IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2010-02-23

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Shapeshifter#pyside is silent, so I'm asking here as well:00:03
ShapeshifterI'm trying to hack something small for my n900 using pyside. Can anyone give me a hint how to get two of those up/down scrollable areas that contain days and months respectively? I want to to be able to pick a day of the year using those two areas. For example the maemo5 calendar thing uses these. I tried out QDateEdit and while that does what I need, it doesn't look like I want it to look. Do I need to make these myself using menus ...00:03
Shapeshifter... or are they readily made somewhere?00:03
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SpeedEvilI'll just randomly note that I hate the existing date scroller for its inability to let you pick 'next tuesday' in a sane manner.00:05
pta0007i have asked the same question at, whoever has the idea about my problem, please reply¬00:06
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w00tShapeshifter: it's a custom maemo picker widget I think.. hold on00:14
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w00tShapeshifter: <-- I think00:16
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pupnikdo we have a simple ftp "sharing" (uploading) plugin for photos yet?00:18
zashport(ed) gnome-user-share?00:19
Vanadisanybody knows, how to change the keyboard layout in dosbox?00:19
Vanadiskeyb sf (for switzerland) didn't work00:20
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corecodei botched the screen protector00:24
corecodegot some fibers on it00:24
SpeedEvilTake it off. Wash carefully with soapy clean water.00:24
SpeedEvilDry with a lint free cloth.00:24
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corecodesaid cloth00:25
SpeedEvilSwear that it's now worse than when you began.00:25
corecodethere is nothing like a lint free cloth00:25
javispedroRST38h: ah, get ready for the new vultures to be torpedoed.00:25
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SpeedEvilcorecode: there actually are00:25
_andyis it a zagg?00:25
pupnikseen any audio demo code running on dsp javispedro ?00:26
_andyhmm.. zagg's invisishield has a warranty.00:26
Arif_am I the only one with no screen protector :P00:26
javispedropupnik: nope, why?00:26
javispedrowell, I remember dspvorbis, but that was for the n8x000:26
corecodeArif_: no00:26
corecodeArif_: i don't have any either (yet)00:27
Arif_I was beginning to feel lonely00:27
SpeedEvilArif_: I have one as even with the slight issues - I'd rather have it on than have a big scratch on my screen.00:27
Milo-hey anyone know if there are any Maemo-specific preprocessor macros when using madde?00:27
_andyArif_: i had my N900 for a month before getting one.. but then I decided i would be devastated if anything happened to it.00:27
SpeedEvilArif_: especially as I can't really afford to replace the device or pay for repairs00:27
pupnikjavispedro: there is not much in dosbox that is "independent" enough to easily strip out onto another cpu00:27
Arif_I have my phone dangling around randomly :D00:27
Milo-I think I can check that00:28
pupnikmaybe something sick like memory controller on gpu ...00:28
_andyArif_: the biggest threat is keys and other stuff in your pocket with the phone. if you have a belt clip or something i wouldn't say a screen protector is neccessary.00:28
Arif_I don't have my keys where my phone is00:29
Arif_it's somewhere serperate :(00:29
SpeedEvilI've pondered making my phone my keys.00:29
SpeedEvilwith a bluetooth unlock thing.00:30
_andySpeedEvil: and when your battery dies?00:30
SpeedEvilSolenoid -> small processor -> serial interface -> bluetooth00:30
Arif_I wonder if someone will find a way to amplify the speakers somewhat...00:30
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SpeedEvilAndy80: backup keypad00:30
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_andySpeedEvil: why bother with the phone at all then..?00:30
SpeedEvil_andy: so I don't need to open the door for when carrying stuff.00:31
antii_andy: he saved battery on the keypad00:31
_andySpeedEvil: wouldn't have bluetooth on all the time drain your battery though..?00:32
infobot_andy meant: SpeedEvil: wouldn't having bluetooth on all the time drain your battery though..?00:32
_andythanks infobot.00:32
infobot_andy: sure thing00:32
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SpeedEvil_andy: predicated on getting 'wake up gps at intervals to maintain lock' and skizzle sorted.00:33
_andyhmm.. good idea!00:34
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* lbt considers the PC of writing "I apologise if you're not actually an idiot :)"00:34
sivangwhat's the deal with all the port scanning and DCC's coming from this channel?00:34
sivangand who is Trice ? :)00:35
Arif_everyone's a leet haxx0r here?00:35
sivang(who initiated all those DoS requests)00:35
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pupnik /ignore them00:35
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_andylbt: i don't see anything wrong with it.. although if you're saying something condescending beforehand, THAT might be worth changing :P00:36
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lbt_andy: the guy on meego-dev who screenshots to a pixmap to get the screen dimensions...00:36
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sivangpupnik: I normally do, but my paranoia sometimes creeps in and make me feart the life of my server :)00:37
sivangso, what is this channel going to be used for given we have #meego ?00:37
_andylbt: lol i never would have thought of that.00:37
SpeedEvilsivang: organising the orgies.00:38
lbthe clearly used to develop for windows.... or gtk00:38
* b-man|laptop needs to set a proper title in #meego-dev00:38
uhsfat first i bought protector screen but i couldn't stand the air bubble that formed beneath it so i'm going with raw screen00:38
sivangonly at windows development you have orgies with marketing girls00:39
_andylol pz out00:39
SpeedEviluhsf: most ofthe bubbles go away after a couple of days00:39
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sivanguhsf: ah, life! it happens when you don't expect it :-p00:39
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SpeedEviluhsf: it's only the bubbles with something in - if any - that don't00:39
sivangWhat could be trapped in them? polluted air?00:40
b-man|laptophmm, i seem to no longer have OP permissions on #meego-dev after i CREATED the channel :P00:40
SpeedEvilsivang: dust00:40
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uhsfdust, but it's microscopic dust that can't be removed by any cloth in existence00:40
sivangb-man|laptop: hmm, do some internal investigations? ;)00:41
SpeedEviluhsf: it can.00:41
SpeedEviluhsf: I've done it before. Just not this time00:41
sivangb-man|laptop: you're the meego admin eh?00:41
b-man|laptopoh, wait, forgot to recognize myself in freenode xD *slaps himself with a troute*00:41
sivangb-man|laptop: use IRSSI, like real men do.00:41
sivangb-man|laptop: does all that automatically without failure00:42
sivange.g. it's a brute force client :-)00:42
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sivangIt kills my data plan when I'm running on the N90000:42
b-man|laptopwifi ftw ;)00:43
SpeedEvilHow complex are a2dp phones to get working?00:43
uhsfmy theory is the only way to successfully install one of these screen protectors is to be in a white room, wear latex glove and apply the protector at the exact second the original black sticker is removed from the n900 screen fresh from it's box00:43
sivangb-man|laptop: is there an N901 btw?00:43
sivangb-man|laptop: someone on pymaemo mentioned it, and from googling it appears to be a netbook00:43
SpeedEvilsivang: no details yet00:43
SpeedEvilsivang: that is - to the generic 'will there be an upgrade to n90000:43
sivangSpeedEvil: ah, so there *is* such a device..00:43
sivangSpeedEvil: right.00:43
b-man|laptopsivang: not too sure00:44
corecodewarm soap water00:44
SpeedEvilsivang: well - presumably nokia will produce a new n series phone00:44
corecodeand then just put it on wet00:44
SpeedEvilsivang: if it will be running meego is a question00:44
* sivang wonders if N900 owners will be eligible for the upgrade. the Camera button could use some love from the M97 Mini camera button.00:44
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sivangSpeedEvil: I actually thinkg it'd be healthy to have few more Maemo releases before moving completely to MeeGO00:44
SpeedEvilsivang: and exact details of construction, launch date, price, ...00:44
sivangSpeedEvil: oka00:45
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SpeedEvilWe don't know.00:45
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SpeedEvilThe n900 got leaked what - a couple of months in advance?00:45
sivangNo idea, I only entered the scene with it.00:45
SpeedEvilSo it's probably safe to say that the next model is at least that down the pipe.00:45
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sivangafter my dear collegue noted me to the revolution Nokia lead.00:45
* SpeedEvil has no inside knowledge and doesn't have a n920 sitting on top of his laptop.00:45
sivang"Lquid Meta'"00:46
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rangeSpeedEvil: So how do you know it's called N920?00:46
pupnikbla bla bla00:46
lcukits not 92000:46
lcukits 104500:46
sivanghe was just giving an arbitrary number00:46
SpeedEvilrange: I also don't have a n99 on top of my laptop.00:47
sivangI think it'd use Liquid MEtal00:47
fralslcuk: 1145, doh!00:47
lcukyou have an evn newer model!00:47
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sivangan Uber-Model00:47
* lcuk is tired00:48
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sivangso back to serious stuff, I want to propose to have at least one more release after Maemo6 before moving completely to MeeGo, in my opinion that'll allow development efforts to close ends and be more ready to the merge.00:48
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ponyofdeathhey guys what is the diff between openconnect and vpnc?00:49
sivangwhile letting MeeGo do the same.00:49
SpeedEvilmaemo 6 - the next release - or whateverr it's called - is planned to be qt.00:49
SpeedEvilAnd will carry on for the immediate future, as I understand things.00:49
SpeedEvilIn parallel with meego.00:49
SpeedEvilmeego apps will be relatively easily ported to this architecture.00:50
SpeedEvilOr even to 5, running Qt00:50
jebba900how do you disable things for use on airplanes? Is that what "Offline mode" does?00:50
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lcukyes jebba90000:50
bennypr0faneHello, my N900 just started downloading a huge file (debian image) and i wanted to stop it but didn't know how to. Can somone tell me how to control all the connections it makes, regardless of the application?00:50
lcukbut some air stewardesses dont care about status of a flag00:50
sivangjebba900: I have "tablet mode"00:51
lcukbennypr0fane, press powerbutton00:51
lcukoffline mode ;)00:51
sivanglcuk: right, but I like to use wifi on BA/Lufthansa00:51
SpeedEvilbennypr0fane: you mean from the browser?00:51
sivangso tablet mode is pretty cool for that.00:51
sivangbennypr0fane: you can have it ask you everytime it wants to initate a data connection00:51
sivangbennypr0fane: so you could selectively approve or disapprove apps00:52
Vanadishaha, got a copyright warning after starting tomb raider through dosbox00:52
lcukhow did you get floppy disk to stay in?00:52
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Vanadisnot a floppy00:52
Vanadiscopied all files to mass memory00:53
lcukthat might explain the copyright warning ;)00:53
corecodethe nokia phone sync didn't sync my text messages00:53
corecodeanybody know if that works via the pc suite?00:53
Vanadislcuk, yep gonna try mounting an iso of the game00:53
sivangcorecode: make sure the other device support the Phone move00:53
corecodeor, better, with some linux program?00:53
lcuklol Vanadis00:53
Vanadisgive me another hour and it will work00:53
corecodesivang: e5100:53
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sivangcorecode: I don't know by heart, you'd have to google and findout.00:53
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lcukim pulling your chain, i dunno how that should be handled00:54
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bennypr0fanesivang actually, i did press the power button, but i was hoping there was a more elegeant method00:54
sivangbennypr0fane: you can configure another button to call in the menu or create a shortcut on the desktop for that to fire the right dbus event to enable tablet mode.00:54
corecodewhat about ovi maps?  i heard they support offline storage00:54
sivangbennypr0fane: but that would require some research to find out which object with what message to send to which app00:55
sivangcorecode: it works for me, unfortunately, for Israel the maps are very poor.00:55
sivangcorecode: so I use a local program called waze.00:55
sivangcorecode: and I'm working on porting this to maemo as we speak.00:55
Shapeshifterw00t: thanks. that one worked.00:56
bennypr0fanesivang i started the debian image installer and after asking me where to put the image file, it started downloading it right away. i didn't want that because i already had the file, so i wanted to stop the download. couldn't it be killed from x-terminal with a simple command?00:56
sivangcorecode: N97 mini and N900 sync pretty good with the built in syc program00:56
jebba900thx lcuk00:56
sivangbennypr0fane: it could00:56
ShapeshifterAny clues what libalarm does when provided with a monthly recurring event that happens on a 31st or so? what happens next month? will it execute on a 30th or not at all or what?00:57
bennypr0fanedo you happen to know the command?00:57
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lcukjebba900, how much of the repo have you built?00:57
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lcukis everything there now?00:57
sivangbennypr0fane: ps ax | grep "${downlaod process name}" | cut -d " " -f 1 | xargs | kill -9 ?00:57
sivangbennypr0fane: -f1, that is00:58
corecodedid anybody manage to download the ovi maps without pc suite?00:58
bennypr0fanesivang yowsa, that's a long one00:58
*** b-man17 has joined #maemo00:58
sivangbennypr0fane: -f2, actually (there's a space at the start)00:58
lcukShapeshifter, i dunno00:58
lcuktest it?00:59
sivangbennypr0fane: can you find out what sort of process is used for the download? is it the app manager?00:59
b-man17hey lcuk :)00:59
Vanadisgot the Tomb Raider Demo Running00:59
sivangbennypr0fane: you might need to 'sudo gainroot' before though00:59
sivangbennypr0fane: if it is the browser then you want to grep for "microb"01:00
jebba900lcuk which repo?  I rebuilt all of debian etch that had all the dependencies.01:00
sivanganyway, back to waze porting.01:00
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Vanadishas about 2 FPS01:00
Vanadisgonna optimize the dosbox settings a little bit01:01
Vanadisbiggest problem is the keyboard layout01:01
lcukjebba900, how long did it take you to do extras?  how much space does it occupy?01:01
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sivangbennypr0fane: let me know how you manage01:02
lcuk(the bits that worked)01:02
bennypr0fanesivang hmm, not sure. what i wanted to do is install easy debian. first i downloaded the image file on my desktop and copied it to the n900, but wrong location. then i started debian image installer, which was supposed to recognize the image file, but didn't, because it wasn't under MyDocs. So it did like the file wasn't there and just started downloading it, I don't know by which process exactly though01:02
sivangbennypr0fane: probably what ever easy deiban uses for the download, could it be wget?01:03
* sivang checks01:03
bennypr0faneyes, i guess wget01:03
jebba900lcuk i didnt rebuild extras.  IIRC extras takes about 3.2G01:03
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bennypr0fanethere was a wget logfile01:03
jebba900the etch repo is like 9G  (again iirc)01:04
jebba900lcuk i just mirror extras*01:04
sivangso , easy debian is a maemo specific tool to have debian in the tablets?01:05
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lcuklcuk got laptop keyboard on knee and looks at screen when typing01:05
bennypr0fanesivang yes it is01:05
lcukshame it was wrong bit01:05
sivangbennypr0fane: I think I recall that was a general tool, not tied to Maemo01:06
lcukjavispedro, can i use that quote tho01:06
sivangbennypr0fane: to install non debbed stuff onto debian boxes, hmm, too many communities :)01:06
lcuki actually heard it in cartoon voice01:06
javispedrolcuk: I loved that part :)01:06
sivangbennypr0fane: let me check that for you, but if it is really wget, then just grep "wget" in the respective place will do the job01:07
javispedros/part/entire episode01:07
* sivang fires scratchbox01:07
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* lcuk gets sivang some ointment01:08
pupnikawesome xckd!
sivangcrap, I erased scratchbox as it ate my disk space.01:08
lcuktodays is uber classeh01:08
* sivang fetches the source packages of easy-deb-whatever01:08
bennypr0fanesivang i guess switching off the power killed this download for good, i just wanted to know whether there was another way of keeping my tablet's actions in check....01:08
sivangbennypr0fane: easy debia would not obey to any desktop policy anyways01:09
lcukare you using 3g data01:09
*** Woolly has joined #maemo01:09
bennypr0fanelcuk me?01:09
*** bleeter has quit IRC01:10
* lcuk never checked01:10
* sivang is going to setup a new scratchbox/QT/MeeGo/Maemo devel machien with 320GB space.01:10
lcukdo the download counters work for all interfaces01:10
sivanglcuk: works only for 3G01:10
sivanglcuk: for me , that is.01:10
sivanglcuk: I only care when I'm draining my 3G subsc. so that's cool01:10
Vanadiswith 48mb of ram and max cpu cycles, tomb raider still has just 2 FPS01:11
aephm. battery starts to fail already after 3 weeks. it lasted 1 day when it was new. now only 1-2 hours01:11
sivangwhat'll happen if I set a password for user?01:11
*** hannesw has joined #maemo01:11
lcukVanadis, how fast does it play on iphone?01:11
sivangaep: N900 ?01:11
sivangaep: 3-3.5 hours here.01:11
sivangaep: almost full day when was new, yes.01:11
*** bleeter has joined #maemo01:11
*** mk8 has quit IRC01:12
javispedroVanadis: Tomb Raider is a 3D GAME?01:12
lcukaep, most likely not the battery, but the apps01:12
aepright, thanks for confirming01:12
*** millenomi has quit IRC01:12
Vanadislcuk, dunno01:12
sivangaep: and in full load (e.g. using it as a desktop through a 1.5 hours train trip) I end up with no battery when I drop off the train.01:12
aeplcuk: nope. i have less on it then i had when it was new01:12
Vanadisjavispedro, yes...and?01:12
sivangaep: check facebook widget, weather etc01:12
javispedroVanadis: you're crazy. this is at most 286/386 performance.01:12
aepall i have is contaxts widgets01:13
lcukaep, pastebin ps list01:13
lcukor powertop01:13
SpeedEvilBut bounce works! :)01:13
lcukor something01:13
aeppowertop, right01:13
sivangaep: they eat cycles for checking presearnce and msgs01:13
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC01:13
aepsivang: yes but they did from day one01:13
sivangaep: hmm01:13
* lcuk should get a little bit of coding done today01:13
Vanadisjavispedro, yes...and?01:14
sivanglcuk: I also thought that, but seems it is not going to happen ;)01:14
aepbattery started to fail this week, and i didnt change anything in that time01:14
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo01:14
sivangaep: so it might have sustained some physical damage or electrical shock?01:14
lcuksivang, whats not gonna happen?01:14
sivanglcuk: coding :-)01:14
javispedroVanadis: nothing, nothing at all.01:14
sivanglcuk: morning started with administrative of the company in the making.01:14
aepsivang: i had it in my flat all the time.. didnt move. the only thing i ever done with it was calling01:14
sivangaep: GSM or else?01:14
sivanglcuk: after which I fought with ISP and adsl providers01:15
sivanglcuk: then talking to the lawyer for 2 hours01:15
aepsivang: no clue. it says 2.5G there01:15
lcuksivang, i know01:15
sivanglcuk: :)01:15
*** kynky has joined #maemo01:15
lcuki got an email a couple of hours ao that delayed me01:15
bennypr0fanesivang "easy debian would not obey to any desktop policy anyways" I'm not sure what this means. Why desktop policy? Shouldn't it be possible to be in control without any specific kind of policy that says so? Sorry for my ignorance, i'm just a regular user...01:15
aepaah. i know what i changed.  from WEP to WPA01:15
lcukaep :)01:16
*** ibz has joined #maemo01:16
sivangbennypr0fane: you have a good claim, but I don't know enough the low levels to answer01:16
sivanganybody else?01:16
sivangis there a low level network monitor to alert before network traffic is xfered ?01:16
sivangthat is app and ui agnositc?01:17
*** Vanadis has quit IRC01:17
sivangaep: oooo01:17
sivangaep: that even kills my HP Mini 311c01:17
aephmm.  the cpu doesnt go lower then C2 anymore01:17
sivangaep: and it's a full blown netbook!01:17
aepsivang: seriously?01:17
sivangaep: as hell :/01:18
aepi didnt know wpa is that power hungry01:18
aep   C1 |  98.5% |  103.3ms |   550 MHz |   0.0% |01:18
aep     C2 |   0.0% |    0.1ms |   500 MHz | 100.0% |01:18
sivangaep: so I now use MAC address filtering no encryption01:18
sivangaep: dude, that's not it, something is eating one of your cores.01:18
aepbut what01:18
sivangtop ?01:18
tremnite all, sweet dreams01:18
aepnothing there. other then top01:18
sivangnite trem01:18
aepcpu is idle, but doesnt go down to C2...01:19
* sivang sshs to his tablet to compare01:19
* Arif_ made köfte today :D01:19
sivangArif_: that's an achivement, I barely had time to cook.01:20
*** asj has quit IRC01:20
jacekowskiaep: where these power states came from?01:20
Arif_what were you so busy with01:20
sivangArif_: administrativa :/01:20
*** florian has quit IRC01:20
Arif_sounds exciting!01:20
sivangArif_: infrasturcure, paperwork, lawyer01:20
sivangArif_: :)01:21
jacekowskion PC i would say that ACPI is messed up01:21
* Arif_ is still a student :P01:21
aepjacekowski: yeah, my thought01:21
sivangArif_: cherish the time :)01:21
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo01:21
aepbut i didnt upgrade or anything. just restart once01:21
lcukaep pastebin entire powertop01:21
aepmaybe i'll just reboot again01:21
jacekowskibut afaik there is no acpi on maemo01:21
SpeedEvilacpi is a PCism01:21
Arif_I see the channel is talking in a weird language again01:22
jacekowskilot of interrupts01:23
aepwhere? :D01:23
jacekowski     56 |       2816 |           INTC | i2c_omap01:23
jacekowski3k over 30s01:23
Arif_has anyone hacked the sound output so you can actually hear movies ? :P01:23
aepwhatever the heck that is01:23
SpeedEvilArif_: is it carging/01:24
jacekowskiArif_: it works on mine01:24
*** javispedro has quit IRC01:24
pupnikits' lazer01:24
jacekowskiand that remind me of thing i've noticed01:24
*** florian has joined #maemo01:24
bennypr0fanegood night everyone, thanks for sharing01:24
Arif_it's just too quiet to watch movies01:24
jacekowskiFM transmission quality is much worse while phone is connected to in car charger01:24
SpeedEvilArif_: headphones01:24
sivangArif_: headphones?01:24
jacekowskiArif_: i've noticed that problem01:25
jacekowskiArif_: using that bar in tray make volume little bit lower01:25
Arif_headphones aren't very shareable!~01:25
jacekowskiArif_: and then go back01:25
*** bennypr0fane has left #maemo01:25
sivanghmm, I have roughly the same amount of i2c_omap and mine is connected to USB and charging.01:25
lcukaep, i gather you have rebooted often in the past01:25
Arif_jacekowski, hmm01:25
*** Lumpio- has joined #maemo01:25
aeplcuk: yes01:25
lcukie this isnt a one off01:25
aepi am just trying again01:26
sivangis it wrong to reboot alot ?01:26
ShapeshifterDoes someone know if it's possible to have the currently selected element of a QComboBox displayed below the button, just like with date and time pickers?01:26
sivangI've done it as well, since the ported program still causes lots of hangups01:26
lcukaep how many contacts have you got and how often do yo uwork with them01:26
aeplcuk: umm.. like.. alo.01:26
aepdunno. 300 maybe01:26
* Arif_ considers placing the N95 speakers in the N900 :D01:26
aepand quite frequently.  phone, im, etc01:27
sivangsame here.01:27
aepi mean.. thats what the thing is for :D01:27
sivangYou'd reckon there'd be a way to count the number of contacts.01:27
lcukdo you have gps enabled01:27
sivangMy contacts apps started to coredump, but I couldn't reproduce.01:27
sivangaep: have you upgraded to latest maemo?01:27
sivangaep: I am still stuck with the "no enough room on target device"01:28
sivangaep: and didn't have time to fix that yet to fetch latest update.01:28
*** fab has quit IRC01:28
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo01:28
aephumm. i might not. let me double check01:28
lcuksivang, theres documentation about clearing space around01:28
lcuki havent got it to hand tho01:28
aepi am always a little afraid of firmware updates01:28
sivanglcuk: yes, but according to docs, it is not space01:28
aepnokia phones have a tendency to get worse each update01:29
sivanglcuk: but is ireported as lack opf space01:29
sivangaep: Nokia is dogfooding us, that's all :)01:29
sivangaep: which I welcome for my QA work01:29
*** netvandal has quit IRC01:29
sivangand I welcomed when doing stuff for canonical and launchpad and ubuntu01:29
sivangeating dog food make you rough, or wuf :)01:30
*** trem has quit IRC01:30
lcukmicrosoft get i ntrouble for not eating their own01:30
*** zap_ has quit IRC01:31
sivangis there a pc suite for linux btw?01:33
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC01:33
sivangI didn't get any CD for windows, so didn't thnk there's a suite01:33
sivangbut when I use plug it, it asks if to run in suite mode.01:34
Arif_PC suite is useless anyway01:34
Arif_why would you want it01:34
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo01:34
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC01:34
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo01:34
sivangArif_: don't know, what does it do?01:34
Arif_manage your phone data on the PC01:34
sivangArif_: besodes for software/firmware updates that happens through ethernet ?01:34
sivangin N900, that is01:34
Arif_PC suite doesn't do software updates01:35
sivang(for SYmbianish boxes you do need it right?)01:35
*** Woolly has quit IRC01:35
Arif_I only have it installed to install programs on my N95 the lazy way01:35
Arif_oh and it's used to tether nokia phones01:35
Arif_that's pretty useful too01:35
sivangArif_: tether ?01:35
Arif_use phone as a PC modem01:36
*** tgalal__ has quit IRC01:36
sivangArif_: ah right, ive' tried this with 900 but failed, using bluetooth it said there's no network sharing service on the phone01:36
Arif_you can try joikuspot01:36
sivangArif_: Does it work in linux ?01:36
aeperr ....   "To update your device to this version ... you must use the Nokia software update application on your PC"01:36
*** mikhas has quit IRC01:37
sivangArif_: ^^^^^^01:37
sivangArif_: see aep01:37
Arif_PC suite is a different app from software updater :P01:37
aepand i bet its windows only01:37
Arif_it is!01:37
sivangin docs of symbianish machine01:37
sivangit si the same01:37
sivange.g. part of the suite01:37
aepawesome. so no update for me01:37
sivangat least so the docs say01:37
Arif_you can install software updater standalone01:37
ptljust used xdpyinfo on my N90001:37
Arif_no need for pc suite01:37
sivangptl: ?01:38
ptlit says my screen is 211x127 mm01:38
sivangArif_: in windows yes?01:38
ptlwhat a lie!01:38
Arif_only windows versions are available01:38
ptlscreen #0: dimensions:    800x480 pixels (211x127 millimeters) resolution:    96x96 dots per inch01:38
sivangptl: right, so there was a lot of issues with it when creating the ubuntu auto x/screen configurator01:38
*** netvandal has joined #maemo01:38
*** koupsa has joined #maemo01:38
*** ph1l has quit IRC01:38
* Arif_ thinks PC suite is useless one's missing out :D01:38
sivangso we just need to have a software updater program for N<900 on linux01:39
cehtehxchat still works for everyone? :)01:39
sivangI wonder how hard that would be to make.01:39
* sivang uses IRSSI01:39
ptlI'll have to get something in place of PC suite when I start synchronizing contacts to my Ubuntu01:39
*** AltC` has joined #maemo01:39
ptlI didn't take the time yet01:39
Arif_why would you want it01:39
Arif_n900 updates over the air anyway01:39
*** lopz has joined #maemo01:39
ptlI dunno. Because everybody uses it, I think01:39
sivangArif_: N<90001:39
aepso there do i get this update application thing from?01:40
Arif_recent symbian phones have OTA updates too01:40
sivangI don't want to install windows just to update Symbian01:40
shamushum i think i confused the aplcation manager on os2008 asz i was trying to install evince and the backlight off kicked in and the bar stoped moving01:40
*** aboyer has quit IRC01:40
*** aboyer_ has joined #maemo01:40
sivangaep: app manger will offer it01:40
Arif_get a new phone ! ;P01:40
sivangaep: what version of the maemo task are you at?01:40
sivangguys, it is a task right?01:41
aepwhats a task?01:41
sivang(in tasksel terms)01:41
sivangor dselect01:41
sivangor is it a meta-pkg ?01:41
aepi'm using this crappy gui01:41
sivangwait a sec01:41
shamusis it a bad idea to force quit the aplication installer if it hangs?01:42
*** shdb has quit IRC01:42
sivangaep: what's your version?01:42
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo01:42
sivangshamus: not that I'd think of01:42
aepno clue. how do i find out?01:42
sivangaep: settings01:42
sivangaep: about product01:43
*** shdb has joined #maemo01:43
sivangI am at 2.2009.51-101:43
sivangsince my update filed01:43
*** ph1l has joined #maemo01:43
ptldo you guys also have this responsiveness issue with PR 1.1.1? I don't01:43
*** AltC has quit IRC01:43
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo01:44
* Arif_ 's on 2010020801:44
pupnikwhich resp issue01:44
sivangbtw, is there a way to get rtcomm-call-ui source code for some bug fixing?01:44
sivangturning control is so scrambled01:44
sivangmakes a living hell to use calls and contacts01:44
*** Andy80 has quit IRC01:44
ptlpupnik: some people are saying on some maemo list that after PR 1.1.1 maemo swaps too much or something like that01:45
