IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2009-11-28

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lcukqwerty dragged the tone down00:02
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type_thello! what does the script actually do?00:04
type_twait :>  its not this room..00:04
Flandryyou didn't end up in #frat, promise00:05
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type_tits for scratchbox maemo-dev . anyway. hi guys..00:05
lcuktype_t, you use the run_me_first to complete the setup i believ00:05
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arachnistdo you know about an app for integrating connectivity with the gadugadu im network in the N900's "conversations"?00:07
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type_tfor the what ?00:09
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arachnisttype_t: which part of the above sentence is not understandable for you?00:10
crashanddiearachnist, the lack of capitalisation00:11
crashanddietype_t, the "Gadugadu IM Network"00:11
type_tnever heard of it..00:11
crashanddieneither have I00:11
aepsome pilish thingy00:12
Stskeepsused in poland and similar countries00:12
arachnistquite possible if you're not polish00:12
GAN900It's in Extras devel.00:12
crashanddiethere are similar countries to poland?00:12
arachnistStskeeps: i actually doubt if it's used outside of poland by non-poles00:12
fralsloving nokia sweden right now, nokia online store suddenly decided to ship the phone to people who preorder with orginial firmware anyway.. week 50 :-)00:12
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qwerty12_N900frals: Holding it back for the sake of one network was stupid anyway :)00:13
RST38hGadugadu is mainly Asian, isn't it?00:14
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arachnistRST38h: not really, although the language might sound just as funny as the asian languages for most people00:15
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SpeedEvilThe strength of the penguin!
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arachnistSpeedEvil: tactical nuclear penguin?00:17
Quibushow do I direct keyboard input to my SDL app?00:19
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johnsqQuibus: it should automatic get the input, if focused.00:20
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Quibusjohnsq: when I type a key, I get the Contacts app00:20
lcukare you running app00:21
lcukon scratchbox00:21
lcukor on device00:21
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StskeepsQuibus: you need to request input or something00:21
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QuibusStskeeps: "or something" :-)00:21
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lcukQuibus, just looking for the patch no00:23
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johnsqQuibus: you have enabled in SDL the keyboard input?00:23
Quibusjohnsq: on normal Debian it just gets keyboard input00:24
Stskeepswelcome to not so normal debian00:25
vasily_pupkinhildon-theme-cacher: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: hildon_g_scanner_cache_open00:25
vasily_pupkinwtf?! O_o00:25
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QuibusStskeeps: I know it's not so normal, just saying that the app itself should have keyboard input enabled00:25
Stskeepsvasily_pupkin: what are you trying to do? :P00:25
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qwerty12_N900vasily_pupkin: If you're gonna replace GLib, at least ensure Nokia's modifications get applied to it00:25
arachnistbtw. another tablet - another device that doesn't play a free and open file formats (ogg, flac)00:26
vasily_pupkini just try to compile some stuff in scratchbox00:26
arachnistthat much i expected to be there by default00:26
Stskeepsarachnist: context..00:27
lcukQuibus, XSetInputFocus()  is the call thats needed. is my implementation i just call that when x11 tells me im ready00:27
vasily_pupkinwhat version of libgtk2.0-0 is by default in diablo?00:27
Stskeepsarachnist: you are free to install ogg-support debian package.00:27
qwerty12_N900arachnist: Ogg Support is in Extras. *yawn*00:27
Stskeepsarachnist: considering other platforms where you are not free to do so, i opt for the one where we can.00:27
