IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2010-09-30

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DocScrutinizerwhat a cruft is hat btw? ->00:04
DocScrutinizerrm -f ${SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS_FILE}00:04
DocScrutinizercat >> ${SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS_FILE} << EOF00:04
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DocScrutinizerwtf first rm the file, then append to it? and then this here-document for one line o.O00:05
MohammadAGthey could've used > instead of rming the file first00:05
DocScrutinizermsu've been winter in Finland when they coded that00:06
sivangubuntu is playing tricks on me00:06
DocScrutinizermust have*00:06
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sivangDocScrutinizer: maybe the var can span multiple lines?00:07
DocScrutinizerummm, even then00:07
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nomisDocScrutinizer: I can come up with a reason for the rm -f / cat trick.00:11
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nomis"rm -f ; cat" works on write-protected files, "cat >" does not.00:11
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DocScrutinizerooh right00:11
nomisnot that I think that this is the case here  :)00:12
DocScrutinizerstill apending to a rm'd file is silly, no?00:12
DocScrutinizervery special00:12
villagersivang: you need evolution data server to be able to use the phone functions, you know... it has your contact list00:13
sivangvillager: I see.00:13
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DocScrutinizerin case you wonder: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/01DBUS00:13
nomisDocScrutinizer: true, that does not seem to make a real difference.00:14
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lardmanQt, xvimagesink, does it work? Or should one use OpenGLES? And if so, is the OpenGLES setup time-consuming?00:15
DocScrutinizerlol, read the first if then else statement in 01dbus! XD00:16
DocScrutinizerif `whoami` = root then bla.user else bla.`whoami`  -  no given the fact we only have a user named user and a user named root that's rather funny00:18
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villagerDocScrutinizer: no "else" part on my device00:19
DocScrutinizerwell, at least Nokia didn't assume in *every single* the standard user of maemo had to be named 'user' :-P00:20
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DocScrutinizervillager: in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/01dbus ? o.O00:21
villagerhmm, wait, I scrolled past it, now I see the else part00:21
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DocScrutinizerwooohooo there's a binary called xset770 :-P00:23
DocScrutinizerdamn, and I thought I got a N90000:23
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DocScrutinizeranybody else got two camera-ui in /etc/X11/ ?  Anybody tested if that's maybe one too much?00:28
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Mouseyis the n8 maeom?00:30
Mouseymaemo, even00:30
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DocScrutinizernope even00:30
* Mousey nm's00:31
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pupnikwere any of you guys into electronic music in the 90s?00:39
LinuxCodewas and is00:39
pupnikwhile me and my friends were creating the first 3D accelerated PC game, this was our attempt at reaching the top of the US dance charts00:40
pupnikanother song reached #200:40
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LinuxCodeatari or amiga ?00:41
pupnikpc - rendition verite00:42
LinuxCodeI guess it was later 90s then ?00:42
pupnikmy god our music sucked though00:42
LinuxCodenever liked "dance style" music00:42
pupnikaphex twin was doing his stuff in 1991-200:42
LinuxCodeI always was the more techno, jungle kind of person00:43
LinuxCodestill like dnb00:43
pupnikjungle is an early term00:43
LinuxCodeyeah, there was nothing else00:43
pupniktry dubstep.fm00:43
LinuxCodenow there are so many sub-genres I dont even know them al00:43
jarkkomfirst 3d accelerator cards were pretty hilarious, I had the S3 one that made games run slower than just using software renderer00:43
LinuxCodeI just call it all dnb00:43
LinuxCodewel, unless its dubsetp00:44
LinuxCodedubstep is very different00:44
pupniks3 killed my company jarkkom00:44
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LinuxCodetime fo dinner00:44
pupniki tried to get it started in audio cards, but the president killed the project00:44
LinuxCodethen work, after I get this array fixed meh00:44
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pupniki actually got a prototype 8 channel in/out card for 8038600:44
jarkkomwell audio card business is pretty dead too apart from production side00:44
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pupnikin 198900:44
LinuxCodejarkkom, wan tot buy a creamware puslar 2 ?00:45
pupnikno 1988 sorry, 1989 was when they canned it00:45
* LinuxCode stil has an emu 6400 utlra under his desk00:45
LinuxCodebought it, 3 months later softsamplers cam out00:45
LinuxCodedepreciation 90% in 4 months, epic00:46
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pupnikLinuxCode: want something good?00:53
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LinuxCodepupnik, hehe01:00
* LinuxCode makes dinner01:00
zs_hi, are there anywhere call logs?01:02
pupnik no fsck that01:03
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DocScrutinizerwhat is PtMalloc?01:05
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wolf^DocScrutinizer, memory allocator used in glibc01:06
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DocScrutinizerthanks. can you point me to a doc about MALLOC_TRIM_THRESHOLD_=8192 and MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD_=3276801:07
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DocScrutinizer# PtMalloc settings to control fragmentation and check corruption01:07
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DocScrutinizer( /etc/resource_limits.conf )01:08
wolf^DocScrutinizer, try dlmalloc sources01:09
DocScrutinizerumm, ok. nevermind01:09
DocScrutinizerthanks anyway01:09
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wolf^DocScrutinizer, no, the documentation is in the sources01:10
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DocScrutinizermaybe it's simply not that important01:10
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flexxxvso these noise level c lines just compiled .D01:16
DocScrutinizerwolf^: thanks01:16
DocScrutinizerseems maemo settings are considerably lower than defaults01:16
wolf^DocScrutinizer, do note that this is from dlmalloc, not ptmalloc (which is a dlmalloc derivative)01:17
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flexxxvrval = ioctl(fd, SI4713_IOC_MEASURE_RNL, &rnl); just doesn't return the right thing :(01:17
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pupnikdoc|home: you seeing the results of your evil yet?01:25
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pupnik   Obama administration wants encryption backdoors for domestic surveillance01:26
pupnikone of the agents of evil ... :)01:27
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pupnikyeah, well what can we do?  it's the nerds versus the thugs.  the stupid kids in your high school have signed up with the government, and they're clubbing the intelligent people01:27
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pupnikit's despicable really01:29
pupnik#maemo needs to take an anti-slavery stance01:29
pupnikthat's what we're here for01:29
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pupnikhave i made the case that the obama administration is threatening maemo and meego?01:30
pupnikthis is an action item for everyone01:31
pupnikand it will not go away01:31
flexxxvSo this is the source: , this the si4713.h: . It compiles succesfully. just that I dont get a right value for rval. what am I missing?01:31
pupnikthis is now permanent subject in maemo, meego, and meego-arm01:31
pupnikthe obama administration wants to send you to jail for encrypting your communications without government backdoors.01:31
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pupnikthis is now subject for #maemo01:31
vblazquezwhich is the right size for XB-Maemo-Icon-26  for packaging? i was trying with 48x48 but it wasn't working, finally with 40x40 works01:33
vblazquezat wiki you can see 48x48, is that wrong?01:33
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flexxxvtobis87: I just got it compiling :D but not working :( any great idea?01:36
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wmaronepupnik: you have some ulterior motive for pushing the subject?01:37
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lardmanif I create a widget derived from QWidget, how do I set its size?01:39
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ni1s-cellIs it possible to run avahi on maemo?01:44
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lardmanit can be installed, not sure it works for p2p im mind you01:45
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ni1s-cellIll probably only use it with ssh/sftp01:46
lardmandunno then, sorry]01:47
ni1s-cellNo worries01:47
user__am logged on from N900 with tiny screen. Anyway, is maemo extras back up yet? Comparing apps with office full of Droid fanbois.01:47
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kerioshow easy-debian, walk away01:47
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: you're printing the adress of a RNL structure??01:49
DocScrutinizeruser__: yes, should work01:49
DocScrutinizerif not then please come back here reporting01:50
user__i want to install apps, though. Is the repository back up?01:50
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: that mini source fragment has quite a number of fundamental issues. First of all you're not closing your file handle in any of the error cases01:51
flexxxvDocScrutinizer: this is not my code. this is some example code from documentation :P So yeah mybee I should learn some more c :P01:51
DocScrutinizeruser__: what do you think I'm talking bout?01:51
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flexxxvwill fix this not closing prob01:53
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: then I'm rather sure you want to pass rval to printf(), not rnl.rnl01:53
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TiagoTiagoit seems i've misplaced the shortcut to toggle the mouse cursor, i can't find it anywhere, not even in HAM, any idea how i can recover it?01:54
flexxxvanyway rval is all the time < 001:54
DocScrutinizerthen you should first check cmd line parameters, *then* open file01:54
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DocScrutinizermeh, I thought after that script this afternoon, that couldn't get topped today01:57
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flexxxvDocScrutinizer: I can top this aith a new prog in a language i've never used befor :D02:00
flexxxvDocScrutinizer: sry02:00
TiagoTiagoit's quite shocking how much longer the battery lasts when you're not using the N90002:01
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: looking into very basic but professionally written code (e.g unix 'cat') might help a lot02:01
DocScrutinizerTiagoTiago: yeah, and even in freezer X-P02:02
flexxxvDocScrutinizer: thx will download src now :D02:02
TiagoTiagodoes the freezer thing really works?02:02
pupnikhumans range from dog-like to god-like in intelligence02:02
DocScrutinizermy BL-5C lasts a minimum of 30 weeks - when I remove it from device02:03
TiagoTiagono, i meant with it turned on, but without being interacted with02:03
DocScrutinizerseems inserting it to device, bit not powering up (aka 'using') it is comparable02:04
DocScrutinizeraah, yes02:04
DocScrutinizerthat indicates you're using quite some screen backlight (almost the worst hog on N900), and probably also some data transfer, possibly even via GPRS02:05
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TiagoTiagoi have the backlight brightenss at maximum, anything under that is already too dark (fulllbright is also too dark undr sunlight, not much i can do though)02:08
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TiagoTiagowhat exactly is the backlight, a LED array, a mini fluorescent bulb or what?02:09
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lardmanAny Qt programmers about?02:10
tuxonatorhello I don't know if I'm in the right channel but I have trouble with the Maemo Diablo Repositories02:10
tuxonatorPackages.gz won't unzip02:12
lardmanrepo update may have gone wrong02:12
tuxonatorseems so Im trying to find someone that can fix it :P02:12
DocScrutinizerTiagoTiago: LEDs02:13
pupnika friend of mine is now on the run from the FBI02:14
TiagoTiagoi thought LEDs were supposed to be quite efficient....02:14
DocScrutinizertuxonator: try another IP for same URL. Seems this problem is occurring only on some part of the loadbalanced akamai server farm02:14
pupnikhe didn't do anything02:14
pupnikjust did
pupnikand you cock suckers.... thought it would be "ok" to let the motherfucking us government attack Iraq02:15
pupnikwell now you got the result of letting them pull this shit02:15
TiagoTiagowhy is the load balancer not noticing one of the servers is faulty?02:15
pupnikdumb ass nerds.  the bullys are pointing guns at you02:16
tuxonatorDocScrutinizer: tks will do !02:16
*** rodarvus has quit IRC02:16
flexxxvso I just started to analys the code. trying to understand whats going on :) . why this check for argc? *I'm feeling so dumb*02:16
pupnikdumb, dumb people02:17
TiagoTiagowhat the hell are blabbering about?02:17
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DocScrutinizerpupnik: everything OK mate?02:18
lardmanaaaarghmmmgghtt, bloody Qt size this that hint this that the bloody other02:18
DocScrutinizerTiagoTiago: how should a load balancer notice one of the irons has a borked file?02:19
asjTiagoTiago: let it go, he does this every few weeks, starts ranting and raving and going on and on about politics02:19
pupnikDocScrutinizer: not on the 'run' but just moving... they stole laptops a few days ago02:19
pupniki know you want to be a geek02:19
pupnikand ignore the bullys02:19
pupnikyou know the dumb idiots in your 7th grade?02:20
pupnikthey are now working for the government02:20
DocScrutinizerpupnik: please take a off-time and chill a bit02:20
lardmansomeone, please, put me out of my misery and tell me how to size a widget in Qt02:20
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pupnikDocScrutinizer: but it's my new theory for how the world works02:20
asjlarsivi: QWidget::setSize ?02:20
DocScrutinizerpupnik: /join #4202:21
pupnikthe dumbasses scramble to find the large sticks to beat the rest of us with02:21
lardmanfrom the widget itself, can it call that method on itself?02:21
DocScrutinizerlardman: object.x*=200, object.y*=300?02:22
GAN900pupnik, aren't we all?02:22
asjlardman: of course, need a C++ refresher?02:23
