IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2010-04-18

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* lcuk facepalms00:00
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PhonicUKQt Creator + VNC = awesome :D00:01
* javispedro ponders if GAN was abducted because he discovered that the Nexus One is powered by magic00:02
* VDVsx imagines GAN, texrat and Quim with N1 :D00:02
lcukwhich machine to which00:03
fralsmy exchange server has now started moving all mails containing "fmms" to "Junk Mail"00:03
VDVsxfrals, M$ tech what do you expect ? :D00:03
noobmonk3ylol frals!00:04
* lcuk hits frals with a hammer00:04
* lcuk hits frals server with a hammer00:04
MohammadAGserver fixed, now who's gonna fix frals cause of you00:04
* noobmonk3y hits maemo autobuilder with a hammer..... and if that fails i will hit it with lcuk 00:05
GAN900VDVsx, pfft, sitting in my backpack.00:05
lcukMohammadAG, you!00:05
* MohammadAG hits frals with another hammer00:05
* frals feels like a nail00:05
lcuki let jake use the hammer the other day to bash a hole in a coconut00:06
noobmonk3yfrals, hows the ash cloud going over there? :P00:06
lcukso i was stood there with hand on the screwdriver into the hole00:06
javispedrofrals: wild guess: all of your previous received messages containing "fmms" were all spam-like? =)00:06
MohammadAGlcuk, what happened to the hammer?00:06
lcukmails sent to spam -> blame it on the ash cloud00:06
MohammadAGmails sent to spam -> blame it on the ash cloud -> blame Iceland00:07
lcukMohammadAG, it contacted my hand a few times00:07
lcuknot at all00:07
* VDVsx blames lcuk for the ash cloud00:07
lcukiceland did nothing wrong00:07
javispedroGoogle has too much money =)00:07
MohammadAGit had a volcano in it00:07
MohammadAGor under it00:07
lcukwhy javispedro ?00:07
javispedrolcuk: they ship nexus one's like crazy00:08
fralsjavispedro: :D00:08
GAN900VDVsx, seriously, though, eBay!00:08
javispedroI once posted here that my uni "talked" about doing an android programming optional course... google's answer: 30 N1s. before the course contents were decided.00:08
VDVsxthey are giving N1 everywhere, probably from the series that have a lot of issues :D00:10
VDVsx3g issues and battery00:10
javispedroGAN900: don't say that too loud, it's probably against google's own guidelines00:10
GAN900Well, bergie's N1 booted to the bootloader with "Firmware not found" because the battery was low.00:10
GAN900javispedro, box is retail, so, meh. :P00:11
VDVsxGAN900, did you sign anything ?00:11
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GAN900VDVsx, nope.00:12
javispedroGAN900: if the plan was ebaying it, just by opening it you already lost a few $$$ =)00:12
GAN900VDVsx, checked my name against a list and snipped a corner off my nametag00:13
GAN900javispedro, yeah, well, it was free.00:13
javispedroah, so they didn't throw them at the audience among massive confusion and panic.00:13
GAN900I wanted to play with it.00:13
VDVsxGAN900, is the browser any good ?00:13
MohammadAGVDVsx, you don't own an N900?00:14
GAN900javispedro, the Google guy almost hit me in the head with a "Fork You" shirt during Q&A while I was watching somebody ask a question in back.00:14
* VDVsx has to request the milestone to play a bit00:14
GAN900VDVsx, not compared to MicroB00:14
MohammadAGoh nvm00:14
VDVsxMohammadAG, yes, 2 actually :D00:14
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GAN900VDVsx, pretty comparable to the iPhone overall00:14
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GAN900VDVsx, you don't own that RX-51!00:14
MohammadAGI hate how the iPhone got 100/100 on the acid3 test00:15
javispedroandroid seems to be attracting quite a lot of wince/winmob users, curiously.00:15
* noobmonk3y wonders if the iphone is so great, could it fix the autobuilder and give me a promote button? :P hehe00:15
GAN900VDVsx, says so under the battery. :P00:15
VDVsxGAN900, true00:15
VDVsxis not mine00:15
MohammadAGnoobmonk3y, no, it can't do two things at once00:15
VDVsxsame for the other one00:15
noobmonk3yalso a good point00:15
* noobmonk3y may have to pinch X-Fade till he gives the autobuilder mouth to mouth...... seems like the only option00:16
javispedronoobmonk3y: waiit until monday00:16
GAN900Weird thing about the OLED is that the pixels are non-square00:16
GAN900more like triangular00:16
GAN900so all the shapes have rough edges.00:16
PhonicUKthats freaky00:16
noobmonk3ythe words noobmonk3y and wait..... in the same sentence?! - i just waited 10 days!!!!!00:16
VDVsxiPhone browser suck so much, I can properly visit most of my favorite websites00:16
GAN900Plus it's really freaking oversaturated.00:16
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javispedroI can properly visit all of my websites! outrageous! where's the pain in that???00:17
* javispedro goes hug his n81000:17
* PhonicUK hugs his N900 :D00:17
PhonicUKcheap OLED displays look really nasty00:17
* noobmonk3y can see all websites fine on the n900 (that i need too) except t.m.o.. .. and even that isnt too annoying00:17
ShadowJKGAN900, on nexus one? It has less blue and red pixels than green pixels00:17
PhonicUKITV Player doesn't work too well00:18
PhonicUKiPlayer and 4oD work fine though00:18
VDVsxI think is ok if you live in the US, since they have website versions for the iPhone, but otherwise is a piece of shit :D00:18
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SpeedEviliplayer works fine?00:18
SpeedEvilit's completely broken here00:18
noobmonk3yyeah on the big screen version00:18
PhonicUKyou can't use the bigscreen version00:18
noobmonk3ySpeedEvil, did you follow the tmo walkthrough?00:18
SpeedEviland video doesn't keep up with audio00:18
PhonicUKyou have to use console mode00:19
noobmonk3yanyway, downloader works fine00:19
PhonicUKspeed evil, got your device to hand? ill show you how its done00:19
PhonicUKyou'd so easily miss it00:19
SpeedEvilas it happens, yes00:19
* noobmonk3y listens intently00:19
* Xisdibik watches noobmonk3y listen intently00:19
PhonicUKok gentlemen, take your device and visit the *normal* iplayer page00:19
* javispedro shouts NO FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH00:20
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* Xisdibik flashes javispedro :O00:20
n900-dkHow to show what options that a program have been compiled with afterwards? Like after you have been doing './configure --someoptions"00:20
lcukdoctor who!00:20
PhonicUKfind whatever it is you want to watch, im going to use "Doctor Who"00:20
PhonicUKand click it as normal00:20
pupnikbrowser guys!  could we have a faster way to enable/disable flash? thx!00:20
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noobmonk3ydr who it is done00:20
PhonicUKgimme 1 mo while mine loads00:20
PhonicUKok so you're at the bit where you can click play, don't do so00:20
lcukpupnik, a binary flash shim would be ideal for me00:20
lcuka click to play, but done using speed of binary plugin00:21
PhonicUKlook in the iPlayer flash window, in the bottom right00:21
PhonicUKthere are 3 buttons00:21
PhonicUKVolume, Pop-out and Full Screen00:21
PhonicUKclick on Pop-out00:21
PhonicUKwhich will open in a new window00:21
noobmonk3yactually that plays fine, but shit quality!00:22
PhonicUKits better quality than the shitty iPlayer app for symbian00:22
VDVsxpupnik, I think there's a plugin for fennec at least(not sure about microB)00:22
PhonicUKand it works over 3G :)00:22
noobmonk3ygood point on the 3g00:23
noobmonk3ymight stick with the downloader though :D00:23
PhonicUKbut yeah ive done it over 3G and its quite watchable00:23
noobmonk3ythankee v much though :D00:23
PhonicUKno worries00:23
lcukmake that a short 1 liner00:23
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lcukadd it to ~iplayer00:23
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PhonicUKhow do I add it? or shall i just sum it up and someone else add it00:24
lcuklol javispedro00:24
lcukit will save explain00:24
javispedroyou have to do something like "infobot: iplayer is something somewhere somehow"00:25
lcuknext time someone wants to know how00:25
lcukwe can give em that00:25
pupnikty VDVsx00:25
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PhonicUKinfobot: iPlayer can be viewed smoothly on the N900 by going to the normal desktop version of the iPlayer website, selecting your programme as normal - and then instead of selecting "Play", click the "Pop-out" button in the bottom right (in the middle). The Popped-out version can be played in full screen smoothly.00:26
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javispedroiPlayer is ...00:28
SpeedEvilinfobot: iplayer is iPlayer can be viewed smoothly on the N900 by going to the normal desktop version of the iPlayer website, selecting your programme as normal - and then instead of selecting "Play", click the "Pop-out" button in the bottom right (in the middle). The Popped-out version can be played in full screen smoothly.00:28
javispedroinfobot: ping00:28
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javispedrohe suicided00:28
noobmonk3ywho killed infobot?00:28
noobmonk3y~seen infobot00:28
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PhonicUKwell darn00:29
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pupnikman, time/wait needed to enable/disable flash really bites00:31
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GAN900zerojay's package works great00:34
jacekowskii need some opinions regarding zooming in chrome00:35
jacekowskiand fullscreen00:35
jacekowskiwhat about using volume buttons for zoom and fullscreen at the same time?00:36
PhonicUKpressing both vol+ and vol- for fullscreen?00:36
PhonicUKseems inconvenient00:36
GAN900ShadowJK, whatever it is, orange is REALLY freaking orange on Talk.00:36
GAN900jacekowski, steal MicroB's fullscreen button?00:37
jacekowskipress volume+ at 0 zoom00:37
SpeedEvilI don't think you can safely press both buttons00:37
jacekowskiand it goes to fullscreen00:37
PhonicUKthen how do i zoom in?00:37
jacekowskinext press again and it zooms00:37
PhonicUKseems like id keep fullscreening when i dont want to00:37
SpeedEviljace so you have maxzoom - minzoom - fullscreen - minzoom - maxzoom00:38
SpeedEvilso if you press zoom out, you zoom out, then you hit fullscreen, and if you keep pressing zoom out, you zoom in00:38
SpeedEvilto get out of fullscreen you need to zoom out again using hte other button00:39
SpeedEvilnot discoverable thoug00:39
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jacekowskiyou have your zoom at 0 and no fullscreen00:39
jacekowskiand you press zoom in00:39
jacekowskiand it goes like that00:39
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jacekowski0 -> fullscreen -> zoom level 1 -> zoom level 2 -> ......00:40
* noobmonk3y is gonna go to bed early :( - too much pudding :(00:40
jacekowskiand when are you going back00:40
jacekowskiit would be00:40
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jacekowski.... -> zoom level 2 -> zoom level 1 -> zoom level 0 -> disable fullscreen00:41
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SpeedEvilhow do you enable fullscreen then00:42
jacekowskiyou press zoom in once00:42
SpeedEvilI'm probalt misunderstanding - it's too late - and not enough pudding00:42
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jacekowskibasicaly zoom in/out will have alternative function at zoom level 000:42
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jacekowskiwhich would be switching fullscreen00:43
ShadowJKGAN900, it's because of the reduce blue and red resolution that the screen looks fuzzy for text and sharp features00:43
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pupniki wonder if there is a white slavery market for programmers...00:56
jacekowskiyeah, indians will do whatever you want for half price00:56
jacekowskiand it's called outsourcing00:57
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inkbottlecan i have my screen in portrait mode? Can i have a virtual key board to type in google search (example)?00:58
pupnikyes, don't know00:59
inkbottlepupnik, how then for the yes?01:00
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* PhonicUK is happy :D01:01
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pupnikinkbottle: need to type a keycombination and browser switches to auto-rotate01:04
pupnikctrl-fn-r or something01:04
MohammadAGCTRL SHIFT O01:05
* PhonicUK is not happy01:07
PhonicUKthere is no <iostream> !01:07
PhonicUKI'm using Qt Creator and MADDE01:08
PhonicUKand it doesn't like "#include <iostream>"01:08
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pupnikow PhonicUK .  call the paramedics01:11
PhonicUKits a pain because i can see the includes in my toolchain01:11
NotDigitalso, is there any news about the n900 getting meego?01:12
NotDigitalor is it still most likely a dead-end phone?01:12
*** user__ has joined #maemo01:13
GAN900NotDigital, depends on how you define "dead-end"01:13
PhonicUKI just want flash 10.1 :\01:13
NotDigitalgan900: "abandoned by the vendor"01:13
GAN900Basically, the situation isn't even close to that black and white01:13
PhonicUKthat said i'd be pissed if next week they announced something using a fancy new 1.2GHz ARM chip01:14
pupnikI want my own castle with a small team of experts...01:14
PhonicUKpupnik, can i come? :P01:14
NotDigitalgan900: please enlighten me :)01:14
pupnikHypothetically of course PhonicUK01:14
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NotDigitalI have this n900 and it's insanely cool, but I'm worried that developers are going to move to meego development once that comes out and there will be no more new stuff ported/developed for the n900.01:15
GAN900NotDigital, well, API-wise Harmattan/MeeGo and Fremantle are compatible on the application level.01:15
GAN900NotDigital, with Qt, etc.01:15
PhonicUKits just a matter of what hardware they have in mind for MeeGo01:15
GAN900N900 is the ARM dev platform for MeeGo the distro01:15
*** rdorsch has quit IRC01:16
NotDigitalwell, not really - the n900 was retroactively named the dev platform for meego.  but it was originally intended as the flagship for maemo.01:16
GAN900No news on whether MeeGo/Harmattan will support N900, though.01:16
GAN900NotDigital, so, in summary, it's obnoxiously complicated. . . .01:17
GAN900NotDigital, erm. . . .01:17
*** tlir has joined #maemo01:17
NotDigitaland there will be a lot of pressure on them to come up with a phone that has a 1ghz snapdragon or whatever, so the first meego phone might be technically API-compatible with the n900, but far too underpowered to actually run many applications.01:17
GAN900NotDigital, I'm not sure what you think that statement means01:17
NotDigitalI'm not either.  I'm talking out my ass in the hopes that someone will correct me. :)01:18
GAN900NotDigital, MeeGo wasn't actually a thing until the last few months01:18
GAN900NotDigital, basically, there are a lot of people who want what you want01:18
NotDigitalI have this vague hope that nokia would realize that abandoning the n900 would be flipping the bird to a bunch of hard-core fanboys that develop loads of weird shit for their phones, and it would be a terrible business move to do so.01:19
GAN900NotDigital, and we're not completely beholden to Nokia to provide it.01:19
GAN900NotDigital, so if Nokia doesn't, somebody will.01:19
* GAN900 made that point to Ari on Wednesday01:20
GAN900(though in friendlier terms)01:20
NotDigitalwho is ari?01:20
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GAN900Google. :P01:20
dubziiNotDigital, i agree, a lot of the 'real' fans already got their N900 and won't just buy another phone right away if it runs a new OS. The N900 isn't that old yet01:20
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* GAN900 may lose GPRS soon.01:21
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inkbottlepupnik, i've read ctrl-shift-o; i haven't tried yet, i only have 2 hands01:22
pupnikand 10 fingers01:22
NotDigitalyeah, I have my phone doing the portrait-mode browsing - it's cool but not especially useful.01:22
pupnikor so01:22
NotDigitalthe status bar along the bottom doesn't fit so you lose the resize/stop/bookmarks/etc buttons.01:22
NotDigitalso you end up flipping back to landscape every time you need to interact with the browser.01:22
NotDigitalit's only good if you read pages that tend to be very long so you don't need to tell the browser what you want to do very often.01:23
GAN900NotDigital, figure out who Ari is? :P01:23
GAN900NotDigital, control-l is helpful01:24
NotDigitalthe whitehouse spokesman during the early years of the bush presidency?01:24
GAN900as is the backspace key and swiping from the right side of the screen for history.01:24
*** jmc93739653 has joined #maemo01:24
NotDigitalI kid.  Yes, apparently he's a bigwig for meego development.  Neat.01:25
GAN900NotDigital, Ari Jaaksi is VP of Maemo Devices and MeeGo Operations, so....01:25
inkbottleGAN900, thanks for the tips; so i've tried; i might not have a recent enough firmware01:26
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inkbottleversion is 2.2009.51-101:29
GAN900inkbottle, you're behind.01:30
inkbottlehow do i upgrade that?01:31
GAN900Application Manager01:31
GAN900Tap update01:31
GAN900Install the Maemo update01:31
inkbottlei dont even know yet how to be root (ok ill try that :)  )01:31
lcukbackup first01:32
GAN900Install rootsh01:32
GAN900Open XTerm01:32
lcukunless you got nothing to lose01:32
GAN900type 'root'01:32
GAN900lcuk, it prompts you.01:32
lcukit deserves mentioning before you are actually wanting to update01:33
inkbottlelcuk, backup my files, or the system; in case it's the files i dont have yet01:34
inkbottlelcuk, ok01:34
GAN900It offers to do it for you.01:34
inkbottleGAN900, so i'm at nokia sys soft update, now01:35
*** tchan has quit IRC01:35
GAN900inkbottle, do the backup, install the update.01:35
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*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away01:39
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inkbottlei've got a " could not contact dns server"; though i can reach google, and nokia support for instance; and i types the address in in the desktop computer i speaking to you with "" it seems ok01:45
*** jgoss has joined #maemo01:46
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PhonicUKnight all01:47
SpeedEvildebian chroot. I've got aptitude showing 'build-essentials' info - how do I install this?01:47
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inkbottleit doesn't seem so easy to update the firmware02:03
*** zeq has quit IRC02:06
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inkbottlehow can i be root; mean type su (then type root's password that of course i don't know...)02:09
MohammadAGinkbottle, what exactly do you want to do02:09
MohammadAGupdate or gain root?02:09
*** jmc93739653 has quit IRC02:12
inkbottlenot at the same time but the two (i'm used when doing system administration to be root; but this can wait) (i'm at present watching the video you gave me)02:12
*** PortaLu has joined #maemo02:14
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo02:15
inkbottleI'll keep doing that later...02:15
inkbottlethank you very much you all02:15
inkbottleand see you later :)  bye02:15
dima202why are there directories with .directory? Wouldn't it be easier without the .?02:15
dima202Am I missing something?02:15
*** inkbottle has quit IRC02:15
MohammadAGdima202, .directories are hidden02:16
dima202ok, but why?02:16
MohammadAGmostly config files02:16
MohammadAGunless you meant the 32GB eMMC02:16
dima202No, my videos, ringtones, etc.. all in .direcories02:16
MohammadAGoh, imo that was stupid02:16
dima202ok, thanks I agree with your opinion02:17
MohammadAGthe old FM02:17
MohammadAGfile manager02:17
MohammadAG(I think)02:17
MohammadAGonly supported hidden folders02:17
MohammadAGthat was fixed, but part of the mistake was inherited02:17
dima202got ya02:17
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*** user__ has joined #maemo02:19
*** user__ has left #maemo02:20
*** svu has joined #maemo02:21
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*** Omegamoon has left #maemo02:23
jacekowskiwell it's userland that hides them02:25
jacekowskiif you use kernel syscalls to list directory contents02:25
jacekowskiyou will get everything02:25
jacekowskiincluding . .. and all .folder folders02:25
jacekowskiand then userland part decides to skip some of them02:26
jacekowskiso "old file manager supported them" is not very precise02:26
*** Aranel has quit IRC02:29
MohammadAG<MohammadAG> (I think)02:32
*** javispedro has quit IRC02:32
*** post_j has joined #maemo02:32
MohammadAGI never touched Diablo or Chinook02:32
MohammadAGso I have no idea02:32
MohammadAGI just had a quick read about it02:32
*** wizkoder has joined #maemo02:33
*** svu has quit IRC02:34
*** skler` has joined #maemo02:36
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*** gavin__ has quit IRC02:41
*** hurbu has joined #maemo02:42
jacekowskiwell, that's linux thing02:46
*** kkb110 has quit IRC02:47
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*** kkb110 has joined #maemo02:47