aepsivang: true01:45
Arif_there's no portrait mode anyway01:45
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC01:45
sivangcome to think and talk about it, how do I join *intense* QA efforts with maemo/MeeGo?01:45
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC01:46
*** promulo has joined #maemo01:46
juke_how can i get statut of a connection with conic ?01:46
sivangI feel QA needs some leadership and community stimulation01:46
aepumm what. disk full?01:46
pupnikby not flooding this chan with fluff01:46
sivangaep: right01:46
jebba900sivang check the bug squad01:46
sivangaep: fetching you the link, just a sec01:46
aepoh come on, who invented THAT01:46
jebba900#maemo-bugs sivang01:47
sivangjebba900: bug squad does testing?01:47
shamuseep rescuing software update01:47
sivangjebba900: they do triage instead, after the bugs are reported01:47
sivangjebba900: we need more bugs reported01:47
sivangand make them more quality01:47
sivangso get "user stories" in agile terminology01:47
sivangand convert to bugs01:47
sivangfor that we have to have an online place to file those stories and someone to extract bug data from01:47
jebba900well, you could just then report more bugs, or even better fix them01:48
Arif_I'm waiting for my reported bug to get fixed01:48
sivangjebba900: but rtcomm-call-gui is closed no?01:48
jebba900no sure offhand. i think it is closed tho01:48
jebba900you could petition for it to be opened01:48
shamusyay the tablit lives01:49
sivangjebba900: for example,
povbotBug 8747: Ringing tone selector crashes Settings application01:49
sivangbut more will come :)01:49
sivangonce I get with stupid administrative01:49
sivangget done, that is01:50
sivangjebba900: it's been internal for a while now01:50
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo01:50
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC01:51
jebba900you could strace the app, which may give hints01:52
*** eton_ has joined #maemo01:52
sivangjebba900: tried that and go ENOMEM ;)01:53
sivangjebba900: I shold free some space I guess01:53
aepwell 200mb on /  ... nice. can i fix that, or is it some phsysical limitation?01:53
sivangjebba900: for swap, that is01:53
ptlzephyr HxM device costs US$ 120 + US$ 40 for shipping and handling. Does anyone have it?01:53
ptl(for ecoach)01:53
*** MadViking has quit IRC01:53
povbotBug 9089: Upgrading Maemo itself (nokia official recommended upgrade) failed with "no enough space" on target device.01:54
Arif_that's a bug now?01:54
jebba900new xchat out it looks01:54
ptljebba900: yes, I upgraded!01:54
jebba900gotta turn off fone...... later01:54
*** eton has quit IRC01:54
sivangArif_: I re-opened01:55
sivangArif_: ;)01:55
Arif_were you closed? :P01:55
*** filip42 has joined #maemo01:55
sivangArif_: I was, but see my comments01:55
sivangArif_: they haven't closed it just yet.01:56
aepsivang: well there is no solution posted01:56
sivangArif_: being comitted to QA, I have no choice but to be a party crasher.01:56
*** madgun has quit IRC01:57
sivangArif_: even if it means nagging on usability issues.01:57
sivangwhich to the developer oriented seems nitpicking01:57
sivangor "might seem" :)01:57
Arif_why can't they just download the fw to 2GB?01:57
sivanginteresting question01:57
sivangcare to comment that on the bug report?01:58
Arif_as I dont' know what I'm talking about01:58
sivangme neither, but - that gets us answers01:58
*** netvandal has quit IRC01:58
sivangArif_: my hunch that the firmware upgrade needs to expanded on the /usr to be copied onto the DOC01:59
lcuknahh sivang best way to get answers is to ask intelligent questions :)01:59
sivanglcuk: true true :) I was kidding01:59
*** jebba900 has quit IRC01:59
sivangArif_: to the boot area of the doc, that is01:59
Arif_I had no problems with the update with deafult ish settings01:59
*** dvoid_ has quit IRC01:59
Arif_so stop playing around with the phone too much!01:59
sivangI can't. I am possesed :)01:59
sivangI wil not rest until we've suprassed iPhone.02:00
aepyeah, windows style. dont use it and it wont break02:00
sivangor whatever that's spelled02:00
Arif_you'll never get 10 000 fart apps02:00
Arif_stop trying02:00
sivangand my hunch is that this situation is handled gracefully02:00
sivangin iPhone, but my iPhone hasn;t arrived yet so I couldn't check.02:01
Arif_why would you want an iPhone02:01
sivangfor tearing down , testing and specification extraction to N90002:01
aepi guess i'll just wait then. maybe some dev gets annoyed enough to fix it02:01
sivangor N9XX / MeeGo02:01
Arif_I was going for android02:01
lcukfix what?02:01
*** BabelO has quit IRC02:01
Arif_but I couldn't stream live tv02:02
aepor hm.. i wonder if i could just roll my own fixed kernel.  you need to flash the kernel dont you? not as easy as on pc02:02
sivangArif_: I used to work for ChipPC, and the owner and Director of R&D taught me some nice lessons.02:02
lcukaep, fixes what02:02
lcukyour power problem02:02
lcukor the download02:02
aepi have lots of problems. the phone is basicly unusable02:02
Arif_sivang, what lessons? :O02:02
aeppower is one problem that could be fixed easily manually, yes02:02
Arif_"don't buy rotten apples"?02:03
jacekowskidon't buy apple02:03
ptlx11-utils was not available through application manager, I had to install it via apt-get02:03
sivangArif_: when you want to beat competition, learn as much as you can from them.02:03
*** _Elwood_ has joined #maemo02:03
Arif_buy me one too02:03
sivangArif_: , I was on the userland for Thinx OS02:03
Arif_I'll help you research02:03
*** cmvo_ has quit IRC02:03
sivangArif_: hehe ;)02:03
*** filip42 has quit IRC02:03
sivangArif_: It is very hard to explain the stores that I *don't* want a line and data plan and whatnot.02:04
*** felipec has quit IRC02:04
sivangas I already have enough sims to put in02:04
N900evilok - this is silly. anyone heard anymore about uk firmware02:04
Arif_iPhone is an overpriced toy =)02:04
*** felipec has joined #maemo02:04
sivangArif_: and has a microkernel!02:04
ptldo you guys use any case for the N900?02:05
aepit can make calls apparantly :P02:05
Arif_a whatnow02:05
aepunlike the n90002:05
ptlor rubber ones02:05
sivangaep: only that :)02:05
ptlhard cases02:05
Arif_aep, they sold you an N800 for €60002:05
aepnah. just a broken n900 i guess.02:05
Arif_mine makes phonecalls over skype sip and gsm02:06
Arif_it'd be nice if MSN could do that too02:06
aepyeah sip works.  gsm fails02:06
sivangptl: it is actually quite a resistive box, although the scratches are getting high in numbers :)02:06
Arif_why don't you get a replacement02:06
aepat least sip works.  first nokia that can do sip relyable :D02:06
ptlsivang: so you don't use...02:06
lcukeap what g network does it find02:06
lcukand signal strength etc02:06
sivangptl: nahh, scratches add charachter to it02:06
aepArif_: because i got it from the US, and nokia germany doesnt take it back02:06
sivangptl: I don't02:06
Arif_stop buying outside your country !02:07
sivangptl: I will get something only I havve to do it from ebay or so02:07
aepArif_: it finds the network.  GPRS works just fine. phone app crashes02:07
sivangptl: since N900 nor N97 MIni are official here.02:07
sivangptl: (Israel)02:07
lcukptl damn so thats why - its using all the power connecting to cells in the us!02:07
ptlaep: in my country, there are laws that force Nokia Brasil to take responsibility for any device I bought from Nokia around the world02:07
aepptl: really? maybe in mine too02:07
lcukerrr aep sorrt02:07
Arif_have you tried reflashing it?02:08
aeplcuk: sorry?02:08
aepArif_: with what? the tools are windows only02:08
Arif_no they're not02:08
Arif_not for N90002:08
* sivang lughs when trying to explain the 19 year old female rep why he doesn't need the 32GB iPhone02:08
lcukyour phone is connecting to us cell towers!02:08
aepreally? cool02:08
ptlIn 1999 I broke the screen of my Palm Pilot... And as Palm Brasil didn't have technical assistance for it, I just got a new device02:08
lcukand linux flasher is easily available02:08
* aep googles02:08
infobotmethinks flashing is
Arif_N900 has loonix flasher02:08
sivanghehe, "methinks"02:09
aepcan i flash old firmwares?02:09
Arif_no idea02:09
aepor is it locked for drm or something02:09
Arif_why would you02:09
sivanginfobot was on the cast of Little Britian ?02:09
lcukaep, you can try02:09
Arif_just go with 2010 02 0802:09
aepbecause i want to try the new firmware, but if it is worse, i want to go back02:09
lcukdont expect compatability with your data tho02:09
lcukflash with == to now02:09
Arif_sell the N900 on eBay :P02:09
lcukthen >= now02:09
aepArif_: and back to symbian? no thanks :D02:10
Arif_buy one in Germanland02:10
aepthey have a broken keyboard layout02:10
Arif_you should be more proud of your country's language!02:10
* Arif_ wants a Turkish keyboard layout02:11
sivangsymbian could be a breeze after some maemo bug reporting :)02:11
sivangI happen to like it alot.02:11
sivangand I've known it since I was a teenager ;)02:11
Arif_symbian is cool02:11
Arif_it's so easy to use02:11
sivangit is, seriously02:11
aepcan i some sort of backup my data?  without the windows tools?02:12
aepmaybe to flash card02:12
Lumpio-Don't get me started on Symbian02:12
Arif_you can make a backup on the phone02:12
aephm cool02:12
* Arif_ hands Lumpio- a symbian phone02:12
Lumpio-I already have one.02:12
lcukaep the phone memory is in 2 halves, when you reflash normally, the ~30gb is not touched02:12
arachnist <| lol02:13
lcukthat is only rewritten when you flash the eMMC02:13
sivanglcuk: so there's a rollback there?02:13
aeplcuk: ah. you said data is lost02:13
lcuk/home/user vanishes02:13
lcuk/home/user/MyDocs is on a different partition02:13
aepah that i can backup ov3er ssh02:13
lcukthis is where the data from "backup" is stored02:13
* Arif_ still isn't used to loonix :D02:13
aepi was worried about my contacts02:14
*** hannesw has quit IRC02:15
sivangman, facebook's captchs are getting harder and harder to read.02:15
sivangaep: contacts are saved in the backup, IIRC02:16
* Arif_ is too lonely to have facebook :'(02:16
openstandardshow long are getting on your battery life mine seems to be dying within hours02:16
Arif_I get 2 days02:16
Arif_on average02:16
sivangopenstandards: as said before, same here.02:16
dassuI get 1 day02:16
ptlorkut is much better than facebook02:16
aepopenstandards: since recently, or since you got it?02:16
pupnikalways within 5 to 25 hours02:17
ptlopenstandards: I use my cellphone all the time, so it doesn't last a day02:17
sivangptl: true, but the only israeli brazilian girl I Know there doesn't repond to my msgs02:17
openstandardsaep, both but seems worst these days02:17
Arif_sivang, she's playing hard to get!02:17
lcuki last took my devices off charge last night02:17
sivangArif_: nahh, she's just ignoring.02:17
Arif_find her and hit her!02:17
*** _berto_ has quit IRC02:18
ptlsivang: try using testimonials, brazilian people use *that* for private messages :P02:18
openstandardswent into to work at 5:30 with it charged by 11 it was dead02:18
Arif_what are you doing with it02:18
openstandardsmight be cos i had some windows open but nothing major02:18
*** mchua is now known as mchua_afk02:18
lcukmy batteries are still nearly full02:19
openstandards2 windows and connected via 3g02:19
Arif_wifi/3g is the biggest battery drain02:19
*** zhenhua has joined #maemo02:19
sp3000those darned intarwebs02:19
openstandardsi do keep mine constantly connected to the net :)02:19
Arif_I really hope they'll add disconnect on no data usage soon02:20
cehtehopengl (games) are the biggiest battery drain02:20
ptldoes 3G drain more than the GPS?02:20
Arif_I have to manually disconnect everytiem I'm done02:20
cehtehwell better all at once02:20
openstandardsi hope they sort out the codec bug sometime soon02:20
openstandardsthats highly annoying02:20
cehtehrun quake arena online over 3g02:20
Arif_they should add TS support02:20
Arif_cehteh, and share your location wtih GPS?02:21
openstandardsyou play a file with a missing codec.... go back and play another with the right codec however it refuses to work02:21
Arif_I should try that02:21
Arif_I did02:21
Arif_and I coudln't reproduce it02:21
sivangand the box heats like a small microwave when it 3g's/wifi's02:21
Arif_but maybe that's becasue it was a stream02:21
cehtehArif_: use gps to control quake :P02:22
openstandardsArif_, music or video02:22
sivangopenstandards: ogg/oga codecs not indexed in media player?02:22
*** florian has quit IRC02:22
Arif_a TS muxed stream with H264 video and MPEG4 audio02:22
Arif_it didn't play ={02:22
Arif_KMPlayer plays it after 5 hours of buffering :P02:22
sivangkmplayer is oodd02:23
openstandardssivang, i think its h264, not sure it was a downloaded file so not sure what it was encoded with02:23
felipecsivang: not unless you have the ogg package02:23
sivangfelipec: I Have them02:23
*** _Elwood_ has quit IRC02:23
sivangfelipec: still no media shows inthe player02:23
Arif_try tracker-processes -r in the terminal02:23
Arif_and then star the media player?02:23
sivangfelipec: and mime association is broken as well, as in I have to "open-with" and choose "Media Player (extended codecs)02:23
sivangfelipec: instead of "Media Player"02:23
sivangfelipec: drives me crazy since all my english deperation songs are in ogg/oga02:24
*** cmvo_ has joined #maemo02:24
Arif_stop using weird audio formats!02:24
sivanglike, open ones?? ;)02:24
sivangI am using ogg since its day one02:24
Arif_use MP3!02:24
Arif_or eAAC+!02:25
* ptl also likes ogg and ogm02:25
sivangoh dear02:25
ptluse encrypted wmv's!!! :P02:25
Arif_real adio ftw!02:25
openstandardsyuck wmv.....wma :)02:25
* sivang gives ptl a glass of water02:25
openstandardswhat do you think of the news that google are looking to buy a video codec company02:26
Arif_real networks?02:26
sivangopenstandards: they have too much money on their hands?02:26
Arif_I can take their money02:26
* sivang thinks he should tell google to "buy" ogg, as in invest money in its advancement and develop,ent02:26
openstandardssivang, its suppose to be a better file format than h26402:27
*** JoeBrain has quit IRC02:27
Arif_now start the media player02:28
openstandards sivang :)02:28
sivangopenstandards: hmm, interesting02:29
sivangopenstandards: hahah!02:29
sivangthis is the first time I see it.02:29
sivangokay, so google aren't that evil I guess :)02:29
*** cmvo_ has quit IRC02:29
*** sheepbat has quit IRC02:29
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC02:29
*** b-man17 has quit IRC02:29
*** W_I has quit IRC02:29
*** gjl__ has quit IRC02:29
*** Firebird has quit IRC02:29
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC02:29
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC02:29
*** penguinbait has quit IRC02:29
*** guardian has quit IRC02:29
*** jgoss has quit IRC02:29
*** zer0mdq has quit IRC02:29
*** droid001 has quit IRC02:29
*** fatal_ has quit IRC02:29
*** wojci has quit IRC02:29
*** Solefald has quit IRC02:29
*** wirelessd has quit IRC02:29
*** svu has quit IRC02:29
*** ieatlint has quit IRC02:29
*** nick_fn has quit IRC02:29
*** auenf has quit IRC02:29
*** polac has quit IRC02:29
*** mariorz has quit IRC02:29
*** pgrodt has quit IRC02:29
*** Tester has quit IRC02:29
*** mk500 has quit IRC02:29
*** itdock has quit IRC02:29
*** dedie has quit IRC02:29
*** skrankki has quit IRC02:29
*** ryokale has quit IRC02:29
*** shpaq has quit IRC02:29
*** Pio has quit IRC02:29
*** Caesium has quit IRC02:29
*** aep has quit IRC02:29
*** cos^ has quit IRC02:29
*** infobot has quit IRC02:29
*** Disconnect has quit IRC02:29
*** Brumle has quit IRC02:29
*** shd has quit IRC02:29
*** gouverneur has quit IRC02:29
*** ryokale has joined #maemo02:29
*** cos^ has joined #maemo02:29
*** Tester has joined #maemo02:29
*** polac has joined #maemo02:29
*** mariorz has joined #maemo02:29
*** Tester has quit IRC02:29
*** Tester has joined #maemo02:29
*** gouverneur has joined #maemo02:29
*** shpaq has joined #maemo02:29
*** shd has joined #maemo02:30
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo02:30
openstandardsi only saw it on digg the other day when reading about html 502:30
*** ieatlint has joined #maemo02:30
*** skrankki has joined #maemo02:30
*** wirelessd has joined #maemo02:30
*** nick_fn has joined #maemo02:30
*** mk500 has joined #maemo02:30
*** Brumle has joined #maemo02:30
sivangI was thinking that they would opt to buy some other prop. codec company02:30
*** cmvo_ has joined #maemo02:30
*** fatal_ has joined #maemo02:30
*** gjl__ has joined #maemo02:30
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo02:30
*** b-man17 has joined #maemo02:30
sivangbut I see they've done the right decision02:30
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo02:30
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo02:30
*** Pio has joined #maemo02:30
*** jgoss has joined #maemo02:30
openstandardsyay for net splits :)02:30
*** zer0mdq has joined #maemo02:30
*** Firebird has joined #maemo02:30
*** svu has joined #maemo02:30
sivangyeah :/02:30
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo02:30
*** aep has joined #maemo02:30
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5102:30
*** auenf has joined #maemo02:30
arachnistthank you for flying freenode02:30
ShadowJKWell it's one of the codecs flash uses02:30
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo02:30
*** Caesium has joined #maemo02:30
openstandardsfirst time i've seen a net split on freenode02:31
*** Solefald has joined #maemo02:31
ShadowJKand theora is based on's vp3. Maybe they wanted the theora patents ;-)02:31
*** aakashd has quit IRC02:31
sivangopenstandards: I've seen almost hunderds of them by now02:31
openstandardshow much do you know about codec?02:32
sivangopenstandards: who me?02:32
* ShadowJK shrugs02:32
openstandardsShadowJK, :)02:32
ShadowJKvp3, vp6 and theora decoder implementations in ffmpeg anyway02:32
*** gouverneur has quit IRC02:33
openstandardsi hope this is the case because we do need html 5 to be as powerful as it can be02:34
ShadowJKnobody in their right mind would put vp6/vp3 in html502:35
openstandardswhy not?02:36
*** wojci has joined #maemo02:36
*** dedie has joined #maemo02:36
ShadowJKbecause there's h264?02:36
*** _Lucretia_ has joined #maemo02:37
openstandardsbut h264 won't be accepted by firefox02:37
*** dl9pf_ has joined #maemo02:37
*** choppa has quit IRC02:38
openstandardsh264 has more patents than mp3 and thats bad enough as it stands for a royality free platform02:38
*** dl9pf has quit IRC02:38
ShadowJKfirefox doesn't have to, it's enough to support something like gstreamer or vfw/dshow... then it becomes the system/os's responsibility to supply video codecs, or for the user to download/buy codecs02:40
openstandardsShadowJK, but that then doesn't get away from the fact that the user might not have that codec or permission to install a new codec ie: schools02:41
ShadowJKthe same is true for flash and java too :)02:41
ShadowJKor heck, firefox itself.02:42
* ShadowJK fondly remembers the Sun Sparcstations at school, with openwin and Netscape 4.7 :D02:43
openstandardsShadowJK, exactly.... i remember going to school and having no permissions to install flash.....02:44
aepin school our computers could boot from floppy :P02:44
openstandardsthe benefit of streaming html5 will be lower bandwidth costs02:44
openstandardsaep, in school we booted into dos and started playing games :D02:44
ShadowJKI don't think there's that much difference in bandwidth02:45
*** fatal_ is now known as FatalSaint02:45
openstandardsthey get cached to the computer rather than the flash cache02:45
aephm anyone got the powertop binary for me? i reflashed, so mine is gone02:45
openstandardsfrom what i believe02:45
ShadowJKthose sites generally prevent caching anyway..02:46
*** zer0mdq has quit IRC02:47
*** 13WAAFJB0 has joined #maemo02:48
*** lbt has quit IRC02:48
*** infobot has joined #maemo02:49
*** kalikianatoli has quit IRC02:49
ShadowJKI think the thing that will make h264 "win" html5 is inertia02:51
ShadowJKsorenson h263 and vp6 were bad enough that people upgraded to h264 for flash02:52
ShadowJKand now they can just put the same h264 in html5 without needing 50,000 new servers if they'43 69757+302:52
ShadowJKif they're youtube :P02:52
ShadowJKTheora isn't a rdical improvement on h264, most consider it lower quality02:53
sivangso , I wanted to support Stskeeps but the login just killed my last bit of power bfore going to sleep.02:53
sivangTomorrow is another day!02:53
sivangGood NIght all! don;t sleep with our tablets next to your head like I do!02:54
ShadowJKi always do that02:54
sivang(I wake up sweating for new emails arriving throughout the night)02:54
sivangShadowJK: ;->02:54
sivangShadowJK: feels you're connected isn't it?02:54
ShadowJKI dont have email checking on ;)02:55
sivangShadowJK: I have ti all, again in sack of testing.02:55
sivangShadowJK: emails, IMs, facebook, weather02:55
sivang^^ hmm getting tired02:55
ShadowJKYeah, weather. it says -28C02:55
ShadowJKit makes me not want to leave my warm bed02:56
sivangbadnwidth meters, ip reporter, processes02:56
sivangShadowJK: you need to get to work?02:56
ShadowJKno luckily i have the week off02:56
sivang13c here02:56
sivangwinter is leaving us before it started :-(02:56
sivangwe're in mid-feb02:56
sivangand already had 2 very hot weeks02:57
ShadowJKwhen it gets light outside I'll have to go fetch more firewood, start a fire, and go back mto sleep02:57
*** pupnik has quit IRC02:57
ptldon't complain about warmth02:57
*** radic_ has quit IRC02:58
ptlit's too hot here02:58
*** SWFu64 has quit IRC02:58
*** felipec has quit IRC02:58
sivangfeels to me that global warming is real :/02:59
sivangand the intervals between exterem weather events are shortening in an alarming rate.02:59
sivangto the point where they'd be the avg. of the graphc not the corner case points.02:59
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC03:01
*** Sargun has quit IRC03:01
sivangat anyway03:02
sivanggood night.03:02
sivangsee you all tomorrow CET.03:02
*** wackl has quit IRC03:06
*** cmvo_ has quit IRC03:06
*** N900evil_ has joined #maemo03:08
*** N900evil has quit IRC03:11
*** radic_ has joined #maemo03:12
*** trbs has quit IRC03:13
*** jgoss has quit IRC03:13
*** Dantonic has quit IRC03:14
*** SWFu has joined #maemo03:14
*** SWFu64 has joined #maemo03:14
*** SWFu has quit IRC03:15
*** SWFu64 has quit IRC03:15
*** cmvo_ has joined #maemo03:18
*** lopz has quit IRC03:19
*** ZogG has quit IRC03:19
*** ZogG has joined #maemo03:20
*** pupnik has joined #maemo03:22
*** zehrique has joined #maemo03:23
*** antii has left #maemo03:25
*** other_ has joined #maemo03:32
pupnikfrighteningly quiet03:33
cehtehshall i throw a needle or fart?03:33
pupnikneedle is easier to dodge03:34
pupnikoh look at the time03:34
*** angasule has joined #maemo03:34
cehtehmaybe all have installed the new xchat and now dont need to stare at their screens watching for action :P03:34
cehtehdo you know the openvpn maintainer for maemo?03:35
pupnik i do not03:35
* cehteh goes figuring out03:35
cehtehthis update-resolv-conf script gives me pita .. why not use dnsmasq ...03:35
*** other_ has quit IRC03:37
pupnikwhat are you hacking on cehteh03:39
*** ZogG has quit IRC03:41
cehtehcurrently -- getting openvpn properly working for me03:41
cehteh(involves some network reorganization here)03:42
*** TomaszD has quit IRC03:43
*** ptlo has quit IRC03:47
*** wackl has joined #maemo03:48
*** mchua_afk is now known as mchua03:49
pupnikheadache too strong - ttyl03:50
*** juke_ has quit IRC03:54
*** githogori has quit IRC03:55
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo04:03
*** hardaker has quit IRC04:04
*** zhenhua has quit IRC04:07
*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away04:09
*** simula has quit IRC04:10
*** z4chh has quit IRC04:10
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo04:10
crashanddie_the whole of freenode is blocked by proxy04:11
crashanddie_however https to the IP and it works fine xD04:11
*** zacattack_ has joined #maemo04:11
timeless_mbp'the web is more important than everything else'04:11
*** koupsa has quit IRC04:11
*** lindever__ has joined #maemo04:12
* timeless_mbp tries to trim a 58k line file down to 40k04:12
*** eton_ has quit IRC04:13
*** fredrin has joined #maemo04:16
*** lindever__ has quit IRC04:17
*** FSCV has joined #maemo04:21
*** DangerMaus has joined #maemo04:23
*** simula has joined #maemo04:24
wazd <- Pandora, beware :)04:34
microlithonly if the processor is decent04:35
*** tgalal__ has joined #maemo04:44
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo04:47
uhsfanyone making two mini dPad like these to snap onto n900 keyboard and through it's usb port or bluetooth and the n900 is 1000000x better than this thing04:49
microlithuhsf: why, when you can use existing bluetooth controllers :)04:50
*** murrayc has quit IRC04:50
uhsfbecause the only decent one i found yet is the sony sixaxis and it's ~4times the size of my n90004:52
uhsfnot very practical to borrow with me04:53
uhsfi don't use my n900 much at home i use it when i'm out04:54
*** zehrique has quit IRC04:55
*** Pio has quit IRC04:57
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo04:59
*** angasule has quit IRC05:02
*** FSCV has quit IRC05:02
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo05:05
*** Firebird has quit IRC05:07
*** Sargun has joined #maemo05:09
*** |R has quit IRC05:10
wiretappedomg the mediaplayer sucks05:11
wiretappedi just made an m3u to put an album in the right order05:11
*** Pio has joined #maemo05:12
*** |R has joined #maemo05:12
wiretappedit loads 1 2 3 4 ... n as 1 n ... 4 3 205:12
wiretappedso, backwards, but with track 1 first05:13
wiretappedthe fact that i can open a shell and make an m3u file with find and edit it with vi, out of the box...05:14
wiretappedis awesome05:14
wiretappedthat i need to to hear an album in order... not awesome05:14
*** III has joined #maemo05:14
*** Acedip has joined #maemo05:15
*** jgoss has joined #maemo05:15
*** sunil has joined #maemo05:16
*** FSCV has joined #maemo05:23
*** YeTr2 has quit IRC05:26
*** wazd has quit IRC05:31
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:31
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:32
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:32
*** adalal has quit IRC05:32
*** adalal has joined #maemo05:33
*** felipec has joined #maemo05:34
*** febb has joined #maemo05:36
*** leandroal has joined #maemo05:39
*** ZogG has joined #maemo05:42
*** ^nHiMoEtZ^_9IRL has joined #maemo05:47
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]06:02
*** dockane has quit IRC06:03
*** dockane has joined #maemo06:05
*** Sho_ has quit IRC06:14
*** doubleukay has quit IRC06:17
*** ^nHiMoEtZ^_9IRL has quit IRC06:19
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo06:19
*** LinuxCode has joined #maemo06:26
*** penguinbait has quit IRC06:31
*** tgalal__ has quit IRC06:32
*** zhenhua has joined #maemo06:33
*** promulo has quit IRC06:37
*** wizkoder has quit IRC06:40
*** doubleukay has joined #maemo06:44
*** leandroal has quit IRC06:51
kamuianyone know whats new in the latest version of xchat released today?06:56
kamuinothing stated in the details06:56
kamuithanks GA06:58
kamuiI was hoping the interface was made more touch friendly06:58
kamuiat least started06:58
GeneralAntilleskamui, that's, er, not  a simple undertaking.06:58
kamuilooks like its just a new icon and notification system06:59
kamuiI know its not GeneralAntilles06:59
kamuithats why I was hoping it was started06:59
GeneralAntilleskamui, the original maintainer has been gone for a while06:59
kamuiyou know, in the changelog, like began laying framework for touch friendly interface06:59
GeneralAntillesqwerty12 and RST38h have been doing a lot of spare-time patches and improvements.06:59
kamuithats very nice of them06:59
kamuibecause xchat is easily the best irc app ever06:59
*** _Elwood_ has joined #maemo06:59
kamuinext to irssi06:59
GeneralAntillesYeah, and neither of them have an overwhelming amount of time to reimplement the UI. ;)06:59
kamuiI was thinking about writing a new client07:00
kamuicalling it KamuiRC07:00
GeneralAntillesDo it07:00
GeneralAntillesProbably easier than getting XChat to have a nice UI. ;)07:00
kamuino point really, xchat is leaps and bounds more mature than anything written from scratch07:01
kamuiplus its totally useable.  I'd really just like to see at least bigger scrolling window widgets07:01
kamuiI could probably live with everything else otherwise, its still moderately touch and slide friendly07:01
*** mardi__ has quit IRC07:04
GeneralAntillesI'd love to find somebody to con into doing it.07:06
*** Erod has joined #maemo07:06
GeneralAntillesGoddamn, Jaffa, mwkn is good for karma whoring.07:06
*** III has quit IRC07:07
DocScrutinizer(not  a simple undertaking) repeating my suggestion to very simply increase size of hot area for scrollbuttons07:08
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo07:12
*** kkb110 has quit IRC07:14
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo07:17
*** kkb110 has quit IRC07:18
*** trofi has quit IRC07:20
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo07:21
*** crashanddie has quit IRC07:24
*** kkb110 has quit IRC07:24
*** bergie has joined #maemo07:26
*** digen has joined #maemo07:27
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC07:27
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo07:28
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:31
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC07:32
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:32
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo07:32
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5107:32
*** ZZzzZzzz_1 has joined #maemo07:37
*** ZZzzZzzz_2 has quit IRC07:38
*** fredrin_cel has joined #maemo07:39
kamuimade crazy progress with blender07:41
kamuistill not hardware accelerated07:41
kamuibut I have the lag down to under a second07:41
*** hannesw has joined #maemo07:42
*** mardi__ has quit IRC07:43
*** wormsxulla has quit IRC07:44
*** wormsxulla has joined #maemo07:47
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo07:49
*** villemv has joined #maemo07:49
pupnik_nice kamui07:53
kamuihey pupnik07:54
kamuitried the screencast applet07:54
kamuiworks ok with blender, but audio and video are horribly desynced07:54
kamuiIll make another video with my camera and upload it tomorrow07:55
pupnik_sleeping .. cu07:56
*** sar3th|away has quit IRC07:56
GeneralAntilleslcuk, clearly your new hardware target.
