IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2009-12-15

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wazd_n800richard_12345, n900 comes with weather applet00:03
wazd_n800richard_12345, which explains that omweather is so popular :)00:04
VDVsxwazd_n800, humm, which email did you used, didn't received anything so far o_O00:04
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GAN900wazd, nah, it comes with a link to install a weather applet.00:05
VDVsxwazd_n800, ok, should be stuck somewhere, lol00:06
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wazd_n800VDVsx, ohsht00:06
Milo-what is the .bashrc equivalent for ash?00:06
wazd_n800VDVsx, gmai :D00:06
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wazd_n800VDVsx, there you go00:07
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maxxleHello! How do u call the position of the phone if the powerbutton is on the right and the USB port shows up to the sky? upright?00:08
mtnbkrmaxxle: portrait?00:08
maxxlemtnbkr: so it's portrait and landscape?00:09
mtnbkrmaxxle: that'd be my guess00:09
maxxleok - so i must reword my bugreport :)00:09
mtnbkrAnyone else with N900 experiencing that the on-screen K/B does not reliably appear when you touch in a text area of an app like chat?00:10
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GAN900mtnbkr, sometimes.00:12
eitreachmtnbkr, be sure to double-tab.00:12
GAN900It seems to get stuck every once and a while.00:12
eitreachtap, even.00:12
Jiri-the maemo db is brokne so i need i little help to instal deb files00:12
pupnikwoglinde: well nx setup per default seems to be happy, but server is dying when trying to start a session.  did you pick kde, cde?00:12
pupnikuser stuff is fine ssh -i client.id_dsa.key nx@localhost00:13
pupnikNX> 105 stdout> NX> 1009 Session status: starting00:13
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Jiri-i tried to install the vncviewer with dpkg -i but i doesnot work anyone can help me? i also try to get superpriviliga access by typing sudo gainroot00:14
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jeremiahJiri-: Did you try installing with apt-get?00:15
jeremiahJiri-: That is the easiest way to install stuff00:15
mtnbkreitreach: yeah, when it does not work, I usualy just give up (after double-tapping, tripple-tapping, pressing and holdoing then dowuble- and triple tapping again) then slide the real k/b00:15
Jiri-jeremiah no i didnot00:15
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jeremiahJiri-: Well, there are basically three ways to install software: the command line, application manager, and downloading00:16
jeremiahThe command line is when you open a terminal and use 'apt-get'00:16
AakashPatelwhat teh fuck00:16
jeremiahThe application manager is the graphical tool you can use00:16
AakashPatelno nokia messenger for n900 D:00:16
AakashPatelthe one with social network chat00:16
* AbstractW needs a place that'll sell an N900 for not ass-gouge prices :P00:17
maxxleHey.... What do u think for a n900 as improvement: Unlocked phone; Portrait-mode; Press hw-power-button. => Menu should be rotated 90° left00:17
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jeremiahmaxxle: Maybe put it on brainstorm?00:17
Jiri-jeremiah and i can install the gui aplication manager with maemo extras?00:18
maxxlejeremiah: Do u have an URL for me where to put it?00:18
jeremiahJiri-: It is already installed for you00:18
jeremiahJiri-: Which device are you using?00:18
jeremiahJiri-: Okay, then you go to the application that has the wrench00:18
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jeremiahJiri-: Sorry, that is the settings app!00:19
Jiri-so what i should do?00:19
jeremiahYou should click on that little clipboard app, that will open up the app manager00:19
jeremiahSo start by clicking the boxes in the upper left of the screen00:20
jeremiahThat should bring you to a screen with lots of apps00:20
jeremiahClick on the one in the bottom right hand corner00:20
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jeremiahThen on the left side you should see an app called the App. Manager00:21
jeremiahClick on that00:21
jeremiahThat is the Application Manager which you can use to install software00:21
Jiri-deb files as well?00:21
wazd_n800VDVsx, got it?00:21
* lardman|home grumbles that he was hoping to be in bed by 1000:21
jeremiahJiri-: All the applications there are packaged as debs00:22
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Milo-being connected at all times shortens the batterylife, is there option somewhere which will autokill the connection when there is no need?00:22
jeremiah^ That is a linkn that will help you.00:22
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Jiri-yeah but the vncviewer is not in the list00:23
VDVsxwazd_n800, yes, thanks00:23
jeremiahJiri-: Did you read that wiki page?00:23
Jiri-no i didn't00:23
Jiri-i try if i don't get i ask again00:24
jeremiahThat will tell you how to enable the extras repos where lots of good software lives00:24
Jiri-yes now i got it00:24
Jiri-thanks a million00:25
Jiri-these apps should be safe to use?00:25
VDVsxwazd_n800, one of those awesome 'measures' files is appreciated :P00:25