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Quibuslcuk: but the app is based on SDL, so it doesn't do anything with X calls00:28
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arachnistStskeeps: right. but it doesn't work - my .flacs still don't play in media player (and they do with mplayer/amarok on my laptop)00:28
lcuksdl sits ontop of x1100:28
johnsqQuibus: SDL allows it, no big problem.00:28
Stskeepsarachnist: submit a bug report?00:29
Quibuslcuk: I know00:29
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lcukevery framework (from gtk qt liqbase efl etc have all had to make this patch for fremantle00:29
qwerty12_N900Quibus: You may find this thread insightful:
arachnistStskeeps: will do, once i find .flacs that do play. so far i think that the file container might be the case00:30
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Quibusit seems that in my (SDL) app, red and blue are reversed00:30
StskeepsQuibus: known bug00:30
Flandryyeah only on SDK00:31
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Flandryit's fine on N90000:31
QuibusStskeeps: thanks for clearing that up00:31
povbotBug 4870: Red & blue color channels swapped sometimes in SDK00:31
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QuibusIf I compile it for armel, is someone willing to try to run it?00:33
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Flandrymy app has been in -testing for almost a month00:34
Flandryso the answer is, "eventually"00:34
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StskeepsFlandry: what app?00:34
QuibusI mean, before packaging, just to see if it's running minimally00:35
Flandryup to 6 votel last i checked :)00:35
lcukQuibus, i dont know what app it is or why i would want to try it00:35
lcukpost some pictures00:35
Quibuslcuk: it's an MSX emulator and you would want to try it to help me a bit00:35
lcukbut i wouldnt have any games to play on it00:36
QuibusI could provide those00:36
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lcukthat could be interesteing00:36
qwerty12_N900lcuk: Metal Gear00:36
lcukYou would supply gamesopenly00:36
Quibusanything you play on fMSX :P00:36
lcuki dunno, but an emulator without games isnt much use to me00:37
qwerty12_N900lcuk: MSX BASIC? =)00:37
Quibuslcuk: the games aren't the problem, trust me :-)00:37
lcukthen why are you tryingto push it00:37
lcukqwerty i liked zx spectrum basic00:38
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* lcuk has speccy installed and relives childhood00:38
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pupnikFlandry: i mapped to "b" and "n" in setup00:38
pupnikneed to reinstall00:39
pupnikit is a hard game to play f00:39
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pupnikrfrom savestates, because it has such a branched/fuzzy-logic plot00:40
pupnikbut i enjoy the begging most anyway.  grand00:41
Flandrywhich control to 'b' and which  to 'n'?00:41
Flandryyes it's hard to remember what has been done and what to do next00:42
Flandrymaybe it should include a todo list app :D00:42
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lcukFlandry, bugzilla00:44
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lcukissue tracking00:47
lcukkeeps everything together and lets users submit things as well00:47
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Flandryoh, you mean the xsbc-bug field00:47
lcuki do00:49
lcukabsolute balls00:49
lcuki just had winxp spend 20 mins scanning drives for something00:49
lcukand then promptly closed the results window00:49
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Flandrybugzilla uqm exists i just didn't want to throw out a month's worth of tests by pushing the next version out00:50
Flandryif it took less than a week to get 10 testers i wouldn't mind00:50
Flandryi actually have a bug report, which is what i was asking pupnik about00:50
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FlandryWhy is that thread still open00:51
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serenityextras-devel repo is like extras-testing but right?00:56
juharhow i become a maintainer of package in i've requested it about a week ago and it's been a "pending maintainer" since then?00:56