crashanddie_My laptop in the hotel room just "went to sleep"07:58
crashanddie_[15:24] == crashanddie [~slauwers@Maemo/community/contributor/crashanddie] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep]07:58
*** antonf has joined #maemo07:58
crashanddie_And I'm most definitely *not* in my hotel room07:59
crashanddie_GeneralAntilles: you do realise it's a bit early, even for lcuk07:59
GeneralAntillescrashanddie_, yes, I realize.08:01
GeneralAntillescrashanddie_, but now I don't have to remember to send the link in the morning.08:01
GeneralAntillescrashanddie_, housekeeping is saving energy.08:01
*** _Elwood_ has quit IRC08:02
crashanddie_GeneralAntilles: you treehugger08:02
GeneralAntillesGreen is cool, yo.08:03
GeneralAntillescrashanddie_, you see that Audi commercial from the Superbowl?08:03
GeneralAntillesDeeply disturbing08:03
*** sar3th has joined #maemo08:04
pupnik_why dont these cursed media players let me delete files.  panucci08:04
*** mza has quit IRC08:05
pupnik_im going to upload one-off fixes of this crap soon08:05
*** sunil has joined #maemo08:05
*** DangerMaus has left #maemo08:06
crashanddie_GeneralAntilles: no youtube at work08:06
*** sunil has quit IRC08:06
*** mardi__ has quit IRC08:07
*** droid001 has joined #maemo08:07
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo08:07
*** swo has joined #maemo08:08
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo08:10
*** nicu has joined #maemo08:11
*** Vanadis has quit IRC08:11
*** ljp has quit IRC08:16
GeneralAntillescrashanddie_, lame.08:16
*** tekojo has joined #maemo08:19
*** NishanthM has quit IRC08:20
Proteousyeah, that audi comercial was not right08:20
*** mardi__ has quit IRC08:21
GeneralAntillesWell, I'm never going to buy anything from Audi/VW. ;)08:21
ProteousI guess it was suppose to be funny but it was not funny at all08:21
Proteousin addition to making you want to smack the smug Audi driver08:22
GeneralAntillesAside from being utterly offensive, it hits a little close to home to be funny.08:22
*** mece has joined #maemo08:22
Proteoushow much tax money do you have to spend to fund a police force that goes through everyones garbage08:23
Proteousand how corrupt must a system be to pass laws with harsh penalties for not recycling a plastic bottle08:23
*** jo-erlend has joined #maemo08:23
Proteousfuck, the damn expressions of fear on the peoples faces when they saw that the recycling police were after them08:25
ProteousI'll be in the other room pouring myself a stiff drink08:25
GeneralAntillesSounds like a plan.08:26
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC08:26
*** swc|666 has quit IRC08:26
jo-erlendi just bought myself an n900 yesterday. must say i'm impressed,though it'll t*ke some getting used to the keyboard..08:28
GeneralAntillesAbout 2-3 weeks.08:29
jo-erlendi'm already writing faster on this than some people write on fullsize keyboards :)08:30
DocScrutinizerexcept if you got a crippled german wertzu kbd08:30
DocScrutinizerthat's what the german layout is called in Germany08:31
jo-erlendi didn't know they had a different layout there.08:31
pupnik_how kind of you DocScrutinizer08:31
DocScrutinizerthe nasty part though are the missing up/down direct keys08:32
pupnik_jo-erlend: and other countries have different ones also08:32
jo-erlendi know.08:32
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo08:33
DocScrutinizerpupnik_: ??08:33
*** eMHa has quit IRC08:35
*** bergie has quit IRC08:36
* RST38h yawns widely08:39
*** nomis has quit IRC08:39
*** nomis has joined #maemo08:40
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC08:42
*** githogori has joined #maemo08:45
Proteousto teach myself to touch type on a normal keyboard I popped off all the keys and rearranged them08:46
Proteousthis is much harder to do on the n90008:46
jo-erlendwhy is there a tombstone for maemo in the topic?08:49
Proteousof doooooommmmmmm08:49
Proteousand parternership of nokia and intel to combine maemo and moogle08:50
Proteousor whatever the intel OS is08:50
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo08:51
*** homeasvs has quit IRC08:51
jo-erlendbad time for beginning with maemo then?08:51
Proteouswho knows08:51
*** Pavel has quit IRC08:52
Proteousdepends on what you want out of it08:52
Proteousif you want an OS that is going to be around in 10 years then you are screwed with anything you pick08:52
Proteousif you want a phone OS that will be around in 2 years then it's pretty much the same thing08:52
Proteousthey will have to pull my n900 from my cold dead hands, or offer me something with dual snapdragon 1ghz CPUs08:53
Proteousand a mostly open OS08:53
Proteousand good controls for gaming08:54
Proteousgod I want a phone with a decent D-pad08:54
DocScrutinizerdpad, yeah08:54
*** motnk has joined #maemo08:55
GeneralAntillesProteous, Snapdragon sucks.08:55
GeneralAntillesOMAP4440, baby!08:56
GeneralAntillesSucks is strong, but it's no OMAP.08:56
GeneralAntillesNo DSP, no graphics08:56
GeneralAntillesLimited cache.08:56
GeneralAntillesSo that 1GHz isn't quite OMAP3 1GHz.08:56
GeneralAntillesBesides, Qualcomm is just fucking evil. :P08:56
Proteousmaybe intel will pull a sweet SOAC out of somewhere dank and smelly08:57
GeneralAntillesAtom is gross for low power08:57
ProteousI'm sure they would really like to get farther into that market08:57
GeneralAntillesI'm all about the TI, honestly.08:57
GeneralAntillesOpen source friendly, good hardware.08:57
jo-erlendti rocks.08:58
Proteousbut will we get a TI chip from nokia not that they are in bed with intel?08:58
RST38hSnapDragon has no graphics?08:58
Proteouser, now08:58
GeneralAntillesI can't imagine they'd drop TI.08:58
GeneralAntillesMeeGo is the only thing that's really suite for x8608:58
RST38hhappened before08:58
GeneralAntillesand they've got the whole rest of their product line.08:59
GeneralAntillesRST38h, as far as I'm aware08:59
jo-erlendthey won't drop TI.08:59
GeneralAntillesGraphics is on another chip08:59
GeneralAntillesI wont be buying an Atom SoC-based phones, that's for damn sure.08:59
RST38hmhm, weird08:59
ProteousRST38h: it does video decoding but doesn't have any GPU functionality08:59
RST38hAh, just wait and see...08:59
Proteousacording to wikipedia08:59
*** kkb110 has quit IRC09:00
jo-erlendi'm looking forward to cortex-a9. dual core arm will make it a bit more suitable for real desktops.09:01
*** juergbi has quit IRC09:01
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:02
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo09:03
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo09:03
*** NishanthMenon has joined #maemo09:05
*** sp3001 has quit IRC09:08
*** alexg__ has joined #maemo09:09
*** Stork91 has joined #maemo09:10
*** theworldofbrad has joined #maemo09:10
*** Basstard` has joined #maemo09:10
Stork91I am very new to my n810 and I am looking for help in changin my boot splash. I dont wan tto change the Nokia. I actually like that. I do want to change the hands though.09:11
Stork91I know that I have to chage out a file in the root directory,09:11
Stork91and I can even view that file in GPE09:11
Stork91but I cannot move, change, rename, or alter that file from GPE09:11
Stork91can anyone tell me the easiest way to handle this task?09:11
timeless_mbpStork91: this is what i did for the n900:
*** dvoid_ has joined #maemo09:12
Stork91several problems with that. For starters I am still on a n810, which uses a image file. Two to be precise.09:13
Stork91second, I do not have acess to a LInux pc, so I will have to do all of this from a windows operating system.09:13
Stork91I know how to do it, in that I know which files to alter, and the specs for those files.09:15
*** stemosco has joined #maemo09:15
Stork91I need to know how to actually change the files.09:15
Stork91Since you cannot do it from GPE and they are not readily visible from explorer i windows.09:15
* timeless_mbp ponders09:17
*** Sandman has joined #maemo09:17
* timeless_mbp plugs in an n80009:18
*** moo-_- has quit IRC09:18
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo09:18
*** kkb110 has quit IRC09:18
timeless_mbpwell so um09:18
Stskeepsmorning timeless_mbp09:18
timeless_mbpthe directory shown there is the source for a .deb09:18
timeless_mbpthe .deb is responsible for munging files that you normally can't touch09:19
Stork91do you know to edit the root for the n810 from windows?09:19
* timeless_mbp doesn't see how that part of things is remotely interesting09:19
timeless_mbp"you don't"09:19
StskeepsStork91: 'ssh'?09:19
* RST38h moos at Stskeeps09:19
timeless_mbpStork91: how about looking at what the package i pointed to you does?09:19
*** trickie has joined #maemo09:19
timeless_mbpinstead of just grumbling about windows and totally different n90009:20
* timeless_mbp notes that the nokia hands on the n8x0 includes a sound09:20
Stskeepsbut isn't an animation09:20
Stork91the package you pointed me to is for the n900\\\\\\\\\\\\09:20
Stork91have to go give a test09:20
timeless_mbpnot a test, a read09:20
timeless_mbplook at what it does and how09:21
timeless_mbplearn from it09:21
*** digen has quit IRC09:21
Sandmansomeone seen this?
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo09:21
timeless_mbpSandman: translation sucks09:21
* DocScrutinizer suggests install rootsh09:22
Sandmani know.. but the funny part is that Nokia blame Linux. Multi-touch are working if you run GTK+ for what i know.09:24
timeless_mbpStork91: 'sudo gainroot' is your friend09:24
timeless_mbpSandman: so um09:24
timeless_mbpdo you speak the language the article was actually written in/09:24
*** aboyer_ is now known as aboyer09:25
timeless_mbpbecause the translation is so bad that it could have said anything in the original09:25
Sandmanyeah.. (swedish)09:25
*** Pavel has joined #maemo09:25
*** calvaris has joined #maemo09:25
*** lbt has joined #maemo09:26
* Stskeeps ponders what to do today09:26
jo-erlendcrap... i set a root password, but i don't remember what i used...09:26
timeless_mbpjo-erlend: sudo gainroot09:26
timeless_mbp(or install a package that removes the password)09:27
timeless_mbpStork91: personally, i'd make a package, just as i did for the n90009:28
timeless_mbpthe advantage is that if you ever reflash, you can reinstall the package to reapply the customization09:28
timeless_mbpinstead of manually doing the work again09:28
timeless_mbppackages essentially document the changes you've done to system files09:28
* timeless_mbp ponders09:28
timeless_mbpmy n800 turned on fairly quickly and connected to my wifi network w/o issue09:28
*** sobczyk has quit IRC09:29
* timeless_mbp hasn't used it in ages and is moderately surprised/impressed09:29
*** digen has joined #maemo09:29
Stskeepsi'm really destroying a lot of my SB1 rootstraps with this maemo-on-omap script to make images09:31
Stskeepsby running it in the wrong target09:31
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo09:31
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:31
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:31
*** ljp has joined #maemo09:32
*** sheepbat has quit IRC09:32
*** ClaesBas has quit IRC09:32
ds3anyone know if dell takes coupons for the N900?09:33
*** ClaesBas has joined #maemo09:34
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo09:34
*** msanchez has joined #maemo09:34
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo09:35
Shapeshifterhow's vpnc working for you lot? it works here but the connection breaks off after a couple of minutes, or becomes unrecoverable if the wlan disconnects. if it breaks down once, I cant connect agian, even if I killed all vpnc instances.09:35
*** bleeter_ has joined #maemo09:36
*** bleeter has quit IRC09:36
*** msanchez has quit IRC09:36
*** bleeter_ is now known as bleeter09:36
*** dottedmag has joined #maemo09:36
*** uhsf has quit IRC09:37
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:38
*** dottedmag has quit IRC09:39
*** msanchez has joined #maemo09:41
*** dottedmag has joined #maemo09:41
*** motnk has left #maemo09:42
*** ClaesBas has quit IRC09:43
*** nid0 has quit IRC09:43
*** jophish has joined #maemo09:44
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo09:44
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo09:44
*** ClaesBas has joined #maemo09:44
Stskeepshey ClaesBas09:45
*** eMHa has joined #maemo09:46
*** petrux has joined #maemo09:47
*** nid0 has joined #maemo09:49
*** digen has quit IRC09:51
*** juergbi has quit IRC09:53
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:53
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo09:55
*** gomiam has joined #maemo09:56
*** Nick1224 has joined #maemo09:57
*** mardi__ has quit IRC09:57
*** Davide has joined #maemo09:57
*** Davide has quit IRC09:58
*** zap_ has joined #maemo09:59
*** Dantonic has quit IRC10:00
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC10:00
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo10:00
*** Nick1224 has quit IRC10:01
* dmb hides from Stskeeps10:02
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo10:02
*** lardman|home has joined #maemo10:02
*** ppenz has joined #maemo10:02
*** asolsson has joined #maemo10:03
RST38hmourning lardman10:03
RST38hhow are things?10:03
*** luke-jr has quit IRC10:05
lardman|homehi RST38h, not bad, you?10:05
*** BabelO has joined #maemo10:05
Stskeepsmoo dmb10:05
RST38hlardman: 4th day of the long weekend10:05
*** dvoid_ has quit IRC10:06
*** luke-jr has joined #maemo10:06
dmbStskeeps: how you been?10:06
lardman|homeRST38h: long weekend?10:07
RST38hlardman: 23th if the local version of the father's day10:07
dmbi want me a device that that can run Maemo :P10:07
Stskeepsdmb: get n900 :P10:07
RST38hlardman: next saturday has been moved to 22th, 4 weekends10:07
dmbany chance of any cdma versions coming out?10:08
lardman|homeRST38h: ah ok, sounds nice :)10:08
Stskeepsdmb: i know you from .. inspircd wasn't it?10:08
Stskeepsdmb: doubt it10:08
dmbStskeeps: yup10:08
dmband that other evil ircd :P10:08
Stskeepsah, did w00t turn another one?10:08
dmbturn another one?10:09
*** petur has joined #maemo10:09
Stskeepswe have this ongoing joke that he makes n900 customers out of people10:09
*** choppa has joined #maemo10:10
RST38hare tentacles involved?10:11
*** jpe__ has joined #maemo10:11
*** fab has joined #maemo10:11
Stskeepsmorning tigert10:12
*** Dantonic has quit IRC10:13
*** W_I has joined #maemo10:13
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC10:14
lardman|homemorning X-Fade10:14
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo10:14
lardman|homeStskeeps: how's work coming along on the PVR stuff out of interest?10:15
Stskeepslardman|home: released by TI but it's now up to community to make something sane out of things10:15
Stskeepsi think we can use it to accelerate cairo and Qgraphicsview in qt4.610:15
*** ph1l has quit IRC10:15
lardman|homeStskeeps: oh, I didn't realise it had been released with a proper licence10:15
Stskeepswell, proper is a matter of definition\10:15
Stskeepsbut at least it ships with debug symbols10:15
*** aboyer has quit IRC10:16
lardman|homethis is not the same code we were looking at before then? It's gone back to Ti to be signed off for release?10:16
Stskeepsit is roughly the same but with SDK on top10:16
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo10:18
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC10:18
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo10:18
*** Davide has joined #maemo10:18
*** Dantonic has quit IRC10:19
*** dottedmag has quit IRC10:19
*** netvandal has joined #maemo10:19
*** andre__ has joined #maemo10:20
*** andre__ has quit IRC10:20
*** andre__ has joined #maemo10:20
*** amigadave has joined #maemo10:23
*** The_Tall1 has joined #maemo10:25
*** jrocha has joined #maemo10:26
*** aboyer has joined #maemo10:27
*** trickie has quit IRC10:28
*** fcrozat_ is now known as fcrozat10:28
*** trickie has joined #maemo10:29
*** SunilThaha has joined #maemo10:29
*** jophish has quit IRC10:31
*** mk8 has joined #maemo10:31
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo10:33
*** asolsson has quit IRC10:34
*** Davide has quit IRC10:34
*** danielwilms has joined #maemo10:36
*** SunilThaha has joined #maemo10:40
*** Lantizia has joined #maemo10:41
*** whocare has joined #maemo10:43
*** SunilThaha has quit IRC10:43
*** SunilThaha has joined #maemo10:43
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo10:43
*** SunilThaha has quit IRC10:44
*** dottedmag has joined #maemo10:46
*** netvandal has quit IRC10:48
*** adalal has quit IRC10:48
*** Davide has joined #maemo10:48
*** wolf^ has quit IRC10:48
*** wolf^ has joined #maemo10:48
*** wolf^ has quit IRC10:48
*** wolf^ has joined #maemo10:48
*** asolsson has joined #maemo10:48
*** ph1l has joined #maemo10:50
*** tekojo has quit IRC10:50
*** tekojo has joined #maemo10:50
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo10:50
*** fab_ has joined #maemo10:52
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo10:52
*** bleeter has quit IRC10:53
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:54
*** lardman|home has quit IRC10:54
timeless_mbpsp3000: "let's not well [sic] on that at the moment"10:54
*** tekojo has quit IRC10:56
*** tekojo has joined #maemo10:56
*** dottedmag has quit IRC10:56
*** mgedmin has quit IRC10:57
JaffaMorning, all10:57
mecejaffa, mornin'10:58
JaffaGeneralAntilles: Got to make up for the broken and revamped karma system somehow ;-)10:58
*** bleeter has joined #maemo11:01
*** sergio has joined #maemo11:01
*** mardi__ has quit IRC11:01
Stork91timeless_mbp: I know everything in that link you gave me already.11:02
Stork91im looking for a way to modify the files.11:03
Stork91I want to know how to get to the root directory in my n810 from inside of windows, or inside of maemo11:03
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:03
Stork91and then change it.11:04
Stork91modify it.11:04
*** Davide has quit IRC11:05
*** netvandal has joined #maemo11:05
*** Meiz_TB has joined #maemo11:09
Stork91there is already an install for a way to change your splash screen to a thing from ATHF as well as a maemo display...11:09
*** Birdack has joined #maemo11:09
Stork91is there not an ap that automatically takes a spcified image and makes it the load screen?11:10
*** Sandman has quit IRC11:10
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo11:11
* fcrozat wonders if gmail notifier has been ported to maemo511:11
timeless_mbpStork91: err11:11
timeless_mbp1. copy the file from windows to your n90011:12
infobottimeless_mbp meant: 1. copy the file from windows to your n81011:12
timeless_mbp2. eject your n81011:12
timeless_mbp3. open xterminal11:12
timeless_mbp4. use sudo gainroot (if it doesn't work, install rootsh)11:12
timeless_mbp5. follow the instructions11:12
fcrozatsince my 3G operator bills IMAP4 (not included in internet access) and since Nokia Messaging beta trial is now over :(11:12
timeless_mbp6. if you can't follow these instructions, then don't bother, you're going to break your device11:12
timeless_mbp(go read a book about linux?)11:12
jacekowskifcrozat: not included?11:13
jacekowskifcrozat: i would make a complin11:13
fcrozatjacekowski: I have something like 200MB for "everything but mail" and 10MB for imap4/pop311:13
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw11:13
*** ljp has quit IRC11:13
jacekowskifcrozat: 200M?11:13
fcrozatyou can't complain, it is part of the contract11:13
jacekowskifcrozat: that's like a nothing11:13
fcrozatjacekowski: for 3G/EDGE, it is everything I need ;)11:14
*** Vanadis_Work has joined #maemo11:14
fcrozatI use DSL at home and at work11:14
jacekowskii've got unlimited11:14
fcrozatwell, France doesn't have good competitions between 3G operators.11:14
hrwjacekowski: with which operator?11:14
*** gjl__ has quit IRC11:14
jacekowskiand o211:15
fcrozatit "should" change, but not before 18months (4th 3G operator coming, a "real" ISP becoming operator, not a telco becoming ISP)11:15
*** gouverneur has joined #maemo11:15
tybollt1.2? anyone?11:16
*** msanchez has quit IRC11:16
hrwjacekowski: lucky you11:17
*** gjl has joined #maemo11:18
hrwyesterday one of Polish operators called me with offer which had trilions of free minutes, free calls to other galaxies but internet at 10000000USD per 1KB11:18
Stork91enable rd mode to gain root priviledges11:18
*** Gamma has joined #maemo11:18
tybollthrw: and you shouted "Spierdalaj" at them?11:18
fcrozatcurrently, orange france is billing internet as "0.5€ / session (20min time)" when you don't pay a "limited unlimited 3G internet" access11:19
*** lbt_ has joined #maemo11:19
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo11:19
hrwtybollt: I was more polite11:19
*** david__ has joined #maemo11:19
tybollthrw: no reason to be polite w/ telephone salesmen11:19
* fcrozat is fortunate to have an old contract for 200MB 3G access for 9€ per month, used in deduction from my prepaid card11:19
Stork91anyone know what rd mode is?11:22
hrwStork91: research&development11:22
tybolltStork91: install rootsh11:22
tybolltStork91: that will let you be root11:22
hrwStork91: if you have to ask then do not enable it11:22
tybollthe wants root11:23
tybolltso he should go to HAM and install rootsh11:23
Stork91... seriously, all I want to do is change a boot screen. I know this was something popular to do, and something many people have done / want to do. Why is there not a simpler way to do this?11:23
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo11:23
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo11:23
*** netvandal has quit IRC11:24
tybollthuh I think I saw an app for changing boot logo11:24
tybolltwait bud11:24
Stork91like step one: create a folder in .documents11:24
Stork91step two: put a 800x480 image in there and name it (the long name here)11:24
Stork91step three: run this app11:25
Stork91bootscreen changed.11:25
Stork91not pretty. But it works.11:25
tybolltwhat is the appname11:25
tybolltthere you go11:26
tybolltI have it11:26
timeless_mbpStork91: step 1. use the guidelines from my deb as a guide to build your own deb11:26
Stork91is it for the n810?11:26
timeless_mbpstep 2. build your deb11:26
timeless_mbpstep 3. install the deb11:26
timeless_mbpnice, simple, easy to follow, doesn't require root11:26
timeless_mbpand i gave you that outline hours ago11:27
timeless_mbpthe deb is an outline11:27
tybolltthere is a package for this11:27
Stork91I am in South korea on a work computer and the n810 is the only access i have atm until i save enouhg money to build a new rig ehre.11:27
Stork91I am teaching english.11:27
Stork91I have no way to dual boot my work computer.11:27
tybolltuse the "bootscreen" package ok?11:27
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo11:28
Stork91tybollt where is this package?11:28
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC11:28
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:28
*** juhjokel has joined #maemo11:28
*** warp10 has quit IRC11:28
*** florian_kc is now known as florian11:30
*** mgedmin has quit IRC11:30
*** underline has joined #maemo11:31
*** underline has left #maemo11:32
tybolltStork91: in the maemo repostirories11:34
Stork91looking for something working on the n81011:34
tybolltehr, spellink not so gut from ze me of today11:34
*** zaheer__ has joined #maemo11:35
*** zaheerm has quit IRC11:36
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:37
*** bergie has joined #maemo11:37
Stork91I am looking for a way to easily chanve the bootscreen on a Nokia n810.11:38
Stork91Not a n900.11:38
Stork91Package does not work.11:38
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo11:38
Stork91or does it?11:38
*** jmc93739653 has joined #maemo11:39
Stork91says maemo 511:39
Stork91so im assuming it DOESNT11:39
Stork91so I need something that does.11:39
*** jmc93739653 has quit IRC11:39
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:39
*** fnordian900 has quit IRC11:40
Stork91The n810 uses a image. Not a video.11:41
*** choppa has quit IRC11:41
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC11:45
Stork91could anyone tell me how to use this on a n810?11:46
*** david__ has quit IRC11:47
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo11:48
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC11:48
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo11:48
*** eocanha has joined #maemo11:48
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC11:50