jeremiahJiri-: Yeah - those apps are usually pretty good.00:25
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jeremiahOf course, they are written by the community, so they are not like commercial apps.00:26
jeremiahOften they are better.00:26
jeremiahBut there are no guarantees00:26
VDVsxwazd_n800, only for the buttons, the dpad I already have here00:26
Jiri-i understand00:26
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wazd_n800VDVsx, sure00:28
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nomismhm, does anybody know what kind of sensor is below the front-camera in the N900? I believe the light sensor is above the camera.00:28
jeremiahnomis: That is a good question - I was wondering that too.00:29
GAN900nomis, proximity00:29
jeremiahGAN the MAN00:29
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Jiri-now I Am Using My N900 To Irc Here How Cool Is That? Thanks Again Jeremiah00:29
jeremiahJiri-: My pleasure! :)00:29
Scummera 500$ irc client :)00:30
GAN900There are 5 things on that side: ambient light, camera, proximity, speaker, LED.00:30
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nomisGAN900: ah, the thing that is supposed to prevent hanging up with your cheek?00:30
Scummernomis: yep00:31
simula_awayscummer... more like a $500 general purpose computer that eats 1.5 watts max and fits in your pocket :)00:31
jeremiahIs that what it is?00:31
ifreqsimula_away: indeed00:31
jeremiahDoesn't work so well.00:31
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Scummersimula: oh.. and a SNES player for the bathroom :)00:31
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simula_true :)00:31
ifreqflash support for the porn clips...00:32
ifreqwhoops i didnt say that00:32
* nomis was wondering about that and suspected some clever acceleration-sensor-usage :)00:32
jeremiahDon't even mention snes!00:32
simula_is there an nes emulator in the repos?00:32
ifreqbut you can find dev separately00:32
Scummersimula: but you can find the deb00:32
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simula_hmmm ok00:33
jeremiahsimula_: There is some question as to whether emulators are 'legal'00:33
simula_i own the cartridge00:33
simula_legend of zelda FTW!00:33
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Sir_Lancelothi guys00:33
Sir_Lancelotany known gps navigation software00:33
Sir_Lancelotfor N900 yet?00:33
Scummeri'm sure the emulators are legal.. it's the images of the games that appearently are not..00:33
* dockane has hands on since 2 hours and was wondering why the screen was built that badly that it always moved on touch until vibration on touch was disabled00:33
wazd_n800emulators are 100% legal. period.00:33
woglindeScummer jo mostly00:33
ifreqSir_Lancelot: it has the builtin allready?00:33
jeremiahWell, maybe they are and maybe they aren't - but no one here will be sued.00:34
Sir_Lancelotthe hardware is there00:34
Sir_Lancelotjust need osftware00:34
woglindeSir_Lancelot try navit00:34
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wazd_n800they. are. legal. without maybe)00:34
ifreqit has the maps pre installed, but tho you may need more like car navi i guess?00:34
jeremiahwazd_n800: Tell that to Nintendo when they sue Nokia.00:34
Sir_LancelotI'm askingn things like tomtom, navigon, igo, etc00:35
ifreqyeh so more like car navi then00:35
Milo-anyone ever played supertux on n900?00:35
wazd_n800jeremiah, they are not sueing nokia for emulators obviously00:35
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jeremiahwazd_n800: They certainly made some suing-like noises.00:35
wazd_n800why sueing nokia for third-party software?00:35
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: You won't find stuff like that on the N90000:35
Scummerit's prbably all FUD00:35
meceDoes anyone know if the thing that prevents fm transmitter from starting while headphones plugged a hardware or software thing?00:36
jeremiahTomTom is a competitor to Naviteq which Nokia purchased.00:36
jeremiahmece: I think it is hardware since teh headphones are the antenae00:36
wazd_n800they sueing nokia cause they were stupid enough to advertise n900 with illegal rom00:36
Scummeron the other hand.. you can sue anyone for anything.. if it holds up in court is a matter of money for a good lawyer00:36
jeremiahYou cannot even have an appearance of violating copyright00:37
wazd_n800rom, not emulator00:37
wazd_n800rom is an illegal copy of copyrighted material :)00:37
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Sir_Lancelotsomeone has to realease navigation software for this device...00:38
Scummereven if you own the ROM and rightfully paid for it00:38
mecejeremiah, yeah, but I'd really like an antenna for the transmitter... Mobile pirate radio ftw!00:38
Jaffawazd_n800: There are homebrew roms.00:38
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: There already is an excellent app on the device by default00:38
Scummerthat's what pisses me off about the copyight shit00:38
crashanddieguys, take it outside00:39
crashanddiewe've heard the discussion way too many times00:39
wazd_n800Jaffa: well, I mean more popular case)00:39
JaffaScummer: People getting the option of being recognised for their work and charging people for it?00:39