pupniklardman: btw you should use your "convincing power" as much as possible.  i suspect you underestimate your charisma02:23
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lardmanbut why does it ignore th hint sizes, stupid thing?02:23
tuxonatorDocScrutinizer: no luck both IPs of the repository have the same problem02:23
lardmanasj: probably ;)02:23
DocScrutinizerdamn, pass me the URL02:24
tuxonatorunable to gunzip the package02:24
*** Bash1 has joined #maemo02:24
tuxonatorso obviously apt-get is also unable to do so02:24
DocScrutinizer~dns  http://repository.maemo.org02:25
infobotI can't find in DNS02:25
*** zs_ has quit IRC02:25
DocScrutinizer~dns  repository.maemo.org02:26 is
*** zs_ has joined #maemo02:26
*** Bash2 has quit IRC02:26 is an alias for is an alias for has address has address
tuxonatorI had .19 and .4102:27
tuxonatorwill try .7202:27
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tuxonatorDocScrutinizer : works tks a lot !02:29
DocScrutinizertuxonator: maybe for diablo it's even worse than for fremantle02:29
DocScrutinizerooh :-D02:29
tuxonatoris it a common problem with akamai ?02:29
tuxonatorreplication issues ?02:30
DocScrutinizernot a premiere02:30
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DocScrutinizerI just wonder whom to poke to get him kick akamai's heck02:31
DocScrutinizererr stern02:32
*** babsher has quit IRC02:32
TiagoTiagosorry, had to be afk for a moment02:33
DocScrutinizer~seen X-Fade02:33
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo (2d 14h 5m 49s) #meego (2d 14h 5m 49s), last said: 'Morning'.02:33
TiagoTiagoi see, i thought the issue was somthing that could be detected by pinging the server02:33
lardmannight al02:34
lardmanall even02:34
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DocScrutinizerX-Fade: all repositories have a certain percentage of servers on akamai that ship a broken *.gz file02:38
*** Rarok has quit IRC02:39
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TiagoTiagoit seems i've misplaced the shortcut to toggle the mouse cursor, i can't find it anywhere, not even in HAM, any idea how i can recover it?02:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer02:46
*** DocScrutinizer changes topic to "Welcome to #maemo | | Maemo Community Council | | | Skype is INCLUDED in the N900. Unless you live in India, that is. | Also this is #maemo, NOT #nitdroid | *** extras repository is temporarily broken, causing errors on update ***"02:47
*** DocScrutinizer changes topic to "Welcome to #maemo | | Maemo Community Council | | | Skype is INCLUDED in the N900. Unless you live in India, that is. | Also this is #maemo, NOT #nitdroid | *** extras repository is temporarily broken *** see"02:48
hardakerTiagoTiago: oddly, I have it on and want to turn it off!!!02:48
DocScrutinizermaybe something starting with 'xset' ?02:51
hardakerMine got turned on when I installed the bluetooth hid support.  Which didn't work, so I uninstalled it but the cursor remains.02:52
hardaker(I searched /etc/X11/xorg.conf but it's not in there)02:52
flexxxvgot further with my code analys :P , why is it using sscanf to convert the string to int?02:52
*** crs has joined #maemo02:53
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TiagoTiagoperthaps it comes with one of the bluetooth things02:59
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: what else would you suggest to use for that purpose?03:01
tobis87I have got the kernel from MohammadAG working, however the binary injection driver oopses after insertion:
*** tuxonator has quit IRC03:02
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*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo03:03
*** javispedro has joined #maemo03:04
*** TiagoTiago has quit IRC03:04
flexxxvDocScrutinizer: how about atoi?03:04
tobis87Anyway it is a start, now if crashandie manages to create a compilable version it should work. And I have to ask MohammadAG tomorrow for the kernel headers.03:06
*** benh has joined #maemo03:06
*** e-yes has joined #maemo03:07
*** b-man` is now known as b-man1703:08
*** b-man17 is now known as b-man`03:08
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javispedrowe have a way too long topic.03:10
javispedroit also overlaps partially with chanserv welcome message.03:10
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: might work as well03:11
flexxxvok thx03:11
flexxxvso I'm now at this line: rval = ioctl(fd, SI4713_IOC_MEASURE_RNL, &rnl); why on earth is it returning <0???03:11
javispedroatoi is not standard c03:11
flexxxvdidn't know that03:11
flexxxvgood to learn some c03:12
flexxxvalways wanted to :D03:12
javispedroforget I exist, it is.03:12
javispedroitoa is the one that isn't.03:13
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: maybe tell flexxxv how toproperly output error value and descriptive text after a failed file operation03:13
flexxxvi already implementaed this :D03:13
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo03:14
flexxxvno wait03:14
flexxxvi implementaed to show an error if it fails to open /dev/radio003:14
javispedroperror? =)03:14
javispedrohey pupnik03:14
pupniki'll do something again someday03:15
javispedrosomeone pinged me on to bump the mupen64plus package...03:15
javispedrobut I'm too tired, I think I'm going to bed instead.03:15
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo03:15
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DocScrutinizerflexxxv: man perror03:20
flexxxvinvalid seek03:21
flexxxvinvalid argument03:21
*** javispedro has quit IRC03:22
*** TiagoTiago has joined #maemo03:24
TiagoTiagosorry, got distracted03:25
TiagoTiagoyeah, it comes with "bluetooth hid scripts"03:25
*** jpinx-eeepc has joined #maemo03:27
flexxxvhow can I get more infos then "invalid argument"?03:28
*** jpinx has joined #maemo03:29
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flexxxvwouldn't it make more sense to check first the number of arguments (before opening file)???03:32
*** waite has joined #maemo03:37
*** raster has joined #maemo03:40
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: that mini source fragment has quite a number of fundamental issues. First of all you're not closing your file handle in any of the error cases03:40
DocScrutinizerthen you should first check cmd line parameters, *then* open file03:40
DocScrutinizerso, after reposting that, yes it would make more sense to first check cmdline argument number and validity03:41
flexxxvok I Implementated to check cmdline numbers first, also implementated to close the the file on any of these errors. just missing the check if argument is integer.03:44
flexxxvAnyway why does perror gives me "invalid argument" after     rval = ioctl(fd, SI4713_IOC_MEASURE_RNL, &rnl);03:45
flexxxv (still very very dity) :( but I think it should be working?!03:46
SpeedEvilDoesn't ioctl want a FILE pointer?03:47
SpeedEvilas returned by fopen03:47
* SpeedEvil forgets.03:47
flexxxv*looking in documentation*03:48
jarkkomno, it wants file descriptor03:51
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*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo03:53
flexxxvthx. so this isn't the problem03:53
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo03:53
*** pupnik has quit IRC03:56
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*** b0tz has joined #maemo04:02
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*** mirr0r has joined #maemo04:06
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*** flexxxv has quit IRC04:09
DocScrutinizerman ioctl: The  argument d must be an *open* file descriptor.04:09
*** zs_ has quit IRC04:12
TiagoTiagoi'm going sleep, cya04:12
*** TiagoTiago has quit IRC04:13
pupnik_DocScrutinizer: hey man i might not be around for myuch longer - but i am part of the ...04:15
DocScrutinizerpupnik_: hey friend, take some sleep :-D04:16
*** FIQ has quit IRC04:17
prontoD: why does the n900 not have a self timer for the camera ;_;04:17
johnxbecause it doesn't have a tripod mount04:19
prontoi can prop the camra up and leave it there04:20
prontowell the phone04:21
SpeedEvilI vaguely recall fcam does have a timer04:21
*** celesteh has quit IRC04:22
prontothat has a shutter speed and other things, didnt see a timer04:23
*** jpinx has quit IRC04:35
*** jpinx has joined #maemo04:35
*** jpinx-eeepc has quit IRC04:35
*** jpinx-eeepc has joined #maemo04:36
*** waite has joined #maemo04:36
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*** Bash1 has quit IRC04:55
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*** jpinx-ee1pc is now known as jpinx-eeepc04:58
*** jpinx has quit IRC04:58
*** jpinx has joined #maemo05:00
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has joined #maemo05:04
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*** b0tz has quit IRC05:06
*** b0tz` is now known as b0tz05:06
*** b0tz has joined #maemo05:06
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*** user__ has quit IRC05:11
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*** hcm has joined #maemo05:16
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*** idoru has joined #maemo05:18
*** brik has quit IRC05:19
*** brik has joined #maemo05:19
*** haltdef has joined #maemo05:21
*** waite has quit IRC05:23
*** zeltak has quit IRC05:28
*** zeltak has joined #maemo05:29
*** lsm5 has joined #maemo05:33
Psisorry, if this has been asked 1000 times but i see meego tablet will run android apps any idea if n900 with meego will as well?05:34
doc|homePsi: it'll run android apps? Where did you see that?05:35
Psimaybe its fake?05:36
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo05:36
*** bef0rd has quit IRC05:36
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo05:36
wmaronesupposedly they are using VirtualBox to do it05:37
Psiwell it would have to be some sort of VM05:38
wmaroneit is not a capability of MeeGo but something that the WeTab are doing05:38
*** user__ has joined #maemo05:38
*** ponyofdeath has quit IRC05:38
wmaronePsi: or it could have been a complicated port to work with X, but I'm not surprised at the route used05:38
*** b0tz has quit IRC05:38
wmaronedebatably useful, due to the lack of access to the market05:38
*** angasule has joined #maemo05:41
Psibeen playing around with lazarus the last few days, seems to be working quite well compiling arm apps on my desktop pc05:42
Psiits like opensource delphi for linux05:43
* wmarone looks it up05:43
wmaroneI haven't used delphi in years05:43
Psiif you want to make apps for n900 you have to compile it yourself and tweak some stuff05:43
*** b0tz has joined #maemo05:44
wmaroneeverything I've messed with on the N900 has been in C05:44
Psibut apt-get install lazarus  will get you making x86 linux apps right away05:44
wmaronemight check it out later05:45
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo05:48
* Psi wonders if the indy libraray will compile for arm in lazraus05:48
*** kthomas has quit IRC05:49
*** vkvraju has joined #maemo05:54
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:54
vkvrajuHi All05:55
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:56
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:56
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:56
*** hcm_ has joined #maemo05:59
user__\what the topic?05:59
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo06:00
*** kthomas has joined #maemo06:01
*** hcm has quit IRC06:02
*** kthomas has quit IRC06:03
*** kthomas has joined #maemo06:03
*** dockane has quit IRC06:04
*** kthomas has quit IRC06:06
*** kthomas has joined #maemo06:06
*** vkvraju has quit IRC06:07
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*** gaveen has joined #maemo06:08
*** b0tz has joined #maemo06:10
*** OptX has quit IRC06:12
*** b0tz has quit IRC06:15
*** lsm5 has quit IRC06:15
*** b0tz has joined #maemo06:16
*** b0tz has joined #maemo06:16
delt..... extras repo still broken? :(06:16
deltis this because i flashed my n810 and lost all the apps i had on it?06:16
*** OptX has joined #maemo06:16
deltthinking i could easily reinstall them??06:16
delt*sigh* anyway... be back later...06:17
ShadowJKso when I press about the middle of the battery door, N900 drops cellular :-)06:17
*** boogeyman has quit IRC06:18
*** lsm5 has joined #maemo06:22
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo06:27
*** jpinx has quit IRC06:29
*** LinuxCode has quit IRC06:31
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC06:32
*** MacDrunk has joined #maemo06:34
*** ponyofdeath has joined #maemo06:35
*** the_lord has joined #maemo06:38
*** radic has quit IRC06:42
*** radic_ has joined #maemo06:42
*** kthomas has quit IRC06:47
*** kthomas has joined #maemo06:48
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #maemo06:52
*** Xisdibik has joined #maemo06:53
*** kthomas has quit IRC06:55
*** zutesmog has quit IRC06:59
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo07:04
pigeondamn, my n900 turned itself off twice in the last 3 minutes for some reasons...07:05
pigeon(or kernel crash or something...)07:05
wmaronewhat's /proc/bootreason say?07:06
pigeonit always just says that.07:07
pigeonthis is also scary... my bash history is corrupted07:07
pigeon.bash_history has some random binary data in it, as well as some sql table create statements in it...07:08
wmaronethat screams filesystem corruptio07:08
ShadowJKnext time if it happens when you're using it with screen on, if the screen contents becomes white just before the backlight dies... then it's probably the battery contacts07:08
*** Dregs has quit IRC07:09
pigeonhow would i fsck /dev/mmcblk0p2?07:09
*** otep has quit IRC07:10
ShadowJKI suggest you don't07:10
ShadowJKit just makes it worse07:11
*** otep has joined #maemo07:11
pigeonwell, that's probably true, but continue to use the fs wouldn't help it either i thought07:11
ShadowJKI tried fsck it once and it made it so fucked up I ended up mkfs a new one and restoring from backup07:12
pigeonperhaps it's a good time to backup and reflash...07:12
pigeoneven if you mount it ro and fsck?07:12
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC07:14
*** b0tz` has joined #maemo07:16
ShadowJKI had it /umounted/ when I ran fsck07:16
*** b0tz` has quit IRC07:17
pigeonoh :(07:17
*** MadViking has joined #maemo07:17
ShadowJKit took some creative scripting of the actual fsck and failsafes for me07:17
ShadowJKand it ended up being pointless :)07:17
pigeoni've been having random power off in the last couple of weeks, and they all feel like either network (2g/3g) or web browser (microb) related, but i'm not 100% sure.07:19
*** b0tz has quit IRC07:19
pigeonand i guess the fs isn't going to get better like that... :\07:19
pigeoni thought it was kernel power, so i put the stock kernel back last night.07:19
ShadowJKI've been having sim card problems :/07:20
ShadowJKit's frustrating when shit doesn't work :)07:20
pigeonwhat sort of sim card problems?07:20
ShadowJKtwo days ago it lost signal 70 times in a day07:21
ShadowJKthen I cleaned the springs and the sim card and it was like 3007:21
ShadowJKand tonight it "only" broke 5 times after I used tweezers to elevate the sim card springy contacts on N900 a bit... :/07:22
