IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2009-11-29

qwerty12_N900Even though I have no need for MfE, I find it awesome that he's taking his time to answer questions00:00
asidjazzrm_you: n/m thats for the n800, is there an n900 repo list?00:00
javispedroasidjazz: go to the application manager double tap on "extras" repository and enable it.00:00
rm_youasidjazz: if you look at the extras catalog entry, just duplicate that00:01
Pavlzhere to the ninux day00:01
rm_youbut in the URL, where it says make it and extras-testing/00:01
Pavlzthere is Elektra00:02
GAN900People hoarding knowledge. . . .00:02
GAN900I find that claim highly insulting.00:02
Pavlzand i saw too xMff00:02
GAN900I bet he'd want us to clean up the pieces when he bricks his device, too.00:03
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo00:04
*** yergaN900 has joined #maemo00:04
*** TomaszD has quit IRC00:04
asidjazzyea i added both of this rm-you they keep failing to refresh00:05
Pavlzhere to the Ninux Day00:06
Pavlzi saw Elektra and xMff00:06
asidjazzgetting 404 errors00:07
PavlzElektra of FreiFunk (B.A. T.M.A.N.)00:07
asidjazzah mispell00:07
Pavlzand xMff the mantainer of OpenWrt00:07
Pavlzhere in Italy (Roma)00:08
Macerdamn. guess i can't install tomato on this thing00:08
Macerah well00:08
*** unixSnob is now known as pantyCowboy00:09
MacerAakashPatel: you sure holding the reset button will clear the password?00:11
Macerso just hold reset for 30 secs00:12
GAN900zerojay, s/ *g*00:12
AakashPatelMacer: yep00:12
Maceryou have the dd-wrt page that shows you how to do this? :)00:12
AakashPateland then turn off power for 1 min00:12
Maceri'm looking for it00:12
AakashPatel...just do it lol00:12
Maceri just don't want to run into a problem when i do this00:12
zerojayGAN900: Typed too fast.00:12
MacerAakashPatel: oh yeah. trust the scrolling text person :)00:12
AakashPatelWhat problem will you run in to?00:12
Stskeepsthe most appearant proof that the communist cabal isn't in charge of is the fact a constant s/ filter is not in place.00:12
asidjazzthe extras devel repo gives me a 'no hash entry in release file'00:12
Macera bricked router? :)00:12
Macerhaha00:12 it00:12
Macerand a panic into setting up this G2 one00:12
Macerthat doesnt' support tomato00:13
*** simula_ has quit IRC00:13
Macerddwrt is still free?00:13
AakashPatelMacer: I promise you if dd-wrt is installed correctly it will reste00:13
AakashPatelMacer: some versions00:13
AakashPatelthe old ones00:13
Macerit is00:13
Maceri just can't login to it anymore00:13
AakashPatelbull shit00:13
Maceri am using it now :)00:13
Maceri tried to change the root pw00:13
Macerguess i did it wrong00:13
Maceris there any other way to recover it?00:14
AakashPatelMacer: did your reboot?00:14
Maceryeah i'm pretty sure i did00:14
GAN900I love the random Droid loser that clued the guy in to our conspiracy then helped him set up his device to lose allof his data in the near future.00:14
AakashPatelit *wasnt* 1 min 30 secs00:14
AakashPatelon my watch00:14
*** gunni has joined #maemo00:14
*** ad-n770 has joined #maemo00:14
Macerso just hold that little reset button for 30 and start it back up and login root password admin?00:14
Macerafter leaving it powered off for 1 min? :)00:15
AakashPatelPower it on00:15
AakashPatelPress rest for 30 secs00:15
Macerit is on00:15
Maceri am using it now :)00:15
AakashPatelpower off for 1 min00:15
AakashPatelpower on00:15
Macerthen root/admin00:15
Macerok. i will do that in a little bit00:15
AakashPatelit will tell you what the default user and pass is00:15
AakashPatelif youget it wrong00:15
Macertell me? :)00:15
AakashPatelMacer: if you enter the pass wrong?00:15
javispedroman there's REALLY a topic of the redpill mode?00:15
AakashPatelit doesnt tell you on the 403 page?00:15
*** simula_ has joined #maemo00:16
GAN900javispedro, and blog posts mirroring it.00:16
javispedronow my personal battle against the "emulator" seems like a war in a sandbox00:16
*** Flyser has quit IRC00:16
asidjazzlol pdigin for maemo?00:16
Macerno. just "default user is root"00:16
Macerit's a 40100:17
AakashPatelroot and admin or something00:17
AakashPatelore root blank00:17
*** mavhc has quit IRC00:17
GAN900Gotta love that marcinw guy00:17
Macerok. i will try it out in a little while00:17
Macerand curse your  name when it doesn't work :)00:17
woglindewhats wrong with pidgine for maemo?00:18
GAN900javispedro, and the propaganda guys are doing a great job of making us look like we're anti-user for it.00:18
woglindeI bet psi is in place too00:18
AakashPatelMacer: Call me if it doesnt work00:18
javispedroGAN900: I can't wait for the spanish fansites to publish it so that I can scold them.00:18
Macerif it doesn't work i'll tether my G1 and curse your damn name over and over :)00:18
Macerit actually won't be that big of a deal00:18
AakashPatelfine haha00:18
Maceri have the G2 on standby00:18
Macerand it will just take a couple minutes to get it going00:18
*** tulkastaldo has quit IRC00:19
AakashPatellol whenever you say that i feel like im talking to a n00b on #android00:19
AakashPatelI HAZ THE G200:19
*** jeanjean has quit IRC00:19
Macerthe G2 is a spare00:19
asidjazzomg dont tell me theres on exchange support yet00:19
AakashPateltehre is00:19
AakashPatellook at hte specs :P00:19
asidjazzwhere is it? its already installed?00:19
*** `0660_ has joined #maemo00:19
javispedroGAN900: invoke the mods. edit the damn message to put the "DONT DO THIS OR YOU'LL BRICK YOUR DEVICE, 90% CHANCE" moniker in big bold letters.00:19
AakashPatelSupported protocols: Mail for Exchange, IMAP, POP3, SMTP00:20
*** jeanjean has joined #maemo00:20
asidjazzwhat about syncing contacts and calendar w/ excahnge00:20
*** filip42 has quit IRC00:20
Macerwaiting for something to finish00:20
Macerand i can try this reset00:20
*** mavhk has joined #maemo00:21
AakashPatelMacer: you order a n900 yet? :P00:21
MacerAakashPatel: !00:21
MacerAakashPatel: no. i am going to wait a bit00:21
Maceri preordered a touchbook00:21
AakashPatelthey lowerd the price anyway00:21
Macerand wound up selling it for 1/2 its price00:21
AakashPatelLol yeah haha00:21
Macerbecause it sucked total balls00:21
AakashPatelEh this cant suck to many balls00:21
*** yergaN900 has quit IRC00:21
Maceri'll wait and see how people react to the  n900 before getting one00:21
AakashPatelMacer: your gay touchbook didnt even have prototype vids or anything00:22
AakashPatelyou're a total dumbass00:22
Macer:-P yes it did00:22
*** serenity has joined #maemo00:22
Macerthey showed a FAKE touch interface00:22
AakashPatelokay, the oens the company posted00:22
AakashPatelof nothing00:22
Macerthat realistically did nothing!00:22
Macerit had static pics for battery and wifi!00:22
*** mavhk is now known as mavhc00:22
serenityis wallpapercreator not available in -devel anymore?00:22
Stskeepswelcome to marketing00:22
Maceri was able to get ubuntu on it though00:22
SpeedEvilMacer: lol.00:22
SpeedEvilMacer: :/00:22
Macerwell.. actually. meiz made the image. but it worked00:23
MacerStskeeps: haha00:23
MacerStskeeps: yeah i guess so00:23
Macerdid it get there yet? :)00:23
StskeepsMacer: customs notice was delivered, yeah00:23
*** hardaker has quit IRC00:23
MacerStskeeps: ah . awesome00:23
*** `0660 has quit IRC00:23
Macermaybe you dev geeks can do something with that piece of shit :)00:24
GAN900javispedro, it's the evil cabal at work again.00:24
Maceri'm sure in a few months he will be running skynet from his fridge00:24
javispedrofortunately, the fansites I know are still discussing MaemoItalia's bricked N900 video00:25
*** lizardo has quit IRC00:25
Macerhow did it get bricked?00:25
Macercosmic rays? :)00:25
javispedrohow I'd know?00:25
type_twhats the topic..?00:25
Macerfrom the fan sites? :)00:26
*** AakashPatel changes topic to "type_t"00:26
AakashPateler what00:26
*** AakashPatel has left #maemo00:26
*** AakashPatel has joined #maemo00:26
AakashPateli screwed up my topic00:26
suihkulokkiMacer: now, since companies are plotting on replacing barcodes with rfid tags, you could soon run a cluster in your fridge..00:26
Macersuihkulokki: haha00:26
Macercell rfid tags? :)00:27
type_tTOPIC IS WHO Created This Channel.  and For Whom.?00:27
*** suihkulokki changes topic to "to: Welcome to #maemo | | | Maemo Community Council | | | Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend - Registrations open -"00:27
Maceri should turn on my n810 :)00:27
Macertoo bad it's not a wimax edition00:27
AakashPateli cant see my topic now00:27
Maceri'd sell it for $100000:27
AakashPatelgotta restart this client00:27
*** AakashPatel has quit IRC00:27
serenityis wallpapercreator not available in -devel anymore?00:28
*** gunni_ has quit IRC00:28
Macerserenity was an awesome movie00:28
serenityMacer: my nick is much older than the movie is00:28
*** AakashPatel has joined #maemo00:28
serenityit's my normal state of mind00:28
SpeedEvilserenity: ?00:29
serenitySpeedEvil: sth like that00:29
serenitywant to create a wallpaper, but with wpcreator it's more fun, than fire up gimp00:31
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC00:31
*** ad-n770 has quit IRC00:32
GAN900serenity, PR1.1 will handle cutting automatically.00:32
serenityoh nice00:32
*** fab has quit IRC00:34
*** Pebby has quit IRC00:34
*** india7145 has quit IRC00:34
*** india7145 has joined #maemo00:35
AakashPatelMacer: FIX OUR ROUTER00:35
*** sjaensch has joined #maemo00:36
*** millenomi has quit IRC00:37
asidjazztheres no widget for email?00:41
GAN900AakashPatel, only if you fix your keyboard.00:41
asidjazzhow come installed widgets dont sohw up in the widget list on the desktop menu00:42
AakashPatelGAN900: Dude I make so many typo's it's not even funny lol00:42
GAN900asidjazz, are they on another desktop?00:42
asidjazzall empty00:42
GAN900You can't add dupes. :/00:42
AakashPatelWhy is there sales tax when I buy from nokia's site00:42
asidjazzi mean widgets i installed after00:42
asidjazzok ill restart00:42
asidjazzhows the battery on this thing?00:43
GAN900AakashPatel, cause they do business in your state.00:43
asidjazzit last prety long?00:43
lcuki misread that entire line then and wondered why he was installing midgets00:43
*** cure` has quit IRC00:43
AakashPatelGAN900: :000:43
AakashPatelMissouri? haha00:43
AakashPatelWho would do business here!00:43
GAN900AakashPatel, Bright Point, apparently.00:43
GAN900lcuk, because you're a creeper.00:43
AakashPatelIs that the company that fulfills orders or smething?00:44
qwerty12_N900GAN900: You can, actually. Add X-Multiple=true to the applet's desktop file.00:44
AakashPatelHaha, When you buy the ADP1, the company that fills those orders is "Bright Star"00:44
* javispedro considers a week of no tmo00:45
asidjazzlol midgets00:46
asidjazzso srsly no email widget eh?00:46
*** Macer_ has joined #maemo00:46
yuizynor email midgets00:46
Macer_guess that worked :)00:48
Macer_AakashPatel: thanks00:48
AakashPatelMacer: :P00:48
Macer_bbl. have to set up all my port forwards again :(00:48
Macer_thanks again though. that worked out nicely00:48
AakashPatelYep no prob man00:48
GAN900javispedro, it feels good.00:48
*** Macer has quit IRC00:49
asidjazzhow do you zoom in on photos00:49
javispedrostress is like a drug00:49
AakashPatelyou smoke some more everyday..00:49
javispedroit destroys you but sometimes you want more and go to tmo ;)00:50
qwerty12_N900...and get a giggle out of some of the lunacy00:50
*** cure` has joined #maemo00:52
javispedroI like that for the first time ever in TMO00:52
javispedrothe conspirators are ourselves and not Nokia.00:53
javispedroWE are the ones hiding the knowledge!00:53
javispedrohow dare we!00:53
serenityasidjazz: via the volume buttons00:53
asidjazzvolume buttons are just going to other images00:53
qwerty12_N900I wish Reggie would just ban the guy for asking where ROMs can be found from in the first place00:54
serenityasidjazz: should not00:54
GAN900The mods really need to step it up.00:54
GAN900Kick some ass.00:54
lcukhistorical threads too?00:54
javispedroLike the mods on IRC do >:)00:54
qwerty12_N900javispedro: ChanServ is awesome; don't you dare be knocking him/her!00:55
qwerty12_N900#idonthaveann900... Good times00:55
javispedrothe best channel in the entire known universe00:56
asidjazzalright whats the app called that adds more services to conversation00:56
javispedroAakashPatel: no offense ;)00:56
*** Erod has quit IRC00:57
AakashPatelHaha what?00:57
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo00:57
javispedroah, I guess you didn't read the topic, which was directed to evilQwerty. in which case, don't mind ;)00:57
AakashPatelOh haha00:57
*** flo_lap has quit IRC00:58
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo00:58
*** flo_lap is now known as florian00:58
serenityasidjazz: what service do you need?00:58
serenityaccount-plugin-haze should cover the most00:59
AakashPatelwhat protocols does haze have?00:59
serenityaim, gadugadu, groupwise, icq, msn, qq, sametime, yahoo01:00
AakashPatelgoogle talk?01:00
serenitygoogle talk is iirc built-in01:00
AakashPatelWhen is facebook chat coming again?01:00
AakashPatelsomeoen said but i forgot01:01
AakashPatelhm ok01:01
mikhasextras-devel is up again it seems?01:01
*** dolphin has quit IRC01:01
serenitymikhas: was it down?01:01
*** koan has quit IRC01:02
*** koan has joined #maemo01:02
AakashPatelearlier today it was01:02
*** Macer_ is now known as Macer01:04
MacerAakashPatel: hey. you ever overclock your wrt?01:04
AakashPatelYeah lol01:04
Macerthere's an overclock option in ddwrt01:04
Macerhow high did you go before it started to melt?01:04
AakashPateland make it go upto 251mW01:04
*** warp10 has quit IRC01:04
Macerthere's a signal boost too?01:04
Macerwhere's that at? :)01:04
AakashPatelIn advanced wireless settings01:04
Macerhow high did you put your cpu?01:05
AakashPatelmines at default01:05
AakashPatelI dont need it any higher01:05
Macerhm. the extra distance might help me out a bit01:05
Macerbut i suppose that's not that big a deal considering clients probably can't reach that far01:06
AakashPatelMacer: on the n900 you can change the output ;)01:06
Macerit's at 70 by default01:07
Macerwill boosting it cause problems? :)01:07
AakashPatelover a certain threshold01:07
Macerlike 251 ? :-P01:07
AakashPatelHah yes01:07
AakashPatelthat'll probably melt it01:08
* Macer pictures airplanes crashing into his house01:08
GAN900Macer, don't go above 71mw01:08
Macerblah. i'll leave it alone :)01:08
AakashPatelit'll run fine at 100mW wont it?01:08
GAN900The signal can actually get worse past that point.01:08
MacerGAN900: why? radio stations will start to call me up saying'you're messing up our broadcast!"01:09
GAN900The radio will cook itself and the noise level goes way up. ;)01:09
serenityand you can watch your battery melting01:09
asidjazzserenity: i cant find that in my apps manager01:09
asidjazzserenity: which catalog is that in?01:09
AakashPatelGAN900: why is the n900 set at 100mW's then?01:09
GAN900asidjazz, telepathy-extras in extras devel01:10
serenityasidjazz: extras-devel for a reason ;)01:10
*** poster_ has joined #maemo01:10
asidjazzextras devel is not wanting to be added01:10
GAN900Aakash, er, WRT, not N90001:10
asidjazzi get some kinda hash error01:10
AakashPatelGAN900: Eh yeah, but its still 100mW's01:10
AakashPatelErm, maybe its differnt by differnt radios01:11
crashanddie_asidjazz, you're the hash error01:11
*** cure` has quit IRC01:11
GAN900Aakashi, yeah . . . and the N900 radio spends WAY less time on.01:11
GAN900Not comparable.01:11
AakashPatelI see.01:11
GAN900asidjazz, wait for your Akamai mirror to work again.01:12
asidjazzakamai? not fremantle?01:12
crashanddie_asidjazz, If you use the Internet for anything - to download music or software, check the headlines, book a flight - you've probably used Akamai's services without even knowing it. We play a critical role in getting content from providers to consumers.01:13
crashanddie_(from their website)01:13
*** Flyser has joined #maemo01:13
AakashPatelyou guys make the pretty ponies!01:13
asidjazzi konw what akamai is i thougth that mighta been a distribution name as well01:13
GAN900asidjazz, mirroring network.01:13
AakashPateloh wait01:13
AakashPatelthats something else01:13
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo01:14
GAN900Distribution should be blank.01:14
serenityakamai is a content service provider01:14
GAN900Generally, anyway.01:14
*** type_t has quit IRC01:14
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC01:14
AakashPateli was thinking of the wrong company01:14
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo01:14
asidjazzi can install haze via apt-get since extras-devel is down?01:15
GAN900crashanddie_, I ordered Assassin's Creed II for $15 from Amazon.01:15
AakashPatelThats freakin cheap01:15
GAN900Bunch of store credits floating around from promotion stuff.01:16
AakashPatelI see01:16
* javispedro dies of laughing01:16
javispedrodid you see the latest tmo post?01:17
asidjazztried rootsh apt-get install account-plugin-haze01:17
javispedroon the "evil knowledge hiders" topic01:17
javispedroasidjazz: "extras" is the name of the repo. if it's down, apt-get won't work either.01:17
asidjazzi have extras01:17
Stskeepsjavispedro: aharharhar01:17
asidjazzserenity said its in extras-devel01:17
javispedroasidjazz: by extras  Imean extras, extras-testing and extras-devel :)01:18
javispedrothis tmo guy is a total expert in skim reading01:18
asidjazzit looks up and find
asidjazzcan i give apt-get a url to the actual file or somethign?01:18
javispedrocan anyone confirm extras-devel is down?01:19
javispedroWORKSFORME in n81001:19
asidjazzyea it doesnt look down01:19
asidjazzi put in http://repository.maemo.rg/extras-devel , fremantle, free non-free01:20
crashanddie_GAN900, nice01:20
crashanddie_GAN900, I gave my copy to one of my colleagues01:20
qwerty12_N900javispedro: It's down for me01:20
asidjazzno hash entry in release file /var/lib/apt/
javispedroasidjazz: so it's down. then wait until tomorrow.01:20
asidjazzthats like years from now01:21
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo01:21
crashanddie_actually, it's just a few hours01:21
* qwerty12_N900 predicts extras-testing will become the next extras-devel. Its downtime is getting to an annoyingly stupid point01:21
*** pantyCowboy has quit IRC01:21
javispedrowasn't the new hardware coming?01:21
*** rm_you has quit IRC01:22
javispedrobut somehow I think this WON'T be fixed by hw alone01:22
*** johnx has joined #maemo01:22
johnxmornin' all01:23
*** jgoss has joined #maemo01:23
asidjazzqwerty12_N900: how long has it been down for u?01:24
moo-_-yes javispedro01:24
AakashPatelMacer: Ping01:24
qwerty12_N900asidjazz: A couple of hours. Before that, it was working...01:24
javispedromoo-_-, I'm afraid you have choosen quite an unfortunate nick.01:24
qwerty12_N900Morning, johnx01:24
rm_you|morning johnx01:24
moo-_-well.. on other channels people have strength to type full "good morning" :)01:24
asidjazzim trying to add it from garage.maemo link01:25
qwerty12_N900moo-_-: This is #maemo. We act differently01:25
moo-_-well at least I will greeted often ;)01:25
*** johnxx has quit IRC01:26
AakashPatelMORNING moo-_-01:27
* AakashPatel had to greet him01:27
*** VDVsx has quit IRC01:27
* moo-_- bleaches and goes to the greener pastures01:27
javispedrocalifornia, greener? O.o01:28
*** andre__ has joined #maemo01:28
asidjazzwhats that app called that ive seen thats a slider to unlock ur desktop01:28
asidjazzor is that biult in01:28
javispedro jmknnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn01:28
asidjazzfyi i want to have sex w/ this phone01:28
andre__javispedro, your N key is broken.01:28
javispedrohead banging, sorry.01:29
AakashPatelasidjazz: Okay...................01:29
moo-_-N900 keyboard lacks one critical key: Windows key01:29
*** El-Scorcho has quit IRC01:29
javispedroasidjazz: it's builtin,but I don't know how to launch it01:29
qwerty12_N900asidjazz: Just lock the phone using the slider on its right side?01:30
AakashPatelThats cooler anyways01:30
AakashPatelEasier to use01:30
johnxthe windows key is awesome on laptops01:30
asidjazzqwerty12_N900: i wanna see theapp though01:31
qwerty12_N900asidjazz: As javispedro said: It's built in!01:32
qwerty12_N900Lock it and press the power key01:32
asidjazzoh lol01:33
asidjazzsick VIM01:33
asidjazzdamn 7mb01:33
asidjazzwhats this thign got 32gb?01:33
AakashPatelexpandable with a 16GB sd :001:34
asidjazzi wouldnt be surprised if it had a ketchup dispensor and an umbrella pops out of the stylist hole01:34
*** GuySoft has joined #maemo01:34
GAN900johnx, gotta get one of afb's Penguin stickers for the Win key.01:34
asidjazzfyi u can install catalogs by browsing to
asidjazztell noobs that, saves time.01:35
crashanddie_GAN900, I'm really trying to be less of a troll on tmo01:35
asidjazzthe key it needs is a 'your key'01:35
asidjazzlike the e90 had01:35
crashanddie_asidjazz, interesting you should say01:35
asidjazzu make the key anything u want01:35
johnxGAN900, eh. I actually use it as a "window manager operations" meta-key, so the silly little compiz wobbly window that's already on it works well enough :)01:35
asidjazzcrashanddie_: why cuz im a noob?01:35
asidjazzcrashanddie_: ive had the phone 2hrs gimme a break :)01:35
*** zap_ has joined #maemo01:36
crashanddie_asidjazz, was actually a charlie parker reference, nevermind01:36
*** kegie_ is now known as krig01:37
AakashPatelare you shitting me? lol01:37
AakashPatelyou bought the phone without loookin at the specs?01:37
AakashPatel600 dollar device01:37
asidjazzAakashPatel: i just forgot01:38
asidjazzsee how i like guessed it..01:38
Maceri think i might have to boost the cpu a bit01:38
Maceri wonder how well the wrt can handle it01:38
johnxMacer, to do what?01:38
asidjazzthere a bash package?01:38
Macerto help the wrt handle its routing01:39
AakashPatelMacer: fire01:39
AakashPatelthats what you'll get01:39
GAN900I love how everybody on Talk just stoops right down.01:39
johnxMacer, what kind of internet connection do you have?01:39
asidjazzoh its ash01:40
AakashPatelsome killer connection01:40
crashanddie_GAN900, how so?01:40
asidjazzdoes ash obey .ashrc01:40
asidjazzcan i set aliases01:40
johnxMacer, smallnetbuilder has a graph of routers and how fast they can do NAT01:41
johnxbut yeah, the WRT54G/GS/GL  is getting pretty long in the tooth at this point01:41
asidjazzhoew do i paste :)01:41
*** pH5 has quit IRC01:41
johnxmenu -> paste01:42
AakashPateli thought there was a short cut01:42
AakashPatelcontrol V doesnt do it?01:42
johnxin most apps it does, but not in the terminal01:43
johnxctrl+v and ctrl+c are reserved for the shell01:43
AakashPateli thought we were talkin about a reg app01:43
Hydroxideyeah, ctrl-v generally has other meanings in a unix terminal01:43
AakashPatelYeah i know01:43
crashanddie_can we stop talking about unix?01:43
johnxto be honest I have no idea what app we're talking about, but I saw people talking about I assumed terminal01:44
GAN900crashanddie_, I suspect it probably would've been more productive to address this p.articular troll's issues more directly.01:44
AakashPatelhah what01:44
crashanddie_GAN900, link?01:44
AakashPatelcrashanddie_ doesnt liek unix?01:44
asidjazzAakashPatel: not in terminal01:44
GAN900crashandie_, even if it doesn't convince him at least it doesn't bring us down to his level.01:44
GAN900The  "knowledge hoarding conspiracy" thread.01:44
AakashPatellol can you post a link?01:45
asidjazzso no putty for maemo yet i assume01:45
AakashPatelof the forum link :P01:45
asidjazzi guess terminal and ssh will do01:45
asidjazzneed to setup an authorized key01:45
Hydroxideasidjazz: just use OpenSSH from the terminal. though I guess someone could port putty - it is in debian01:45
crashanddie_why would you want putty on linux?01:45
AakashPatelputty? thats for windows is it not?01:45
asidjazzthe putty for symbian s5 is awesome Hydroxide .. on ly reason i asked01:45
asidjazztouch screen scrolling etc01:45
qwerty12_N900It comes in a GTK 2 form, too01:45
Hydroxidecrashanddie_, AakashPatel: it does have a linux version.01:45
mikhascrashanddie_, but it has a UI!01:46
*** myosound has quit IRC01:46
Hydroxideit can be nice to manage settings and saved sessions via the GUI01:46
crashanddie_a UI to do what, exactly?01:46
*** tbf has quit IRC01:46
AakashPatelcrashanddie_: same question here...01:46
Hydroxideand it can change settings during a running session more easily01:46
mikhaswhat Hydroxide said01:46
crashanddie_just create a shortcut?01:46
AakashPatelpsh yeah01:46
AakashPatel*scrolls up in terminal*01:46
johnxthe terminal on maemo5 already has touch scrolling01:46
AakashPateli dont know01:46
Hydroxideand you can easily make a desktop icon to launch a given session. believe me I usually use OpenSSH on linux myself, but I can see how both have their place01:46
AakashPateljohnx: dont hold me to it lol01:47
AakashPateloh wait01:47
AakashPatelwas that a statement01:47
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo01:47
AakashPateloh hehe01:47
johnxit's a really nice terminal actually01:47
crashanddie_AakashPatel, sentences without a question mark are usually statements01:47
johnxwas quite impressed with how nice it behaves01:47
johnxcrashanddie_, not a safe assumption when reading thins I write is it01:47
AakashPatelcrashanddie_: I read over it really fast and thought it was a quetsoin :/01:47 needs a "[ ] Don't ever again show me postings by this user" setting next to all names. Would save me some time01:47
crashanddie_GAN900, oh, that01:47
GAN900Aakash, that01:48
crashanddie_johnx, you write in thins?01:48
qwerty12_N900andre__: Ignore =)01:48
crashanddie_I'm just going to start reporting everyone as troll01:49
johnxAakashPatel, actually, I can picture a neat little command to easily take a command and make a .desktop file that launches it in a terminal01:49
andre__qwerty12_N900, or directly " [  ] -> /dev/null".01:49
AakashPateljohnx: Yeah, who needs PuTTY!01:49
*** zap has quit IRC01:49
AakashPatelwe got terminal shortcuts01:49
AakashPatelHell yeah01:49
johnxAakashPatel, well, we don't yet :) but it would be straightforward I think01:50
AakashPatelEh yeah, shouldnt be too terribly hard to implement01:50
GAN900crashanddie, somebody needs to propose more active moderation.01:52
AakashPatelSeriously :/01:52
* javispedro is an evil genius01:53
andre__GAN900: what exactly does moderation mean, in contrast to e.g. censorship? asking because that term is quite wide...01:54
*** woglinde has quit IRC01:54
asidjazzsweet got my authorized key on my phone to my irc box01:54
asidjazzso ssh w/out pword01:54
asidjazzis there an rc file ash follows?01:54
asidjazzi wanna add some aliases on the phone01:54