jeremiahmece: heh00:39
Sir_Lancelotwhich oine jeremiah?00:39
crashanddieScummer, mece, wazd_n800: #copyright-trolls, thanks00:39
Scummerjaffa:  no.. that if you purchase the work, it should be yours at that point00:39
Scummerok.. i'll shut up now00:39
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: Did you click on the 'Maps' application?00:40
wazd_n800so I really don't understand why all emulators are still MIA00:40
Sir_Lancelotwhich Maps aplication?00:40
Jaffawazd_n800: Ask one of the people involved in it; ask the council00:40
VDVsxcrashanddie, lets talk about SW patents instead :D00:40
wiretappedanybody try connecting telepathy-idle to bitlbee?00:40
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: Try that00:40
* wiretapped is going to try this later today00:40
* VDVsx hides00:40
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: I think you will find it pretty good00:40
ScummerVDV: haha00:40
JaffaVDVsx: Yay! I've got 2. Or is it 3? I forget.00:40
wazd_n800Scummer, you've purchased right to play game00:40
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jeremiahSir_Lancelot: It is a lot like a TomTom app or a dedicated GPS device00:40
Sir_Lancelotbut, is it one of those with preinstalled maps, or is it like google mapos which is always downloading the map00:40
Scummerwazd: and what if my cartridge dies? i get a new one ?00:41
jeremiahVDVsx: heh00:41
wazd_n800Scummer, not copying  it, burning or ripping00:41
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: A combination really.00:41
wazd_n800Scummer, yeah00:41
Scummergawd.. i said i'm not saying anything any more00:41
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: But you'll find a lot of stuff predownloaded.00:41
JaffaSir_Lancelot: You can pre-download, but it will download as you go (vector-based)00:41
Scummerwazd: in your dreams.. you're f'd.. you gotta buy a new one00:41
wazd_n800Scummer, just like if your  TV dies)00:41
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: This is a pretty complete application00:41
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: With lots of detailed maps and funtionality00:41
Sir_LancelotI don't have web on the phone right now00:41
crashanddieScummer & wazd_n800: stfu00:41
* Jaffa checks Google Patents. Ah, he's got 2 patent s.00:42
Sir_Lancelot3G is bloakced...00:42
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jeremiahSir_Lancelot: Which device are we talking about?00:42
wazd_n800crashanddie, silence00:42
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: It is really a mobile computer00:42
jeremiahAnd it comes with a web browser00:42
jeremiahAnd it comes with the Maps application00:42
jeremiahSo you don't have to use a web browser00:42
jeremiahto use the Maps app00:42
* VDVsx recommends to all N900 users:
jeremiahVDVsx: What is it?00:43
VDVsxjeremiah, very good app00:43
VDVsxjeremiah, 1 sec00:43
* crashanddie points out to VDVsx that he already explained everything there was to know about software patents00:43
Scummermakes the n900 fly when you throw it out the window ?00:43
crashanddieno need for that00:43
Sir_Lancelotmaps aplication is kinda google maps00:43
jeremiahcrashanddie: Take it inside00:43
crashanddieit's already pretty aerodynamic00:43
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: Are you on crack?00:43
crashanddieespecially if you leave the keyboard open00:43
jeremiahIt is nothing like Google Maps00:44
jeremiahkinda cool00:44
Sir_Lancelotit is, in the manner that it downloads the map along the path...00:44
jeremiahSir_Lancelot: No - it doesn't do that00:44
wazd_n800crashanddie, no need to shut people up in that manner00:44
Sir_LancelotI thought it did00:45
Sir_Lancelotthan, what is missing to have a turn-by-turn navigation00:45
jeremiahIt is just like a dedicated GPS device00:45
crashanddiewazd_n800: yes, there is a need to do that, because we've seen the same conversation happen 20 million times, and the outcome is always the same00:45
Scummerhaha.. hangtime.. lol00:45
Sir_Lancelotnokia maps, used to ask for a fee00:45
* AakashPatel wants facebook chat00:46
crashanddiewazd_n800: some people who have no knowledge and are only focused on how much they can squeeze out of other people say that copyright is bad and use the age old "I'm copying because I'm afraid my CD will break" defence when really they should learn not be such tightasses and handle their CDs a bit better00:46
*** simula_away has joined #maemo00:46
GAN900dockane, I find it bizarre that so many people think that's broken.00:46
wazd_n800crashanddie, no there  isn't. If you're too nervous - you can release brain pressure thru a small crack in a skull made by hammer00:46
GAN900Both of you STFU.00:46
wazd_n800crashanddie, I heard that helps00:47
wazd_n800what the fuck? I wasn't even talking to you00:48
ifreqshould mediaplayer handle mmc indexing when its full of media like mp3s?00:48
GAN900wazd, be less pissy.00:49
* w00t turns down the channel temperature from 'flame' to 'warm'00:49
wazd_n800GAN900, hihihi00:49
crashanddieSnorting vodka is bad for your health kids -- don't do drugs00:50
AakashPatelsomeone gimme facebook chat D:00:50