*** _Lucretia_ has joined #maemo02:47
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_llll_they are . so that the name "Documents" can be translated or something dumb02:48
*** ptl has quit IRC02:48
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* evilBunny says hello02:53
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*** ssid has joined #maemo03:29
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*** post_j has joined #maemo03:32
Funnyfacegrr I hate websites that redirect you to a mobile version of a page, without any link to view the full version03:32
*** gavin__ has joined #maemo03:33
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo03:33
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*** gavin__ is now known as gavin03:35
*** gavin has joined #maemo03:36
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*** b-man is now known as firefox03:38
izzoxHey people03:40
izzoxNeed help about pidgin03:41
*** Po0ky has quit IRC03:42
*** firefox is now known as ubuntu_one03:42
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*** ubuntu_one is now known as b-man03:44
MyrttiI'll throw the bloody Nexus One to a wall.03:46
*** Meow`` has quit IRC03:48
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo03:50
*** viatech has quit IRC03:53
Myrttithe touch screen keyboard is the worst excuse of a virtual piece of hardware ever existed03:56
*** viatech has joined #maemo03:57
*** bleeter has quit IRC03:58
GAN900Myrtti, lol.04:01
*** felipec has quit IRC04:03
*** jmc93739653 has quit IRC04:06
*** TheNewAndy has joined #maemo04:07
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo04:08
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo04:08
jelmerSigh, N900 has blank screened and nothing seems to be able to revive it.04:08
DocScrutinizerjelmer: black screen?04:09
jogajelmer, what charger have you used?04:10
jogaI had that once, used the adapter with some other nokia charger and it simply didn't provide enough04:10
jogaI let it charge for 15-20 mins and then got it to boot, but after short usage it shut down again so I let it recharge over the night and it only reached 30% or so04:10
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo04:11
jogawith some other chargers I don't get that, and it's pretty easy to find out if it can handle the N900, the adapter will warm up :)04:11
*** wazd has quit IRC04:11
*** mcknight has joined #maemo04:14
jelmerDocScrutinizer: yeah, black screen indeed04:14
*** mcknight has quit IRC04:15
DocScrutinizerjelmer: and indicator LED still working?04:15
jelmerjoga: I've only used the charger and the USB cable that came with the N90004:15
jelmerDocScrutinizer: yes04:15
jogajelmer: ok04:15
DocScrutinizersame here :-/04:15
jogayours is dead too?04:16
jelmerDocScrutinizer: When I try to boot it it comes up in white, orange led flashes twice and then briefly flashes green.04:16
MohammadAGthen shuts down, and goes into a loop04:16
MohammadAGI had that on day 304:16
DocScrutinizerjelmer: you might try to hook it up to your TV and see if you also got vertical bars or a completely black screen with some rubish in the center04:16
MohammadAGremoved the sim and microSD card, as well as the battery for a couple of mins then I just reinserted the battery04:17
jelmerDocScrutinizer: I just get a black screen if I hook it up to a tv unfortunately04:17
DocScrutinizersame here04:18
jelmerMohammadAG: I've tried it that with just the battery, I'll give it a try with the SIM and MicroSD as well though I wonder why that would work.04:18
dmj7261izzox: what's your question?04:18
jelmerDocScrutinizer: when did the problem start occurring for you?04:19
DocScrutinizerTV shows greyish stripes or some small structures in center04:19
MohammadAGjelmer, actually it was the microSD causing it04:19
* MohammadAG klined himself04:19
*** Meow`` has quit IRC04:19
MohammadAGanyways, I'm off04:20
DocScrutinizerjelmer: probably a mechanical problem with the flat platic cable connecting the lower half to screen half04:20
jelmerMohammadAG: g'night04:20
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC04:20
jelmerDocScrutinizer: ah; so probably something to take to the Nokia Shop?04:21
DocScrutinizermine there since a week now04:22
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo04:23
DocScrutinizerjelmer: yours not even shows the NOKIA screen on boot, the one without backlight?04:24
jelmerDocScrutinizer: nope04:25
jelmerDocScrutinizer: it died overnight04:25
DocScrutinizerhmm, I think there's nothing you could do at home to fix it04:25
jelmergrmbl, worst possible time for it to die, in the middle of this #ashtag thing04:26
jelmerDocScrutinizer: in either case, thanks your comments04:27
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC04:27
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo04:28
DocScrutinizerjelmer: you could try to ssh into N900 - if you had a working setup before04:28
jelmerDocScrutinizer: Unfortunately I'm not at home so there's no wireless network it could be connecting to by itself.04:30
lcukjelmer, charging from computer or psu04:31
lcukremove sim and mmc as doc suggests and just try with battery alone04:31
DocScrutinizer?? nope, not me04:32
lcukgood point sorry, it was moh04:32
DocScrutinizermohamadag suggested it04:32
DocScrutinizeranyway my suggestion is quite similar: boot from battery without anything attached or inserted, and see if 'NOKIA' shows up on screen04:34
DocScrutinizeropen up kbd slide in dim place (or with finger covering ambient light sensor) ans see if the backlight is enabled and goes off after a while04:35
DocScrutinizerkbd backlight that is04:35
jelmerDocScrutinizer: the kbd backlight does indeed go on and off after some time04:36
DocScrutinizerif kbd backlight works but nothing ever shows on screen, the you probably got a perfectly booted system with a hw defect in screen04:36
jelmerthat's probably what it is then :-/04:37
DocScrutinizerjelmer: I hope you haven't installed a OC-kernel?04:38
jelmerI don't know what an OC-kernel is so I guess not :-)04:38
DocScrutinizerok :-)04:38
DocScrutinizernow that's defect #3 in ~2 weeks now, like this04:39
*** fqhuy has joined #maemo04:40
DocScrutinizerand the real nasty detail is the FPC is also holding the whole crap of the upper half (ALS, cam, indi-LED etc), so it's not exactly an easy or cheap repair04:41
DocScrutinizerand I just hope mine wasn't sent to Finland for repair, as it might take even longer to come back by air delivery :-/04:43
lcukjelmer, you never said - are you using usb lead now or charger04:43
lcukand did you take out the other components04:43
DocScrutinizerhow would that make any difference?04:44
DocScrutinizer(as it seems to boot up completely)04:44
lcukhow do you know?04:44
DocScrutinizerkbd backlight working - sw controlled04:44
lcuk<jelmer> DocScrutinizer: When I try to boot it it comes up in white, orange led flashes twice and then briefly flashes green.04:44
DocScrutinizergreen also sw controlled04:45
lcukbacklight comes on at immediate first thing it could be any number of things04:45
jelmerlcuk: I've used both the USB cable to my laptop as well as the Nokia charger that came with my N900.04:45
DocScrutinizereerrr huh?04:45
jelmerlcuk: and I've tried taking out the other components.04:46
DocScrutinizerthe NOKIA screen is the very first thing after white indicator LED to come up04:46
lcukhow soon after the white led pulse do the other lights come on04:46
lcukie orange04:46
DocScrutinizerdoesn't matter04:46
jelmerlcuk: 3 or 4 seconds I'd say04:47
*** Po0ky has joined #maemo04:47
DocScrutinizerNOLO doesn't show NOKIA, but system boots correctly04:47
DocScrutinizerergo screen hw deffect04:47
jelmerand now all of a sudden I get the Nokia tune as well04:47
lcukand how long does the orange light stay on for04:47
jelmerlcuk: it flashes slowly twice04:47
DocScrutinizerthat *does not matter*!04:47
DocScrutinizerand is perfectly normal btw04:48
*** panaggio has joined #maemo04:49
DocScrutinizerjelmer: I assume when you 'lock the screen' with slider switch, the green indicator lights up again04:49
*** tearms has quit IRC04:50
*** III has joined #maemo04:51
*** tgalal has quit IRC04:51
DocScrutinizeror white breathing light, if it's not attached to charger/host04:52
jelmerDocScrutinizer: it triggers the backlight of the keybd but doesn't change the indicator light04:52
jelmerDocScrutinizer: it would be in the pincode prompting dialog04:52
jacekowskipin code04:53
jacekowskiwho uses pin04:53
DocScrutinizernot if tjhere's no SIM mounted04:53
jelmerDocScrutinizer: pin for the device04:54
*** tearms has joined #maemo04:54
DocScrutinizeranyway kbd backlight is controlled by mce daemon, so the system should be up and fine fro all that matters for LCD display04:55
DocScrutinizerwhich implies NOLO run OK but doesn'T show the NOKIA logo on screen04:56
DocScrutinizerI guess you could enter the PIN blindly via kbd04:57
DocScrutinizerthough that won't buy you anything :-/04:57
*** raster has joined #maemo04:58
*** izzox has left #maemo05:03
*** bleeter has joined #maemo05:04
*** Sargun has quit IRC05:20
*** dotblank has quit IRC05:22
*** tearms has quit IRC05:27
*** tearms has joined #maemo05:29
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo05:38
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:38
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:39
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:39
LiraNunassvb, I don't get vtbl...
LiraNunait says byte indexes but it seems off05:43
LiraNunaI know the mask is a nop, but I'd expect it to be [0x33221100 ... ]05:43
LiraNunaerr, [0x03020100 ... ]05:43
*** benh has quit IRC05:46
*** panaggio has quit IRC05:48
*** kkb110 has quit IRC05:50
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo05:51
*** Akerippern900 has joined #maemo05:53
*** viatech has quit IRC05:53
*** viatech has joined #maemo05:58
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo05:59
*** rsalveti has quit IRC06:00
*** Akerippern900 has quit IRC06:01
*** mcknight has joined #maemo06:01
*** mcknight has left #maemo06:01
*** III has quit IRC06:02
*** pupnik has quit IRC06:02
*** Clickety has joined #maemo06:05
*** clicx has quit IRC06:08
*** geek00l_ has quit IRC06:17
*** Sho_ has quit IRC06:18
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo06:24
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo06:25
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC06:25
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo06:25
*** hardaker has joined #maemo06:32
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC06:33
*** Openfree has joined #maemo06:34
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo06:35
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC06:38
*** raster has quit IRC06:38
Gh0stytrying to install the sdk on the latest ubuntu x68_64 i get fatal error:06:40
Gh0styi know its not supported on 64 bit but it gives you the option to do so ... :P06:41
*** geek00l_ has joined #maemo06:49
*** tchan has joined #maemo06:51
crashanddieGh0sty: seriously, what part of "not supported" is it you have trouble with?06:53
crashanddieis it "not", or "supported"06:54
*** Dregs has joined #maemo06:54
*** type_t has left #maemo06:57
GAN900crashanddie, yo.06:59
crashanddieyo GAN900, wassup?06:59
GAN900crashanddie, drinking port and watching Remember the Titans on TV.07:00
GAN900Going back to SF tomorrow.07:00
crashanddiehehe, nice07:00
GAN900Segway tour07:00
GAN900and something else07:00
GAN900My dad is out here, so we're doing touristy stuff since Nokia was nice enough to fly me out.07:01
*** swc|666 has quit IRC07:02
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo07:03
*** dfl has joined #maemo07:05
*** zhenhua has quit IRC07:06
*** zhenhua has joined #maemo07:11
*** crashanddie has quit IRC07:11
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo07:14
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo07:14
ssvbLiraNuna: don't know, looking at the generated assembly code is required, maybe intrinsics got miscompiled07:19
LiraNunathe lookup doesn't make much sense07:25
*** Meow`` has quit IRC07:28
*** ufa_ has quit IRC07:30
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:31
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:31
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo07:31
ssvbLiraNuna: are you sure you want to use vld2 instruction (it splits even and odd bytes into different registers, deinterleaving the data)?07:33
ssvbLiraNuna: in any case, gcc generated a horribly slow code here (with lots of unnecessary memory reads/writes)07:34
ssvbLiraNuna: I'll try to compile it now to see where it fails07:35
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo07:36
*** boogeyman has quit IRC07:39
*** Terje_ has quit IRC07:39
*** FatalSaint has quit IRC07:49
*** Termana has joined #maemo07:53
rokaboutAnyone here get syncevolution tasks syncing - evolution two-synce with n900 using syncevo-http-server?07:53
rokabouterr two-way sync07:53
*** KMFDM has quit IRC07:54
rokaboutcontacts and calendar work fine07:54
*** viatech has quit IRC07:55
*** viatech has joined #maemo07:58
ssvbLiraNuna: looks like this code works correctly, VTBL just reverts the effect of VLD207:59
*** kkb110 has quit IRC07:59
*** kkb1101 has joined #maemo08:00
ssvbLiraNuna: VLD2 deinterleaves data  (even bytes go to one register upon loading, odd bytes go to the other), and VTBL just interleaves it back08:01
*** FatalSaint has joined #maemo08:03
ssvbLiraNuna: regarding bad performance, there is a bug about it already:
povbotBug 43118: was not found.08:03
*** rokabout has quit IRC08:06
crashanddiepovbot: you need to stop just looking for show_bug.cgi?id=xxx08:07
povbotcrashanddie: Error: "you" is not a valid command.08:07
povbotBug 123: Dialogs will be transparent as soon as tiping on the top bar08:07
povbotBug 124: Suggestions for bugzilla08:08
*** Gizmokid2005 is now known as Gizmokid2005|AFK08:22
*** chittoor has joined #maemo08:23
*** Meow`` has quit IRC08:23
DocScrutinizerbug 12408:27
povbotBug Suggestions for bugzilla08:27
ShadowJKSo like, do you know of any sane project that uses intrinsics? :P08:29
*** chittoor has quit IRC08:29
ShadowJKThere's a reason performance critical projects like ffmpeg all use handwritten inline assembly and not intrinsics :D08:30
LiraNuna<ssvb> LiraNuna: VLD2 deinterleaves data  (even bytes go to one register upon loading, odd bytes go to the other), and VTBL just interleaves it back08:35
LiraNunathat's why I was going insane08:36
LiraNunawell thing is, there's nothing in intrinsics to get a u/int8x8x2 from anything but vld208:36
*** Xisdibik has joined #maemo08:37
LiraNunassvb, the intrinsics are not as powerful as the assembly, which is really sad08:39
LiraNunaShadowJK, that's cause the NEON intrinsics are annoying08:40
LiraNunaI'm trying em now08:40
Ken-YoungWhat's wrong with the NEON intrinsics?08:42
*** FatalSaint has quit IRC08:42
ShadowJKliranuna: no it's because gcc makes a mess out of them, even on x86 :)08:42
LiraNunaShadowJK, SSE intrinsics are very pleasant to use08:43
*** chittoor has joined #maemo08:43
LiraNunaand GCC does amazing job at optimizing SSE intrinsics08:43
LiraNunabetter than ICC's08:43
*** itdock has joined #maemo08:46
*** chittoor has quit IRC08:47
RST38hHehe, some ass at Apple is going to be whipped08:53
RST38hLost what looks like an iPhone 4G proto at some San Jose bar08:54
*** hannesw has joined #maemo08:54
itdocklol oh shit08:56
*** FatalSaint has joined #maemo08:56
RST38hIn related news, the iPhone shed its usual shiny frame, got some buttons, and now looks more like a Zune08:58
RST38h(if it is indeed an iPhone of course :))08:58
Xisdibiksoooo thats what i found at the bar tonight :D08:59
Xisdibikand here i thought it was a 4 gramme paper weight ;)09:00
*** zeq has joined #maemo09:01
*** CutMeOwnThroat has quit IRC09:02
*** solrize has quit IRC09:02
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC09:02
*** CutMeOwnThroat has joined #maemo09:02
*** solrize has joined #maemo09:02
*** TigerTael has quit IRC09:04
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo09:05
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo09:06
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC09:08
*** wizkoder has quit IRC09:10
*** hardaker has quit IRC09:11
JaffaMorning, all09:12
Stskeepsmorn jafa09:14
Stskeepshow's sweden so far?09:15
*** ukki has joined #maemo09:15
JaffaStskeeps: Migraine yesterday; planning brunch - and maybe shopping for a new jumper - today.09:18
JaffaMissing Joggler hackery, wife & children.09:18
JaffaAnd just remembered that today is MWKN day09:18
StskeepsJaffa: i'm supposed to fly up north tuesday but seriously wondering if i can go (and if i'll be stuck)09:19
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC09:20
JaffaStskeeps: We've got return flights booked for Tuesday, but I'm thinking we might have to look at the train option09:20
Stskeepsalso possible to take train to esbjerg, denmark and ferry to UK09:20
*** benh has joined #maemo09:20
JaffaStskeeps: Yeah09:21
* Jaffa 's looked at hire car, but none available in Stockholm until Tuesday (and quite pricey) and a 19 hour drive09:21
Stskeepsconsidering eurostar being clogged09:21
* Jaffa nods09:21
Stskeepsmy wife suggested a roadtrip to helsinki, but i'd really like to spare her for that09:22
Stskeeps(she would be only driver)09:22
ShadowJKthat'd be via denmark or via estonia?09:23
Stskeepsestonia, denmark is difficult path09:23
rm_youwhat's going on? :P09:23
rm_youanother meet of some sort?09:23
Stskeepsrm_you: volcano ash cloud09:24
rm_youwhich one09:24
* rm_you looks at news09:24
Stskeepsand no, just usual business trips gone madly wrong09:24
Stskeepsthe iceland one09:24
* Jaffa is beginning to run low on prescription drugs as well09:24
StskeepsJaffa: got the prescription along?09:25
JaffaStskeeps: Nope; nor the boxes. I know what they are and will take the empty packets if necessary. Amitriptyline I can eke out for a few more days and gradually reduce to zero. Cocodamol can use over-the-counter normal strong painkillers09:26
* ShadowJK wonders if a pack of 10 aspirin is "strong painkillers" in Sweden09:27
rm_youwell fuck09:28
JaffaShadowJK: I should probably check :-)09:28
ShadowJK(extrapolating the development in .fi and taking into account that sweden is usually 10-20 years ahead of .fi)09:28
rm_youthat sounds like a seriously #*($ed situation over there right now T_T09:28
Jaffarm_you: Last time it erupted (in ~1880) it went on for 2 years!09:28
* Jaffa wondered how the economy coped with flight disruptions then...09:28
rm_youyeah i'm sure they all had horrible trouble not being able to use their airplanes09:29
doc|homeJaffa: there's a reason there were no planes until the 1900s!09:29
crashanddieJaffa: you could easily drive from Sweden to the UK09:33
crashanddieJaffa: takes about 8hj09:33
Jaffacrashanddie: Google Maps says 19; but that's ferry at Dover<->Calais.09:33
Jaffacrashanddie: Not sure company'll sign off on a 1500 quid hire car (quite yet)09:34
crashanddie1500? lolwut09:34
Jaffacrashanddie: Need a company which can pick up in Stockholm and drop off in London09:34
Jaffa is quite interesting on "How to travel between UK & Sweden without flying"09:35
LiraNunathis isn't real is it?09:36
Gh0stycrashanddie: ok so not supported means like "it just does not work"09:37
StskeepsLiraNuna: entirely possible to hack that09:37
Gh0stythen why do they allow to install it still :P09:37
LiraNunabut that video is a concept, not an actual code?09:37
crashanddieGh0sty: no, not supported means: Don't fucking come and ask for help if it doesn't work09:37
Gh0styI was thinking not supported meanth: it might work or not :P09:37
ShadowJKJaffa, wouldn't train be more sensible than car?09:37
Gh0styjust a pitty everything is 32 bit :(09:37
*** ukki has left #maemo09:38
Gh0styi mean seriously all my systems are now 64 bit ...09:38
*** trofi has joined #maemo09:38
*** davyg has joined #maemo09:38
LiraNunaI'm with Gh0sty on that one09:38
LiraNuna64bit support should exist09:38
JaffaShadowJK: indeed09:38
Gh0stybut ok fair enough i set up a vbox with a 32 bit install just for it ... :/09:39
JaffaShadowJK: But as Stskeeps points out - Eurostar's booked up09:39
Stskeepsscratchbox is a bitch on 64-bit09:39
LiraNunaworks for me(TM)09:39
LiraNunabut I don't use scratchbox09:39
LiraNunaI use qemu-static-arm + GCC 4.5.009:39
ShadowJKJaffa, oh I meant using train to get to/from port instead of car09:39
Gh0stywhy they dont provide immediatly a virtual appliance09:40
Gh0stylets say09:40
JaffaShadowJK: Ah, true.09:40
JaffaGh0sty: For Maemo? They do09:40
Gh0styof really?09:40
Gh0styoverlooked that09:40
* Jaffa been quite impressed with it: upgraded it to PR1.2, installed nokia-apps and pared down the disk space to get it onto an 8GB USB stick (for an event I then couldn't make!)09:41
*** vallhalla811 has joined #maemo09:41
*** vallhalla811 has quit IRC09:42
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo09:44
crashanddieJaffa: just asked a quote for a car rental: pickup in sweden, dropoff in australia xD09:44
*** trofi has quit IRC09:44
crashanddiedoes not compute :(09:44
Jaffacrashanddie: Heh09:45