javispedroandre__: it doesn't matter. were already being accused of censuring ;)
AakashPatelandre__: I think he means to just get rid of useless posts liek that01:55
*** hardaker has joined #maemo01:55
andre__i think i agree.01:55
johnxasidjazz, follows /etc/profile. should also look at ~/.profile01:55
asidjazzjohnx: nope01:56
asidjazzjohnx: put an alias in there, didnt run01:56
asidjazzalso theres no 'source' command01:57
johnxwhat about: . sourceme.sh01:57
*** zap_ has quit IRC01:57
*** florian has quit IRC01:58
*** zap has joined #maemo01:58
GAN900Stupid thing.01:58
GAN900andre__, more active thread merging and locking01:58
GAN900Lower threshold for issuing warnings.01:58
johnxasidjazz, wait? no source command? I seem to have one01:59
johnxI also have . command02:00
cehteh'source' should be buildin in the shell and not exist as command somewhere02:01
asidjazzi even put the alias in /etc/profile02:01
johnxGAN900, as long as we're getting wishes: I want full threading02:01
*** Sargun has quit IRC02:01
johnxasidjazz, what happens if you type source /path/to/file from the commandline?02:01
asidjazzi put alias scn='ssh'02:02
javispedrooh no, he's still posting.02:02
asidjazzjohnx: no errors, sorry i guess i misspelled source before bu ti have it02:02
GAN900johnx, you want the moon.02:02
johnxGAN900, well yeah, but I'll be ok with full threading for now. the moon can wait until we can deorbit it safely02:02
AakashPatelGIMME THE SAUCE02:02
johnxasidjazz, it looks like you need to use source with the full path to the file02:03
asidjazztried that02:03
asidjazzno alias02:03
*** andre__ has quit IRC02:03
asidjazzif itype in the alias manually it works02:03
GAN900johnx, the Koreans already did it.02:03
GAN900johnx, see The Onion News Network.02:03
johnxGAN900, slashdot did it too02:03
asidjazzwhats hte pw for user via ssh02:04
asidjazzor just hte pword for user02:04
johnxasidjazz, locked account by default, IIRC02:05
asidjazzah k02:05
johnxget root and then type passwd user02:05
AakashPatelIf i order my n900 from nokia tomorrow, is there a good chance it'll ship out monday?02:05
asidjazzi dont understand why we use rootsh when sudo is built in02:05
asidjazzlol AakashPatel no02:06
AakashPatelwhy not?02:06
AakashPatelThey're "in stock" lol02:06
asidjazzssh'ed onto my phone02:06
asidjazzoo we got top02:06
asidjazzBogoMIPS        : 499.9202:07
johnxasidjazz, it's one of those things where we're trying not to mess with the default config too much02:08
AakashPatelasidjazz: hm lemme check that on my HTC Dream lol02:08
*** EugeneK has joined #maemo02:08
asidjazzAakashPatel: whats hte dream run android?02:09
asidjazzAakashPatel: keep up to date w/ the shipping thread on talk.maeom02:09
javispedrobogomips is hardly a measure of performance02:09
GAN900We need an N900 Haiku thread.02:09
asidjazz'who' shows on users02:09
asidjazzwhen i got like 3 shells open lol02:09
rm_you|try "w"?02:09
johnxhey rm_you| :D02:10
rm_you|dunno if it is on device02:10
rm_you|sup johnx02:10
*** caotic has joined #maemo02:10
rm_you|i said morning earlier :P02:10
*** rm_you| is now known as rm_you02:10
johnxrm_you|, I ignored you earlier02:10
rm_youbeen poking around agan02:10
rm_youyes :P02:10
johnx"poking around"?02:10
asidjazzk we need php+gtk on tihs thing02:11
rm_youjust saying hi and fixing random bits02:11
rm_youpackrat is back up and working with fremantle02:11
johnxthat'll be nice to have back02:11
AakashPatelasidjazz: ohly feck02:12
AakashPatelthat thraed is huge02:12
asidjazzAakashPatel: just go tot he end02:12
asidjazzgo to the last page02:12
asidjazzback up a couple pages02:12
asidjazzi guess i should uninstall sshd after im done w/ this02:12
asidjazzsince itll prolly eat up battery02:13
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk02:13
* AakashPatel wonders how long it will be before his ships then02:13
asidjazzso when i have contacts open02:14
asidjazzw/ no kb02:14
asidjazzi have no virtual kb?02:14
*** jophish has quit IRC02:14
johnxasidjazz, turn it on in the control panel -> input02:15
johnxand I've been running opensshd constantly since october 10/1202:15
AakashPatelsome dude ordered his on staurday and shipped tuesday02:15
AakashPatelthats a good sign02:15
*** mikhas has quit IRC02:16
asidjazzjohnx: its on now .. where does it pop up?02:16
johnxasidjazz, huh? which screen are you looking at? the main contacts screen with the search bar at the top?02:17
johnxoh, I see02:18
johnxno search bar02:18
johnxyeah. I guess no virtual keyboard for you in that case02:18
*** bilboed has quit IRC02:18
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC02:19
asidjazzlol search bar?02:19
asidjazzyea this sucks02:19
asidjazzhopefully theyll fix this soon02:19
lardmanhmm, maemojedi.......02:20
johnxlardman, this would be the reason I want an "ignore thread"02:20
lardmanhas he done anything useful in the 29 or so days he's been a member I wonder?02:21
lardmanbeen thanked a few times02:21
crashanddie_sent a shitload of PMs02:21
lardmanis he a Nintendo ringer?02:21
johnxI think he just hangs out in warez forums and really doesn't understand why we don't "loosen up"02:22
johnxthough it doesn't help that people responded to his trolls02:22
lardmanI will repsond, then I will destroy him02:23
asidjazzis there an internet radio app yet02:23
lardmanin a metaphorical removing from the db sort of way02:23
asidjazzor somtehign to stream shoutcast or something02:23
lardmanhmm, /me thinks that perhaps banning people when he's not in a good mood is a bad plan02:24
johnxasidjazz, canola+last.fm02:24
lardmanperhaps a raincheck02:24
*** serenity has quit IRC02:25
*** Sho_ has quit IRC02:25
johnxlardman, yeah. I can see that one ending badly02:25
*** lbt has quit IRC02:25
lardmanwell not for me :)02:25
johnxI wish people would leave him alone until he gets bored02:25
*** EugeneKay has quit IRC02:25
*** EugeneK is now known as EugeneKay02:25
lardmanI have the same odd masochistic urge to argue with trolls though02:25
javispedrothe issue is that this will happen again02:25
lardmanI'll ignore it02:26
johnxit's such a fertile ground for trolling right now02:26
lardmanit's really become a waste of time looking at TMO, is a shame02:26
lardmanwe should perhaps alter the forum rules so that those with <250 karma can only post in some forums02:27
lardmanor perhaps not so high, but that sort of thing02:27
javispedroand I believe this eternal september won't end02:27
javispedronot really, cause you force users to post into the "wouldbe" idiot forum before posting into the "wouldbe" enlightened forum02:27
johnxlots of new fanboys trying to prove loyalty, lots of people who won't search, and lots of people who are cranky about all the noise02:28
lardmanI'm in the latter group I admit02:28
pupnik_just search the noise02:28
lardmantakes time though02:28
pupnik_adapt to higher noise board02:28
johnxwe need: full threading (let off-topic arms of the thread die out in silence), an "ignore thread" button, and the active topics to not include offtopic/for sale02:29
rm_youI'm in a bad mood too right now T_T02:29
lardmanhey rm_you :)02:29
rm_youtotally unrelated to maemo:
johnxrm_you, hmmm? forum related?02:29
pupnik_it is no longer the comfy workshed of 2007, lardman02:29
*** Pavlz has quit IRC02:29
javispedroit is definitely not.02:29
lardmanpupnik_: so true02:29
johnxrm_you, does that mean no more multi-part .rar files?02:30
rm_youjohnx: T_T02:30
javispedrothere's no damn way to have a damn discussion there without someone interrupting just to say (literally) "i don't know what you're doing but sounds interesting" or "when is this thing going to be shipped?" (in a thread about development on device)02:30
rm_youit means the death of the internet as I know it02:30
rm_youand 20,000 people in various places around the world all simultaniously saying "wtf"02:31
lardmanI see mininova have just said they're pulling all illegal torrents02:31
*** koan has quit IRC02:32
AakashPatelo.o really02:32
johnxjavispedro, the former I don't mind most of the time, but I'm used to getting asked that at work everyday02:32
rm_youmininova is dead02:32
*** koan has joined #maemo02:32
AakashPatelthats very interesting02:32
pupnik_i told u guys in oct secret meeting south korea02:32
rm_youLOOP got shut down02:32
pupnik_game is changing02:32
*** zs has quit IRC02:32
lardmanpupnik_: lol :D02:32
asidjazzlol i got that lame dpulicate contacts thing again just like w/ syncing my symbian phones w/ outlook02:32
pupnik_not much just a bit02:33
asidjazzthere a way to delete all my contacts and re-grab them all from exchange again?02:33
pupnik_all changes happen at the margin, as economists like to say lardman02:33
crashanddie_Weather: BRISBANE, QLD at 29th 10:04am: Temp 33.2°C, Humidity: 44%, Wind: N at 9 km/hr with gusts of 11 km/hr.  Atmospheric Pressure: 1005.3 hPa.  Rain: 0.0 mm.02:33
*** crashanddie_ has left #maemo02:33
AakashPatellardman: They're goin down in a few weeks then lol02:33
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo02:33
*** igagis has quit IRC02:33
crashanddie_what the hell happened there02:33
lardmanI think you can delete all by tapping the menu, but I've no idea what will happen02:33
pupnik_so when i say big change it is just a relatively big one02:33
crashanddie_anyway, after those temperature readings, I just have one thing to add02:33
crashanddie_TAKE THAT BITCHES02:33
AakashPatelwhat temp readings? lol02:34
lardmancrashanddie_: not too bad humidity-wise02:34
lardmanmust be a lucky day ;)02:34
crashanddie_lardman, better than the 120% humidity we've had in London over the past couple of days02:34
lardmanwell yeah, that's bad, but not as bad as with >40C temps ;)02:34
crashanddie_lardman, I lived in Perpignan, I'll survive ;)02:35
lardmanoh yeah02:35
lardmanyou'll love it I'm sure :)02:35
AakashPateli've lived in 115 F degree temps02:35
lardmannot that I've been to Brisbane, but Seoul was "pleasant"02:35
AakashPatelIndia ftw02:35
AakashPatel46 C02:36
* AakashPatel had to look it up02:36
lardmanI was in Delhi earlier in the year, in the spring I guess, was thankfully not too hot02:36
AakashPatelI went in the summer :(02:36
lardmanonly 35C02:36
crashanddie_I'm flying to calif tomorrow02:36
crashanddie_need to get some sleep, loads of things to do tomorrow morning02:37
AakashPatelcrashanddie_: Cali is gonna be niceee weather02:37
crashanddie_take care guys, see you on the other side of the planet02:37
lardmannighty-night, have a safe trip02:37
AakashPatelsafe trip dude02:37
johnxcrashanddie_, hey, stop by seattle on the way :)02:37
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo02:37
crashanddie_johnx, not really "on the way"02:38
lardmanwell, right direction at least02:38
lardmanand you didn't say if you were going to north or south california ;)02:38
*** swc|666 has quit IRC02:38
AakashPatelStill real far away02:38
johnxcrashanddie_, ah bummer. I can't remember but I think I even owe you a beer :)02:39
AakashPatelover 500 miles even if he's in north02:39
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo02:39
johnxAakashPatel, psh, that's less than a day's drive02:39
lardmanAakashPatel: but a blink of the eye in an aeroplane :)02:39
AakashPatelBut who likes driving a day?02:39
lardmanor an hour02:39
AakashPatellardman: a few hundred blink02:39
johnxlardman, kind of a long blink :)02:40
lardmanyeah, dry eyes, etc02:40
lardmanespecially bad on the planes with the a/c02:40
*** DantonicN800 has joined #maemo02:40
lardmandoes each GTK widget has its own window?02:41
lardmanwhat about Boxes?02:41
javispedrono, not all, that's what event boxes are for AFAIU02:41
asidjazzis there an acceleromoter in this thing?02:41
lardmanhmm, I need to pass a plugin a widget into which it can pack items02:42
johnxasidjazz, yup02:42
lardmanasidjazz: yeah02:42
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo02:42
asidjazzwhen is maemo gonna use it :)02:42
lardmanjavispedro: but if I choose an HBox, for example, the plugin will probably need to create its own stuff and pack it in, was just wondering about overhead02:42
asidjazzim also ugessing google hasnt ported google maps to this yet? :)02:42
lardmanasidjazz: it does; and no02:42
asidjazzlardman: where? i havent seen it yet02:43
lardmanphone automatically turning on when you rotate, app rotation, etc02:43
javispedrolardman: osso-games-startup' plugin interface just allows you to return a single GtkWidget* and it will do whatever it wishes with it.02:43
asidjazzwhich apps rotate02:43
asidjazza few?02:43
johnxasidjazz, image viewer, xournal, conboy02:43
lardmanjavispedro: what type is the widget it returns to the plugn?02:43
johnxphone will if you have it enabled02:44
lardmanmbarcode ;)02:44
asidjazzoh i dont have it enabled by default?02:44
javispedrolardman: au the contraire, the plugin returns the widget.02:44
lardmanoh I see02:44
lardmanjavispedro: hmm, ok02:44
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC02:44
javispedrolardman: o-g-s just puts it into its own vbox inside an hbox inside an ...02:44
AakashPatelI thought the dialer app and stuff pops up if you rotate02:44
lardmanjavispedro: yeah02:44
*** soap has joined #maemo02:45
lardmanjavispedro: I'm just thinking I might need to put the whole plugin in its own window, but of course I can do that if it returns a widget02:45
lardmanAakashPatel: have to enable it in the phone app02:45
javispedrolardman: I like the approach indeed.02:45
lardmangood good02:46
* lardman cracks on with that02:46
*** fnordianslippers has joined #Maemo02:48
asidjazzjohnx: cant find conboy02:50
asidjazzi wish extras-devel worked :(02:50
johnxin extras02:50
johnxmaybe extas-testing02:50
johnxextras-testing is a safer bet than extras-devel anyways02:50
asidjazzthose all work02:50
asidjazzyea but the stuff i want is in -devel02:50
lardmanwhat's up with extras-devel?02:50
johnxstupid "repository hash bla blah bleh"02:51
asidjazzwhats conboy do02:51
lardmannotes app iirc02:51
*** soap has left #maemo02:51
johnxa really nice notes/desktop wiki02:52
johnxand it can sync with tomboy on the desktop02:52
johnxI think it's been in extras since like october ...02:52
asidjazzdoes the app maanger just install these .deb packages?02:57
lardmanyes, should do02:58
* lcuk waves02:58
asidjazzso if i just wget these .deb files to the phone itself02:58
asidjazzand do a local debian pkg install02:58
asidjazzi should be fine?02:59
johnxallo lcuk02:59
johnxasidjazz, yeah, or if you just use apt-get02:59
asidjazzapt-get goes after hte repositories02:59
lardmanyeah will be fine, but it won't handle the deps for you02:59
asidjazzso if a repo is down apt-get ownt work either02:59
javispedrocan you please WAIT until the repository comes back03:00
lcukjavis, obviously in this case, waiting is not an option!03:00
lcukperhaps it will never come back03:00
lcuklardman, fsm still03:01
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC03:01
lcuki thought we had new $deity by now03:01
lardmanwhat was that thread about?03:02
lardmanI've not looked at it again since03:02
javispedrothe member I and andre were trying to help yesterday or two days ago or whatever days ago to install some .deb packages now has the _WEIRDEST_ setup I've ever seen with mixes of repos from all OS versions and some system packages being non installable03:02
lcuki dunno i gave up caring03:02
Klownerstinkin' nokia's site charges sales tax03:02
* lardman looks now03:02
lcuki just posted penguins and left03:02
javispedroI don't even know how his n900 is capable of booting...03:02
lcukKlowner and you expected to become a fugitive?03:03
Klownerlcuk: eh? :)03:03
lcukwell if you dont pay your taxes you get arrested03:04
lcukdont you03:04
lcukthrown in the clink03:04
lcukmanual labour?03:04
Klowneryeah, but if you buy things online, typically sales tax doesn't apply, unless you're buying it from a company in the same state03:04
asidjazzwihch package is for the n900 ? armel?03:04
Klownerie. Amazon charges me no sales tax03:04
asidjazzconboy_0.5.8_armel.deb ?03:04
*** Pebby has joined #maemo03:04
lcukjavispedro, urg03:04
lcukasidjazz, learn to wget and apt-get03:05
asidjazzlol here goes ~/tmp $ rootsh dpkg -i conboy_0.5.8_armel.deb03:05
lcukKlowner, do you pay tax on the goods you get?03:05
asidjazzlcuk: apt-get doesnt owrk w/ repos buddy03:05
asidjazzwhen repos are down*03:05
asidjazzalso the phone has no wget03:05
Klownerlcuk: only if I buy them in my state03:06
lcukstrange i use it often03:06
lcukmustv got it from a repo tho03:06
asidjazzdamn. depencancies03:06
lcuknever had anythuing else03:06
lcukKlowner, no import duty?03:06
johnxasidjazz, I'm sure it's in extras-testing03:06
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo03:07
asidjazzahh i can apt-get these deps03:07
Klownerlcuk: nope, unless it's factored into the actual price by the retailer03:07
asidjazzcuz thats up johnx, tnx.03:07
asidjazzUnpacking replacement conboy ...03:07
asidjazzSetting up conboy (1:0.5.8) ...03:07
lcukahh i got mine from fremantle/tools repo03:07
asidjazzshows up03:08
asidjazzdpkg -i works03:08
lcukKlowner, cool, so you can buy stuff worldwide for 0 tax (lets say 200000 cars) and sell them for +taxd inside the country?03:08
lcukwould oyu have to pay tax on the,?03:09
* lardman wonders if lcuk has been at the wine....03:09
* lardman notes it took him 5 goes to write the last sentence03:09
* lcuk nods03:09
lcukand im tired03:09
Klownerlcuk: hrrm, I'm not sure but I think the seller pays taxes on part of his sales, and the buyer pays a tax on what he buys03:10
asidjazzso the tool is fuse? to add aim etc to conversation?03:10
lcukits ok Klowner03:10
lardmanbed time03:10
lardmannight all03:10
lcukgnite lardman03:10
*** lardman has quit IRC03:10
asidjazzi see maemo8, 9, and 10 for fuse. which do i use for the n900 ?03:10
javispedrothe n900 uses maemo90003:11
*** myosound has joined #maemo03:12
*** edgar2 has left #maemo03:13
asidjazzfuse installed03:13
asidjazzor not03:14
*** BabelO_ has quit IRC03:14
simula_is there a repo that contains nano for the n900?03:17
simula_nano the text editor03:17
asidjazzhmm i dont see haze in the pool03:17
swc|666vi > nano03:18
*** zap has quit IRC03:18
javispedrosimula_, no:
simula_thanks for the link javispedro03:19
simula_i was looking for diskusage too :)03:20
*** sjaensch has quit IRC03:20
asidjazzah haze is in telepahty03:22
asidjazzUnpacking telepathy-haze (from telepathy-haze_0.3.2-1_armel.deb) ...03:23
asidjazzSetting up telepathy-haze (0.3.2-1) ...03:23
Macerwho would have known. all you need to stop vx gas is bleach03:23
*** SmilybOrg has quit IRC03:24
asidjazzalso fyi some apps need a reboot to install03:24
*** poster_ has quit IRC03:25
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC03:26
asidjazzi dont get it03:28
asidjazzi installed haze and i still have no aim under conversations03:28
KMFDMasidjazz, did you add your aim account03:29
KMFDMunder accounts?03:29
asidjazzthats what i tried to do03:30
asidjazzi dont see it as an option03:30
asidjazzPreparing to replace telepathy-haze 0.3.2-1 (using telepathy-haze_0.3.2-1_armel.deb) ...03:31
asidjazzUnpacking replacement telepathy-haze ...03:31
asidjazzSetting up telepathy-haze (0.3.2-1) ...03:31
asidjazzlooks good to me03:31
KMFDMgo to conversation03:32
KMFDMdid it finish setting up?03:32
asidjazzim installing it as a local .deb03:32
KMFDMgo to conversation>accounts03:32
asidjazzcuz extras-devel is down03:32
asidjazzyea i went there03:32
KMFDMand then under account setup select service03:32
KMFDMif it doesn't appear there03:33
KMFDMit didn't work03:33
KMFDMyeah i never installed it as a local deb03:33
KMFDMi always used extras-devel03:33
asidjazzi just see google voice .. skype.. jabber and sip and ovi03:33
*** hardaker has quit IRC03:33
KMFDMrestart your device to be sure03:33
KMFDMbut if that fails then that local deb03:34
KMFDMisn't the proper one03:34
asidjazzKMFDM: are u able to check ur haze versoin on ur app manager for me pls?03:34
KMFDMyeah sec03:34
ProteousI can haz version check?03:37
asidjazzextras-devel is working!!!03:38
*** cure` has joined #maemo03:38
simula_it's working for me03:39
rm_youoh is it back? :P03:39
simula_installing DiskUsage right now :)03:39
asidjazzlol an anarchism app?03:39
*** Flanbix has quit IRC03:39
*** mavhc has quit IRC03:41
*** chris231989 has left #maemo03:42
*** murrayc_ has joined #maemo03:44
*** Tyrant91101 has joined #maemo03:45
*** cure` has quit IRC03:45
*** TommyBres has joined #maemo03:47
*** cure` has joined #maemo03:49
MacerStskeeps: how is mer coming along?03:49
Macerwas going to put it on my n810 in a little bit to see how far along it has come since i last tried03:49
*** caotic has quit IRC03:50
KMFDMasidjazz, what does it do03:51
simula_is it possible to resize rootfs?03:51
asidjazzim not installin that shit03:51
javispedrosimula_: no03:52
javispedrorootfs is on a different chip03:52
KMFDMim going to after i find it03:52
KMFDMasidjazz, what is it called?03:52
Macerwho here has a retail n900?03:53
simula_ahh, so that chip is only 228MB javispedro?03:53
simula_i have a retail n90003:53
Macersimula_: is it good? :)03:53
Maceri mean like... didn't get released prematurely good?03:53
simula_javispedro... what is a good way to go about paring down it's contents without wrecking something?  i've already uninstalled just about everything i can find.03:53
Macerlike a G1 :) with its beta android heh03:53
simula_macer... i loves it03:53
asidjazzi loves mine too03:54
Macerwas goign to get one soon. still on my n81003:54
asidjazzgot it today03:54
javispedrosimula: what you'd need to do that for?03:54
simula_it's amazingly zippy03:54
javispedroeither way, the best way would be to purge locales, maybe clean apt cache..03:54
Macersimula_: how is telepathy?03:54
Macerdoes it support google video chatting? :)03:55
javispedronot yet03:55
rm_youheh no video chat yet that i've seen03:55
Macerso it has a front cam?03:55
* asidjazz loading quake 303:55
simula_thanks javispedro... var is on rootfs, so i was afraid i could run out of room apps expect to have03:55
rm_youyeah, front cam is the same as n800/n810 cam03:55
Macerwhat about the rear?03:55
Macerlike an n95?03:55
rm_yourear is 5MP03:55
simula_i haven't played with any chat, but the video and cam on the front works well for me03:55
rm_youreally nice03:55
Macerdoes dvd quality mp4 video too?03:56
Macerlike the n95?03:56
simula_i'm mostly getting it set up as my portable dev box03:56
javispedroMacer: they've said video chatting would be coming "soon"03:56
rm_youoh, how is the cam on the front?03:56
Macerjavispedro: haha.. don't remind me of the n8x0 ;)03:56
simula_thanks for the tip javispedro03:56
Macerwhere video chatting only worked in crappy gizmo03:56
*** lorelei^_ has joined #maemo03:56
rm_youon mine the cam on the front is pretty much useless, exact same as the n800 cam... but i guess maybe they could have changed it for the production models?03:56
asidjazzwhere do i make a request for php-gtk on maemo :)03:57
Macerrm_you: heh. well it was supposed to support h264 i thought03:57
Macerso you could video chat over gtalk :)03:57
Maceror jabber. which would be even more awesome03:57
Macerbut technically teh same thign :)03:57
rm_youwell someone should run something like Mirror that captures from the front cam and take a screenshot and post it :P03:57
asidjazzrm_you: i can check mine03:58
rm_youi can barely make out that it's trying to show *A face*, not even going into detail like whose face it is :P03:58
rm_youso much random noise03:58
asidjazzohw do i enable my front camera?03:59
rm_youuse a program like Mirror03:59
*** murrayc__ has quit IRC03:59
asidjazzwill mirror cature images04:01
asidjazzodd the n97 has an option in the camera app04:01
rm_youdoubt it...04:01
simula_so javispedro... there isn't any drawback to only having 4megs of free space on rootfs?04:01
rm_youbut ctrl-shift-p will04:01
rm_youi think04:01
rm_youor maybe it's fn-shift-p04:01
rm_youi forget <_<04:01
javispedrosimula: I have to wonder how you got only 4 megs left... extras-devel apps?04:02
*** MrGoose1 has left #maemo04:02
asidjazzit looks so bad04:03
asidjazzoo mediabox04:03
asidjazzw/ a shoutcast plugin04:03
simula_javispedro, the only extra apps i have on my box are rootsh, maemo-cpluplus-device-env, and load-applet04:03
simula_oh, and DiskUsage04:03
simula_i have installed at least DiskUsage from extras-devel, now i'm checking that link to see where everyone else came from :04:05
javispedromaemo-cplusplus is from extras-devel.04:05
cehtehno powertop for maemo?04:05
simula_yeah javispedro ... i'm planning on doing some qt dev on here, so i needs me gcc04:05
javispedrosimula: chroot04:06
javispedroeither way, if you plan to do qt dev no need for maemo-cplusplus04:06
simula_i'm working on installing the sdk on my n900 :)04:07
simula_i mean... compiling it from source04:07
simula_i haven't chrooted since my LFS days04:07
javispedrocongratulations. but unless you want to brick your phone by installing bash, chroot.04:07
javispedroor fix all bashisms in the SDK or all "busyboxisms" in the base image, all your choice =)04:08
*** else58 has quit IRC04:09
* javispedro thinks that qole should provide a dev easy-chroot04:10
*** lorelei^ has quit IRC04:10
*** niedobry has joined #maemo04:12
*** ajaxous has joined #maemo04:13
* microlith sets about bringing gtk/glade bindings to maemo504:20
microlith*for ruby04:20
Maceris there a maemo jabber conference?04:27
Maceri'd love to get rid of irc heh04:27
javispedroi've wondered that at times.04:27
johnxMacer, yup. just set it up and join it ... and wait for everyone else :)04:27
javispedrobut since now there's no jabber conference client for the n90004:27
Macerjohnx: haha04:27
johnxseriously though, why do you want to get rid of IRC?04:27
javispedroseems like a bad idea.04:27
Macerjavispedro: can't you just do like xxx@conference.whatever.blah ?04:28
javispedroMacer: nah, they removed the chat ui.04:28
Maceri should see about starting one :)04:28
Macerjavispedro: they don't have the addon?04:28
Macerforgot what they called it for telepathy in maemo404:28
javispedroMacer: it was builtin previously... now it's gone :(04:28
Macerwhere you can join irc channels and stuff04:28
Macerwow really? that totally blows04:28
Macersure wish the world would switch to jabber :)04:29
simula_darned... i modify my /etc/fstab and it reverts to the original on restart :P04:29
javispedrowhy do you all want to do all those things04:29
javispedrowithout reading how the thing works04:29
simula_i just want to build a software package04:30
johnxMacer, uhm, why?04:30
simula_where is a good reference javispedro?04:30
javispedrosimula: the source04:30
Macerjohnx: i dunno. forced ssl for everything ?04:30
Macerpretty sure s2s is ssl too :)04:30