wazd_n800GAN900, It's so ironic that you tell me that00:50
zashfacepalm book00:50
Scummersnorting wasabi is even worse00:50
zash"hockeypulver" ftw00:50
crashanddiebrainmelt, lol00:50
crashanddie"Brain fondue with a side order of snot please00:51
AakashPatelHm can you use that pidgin plugin?00:51
AakashPatelif you cross compile it?00:51
zashXMPP-server with spectrum?00:51
dockaneGAN900: i have to admit, that the n900 for me is a step as big as from horse powerde wagon to warp engine00:52
simula_awayfrom what dockane?  an 810?00:52
dockaneloved the n800.. so n900 was a must-have00:52
*** simula_away is now known as simula00:52
dockanelast phone was a nokia 110000:53
mecewait waht does this fly app do? It measures how long you throw the phone or..?00:54
AakashPatelWhat the link to browse extras-devel?00:54
AakashPatelor extras-testing00:54
mikhasyou will wish your horse powered wagon back after your first core breach00:54
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk00:54
dockanemikhas: breaking things is nothing new to me. i am used to it :)00:55
* lardman|home looks back 15 hours and remembers saying that he would go to bed in 14 hours and not have anything to drink00:56
lardman|home~curse deadlines00:56
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, deadlines !00:56
dockanelardman|home: sounds familiar to me00:56
woglindelardman hehe00:56
woglindeI have time till thursday00:56
lardman|homemy own fault, thought I needed to prepare an abstract, turns out it's supposed to be a 2 page "abstract" containing the results and conclusions :(00:57
meceAakashPatel, this: or this: ?00:57
AakashPatelah yeah the firs tone00:58
derflardman|home: I hate those.00:58
derfBoth reading and writing them.00:58
lardman|homepretty optimistic 6 months before the conf imho00:58
lardman|homebut there you go00:58
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GAN900lardman, fail.01:01
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Milo-has anyone ever played supertux on an actual n900?01:04
ifreqnope, my mom forbids it01:04
Milo-I can't navigate in the world-map :(01:04
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*** BBNS_ is now known as BBNS01:05
AakashPatelhmm lets see if this pidgin-facebookchat shiz craps it pants01:05
*** ertl has joined #maemo01:05
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo01:05
AakashPateloh hm01:06
AakashPatelwould be graet to konw where it shows up01:06
AakashPateloh heh01:06
lardman|homeshame the facebook plugin doesn't do the same as the Android one and show a list of updates01:07
AakashPateldid you try it?01:07
*** edgar2 has left #maemo01:07
lardman|homeyeah both01:08
AakashPatelson of a bitch01:08
AakashPatel"Could not retrieve buddy list"01:08
*** tKMFDM has quit IRC01:09
*** briglia has quit IRC01:09
AakashPatelChat service is curretnly unavail01:09
AakashPatelyeah its broked01:09
felipecanybody here uses Pidgin or telepathy-haze?01:10
AakashPatelI konw its trying to connect, cuz facebook website logged me out01:10
AakashPatelfelipe`: i just installed pidgin :/01:10
AakashPatelbut lucky me, pidgin-facebookchat isnt working01:10
GAN900felipec, haze.01:11
felipecAakashPatel: on N900?01:11
AakashPatellardman|home: do you still have it on your phone?01:12
felipecWhere is it? I can't find it on the site01:12
AakashPatelfelipec: you have to enabled extras-devel01:12
Sir_LancelotI have both N900 and HTC HD2 (the new one, with 1GHz cpu and 4.3" capacitive screen) and I have to seel one of them...01:12
felipecalso, any idea how is it maintained?01:12
Sir_Lancelotjust can't decide which...01:12
AakashPatelSir_Lancelot:  N900 :P01:12
*** Erod has quit IRC01:12
AakashPatelerm wait01:12
AakashPatelDont sell that one01:12
AakashPatelread it wrong01:12
Sir_Lancelotwhy? please convince me01:13
ifreqno need01:13
ifreqyou decide it yourself01:13
ifreqyour toyz, your decision or you come here later whining about bad choises made :P01:13
Milo-hmm seriously, why does the n900 automatically connect to internet?01:13
Sir_LancelotI'm not sure about the future of maemo01:13
Milo-even if there is no need for connecting?01:14
Sir_Lancelotthat's what's bringing my suspicious01:14
AakashPatellooks like a lot has changed since 1.60 and 1.6401:14
felipecGAN900: where did you get it?01:14
ifreqMilo-: no widgets on?01:14
Sir_Lancelot(and btw: I'm not the whining kind of guy )01:14
Milo-ifreq the default ones01:14
Milo-they shouldn't automatically connect01:14
ifreqMilo-: yeh but like facebook... something under accounts etc01:15
ifreqMilo-: so your network connection is set to "ask first" right?01:15
*** homeasvs has joined #maemo01:16
*** johnsq has quit IRC01:16
Milo-ifreq don't use facebook or any IM stuff01:16
ifreqand how abt my last question milo?01:17
AakashPatel1.60 of facbook pidgin plugin is broked :)01:17
Milo-trying to find that specific setting01:17
ifreqMilo-: settings -> internet connections01:17
*** aakashd has quit IRC01:17
Milo-I'm blind..01:17
Milo-Already set it to 'ask always' once.01:18
Milo-Wonder why it changed back to "any available"01:18
*** simula_ has joined #maemo01:18
crashanddieGAN900: btw, wardriving with the mbp is bliss :P01:19