*** trofi has joined #maemo09:45
*** larsivi has quit IRC09:46
*** larsivi has joined #maemo09:46
Gh0styJaffa: just wondering (now i'm probably going to ask a stupid question) but what is scratchbox and how can you do without it? :/09:47
Gh0styjust tried to install the sdk from the regular installer and such, only trying to understand it a bit first :P09:48
Gh0styas said i'm not really a developer and just bought the device a week ago :)09:48
Stskeepswhat do you intend to develop?09:49
Gh0styshould have gone to that maemo summit last year ... but could not make it dammit! :/09:49
Stskeepsmaybe better to get MADDE09:49
Gh0stynot sure was thinking to poke around in some currently existing applications09:49
*** wazd has joined #maemo09:50
Gh0stytrying to do some simple stuff to start with like change the gui a bit :p09:50
Stskeepsmm, prolly need sb then09:50
*** viatech has quit IRC09:50
Gh0stysb? madde?09:50
* Gh0sty feels complete noob :P09:51
*** matthias__ has quit IRC09:52
Gh0styok better start off with the non-noob way09:53
Gh0stydocumentation here i come!09:53
*** viatech has joined #maemo09:58
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC10:03
crashanddieJaffa: Qantas has cancelled all flights to Europe until Tuesday afternoon10:05
crashanddieand they are "Not optimistic about resuming flights on Tuesday"10:05
Gh0styyeah saw some reports yesterday10:06
Gh0styabout some new ash cloud coming on tuesday10:07
Gh0styor something10:07
Gh0styso its not over yet10:07
crashanddieIt's the same cloud10:07
crashanddieI mean, the clouds haven't stopped forming -- the eruption is still ongoing10:07
Gh0stymakes you think ... we with all our technology still get beaten by a simple nature fenomena :)10:07
crashanddiewell, satellites can be used to locate the clouds10:08
Gh0stycrashanddie: ah i tought it was with intervals ...10:08
Gh0stythey are already talking about a new financial crisis now ...10:08
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo10:09
Gh0stycause that will cost a lot of money those problems10:09
Gh0styand ofcourse they are going to try and put that on the government10:09
Gh0styso basicly everyone will be funding the people who are on vacation right now through the social system :P10:09
crashanddieof course not10:10
crashanddieand travel isn't only for holiday10:10
Gh0stywhat do you think that aircompanies are going to pay themselves?10:10
crashanddieever heard about insurance?10:10
Gh0stythey already asked to get it recognized as a nature disaster10:11
Gh0styso they get it back from insurance ... aka the government10:11
crashanddieand natural disaster unlocks insurance claims10:11
Gh0styyes ok10:11
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo10:11
ShadowJKmail system is going to be pretty screwed10:11
Gh0styand they are saying here the employees at the aircompanies10:11
Gh0styare probably going to be put on "temporal unemployment"10:11
Gh0stywhich means as much as ... we have to pay their unemployment fees :p10:12
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo10:12
*** NuD1t7 has joined #maemo10:12
crashanddieGh0sty: where do you live?10:13
Gh0stywasnt it you i talked about yesterday night? :p10:14
crashanddiehmm, indeed10:14
crashanddieI suck with nicknames, sorry10:14
Gh0styi talked at*10:14
Gh0styhehe :p10:14
crashanddietalked to :P10:14
Gh0stytalked to ****10:14
Gh0styi'm only half awake10:14
Gh0styspent the better half of the night trying that sdk to install :p10:15
Gh0stystupid 32 bit stuff :p10:15
*** TheNewAndy has quit IRC10:15
*** TheAppleMan has joined #maemo10:15
*** TheAppleMan has quit IRC10:15
*** TheAppleMan has joined #maemo10:15
Gh0styyou gotta do something at night if you can't sleep much due to medication ... :/10:16
Gh0styhope the airlines are ok again in june10:16
Gh0styplanning to go to red hat summit in june10:16
mikki-kunhi uhm... is it normal that, every time is use the n900's skype, my info in skype is deleted when i power up my normal skype-client after that?10:16
crashanddiemikki-kun: did you put the information in the n900?10:17
mikki-kunwell, i put10:17
mikki-kunwell, i put it into both10:17
crashanddiemikki-kun: the n900, due to its "always on" status, has write-priority over other clients10:17
Gh0styoh yes and I by accident deleted the facebook widget from my n900 home screen ... and can't find it back anywhere in the applications to install / installed either :P10:17
mikki-kunuhm, but why?! Ö.ö10:18
crashanddiemikki-kun: I don't know, some bug in Skype10:18
Gh0styhit the guys from skype rather :P10:18
Stskeepsmikki-kun: did you remove their contacts in Contacts?10:18
mikki-kunit's just annoying as it's really f'd up when you are using two accounts in skype10:19
mikki-kunStskeeps: nopes, no accounts, just my user info, regarding where i live and so on...10:19
mikki-kunaccounts == contacts10:20
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo10:20
ShadowJKGh0sty, do you mean the 'f' weblink or the widget? it's not in the add widget menu?10:21
mikki-kuni'd rather be more grateful if i could have it the way that the native skype client on my pc manages my status10:21
Stskeepsmikki-kun: maybe because both connections are connected and one of them doesn't set it up right10:22
Stskeeps(n900 probably)10:22
mikki-kunuhm, i am not simultaneously online10:23
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC10:23
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo10:23
*** Treibholz has quit IRC10:23
*** Treibholz has joined #maemo10:24
Stskeepshm, weird10:25
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo10:25
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC10:25
*** rm_you has quit IRC10:25
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo10:26
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo10:26
*** mikki-kun has left #maemo10:26
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo10:26
*** rm_you has joined #maemo10:27
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo10:27
mikki-kunand some infos can't be set in skype correctly10:27
mikki-kunlike my language10:27
mikki-kunif using the n900's client10:27
crashanddiemikki-kun: skype developed the n900 client10:28
mikki-kunwell, then i gotta drop 'em a call10:28
mikki-kunmost annoying prob... no vid-calls10:28
mikki-kunnot even incoming allowed10:29
Kegetysskype group chat handling is extremely annoying as well, every message there beeps and vibrates just like with private chats10:30
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:30
mikki-kunohhh, haven't experienced that before10:30
Kegetysso when there is a group chat with some chatter on it the only way to mute it is to log out of skype10:31
Gh0stysounds fun :p10:32
mikki-kunhm... seems as if the developers are kind of, either not caring or just not skilled enough10:33
*** geek00l_ has quit IRC10:33
*** geek00l_ has joined #maemo10:33
mikki-kunnothing personally against them, just if they do release something which is so deeply integrated it should be fully functional and have as many options as the normal skype-client has10:34
*** ToArtist has joined #maemo10:35
*** svu has joined #maemo10:35
Stskeepseven skype on other cellphones aren't as featured, though10:38
*** felipec has joined #maemo10:40
mikki-kunwell, i imagined skype being a lil bit more like the normal pc-client on my n900... at least that is what i got out of the advertisments10:45
slingrit can be10:46
mikki-kunslingr: how do you mean?10:47
Stskeepsmikki-kun: i use my skype as i would use a normal phone.10:47
*** hannesw has quit IRC10:48
*** NuD1t7 has quit IRC10:50
*** Dregs has quit IRC10:51
asjI use sip as my normal phone, well I would 100% if work didn't pay 100% of my phone ;)10:51
slingri use sip all the time too10:53
*** wazd1 has joined #maemo10:53
*** nslu2-log_ has joined #maemo10:53
*** talmai_ has joined #maemo10:53
*** mbatle` has joined #maemo10:54
*** xeor_ has joined #maemo10:54
*** red_ has joined #maemo10:54
*** rhulad` has joined #maemo10:54
*** lool- has joined #maemo10:54
*** mikkov1 has joined #maemo10:55
*** felipec_ has joined #maemo10:55
*** evil|Jonne has joined #maemo10:56
*** jkyro_ has joined #maemo10:56
*** croppa_ has joined #maemo10:56
*** Sentrilol has joined #maemo10:56
*** MuJu has joined #maemo10:56
*** felipec has quit IRC10:56
*** wazd has quit IRC10:56
*** tearms has quit IRC10:56
*** luke-jr has quit IRC10:56
*** croppa has quit IRC10:56
*** lucent has quit IRC10:56
*** hrw|gone has quit IRC10:56
*** mikkov has quit IRC10:56
*** mavhk has quit IRC10:56
*** talmai has quit IRC10:56
*** robink has quit IRC10:56
*** mbatle has quit IRC10:56
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC10:56
*** jkyro has quit IRC10:56
*** MuJ has quit IRC10:56
*** rhulad has quit IRC10:56
*** red has quit IRC10:56
*** cyndis has quit IRC10:56
*** nslu2-log has quit IRC10:56
*** Sentri has quit IRC10:56
*** xeor has quit IRC10:56
*** lool has quit IRC10:56
*** marcels has joined #maemo10:56
noobmonk3ygood old splits10:57
*** nslu2-log_ is now known as nslu2-log10:57
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo10:57
*** mavhk has joined #maemo10:57
Termanammm some yummy splits10:57
*** lucent has joined #maemo10:58
noobmonk3yw000000000p - HealthCheck V1.0.0-0 Promoted to Extras!! -
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo10:58
*** rhulad` is now known as rhulad10:58
*** jonne|reconnecte has quit IRC10:59
*** tearms has joined #maemo11:00
*** NuD1t7 has joined #maemo11:00
*** FIQ has joined #maemo11:01
*** Termana is now known as StPeter11:01
FIQHi, do you know about an IPS or UPS patcher for Maemo?11:01
*** StPeter is now known as Termana11:01
*** hrw|gone has joined #maemo11:02
fralshey noobmonk3y grats on getting to extras :)11:03
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC11:03
noobmonk3yhehehe! - it gave me the email about 18 minutes after i went to sleep last night ;)11:03
*** NuD1t7_ has joined #maemo11:03
noobmonk3ytakes quite a while updating the posts, pages, screenshots etc! :|11:04
noobmonk3yyou are going to have a mare after each version ;)11:04
*** NuD1t7 has quit IRC11:05
*** NuD1t7_ is now known as NuD1t711:05
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo11:07
*** croppa_ is now known as croppa11:07
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo11:08
*** geek00l_ has quit IRC11:10
*** NuD1t7 has quit IRC11:10
*** geek00l_ has joined #maemo11:10
*** NuD1t7 has joined #maemo11:11
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC11:13
C-S-B-N900lcuk, Im pretty sure all you talk about in here is bacon.11:13
*** zap_ has joined #maemo11:13
*** cyndis has joined #maemo11:16
*** luke-jr has joined #maemo11:17
*** sheepbat has quit IRC11:17
noobmonk3ydont say bacon............ :|11:19
*** VDVsx_ has joined #maemo11:20
fralsbastards, i havent had breakfast yet!11:21
*** VDVsx_ has quit IRC11:21
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC11:21
noobmonk3yme neither :(11:21
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:22
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC11:22
Stskeepsbacon in breakfast11:22
fralsso the test flight between münchen and frankfurt seems to have gone fine11:22
mikki-kunfrals: which testflight?11:22
mikki-kunchecking wheter flying is a nogo or not?11:23
*** lool- is now known as lool11:23
fralsyeah, they flew a boeing 737 around to see what happend or something11:23
*** lool has quit IRC11:23
*** lool has joined #maemo11:23
fralshehe, nice map of the ashcloud...
noobmonk3ylol my missus's ex was due to fly to egypt today - i'm hoping he's gone and the ash clowd drifts south ;)11:25
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo11:25
noobmonk3yi r confused with that picture11:26
noobmonk3ywhats the date today? and what date is on the top ;eft of that picture?11:26
fralsits an estimate of the coming 2 days11:26
noobmonk3yohhhhhhhhhh - i thought i was behind the times as per usual :P11:26
noobmonk3yright... time for breakfast, ciggy then some L4D2 :D11:29
fralsoh whats your steam name? ^^11:30
fralstime to head home i guess... bbl o/11:30
C-S-B-N900bad habit noobmonk3y11:31
noobmonk3ywhat killing zombies, eating bacon or smoking?11:31
noobmonk3yooo frals good question i use my bros ( ashe never uses it) - my own one just has CSS on it, not used it in 2 years11:32
noobmonk3ywhats yours, will add ya :D11:32
C-S-B-N900smoking. I actually promote killing zombies and eating bacon.11:32
fralsif you search for 'fralsaren' you should find me11:32
noobmonk3ycool - seeeeeeeee ya on there maybe :P11:32
noobmonk3yI'll be down as noobmonkey or goldie (my bro)11:32
*** noobmonk3y is now known as noobmonk3y_afk11:33
*** mikki-kun has quit IRC11:35
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo11:36
*** NuD1t7 has quit IRC11:36
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo11:38
*** tlir has left #maemo11:38
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC11:40
*** mikki-kun has joined #maemo11:43
*** felipec_ is now known as felipec11:45
*** ceyusa has quit IRC11:47
*** rsalveti_ is now known as rsalveti11:49
*** dvoid_ has joined #maemo11:51
*** viatech has quit IRC11:53
*** mardi__ has quit IRC11:53
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC11:54
*** tackat_ has joined #maemo11:55
*** dragon900 has quit IRC11:56
*** viatech has joined #maemo11:58
*** Meizirkki_ has joined #maemo11:59
*** robink has joined #maemo12:00
*** kynky has quit IRC12:02
*** RichardP has quit IRC12:02
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo12:03
*** Meizirkki_ has quit IRC12:05
*** kynky has joined #maemo12:06
*** Sargun has joined #maemo12:09
*** sttwister has quit IRC12:09
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC12:09
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo12:09
*** sttwister has joined #maemo12:10
*** ioeee has joined #maemo12:15
*** rdorsch has quit IRC12:16
*** ioeee has quit IRC12:16
JaffaX-Fade: Can be RESOLVED?12:17
povbotBug 9752: Autobuilder links against uninstallable libraries12:17
*** bullet` has joined #maemo12:21
bullet`hey guys12:21
bullet`can anyone plz help me remove my confusion about the latest update ?12:22
itdockwhat update?12:22
itdockoh crap12:22
itdockgot used to waiting for it for months12:23
* itdock grabs his n90012:23
*** tgalal has joined #maemo12:23
bullet`well i was on tmo and it has this huge thread now which is talking about the fw update thats 16.2 mb, maybe a prereq for pr1.212:23
*** VDVsx has quit IRC12:24
nid0if you mean 1.1.1, thats like 2 and a half months old12:24
bullet`yea, thats my confusion , why is everyone talking about it ... i opened and its has the version that my n900 has12:25
*** geek00l_ has quit IRC12:25
bullet`y is everyone talking about it12:25
nid0where exactly is "everyone" talking about it.12:25
*** geek00l_ has joined #maemo12:26
bullet`check that link12:27
*** netvandal has joined #maemo12:27
bullet`i'm looking at the wrong link !!12:27
nid0and how is "everyone" talking about it, that thread's 2 months old, and only has 5 posts in the past 2 weeks12:27
bullet`i didnt look at the dates :p12:28
noobmonk3y_afkfrals, couldnt find you on steam :P12:28
noobmonk3y_afkso decided to come back and play with healthcheck12:28
nid0you got your promote button at last huh :P12:28
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has joined #maemo12:30
*** red_ is now known as red12:30
fralsnoobmonk3y_afk: weird, ill get you a link when i get home12:31
noobmonk3y_afklol cool12:31
itdockwow holy updates12:31
fralscant launch steam on device and cant be bothered to rdp when im home in 5min ;)12:31
*** ioeee has joined #maemo12:33
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has quit IRC12:33
ShadowJKTaking the N900 survey was kinda challenging on the n900 browser12:34
ShadowJKIn the box for comments I did suggest the webmonkeys designing webpages for or about a specific phone should try use said webpages with the phone/device in question :D12:35
SpeedEvilShadowJK: next you'll be suggesting that web pages should work on any size of screen. Madness!12:36
ShadowJKoh crap, I forgot to put that in comments12:36
*** Sargun has quit IRC12:36
itdockanyone else have broken maemo extras repo?12:36
ShadowJKthere was a "How happy are you with the size of N900?" type question12:37
*** oilinki has quit IRC12:37
ShadowJKand I gave it a 7 because I'd want it to be bigger12:37
*** juliank has joined #maemo12:37
ShadowJKbut how does a happy/nothappy slider convey in what way I'm not happy with the size :)12:37
noobmonk3y_afkhmmmm my battery is going downhill :|12:38
noobmonk3y_afklast charge 1083 mAh12:38
* haltdef wants useful extended battery12:38
*** tmr2 has joined #maemo12:39
ShadowJKthe mugen one is very useful :)12:39
noobmonk3y_afkbut the casing is poor :(12:39
Dassuthose are expensive !(12:39
noobmonk3y_afkwont get one till it gets a camera cover12:39
ShadowJKIf you mean more energy in same physical space, you need to wait 5-10 years or so :)12:39
haltdef100% to 0% then poof, broken back cover isn't it412:39
haltdefor is that sorted?12:39
*** tmr1 has quit IRC12:40
noobmonk3y_afkmeh steam is on the pc downstairs lol12:40
Chikuwhy theree is no PR1.5 beta enable for testers?12:40
*** oilinki has joined #maemo12:40
ShadowJKthe 100-0 thing goes away if you boot your n900 when it's not warm12:40
ShadowJKor rather, when the battery isn't warm. 20C works12:41
noobmonk3y_afkChiku, it is being tested12:41
Chikufirmware is closed licence?12:41
ShadowJKthe missing microsd is a bit annoying, yeah ;(12:42
noobmonk3y_afkwhats that got to do with testing?12:42
crashanddieThere's this ad-campaign against smoking12:42
* ShadowJK is considering gutting some earbuds for a magnet12:42
crashanddiething is, they show it everytime I want a cigarette, so they're just reminding me12:42
fralsChiku: or the ones who got it are told not to talk about it, who knows? ;)12:42
haltdefstock battery is just about enough for me12:42
noobmonk3y_afkcould do with double the life, and wouldnt care about double the depth.......12:43
noobmonk3y_afkjust want the casing to be done well12:43
Chikucould we enable to get firmware code?12:43
noobmonk3y_afkChiku, enable what?!12:43
Chikuany versioning repository ?12:43
noobmonk3y_afkChiku, you need to speak english, i assum you mean can you test12:43
noobmonk3y_afkthe answer will be no12:43
*** Sargun has joined #maemo12:43
noobmonk3y_afkselected testers as frals kinda said12:44
Chikulike linux kernel12:44
noobmonk3y_afk<noobmonk3y_afk> the answer will be no12:44
Chikuyou can download and compile the developping code12:44
noobmonk3y_afkunless you bastardise it and create PR 1.2 yourself?12:44
noobmonk3y_afkwell Chiku  yes, but that would be your version, where would you get the code for 1.2 from?12:44
Chikuor just read code12:45
fralsChiku: a lot of the components are on maemo.gitorious.org12:45
* noobmonk3y_afk smiles12:45
fralswhere you can dl and compile it yourself12:45
noobmonk3y_afkhmmmm is it me or is the CSS styling on QT very very intermittent?12:45
fralsmight not be possible to do OTA upgrade to PR1.2 after doing that thou12:45
ShadowJKhaltdef, yeah, the original lasts through the day for me as long as nobody tries to bruteforce ssh access :|12:45
ShadowJKand as long as the wifi powerconsumption bug doesn't strike12:45
Chikuwhat about PR1.1.1? can we get the code or there are only bnaries?12:45
noobmonk3y_afkChiku, code is available, except for the closed source parts12:46
*** SunilGhai has joined #maemo12:46
haltdefI still keep my old xperia x1 in my bag just in case12:46
*** noobmonk3y_afk is now known as noobmonk3y12:46
Chikuhow many percentage of closed source parts?12:47
Chikuso maemo has some opensource part and some closed source part?12:48
noobmonk3yChanServ, -
noobmonk3ybetween us we will rule the world frals ;)12:49
StskeepsChiku: ~43% open parts12:49
fralsnow if only lcuk would wake up.. hmm12:49
noobmonk3yStskeeps, are you sure its not 42.999? ;) lol12:49
noobmonk3ynope didnt work :(12:50
Chikudoes android code same strategy? opensource + closed source?12:51
*** The_Tall1 has joined #maemo12:52
Chikudoes all mer code is open?12:52
fralsnow, where do i find someone with 1.2 that i can unleash my package on... *glances around*12:52
* noobmonk3y shouts BACON again12:53
crashanddiewhat's with all the pr1.2 discussion?12:53
noobmonk3yfor no reason whatsoever12:53
noobmonk3ycrashanddie, Chiku is learning12:53
Chikuabout meamo and opensource code12:54
*** vasily_pupkin has joined #maemo12:55
SpeedEvilFor those waiting for PR1.2 -
Chikuinteresting link
fralsSpeedEvil: :D12:56
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo12:57
*** t7g_ has joined #maemo12:57
*** yabba has joined #maemo12:58
C-S-B-N900thanks SpeedEvil, eased the pain.12:58
StskeepsChiku: if you want a open system (some closed parts in differentiation and hardware adaptation), meego's your best bet12:59
ToJa92[SpeedEvil]: Haha, that should be posted in every new PR1.2 thread :P13:01
*** t7g__ has quit IRC13:01
noobmonk3ymoaning MohammadAG13:01
*** ioeee has quit IRC13:01
C-S-B-N900yo mo!13:01
Chikuwhat will be evolution meamo after fremantle? meamo developpers will use meego?13:01
MohammadAGhey noobmonk3y13:02