*** niedobry has quit IRC04:31
johnx"forced ssl" huh?04:31
Macersure why not? :) hehe04:31
johnxas in, you can only connect by ssl? or you only want to speak over ssl?04:31
javispedroso push for freenode-ssl :)04:31
simula_so javispedro... where is a better way to read "how the thing works", rather than reading the source? :)04:32
simula_i'm reading this for nows:
Macerwell.. ssl over irc is still not encrypted s2s04:32
johnxMacer, just FYI, this channel is publicly logged, so uhm, not seeing what SSL gets you04:32
Macerjohnx: i know. but i was just curious about it :)04:32
simula_thanks javispedro... i'm a readin04:33
Macerplus i am curious about the zimbra support for it04:33
Macerwanted to see if i could add as a contact and if it would join the #04:34
javispedrona, that usually works badly04:34
Macerthat would be kind of awesome04:34
javispedrowell if zimbra has support for conferences it may work, if not, only the presence part of it will work afaiu04:35
javispedrowhich means you'll got a contact that goes green when the "conference room is present" (whatever that means), but trying to start a im session on it will do nothing or the wrong thing..04:35
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo04:36
*** tchan has quit IRC04:37
*** tchan has joined #maemo04:37
*** xnt14 has quit IRC04:41
johnxI really hope Chevy lives long enough to release the volt :|04:43
*** xy has joined #maemo04:48
*** ajaxous has left #maemo04:50
*** javispedro has quit IRC04:57
*** johnx has quit IRC04:57
*** johnx has joined #maemo05:00
*** `0660 has joined #maemo05:01
Macerjohnx: heh. i dunno05:11
Macerjohnx: they keep having one bad moment after another05:11
Maceri hope they survive05:11
johnxyeah. the chevy volt is an awesome idea05:11
johnxexactly the right compromises. I'm even happy with the styling (which is totally rare for me to say about chevy)05:12
*** rEv9 has quit IRC05:15
*** `0660_ has quit IRC05:21
Maceri haven't even seen what a volt looks like05:21
Macerit looks like a newer camero05:22
johnxthat's a concept05:22
johnxnot even close to the final look, thankfully05:22
Macerlooks like they were both off the same drawing board :)05:22
Macerlet me check your site out05:23
Macerwow is that thing ugly :)05:23
johnxeye of the beholder I guess05:23
Macerit kind of reminds me of a longer prius05:23
johnxkinda reminds me of the civic05:23
johnxespecially the front05:24
johnxexcept for that god-awful grille05:24
johnxseriously...just why?!05:24
*** hardaker has joined #maemo05:24
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo05:26
Macerthey wanted it to look like a mean face05:26
jaemcan someone clarify something for me? The "show_search_dlg" method in lists DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY for one of the parameters.  I'm trying to use that call in Qt, and I can't figure out what type maps to that05:27
Maceryou know right there.. in the air intake at the bottom05:27
Maceri'd lace it with night rider red leds05:27
jaemas best as I can tell, it's a QList of some sort, but I'm not sure which type to template it with05:28
* pupnik_ stares at 4:2805:28
AakashPatelwho said prius!05:28
* AakashPatel pet his05:28
*** type_t has joined #maemo05:31
johnxAakashPatel, I'd rather have a CRX :)05:35
johnxthe volt is kind of a different thing. not saying the prius isn't nice, but it's not for me05:35
AakashPatel...what straight man would want a prius05:35
AakashPatelbut they do have a shit ton of features05:36
* AakashPatel watches his park itself 05:36
johnxyou sound somewhat insecure with your sexual identity...05:36
type_ta straight man with big Volts05:36
AakashPatelHaha my dad got it05:36
johnxheh. now I'm really confused05:36
type_tno for that you need NUTS-n-VOLTS05:37
AakashPateljohnx: hah he travels alot, so it was teh best solution05:37
type_tbeats a 48Volt goCart05:38
johnxmeanwhile my commute fits easily within 40 miles so a volt would be awesome, especially if I could charge it at work :>05:38
AakashPatelGet a Tesla Model S lol05:38
* AakashPatel wants to reserve one soon05:39
johnxI'd love one05:39
johnxsadly, I need a *house* before I need a tesla :P05:39
AakashPatelHaha I see05:39
johnxplus, the volt range extending just sound nice to have05:40
AakashPatelYeah, what is it...300 miles?05:40
johnxI mean, a volt could be my only car, a tesla? not so much05:40
AakashPateli read taht wrong05:40
infobotjohnx meant: I mean, a volt could be my only car. a tesla? not so much05:41
johnxdoes that help?05:41
AakashPatelWhy can't a Tesla be your only car?05:41
johnxroad trips05:41
AakashPatelEh, just take 45min breaks every 300 miles lol05:41
johnxI mean, what happens if you get 300 miles and can't find a power socket you can sit by for 8 hours?05:41
johnxthat kinda sucks05:42
johnx45 minutes for a full charge? nah. I don't buy it05:42
AakashPatelis what they say05:42
AakashPatelBut thats with like 480 volts05:42
Sargun_ScreenWhat about 480 volts?05:43
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: To charge a Tesla Model S in 45 mins05:43
Sargun_ScreenAh, yeah.05:43
johnxI can just picture getting to a small town with one gas station. "Hi. can I unplug your arc welder and plug my car in for like an hour?" "hahahaha. no. wanna buy some gas?"05:43
Sargun_ScreenMy dad is getting one of those.05:43
Sargun_ScreenHow much does a 480V generator cost.05:43
johnxvery cool05:44
AakashPatelCost, who knows, size?05:44
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: I can fit it in the back of my Lexus05:44
johnxyou could step up from 120V...but I don't think you'd have the amperage to charge the car in 45 minutes without burning down your house05:44
AakashPatelAre you gonna tow your lexus?05:44
AakashPatelyeah johnx05:44
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: The S has a trunk.05:45
AakashPatelTwo of em :005:45
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: I just had to say that thing about towing it hah05:46
* Sargun_Screen wonders if the S is going to have the same shipping schedule as the Nokia N900.05:46
johnxa lot closer to the pandora I think :)05:46
AakashPatelI wonder how big the queue i05:46
Macerdamn butters cracks me up05:46
Sargun_Screen3 months late.05:46
johnxan awesome project, that's always 2 months away :)05:47
Macerdo you know what i am talking about?05:47
AakashPatelMacer: hahaha05:47
Sargun_Screenjohnx: The Pandora is dead.05:47
Macerhe had me in tears every time he said that :)05:47
AakashPatelOh no05:47
AakashPatelits alive05:47
johnxSargun_Screen, the radio or the linux handheld?05:47
Sargun_ScreenIn my eyes it's deada.05:47
Sargun_Screenthere is a pandora radio?05:47
Sargun_ScreenI meant the box.05:47
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: Good enough to be dead05:47
AakashPatelMight as wekk get an N900 lol05:47
AakashPatelsame specs05:47
Macerwhat ever happened to the pandora?05:47
Macerwasn't it supposed to be some sort of gaming device?05:48
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: Close, but not quite. The form factor is better for many people05:48
johnxMacer, the finished the moulds and should be producing final cases soonish05:48
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC05:48
Macerjohnx: didn't they say that a year ago?05:48
Macerafter the touchbook i wouldn't buy that pandora garbage05:48
johnxMacer, nah. they have pics of the finished stainless steel molds now :)05:48
Macerrenders? :)05:48
Macerdoes it do the t1000 morph when accessing skynet?05:49
johnxMacer, that's like saying: After buying an HP, I wouldn't buy a Dell05:49
johnxhow does b follow from a?05:49
Sargun_ScreenI take it back, the generator that was in the back of my car was 240VAC05:49
johnxanyways, I'm looking forward to hacking on it.05:49
Macermore like. i bought a macbook so i am never getting a mac mini05:49
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: Well this is your day05:49
johnxMacer, I actually got to see a touchbook in real life. looked neat, but really fragile05:49
AakashPatelThe Model S has two trunks05:49
Xisdibikjohnx: it follows that after buying an HP he was so happy he would then never buy a dell :)?05:50
Macerjohnx: i sold mine to Stskeeps who had me send it to w00t05:50
johnxXisdibik, yup. Macer shore loves his touchbook :>05:50
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: I should ask my dad if they have a prototype at a dealer05:50
AakashPatelYeah, I would love to see one also05:50
AakashPatelIn real life05:50
AakashPatel(buyin a car before seeing it is...not the best of things to do)05:50
Maceri'm just saying that after preordering and having high expectations for a touchbook.. i can see the same problems with the pandora05:51
AakashPatelMacer is a perfect example!05:51
Sargun_ScreenThe Tesla is awesome. It goes like uber fast without any noise05:51
Sargun_Screenkinda scary almost.05:51
Macerplus. i just don't see the need for a pandora when you can get an n90005:51
AakashPatelThat will be so tight05:51
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: It sounds so cool when your in a prius and its on pure electric05:51
AakashPatelbut the tesla will go all the time like that05:51
johnxMacer, my main purposes are actually going to be 1) hacking and 2) gaming05:52
johnxnah, it's not really a consumer device in that regard05:52
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: but it goes Really fucking fast05:52
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: and the torque is nuts on it.05:52
johnxbut the possibilities seem exciting, and I don't have to worry about making it unbootable and missing a phone call05:52
AakashPatelI know05:52
Sargun_Screenit literally puts you in your seat05:52
AakashPatelits like 5 secs to go 0-6005:52
AakashPatelin the model S05:52
*** qwerty12_N900 has quit IRC05:53
AakashPatelthe other one is like 3.6 secs05:53
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: I've only seen the Tesla Roadster05:53
AakashPatelyeah the roadster05:53
Sargun_Screenthat bastard, flaunting his N900.05:53
* Sargun_Screen has gotten a "preparing for launch" message from AMAZON05:53
johnxSargun_Screen, they know where you live! get to the bomb shelter!05:53
* Sargun_Screen is about an hour from his house 05:54
AakashPatelBS really Sargun_Screen ?05:54
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: huh? yeah05:54
ShadowJK_hm.. how do i make media player show full filenames..05:54
AakashPatelwhere's it say that Sargun_Screen05:54
Sargun_ScreenLet me get a screen shot.05:54
johnxShadowJK_, switch to "category view"05:54
ShadowJK_well that's intuitive ;)05:55
johnxShadowJK_, intuitivity will be added in a future release05:56
ShadowJK_with that, enough text fits that i can distinguish the files :)05:56
ShadowJK_exactly one char difference, the last char shown :)05:58
ShadowJK_descrptive filenames :/05:58
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:58
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: Heh, I was gonna order from Nokia tomorrow, but guess now amazon haha05:58
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:59
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: SCREENSHOT?05:59
AakashPatelcaps lock also06:00
*** myosound has quit IRC06:00
Sargun_ScreenPS: you can unblackout it, but don't.06:01
AakashPatelWhen did you place your doer?06:01
Sargun_Screenit says, doesn't it?06:01
AakashPateloctober 806:01
AakashPatelof course yours will ship06:01
Sargun_Screenif you use american style06:01
Sargun_Screen2009-10-08 if you use sargun style.06:01
AakashPatelI thought you said that it was preparing for release or somethign06:01
AakashPatelGuess its nokia again then06:01
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo06:02
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: AMZN is pretty good at shipping them06:02
Sargun_Screenshipping shit in general06:02
AakashPatelBut i've been hearing alot fo poeple havent evne shipped yet06:02
AakashPatelfrom amazon06:02
AakashPatelof poeples*06:02
*** Ford_Prefect has quit IRC06:03
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: And it still says not released lol06:03
AakashPatelWhile nokias says...IN STOCK MOTHA FUCKA06:03
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: It isn't.06:03
AakashPatelYeah it is...06:03
Sargun_ScreenI should ask my friend who works tere.06:03
Sargun_Screenreally? nokia says "IN STOCK MUDDAFUCCKA"06:03
AakashPatelThat would be so tight if you did lol06:03
Sargun_Screenit would be06:03
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: I can make it if you gimme 5 mins06:03
Sargun_Screenok, let's see it06:04
AakashPatelokay hold on06:04
AakashPatelone more min...06:05
Sargun_ScreenHas te Nokia store actually shipped06:05
AakashPatelokay more than a min06:05
Sargun_ScreenI hear that AMZN is gunna ship next week sometime06:06
AakashPateli'vebeen yearing it06:06
AakashPatelokay updaloding06:07
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: ask your friend who works for amzn06:09
Sargun_ScreenAakashPatel: I will06:09
Macerok. simpsons was kind of funny when krusty said "do you have ink for an amiga brand fax machine?"06:09
AakashPatelSargun_Screen: Lol before monday? if not ill order from nokia if it doesnt say instock by tomorrow evening06:10
*** type_t has left #maemo06:10
* microlith averts his eyes from the image of nokia usa's website06:19
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC06:21
*** Ford_Prefect has joined #maemo06:22
*** t_s_o has quit IRC06:24
*** Unmenschlich has joined #maemo06:32
*** `0660_ has joined #maemo06:32
*** Unmensch has quit IRC06:35
*** Ford_Prefect has quit IRC06:36
*** z4chh has quit IRC06:42
*** paroneayea has quit IRC06:44
*** xy has quit IRC06:45
*** hardaker2 has joined #maemo06:46
*** lpotter_ has joined #maemo06:46
*** `0660 has quit IRC06:49
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC06:53
* AakashPatel cant make up his mind06:58
AakashPatelNokia USA store06:58
AakashPatelOr amazon06:58
Pavlovamazon hasn't shipped yet06:59
Pavlovand half the time nokia's website doesn't work06:59
AakashPatelbut IF my order goes through Nokia's site07:00
AakashPatelHow long you think itll be07:00
AakashPatelthats the dilemma im in haha07:01
Pavlovi'd think nokia would ship sooner07:01
Pavlovbut really no idea07:01
*** hardaker has quit IRC07:02
AakashPatelEh yeah07:02
Maceranybody know how you download videos on a ps307:02
Macerlike from the browser07:03
Arkenoihmm, application manager says there is mbarcode update available, but when i select it i get "unable to update mbarcode"07:03
Macerinstead of them opening and trying to play from the site?07:03
*** lpotter has quit IRC07:03
AakashPateltee hee07:03
Macerit's not for me. someone i know is trying to use his ps3 to download videos of my son for him and his wife07:03
AakashPateldid you google it?07:04
Macerit's my old buddy from the USMC... sorry bastard only had a laptop that broke :)07:04
MacerAakashPatel: yeah . i saw a video but i don't understand it without having a ps3 myself07:04
AakashPatel...tell him to go on youtube and search???07:04
Macerdid that too07:04
AakashPatelhe has a browser with flash haha07:04
Macerhe will try it tomorrow he said.. but the video is confusing07:04
AakashPatelNow solve my problem07:05
AakashPatelAMAZON OR NOKIA07:05
Macerit costs more but you know it works :)07:05
*** fnordianslippers has joined #maemo07:06
AakashPatellol so would amazons07:06
Maceramazon is like retail ebay07:06
AakashPatelamazon rox07:06
AakashPateli buy shit from them all the time07:06
AakashPatelbut they dont have stock :(07:07
Maceri do too.. but for something like an n900 i'd rather get it from nokia :)07:07
AakashPatelHmmm okay07:07
Macerphones are like samurai swords.. only the best of swordsmiths get the best pick of the steel07:07
Macerthe rest are given the garbage :)07:08
AakashPatel[citation required]07:08
*** toggles_w has quit IRC07:08
Maceryeah they might cut things.. but they will break in battle :)07:08
*** Ford_Prefect has joined #maemo07:09
AakashPatelWho told you this.07:09
Macerthe samurai sword thing?07:11
Macersaw a NG special on it :)07:12
*** wazd has joined #maemo07:12
*** Firebird has quit IRC07:12
Maceri'm a little confused as to why this version of fight club is like 27G07:14
AakashPatelNG? lol07:14
MacerTraditionaly, tamahagane is only made three or four times a year by Nittoho and Hitachi Metals[5] during winter in a wood building and is only sold to the master swordsmiths to use once it is made.07:19
*** angelixd has joined #maemo07:20
Macergod bless wikiipedia07:20
Maceri have to donate :)07:20
*** KMFDM has quit IRC07:20
AakashPatel<= cheap07:21
rashed2020WE KNOW07:25
AakashPatelrashed2020: BREATH07:26
AakashPatelwho said Macer knew i was cheap07:26
rashed2020Macer should join us at the shithole we call home07:27
AakashPateli think i jut did07:27
johnxthat's a pretty strange thing to call a shithole07:27
johnxI call mine "ass"07:27
rashed2020then i'll be at 39 bans only07:27
*** Shinto has joined #maemo07:30
rashed2020johnx: you gotta see our home07:30
johnxsorry to hear that07:31
rashed2020johnx: i challenge you to a duel07:32
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:32
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:32
johnxrashed2020, duly noted07:33
rashed2020its about time someone testing your magazine comprehension skills07:33
johnxmagazine comprehension? I haven't read a magazine in like years I think07:34
rashed2020hmm.. you're not so bad after all07:34
*** ajaxous has joined #maemo07:34
johnxnah, just very confused07:34
*** droid001 has joined #maemo07:38
rm_younight johnx / all07:39
* rm_you sleeps07:39
*** rm_you is now known as rm_you|sleep07:39
johnx'night rm_you|sleep07:39
*** Moku has quit IRC07:44
wrapsterdoes n900 support all the cmds that can be natively run on linux machine?07:48
wrapsterexample ps -ef , ls  so on07:48
AakashPatelnot sure07:48
AakashPatelprobably lol07:48
AakashPateldebian based07:48
johnxwrapster, it's debian, but the shell is ash (instead of bash) and the utils are busybox instead of GNU coreutils07:49
infobotjohnx meant: wrapster, it's debian-based, but the shell is ash (instead of bash) and the utils are busybox instead of GNU coreutils07:49
AakashPatelaw why07:49
johnxwhy what?07:50
AakashPatelits busybox07:50
AakashPatelintsead of GNU coreutils07:50
wrapsterinfobot: / johnx : but can i test it somehow.. i mean i have logged into /scratchbox/login07:50
johnxnah, scratchbox has bash and coreutils I believe07:50
wrapsterhow do i test it then?07:51
johnxif you just had a question about a couple commands I can run them for you07:51
wrapsterjohnx: could you please try ps -ef / grep / awk ?07:51
johnxsure, but for those commands you'll want to look at the busybox help files07:52
wrapsterjohnx: ls as well.07:52
wrapsterjohnx: is there a link that i can follow?07:52
johnxdo you want to know if the commands are there? or what the output looks like? or what options are available?07:53
*** droid0011 has quit IRC07:53
johnxso yeah, ps -ef, ls, grep, and awk are all there07:53
*** promulo1 has quit IRC08:00
*** qwerty12_N900 has joined #maemo08:00
Macerwell. i think i have officially ran out of anything good to watch08:00
Macerhow do you do that with 5TB of movies and shows08:01
Maceri am hording them too. i need to rm a lot of it08:01
johnxMacer, there's a cool space shuttle video on slashdot08:06
*** rabbitear has joined #maemo08:08
*** emma_ has joined #maemo08:10
Maceri'm watching the simpsons where all the kids have cell phones08:10
Maceromg that cracked me up08:11
arachnistwell, don't all kids have cell phones now?08:11
Macerbut she told them to put them on vibrate and the damn things were louder than they were ringing08:11
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC08:11
Macerthey have someone else doing the voice of the teacher08:12
*** caotic has joined #maemo08:14
*** `0660 has joined #maemo08:14
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo08:16
Macerlol. "that text was almost worth the 15 cents it cost for me to receive it"08:16
*** emma has quit IRC08:21
pupnik_i wonder what kids think computers are08:23
pupnik_when i first saw them, they had screens.  and we typed commands into them.  and they spat out answers08:23
pupnik_i thought that was the point of a computer08:23
pupnik_now everything has a computer08:23
johnxeverything is waking up08:24
cehtehscreens? :)08:24
pupnik_but to think like a consumer, i have to stop being interested in the computer, and start realizing that the consumer is really, really only interested in the appliance08:24
cehtehnot teletypes, punchwriters and so on?08:24
Ford_PrefectHas anyone here tried x11vnc'ing into their device?08:24
johnx20 years ago, the routing in google maps would probably have been classed as some form of AI :)08:24
pupnik_and in some ways i will never, ever be able to grasp how other people see these devices.08:24
pupnik_morning Ford_Prefect - not I08:25
Ford_PrefectHeya pupnik_ :)08:25
Ford_PrefectSo close to making it work.08:25
AakashPatelIts morning her also08:25
johnxFord_Prefect, just did it. it's not all that fast08:25
johnxworks fine though08:26
*** swc|666 has quit IRC08:26
Ford_Prefectjohnx, mouse works fine for you?08:26
*** TommyBres has quit IRC08:26
johnxkinda jumpy, and can't seem to register a click on everything for some reason08:27
AakashPatelEven on wifi?08:27
Ford_Prefectjohnx, that's better than here - I don't even get the curssor08:27
simula_i don't know what all the other kids think of it, but i'm making my n900 my portable dev environment08:27
* arachnist 's testing the tv-out08:27
*** `0660_ has quit IRC08:27
arachnistlooks cool08:27
AakashPatelsimula: o.o08:27
johnxFord_Prefect, all I get is the native cursor on the machine I'm connecting from08:28
AakashPatelI use comptuers to do that cuz i dont have an extra 100 yrs of life08:28
Ford_Prefectjohnx, my cursor disappears when it enters the VNC area08:28
simula_the n900 is a pretty righteous computer :)08:28
Ford_PrefectGetting tightvnc to get another data point08:28
johnxFord_Prefect, which vnc client?08:28
AakashPatelsimula_: Compile the linux kernel08:28
johnxalso, which OS are you connecting from?08:28
AakashPatelTell us how long it takes lol08:29
Ford_Prefectjohnx, vinagre08:29
cehtehvnc has some issues with pointer and keyboard mappings08:29
simula_i'll be compiling the Qt sdk... it'll take longer08:29
AakashPateltaht took a long time on my comp08:29
johnxFord_Prefect, try vncviewer host:008:29
simula_then i'll be running qt-creator on my little portable computer08:29
AakashPatelsimula_: lawl see how hot your phone gets08:29
Ford_Prefectjohnx, will do - just getting tightvnc to try that08:29
simula_it maxes out at 1 watt, so not too hot08:30
AakashPatelsimula_: My goal will be to try to use my laptop less also08:30
AakashPatelsimula_: On my HTC Dream it gets HOT when using EDGE data08:30
*** DantonicN800 has quit IRC08:36
*** caotic has quit IRC08:42
*** izzox1 has joined #Maemo08:43
*** izzox1 has left #Maemo08:43
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC08:45
Ford_Prefectjohnx, no luck with the mouse08:46
Ford_PrefectUsing vncviewer, I mean08:46
johnxit should show a little bkack dot08:46
Ford_PrefectIt is, that's the cursor tracked by the host08:47
asidjazzwhen i do a copy from the brwoser08:47
asidjazzi cant seem to paste to email or IM08:47
asidjazzshould i?08:47
asidjazzwhere is it supposed to be pasted to?08:48
pupnik_xchat wastes too much space compared to irssi on n90008:48
pupnik_yes you should08:48
johnxFord_Prefect, yeah, and when you click it should work...08:48
asidjazzpupnik_: n900 has irssi? where08:48
johnxthe N900 will never draw a cursor08:48
Ford_Prefectjohnx, doesn't. But I did find this -
pupnik_asidjazz: i have not had that problem - when copying text, you should see a yellow bar appear.  did you see the bar?08:49
asidjazzpupnik_: in the browser? hmm08:49
asidjazzi mean i go into manipulation mode08:49
pupnik_asidjazz: irssi through screen running on another computer08:49
asidjazzhihglihgt the text08:49
asidjazzhit menu08:49
pupnik_i try that now08:49
asidjazzpupnik_: yea thats what i do, irssi via screen via ssh08:49
asidjazzand i hit copy...08:49
asidjazzthen i go to email and ctrl+v .. nothin08:49
johnxFord_Prefect, you're using x11vnc on the device, right?08:50
Ford_Prefectjohnx, yes08:50
pupnik_you must see the message that your text was copied asidjazz08:50
pupnik_in browser08:50
johnxthrough the icon it makes? or running it on the command line?08:50
pupnik_try pasting to xterminal or another app also08:50
asidjazzyea i get no yellow bar when hitting 'copy' in my browser08:50
*** DantonicN800 has joined #maemo08:50
Ford_Prefectjohnx, Looks like I need to enable XInput in the X startup script (according to that page)08:50
asidjazzpupnik_: yea im ont seein that08:51
johnxFord_Prefect, I guess so, but I definitely didn't do that, unless the x11vnc install did that for me...08:51
pupnik_sorry i don't see the yellow when i use copy from menu08:51
asidjazzhow else do you use copy?08:51
pupnik_asidjazz: one only sees it in browser when using ctrl+C to copy08:51
asidjazzctrl+c does nothing either08:52
Ford_Prefectjohnx, didn't do it for me. Maybe because of firmware differences.08:52
pupnik_now i don't see the yellow bar with ctrl+c either08:52
asidjazzdo i need to turn on ctrl+c and ctrl+v somewher?08:52
pupnik_no.  something is strange08:52
pupnik_copy and paste works here though08:52
asidjazzok it worked whe i closed eveyrthing and copied text from to the termianl08:52
johnxFord_Prefect, 42-11? or some internal thing? if you want I can test the Nokia internal version here if you send it to me ;)08:52
pupnik_asidjazz: maybe file a bug to add ctrl+v to email client08:53
pupnik_i cannot test email amt08:53
Ford_Prefectjohnx, hehe, not sure how to get the fw version till I can play with the gui08:53
asidjazzpasting to im works08:55
asidjazzemail nope08:55
asidjazzdoes google maps blow shit up08:57
asidjazzis google gonna make a google maps for maemo? nokia maps blows08:57
Maceri seriously need to make a new server08:57
Macerand use the one i have for only fileserving08:57
Macermostly because my dated server doesn't have virtualization support which seriosly hinders vbox08:58
simula_google maps seems to work fine on the maemo browser for me08:59
simula_macer, the new phenom II's are quite sweet with vbox09:00
* RST38h suggests Macer to screw the servers and go for a nature walk09:00
RST38hSeriously, why spend so much time on IT?09:01
AakashPatelMacer: Get x2 6-core Xeons09:01
asidjazzdoes the maemo sdk have an emulator?09:01
simula_it... blech09:01
AakashPatelsorta kinda09:01