*** Markus23 has joined #maemo11:51
*** trem has joined #maemo11:54
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo11:54
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC11:54
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo11:54
*** Mthmob has joined #maemo11:55
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC11:56
*** Mthmob has quit IRC11:56
Stork91I am looking for a way to change the bootscreen on an n810.11:59
Stork91I know which files to change.11:59
Stork91I know what the files i change them to have to be, and the resolution.11:59
Stork91I can see them in gpe.11:59
Stork91I just want an easy way to change them.11:59
*** wazd has joined #maemo12:00
*** mardi__ has quit IRC12:00
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo12:01
Stork91cannot install the bootscreen package. In compatible package.12:02
Stork91so im gussing it is for maemo 5 and not 412:02
Stskeepsthe fremantle part should have given it aaway12:02
Stork91Im new12:03
Stork91I also barely know anything at all about maemo12:04
Stork91hell i barely am familiar with anything linux12:04
*** Soder has joined #maemo12:05
Stork91and ignoring me until I say it didnt work and then throwing it in my face that something should have given it away is not condusive to expanding a community or solving a problem.12:05
*** doubleukay has quit IRC12:06
CorsacI'm not sure either is the point anyway12:06
Stskeeps.. wtf :P12:06
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo12:06
StskeepsStork91: go read talk.maemo.org12:06
*** oly has joined #maemo12:06
Stskeepsand search for boot screen or splash screen12:06
Stork91stskeeps: have been. And so far what i can get from it is that everything and its mother is geared toward maemo 5 and later12:07
Stork91so im screwed if i run maemo 412:07
Stork91and if I have a n810 I cannot run anything higher12:07
Stork91the n810 is not longer being developed, discussed, and has, for the most part, been dropped like a whore who got too loose and old.12:08
Stskeepsokay, let me start out by saying that you come across as a bit rude12:08
*** doubleukay has joined #maemo12:09
Stork91I am a Texan. The good news is that this is the rudest I get.12:09
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo12:09
Stork91but if i have offended, I do not mean to.12:09
Stskeepssearching for splash screen diablo got me a hint in the bottom of the posts list12:09
tybolltso now we're not helping you, you'll pull a shotgun on us? :)12:10
devis anyone using httptunnel or something similar to get around stupid data-plan restrictions? t-mobile Germany forbids email client access, jabber,...12:10
Stskeeps may still apply12:11
Lumpio-"But I'm from $place" is a lame excuse for being rude tbh12:11
*** Markus23 has left #maemo12:11
*** Fargus has joined #maemo12:11
Stork91I come in here, after searching for hours, only to hav eyou guys use one or two words different from the words I do while trying to link me to something that is an attempt to help.12:12
*** mece has left #maemo12:12
StskeepsStork91: first off, this isn't a support channel12:12
Stskeepsyou're expected to do a bunch of research yourself12:12
Stork91The link is usually for Meamo 5, which doesnt help me at all since those are videos and not images, and are in a different directory. So the packages do not helpme.12:12
nid0the link is clearly not for maemo 5.12:13
Stork91but the one or two words that were different send me on another search for 2-3 hours12:13
Stskeepsthe url i just pasted helps.12:13
Stork91I then come back in here.12:13
Stork91But as ive told you im on windows.12:13
Stork91which means it doesnt.12:13
Stork91at all.12:13
Stork91and ive read that page 5 times.12:13
nid0why not?12:13
Stskeepswinscp, dude12:13
Stork91"Another way to cutomise your Internet Tablet, splash screens for your n770 or n800. No more nasty Nokia logo and those weird hands. This is just like custom icons on your IT. Again, this is meant for Ubuntu and Debian users. (Windows users can actually do these steps by using Putty. Which I have no experience with :( ) These are the splashes I use on my 770, but if have some you'd like to share, drop me a link in a comment and I'll try and put them up for the12:14
Stork91im not on my personal computer12:14
Stork91but on one at work12:14
nid0you're just having to use putty (or winscp or any other application that scp's from windows) instead of gftp12:14
Stork91hell, im not even on an English OS12:14
nid0the article even suggests that12:14
Stork91putty might as well be written in a different language for me.12:14
nid0so in fact the link you have does perfectly help you, you just dont know how to use the tools it tells you to use12:15
StskeepsStork91: if you can't handle advanced changes, why are you trying to change your boot screen? it's not a supported feature12:15
Stork91and taht sends me down another path of searching, finding, and ultimately going to both a different group of guys that will treat me same.12:15
nid0and so would get much further by just asking how to use putty, than dismissing the guide as "useless" because you dont know how to follow it.12:15
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo12:15
Stork91Ok, any idea how to use putty?12:15
Stskeepsuse winscp12:15
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo12:15
nid0sure, i use it on a daily basis, winscp is easier though12:16
Stskeepsit is like windows explorer and you have to be an idiot not to understand to use it12:16
nid0it looks and acts exactly like any ftp client except it uses scp12:16
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo12:21
*** netvandal has joined #maemo12:21
Stork91so how do i get this to see the root of the device?12:21
Stskeepsinstall the openssh-server package from extras12:22
*** Dantonic has quit IRC12:22
Stork91unable to install openssh12:25
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo12:25
*** zhenhua has quit IRC12:25
Stork91application is incompatible with currentsoftware12:26
nid0got dropbear installed?12:26
*** netvandal has quit IRC12:26
*** LinuxCode has quit IRC12:26
Stskeepsflash diablo12:26
Stskeepsand don't add fremantle extras repositories12:27
Stork91I havent added any12:27
Stork91this what I need?12:28
Stskeepsno, openssh-server12:29
Stskeepsand flash diablo, what version are you on?12:29
Stork91doesnt flashing diablo reset everything?12:30
olywhy should you not add freemantel extras ?12:30
Stskeepsoly: on diablo?12:31
StskeepsStork91: yes, but you're obviously on an ancient version12:31
olyno idea what diablo is12:32
olyis that a version before freemantle then ?12:32
Stskeepsdiablo is maemo4.1.212:32
olyokay, all makes sense now :)12:32
*** jebba has joined #maemo12:34
*** Dantonic has quit IRC12:35
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo12:39
*** trem has quit IRC12:40
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC12:40
*** W_I has quit IRC12:43
*** lizardo has joined #maemo12:46
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo12:47
*** Dantonic has quit IRC12:49
*** netvandal has joined #maemo12:50
*** Fargus has quit IRC12:50
*** cpasjuste is now known as Cpasjuste12:54
*** netvandal has quit IRC12:56
*** pta0007 has joined #maemo13:00
*** iPeter- has quit IRC13:00
*** Terje1 has quit IRC13:00
*** achipa has joined #maemo13:00
pta0007hi, is there any way to check whether my n900 is running the latest software?13:00
*** aSIMULAtor has quit IRC13:01
*** aSIMULAwrk has quit IRC13:01
fralshe, loving this bug, went from "cant reproduce" to "fixed in xx" to "wontfix" >_<13:01
povbotBug 7576: Capitalization on smileys lost13:01
asj_pta0007: yes13:03
Corsacgraphical smileys must die13:03
pillar_hey does someone know an api to find a contact name for a number in python?13:03
pta0007asj_:how then?13:04
*** t_s_o has quit IRC13:04
asj_pta0007: run the app manager13:04
asj_and click "Update"13:04
Corsacpillar_: low level you should be able to directly ask the database, but maybe there's an rtcomm python binding?13:05
fralsno rtcomm python bindings13:05
fralsand python-evolution is lacking the querystuff from what ive seen13:05
fralsbut if you find a way, please let me know pillar13:05
pillar_Corsac: yeah I'm hoping something higher level, I don't have any python experience but had a nice idea to modify a script that I found13:05
pillar_frals: will do13:06
lizardopillar_: are you the same guy who asked how to do this using ctypes on the :)13:06
pta0007asj_:thx :)13:06
fralsi tried doing it with ctypes but got stuck when i had to pass a gboolean to the libosso-abook method and never got it working :p13:07
pillar_lizardo: nope, pillar there as well13:07
Corsacpillar_: I had the same problem when wanted to import sms from an xml files13:07
*** SiggyF has joined #maemo13:08
CorsacI didn't want to parse xml files in C at first, so I wanted to use python, but then would have had problems doing the searches and import13:08
lizardopillar_: so there is interest by more than one person on this... see
CorsacI ended up doing it in C, based on the smsimport.c I found on tmo13:08
*** baraujo has joined #maemo13:08
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo13:08
*** NishanthMenon has quit IRC13:08
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC13:08
Vanadis_Workfuck yeah13:09
Vanadis_WorkTomb Raider runs now with about 10-15 FPS13:09
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo13:09
lizardopillar_: I'll cook up something later, but in the meanwhile, if you are interested, you can try using ctypes+libabook to get the information, based on this tutorial :
pillar_lizardo: let me know if your cooking starts to smell good :)13:10
*** SiggyF has quit IRC13:10
*** lupu has joined #maemo13:10
*** dieb^afk is now known as dieb_13:10
pillar_I might need to wait for someone else do the groundwork, python is a new experience for me13:10
*** hrw has quit IRC13:10
Arif_Tomb Raider? :O13:11
*** zerojay has quit IRC13:11
Arif_someone should work on an N64 emu first13:11
Arif_PSX isos are so big >.>13:11
fralscant wait for lizardos cookbook on how to do it properly, will speed up fMMS quite a bit i think :P13:11
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC13:11
*** fcrozat is now known as fcrozat|lunch13:11
lupuAny recommendations on how to get the usbserial driver for the N900/Fremantle?13:11
Stskeepsyou mean g_serial, cos usb host doesn't work13:12
pillar_frals: how are you know doing the contact integration in fmms?13:12
fralsugly as hell, sec13:12
lupuDoes usbserial really necessitate USB host mode?13:12
pillar_lizardo: see, you already have many fans :)13:12
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC13:13 is what you want to look at, with some dialogstuff in fmms_sender_ui.py13:13
lupuSpeedEvil: Interesting. Then what is the client side driver?13:13
fralsbasically i load a bunch of numbers and the name in to a dict.. which, needless to say, is slow :P13:13
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo13:13
SpeedEvillupu: you mean to connect a USB serial device?13:14
SpeedEvillup: or to connect as if the n900 is a usb serial device13:14
lupuSpeedEvil: The other side is an AVR controller that I can run either in USB host or client mode. I just need to send/receive serial data with it and the N900.13:15
*** rsalveti has quit IRC13:15
SpeedEvilyou need to run it in USB host mode then.13:15
SpeedEvilAre you sure it can do host - many onlt do device.13:15
SpeedEvilthen use the serial USB gadget driver - so the n900 acts like a serial device13:16
*** ptlo has joined #maemo13:16
*** aSIMULAtor has joined #maemo13:16
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo13:17
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo13:18
lupuSpeedEvil: That seems to be what I need.13:18
*** eMHa has quit IRC13:19
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo13:19
SpeedEvilBT may also be an alternative13:19
lupuSpeedEvil: That would be a rather unpleasant alternative.13:20
*** eMHa has joined #maemo13:20
*** iPeter- has joined #maemo13:21
pillar_frals: are there some documentation for evolution?13:21
lupuI'll look into the USB gadget driver, thanks.13:22
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC13:22
fralsnot really no13:22
fralsthats what i based it on iirc13:22
matthew-hey frals ;-)13:23
*** mateus has joined #maemo13:23
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo13:25
pillar_frals would this maybe work for a phonenumber as well or only names? r ='Zeth')13:26
* Arif_ blinks13:28
matthew-Still no upgrade for the UK1 way. ;-)13:28
fralspillar: only numbers from my experience13:29
pillar_frals: you mean names?13:31
*** mardi__ has quit IRC13:31
tybolltStskeeps: no, I will not stop worrying, NEVARH!1113:32
Stskeepstybollt: here, have this pill..13:32
tybolltStskeeps: nice piece on tmo though...13:32
lupu13:15 < SpeedEvil> Are you sure it can do host - many onlt do device.13:33
Stskeepsmeh, it's my job, even though i wrote it in my 'free time'13:33
lupuSpeedEvil: Oh my... you're right. The controller I ordered only does OTG, not full host mode.13:33
Corsacwell, OTG is a superset of host mode, isn't it?13:34
Corsacit's the ability to switch from guest to host mode, afair?13:34
Corsacso if OTG works, pure host mode should work too13:34
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo13:34
lupuCorsac: That was going to be my next question. I know host mode requires rather intensive power feeds, which the controller wouldn't handle, but other than that I can't imagine a reason for not handling it.13:35
*** Myrtti has quit IRC13:36
*** Myrtti has joined #maemo13:36
*** tekojo has quit IRC13:36
*** tekojo has joined #maemo13:37
lupu...but my lack of imagination itself is no proof that there wouldn't be a technical limitation ;)13:37
SpeedEvillupu: can you supply 100mA charging current?13:38
*** hsmak has joined #maemo13:38
*** jukey has joined #maemo13:39
SpeedEvillupu: and you know that dealing with usb serial will be several orders of magnitude harder than serial?13:39
asj_the AVR should have a set of libraries to deal with USB and provide more of the USB functions for you13:41
*** N900evil_ has quit IRC13:42
*** FSCV has quit IRC13:45
*** NishanthMenon has joined #maemo13:46
SpeedEvilWell - no.13:46
SpeedEvilMany embedded processors don't.13:46
SpeedEvilThey may come with some example code to do one particular thing.13:47
SpeedEvilBut they generally do not come with a full suite of libraries abstracting all the hardware in them.13:47
*** millenomi has joined #maemo13:48
SpeedEvilYou're supposed to do it yourself - and in the case of micros with 1 or 2K of ROM - that can be the only way some apps will fit.13:48
cos^has anyone built qtify for maemo?13:49
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo13:51
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo13:51
*** Terje1 has quit IRC13:51
Scelt_frals: wassup. I'm using your fMMS. nice job, man!13:52
*** hrw has joined #maemo13:52
SpeedEvilfrals: indeed - if I ever had the urge to send or recieve a mms, I would thank you deeply!13:52
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC13:55
*** W_I has joined #maemo13:57
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo13:57
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo13:58
*** TTilus has quit IRC13:58
*** netvandal has joined #maemo13:59
*** NishanthMenon has quit IRC13:59
*** calvaris has quit IRC14:00
*** Flyser_ has joined #maemo14:00
*** Flyser has quit IRC14:01
lupuSpeedEvil: Indeed, using UART would be another option if the other side(N900) would support it.14:02
lupuAll USB/UART adapters I've seen assume USB Device role, which wouldn't help much in this case.14:03
SpeedEvilthe easiest solution is a bt->serial adaptor.14:03
SpeedEvilNot cheap though14:03
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc314:04
lupuWell, the whole purpose of the project is to learn new things, so I'm not immediately drawn away by a "level of difficulty", to put it. On the other hand, I also intend to finish the project, which leaves me not wanting to do everything by hand from ground up.14:05
Stork91im running 5.2008.43-714:08
Stork91that is the version number on my os14:09
Stork91sorry for the delay in response, I was giving another test / playing go fish with kids.14:09
*** user__ has joined #maemo14:09
Stork91it listerally says OS5.2008.43-714:10
*** user__ is now known as ab333914:10
ab3339hello room14:10
Stork91OS version: 5.2008.43-714:10
lupuMaybe CDC would be an option on the N900? Hmm...14:12
*** furunk3l has joined #maemo14:13
*** W_I has quit IRC14:13
cos^oh well.. qtify won't even compile against current libspotify14:14
*** sivang has quit IRC14:15
cos^i don't understand why it's so difficult to make a decent spotify client14:15
cos^there are tons of lastfm ones already for maemo14:15
Stork91Stskeeps: I have the latest version already on here.14:15
*** jsa_ has quit IRC14:17
nid0man, wifi switcher makes a massive difference to battery life14:17
MohammadAGso, does anyone know why this happened to my device
nid0its doubling my battery life keeping wifi disabled when its not being actively used14:18
ab3339you r talking about the "connection swictcher" applet?14:18
nid0no, wifi switcher in testing, to disable wlan entirely14:19
MohammadAGab3339, wifi-switcher, it's in -testing afair(emember)14:19
*** W_I has joined #maemo14:19
ab3339muhammadag: u mean the "unknown" strings?14:20
nid0seems odd that the n900's handling of wifi is so hideously inefficient that even when it's just on standby but available it halves the device's battery life :\14:20
*** ssvb has joined #maemo14:20
*** MadViking has joined #maemo14:20
Stork91trying to talk to the people at maemo about anything is like pulling your own teeth out with two steak knives by pinching them together tightly and hopingfor the best.14:20
SpeedEvildo you have powersaving disabled nid0?14:20
Stork91your going to bleed, youre going to go insane, and if anything comes of it, it will be because you said f#$% it, possibly break something, and managed to get one thing done at the cost of everything else.14:20
nid0no, powersaving enabled and tx set to 10mw14:20
SpeedEvilnid0: what battery life do you get?14:21
nid0with it set like that i get about 24 hours of battery life with light usage and the phone in range of wifi constantly, but not running im, not auto checking mail, and just updating weather every 4 hours14:21
ab3339stork91: really?14:21
Stork91Im going to figure out hwo to change my bootscreen on my n810 if it takes me forever.14:21
nid0with wifi switcher being used and disabling wlan when im not actively using it, im up to just under 48 hours now so far, with battery at 18%14:21
*** halves has joined #maemo14:22
Stork91I have no idea how to get to my root. I am Using windows xp on a work computer. I am using an n810, and I do not know how to access the root.14:22
SpeedEvilnid0: Do you care though?14:22
SpeedEvilnid0: what's wrong with charging it while you're asleep?14:22
Stork91all I want to do is change 2 images in a folder.14:22
nid0nothing, but legs are nice and it's just odd that purely having wifi available halves the battery life14:22
ab3339my battery life ends in just about 2 hours when i am constantly on the internet chatting and surfing14:23
corecodeis there a way to display nicknames in conversations?14:23
nid0which is quite astonishing, having come to my n900 from an e90 which could happily last the best part of a week with wifi available 24/714:23
lupunid0: Are you sure your AP supports power save polling?14:23
ali1234Stork91: "the root"?14:23
nid0it does14:23
*** tbf has joined #maemo14:24
Stork91I want to change my bootscreen from the hands to an image.14:24
ali1234Stork91: yeah i got that part14:24
Stork91I am on a n810, and I have to do this from windows.14:24
ali1234Stork91: you are going to need to do it on the device14:24
olyif you have root enabled and ssh you can use putty in windows14:24
MohammadAGab3339, yes, I get <unknown> in about product and in the output of set | grep OSSO14:24
ab33393g drains battery quicker,14:24
Stork91I do not know how to use putty.14:25
Stork91Ali1234: how?14:25
olyor filezilla if its just ti move files14:25
nid0ah yes, and those figures are with 3g disabled.14:25
lupuI haven't experienced any noticeable changes in battery time if I have WLAN idling vs off.14:25
Stork91ali1234: how do i do that on the device itself?14:25
lupu...although I haven't specifically tried to find  a difference there, but if it were to half the battery time, I would have noticed it.14:25
ali1234Stork91: install the package that gives you root access and then do it in the terminal14:25
Stork91ali1234: how do i do it in terminal?14:25
ali1234Stork91: don't know off hand14:26
corecodeinstall rootsh14:26
corecodevia application manager14:26
corecodeyou need to enable the repo14:26
corecodethen in xterm, use sudo gainroot14:26
*** netvandal has quit IRC14:26
ali1234Stork91: i dunno if that is the right and tested way, it's what i found on google14:27
*** briglia has joined #maemo14:27
ali1234Stork91: if you have trouble on a specific step i can try to help you14:27
*** aloisiojr1 has joined #maemo14:27
nid0lupu I cant say I was specifically trying either, and the 24 hour battery life i've been getting seems roughly what id expect with relatively light/moderate usage and 3g disabled going by other people's reports, with the device in range of configured wifi ap's essentially the whole time14:27
nid0i'm just suprised that i've now managed double that with wifi disabled when not using it14:28
tybolltMohammadAG: -> reflash ?14:29
MohammadAGtybollt, reflashed yesterday14:29
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo14:29
MohammadAGsame problem, before and after the reflash (well directly after the reflash it worked, after restoring settings, it didn't)14:30
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC14:30
*** fcrozat|lunch is now known as fcrozat14:30
*** netvandal has joined #maemo14:30
*** ustunozgur has left #maemo14:31
MohammadAGtybollt, would you mind pasting a copy of your /etc/osso-af-init/af-defines.sh14:31
tybolltyou want my credit card numbers to go with that?14:32
nid0that'd be pretty handy, thanks14:32
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC14:33
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo14:33
w00tgoddammit it's cold today.14:33
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC14:33
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:33
*** mgedmin has quit IRC14:33
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:33
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo14:34
tybolltugh it's 31 lines dude14:35
tybolltI'd have to ssh into the fscker to paste that14:35
MohammadAGuse microb and pastebin?14:35
MohammadAGwell, can you check something for me?14:36
MohammadAGhere's my file, it should expire in 10 minutes
*** nicu has left #maemo14:36
MohammadAGit has /scratchbox in it, which is kind of weird14:36
*** Meiz_TB has quit IRC14:36
tybolltlooks about right dun it?14:37
tybolltbut oh well let me login and find out for ya14:37
tybolltblasted =)14:37
MohammadAGthanks :)14:37
MohammadAGline 106 btw14:37
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:37
MohammadAGjust cat /etc/osso-af-init/ | grep /scratchbox14:38
nid0fwiw, mine references scratchbox14:38
*** user__ has joined #maemo14:39
*** user__ has quit IRC14:39
MohammadAGafk for a bit14:41
*** cpmweb has joined #maemo14:41
*** alecrim has joined #maemo14:42
*** ClaesBas has quit IRC14:42
*** ClaesBas has joined #maemo14:42
lbt_can we run openswan on the n900 ?14:43
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC14:44
Stork91ali1234: remove 'qgn_indi_startup_nokia_logo.png' ? y14:44
SpeedEvilCan anyone point me at the script in early boot that execs a script if the keyboard is slid out?14:44
Stork91ali1234: cannot remove 'qgn_indi_startup_nokia_logo.png' : permission denied14:44
Stork91what am I missing that gives me the permission to edit the root?14:45
*** Basstard` has quit IRC14:47
fiferboydanielwilms: ping?14:47
Stork91I repeat a question I asked at the start of this inquery to this channel, how do I enable rd?14:47
*** cpmweb has quit IRC14:47
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC14:48
