: too old for you23:34
jacekowski( it's not going to work on windows without lot of struggle )23:34
jacekowskidownload fiasco image23:34
MohammadAG51Myrtti, lol, wasn't my point anyways23:34
jacekowskiunpack it23:34
jacekowskiflasher-3.5 -F RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -u23:34
jacekowskidisconnect phone23:34
jacekowskiremove battery23:34
MohammadAG51Myrtti, and #maemo's a geek channel, knitting is an insult :P23:34
jacekowskiand then23:35
jacekowskiflasher-3.5 -c -h RX-51:2101 -2 2nd.bin-RX-51\:2101\,2102\,2103 -s secondary.bin-RX-51\:2101\,2102\,2103 -S usb23:35
*** hurbu has quit IRC23:35
SpeedEvilKnitting is very geeky.23:35
jacekowskithen connect phone via usb23:35
MyrttiMohammadAG51: I'm not the only one who does knitting, and I've also asked and begged for a knitting pattern app for Maemo since age immemorial23:35
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo23:35
MohammadAG51when you code an app to do it for you :P23:35
jacekowskiplug in the battery23:35
jacekowskiand you're done23:35
jacekowskinow you can flash it23:35
jacekowskiwith normal image23:36
MohammadAG51Myrtti, pattern app? how would that work?23:36
*** crs has quit IRC23:36
*** lbt has joined #maemo23:36
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: thanks a million. As this time Myrtti decided to assist MohammadAG51 in spoiling irclogs with discussions about crack and knitting so there's still no proper URL pointing to a clear step by stef instruction, I'll summarize on wiki what you said23:37
MyrttiMohammadAG51: a bit like xournal did on Diablo, but not quite. There is an app for Android for designing patterns called "Little Knitter" - basically it's a grid that you can fill with different symbols23:37
MyrttiDocScrutinizer: a wiki page is better for such stuff anyway than an IRC log...23:38
*** swc|666 has quit IRC23:38
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: of course device id will be different for some phones23:38
DocScrutinizerMyrtti: so I suggest YOU do it then :-D23:38
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: and image will have to be different23:38
MohammadAG51DocScrutinizer, sorry, but this isn't a two person channel :P23:38
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: but i think majority is 210123:39
*** trumee is now known as zzztrumee23:39
MohammadAG51oh and DocScrutinizer, cat .xchat2/xchatlogs/Freenode-#maemo.log | tail -50 | grep jacekowski on your N90023:39
wileybdstill flashing those circles back and fourth does that sound correct?23:39
jacekowskiwileybd: yes23:39
MyrttiDocScrutinizer: I've had my bit with the maemo wiki, I'd rather not touch it, I'd get hives23:39
jacekowskiwileybd: it will take couple minutes23:39
ClaesBasAnybody with maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2_i386.deb on the machine able to share it?23:39
jacekowskiClaesBas: i think i have something23:40
jacekowskiClaesBas: yep23:40
wileybdreminds me of fsck on a 20tb flash drive :)23:40
ClaesBasjacekowski: Could you share it?23:40
jacekowskijust a se23:40
*** krau has quit IRC23:41
*** Wamanuz has quit IRC23:41
DocScrutinizerwileybd: it might be correct, might also indicate you should do a full reflash, first vanilla then combined img23:41
DocScrutinizeras odds are it tries to optify and has IO errors on eMMC23:41
*** Wamanuz has joined #maemo23:41
wileybdthats what im thinking because i let sit earlier like this for a few hours23:41
ClaesBasjacekowski: 1000 thanks!23:42
MohammadAG51kernel needs a hold f for framebuffer patch23:42
wileybdill read up on how to do that23:42
*** krau has joined #maemo23:42
infoboti heard flashing is
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: just make sure to add not that it will have problems on windows23:42
MohammadAG51you need the image, which is on a site that's down23:42
MohammadAG51ffs Nokia, get your shit together and buy new servers23:43
MohammadAG51or make the images redistributable23:43
DocScrutinizerACK again23:43