ShadowJKseems it happens when I move around alot, and when there's any pressure on N90007:22
jpinx-eeepcShadowJK: how old is your n900?07:22
ShadowJKover a year07:22
redeemanwifi is broken on mine :(07:23
ShadowJKor, well, close to a year07:23
jpinx-eeepcjust out of warranty ?  ;)07:23
ShadowJKno it has 2 year warranty in eu07:23
jpinx-eeepcShadowJK: mine is 7 months and no sign of anything bad yet, but I am being very careful with the usb socket.07:24
jpinx-eeepcandd I never switch it off07:24
pigeonmy n900 is only about 5 months old :\07:24
jpinx-eeepcthough I curse nokia for not making it dual sim07:24
redeemani want dualsim too07:25
ShadowJKthey haven't had dual sim since like 5510 or something :)07:25
redeemanand my damn wifi broke07:25
ShadowJKwhich was a few years before the one that appeared in the first matrix movie...07:25
jpinx-eeepcyea - too much presssure from the mobile service providers who only one single sim devices07:25
jpinx-eeepcredeeman: what do you mean "broke""?07:25
redeemanerrors from the module saying it times out with some firmware07:26
redeemanand then if i try to up wlan0 it just uses 100% cpu07:26
redeemani checked the md5sum of the firmware files and they are okay07:27
jpinx-eeepcover here (asia) I can get good deals on wifi and gprs, but on different sims - so I woul d have to swap out the sims everytime - just not worth it07:27
jpinx-eeepcredeeman: did you backup and reflaash ?07:27
redeemani did not reflash, but i dont think thats gonna help07:27
redeemanthis is kernel stuff failing07:27
redeemanand the kernel is fine07:27
redeemanand the wlan module is fine07:27
redeemanas is the firmware07:27
jpinx-eeepcsounds like a corrupted driver or somesuch07:28
jpinx-eeepcI'd reflash07:28
redeemanhow would the reflash fix it? this is not userspace related07:28
jpinx-eeepcShadowJK: I had a dualsim converter for my old 6310i, a bit bulky, but a godsend07:29
jpinx-eeepcredeeman: reflash is like - a fresh operating system07:29
*** MadViking has quit IRC07:29
redeemani know, but i dont see how that works07:29
redeemanyou see i dont subscribe to the "reinstall" to fix things solution07:29
jpinx-eeepcredeeman: ok - do it your way ;)07:30
redeemani know pretty much a lot about linux07:30
*** tackat has joined #maemo07:30
redeemanand reinstalling the same files wont fix stuff07:30
*** MadViking has joined #maemo07:30
jpinx-eeepcit will if your files are corrupted07:30
jpinx-eeepcbut what  do I know - I have only reflashed mine 3 times07:30
redeemanwhich files? as i said, i already checked the kernel module and firmware files checksum07:30
redeemani had a guy inhere post the md5sum07:31
jpinx-eeepcyou really won't listen ;)07:31
redeemanbut i would apreciate if you could aswell07:31
jpinx-eeepcreflash or die :D07:31
redeemanmd5sum /lib/modules/2.6.28-omap1/wl12xx.ko07:31
redeemanreflashing is a drastic measure that is not called for at this time07:32
redeemantheres 3 things involved here07:32
jpinx-eeepcit's drastic it wifi is not working :p07:32
redeeman1: the kernel, 2: the kernel module, 3: the firmware files07:32
*** kwtm has joined #maemo07:32
redeemanthese things can be checked without reflashing07:32
jpinx-eeepcyep three things - pride, stubborn-ness and whatever :)07:32
jpinx-eeepcsorry dude - I gotta work07:33
redeemananyone else that can post the md5sum of that file?07:33
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:34
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:34
redeemani guess not07:38
*** MadViking has quit IRC07:40
*** MadViking has joined #maemo07:41
*** the_lord has quit IRC07:46
pigeonalright, i'll remove fcam-drivers too...07:51
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC07:53
*** nicu has quit IRC07:54
*** jpinx has joined #maemo07:55
*** spinningcompass has quit IRC07:58
*** Jajjax has joined #maemo07:59
*** spinningcompass has joined #maemo08:03
*** tackat has quit IRC08:04
*** b0tz has joined #maemo08:09
*** b0tz has joined #maemo08:09
*** sabayonuser has joined #maemo08:09
sabayonuserHi! I'm just trying to follow these instructions: for solution 108:10
sabayonuserbut when I run sfdisk --no-reread /dev/mmcblk0 < table all I get is invalid ioperation -- o08:10
sabayonuserwhat am I doing wrong?08:10
*** sabayonuser has left #maemo08:11
*** fosstux has joined #maemo08:12
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC08:12
*** Ordog_by has joined #maemo08:14
fosstuxI ah i meant invalid option o08:14
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo08:15
ieatlintuh, note that you can brick your device by messing up what you're doing08:16
*** CreamyG has joined #maemo08:16
ieatlinttry removing the "--no-reread" part and see if it still gives the same error (it should realise one of the partitions is mounted, and give an error to that effect -- this option is supposed to suppress that check, but if the problem is a command line switch parse error, this may help tell us that)08:18
luke-jr_ieatlint: nonsense08:18
luke-jr_I don't think I've heard of anyone ever bricking N900 so far08:19
ieatlinteh, i define bricking a phone as making it unbootable.. the fact that it can be saved by putting it into a flash mode and reflashing is obviously relevant, but then we're just arguing terminology, which is about as pointless as it sounds08:19
luke-jr_N900 isn't a phone08:20
luke-jr_bricking means it's a brick. not recoverable.08:20
luke-jr_not good for anything but a paperweight08:20
fosstuxieatlint: The i get Device or resource busy08:20
ieatlintfosstux: then for some reason, sfdisk is not parsing "--no-reread" correctly08:21
ieatlintluke-jr_: then why are there so many guides out there for devices with phrases like "unbricking" in them?08:21
luke-jr_ieatlint: written by n00bs who don't know what bricking means ☺08:21
ieatlintas i said, a pointless terminology argument :P08:22
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC08:22
*** hardaker has quit IRC08:23
*** tackat has joined #maemo08:23
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo08:23
tank-manto the noobs with no skill, it is a brick to them08:25
tank-manskill = reading a howto08:25
*** jpinx has quit IRC08:25
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo08:27
*** villev has joined #maemo08:31
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC08:33
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo08:36
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*** Rarok has joined #maemo08:42
*** larsivi has quit IRC08:43
*** sandst1|away is now known as sandst108:44
*** Jajjax has quit IRC08:46
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo08:50
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC08:51
*** fab has joined #maemo08:52
slonopotamus_is echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/omapfb/panel/backlight_level equivalent to what maemo does to turn off screen?08:52
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC08:53
*** slonopotamus__ has joined #maemo08:54
*** slonopotamus__ is now known as slonopotamus08:54
*** MadViking has quit IRC08:56
*** slonopotamus_ has quit IRC08:57
*** MadViking has joined #maemo08:57
*** zutesmog has joined #maemo08:58
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC09:00
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*** dos1 is now known as dos1|away09:25
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*** wazd has quit IRC09:26
*** wazd has joined #maemo09:26
*** K0JIbKA has joined #maemo09:27
knightstalkerHello,Is it just me or TuneWiki no longer works? :(,It says I need to update,but where to do so?there is nothing in App Manager's update09:27
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC09:27
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC09:31
*** foxfell has joined #maemo09:31
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prontoare fun in bed09:55
*** grishnav has quit IRC09:55
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JaffaMorning, all10:58
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:00
merlin1991morning Jaffa11:00
*** amigadave has joined #maemo11:00
*** b0tz has quit IRC11:05
*** tackat has joined #maemo11:06
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo11:07
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo11:09
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*** majeru has joined #maemo11:12
*** MadViking has joined #maemo11:12
majeruhi, shouldn't the debian packages provided for maemo be converted to store their data on the partition mounted on /opt?11:13
psycho_oreosin almost all cases yes but not all the time11:13
*** hrw has left #maemo11:13
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo11:14
majeruI just tried GNU screen and it doesn't obey this guideline11:14
*** kamui__ has quit IRC11:15
*** Jucato has quit IRC11:15
psycho_oreosthat's probably because its small enough to fit on root partition or for PATH's sake its easier11:15
*** Jucato has joined #maemo11:15
*** andre__ has joined #maemo11:16
majeruyeah, around 1.5MB, but if you install a few dozens such packages it's easily filling up the rootfs11:16
psycho_oreosif it bothers you that much, you may as well move them yourself and either symlink it or change PATH11:17
*** trupheenix has quit IRC11:17
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo11:18
psycho_oreosplus normally rootfs should have around 60 odd MB free, there's not many GNU console tools that would use rootfs space when you think about it11:18
*** lsm5 has quit IRC11:18
* psycho_oreos still has 43MB of rootfs free considering he's already installed a fair few GNU console tools11:19
majeruFWIW the screen package is from the maemo tools repository, so maybe that hasn't been converted11:19
majeruI installed a few othe rtools myself, and most were properly stored in /home/opt11:20
psycho_oreosor you mean its from scratchbox repos?11:20
majerusee the 3rd post of this thread
*** lsm5 has joined #maemo11:21
*** MacDrunk has quit IRC11:21
*** sepultina has quit IRC11:22
*** tackat has quit IRC11:22
psycho_oreosit looks like its part of repos to be used with scratchbox/chroot environment11:23
psycho_oreosor simply put SDK environment11:23
majeruok, my fault then11:23
psycho_oreoshence the reason why11:23
majeruI'm a newbie (yesterday I bought the n900)11:23
psycho_oreoswe all had to start from somewhere11:24
*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo11:24
majeruit's really great11:24
psycho_oreosI personally also use SDK repos on my n900, despite the warnings, all the other standard repos lack the console tools that I desire11:25
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:25
psycho_oreosthe only issue is that you might end up screwing things if you're not careful but otherwise there's plenty of tools inside sdk11:25
majeruI only installed screen from there11:26
psycho_oreosI know I have installed dpkg-dev along with dpkg-repack from that repo (or some of it may come from extras-{testing,devel})11:27
majeruis there any good reason for not having tools like screen in the standard repos?11:27
*** tackat has joined #maemo11:27
psycho_oreosprobably because not many users like to use console tools me thinks :D11:28
psycho_oreosthey just like the fancy GUI and touching it rather than having to type out commands all the time11:28
majeruindeed, but there are some tools I grew addicted of, and screen is one of them11:29
*** MadViking has quit IRC11:30
psycho_oreosthere's lots of tools on command line that I love to use.. the whole GUI thing to me owes CLI dependency, without GUI many users whom are used to using it would freak out at the sign of CLI11:31
knightstalkerHello,Is it just me or TuneWiki no longer works? :(,It says I need to update,but where to do so?there is nothing in App Manager's update11:31
*** MadViking has joined #maemo11:31
*** zap has quit IRC11:41
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*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo11:42
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*** Free_maN has joined #maemo11:44
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*** TeringTuby has joined #maemo12:16
pexiiphone queue in finland:
jaskapostage-stamp sized jpg12:20
xkr47does jpg store dpi info?12:20
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo12:20
*** benh has joined #maemo12:21
jaskawell, at 200x150 its postage-stamp anyway :)12:22
*** gnuton has quit IRC12:23
xkr47ah, yeah, in n900 of course :)12:23
kerio>selling iphones in nokialand12:23
kerioi'm surprised there's someone12:23
psycho_oreosnothing special about that.. n900 was also sold in appleland12:24
kerioyou mean, cupertino?12:25
psycho_oreosI dunno about that place but I do know that n900 can be bought in stateside :) nothing special really12:26
ieatlintnokia only has retail outlets in new york and chicago :P12:27
ieatlintotherwise, it's online sales12:27
achipakerio: must be expats or tourists :D12:27
psycho_oreoswouldn't some phone retailers retail n900 over there in stateside?12:27
ieatlintphone retailers don't exist really12:28
psycho_oreosconsidering n900 has phone functionality, it would be sold off as a phone lol12:28
*** benh has quit IRC12:28
psycho_oreosthat's interesting12:28
ieatlint95% of consumers buy phones that are marketed by mobile carriers12:28
ieatlintand the carriers give hardware discounts in exchange for them signing multi-year contracts with the carrier12:29
psycho_oreoswell yeah there's that option as well, and wouldn't n900 be marketed by mobile carrier/s over there?12:29
ieatlintthere are 4 major carriers in the US, two CDMA, two GSM/UMTS12:29
ieatlintand the two UMTS carriers operate on incompatible frequencies12:29
ieatlintso consumers have no idea what will work unless the carrier themselves market it12:30
psycho_oreoslol that's messed up12:30
ieatlintin the US, T-Mobile is the only carrier to work with the UMTS on the N90012:30
psycho_oreosno vodaphone?12:30
ieatlintand it's too niche..12:30
ieatlintno vodaphone12:30
psycho_oreosheh that's really messed up12:31
ieatlintwe have virgin mobile, but it's this weird shit that works on CDMA and just re-uses another carrier's network (they sub-contract)12:31
achipapsycho_oreos: messed ? wait until you hear that there are plans that make you pay to RECEIVE sms-es12:32
kerioieatlint: who needs standards or government intervention12:32
keriothe free market regulates itself, right12:32
ieatlintthere are reasons why it's like this12:33
psycho_oreosachipa, that's nothing new out where I live :) they're deemed as premium SMS and there are dodgy operators who abuse the premium service by luring users to sign up to them12:33
ieatlintwe have a gov body that regulates radio frequencies12:33
keriobecause interoperability would benefit consumers but not phone companies?12:33
psycho_oreosyeah FCC :D12:33
ieatlintthe standard UMTS freqs were already in use12:33
ieatlinttmobile bought freqs that were previously reserved by the US gov for its own use to roll out their 3g network12:34
ieatlintand after investing billions, they weren't about to let their competitor use it freely12:34
ieatlintso ATT reused frequencies from GSM12:34