juhara second maintainer i mean00:57
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QuibusFYI: worked around the input problem by not setting the Icon in SDL01:10
Quibusthanks for that forum link qwerty12_N90001:10
asidjazzhad my buddy in NY pick me up an n900 today and overnight it01:12
asidjazzi go pick it up tomorrow morning01:12
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo01:12
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ShadowJK_funny, I'm still using n810 for typing and grabbing it when I want web :)01:12
ShadowJK_(n900 arrived today)01:13
asidjazzUR NOT BETTER THAN ME01:13
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serenityhm, crtl+shift+x doesn't work in scratchbox01:17
rangeasidjazz: Well, at least his writing style is better.01:18
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*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]01:20
* jaem_n810 is running the sdk in a chroot on his N90001:20
jaem_n810for some reason. basic sdk packages like svn aren't available01:20
jaem_n810does anyone know which repo that is in?01:21
*** nomis has quit IRC01:21
Flandryi just use the host machine for that kind of stuff01:22
Flandrycopy the stuff i need to /scratchbox user01:22
*** jaem_n810 has left #maemo01:23
Flandrymy sdk manages to fubar itself often enough without extra help ;)01:23
serenityyipp, just happend here01:24
serenitywant to install connections switcher01:24
Flandryso i switched to using a vbox host01:24
Flandryso i can restore a good backup01:24
Flandryrather than reinstalling every other week01:24
Flandryof course, since doing that, it's been fine :P01:24
serenityhmm, sounds like a plan01:25
*** nomis has joined #maemo01:27
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serenityFlandry: is crtl+shift+x working for you?01:29
Flandryhaven't tried01:29
Quibusdependency checking doesn't seem to work properly in the scratchbox01:29
Flandrywhat's it supposed to do?01:29
QuibusAccording to the build system developer it's caused by the gcc-wrapper01:29
serenityFlandry: open up a terminal01:30
serenityQuibus: thanks for the info01:30
Flandryoh let me check01:30
QuibusIs this a known problem?01:30
serenitytried both: keyboard grabed in xephyr and not01:31
Flandrywell ctrl+shift is for grabbing keyboard, so i think that inteferes01:32
Flandryit keeps capturing just the x01:32
Flandryi suspect that changing the keys for xephyr might fix it01:33
Quibusare Debian packaging files a good start to create Maemo packaging?01:34
*** chmac has quit IRC01:34
Quibusis there some kind of tutorial on how to transform them into Maemo packaging files?01:35
Flandrysometimes it just takes a few changes to control file01:35
Flandryi remember asking the same thing01:35
ShadowJK_hey where's energy profiler for maemo, i saw it in screenshots! D:01:35
Flandryi think they basically told me to look at other packages for examples01:35
Flandryyou did find the wiki pages on packaging?01:35
crashanddieI'm going to start and shoot tmo users01:36
QuibusFlandry: yeah, but they're quite extensive and not telling me what is different compared to Debian01:36
crashanddieQuibus, wiki01:36
Flandryyou might document what you discover :)01:36
Quibus <-- Debian packaging is already in place since a long time, so I am not going to reinvent the wheel :-)01:37
crashanddieQuibus, the wiki covers all the steps01:37
*** infobot has quit IRC01:37
Quibuscrashanddie: thanks, I'll look for it there01:37
crashanddieQuibus, there's even an app that downloads the sources from Debian, compiles it and links it, plus all the dependencies01:37
*** india7145 has quit IRC01:37
crashanddieand packages it nicely01:37
Flandrynot much difference, try changing the changelog to a maemo-appropriate release number and building01:38
Quibuscrashanddie: wtf! Now you tell me!01:38
Flandryoh yeah, there is tha01:38
crashanddieQuibus, you never asked me01:38
Flandryi haven't tried it01:38
*** india7145 has joined #maemo01:38
Quibuscrashanddie: where can I get that? :-)01:38
crashanddiedunno, search the web01:38
crashanddieI always forget the name01:38
Quibushm, can't quickly find it01:40
Flandryseriously, though01:40
Flandryyou can probably change the version in changelog and build it01:41