AakashPatelThey dont like it if you call it an emulator09:01
AakashPatelI asked and they changed to topic just cuz09:02
AakashPatelOh swee09:02
AakashPatelIts gone09:02
asidjazzwhats my 1st step installing the latest debian? any faq on just hte debian part?09:02
asidjazzlike particular install?09:02
AakashPatelI used ubuntu09:02
AakashPatelthe latest one09:02
AakashPatelAnd then jsut run the GUI installer  on the SDK09:02
RST38hasidjazz: go to and type "debian install howto"?09:02
simula_if i could cross-compile on an x86-64 ubuntu box to n900/32/arm, that would be sweet09:02
simula_i mean... i'm sure i can, but if a ready built environment existed, that would be sweet09:02
asidjazzRST38h: i konw how to install debian, asking if i need a particular version/install09:02
asidjazzAakashPatel: noway? not distro dependant eh?09:03
asidjazzAakashPatel: just gotta have apt packaging?09:03
AakashPateli Saw something about it not workin on a version of debian09:03
asidjazzerr pkg or whatever09:03
AakashPatelSo just use the latest Ubuntu lol09:03
asidjazzah says mainly debian and ubuntu09:05
asidjazzyea i like ubuntu alot more imuh do that09:05
asidjazzAakashPatel: you did 9.10 ?09:05
AakashPatelasidjazz: yepp09:06
arachnistdoes anyone know where are the 2 missing apples in the bounce game?09:06
AakashPatelits 1:06 here09:06
arachnisti can only find 12 out of 1409:06
* asidjazz leeching ubuntu and vmware 709:07
johnxasidjazz, vmplayer will work09:08
johnxalso, good luck "leeching" ubuntu :)09:08
RST38hasidjazz: for the sdk you mean?09:08
RST38hasidjazz: latest ubuntu will do09:08
asidjazzjohnx: i have 7 workstation licensed through work alrd09:08
asidjazz7 is rad09:08
johnxthen you can't leech it. sorry :)09:08
RST38hBut do make sure you have got normal 32bit x86 installation09:08
asidjazzwhen you full screen in linux xwindows it changes the rez to that size09:09
RST38hAMD people historically had problems09:09
asidjazzyea this lappy is x8609:09
asidjazzfree'd up about 10gb this should be plenty09:09
johnxRST38h, AMD people silly enough to jump on x86_64 distros before multiarch09:09
asidjazznow to grab beers while it dl's09:09
asidjazzlove comcast09:10
asidjazz    [Time-Taken]: 4 minutes 40 seconds09:10
asidjazz    [Avg-Speed]: 1895kB/s09:10
RST38hjohnx: this is too complicated for a cow =)09:10
johnxmmmm...multiarch will be very cute09:11
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:11
AakashPatelyou're cute09:12
AakashPatelew no09:12
* AakashPatel gets to place his n900 order from nokia tomorrow09:14
AakashPateland you know what that means!09:14
AakashPatelN900 by the end of this week :00009:14
dmj7261I think I know why some people have complained about the n900's touchscreen not being reponsive09:19
dmj7261I had a chance to try it out today.09:19
johnxdmj7261, because they are using their noses?09:19
AakashPateldmj7261: how was it???09:19
dmj7261Very responsive for the most part.09:19
johnxbut yeah, it does take some getting used to09:19
pupnik_if anyone wants to test "knyghts" lemme know09:19
dmj7261however, I did have to get used to applying pressure to make it swipe.09:20
angelixdquick question: is there an UPnP app for maemo 5 yet?09:20
johnxangelixd, to play things from a UPNP server?09:20 for the first ~minute swiping between desktops felt hard.09:20
dmj7261However buttons were very responsive.09:21
angelixdjohnx: to control a UPnP server; like  a remote09:21
johnxdmj7261, I've found that I use the side of my finger a lot09:21
pupnik_who was ?? back in the 770 days.  inz?09:21
dmj7261Using my finger pad I had to "apply pressure."09:21
johnxangelixd, ah, that's different then. hmm, I thought something was in the works, but I don't remember now09:21
dmj7261But I didn't feel like I was using pressure with my finger nail.09:21
AakashPateldmj7261: Is there haptic feedback?09:22
AakashPatelvia vibration?09:22
pupnik_swiping is definitely more intuitive on capacitive.  i understand why people like that stuff now.  it feels more modern and unreal09:22
dmj7261Yes, but it's not very noticeable09:22
AakashPatelI just wanted a little bit09:22
johnxpupnik_, i dunno. iphone screens drive me nuts for some reason. but mostly when trying to type09:22
dmj7261I do appreciate the ability to use your finger nail.09:23
angelixdwell, we're going to try and write one tonight :-)09:23
pupnik_johnx: i would hate iphone clicking when my finger barely brushes the capacitative surface09:23
johnxangelixd, look up gupnp and rigel (i think it is)09:23
pupnik_i've seen some really odd behavior from cap. touchpads09:23
johnxmaybe rygel09:23
dmj7261Using the screen gets easier much faster than say the Droid.09:23
asidjazzdroid screen and kb SUCK09:24
pupnik_overall feel is real nice eh dmj7261 ?   speed of animations, size of buttons, etc09:24
dmj7261The maemo UI is much more consistent than Droid too.09:24
asidjazzterminal needs a mod to hide those shortcut buttons09:24
dmj7261Yeah, camera framerate isn09:24
*** gavin_ has joined #maemo09:24
dmj7261't good though09:24
pupnik_you mean the preview?09:24
dmj7261The buttons were smaller than I expected.09:24
dmj7261the video camera09:25
pupnik_or do you mean stuttering in the encoded video?09:25
pupnik_i think it is 30fps no?09:25
pupnik_or 2509:25
dmj7261Of course my maemo dev environment is 11 inches diagonally.09:25
dmj7261both preview and encoded video.09:25
dmj7261There was one other window open though.09:26
pupnik_when you say 'frame rate too low' you are probably seeing some dropped frames on playback, caused by other processes consuming cpu09:26
dmj7261...think it was the bookmarks.09:26
dmj7261dropped frames09:26
dmj7261I hope it actually captured them.09:26
pupnik_depends totally on video of course09:26
pupnik_i filled up with like 20 GB of video09:26
pupnik_been a lot of fun09:26
pupnik_just filming everywhere09:26
AakashPatelWhats the max res of vid you can play?09:26
dmj7261This was at the Nokia store before a concert09:27
johnxAakashPatel, 800x480 is no problem09:27
pupnik_with the proper codec, 800x480 is certainly possible09:27
johnxdunno about much higher than that09:27
pupnik_and the hardware should be able to do 720p09:27
pupnik_with the right codec09:27
johnxnot really much of a point in 1280x720 unless it's just for compatibility reasons09:27
*** kylec has joined #maemo09:27
dmj7261The only reason would be to avoid reencoding09:28
arachnisth264 @ 800x480 should be possible with n90009:28
pupnik_even 400x240 looks pretty good on a 3.5" screen09:28
asidjazzisnt the 9 trailer @ 720p ?09:28
johnxasidjazz, don't think so09:28
johnxlet's see09:28
asidjazzi wish the fb app would go to lite.facebook.com09:28
dmj7261the screen feels smaller than I had expected.09:28
dmj7261Not too small though.09:28
johnx9.mp4 is 800x48009:29
johnxthey'd be silly to not make it fit perfectly ;)09:30
asidjazzit looks smaller than the iphone screen09:30
asidjazzmp4 is not really compressed09:30
asidjazzso im not impressed09:30
asidjazzh264 mkv @ 720p id be very impressed09:30
AakashPatelWhats the iPhone res?09:31
AakashPatelof the screen09:31
asidjazzdoes having less desktops conserve battery09:31
johnxdmj7261, like 480x320, isn't it?09:31
dmj7261...2.5x difference09:31
dmj7261johnx is right09:31
dmj7261still 2.5x difference09:31
* AakashPatel lawl'd09:31
asidjazzpupnik_: thats android phones isnt it?09:32
johnxasidjazz, mp4 is a family of codecs and also a container format. technically h.264 is a in the MP4 family of codecs unless I'm confused09:32
*** mavhk has joined #maemo09:33
dmj7261n900 didn't seem that heavy09:33
dmj7261Why do people think it is?09:33
Arkenoibtw how long can iphone last with active wifi connection, say, im client?09:33
asidjazzlol FYI when you hide views on desktop and then re-show them it clears all the apps that were on them09:33
asidjazzjohnx: im talking more compression level not codec09:34
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo09:34
arachnistdmj7261: it's about twice as heavy as most of dumb-phones09:34
johnxasidjazz, mp4 does not specify a bitrate :)09:34
*** mavhk is now known as mavhc09:35
asidjazzok so then whats the bitrate of 909:35
luke-jrjohnx: you're certain?09:35
luke-jrasidjazz: wtf?09:35
*** Tyrant91101 has quit IRC09:35
dmj726170grams mroe than my dumb phone09:35
johnxluke-jr, you stepped in late. read your scrollback09:35
dmj7261...didn't feel heavy in my hands though.09:35
luke-jrjohnx: Well, DVD-Video at least specifies a maximum bitrate... I wouldn't be surprised if mp4 did the same09:36
AakashPateldmj7261: Have you held a G1 before?09:36
dmj7261not for more than 5 minutes09:36
simula_it's not too heavy in my pocket, i don't have a problem carrying it around everywhere09:36
johnxluke-jr, at the very least it specifies a range of bit rates. if you're going to be a pedant, at least do it right09:36
AakashPatelDoes it feel solid?09:36
AakashPatelor cheap09:36
* AakashPatel looks over at his ADP109:36
dmj7261the sd card holder thing feels cheap09:37
asidjazzi dont see any docs on bitrate restrictions09:37
asidjazzbut im pretty sure there is09:37
dmj7261also, it's not intuitive to insert microsd cards.09:37
johnxasidjazz, mplayer says the bitrate is zero :)09:37
* dmj7261 tried to put it in wrong.09:37
AakashPatelOh do you have to slide it in that slot and then push it down?09:38
AakashPatelon the little metal thing?09:38
asidjazzjohnx: how big is the file09:38
johnxah, good thought :)09:38
johnx'night AakashPatel09:38
asidjazzi wanna see some sweet widget/desktop setups09:38
johnxasidjazz, 68.8MB09:38
asidjazzjohnx: yea thats huge and how long is it 5min?09:39
asidjazzyea that should be alot smaller09:40
johnxmplayer chokes on it on the device, but total CPU usage during high motion playback in the native player is like 30% or so09:40
asidjazzlemme pull up some mkv video stats09:40
dmj7261screen is a finger print magnet09:41
asidjazzok lets see09:42
dmj7261Keys are small but useable...on par with the Droid09:42
*** Khertan has quit IRC09:43
asidjazzbit rate is 5061kb/s09:43
dmj7261browser is more or less up to par with my other mobile browsing device for small number of web pages09:43
*** KenYoung has joined #maemo09:43
asidjazz745mb @ 1 hour09:43
dmj7261...other mobile is a netbook09:43
dmj7261so I don't have a reference for other browsers09:44's far better than when I played with the Droid.09:44
johnxasidjazz, the files on it are "demo" material. encoded for their looks and low CPU usage only09:44
dmj7261also droid terminal is vastly inferior.09:45
asidjazzjohnx: no im not arguing that09:45
johnxasidjazz, I'll see if I can push it a little bit09:46
asidjazzjust dl some mkv x264 720p09:46
johnx720p won't happen I think09:46
johnxthere was a demo on a beagleboard, but that's with nothing else running. and it sure as hell wasn't running a composited GUI at the same time09:47
asidjazzwell wait09:47
asidjazzwhats the screen resolution?09:47
asidjazzok so 720p is useless09:47
asidjazzand unseeable09:47
asidjazzits capable of 480p tops09:47
asidjazzyou would have to create custom mpegs of cropped 720 to 800x48009:48
johnxso the question is: what's the best looking 480p you can view09:48
asidjazzyou can do that in vlc09:48
asidjazza custom cropped 720p09:48
asidjazzthey take a while to make09:48
asidjazzdepending on cpu09:48
johnxnot worth it I think09:48
asidjazznot uunless you had it all automated09:48
johnxit's so easy to just drag and drop as it is :)09:48
asidjazzlike take a season of a show and batch it through09:48
johnxI'm used to plugging it in via usb and just dragging what I want to see that day onto it09:49
pupnik_knots2 is a nice frontend to stream and download video from your PC to your tablet (N800, N810, N900)09:49
asidjazzsomeone write an app thatll crop/convert to 800x480 from any media, give it a folder of media :)09:49
pupnik_check out knots2 asidjazz09:49
pupnik_might be able to live convert your 720p and 1080i if your pc is fast09:49
asidjazzi don tneed to stream09:49
asidjazzhave it stream to another mpge09:50
*** rm_you has joined #maemo09:50
pupnik_you need to transcode.  knots transcodes09:50
*** rm_you has quit IRC09:50
*** asolsson has joined #maemo09:50
asidjazzhave it transcode to itself in another file locally09:50
asidjazzcan you queue the content on the server?09:50
pupnik_i'll ask about that09:50
AakashPatelis there ffmpeg for maemo?09:51
pupnik_good feature request asidjazz09:52
pupnik_yes AakashPatel09:52
rm_you|sleepjaffa's project from a while back09:52
AakashPatelah nice09:52
rm_you|sleepit's for doing... well, what you want.09:52
asidjazzugh forgot vmware makes u rebot 20x09:52
AakashPatelrm_you|sleep: Lol what?09:53
AakashPatelIts for doing waht i want <- the purpse of any app?09:53
Macersummer glau doesn't make for a good terminator09:53
Macershe was better as river09:53
* RST38h moos at rm_you and pupnik09:53
AakashPatelomg a cow09:53
asidjazzare there lots of sample apps w/ source i can mess w/. like very simple.09:53
rm_you|sleepasidjazz: IMO (and this is coming from a videophile who refuses to watch anything that isn't 720p in normal circumstances), just go with HDTV/xvid that isn't 720p, it looks beautiful on the screen of n900 because it is the right size :P09:53
asidjazzrm_you|sleep: iirc09:53
asidjazz<- spoiled videophile as well09:54
asidjazzif it aint 720p i aint watchin it09:54
rm_you|sleepasidjazz: when i first picked up the n800 it was as a portable media device09:54
Macerrm_you|sleep: i would usually encode it to mp409:54
rm_you|sleepand i spent weeks fine-tuning the encoding process09:54
Macerdoesn't the n900 have an h264 decoder?09:54
johnxMacer, yes. it works quite well09:54
rm_you|sleepn900 comes around, and trust me, the screen size is perfect for any standard HDTV/xvid09:55
rm_you|sleepfor instance09:55
rm_you|sleepperfect fit on the screen09:55
Macerwell. i am just curious why xvid09:56
rm_you|sleep720p is actually 1.5x the pixels on the tablet09:56
Macerwhen you have an h264 decoder :)09:56
rm_you|sleepMacer: decodes faster09:56
johnxrm_you|sleep, have you tried h264 on the N900?09:56
Macerwell. i would figure it would offload to the decoder09:56
johnxI'm curious at this point09:56
rm_you|sleepi haven't tried since Tomasz released the thing that enables mkv playback :P09:56
johnxjust installed that :>09:56
rm_you|sleepi need to09:57
rm_you|sleepbut then ScT went down09:57
rm_you|sleepand i spent about three hours crying09:57
rm_you|sleepbut now i'm back09:57
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo09:57
Maceri figured playing xvids would tax the cpu more than mp4s09:58
rm_you|sleeptried some h264 stuff, yes, but it was mostly pretty slow comparatively09:58
asidjazzAakashPatel: what ubuntu install did you choose09:58
rm_you|sleepdoesn't seem to09:58
AakashPatelThe regular one09:58
*** hcarrega has quit IRC09:58
rm_you|sleepphone is in the other room now charging tho, so can't try till morning09:58
rm_you|sleepand will be driving most of tomorrow, starting when i wake up <_<09:58
*** asolsson has quit IRC09:59
johnxrm_you|sleep, fun. where to?09:59
rm_you|sleepback to SA09:59
AakashPatelasidjazz: yo?09:59
rm_you|sleepin Dallas <_<09:59
asidjazzAakashPatel: also how much room would you say the vm needs10:00
AakashPatelnot too much10:00
asidjazzAakashPatel: werent u the one thats using ubuntu?10:00
asidjazz10gb? 5gb?10:00
AakashPatelgive the VM like 5 gb10:00
AakashPatel10 is okay also10:00
AakashPateli gave mine 10 lol10:00
Macerwhy be fickle10:00
*** Xisdibik_ has joined #maemo10:01
rm_you|sleepasidjazz: really though, it turns out that scene released xvids are pretty close to perfect for playback on n900 by default, and maybe you could improve them slightly, sure, but it is NOT worth the effort when literally everything you can get is drag-and-drop ready10:01
AakashPatelSure, if you send me your harddrives10:01
asidjazzrm_you|sleep: yea and its not really gonna be too noticable by the human eye on such a small device10:01
rm_you|sleepasidjazz: especially since you can run a torrent client on-device :P10:01
asidjazzthats just nuts lol10:01
*** BluesLee has quit IRC10:01
rm_you|sleepyes, that's what i was saying too :P10:01
asidjazzi saw lighttpd too10:01
rm_you|sleepi think Transmission is the one in repos?10:02
asidjazzi narrowed mine down to 2 desktops10:02
rm_you|sleepso it is approved by most scene trackers too :P10:02
asidjazzhopefully thatll be nicer on the battery10:02
rm_you|sleepmy battery lasts me like 6-7 hours on average'10:02
asidjazzits all this freakin screen10:03
johnxbittorrent will not be nice on the battery :)10:03
rm_you|sleepbut i also use my device actively for about 1/3 of that time10:03
asidjazzthe e61i i have has the same battery lasts for days10:03
asidjazzmy n97 .. 5-6 hours10:03
asidjazzits probably 70% screen brightness10:03
johnxit's the difference between a phone and a computer :)10:03
rm_you|sleepof course my G1 lasted about the same10:03
asidjazznot as bad as the g1 though10:03
asidjazzthat things horrible10:03
johnxwell, yeah, but I think it's a use-case thing10:03
rm_you|sleepmy G1 was about the same, MAYBE a little worse actually10:04
rm_you|sleepi don't think i used my G1 as heavily10:04
johnxthere's nothing to *do* on my old dumb-phone so I only ever use it to make calls and send SMS10:04
rm_you|sleepand it died in the same time10:04
rm_you|sleepi carry both around still T_T10:04
AakashPatelMy ADP1 is worse lol10:04
asidjazzdoes the notification light change colors10:04
qwerty12_N900Traitor :p10:04
rm_you|sleepany word on an official tmobile plan?10:04
johnxrm_you|sleep, here's the word: get the $10/month data plan :)10:05
johnxI'll tell you when they kick me off10:05
rm_you|sleepyeah dunno why i'm still on the G110:05
KenYoungI'm running the N900 on T-Mobile with no problems.10:05
rm_you|sleepso am I, i just have the G1 package still :p10:05
asidjazzare there any good themes worth using yet?10:06
rm_you|sleepso i guess they think i'm using that?10:06
asidjazzKenYoung: minus 3g though10:06
rm_you|sleepi have 3g :P10:06
KenYoungasidjazz, Nope, 3G is fine.10:06
asidjazzshouldnt 3g not work via t-mo ?10:06
rm_you|sleep3g is built for tmobile10:06
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo10:06
rm_you|sleepit won't work on ATT :/10:06
Macern900 has tmob freqs10:07
Macerdown with att!10:07
KenYoungasidjazz, It doen't work for AT&T, but it does for T-Mobile.,10:07
Maceri hope they go bankrupt!10:07
asidjazzwtf i thought it was the other way around10:07
rm_you|sleeplol no10:07
AakashPatelMacer: No wai!10:07
rm_you|sleephope you didn't just get an ATT plan T_T10:07
* AakashPatel huggles his AT&T10:07
KenYoungasidjazz, Nope, definately not.   I've got one, and it works on T-Mobile, with not problems.10:07
asidjazznah i never do plans10:07
asidjazzi always buy phones and do month to month10:08
asidjazzok well i might switch then10:08
asidjazzi live in sf carrier doesnt matter to me10:08
asidjazzthats odd cuz the n97 was at&t10:08
asidjazzand not t-mo10:08
AakashPatelWhat 3g freq's does it have10:09
johnxAakashPatel, EU 3G, and t-mo 3G10:09
asidjazzwhyd they do the opposite for the n97??10:09
AakashPatelThey probably custom made it just for att's freq's then i guess?10:10
johnxasidjazz, different market strategy, different chipset10:10
asidjazzi switched from t-mo to at&T for the n97 .. $85/mo10:10
asidjazzwho here has t-mo whats ur phone bill10:10
KenYoungIt's nice not to have to compete with the iPhone users for bandwidth.10:10
johnxasidjazz, on a family plan, so not representative10:10
* AakashPatel is also on family plan on att though10:10
AakashPatelbut i think my bill is cheaper than yours10:11
AakashPatellemme check10:11
johnxthe data part of my t-mo plan is $10 :)10:11
AakashPatelon att its 1510:11
johnxback in a couple minutes10:11
*** johnx has quit IRC10:11
asidjazzi have the cheapest talking plan10:12
asidjazzand unlimited text/data10:12
AakashPatelOn my family plan i have 700 mins, 2 lines, 1 line with data10:12
AakashPateldammit load att10:12
asidjazzthe slider is nowhere near as smooth as iphone :(10:13
asidjazzmy talk plan is $45 my data/text is $30 trhen other fees and crap10:13
AakashPatelhow many mins10:13
pupnik_you mean sliding pictures?10:14
asidjazzno the lock slider10:14
asidjazzon the iphone its super reactive10:14
asidjazzthis one pauses10:14
AakashPatelLol wtf10:14
asidjazzlike if you move your thumb back and forth it lags10:15
asidjazzand is slow10:15
asidjazzgrab an iphone10:15
AakashPatelatt's business billing crap doesnt even wanna open10:15
asidjazzimpossible to get it to lag10:15
asidjazztheir sites are crap10:15
* AakashPatel wonders if he can use that as an excuse not to pay his bill10:15
asidjazzand ridic slow10:15
asidjazzlol no they'll charge you more $$$ for site accessing fees10:15
*** zs has joined #maemo10:15
asidjazzand attempting to not pay fees10:15
AakashPatelits getting stuck at this sales.liveperson.net10:16
asidjazzwhats oldschool mean10:17
asidjazznot using bloated frameworks10:17
AakashPatelGateway Timeout10:17
AakashPatelThe proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.10:17
AakashPatelOh yes10:17
*** johnx has joined #maemo10:17
* timeless_mbp eyes AakashPatel 10:18
*** KenYoung has quit IRC10:18
* AakashPatel gets scared 10:18
asidjazzis it not possible to 'edit' a bookmark?10:18
qwerty12_N900Let the stalking begin10:18
RST38hWhile visual programming can be easier to learn and can help make developers more productive, it's also "easier to delude yourself," said Butler Lampson, a technical fellow at Microsoft. For instance, "no one can ever tell you what a UML diagram means."10:19
* RST38h rotfls10:19
timeless_mbp>  For instance, "no one can ever tell you what a UML diagram means."10:19
asidjazzfucking uml10:19
timeless_mbpButler +10:19
RST38hHave they finally come up with a textual representation or is it still a bunch of cute box images copied from Rational Rose?10:20
asidjazz:( 1st n900 crash10:21
asidjazzneed to clean up all the apps i frantically installed10:21
qwerty12_N900Oh, timeless_mbp, how's the CPA stuff going? I'm ill and bored, so I need something to do10:21
timeless_mbpasidjazz: what crashed? an app10:21
asidjazzon engadget.com10:21
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: my n900 died10:21
timeless_mbpso i'm um, stuck10:21
simula_yay, maemo5 has 'top' :)10:21
simula_why did it die timeless_mbp?10:22
timeless_mbpi was very mean to it10:22
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: Serves you right for showing all those screenshots. No, really, what happened? :)10:22
RST38h"I think we have maybe five to 10 years left [with Moore's Law]," he said. "Optimizations will get very, very sexy again, when people realize how we pay for abstractions."  <=== and this guy designed Microsoft's C++/CLI10:22
asidjazzsimula_: yea i saw that lol10:22
* timeless_mbp dropped it on a tile floor10:22
timeless_mbp(a couple of times)10:22
asidjazzreminds me i need a good case/sleeve for this thing10:22
asidjazzand a screen protector10:22
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: My old Palm died after one drop on a tiled floor10:22
timeless_mbpmy e61i dropped from a waistlevel drop to concrete outside a parking lot near work10:23
johnxmy old palm died after I overclocked it :)10:23
simula_RST38h... i think you are quoting herb sutter... are you not?10:23
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: it was --parent-window X or --parent-window=X ?10:23
asidjazzwhats pulseaudio10:23
*** Xisdibik has quit IRC10:24
asidjazzits taking 26% cpu10:24
johnxasidjazz, it's your sound mixer/daemon10:24
asidjazzand whats as-daemon10:24
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: --parent-window=X, AFAIK10:24
timeless_mbpasidjazz: probably alsa10:24
johnxasidjazz, dunno about as-daemon. google is probably your friend10:24
timeless_mbpoh wait, we use pulse10:24
* timeless_mbp shrugs10:24
asidjazzXorg is onw top cpu10:25
asidjazzguess thats the xwindows daemon10:25
johnxtimeless, doesn't mean you don't also use alsa. ;) that used to be the case for sure10:25
asidjazzalong w/ hildon-home10:25
*** EugeneKay is now known as EugeneSleep10:25
johnxasidjazz, technically it's the "X server"10:25
*** Xisdibik_ has quit IRC10:25
timeless_mbpasidjazz: calling Xorg the 'xwindows daemon' is kinda odd10:25
AakashPatelmmm 2:2510:25
AakashPatellooks like its bed time10:25
*** Xisdibik_ has joined #maemo10:25
johnxtimeless_mbp, web server, http daemon, X server, X daemon. I think it actually fits pretty well :)10:26
asidjazzyay ubuntu installed10:26
asidjazzman the new version is sexy lookin10:26
AakashPatelasidjazz: Just download the GUI Installer () from maemo dev site10:26
AakashPateland run it in phython10:26
AakashPateland you're golden10:27
AakashPatelnow im really going to sleep lol10:27
* timeless_mbp grumbles10:27
* timeless_mbp keeps losing qwerty's file10:28
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: hit me again :(10:28
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: The Zenity source is on the autobuilder, somewhere...10:29
asidjazzAakashPatel: thanks again for your help10:29
*** AakashPatel has quit IRC10:29
timeless_mbpyes, 40410:30
*** Khertan has joined #maemo10:30
timeless_mbpthat works better :)10:31
asidjazzqwerty12_N900: whats this ur writing10:32
qwerty12_N900asidjazz: Nothing special; it's just an applet for the Control Panel that runs a program10:33
Macerto get seduced by a machine10:33
Macerdamn that skynet!10:33
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: ok, pulled into one of two places10:33
* timeless_mbp needs to figure out how to move scratchbox from one computer to another10:34
*** mlpug has joined #maemo10:34
*** mashiara has joined #maemo10:34
* asidjazz just ran sudo ./maemo-sdk-install-wizard_5.0.py10:36
asidjazzqwerty12_N900: whats hte program that it runs?10:36
Macertimeless_mbp: you install it in a vm10:37
qwerty12_N900asidjazz: timeless' über-locale modifier10:37
Macerand move the disk ;)10:37
timeless_mbpMacer: i did install it in a vm (the wrong one)10:37
timeless_mbpnow i want to move it to the right one :)10:37
Maceroops :)10:37
Macerjust suck it up and start over man10:37
asidjazzugh rss only allows adds as an address?10:38
*** mashiara_ has joined #maemo10:39
*** mashiara has quit IRC10:40
*** mashiara_ is now known as mashiara10:40
timeless_mbpasidjazz: ?10:40
* timeless_mbp grumbles10:42
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: so um10:43
timeless_mbpthis doesn't make sense10:43
*** gavin_ has quit IRC10:43
asidjazztimeless_mbp: an rss feed search thing would be nicer10:43
timeless_mbpi rebuilt your files and then copied them over10:43
*** ajaxous has left #maemo10:43
asidjazzlike googles reader10:43