ieatlintthus, we have two sets of UMTS frequencies that are essentially US-only12:34
*** gomiam1 has joined #maemo12:34
ieatlintmost 3g handsets support one of them... the iphone supports ATT and the rest of the world, for instance12:35
*** gomiam has quit IRC12:35
psycho_oreosachipa, if you thought that was bad, you have never heard of unlimited internet usage :) out here the wording of unlimited meant certain specified download/upload usage until cap is reached and then you're shaped.. prior to that, they just charge you per extra MB you exceed.. on mobile network, there's no such thing as capping so if you go over you foot the bill12:35
ieatlintit's more of an unfortunate set of circumstances than a specific intent to be proprietary12:35
*** Dini has joined #maemo12:35
psycho_oreoss/bill/extra bill/12:36
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: achipa, if you thought that was bad, you have never heard of unlimited internet usage :) out here the wording of unlimited meant certain specified download/upload usage until cap is reached and then you're shaped.. prior to that, they just charge you per ...12:36
ieatlintpsycho_oreos: we have both here12:36
ieatlintit costs money to receive sms, yes12:36
psycho_oreosieatlint, I've heard some mobile operators offer true unlimited there.. but then again your monthly quota isn't as small as ours I bet :D unless you live out in the bush/country12:37
ieatlintand most data plans are "unlimited", but tethering is not allowed12:37
psycho_oreosheh usb ip ;)12:37
ieatlintif you exceed a certain amount, they will simply say that you must be tethering to use that much data12:37
ieatlintthey don't typically charge you extra though.. they just restrict you to EDGE speeds12:38
ieatlinti think tmobile is around 2GB/mo... don't know for others12:38
psycho_oreosthat's not that bad, here they don't care.. they'll just charge you12:38
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo12:38
psycho_oreosyou pay extra MB you exceed ontop of your regular bill regardless of how much you exceed for wireless internet12:38
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: you pay extra MB you exceed ontop of your regular bill regardless of how much you exceed for wireless broadband12:39
ieatlintfun stuff12:40
ieatlintsimply put, we're all getting screwed12:40
*** Milhouse has quit IRC12:40
psycho_oreosand its funny because we're the ones paying them to keep them afloat12:41
psycho_oreosso they see us as pure milking cows12:41
ieatlintroaming is where they hit you bad with our carriers12:42
ieatlinti take my phone to london, and it's $0.015/KB data, $0.35 to send SMS, $1.99/minute to make calls to the US or UK (extra for UK mobile phones)12:43
ieatlintreceiving sms is free, but only because i have an unlimited sms plan, otherwise it'd be the same cost to receive sms as it is here in the states -- $0.15 if i recall right12:43
*** ColdFyre has quit IRC12:44
*** srw has quit IRC12:44
psycho_oreosroaming here is worse imo.. one of my wireless broadband will only offer 5MB whilst roaming.. any exceeds will be charged per MB whilst using another carrier12:44
*** zap has joined #maemo12:45
*** SWFu has joined #maemo12:46
ieatlintyes, the conclusion is we're all getting raped :P12:47
ieatlintand the n900 is extremely rare where i live12:48
psycho_oreosand I'd still prefer to be capped rather than get charged because I accidentally went over the specified quota.. wireless broadband usage monitoring is not updated frequently (takes about 24-48 hours) and during that time one can easily exceed that amount by forgetting to add the potential delays :)12:48
ieatlinti've been 4 other N900s here12:48
ieatlint3 of which were at a meego event12:48
ieatlinti sold a spare one to mozilla though, so maybe i can say 5 :P12:48
psycho_oreosand I'd stil prefer to be capped rather than getting charged because if I accident went over the specified quota I won't have to foot the extra bill*12:48
*** guardian has quit IRC12:48
psycho_oreosI'm the only n900 user myself within my circle12:49
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:49
*** Free_maN has quit IRC12:49
*** swo has joined #maemo12:50
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo12:51
*** Milhouse has quit IRC12:51
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo12:51
*** raster has quit IRC12:51
*** jacktheripper has joined #maemo12:52
*** dos1|away has quit IRC12:52
*** Noma_ has joined #maemo12:53
*** petteri has quit IRC12:53
*** Milhouse has quit IRC12:53
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo12:54
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo12:54
*** Hilzu has quit IRC12:54
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo12:55
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo12:55
*** Noma has quit IRC12:56
*** Noma_ is now known as Noma12:56
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo12:56
*** Summeli has quit IRC12:57
*** Dini has quit IRC12:58
*** smooph has joined #maemo12:58
keriopsycho_oreos: bandwidth monitor13:00
*** flexxxv has joined #maemo13:01
psycho_oreoskerio, yes I have similar tools for those but even so, its quite stupid how the providers love to charge you for excess usage on top of your regular bill payments to them and not have their own site updated more frequently rather than leaving the end user to be more cautious? or isn't that defeating the whole concept of trying to make your money's worth and to be milked because you have to be cautious but then could miss out unused quota? :)13:02
*** trupheenix has quit IRC13:04
*** gomiam1 is now known as gomiam13:05
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo13:06
*** Milhouse has quit IRC13:06
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo13:06
skrris this script still supposed to work? (with n900)
*** lolloo has quit IRC13:08
*** Openfree` has quit IRC13:10
*** schend has quit IRC13:10
*** Hilzu has joined #maemo13:11
flexxxvhy, I need some help with this ugly c prog: . (I'm using this si4713.h : . My problem is that I alway get "Invalid argument" when trying to get the noise level of the radio :( . Anyone has an idea about whats wrong?13:11
flexxxvor could this just be incompatibel with the kernel?13:12
*** smooph has quit IRC13:13
*** yannux has joined #maemo13:13
jacekowskiand compare kernel sources13:13
*** smooph has joined #maemo13:13
ieatlintthat's c++, not c13:13
*** Ordog_by has joined #maemo13:15
*** dvaske has joined #maemo13:16
*** petteri has joined #maemo13:16
thpspam on planet.m.o?13:16
ieatlintflexxxv: not sure what your exact problem is, but line 28 should be deleted (if fd isn't opened, don't try and close it), and 38 should just be "rnl.frequency = atoi( argv[1] );" instead of using sscanf()13:17
jacekowskiflexxxv: that's not going to work13:17
jacekowskiflexxxv: there are two drivers in kernel sources13:17
jacekowskiflexxxv: and that code works with one that's not used by nokia13:17
flexxxvieatlint: you are right! deleted this line... must be sleeping yesterdaying...13:19
*** smooph has quit IRC13:19
*** smooph has joined #maemo13:19
dRbiGi guess the fact that no application can get a gps fix despite having >3 satellites in view is a standard problem on n900? ;)13:19
* satmd hands a cup of coffee to flexxxv 13:19
satmda BIG cup13:19
*** Noma_ has joined #maemo13:19
ieatlintflexxxv: no worries... sounds like my kind of day :P13:19
jacekowskidRbiG: it takes ages13:19
*** smooph has left #maemo13:19
flexxxvbetter a book for c++ ;)13:19
jacekowskidRbiG: if you don't have internet connection13:19
satmdI only have the o'reilly reference for c++ myself13:20
flexxxvjacekowski: so /dev/radio1 is used by the non nokia driver?13:20
dRbiGjacekowski: i have internet connection here13:20
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo13:20
jacekowskitake a look into sources13:20
jacekowskitwo drivers13:21
jacekowskiradio-si4713.c is the one you need13:21
jacekowskibut on n900 si4713.c is used13:21
flexxxvand only one driver for one device right? so this has to fail. :(13:22
satmdthe linux kernel has a feature for bind/unbinding drivers13:22
*** schend has joined #maemo13:22
satmdI'm not sure it is enabled for n90013:22
satmdbut if it is... and your other driver has the right aliases for the device, this could work13:23
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC13:24
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo13:25
flexxxvso i need to compile radio-si4713.c for kenel. unload si4713.c . Load radio-si4713.c and then  run my app?13:29
*** Hilzu has quit IRC13:30
*** Hilzu has joined #maemo13:30
majerudid anyone try to use nokia headsets made for other devices (with more buttons) on a N900?13:30
korhojoayeah, i tried one13:31
korhojoadoesn't work13:31
majeruI have a headset for N97 and didn't either13:31
korhojoai tried a iphone headset13:31
majeruI wonder if it's a hardware or software issue13:31
korhojoaall it did was buzz in my ear13:31
korhojoastupid video out :/13:31
majeruthis one sounds fine, but the buttons aren't working13:32
*** t_s_o has quit IRC13:32
*** Bash has joined #maemo13:33
*** hrw has quit IRC13:33
*** Summeli has joined #maemo13:35
crashanddiedon't push it in all the way13:35
crashanddieleave like 1mm out, should work13:35
crashanddiethough you may have mono output only13:35
korhojoadoesn't really work13:35
*** jacktheripper has quit IRC13:35
*** Termana has joined #maemo13:35
korhojoait can get audio out13:36
korhojoabut it just plays the difference between the stereo channels13:36
DocScrutinizermultibutton wired headsets aren't supported by the mafw or whatever kernel driver handling the AV connector hw13:37
*** norayr has joined #maemo13:38
DocScrutinizerfrom comparing N95 and N900 schematics I'd guess we could get community driven support for those multibutton headsets as soon as somebody manages to figure out the exact protocol they use13:39
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: that's really nonsense13:40
*** hrw has joined #maemo13:41
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: give the fact the top two contacts in N900 (and any Nokia AV) receptacle are left, right; while 3rd and 4th (base) contact are Mic and Gnd13:41
DocScrutinizerit makes no sense to plug in anything half way13:41
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC13:41
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC13:42
DocScrutinizerexcept if you got a mono headset and you're interested in the right chan of output only13:42
DocScrutinizereven then I doubt it'll work with vast najority of usual plugs13:43
DocScrutinizernevertheless Apple actually has a 3.5mm plug that's 1mm *longer* than normal. You MUST NOT insert those overlength plugs all the way down, otherwise your device might break13:44
infobotThe key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED",  "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.13:44
*** SWFu has quit IRC13:44
korhojoawell, to be honest13:45
korhojoait wasn't a apple headset13:45
korhojoait was a razer moray13:45
*** SWFu has joined #maemo13:45
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo13:46
DocScrutinizerthere's lots of brainfarts in industry about how headsets' plugs should be built13:47
DocScrutinizerNokia has chosen an utterly sane and reasonable approach13:47
DocScrutinizerwhich doesn't mean each abomination will be compatible13:48
*** Jucato_ has joined #maemo13:48
korhojoautterly sane?13:48
DocScrutinizerread that pdf and learn both how to write specs and how to build proper AV13:49
*** Jucato has quit IRC13:49
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato13:51
*** lizardo has joined #maemo13:52
DocScrutinizerN900 is absolutely compliant to OMTP LC requirements13:55
DocScrutinizeras are all other Nokia devices since 2007, afaik13:55
*** MikeK has joined #maemo13:57
*** tackat has quit IRC14:00
*** LjL has joined #maemo14:02
*** yannux has quit IRC14:08
*** jpinx-eeepc has quit IRC14:08
flexxxvok new plan ;) how should I communicate with a device that uses i2c communication bus if I'm using c++? just using /sys/class/i2c-adapter/?14:09
*** gaveen has quit IRC14:10
*** dvaske has quit IRC14:10
DocScrutinizerif there's no dedicated kernel driver...14:11
DocScrutinizerin which case the former approach will fail14:11
*** murrayc has quit IRC14:11
flexxxvso just write "echo 1 > /sys/class/i2c-adapter/somthing" in c++?14:12
flexxxv*should get a book about c c++ and linux kernel and harware programmin* :D14:13
DocScrutinizersystem("echo this is a noobs printf line in C")14:13
flexxxvI mean just translate this to c++ ...14:13
flexxxvlol :D14:13
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo14:13
*** MadViking has quit IRC14:14
*** CreamyG31337 has joined #maemo14:15
*** CreamyG has quit IRC14:16
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC14:16
*** dos1|away has joined #maemo14:17
*** dos1|away has joined #maemo14:17
DocScrutinizerflexxxv: if there's a sysfs node that takes ascii writes like "1" then you write "1" to that node, no matter which language14:17
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo14:17
DocScrutinizerthe beauty of Unix: everything looks very similar regardless of the used coding paradigm, and just everything is a file14:18
tobis87crashanddie: Hi, I got the kernel from MohammedAG working which has cfg80211 not built-in the kernel. However the injection driver crashes after insertion: But I should now be able to compile a recent version with compat-wireless, however the n900 doesn't seem to like the, do you have a static version, which doesn't need autoconf?14:19
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: MohammadAG51: ^^^14:20
*** eMHa has quit IRC14:20
*** LjL has quit IRC14:22
*** LjL has joined #maemo14:22
*** trupheenix has quit IRC14:22
*** LjL has quit IRC14:22
*** LjL has joined #maemo14:22
RST38hDoc: FAIL14:23
*** dos1|away is now known as dos114:23
RST38hDoc: You want beauty, go Plan914:23
*** tackat has joined #maemo14:24
*** KelebekeLite3096 has joined #maemo14:25
*** jd has joined #maemo14:26
*** TermanaN900 has quit IRC14:26
*** dvaske has joined #maemo14:26
*** KelebekeLite3096 has quit IRC14:26
DocScrutinizerRST38h: sorry?14:27
*** zutesmog has left #maemo14:27
*** hd has quit IRC14:28
*** jpinx-eeepc has joined #maemo14:28
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th14:29
*** FIQ|n900 has quit IRC14:30
*** lardman|away is now known as lardman14:34
*** dos1 has quit IRC14:34
*** dos1 has joined #maemo14:35
*** dos1 has joined #maemo14:35
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo14:35
*** FIQ|n900 has joined #maemo14:35
FIQ|n900does anyone in here know if my unlimited price plan for three SE also will take affect on Ireland three network?14:36
infobotFIQ|n900 meant: does anyone in here know if my unlimited data plan for three SE also will take affect on Ireland three network?14:36
FIQ|n900In denmark it worked fine, but it may be because it's scandinavic as well14:36
*** Real_Karizma has joined #maemo14:37
ArkenoiWell, plan9 *was* designed to be Unix "as it intended to be". But actual implementation is said to be full of ugly kludges as well :-(14:38