Flandryif it fails it will probably give you an indication why01:41
QuibusWhat if I don't change the version even? :-)01:41
Flandryalso i think the deb tools version is ancient for sdk, so you might have to set it back01:42
*** trbs has quit IRC01:42
Flandryobviously that's fine, but not for a release01:42
*** dolphin has quit IRC01:43
*** dolphin has joined #maemo01:43
*** warp10 has quit IRC01:43
lardmanwonderful, loads of email turn up late on Friday, at least I won't be bored next week!01:45
crashanddielardman, mark them all as read01:46
lardmanhmm, just realised I'd missed a really important one from last week, luckily the chap resent it!01:46
*** setanta has quit IRC01:46
*** AakashPatel has joined #maemo01:47
crashanddie"Hi Simon, Would it be possible to get a status update on this? I don't seem to have received any reaction since last week. Thanks, Best regards, @@sig@"01:48
lcuklardman, its only a problem if you ignore mails from your wife01:50
*** hardaker has quit IRC01:50
lardmanat least I realise the error of my ways that evening with her! :)01:50
lardmanfor other people it probably comes across as being rude01:51
*** ertl has joined #maemo01:51
lardmanwell for her too probably :D01:51
crashanddieMy last day at the office was a bit weird01:53
crashanddieAll the customers thought it was the best day to report all of their bloody issues to me, regardless of the fact they're now in prod and handed over to support, or that I communicated that some other guy would be taking the reins and they should contact him in the future01:54
crashanddieThey all (every single one) must've thought they were being very original, starting their phone call with "Hiya Seb, I know it's your last day and all but..."01:54
*** baxyp has quit IRC01:54
ertlhi, there's a way to tell the Mail application what to with deleted emails while using Gmail IMAP? ie. I'd like to move them to Gmail/Trash folder while the applications remove them from the current folder but keep them inside Gmail/All Mail ...01:54
crashanddieertl, sadly, that's not supported through IMAP01:55
crashanddieertl, not a Maemo-specific issue though01:55
asidjazzrange: lol01:56
asidjazzyo crashanddie, lardman01:56
ertlcrashanddie: ouch, thanks01:56
asidjazzn900 comin tomorrow :)01:56
asidjazzf imap01:56
* AakashPatel doesnt know when his is coming 01:56
AakashPatelamazon ftw01:56
CShadowRuni want one, i'm just waiting for a good offer01:56
CShadowRunI missed the 360 offer :(01:56
SpeedEvilasidjazz: mine prolly monday01:57
AakashPatel500 bucks is pretty god01:57
lardmanhi asidjazz01:57
QuibusFlandry: OK, building deb :-)01:57
ertlcrashanddie: somehow I managed to do it with mutt time ago, even if I don't know how :)01:57
*** mikkov has joined #maemo01:57
crashanddieertl, maybe they have specific algorithms to deal with it, but that means they're copying the mail to a specific folder etc01:57 doesn't appear to have n900's either :(01:58
AakashPatelThey're shipping them though01:58
*** igagis_ has quit IRC01:59!=.com01:59
*** infobot has joined #maemo01:59
SpeedEvil still says preorder02:00
SpeedEvilI guess they don't have stock caught up with orders02:00
AakashPatelhehe sorry :)02:00
pupnikfound out how i made n900 unusably slow.  fill internal mem with videos and cam clips02:00
CShadowRunhehe yea, still preorder02:00
pupnikunit becomes unresponsive02:00
CShadowRunand £500 too, very pricey considering they was going for £360 the other day02:01
CShadowRuni'd rather wait a while for another deal to pop up02:01
SpeedEvil271 here - but that offer expired 21 oct02:01
ertlhere (Italy) the prices are so bad for n900 .. luckily I got mine with a great discount, 479€ instead of 599€02:01
pupnikit also causes errors due to cache not behing coherent with filesystem02:01
*** dolphin has quit IRC02:01
pupniki deleted 5 videos, refreshed, and they are still there02:02
GAN900crashanddie, Talk users don't read anything.02:02
*** dolphin has joined #maemo02:02
crashanddieGAN900, ironic for a text-based bulletin board02:03
pupnikalso whatever that indexer is using for data structures or algorithms is causing severe memory allocation hangups in all tasks - this is where my "10 second browser delays" were coming-from.02:03