MohammadAGlol C-S-B-N90013:02
crashanddieChiku: everything you're asking has been answered multiple times on the mailing lists and forums13:02
crashanddieChiku: how about you use google or browse the forums for a while?13:02
noobmonk3yMohammadAG, used CSS in QT?13:03
MohammadAGtbh I've never used either alone lol13:03
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo13:03
*** tgalal has quit IRC13:03
*** Erod has joined #maemo13:03
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC13:05
*** geek00l_ has quit IRC13:08
*** geek00l has joined #maemo13:09
MohammadAGif I break mce13:11
MohammadAGwhat would happen?13:11
noobmonk3yi think your pet cat will be safe, not so sure about your n90013:11
MohammadAGeek start: mce pre-start process terminated with status 113:11
fralsso this thread
frals"dont buy nokia/maemo - companies selling software for it might shutdown"13:12
noobmonk3yfrals... dont buy any car in that situation13:12
noobmonk3yand for the love of god dont fly you may get ash up your nose ;)13:12
*** benh has quit IRC13:13
*** geek00l has quit IRC13:14
MohammadAGdoesn't -9 force kill?13:15
MohammadAGkillall -913:18
fralsyes -9 is like dropping an abomb on it13:18
*** ioeee has joined #maemo13:18
fralsyou cant ignore it and your most likely gonna die13:18
*** dragon900 has joined #maemo13:18
MohammadAGfrals, I think the abomb has a broken fuse13:18
MohammadAGany tactical nuke commands? :p13:19
MohammadAGkill -9 isn't killing it13:19
ShadowJKThings don't die from it if they're stuck niside the kernel in an undead limbo13:19
fralswhat state is the process in?13:19
MohammadAGhow do I check?13:19
MohammadAGsays D in ps x, not sure what that means13:20
*** kynky has quit IRC13:20
*** t-tan has joined #maemo13:20
ShadowJKblocked waiting for IO13:20
*** t-tan has quit IRC13:20
SpeedEvilit means that it is deadlocked waiting on something that's not happening13:21
SpeedEvilthe process has not run since you issued the kill command13:21
SpeedEvilso it's not really running13:21
MohammadAGactually it crashed mce13:21
MohammadAGit's been in D ever since it did that13:21
MohammadAGand it's not dying13:21
SpeedEvilIt is not actually running13:22
SpeedEvilit will not be scheduled again until the IO operation returns.13:22
MohammadAGbut it's stopping mce from running13:22
SpeedEvilAt which time it will formally die13:22
MohammadAGand it needs mce13:23
SpeedEvilsometimes you just need to reboot13:23
MohammadAGsuppose mce is borked13:23
MohammadAGR&D mode with the wd disabled should allow a reboot right?13:24
SpeedEvilworst case, pull the battery13:24
MohammadAGand if mce's permanently broken? :)13:24
SpeedEvilyou mean if it crashes every boot?13:24
SpeedEvilrun it under gdb, work out what it's doing13:25
SpeedEvilpossibly fix the kernel13:25
MohammadAGmmk, rebooting13:25
noobmonk3ynot having fun with pyqt CSS......... need something else to think about13:26
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC13:27
*** matthias__ has joined #maemo13:27
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo13:27
*** netvandal has left #maemo13:34
crashanddieTelevision is like an impossible steak, it's rare when it's well done.13:36
*** kynky has joined #maemo13:36
mavhcthere's usually an hour of great tv per day on average13:38
*** pupnik has joined #maemo13:39
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo13:40
Arkenoimavhc: which means it is practically impossible to find among thousands of channels13:40
mavhcnot really, just bittorrent it13:41
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC13:41
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC13:42
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo13:42
*** zs has joined #maemo13:43
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo13:45
*** swc|666 has quit IRC13:45
*** boogeyman has joined #maemo13:46
*** matthias__ has quit IRC13:46
*** matthias__ has joined #maemo13:46
*** tmr2 has left #maemo13:51
*** ioeee has quit IRC13:51
pupnik!ufthansa, Air Berlin protest: government issued ban with NO measurements of whether there WERE dangerous levels of ash over germany,1518,689638,00.html13:52
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC13:52
*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo13:52
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo13:53
*** dl9pf has quit IRC13:53
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo13:53
*** dl9pf_ has quit IRC13:54
*** Dantonic has quit IRC13:54
pupnikLufthansa sent two test flights from munich to frankfurt with NO signs of ANY damage.13:54
* pupnik was right. Again!13:54
Stskeepsand how about the finnish f16's? :P13:55
fralsf-18s wasnt it13:55
pupnikthey flew through ash13:55
*** viatech has quit IRC13:55
pupnikthe question isnt "can ash do damage".  the damn question is "where is it, and how much"13:56
*** zs has quit IRC13:56
MohammadAGlol some guy on the news says the cloud might reach us13:57
pupniksee the satellite pics13:57
TriztThe incident with BA, they flew directly into a visible cloud, so yes it feels that its an over reaction this time13:58
pupnikcorrect, Trizt13:59
yabbaWell, from finland, the sky is gray... I think it is the ash (because those cant be the clouds because , said it should be sunny here now :p )13:59
*** viatech has joined #maemo13:59
pupnikyeah making it to finland looks pretty bad13:59
pcfepupnik: test flights?!? All I've read was they transferred planes to their main hub in FFM so that when airspace reopens they are where they should be. And those flights were at very low altitude13:59
* pcfe is stuck in MUC and wants to go back home to HEL14:00
pupnik24000 feet / ~8km and 30000 feet14:00
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo14:01
*** bidossessi has joined #maemo14:01
ShadowJKWell even if half a dozen planes were to drop it wouldn't make airtravel statistically less safe than other forms, but you know that if even one plane drops everyone will blame the government for not closing airspace :)14:01
fralspcfe: take the train to sweden and jump on a boat ;)14:01
ShadowJKooh yay, bq27200 completed a learning cycle on the mugen battery14:02
pupnik*some* people.  idiots.  infants.14:02
*** nicu has joined #maemo14:02
pcfefrals: looked at that. It's my fallback plan if no dice by Tuesday14:03
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:03
ShadowJKLast Measured Discharge: 2448mAh14:03
*** bilboed has quit IRC14:03
Termanayabba: The interwebs can't possibly be wrong :P14:03
yabbano, they can't :p14:04
yabbaAnd I also think that the ash is lowering the temperatures, there's only about +5C outside, but it should be 10 :/14:05
ShadowJKthere was snow this morning (in .fi)14:06
* MohammadAG hasn't seen proper snow in four years14:07
Arkenoiit appears that chromium is faster than microB, is it true?14:07
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC14:07
Stskeepswebkit vs not14:07
*** ceyusa has quit IRC14:08
*** C-S-B-N900 has quit IRC14:08
*** sylarpowa has joined #maemo14:08
* Arkenoi tried installing Tear but it just crashes on start14:08
yabbaand now it is raining, at least water not snow :)14:08
*** sylarpowa has left #maemo14:09
Chikuchromium is ported on meame?14:09
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo14:11
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC14:11
yabbalold, I was tired yesterday, I have stop coding, only problem is that now in the code is line "if data == " and I just hope to find out what I was thinking to put in it.14:12
Arkenoiand what's wrong with certificates? seems that it just cannot validate any14:12
Arkenoi(it == chromium)14:12
MohammadAG* Arkenoi tried installing Tear but it just crashes on start14:13
MohammadAGedit the .desktop file14:13
MohammadAGremove the icon= part14:13
*** naxu has quit IRC14:14
SpeedEvilArkenoi: chjrome is slower for me14:14
FredrIQcan i select frame skip in VGBA?14:14
FredrIQas the speed is really slow14:14
*** bidossessi has quit IRC14:14
*** bidossessi has joined #maemo14:15
crashanddiesomeone is going to get sacked14:16
crashanddie"Apache Corp accidentally tipped off analysts to their upcoming $2.7 billion deal with Mariner Energy, sending out an email on Wednesday evening to schedule a conference call on the takeover."14:16
Stskeepsor someone who was aginst the merger14:17
* pupnik hates mergers14:18
pupnikall systems go kablooey14:18
*** bilboed has joined #maemo14:20
wazd1 <- some very rough WIP but still cute :D14:21
jacekowskiyabba: i've read article about temperatures after 9/11 when they grounded a lot of planes as well14:21
*** bullet` has quit IRC14:21
jacekowskiyabba: and it apparently dropped a lot because of that14:22
SpeedEvilwazd1: bring back colour cycling gifs!14:22
lcuknoobmonk3y, frals wazzup14:22
Stskeepswazd1: does that spell 'h i r e  w a z d'?14:22
SpeedEviljacekowski: however - that was somewhat due to lack of nucleation sites14:22
*** Dialekt has joined #maemo14:22
wazd1SpeedEvil: wha? :D14:22
SpeedEviljacekowski: which is really, really not the case.14:22
wazd1Stskeeps: no, just OBEY :D14:22
MohammadAGlmao I have more free space in / than in /home14:23
yabbajacekowski, yeah, I sure about that, but I was thinking more about drop caused ashcloud it self (mirroring sunlight), not polution of planes14:23
*** bidossessi has quit IRC14:24
jacekowskiit mirrors heat both ways14:24
*** tgalal has joined #maemo14:24
noobmonk3ylcuk,  you fail14:24
noobmonk3yfail fail fail14:24
noobmonk3ynot even Bacon can wake you up! ;)14:25
*** SunilGhai has quit IRC14:25
lcukof course not, yesterday was a long day14:25
*** gomiam has joined #maemo14:25
fralso/ lcuk14:25
fralskebab roll ordered \o/14:25
Stskeepsi miss being able to pick up the phone and order junkfood14:26
yabbajacekowski, I don't really know those things, my enviromental love ended up when Al Gore said that I should stop drive my car (just for fun)14:26
Stskeepsi have to learn polish to do that here14:26
fralslol Stskeeps14:26
fralsmy pizzeria actually have an online site to order from as well14:26
Stskeepsah, that too14:26
SpeedEvilwazd1: color cycling is GIF animation by altering just the pallette per frame. you can do the matrix shot like that almost free.14:26
crashanddieStskeeps: does that mean you actually eat less junk food?14:26
fralsbut its +2€ on everything compared to phone :D14:26
SpeedEvilwazd1: (if the hardware supports pallette maped mode)14:26
Stskeepscrashanddie: yes :/14:27
*** gomiam has quit IRC14:27
crashanddiefrals: where do you live?14:27
jacekowskiyabba: well, that's prove that he's a moron and we can't create any long term effects14:27
fralsstockholm, sweden14:27
* FredrIQ as well14:27
lcukSpeedEvil, you have a point if it does, but afaik i dont think it does14:27
* lcuk dares to open email14:27
fralswtf, another n900 owner in stockholm? impossible!14:27
wazd1SpeedEvil: kthxbye :D14:27
yabbaBe happy that you have a pizzeria (good one) near you, I live in place where the nearest (good one) is more than 100km away. It is hard, because just few weeks ago the nearest one was just a 400m :(14:27
wazd1SpeedEvil: this is for Live Wallpapers, no gif animation allowed :)14:28
fralshehe, my pizzeria is about 10m away once i get down the stairs14:28 wants food14:28
fralscrashanddie: didnt know about that site lol, cheers14:28
crashanddiefrals: it's the same company that does
crashanddiethat's how I know it14:29
*** tgalal has quit IRC14:29
lcukmornin crashanddie14:30
lcukwazd1, there are no rules14:30
fralsFredrIQ: you actually seen any n900 in the wild around sthlm?14:30
pupnikyabba: you can make your own and slowly improve your technique.  it can be fun.14:30
lcuknothing is fixed yet14:30
MohammadAGmorning lcuk14:30
crashanddiein the UK it's especially useful, as you don't need to battle pronouncing farsi dishes with a french accent to a polish bloke over the phone14:30
lcukwe might get you ani gif support14:30
MohammadAGnoobmonk3y, didn't you just have food?14:30
crashanddiemoin lcuk14:30
fralslol crashanddie14:30
noobmonk3yhad a shower tho14:30
MohammadAGsame thing14:31
wazd1lcuk: there are, if you have the deadline tomorrow :)14:31
crashanddielcuk: girlfriend's birthday14:31
lcukwazd1, :)14:31
lcukthe cityscape makes an excellent proof of concept14:31
*** jrocha has joined #maemo14:32
*** noobmonk3y is now known as noobmonk3y_foodi14:32
*** noobmonk3y_foodi is now known as noobmonk3y_food14:32
*** croppa has quit IRC14:32
yabbapupnik, or I can put my wife do one (or I can do it by myself), but then I had to help her and I'm pretty lazy about doing food today :p14:33
crashanddie<yabba> I'm pretty lazy <-- there, fixed that for you14:33
lcuko_O people have found my first ever liqbase video and someone has reposted the comments etc - tis odd blogrape
MohammadAGlcuk, wasn't me btw14:34
lcuklol MohammadAG14:34
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:34
lcuki just got a google alert about it and saw comments posted this morning that are ancient14:34
crashanddielcuk: lol?14:35
lcukcrashanddie, on that link i just posted14:35
crashanddielcuk: no yeah I looked at it14:35
lcukits a blog, someone has pasted the liqbase video and copied all the YT comments  into it14:36
crashanddieare you going to mail the guy?14:36
lcukfrom this morning14:36
crashanddieI think it's automated14:36
wazd1 <- with widgets14:36
lcukif i mail everyone who plays wiv liqbase i would have no fingers left14:36
*** valdyn has joined #maemo14:36
Stskeeps1 down, 9 to go14:36
crashanddielcuk: this guy is a commercial developer14:36
pupnikgovernment is just one unnatural disaster after another14:36
lcukand crashanddie14:36
lcukhe also has a c drive14:37
crashanddielcuk: he says he developed it, and from his site "If there is something that you would like created, and it requires any of these, and if its something not listed, just ask, can probably do it in any language you need. If you can think it BHBodeezy can build it, rather quickly as well and for a fair price."14:37
MohammadAGwazd1, that's faster than the live wallpaper demo backgrounds lol14:37
MohammadAGsomeone should replace the demo :p14:37
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:37
lcukeh crashanddie ?14:38
lcukwhere does he say that about liqbase14:38
lcukand even if he did, its open source14:38
crashanddielcuk: it's just in the about section14:38
lcukhe can do what he wants14:38
crashanddielcuk: he says "Overview of the application I've been hacking together"14:38
crashanddie(just a copy from your text, but still)14:38
crashanddiehe's taking your credit mate14:39
lcuki dont see it14:39
crashanddieunder the youtube video14:39
wazd1MohammadAG: that won't be that smooth btw. It's made with some cuts right now14:39
crashanddie"overview of the application I’ve been hacking together for my nokia n810"14:39
lcukyeah thats the test from yt14:39
crashanddiebut he doesn't say he copied it from yt14:40
MohammadAGwazd1, err, cuts?14:40
crashanddiethere's a difference between copying/pasting, and quoting14:40
crashanddieone gives credit, the other is called plagiarism14:40
lcukmeh - lets see what he can do with it14:40
fralsdownside with kebab roll is you cant code while eating it since you need both hands :<14:40
wazd1MohammadAG: I was too lazy to bind each frame to go exactly 20 px down14:40
wazd1MohammadAG: so now it's just simple motion tween14:40
*** adalal1 has joined #maemo14:41
*** adalal has quit IRC14:41
*** adalal1 has quit IRC14:41
wazd1MohammadAG: LW will have all that stuff and will look like the real thing :)14:41
crashanddielol wut14:41
fralslive wp14:41
fralsi guess?14:42
MohammadAGlol @ lolwut14:42
* MohammadAG patiently waits14:42
lcuki believe there is a gtk animated gif widget somewhere14:42
lcukcan anyone find it?14:43
wazd1geekiest wallpaper for geekiest phone I suppose14:43
crashanddiea gtk animated gif midget?14:43
*** mirsal has quit IRC14:43
wazd1crashanddie: no, that's a masturbation with photoshop :D14:43
lcuknahhh wazd1 we will have much geekier wallpapers eventually14:44
lcuk:D animated widget will walk on live background14:44
lcukand randomly pickup and move widgets about14:45
lcukjust to piss you off14:45
* RST38h moos evily at wazd and lcuk14:45
lcukanimated midget *14:45
wazd1RST38h: heya14:45
RST38hwazd: How are things?14:45
*** zaheerm has joined #maemo14:45
wazd1RST38h: :)14:46
crashanddiewazd1: noooooo, not flash14:47
crashanddienot you :(((14:47
wazd1crashanddie: well, that's just a showcase :)14:47
wazd1crashanddie: it won't be in flash on the device14:48
ToJa92[wazd1]: Looks awesome14:48
crashanddiewell i definitely hope so14:48
RST38hwazd: !!!!14:48
RST38hwazd: better than in the movie14:49
crashanddiewazd1: you're awesome, do you think you can transform the N900's screen to become a projector?14:49
wazd1RST38h: hehe :)14:49
FredrIQ[13:31:26] <frals> FredrIQ: you actually seen any n900 in the wild around sthlm?14:49
wazd1crashanddie: I can't transform distant objects :D14:50
*** gjl has joined #maemo14:50
FredrIQno, just iPhones, samsung galaxys, and occiounsily (yay my english spelling) a htc phone14:50
TriztFredrIQ; but thats for it's just morons living in 08-area14:51
*** felipec has quit IRC14:52
*** naxu has joined #maemo14:55
*** rdorsch has quit IRC14:57
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo15:00
*** mirsal has joined #maemo15:01
*** wazd1 has quit IRC15:02
fralsi need some volunteers to run 2 commands for me and pm me the output (on device)15:02
fralsdbus-send --print-reply --system /com/nokia/phone/SIM Phone.Sim.read_hplmn15:02
fralsdbus-send --print-reply --system /com/nokia/phone/SIM Phone.Sim.get_service_provider_name15:02
fralsand then PM me the result as well as your carrier+country please :)15:02
*** noobmonk3y_food is now known as noobmonk3y15:04
*** wazd has joined #maemo15:04
fralsnice noobmonk3y you just volunteerd15:04
noobmonk3yjust loadin gup the n90015:05
noobmonk3yso i can copy and not have to type it ;)15:05
*** wazd has quit IRC15:05
*** panaggio has joined #maemo15:05
*** detective has joined #maemo15:05
noobmonk3yjust gonna paste em back in so i can copy em out ;)15:05
noobmonk3ydbus-send --print-reply --system /com/nokia/phone/SIM Phone.Sim.read_hplmn15:05
*** Noobmonk3y_ has joined #maemo15:05
noobmonk3ydbus-send --print-reply --system /com/nokia/phone/SIM Phone.Sim.read_hplmn15:06
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo15:06
* MohammadAG wonders what that is15:06
* lcuk is updating ubumtu15:06
detectivehi, how can i remove the dot animation at startup? i want to see the dmesg output while booting O_o15:06
fralsNoobmonk3y_: dbus-send --print-reply --system /com/nokia/phone/SIM Phone.Sim.get_service_provider_name is the second command15:06
fralsMohammadAG: gets some stuff related to operator15:07
lcukdetective, the dots are not covering the bootlog afaik15:07
MohammadAGfrals, does it lower my bill? :P15:07
lcukyou would have to change kernel i believe (or someone more helpful will tell you)(15:07
fralsMohammadAG: afraid not ;)15:07
lcukyou could use jtag and the serial log15:07
detectivejtag? mh15:08
* frals waits for lcuk to wake up and have his coffee ;)15:08
noobmonk3yfrals did you get the first lot?15:09
lcukgood idea whilst machine is slow15:09
fralshavent got any from you noobmonk3y15:09
noobmonk3ylol just spent 5 mins pasting in15:09
lcukive got no vodka to put in it tho15:09
Stskeepsdetective: look at jebba's stuff15:09
noobmonk3ymeh will try again15:09
*** Noobmonk3y__ has joined #maemo15:09
lcukStskeeps, did jebba make it available without new kernel?15:09
*** Noobmonk3y_ has quit IRC15:10
*** TheNewAndy has joined #maemo15:10
*** Pogi has joined #maemo15:11
detectiveStskeeps: mhh okay i will take a look, thank you15:12
lcukwho watched doctor who o_O15:12
*** gomiam has joined #maemo15:12
Noobmonk3y__and me15:13
noobmonk3yyup ;)15:13
lcukgah i have to coffee myself - lag is too great to communicate15:13
noobmonk3y~ping lcuk15:14
*** Pogi has quit IRC15:14
noobmonk3yinfobot on holiday still :P15:14
Stskeepsstuck in italy probably15:15
*** Noobmonk3y__ has quit IRC15:16
*** gjl has quit IRC15:16
*** gjl has joined #maemo15:17
*** adalal has joined #maemo15:18
* noobmonk3y blinks15:18
noobmonk3ywow i'm getting requests for help with apt-get errors through my own websites form... but as that website is dedicated to photography, i find that random!15:19
*** Joonas has joined #maemo15:20
*** t7g__ has joined #maemo15:21
*** mirsal has quit IRC15:21
*** ToArtist has quit IRC15:23
*** ToArtist has joined #maemo15:24
*** t7g_ has quit IRC15:24
detectivei've installed jebbas costum kernel. great :D15:24
*** N900evil_ has joined #maemo15:26
*** ynezz_ is now known as ynezz15:27
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC15:28
*** ToArtist has quit IRC15:29
*** N900evil has quit IRC15:29
*** ToArtist has joined #maemo15:30
*** lullos has joined #maemo15:30
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo15:31
lcukanyone know if theres animation/movie available from the sat logs of the ash cloud15:31
lcukie from start to now timelapse15:31
toresbeI doubt that; the satellites had great difficulty tracing the ash due to clouds being indistinguishable from ash15:32
SpeedEvilMake your own!