*** timeless_mbp has joined #maemo01:19
lardman|home~curse negative signals01:19
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:19
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, negative signals !01:19
crashanddie~curse ~curse01:19
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, ~curse !01:19
crashanddieWhat year is infobot from? 1862?01:20
crashanddieWho starts a curse with "May" ?01:20
* timeless_mbp ponders01:20
lardman|homeHe's being polite01:20
timeless_mbpcrashanddie: that's earlier01:20
timeless_mbpit's an ancient middle eastern curse01:20
Lynourehrw|gone: Did try a QMenuBar with toplevel QActions, but still get them as a menu that is not like what the top menu tends to be... Any idea what I might be doing wrong still?01:20
timeless_mbpcirca arabian nights01:20
lardman|homeIt's a request to the tentacled one, rather than a command01:21
fnordianslipat least he doesn't finish the curse with "already"01:21
AakashPatelapt-get autoremove --PURGE pidgin-facebookchat01:21
timeless_mbpfwiw, the nokia flagship store now spells the name of our product correctly01:21
AakashPatelwrong window01:21
lardman|homefnordianslip: :)01:21
*** VDVsx has quit IRC01:22
*** thomastp has quit IRC01:22
mikhasLynoure, screenshot maybe?01:23
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC01:23
*** myosound has joined #maemo01:23
mikhasI use QMenuBar + QActions, and it shows up nearly like a pure hildon/gtk menu, but then again I use 4.6 =/01:23
Lynouremikhas: 4.5 here still.01:24
mikhasok, then I probably cant help, sorry01:24
*** willer has quit IRC01:25
*** alecrim has quit IRC01:25
Lynouremikhas: thanks anyway, I'll worry about it a bit later, then. Want to give my other question a shot, too?01:25
LynoureI'm not getting a beep out of QApplication::beep() , not on Linux desktop, nor in scratchbox. Ideas?01:26
mikhashm, no idea. have never used that. I'd check my mixer settings though, just in canse01:27
AakashPatelOkay this is making me laugh01:27
Lynoureeverything else plays, though01:27
AakashPatelwhy the hell does this thing have a mac os folder?01:27
*** fab_ has quit IRC01:27
LynoureBut, will dig for a beep setting somewhere...)01:28
mikhasoh wait, it could be a desktop setting right? I remember a switch in my gnome control panel somewhere01:28
redmaybe its using pc speaker? u got the cord connected? :p01:28
redAakashPatel: for compatability and file system differences?01:28
ifreqAakashPatel: think its for usb mass storage mount so on osx it mounts correctly01:29
mikhassystem > settings > audio > sounds > "play alert sounds" <= that's on jaunty w/ gnome01:29
GAN900Sir_Lancelot, Maemo Devices has been hiring like crazy in a recession. Being "unsure" of Maemo's future is silly.01:29
*** simula has quit IRC01:29
ifreqAakashPatel: atleast i needed tho first i thouhgt my osx made it automatically :)01:29
*** EricSagnes has quit IRC01:29
redi have the folder aswell01:30
GAN900AakashPatel, for when you plug it into a Mac.01:30
*** dinmin has quit IRC01:30
* AakashPatel is doing that right now >.<01:30
AakashPatelhah SpeedEvil i saw taht yesterday01:32
Lynouremikhas: yup, thought I found it for karmic as well, but no help01:32
*** wazd_n800 has quit IRC01:33
*** zs has quit IRC01:40
redthree streamed episodes of myhthbusters and battery down to 20% hehe01:40
*** ferdna has joined #maemo01:41
*** jon1012 has joined #maemo01:41
redsup with your hostmask01:41
jon1012I'm making a maemo version of my network of websites (city envies : paris envies, lyon envies, noitesdelisboa...) and I'm trying to do it with pymaemo01:41
jon1012is pygtk + hildon a good way to go ?01:42
jon1012I have little experience with deb packaing... is there a way to convert setuptools requirement to debian ones and generate a .deb simply ?01:43
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo01:43
redand sup with alot ppl on freenode having realname set as 'purple'01:43
redthese are the things i wonder 2am01:44
redbest to head to sleep01:44
jon1012(my hostmask is a bit old :))01:44
*** _claesbas has quit IRC01:44
jon1012(I'm not in the foresight team anymore)01:44
lardman|homeForesight dev?01:45
jon1012I'm going to call my app maemoparty (since the websites have a lot of names :))01:46
jon1012(depending on the country)01:46
jon1012I've done the python connector that fetch all the place, neighborhoods, ambiances, services and whatnot, and what is left for me to do is the UI...01:47
pupnikneat :)01:47
jon1012is pygtk a recommended way of doing apps for maemo right now ?01:47
GAN900MaemoParty would violate trademark.01:47
jon1012(packaging wise)01:47
jon1012GAN900: oh really ?01:47
GAN900Party for Maemo is the valid formula.01:48
jon1012GAN900: then I'll call it something else :)01:48
pupnikgood to know GAN90001:48
*** simula_ has quit IRC01:48
melmothjon1012: yep, just make a Makefile that call python :)01:49
jon1012melmoth: are there examples for that somewhere ?01:49
melmothmost python apps01:49
GAN900jon1012, marginally obnoxius, but it may save you pain in the future. ;)01:49
jon1012ok :)01:49
*** simula has joined #maemo01:50
GAN900Ugh, I get 1 bar of signal in this house.01:50
GAN900The perfect number to kill my battery in 8 hours.01:50