*** gavin___ has joined #maemo10:43
timeless_mbpasidjazz: google reader works10:43
asidjazzi htink my scratchbox is stuck at 20%10:43
asidjazztimeless_mbp: watcha mean?10:43
timeless_mbpbut only 1/4 of my files changed10:43
timeless_mbpi can use google reader on my n900 (when my n900 works..)10:44
asidjazzWarning: unknown mime-type for "/tmp/maemo-sdk-install-wizard_5.0.log" -- using "application/octet-stream"10:44
asidjazzError: no "view" mailcap rules found for type "application/octet-stream"10:44
timeless_mbphi gavin___10:44
timeless_mbpwhat in the world are you doing?10:44
asidjazzheres my error
asidjazztrying to install scrtachbox via the gui installer10:45
timeless_mbpgui installers are for people who trust nokia guis10:46
qwerty12_N900Crap, its default theme is called "Twilight"10:46
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: blacklisted word? :)10:46
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: Something like that. It's on my films to never watch list :)10:47
Macerhaha. the terminator just rolled through a mexican prison killing everybody in sight10:47
Macerthat was awesome.. i love skynet :)10:47
timeless_mbpMacer: t2?10:47
pupnik_is there a pair of sunglasses with composite-input for vieweing n900 screen?10:47
Macersarah conner chronicles10:47
pupnik_some that don't suck?10:47
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: so, odd10:48
johnxpupnik_, that qualifier filters the results to zero I think10:48
qwerty12_N900T2 had him free Sarah Connor from an American prison10:48
timeless_mbpi have a so-update file10:48
Macerwell. it was actually a mental institution :)10:48
pupnik_johnx: i think so too.  But something that could full pal could display enough data i think10:48
pupnik_maybe even chat :)10:48
timeless_mbpMacer: she was in a mental ward10:48
pupnik_overlaid on normal view10:48
timeless_mbpi don't believe the institution only provided mental facilities10:48
*** gavin___ is now known as gavin10:48
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: I've never seen a "so-update" file10:49
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: it means that i already tried updating your .so's10:49
Macernew timeless_mbp that's what i just said10:49
johnxpupnik_, there's some myvu glasses that are VGA I think10:49
Macerer.. timeless_mbp10:49
pupnik_yeah i see them advertised10:49
pupnik_just scared to buy, because i tried some vr in 1989 and it sucked10:49
Macernew sarah is hotter10:49
qwerty12_N900pupnik_: I bet...10:50
pupnik_but then i could walk about and do more whilst keeping an eye on discussions10:52
PaulFertserHey guys :)10:52
PaulFertserCan one probably explain me how nokia customer support is supposed to work? The feedback on this ticket looks kinda strange to me :|
povbotBug 6360: Headset problems10:53
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC10:53
Macerwow it sure sucks to be part of the sarah conner group10:53
asidjazzthese gets in this install of scratchbox are taking forever10:53
Maceri mean like.. just imagine all the people they pass up that aren't beign hunted by skynet all day long :)10:53
Macerlucky bastards ... ignorance is bliss i suppose10:54
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: 1. you call nokia care10:54
timeless_mbp2. you walk through their menus10:54
timeless_mbp3. if you have complaints about nokia care, you write a letter10:55
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: is that clear?10:55
timeless_mbp* is NOT Nokia support10:55
timeless_mbpi can repeat it for you if necessary, but i don't think i can use smaller words10:56
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: yes... But what is the real-life experience on using nokia "care"? I had so many useless conversations with technical assitance that i honestly doubt they can help with what is already clearly explained on the bugtracker.10:56
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: i'm not trying to offense anybody btw10:57
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: real life experience is that i want to shoot them10:57
timeless_mbpbut if you want official support, you will use Nokia Care10:57
timeless_mbpand if you want to do the rest of the community a favor, you will record each call to Nokia Care, properly indicating to them that you are doing so10:57
timeless_mbpand when they do something stupid, you will publish a transcript + audio log10:57
*** zap has joined #maemo10:58
johnxPaulFertser, glanced at the bug. is this a headset that is designed to be iphone compatible?10:58
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: a valuable advice, thanks (no sarcasm)10:58
PaulFertserjohnx: the guy got an n900 along with n900 headset, official, no modifications.10:58
PaulFertserjohnx: i doubt it's iphone compatible since iphone uses reverse pinout for mic and gnd pins.10:59
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: all things considered, the bug summary sucks10:59
*** MiNe has joined #maemo10:59
johnxsorry, reading the bug in depth now10:59
*** filip42 has joined #maemo10:59
simula_heh, there were problems with the bluetooth headset that you got with the n900 pre-ordered... i called them a couple weeks before they sent mine out and they said they could drop that headset and save me $100... i dropped it10:59
PaulFertserjohnx: it'd be interesting to understand how maemo differentiates between regular headphones and a headset but i lack necessare motivation to dig the code right now.10:59
timeless_mbpif i read c0 correctly, the actual claim is "headset icon doesn't appear if headset is plugged in before power is turned on"11:00
timeless_mbpis that correct?11:00
johnxtimeless_mbp, you misread I believe11:00
*** fluff|afk is now known as fluff11:00
timeless_mbpjohnx: is it the *other* way around?11:00
asidjazzany easy way to force-kill an app runnig11:01
*** MiNe_ has joined #maemo11:01
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: fwiw, afaik the headset icon only appeared when using a BT headset :)11:01
timeless_mbpso the fact that someone indicates it applies to wired is news to me :o11:01
johnxtimeless_mbp, as I understand it: boot with headset plugged in, result: shows icon and routes sound correctly. after unplugging/replugging on that same boot: sound routes correctly, but icon never reappears11:01
timeless_mbpjohnx: please fix the summary11:02
johnxif they're plugged in after boot for the first time: sound/icon don't show up or function properly11:02
timeless_mbp'headset problems' so doesn't work11:02
timeless_mbp"headset icon only appears if headset is plugged in before turning on n900"11:02
johnxtimeless_mbp, please re-read: "as I understand it"11:02
asidjazzthis flash pgae in my browser wont close11:02
timeless_mbpasidjazz: you can use `kill` in a terminal ...11:03
johnxtimeless_mbp, if you re-read his description, with my summary in mind, does it make sense?11:03
PaulFertserjohnx: sorry, i'm not the reporter. I'm afraid the reporter being a non-native speaker is not accurately describing the problem.11:03
asidjazzim doin ga kill11:03
asidjazzit stops the flash11:03
timeless_mbpjohnx: i'm confused11:03
asidjazzbut when i go to look at open tasks the browser is still shown and it pops back up11:03
timeless_mbpother comments 1/2 only talk about the n95 headset11:03
asidjazzi kill -9'ed browserd11:03
PaulFertserjohnx: the major problem for him is that if he boots his n900 then plugs an original n900 headset he can't get neither sound nor mic working (he can get sound after loading special alsa state though).11:04
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: simply put, if the reporter does a bad job of reporting a bug11:04
johnxPaulFertser, has he tried reflashing and not restoring any files/apps/settings?11:04
timeless_mbpand our triage team doesn't speak the same language as the reporter11:04
PaulFertserjohnx: i think yes, he has tried reflashing.11:05
timeless_mbpthe results are unlikely to be particularly good11:05
johnxPaulFertser, that sounds like a hardware problem11:05
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: if you read the only comment from maemo guy you'll see he didn't seem to try to read the original text...11:05
johnxmaybe a loose socket?11:05
PaulFertserjohnx: yes but it works with an n95 headset.11:05
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: if you read what i wrote, you'd see that i failed to understand the original comment11:05
timeless_mbpi'm a native speaker11:05
timeless_mbpif a native speaker can't figure out what the reporter is saying11:06
timeless_mbpthen you shouldn't expect a non native speaker to get better results11:06
timeless_mbpwhat andre was doing is diagnostics11:06
timeless_mbpthey're useful when you try to report a bug to the actual engineers11:06
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: at least the original comment says that there're particular kernel messages present. And expresses that clearly. Andre was asking about the same message, it's like he was in a hurry and didn't notice the info is already present.11:06
johnxPaulFertser, sometimes bug triagers make mistakes11:07
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: so um11:07
timeless_mbp1. the original report has a lot of text11:07
johnxgive it some time11:07
timeless_mbp2. it doesn't have precise dmesg output11:07
timeless_mbpif andre wants to report the bug to an engineer, he's going to want the exact dmesg output11:07
asidjazzi love that yellow notificatoin bar11:07
johnxanyways, if it works for everyone else, it behaves sporadically and persists through a reflash. to me it sounds like a hardware problem with the N900 he has. Maybe it's not11:08
timeless_mbpnot "i saw a B in the dmesg output, and maybe a Q, or was that a P"11:08
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: but if this is actually a hardware problem11:08
timeless_mbpthen the right venue is indeed Nokia Care11:08
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: i might be stupid but in fact i thought that the comment from a @maemo guy would explain how in fact HS detection works (because apparently, the GPIO thing is for every headphones, what's interesting here is how it differentiate between a regular headphones and a stereo headset).11:08
timeless_mbpso i will point to my original answer :)11:08
asidjazz5gb is def not enough for a vmware11:09
asidjazzi just ran out of room during the install :(11:09
StskeepsPaulFertser: andre is a employee fwiw, not a official nokian :P11:09
PaulFertserjohnx: given a bit more technical details might save the guy some time because he has a multimeter and can diagnose hardware problems with headset himself.11:09
timeless_mbpasidjazz: my vm machine has 40gb assigned11:09
PaulFertserStskeeps: yes, but it's maemo code that does HS detection, isn't it?11:09
asidjazzgiving it 10gb11:09
asidjazztimeless_mbp: how much free space do u have rihgt now11:09
timeless_mbpbut i've only used 2.4gb and i have a minimal scratchbox11:10
StskeepsPaulFertser: it does this based on a gpio afaik11:10
timeless_mbpi can compile the program qwerty gave me :)11:10
Stskeeps(i'm not sure)11:10
johnxPaulFertser, yes it might. I should note that Andre is a generalist. He's a bug triager, not the guy who designed the N900 hardware, or the guy who wrote the headphone detection routine11:10
PaulFertserStskeeps: gpio event happens for any plug, including regular headphones.11:10
qwerty12_N900Morning, Stskeeps11:10
asidjazzemail app work w/ gmail?11:10
PaulFertserjohnx: why didn't he add the relevant people to CC then?11:11
timeless_mbpasidjazz: define work11:11
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: we don't like to drown our engineers in crapy bugs11:11
Stskeepsmorning qwerty12_N90011:11
timeless_mbpengineers work on well defined bugs11:11
timeless_mbpor management tasks11:11
asidjazztimeless_mbp: like do i have to install it as an imap thing and just get annoyed11:12
johnxPaulFertser, because, I'm not Andre, I can't answer for him. Because I can't answer for him, I can only surmise that he's trying to reproduce the same problem internally. I don't know what you want me to say. I'm not a Nokia employee.11:12
* johnx shrugs11:12
*** avs has joined #maemo11:12
timeless_mbpasidjazz: how big is your mailbox?11:12
timeless_mbpif it's >40k messages, i wouldn't try11:12
timeless_mbpi certainly have never fed a gmail inbox to modest11:12
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: are we clear on wanting precise output from dmesg?11:13
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: i've read that somewhere else before. Usually it means that to actually report the issue you have to get through useless procedures and sometimes even incompetence of "1st level support". Management tasks, eh. Somehow if i report a bug for GCC, i can CC the relevant people right at the time i file a bug...11:13
asidjazzadblock plus works really well11:13
timeless_mbpdo you actually object to that as a request?11:13
asidjazztimeless_mbp: massive11:13
timeless_mbpasidjazz: forget about it.11:13
timeless_mbpuse the browser11:13
StskeepsPaulFertser: instead of complaining, get involved in the bugsquad.11:14
johnxPaulFertser, also, response on a bug tracker tends to be quality over speed. Give him a couple days, and in the meantime, talking to Nokia support definitely seems worthwhile11:14
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: (precise output from dmesg) nope, that's useless, there's only one thing that gets there when you plug a headphones, that's GPIO message. It's already pretty clear it's there...11:14
asidjazzill wait for gogle to port theirs timeless_mbp11:14
* timeless_mbp tries to figure out how Stskeeps 's urls differ11:15
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: one asks for login, one doesn't11:15
johnxtimeless, ssl11:15
qwerty12_N900One has an 's'11:15
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: anyway11:16
PaulFertserStskeeps: i've not come to complain. I'm trying to help the guy to diagnose the problem. But lacking hardware specs and understanding of maemo internals i can't help much. I assumed that CCing relevant people through the bugzilla ticket can help since that's a matter of 5 minutes to them to describe how the detection procedure should work...11:16
timeless_mbpother comments #2 to me implies bad hardware on the n90011:16
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: sorry, that's not really how things work11:16
johnxPaulFertser, this isn't quite a typical open source project11:16
StskeepsPaulFertser: that mostly happens if the bug is imported internally11:16
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: imagine that hypothetically there were 1,000,000 people who owned n900s11:17
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: (bad hardware on n900) if it was indeed bad why does n95 headset works properly with it then?11:17
PaulFertserStskeeps: imported internally? I can't even understand what you mean.11:17
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: comment 2 doesn't indicate the n95 headset works properly11:17
timeless_mbpin fact it indicates that it does not11:17
johnxPaulFertser, you haven't ever seen sporadically non-functional hardware?11:17
timeless_mbpit only works properly in one cas11:17
timeless_mbpthat's my definition of "DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY"11:18
PaulFertserjohnx: his n95 headset works every time he plugs it in he says.11:18
StskeepsPaulFertser: OK, there's and there's the internal nokia bugtracker. relevant bugs are imported from BMO to internal bugtracker and assigned a int- alias11:18
PaulFertserStskeeps: lol11:18
StskeepsPaulFertser: i don't like this either but that's how it is right now11:18
*** zs_ has joined #maemo11:18
*** MiNe has quit IRC11:18
timeless_mbpanyway, imagine my 1,000,000 n900 owners11:18
ali12341does the n95 headset have a mic on it?11:18
timeless_mbpand imagine each of them filing a bug in bugs.maemo.org11:18
PaulFertserStskeeps: gcc internal bugtracker, only for important bugs to not bother _real_cool_devs_ with shit, rofl11:18
johnxPaulFertser, no. his N95 headset doesn't show an icon.11:18
PaulFertserali12341: it does.11:18
StskeepsPaulFertser: will you stop being a troll for once? :P11:18
PaulFertserjohnx: nobody even knows for sure if the icon should be there or not. And when it should appear and how.11:19
timeless_mbpif a million people filed bugs11:19
StskeepsPaulFertser: i'm telling you how things are, of course they are not the best.11:19
timeless_mbpand people were able to arbitrarily cc engineers to their bugs11:19
qwerty12_N900PaulFertser: Have you considered joining You'll quickly settle in.11:19
timeless_mbpthat'd be a lot of unwanted mail for a lot of engineers11:19
StskeepsPaulFertser: originally only internal bugtracker existed.11:19
asidjazzgodamnit11:19 is an improvement in that regard11:19
asidjazzi turned on that damn gmail plugin11:19
PaulFertserqwerty12_N900: webforum? no dice. And yes, i understand your irony.11:19
asidjazzthat makes me do math when i reply to mail late at night11:19
johnxPaulFertser, and yet you're claiming that it works?11:19
timeless_mbpasidjazz: gmail plugin?11:19
timeless_mbpasidjazz: oh lol11:19
asidjazzincase im wasted11:19
asidjazzim only buzzed11:20
PaulFertserjohnx: no icon but the sound from headphones works and mic recording works.11:20
*** lbt has joined #maemo11:20
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: anyway, if i worked on hardware, i wouldn't want to deal with this bug11:20
timeless_mbpnow, if i were andre, i'd have included my own dmesg output11:21
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: now imagine there're 10^6 users of GCC and some bad release breaks let's say AVR support and 10^3 people are able to directly CC the key gcc developers about that. What a disaster!11:21
timeless_mbpand indicate what happens when i use the n900 headset11:21
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: ime when gcc screws things up11:21
johnxPaulFertser, yeah, that suggests a problem to me of some sort. look, I really am not sure what you want at this point. if you have a question, please ask and I can try to answer. if you want to argue, I can just ignore you. I have some headsets here would it help if I tested them on my n900?11:21
timeless_mbpyou get five or so bugs in each down stream bug tracker11:21
Khertan <<< still require some testers :)11:21
asidjazzexpanded my ubuntu disk now it wont login11:21
timeless_mbpmost people never file a bug into the gcc tracker11:21
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: you see, the kernel says only about gpio. That's a generic procedure to detect _any_ jack. But there's some special magic about the headsets since they got a mic.11:21
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: i don't give a F11:22
timeless_mbpnow get the F out of here11:22
PaulFertserjohnx: it'd be nice to understand how the headset detection works.11:22
timeless_mbpgo to H11:22
johnxPaulFertser, we don't know11:22
timeless_mbpdo not pass Go11:22
ali12341PaulFertser: i know they have some more "magic"11:22
timeless_mbpdo not collect 200 USD11:22
johnxPaulFertser, did you have another question?11:22
ali12341PaulFertser: but do not know what it is11:22
asidjazzthese commercials make me want to slaughter children11:23
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: i assume i'm still allowed to stay on channel after shutting up, ok?11:23
PaulFertserAfter me shutting up11:24
timeless_mbplet's pretend we're all babies, out of sight, out of mind11:24
asidjazztimeless_mbp: again sorry how much frree space does your vm hvae11:24
timeless_mbp40gb- 2.4gb11:24
johnxPaulFertser, of course. I can't think of anyone getting kicked from here :) Now, can I help you find a way to figure out the answer to your problem, given that I can't affect Nokia internal processes?11:24
timeless_mbpso um... 37.6gb ?11:24
StskeepsPaulFertser: best advice. want to improve the situation, join the bugsquad. there's nothing most of us 'sw' guys can do in here. best way is to report the issue as a HW issue to nokia care if it advertises it should work.11:25
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: please note that is for software bugs11:25
timeless_mbpif the problem is hardware, then the only answer has always been Nokia Care11:25
asidjazztimeless_mbp: jesus what are you using all that room for?11:26
timeless_mbpas I've said 3 or 4 times already and as others have repeated11:26
timeless_mbpasidjazz: which?11:26
timeless_mbpasidjazz: vms use sparse disks11:26
timeless_mbpthe 37.6gb doesn't cost me much if anything11:26
timeless_mbptimeless-mbp-2:~ timeless$ df -h .11:27
timeless_mbpFilesystem                   Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on11:27
timeless_mbprpool/export/home/timeless  131Gi   17Gi  113Gi    14%    /Users/timeless11:27
asidjazz15gb eh11:27
asidjazzerr 17gb11:27
asidjazzso you've used 17gb for your scratchbox vm11:27
timeless_mbpthat's my mac's home folder11:27
timeless_mbpit's unrelated11:27
timeless_mbpi already said that my vm is 2.4gb11:27
asidjazzhow much room will i need for ubuntu + scratchbox11:27
timeless_mbpout of a 40gb volume11:27
asidjazzlike a strong dev enviornment11:27
timeless_mbpoh, no clue11:27
timeless_mbpi used what would be considered a 'minimal' dev env11:28
asidjazzhow big i sit11:28
asidjazzis it*11:28
timeless_mbpi have the arm and x86 2007 toolchains11:28
*** mashiara has quit IRC11:28
*** angelixd has quit IRC11:29
timeless_mbpis that easier to understand?11:30
asidjazzoh your /media11:30
asidjazzis 18gb11:30
asidjazzthats odd11:30
asidjazzi created a 5gb vm w/ ubuntu11:30
asidjazzran out during the scratchbox install11:31
timeless_mbpactually reload11:31
asidjazzoh ur using ubuntu 811:31
ali123415gb is barely enough for ubuntu11:31
ali12341(with full desktop obv.)11:31
timeless_mbpi'm using ubuntu 8 server11:31
timeless_mbpi don't need x11, all my vm does is compile stuff11:31
timeless_mbpand only the stuff *i* want to compile11:32
timeless_mbpwhich is basically the one thing that qwerty12_N900 has mentioned above11:32
*** zs has quit IRC11:32
timeless_mbpbut if you have an xserver outside your vm11:32
timeless_mbpthen you don't really need an xserver inside your vm11:32
asidjazzso your vm copmiles then what11:32
timeless_mbpi copy to Mer or n90011:32
asidjazzwhats Mer11:33
infobotit has been said that mer is, or on #mer11:33
asidjazzand its just a single binary?11:33
timeless_mbpthat i'm generating? yep :)11:33
timeless_mbpincredibly tiny, it's just a control panel applet11:33
timeless_mbpwhich just runs a script11:33
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC11:33
JaffaMorning, all11:33
timeless_mbpi don't need all the bells and whistles :)11:34
timeless_mbpit only exists because the cp people didn't provide a better way to host scripts as cpas11:34
timeless_mbp(their bug)11:34
asidjazzwell i dont have an outside xwindows11:34
timeless_mbpyou are using a vm, no?11:34
timeless_mbpis the host windows? or osx?11:35
timeless_mbpanyway, it's all up to you11:35
ali12341asidjazz: if you want a full ubuntu install with all desktop stuff etc *and* also maemo sdk, well, mine is 16gb, not including /home11:35
timeless_mbpi'd probably pick 20gb11:35
*** Khertan has quit IRC11:36
timeless_mbpnote that i'm not going to try to build libc or mozilla in a 4gb scratchbox :)11:36
timeless_mbpthat doesn't work :/11:36
qwerty12_N900...and you're a traitor, anyway. Safari? Psshh...11:37
ali12341libc would easily build in 40gb... mozilla ptobably not11:37
asidjazzali12341: thats the entire size? shit i just did a 10gb one11:37
timeless_mbpbut most vm's allow you to setup disks which grow as you use them11:37
ali12341asidjazz: that's for my main desktop yes, i use it for everything11:37
asidjazzlol i cant find 20gb on tihs lappy to use11:38
*** IcanCU has joined #maemo11:38
timeless_mbp-rw-r--r--  1 timeless  staff   3.3G Nov 29 11:38 /Users/timeless/Library/VirtualBox/HardDisks/maemosdk_server_intrepid-10-08.vmdk11:38
asidjazzali12341: so how big is ubuntu+maemo sdk11:38
*** v2px has joined #maemo11:38
ali12341i have no idea, it depends what you install11:38
asidjazzfuck it ill just do it again if this dont work11:38
timeless_mbpthat's the spirit!: )11:38
ali12341i know that if you rip all the crap out of windows and install it in a VM it a) runs faster than native, and b) uses about 200mb :)11:39
timeless_mbpwindirstat? :)11:41
timeless_mbp(grand perspective is my friend)11:42
asidjazzlol wat thats not true11:42
asidjazzoh the 'crap'11:42
crashanddie_"group staff"?11:42
asidjazzyo crashanddie_11:42
timeless_mbpcrashanddie_: standard unix11:42
crashanddie_my point exactly, what are you running?11:42
*** Lorthirk has joined #Maemo11:42
crashanddie_oh, wannabe Unix then11:43
timeless_mbpcrashanddie_: you realize that the /Users and /Library portion of the path give it away, right?11:43
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo11:44
timeless_mbpit'd be /export/home/timeless/.VirtualBox on solaris iirc11:44
crashanddie_timeless, hadn't read that far ahead :)11:44
arachnistand /usr/home/timeless on freebsd11:44
*** Lorthirk has quit IRC11:44
crashanddie_one of the most popular threads on open solaris is how to put your home folder on /11:45
* crashanddie_ facepalms11:45
timeless_mbprpool/export/home/timeless  131Gi   17Gi  113Gi    14%    /Users/timeless11:45
timeless_mbpcrashanddie_: *sigh*11:45
timeless_mbpnote that this is OS X 10.5.8 running zfs :)11:45
asidjazzsolaris still exists?11:45
asidjazzwhatever happened to /home/11:45
asidjazznow its all /usr/export/local/var/home/11:46
asidjazzwhich softlinks to somtehign longer11:46
crashanddie_there's a very good reason for that11:47
crashanddie_if an attacker gets access to your machine11:47
timeless_mbpasidjazz: automounters are my friend11:47
crashanddie_he will need more time to type the full command11:47
crashanddie_to go and snoop around11:47
crashanddie_meaning films will finally be accurate11:47
arachnisttimeless_mbp: too bad there's no ZFS support in 10.611:47
arachnisttimeless_mbp: and the zfs project has been shut-down11:47
crashanddie_"OMG, Only 18 seconds before the firewall kicks in, quick, get the data" "I canne push her any harder c'pt'n, the path is too long"11:48
timeless_mbp iirc11:49
GAN900Grr @ MicroB scrolling artifacts.11:49
*** lbt is now known as lbt_11:51
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt11:51
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: gah11:53
timeless_mbpGAN900: how do i fish for a package from the builder?11:53