*** wazd_e63 has joined #maemo15:32
lcukheh cool15:33
aSIMULAtorfrom this?
aSIMULAtoro HAI15:33
lcuk\o o hai15:33
wazd_e63Hello again15:33
lcukaSIMULAtor, have you crashed yet o_O15:33
SpeedEvilhysplit is open source AIUI15:34
*** zeq has quit IRC15:34
Stskeepswazd_e63: moo15:34
wazd_e63Anybody can see my nick? :)15:34
wazd_e63Stskeeps: oh, nm :)15:34
Stskeepsyes, we were just ignoring you ;)15:34
*** SunilGhai has joined #maemo15:35
wazd_e63Stskeeps: yeah, I know :(15:35
wazd_e63Stskeeps: :)15:35
lcukaSIMULAtor, right of passiage for all new drivers!  you have to bump or scrape something15:35
lcuki took off both my wing mirrors15:36
wazd_e63Stskeeps: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me :D15:36
lcuktracy had a fight with trolley park15:36
aSIMULAtorwell, it's my first finnish drivers license, but i've been driving for over 14 years already :P15:36
aSIMULAtorbut no accidents :P15:36
lcuk:D kewl then15:37
wazd_e63AsiMULAtor: NFS: Underground doesn't count :P15:37
*** FIQ has quit IRC15:37
MacerMedication purposes15:37
MacerCard-carrying medical marijuana patients are allowed to medicate under a tent set up especially for the purpose. 30-something Adrian Hernandez, who uses marijuana to deal with chronic knee pain, has found some liberation in the event.15:37
lcukthat camera view you posted is eery15:37
Macerchronic knee pain? :)15:37
aSIMULAtori think that's the icelandic met office's official webcam whatever15:37
*** FIQ has joined #maemo15:37
aSIMULAtorthey were saying that if you start to see grey or brown15:37
aSIMULAtoralert someone :P15:37
lcukmacer, if your knee hurts you cannot walk15:37
Macerlcuk: and marijuana helps.... how?15:38
wazd_e63Macer: he's a diagnosist btw :)15:38
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo15:38
lcukdude, like you just fall over and it totally doesnt hurt15:38
toresbeMacer: Marijuana _is_ a very effective painkiller.15:38
lcukand man, like i managed to keep hold of my taco15:38
Macertoresbe: so is asprin :)15:38
lcuktotally didnt spill it15:38
toresbeMacer: Not at all.15:38
*** rdorsch has quit IRC15:38
* lcuk medicates macer by hitting him over the head with a juniper bush15:39
Macerlcuk: thanks.. now i can say i have chronic head pain and cut in front of the cancer kids15:39
pupnikthis stuff has been measured and there is no analgesic effect afaik15:39
wazd_e63let's all drink novocaine :)15:39
wazd_e63Cool painkiller too :)15:39
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo15:39
wazd_e63Thresh: well, I saw it liquid only :)15:40
lcuknovocaine is what dentists inject in isnt it?15:40
lcukthey gave me about 10 shots15:40
threshyeah but they shoot it into you15:40
SpeedEvillcuk: no - podiatrists use it15:40
lcukand i still almost bit his fingers off when he went poking around15:40
Maceri'm sorry but if they're dishing out cards for chronic knee pain by quaccks... then they might as well go the distance and legalize it15:40
Maceri bet after they do they will realize that 80% of the US population smokes marijuana haha15:40
lcukim wondering whether you can make the tent portable15:40
SpeedEvilHence the track - Eels - Novacaine for the sole.15:40
lcuksortof extended hat wear15:40
thresheveryone realizes that i think15:40
aSIMULAtorwell i guess we'll find out in nov with the california voters15:41
Macerthresh: yeah. i think the hippies messed up marijuana15:41
Maceras did cheech and chong15:41
aSIMULAtorno, the US govt messed up marijuana during prohibition15:41
Macerpeople started to assume that is what you become15:41
MaceraSIMULAtor: yeah. gave all that money to mexico :)15:41
SpeedEvillcuk: I have gps logs of my first oops.15:42
Macerwell.. florida didn't do too bad15:42
pupnikit would be easier to dissuade students from using it if it were legal, imo.15:42
Macerthey have a huge marijuana industry15:42
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo15:42
lcukSpeedEvil, oops?15:42
SpeedEvillcuk: Which involved decellerating at ~1.5G from 40MPH after I left the road.15:42
Macerpupnik: not to mention the fact that drug dealers are not the types you would want kids buying it from ;)15:42
SpeedEvillcuk: Misread junction completely, and was in a hurry.15:42
wazd_e63you should definitely see latest south park series bout marijuana :)15:42
Macerbecause they tend to show kids new things.. like crack and heroin15:42
SpeedEvilMacer: Or windows CE.15:43
lcukSpeedEvil, happens to us all15:43
lcuki was once in car just before i had passed15:43
MacerSpeedEvil: omg! those sick bastards!15:43
lcukand mate said "errr its this corner"15:43
aSIMULAtorpharmaceutical companies are already getting kids hooked on benzos15:43
*** N900evil_ has quit IRC15:43
lcuki nearly flipped car going round15:43
*** N900evil_ has joined #maemo15:43
wazd_e63SpeedEvil: noway,  that's too much15:43
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo15:43
wazd_e63SpeedEvil: I can understand snowballs and stuff, but CE...15:44
SpeedEvillcuk: misread a '1/2 mile to hospital' in combination with a disused petrol station as a turnoff. oops.15:44
SpeedEvillcuk: There were bits from 8 other cars there.15:44
*** gjl has quit IRC15:44
* pupnik censors self15:45
* RST38h tries to patch the story together: aSIMULAtor got her first Finnish driver's license, celebrated it by smoking weed, then got into an accident.15:45
pupnikYeah, people make mistakes.15:45
MohammadAGisn't the conversation app essentially a browser?15:45
wazd_e63MohammadAG: yep15:46
MohammadAGwhy isn't scrolling as quick as the browser?15:46
MohammadAG(just a question, not complaining)15:46
wazd_e63MohammadAG: I guess you should ask timeless15:47
*** gjl has joined #maemo15:47
wazd_e63MohammadAG: he's the local browser god :)15:47
MohammadAGi thought he only made the ui?15:47
*** moza has joined #maemo15:47
wazd_e63MohammadAG: I'm not sure15:48
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC15:48
wazd_e63MohammadAG: but he's the one to blame :D15:48
MohammadAGwell you pinged him so I'm guessing I don't have to ask again15:49
fralsMohammadAG: i think rtcom-el-gui is based on gtk.treeview or similar15:49
fralswhile browser is doing native stuff without gtk15:49
fralsbut im just speculating15:49
lcukMohammadAG, i would say that conversation window is actually more complex than most browser windows15:49
lcuktry scrolling a similar length portion of web page - something as complex15:49
MohammadAGcss right?15:50
* RST38h wonders how conversations window behaves when there is a LOT of messages15:50
MohammadAGRST38h, you don't want to know15:51
fralsits like email client, only shows x default and then load in more as you scroll15:51
MohammadAGactually, it doesn't load all convos, but when you scroll up it slows down15:51
wazd_e63Rst38h: no pages; all on the single one?15:51
MohammadAGfrals, beat me to it15:51
MohammadAGbrowser stopped rotating again15:53
*** zeq has joined #maemo15:53
SpeedEvilMohammadAG: maemospin.com15:53
*** viatech has quit IRC15:54
MohammadAGserver not found, whatever that was15:55
*** dragon900 has quit IRC15:55
SpeedEvilIt was a reference to another site. Which has a rotating thing.15:57
SpeedEvilmaemospin doesn't actually exist.15:57
SpeedEvil(though with the accellerometer)...15:57
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo15:58
lcukSpeedEvil, ?15:58
* SpeedEvil is just being rather random today.15:58
lcukyeah, what tho15:58
SpeedEvil - probably not worksafe - anywhere.15:58
SpeedEvilmeme popular a while back15:59
*** viatech has joined #maemo16:00
fralsi wonder if the people complaining about n900s call quality are living in a bunker or smth16:00
jacekowskiSpeedEvil: that was gay16:00
timeless_mbpi do work mostly on the backend16:00
wazd_e63N900 call quality is awful16:00
aSIMULAtormr timeless16:00
wazd_e63I can't hear anything16:00
RST38hwazd: Sounds just fine to me16:00
timeless_mbpportions of the conversations app is browser based16:00
RST38hwazd: You got an N900? =)16:01
timeless_mbpbut i think the list of contacts view is gtk16:01
* marmoute have Volume Issue Too16:01
fralswazd_e63: might be due to the fact you dont have one ;)16:01
timeless_mbpwhereas the view where you're chatting w/ someone is browser16:01
wazd_e63RST38h: no, but I can complain :D16:01
RST38hwazd: Ah, right!16:01
timeless_mbphi aSIMULAtor16:01
prontoi have an n900, and the call quality is great o.O, unless you want to use speaker phone, then its extremely quiet16:01
toresbeTo me the only frustrating thing is the latency of the phone when accepting or denying a call16:01
SpeedEvilWhen I recieved the call, it worked fine.16:02
aSIMULAtorhow are u doing mr timeless16:02
timeless_mbpMohammadAG: so which thing were you scrolling?16:02
timeless_mbpaSIMULAtor: good16:02
* RST38h uses speakerphone feature a lot, it is not bad either16:02
MohammadAGthe chat view16:02
timeless_mbpi'm hosting a stranded sole for the foreseeable future :)16:02
RST38hpronto: normal phone and speakerphone modes have SEPARATE volume controls16:02
aSIMULAtorcause of volcano?16:03
RST38hpronto: Simply adjust volume when in speakerphone mode16:03
*** dragon900 has joined #maemo16:03
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, I kind of expected it16:03
SpeedEviltimeless: oh - I was going to give you fish recipies.16:03
wazd_e63Rst38h: I have a good chance to have scratched overclocked one somewhere in the august)16:03
prontoRST38h: i did, i turned it up, extremely quiet16:03
timeless_mbpSpeedEvil: aww g, thanks16:03
MohammadAGbut opened up maemospin since I thought this channel was...16:03
timeless_mbpbetter than instructions for redoing my shoes, i suppose16:03
RST38hwazd: OMG16:03
wazd_e63rst38h: or maybe even later :)16:04
RST38hwazd: May well end up being n910, 920, or something then...16:04
* SpeedEvil wonders what his next device will be.16:05
*** mikki-kun has left #maemo16:05
SpeedEvilI - on balance - like the format of the n900 for something that will go with me everywhere16:05
wazd_e63Rst38h: nooo, I'll get a n900 thru developers queue :)16:06
*** zeq has quit IRC16:06
*** jrocha has quit IRC16:06
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:07
*** zeq has joined #maemo16:07
MohammadAGtimeless_mbp, I was scrolling the chat view16:07
crashanddieyo aSIMULAtor, long time no see16:08
timeless_mbpMohammadAG: which direction?16:08
timeless_mbpwhen you scroll back in time, the chat app pulls in more data16:08
timeless_mbpwhich is expensive16:08
timeless_mbpand has nothing to do w/ the browser16:08
MohammadAGloading history16:08
crashanddiesucks that you can't go back to the beginning, by the way16:08
timeless_mbpthat only applies if it hasn't already loaded a piece16:09
MohammadAGcrashanddie, actually I want to mark all as read16:09
timeless_mbpbut do keep it in mind16:09
*** trumee has joined #maemo16:12
pupnikgotta get a faster way to enable flash elements16:12
pupnikswitching to settings, plugins and waiting for it to swap-in is NOT fun16:13
pupnikleaving flash on is pretty much not an option if surfing commercial sites16:14
pupniksuggest a usability test: go to a few shopping sites, open and compare products, profile time spent loading with/without flash, and time needed by user to enablea/disable flash plugin16:15
pupnikperhaps a community member has an idea how to toggle flash from a menu applet16:17
pupnikor maybe some browser button/widget16:18
ShadowJKadblock-css thingy also includes flashblock16:19
pupnikfor microb?16:19
ShadowJKflash appears as empty space. click on it and the flash content is loaded16:19
*** igagis has joined #maemo16:20
*** detective has quit IRC16:20
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo16:21
*** FIQ has quit IRC16:23
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC16:25
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:25
*** pupnik has joined #maemo16:25
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo16:26
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:26
*** mirsal has joined #maemo16:27
*** svu has quit IRC16:27
*** Meizirkki_ has joined #maemo16:31
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC16:35
*** Joonas has quit IRC16:36
*** pupnik has joined #maemo16:39
*** N900evil_ has quit IRC16:39
crashanddielol... Blade Trinity, some dude gets a call, Blade rips his phone out of his hands, and looks at who's calling, it's an old Nokia 3210, and the screen shows "Contact information: <name of the guy>" then the options are "Details" and "Cancel"... Incoming call eh?16:39
*** mirsal has quit IRC16:39
timeless_mbp is helpful16:40
lcukcrashanddie, retrofitted multitasking internface16:40
*** noobmonk3y_ has joined #maemo16:40
timeless_mbpit let a user register for :)16:40
*** Joonas has joined #maemo16:40
*** zeq has quit IRC16:41
*** njsf has joined #maemo16:41
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC16:42
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo16:42
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC16:43
timeless_mbpsadly that isn't a laughing matter16:43
*** FredrIQ has quit IRC16:43
timeless_mbparguably you shouldn't trust any certs issued to because of it16:44
* lcuk does not trust any ovi16:44
*** loft306 has joined #maemo16:44
loft306man i cant beleive i was actualy able to survive with only my phone for a week  no other puter available16:44
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo16:45
*** N900evil_ has joined #maemo16:45
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC16:45
lcukloft306, you used your phone as a hunting weapon?16:45
loft306heh no16:45
lcukdid throwing it work or as a club?16:45
crashanddielcuk: I would love it if manufacturers gave write access to devices that aren't in production anymore16:45
loft306but it makes a great flashlight16:45
lcukcrashanddie, opening up abandonware is something i would like to be the default16:45
loft306lcuk i was in the city... just forgot the lappie psu16:46
*** Gizmokid2005|AFK is now known as Gizmokid200516:46
lcukloft306, sometimes i cope without any technology at all16:46
*** jrocha has joined #maemo16:46
* lcuk likes those holiday times16:46
lcukpencil and paper and my imagination :)16:47
loft306when i go hunting i change the sim to a bar phone... and leave it off16:47
timeless_mbploft306: i used two n900s as my only computers for 3 weeks traveling through eastern europe...16:47
loft306atleast i had my glasses16:48
lcukand vodka to fill them up?16:48
crashanddietimeless_mbp: have a friend who used an n800 as only piece of technology for 1 month while cycling from southern egypt up to London16:48
timeless_mbpcrashanddie: wow16:49
timeless_mbpclockwise or counterclockise around the med?16:49
* timeless_mbp presumes counter16:49
crashanddieyup, counter16:49
lcukas the crow flies would be more interesting route16:50
lcuktho getting reception at the bottom of the med might be challenging16:50
crashanddiecrows don't fly over seas16:50
crashanddieand crows don't fly at the bottom of the med16:50
*** joga has quit IRC16:50
loft306stilll gotta be better than carrier pigeon16:51
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:51
crashanddienot really16:51
crashanddiesome tv show tested internet speeds here in australia16:51
*** joga has joined #maemo16:51
lcukwell it comes down to payload16:51
crashanddieand carrier pigeon was faster to transfer a 700 movie over 150km than car or internet16:51
loft306heh they did that is SA16:52
crashanddie(actually, car wast faster than internet too)16:52
*** Gh0sty has quit IRC16:52
loft306the pigeon won16:52
*** Openfree has quit IRC16:52
lcukof course, for larger values of data there is still bandwidth issues16:52
crashanddiewell, they did it on a microsd16:53
*** Gh0sty has joined #maemo16:53
lcukbut the num ber of trucks you need to do the job is getting larger and larger each day16:53
crashanddieso 32gb in one ping16:53
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC16:53
timeless_mbphey, it could be a ping flood!16:53
*** lullos has quit IRC16:53
crashanddiethough, they had to send something like 25 pigeons, as decoys in case there was a falcon hunting16:53
timeless_mbpimagine compressing pings into that one pigeon packet16:53
*** lullos has joined #maemo16:54
timeless_mbpwe should shoot down all pigeons to protect against ping-flood-over-carrier-pigeon-ip16:54
loft306off tho chair on the floor16:54
lcukfearnecotton got pinged this morning
timeless_mbpcrashanddie: how much packet loss did they suffer?16:54
crashanddietimeless_mbp: well, only one pigeon was carrying data, they didn't say16:54
* frals pokes lcuk16:55
crashanddieso it was just obfuscation16:55
*** simoneb_ has joined #maemo16:55
crashanddiethe video:
simoneb_where does the conversations app store its logs?16:56
simoneb_i'd want to run a grep trough them16:56
fralsits a sqlite db16:56
frals~/.rtcom-eventlogger/el.db or smth16:56
fralstheres an api for interacting with it as well if you plan to use it in an application and not just for searching it once16:58
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo16:58
* lcuk makes his fingers work in editor over there >>>16:59
*** tackat_ has quit IRC17:01
* frals sends lcuk to test stuff over there <<<17:01
lcukgood point i forgot i was updating ubumtu first17:02
lcukpm me what you want me to check17:02
* crashanddie tries to get them to test their stuff there ^^^17:02
lcukor here so others can too17:02
*** Terje_ has quit IRC17:02
* lcuk tests his stuff down there VVVV and is relieved its still working17:02
timeless_mbpcrashanddie: wow17:02
*** zeq has joined #maemo17:03
timeless_mbpjust watched the video17:04
fralsanyone with a recent build on their phones (as in one that got MMS settings in /etc/operator_settings) around who want to try a package for me?17:05
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo17:05
*** anthonyjiang has joined #maemo17:05
crashanddierecent build of?17:06
fralsoh, maemo5 that is17:06
*** netvandal has joined #maemo17:06
crashanddiedoesn't everyone have 1.1?17:06
fralsi have a feeling one or two in here got nokia internal builds17:07
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo17:07
timeless_mbpfrals: yes...17:07
timeless_mbpone of mine is even getting over the air updates for 1.217:08
* noobmonk3y_ blinks17:09
fralswould you mind installing and see if it gets the operator settings automatically for you? cant try on sdk since it doesnt have sim stuff on it17:09
fralsneed to have -devel enabled as it depends on quite some python stuff...17:10
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC17:10
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo17:11
lcukfrals, using dpkg -i wont bring in deps automatically17:11
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo17:11
lcukso best is to install the -devel version on a device if its moaning about dependency problems17:12
timeless_mbpyou need a repo17:12
lcukfmms fapn17:12
timeless_mbpi can stick it in my repo17:12
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC17:12
*** Meizirkki_ has quit IRC17:12
fralstimeless_mbp: sure, what files do you need to do it?17:14
*** wizkoder has joined #maemo17:14
timeless_mbpfrals: :)17:14
* timeless_mbp *has* a repo17:14
*** wizkoder has quit IRC17:15
lcuktimeless_mbp, can i "borrow" your phone for a bit i need to make a call (and i wont grab your pr1.2 honest guv :D)17:17
lcukwhy have people decided to send me tonnes of mails about liqbase today \?/17:19
* frals looks up lcuks email to send him mail about liqbase17:19
*** TheNewAndy has quit IRC17:20
RST38hWeird: /packages/ says there is an updated version of nano out (with CtrlW crash fixed) but I cannot upgrade to it17:21
timeless_mbplcuk: lemme find fmms first17:21
RST38hBTW: BADSIG E40DC434616730BD Extras repositories17:22
*** |ToArtist| has joined #maemo17:23
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo17:23
timeless_mbpfrals: installing...17:23