VeggenStork: easiest to get root is to install gainroot (in repositories already?)14:48
Veggenand then: sudo gainroot to become root.14:48
Stork91I can do sudo gainroot14:49
*** Basstard` has joined #maemo14:49
Stork91ive already spent 8 hours reading hwo to try to do this, mind just linking me?14:49
lbt_SpeedEvil: /sbin/preinit14:49
Veggenah, but the root...hmm, it's in flash, yes.14:49
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo14:50
*** guysoft22 has joined #maemo14:50
marmouteIs Thomas Tanner here ?14:50
*** GuySoft has quit IRC14:50
lbt_marmoute: he's t-tan fyi14:51
VeggenStork91: then you can't easily do it.14:51
Stork91no shit.14:51
marmoutelbt_: thx14:52
danielwilmsfiferboy pong14:52
*** nid0 has quit IRC14:53
*** nid0 has joined #maemo14:53
*** setanta has joined #maemo14:53
VeggenStork91: is a start.14:56
*** srw has joined #maemo14:56
Veggenyou probably need to customize an image and flash it.14:56
*** swo has quit IRC14:56
*** asolsson has quit IRC14:57
danielwilmsfiferboy sorry, have to go to a meeting...will be back in an hour!14:57
*** Khertan has joined #maemo14:58
KhertanHello every body !14:58
Veggencan't remember where you find the current image.14:58
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo14:59
Stork91maemo 415:00
Veggenuh, might be wrong here.15:00
Stork91maemo 415:00
Veggenoh, maemo 4.15:00
Stork91second tie youve pointed me to maemo 5 today though.15:00
Stork91I appreciate the attempt at help though atleast15:00
ali1234Stork91: you were root when you tried to delete the images?15:01
Stork91would you happen to know how to enable rd mode15:01
Stork91I was in the directory where the files were15:01
Stork91All i need to know now is how to enable that.15:01
Stork91i think15:01
ali1234no, rd mode will not help you15:02
*** asolsson has joined #maemo15:02
ali1234it will just make your battery wear out faster15:02
tybolltKhertan: Hello Dr Nick!15:02
*** bleeter has quit IRC15:02
Stork91enabling it for a shor ttime to allow me to change the file isnt possible?15:02
*** Meiz_TB has joined #maemo15:02
Stork91cause that is all that blocks me from changing this.15:03
ali1234it won't give you any greater permission than you had before15:03
*** ferulo has joined #maemo15:03
Khertantybollt: Dr Nick ?15:03
Stork91ive saved the intructions on how to do this tonight...15:04
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo15:04
*** bleeter has joined #maemo15:04
Stork91what do i have to do in order to midify the root?15:04
Stork91All i need to do is change out two files.15:04
Stork91THATS ALL15:05
corecodewhat's the problem?15:05
*** _Elwood_ has joined #maemo15:05
Stork91I want to change the hands bootscreen image.15:05
tybolltKhertan:  you don't watch simpson much - do you?15:05
corecodeStork91: in maemo 415:05
ali1234Stork91: all you need to do is be root when you copy over the new files15:05
Stork91thats all Ive wanted to do for 8 hours now.15:05
Stork91I was in root.15:06
Khertantybollt: ah ... it s not the same name in france :)15:06
tybolltKhertan: :P15:06
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC15:06
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo15:07
tybolltI can't imagine simpsons dubbed in grenoullie :P15:07
Stork91when i type in "sude gainroot" I get a message taht says "enable rd mode to gain root privilages"15:07
Corsactybollt: grenouille :)15:07
Stork91i still typed cd /usr/sahre/icons/hicolor/scalablehildon/15:07
CorsacStork91: try ssh root@localhost, maybe15:07
Stork91it went there.15:07
MohammadAGStork91, rootsh15:07
CorsacStork91: you're obviously not root, though15:08
Stork91then I typed rm *startup_nokia_logo.png15:08
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo15:08
Stork91I got the confirmation and typed yes15:08
MohammadAGbut you weren't root, so nothing happened15:08
Stork91rm: cannot remove '(file name here).png' : permision denied.15:08
MohammadAG<Corsac> Stork91: you're obviously not root, though15:09
Stork91ok so how do i try ssh root@localhost ?15:09
ali1234no no no15:09
ali1234if you seen that rd mode message when trying to sudo gainroot it means you did not install the package that gives you root15:10
Stork91so which package do i need to become root?15:10
*** wizkoder has joined #maemo15:10
Stork91is there a way to install this without using the .install?15:12
ali1234yes, use the application manager15:12
Stork91I dont ahve a wifi handy15:12
Khertantybollt: as homer said here : Espèce de sale pitit !15:12
ali1234oh, then no, not really15:12
Stork91use the application manager on what?15:12
ali1234on the n81015:12
*** areay has joined #maemo15:12
*** fredrin has quit IRC15:12
Stork91ok, so this will have to wiat till tomorrow then after i install rootsh then.15:12
ali1234if you already had rootsh installed, you could get the deb file and install manually with dpkg15:13
*** fredrin has joined #maemo15:13
ali1234but since you don't, you can't15:13
*** netvandal has quit IRC15:13
areayhi all... anyone know why there's still no 3.2010.02-8 fw update for the n900 in the uk? everywhere else got it on the 16th...15:13
ali1234no, nobody knows why...15:13
lbt_yeah, I got it on a pre-production but my wife hasn't15:14
Stork91well, thats my dead end for tonight.15:14
ali1234you get it if you have the global firmware installed15:14
areayis it worth flashing and using global? or should i wait15:14
mgedminareay, fwiw I never saw the pr1.0.1 and pr1.1 updates in my HAM15:14
Stork91goodnight guys, and stay class san fran15:14
ali1234maybe the bugs it fixes are not present in the UK firmware?15:14
Stork91I may be on from home where i can bum a wifi.15:14
*** guardian has quit IRC15:14
Khertanyou could install deb withtout wifi15:14
mgedminareay, then I discovered that HAM doesn't show firmware updates if it thinks it cannot install them, e.g. you replaced some OS package with an alternative15:14
Khertanwith the app manager in red pill on maemo 415:15
Stork91... red pill15:15
nid0areay - definitely flash to global, imo15:15
Stork91ill get that tonight as well15:15
RST38hmgedmin: This, actually, is only partially true15:15
MohammadAGdoesn't the N810 have red pill mode?15:15
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC15:15
Khertanthe n810 have a HAM red pill mode15:15
MohammadAG(afaik only the N900 (51-1 and above) had it removed)15:16
Stork91so I can do this from here?15:16
MohammadAGthen Stork91 can download the deb and install it15:16
Stork91can anyone point me to the .deb ?15:16
*** _Elwood_ has quit IRC15:16
RST38hmgedmin: Sometimes it shows the update but refuses to install it without stating the reason why15:16
areaynid0, is there any uk-specific stuff i'm gonna lose?15:16
*** wizcoder has joined #maemo15:16
nid0no - as far as anyone (including me) can tell, theres zero difference between the uk and global firmwares15:17
MohammadAGassuming I got the OS right15:17
mgedminRST38h, well, for me it didn't show any updates, although I could try apt-get dist-upgrade -n in xterm and see new kernel and lots of other things15:17
mgedminI reflashed15:17
areaysweet i'll give it a go15:17
nid0other than the fact that nokia suck and wont release updates for the uk firmware.15:17
tybolltKhertan: tres bien15:17
*** wizkoder has quit IRC15:17
mgedminnid0, AFAIU the rootfs image has no country-specific things; the MMC image has them15:17
tybolltolrite, everyone voting to change the name of MER to MEH... join me now ;)15:18
MohammadAGmgedmin, there's only one vanilla eMMC image15:18
*** ab3339 has quit IRC15:18
RST38hmgedmin: You probably do not wanna do dist-upgrade =)15:18
mgedminRST38h, that's that I thought too, so I reflashed15:18
RST38hmgedmin: For me, removing libqt packages worked15:18
MohammadAGRST38h, found that out the hard way lol15:18
*** guardian has joined #maemo15:18
areaywhat's wrong with dist-upgrade?15:18
RST38hmgedmin: then I updated with apt-get install15:18
mgedminareay, things could break15:18
MohammadAGit rendered my device unbootable15:18
areaymgedmin, ah... there's me apt'ing like crazy15:19
nid0as a uk user you still wont get the upgrade from it anyway15:19
Khertanan old link15:19
mgedminwell, the fix is reflashing, so "reflashing to avoid apt-get dist-upgrade breakage" is kind of silly15:19
*** trem has joined #maemo15:19
mgedminthen again if it turns out you'll need to reflash, you'd save time by avoiding the dist-upgrade15:19
* RST38h hates reflashing15:19
mgedminareay, apt-get install should be safe, unless you replace/remove core system packages15:20
* MohammadAG hates restoring apps15:20
nid0tbh, reflashing the n900 is about as painless as any phone ever has been15:20
* mgedmin never reflashed any phone15:20
*** Wizzup_ has joined #maemo15:20
mgedminit's maybe less painful than, e.g. reinstalling windows15:20
areaynot less painful than using windows tho15:20
mgedminbackups generally just work (except gPodder forgets its subscriptions -- has that been fixed yet?)15:21
MohammadAGI hate windows15:21
MohammadAGit's a shame I have to use it for compatibilty on one PC15:21
areayi won't allow it in my office ;)15:21
areayi've confiscated people's windows laptops before15:21
nid0the only wierd thing I find with restoring backups is that the device is somehow able to bypass requiring a pin for the sim card in the process15:21
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:21
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo15:22
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC15:22
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo15:22
gouverneurareay: its a security risk, isnt it... ;)15:22
*** edisson has joined #maemo15:23
*** Wizzup has quit IRC15:23
areaygouverneur, yup... exactly; flawed by design :)15:24
areayanyone got a link for the maemo-flasher and the new fw? i had it yesterday but lost it... and don't wanna go digging thru my history15:26
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:26
*** Gamma has quit IRC15:26
Stork91I installed it15:27
Stork91and i think ideleted it in the root15:27
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:27
Stork91but now it wont change the directory of the new file to the root...15:27
Stork91which basically means it wont boot now after i restart afaik15:27
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo15:28
*** wizcoder has quit IRC15:28
MohammadAGareay, ?15:31
areayMohammadAG, that's the one, thanks ;)15:32
MohammadAGnp :)15:33
*** tekojo has quit IRC15:34
*** asj_ has quit IRC15:35
*** bergie has quit IRC15:35
*** antonf has quit IRC15:36
*** petrux has quit IRC15:36
Stork91Just fucking worked15:40
Stork91ali1234: I love you.15:40
Stork91No realy.15:40
ali1234heh, thanks :)15:40
Stork91If ali is your name, and youre a chick... well... I would find a way through medical science to carry your kids.15:40
Stork91if youre a guy, offers off the table cause thats gay.15:41
zaheer__areay, i got my update to 2010-02-8 in the UK15:41
*** zaheer__ is now known as zaheerm15:42
Stork91something abotu that scream nsfw15:43
*** Kernspalter has joined #maemo15:43
*** netvandal has joined #maemo15:43
zaheermareay, my isp when i got it was bethere but i have one of the maemo summit loaner units15:43
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC15:43
Stork91I will check it from home on my n81015:43
Stork91Peace out!15:43
Stork91Seriously, thanks a ton man.15:44
*** felipec has quit IRC15:44
*** Stork91 has quit IRC15:45
areayzaheerm, ah yeah the summit ones update i think... mine's with vodafone and it wouldn't surprise me if it's still in QC at vodafone15:45
KhertanDoes there is maemo package expert here ?15:45
*** pta0007 has quit IRC15:46
zaheermareay, a reason not to get phones from carriers15:46
*** asj_ has joined #maemo15:46
jebbaKhertan: expert may be a bit bold, but if you ask your question, you may get an answer.15:46
Khertan <---15:46
povbotBug 9218: Bugtracker link invalid when link is an email15:46
Khertanquestion in last comment15:46
Khertanthx for help :)15:46
SpeedEvilzaheerm: not here.15:47
jebbaKhertan: take a look at this now:   The bugtracker link looks fixed.15:48
Khertanbut .... when i read comment #3 ... it s claimed that it s not the right field used15:49
areayzaheerm, one of many :P15:49
*** ukki has joined #maemo15:49
jebbaKhertan: i dont really ge the comment either, as it all looks like it's good to me.15:50
*** adalal has joined #maemo15:50
Khertanhum ... this problem will make me crazy !15:50
Khertani'm trying to push my game to extras since 2 weeks !15:51
Khertanone day more, and it ll take more time to do the packaging than the developpment !15:51
*** N900evil has joined #maemo15:51
Arif_I seem to have the battery problem too15:52
ukkianyone know how i can build-depend on a specific version of something? using (= version) doesn't work in builder15:52
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo15:53
* Khertan think that it s more simple to make it s own repository than trying to push things to extras15:53
RST38hKhertan: Welcome to reality :)15:54
Khertangniagniagnia !15:54
*** asj_ has quit IRC15:54
* Khertan is angry !15:54
pillar_Khertan: you shoul pålay with symbian signed for a little bit :)15:54
mgedminKhertan, true, but for your users it's easier to get things from extras15:55
Khertani ve play with it .... result on : "avoid that plateform"15:55
pillar_extras might feel better afterwards15:55
mgedminthe extras-devel -> extras hurdle might be too difficult, though15:55
pillar_Khertan: :)15:55
tybolltKhertan: merde! Sacre bleu! Putain!15:55
ShadowJKI hate random one-person's repositories that always conflict with everything else15:55
*** __t has joined #maemo15:56
Khertanyep ... but a well made repository with python apps doesn't conflict with anythings15:56
Khertanor maybe i should just do a simple installer apps push to extras15:56
fralsor just upload to -devel push to testing, get it tested and then promote?15:58
*** hannesw has joined #maemo15:58
ShadowJKWell, a well made app has no problem being in extras ;-)15:59
*** Sandman has joined #maemo15:59
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:59
*** TriztFromWork has quit IRC16:00
mgedminKhertan, personal repo for personal testing == goodness16:01
mgedminextras-devel for everyone else16:01
mgedminlet the community push it to extras if they like it a lot16:01
Khertanmgedmin: personnal repo test == OK16:01
mgedminam I a bad person for suggesting this?16:01
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC16:01
mgedminmy couple attempts of "let's look for good apps in extras-testing and help them along to get into extras" failed16:02
mgedminI stared at the list and couldn't decide what I should do next16:02
ShadowJKI voted a for a few... openpvn, rsync, 3g/2g/dual mode switcher..16:02
mgedmine.g. xchat -- is it extras-worthy?  no kinetic scrolling, crashes if you try to open preferences16:02
ShadowJKI think the crash is fixed16:02
mgedminbut I use it anyway and find it better than not to have an irc client at all16:02
mgedminyeah, I last looked at the extras process a while ago16:02
*** tgalal__ has joined #maemo16:02
RST38hmgedmin: it crashes? really?16:03
* mgedmin sighs16:03
jebbacrash is long since fixed in xchat afaict16:03
*** calvaris has joined #maemo16:03
mgedminRST38h, used to16:03
Khertanweb ui ... QA TEsting on extras-testing FAIL16:03
fralsuh, ui/ux stuff shouldnt block an app from getting to extras afaik16:03
Khertanit s a real pain16:03
RST38hmgedmin: Have you actually TRIED the last version?16:03
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo16:03
*** asj_ has joined #maemo16:03
* RST38h sighs16:03
Khertanand of course migrate to rpm will be worse16:03
mgedminRST38h, I'm telling you about my dillemmas several months ago and why I gave up on extras-testing16:03
mgedminI didn't feel qualified to make decisions16:03
RST38hmgedmin: You have given up too early16:04
* villemv spent a while messing with CDBS today... and is welcoming the rpm overlords16:04
mgedminI have a tendency to do that :(16:04
jebbawell at least the site is probably fast to do it now. Last i tried it was like a 30 minute process to hit "thumbs up" if you were lucky enough for it to go thru16:04
Khertansomeone can give me an answer on what field should be in the control file ?16:04
KhertanXSBC-Bugtracker ?16:04
Khertanor Butracker16:04
Khertanor Bugtracker16:05
jebbaKhertan: afaict you have it correct. Just ignore comment #3 for now.16:05
X-FadeKhertan: The first.16:05
Khertanor XB-Maemo-Display-Name16:05
*** netvandal has quit IRC16:05
X-FadeKhertan: X variant in control.16:05
Khertanso comment #3 here are wrong ? ->
povbotBug 9218: Bugtracker link invalid when link is an email16:05
X-FadeKhertan: Read the package guide.16:06
KhertanX-Fade: it wasn't in it last time i see it :)16:06
jebbaKhertan: it is rendering correctly on the package listing page now too16:06
*** dracflamloc has joined #maemo16:07
X-FadeKhertan: X tells that it's a user defined field16:07
X-FadeS tells that field will be copied to source package control file16:07
X-FadeB tells that field will be copied to binary package control file16:07
X-FadeC tells that field will be copied upload control file16:07
*** TriztFromWork has joined #maemo16:08
Khertanso it should be always for both XSBC16:08
X-FadeSo, it makes sense to have XSBC for bugtracker.16:08
X-FadeBut pretty name is only for B.16:08
X-FadeSo XB16:08
*** netvandal has joined #maemo16:09
Khertanhum ... yes as pretty name not display on source of course :)16:09
Khertanbut the resulting name field in the .deb package is the exactly the same (XSBC-Bugtracker:) or it doesn't contain XSBC  option (Bugtracker:)16:10
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:10
*** Kernspalter has quit IRC16:10
*** W_I has quit IRC16:10
X-FadeKhertan: In Packages it will then end up as Bugtracker:16:10
Khertanso comment #3 ok ...16:11
Khertanthanks for explaining me that X-Fade16:11
X-FadeKhertan: But in your source package it needs to be XSBC-Bugtracker yes.16:11
Khertani ll also fix pypackager to avoid all this wrong package :)16:11
Khertanso yep control file for source and binary as to be different16:12
Khertanthx a lot ...16:12
*** Terje1 has quit IRC16:13
*** Acedip has quit IRC16:13
*** N900evil has quit IRC16:13
Khertan,_Deploying_and_Distributing <-- does this isn't the right document ? no talk of Bugtracker :)16:14
*** hsmak has left #maemo16:14
* Shapeshifter needs to get him self a scrren protector multipack16:15
ShadowJKthe durasec cleartec ones come in fives.. but they're garbage16:15
Shapeshifterthese things scratch easily. especially as my stylus seems to have caugh a grain of sand or something16:15
threshi've already cracked the screen a bit16:16
ShapeshifterI have a clearteq. or a highteq. or the third one, dont know16:16
Khertanfrals: thx16:16
ShadowJKthe cleartec one scratches like mad, and it doesn't stick to the screen  very well16:16
* thresh needs a rugged case16:16
threshso i can easily play n900 fly or whatever the name is16:17
ShapeshifterShadowJK: ay, mine doesnt really stick. but i like the feel of it16:17
* ShadowJK nods16:17
KhertanX-Fade: so #9218 isn't really a bug16:18
X-FadeNo, that is WORKSFORME :)16:18
*** keras has quit IRC16:21
*** keras has joined #maemo16:21
KhertanX-Fade: yep ... better than invalid ... true ... :)16:23
tybollteverytime I get a "worksforme" back to $question_about_fail I murder a kitteh! >:)16:23
*** sergio has quit IRC16:23
gouverneurbug 921816:26
povbotBug Bugtracker link invalid when link is an email16:26
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s16:26
*** _Elwood_ has joined #maemo16:26
*** bef0rd has quit IRC16:27
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC16:28
*** kamui_ has joined #maemo16:28
*** fiferboy has quit IRC16:28
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo16:29
*** mardi__1 has joined #maemo16:30
*** mardi__1 has quit IRC16:31
*** mardi__1 has joined #maemo16:31
*** mardi__ has quit IRC16:32
*** mardi__1 has quit IRC16:33
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo16:34
*** koupsa has joined #maemo16:34
*** aSIMULAtor has quit IRC16:34
*** aSIMULAtor has joined #maemo16:34
*** _berto_ has quit IRC16:37
*** ATN has joined #maemo16:38
*** ATN has quit IRC16:39
*** kamui_ is now known as shinkamui16:40
shinkamuiha ha!16:40
shinkamuiI love myself16:40
Stskeepsgood :P16:40
Corsacplease cleanup after that16:41
*** theworldofbrad has quit IRC16:41
shinkamuino need, always love myself into a sock16:41
*** Wizzup_ is now known as Wizzup16:43
sp3000have we gotten confused with #meamo again16:43
pupnik_how many months before the outstanding bugs and annoyances are made irrelevant by the next device16:47
SargunDo we have MMS yet?16:47
*** booiiing has quit IRC16:48
crashanddiewhich stands for fuck MMS16:48
Sargunso, is MMS even on the roadmap?16:48
crashanddieSargun: fMMS16:49
pupnik_sargun WHY...16:49
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo16:50
*** NishanthMenon has joined #maemo16:51
Sargunpupnik, because more people use MMS on their phones than email16:51
jebba....citation needed....16:52
Sargunrather, more of my friends use MMS on their phones.16:52
nid0thats your statistical group?16:53
*** angasule has joined #maemo16:53
*** bergie has joined #maemo16:53
tybolltcrashanddie: no it's fapMMS, duuh... since he already elaborated on the "f" part by making that other app "fapn" :P16:53
zaheermSargun is probably correct16:53
*** orbarron|OoO is now known as orbarron16:53
pupnik_well that is valid16:53
*** N900evil has joined #maemo16:53
*** TriztFromWork has quit IRC16:53
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC16:53
zaheermbut it isn't true surely on higher end users or users of high end phones16:54
*** VRe has quit IRC16:54
Corsaczaheerm: the point is, your correspondant might not be a user of high end phone16:54
Corsacwhich is the point when you need to send stuff16:55
nid0plenty of low end older phones dont support mms either, what if the recipient owns one of those?16:55
nid0emailing's still easier.16:55
zaheermnid0, plenty of low end phone users don't have an email account16:55
SargunOften I flirt with chicks who do not have email capabilities on their phones.16:55
SargunI want to send them sexy pictures of myself, and want to be able to receive their sexy picture.16:56
SargunThis is a bug.16:56
nid0so install fmms16:56
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC16:56
zaheermhence nokia pushing their nokiamessaging in s40 and in developing markets16:56
nid0it isnt a bug.16:56
pupnik_sargun with the KO16:56
*** choppa has joined #maemo16:56
glassmms receiving support would at least be something to have, otherwise your granny will think your phone sucks since you can't receive pics of her muffins16:56
Kegetysbuy them a decent phone as a present16:56
nid0except, practically everywhere in the world you can receive her pics16:56
jebbaSargun did you miss the part about MMS being available?16:56
Sargunjebba, via fMMS?16:56
nid0certainly every network I know of, if your phone cant receive mms youll get either a push sms or an email16:57
jebbaisn't it16:57
nid0containing the original mms's image16:57
ShadowJKnid0, it varies alot16:57
ShadowJKnid0, for example, all networks I know of let you enter an email address instead of a phone number when you send an mms ;-)16:57
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo16:57
Khertan <--- nice arcade shoot em up16:57
Khertani like the style16:57
nid0exactly, both work16:57
Sargunjebba, Eh, I'll probably enable extras-devel and install it16:57
Khertanafter the vector style maybe i should try one like this one16:57
nid0I cant name a network that wont deliver you the message as either a push sms or an email, if you receive an mms and your phone doesnt support it16:58
ShadowJKnid0, Elisa/Saunalahti for one16:58
X-Fadenid0: sms with url to web viewer for me.16:58
ShadowJKAlthough their rival DNA does it16:58
*** asj_ has quit IRC16:59
*** VRe has joined #maemo16:59
Khertannid0: Orange ... send you an sms saying that the mms has been reject as your phone don't support it16:59
Corsacnid0: though if your phone as access to mail or web, the point is moot, a direct mail is easier16:59
nid0you might have a setting to change then, I have friends on orange who just get an email with the mms attached, same as o2 do16:59
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo17:00