timeless_mbpi need the sources for qwerty's zenity11:54
timeless_mbpor at least an x86 build of it11:54
GAN900"You're scrolling, you must want to see parts of the last page you visited, right?"11:54
*** v2px_ has quit IRC11:54
GAN900timeless_mbp, grab it fromextras-devel?11:54
timeless_mbpi don't think it's there11:54
GAN900Oh, hum.11:54
GAN900Dunno i11:54
asidjazzwhats zenity do again?11:55
timeless_mbpreverse Polish ?11:55
pupnik_gpodder is wonderfully handy.  a few modal design blechs, but otherwise..11:56
GAN900pupnik_, UI still irritates me too much.11:57
pupnik_the way functions are spread between screens?11:57
pupnik_GAN900: ?11:57
GAN900I just have iTunes do the downloading and move things over manually.11:57
pupnik_e.g. from download window can not start tune?11:57
pupnik_ah ok11:57
lbtWTF is going on with wifi?11:58
pupnik_my video list is now too long to scroll through11:58
lbtIt works for 1 day and then won't connect...11:58
lbtis this a known thing?11:58
pupnik_not for me lbt11:58
GAN900Ah, invoking the silent majority.11:59
lbt<mutter> every time I try and use this thing something seems to go wrong...11:59
GAN900Gotta love Talk.11:59
lbtOK, off to bugzilla11:59
GAN900lbt, icd spazes on me every so often11:59
GAN900It claims to be connected but isn't actually11:59
GAN900Mostly when migrating from one ap to another or to cellular and back12:00
lbtno, this is simply "Network Connection Error" "Try again?12:00
lbtsame AP as last night12:00
GAN900and mostly only when doing so automatically12:00
lbtreboot, click connect... instant connection12:00
lbtnext morning its disconnected12:00
GAN900Haven't had that since OS2008 HE12:00
lbtclick connect "Network Connection Error" "Try again?"12:01
*** BabelO has joined #maemo12:02
fuz_stskeeps : i'va managed to boot cloned os :)12:02
*** mashiara has joined #maemo12:02
Stskeepsfuz_: cool! :)12:03
Stskeepsfuz_: what were the issues?12:03
fuz_some cellular thing blocked xsession12:03
fuz_i've got other problem as well12:03
fuz_tell you when i come back this evening12:04
Stskeepsfuz_: publish your console kernel somewhere, might be useful for some people12:04
crashanddie_oh fuck it12:05
crashanddie_i'm a fucking wimp12:05
Stskeepsnot moving to australia?12:05
crashanddie_I managed to "block" my back while folding a shirt12:06
*** asyik has joined #maemo12:06
crashanddie_lock it up12:08
crashanddie_like you feel something snapping/moving in your back and can't move that much anymore?12:08
*** Lorthirk has joined #maemo12:08
crashanddie_I'VE GOT 20 MORE SHIRTS TO FOLD12:08
johnx:| bummer12:08
crashanddie_oh well12:08
crashanddie_it's official12:08
crashanddie_can't go to the US12:08
crashanddie_what a shame...12:08
crashanddie_anyway, going back to bed, later12:09
johnxhope you feel better soon12:10
GAN900Get your N900 to fold 'em!12:10
Stskeepsis it just me or has the shipping threads calmed down a little bit and there's more 'real' posts?12:10
qwerty12_N900Stskeeps: Yes and no12:11
RST38hStskeeps: it is an illusion12:11
asidjazzdamn scratchbox install wont past 20% again12:12
asidjazzbeen a while12:12
*** pH5 has joined #maemo12:12
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: i sure hope i don't need maemo-optify on mer12:13
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: maemo-optify would possibly be a no-opt on mer12:13
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: It fucked up the autobuilder build, so at this point in time, I could care less about it12:13
Stskeepsbut haven't looked into it yet12:13
GAN900Stskeeps, now we have proper troll threads instead.12:14
lbtright, just videoed my bug12:14
timeless_mbpStskeeps: um, apt-get doesn't like me12:14
timeless_mbphow do i get packages from Mer?12:14
StskeepsGAN900: and now it's moving to twitter too:
timeless_mbpfailed to fetch 40412:15
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: ah, we don't have source repositories12:15
Stskeepsit's a bug12:15
crashanddie_w00t w00t, still at a strong 1.69 ratio on TMO!12:15
Stskeepsin OBS12:15
johnxdarkbulb? is that supposed to be ironic?12:15
johnxproper response to a gimic I guess :)12:17
crashanddie_Ok, I can understand people don't understand latin words than transfered to English12:17
crashanddie_but "multi"?12:17
asidjazzthe swirl motion should work viewing photos12:17
asidjazzalso we need a 3d photo viewer thing like the n97 had12:17
asidjazzthat thing was awesome12:17
timeless_mbpasidjazz: yeah, everyone complains about the fact that the browser gestures aren't supported everywhere12:18
* timeless_mbp sighs12:18
* Stskeeps 's usefulness ratio (thanks divided by total posts) is 2.71112:18
GAN900XChat is so purty when it's blurred behind a context menu12:18
crashanddie_well, after all the "user experience" crap we've had to endure during the summit, I have to say it's quite ironic that the only trait of the N900 is that the user experience... is not consistent!12:18
johnxStskeeps, doing better than me. I'm down to like .9 or so12:18
timeless_mbpGAN900: do i want to see?12:18
asidjazztimeless_mbp: thats a general nokia issue w/ phone os'12:18
crashanddie_Stskeeps, nice12:19
crashanddie_Stskeeps, how many posts?12:19
asidjazztimeless_mbp: the basic issue is the swirl functionality was invented after the gui 'standard' was probably speced or something12:19
timeless_mbpasidjazz: user interface behavior for browsers will never match their platforms12:19
timeless_mbpasidjazz: um12:19
GAN900timeless_mbp, the trolling on Talk or the XChat blurring?12:19
Stskeepscrashanddie_: 658 total posts, total thanked 178412:19
asidjazztimeless_mbp: shoulda prioritized finalizing something general like 'zoom'12:19
timeless_mbpGAN900: xchat12:19
timeless_mbptalk doesn't exist12:19
crashanddie_Stskeeps, nice work!12:19
asidjazzwell i do agree in general12:19
crashanddie_asidjazz, you're a follower?12:20
GAN900timeless_mbp, well, it's not a bug, I just think the compositor effect looks cool with all of the colored text. ;)12:20
crashanddie_lbt, weak12:20
timeless_mbpMer has a 2.0gb vm12:20
lbtcrashanddie_: it's sunday12:20
timeless_mbpand it has 0 avail :(12:20
* timeless_mbp cries12:20
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: i'll up that in my next version12:21
* Stskeeps goes edit12:21
timeless_mbpStskeeps: i guess i can't really install Scratchbox into this Mer12:21
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: aye :P12:21
asidjazzlolll lbt12:21
crashanddie_already time to call it mer2?12:21
timeless_mbpasidjazz: so...12:21
lbttimeless_mbp: I have a scratchbox-fake package12:21
Stskeepscrashanddie_: mer2 = harmattan base12:21
timeless_mbpthe browser zoom was added by a browser dev12:21
crashanddie_Stskeeps, mer2 in french sounds like "merde", "shit"12:21
crashanddie_Stskeeps, how about we jump to mer3?12:22
timeless_mbpit wasn't added by the browser ui spec person12:22
asidjazznokia created the browser12:22
Stskeepscrashanddie_: it's a versatile word12:22
asidjazzsame as maemo12:22
timeless_mbpand we weren't going to discuss it with the entire ui team12:22
asidjazzdevelopers dont just create fatures12:22
timeless_mbpbecause we needed the feature12:22
asidjazzspecs are written up of what they will do12:22
asidjazzoh ok12:22
timeless_mbpi work for Nokia12:22
timeless_mbpon the browser team12:22
crashanddie_Stskeeps, that being said, "mer4" sounds like "meerkat"12:22
timeless_mbpa colleague of mine did this12:22
asidjazzok i tought you were coming at me w/ some suggestion :)12:22
Stskeepscrashanddie_: Mer 4.0, 'Meerkat'12:22
asidjazzok n/m12:22
timeless_mbpi'm explaining facts12:22
timeless_mbpwe get vetod whenever we suggest/request stuff12:23
GAN900Stskeeps, we need codenames, clearly.12:23
timeless_mbpso this wasn't something we were going to negotiate w/ the global ui people12:23
asidjazzso you're saying it was an issue where it would exist or not12:23
* GAN900 <3's UI team.12:23
timeless_mbpi'm saying the browser needed a zoom12:23
timeless_mbpwe implemented it12:23
timeless_mbpwe were not going to ask the global team to do it12:23
timeless_mbpbecause they'd have ordered us not to do anything12:23
asidjazzcuz it was obvious that there wasnt time to look back at something liek that and implement it elsewhere12:23
timeless_mbpwhich wouldn't have been better12:23
timeless_mbpit's better that the browser work than that everything consistently have on usable zooming12:24
asidjazzi agree12:24
timeless_mbpok good ;)12:24
asidjazzwell i hope at some point it does get implemented :)12:24
timeless_mbpnote that we have a contract for maemo612:24
johnxtimeless_mbp, where do we vote :)12:24
timeless_mbpand it says "the browser is the browser" "the platform is the platform"12:24
timeless_mbpthat basically means that the browser and platform can/will diverge at times12:25
GAN900"How can we take existing UI paradigms, break them and reimplement so they're completely unusable?"12:25
timeless_mbpGAN900: which one?12:25
timeless_mbpor how many? :)12:25
timeless_mbpi'm not saying i like spiral zoom fwiw12:25
GAN900My current pick for the day are the ctrl-* shortcuts.12:25
asidjazzthe idea is awesome12:25
timeless_mbpi was actually opposed to it, i to this day do not believe it was the right answer12:26
asidjazzthe way it works kinda sweet12:26
GAN900I never use it12:26
timeless_mbpGAN900: heh12:26
asidjazzwell idea != solution12:26
asidjazzdoes the n900 have multitouch capability (noob)12:26
GAN900I just wish the rocker zoomed in steps.12:26
timeless_mbpasidjazz: no12:26
Corsaca friend of mine just received its n900, switching from a 3 years old k750, he said me it was “a jump into the 21st century” :)12:26
timeless_mbpwell, "not really"12:26
timeless_mbpthe n900 uses a resistive screen12:26
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: upping space for vmdks to 4gb12:26
timeless_mbpmultitouch is generally a feature of capacitive screens12:26
qwerty12_N900Corsac: K750i was awesome12:26
GAN900So I could get back to 100% zoom and fix the broken text rendering. :(12:27
timeless_mbpasidjazz: it's kinda sorta possible to hack it12:27
asidjazzso thats another good ? .. why did nokia choose resistive12:27
timeless_mbpasidjazz: resistive is an older technology12:27
Stskeepsalso cheaper12:27
GAN900asidjazz, more precise12:27
asidjazzso stability?12:27
timeless_mbpit maps more closely to classical user behaviors12:27
asidjazznokia doesnt seem to do 'cheaper' though12:27
* timeless_mbp rotfl12:27
*** baze has joined #maemo12:27
timeless_mbpyou're kidding, right?12:27
Stskeepswasn't n8x0's made up of spare parts?12:27
GAN900There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to both techs.12:28
asidjazzwell compared to alot of other phone companys12:28
asidjazznokia always seems to pack in the best12:28
timeless_mbpnokia prides itself on cost advantage against other vendors12:28
timeless_mbpasidjazz: when we do that, it's because we have volume12:28
timeless_mbpso we're leveraging volume to reduce cost per component12:28
GAN900I rea.12:28
timeless_mbpsee comment about n8x0s and spare parts12:28
GAN900lly want Stantum multi12:28
timeless_mbpthe 770 too fwiw12:28
asidjazzwell i dont think its a bad choice if its more stable and maps closer12:29
asidjazzmultitouch is kinda candy12:29
timeless_mbpthe thing about multitouch is...12:29
timeless_mbpit adds cost to the base components12:29
timeless_mbpand in order to benefit, you have to design everything for it12:29
asidjazzyea i read about that12:29
RST38hGAN: Talked to some Nokia devs at the recent meetup12:29
timeless_mbpto say that's nontrivial is a whopper of an understatement12:29
asidjazzin this article about those new 10 point touch lcd screens12:29
RST38hGAN: They say multitouch is the major reason for not releasing Harmattan for N90012:30
timeless_mbpRST38h: that and the fact that we have no idea what will be in harmattan or when :)12:30
GAN900RST38h, awful reason12:30
RST38hGAN: And when I commented that multitouch isn't used widely even in iPhone UI, the response I got was "Harmattan UI heavily relies on it"12:30
GAN900Multitouch is SO gimmicky in practice12:30
GAN900oh brother12:31
RST38hNo details of course, so you are free to fantasize12:31
* Stskeeps still wonders how developers will deal with SDK's then12:31
GAN900It sounds horrifying12:31
GAN900Trying to zoom on the iPhone is impossible12:31
timeless_mbpactually portions of maemo6 are supposedly open12:31
Stskeepsunless everyone uses multitouch mac mice!12:31
GAN900If everything needs two fingers on the screen. . . .12:32
timeless_mbpStskeeps: a manager of mine has one12:32
timeless_mbpit's really slick12:32
timeless_mbp....if you can find  the sources, you're free to figure out what they've done12:32
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: gitorious and qt/dui, yeah12:32
GAN900Logitech MX Revolution12:32
* RST38h always thought of recent mac mice as some weird kind of sex toys12:33
GAN900The One True Mouse12:33
RST38hGuess it started with the first iMac...12:33
johnxGAN900, then the phone is limited to people who have at least two fingers! discrimination!12:33
asidjazztimeless_mbp: going back to quality .. compared to copmanys like htc .. motorola .. palm .. you agree nokia usually packs more impressive hardware?12:33
RST38hGAN: BTW, yes, multitouch means no one-handed UI12:33
RST38hSomething lowly 5800 excels in12:33
asidjazzmultitouch has one sole actual functional purpose imho .. zoom.12:34
GAN900johnx, well, we already limit amputee usage with landscape12:34
asidjazzand if the cost of it is too great for that f it12:34
RST38hjohnx: You can still use your nose and other appendages12:34
* GAN900 talked to one of those at FLS12:34
johnxRST38h, thank you for going there :)12:34
timeless_mbpasidjazz: i don't use htc/motorola hardware12:34
timeless_mbpi've owned two sony ericssons iirc12:34
suihkulokkimultitouch is great if you are a ancient one with dozens of tentacles12:34
timeless_mbpand truth be told, i don't care about hardware12:35
timeless_mbpwhat i want is for the hardware to work12:35
RST38hjohnx: The nose thing is no joke, that is what poor Moscow metrosexuals are forced to use on their iPhones in winter season =)12:35
timeless_mbpif you read /. recently about MS-Intel12:35
Stskeepssuihkulokki: hence proving maemo UI team is actually tentacle creatures? ;)12:35
GAN900Useful for virtual input and emulators12:35
timeless_mbpyou know that wanted hardware to work is sadly much more than one can ask for12:35
timeless_mbppoor ms12:35
GAN900Most everything else screams gimmick12:35
RST38hsuihkulokki: thank you for going there (C)johnx =)12:35
asidjazzim only really bringing up features .. cpu .. space .. etc.12:35
*** ferdna has quit IRC12:36
*** dolphin has joined #maemo12:36
johnxsuihkulokki, I think Nokia missed out on some really unique marketing opportunities :)12:37
*** zs_ has quit IRC12:37
timeless_mbpasidjazz: sorry, i really don't know/care12:37
timeless_mbpi should put it differently12:37
timeless_mbpi've bought roughly 5 cell phones since 200112:37
timeless_mbphrm, no, 412:37
timeless_mbpthe first ones were nokias12:37
timeless_mbpi bought them for features12:38
GAN900Don't taunt the octopuss12:38
timeless_mbpi didn't care much about cost, i wanted IR+BT+Handsfree12:38
timeless_mbpthe later phones were sony ericson12:38
timeless_mbpagain, i bought them for features (ir, bt)12:38
timeless_mbpthe later phones had cameras, about which i didn't really care much, and color screens (ibid)12:39
asidjazzthe nokia 8890 was basically the sickest phone12:39
timeless_mbpthe last one had a sony memorystick slot (useless)12:39
arachnistsince 2001 i had Nokia 3330, Nokia 3100, SE K800i (last 3 years), and a Nokia N900 now12:39
arachnistand siemens sl45i before or after the 310012:39
asidjazzit flew around the room when you got a call12:39
timeless_mbpi was w/ Cingular for that time period12:39
arachnistasidjazz: how's that?12:39
timeless_mbpand when i was in looking for phones, they didn't offer nokias that had the features i wanted (ir,bt)12:40
arachnist(the phone flying)12:40
timeless_mbpi wasn't a particularly demanding customer12:40
timeless_mbpquite simple demands, really :)12:40
asidjazzi went through like 5 of those12:40
cvandonderenHiya, off question. I have Skype and Haze accounts. Is it possible to just have skype online without disabling the Haze account?12:41
asidjazzwhen theres a skype app ?12:41
asidjazzor addon..12:41
cvandonderenasidjazz: it is built-in12:42
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk12:42
cvandonderenjust add an VoIP account12:42
GAN900cvandonderen, not so far as I've been able to divine.12:42
timeless_mbpcvandonderen: you can disable any individual presence accounts12:42
wjtcvandonderen: you can create custom presences which have some of your accounts offline12:42
timeless_mbpby using the status thing12:42
timeless_mbpbut i don't know what haze is12:42
cvandonderenI do not understand12:42
cvandonderentimeless_mbp: MSN12:42
timeless_mbpcvandonderen / GAN900 : you should be using enus1 :)12:42
wjttimeless_mbp: haze is a telepathy component12:43
timeless_mbpare you saying haze breaks skype / vice-versa?12:43
cvandonderentimeless_mbp: no, it is just in the same panel12:43
timeless_mbpi can have googletalk enabled/disabled independently of enabling/disabling skype12:43
wjtcvandonderen: open the status chooser; there's a button called something like "new status" (i forget what it's called exactly; i don't have an n900 on me)12:43
cvandonderenI can but everything on offline or available12:43
wjtah, you can't set yourself Away?12:44
timeless_mbpcvandonderen: tap an individual account12:44
wjtI thought we fixed that12:44
timeless_mbpyou can change it to offline12:44
Stskeepsi still would wish there was profile based account enable/disable12:44
timeless_mbpthat doesn't turn off the other accounts12:44
timeless_mbpStskeeps: "@home" "@work" ?12:44
cvandonderentimeless_mbp & wjt: found it, thanks :-)12:44
kirmaeh. hildon-status-menu stalled12:44
arachnisti have jabber, skype, sip, googletalk and gadugadu in N900, and only for the last one i had to install additional plugin (haze)12:44
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: actually @wifi @dataplan12:44
* timeless_mbp grumbles12:45
timeless_mbpbut gotcha12:45
timeless_mbpi'd expect that'd be doable w/ third party software12:45
asidjazzcvandonderen: oh sweet12:45
timeless_mbpit's probably worth doing12:45
Stskeepscos i don't mind XMPP over data plan, but skype and MSN is a bit heavy12:45
timeless_mbpthen showing people @nokia that it's valuable12:45
timeless_mbpStskeeps: so um12:46
johnxtimeless_mbp, put them on limited data plans? :)12:46
asidjazzthis is the longest sdk install ive ever sen12:46
timeless_mbpjohnx: grumble12:46
timeless_mbpi must say, that's one of the worst parts of working for nokia12:46
timeless_mbpi had absolutely ZERO incentive to test skype12:46
timeless_mbpwhy should i? my phone bill is paid12:46
johnxaaah, I see what you mean12:46
Stskeepsjohnx: yeah, that's one scenario n900 isn't well suited for. non-cool data plans12:47
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo12:47
*** sjaensch has joined #maemo12:47
timeless_mbpStskeeps: it isn't like the iPhone is better12:47
johnxmine is pretty damn cool, but yeah, not everyone's is :)12:47
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: of course not, but it usually comes with a good data plan12:47
johnxtimeless_mbp, dropped connections help minimize data usage :D12:47
crashanddie_does media player support flac?12:47
timeless_mbpnote: i'm not saying i want nokia to take away my plan12:48
crashanddie_on the N900?12:48
johnxah, though that's a iPhone/US specific thing12:48
Stskeepsright now i'm in poland, and i can't get a personal number for 3 months now as it requires a personal ID number12:48
Stskeepswhich i don't have (yet) due to bureaucracy12:48
crashanddie_or ogg?12:48
johnxtimeless_mbp, just saying they should take the higher up's data plans away :)12:48
Stskeepserr, personal number = data plan12:48
timeless_mbpand make the ui team roam12:48
*** millenomi has joined #maemo12:48
timeless_mbpat least make them leave .fi12:48
qwerty12_N900crashanddie_: You want Ogg Support, available from Extras12:49
johnxtimeless_mbp, nah, make the higher ups use pre-production devices. they'll report bugs, UI team will fix them :)12:49
crashanddie_qwerty12_N900, does it drain the battery?12:49
*** gunni_ has joined #maemo12:49
Stskeepsjohnx: think they did, didn't you listen to ari's talk?12:49
qwerty12_N900crashanddie_: No idea, I use Limewire and co so all my music are MPEs12:49
qwerty12_N900MP3s, even12:50
johnxStskeeps, nevermind then :)12:50
pupnik_ty kulve12:50
Stskeepsjohnx: some harsh words about tracker and such12:50
asidjazztimeless_mbp: would capasitive vs resistent screens explain the smoothness of the iphone lock slider vs nokias?12:50
asidjazzerr the n900's12:50
crashanddie_kulve, awesome12:50
*** edgar2 has joined #maemo12:51
cvandonderenWill Skype get video calling?12:51
GAN900asidjazz, no.12:51
GAN900asidjazz, Apple just does animation smoothing for it.12:51
pupnik_kulve: did you make a post to t.m.o?12:51
kulvepupnik_: yes12:51
asidjazzi would say its more than smoothing12:51
RST38hAnyone knows if those extra gst components (AC3,MKV,etc) are worth installing?12:51
asidjazzlike if u swipe back and forth quickly it never lags where the n900 will12:51
* crashanddie_ rips some spotify for the flight12:51
RST38hWill they be automatically supported in media player?12:51
pupnik_the ffmpeg opened up youtube .flvs for me RST38h12:52
crashanddie_kulve, qwerty12_N900, thanks12:52
GAN900asidjazz, it's also moving less than half the pixels around.12:52
StskeepsRST38h: still in extras-devel i think, so test them out and vote? :P12:52
RST38hStskeeps: -testing afaik12:52
Stskeepssame rationale12:52
RST38hStskeeps: just wondering if they are optified and actually work =)12:52
RST38h"Government zeal in pursuing anyone suspected of harbouring paedophilic tendencies may shortly rebound Á12:53
crashanddie_qwerty12_N900, look outside12:53
RST38h...with unintended consequences for the 2012 Olympic logo"12:53
GAN900asidjazz, did Quake III run faster on your old Pentium III machine if you reduced the resolution?12:53
qwerty12_N900crashanddie_: Nothing but rain... and the binman12:54
crashanddie_qwerty12_N900, not rain12:54
StskeepsRST38h: lisa simpson giving head?12:54
pupnik_notice how plugging-in headphones gets you 3 more hours music playback :/12:54
infobotGAN900 meant: asidjazz, did Quake III run faster on your old Pentium III machine when you reduced the resolution?12:54
crashanddie_qwerty12_N900, have you ever seen rain bounce back from the ground?12:54
RST38hStskeeps: I checked the London logo - possibilities boggle the mind12:55
qwerty12_N900crashanddie_: No, I can't say that I have12:55
qwerty12_N900RST38h: OGC?12:55
RST38hStskeeps: Besides, it is freaking PUPLE12:55
RST38hqwerty: apparently12:56
qwerty12_N900That logo still makes me crack up12:56
RST38hIs it a British version of FTC or what?12:56
Stskeepsqwerty12_N900: you should see my uni's new logo12:56
Stskeepseveryone hates it, for good reason12:56
RST38hStskeeps: link?12:57
qwerty12_N900Stskeeps: The åarhus one?12:57
RST38hWell, UMD's "new" logo is not exactly a work of art either12:57
Stskeepstop one12:58
RST38hStskeeps: This was definitely created on a different kind of drugs than the London Olympics logo...12:59
Stskeeps"it's not a dick."12:59
johnxthat's such a great slogan12:59
RST38hLooks more like a typographic problem12:59
RST38hBTW, whoever suggested watching Zombieland, thanks =)12:59
johnxqwerty12_N900, opening up london to the 2012 olympics?13:00
johnxRST38h, might have been me. lots of brainless fun, eh?13:00
qwerty12_N900That logo was shown on BBC News13:00
asidjazzyea zombieland rules13:00
RST38hjohnx: Well, comes wery close to Tremors in terms of hilarity13:00
qwerty12_N900RST38h: *shudder*13:01
*** Kusk has quit IRC13:01
RST38hjohnx: A bit overdone, of course =)13:01
johnxI think that's part of the joke really13:01
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo13:01
johnxand actually, it was supposed to be a TV series, IIRC13:01
johnxhey Omegamoon13:01
*** gunni has quit IRC13:01
RST38hjohnx: Yea, plus that is what you get for easily accessible special effects13:01
RST38hAh, will be waiting fo the next installment =)13:02
asidjazzno way Zombieland is way funnier than tremors13:02
Omegamoonjohnx: Hi!13:02
qwerty12_N900Wasn't the Zombieland director whining about how he was not going to make a sequel due to piracy?13:02
RST38hjohnx: Also, the geeky guy appears to be identical to the one in Stargate Universe. Is it the new chic to have a geeky guy ? =)13:03
johnxRST38h, yeah actually. The IT Crowd is a pretty popular show even. but the geeky guy in zombieland > * in stargate universe13:05
RST38hnot in fat content, anyway...13:05
* RST38h plays with a fork13:06
asidjazzso are there any themes yet?13:07
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC13:08
qwerty12_N900bossa-teal looks awesome13:08
qwerty12_N900And there's wazd's Marine13:08
asidjazzis that in the app manager13:09
asidjazzbossa is too brihgt and plain13:09
qwerty12_N900bossa-teal: yes, Marina: no:
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo13:10
asidjazzdpkg -i i assume13:11
asidjazzerr shroot*13:11
timeless_mbpasidjazz: dunno13:12
timeless_mbpkeep in mind that to use resistive, you need to press13:13
timeless_mbptypically w/ a fingernail13:13
timeless_mbpif you're trying to gracefully slide the tip of a finger, then the fact that it doesn't work well shouldn't really come as much of a surprise13:13
timeless_mbphi aSIMULAtor13:13
aSIMULAtori have a question for you, maybe you can help?13:13
aSIMULAtori'll msg u13:13
Sargun_ScreenDoes the N900 use X11?13:14
Sargun_ScreenHow does it write to the screen? GL + Framebuffer?13:14
Sargun_Screenor some odd propietary thing13:14
Stskeepsframebuffer + GL on top? go see xserver-xorg-video-fbdev13:15
*** hassanakevazir has joined #maemo13:15
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo13:16
*** Kusk has joined #maemo13:17
*** pH5 has quit IRC13:17
Stskeepshej Kusk13:17
*** pH5 has joined #maemo13:18
asidjazz3rd time creating an ubuntu vmware + installing maemo sdk..13:18
asidjazz1st was i didnt allocate enough room13:19
RST38hand why not install Ubuntu on your computer (sans VMware) and install SDK there?13:19
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo13:19
asidjazzand allocating more broke ubuntu13:19
asidjazz2nd looks like gets to maemo for the sdk died/failed during install13:19
pupnik_  Executive summary: Android is a screwed, hard-coded, non-portable abomination13:20