ieatlintdude, just wait for hurd, it's going to be *awesome*14:39
*** alextreme has joined #maemo14:40
*** shinkamui has joined #maemo14:43
*** pablo2 has joined #maemo14:43
*** wazd has quit IRC14:43
*** wazd has joined #maemo14:43
*** kwtm has quit IRC14:46
*** norayr has quit IRC14:46
*** zs_ is now known as zs14:47
*** wazd has quit IRC14:48
*** dvaske has quit IRC14:50
*** SWFu has quit IRC14:50
*** SWFu has joined #maemo14:51
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo14:54
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo14:58
*** mavhc has quit IRC15:00
*** lcuk has joined #maemo15:01
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:01
*** lcuk has joined #maemo15:01
*** dos1 is now known as dos1|away15:01
*** baraujo has joined #maemo15:03
DocScrutinizerwho was the user who asked about other cmdline apps broken due to CR key mapped to NK-Enter instead of proper Return? Here's another example: htop15:05
*** dvaske has joined #maemo15:06
kerioyou can rebind it15:06
*** plq has joined #maemo15:08
flexxxvanyway to auto format a script with tabs? I've found a long scripts that is hard to read because of issing tabs :(15:08
fluxdocscrutinizer, it's plain annoying, but ctrl-j has worked for me15:08
DocScrutinizer51ctrl-m here, iirc15:08
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:09
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo15:09
fluxpossibly so, ctrl-j might be an emacsism15:09
DocScrutinizer51one is cr, the other nl (0x10, 0x13)15:11
mgedminand various stty modes remap one to the other or vice versa15:12
DocScrutinizer51depending on stty usualy one is translated to the other15:12
DocScrutinizer51lol, yes15:13
*** OptX is now known as OptX_Work15:13
*** woodong50_______ has joined #maemo15:13
*** SWFu64 has joined #maemo15:14
crashanddiestty -echo15:15
*** woodong50_______ has quit IRC15:15
*** woodong50_______ has joined #maemo15:15
*** SWFu has quit IRC15:15
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo15:16
*** zs has quit IRC15:16
MohammadAGmainwindow.h:6:33: error: QMaemo5InformationBox: No such file or directory15:16
MohammadAGgrr, wtf?15:16
DocScrutinizer51this probably has no effect for programs like less / or htop search though15:17
*** eMHa has joined #maemo15:17
*** mfabiop has joined #maemo15:17
*** woodong50_______ has quit IRC15:17
MohammadAGw00t_, poke, you use it in facebrick :)15:17
w00t_QT += maemo515:17
MohammadAGoh, pro file15:19
MohammadAGthanks :)15:19
*** CutMeOwnThroat has joined #maemo15:21
*** mece has quit IRC15:22
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC15:24
*** t_s_o has quit IRC15:29
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*** lcuk has joined #maemo15:33
*** dos1|away is now known as dos115:35
*** abbera_ has joined #maemo15:36
*** flexxxv has quit IRC15:36
DocScrutinizeriDent, Apple's new electric toothbrush15:37
*** ilius has joined #maemo15:38
*** leandrosansilva has joined #maemo15:39
*** abbera_ has quit IRC15:39
*** trupheenix has quit IRC15:39
MohammadAGnaw, I thought it dents cars15:39
* MohammadAG cancels order15:39
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo15:40
iliuswhere is the save folder for maep?15:42
*** jukey has quit IRC15:44
*** Tuco111 is now known as Tuco115:47
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo15:47
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*** celesteh has joined #maemo16:34
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*** pupnik_ is now known as sssnnz16:52
*** fiferboy has quit IRC16:52
sssnnzhi [PG]Aex16:53
sssnnzwejp: "In other words, the U.S. Government is taking exactly the position of the UAE and the Saudis: no communications are permitted to be beyond the surveillance reach of U.S. authorities."16:53
[PG]AexHows it hanging?=)16:54
*** trupheenix has quit IRC16:54
sssnnzThe mother fucking cock sucking assholes want to spy on you16:54
tobis87MohammadAG: I have got your kernel working (omap1), the zImage file was corrupted, so I extracted it from the deb and converted it. Flashed it and copied cfg80211, it does work however the injection stuff reboots the kernel.16:55
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo16:55
*** fabo has quit IRC16:56
*** arno0ob_ has joined #maemo16:56
*** guardian has quit IRC16:58
MohammadAGtobis87, oh cool, so your phone booted up :P16:58
tobis87Yes, the default modules are compatible, but the injection stuff is not
*** tackat has quit IRC16:59
*** arno0ob has quit IRC16:59
*** stef_204 has joined #maemo17:00
tobis87But it should now be possible to use a newer version of the driver, could you try compiling in scratchbox with the modified omap1 kernel header files? The autoconf stuff gives me headaches on the device.17:00
*** willer_ has joined #maemo17:01
tobis87since I don't have scratchbox, I compile on the device... But this autoconf script totally gets messed up.17:03
*** foxfell has quit IRC17:03
*** TheXception|off is now known as TheXception17:04
tobis87You have to run in the folder ./scripts/driver-select wl12xx; make17:08
*** BCMM has joined #maemo17:09
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo17:10
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:13
*** hannesw_ is now known as hannesw17:13
*** darrik has joined #maemo17:15
*** spinningcompass has quit IRC17:16
*** SWFu has quit IRC17:16
darriki recently wrote a qt desktop widget for the n900 using the qmaemo5homescreenadaptor class as provided in the example17:17
darrikeverything works as expected, but when i remove my widget from the desktop, the process zombies17:17
darrikanyone else have this experience, or know if there's somethign you're supposed to do cleanup-wise?17:18
*** mlpug has joined #maemo17:18
*** jpe has quit IRC17:19
*** marciom has joined #maemo17:19
*** Flyser_ has joined #maemo17:21
*** Flyser has quit IRC17:22
*** jpe has joined #maemo17:22
*** schend has quit IRC17:24
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC17:24
DocScrutinizerdarrik: aiui all desktop widgets are started by a single hildon desktop process inside that context. That's why a single broken widget can make whole desktop fail, or at least no widgets are loaded that come after the broken one in sequence of startup. (disclaimer: all AIUI and AFAIK!). Maybe this is also related when it comes to stopping a widget. Try killall hildon-desktop - it'll restart automatically17:25
DocScrutinizerheh, our stuxnet performs really better than expected :-D17:26
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:26
*** ppenz has quit IRC17:27
*** Maemo has joined #maemo17:27
Maemois there anyone help me?17:28
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, hildon-desktop doesn't handle widgets17:28
*** achipa has quit IRC17:28
MohammadAGhildon-home does17:28
tobis87Could you get it to compile?17:29
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: k, still I think a killall h-d will aslo reload all widgets17:29
lardmanMaemo: just ask17:29
Maemoi cant instal apps via synaptic package manager what should i do? my error is :  subprocess rm cleanup returned error exit status 117:30
MohammadAGtobis87, ?17:30
Maemoi have synaptic package manager with easydebian17:30
Maemoplz help me17:31
sssnnzMaemo: does apt-get work?17:31
ZogGMaemo good nick and name i would say17:31
tobis87MohammadAG: (16:00:56) tobis87: But it should now be possible to use a newer version of the driver, could you try compiling in scratchbox with the modified omap1 kernel header files? The autoconf stuff gives me headaches on the device.17:31
Maemono unable to install aplications!l17:32
*** pinheiro has quit IRC17:32
* ZogG is back to troll DocScrutinizer 17:32
tobis87MohammadAG: (16:08:15) tobis87: You have to run in the folder ./scripts/driver-select wl12xx; make17:32
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo17:33
DocScrutinizerZogG: Maemo: I'll not agree with ZogG here. 'maemo' is one of the 'reserved words' and shouldn't be used for nicks, like 'admin' or 'freenode' or 'staff' or 'root'17:33
tobis87Maemo: Could you try to install the app in the console, as root, apt-get install appname. And post the error on pastebin17:34
ZogGDocScrutinizer do bot understand ~wiki?17:34
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC17:34
ZogG~wiki sarcasm17:34
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{worldwide view}} 'Sarcasm' is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt.” Oxford English Dictionary Some authorities sharply distinguish sarcasm from irony, Eric Partridge, "Usage and Abusage", Penguin, 1969. “Irony must not be confused with sarcasm, which is direct: sarcasm means precisely what it says, but in a sharp, caustic, ... manner." ...17:34
ZogGDocScrutinizer ^17:34
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo17:34
Maemono i cant17:34
ZogGcheck his name, he is n900 - so it's ok17:34
Maemoi cant install any app hmm:(17:35
ZogGMaemo look it as a good thing, it's not that you can't — you just don't need17:35
DocScrutinizerI'll check his registration, and evetually kick him17:35
ZogGDocScrutinizer i think he is from phone17:35
*** ayanes has quit IRC17:35
Maemoshould i change my nick?17:36
ZogGMaemo use /nick user_4_help17:36
DocScrutinizeryes, much appreciated17:36
ZogGMaemo yes17:36
tobis87Yes, but the console is a bit more verbose... So we can see what the problem is17:36
*** Maemo is now known as parsapersian17:36
ZogGparsapersian if you use xchat on n900 i would recommend you to make autonick for any nick you wish17:37
*** pinheiro has joined #maemo17:37
parsapersianoh tnx :)17:37
* lardman watches the tumbleweeds drift past in #qt-maemo17:37
yaccWondering, as the browser in the N900 is mozilla derived, does it support firefox/mozilla addons?17:37
parsapersianbut what should i do with synaptic?!17:37
kerioyacc: somewhat17:37
yacc(ad block is personal favorite, ...)17:38
* MohammadAG looks at the tumbleweed lardman's staring at17:38
wmaroneyacc: mostly no, due to the UI changes17:38
*** tybollt has joined #maemo17:38
*** the_lord has joined #maemo17:38
tybollthow do I sync my ovi contacts w/ google contacts?17:38
*** trupheenix has quit IRC17:39
deltextras repository seems to be back up as far as i can see?17:43
*** andre900 has quit IRC17:45
*** guardian has joined #maemo17:46
*** lcuk has joined #maemo17:47
deltinstalling stuff from extras, seems to work fine...17:47
*** _0x47 has joined #maemo17:47
*** stef_204 has quit IRC17:50
*** mfabiop_ has quit IRC17:51
*** mfabiop has joined #maemo17:52
*** ptlo has quit IRC17:52
*** TeringTuby has left #maemo17:54
*** shpaq` has quit IRC17:55
ZogGdelt ?17:55
deltAlso this is #maemo, NOT #nitdroid  |  *** extras repository is temporarily broken ***17:56
deltof this channel17:56
MohammadAGwhat about it17:56
MohammadAGwhat about it17:56
deltstill says extras repo is down17:56
*** Echoo has quit IRC17:57
MohammadAGit's not a live status thingy17:57
* MohammadAG pokes DocScrutinizer and crashanddie 17:57
*** Xisdibik has quit IRC17:57
deltwell, i'd expect irc to be more up to date than a web page, no?17:57
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:57
MohammadAGI'm not an op17:58
*** mlfoster has joined #maemo17:58
pexinerf op17:59
mgedminactually what's the point of saying "extras is down" in the topic?17:59
MohammadAGless spam17:59
lcukthe topic is far too long!17:59
Myrttito avoid repeating it alover17:59
Myrttimeh language fail17:59
pexitopic is too long17:59
*** angasule has quit IRC18:00
lcukMyrtti, then when someone asks a silly question just point them at a FAQ page :P18:00
lcukthey still ask anyway18:00
parsapersianbye all18:00
parsapersianhave good time18:00
lcukwe just say "look at topic"18:00
MohammadAGSkype is INCLUDED in the N900. Unless you live in India, that is. | Also this is #maemo, NOT #nitdroid |  *** extras repository is temporarily broken ***  see aren't really needed18:00
pexilike if ppl can't find if they can find in here :)18:00
lcukwhy do we mention nitdorid at all in the title?18:00
*** _0x471 has joined #maemo18:00
*** parsapersian has quit IRC18:01
* lcuk takes himself away again18:01
*** lcuk has quit IRC18:01
*** technomike_phone has joined #maemo18:01
DocScrutinizerprovide proof it's really fixed for *all* of the repo servers in akamai serverfarm, and I'll change the topic18:01
technomike_phonehey guys :)18:01
*** rd has quit IRC18:02
technomike_phonethe usb connector on my n900 has just become loose :(18:02
DocScrutinizerlcuseems crashanddie felt like mentioning it18:02
technomike_phoneand come out of the device18:02
DocScrutinizerlcuk ^^^18:02
delti was just wondering why the topic still said "extras repository is temporarily broken" ...if i had checked here first instead of on the tablet, then i wouldn't be installing apps from it now.18:02
*** _0x47 has quit IRC18:03
TermanaGet. Over. It. We aren't all nerd flingers constantly pinging the repos to see weather they have come back up18:03
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC18:03
technomike_phoneis this a known problem?18:04
*** technomike_phone is now known as technomike18:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o crashanddie18:04
deltok, so now you know that extras is back up.18:04
*** crashanddie changes topic to "Welcome to #maemo | | Maemo Community Council | | | Skype is INCLUDED in the N900. Unless you live in India, that is. | Also this is #maemo, NOT #nitdroid"18:05
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o crashanddie18:05
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: where's the proof I asked for?18:05
crashanddieoh, you asked for proof?18:05
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo18:05
DocScrutinizerdelt: don't teach us about thinks you don't really wrap  your head around18:05
crashanddieoh, my bad.18:06
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o crashanddie18:06
deltDocScrutinizer: sorry my bad too18:06
*** crashanddie changes topic to " Welcome to #maemo | | Maemo Community Council | | | Skype is INCLUDED in the N900. Unless you live in India, that is. | Also this is #maemo, NOT #nitdroid | *** extras repository is temporarily broken *** see"18:06
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o crashanddie18:06
crashanddiedocscrutinizer: apologies, didn't see your comment.18:06
* crashanddie slaps delt for inducing him in error.18:07
DocScrutinizerdelt: if you had bothered to look at the URL page, you'd maybe undertsand it's related to loadbalancing and problem occurs on a part of the machines only18:07
lardman were you pregnant?18:07
* lardman wonders why crashanddie had to be induced18:07
* lardman glances back at #qt-maemo and even the tumbleweeds are gone now18:07
*** norayr has quit IRC18:07
*** leandrosansilva has quit IRC18:08
*** ag0ny has quit IRC18:08
*** jpe has quit IRC18:08
deltwell, i "bothered" to come here and mention that extras seems to be working perfectly from here, that's all. sorry for the confusion18:09
*** njsf has joined #maemo18:09
crashanddielardman, induction has to do with pregnancy? I should warn my girlfriend if she feels like cooking again.18:09