fralstimeless_mbp: thanks, once installed launch it and it should open configuration, press "Configure" next to the APN label and see if it fills in the fields automatically please :)17:24
*** javispedro has joined #maemo17:24
RST38hjavispedro: Any idea on this: "BADSIG E40DC434616730BD Extras repositories" when running apt-get update17:25
*** trumee is now known as zzztrumee17:26
*** ToArtist has quit IRC17:27
timeless_mbpit picked a proxy, port, and mmsc17:27
javispedroRST38h: not at the moment, I'm willing to blame it on akamai17:27
timeless_mbpfrals: my phone number is '0' ?17:27
fralsyeah phonenumber detection isnt in yet..17:27
*** ioeee has joined #maemo17:28
fralsdid it pick Access Point Name as well?17:28
timeless_mbp'mms' ?17:28
fralssounds about right i guess17:28
timeless_mbpnote that the responsiveness to me clicking 'save' was so bad that i thought it was broken17:28
fralswhat operator you on?17:28
fralsthen its correct, cheers :)17:28
fralshmm will have to look into that17:28
timeless_mbpdo you support Share ?17:29
fralsas in sharing service? yepp17:29
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo17:29
*** sp3001 has quit IRC17:29
timeless_mbpdoes it cost me money to send an mms to you?17:30
fralsi assume it does17:30
timeless_mbpdoes it cost me money to send it to sp3000?17:34
fralsi have no idea :)17:34
*** rdorsch has quit IRC17:34
fralsthanks for testing, can move on from that dialog now as it seems to be working as expected :)17:35
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo17:35
*** ie has quit IRC17:35
timeless_mbpthere was a 0 valued box below my phone number17:35
timeless_mbpwhat was it for?17:35
*** Joonas has quit IRC17:35
fralsresizing of images17:36
*** lcuk2 has joined #maemo17:36
fralshmm, it shouldnt have defaulted to 017:36
lcukn900gah @ ome net17:36
timeless_mbpwhat are valid values?17:36
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:36
frals0-99999, unit is pixels17:36
fralsits gonna resize the image width to x and maintain aspect ratio17:37
crashanddietimeless_mbp: use 99999 :P17:37
timeless_mbpfrals: i just tried to send an mms to []17:37
timeless_mbpit's thinking long and hard about this17:38
fralsif the image width is > the value its ignored17:38
timeless_mbpcan you make it handle <empty> better?17:39
fralstimeless_mbp: its setting up an connection to your mms apn + trying to submit it to your mmsc17:39
timeless_mbpwithout a destination?17:39
timeless_mbp / recipient17:39
*** Joonas has joined #maemo17:39
fralsyou left the field completly empty?17:39
timeless_mbpwhy would i fill it in?17:40
fralsi thought i had a check against that... doh17:40
timeless_mbpit obviously wasn't mandatory :)17:40
fralsits not user-proof yet! ;)17:40
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo17:40
*** chelli has joined #maemo17:40
*** chelli has joined #maemo17:40
* javispedro watches timeless' telco charge him for an empty mms17:40
timeless_mbpjavispedro: not empty17:40
javispedroeven better17:40
timeless_mbpmaybe they'll send it to Rio17:41
fralstimeless_mbp: you should see a banner where it shows the reply from mmsc when its done thinking17:41
timeless_mbpSending failed:17:41
timeless_mbpError: 110 Connection timed out17:41
timeless_mbpPlease make sure [] APN settings are correct17:41
*** hannesw has joined #maemo17:41
timeless_mbpis that last line yours?17:41
*** lcuk2 is now known as lcuk17:42
timeless_mbpif so, please insert 'your' where i left []17:42
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:42
*** lcuk has joined #maemo17:42
fralsah right, connection mode defaults to 'polite' where you have to connect manually to the MMS APN when sending17:42
fralswill do17:42
*** daithib has joined #maemo17:45
* timeless_mbp ponders17:46
timeless_mbp"Select account"17:46
* timeless_mbp crashes image-viewer17:46
*** simoneb_ has left #maemo17:46
*** fqhuy has quit IRC17:46
*** daithib has quit IRC17:47
*** Joonas has quit IRC17:47
* timeless_mbp ponders17:48
timeless_mbpanyone willing to give me 2 sharing account sets so i can play w/ sharing?17:48
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo17:49
noobmonk3y_sharing accounts?17:49
*** |ToArtist| has quit IRC17:50
*** Joonas has joined #maemo17:50
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo17:50
*** Terje_ has quit IRC17:52
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo17:54
timeless_mbpwell, two accounts for a single sharing service17:54
*** raster has joined #maemo17:55
*** viatech has quit IRC17:55
*** FredrIQ has quit IRC17:57
*** default has joined #maemo17:58
*** viatech has joined #maemo17:59
wazd_e63Damn, shoping is exhausting18:00
*** C-S-B-N900 has joined #maemo18:00
wazd_e63I wanna go home :(18:00
fralsi wonder if my mind is trying to tell me something, was suppose to name a variabled "border", it came out "bored"18:01
javispedrobut did the variable variabled?18:01
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo18:02
javispedroI just love when, after 3000 boots doing it right, gdm puts the login screen in the wrong display18:03
javispedroonly to never do it again18:03
javispedrountil the 6000th boot18:03
*** mikhas has joined #maemo18:05
*** C-S-B-N900 has quit IRC18:05
VDVsxwazd_e63, bought an n900 ? :D18:08
* RST38h moos at VDVsx slightly18:10
*** Joonas has quit IRC18:10
*** jldugger has joined #maemo18:10
* VDVsx moos back at RST38h :D18:10
*** pwnguin has quit IRC18:10
RST38hOk, out of academic curiosity: any features you would like to see in my emulators, that are easy to implement?18:12
*** anthonyjiang has quit IRC18:12
RST38hIf there is something small I missed, will try to add it before the release18:12
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo18:12
*** hardaker has joined #maemo18:12
koala_manwhat kind of emulators?18:13
*** Joonas has joined #maemo18:14
*** rdorsch has quit IRC18:15
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo18:16
lcukkoala_man, RST38h has written numerous emulators for multiple systems18:16
*** ferdna has joined #maemo18:16
koala_manthe biggest missing feature from emulators that I see is hardware video scaling. 2x, 4x and video mode change really doesn't do it18:19
*** daithib has joined #maemo18:19
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC18:19
koala_manhaven't tried many emulators on maemo though, drnoksnes will keep me occupied for ages18:20
*** Joonas has quit IRC18:21
*** N900evil_ is now known as N900evil18:24
GAN900RST38h, make the open dialog slightly less punishing?18:24
*** Joonas has joined #maemo18:24
RST38hGAN: Not my problem, complain to konttori =)18:24
GAN900GAN900, maybe show some sort of splashscreen if it's closed before a ROM is openned.18:25
GAN900Nah, not the dialog itself18:25
RST38hGAN: What then?18:25
*** raster has quit IRC18:25
RST38hAh, you mean, show something between clicking on the ROM and running the game?18:26
toresbekoala_man: o/18:26
koala_man             \o18:26
toresbekoala_man: Have you gotten an N900 too? :)18:26
koala_manof course!18:26
toresbe(long time no see, btw -- how are you?)18:26
GAN900RST38h, at least if I close the dialog.18:26
toresbeUnsurprisingly, I've run a PDP-11 emulator on my N810.18:26
GAN900RST38h, it's slightly unfriendly just to close the whole application.18:27
RST38hGAN: If you close the dialog, you want exit18:27
*** tgalal has joined #maemo18:27
RST38hSo, it exits18:27
GAN900RST38h, the Hildon games startup screen would be nice, but that's high impact.18:27
GAN900RST38h, big assumption.18:27
RST38hThere is no reason for it to run if you are not opening anything. Where there IS a reason (like fMSX or Speccy), it does not show the dialog18:27
*** jlaire has joined #maemo18:27
GAN900RST38h, maybe I just want to see something in the menu?18:28
RST38hGAN: *correct* assumption: remember, those consoles (NES, GB) have no firmware of their own18:28
GAN900Yeah. . . .18:28
RST38hGAN: the ones that have (MSX, ZX Spectrum) do not start with a dialog at all18:28
RST38hJust boot right into firmware18:28
GAN900Well, whatever, I don't think it's friendly, or consistent and, quite frankly, it looks like a crash.18:28
RST38hMmm, ok, I will think of a friendly message screen "You have not selected anything to run. Bye bye now." =)18:29
javispedroor even a "sure to quit? no -> show open dialog again" loop-like sequence18:29
*** spectre- has joined #maemo18:30
javispedroat least the stupid in me does dismiss the dialog accidentally some times ;P18:30
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo18:33
*** C-S-B-N900 has joined #maemo18:33
RST38hjavispedro: It offends my sense of minimalism :)18:33
RST38hBut anyways, let us see if I can conjure a little oldskool message box18:33
javispedroblame the slow loading hildon open dialog18:33
RST38hthat too, but it is not my fault =(18:34
RST38hSomeone at Maemo Devices should REALLY look at it18:34
javispedroit allows my brain to think "I should be working" thus  fingers start dismissing everything :)18:34
javispedroallows as in "gives time"18:34
RST38hThey can probably make it faster by just skipping on redraws18:34
javispedrosecond time a process shows it it's much faster18:35
javispedroI think there's a per-process cache that should be per-system instead.18:35
RST38hnot fast enough though18:35
*** tgalal has quit IRC18:35
RST38hwell, to begin with, it should not preemptively scan all subdirs of the shown dir18:35
RST38hsecondly, it probably should not create and display menu items while scanning18:36
RST38hAnd, finally, those 100+MB of memory it preallocates when opening that dialog always cause me to wink18:36
wazd_e63Vdvsx: yeah, bought n900 and Bentley GT :)18:36
javispedroyou should try to make it maemo-launcher friendly, seems to speed it up a bit18:36
RST38hwazd: How is that Bentley holding up?18:36
RST38hjavispedro: not the file dialog, afaik =(18:37
*** mlpug has joined #maemo18:37
wazd_e63rst38h: btw, forgot to send you new skin again18:38
*** tg has quit IRC18:38
RST38hwazd: ? =)18:38
*** zaheerm has quit IRC18:38
wazd_e63Rst38h: remind me a bit later, when I'll escape that MEGA hell18:38
wazd_e63Rst38h: ti84+18:38
*** tg has joined #maemo18:39
wazd_e63Rst38h: Hotabych smiley? :D18:39
RST38hTHAT has been a tongue, not the beard18:39
wazd_e63Rst38h: :)18:40
RST38hBesides, Hottabych's famous image has been smeared forever by existance of Osama bin Laden! =)18:40
*** larsivi has quit IRC18:41
wazd_e63Rst38h: meheheh :)18:41
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo18:41
*** tg has quit IRC18:42
wazd_e63No! No jams, please! Noooooo!18:42
*** Termana has quit IRC18:43
*** tg has joined #maemo18:44
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo18:46
lcuko_O @ the new cuss words tracy just managed to say18:47
*** C-S-B-N900 has quit IRC18:47
fralsdo share18:49
lcukfrals, well see last ocuple of tweets between myself and teebee7618:50
lcukshe did not sound very ladylike when she shouted them, and when i went downstairs to see what was going on, she hit me18:51
lcukall because i suggested ducttaping her gob shut18:51
*** biston has joined #maemo18:53
yabbaAnyone have some hint how I can made simple second ticker in python?18:53
*** bidossessi has joined #maemo18:54
*** VDVsx has quit IRC18:54
bistongood morning, i'm trying to update to the new extcalllog, and looking at it's obvious that none librtcom-eventlogger1-1.3-4+0m5 and librtcom-eventlogger-ui1-1.4-2+0m5 are available on repos. how to get these packages? any idea ?18:54
*** Terje_ has quit IRC18:55
*** bidossessi has quit IRC18:55
MohammadAGbiston, wait for PR1.218:55
bistonhmm alright18:55
lcuksqueeze toolkit builder upgrade fix this, or is it a proper requires 1.2 dependency issue?18:56
javispedroI have to wonder if the eventlogger soname change was actually needed or not18:56
MohammadAGlcuk, proper afaik18:56
javispedrolcuk: requires 1.2, seemingly, librtcom-eventlogger changes "so much" they changed the package name.18:56
bistonand 1 more question, how can i list all installed deb packages from terminal?18:57
Robot101any abi break needs a soname bump18:57
MohammadAGdpkg -l18:57
bistonah, has nothing to do with apt18:57
bistonokay thanks18:57
Robot101the choice was technically correct, its just a shame all of the maemo deb handling systems are so shit they can't cope properly18:57
MohammadAGnp :)18:57
*** netvandal has quit IRC18:58
javispedroRobot101: no system will be able to handle a soname change18:58
javispedrocase in hand, the binary itself won't run18:58
Robot101debian can, the package changes name intentionally so you can keep the old one and the new one installed simultaneously18:58
*** gomiam has quit IRC18:58
javispedroyes, but the v0 version will be removed from firmware, thus the issue.18:59
*** daithib has quit IRC18:59
MohammadAGRobot101, technically the N900 and debian handle packages the same18:59
Robot101it's totally standard, until all the other packages are rebuilt with the new library, then aptitude clears the old one18:59
javispedro(and the v1 one is not present in 1.1, thus the "other" issue).18:59
MohammadAGactually nvm18:59
Robot101yeah except not - the hildon app manager nor the ssu tool don't understand any fields other than depends19:00
Robot101not conflicts/replaces/breaks etc19:00
javispedroI don't see why you'd need them for. What we'd need to fix a soname change is ship the previous one in pr1.2 and ship the "future" one in pr1.119:00
Robot101so they're /like/ debian, but we had to leave an rtocm-el 0 empty package in the distro just to depend on the new 1 version19:00
Trizttimeless_mbp; How come 3rd party widgets disappears when updating the localization from your repo?19:02
Robot101if you just delete the old one off the archive and stick the new one in, then recompile stuff, anyone with any pakages that need the old one can continue running, but any new upgrades/installs get the new one19:02
Robot101that's precisely how it's meant to work, and does work in ubuntu and debian19:02
*** detective has joined #maemo19:03
*** biston has quit IRC19:03
javispedroRobot101: maemo _can't_ work that way until nokia updates are shipped incrementally19:03
javispedroso we have to put fix over fix.19:03
*** pupnik has joined #maemo19:04
*** alehorst has quit IRC19:05
Robot101sure it can, you just need to rebuild everything with the old binary and make sure your packaging allows that (binnmus in debian)19:05
*** konttori has joined #maemo19:06
*** alehorst has joined #maemo19:07
RST38hlcuk: Domestic terrorist indeed.19:08
RST38hehlo, konttori19:08
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo19:08
wazd_e63Konttori: heya19:09
lcukRST38h, o_O19:09
lcukafternoon urho \o19:10
*** hannesw has quit IRC19:11
*** Meow`` has quit IRC19:13
wazd_e63I wonder if I can compile my matrix flash into flash lite to set it as a background on e63 :)19:13
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo19:15
*** Xisdibik_ has joined #maemo19:16
*** crazyhorses has joined #maemo19:18
crazyhorsesmy e key is making a scratch like sound when i press it. should i be worried?19:19
*** Xisdibik has quit IRC19:20
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo19:21
crazyhorsesalso would it make sence to buy a class 10 micro sdhc card?19:21
*** TeQuillaaaA has joined #maemo19:22
*** N900evil has quit IRC19:22
TeQuillaaaAhey...whats the difference between the command root and sudo gainroot on my n900?19:22
ToJa92root is shorter to write ;)19:23
MohammadAGexec sudo gainroot --use-su19:23
MohammadAGthat's root19:23
javispedroRobot101: that is the plan considering there's only like 3 extras packages depending on it. Still I have to wonder if an API break was really needed now, and if packages will need a v0 source version and v1 source version.19:24
Robot101I believe there was a design flaw which had to be corrected19:25
Robot101but, if we'd known now how unprepared maemo was for this totally normal change in debian/ubuntu, we'd have hacked to avoid it19:25
Robot101everyone involved regrets it now, but we had no idea it would be this much of a trainwreck19:26
Robot101so much for doing the right thing19:26
MohammadAGQ: is it possible to symlink a file from a vfat partition to an ext3 one?19:26
javispedroah well.19:27
MohammadAG(opposite is not possible, i know)19:27
*** rdorsch has quit IRC19:29
Robot101abi bumps are not meant to be painful, debian has this automated, they have scripts and just binnmu chunks of the archive at the push of a button19:29
*** ioeee has quit IRC19:30
javispedroabi or api or both?19:31
*** Sargun has quit IRC19:31
javispedrodoes every v0 building package build under v1 headers?19:31
*** `0660 has quit IRC19:32
*** `0660 has joined #maemo19:34
ShadowJKHehe, got a sirfstar, N810 and N900 sitting next to eachother on a table19:34
ShadowJKall but the sirfstar have a gps fix :-)19:34
*** achipa has joined #maemo19:37
*** larsivi has joined #maemo19:37
*** clmntch has joined #maemo19:39
*** thomaz has quit IRC19:41
PhonicUKhey all :)19:42
timeless_mbpTrizt: hrm19:43
timeless_mbpthat's unexpected19:43
PhonicUKMohammadAG, Yes it is possible to symlink where the destination file is on VFAT and the link target is on EXT319:43
Trizttimeless_mbp; and I have a strange "message" which I got when someone unknown called me on skype, think you would be interested by it too19:44
* PhonicUK wishes VNC was faster :\19:45
*** dmj7261 has quit IRC19:45
haltdefrdp :>19:45
Trizttimeless_mbp; instead of a proper user name, it says, "undisclosed_pstn:345"19:45
PhonicUKhaltdef, im viewing my N900's screen on my desktop machine19:46
PhonicUKwhile developing19:46
timeless_mbpTrizt: interesting19:46
timeless_mbpthat means i'm missing a translation string19:46
* timeless_mbp goes to look for a bit19:46
PhonicUKso i hit "Run" in Qt Creator and see it in the VNC window :)19:46
PhonicUKneat eh?19:46
*** mrlanrat has joined #maemo19:47
*** mrlanrat has left #maemo19:47
Trizttimeless_mbp; I tried to tell you earlier, but I guess you was away the few times I tried to say it on the chan19:47
Triztshould have sent you a pm19:47
*** sttwister has quit IRC19:47
*** PHiZiK has quit IRC19:48
*** mirsal has joined #maemo19:49
*** fnordian900 has quit IRC19:49
*** larsivi has joined #maemo19:49
*** mlpug has quit IRC19:50
*** wao has quit IRC19:50
timeless_mbpyeah, i definitely don't have that string19:51
Triztyou add something funny? ;)19:52
timeless_mbpTrizt: mailto:timeless@gmail is better19:52
timeless_mbpsending me a privmsg is likely to get lost19:52
TriztI'll try to remember that19:52
*** wazd has joined #maemo19:52
timeless_mbpi'll try to get a string update tomorrow19:53
*** viatech has quit IRC19:53
*** detective has quit IRC19:53
Triztnext time I'll email19:54
* timeless_mbp ponders19:55
MohammadAGthanks PhonicUK19:55
* timeless_mbp goes to figure out where this string comes from19:55
Trizttimeless_mbp; interesting photo that DSCN1624.JPG19:56
*** yabba has quit IRC19:58
timeless_mbpi'm glad you like it :)19:59
* timeless_mbp sighs20:00
timeless_mbptotally buggy window management20:00
timeless_mbpthe missing icon for the top row is because the icons are all fading in/out20:00
timeless_mbpif you look carefully you can see a hint of the (?)20:00
*** viatech has joined #maemo20:01
* Trizt nods20:01
*** t-tan has joined #maemo20:02
*** t-tan has quit IRC20:02
Triztthis something new or old?20:02
* Trizt have no clue how the older maemos may look like20:02
lcukjavispedro, too :p20:04
fralserr, have i done something wrong or is the phone suppose to NOT play the sms tone when on charger?20:04
RST38hlcuk: Umgh!20:04
lcukfrals, it plays a pop noise instal of sms when the current conversation window is there20:05
*** spectre- has quit IRC20:05
fralswell i just get the vibrator20:05
lcukmine just pops at me when new msg comes in20:05
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC20:05
*** spectre- has joined #maemo20:05
timeless_mbpTrizt: that was an n800 ui, i think20:05
timeless_mbpso it had to be fairly old20:05
RST38hfrals: This one?