asidjazzi need to be able to copy/move this to other machines13:20
RST38hOr maybe you should consider getting a use-ready image with everything peinstalled...13:20
johnxpupnik_, yeah. more tersely: "Android is not UNIX"13:20
RST38hpupnik: Yea, seen that. Besides, app programmers complain that there is no market for android apps13:20
RST38hjohnx: Not Linux13:21
asidjazzRST38h: those exist? :-D13:21
RST38hjohnx: It is Unixy enough to be called Unix13:21
johnxRST38h, sys v ipc isn't there13:21
RST38hasidjazz: yes13:21
RST38hjohnx: there are unices without it13:21
johnxno POSIX threads13:21
RST38hjohnx: it is somewhat of abomination anyway13:21
pupnik_yeah and it really doesn't intend to be, so that criticism may fail by criterion of false expectations13:21
RST38hjohnx: there are unices without posix threads13:21
asidjazzRST38h: where?13:21
johnxRST38h, name one other semi-modern UNIX that doesn't have either?13:21
RST38hasidjazz: google?13:22
johnx(honestly curious)13:22
RST38hjohnx: Why should android be semi-modern?13:22
* RST38h can compile FBSD kernel without SySV ipc and posix threads13:22
johnxdon't a lot of apps end up breaking horribly?13:23
RST38hIn fact, a few years ago, the default kernel was for some reason compiled without sysv ipc13:23
RST38hjohnx: Some, yes. Not many.13:23
RST38hjohnx: Mine did though (using X11 SHM) so I had to recompile it13:23
pupnik_also, it's a phone appliance, and not a university mainframe :)13:23
RST38hwell, I guess we can put this argument away13:23
pupnik_still i wish that kind of big_brothr+lockdown would die in a fire13:24
RST38hThere is nothing thee about lockdown13:24
johnxit's just interesting how everything else is getting more UNIXy recently13:24
RST38hIt is more about some kid at Google who thought he could make a decent mobile Linux distro13:24
johnxRST38h, actually, it's from a company google bought, IIRC13:25
RST38hjohnx: "Those who do not understand Unix are doomed to invent it again and again"13:25
johnxwhich explains the mindset a lot more13:25
RST38hjohnx: Ok, so the kid worked in that company13:25
johnxRST38h, I always heard "Those who don't understand Unix are doomed to reimplement it, poorly."13:25
RST38hjohnx: And nobody pulled his hands out at the right moment13:25
RST38hjohnx: Yea, the "poorly" part sometimes figures there13:26
RST38hjohnx: I skipped it as it did not sound canonical enough =)13:26
johnxRST38h, exactly. Google probably saw a nearly "finished" product from the front end, didn't look too much into how it worked, bought it to get to market really fast and ended up with Android :)13:26
*** crashanddie_ has quit IRC13:27
RST38hjohnx: Well, it is not lethal really, they can always redo the backend properly or order it from a company like EA13:27
johnxRST38h, yeah, not fatal, just not something I want to hack on for fun13:27
RST38hjohnx: I would be ok with it13:28
RST38hjohnx: Mainly dissatisfied with the necessity to go through Java13:28
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo13:28
RST38hStill, something like HTC Leo, running Android, is going to be mighty attractive13:29
* timeless_mbp shrug13:29
timeless_mbpAndroid is Android13:29
*** cure` has quit IRC13:29
timeless_mbpif you buy Android, you're buying it for Android userspace13:29
timeless_mbpnot gnu userspace13:29
asidjazzhtc == crap13:30
timeless_mbpanyone who thought that Android was gnu userspace is so deluded, they aren't worth talking to13:30
RST38hhow so?13:30
asidjazzcrap plastic13:30
asidjazzcrap battery life13:30
asidjazzcrap kb's13:30
asidjazzcrap hardware13:30
* RST38h buys phones to make phone calls and use the mobile internet13:30
asidjazzcrap design13:30
RST38hWho gives a flying fuck what "userspace" they are based upon?13:30
johnxRST38h, people who like porting emulators to them13:31
*** Dantonic has quit IRC13:31
*** c0ll3c70r has joined #maemo13:32
*** c0ll3c70r has left #maemo13:33
*** shdb has quit IRC13:34
RST38hjohnx: not me13:34
RST38honly need a few apis13:34
*** _claesbas2 has joined #maemo13:34
*** crashanddie has quit IRC13:34
*** shdb has joined #maemo13:34
*** cure` has joined #maemo13:35
*** ScriptRipper has joined #maemo13:35
asidjazzlolmarina is supe rbroke13:36
asidjazzsuper broke*13:36
Stskeepsreboot first13:36
asidjazzrly? i was able to choose it just fine13:37
johnxRST38h, it's still unpleasant to work with a poorly designed userspace, from your point of view though, isn't it? I mean, tell me PalmOS is a fun place to work :)13:39
* timeless_mbp sighs13:39
* timeless_mbp considers moving dev out of ~ into /media13:39
asidjazzlol userspace13:39
RST38hjohnx: I only work with applications, as long as they are ok I am fine13:39
asidjazztimeless_mbp: whats ur position @ nokia?13:39
timeless_mbpbrowser engineer13:39
asidjazztimeless_mbp: you in the US?13:39
RST38hjohnx: When developing something, I am mainly interested in standard apis (libc really) being present13:39
RST38hjohnx: The userspace makes almost no difference13:40
asidjazzdo you konw if nokia still has an sf office in the sega building13:40
asidjazzin san francisc13:40
johnxRST38h, I guess, in my mind userspace includes the libs available to the programmer (ie, everything that isn't the kernel)13:40
asidjazzi beleive it was for ngage..13:40
asidjazzcafeteria there is a+13:41
RST38hjohnx: even so, semi-compliant libc is enough for me13:41
johnxRST38h, what I'm getting at is that you, the developer, have a limited amount of time, and if something frustrates you enough, you'll go elsewhere unless you're in it for the money (and there is serious money in it)13:42
RST38hyea, more or less13:42
johnxthere's (some) money in making apps for the iphone, so anything coming late to the party better be semi-enjoyable to program for13:42
RST38hbut lack of GNU/Linux userspace does not frustrate me13:42
johnxRST38h, yes. but it frustrates a lot of other people13:43
*** Unmenschlich has quit IRC13:43
johnxlack of windows mobile APIs frustrates a certain subset of developers13:43
odin_Hmm.... I have a strange situation with my phone... web browser is running, full-screen, the bottom right button appears (to show top/bottom bars) but it doesn't work13:44
johnxlack of APIs that *anyone* likes can mean a lack of "amateur" (non-paid) developer enthusiasm13:44
odin_if i press the power button I would expect to be able to from the drop down menu (open the home screen)13:44
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo13:44
johnxodin_, hit ctrl+backspace13:44
odin_ok that works13:45
RST38hjohnx: you are supposed to develop for android in java13:45
RST38hdo not forget that13:45
odin_would be nice to have the same function as a  button to the "on/off menu"13:45
johnxRST38h, that's great. some java devs like it. People who don't like java automatically hate it13:45
RST38hso all that userspace argument is completely out of scope as far as google is concerned13:45
RST38hjohnx: correct13:46
johnxodin_, I think you can make "plugins" for that menu13:46
johnxwould certainly be a sensible place for a task manager to be launched13:46
*** igagis has joined #maemo13:47
odin_just a "way out" if something is not working, as users will go for off switch13:47
johnxodin_, if you get a chance that might be worth bringing up on talk.m.o with a brainstorm attached or as an enhancement on the bugzilla13:47
timeless_mbpStskeeps: if you use shared folders on linux13:48
timeless_mbphow do you write to them?13:48
Stskeepserr, smb maybe? not sure13:48
johnxRST38h, it's "out of scope" at google's own peril. And they've already opened the doors a little wider to writing "native" code13:48
odin_yes I am writing down my ideas/concerns offline at the moment, maybe after Ive used it somemore some ideas might not sound so good13:48
* Stskeeps uses scp13:48
timeless_mbpi need a writable fs13:48
timeless_mbpsince i have no space!13:48
johnxtimeless, sshfs or nfs13:48
johnxdepends on what kind of speed and permissions requirements you have13:49
timeless_mbpi have libsmbclient installed...13:49
timeless_mbpi trust myself13:49
odin_is timeless_mbp releated to timeless of mozilla development ?13:49
johnxsmb doesn't support symlinks unless I'm mistaken13:49
timelessodin: yes13:49
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo13:49
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC13:49
timelessor rather, timeless_mbp is timeless_mbp the same timeless_mbp you'd find on irc.mozilla.org13:49
odin_hi timeless 113:49
odin_hi timeless !13:49
asidjazztimeless: did u see my ?'s13:50
RST38hjohnx: Well, that is something for Google to stumble upon and [possibly] fail13:50
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo13:50
timeless_mbpasidjazz: about smoothness? i thought i commented13:50
RST38hjohnx: None of us can suggest Google Android strategy any better than we can suggest Nokia Maemo strategy13:50
timeless_mbpabout sf?13:50
timeless_mbpno idea13:50
timeless_mbpwe have offices in mountainview13:51
timeless_mbpiirc we have a couple of other offices in the bay area13:51
asidjazzyou have a huge one in uhm13:51
asidjazzmountain view kinda13:51
asidjazzright around there13:51
asidjazztimeless_mbp: do you konw a dietrich ayala ?13:51
asidjazzhah rly13:52
asidjazzhes a close friend13:52
timeless_mbpselect united states of america from the drop down13:52
timeless_mbp650 Townsend and One Market Spear Tower13:52
asidjazzyea thats the sega building13:53
johnxRST38h, agreed13:53
TomaszDthis interface is broken
timeless_mbpTomaszD: broken how?13:53
TomaszDtimeless, look at the error on the right13:54
timeless_mbpNotice: Undefined offset: 0 in ?13:54
TomaszDyeah, you can't go to the second page of the extras-testing list13:54
timeless_mbpTomaszD: file a bug :)13:55
TomaszDthe page chooser disappeared13:55
TomaszDthis just goes to show how often people come there and vote :P13:56
qwerty12_N900Its speed does not do much to entice people :)13:56
*** BluesLee has quit IRC13:56
timeless_mbpgoogle lets you cheat :)13:56
timeless_mbppage 2 :)13:56
TomaszDnot sure if it loads the whole thing, I promoted my package yesterday and it's not here13:58
*** El-Scorcho has joined #maemo13:58
timeless_mbpsomeone should vote for that13:58
timeless_mbpit has 9/10 votes13:58
RST38hTomaszD: Hey, got a question about the gst modules package you uploaded13:58
lopzhola ;)13:58
RST38hTomaszD: Is it optified? Is it safe to use? (i.e. won't break anything serious?)13:59
TomaszDRST38h, I can't say about gstreamer modules as I have not touched them, merely depend on them13:59
TomaszDthe whole package is like 9KB/s and doesn't install anything of its own13:59
TomaszDoops, *KB14:00
RST38hTomaszD: Does show up as 2+MB14:00
TomaszDbut yes I'm planning to fix the damn *-ugly set so it's installable14:00
TomaszDRST38h, look at the source, there's nothing fancy going on there14:00
RST38hSo once I install the package, mkv and othe stuff should automagically work in the media player? =)14:01
RST38hgonna give it a try...14:01
TomaszDas long as the file formats inside the container are supported14:02
TomaszDwhich doesn't really happen often...14:02
RST38htrue, but let us see...14:02
TomaszDmkv rips usually use the higher end of the h.264 profiles, which are not supported14:02
TomaszDand they're usually HD14:02
TomaszDwhich doesn't help14:02
TomaszDI have this 720p rip of topgear, I converted it down to 800*something, used Xvid and MP3, works fine14:03
TomaszDso I know the container support is there.14:03
*** IcanCU has quit IRC14:04
* RST38h curses Matroska14:04
*** fab has joined #maemo14:04
johnxah, that's what was broken for me. it must have been a really "high quality" h.264 encode14:04
*** ali12341 has quit IRC14:04
johnxdoes "AVC1" mean anything in that regard?14:04
*** pupnik has joined #maemo14:05
TomaszDjohnx, you mean VC-1?14:05
TomaszDif so, then no go :)14:05
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: why delete zenity.ui?14:05
PaulFertser(headset detection) well, finally instead of asking i've downloaded the kernel sources and a had a look for myself. And there's some magic in there indeed. First of all, there's some special kind of headsets: ECI. And the eci0 pin means a lot in detection scheme. I'm not sure where it is connected and if it's pulled up or down. Also i assume the best way to obtain the detection result is to use input-events utility to monitor jack sense events but ...14:06
PaulFertser... unfortunately it's not in maemo repositories.14:06
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: It's installed in another package; leaving it in the main zenity package causes it to have a hissy-fit14:06
johnxTomaszD, nah, it's h.264 I think14:06
johnxVC1 was what I thought at first too14:07
*** _claesbas2 has quit IRC14:07
*** asyik has quit IRC14:07
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: what's sstrip?14:07
StskeepsPaulFertser: checked pulseaudio?14:07
PaulFertserStskeeps: it's several layers higher.14:07
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: from memory eci is a proprietary nokia protocol14:07
PaulFertserStskeeps: i also see there're some sysfs nodes exported that should allow to arbitrarily check the detection outcome whenever needed.14:07
TomaszDjohnx, I think it only supports Baseline and possibly Main14:07
timeless_mbpand iirc we don't really implement much if any of it14:07
qwerty12_N900timeless_mbp: One of my wacky ways to knock a few Kbs off zenity. Feel free to comment it out14:07
timeless_mbpbut i could be wrong14:08
timeless_mbpi hate alphabet soup14:08
TomaszDgonna do some tests14:08
* timeless_mbp drowns in it14:08
timeless_mbpqwerty12_N900: nah, i added -f14:08
odin_is there any "printing" functionality in N900 ?14:08
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: yes, looks like it's serial protocol to communicate with multi-button headsets. But i'm unsure how exactly it influences the detection procedure since i lack the schematics.14:08
timeless_mbpbecause i removed the optify bit14:08
*** ali1234 has joined #maemo14:08
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: pretty much no one i know of has useful access to those bits14:08
timeless_mbpif i have the right bits14:09
timeless_mbpand yes, this would be for multibutton fun14:09
* Jaffa finally ways in on the console-apps in Extras thread14:10
johnxPaulFertser, now here's something interesting: if I half insert my N810's headset into my N900 I get messages out of dbus-monitor about detect events, but nothing in the status bar area (icon) and I bet sound routing hasn't changed yet either14:10
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo14:10
JaffaVDVsx: thanks for sorting that thread, much appreciated14:10
PaulFertserOk, now i'll try to add a useful comment to the ticket, i think that'll allow the guy to diagnose further.14:10
StskeepsPaulFertser: thanks14:10
johnxPaulFertser, thanks14:10
RST38hmultiple buttons are usually realized with resistors, generating different voltages at the ADC input14:10
VDVsxJaffa, :)14:11
PaulFertserRST38h: yes but ECI is a serial exchange protocol: /* ECI RX/TX connected to mic/bias line */ (from the sources)14:11
RST38hthat would need a chip in the headset then14:12
*** IcanCU has joined #maemo14:12
timeless_mbpyeah, it's an annoyingly smart protocol14:12
timeless_mbpyou guys are welcome to reverse it14:12
timeless_mbpthen we could actually support the buttons from the n95 one14:12
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC14:12
timeless_mbpbut i'd have hoped eci wouldn't adversely affect basic stuff14:12
*** igagis has quit IRC14:13
johnxoooh, here's something fun14:13
johnxif I insert the jack slowly enough I think I can make the headset icon not show up :>14:13
* timeless_mbp frowns14:14
timeless_mbpisn't the jack the receptor?14:14
PaulFertserjohnx: find /sys -name eci0_show14:14
PaulFertserjohnx: there're some files in that directory that are of interest14:14
PaulFertsermadc_show, detect_show, type_show14:14
johnxI have a "/sys/devices/platform/nokia-av" with a file eci0 in it14:15
johnxand eci114:15
PaulFertserjohnx: yep, that's it.14:15
PaulFertserSorry for _show, that's something i typed being confused.14:15
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC14:16
Stskeepsoh dear14:16
* Stskeeps headdesks14:17
johnxsound routes to the headset though14:17
asidjazztimeless_mbp: what time is it there?14:17
timeless_mbptime for lunch14:17
asidjazzStskeeps: damn14:17
johnxI bet it's a race condition. anyone have a bet against me?14:17
timeless_mbpnot i :)14:18
johnxI can reproduce at will by plugging it in in two "stages"14:18
johnxtimeless_mbp, I'll give you good odds. c'mon, be a sport14:18
timeless_mbphrm, one cookie?14:18
johnxso how about 2:1 odds?14:19
asidjazzso the thing is the emu's are not copyright but the roms are?14:19
timeless_mbphrm... since the cookie's probably bad for my figure, ok14:19
johnxPaulFertser, so what do you expect to be in eci0/eci1 in different situations?14:19
johnxasidjazz, exactly14:19
timeless_mbpasidjazz: typically14:19
timeless_mbpunless the emus are evil14:19
timeless_mbpif an emulator has stolen blobs from the thing it emulates14:19
timeless_mbpit could violate copyright14:19
johnxthere was an emu farm near my house for a while14:19
asidjazzwhat like containing cheats for roms or something14:20
timeless_mbproms are basically a copyright violation14:20
johnxasidjazz, more like containing BIOS ROM dumps14:20
PaulFertserjohnx: no idea, i lack schematics :) But i think contents of all files there together will make some sense as one would be able to compare measured voltages, gpio statuses etc with the detection code.14:20
johnxdo you see a reference to a "detect" file?14:20
asidjazzsounds like nokias temporarily obeying some kind of cease and disest14:21
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: fwiw, in theory should help14:21
PaulFertserjohnx: static DEVICE_ATTR(detect, S_IRUGO, detect_show, NULL);14:21
timeless_mbpit's easier than downloading all the sources yourself14:21
moo-_-emulation scene has been "off the radar" for PC for years. it is not reasonable to expect that maemo should be different.14:21
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC14:21
moo-_-asidjazz: if nokia wants to co-op with nintendo nintendo can state the terms, I guess :)14:21
timeless_mbpasidjazz: what, a large corporation trying to run an official store14:21
timeless_mbpwhich has not too long ago run a thing called "n-gage" where it partnered w/ major video game vendors?14:22
qwerty12_N900wazd: Wow, didn't know you had the poetry streak in you =)14:22
johnxPaulFertser, yeah, i can reproduce your friend's results semi-regularly14:22
timeless_mbpi'm shocked to hear that they'd listen to lawyers14:22
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: thanks, i'll probably use it the next time i need to dig the sources.14:22
asidjazzthats different14:22
PaulFertserjohnx: on n900 with stock headset?14:22
*** Omegamoon has quit IRC14:22
johnxPaulFertser, it's the N810 headset14:22
PaulFertserjohnx: btw, he's not my friend, just some random guy from irc :)14:22
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: he's using an n8x014:22
johnxI'll dig up my N900 headset14:22
johnxfor the record, the above tests were N810 headset on an N90014:23
asidjazzwell the easy solution sounds like someone should host a non-nokia repository catalog14:23
asidjazzand its 1st added package is the emu14:23
Stskeepsasidjazz: the main problem is that is still not it's own legal entity..14:23
asidjazzfollowed by the other emu's14:23
wazdqwerty12_N900: :D14:23
timeless_mbpasidjazz: um, and in a non extradition country14:23
asidjazzor that yea14:23
johnxasidjazz, someone who likes getting sued and/or lives in Sweden :)14:24
timeless_mbpand with no intention of ever visiting the civilized world14:24
timeless_mbp(sweden isn't civilized)14:24
asidjazzcayamn islands14:24
asidjazzor is just small time14:24
timeless_mbpStskeeps: um14:24
johnxI can do it with the N900 headset as well14:24
timeless_mbpif were its own legal entity14:24
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC14:24
timeless_mbpit would hopefully choose not to try to get sued14:24
timeless_mbpyou need to be an entity the size of google to want to get sued14:25
timeless_mbpand even google picks its fights carefully14:25
asidjazzto create/validate a cease and disest takes time/$$$ unless creating a general crawling cease and disest ruleset which most ppl can easily ignore14:25
timeless_mbpthe last company to try this was pystar (?)14:25
asidjazzso you just be the awesome person and start one up14:25
moo-_-timeless_mbp: google, or apple :)14:25
asidjazzget one, have someone else be awesome14:25
asidjazzp2p catalog repository :)14:25
moo-_-nokia vs. apple will be awesome14:25
moo-_-that's like transformers megatron vs. optimus prime14:25
*** yannj has joined #maemo14:26
moo-_-legal grounds will be shaken for years ahead when they hit each other14:26
asidjazzi wouldnt give apple that much credit14:26
johnxPaulFertser, this is a first class bug :) It's no wonder that guy had so much trouble isolating it: if you aren't *trying* to make it happen it's really hard to figure out what's causing it14:26
timeless_mbpmoo-_-: apple doesn't like getting sued14:26
timeless_mbpc.f. apple and html5 video14:26
RST38hBy "legal grounds" do you mean the endless foul swamp?14:26
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo14:26
timeless_mbpapple doesn't mind suing people who are dumb enough to cross it and the law14:26
moo-_-timeless_mbp: but they definitely picked the fight as they could have easily licensed the technology (3G essential patents)14:27
timeless_mbpmoo-_-: hrm, i must have missed that one14:27
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo14:27
johnxmoo-_-, it's more like if megatron and prime sat down for like 3 months worth of boring talks and then ended up forming an alliance against everyone else14:27
moo-_-johnx: like... against humanity ;)14:27
timeless_mbpi know nokia played w/ qualcomm (?)14:27
moo-_-timeless_mbp: this
johnxI wonder if putting headphones in slowly will trick the fm transmitter :>14:28
timeless_mbpmoo-_-: oh, that14:28
* PaulFertser tried to change summary to a more meaningful one. Hehe, failed, not enough bugzilla powers :)14:28
timeless_mbpPaulFertser: if you promise to play nice, i'll upgrade you14:29
timeless_mbpbut no name calling, and don't make me regret it14:29
timeless_mbpif you make me regret it, i'll terminate your account14:29
johnxsoooo, if it's a bug that potentially causes an FCC violation in transmit power: how quickly can that be fixed?14:29
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo14:29
Stskeepsjohnx: let's find out or abuse it?14:29
asidjazzwhen going to apps the 'more' lols me14:30
asidjazzonly pagination functionality w/ only a '2nd page' in the entire os14:30
johnxStskeeps, no one is going to overpower my fm transmitter now. they can listen to *my* music if they want :D14:30
timeless_mbpasidjazz: not true14:30
* qwerty12_N900 wants to make a daemon sending fake D-Bus signals so he can hexedit fmtxd...14:30
asidjazzNOT TRUE14:30
timeless_mbpwe have advanced boxes in 5+ places14:30
PaulFertsertimeless_mbp: thanks for the offer, but i'm afraid i'm not ready for _that_ kind of responsibility. Too immature, you know.14:31
asidjazzthats not pagination14:31
asidjazzthats iq seperation :)14:31
RST38hthe more thing is a sad joke14:31
timeless_mbpthis is just the only place normal people see it14:31
johnxI believe I'm obligated to add to this bug report :)14:31
johnxPaulFertser, sorry, do you have the bug # on hand?14:31
RST38hit is like saying "we were too busy (or lazy) to make a proper application selector"14:31
PaulFertserjohnx: sure, 636014:31
timeless_mbpRST38h: nah14:32
RST38hbug 636014:32
povbotBug Headset problems14:32
asidjazzlol RST38h14:32
timeless_mbpit's more like "we tried this for the 770/n800/n810"14:32
timeless_mbp"it didn't work"14:32
timeless_mbp"we give up"14:32
johnxmuch obliged RST38h14:32
yannjDoes anyone know how can I compile a new kernel module for maemo?14:32
timeless_mbp"people can use the home screen to build their own app selector instead"14:32
asidjazzyou might as well replaced 'advanced' w/ 'nerd'14:32
asidjazzNERD STUFF14:32
PaulFertserjohnx: while you're at it, please change the summary to "N900 headset (Nokia WH-205) not recognised by N900" or something.14:33
johnxwell that's weird. now my detection is screwed up I think :/14:33
* RST38h can think of a few ways to do this propely14:33
johnxPaulFertser, it's all headsets, AFAICT14:33
Stskeepsyannj: 'kernel' debian source package, go nuts14:33
RST38hAnd for those lacking imagination, Finnish forests are home to 250+ kinds of mushrooms14:33
asidjazztimeless how does this channel not drive you nuts14:34
timeless_mbpasidjazz: i usually don't watch it14:34
timeless_mbpand usually it's tame14:34
PaulFertserjohnx: the detection routine is really tricky, it turns BIAS power on/off, measures voltages, tries ECI communication etc. I'd not made such a bold claim.14:34
* lbt points Jaffa at
*** achipa_irssi has joined #maemo14:34
ali1234PaulFertser: been testing the headsets... there magic in there, because the tv out cable triggers the gpio 177 but not the icon...14:34
asidjazzthis should be #maemoRADbutlemmetellyouwhereyourewrong14:34
PaulFertserali1234: indeed.14:34
*** max_posedon has joined #maemo14:34
johnxPaulFertser, then I'll spend another 10 minutes and tell you if I can reproduce it on $15 stereo headphones :)14:35
PaulFertserali1234: but without understanding of where and how ECI0 and ECI1 connected i can't explain much.14:35
yannjStskeeps : I followed the kernel documentation, I compiled the module on my computer in the SDK, I wonder if I can just drop the module on my device14:35
Stskeepsyannj: sure, remember depmod though14:35
johnxPaulFertser, alright. turns out I didn't neat 15 minutes :)14:36
* timeless_mbp grumbles14:36
* timeless_mbp runs out of disk space again14:36
timeless_mbpStskeeps: can i remove languages?14:36
johnxI can reproduce mis-detection 80%+ of the time on anything with a 3.5mm audio jack14:36
max_posedonhi! I have little problem with checking-neon(arm float)-support configure script14:36
asidjazzneed more datas14:36
PaulFertseryannj: sometimes compiling modules makes it necessary to update the kernel image too, but you'll know exactly if it's the case when you try to modprobe it.14:36
max_posedoncurrent pixman's check passes on arm5tel, ehich is wrong14:36
* timeless_mbp frowns14:37
johnxs/neat/need/ <- yeah, dunno about that14:37
timeless_mbpdo i want to know why my mer has python2.5 and python2.6?14:37
max_posedonDoes anybody know correct example for checking neon-support?14:37