lardmanwell they "induce" a woman who's late, etc.18:10
lardmannot using indiction heating mind you, afaik anyway18:10
lardmaninduction even18:10
*** rcg has joined #maemo18:12
*** asedeno_work has quit IRC18:13
ZogG<lcuk> the topic is far too long! no it's not18:13
ZogGyou see it only once18:13
ZogGwhen you log in18:13
ZogGand than if you don't need any info you don't watch it18:13
ZogGand if you do - you don't care it to be long18:13
ZogGas you want some info and as more as possible =)18:14
*** asedeno_work has joined #maemo18:14
mgedminZogG, tl;dr effect18:14
mgedminpeople won't read a topic if it's too long18:14
opdf2is there an application to play a random ringtone every sms, call, etc?18:14
mgedminespecially if 90% of it doesn't ever change18:14
opdf2instead of one chosen one18:14
ZogGmgedmin and if it's short - you don;t need it18:14
lardmanopdf2: no18:15
ZogGit's the question of IRC policy18:15
mgedminfor values of short equal to 0 characters18:15
lardmanmgedmin: less than or equal to surely ;)18:15
ZogGif you have been on different chans for enuf time you would read topic for most important news before asking18:15
*** zap has quit IRC18:16
*** maybeHere has joined #maemo18:17
*** arno0ob_ has quit IRC18:17
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC18:17
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo18:18
*** Ordog_by has quit IRC18:19
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo18:19
*** zs has joined #maemo18:20
*** maybeArgh has quit IRC18:20
*** njsf has quit IRC18:22
*** njsf has joined #maemo18:23
*** njsf has joined #maemo18:23
crashanddieand most typically, people who ask dumb questions are the people who don't read topics18:23
deltok well, thanks for the info, sorry for the confusion, and for thinking this irc channel was the most up to date source of info etc etc....18:25
*** delt has left #maemo18:25
*** fr01b has left #maemo18:26
*** fosstux has joined #maemo18:26
*** kwek has quit IRC18:26
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo18:27
*** mveplus has joined #maemo18:27
fosstuxHi! I'd like to install barriosquare - but where can I find it? Its not in extras...18:27
ZogGi hate when people i pissed of when someone didn't do for them what they expected. damn, noone here is paid for it! just do something usefull urself (18:27
ZogGfosstux extra-devs18:28
fosstuxZogG: what is the url for extras-devel for app manager?18:29
*** arno0ob has joined #maemo18:30
lardmansame as extras but with -devel tacked on the end ;)18:30
lardmanthere should already be an entry for extras btw18:31
*** vanadis has quit IRC18:32
fosstuxah thanks18:32
fosstuxfor extras, yes - not extras-devel18:32
ZogGfosstux don't remmeber - you can find it on TMO or MO18:32
lardmanyep, copy the extras settings and add -devel to the end of the url18:33
*** choppa has joined #maemo18:33
lardmanshame HAM doesn't allow one to copy then edit an existing repo18:33
jacekowskido it by hand18:37
jacekowskiwith nano18:37
jacekowskior vim18:37
jacekowskior vi18:37
jacekowskior mcedit18:37
*** mveplus has quit IRC18:38
tybolltjacekowski: or emacs18:38
tybolltjacekowski: or ooo18:38
tybolltor wine and ms word18:38
jacekowskiooo or word will mess up your line endings18:38
lardmanapt-get install dos2unix18:39
tybolltjacekowski: :)18:42
*** polymar has quit IRC18:43
*** fr01b has joined #maemo18:44
*** MadViking has joined #maemo18:50
*** hcm has joined #maemo18:51
*** choppa_ has joined #maemo18:51
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC18:52
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo18:52
*** dvoid_ has joined #maemo18:53
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC18:54
slonopotamusso. looks like gentoo-on-n8x0 supports screen dimming and turning off :P18:55
*** hcm_ has quit IRC18:55
slonopotamusanyone knows how maemo changes wifi powersavings?18:55
SpeedEvilicd probably manages it18:56
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC18:56
*** njain has joined #maemo18:57
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo18:57
slonopotamusyeah, but what it does to wifi?18:57
*** jrocha has quit IRC18:58
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo18:58
slonopotamusiwconfig wlan0 power saving N doesn't work18:59
slonopotamuswe don't have icd sources?19:00
*** zs has quit IRC19:00
njainto install gcc on maemo 5, i should follow these instructions...19:00
*** zs has joined #maemo19:00
*** amigadave has quit IRC19:00
SpeedEvilwhat do you mean by 'what does it do'.19:00
slonopotamusnjain: okay19:00
slonopotamusSpeedEvil: well, it should end up either calling some ioctl or writing to sysfs19:01
*** nicu has quit IRC19:01
SpeedEvilah - indeed.19:01
*** lcuk has joined #maemo19:01
*** lcuk has quit IRC19:01
*** lcuk has joined #maemo19:01
SpeedEvilI was wondering if you were meaning on the RF side19:01
technomikeguys would really appreciate any help on this. usb connector has become loose and fell out of my n900!!19:02
slonopotamusno, i just want to know how it tells what savings to use to kernel19:02
slonopotamustechnomike: known issue, use warranty service19:02
technomikeah :)19:02
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC19:03
technomikeso nokia care will fix it?19:03
wmaroneyes, give them shit if they refuse until they do19:03
slonopotamustechnomike: yes. however they might initially try to reject you19:03
*** ghostcube has joined #maemo19:03
slonopotamustechnomike: nokia officially said they do support fixing this problem19:03
*** Wikier has quit IRC19:04
slonopotamustechnomike: backup first, most likely they will just replace whole motherboard19:04
technomikeah ok. i think i understand then. lucky then really19:05
slonopotamusin some cases, i heard, they just soldered connector back19:05
*** jasd has joined #maemo19:05
*** jasd has joined #maemo19:05
* wmarone is lucky, very lucky19:05
technomikeoh no. i cannot backup because its the usb connection.19:05
wmaroneback up to an SD card19:05
technomikeah yeah good idea lol. forgot about sd card support.19:06
slonopotamusor via wifi19:06
slonopotamushurry up, you can't charge now :)19:06
*** felipec has joined #maemo19:07
technomikeoh yeah!19:07
technomikehow to use wifi?19:07
slonopotamusbackup to builtin sd and then copy backup toother machine19:07
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone19:07
technomike45% charge :o oh no19:07
slonopotamusor upload it to a safe place19:08
slonopotamusdunno how long repair will take, mine took 3 weeks19:08
technomikei don't have a sd card available right now. would have to borrow one.19:08
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo19:08
slonopotamuscopy it via ssh/send via blueooth/upload as a gmail attachement :)19:09
technomikeoh no :o 3 weeks !!19:09
technomikei am going to an event next saturday. don't have a camera available so i was going to use n90019:10
technomikeoh well :(19:10
technomikejust my luck!!19:10
slonopotamusthat's normal repair time in this country :)19:11
technomikewhat country are you in ? :)19:11
technomikei am in UK19:11
mgedmin3 weeks without a n900?!!!?!19:11
mgedmin*shock* *horror*19:12
*** jpe has joined #maemo19:12
mgedminmaybe I'd better buy a spare now before mine breaks19:12
technomikeexactly mgedmin :(19:12
*** njsf has quit IRC19:13
technomikei am using my n900 as my computer until new laptop i am waiting for is released since i had an accident with my last laptop :(19:13
*** choppa_ has quit IRC19:13
*** choppa has quit IRC19:13
*** habmala has joined #maemo19:14
slonopotamustechnomike: did your n900 fall while being on charger? :)19:14
*** zap has joined #maemo19:15
technomikeyeah :( exactly19:16
technomikeaccident :(19:16
* crashanddie is writing an LDAP server... lol19:16
slonopotamusi'm not sure repair center needs to know that :)19:16
technomikehaha :)19:17
technomikei will just say it suddenly became loose19:17
technomikewhat if they say they will not repair it?19:17
technomikeor is it a known issue that they fix?19:18
fosstuxI have problems refreshing extras-devel.19:18
fosstuxI get error 40419:18
fosstuxalthough I copied the extras url and added -devel19:18
*** amit_usual has joined #maemo19:18
*** igagis has joined #maemo19:18
slonopotamustechnomike: nokia officially said n900 warranty covers falling off usb connectors. you can google it up and take a printed copy with you19:18
technomikeah :D19:19
*** sge has quit IRC19:20
technomikemany many thanks for your help! really appreciate it :D19:21
technomikei will have to go now (i am on n900)19:21
*** technomike has quit IRC19:21
*** sge has joined #maemo19:22
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo19:22
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC19:23
*** Erod has joined #maemo19:25
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo19:26
*** fecub has joined #maemo19:31
*** Zucca has quit IRC19:31
*** xDaReaperx has joined #maemo19:34
xDaReaperxwhy is it that i have to set up the IP address of my WiFi connection manually on my N900 , or else it wont connect normally19:35
*** norayr has joined #maemo19:35
xDaReaperxeven the DNS19:35
*** Termana has quit IRC19:35
slonopotamus_and you don't have to on some other device?19:35
*** slonopotamus_ is now known as slonopotamus19:36
xDaReaperxon my N95 all WiFi's connect automatically to any networks19:36
xDaReaperxon the N900 i have to do it manually for my home network19:36
slonopotamusand you enabled checkboxed "get ip/dns automatically" in connection settings?19:37
xDaReaperxi did that previously it didn't work19:38
xDaReaperxi now have to set all the details manually19:38
slonopotamusis it "even dns doesn't get set" or "only dns doesn't get set"?19:38
slonopotamus(since i saw some dns-on-n900 troubles)19:38
xDaReaperxi have to set the IP manually with the DNS19:38
xDaReaperxyes with DNS19:39
slonopotamusand you have that trouble with more than one AP?19:40
xDaReaperxyes more than one19:40
slonopotamus(i'd better say "and you have that trouble with APs configured by different people?")19:40
xDaReaperxmany don't connect , i've tried to access the airport free Wifi it wont work19:40
xDaReaperxnot strange i've seen people complain about this19:41
xDaReaperxi didn't notice any bug's being posted about this19:41
*** sssnnz is now known as pupnik19:41
*** marciom has quit IRC19:42
*** Zucca has joined #maemo19:42
*** setanta has quit IRC19:42
*** lmoura_ has quit IRC19:42
*** chenca has quit IRC19:43
xDaReaperxi don't know if this depends on the type of Router , but some routers connect easy , like the ones in my dads office and university19:43
xDaReaperxSome like Lynksis and SMC connect19:43
slonopotamustry disabling wifi powersavings19:43
xDaReaperxdid that also19:43
slonopotamusdoesn't help?19:43
xDaReaperxno dosen't19:43 is down i guess19:44
xDaReaperxalso the routers that i connect on has no Mac address filtering or IP Whitelisting or black listing19:46
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo19:46
xDaReaperxshows this error if i try to connect automatically without setting the IP and stuff manually : connection failed cannot retrive IP address from server19:46
xDaReaperxeven if DHCP is enabled19:47
slonopotamus_are you sure that AP doesn't have settings that might prevent it from sending dhcp info?19:47
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC19:47
xDaReaperxi'm pretty much sure yes , cause as i said my N95 connects to them19:48
*** Free_maN has quit IRC19:49
slonopotamus_and reboot also doesn't help? :)19:50
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC19:50
xDaReaperxlol i've tried to reboot a lot of times .. i tried doing that first , even tried to reboot the house router19:50
slonopotamus_no more ideas, sorry19:51
*** smooph has joined #maemo19:51
slonopotamus_xDaReaperx: well, you can try doing some low-level stuff like analyzing traffic between ap and n900 but that isn't an easy task19:52
xDaReaperxHmmm  , how would that help ...19:52
*** arno0ob has quit IRC19:53
*** vkvraju has joined #maemo19:53
vkvrajuhi all19:53
slonopotamus_either n900 doesn't ask for dhcp info or it does it in a wrong way or your ap doesn't respond or responds bad stuff or n900 receives response but doesn't handle it properly19:54
*** marciom has joined #maemo19:54
*** setanta has joined #maemo19:54
*** lmoura_ has joined #maemo19:54
xDaReaperxHmmm ... Okay you could guide me on how to analyzie the traffic ... , although i doubt it could be a problem with just a router .. but i had doubts regarding the types of routers19:55
*** mlfoster has quit IRC19:56
* mgedmin wonders if lcuk knows about
slonopotamus_xDaReaperx: similar issue19:56
*** rd has joined #maemo19:57
slonopotamus_xDaReaperx: try changing tkip to aes encryption19:57
*** Echoo has joined #maemo19:57
xDaReaperxhow do i do that19:57
xDaReaperxokay the type of encryption19:58
slonopotamus_xDaReaperx: in router web interface wifi settings19:58
lcukmgedmin, nope!19:58
slonopotamus_xDaReaperx: you have wpa, yep?19:58
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:58
xDaReaperxyes i did it now let me see if it will connect automatically19:58
xDaReaperxyes Wi-Fi protected access 219:59
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC19:59
*** marciom has quit IRC19:59
*** setanta has quit IRC19:59
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo19:59
*** lmoura_ has quit IRC19:59
*** marciom has joined #maemo19:59
*** lmoura_ has joined #maemo20:00
*** setanta has joined #maemo20:00
xDaReaperxnop still no luck20:01
xDaReaperxsame error " Internet connection failed. Unable to retrieve IP address from server20:02
xDaReaperxshould i try changing authentication method ?20:03
xDaReaperxi'm using PSK20:03
slonopotamus_that should be ok20:04
xDaReaperxshould i make a forum post on regarding the issue ?20:06
*** mece has joined #maemo20:06
lcukxDaReaperx, what happens if you remove the setting profile for your ap20:06
lcukand then reconnect directly as a new connection20:06
meceEvenin' maemites20:06
lcukafaik it should select the correct auth method20:06
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo20:07
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo20:07
*** johnsq has joined #maemo20:07
xDaReaperxyou mean from my router ?20:08
lcukxDaReaperx, I mean on your device20:08
lcukso it resets to thinking its totally new and never seen the ap before20:08
xDaReaperxyeah i had the issue before , due to while i creater the ap profile20:08
xDaReaperxi'll try again by deleting it20:08
lcukworth a try :)20:09
xDaReaperxsame problem , the wifi icon flashs for long time & gives error : Internet connection failed. Unable to retrieve IP address from server20:11
*** slonopotamus_ has quit IRC20:11
xDaReaperxdeleted all saved ap's (had only 2 saved)20:12
*** tobis87 has left #maemo20:12
*** jrocha has joined #maemo20:13
xDaReaperxso i ran out of luck .. ? or is this some kind of bug ...20:16
*** rd has quit IRC20:16
*** Dragnslcr has quit IRC20:17
*** njain has left #maemo20:18
lcukxDaReaperx, hrm20:19
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC20:19