Corsacnid0: but I guess there are more phones/contracts with MMS and no mail/web than the opposite17:00
nid0Corsac, the point was brought up about a granny sending you an mms on your shiny n900 that you cant receive, thats what im answering.17:00
Corsacone exception being the stock n900 :)17:00
Corsacnid0: oh :)17:00
nid0if your n900 cant access email, ur doin it rong17:00
Khertannid0: not in france17:00
nid0france for you, i guess :(17:00
CorsacKhertan: my n900 can access mail :)17:01
*** andrewfblack has joined #maemo17:01
nid0he means Orange in france receiving mms's17:01
nid0and just rejecting them17:01
fiferboydanielwilms: back?17:01
Khertanyes your n900 can access mail ... but orange didn't relay mms to email17:01
*** akeripper has quit IRC17:01
Corsac(I'm not sure anyone tried to send me mms)17:01
Corsac(now if someone did, i just didnt receive them at all so...)17:01
Khertan(no one use it in france too high priced)17:01
CorsacI'm not so sure about that17:02
Khertanyeah except pokemon of course17:02
nid0mms's are basically free on contracts in the uk, they just come out of your sms contract allowance17:02
*** ukki has left #maemo17:02
crashanddieI'm off to bed people17:02
Khertanmost contract include sms free now ... but mms aren't17:02
crashanddiehave a good one17:02
andrewfblackStskeeps: Just doing my daily Bugging17:03
Stskeepsandrewfblack: right, so, is the idea to have a shared set of icons amongst many themes?17:03
Stskeepsor one set per theme17:03
andrewfblackone set per theme or in some cases multiple themes might share one custom set17:04
andrewfblackso one set per theme but I might make say variations of one theme in color but want to use the same icon set.  I guess in that case each theme could still have its own set but would save space if you used same set not to have copies of it17:06
Stskeepsremember if LCARS provided icons in their themes?17:06
andrewfblackthey did17:07
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC17:07
Khertanand if i want one icon from one set17:07
Stskeepsand different per themes?17:07
Khertanand the rest from other ?17:07
Khertanmade one package by icon !17:07
andrewfblackI even provided icons in some of my but that when I used to use TM to build deb then I tore it apart and rebuild it with icons added17:08
andrewfblackbasiclly you have to install the icon folder and set the icon folder in the theme file17:08
GeneralAntillesJaffa, still not less whorish. :P17:09
*** Acedip has joined #maemo17:09
GeneralAntillesKhertan, too bad ASW hasn't made a fun game since Redline. :\17:09
KhertanGeneralAntilles: really ?17:10
*** crashanddie has quit IRC17:10
GeneralAntillesKhertan, sadly.17:10
Khertani stop playing there game with EV Nova :)17:10
andrewfblackreally icons could be a seporate package just point theme to icon folder if its not their the theme will use hicolor.  Then you could have a packge for icons if users wanted them17:11
GeneralAntillesKhertan, AmbrosiaSW shaped my youth with stuff like Avara, Ares, Escape Velocity, Harry the Handsome Executive, Chiral, Barrack and several others17:11
Khertani'm remembering the old day when i was young playing Escape Velocity on my macIIsi17:11
GeneralAntillesBut they've been pretty much shit since 2007.17:11
Khertanoh yes Harry the HE !17:11
GeneralAntillesI miss the days when they were a real publisher instead of just a porting house.17:12
*** Mysterious has joined #maemo17:12
Khertani'm thinking of making an other shoot em up with a pencil style :)17:12
GeneralAntillesDo it.17:12
GeneralAntillesI'll pay, even.17:12
Khertanjust hope that pygame will be able to render it well ... as scrolling is a bit slow17:13
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo17:13
Khertanmaybe loading level in a big image17:13
Khertanand scrolling then17:13
Khertani ll try that this evening in the train :)17:16
KhertanGeneralAntilles: did you have try vectormine ?17:16
GeneralAntillesKhertan, haven't gotten around to it yet.17:16
Khertanah yep :)17:16
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:16
GeneralAntillesCurrently sending snarky responses to Quim on MeeGo-community about Ovi.17:16
Khertanstill not in extras due to problem to package it :)17:16
KhertanMeeGo-community ?17:17
GeneralAntillesAnybody else think [Meego-community] just takes up too much damn space on the subject line?17:17
*** stemosco has quit IRC17:17
KhertanOvi ?17:17
Khertanwhat that17:17
Khertanas i cannot sell a game on ovi i ve created my own paiement system (paypal afaik)17:17
*** tekonivel has quit IRC17:18
*** tekonivel has joined #maemo17:18
RST38hKhertan: you can use a credit card processor like eSellerate17:18
RST38hGeneral: MeeGommunity17:18
RST38hhere, save 3 chars17:19
KhertanRST38h: yep ... you can also paid by credit card with a paypal business account17:19
nid0RST38h paypal's generally cheaper for low-volume though, and can accept cards17:19
KhertanNoGoCommunity save an other char17:19
RST38hnid0: they are creepy motherfuckers17:19
Khertannid0: and cheaper for low priced.17:19
KhertanRST38h: ?17:19
nid0yes, paypal are a bunch of creepy fuckers but its convenient and effective and mostly works17:19
KhertanRST38h: i never got any problem with paypal17:19
RST38hKhertan: May hold your money refusing to give it back to you. Require weird authentication.17:20
KhertanRST38h: ah ... :)17:20
RST38hKhertan: I tried to implement paypal payment option but it was so much trouble that I dropped it17:20
KhertanRST38h: it s easy to implement17:20
RST38hKhertan: If it happens that someone wants to pay with paypal, I process payment manually17:20
nid0easy to implement and easy to use, just make sure to withdraw from paypal to bank often17:20
Khertani can give you my php script to handle paiement notification17:21
RST38hnid0: eSellerate is a bunch of less creepy fucker that also works17:21
*** lopz has quit IRC17:21
Khertanso it s send automatically registration code for sharewares :)17:21
RST38hKhertan: Definitely not doing this with custom php scripts.17:21
RST38hBesides, I watermark binaries and need Symbian toolchain for signing the .sis files17:22
Khertancurrently it s my own script ... so i know what they do17:22
Khertanwatermark isn't too difficult to do in php (i was doing it for an old palm application=17:22
Khertanbut signing is an other pain :)17:22
* Khertan is listening Today we are all demons - Combichrist17:23
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:23
*** aakashd has joined #maemo17:24
*** koupsa has quit IRC17:25
*** ppenz has quit IRC17:25
KhertanThere are two cases where this technique just won't work. The first is where the whole window or screen really is being updated every frame - think of a smooth-scrolling engine like an overhead real-time strategy game or a side-scroller. So what do you do in this case? Well, the short answer is - don't write this kind of game in pygame17:26
RST38hThis sounds suspiciously like MIDP =)17:27
* mgedmin writes this kind of games in pygame and then runs them on really powerful computers17:27
*** alexj has joined #maemo17:27
* RST38h runs this kind of games in MSX emulator =)17:27
*** orbarron has left #maemo17:28
* Khertan want to make it running on n900 :)17:29
*** orbarron has joined #maemo17:29
KhertanBut most of the time ... some trivial tricks optimize really the things17:29
Khertanlike using cos and sin ...17:29
Khertanin a game one degree precise is enought17:30
Khertanso using a simple array is enough17:30
* mgedmin recommends profiling17:30
mgedminI taught a python class one day and demoed profiling to find out where the time is spent in a simple pygame toy -- turned out 90% of the time was spent in pygame.display.update()17:31
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo17:31
mgedminfull-screen updates every frame are painful17:31
*** Terje1 has quit IRC17:31
mgedminpyspacewar on a n810 was just a slide show17:32
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo17:32
Corsacand your battery loves it17:32
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:32
* RST38h recommends using a compiled language17:32
tybollttoo fast, needs to be slow as interpreted RST38h17:33
marienzwell, if you're spending 90% of your time in pygame.display.update() won't make things go any faster, that's the point :)17:33
marienzerr, a compiled language won't...17:33
* RST38h isnt sure what display.update() is then17:34
* RST38h thought it was the screen redraw17:34
marienzit is, but that just calls into libsdl, which is already written in a compiled language, if I'm not completely confused.17:35
* marienz checks17:35
* GeneralAntilles can't believe bergie decided bugs were less useful than Thanks!17:35
RST38hYou cannot draw your actual graphics by just calling libsdl17:35
RST38hGeneral: More importantly, why has he changed the formula without consulting with everyone?17:36
* GeneralAntilles notes bugzilla comments are also considered half as useful as comments.17:36
GeneralAntillesRST38h, no idea.17:36
*** areay has quit IRC17:36
Corsacis the current formula available somewhere?17:36
RST38hHe is entitled to have his own opinions, but doesn't this require public discussion before the changes are made?17:37
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Probably just missing a modifier value.17:37
marienzRST38h: yes, but if you're spending the majority of your time in pygame.display.update that seems to mean you're actually mostly stuck in SDL_UpdateRects. So micro-optimizing your python code or translating it to a compiled language won't really help if you end up making roughly the same calls into sdl.17:37
tybolltGeneralAntilles: URL? what is this?17:37
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Anyway, easyfix.17:37
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, indeed, but still
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: As long as there is concensus.17:37
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, that's the problem. ;)17:38
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: yeah.17:38
GeneralAntillesThere WASN'T consensus on a number of changes.17:38
derfHe's just following the formula:
RST38hthen the formula got somehow screwed up17:39
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: The sqrt is probably fine. But needs a bigger modifier.17:39
derfNo, it's under item #4.17:39
RST38hderf: ah this one =)17:39
*** mardi__ has quit IRC17:39
*** digen has joined #maemo17:40
RST38hmarienz: if it is in fact display update, then it can have any number of reasons, from python code taking too much time to draw, to python code updating too large rectnagles, to some problem with libsdl17:40
*** Vanadis_Work has quit IRC17:40
RST38hmarienz: either way, I get fastest results by redrawing the whole screen directly into /dev/fb0, in C, no Python or SDL required17:41
marienzRST38h: "python code taking too much time to draw" would normally show up in the profile mentioned above. "python code updating too large rectangles" is definitely possible, but translating to a different language doesn't help. My point is that you either need to make different calls into libSDL (for which the language used doesn't matter much) or stop using libSDL (for which yes, you might need a different language too)17:42
JaffaGeneralAntilles: I'll stop publishing it then ;-p17:42
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC17:42
RST38hmarienz: this again depends on your game model, as Khertan justly noted17:42
*** sergio has joined #maemo17:43
* marienz must admit that oversimplified claims about performance of python code work a bit like the proverbial red rag works on a bull on him17:43
RST38hmarienz: So far, it sounds similar to MIDP: Java is a slow, often interpreted language. MIDP gets around this by using native-code moving objects engine17:43
*** _andy has joined #maemo17:43
ali1234i get the best speed out of my car by ripping out the back seats and spare tyre. doesn't mean everyone should do it :)17:44
RST38hmarienz: while your game can operate with those objects, or sprites, if you wish, MIDP is relatively fine to use17:44
RST38hmarienz: but as soon as you get into scrolling or full screen effects of some kind, ou are fucked17:44
*** choppa has quit IRC17:44
*** choppa has joined #maemo17:44
RST38hmarienz: (notice that the ancient videogame hardware used exactly the same principles to get around low CPU performance)17:45
marienzRST38h: but if you're spending 90% of your time in pygame.display.update you *are* still in the state where you can relatively sensibly use pygame, if you know what I mean :)17:45
RST38hOnly they implemented their scrolling, sprites, and tiles in hardware17:45
RST38hmarienz: Not entirely :)17:45
marienzif you're actually updating individual pixels in a pygame surface you wouldn't spend 90% of your time in that function.17:45
marienz(*many* individual pixels, I mean)17:45
ali1234right, update() is how you signal dirty rects to the native SDL code17:46
RST38hmarienz: actually, just read diescription of display.update()17:46
marienz(I haven't used pygame on an n900, but I *have* used pygame, and like to think I have some rough idea of how it performs)17:46
corecodei'm searching for a getting things done application17:47
RST38hmarienz: If pygame is really clever, you may well be DRAWING in display.update() without knowning of it17:47
corecodeany ideas?17:47
*** __t has quit IRC17:47
RST38hmarienz: Imagine situation where pygame actually accumulates your drawing requests (like line/circle/blit/etc) but does not execute them until you do the display.update()17:47
marienzRST38h: I don't know of a way to end up back in python code from pygame.display.update.17:47
*** Soder has quit IRC17:48
RST38hmarienz: At this point, it will only execute requests for the rectangle you are updating17:48
RST38hmarienz: You will not end up in the python code. You will end up in the graphics library code instead.17:48
marienzRST38h: I'm still commenting on your "rewrite it in a compiled language".17:48
RST38hmarienz: Yea, but I guess we agreed on this already: if it does a lot of drawing then do rewrite it17:48
ali1234and the grphics library is SDL, written in C. and it still sucks17:49
marienzRST38h: I'm operating on the assumption that you'd still use libSDL in that language (that is: we're comparing libSDL driven from python to libSDL driven from a language like C)17:49
*** ptlo has quit IRC17:49
*** frade has joined #maemo17:49
RST38hmarienz: LibSDL does not do anything special. It opens you a window or a screen and lets you copy images there17:49
marienzRST38h: I get the feeling you switched to comparing python + pygame to some other language + direct framebuffer access to some point, and I missed that.17:49
*** asj_ has joined #maemo17:49
infobotmarienz meant: RST38h: I get the feeling you switched at comparing python + pygame to some other language + direct framebuffer access to some point, and I missed that.17:49
marienzno I didn't!17:50
marienzbleh, you get the idea :)17:50
*** hannesw has joined #maemo17:50
*** asolsson has quit IRC17:50
RST38hmarienz: No, I just read the display.update() documentation and got a suspicion of how pygame would do all the drawing in display.update() without you knowing it17:50
RST38hmarienz: It is actually a very common approach. I think even X11 implements it.17:51
lcuka game usually has quite sophisticated rules engine and state, manipulating this using a compiled language is the principle place you gain speed over python.  for an entirely library driven/no progressing macro calling a c library, it shouldnt really matter what you use17:51
marienzRST38h: for certain values of "drawing", yes, I think you're right. But if we're comparing python + pygame to c + libsdl that is *irrelevant*.17:51
marienzRST38h: so *are* we comparing python + pygame to c + libsdl? :)17:51
ali1234pygame is written in C anyway17:51
ali1234the only part that is python is the part where you call update()17:51
ali1234or w/e17:51
RST38hmarienz: naah, not touching c+libsdl at the moment17:51
* marienz boggles17:51
ali1234what lcuk said ^17:51
* marienz resets17:52
RST38hwarm reset or cold reset? =)17:52
Khertansometime updating the whole screen can be faster ... for example on vectormine it s ...17:52
marienzRST38h: I started this because I thought you were claiming rewriting the python parts in c, while still using libSDL, would help for a python app spending most of its time in pygame.display.update. I don't think that makes sense. I get the feeling we're not arguing about the same thing now :)17:53
Khertanas it doesn't have to save old position ... new one17:53
*** udovdh has quit IRC17:53
RST38h"Apple is advertising for an Engineering Manager to take the iPhone OS onto new platforms and new hardware, extending the OS"17:53
ali1234i got better performance with one huge texture over a tile engine17:53
RST38hmarienz: naah, it does not make sense17:53
marienzI keep doing that, arguing with someone I actually agree with17:53
*** udovdh has joined #maemo17:54
Khertanand rewrite to c instead of python is a stupid loss of time17:54
Khertanmost of the time it s due to an misunderstanding of how python works17:55
Khertanand optimize things a bit is better17:55
marienzoh, I've rewritten bits of python to c as a python extension module17:55
marienzit sometimes does make sense, this just wasn't one of those cases :)17:56
*** amigadave has quit IRC17:57
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo17:57
KhertanLocal variables are faster than globals17:57
KhertanAvoid calling functions written in Python in your inner loop. This includes lambdas. In-lining the inner loop can save a lot of time.17:57
* RST38h wonders how marienz would do dynamic YUV movie rendering in Python17:57
KhertanUse intrinsic operations. An implied loop in map() is faster than an explicit for loop; a while loop with an explicit loop counter is even slower.17:58
Scelt_last http 1017:58
marienzRST38h: not.17:58
KhertanRST38h: use gstreamer17:58
Khertanit s done for that :)17:58
marienzsomething like that, probably, yes.17:58
*** lopz has quit IRC17:58
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:59
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo18:01
*** Sandman has quit IRC18:01
*** ferulo has quit IRC18:01
*** ferulo has joined #maemo18:02
*** ^c0_SendiRIan^ has joined #maemo18:02
*** hannesw has quit IRC18:05
dracflamlocanyone here know of a QR code scanning program for the n900?18:05
dracflamloccool thanks18:06
*** filipe has joined #maemo18:08
*** juhjokel has quit IRC18:08
*** realitygaps has joined #maemo18:09
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo18:11
slonopotamuswhy  html markup doesn't render in gtk widgets in maemo?18:11
*** Vanadis__ has joined #maemo18:12
slonopotamuscorrection: do they not render at all or  only for me?18:13
slonopotamuss/do they/does it/18:13
infobotslonopotamus meant: correction: does it not render at all or  only for me?18:13
RST38hKhertan: What if the YUV image does not come from a video file?18:14
RST38hStill gstreamer? :)18:14
* luke-jr ponders18:14
luke-jrwhy didn't infobot do that one? O.o18:15
*** edisson has quit IRC18:15
infobotluke-jr meant: why didn't stupidbot do that one? O.o18:15
Corsacluke-jr: it doesn't do /me18:15
infobotluke-jr meant: why didn't infobot change that one? O.o18:15
*** alecrim has quit IRC18:15
*** lizardo has quit IRC18:15
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC18:15
*** briglia has quit IRC18:15
*** baraujo has quit IRC18:15
GeneralAntillesluke-jr, doesn't handle ACTION18:15
*** gjl has quit IRC18:15
Corsacha, nokia brazil is down18:16
*** asedeno_work has quit IRC18:16
luke-jrmust be a conspiracy. blame Stskeeps18:16
Stskeepsi'm behind it all!18:16
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo18:16
*** MadViking has quit IRC18:16
*** alecrim has joined #maemo18:16
*** briglia has joined #maemo18:16
KhertanRST38h: yes ... still gstreamer :)18:17
*** Terje1 has quit IRC18:17
Khertanit can encode image too :)18:17
*** lizardo has joined #maemo18:17
*** baraujo has joined #maemo18:17
*** jpe__ has quit IRC18:17
*** edisson has joined #maemo18:18
* ShadowJK wishes there was a way to write fixed-width text on tmp18:18
ShadowJKfor tables..18:18
Stskeepsor cowsay18:19
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo18:20
*** Gizmokid2005 has joined #maemo18:20
*** asedeno_work has joined #maemo18:21
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo18:21
Khertanicon size in /usr/share/pixmaps/ aren't anymore in 48x48 ,18:21
Khertanseems that my vectormine icon isn't display in maemo-launcher18:22
*** MadViking has joined #maemo18:23
*** Terje1 has quit IRC18:23
*** furunk3l has quit IRC18:25
RST38hKhertan: Madman! =)18:26
KhertanHA aha !18:27
*** andrewfblack has quit IRC18:27
*** user__ has joined #maemo18:27
*** jo-erlend has quit IRC18:27
Khertanoups mspaint died on my 10144x6128px image18:27
*** user__ is now known as jo-erlend18:27
Khertanbit enought memory18:27
*** bergie has quit IRC18:28
RST38hnokia's corporate web site died.18:30
SpeedEviloh noes.18:30 too18:31
*** uhsf has joined #maemo18:32
RST38hthe whole thing died18:32
RST38hEurope-wide is dead, .ru is dead too18:32
DocScrutinizernokia now called neeemo :-P18:33
*** trickie has quit IRC18:34
*** gjl has joined #maemo18:35
luke-jrrumour of the day: Intel has acquired Nokia18:36
tybolltluke-jr: booo18:36
*** realitygaps has quit IRC18:36
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo18:37
hrwDocScrutinizer: ;D18:37
*** fiferboy has quit IRC18:38
RST38h"Satan buys Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple"18:38
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC18:38
luke-jrconspiracy theory. masonic. Satanic. Bush. also, Fed.18:38
RST38h"Nintendo and Nokia disappointed."18:38
Stskeeps"nokia gets bought out by nintendo after fiasco"18:38
DocScrutinizerthought it satan's very own foundings18:38
cehteh"Microsoft buys Linux" :)18:38
RST38h"Microsoft goes Linux"18:39
cehtehthey do already18:39
Khertanerror 404 :)18:39
RST38hOk. "Linus includes win32 support into Linux kernel"18:39
Khertanbut the 404 error page is working :
luke-jrRST38h: that's called LUK18:39
Khertanhihi ...18:39
RST38hKhertan: the whole thin is fucked up18:39
Khertanakaima seems ok18:40
Khertanapple too (use akaima)18:40
RST38hluke: omg it exists18:40
cehtehhey .. .first time in history, that is more reliable than :P18:41
Corsacthat's because now runs on meego18:41
viszno free ovi maps yet for n900?18:41
KhertanCorsac: hum ... i don't think they upgrade recently from a 770 server to a n810 server ...18:41
cehtehno nokia at all18:41
Corsacisn't ovi maps already in n900?18:41
cehtehbut ovi is free, just not a version you would like18:42
Khertanso i don't think they have switched yet on a meego custom build on an n900 server18:42
cehtehuse osm!18:42
Khertangood evening18:42
viszCorsac, there a map application but it doesn't give driving instructions18:42
*** Khertan has quit IRC18:42
viszjust course on map18:42
Scelt_anybody else having problems with telepathy-extras? My facebook chat is causing troubles when msn working fine18:44
RST38hICQ does not work with 2.6.4 package18:44
RST38hWorks with 2.6.3, god knows why18:44
Scelt_facebook doesn't merge properly and alias cannot be changed18:45
Scelt_always the whole email. taking almost the whole screen width. not very practical18:45
*** jukey has quit IRC18:46
*** guerby has quit IRC18:46
VDVsxfunny rumors, haah18:46
ShadowJKInteresting benchmark. At RC5-72 key cracking, the Sheevaplug's 1.2 GHz CPU is 1.3 times faster than N900's 600MHz. Imagine that. :-)18:47
DocScrutinizernokia webmin boozeday18:47
VDVsxhere mine: Unnamed TMO troll wons the lottery and buys Nokia :D18:47
ShadowJKTwice the clockspeed, 1.3 times the speed18:47
Scelt_is johnny lamb in irc?18:47
*** Reaby has left #maemo18:47
RST38hVDVsx: naaaah18:47
RST38hShadowJK: memory bandwidth bottleneck.18:48
GeneralAntillesShadowJK, ARM9.18:48
ShadowJKGeneralAntilles, yep18:48
ShadowJKRST38h, well I think memory bandwidth is even more of a bottleneck on OGR, where the sheevaplug isn't as crap18:49
RST38hWho knows then...18:49
ShadowJKit's almost 1.4 times faster than n900 there ;-)18:49
GeneralAntillesWow, I think somebody replaced geneven with an evil (good?) clone.