Macerthe dollhouse where everybody is high01:51
Maceris cracking me up01:52
*** promulo has joined #maemo01:52
xorAxAxhmm, looks like powertop is stuck in the build queue01:53
*** kalikiana has quit IRC01:53
lardman|homeSpeedEvil: ?01:53
* SpeedEvil gets unusually excited over powertop.01:54
xorAxAxwho was the builder master again? :)01:54
xorAxAxwho could make it unstuck ...01:54
xorAxAxits really a small package and has been enqueued since 21:44Z01:54
*** BBNS_ has joined #maemo01:55
xorAxAxna, i dont mean your toy01:56
*** ilovefish has joined #maemo01:56
*** ertl has quit IRC01:56
*** nslu2-log has quit IRC01:56
jon1012what is the real path for /usr/lib/pymodules in scratchbox ?01:56
jon1012(I want to see some files with my explorer but I can't find those in real filesystem)01:57
GAN900powertop is built in.01:58
*** rohanpm_ has joined #maemo01:58
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]01:58
*** AakashPatel is now known as BitchSlappin01:58
mikhas /scratchbox/users/your_user/targets/your_current_target/user/lib/pymodules IIRC01:59
*** BBNS_ has quit IRC01:59
*** BitchSlappin is now known as AakashPatel01:59
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo01:59
BabelOGAN900: you have to do a kernem with CONFIG_NO_HZ, that what powertop says :)01:59
mikhasusr instead of user, ofc01:59
*** Sargun has quit IRC01:59
*** ferdna has quit IRC01:59
*** BBNS has quit IRC01:59
*** hardaker has quit IRC01:59
*** jebba900 has quit IRC01:59
*** lardman|home has quit IRC01:59
*** felipec has quit IRC01:59
*** Gadgetoid has quit IRC01:59
*** mardi__ has quit IRC01:59
*** florian has quit IRC01:59
*** choppa_ has quit IRC01:59
*** eMHa has quit IRC01:59
*** eichi has quit IRC01:59
*** gunni_ has quit IRC01:59
*** RST38h has quit IRC01:59
*** Raytray has quit IRC01:59
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC01:59
*** rrr__ has quit IRC01:59
*** joppu has quit IRC01:59
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*** lmoura has quit IRC01:59
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*** naaaa has quit IRC01:59
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*** tigert has quit IRC01:59
*** viggi has joined #maemo02:00
*** lbt has quit IRC02:00
*** gunni has joined #maemo02:00
*** BBNS has joined #maemo02:00
*** sijk has quit IRC02:00
*** Sargun_Screen has joined #maemo02:01
*** Sargun_Screen has quit IRC02:01
*** zemm29 has joined #maemo02:01
*** sijk has joined #maemo02:01
*** Dephyria1 has joined #maemo02:01
*** ferdna has joined #maemo02:01
*** jebba900 has joined #maemo02:01
*** lardman|home has joined #maemo02:01
*** Gadgetoid has joined #maemo02:01
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo02:01
*** florian has joined #maemo02:01
*** choppa_ has joined #maemo02:01
*** eMHa has joined #maemo02:01
*** eichi has joined #maemo02:01
*** gunni_ has joined #maemo02:01
*** RST38h has joined #maemo02:01
*** Raytray has joined #maemo02:01
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo02:01
*** rrr__ has joined #maemo02:01
*** joppu has joined #maemo02:01
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo02:01
*** lmoura has joined #maemo02:01
*** zgold has joined #maemo02:01
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*** naaaa has joined #maemo02:01
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*** cyndis has joined #maemo02:01
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*** gletelli has joined #maemo02:01
*** dottedmag has joined #maemo02:01
*** mord has joined #maemo02:01
*** divinegod has joined #maemo02:01
*** cosmo has joined #maemo02:01
*** keesj has joined #maemo02:01
*** cehteh has joined #maemo02:01
*** till- has joined #maemo02:01
*** melmoth has joined #maemo02:01
*** gcobb has joined #maemo02:01
*** parasight has joined #maemo02:01
*** Sargun_Screen has joined #maemo02:01
*** jhe has joined #maemo02:01
*** greenfly has joined #maemo02:01
*** lool has joined #maemo02:01
*** oilinki has joined #maemo02:01
*** tigert has joined #maemo02:01
*** [pablo] has joined #maemo02:01
*** LoCusF has joined #maemo02:01
*** Robot101 has joined #maemo02:01
*** Pavlov has joined #maemo02:01
*** choppa has joined #maemo02:01
*** esaym has quit IRC02:01
*** Sargun_S1reen has joined #maemo02:01
*** Sargun_Screen has quit IRC02:01
*** lardman|home has quit IRC02:01
*** esaym153 has joined #maemo02:01
*** Dephyrial has quit IRC02:01
jebbaBabelO: stock kernel has CONFIG_NO_HZ=y  AFAICT02:02
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo02:02
*** eMHa has quit IRC02:02
*** gunni_ has quit IRC02:02
BabelOjebba : powertop complain about this missing option02:02
BabelOmaybe i have to check /proc/config.gz if it is on N90002:02
jon1012about pymaemo, is adding a console_scripts entry point enough to create an executable ?02:02
*** EricSagnes has joined #maemo02:03
*** eichi has quit IRC02:03
*** zemm has quit IRC02:03
*** IRSeekBot has joined #maemo02:04
*** Dantonic has quit IRC02:04
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC02:05
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo02:05
*** crashanddie has quit IRC02:06
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo02:07