*** amit_usual has quit IRC20:19
*** kwtm has joined #maemo20:20
*** Mousey has joined #maemo20:20
Gh0styWHAT? nokia n8 has usb-on-the-go out of the box20:21
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo20:21
Gh0stywhy does the n900 still does not have that :(20:21
mgedminGh0sty, n810 had USB on the go20:22
Gh0styi've seen some reference for the n900 too20:23
mgedminthe n900 had software problems they couldn't fix in time to get USB compliance certification or something like that20:23
Gh0stybut it goes to obscure russian sites :(20:23
lardmancu chaps20:23
*** lardman has quit IRC20:23
*** marciom has quit IRC20:24
*** chenca has joined #maemo20:25
*** trupheenix has quit IRC20:28
*** florian has quit IRC20:29
*** chenca has quit IRC20:29
*** setanta has quit IRC20:30
*** Dregs has joined #maemo20:30
*** lmoura_ has quit IRC20:30
DocScrutinizerTo get a USB-OTG sticker for your product's box, you need to comply with all the specs for USB-OTG. Nokia wasn't able to implement all the drivers just in time to get N900 to market in 2009. So the only way to sell N900 and still not get on the black list of USB cert authorities was to change the hw to comply with much simpler USB gadget specs like every 'normal' HDD or simple phone or memstick. These changes imply it's impossible to get20:30
DocScrutinizerOTG ever, on N90020:30
*** marciom has joined #maemo20:30
keriothey could've sold the hardware without the drivers, and get a new certification later20:31
*** b0tz has joined #maemo20:31
*** b0tz has joined #maemo20:31
xDaReaperxGuys i've made a post on the forum regarding my WiFi problems :
DocScrutinizerkerio: nope20:31
*** |R has joined #maemo20:31
*** Suiseiseki has quit IRC20:32
DocScrutinizerthe N900 then wouldn't be any sort of USB device, which in turn will cause Microsoft not to certify any windows driver for N900, plus a lot of other legalese foo20:32
*** setanta has joined #maemo20:34
DocScrutinizerpossibly Nokia getting fired from USB cert association, or dunno what. Not allowed to sell devices in Europe and China (mandatory USB charging) etc pp20:34
*** lmoura_ has joined #maemo20:34
DocScrutinizer*technically* it'd be possible, yes20:35
*** xDaReaperx has quit IRC20:36
*** Rarok has quit IRC20:36
*** raulherbster has joined #maemo20:37
*** evil|Jonne has joined #maemo20:39
*** Rarok has joined #maemo20:40
DocScrutinizerbtw all this has its root cause in friggin USB charging. It's hellborne20:40
RST38hWho the hell even decided to standardize on it? What dumbo?20:41
*** Suiseiseki has joined #maemo20:41
DocScrutinizertell me and I'll visit this brain crook at night20:41
DocScrutinizerwith a baseball bat20:42
*** mavhc has joined #maemo20:42
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo20:43
*** jonne|reconnecte has quit IRC20:43
*** eMHa has quit IRC20:43
RST38hfragile connector, insufficient current, difficulties implementing usb host, more complicated charger circuitry, more complicated receptaclecircuitry20:43
DocScrutinizerseems first to invent that BS were Chinese20:43
RST38hMotorolawas the first :)20:43
*** mlfoster has joined #maemo20:44
DocScrutinizeroh yes. Moto with al the abomination and violent rapes they did to USB20:44
*** sge has quit IRC20:44
*** beford has joined #maemo20:44
DocScrutinizerheadsets over USB, charging over USB, car stereo over USB, glitters&shit over USB. That's for shure been MOTOROLA20:45
*** bef0rd has quit IRC20:45
*** sge has joined #maemo20:45
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC20:46
DocScrutinizercurse them for that, until hell freezes over20:46
*** ohwhyme has joined #maemo20:47
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo20:48
*** TomaszD has quit IRC20:48
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo20:48
*** beford has quit IRC20:48
*** beford has joined #maemo20:48
*** beford has quit IRC20:48
*** beford has joined #maemo20:48
*** tekojo has joined #maemo20:49
*** felipec has quit IRC20:49
*** tekojo has quit IRC20:51
*** trbs has joined #maemo20:51
keriomotorola needs to die a slow death20:51
wmaroneor stop locking their bootloaders20:52
wmaroneeither way would be good, imo20:53
*** ohwhyme has quit IRC20:53
*** _berto_ has quit IRC20:53
*** foxfell has joined #maemo20:54
*** norayr has quit IRC20:58
*** mavhc has quit IRC20:59
*** hannesw has quit IRC20:59
*** mavhc has joined #maemo21:01
*** Bash1 has joined #maemo21:01
*** Bash has quit IRC21:03
*** pH5 has joined #maemo21:05
*** vkvraju has quit IRC21:05
*** guardian has quit IRC21:06
DocScrutinizerstop locking bootloader? They need to stop doing anything, to make them stop doing bad things21:06
*** sheepbat has quit IRC21:07
DocScrutinizerhonestly last good thing I noticed coming from Moto was Amiga's CPU21:08
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:10
DocScrutinizerback then Intel was the troll of hw scene with their braindead 80186 CPU21:10
*** lafille has joined #maemo21:10
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:11
*** sge has quit IRC21:11
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC21:12
*** TheXception is now known as TheXception|off21:12
*** murrayc has joined #maemo21:13
*** sge has joined #maemo21:13
*** lafille has quit IRC21:14
GAN900PPC can only really be faulted for not having x86's economies of scale.21:15
kerioRISC > CISC after all21:16
*** jophish_ has joined #maemo21:16
GAN900Wonder if the next generation of consoles will have PPC again.21:18
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo21:19
kerioboth the wii and the x360 have PPC CPUs21:19
*** hcm has quit IRC21:20
keriowhile, of course, THE PS3 HAS NO GAEMZ and thus it can't be qualified as a gaming console21:20
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo21:24
luke-jr_kerio: look up what 'again' means21:24
GAN900kerio, maybe that was right in 2006.21:25
RST38hno future for ppc21:25
GAN900kerio, I mean, sometime in 2012/201321:25
luke-jr_kerio: you can run Nibbles on PS3‼!21:25
RST38hintel or amd21:25
* luke-jr_ stabs RST38h in the face with a G521:25
RST38hsomething like tegra2 for portables21:26
*** dailylinux has joined #maemo21:27
GAN900luke-jr, careful, you'll melt his face off.21:27
GAN900Ew, Nvidia.21:28
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo21:28
GAN900RST38h, game consoles seem to be a pretty big future.21:28
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo21:28
*** jophish_ has quit IRC21:28
*** beford has quit IRC21:30
luke-jr_GAN900: that's the goal21:32
GAN900The 970fx was, like, 140w TDP, no?21:34
GAN900I think I lost hearing in my left ear from mine. *g*21:34
*** juk_ has joined #maemo21:35
juk_help me port man(1)21:35
juk_luke-jr_: what?21:36
* luke-jr_ helps those who help themselves.21:36
juk_luke-jr_: im serious21:37
luke-jr_juk_: install EasyDebian or Gentoo21:38
*** dvoid_ has quit IRC21:39
juk_luke-jr_: Gentoo also in repo???21:40
*** nuovodna has joined #maemo21:41
luke-jr_juk_: … Gentoo is an OS21:41
luke-jr_or meta-OS21:41
*** niros has joined #maemo21:42
juk_luke-jr_: yeah, i meant is it made available like easydebian?21:42
luke-jr_juk_: no21:42
luke-jr_juk_: you install it basically the same as you install Gentoo anywhere else21:42
juk_luke-jr_: on sdcard right?21:43
*** eocanha has quit IRC21:43
luke-jr_I installed it on eMMC21:43
luke-jr_with /var/tmp on SD21:43
juk_luke-jr_: wow, do you got step by step manual?21:44
*** niros has left #maemo21:44
luke-jr_the Maemo wiki has a page on reparitioning eMMC21:44
luke-jr_Gentoo handbook has info on installs21:44
jacekowskiis there ARM stage3?21:44
luke-jr_the Gentoo-on-N8x0 page might have relevant tips otherwise21:44
juk_luke-jr_: you build it?21:44
luke-jr_jacekowski: of course, mulitple21:45
*** b0tz has quit IRC21:45
jacekowskihow long does it take to compile?21:45
luke-jr_jacekowski: shrug21:45
juk_luke-jr_: did you build it or image?21:45
jacekowskiah, it's still compiling?21:45
luke-jr_juk_: native21:46
luke-jr_jacekowski: no, I just didn't time it21:46
juk_luke-jr_: wow21:46
luke-jr_jacekowski: probably less time than my first Gentoo install took21:46
luke-jr_600 MHz ARM should outperform 800 MHz PIII I think21:46
*** florian has joined #maemo21:47
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo21:47
jacekowskii installed gentoo on arm long time ago21:47
jacekowskiand i was going from stage021:47
jacekowskiit took ages to build21:47
juk_luke-jr_: so you have, gnome or openbox?21:47
luke-jr_juk_: KDE21:47
*** apexi200sx has joined #maemo21:48
juk_luke-jr_: wow, amazing21:48
jacekowskiShadowJK: fresh boot?21:48
jacekowskiShadowJK: quite low mem usage21:48
luke-jr_jacekowski: there is no stage0, never has been21:48
ShadowJKjacekowski, luke claimed it's impossible21:48
luke-jr_juk_: less amazing than your GNOME suggestion21:48
luke-jr_juk_: GNOME is far more bloated than KDE, and far less usable21:48
jacekowskiluke-jr_: stage0 mean bootstraping it from scratches using crosscompiler21:48
luke-jr_as slonopotamus here just learned recently :D21:49
apexi200sxanyone using python for development21:50
slonopotamusjacekowski, that's what we did.21:50
luke-jr_jacekowski: we did?21:50
luke-jr_pretty sure I used Gentoo's official stage321:50
apexi200sxbasically i want to develop on a mobile device with python and maemo seems to have the best support21:50
luke-jr_err, slonopotamus:21:50
luke-jr_apexi200sx: boo Python!21:50
apexi200sxlol y21:50
luke-jr_it annoy me21:51
baraujoapexi200sx, you can go to #pymaemo, and if you like Qt you can go to #pyside too :)21:51
slonopotamusluke-jr_, no, you didn't. you used stage3 i built (there was no armv6 stage at that time)21:51
luke-jr_slonopotamus: I only just got my N900 a few months ago21:51
slonopotamusn900, yep, you're right then21:52
apexi200sxi am not sure whether to get a n900 or wait, do you know of any maemo devices coming out21:52
luke-jr_apexi200sx: Maemo is dead. there will never be another Maemo device.21:52
apexi200sxluke-jr-: why does it annoy you, what do dev in then21:52
luke-jr_apexi200sx: as whether you should get N900 or not, depends on what you want21:52
luke-jr_apexi200sx: C21:52
luke-jr_or Perl21:52
*** jreznik has joined #maemo21:53
apexi200sxluke-jr-: i take it you haven;t used python then21:53
slonopotamusapexi200sx, python is slow and bloated.21:53
apexi200sxare we talking too ?  slow for use on a maemo device21:54
luke-jr_apexi200sx: I have. Python makes my head hurt.21:54
luke-jr_I regret that I started one long-term project in it.21:54
*** b0tz has joined #maemo21:54
slonopotamuson maemo device, memory is a much tighter constraint.21:55
juk_hey thanks to python im using Gmapcatcher21:55
apexi200sxluke-jr_:  Strange how peoples minds differ then, in my opinion Python is one of the cleanest and elegant languages21:55
slonopotamusapexi200sx, you messed up, it's haskell is clean and elegant.21:56
*** unenana has joined #maemo21:56
infobotslonopotamus meant: apexi200sx, you messed up,  haskell is clean and elegant.21:56
*** MikeK has quit IRC21:56
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC21:56
lcukpython is just another tool available for use, in relation to other languages its not as optimal but that doesn't matter to everyone21:56
luke-jr_pretty-looking != useful21:56
slonopotamusluke-jr_, i didn't say useful :)21:56
RST38hapex: how many other prog languages do you know and what has been byour first language?21:57
slonopotamusmy first language was perl :) that totally screwed up my taste21:57
*** larsivi has joined #maemo21:57
* luke-jr_ bets anyone who likes Python doesn't know many (if any) other languages21:57
lcuki like python for some uses21:58
lcukthe same ones I would use .vbs for actually21:58
apexi200sxWell in my day job i unfortunately have to deal with C++ and VB621:58
slonopotamuslcuk, indentation!!!21:58
lcukslonopotamus, doesnt matter21:58
luke-jr_compared to C++ and VB6, Python has a good shot21:58
lcukapexi200sx, :) i got shouted at by many for saying I was a vb6 developer ;)21:58
luke-jr_especially if that's MSVC++ and not real C++21:58
*** norayr_ has joined #maemo21:59
*** unenana has quit IRC21:59
luke-jr_also, anyone still using VB6 today should be shot21:59
lcukc++ and vb6 are both compiled languages tho21:59
lcukpython is closest to vbs :P21:59
lcukluke-jr_, github describes liqbase as a visual basic project21:59
apexi200sxpython is nothing like vbs22:00
lcukliqbase-playground rather - on the repository list22:00
lcukapexi200sx, sure it is22:00
luke-jr_lcuk: I only exclude you from the firing squad cuz liqbase is coolish22:00
slonopotamusfrom #meego-arm: "Under connectivity related settings, there were GPS, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and airplane." o_O22:00
lcukpython and vbs are interpreted and can bring in elements of main os22:00
lcukluke-jr_, the worst part is that liqbase is all c :P22:01
DocScrutinizer51msvs is great :-P22:01
apexi200sxis it object oriented22:01
*** s1gk1ll has joined #maemo22:01
lcukapexi200sx, IDK22:01
lcukit doesnt matter22:01
lcukits a scripting skin22:01
luke-jr_apexi200sx: what kind of object oriented?22:01
luke-jr_class-based (C++, Python, Java), prototype-based (MOO), or hybrid (ECMAScript)?22:02
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo22:03
*** mikhas has quit IRC22:04
RST38hGovt To Bomb Guam With Frozen Mice To Kill Snakes22:04
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo22:05
slonopotamuswhat do i need to ioctl/sysfs in order to enable wifi psm?22:05
ShadowJKoh great, 3 minutes at work and I hear n900 skype disconnect22:06
*** sergio__ has quit IRC22:06
* ShadowJK ponders other theories why sim issue only happens at work22:06
*** nuovodna has quit IRC22:06
*** murrayc has quit IRC22:06
slonopotamusDocScrutinizer51, ^22:06
lcukShadowJK, at home if i connect via 3g22:07
lcukI will connect/reconnect routinely every 30 mins or so22:07
DocScrutinizer51ShadowJK: SIM issue? are you sure?22:07
DocScrutinizer51skype discon looks to me like simple connectivity loss22:07
DocScrutinizer51slonopotamus: dunno22:08
*** habmala has quit IRC22:08
dRbiGdoes anyone managed to get networking over usb under win 7?22:09
DocScrutinizer51ShadowJK: at work your 3G BTS might suck and N900 tries to roam to 2G which maybe isn't supported by Ur carrier22:09
slonopotamusdRbiG, didn't ms support help you?22:09
*** marciom has quit IRC22:10
dRbiGslonopotamus: hehe ;)22:10
*** marciom has joined #maemo22:11
slonopotamusdRbiG, wut? i thought if you legally bought windoze, you get support from ms.22:11
slonopotamus(and maemo-side usb networking is fully documented)22:12
dRbiGslonopotamus: ms support dosen't have anything in connection to my question22:13
*** drizztbsd_ has joined #maemo22:13
* slonopotamus once called HP support because couldn't boot linux on dc7600. they said 'oh no, it doesn't support linux, use windows'. and after some googling i found user-contributed solition on hp forum :D22:14
*** drizztbsd has quit IRC22:14
dRbiGslonopotamus: that's why i ask here22:14
dRbiGslonopotamus: and i too have hp hardware22:15
dRbiGbtw. i ask if, not how :P22:15
*** jpinx-eeepc has quit IRC22:15
*** nox- has joined #maemo22:16
*** e-yes has quit IRC22:17
*** jcrawford has quit IRC22:17
juk_dRbiG: that's why type in browser n900 usb networking hit enter and pick first link22:17