ShadowJKI'm going with GeneralAntilles, A8 vs Arm918:49
*** trem has quit IRC18:50
ShadowJKwell, sheeva isn't really arm9.. i18:50
ShadowJKit's xscale and shit.. or something..18:50
RST38hShadowJK: The thing is named as if it were some kinky S&M implement18:50
RST38hXScale is not exactly ARM9, true18:50
luke-jrVDVsx: that would be an interesting thing to see18:50
luke-jrdoes the lottery prize actually cover the cost of buying a large company?18:50
ShadowJKluke-jr, not really18:51
VDVsxluke-jr, don't think so18:51
VDVsxat least the biggest thing here, if really far from that18:51
ShadowJKluke-jr, you need about 50 - 60 billion to buy nokia18:51
VDVsx*is really18:51
ShadowJKmaybe more18:51
*** anvith3 has joined #maemo18:51
luke-jrmaybe buy the Maemo "division" from Nokia? :p18:52
ShadowJKluke-jr, maybe setup your own company18:52
luke-jrprobably a better idea, yeah18:52
*** mardi__ has quit IRC18:52
luke-jrbut it wouldn't be as humourous18:52
RST38hVDVsx: Nintendo buys Nokia, turn the company business to printing playing cards18:52
zaheermback to its roots18:53
ShadowJKSony buys nokia, makes all phones beam DRM rootkits through bluetooth, wlan and wifi18:53
RST38hVDVsx: What was that polish nutcase's name?18:53
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo18:53
DocScrutinizerI don't see any errors beyond probably Nokia's CMS down18:53
*** mcurve has joined #maemo18:54
DocScrutinizerso quite possibly Akamai18:54
RST38h"Darius wins the lottery, starts his own company, competes with Nokia smartphone business"18:54
*** ^c0_SendiRIan^ has quit IRC18:54
* ShadowJK posted benchmark on Sheevaplug, smartq7, N800, N900 at:
*** trem has joined #maemo18:55
ShadowJKHopefully the formatting looks sane on other computesr than my own18:55
jebbaDocScrutinizer but the site is serving up, just not the right doc.18:55
jebbaShadowJK: looks ok here with ff on f1218:55
DocScrutinizeryep, that's what I think18:55
RST38hShadowJK: Would also be interesting to see a few Atom-based systems there18:55
DocScrutinizerjebba: I guess the "Sorry" page is the only one in basic server domain18:56
*** mgedmin has quit IRC18:56
*** fredrin_cel has quit IRC18:56
*** wizkoder has joined #maemo18:56
ShadowJKRST38h, oh I have a Atom 330... but I have to leave right now, remind me later ;-)18:57
jebbaDocScrutinizer but if you follow the link on the sorry page, it does have a link to a working global page (which was another redirect in my case).  Something in argentina is actually working and the rest of the world is broken. That's a first.18:57
*** guardian has quit IRC18:57
*** fiferboy has quit IRC18:57
DocScrutinizerwhich link?18:58
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC18:58
*** guardian has joined #maemo18:59
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo18:59
*** guerby has joined #maemo18:59
*** Erod has quit IRC18:59
jebbaUnder "oops lost":  "Nokia Global home page":
*** dvoid_ has joined #maemo19:00
dmj726_n900VDvsx: hi I saw your gsoc post19:00
DocScrutinizerjebba: redirects me to
inzDocS, that was the point19:01
jebbaDocScrutinizer, ya i get that page.  And look under oops, it has a link like mentioned above19:01
* Birdack va' 19:01
*** Birdack has quit IRC19:01
inzDocS, but usin as the uri would make the problem more apparent19:01
DocScrutinizerjebba: and clicking that one I get redirected to above mentioned19:02
jebbaah, i get a global site where you can pick your country. Whatever, they're foobar for sure.  Geez.19:02
DocScrutinizerjebba: for .de it's borked, for .com it works19:03
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo19:03
*** frade has quit IRC19:03
*** visz has quit IRC19:03
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC19:04
*** mardi__ has left #maemo19:06
DocScrutinizerwell, THANK GOD ovi is alive :-P19:07
Arif_anyone know how to set a custom DNS on the N900?19:07
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk19:07
*** fab_ has quit IRC19:09
*** alexj has quit IRC19:10
DocScrutinizersettings -> internet -> bla... -> extended settings, tab "IP addresses"19:11
*** eMHa has quit IRC19:11
* Arif_ prefers opendns19:11
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC19:12
*** kkb110 has quit IRC19:13
*** carloscesa has joined #maemo19:15
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo19:17
*** sar3th has quit IRC19:17
*** Mysterious has quit IRC19:17
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo19:18
*** calvaris has quit IRC19:19
*** Meiz_TB has quit IRC19:19
dmj726_n900VDVsx: has maemo been accepted as an org for gsoc?19:19
*** adalal has quit IRC19:19
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo19:20
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone19:20
*** filipe has quit IRC19:20
*** lbt_ has quit IRC19:20
*** ptl has quit IRC19:20
*** filipe has joined #maemo19:20
*** filipe has quit IRC19:20
lcukn900its bloody cold today19:21
* Trizt nods19:21
Arif_I noticed19:22
Arif_if I change the volume with the buttons19:22
Arif_the volume slider at the bottom of the media player doesn't move19:22
RST38hit is a bug19:22
RST38hit is a wontfix bug19:22
*** Quark_ has joined #maemo19:22
RST38hlcuk: "cold" as... ?19:22
Quark_how are u all ^^?19:23
*** oly has quit IRC19:23
Arif_guess I'm not the first one to notice then19:23
GeneralAntilleslcukn900, we're warming up today. :P19:23
RST38hlcuk: BTW, I have finally got to the spot where daleks scream EXTERMINATE! in German. Took 'em 30 years...19:23
lcukn900rst i am feeling freezing in own home19:23
lcukn900its probably warmer outside19:24
Triztlcuk; light a fire19:24
dmj726_n900anybody else looking at participating in gsoc?19:24
RST38hlcuk: fire!19:24
andre__RST38h, why is that wontfix? any bug ID?19:24
RST38hlcuk: -5 here, 1.5m of snow, sunny =)19:24
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC19:24
RST38handre: a moment19:24
RST38handre: explanation was pretty weird too19:24
*** petur has quit IRC19:24
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo19:25
RST38hbug #8114 enjoy19:25
povbotBug Video player volume control desynced from master control19:25
lcukn900i need to update my list of irc trigger words19:25
andre__RST38h, ah, thanks a lot19:25
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo19:26
*** Quark_ has quit IRC19:26
*** janin has quit IRC19:26
*** kkb110 has quit IRC19:26
lcukn900what does xchat do if i update it while its running19:27
RST38hno idea, try19:27
RST38hwon't close but probably won't reread it either19:27
GeneralAntilleslcukn900, nothing until you restart it.19:27
RST38handre: this (and the famous pa lockup) are actually bugs, so I have no idea why nokia insists on wontfixing them19:27
*** lopz has quit IRC19:28
Arif_cuz they're nubletz19:28
pillaris it not possible to have sound over ringtone when someone is calling?19:28
*** lcukn900 has quit IRC19:28
*** sheepbat has quit IRC19:29
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo19:29
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo19:29
andre__RST38h, either changes too complex ("too much work for not enough effort"), or maybe parts of some teams already moving on, or sometimes just some weird error managers' personal opinions. just my guesses though, probably other reasons exist too...19:29
*** lcukn900 has left #maemo19:29
andre__pillar, what is "sound over ringtone"?19:29
* Trizt hates that when he forgets to disconnect wifi at home when leaving for work, then he won't be able to connect to wifi at work19:29
pillarandre__: what I mean is that my own app uses sound at the same time19:30
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo19:30
andre__pillar, ringtone has highest priority.19:30
andre__I think I'll lart any app that blocks the sound so I miss a call.19:30
lcukn900rst is the channel closing X meant to be in bottom left19:30
lcukn900to accidentally close chan19:30
lcukn900i thought it would close chanlist19:31
lcukn900and was it there before update19:31
cehtehhehe happend to me too once19:31
pillarandre__: any way around it? I'm not trying to block the ringtone completely, but make a quick sound at the same time19:31
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo19:31
*** tg has quit IRC19:31
RST38hlcuk: it was always there19:31
andre__pillar, hopefully there's no way around that...19:31
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo19:31
*** tg has joined #maemo19:31
RST38hlcuk: AFAIK you can get rid of it with an option19:31
pillarandre__: would like to make it so that it announces the caller's name19:32
andre__pillar: audio policy... don't know if it's possible to work around19:32
cehtehalso the context menu when channels shown as tree are missing19:32
*** halves has quit IRC19:32
RST38hcehteh: do not show channels as a tree =)19:33
lcukn900technically as root theres a way round most everythin19:33
*** jo-erlend has quit IRC19:33
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo19:34
cehtehlist takes more space toomuch scrolling19:34
*** anvith3 has quit IRC19:35
DocScrutinizerlcukn900: xchat saves prefs on close. So updating while it's running seems to be a bad idea19:35
lcukn900its ok doc19:36
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC19:36
cehtehprefs are local not touched by updating19:36
lcukn900cos if i close then update19:36
lcukn900vs running whilst update19:36
RST38handre: There is another solution for 811419:36
lcukn900the next time i use my prefs they would have been written by version x-119:36
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo19:36
cehtehi updated often while its running19:36
RST38handre: make volume control in media player directly change the volume control in the applet19:37
cehtehthe only probm19:37
cehtehwrong key19:37
lcukn900whats wrong key19:37
pillarandre__: do you know anyone that would be good to contact about that?19:37
cehtehthe only problem is when replacing a .so plugin19:38
lcukn900only if the .so was dyna loaded after updating19:38
cehtehcrashed on me once19:39
andre__pillar, no, sorry...19:39
lcukn900i update .so files all day long19:39
lcukn900well night19:39
*** kkb110 has quit IRC19:39
lcukn900when im not so tired anyway19:40
pillarandre__: ok thanks anyways19:40
DocScrutinizerright, prog text and .so are open handles simply19:40
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo19:40
*** lopz has joined #maemo19:41
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo19:41
*** digen has quit IRC19:41
*** digen has joined #maemo19:41
DocScrutinizerso your major problem will be anonymous file kept by open handle allocating space on storage19:41
*** kkb110 has quit IRC19:41
*** mardi__ has quit IRC19:42
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC19:42
cehtehdependso on the update procedure .. if it overwrites or replaces the file19:42
lcukn900same thing19:43
lcukn900if a file is locked for writing by a process19:43
DocScrutinizernever seen an update opening a file and rewrite it's content19:43
lcukn900it becomes anonymous19:43
*** guido_g has joined #maemo19:44
*** slaxium has joined #maemo19:44
*** ph1l has quit IRC19:44
*** konttori has joined #maemo19:44
cehtehDocScrutinizer: apt not .. but a normal cp does iirc .. and gcc linking does too .. so this strikes non careful developers :)19:45
cehtehwell .. bbl19:45
DocScrutinizercp doen't19:45
*** guido_g has left #maemo19:45
*** yerga has joined #maemo19:45
*** halves has joined #maemo19:46
VDVsxhey dmj726_n900, was watching football :)19:46
DocScrutinizerI don't know if maybe redirect > does19:47
*** guardian has quit IRC19:47
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC19:47
dmj726_n900hey VDVsx19:48
*** Free_maN has quit IRC19:48
*** guardian has joined #maemo19:48
*** nicu has joined #maemo19:48
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo19:50
*** guardian has quit IRC19:53
*** mchua is now known as mchua_afk19:53
dmj726_n900is maemo still applying or has it been accepted?19:54
*** ceolin has joined #maemo19:54
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo19:54
*** andrewfblack has joined #maemo19:56
BluesLeeVDVsx: valerio?19:56
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo19:57
*** eMHa has joined #maemo19:58
VDVsxBluesLee, yes :)19:58
VDVsxdmj726_n900, applying like any other org19:58
VDVsxthe submission process isn't open yet19:59
BluesLeeVDVsx: you are the guy who wrote this bt remote app on the freerunner, right? good work!19:59
VDVsxBluesLee, yup19:59
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC20:00
BluesLeeVDVsx: using accelerometers, do you think its possible to write a good juggling app?20:01
*** mateus has quit IRC20:01
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC20:02
VDVsxBluesLee, lol, probably20:02
BluesLeeVDVsx: i mean, is it possible to handle throws from left and right hand separatly?20:02
*** aziwoqpd has quit IRC20:02
MohammadAGfound out what caused the <unknown> stuff in about product20:03
*** aziwoqpd has joined #maemo20:03
*** Terje1 has joined #maemo20:04
VDVsxBluesLee, would be tricky for sure, but probably can be done with some learning algorithm20:04
VDVsxgtg, bbl20:04
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo20:05
BluesLeethe idea would be to juggle a certain pattern, lets say simple 3 ball cascade and to give a certain tolerance for the user to move up from left side (left hand throw) and move up from right hand side (right hand throw)20:05
BluesLeewithin a certain time otherwise the corresponding ball is dropped20:06
Lumpio-You don't need an app to juggle20:06
Lumpio-Just 3 or more N900s20:06
Lumpio-And a good insurance policy20:06
*** SiggyF has joined #maemo20:07
*** ibz has quit IRC20:07
BluesLeeLumpio-: no problem with 3 smartphones20:07
*** mcurve has left #maemo20:08
*** ibz has joined #maemo20:09
*** anbaldwi has joined #maemo20:09
DocScrutinizerBluesLee: how would you detect moves of left and right hand separately (or even move hands independantly at all for tha behalf) while the device is just *one* object?20:09
DocScrutinizersounds as realistic as 5000m race on Wii20:10
DocScrutinizerr 100m dolphin ;-P20:11
BluesLeeDocScrutinizer: i really dont know20:11
DocScrutinizerBluesLee: you can create a *game* of some kind, and title it "juggler". Just like there's pinball for PC as well20:12
BluesLeebut if the pattern is fixed and the order is given left, right, left, right and so on its getting simple20:12
*** pta0007 has joined #maemo20:13
DocScrutinizeryeah, but in the end it's all just hitting buttons arcade madness20:14
pta0007hi, I have a question abut how to use GTK+  in scratchbox.20:14
pta0007i wrote a qt application which employs gtk+20:15
*** blizzow has quit IRC20:15
pta0007but when "make", the head file such as gtk/gtk.h cant be found20:15
*** igagis has joined #maemo20:15
Corsaca qt application using gtk+ ?20:16
* Corsac cries20:16
Corsac(install libgtk2.0-dev)20:16
luke-jrpta0007: don't do that.20:16
Corsacplease, think of the kittens20:16
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC20:16
DocScrutinizerI'm going to bake a plumcake, with salami20:17
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo20:17
nid0then feed it to a vegitarian20:17
luke-jrdo vegetarians eat synthetic meat?20:17
pta0007cause on Windows environment with MADDE, I could compile the qt application with GTK+ corretly20:17
luke-jrpta0007: compile != run20:17
Corsache's not trying to run but to build20:18
DocScrutinizercos in my oven, this salami plumcake bakes fine20:18
BluesLeeDocScrutinizer: i have some python code for a juggling app, how i would proceed from this to port it in a good way to maemo 520:19
pta0007luck-jr: I just wonder whether I could do the same thing on linux, with the native programming environment20:19
luke-jrpta0007: no. you can't mix Qt and GTK+ <.<20:19
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo20:19
luke-jreven if it compiles, it won't run*20:19
pta0007luck-jr: ic20:20
DocScrutinizerBluesLee: no idea. I dunno the original app20:20
DocScrutinizerBluesLee: I guess you should find out about how to interface accels via py though20:21
DocScrutinizererr, the *one* accel20:21
pta0007so, anybody could give me some links to learn building the app with gtk+ for maemo?20:21
DocScrutinizerBluesLee: or just use ts-tap events20:21
luke-jrpta0007: meh, don't use GTK+ either please :p20:22
BluesLeehehe ... i thought about that, there is an iphone app which does that20:22
pta0007luck-jr: dont understand what you mean. Gtk+ is out of date?20:22
pta0007because I would like to use the example_camera.c from maemo20:23
pta0007which app uses gtk+20:23
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:23
luke-jrpta0007: GTK+ is just crap; always has been20:24
luke-jrpta0007: and as far as Maemo goes, everything is moving to Qt20:24
Triztand Nokia owns qt, so it's more Nokia :P20:24
*** tbf has quit IRC20:24
luke-jrwhat does example_camera.c do?20:24
pta0007luke-jr:do the camera function20:25
luke-jrdo what with it?20:25
pta0007show a viewfinder on the screen ,using the camera of the device20:25
*** millenomi has quit IRC20:25
luke-jrthere's camera code20:25
*** florian has quit IRC20:26
*** lcukn900 has quit IRC20:26
pta0007luke-jr:i'll take a look20:26
b0unc3hey guys, there is any way to reload a statusbar plugin ? (from code)20:26
*** florian has joined #maemo20:26
* RST38h suspects people will start porting kde apps right after pr1.2 release20:26
DocScrutinizertalking topic camera: does anybody know if the camera executable is preloded or it's started the moment you open the slider (etc, button)20:26
RST38hb0unc3: yes20:26
RST38hb0unc3: restart hildon-statusbar-whatever, a moment20:27
RST38hbounc3: ps -ax |grep hildon-status-menu  and then kill the one which has bigger pid20:27
*** Wikier has quit IRC20:28
tybolltRST38h: why?20:28
DocScrutinizerRST38h: except when process counter wraps ;-)20:28
*** marcels has joined #maemo20:28
RST38hDocS: Ah, do not be a wikipedian :)20:29
DocScrutinizersorry :-)20:29
*** boolean has joined #maemo20:29
booleanquestion: what does the usb status of "a_wait_bcon" mean ( n800 with maemo 5 )20:30
luke-jrboolean: there is no such thing as N800 with Maemo 5  -.-20:30
b0unc3RST38h, this 'reset' the statusbar to default (eg. eliminating all the others plugin)20:30
Stskeepsboolean: no maemo5 on n80020:30
RST38hah, ok20:31
RST38huninstall all status bar plugins from HAM20:31
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, camera-ui is always in the process list here20:31
booleanok n800 with diablo ... better ? :)20:31
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo20:31
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: what I expected. Thanks. [ :-( ]20:32
booleananyhoot, I am trying to get my n800 into isb host mode but all it keeps coming back with is a_wait_bcon20:32
DocScrutinizerUSB hostmode on N800??20:32
DocScrutinizerN810 has. N800 dunno, not sure20:33
Stskeepsn800 has20:33
*** Terje1 has quit IRC20:33
b0unc3RST38h, maybe you didn't understand, I want to reload a specific statusbar plugin20:33
RST38hthen do what I told you20:33
MohammadAGb0unc3, killall hildon-status-menu20:34
RST38hhildon-status-thing will restart once you kill it20:34
RST38hand reload all statusbar plugins20:34
RST38hNo, no killall, you do not want to kill the first instance20:34
pta0007luke-jr:sorry for my stupid, but dont even know how to download it20:34
MohammadAGRST38h, it restarts it for me :)20:34
*** AlMehdi has joined #maemo20:34
b0unc3with killall works ok20:34
*** mece has joined #maemo20:34
*** AlMehdi has left #maemo20:34
luke-jrpta0007: sez right there:
RST38hok then20:35
MohammadAGRST38h, afaik all hildon-* stuff gets restarted if killed20:35
MohammadAG(and systemui)20:35
MohammadAGI uninstalled hildon-desktop once, just to see what would happen if it didn't find it20:35
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: reboot will do as well?20:35
*** avs has joined #maemo20:35
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, true, but rebooting impacts the battery20:36
DocScrutinizeraaah ok20:36
MohammadAGthough I've noticed something weird this, if I pop out my battery and pop it back in, the N900 gains two bars20:36
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: that's quite strange, as I'd expect the modem goes down completely when you remove bat20:37
MohammadAGtwo bars in battery life20:37
nid0how long does it keep them for20:38
MohammadAG(might have used the long term to explain that :) )20:38
DocScrutinizerthat's no surprise. Batmeter is guessmeter botch20:38
MohammadAGnid0, as much as it would normally keep them20:38
nid0then you have a magic neverending battery, go you20:38
MohammadAGso it's not like the bug on my (old & sold) N97 battery, where it went from 7-6-5-4-7-120:38
nid0battery life is just a guesstimate at best though20:39
MohammadAG- battery* (the whole N97 was sold)20:39
MohammadAGnid0, my laptop thinks the battery lasts 5 minutes20:39
*** trofi has joined #maemo20:39
nid0 < applies to batteries as much as windows20:39
*** Khertan has joined #maemo20:39
MohammadAGlol nid020:40
*** slaxium has quit IRC20:40
*** BluesLee has quit IRC20:41
KhertanHum someone know if pyopengl is available on Maemo 5 (n900)20:41
luke-jrKhertan: I would guess not, seeing as it only has GLES, not full GL20:42
*** florian has quit IRC20:43
*** guardian has joined #maemo20:44
*** Khertan has quit IRC20:45
*** asolsson has joined #maemo20:46
*** achipa has quit IRC20:47
*** zaheer__ has joined #maemo20:47
*** zaheerm has quit IRC20:48
*** Erod has joined #maemo20:49
*** asolsson_ has joined #maemo20:50
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC20:51
Arif_can anyone help me through setting up qtirrecco :(20:52
Arif_I downloaded a remote but I get a blank screen after adding it :(20:53
*** asolsson_ has quit IRC20:54
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC20:54
MohammadAGArif_, bad upload maybe?20:57
MohammadAGtry a different one20:57
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo20:57
TomaszDthp, update gpodder's screenshot on maemo downloads :)20:57
andrewfblackStskeeps: Bug Bug Bug lol20:57
*** ph1l has joined #maemo20:57
Stskeepsandrewfblack: i think dealing with icon templates would have been more pleasant today yes :P20:57
* Stskeeps nuked his n900 filesystem by accident20:58
andrewfblackStskeeps: not good see should have been working on icon template20:58
* satmd rms sts' rm20:58
MyrttiStskeeps: you n900 by accident? I herd it is dangerous.20:58
DocScrutinizer  ubuntu muhahaha20:59
inzxkcd uri wars!20:59
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo21:00
*** fcrozat is now known as fcrozat|gone21:00
*** mece has left #maemo21:00
*** kkb110 has quit IRC21:01
pronto  ♥21:01
pronto ♥ ♥21:01
*** trbs has joined #maemo21:01
* Myrtti sprays some of her White Musk perfume on pronto21:01
*** Acedip has quit IRC21:02
*** blizzow has joined #maemo21:02
*** W_I has joined #maemo21:02
prontonow i smell oh so pretty ^_^   -.-21:02
* Arif_ hands pronto some earrings21:02
*** AntiXpucT has quit IRC21:04
*** sobczyk has joined #maemo21:04
sobczykis it possible to load ovi maps and not use connection?21:05
DocScrutinizeryou ever realized:21:05
DocScrutinizer~ignore DocScrutinizer21:05
* infobot sticks her fingers in her ears. "La, la, la! I can't hear you, DocScrutinizer!"21:05
DocScrutinizerinfobot's a girl :-D21:05
*** fiferboy has quit IRC21:05
MyrttiDocScrutinizer: so is #ubuntu main bot too21:05
satmdsobczyk: the wiki somewhere - and the talk page too - had long discussions about that21:05
satmdshort: yes21:06
*** edisson has quit IRC21:06
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:06
*** alecrim has quit IRC21:06
satmdlong: needs some work to get that up on 64 bit21:06
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: most bots are21:06
*** Sargun has quit IRC21:06
*** briglia has quit IRC21:06
DocScrutinizerguess why :-P21:06
Myrttibecause we can multitask21:06
*** baraujo has quit IRC21:06
*** SWFu64 has joined #maemo21:06
* satmd eyes these 189.2.* users21:06
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC21:06
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: her owner fails to come up with a human girl21:06
*** Sargun has joined #maemo21:06
w00tsatmd: lots of people working in the same office21:07
* luke-jr has 2-3 human girls, so his bot is male.21:07
* satmd has one male bot and several female bots21:07
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo21:07
DocScrutinizerluke-jr: I tend to adopt your thoughts, though I like Myrtti's idea much better21:07
*** alecrim has joined #maemo21:07
*** lizardo has joined #maemo21:07
*** edisson has joined #maemo21:07
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: I can multitask.21:07
satmdthese are my personal !cookie supply21:07
*** baraujo has joined #maemo21:08
*** briglia has joined #maemo21:08
*** blizzow has quit IRC21:08
booleanhmm ... has anyone used the linux nokia flasher to place their n8*0's usb into host mode?21:12
booleanif so, was the procedure identical to that of the os flashing?21:12
*** ceyusa has quit IRC21:14
*** kimitake_idle has quit IRC21:14
cehtehidentical certainly not21:14
DocScrutinizernever noticed you could use the host based nokia flashed to switch the gadget to host mode. Sounds idiotic anyway21:15
booleantis part of the application, go figure21:16
GeneralAntillesboolean, just set it on the device21:16
GeneralAntillesor build yourself an OTG adaptor.21:16
*** wormsxulla has quit IRC21:17
*** guerby_ has joined #maemo21:17
DocScrutinizerpc connectivity manager, or somesuch21:17
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, bootloader is always client.21:17
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, the flag is relevant to when you're actually booting the kernel.21:17
*** nicu has quit IRC21:17
*** guerby has quit IRC21:17
DocScrutinizeryes, but then who cares bout bootloader?21:17
satmdhim who wants to flash21:18
*** guerremdq has joined #maemo21:18
DocScrutinizerduh, it's a flag - persistent21:18
GeneralAntillesflasher talks to NOLO21:18
DocScrutinizeras I got it21:19
booleanGeneralAntilles: the problem I have bene having is when setting to host, the only status is keeps is a_wait_bcon21:19
*** avs has quit IRC21:19
*** digen_ has joined #maemo21:21
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: so ifr I got it right it's like setting a kernel cmdline option in BL21:21
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, believe so.21:21
satmdstarts in client mode, the kernel will restore it during boot21:22
DocScrutinizerthanks for clarifying21:22
satmdit=modus operandi21:22
booleandoes anyone know what that usb status is? ( a_wait_bcon )21:22
booleanall i get is some reference that it is required for shutdown21:22
*** digen has quit IRC21:23
*** digen_ is now known as digen21:23
*** sergio has quit IRC21:24
*** Ceron^_ has quit IRC21:25
konttoriboolean: waiting for connection21:26
konttorimeans that you are in host or in OTG mode afaik21:26
*** Mousey has joined #maemo21:27
*** Khertan has joined #maemo21:28
booleankonttori: thanks.. that would explain things21:28
Khertanwhile trying to run pyside opengl 2dpainting example i got a pyopengl must be installed .. oh god ... it s not available !21:28
*** Vanadis__ has quit IRC21:28
*** koupsa has joined #maemo21:28
*** Vanadis__ has joined #maemo21:29
*** kimitake_idle has joined #maemo21:29
*** villemv has quit IRC21:30
*** Cascade_ has joined #maemo21:30
Cascade_New programming forum! JOIN!21:30
*** Cascade_ has left #maemo21:30
*** florian has joined #maemo21:30
sobczykare there some other maps with gps for the n900? ovi maps has a very pooor s korea coverage, openstreetmaps is perfect though I don't know if i can download the maps21:32
jebbasobczyk: try using the program "maep" with openstreetmaps (it's default i believe)21:32
*** Khertan has quit IRC21:32
*** febb has quit IRC21:32
TomaszDgod damn, over 88k downloads21:33
*** sobczyk_ has joined #maemo21:33
sobczyk_jebba: can I store maps on the device21:33
sobczyk_great :)21:34
*** wormsxulla has joined #maemo21:34
jebbait does google maps, openstreetmaps, and one or two others. Very nice lean app.21:34
TomaszDzaheer__, I'm deferring any changes in Extra Decoders Support until PR1.2 is released21:34
TomaszDjust so you know21:35
*** 13WAAFQRH has joined #maemo21:35
TomaszDhopefully the good people at nokia will let me play with a pre-release so I can prepare a compatible package, if required21:35
GeneralAntillesTomaszD, yeah, that's on Maemo 5.21:36
GeneralAntillesTomaszD, back in my day. . . . :P21:36
TomaszDGeneralAntilles, I'm slow today, what do you mean21:36
*** sobczyk has quit IRC21:36
GeneralAntillesTomaszD, smaller userbase back in the day.21:37
TomaszDah, heh21:37
TomaszDwell, I never expected to get over 88k downloads of my humble package21:37
TomaszDit's the third most popular21:37
*** Cascade_ has joined #maemo21:37
Cascade_New programming forum JOIN!21:37
TomaszDI got 7 EUR in donations!21:37
jebbaTomaszD: what's the link to your package page?21:38
*** Cascade_ has quit IRC21:38
TomaszDthat's why I'm a bit concerned if they decide to mess with GStreamer any further and potentially break over 88k devices21:38
devhow is expand/collapse supposed to be handled in hildon/gtk.Treeview?21:38
*** dob has quit IRC21:38
*** dob has joined #maemo21:39
jebbawow. Even my silly little burgerspace has 8000 hits now. I guess they are updating the download totals more often or something now.21:40
Stskeepsx-fade made them more accurate yeah21:43
*** halves has quit IRC21:43
*** chenca has quit IRC21:44
lcukmore accurate?21:45
Stskeepsthink it uses repo downloads21:45
lcukit did before21:45
ShadowJKwhat is burgerspace?21:45
*** yerga has quit IRC21:46
penguinbaitI remember burgertime21:47
VDVsxwell, the stats got stuck for more than a month :) seems that they are working now21:47
koupsahello all. little question wich size needs virtual hard disk to install maemo on pc (netbook) ?21:47