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo23:43
wileybdwell dam i figured that was one the entire reasons they would use linux23:43
*** korhojoa has quit IRC23:43
infobotjacekowski meant: DocScrutinizer: just make sure to add note that it will have problems on windows23:43
DocScrutinizerhey, monday is holiday. So it's pretty clear thy spoiled it on Friday. They always do on long weekends so impact is maximized23:44
MohammadAG51DocScrutinizer, deop ;)23:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer23:45
*** rtyler has joined #maemo23:45
* MohammadAG51 stabs ChanServ, deop23:45
MyrttiMohammadAG51: let me count how many times I've asked and begged for that kind of app for linux... looks like three times in 2 years23:45
MohammadAG51not enough coders who understand knitting :P23:46
wileybdok so i still have to wait to grab the base vannilla image23:46
MohammadAG51is bla bka23:46
MyrttiMohammadAG51: I guess Android has more coders then... how come they've got several knitting related apps?23:46
jacekowskiMohammadAG51: do you have copy of it?23:46
jacekowskiMohammadAG51: emmc image?23:46
MohammadAG51yes, i think23:47
DocScrutinizeryeah, share it to wileybd23:47
Myrttiand yes, that actually was a rhetoric and BITTER question23:47
jacekowskiup it to my server23:47
wileybdwileybd crosses his fingers23:47
wileybdat this point i dont even care about md5 sum matches :)23:48
DocScrutinizerMyrtti: answer: $0.7923:48
wileybdi just need to make a call and i lost my red box back in199523:48
MohammadAG51hmm, i'm dead if someone sees me awake :P23:48
MyrttiDocScrutinizer: LittleKnitter is free?!23:49
jacekowskiknitting is little bit girlish23:49
Myrttisure, there's a paid version for ~$3.20 but still23:49
DocScrutinizerMyrtti: sorry no clue, but I bet there's a zillion way to make money with a proper shop23:49
Myrttijacekowski: and my father taught me how to knit23:50
DocScrutinizerMyrtti: blame OVI23:50
Myrttijacekowski: he donates a bin bag full of toddler sized socks to the local kindergarten every year...23:50
*** Vanadis_ has quit IRC23:51
jacekowskiwool socks?23:51
jacekowskii hated them23:51
*** Xenon|XZ has quit IRC23:51
DocScrutinizeroh YESSS23:51
MohammadAG51jacekowski, pass over PM again?23:51
jacekowskiMohammadAG51: i don't remember it23:51
*** crs has joined #maemo23:51
jacekowskigive me a sec23:51
MohammadAG51change it then :P23:52
MyrttiI could've lived with Xournal but when I last tried it on scratchboxed Maemo 5 it didn't actually do anything a knitter would need it to do23:52
*** smooph has joined #maemo23:52
Myrttiso I was happy with my N80023:52
*** smooph1 has quit IRC23:53
* DocScrutinizer heard of dudes going Dagobert Duck with 79ct apps on iStore23:53
MohammadAG51WoL ftw23:53
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC23:55
DocScrutinizerwhen oh when will this shit show up on rapidshare?23:55
DocScrutinizerI'm a total share noob so don't point at me23:56
wileybdMohammadAG51  is that shared somhow and i was suppose to grab it?23:57
wileybdthe ./Downloads/RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin  i see above23:57
jacekowskihe's uploading it to me23:57
wileybdah i see23:57
jacekowskiso you can download it from there when it's done23:57
wileybdfrom where?23:58
jacekowskimy server23:58
wileybdi just see ./Downloads path23:58
wileybdah ok23:58
jacekowskinot uploaded yet23:58
jacekowskii'll move it to
jacekowskiwhen it's done23:58
jacekowskii'll move it to
wileybdah ok i thought it was some kind of old school dcc send command23:58
MohammadAG51ETA is one hour23:58
jacekowskinah, that's just one off23:59
*** buspital has quit IRC23:59
DocScrutinizerget you an internet!23:59
jacekowskiif he uploads it to my server more people can download it later23:59
MohammadAG5167kbps upload speed grr23:59
MohammadAG51i usually get +10023:59
jacekowskiMohammadAG51: i can do more on my phone23:59
MohammadAG51fucking broadcom driver support23:59
MohammadAG51and it's wireless N...23:59

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