*** jpinx-eeepc has joined #maemo22:17
*** nuovodna has joined #maemo22:18
*** sepultina has joined #maemo22:20
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC22:21
nox-moin pupnik22:21
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo22:21
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo22:22
*** jcrawford has joined #maemo22:22
* nox- finally got the maemo xterm to behave...22:22
nox-xterm-n900,\n\trmkx@, smkx@, kcub1=\E[D, kcud1=\E[B, kcuf1=\E[C, kcuu1=\E[A, use=xterm,22:23
*** Xisdibik has joined #maemo22:23
nox-get that thru tic(1), set TERM to it, and finally less vim & friends behave... :)22:24
marmoutenox-: mutt will work too ?22:24
nox-(some more tweaking needed when ssh'ing to a bsd box but i guess few use one here... :)22:24
slonopotamusnox-, what does that thing do?22:24
nox-marmoute, ssh'd to another box mutt works too22:24
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC22:26
marmouteget that thru tic(1) ?22:26
nox-slonopotamus, tic is the terminfo `compiler'22:26
slonopotamusnox-, i mean, that string22:27
*** chenca has joined #maemo22:27
nox-part of ncurses-base on debian, not sure if maemo has it too22:27
nox-slonopotamus, redefines those terminfo fields that n900 interprets wrong22:28
*** nuovodna has quit IRC22:28
slonopotamussounds cool22:28
nox-resp disables (trmkx@  smkx@)22:28
nox-export TERMCAP='xterm-n900|N900 xterm:ks@:ke@:kl=\E[D:kd=\E[B:kr=\E[C:ku=\E[A:tc=xterm:'22:29
slonopotamusdoes it fix ESCOM?22:29
nox-that what i do on bsd22:29
nox-and on bsd i need a ~/.screenrc with this too:  termcapinfo xterm ks@:ke@:kl=\E[D:kd=\E[B:kr=\E[C:ku=\E[A22:29
nox-cause screen usets TERMCAP before it starts...22:29
*** e-yes has joined #maemo22:30
*** rd has joined #maemo22:30
nox-(it passes its own TERMCAP to child processes, guess thats why)22:31
slonopotamusmarmoute, that's how magic happens22:31
*** celesteh has quit IRC22:31
*** nuovodna has joined #maemo22:32
nox-marmoute, bsd only needs `special treatment' bc it doesnt seem to handle ~/.terminfo22:32
nox-(ofc i _could_ have tic just install a global definition too but thats ugly and not everyone is root :)22:33
*** drizztbsd has joined #maemo22:33
*** mlfoster has quit IRC22:33
*** rkirti has joined #maemo22:34
Stskeepsevening rkirti22:34
*** rkirti has left #maemo22:34
*** drizztbsd_ has quit IRC22:34
*** mlfoster has joined #maemo22:34
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC22:35
nox-oh s/usets/unsets/22:35
DocScrutinizerHOOORAAAYY!!! >:-(22:35
* Stskeeps passes DocScrutinizer a cake22:36
DocScrutinizerimported contacs from sim on old device, then swapped sim to new device, did same. Now today imported vcf contacts from old to new device - result: BUTLOADS of dups22:36
DocScrutinizerfriggin BS22:37
*** drizztbsd has quit IRC22:39
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo22:40
DocScrutinizernow if that goddamn addressbook had a proper scripting interface, it'd be pretty simple to manage that mess. But alas I seem to have to go thru contacts GUI, contact by contact, compare, and then delete. CYA tomorrow... yuck22:40
*** drizztbsd has joined #maemo22:40
*** Kottizen has joined #maemo22:40
Stskeepsisn't there an api?22:40
DocScrutinizerfsckng C api, yes22:41
DocScrutinizerI could as well export all contacts to vcf, process on desktop with unix standards tools, and then delete the whole augias on N900 and import proper on clean22:42
*** drizztbsd_ has joined #maemo22:43
DocScrutinizercongrats to differentiate22:44
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #maemo22:44
*** mairas has quit IRC22:44
*** drizztbsd has quit IRC22:45
*** juk_ has quit IRC22:46
DocScrutinizerhalf assed approach to import/export every record of that friggin berkley db to vcf. BTW a task that'd be done in SQL by a one-liner. Obviously nobody cared to think about *why* anybody would need that - and *how* it's gonna be used in real life22:46
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC22:47
*** kthomas has joined #maemo22:47
nox-yeah you have to wonder...22:47
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC22:48
DocScrutinizerresembles an electrician who's told "place a light switch here next to the door please" and he's placing a switch there, but of course without any cable leading to it22:49
*** hannesw has quit IRC22:49
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo22:50
* DocScrutinizer wonders how much ignorance or hate must be there inside parts and between subgroups of maemo team22:50
Stskeepsare you done ranting?22:50
DocScrutinizeryes, definitely22:50
DocScrutinizerthanks for your patience22:50
Stskeepsnormal people send bombs instead or burn company logos22:51
GAN900DocScrutinizer, there's an app.22:52
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: I'm short of C422:54
DocScrutinizerrecently :-P22:54
*** jophish has quit IRC22:54
DocScrutinizerGAN900: name, URL ?22:54
GAN900It's in Extras.22:55
GAN900Don't recall the name, lost it after my proto died.22:55
*** mece has left #maemo22:55
DocScrutinizerok, that somewhat narrows the search params X-P22:55
DocScrutinizernevertheless big thanks for letting me know22:56
*** Kottizen has left #maemo22:57
*** Flipi is now known as Flipi|BNC22:57
*** drizztbsd_ is now known as drizztbsd22:58
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo23:03
*** apexi200sx has quit IRC23:04
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo23:04
*** GNUtoo|laptop has joined #maemo23:05
*** hannesw has joined #maemo23:05
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC23:06
DocScrutinizermarco barisione - who else :-))) "Merge your duplicate contacts 0.1.3-0"23:07
*** h4xordood has joined #maemo23:08
h4xordoodheya :)23:08
h4xordoodhey anyone install maemo global on n900 ?23:09
*** jacktheripper has joined #maemo23:09
h4xordood i installed it shows 234mb on my rootfs, is that alright ?23:09
h4xordoodwhen i had maemo india there was 27gb partition also which i dont see now23:10
*** zhrb has quit IRC23:12
jacktheripperis there a tool like 'cat' that can update the contents when the file changes ?23:13
jacktheripperthat shows a 'live' view of the file I meant23:14
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo23:14
*** bilboed-tp has left #maemo23:15
*** mlpug has quit IRC23:15
*** nuovodna has quit IRC23:15
*** nuovodna has joined #maemo23:16
*** mfabiop has quit IRC23:16
DocScrutinizerbarisione: you saved my day :-D Thanks a lot23:16
*** mfabiop has joined #maemo23:17
RST38hjack: tail -f23:17
RST38hand hello pupnik23:17
jacktheripperRST38h: it only works for new lines added, I need to update old ones too23:18
DocScrutinizer51jacktheripper: or get *real* less, and simply press F23:18
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo23:19
*** ALoGeNo has joined #maemo23:19
h4xordoodDocScrutinizer51: can u answer my question o.O23:19
DocScrutinizer51or - from cmdline - less +F myfiletocheck23:19
DocScrutinizer51dunno, what IS your question?23:20
h4xordoodDocScrutinizer51: i installed maemo global on my device23:20
h4xordoodand without booting flashed with vanilla23:20
h4xordoodnow my rootfs is 234 mb23:20
h4xordoodwhen there was indian version i saw one partition with 27gb23:20
h4xordoodbut now its not ther23:21
DocScrutinizer51sorry you compltely lost me23:21
h4xordoodk :(23:22
*** jophish has joined #maemo23:22
DocScrutinizer51the 27GB s /home/user/MyDocs23:22
DocScrutinizer51always been23:22
h4xordood i dont see after installing maemo global23:23
h4xordood:( why so23:23
*** rodarvus has quit IRC23:23
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo23:24
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo23:24
DocScrutinizer51to me it seems you failed on the 'don't boot' part. I strongly recommend to FIRST flash VANILLA, *then* flash COMBINED23:24
h4xordoodso first vanilla should be flashed?23:25
*** raulherbster has quit IRC23:25
zapAnybody knows what the f*k happened with libsdl-ttf2.0? Older applications depend on libsdl-ttf2.0-0, and newer pygame lists it now as libsdl-ttf2.0... as a result, I have a total dependency mess now.23:25
zap(and yes, there are two different packages, one named libsdl-ttf2.0 and other libsdl-ttf2.0-0)23:26
zap(and of course they conflict)23:26
DocScrutinizer51if you want to clean all your MyDocs then yes. Otherwise do NOT flash VANILLA at all (I guess its too late for you)23:26
DocScrutinizer51h4xordood: it's suggested the other way round all over the place, nevertheless it's better to flash vanilla first, if you're goin to flash vanilla at all23:28
h4xordoodah okay i wont to make n900 new23:28
h4xordoodso that means first vanilla and then combined23:28
GNUtoo|laptophi, I'm trying to flash and boot a self-compiled zImage that looks for the rootfs on microsd with 0xFFFF, and it doesn't seem to boot when I disconnect the usb cable, I've framebuffer console for debugging purposes and it doesn't show up anything and is in an endless reboot with the nokia image, but with the usb cable connected it boots23:29
*** AcTiVaTe has quit IRC23:29
h4xordoodDocScrutinizer51: thnx :)23:29
DocScrutinizer51just ommit the -R on all your flasher cmdlines23:30
GNUtoo|laptopDocScrutinizer51, ah? but I want the kernel permanant23:30
GNUtoo|laptopsuch as I'm outside and I power on the device23:30
GNUtoo|laptopwithout a computer23:30
GNUtoo|laptopbut I'll try23:30
GNUtoo|laptop-D should be set to 0,1 or 2 ?23:30
DocScrutinizer51GNUtoo|laptop: eh?23:30
GNUtoo|laptop ./0xFFFF -p kernel%/home/gnutoo/embedded/oe/oetmps/nokia900/work/nokia900-oe-linux-gnueabi/linux-2.6.28-r55/linux-2.6.28/arch/arm/boot/zImage -R -D 123:31
GNUtoo|laptopI used that23:31
GNUtoo|laptopand the help says:23:31
GNUtoo|laptop -D [0|1|2]     sets the root device to flash (0), mmc (1) or usb (2)23:31
*** dos1 has quit IRC23:31
GNUtoo|laptopwhich I didn't understood23:31
DocScrutinizer51maybe I'm wrong at -R for reboot, but I once ahain don't get a single word23:31
*** LjL is now known as ElJayEl23:32
GNUtoo|laptopyou mean?23:32
*** ElJayEl is now known as LjL23:32
DocScrutinizer51I'm not talking bout 0xFFFF23:32
GNUtoo|laptopI don't get a single world?23:32
MohammadAGwhich device is this?23:32
GNUtoo|laptopor you don't23:32
MohammadAG0xFFFF isn't for the n900, some functions work though23:32
*** felipec has joined #maemo23:33
*** ftrvxmtrx has quit IRC23:33
DocScrutinizer51GNUtoo|laptop: btw that's #maemo23:33
GNUtoo|laptopwhere should I ask? I use maemo's kernel23:34
GNUtoo|laptop2.6.28 with some patches23:34
DocScrutinizer51we're talking bout a simple reflash of stock PR1.223:34
*** javispedro has joined #maemo23:34
GNUtoo|laptopah you weren't talking to me23:34
GNUtoo|laptopsorry then23:35
DocScrutinizer51ask here, but make clear what's it all about23:35
MohammadAGuse flasher-3.523:35
GNUtoo|laptopthat's why I put a very long description23:35
*** rodarvus has quit IRC23:35
DocScrutinizerGNUtoo|laptop: interferred with h4xordood answer to flashing problem :-D23:36
GNUtoo|laptopah ouch sorry23:36
GNUtoo|laptopif he wants back his default kernel I know how23:37
MohammadAGapt-get --reinstall install kernel kernel-modules kernel-flasher23:37
GNUtoo|laptopthat's if he can boot23:38
GNUtoo|laptopI know how if it doesn't boot anymore23:38
MohammadAGstock PR1.2 zImage for flasher-3.5
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC23:38
MohammadAGflasher-3.5 -k zImage -f -R, everyone knows how to do it23:39
infobotflashing is probably
GNUtoo|laptopah ok23:39
GNUtoo|laptopI used that:23:39
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo23:40
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: minus "-R"23:40
DocScrutinizer"-R" is deprecated :-P23:40
MohammadAGit isn't, sed can deprecate it well :P23:40
DocScrutinizerif I'm right about -R == reboot23:41
h4xordoodi used this command ./flasher-3.5 -F RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin -f23:41
h4xordoodnow wihtout booting23:41
h4xordoodi have to use this > ./flasher-3.5 -F RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.19-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f ?23:41
DocScrutinizerand you'll probably want to remove battery, insert it again, and hold 'u' when you plug to USB23:42
DocScrutinizeras usually it won't do a second flashing without powercycling the device, though you can try to just fire that second command and see if it succeeds23:43
javispedrois -R deprecated now? oh.23:43
javispedroon the N8x0 it would really NOT reboot =), thus staying forever in NOLO...23:43
yaccAny HowTOs how to get more software on the N900? (The ovistore is a joke, ...)23:43
MohammadAGjavispedro, even when replacnig the battery23:44
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, extras is
javispedroMohammadAG: ofc not, actually you could even send more flasher commands to it23:44
*** rhodric has joined #maemo23:44
MohammadAGgrr, why did you N810 guys have all the fun23:44
*** kthomas has quit IRC23:45
*** kthomas has joined #maemo23:46
* DocScrutinizer whistles the funeral march, silently23:47
DocScrutinizerRIP tmo :-P23:48
* MohammadAG passes the beer23:48
javispedrobring out the champagne23:48
*** kthomas has quit IRC23:48
nox-heh and i was just wondering whether i should post the xterm stuff somewhere...23:49
E0xMohammadAG: why you say that ( the fun in n810 ) ?23:49
DocScrutinizercheers on a better world to come :-D23:49
*** wazd has joined #maemo23:49
MohammadAGor the #maemo apocalypse23:50
MohammadAGwe need a backup channel23:50
DocScrutinizereeeeek DUCK AND COVER23:50
*** mfabiop has quit IRC23:51
* DocScrutinizer stares at user counter23:51
javispedrowhat, no #overflow?23:51
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo23:51
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC23:51
*** benh has joined #maemo23:51
DocScrutinizersure, #maemo has join-throttling :-D thanks for reminder23:51
*** foxfell has quit IRC23:52
nox-.oO(that reminds me of the wikipedia channels whenever that is down...)23:53
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:53
DocScrutinizerhrhrhrrr It's dead, Jim23:54
*** foxfell_ has joined #maemo23:54
* DocScrutinizer watching tmo lemmings jumping off the cliff in panic23:54
*** AcTiVaTe has joined #maemo23:56
DocScrutinizerfor those who don't get what all this is about: remove that line from your etc/hosts :-P23:56
*** villev has quit IRC23:56
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo23:56
pupniklink DocScrutinizer23:56
*** carloscesa has quit IRC23:57
*** b0tz has quit IRC23:57
*** zs has quit IRC23:57
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC23:58
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo23:58
*** nuovodna has quit IRC23:58
nox-mailinglists still up?  or should i just put it on a private page?23:58
*** nuovodna has joined #maemo23:59
javispedrotmo is hosted on entirely different server23:59
*** hannesw has quit IRC23:59
*** h4xordood has quit IRC23:59
nox-ok but are the lists going the same death soon too?  or was DocScrutinizer just joking? :)23:59

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