TomaszDHeh, one thing that's cool is that Extra Decoders Support depends on Ogg Support, pulling it into the top 10 :D21:47
TomaszDthere's a small discrepancy in numbers of downloads, as it didn't depend on it since the very beginning21:48
*** chenca has joined #maemo21:48
*** kimitake_idle has quit IRC21:50
alteregoWhat's that program that routes 3G connectivity through an adhoc wireless connection? Got banned from iphone app store.21:50
lcukwell we need to make the map thing more accurate too then21:50
jebbaShadowJK, penguinbait, ya, like burgertime:
lcukVDVsx, how do we get everyone sticking pins into the map21:51
penguinbaitlcuk !!!!!21:51
lcukwithout putting a picture of Stskeeps there21:51
lcukpin the mouse on the admin21:51
lcukhiya pb21:51
*** LuserN800 has joined #maemo21:51
penguinbaitFinally got a n900 (two week loaner arrived yesterday)21:52
w00tlcuk: make it look like nipples21:53
w00tthen everyone will want to poke it21:53
lcuknahhh whenever that happens i end up licking the screen21:53
*** aakashd_ has joined #maemo21:53
lcuknever get milk tho21:53
* w00t notes to self: never touch lcuk's touchscreens21:54
lcukpenguinbait, w00t then21:54
lcukmy touchscreens are never licked21:54
penguinbaitw00t w00t21:54
w00tlcuk: but but.. tactile feedback!21:54
w00tpenguinbait: indeed.21:54
w00t02/23@20:54:19 <#maemo/w00t> lcuk: but but.. tactile feedback!21:54
lcukw00t do you get frustrated when random passers by touch your normal untouchscreen monitor?21:54
w00tis it a disturbing thing that I now want to lick my n900 to try this?21:54
* wazd has found Bioshock fan site kit21:54
*** Flyser has joined #maemo21:54
SpeedEvilpenguinbait: is that native/21:54
penguinbaitSpeedEvil yes of course21:55
jacekowskihow to make media player play mkv files21:55
threshnice indeed21:55
TomaszDjacekowski, do you have Extra Decoders Support package installed?21:55
*** Flyser_ has quit IRC21:55
jebbapenguinbait: uh, you have kde4 on there??  Is that floating aroudn in the repos or something?  Or illusion?21:55
penguinbaitlcuk, I thought you were making an app to teach men how to eat women, you practice by licking your n90021:55
_andypenguinbait: so much win. (
penguinbaitit is KDE 3.5.821:56
lcukliqwomen is in progress21:56
*** aakashd has quit IRC21:56
*** aakashd_ is now known as aakashd21:56
penguinbaitI thought so21:56
jacekowskiTomaszD: do you think i would ask if i didn't?21:56
Myrttili what?21:56
w00tlcuk: lickwomen!21:56
penguinbait_andy what?21:56
jebbapenguinbait: how?21:57
*** marcels has quit IRC21:57
lcukw00t, its right, i made an ircbot21:57
*** halves has joined #maemo21:57
penguinbaitI compiled KDE 3.5.8 for Diablo, and it still works, needs some tweaking though, probably a complete recompile is called for21:57
jacekowskiTomaszD: Mantainer: Tomasz Dominikowski21:57
penguinbaitbut it runs better than on the 81021:57
lcukpenguinbait, no shit21:58
jacekowskiTomaszD: it's working in mplayer21:58
penguinbaitno shit21:58
_andypenguinbait: your picture is awesome.21:58
TomaszDjacekowski, I would demand my money back if it doesn't work, especially without reading the troubleshooting guide21:58
* lcuk freezes21:58
jacekowskiTomaszD: i want my money back21:58
*** Arnoldthebat has joined #maemo21:59
lcukjebba did a birdy tell me right you were quite well into qt 3.x at some point in history21:59
alteregoAh joiku21:59
jacekowskiTomaszD: where is that troubleshooting guide?21:59
TomaszDjacekowski, are you trying to play a Matroska container with HD video and/or H.264 Main/High profile, you're out of luck22:00
konttorinice shot penguinbait !22:00
jacekowskithat's what mplayer says22:01
jebbalcuk: a birdy mighta, but i'm not well into qt3 afaik22:01
drizztbsdit doesn't works to me with a dlna server22:01
*** Arnoldthebat has left #maemo22:01
TomaszDthen it's most likely not a profile the N900 is able to play back, it only support H.264 Baseline 3.022:01
*** mchua_afk is now known as mchua22:01
TomaszDjacekowski, is the mkv file listed in the media player?22:02
jacekowskiwell, mplayer on n900 plays it22:02
jacekowskiyes it is22:02
*** kimitake_idle has joined #maemo22:02
TomaszDjacekowski, mplayer is ffmpeg, media player is gstreamer, but you know that, so what else do you want22:02
TomaszDtry SiB22:03
drizztbsdTomaszD: if I use gst-ffmpeg?22:03
*** mchua is now known as mchua_afk22:03
TomaszDdrizztbsd, it's already installed if you use Extra Decoders, doesn't work for advanced profiles22:03
drizztbsdbecause of an hardware limitation?22:04
*** hannesw has joined #maemo22:04
TomaszDthere is no hardware support for the advanced profiles22:04
sobczyk_mkv is only a container22:04
drizztbsdthanks :)22:04
*** ljp has joined #maemo22:04
TomaszDsobczyk_, I think we all know that...22:04
*** Arnoldthebat has joined #maemo22:05
jacekowskii'm not sure if i have problem with container or with it's content22:05
sobczyk_so why the default player does not show mkv files/22:05
drizztbsdso does mplayer use only software decoding?22:05
TomaszDsobczyk_, it does22:05
TomaszDdrizztbsd, it does have some NEON optimizations for ARM22:05
TomaszDbut other than that, software22:05
TomaszDjacekowski, try installing SiB, it's an mplayer Qt GUI22:06
TomaszDit's in devel I think22:06
jebbafwiw, peripherally related, i built the ffmpeg in extras-devel (or wherever it is) with neon fooness too.22:06
jacekowskii've tried kmplayer and it failed22:06
TomaszDfile a bug then22:07
*** tbf has joined #maemo22:07
TomaszDI would imagine that all the profiles of H.264 could be made to work, but I don't think it's possible to do this without removing hardware acceleration for the baseline profile, ie. by ripping out the default decoder22:08
TomaszDand you don't want that kind of battery drain22:08
TomaszDalso, it's not permitted to replace any system files, it can be done, but I'd get banned from Extras :)22:09
TomaszDso live with what you have22:09
jacekowskibut you can change codec preference22:09
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo22:10
TomaszDI don't think so, but would love to be proven otherwise, the code for extra decoders is open and public, patches welcome22:10
TomaszDthe media player is closed source and will not be opened22:10
jacekowskiit can always be reversed22:10
andre__for reference,
povbotBug 1235: Please consider open-sourcing the media player22:11
drizztbsdwill meego work on n900?22:11
TomaszDgo ahead jacekowski ...22:11
*** user__ has joined #maemo22:11
jacekowskii'm just wondering how long it would take for nokia to send cease and desist letter22:12
TomaszDit would still be a pointless exercise22:12
drizztbsdand not legal22:12
TomaszDmain and high profiles aren't really designed for mobile devices22:12
*** Flyser has quit IRC22:13
jacekowskii've downloaded scratchbox VM finally22:14
*** Arnoldthebat has joined #maemo22:14
jacekowskiso i'll play with it22:14
*** sar3th has joined #maemo22:15
drizztbsduhm maybe I can use 2 video stream in  the mkv file22:15
*** user__ is now known as randomthings22:15
drizztbsdthe hd stream and  the mobile stream22:15
randomthingswhats a cease and desist letter?22:15
TomaszDdrizztbsd, you could, but make sure the first one (default one) is the mobile one22:15
TomaszDI'd be interesting to see if it works22:15
SpeedEvilrandomthings: a letter from a lawyer telling you to stop it.22:16
jacekowskiTomaszD: lower bitrate one is always mobile one22:16
*** Flyser has joined #maemo22:16
randomthingsaha, so r they going to send this letter to?22:16
randomthingsaha, so who r they going to send this letter to?22:16
TomaszDjacekowski, that's not the point. The point is that the media player doesn't have the ability to switch between streams and is likely to play the first stream22:16
jacekowskirandomthings: we don't know yet22:16
*** Sargun has quit IRC22:17
konttoriTomaszD: well, perhaps the media player should not be used then for videos.22:17
TomaszDrandomthings, no-one is sending anything to anyone22:17
jacekowskiTomaszD: you could do some ugly hacks in demuxer22:17
randomthingsaha but its in the news that why u guys were talking about it?22:17
konttoribtw, I have pretty decent GTk based video player almost in beta state.22:17
*** tkharju has joined #maemo22:17
*** sivang has joined #maemo22:18
konttoriin case you would be interested in adding the mkv stream selection to it22:18
konttoriat the moment, it just uses playbin2 to play whatever it would play as default.22:18
konttoribut it's easy to extend that behavior.22:18
TomaszDwhich is what the media player does I think22:18
konttoriI think so too22:18
drizztbsdmaybe there is some qt player with phonon gstreamer backend22:18
drizztbsdi thinks it's supported22:19
konttoriprobably not.22:19
konttoribut perhaps someone could make one.22:19
TomaszDno, I just use big words, I'm not a coder, I just package things up konttori22:19
TomaszDcan't help you with the code22:19
jacekowskiTomaszD: are you polish?22:19
konttorihumm.. well, perhaps I can add the code. But don't have the time just now to do it.22:20
konttorigstreamer is not rocket science.22:20
TomaszDjacekowski, indeed22:20
*** mchua_afk has quit IRC22:20
*** tkharju has left #maemo22:20
konttori(using it atleast - never coded anything in it)22:20
randomthingscan anyone tell me that in the webbrowser how to change the default search from mobile version of google to the desktop version of it22:20
TomaszDit's probably in about:config somewhere22:21
*** jrocha has quit IRC22:21
*** Xisdibik has quit IRC22:21
TomaszDbe careful though22:21
jebbaunfortunately, i think it will revert to the stock google on restart22:21
randomthingsso in url place i should write about:config22:21
*** mikhas has joined #maemo22:22
TomaszDtype search22:23
TomaszDthe third result is the string you want to change22:23
*** millenomi has joined #maemo22:23
*** jevin has quit IRC22:24
randomthingsnothing coming up just the lil orange bar moving left n right22:24
randomthingsi typed about:config in the url text box22:24
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC22:24
TomaszDwell it should work, it works here22:24
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo22:25
TomaszDalthough I don't know how to edit the fields22:25
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5122:25
*** myforke has joined #maemo22:25
randomthingsthere should simply be a text file which we could open in a text editor and change22:25
corecodewhat's the deal with downloading firefox22:26
myforkehey guys, I have one question, can I control the mediaplayer on the command line. Or have somebody more information to the mediaplayer or audio control?22:26
corecodeisn't "web" already firefox?22:26
GeneralAntillescorecode, no.22:26
GeneralAntillesIt's Gecko22:26
SpeedEvilcorecode: microb is based on gecko22:26
GeneralAntillesGecko is not FireFox.22:26
myforkebecause I22:26
drizztbsdit's better to use tablet-encode or handbrake?22:27
SpeedEvilcorecode: firefox is also based on gecko22:27
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC22:27
SpeedEvilcorecode: but they differ fairly widely22:27
jebbamyforke: this may give some pointers:
myforkethanks jebba, I will check this ..22:28
*** Arnoldthebat has joined #maemo22:28
myforkebecause I22:28
*** LuserN800 has quit IRC22:29
ShadowJKIt would be cool if gst could fall back to another decoder for h264 main...22:30
*** AlMehdi has joined #maemo22:30
konttoriShadowJK: indeed22:30
TomaszDit would be22:31
konttorihmm... perhaps I can discuss about it tomorrow.22:31
konttorisupport won't make it for pr1.2, but perhaps to a later release, if it's doable.22:31
TomaszDthat would be great22:31
konttoriwould be even better to have the main profile decoded by dsp.22:31
corecodeso why would i use firefox and not microb22:32
TomaszDkonttori, of course22:32
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC22:32
SpeedEvilff has tabs22:33
*** LuserN800 has joined #maemo22:33
*** ljp_ has joined #maemo22:33
GeneralAntillescorecode, and better plugin compatibility.22:33
*** ljp has quit IRC22:33
GeneralAntillescorecode, plus an open source UI22:33
ShadowJKbtw, MPlayer on smartq knows how to fall back from the hw h264 decoder to software decoder ;-)22:33
GeneralAntillesDownsides are it's bigger and slower.22:34
jebbamidori is decent on n900 too, but the screen updates are slower.22:34
ShadowJK(with terrible performance on 667MHz arm9)22:34
*** netvandal has quit IRC22:35
ShadowJKTake the NEON optimizations from ffmpeg, put them in CoreAVC and you've got a performance winner22:36
TomaszDcoreavc is amazing on its own22:36
*** ljp_ has quit IRC22:37
* andrewfblack needs more hours in the day22:38
*** Duffer has joined #maemo22:38
*** ljp has joined #maemo22:40
Dufferu have N900?22:41
*** Flyser has quit IRC22:41
hardakeranyone have a n900 case they like?  I think I need to give in and get one (after dropping mine in the snow because it's too slippery)22:42
ShadowJKit'd be pretty interesting to see coreavc vs ffmpeg on Cortex A8 actually... supposedly CoreAVC suffers on CPUs with small caches22:42
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo22:43
*** Duffer has quit IRC22:43
brikhardaker: I've got this one and it's pretty good
hardakerdoes it sit in the case when you use it, or do you take it out?22:44
*** Flyser has joined #maemo22:44
*** Owen has joined #maemo22:44
briksits in there, it has  a plastic thing that goes into the keyboard22:44
hardakercehteh: Sweet!22:44
Oweni use the cp-321 case22:45
hardakerbrik: ah.  I'm not sure I could live with the fold-over though.22:45
*** eocanha has quit IRC22:45
hardakerOwen: that's just a hip case though right?  I want a protective always-on case22:46
*** dmj7261 has joined #maemo22:46
Owenit stays on in my pocket22:46
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:46
hardakerthat looked good, but expensive22:46
* cehteh plans to make an outer shell which will be waterproof with bike mount22:47
Owencorners are exposed though so drop may still damage22:47
*** hannesw has quit IRC22:47
cehteh(acryl plate)22:47
hardakeryep...  that's the problem with a sliding screen...22:47
brikalso using this one (mine's very much protected :P)
*** fredrin has quit IRC22:48
hardakerbrik: and you like it I take it?22:49
Owenlooks interesting22:49
randomthingsgood night to all who have night time in their zones right now zzzzzzzz22:51
SpeedEvilI want a waterproof case with a capacitive screen on top22:51
*** baraujo has quit IRC22:51
briksomeone on maemo talk said one of those scraped paint of their phone tho, but mine's fine after 2-3 months of using that one22:51
cehtehbrik: how are the things attached? glued? especially the top frame22:51
brikit has clips that goes on the side of it22:52
cehtehah ok22:52
hardakerthere is also this one, but I haven't seen reviews of it anywhere
Owenplastic clips?22:52
cehtehabs with rubber sounds good22:52
*** Troy54 has joined #maemo22:53
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo22:53
*** hannesw has joined #maemo22:53
brikya plastic22:53
*** Troy54 has quit IRC22:53
*** andrewfblack has quit IRC22:54
*** randomthings has quit IRC22:54
*** Troy54 has joined #maemo22:54
*** lizardo has quit IRC22:54
cehtehwell i have mine, hard shell, and neoprene gives a good grip, plus good corner protection22:54
*** Troy54 has quit IRC22:54
cehtehjust cant slide it out while its inside22:54
*** wizkoder has quit IRC22:54
Owengot fMMS working earlier, tis good22:55
Scelt_fMMS rocks22:55
*** Troy54 has joined #maemo22:55
Scelt_I'm used to use MMS so without fMMS I would be in sorrow22:55
*** dl9pf_ is now known as dl9pf22:56
Owenwhat's maximum width  setting? 300?22:56
*** dl9pf has quit IRC22:56
*** dl9pf has joined #maemo22:56
Scelt_I have 30022:57
Scelt_it depends on your operator22:57
Scelt_you can find the settings from fmms page22:58
*** tu0mari has quit IRC22:58
*** dieb_ has quit IRC22:58
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo22:58
*** thopiekar has quit IRC22:58
*** carloscesa has quit IRC23:00
Owengot a replacement stylus23:00
Owennot that impressed23:00
Owenit is moulded in two parts, straight down the middle23:01
Owenand there is a mould seam right on tip23:01
Owencould scratch screen23:02
hardakerI want a stylus with a pen in it....  Had one for my treo and LOVED it23:02
nid0well, my stupid sip-only bluetooth keyboard pairs and connects now, just gotta figure out how to actually map the damn thing to use it :<23:02
*** trofi has quit IRC23:02
*** netvandal has joined #maemo23:03
SpeedEvilOwen: take some unpolished wood. Rub it on it till it's smooth. Polish on jeans.23:03
* konttori was surprised to see that videos played without framedrop in the pr1.2 browser (using the flashblock to make sure it's the only flash on page wasting cpu). 23:03
Owenyeah lucky i examined it really carefully before touching screen!23:04
Owenmight polish up though :-)23:04
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC23:05
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo23:05
*** sar3th has quit IRC23:05
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5123:05
myforke@jedda, on more question, can I check when the track end and start a new track? Because I'm very foul and I don't want go to my phone to search a new track... :)23:05
*** konttori has quit IRC23:06
*** z4chh has joined #maemo23:07
myforkeok, I think all files are store with the path in the sqllite database, ok I can creat with a script a playlist ;) uii a good activity for the train trip tomorrow23:07
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:08
*** netvandal has quit IRC23:08
*** hardaker has joined #maemo23:09
Owenanyone else have BH-905s ?23:10
*** konttori has joined #maemo23:11
fralskonttori: flash performance improvements in 1.2? ;)23:12
fralsmaybe will be usable then... *dreams*23:12
Scelt_I've tried to use some flash sites too but they're unusable atm23:13
Oweni cant get 1.2 ota23:13
Owenin uk mmm23:13
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC23:13
Scelt_Owen: konttori is a master of the maemo. he's betatesting it in his own little mansion23:13
*** B-man|N900 has joined #maemo23:13
*** Vanadis__ has quit IRC23:13
nid0its not released yet, and even when it is if you're on the uk firmware you most likely wont get it until between either a few hours or forever after everyone else23:13
Owenyeah  may have to swap to global f/w23:14
Scelt_using now autoconnect with fMMS. but it's undocumented so I don't know how it should work :P maybe connect when there's no connection active23:14
ShadowJKtest with current version and flashblock to see if it's an improvement...23:15
*** B-man|N900 is now known as b-man|N90023:16
Scelt_ShadowJK: what's flashblock?23:17
Oweni was watching olympics using iPlayer on the train, hot girl next to me23:17
Owenwas impressed  lol23:17
Owenin my mind she was anyway ;-)23:18
*** felipec has joined #maemo23:18
* ShadowJK vaguely remembers his operator used to stream national tv stations over 3g23:19
*** Scelt_ is now known as Scelt23:19
ShadowJKlike proper rtsp instead of flash23:19
ShadowJKbut then when they actually started to have more than one or two 3g basestations they stopped with the "mobile tv" thing23:19
Owenwhere r u shadow23:20
*** jX has quit IRC23:21
Owenquite a progressive country like that23:22
*** AntiXpucT has joined #maemo23:22
*** edisson has quit IRC23:22
SceltShadowJK: remember to watch the nordic combined, starting in half an hour23:22
ShadowJKAmusingly I can't test with n900 if they brought back the streaming, it required wap browser through the wap apn rather than the internet apn :)23:22
ShadowJKthere already was some of that earlier.. skijump tho..23:23
Sceltye, skiing left23:23
Owenlol downgrade user agent23:23
ShadowJKand why does n900 write i j as ij in what looks like one char23:23
Sceltit's awesome to use n900 from pc as root23:23
ShadowJKhm, only does it in xchat23:25
Sceltugh. flashblock is of course that "adflashblock-css". missed it when trying to find it from the list by the leading F. should have used search23:25
*** Troy54 has quit IRC23:25
Oweni have just heard the low battery noise for the first time23:25
Owenbit feeble23:25
*** Arnoldthebat has quit IRC23:26
Owensad sounding23:26
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC23:26
*** Troy54 has joined #maemo23:26
*** Troy54 has left #maemo23:26
ShadowJKnot as much a downgrade as going through the wap gateway proxy which adds phonenumber and such to http/wap headers..23:26
ShadowJKowen: it's saying "feed me :("23:26
ShadowJK"I'm hungwy :("23:27
Owenlol i'm pretty anal about keeping it charged23:29
Sceltanal? :D23:29
Oweni have heard bad things can happen if it runs flat23:29
Owenanally retentive lol23:30
Proteouslithium ion batteries don't like to be run flat23:30
* RST38h not sure he wants the details23:31
*** nicu has joined #maemo23:31
Proteousyou can permanantly lower the capacity of the bttery23:31
nid0its more that the device wont be able to switch itself on to get into charging state if it's totally flat23:31
N900evilyou can'tg frun it that flat23:31
*** igagis has quit IRC23:31
Oweni have heard the n900 can't charge a dead batt23:31
tgcat'tg? :)23:31
*** b-man|N900 has quit IRC23:31
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC23:31
*** Owen has quit IRC23:31
*** millenomi has quit IRC23:31
*** mikhas has quit IRC23:31
*** digen has quit IRC23:31
*** briglia has quit IRC23:31
*** zaheer__ has quit IRC23:31
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC23:31
*** trem has quit IRC23:31
*** gjl has quit IRC23:31
*** swc|666 has quit IRC23:31
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:31
*** _andy has quit IRC23:31
*** guysoft22 has quit IRC23:31
*** infobot has quit IRC23:31
*** wojci has quit IRC23:31
Proteousalthough there is internal circuitry that prevents that from happening23:31
*** _andy has joined #maemo23:31
N900evilnid0, not true according to l3/l4 manual23:31
*** trem has joined #maemo23:31
*** wojci has joined #maemo23:31
*** guysoft22 has joined #maemo23:32
*** gjl has joined #maemo23:32
*** b-man|N900 has joined #maemo23:32
*** zaheer__ has joined #maemo23:32
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo23:32
*** mikhas has joined #maemo23:32
*** Owen has joined #maemo23:32
nid0well, true according to plenty of people's experiences23:32
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo23:32
*** briglia has joined #maemo23:32
Owenyeah the fail to boot thing23:32
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5123:32
ShadowJKI think the problem is if you hose the operating system on the N90023:33
*** millenomi has joined #maemo23:33
ShadowJKThe hardware switches on the N900 when it thinks there's enough power in the battery to boot, it seems, and if the OS is hosed, then the OS never resumes charging23:33
*** asedeno_work has quit IRC23:33
Owenooo bad!23:33
nid0cant say it's happened to me but plenty of people on tmo have reported flattening the battery then finding the device wont charge, but then charging the battery in an external charger for a few mins, putting it back in the phone, and itll then charge fine23:34
Owenyeah think I'll get 5800 charger23:35
nid0tbh, looking forward to powermat releasing their embedded batteries23:35
nid0definitely getting myself one of those if they actually follow through with it23:35
ShadowJKOh and charging from a computer or a generic USB charger will probably fail with dead batt23:36
Owensounds great23:36
ShadowJKI always forget people try to do silly things like that23:36
*** javispedro has joined #maemo23:36
Oweni have found the included converter to be a bit feeble23:37
* javispedro received a tmo private message a few days ago "please make drnoksnes pause when the device goes idle!" 23:37
* javispedro implemented it23:37
ShadowJKOr through the converter...23:37
* javispedro then received a tmo private message "please Don't make drnoksnes pause when the device goes idle!!" 23:37
Owentakes a lot longer to charge23:37
*** z4chh has quit IRC23:38
ShadowJKFrom how hot it gets, it's eating a good deal of the power itself23:38
*** asedeno_work has joined #maemo23:39
nid0my converter + e90 charger ended up being my girlfriend's spare for her hd223:39
Owenoh well   i'm off   thanks/goodnight23:39
*** Myrtti has quit IRC23:40
*** Owen has quit IRC23:40
*** myrtti has joined #maemo23:41
*** AmateurEngineer has joined #maemo23:41
*** SWFu64 has quit IRC23:42
*** myrtti is now known as Myrtti23:45
* Arif_ yawns23:46
*** yigal has joined #maemo23:47
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo23:47
*** trem has quit IRC23:48
*** _andy has quit IRC23:48
*** t_s_o has quit IRC23:48
*** myforke has quit IRC23:48
*** sivang has quit IRC23:48
*** dob has quit IRC23:48
*** WZhang has quit IRC23:48
*** ali1234 has quit IRC23:48
*** zash has quit IRC23:48
*** klasu_ has quit IRC23:48
*** rantom has quit IRC23:48
*** rmrfchik has quit IRC23:48
*** midas has quit IRC23:48
*** croppa has quit IRC23:48
*** hatseflats has quit IRC23:48
*** eeanm has quit IRC23:48
*** steveire has quit IRC23:48
*** lf has quit IRC23:48
*** ssweeny has quit IRC23:48
*** t0h has quit IRC23:48
*** trogdor has quit IRC23:48
*** thorbjorn has quit IRC23:48
*** post_j has quit IRC23:48
*** lucas has quit IRC23:48
*** riot has quit IRC23:48
*** Hydroxide has quit IRC23:48
*** midas has joined #maemo23:48
*** lf has joined #maemo23:48
*** rantom has joined #maemo23:48
*** dob has joined #maemo23:48
*** lucas has joined #maemo23:48
*** thorbjorn has joined #maemo23:48
*** rmrfchik has joined #maemo23:48
*** hatseflats has joined #maemo23:48
*** ssweeny has joined #maemo23:48
*** t0h has joined #maemo23:48
*** klasu_ has joined #maemo23:48
*** sivang has joined #maemo23:48
*** trem has joined #maemo23:48
*** Hydroxide has joined #maemo23:48
*** trogdor has joined #maemo23:48
*** riot has joined #maemo23:48
*** zash has joined #maemo23:48
Arif_someone broke the internets23:48
*** eean has joined #maemo23:48
N900evilIs there an xhost package?23:48
*** post_j has joined #maemo23:48
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo23:48
*** croppa has joined #maemo23:48
*** steveire has joined #maemo23:48
*** myforke has joined #maemo23:48
*** trogdor is now known as Guest7964823:48
yigalwhy do so many people like Android.  I can understand Android devices, there are a number out and almost out that are fantastic hardware but the OS lacks23:48
*** _andy has joined #maemo23:49
*** t_s_o has quit IRC23:49
Arif_it has 10 000 burp apps?23:49
yigalyes, that makes sense23:49
nid0it has "appz", and its the "cool trendy oss lienucks" thing to have23:49
Arif_it's java crap23:49
*** z4chh has joined #maemo23:50
yigalit's open source for idiots23:50
Arif_maybe you can send MP3s in the media player23:50
Arif_that's a nice feature to have :P23:50
*** dirtyrice88 has joined #maemo23:50
gouverneuryigal: I dont know... the n900 handled like user is a charm but looking at it like I do with netbook/pc/server....23:50
yigalgouverneur: yes, but underneath if you want something done n900 has it23:51
*** bleeter has quit IRC23:51
*** WZhang has joined #maemo23:51
gouverneursure its like my second netbook but smaller and longer battery life23:51
Arif_maybe average joe doesn't care about XTerminal ?23:51
dmj7261my n900 is like a netbook with crappy keyboard.23:51
dmj7261my netbook is like a desktop from several years ago that "fits in my pocket"23:52
yigalArif_: yes, that's right, they don't but you still can't install OpenOffice on an Android phone23:52
nid0need maemo device in a communicator format with a proper keyboard tbh23:52
dmj7261that's odd23:52
*** ali1234 has joined #maemo23:52
dmj7261nid0: that's called a netbook with ubuntu23:53
*** Striki has quit IRC23:53
nid0or it'd be called nokia building a phone with a decent keyboard :( i'm yet to find a netbook as pocketable as my e90.23:53
yigaldmj7261: right, the keyboard is a limitation on smaller devices23:53
*** nicu has quit IRC23:54
dmj7261My primary reason for my netbook is the keyboard23:54
*** mateus has joined #maemo23:54
nid0e90 keyboard is an absolute dream to use23:54
yigalalso media format support on Android just a joke23:54
dmj7261the ipad fails for me because I compare it to a netbook.23:54
mtnbkrdmj7261: I have found the N900 k/b is much better than the Droid's though.   all keys are flat so you have no 'feel' as to what key you might be on23:54
*** t-tan has joined #maemo23:54
dmj7261yeah, I tried out a droid in the VZ store23:54
*** andre__ has quit IRC23:55
dmj7261...It can't even browse the internet while talking on the phone.23:55
sivangdmj7261: and ?23:55
yigalNotion Ink SmartPad oh man what a device though too bad it will have Android23:55
*** ceolin has quit IRC23:55
dmj7261yigal: can Ubuntu be installed?23:55
mtnbkrmy buddy (I call him "Google boy" cause he uses google everything) has a driod... pretty cool otherwise, but N900/Maemo better IMHO23:55
*** Dantonic has quit IRC23:56
yigaldmj7261: not sure, I hope so23:56
yigaldmj7261: if it can I will buy one23:56
yigaldmj7261: it's a bit too large really imo, but 160 hours of battery23:56
dmj7261What I really want is an ubuntu netbook with detachable tablet screen.23:56
Arif_I want a better N90023:57
Arif_the N950!23:57
*** anbaldwi has quit IRC23:57
* dmj7261 will accept comparable distro to Ubuntu23:57
*** bleeter has joined #maemo23:58
* Arif_ wants an N900 with no keyboard, better speakers, and a better placement of ports23:58
yigal160hours of battery life that would be awesome23:59
nid0dmj7261 - looked at the always innovating touchbook?23:59
*** asolsson has quit IRC23:59
*** VDVsx has quit IRC23:59
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo23:59
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo23:59
*** tchan has quit IRC23:59
Arif_the cord thingy is at the wrong side of the N90023:59
dmj7261Actually, an n900 with two screens wouldn't be bad if one could be the keyboard.23:59
Arif_the microphone is facing to the bottom if you have it around your neck23:59

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