*** BBNS has quit IRC02:07
*** mikhas has quit IRC02:07
*** BBNS has joined #maemo02:08
GAN900Babel0, works fine here. :)02:08
BabelOGAN900: you did not got the advice from powertop ?02:08
Dr_Cainplaying flash in the background02:08
Dr_Cainand checking top in the meantime02:08
Dr_Cainand pulseaudio is using 16% cpu02:08
Dr_Cainthat's not really acceptable02:09
*** BBNS_ has joined #maemo02:09
*** BBNS has quit IRC02:09
*** BBNS_ is now known as BBNS02:09
*** SinofEnvy[] has joined #Maemo02:09
crashanddieDr_Cain: not acceptable?02:09
BabelOGAN900: here
crashanddieDr_Cain: you do realise that top doesn't take into account CPU-throttling?02:10
*** Dantonic has quit IRC02:10
*** BBNS has quit IRC02:10
SinofEnvy[]hi guys, does anyone know if that app Flashlight (now in devel I think) uses torch mode or full blown flash?02:11
SinofEnvy[]dont wanna burn my leds :p or is it safe either way?02:11
GAN900Babel0, no.02:12
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo02:12
GAN900SinofEnvy, who's the maintainer?02:12
BabelOGAN900: hm ok02:12
Dr_Caincrashanddie: cpu was att 100% load from the flash crap02:12
SinofEnvy[]uhhh... no clue02:12
SinofEnvy[]let me try and find out02:13
GAN900Well, the package will tell you.02:13
Dr_Cainnobody likes pulseaudio02:13
SinofEnvy[]yes sec02:13
Dr_Cainit's a piece of garbage tbh02:13
*** rrr__ has quit IRC02:13
Dr_Cainwould be nice if we could replace it with oss4 or something02:13
GAN900I'm so tired of people bitching about Pulse.02:14
Dr_Cainnever gets old :P02:14
SinofEnvy[]gan900; some Roman Moravcik02:14
SinofEnvy[]dno who that is o_O02:14
Dr_Cainalso, is powertop what I think it is?02:14
GAN900FYI, Pulse does filtering to protect the speakers.02:16
*** choppa has quit IRC02:16
*** SinofEnvy[] has quit IRC02:16
Dr_Cainfrom clipping?02:16
*** lopz has joined #maemo02:17
GAN900Low freqs can damage them.02:18
*** woglinde has quit IRC02:18
GAN900Anyway, 16% doesn't tell you what speed the CPU is running.02:18
Dr_Cainyeah I'll check cpuinfo next time02:19
*** lexiyntax has joined #maemo02:19
*** adam` has joined #maemo02:19
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC02:20
*** alextreme has quit IRC02:22
*** alextreme has joined #maemo02:22
BabelOcan someone told me why my .changes file is not auto generated ?02:26
*** aakashd has joined #maemo02:26
*** |uben| has joined #maemo02:27
*** adam` has quit IRC02:27
*** choppa_ has quit IRC02:28
*** blimey3k has joined #maemo02:33
*** korpios has left #maemo02:34
*** florian has quit IRC02:38
*** Sir_Lancelot has quit IRC02:39
*** mtnbkr has quit IRC02:40
pupnik   accelerated theora on n900 dsp (old) in case u missed02:40
*** mtnbkr has joined #maemo02:41
*** uben has quit IRC02:42
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC02:44
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo02:44
*** guardian has quit IRC02:48
*** guardian has joined #maemo02:48
*** moo__ has quit IRC02:49
*** Brumle has quit IRC02:49
*** moo-_- has joined #maemo02:49
*** Brumle has joined #maemo02:49
*** aakashd has left #maemo02:49
*** BernardV_ has joined #maemo02:50
*** BernardV has quit IRC02:50
*** [dmp]_ has joined #maemo02:50
*** hardaker has joined #maemo02:50
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC02:50
*** [dmp] has quit IRC02:50
*** Cromag has quit IRC02:50
*** Cromag has joined #maemo02:50
*** pyhimys has quit IRC02:50
*** v2px has quit IRC02:51
*** JosefAssad has quit IRC02:51
*** v2px has joined #maemo02:51
*** Londi has quit IRC02:51
*** Londi has joined #maemo02:51
*** JosefAssad has joined #maemo02:51
*** pyhimys has joined #maemo02:51
*** j0rgen has quit IRC02:51
*** kkol_ has joined #maemo02:52
*** skrankki has quit IRC02:52
*** mzz has quit IRC02:52
*** skrankki has joined #maemo02:52
*** mzz has joined #maemo02:52
*** Dialekt has quit IRC02:52
*** BabelO has quit IRC02:52
*** takku has quit IRC02:52
*** kkol has quit IRC02:52
*** rrr__ has joined #maemo02:52
*** TurboMan has joined #maemo02:54
TurboManhey sup maemo dudes02:54
*** IcanCU has joined #maemo02:55
TurboMani wanna get N900 what about the battery life02:55
TurboManhow long does it last for a normal usage, you know less phone calls and like 2.5-3 hours of browsing02:55
AakashPatelIt's good :P02:55
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC02:55
AakashPatelDoes this thing have dual mics?02:56
SpeedEvilFor example, ssh'd into it over wifi - >25 hours02:56
TurboMani just dunno why nokia didn`t make it 1500 mAh :/02:56
AakashPatelIt still records sound real good though02:56
SpeedEvilTurboMan: because at some point mAh is irrelevant02:56
simulai love the battery life02:56
TurboManSpeedEvil i had the normal N9502:56
*** j0rgen has joined #maemo02:56
simulawhole day for normal usage - wifi / browsing02:56
TurboMani got the 8GB02:56
SpeedEvilTurboMan: and making the device larger and heavier is outweighed by that02:56
TurboManits night and day diffirence !!02:57
kynkyalso nokia used existing bl-5j02:57
SpeedEvil1200 vs 1500 is not really very large02:57
TurboMan950 vs 120002:57
SpeedEvilnight and day, for a 20% diff?02:57
TurboManYEAH beliveme :p02:57
simulajust buy a second battery... they're $2502:57
kynkycarry a small portable power pack with you :)02:57