asidjazzthe sdk finally finished14:37
yannjPaulFertser : I am compiling the ppp and ppp_mppe kernel module to port PPTP_client14:37
RST38hmax_posedon: read a sysfs file14:37
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: localepurge14:37
* johnx reboots to make sure his detection didn't get screwed up at some point14:37
*** Juho has joined #maemo14:38
timeless_mbpzenity built14:38
*** t_s_o has quit IRC14:38
*** yerga has joined #maemo14:38
johnxPaulFertser, can you find anyplace that looks timing sensitive? like say, if one or two rings (pins?) were in contact, but others weren't14:39
max_posedonRST38h, 1. which one and how? I don't have any cpu with neon. 2. I don't think that such check looks good14:39
* RST38h unsubscribes from the silly red-pill thread14:39
RST38hmore silly than the "maemo5 emulator" probably...14:39
*** qwerty12_N900 has quit IRC14:39
PaulFertserjohnx: yes...14:39
fnordianslipon my n900, pressing Space or Shift+Space in the browser doesn't page down/up by the right amount. is this a known bug?14:39
PaulFertserjohnx: assuming n810 is close to n900 i think i can try to understand the eci pins...14:40
asidjazzwhere is maemo-sdk-install_5.0.sh14:40
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo14:40
johnxPaulFertser, sorry, maybe I wasn't clear: I can reproduce this problem on *any* audio equipment that plugs into an N900 with a 3.5mm plug14:41
johnxI just did it with normal $15 stereo headphones14:41
timeless_mbpqwerty12: are xparents numbers?14:41
yannjanother question : where can I find the source for libcityinfo ?14:41
PaulFertserjohnx: yes, probably it got detected as an "open cable". There's some delayed detection of those.14:41
asidjazzugh i didnt do the -u USER14:41
RST38hmax_posedon: /proc/cpuinfo14:41
qwerty12timeless_mbp: Yes: XIDs14:42
Stskeepsyannj: closed source14:42
timeless_mbpyannj: closed14:42
Stskeepsyannj: (please make a very good argument on why this is horribly stupid and the database should be closed instead)14:42
timeless_mbphas all the open bits14:42
johnxPaulFertser, should be a test for that. it shouldn't let me turn on the fm transmitter anyways14:42
PaulFertserjohnx: and it's not exactly reproducing the reporter's issue since he's experiencing problems only with original headset, not with regular headphones (and i assume he plugs both with the same speed :) )14:42
max_posedonRST38h, sometimes we haven't /proc, I want correct check, that can gone upstream14:42
timeless_mbpStskeeps: it's nokia proprietary junk14:42
timeless_mbpthey claim copyright to putting Maine north of Floriday14:42
Stskeepstimeless_mbp: it's one of those apis that make no sense to have closed14:43
max_posedonsome code, that will fail compile time14:43
johnxPaulFertser, it's pretty finicky. I have to concentrate to make it act up with my headphones, but it's quite easy to reproduce with my N810's headset14:43
RST38hfail compile time?14:43
max_posedonlike regular! way14:43
RST38hWhy it is easy14:43
timeless_mbpStskeeps: it'd be embarrassing if people could read the sources!14:43
RST38h__asm { neon_instruction; }14:43
johnxPaulFertser, uhm. if I tell you that cat detect returns "1" does that help?14:43
max_posedonyep, this is how configure works, isn't it?14:43
RST38hAnd you are instantly fucked up.14:43
Stskeepsyes, it is fairly embarassing already at that point14:44
timeless_mbpStskeeps: "osso"14:44
yannjStskeeps : I opened a bug , I hoped to fix it by myself14:44
povbotBug 6359: Geolocation show the wrong country when more than one country code in cities database14:44
PaulFertserjohnx: not really, i think it could probably help if you get the output of all the files in there after semi-plugging and fully plugging, and added them to the ticket so they do not get lost.14:44
johnxPaulFertser, fair enough14:44
RST38hBTW, have to admit that SSH/SCP work like a charm in 42.11 firmware. No more disconnects. Or almost no disconnects.14:44
*** rsalveti has quit IRC14:44
johnxI thought you might have seen the return values in your kernel code spelunking14:45
*** baze has quit IRC14:45
Stskeepsyannj: ask if libcityinfo can be oss'ed so you can fix the bug :P14:45
qwerty12Good luck with that...14:45
yannjwho might I ask??14:46
Stskeepsyannj: make a bug on it14:46
*** LuciusMare has joined #maemo14:46
timeless_mbpyannj: anyway, i gave lardman a list of things to fix in city info14:46
timeless_mbpsomeday i'll file bugs for them14:46
LuciusMareNokia n900 hasn't been released yet?14:46
timeless_mbpmost of this can be fixed w/o sources14:46
timeless_mbpLuciusMare: yes..14:46
LuciusMaretimeless_mbp: it was?14:46
timeless_mbpyou can buy it in normal stores..14:46
LuciusMaretimeless_mbp: i was scared for a minute14:47
*** papo has joined #maemo14:47
timeless_mbpyou thought the world ended?14:47
yannjStskeeps : should I open a bug for "Please oss'ed libcityinfo " ?14:47
LuciusMaretimeless_mbp: at one side,i saw yt videos like "first looks"14:47
timeless_mbpHEL doesn't freeze over until january14:47
achipa_irssiyou have to wait for the pandora for that14:47
LuciusMaretimeless_mbp: but at there was PREORDER14:47
LuciusMarei am planning it for christmas14:47
LuciusMarei was freaked like hell14:47
Stskeepsyannj: right, and CC and carsten.munk@gmail.com14:47
*** max_posedon has quit IRC14:48
LuciusMareand so,there is also "preoder" at where can i buy it?14:48
qwerty12Stskeeps: Still noticed that your request for libsharingdialog has gone unanswered... Ah well, fuck 'em and I hope people steal Petrovich code to take advantage of libsharingdialog14:48
yannjStskeeps : ok... Whish me good luck14:49
arachnist"Petrovich code"?14:49
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s14:49
PaulFertserjohnx: i'm not that fast in understanding kernel code to immediately diagnose this bug unfortunately and anyway the relevant info should be on bugtracker, i hope that some kernel dev in nokia will finally take care of that.14:49
timeless_mbpStskeeps: is the library really in the same package as the datafile?14:49
johnxPaulFertser, sadly, I think the kernel might be "doing the right thing" and something higher up may be confused14:50
*** baze has joined #maemo14:50
timeless_mbpjohnx: are the dmesg messages reasonable?14:50
johnxtimeless_mbp, I've mostly been reading /sys/devices/platform/nokia-av14:50
johnxI was about to document what those files contain in different situations14:51
timeless_mbpsounds good14:51
PaulFertserjohnx: probably... detect returning "1" means HEADPHONES14:51
PaulFertser/* or line input cable or external mic */14:51
johnxPaulFertser, perfect. I can get detect to show one with headphones inserted and no icon and no sound routing14:51
PaulFertserjohnx: detect calls detect() function everytime you read it. But the jack sense event is generated only when it returns 1 after being called after GPIO event it seems.14:52
*** Meizirkki_ has joined #maemo14:53
timeless_mbpqwerty12: ok, seems to work14:53
timeless_mbpnow i just need to figure out what to do about zenity14:53
johnxanyways, I'll add some meat to this bug, then go to sleep :)14:53
* timeless_mbp considers trying to get advanced tools to work for rewriting po files14:53
asidjazzwhat is zenity?14:54
yannjPlease vote if you can :
povbotBug 6418: Some bugs with Libcityinfo, please make it OpenSource14:54
timeless_mbpasidjazz: a commandline dialog builder14:54
johnxasidjazz, it lets you call a basic GUI from a script14:54
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC14:54
asidjazzwhat for simplicity?14:54
timeless_mbpfor people who don't like compiling code14:54
qwerty12timeless_mbp: You have upload rights, right? Try uploading the source from that folder I gave you. If it works, great; if it does not, I'll take a look14:54
timeless_mbpqwerty12: since i've hacked it, i'd rather not right now14:55
asidjazzso its a precompiled parameter fed dialog box?14:55
timeless_mbpesp not from this place14:55
timeless_mbpasidjazz: roughly, i suppose14:55
asidjazzyou feed it like params and display rules and it returns responses?14:55
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC14:55
qwerty12timeless_mbp: Fair enough14:55
asidjazzthtas like a step in teh direction of webos amirite14:56
asidjazzmaemotml? :)14:56
timeless_mbpsince i usually write my guis in perl14:56
timeless_mbpand webos is html14:56
timeless_mbpit's mostly backwards14:56
timeless_mbpbut roughly, sometimes writing a gui using C/Gtk/Qt is stupid14:57
timeless_mbpall you do is waste time making bad uis14:57
johnxinstead you can have bad GUIs instantly!14:57
moo-_-timeless_mbp: most of the time writing gui in C is stupid :)14:57
*** LuciusMare has quit IRC14:57
timeless_mbpsince i'm basically a hacker, my goal is to provide the features to a user14:57
asidjazzexactly timeless_mbp14:57
timeless_mbpsuch that someone else can fix the ui later14:57
timeless_mbpby e.g. improving zenity14:58
asidjazzi do agree w/ moo-_- though14:58
asidjazzi tis14:58
timeless_mbpsomeone=qwerty12 fwiw14:58
moo-_-timeless_mbp: real hackers don't document their code or have polished end user experience14:58
timeless_mbpmoo-_-: you know of an exception? :)14:58
moo-_-yeah, I like that14:58
asidjazzREAL HACKERS14:58
timeless_mbp(to gui in C)14:58
moo-_-and who needs these users in the first place? :)14:58
moo-_-real hackers don't need users14:58
timeless_mbpmy users should never use my GUI anyway14:59
timeless_mbpit's just there for the annoying people who need to file bugs w/ original strings and don't want to uninstall my package to do it14:59
Oli``Is it possible to quickly turn a OSX .wdgt Widget into something I can plonk on my n900's desktop?14:59
moo-_-timeless_mbp: I know one exception, at least. these guys are senior real hackers and they make tough statements about their code:
moo-_-100% unit tested, no undcoumented code15:00
asidjazzAKA FIGURE IT OUT15:00
timeless_mbpOli``: so..15:01
Lynoure tells me to install maemo-qt4-env ,but I cannot find it. What repo is it in?15:01
timeless_mbpfor most definitions of "quickly" i guess "no"15:01
moo-_-Lynoure: I think the instructions are outdated15:01
timeless_mbpOli``: ... there was a package for diablo which would convert a .wdgt into something that could maybe work15:01
timeless_mbpOli``: but afaik we never shipped it15:01
moo-_-and maemo-qt4-env is something coming with nokia dev env installer15:01
Lynouremoo-_-: that I used, so I guess I should be fine.15:02
Lynouremoo-_-: thanks.15:02
PaulFertsern810 lacks ECI support, no chance to understand it fully looking at n810 info...15:02
timeless_mbpmy mer x session died15:03
timeless_mbp"oops" :)15:03
*** IcanCU has quit IRC15:06
*** IcanCU has joined #maemo15:07
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo15:08
* timeless_mbp frowns15:09
timeless_mbpwhat the heck?15:09
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC15:09
*** JoakimCarli has joined #maemo15:09
asidjazzinstallation successful15:09
asidjazzim scaread to touch it15:09
timeless_mbpoh, ouch15:09
timeless_mbpum, why can't i run my ARM library on my INTEL vm? :)15:10
* timeless_mbp goes to kick the packaging15:10
johnxasidjazz, take a snapshot15:10
asidjazzgood idea15:10
timeless_mbpso um, this sucks15:11
*** igagis has joined #maemo15:11
timeless_mbpso... can someone explain how .install files work? :)15:11
JaffaRST38h: Did Nokia/the council email you before taking stuff down from Extras?15:11
timeless_mbpqwerty12: wrong .install15:13
timeless_mbpi mean debian/install or debian/{package}.install15:13
qwerty12Ah. man dh_install? =)15:14
*** Unmensch has joined #maemo15:15
timeless_mbplooks like i need to hack Makefile and change .install15:15
*** JoakimCarli has quit IRC15:17
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo15:18
JaffaStskeeps: ta15:19
Stskeepscould have been handled much more insanely15:20
wrapsterwhen i run a simple script like so...15:20
wrapsterim having issues running my the python script on n90015:21
wrapstersays permission denied.15:21
wrapsterbut in the scratchbox when i run the same script it works fine...15:21
wrapstercould any one please help me...15:21
johnxwrapster, is python installed? is the script executable? is it pointing to the right python executable?15:22
johnx*is the script on a vfat partition?*15:23
*** LinuxCode has joined #maemo15:23
wrapsterjohnx: python is isntallled, right executable as in?15:23
wrapstercould you tell me the path..15:23
johnxwhich python15:23
wrapsteron scratchbox its /scratchbox/tools/bin/python15:23
wrapsterso thats where it was pointing to.15:24
johnx(literally, type that at your console on the device)15:24
DocScrutinizerPaulFertser: Hi :-)15:24
johnxthe other thing. if you copied it to the device with usb, it's on a part of the card that's FAT32 and can't be executed15:24
*** fnordianslippers has quit IRC15:24
PaulFertserDocScrutinizer: Hey :D15:25
fnordianslipwow, that was weird.  my n900 just started making a noise like a geiger-counter in a hot zone, after i upgraded omweather with app man.15:25
qwerty12It's a trap15:26
johnxchangelog: enabled geiger counter to find hot zones around your house15:26
fnordianslipall seems normal after a reboot, which i was planning on doing anyway, as IIRC omweather always wanted one15:28
* timeless_mbp frowns15:28
wrapsterjohnx: yeah thats more likely to have happend...15:30
timeless_mbpok, why does dpkg-genchanges care about previous versions of my package?15:30
wrapsterjohnx: i dont have the phone.. im writing scripts and giving it to my friend she owns one15:30
wrapsterjohnx:  could you please tell me a step by step approach to get it working?15:30
johnxwrapster, aaah. yeah, that would do it. you could tell her to run: python script.py15:31
johnxactually. one sec15:31
timeless_mbp       DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS15:31
timeless_mbp              As indicated above, noopt will  disable  optimation.15:31
timeless_mbpwhat is  "optimation"?15:32
wrapsterjohnx: well she is not answering the call :(15:32
*** EugeneKay has joined #maemo15:32
johnxif she copies it over usb connected from a computer, it will be in /home/user/MyDocs15:32
timeless_mbpwrapster: you're calling a girl?15:32
wrapsterjohnx: step wise approach please.. i'll go whack her on the head...15:33
wrapstertimeless_mbp: well i dont own that phone now... so cant crib much.15:33
johnxso if she starts X Terminal, tell her to type: python MyDocs/script.py15:33
wrapsterjohnx: ok15:33
wrapsterjohnx: chmod 755 was what i had done on my machine .... do you think that has any effect when its running?15:34
wrapsterjohnx: on the phone15:34
Stskeepsremember #!/usr/bin/python in the top?15:35
*** spaghetty has joined #maemo15:35
wrapster#!/scratchbox/tools/bin/python is that correct? or should it be #!/usr/bin/python15:35
johnxwrapster, basically, here's the thing. the N900 has three different "partitions" / is ubifs (with normal unix permissions), /home/user is ext3 (with unix permissions), /home/user/MyDocs is vfat (with no permissions)15:36
timeless_mbpwrapster: real n900s don't have /scratchbox ..15:36
johnxwrapster, the second one on the N90015:36
wrapsterjohnx: so if its run on a vfat partition then the script wont run is it?15:37
*** udovdh has quit IRC15:37
johnxyou should be able to run it as "python" but not as "./" or "/path/to/"15:37
johnxif you run it as "python" you don't need to worry about the #! line at the top either15:38
johnxanyways, best of luck15:38
johnxI need some sleep :)15:38
PaulFertserjohnx: thanks for testing the headsets :)15:39
PaulFertserjohnx: good night15:39
wrapsterjohnx: ok thaks .. good night15:39
*** TomaszD has quit IRC15:39
* timeless_mbp sighs15:40
*** zap has quit IRC15:40
* timeless_mbp hates writing deb scripts15:40
*** Khertan_n900 has joined #maemo15:42
*** voidprayer has joined #maemo15:42
timeless_mbphrm, is dh_install a verb?15:43
Khertan_n900Hello again !15:43
*** udovdh has joined #maemo15:43
achipa_irssilardman|gone: hey, what's with the '=' dependency on pyqt ?15:43
yannjDoes anyone knows I 3G connection uses PPP?15:44
Khertan_n900does the front small webcam on pre production summit device is defective ?15:44
StskeepsKhertan_n900: you'd think so, yeah15:44
Khertan_n900stskeeps seriously ? i m trying to use it ... but i got a strange result15:45
yannjlike really bad quality?15:45
*** juliank has joined #maemo15:46
*** voidprayer has quit IRC15:47
Khertan_n900really poor quallity15:47
yannjgst-launch-0.10 v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! ffmpegcolorspace  ! autovideosink15:47
yannjI tryed with that15:47
*** voidprayer has joined #maemo15:47
yannjand the quality is really really poor, but it's a 0,3Mpx cam. .... so15:48
yannjand I have a strip on left side15:48
achipa_irssiyannj: resolution has nothing to do with it15:49
Khertan_n900hum ... gst-launch not found 2min15:49
achipa_irssiyannj: the strip is a firmware issue, supposedly fixed in 43-*15:49
*** baze has quit IRC15:49
*** EugeneSleep has quit IRC15:49
yannjis 43 released?15:50
timeless_mbpqwerty12: ping15:50
qwerty12timeless_mbp: Pong15:50
achipa_irssiyannj: not for the general public yet, afaik15:51
yannjtoo bad15:52
Khertan_n900hum also with gst-launch i can see that the quality is like looking a vhs which was put in micro wave15:52
timeless_mbpyannj: week numbers are mostly internal gunk15:52
*** MrGoose has left #maemo15:52
timeless_mbpjust because a week exists doesn't mean it'll ever be released publicly15:52
timeless_mbpthe fact that we had both 41 and 42 is more of an anomaly than a pattern15:52
Shapeshifterguys, the menu which comes up when clicking on the application name, what kind of menu is it, "framework" speaking? I'm coding something in Qt and I want to add a menu. But it isn't a simple menubar, is it?15:53
*** ReinhardK has quit IRC15:53
Khertan_n900you means that there is week which which doesn t exist ... ? oh so my calendar is lying ?15:53
*** baze has joined #maemo15:53
clmntchgood morning15:54
timeless_mbpKhertan_n900: most weeks don't exist15:54
timeless_mbpand we don't publish calendars :)15:54
*** qwerty12_N900 has joined #maemo15:54
achipa_irssinever said that there will be a 43, only that it's fixed there, there have been sighting of newer ones :)15:54
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC15:54
Khertan_n900so i should add a bugs in as it display all weeks in the fremantle calendar apps15:55
*** kylec has quit IRC15:55
*** emma_ is now known as emma15:55
*** IcanCU has quit IRC15:56
Khertan_n900it s look like that preproduction have a bad camera but is it hw or sw ?15:56
moo-_-Khertan_n900: how do you mean?15:56
StskeepsKhertan_n900: probably not calibrated well15:56
spaghettysomeone have info about sync contact from N900 tu Ubuntu ?15:57
Khertan_n900oh i ve just putting light up in the room and now it s far away better15:57
*** sgbirch has joined #maemo15:58
achipa_irssiKhertan_n900: it's just as crappy on production models according to feedback15:58
sgbirchKhertan_n900: I joing came in and caught your last comment about production models .. of what do you speak?15:59
Khertan_n900it s a pre production i have16:00
Robot101sgbirch: the forward-facing webcam16:01
sgbirchahhh .. ok thanks16:01
sgbirchIs there a VirtualBox VM which has the maemo dev tools preinstalled?16:01
*** promulo1 has joined #maemo16:03
timeless_mbpsgbirch: for maemo4? yes16:04
sgbirchnot 5?16:04
timeless_mbpthe thing i found was maemo4 :(16:04
*** BabelO has quit IRC16:04
*** cardinal has joined #maemo16:07
wrapsterto run a few system cmds.. i ran os.system('grep <something>') but os.system does not work16:07
wrapstercan anyone please tell me if the API is supported on n90016:08
*** cardinal has quit IRC16:08
wrapsteror how do i get such calls working via a python script?16:08
*** fredix has quit IRC16:09
*** cardinal has joined #maemo16:09
*** javispedro has joined #maemo16:09
RST38hheya javispedro16:10
javispedrohello all16:10
qwerty12_N900Morning, javispedro16:10
* javispedro glances at the mirrors appearing..16:11
javispedroI'd prefer nothing to appear for now16:11
*** cardinal is now known as hcarrega16:11
javispedro(damn, can't they want for a few days? the worst part is that some of the people pming don't even have the n900 but are already asking for mirror!)16:11
RST38hjavispedro: I already expressed my opinion in that thread16:12
qwerty12_N900javispedro: Welcome to the all-new Talk :)16:12
achipa_irssiwrapster: it works, what's the third param on grep ?16:12
RST38hjavispedro: Basically, I am greatly inclined to start charging $19.99 for a copy simply to filter out all the freeloaders16:12
Stskeepsjavispedro: in case of rapidshare you might be able to point to the non-commercial clause in the license16:12
achipa_irssiwrapster: if you want io with what you call, use the subprocess module16:13
wrapsteros.system("top -n 1 -b > process_output.log") ;           os.system("sed -n '7,$p' process_output.log > full_info.log")16:13
wrapsterthese are some of the os.system usage i am doing...16:13
wrapsterbut none of the os.system lines work...  could any one please test it out and tell me how to get it working.. pls.16:13
javispedroMirrors appearing now is nearly _accepting_ that they will never be on extras again. I personally prefer to wait for the official NO then I point them to the mirror on my site (which has been online since the dawn of time and noone seems to have realized)16:13
derfWhat?! Freeloaders in open source?16:13
derfSay it ain't so.16:14
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo16:14
zerojayjavispedro: You don't even wanna know some of the PMs I've gotten.16:14
wrapsterachipa_irssi: subprocess modules?16:14
RST38hderf: None of my stuff is open source.16:14
wrapsterachipa_irssi: could you please explain?16:14
derfRST38h: Oh really?16:14
zerojayjavispedro: Hate mail from people thinking that I took down your packages so they can't play their free gamez anymore.16:14
derfThen you _should_ charge for it.16:14
RST38hderf: Ok, ColEm and fMSX are, but you can probably guess that nobody is interested in these16:14
Stskeepszerojay: O_o16:14
RST38hderf: That is my thought exactly :(16:15
achipa_irssiwrapster: that should work, but watch out for busybox16:15
javispedrozerojay: you evil conspirator, take off your copyright czar hat!16:15
zerojayRST38h: I was actually surprised you didn't start charging for the initial Maemo ports, actually.16:15
wrapsterachipa_irssi: didnt understand16:15
RST38hderf: And not even because I am some greedy capitalist pig (which I obviously am :))16:15
* Stskeeps gives zerojay the power to electrocute people over the interneet16:15
javispedroLOOK AT THEM16:15
RST38hzerojay: Well, the user base is small and they do not come to me asking to hold their hands, so no time spent on support16:15
qwerty12_N900RST38h: Charging for them on Maemo 4 would make no sense whatsoever, but Maemo 5's a whole new game16:16
achipa_irssiwrapster: some top/sed/whatever stuff coukld be missing16:16
achipa_irssiwrapster: run the command from console16:16
wrapsterachipa_irssi: ok16:16
RST38hzerojay: In a situation like that, why would I care to charge money?16:16
zerojayI had people arguing that the first amendment to the US constitution gives them the right to your packages... lol16:16
zerojayRST38h: Good stuff. I remember how you used to catch a lot of shit for charging for emulators in the past.16:16
derfIt always surprises me how many people appear to not have actually _read_ the first amendment.16:16
* pupnik wants to see javispedro on television16:17
javispedrowhat? NOBODY reads anything16:17
rangeBah, reading.16:17
RST38hzerojay: Well, the situation with the Windows version was exactly that16:17
zerojayderf: It always surprises me that they know how to type.16:17
zerojayRST38h: Yeah, I remember the uproar back in the day, actually.16:17
Stskeepsso now we have the communist cabal and we have the "THOSE WHO TOOK OUR PACKAGES AWAY" cabal?16:17
RST38hzerojay: When you start getting 20 emails a day written in broken capitalized English, you start wondering16:17
zerojayRST38h: Haha... yeah, I can imagine.16:17
RST38hzerojay: And end up charging for access. Which instantly fixes things.16:17
zerojayStskeeps: Yes, you see I'm the M. Bison of the Maemo world apparently. I'm keeping your red pillz away and kicking your gamez off my system.16:18
pupnikjavispedro:  prefer to wait for the official NO then I point them to the mirror on my site << this is the proper thing to do16:18
RST38hzerojay: Because you can now legally and ethically tell to whoever has not paid for it to FUCK OFF.16:18
javispedropupnik: appearing on TV... for having doing nothing? I would have to live with the guilt of having freeloaded from the actual emulator authors.16:18
pupniki just think it's funny16:19
zerojayRST38h: Makes sense to me. I remember seeing all the people publically bitching.16:19
pupnikand the nicest port from gp2x land so far16:19
derfTo say nothing of the original _game_ authors.16:19
RST38hAh, the Horror, the Suffering...16:19
javispedrogame? I only play elevator madness with this.16:19
pupniki really loved that16:19
pupnikthe cheesy spies16:20
RST38hderf: Original game authors use iNES to play their old games =)16:20
*** Khertan_n900 has quit IRC16:20
*** Firebird has joined #maemo16:20
* RST38h has got a few emails stashed somewhere to prove that16:20
odin_the little nokia power adaptor CA-148C (Make In China) is squelling like a pig now16:21
* javispedro ponders how someone's reason for buying the n900 is retrograming even when I tried hard to make clear that the pandora would be better suited for that.16:21
zerojayRST38h: I don't think you have an emulator for what I've put out so far, so I can't say the same thing. :/16:22
KMFDMRST38h, you removed your iNES package from extras-devel?16:22
qwerty12_N900javispedro: The Pandora exists?16:22
RST38hzerojay: Just wait for another 20 years :)16:22
javispedroqwerty12_N900: since NOBODY who pm'd for mirrors has a N900, does that matter?16:22
zerojayRST38h: DS and Wii shit. :)16:22
Stskeepszerojay: could make the most evil package, a package that generates wallpapers based on random runs of the nes emulators!16:23
RST38hjavispedro: We are not talking retrogaming here16:23
qwerty12_N900javispedro: Haha, fair point16:23
*** Quibus has joined #maemo16:23
ShadowJK_odin_, and melting?16:23
RST38hjavispedro: I can bet that 90% of posters in those threads are not even 20 years old yet16:23
QuibusHi, how can I file a bug against the gcc wrappers? I found a small testcase that shows the dependencies are not correctly generated with -M flags16:23
RST38hjavispedro: So, all they want is some free games, mostly GBA games because these are most recent16:24
StskeepsQuibus: in scratchbox?