*** zeq has quit IRC20:06
noobmonk3y_hmmm do i always join at the worst time?20:07
noobmonk3y_frals> well i just get the vibrator20:07
MohammadAGerr what20:08
* MohammadAG searches logs20:08
fralsproblem solved, appearently i had the volume on ~10% and it wasnt loud enough to play through the speaker :p20:08
MohammadAG<frals> well i just get the vibrator - ok, i misinterpreted that20:09
*** DangerMaus has joined #maemo20:09
lcukfrals you plonker!20:10
DangerMaussunbox behiimg,d mess20:10
DangerMauswrong channel20:11
fralslcuk: you can be a plonker!20:11
* lcuk agrees20:11
*** ioeee has joined #maemo20:11
*** DangerMaus has quit IRC20:11
* noobmonk3y_ seconds that20:12
*** noobmonk3y_ is now known as noobmonk3y_afk20:12
*** wazd_e63 has quit IRC20:14
wazdwazd_e63, screw you20:14
fralsanyone figured out how to open a new conversation with a given number from within an application?20:14
fralseg i want to send an sms to +4600032542 from the conversations app, launched by a button in my own application20:15
*** deegee_ has quit IRC20:15
lcukfeature creep!20:15
fralsits the last one! promise!20:15
*** svu has joined #maemo20:16
lcukfrals, have a look if jebba found the correct spell for it20:17
noobmonk3y_afkfrals dbus should be able to do it shouldnt it?20:17
*** SunilGhai has quit IRC20:17
fralslcuk: i checked his wikipage, didnt find anything.. there is a script to send your own sms manually but rather have it thru rtcom-el so it gets logged20:18
fralsnoobmonk3y_afk: yeah... somehow... which is why im asking :D20:19
fralsnoobmonk3y_afk: that be a nice feature for healthcheck! *rolleyes* better find out how its done! ;)20:19
lcukyeah frals i understand20:19
lcuknoobmonk3y_afk, frals was wondering before and i thought you might know20:19
lcukhow to get device phone number20:19
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC20:19
lcuki dont know mine20:19
* frals heads back to preparing fmms 0.9.0 aka "let ux ppl rape it"20:20
noobmonk3y_afki'm working on sms counters20:20
noobmonk3y_afkwill have a look and see if i have any scrap code20:20
*** phreck has joined #maemo20:20
fralscool, lemme know if you find anything good20:20
Arkenoimy desktop suddenly turned to portrait mode20:21
Arkenoilooks weird20:21
lcukquick, turn it back before anyone notices20:21
Arkenoiicons do not fit, there was no auto re-arrange20:22
Arkenoiand wallpapers are not continuous, there is black space between20:22
lcukyeah i know how i'd like to have that working20:22
phreckyea, n900 does not have portrait mode.20:22
phreckit has a bug though20:22
lcuki even have a wicked idea for scrolling rotatable lists20:23
Arkenoimost things look not very bad though20:23
phrecklcuk, im pretty sure portrait mode is on the way out anyways20:23
*** dragon900 has quit IRC20:23
Arkenoivirtual keyboard does not fit too20:24
* lcuk likes this
*** netvandal has joined #maemo20:24
*** FIQ has joined #maemo20:24
phreckhow many of you guys overclocked20:24
Stskeepsi'm not stupid, so i didn't20:25
Stskeepsthou shalt not fuck around with overclocking, was the statement at the summit20:25
phrecki did it, then went back.20:26
phreckit ws nice though, not gonna lie.20:26
phrecki hope 1.2 shows up soon. that will make me feel better about it.20:27
Stskeepsprovided the key 1.2 people aren't stuck somewhere due to the volcano ash, then it's about bloody time it comes around20:28
*** zeq has joined #maemo20:28
phreckhaha no kidding20:28
SpeedEvilStskeeps: they have to walk to the volcano, to throw in gtk.20:29
*** zs has joined #maemo20:29
timeless_mbpwell, konttori is babysitting20:29
Arkenoisome applications that do not support portrait mode natively look just fine anyways20:29
Arkenoisome do not20:29
*** bionoid has quit IRC20:29
timeless_mbpworst case, we wait for konttori's baby to grow up so konttori can come back to work and drive the release :)20:30
Arkenoifor some obscure reason i cannot get "more" application button20:30
Arkenoiso there are only those with shortcuts on the desktop for me to try20:31
*** bionoid has joined #maemo20:31
Trizttimeless_mbp; can't he do that from home?20:31
phreckim sure he could.20:31
timeless_mbphe's on paternity leave20:31
ShadowJKpaternity leave is only 6 months iirc20:31
phreckone thing i saw today that isn't good is flash got delayed till 2nd half.20:32
javispedrodon't tell that in tmo or they will do something to "fix the situation".20:32
timeless_mbpiirc finland is such that if you're on sick leave and you go into work, that terminates your leave20:32
timeless_mbpphreck: "flash"?20:32
phreckim hoping they are not waiting for flash 10 for 1.220:32
TriztHe can always work for free, then no break ;)20:32
phreckflash 1020:32
timeless_mbpphreck: it wasn't a deliverable i saw on any list20:32
*** yabba has joined #maemo20:32
timeless_mbpso it certainly shouldn't be blocking 1.220:32
*** zeq has quit IRC20:33
timeless_mbpthat doesn't mean it *isn't*20:33
timeless_mbpthere's a difference between sane and reality20:33
ShadowJKand if you fall sick before regular leave, your regular leave/vacation gets moved forward by how long you're sick20:33
timeless_mbpsadly, at times, quite a big difference20:33
timeless_mbpShadowJK: really?20:33
*** lopz has quit IRC20:33
*** C-S-B-N900 has joined #maemo20:33
Triztbut it had been nice if flash 10 had been in 1.2, start to hit sites that blocks older flash players... gosh it was so much beter when there wasn't even frames in html20:34
*** yabba has quit IRC20:34
phreckadobes ceo said 2nd half for flash 10 on blackberry, android and whatever others were waiting.20:34
ShadowJKtimeless_mbp, dunno if it's universal20:34
phreckmicrob doesnt do html5 does it.20:35
ShadowJKI think approximately nothing has full html5 support, on any platform. I could be wrong though :)20:35
*** wao has joined #maemo20:36
TriztShadowJK; if you put together Opera, FireFox and Chromium, then you get something that could support 90% of html5 :P20:37
*** bleeter has quit IRC20:38
*** netvandal_ has joined #maemo20:39
*** netvandal has quit IRC20:39
timeless_mbpphreck: what do you mean by 'html5'?20:39
timeless_mbp(most people who ask about html5 are clueless, especially if they ask in checkbox fashion)20:40
phrecki am pretty clueless about it.20:40
phrecki see apple making a big push for it though with the absense of flash on their platform.20:41
*** yabba has joined #maemo20:41
phreckso as far as media i guess20:41
Lumpio-Which features of HTML5 do you care about?20:41
timeless_mbp"they're pushing for something, i bet no one else supports it!"20:41
phrecki know there isnt an official codec yet20:41
timeless_mbpthe logic there is impeccable20:41
Lumpio-...HTML5 is /way/ more than video playback :V20:41
timeless_mbpyou're assuming there will be one20:41
phreckiknow its way more20:42
timeless_mbpthere's no guarantee there will be one (in html5)20:42
phrecktimeless im not20:42
timeless_mbpphreck: your sentence as written makes a presumption20:42
phreckfirst off i hate apple.20:43
ShadowJKI heard someone once tried to license vp8, and on2 told them part of the license fees go to mpeg-la20:43
*** oscillik has joined #maemo20:43
phrecki was at a con last month, it was full of apple cultists, and they were all masturbating over the ipad release. i then asked why it did not support flash, they all laughed at me like i was an idiot and started rambling about html520:44
pupniki kind of like them for not supporting flash :|20:46
* ShadowJK too :)20:46
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:46
*** Timbo has quit IRC20:46
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo20:46
ShadowJKBut the eternal pessimist I am, I'm suspecting the replacement will have even more performance, stability and memory footprint issues20:47
* Trizt rather have the Dynabook which the iPad is based on20:47
*** zeq has joined #maemo20:47
*** phreck has quit IRC20:49
*** Terje_ has quit IRC20:49
pupniki want devices that understand spoken language and can translate spoken/written text20:49
RST38htranslate into what?20:49
* SpeedEvil passes out the blood-wine.20:50
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo20:50
RST38hdoes ipad support html5 though?20:50
Noobmonk3yfrals, last onlne 402 days ago?20:50
fralslol thats not me20:50
fralswhats your name on steam then20:50
fralsill add you instead :P20:50
Noobmonk3yping me a priv msg20:50
MohammadAGpc gaming, meh20:53
javispedroRST38h: only when you use it for annoying iAds, if you try to use it for anything useful it crashes and apple removes your app from the store.20:54
*** hannesw has quit IRC20:55
javispedrocome to think of it, "useful" and "html5" do not usually mix either....20:55
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo20:55
*** kkb1101 has quit IRC20:55
RST38hjavispedro: I thought Apple did not learn how to "remove apps" off the Web yet? =)20:55
javispedrodoes anyone still believe in the web as an application distribution platform? I though gazillions of iphone owners don't.... :P20:56
* MohammadAG asks RST38h when he's going to remove the XChat plugin20:56
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC20:56
RST38hAs soon as someone tells me what is wrong with the app icon in the XChat own bubbles20:57
pupnikjavispedro: or is the web becoming the platform20:57
pupniki see continued coexistence for now20:57
MohammadAGRST38h, LOL I thought you knew20:57
RST38hjavis: iphone owners believe into whatever jobs tells them to20:57
*** phreck has joined #maemo20:57
TeQuillaaaAquestion: i edit the file transition.ini on my n900 and changed the "sequenced = 0" - entry into "sequenced = 1" ... but nothing happens :( i want the wave-effect in the menu....that did i wrong? :(20:57
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC20:57
RST38hMohammad: Nope :( I disabled the plugin, enabled XChat's own bubbles, but they come up with brokn icon20:58
MohammadAGdid you save it?20:58
TeQuillaaaAin vi with :wq20:58
MohammadAGyeah, the white X20:58
RST38hdid you sacrifice a small mammal to the Tentacled One?20:58
MohammadAGUbuntu doesn't display it20:58
MohammadAGas root?20:58
TeQuillaaaAyou mean me right now?^^20:59
*** N900evil has joined #maemo21:00
MohammadAGTeQuillaaaA, yep21:00 root21:00
TeQuillaaaAthere are two parts where sequenced is available [launcher_in] and [launcher_in_sub]21:01
TeQuillaaaAi changed both sequenced entry21:01
MohammadAGclose vi21:02 english is so terrible21:02
MohammadAGthen killall hildon-desktop21:02
TeQuillaaaAbut i did restart21:02
TeQuillaaaAis it not enough?21:02
MohammadAGcat the transitions.ini file, maybe you didn't save it?21:03
MohammadAGpaste on pastebin if you want to paste21:04
*** c|oneman has joined #maemo21:04
TeQuillaaaAwhat should i paste?21:05
wazdseriously, I'm not alone!21:05
TeQuillaaaAthe transition.ini?21:05
TeQuillaaaAi only changed this two entries21:05
*** Xisdibik_ is now known as Xisdibik21:05
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo21:05
TeQuillaaaAi install a other theme21:05
TeQuillaaaAmaybe is this the bad task?^^21:06
MohammadAGTeQuillaaaA, if you did change them and it didn't work I have no idea21:06
MohammadAGthat's the file21:06
MohammadAGnope, shouldn't matter21:06
*** phreck has quit IRC21:06
*** sttwister has joined #maemo21:07
*** spectre- has quit IRC21:08
*** lmth has joined #maemo21:08
*** netvandal_ has quit IRC21:08
TeQuillaaaAi installed this category-application21:08
*** spectre- has joined #maemo21:09
TeQuillaaaAi dont know the name21:09
lmthI can't get evopedia to work, it just shows all the files in the folder21:09
TeQuillaaaAMohammadAG: catorise21:10
MohammadAGhmm, not sure21:10
*** sepultina has quit IRC21:10
MohammadAGinstall some application now21:10
MohammadAGto regenrate the menu21:10
TeQuillaaaAi will deinstall the catorise21:10
TeQuillaaaAisnt better21:11
TeQuillaaaAso i reboot now21:11
lmthis anyone here exprienced with evopedia ?21:11
TeQuillaaaAto difficult :D21:12
TeQuillaaaAand to big file^^21:12
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo21:12
TeQuillaaaAi am sad right now21:15
*** type_t has joined #maemo21:15
*** Joonas has quit IRC21:17
* SpeedEvil passes TeQuillaaaA some salt, and a lime.21:17
TeQuillaaaAdont helps me21:17
MohammadAGkillall hildon-desktop :)21:18
TeQuillaaaAis that the command?21:19
*** default has quit IRC21:19
TeQuillaaaAnothing happens21:20
*** Joonas has joined #maemo21:21
*** z4chh has joined #maemo21:23
*** bigon has joined #maemo21:24
bigonhi, I've trouble to build a package in scratchbox in ARMEL21:25
*** Joonas has quit IRC21:25
*** zs has quit IRC21:27
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo21:28
*** Tobarja has quit IRC21:28
*** Joonas has joined #maemo21:29
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo21:29
*** pupnik has quit IRC21:30
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:31
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo21:31
*** agg1n has joined #maemo21:32
*** rhulad has quit IRC21:33
*** rhulad has joined #maemo21:34
*** spectre- has quit IRC21:34
*** oscillik has left #maemo21:34
*** Terje_ has joined #maemo21:37
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC21:37
lcukdriving in the ash cloud:
RST38hdo they end up jumping into the crater? =)21:38
*** lmth has quit IRC21:38
* frals slaps lcuk with some bacon21:38
fralsthose birds are pretty hardcore living under those conditions21:39
*** aDHD`tCz has joined #maemo21:41
*** aDHD`tCz has left #maemo21:41
lcukfrals, not a lot they can do21:42
lcukeven they are grounded!21:42
Ken-YoungTHe can get *angry*.21:42
TeQuillaaaAdoes anyone else has an idea?21:42
lcuknature: knows when the shits bad21:42
lcuki have many ideas21:42
TeQuillaaaAbecause my problem21:43
lcuki only just sat down21:43
fralsi need tea, my throat is killing me :(21:43
Terje_I've heard of ones body attacking itself, but throat? That's ridiculous.21:46
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo21:46
*** dl9pf has quit IRC21:48
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo21:48
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo21:49
*** moza has quit IRC21:49
*** hannesw has joined #maemo21:49
*** choppa has joined #maemo21:50
*** Nils^ has joined #maemo21:52
*** Terje_ has quit IRC21:53
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo21:53
PhonicUKhey all21:53
PhonicUKhas anyone got a bluetooth keyboard + mouse to work well with an N900?21:54
*** Joonas has quit IRC21:55
achipanot sure about mice21:55
*** alterego has quit IRC21:55
PhonicUKthis might be fun, i gather that using a PS3 controller over bluetooth causes BT keyboards/mice not to work21:56
*** viatech has quit IRC21:56
*** Joonas has joined #maemo21:59
bigoni /wi421:59
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo21:59
PhonicUKalso has anyone got SSH to behave with an authorized_keys file?22:00
achipaPhonicUK: yep, using it that way pretty much since day 122:01
*** viatech has joined #maemo22:01
PhonicUKits killing the connection when i try to use it :\22:01
*** pupnik has joined #maemo22:02
achipatry ssh -vv this@that so you see what's going on22:02
*** Sargun has joined #maemo22:03
Nils^hi. I just installed maemo5 sdk, started it and used sb-menu like the sdk install told me. Now I don't know what about the rootstrap. I can choose a file (which?) or a download (URL?)22:03
PhonicUKim using a windows host to connect22:03
PhonicUKw/ puTTy22:03
*** pupnik has quit IRC22:03
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo22:04
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC22:04
TeQuillaaaAto get the wave-effect, i only have to edit the entry "sequenced = 0" in the file transition.ini or?22:04
*** pupnik has joined #maemo22:05
PhonicUKworks with DSA but not RSA22:05
achipaPhonicUK: check /etc/ssh/sshd_config22:05
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo22:06
PhonicUK#   RSAAuthentication yes22:06
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo22:06
TeQuillaaaAto get the wave-effect, i only have to edit the entry "sequenced = 0" in the file transition.ini or?22:07
TeQuillaaaAbut it doesnt work :(22:07
achipaPhonicUK: uncomment :P22:07
achipaPhonicUK: might need to restart ssh to take effect22:07
*** ml-mobile has joined #maemo22:08
* MohammadAG_ wonders if there's a way to extract MMS settings22:08
*** marcels has quit IRC22:09
*** DangerMaus has joined #maemo22:09
DangerMaushey fuzzythebear22:09
DangerMaussiting art the pub havin a beer22:09
TeQuillaaaAnobody who can help me? :(22:10
fralsMohammadAG: for what? and from where?22:10
MohammadAG_Symbian devices :/22:11
MohammadAG_I can't seem to find the settings for MMS22:11
MohammadAG_XChat on two devices is kinda pointless22:11
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC22:11
TeQuillaaaAi will capitulate22:11
fralshmm, on my n95 mms settings was listed with the 3g internet ones22:11
MohammadAG_hmm, last I tried those it failed22:12
*** dl9pf has quit IRC22:13
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:13
fralswhat operator you on?22:14
fralsand what country?22:14
* PhonicUK cannot find his N900 :\22:14
* PhonicUK is SSHed into his N900 and has no idea where it is22:14
*** DangerMaus has quit IRC22:14
PhonicUKso its somewhere in my flat22:14
petteriPhonicUK: play some music from commanline22:14
PhonicUKyah i was thinking that22:15
PhonicUKplay-sound doesn't work for MP3s though...22:15
PhonicUKis mplayer properly optified?22:15
petterii think it is because it is in extras22:15
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC22:15
MohammadAG_frals, Orange IL22:16
PhonicUKwe'll find out in a moment :)22:16
MohammadAG_aka Parter Communications LTD (as wikipedia lists them)22:16
SpeedEvilcat /usr/local/bin/beep22:16
SpeedEvilplay-sound  /usr/share/sounds/ui-wake_up_tune.wav22:16
* PhonicUK wishes Conky was a command line app22:16
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo22:16
fralsMohammadAG_: I assume you tried the ones listed at
PhonicUKalso, can I change that .wav to make it play something different?22:17
MohammadAG_frals, when was that wiki made?22:17
* MohammadAG_ has to get with the times22:17
fralsuh its been there for ages22:17
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo22:17
fralsIL is israel right? :P22:17
*** Erod has quit IRC22:17
*** DangerMaus has joined #maemo22:17
MohammadAG_Password: Mobile5422:18
SpeedEvilPhonicUK: yes - that was simply the first wav I found that worked for a 'I'm here' noise22:18
MohammadAG_I always thought it was empty22:18
Noobmonk3yfrals, have you figured out world peace or pushed fmms to testing yet? whichever is easier?22:18
PhonicUKcan you change the boot animation?22:18
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, he got rid of the ash cloud22:18
TeQuillaaaAit works22:18
fralsNoobmonk3y: i figured i take the easiest one first so i expect world peace by the end of the quarter22:18
TeQuillaaaAIT WOOORKS22:18
MohammadAG_I add 1000 to the spee22:18
* Noobmonk3y is joining in and smoking.22:18
MohammadAG_looks better22:19
TeQuillaaaAyes...this was the problem i think22:19
TeQuillaaaAi set it to 120022:19
TeQuillaaaAand now, it works^^22:19
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo22:19
*** dl9pf has quit IRC22:19
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo22:19
TeQuillaaaAmaybe, it was to slow to display?22:19
*** netvandal has joined #maemo22:19
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo22:19
fralsMohammadAG_: it might be a small 'm' on the password (thats what operator_settings says anyway)22:19
fralsbut since someone added it there i *assume* they work ;)22:19
*** mikhas has quit IRC22:19
MohammadAG_frals, operator_settings?22:20
frals/etc/operator_settings on PR1.2 SDK22:20
*** DangerMaus has quit IRC22:20
MohammadAG_never noticed that one22:20
MohammadAG_frals, thanks!22:20
* Noobmonk3y thinks eveyone has 1.2 barr me22:21
*** shvedsky has joined #maemo22:21
* frals thinks Noobmonk3y should update his SDK22:22
* Noobmonk3y doesnt have an sdk :(22:22
*** kkito has joined #maemo22:22
Noobmonk3yi rely on u lot to test for me22:22
kkitoj/j #maemo-devel22:22
*** FSCV has joined #maemo22:23
PhonicUKmplayer ate my rootfs :(22:23
kkitohello i am triyn to install maemo-pc-connectivity but i get a missing dependency (upstart-job). The package is not in the repos. Do you know where to download it?22:24
fralsNoobmonk3y: i only use it to package (and steal operator_settings)22:24
Noobmonk3yphonic, it spews it backup when it gets bored22:24
Noobmonk3yahhhhh lol frals. no need for me to use it then :(22:24
Noobmonk3ydo it all on the device :)22:25
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo22:25
MohammadAG_frals, that "Havoc" thing is freaking me out, what is it :P22:25
fralsMohammadAG_: its awesome! ;)
*** sleipnir has quit IRC22:26
fralsthe mode names are 100% logical imo!22:26
frals(after knowing what they do)22:26
* MohammadAG_ doesn't like the reboot part, but I agree, it IS AWESOME!22:27
MohammadAG_I'm assuming 0.9.0 is still not in -devel right?22:27
fralsdont think so, only uploaded it an hour ago or so22:28
*** njsf has quit IRC22:28
* MohammadAG_ goes to the cauldron list22:28
frals[2010-04-18 21:12:56] fmms 0.9.0 has been queued for loading into fremantle extras-devel repository22:28
Noobmonk3ycool blog post frals!22:28
*** Vanadis has quit IRC22:28
fralsMohammadAG_: should be in devel now actually
Nils^anyony around who develops packages for maemo? I must have missed something and don't know what. I installed the maemo5 sdk and I logged in with /scratchbox/login but I can't even "apt-get upgrade", lots of missing dependencies "...but get not installed". Or isn't this needed at all?22:29
Noobmonk3ylol= how come mine go in within 5 mins?22:29
MohammadAG_frals, lol was loading that package22:29
fralsNoobmonk3y: you must time it with the package importer everytime ;)22:29
fralsand thanks!22:29
* MohammadAG_ updates lists22:29
Noobmonk3yor the package importer time it with me :)22:29
* frals still wishes download stats were available for -devel22:29
* MohammadAG_ got his broken package in -devel instantly22:29
*** FatalSaint has quit IRC22:29
MohammadAG_to make me look bad ^22:29
MohammadAG_the fixed one took half an hour22:30
petteriNils^: you have to provide fakeroot before apt-get command22:30
*** crazyhorses has quit IRC22:30
Nils^petteri: even with this.22:30
MohammadAG_Nils^, did you install the nokia binaries?22:30
Nils^MohammadAG_: I am not sure22:30
Nils^not manually22:30
Nils^I tried to follow the maemo wiki22:31
Nils^MohammadAG_: yes, it seems I installed them.22:32
petterilook up the nokia binaries from the wikipage you were using and make sure that you installed those. They are essential. You need to approve somekind of eula before installing the nokia binaries22:32
Nils^nokia-binaries is already the newest version.22:32
petteriany specific error message?22:32
Nils^hm.. maybe I forgot fakeroot while apt-get update22:33
Nils^this seems to be the case.22:33
luke-jrpetteri: you need to agree to a contract, you mean22:33
*** alterego has joined #maemo22:33
luke-jrbefore downloading22:34
petteriluke-jr: something like that22:34
luke-jrcopyright law does not require a license to install ;)22:34
Noobmonk3yMohammadAG_, could you take a look at the guys issue swith h/c please?@ima gonna try a reinstall too.