SpeedEvilI don't.02:57
TurboManwell maybe i was on an very early firmware02:57
*** takku has joined #maemo02:57
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC02:58
TurboManthey really got the battery improved on the original N9502:58
SpeedEvilFor just browsing, and phone calls, the battery life is very good02:58
*** rkirti has quit IRC02:58
*** rkirti has joined #maemo02:58
kynkyits amazing the diff between linux and symbian ;)02:58
SpeedEvilyeah - but vast improvements on battery life did not come out of the 15% increase in battery.02:58
Dr_Cainunless you get the wifi bug :p02:58
SpeedEvilThey come out of the software doing powersaving better02:58
Dr_Cainthen you can drain it in a few hours02:59
TurboManthanks god i waited and i didn`t buy the iphone :p02:59
SpeedEvilI've never seen that.02:59
*** Analias has joined #maemo02:59
TurboMani was about to order one of the linux phones like Garmin G60 or NeoRunner02:59
*** MiskaX has quit IRC03:00
TurboManbut no way in hell i can compare them to the N90003:00
SpeedEvilNeo Freerunner you mean03:00
TurboManlol yeah that one03:00
SpeedEvilThe FRs hardware is somewhat dated now.03:00
Milo-the pen-thingy makes an absolutely brilliant coffee stirrer03:00
TurboManthe only drawback i see now for N900 the GPS is useless :103:01
SpeedEvilA 7 euro stirrer :/03:01
* SpeedEvil stabs nokia in the face.03:01
*** ecksun has quit IRC03:01
GAN900TurboMan, howso?03:01
TurboManis there any good GPS app for linux ?03:01
pupnikassisted gps is real fast03:01
SpeedEvilI mean, including a spare in the box will cost them _literally_ $.0503:01
GAN900Maemo Mapper03:01
SpeedEvilassisted GPS is fast in some conditions.03:01
*** mnurmi_ has joined #maemo03:02
kynkyTurboMan, cygnit releasing app very much like tomtom soon03:02
GAN900Sygic is releasing a port sometime soon.03:02
*** ecksun has joined #maemo03:02
TurboMannothing beats garmin mobile XT :/03:02
SpeedEviltomtom could even drop a port on it very easily03:02
TurboMani wish that it was avialable in linux03:02
Milo-silly supertux won't work :(03:02
SpeedEvil'available in linux' is somewhat of a misnomer.03:03
Milo-arrow down is missing03:03
*** mnurmi has quit IRC03:03
TurboManerr for linux lol03:03
SpeedEvilJust because you can get some on a desktop linux box - and you can probably run windows tomtom through wine - you can't run it on a phone03:03
TurboManits 4 am here and i`m still awake03:03
SpeedEvilSame for - say - skype video03:03
pupnikgames need to add keymapping03:04
SpeedEvilOr flash 1003:04
Milo-is there anyone here who is able to tell me how the supertux is supposed to be controlled?03:04
kynkyflash10 soon though03:04
Milo-up and down aren't working03:04
TurboManeverything is possible in linux world03:04
TurboManit just needs time i know03:04
pupnikwhat language device Milo-03:04
Milo-I can see the up and down arrow03:05
Milo-but they don't do a thing :/03:05
pupnikthat is a bug03:05
TurboManthe most thing i am excited about not just the Maemo OS the Project Mer03:05
*** sin18 has joined #maemo03:05
*** ilovefish has quit IRC03:05
Dr_CainMilo-: change keyboard layout to english before starting the game03:05
TurboMani wish half of the people around the world gets N900 to push the develompent of Project Mer03:05
* SpeedEvil ponders talk when half the world gets a n900.03:06
pupnikhelp make n900 apps better, sell more03:06
*** ciroip has joined #maemo03:06
*** zs has joined #maemo03:06
SpeedEvilAt the moment talk is comprised of the self-selected smart people that saught out a linux phone.03:06
* SpeedEvil can't work out how to spell that word.03:07
* SpeedEvil needs some love.03:07
SpeedEvilthough that too03:07
TurboManwhen the iphone 1st lunched there wasn`t that manny apps for it03:07
TurboManits still too early to judge about missing apps on maemo03:07
*** crashanddie has quit IRC03:08
Milo-Dr_Cain I have to restart my phone to play a game? :po03:09
SpeedEvilThere are maybe 5-6 apps that look useful.03:09
simulalist your 5-6 favorite apps speedevil :)03:09
TurboManwhat keeps the iphone so special too is the ability of upgrading the OS03:09
Dr_CainMilo-: shouldn't have to restart for a simple keyboard layout change?03:09
nomismpf. Right now I could use a tempo-adjust (without changing pitch) in the media player. Why haven't the nokia engineers thought about the exercising musician!03:09
SpeedEvilsimula: I mean of general interest03:09
TurboManSymbian phone = you stuck with an outdated os whenever a new phone is out03:10
*** Dialekt has joined #maemo03:10
SpeedEvilsimula: though I'm not really sure tha'ts quite relevant03:10
Milo-Dr_Cain settings -> language & region ->?03:10
pupniknomis, mplayer has varispeed03:10
TurboMansometimes the hardware are the exact same03:10
Dr_CainMilo-: I think it's under text input03:10
Milo-ah, found it :)03:11
*** Analias has quit IRC03:14
*** rrr__ has quit IRC03:14
*** hardaker has quit IRC03:14
*** BernardV_ has quit IRC03:14
*** guardian has quit IRC03:14
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC03:14
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC03:14
*** gcobb has quit IRC03:14
*** till- has quit IRC03:14
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