fralsuh MohammadAG_: did you install fmms 0.9.0?22:35
*** adalal has quit IRC22:35
fralssome dude saying his phone just reboots when he launches it.. but i cant reproduce here :P22:35
MohammadAG_frals, it just finished updating the lists22:35
*** adalal has joined #maemo22:36
MohammadAG_for some reason extras is slow here22:36
MohammadAG_Fetched 3793kB in 4min13s (14.9kB/s)22:36
*** RST38h has quit IRC22:37
MohammadAG_frals, purging should remove settings right?22:37
MohammadAG_Purging configuration files for fmms ...22:37
fralsfor fmms no22:37
fralsi doubt it does anyway22:38
MohammadAG_so where are the configs stored?22:38
fralsgconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/fmms22:38
fralswould clear it thou22:38
fralsand rm -r /home/user/.fmms to remove all messages22:38
MohammadAG_I think that got removed by purge22:38
fralsas its not installed by dpkg i doubt it22:39
fralsits created by application on first launch so tools wont know about it22:39
Nils^which repository shall I add (in the maemo sdk) to get the midnight commander?22:39
MohammadAG_frals, how do I set up settings automatically?22:39
MohammadAG_scp'd the operator_settings file22:40
fralsreplace the one in /etc/ with it22:40
fralsand then open the configuration -> press configure22:40
MohammadAG_there was one in there?22:40
fralsuh yeah shouldve been22:40
MohammadAG_guess it got overwritten anyways (scp'd in /etc directly)22:40
* MohammadAG_ purges fapn22:41
fralshaha, teh fuck, just as i installed 0.9.0 from repos and launch it i get an mms from my gf22:41
fralslike, i get the notification the same second i see fmms loading22:41
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC22:42
*** FatalSaint has joined #maemo22:43
*** mk8 has joined #maemo22:44
MohammadAG_frals, it check for MMS automatically right?22:45
fralsuh, you'll get a notification whenever an MMS is coming yeah22:45
fralsits a push protocol, not a pull :)22:45
fralsbasically your carrier sends your device a special sms saying "oi wake up you wnkr theres an mms at this url, please get it so i can remove it"22:46
fralswhich fMMS takes care off and does the appropriate magic ;)22:46
MohammadAG_wnkr XD22:46
fralsi translated it to brittish so Noobmonk3y would understand as well ;)22:47
* Noobmonk3y blinks22:47
Noobmonk3yi liked it!22:48
Noobmonk3ygood translation!22:48
Noobmonk3yi only know one phrase in swedish....... and it translates to "bite the pillow".....22:48
fralsbit i kudden?22:49
fralsi think the whole sentence would be "bit i kudden, pappa kliver upp ett steg"22:49
Noobmonk3ylol whatever that says, i'm sure its funny!22:50
frals"bite the pillow, daddy is " not sure how to translate it properly but it basically means you gonna get it in the bum22:50
*** mirsal has quit IRC22:51
fralsso second post after i announce new version someone posts it crashes hes device on start, good PR yes/no?22:51
*** noobmonk3y_ has joined #maemo22:51
MohammadAG_frals, no crashes here22:52
MohammadAG_his N900 sucks22:52
MohammadAG_release into extras!!!22:52
fralsas i assumed22:52
MohammadAG_frals, if an MMS is not retrieved in a month22:52
MohammadAG_does it stay there?22:52
MohammadAG_4 months in this case lol22:52
fralsdepends on operator but its highly unlikely id say22:53
fralsi think mine saves em for 2 weeks22:53
fralsgive me your number and ill send you one ;)22:53
Noobmonk3ydid the other me just join?22:53
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, kill the *****22:53
Noobmonk3ywtf, my brother is on it22:53
MohammadAG_frals, now why should I cost you an MMS? :P22:53
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, how old is he?22:53
Noobmonk3yOI you sod, get of my laptop!22:54
*** noobmonk3y_afk has quit IRC22:54
MohammadAG_err, the other sod please22:54
supertrampis there some better media player than the original? :)22:54
Noobmonk3ysupertramp,  an iphone22:54
fralsMohammadAG_: it costs me... ~0.069€22:54
* Noobmonk3y runs for the hills22:54
supertrampiphone sucks22:54
MohammadAG_frals, not if I'm not in the UK :P22:55
fralsim in .se22:55
MohammadAG_I'm in .IL22:55*22:55
* MohammadAG_ humblizes IL22:55
*** johnsq has joined #maemo22:55
fralsyeah and i pay 0.069€ per MMS to everyone22:55
supertrampI'm looking for something like winamp or so ...22:55
fralsexcept for ppl on same operator as me, then its free ;)22:55
Noobmonk3ysupertramp, not sure there is a decent one yet22:56
supertrampsomething I can save my tracklists / play directories etc :(22:56
Noobmonk3yif you find one, let me know :)22:56
MohammadAG_frals, I'll just add it to my father's bill :P22:56
* MohammadAG_ gets his dad's phone22:56
Noobmonk3yyou could prob get a decent one on easy debian22:56
supertramphm - easy debian is too slow - and also it requires mmc disk to be mounted with chroot ...22:57
supertrampI'll try to compile audacious or something ...22:58
*** Aranel has joined #maemo22:58
MohammadAG_how long does a msg take to be sent anyways22:58
MohammadAG_oh, message sent22:58
*** ftrvxmtrx has joined #maemo22:59
MohammadAG_frals, you sure it's push?23:00
johnsqsupertramp: try mpd and nice gui23:00
MohammadAG_I got an SMS from Orange, nothing else23:00
* Noobmonk3y pushes MohammadAG_ 23:00
supertrampthx guys23:01
* Noobmonk3y waves23:01
*** frikinz has joined #maemo23:01
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo23:01
*** Meow`` has quit IRC23:01
*** dfl has quit IRC23:01
MohammadAG_frals, it failed at configuring23:02
* MohammadAG_ takes it down from devel23:02
frikinzHi. I've installed clawsmail (on an n800) but the led keeps on blinking. I had unread mails when I installed claws. Now I've read them all. but.. it keeps on blinking. any idea?23:02
*** netvandal has quit IRC23:03
fralsMohammadAG_: what does the SMS from orange say? that you got an mms waiting? :P23:03
MohammadAG_frals, something like that, but I tried to send a message and it said Error: -2 Name or service not known23:04
Noobmonk3yit would be a bit rude if it said "damn you mum is fit, we are keeping that pic for our collection!"23:04
MohammadAG_Please make sure your APN settings are correct23:04
FIQwould it be theoretical possible to run Windows applications (through some random i386 emulator and wine)?23:04
SpeedEvilFIQ: yes23:04
*** dragon900 has joined #maemo23:04
MohammadAG_yes, it would take a year to launch notepad23:04
FIQhas it been done?23:04
* MohammadAG_ doubts that23:05
* FIQ starts notepad23:05
SpeedEvilFIQ: the cpu speed is likely to be on a par with a 386/40 or something23:05
*** mece has joined #maemo23:05
MohammadAG_FIQ, see ya when PR1.2 gets released :P23:05
SpeedEvilFIQ: optimistically23:05
* MohammadAG_ likes that word23:05
c|onemanI think windows95 can run natively on the n95 :)23:05
FIQwell, obviously i was not going to run some windows games23:05
FIQjust a few nice programs for win23:06
MohammadAG_c|oneman, not natively23:06
* Noobmonk3y is still predicting 1.2 this week :)23:06
c|onemanits not emulated is it?23:06
MohammadAG_x86 is emulated using DOSbox23:06
meceNoobmonk3y, then again you're predicting 1.2 every week23:06
FIQon a N95...23:06
Noobmonk3ynope, not me :)23:06
* MohammadAG_ hopes PR1.2 gets released next week23:06
Noobmonk3yonly posted once about it23:06
FIQif so, it really would be possible to run it on a N900 as well...23:06
meceoh well.23:06
FIQand then, we have the thing i want.. somehow!23:07
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo23:07
MohammadAG_FIQ, win 95 runs on the N90023:07
fralsMohammadAG_: what connection mode did you pic?23:07
fralsand what does the log say?23:07
MohammadAG_as well as 9823:07
*** florian has joined #maemo23:07
* frals tabs back to bc223:07
MohammadAG_frals, err, I chose configure23:07
FIQso... why would it take ages to start notepad that way, if a full-fledged windows installation would run somewhat fine?23:07
*** Meow`` has quit IRC23:07
*** shvedsky has quit IRC23:07
Noobmonk3yfiq, people have got win95 and 98 working on the N900... but dual booting23:08
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:08
MohammadAG_FIQ, thought you were like the tmo-guys who want CoD on it23:08
MohammadAG_or some guy who PM'd me asking about a PS3 emulator23:08
frikinzokay that's a bug, removed the notification and set it up again, not blinking anymore.23:08
MohammadAG_I told him it's in the works, gonna be built into PR1.423:08
*** Nils^ has left #maemo23:09
* MohammadAG_ wants to get BC2 to pwn frals 23:09
*** frikinz has left #maemo23:09
mecewhat's BC2?23:09
MohammadAG_Battlefield Bad company 223:09
meceuh sounds too modern for my taste.23:09
* MohammadAG_ has been offline on PSN for about a week23:10
meceI liked BattleField 1942 desert combat mod.23:10
MohammadAG_~curse Sony23:10
* Noobmonk3y wants tetris on th N900 and not some crappy copy23:10
c|onemannes emulator?23:10
* MohammadAG_ asks Noobmonk3y to google a GTK tetris game23:10
MohammadAG_A tetris clone for Linux with GTK+ interface.23:11
FIQdoes i really have to wait to PR1.2 for getting working OGG in libsdl?23:11
meceFIQ, no it seems to work just fine.23:11
FIQsomeone at here told me that23:11
mecewesnoth uses ogg afaict23:11
Noobmonk3ydid someone say bacon?23:11
lcukMohammadAG_, dynamic accelerometer controlled falling23:11
MohammadAG_lcuk, now that's a clone!23:11
mecedamn, now I'm hungry23:12
FIQhmm... well, tried download libsdl-oggwav (or something like that), failed23:12
* MohammadAG_ is confused23:12
lcukMohammadAG_, im thinking ahead23:12
FIQtried to get sound working in hedgewars23:12
meceFIQ, in scratchbox?23:12
Noobmonk3ygood pick lcuk!23:12
FIQno, in xterm in maemo..23:12
lcukmmmmmmmmm bacon23:12
fralsMohammadAG_: it defaults to polite where you have to connect manually to the MMS APN, hence the sending failure23:12
FIQbut i have wesnoth23:12
FIQdoes it install it?23:12
FIQas a dependecy23:13
MohammadAG_frals, but I Set it to havoc23:13
meceFIQ, perhaps it doesn't use ogg..23:13
fralssend me the log plx!23:13
*** adalal has quit IRC23:13
Nitiallcuk: have you seen this? :)23:14
*** redoubtable has joined #maemo23:14
*** wao has quit IRC23:14
FIQok, does it exists a i386 emu at all? (just emulating an i386 processor, not a windows thing or so)23:14
*** Free_maN has quit IRC23:14
FIQthen, i could get opera for N900. :d23:15
FIQ(the only application that i really miss on N900, that i cannot fix by myself)23:15
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC23:16
MohammadAG_frals, coming up, if I can find that23:16
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, want a teaser?23:16
*** lullos has quit IRC23:16
*** lullos has joined #maemo23:16
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo23:16
Noobmonk3ygonna port it?23:17
fralsMohammadAG_: /tmp/fmms.log23:17
meceNoobmonk3y, it's already running isn't it...23:18
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, compiled23:18
MohammadAG_and running23:18
MohammadAG_frals, sec then23:18
Noobmonk3yooo i want!23:18
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo23:18
*** Meow`` has quit IRC23:19
*** sttwister has quit IRC23:19
*** bef0rd has quit IRC23:20
lcukhahahaha Nitial23:20
* MohammadAG_ asks, how do I NOT import the default GTK theme?23:21
*** unixSnob has quit IRC23:21
Noobmonk3yremove all lines og gtk code setting a theme23:21
Noobmonk3yshould just b 1 or 223:22
MohammadAG_running it using ./gtktetris imports the hildon theme23:22
MohammadAG_err, the standard theme*23:22
MohammadAG_like the one in the scneenie23:22
MohammadAG_running it as (which the N900 will do) imports the theme hildon23:23
MohammadAG_which breaks the game23:23
Noobmonk3ylooks like it sets a theme to me23:23
*** Meow`` has joined #maemo23:23
MohammadAG_hildon sets it23:23
MohammadAG_as you can see, the bottom row is borked23:24
*** trbs has quit IRC23:25
*** trofi has quit IRC23:26
*** sttwister has joined #maemo23:26
*** ioeee has quit IRC23:26
cehtehMohammadAG_: better than at least ..23:26
*** gomiam has joined #maemo23:27
MohammadAG_I thought it was shopped or sth23:27
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo23:27
*** zzztrumee is now known as trumee23:28
*** FatalSaint has quit IRC23:28
*** ignacius has joined #maemo23:28
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC23:29
MohammadAG_now why did that happen ^23:29
*** mece has quit IRC23:29
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo23:29
Noobmonk3ylol MohammadAG_23:29
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, did I crash your xchat?23:29
Noobmonk3ykilled xchat23:29
MohammadAG_wasn't intended btw23:29
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC23:30
MohammadAG_meh, I blame the N900 version of xchat23:31
cehtehfor what?23:31
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo23:31
MohammadAG_* Noobmonk3y has quit (Remote host closed the connection)23:31
*** tchan has quit IRC23:31
Noobmonk3yand again23:31
MohammadAG_* Offering test to Noobmonk3y23:31
MohammadAG_it kills his xchat23:31
cehtehi never tried dcc to the n90023:32
SpeedEvilcehteh: works fine23:32
SpeedEvilcehteh: I downloaded a couple of dozen books so far.23:32
*** FSCV has quit IRC23:32
SpeedEvil(copies of works I own of course)23:32
cehtehbooks via dcc?23:32
*** FSCV has joined #maemo23:32
* MohammadAG_ tries again23:33
MohammadAG_apologies Noobmonk3y23:33
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC23:33
MohammadAG_lmao I give up23:33
SpeedEviltry dccing me something23:33
*** croppa has joined #maemo23:33
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo23:33
MohammadAG_SpeedEvil, on N900?23:33
*** alterego has quit IRC23:33
SpeedEvilerr - where me = N900evil23:33
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo23:34
*** PHiZiK has joined #maemo23:34
SpeedEvilMohammadAG_: connecting23:34
MohammadAG_Noobmonk3y, I blame your N900 :)23:34
SpeedEvilMohammadAG_: you know you have to punch a hole in your firewall to allow DCC send?23:34
Noobmonk3yso do i......23:34
MohammadAG_SpeedEvil, looks like ports aren't set up correctly on this PC23:34
MohammadAG_but at least you didn't die23:34
opdf2im not sure if there's a defect in my n900 keyboard, but is there a brownish/copper color between the N and M keys?23:35
MohammadAG_opdf2, nothing here, try running a paper or something through the keys, might be something in there23:36
SpeedEvilnot here either23:36
opdf2okay might be dirt then23:36
opdf2k its gone lol23:37
opdf2tried compressed air, but paper only works23:37
opdf2anyone using a car mount for their n900?23:38
opdf2im lookin for a good one23:38
*** TeQuillaaaA has quit IRC23:39
opdf2i want one for its navi fxn23:39
*** davyg has quit IRC23:40
*** swo has joined #maemo23:40
Maceromg. i think i finally found a  damn jabber client that doesnt suck23:41
Macerfor android23:41
*** FatalSaint has joined #maemo23:42
*** ufa_ has quit IRC23:42
*** ufa_ has joined #maemo23:43
trumeei have choice wiring up the car radio to the N900, or using the FM transmitter. Any idea which is less taxing on the battery?23:44
trumeealthough, i would miss not having the calls routed to the car radio via the FM transmitter.23:45
MohammadAG_for tar.gz, isn't the untar command tar -xzvf?23:45
c|onemanboth option suck23:45
ToJa92I'd say wiring it up to the N90023:45
c|onemanoh, you mean wiring the 3.5mm jack?23:46
c|onemanyour calls would still be routed to the car radio if you did that.23:46
c|onemanit would see it as a headset23:46
c|onemanI think?23:46
c|onemanthats what the n95 did23:46
ToJa92if you use a normal 3.2mm jack it would think it are connected to a pair of headphones23:47
trumeeyes, the calls are not routed if i use the FM transmitter.23:47
*** dl9pf has quit IRC23:48
*** FatalSaint has quit IRC23:48
trumeebut what eats the battery more, FM transmitter or pumping out audio via the 3.5mm jack.23:48
ToJa92FM Transmitter I would say23:48
*** rdorsch has quit IRC23:49
trumeecool. i like the 3.5mm jack coz i can take calls on the car radio with it.23:49
opdf2trumee:  Fm transmitter would use more battery, and the 3.5mm jack would sound better23:49
* MohammadAG_ uses Bluetooth23:50
opdf2^ best option23:50
MohammadAG_or just pick up the phone, screw the police23:50
cehtehi wont be sure that the transmitter takes more23:50
cehtehthat highly depends on what you plug into the jack too23:50
opdf2if you have charger in car, bluetooth is the way to go23:50
* MohammadAG_ hears someone on his door23:50
SpeedEvilcehteh: it does compared to phones at non extreme volume23:50
cehtehyes transmitter and carging dont work together23:50
*** tchan has joined #maemo23:51
c|onemanI would estimate the 3.5mm audio is many times higher quality than the fm transmitter23:51
trumeeopdf2: i am always afraid whether the car produces clean power, dont want to fry my device :)23:51
cehtehSpeedEvil: impedance of the load you put on it makes a difference too23:51
*** lcukn900 has quit IRC23:51
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo23:52
c|onemanI don't like the quality of FM transmitters23:52
c|onemanfor music23:52
*** Omegamoon has left #maemo23:52
*** tchan has quit IRC23:52
SpeedEvillow powered ones are bad23:52
*** netvandal has joined #maemo23:53
c|onemanI bought the most expensive one on dealextreme, it was 8$ :D23:53
c|onemanI figured it must be the same as a 99$ monster one23:53
c|onemannever tried a 'good' one23:54
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC23:54
*** trumee has quit IRC23:54
fralsMohammadAG_: any progress on that log? ;)23:54
* MohammadAG_ forgot23:54
MohammadAG_that's one big log23:54
MohammadAG_oh crap, my number's in there23:55
fralsah crap it doesnt save the config as it should23:56
*** Aranel_ has joined #maemo23:56
*** Aranel has quit IRC23:56
fralsopen configuration and in the apn configuration stuff press "save" on the dialog and it should save it properly :P23:56
*** zeq has quit IRC23:56
*** viatech has quit IRC23:56
*** tchan has joined #maemo23:56
*** mirsal has joined #maemo23:57
MohammadAG_frals, same error23:58
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC23:58
fralsneed to do some checking, im pretty sure its because it doesnt save the settings23:58
fralsAPN: None user:  pass:  proxyip: None mmsc1:  mmsc2: 023:58
fralsthat line should print the settings and not a lot of empty :P23:58
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo23:58
fralshave to go over my code i guess23:58
*** mardi__ has quit IRC23:58
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo23:59

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