pupnik+/in all/, affeccting all/02:04
crashanddiepupnik, give me some of your affeeccttiioonn!02:04
*** t_s_o has quit IRC02:05
crashanddieany good movies I could watch?02:05
Flandrypupnik: which actions did you map to those two keys?02:05
crashanddiethat wasn't a yes or no question02:05
pupniko forgot names02:05
pupniksorry umm i love The Ladykillers02:06
pupnikKind Hearts and Coronets to follow it up, if you liked the first02:06
SpeedEvilpupnik: you mean the awesomebar?02:06
pupnikFlandry: ill give you answer in a min02:07
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo02:10
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo02:10
QuibusFlandry: OK, I got debs! :) But now I need a volunteer to test them :-)02:10
Flandrywith armel target?02:10
Flandryok good luck :D02:11
QuibusI used the Debian packaging as is02:11
crashanddieQuibus, test it yourself please02:11
QuibusHow can a user install debs explicitly?02:11
Quibuscrashanddie: I don't have a device02:11
crashanddieyou've got scratchbox, same thing02:11
crashanddiedpkg -i <filename>02:11
crashanddieor fakeroot dpkg -i <filename>02:11
Quibuscrashanddie: I understand, but a normal user doesn't have a terminal I suppose02:12
crashanddiewhatever the syntax is02:12
crashanddieQuibus, and a normal user will not use your debs02:12
crashanddieQuibus, also, debs are built on the autobuilder02:12
crashanddieQuibus, you only provide the source code02:12
Quibuscrashanddie: I want a normal user to try this on his real device before putting it up there02:12
crashanddiedo not giveaway binaries just like that, please02:13
Quibusjust to have it run at least once on a real device02:13
crashanddieif you have packages you want to take ownership of, follow the tutorials and use the appropriate ways02:13
Flandryupload to the autobuilder as a real devel version is the best bet02:13
*** ertl has quit IRC02:13
crashanddieyou will have access to thousands of people who are willing to test it02:14
*** cure` has quit IRC02:14
*** zap has quit IRC02:14
Flandrythen it will be available on extras-devel directly through app manager02:14
QuibusThe packages depend on C-BIOS (free system roms for MSX), and that one has a build dep on a Z80 assembler which isn't in extras-devel of course :S02:15
Flandryyou'll have to package and upload that first then02:16
*** dolphin has quit IRC02:16
*** dolphin has joined #maemo02:16
*** tank-man has joined #maemo02:16
*** blade_runner has quit IRC02:17
QuibusFlandry: as they're all in Debian, I could just as well just do completely nothing special and just upload the Debian stuff with revised versions02:18
Flandryif it's over a few hundred KB in size you'll have to optify it or it will never make it into extras02:18
*** alecrim has quit IRC02:19
QuibusFlandry: the openMSX package?02:19
Flandrywhatever packages you are uploading02:19
Flandryif they are going to fill up the 256 MB rootfs, they have to be modified to install to /opt02:20
*** Tyrant91101 has joined #maemo02:20
Flandrythere's a program to help do it02:20
Quibusit's about 2.6MB02:21
AakashPatelmaemo is debian based?02:21
Flandrybut for an initial -devel upload that's not required obviously02:21
FlandryAakashPatel: yes02:21
crashanddieAakashPatel, you think?02:21
AakashPatelHey, I'm new here02:21
crashanddieAakashPatel, really, it's windows in disguise, but Linux sells better in these days of economic crisis02:21
FlandryQuibus: definitely have to optify that for extras acceptance02:21
AakashPatelhaha sounds reasonable crashanddie :P02:21
*** willer has quit IRC02:22
*** wazd_ has quit IRC02:24
QuibusFlandry: OK, I'll sort that out later02:25
Quibusgood night now02:25
Quibusthanks for the help and all02:26
Flandrysure, it's a bit of a curve at first02:26
Quibuswell, it's mostly Debian02:26
QuibusBest attempt is probably take Debian packaging as is and do minimal changes and upload02:27
*** Quibus has quit IRC02:28
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC02:28
*** cehteh has joined #maemo02:29
crashanddiehaha, this one made me smile02:33
AakashPatelHaha I saw taht one on tv02:34
* zerojay yawns.02:38
zerojayWhat a day.02:38
*** mikkov has left #maemo02:38
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC02:39
*** Pio has joined #maemo02:41
*** zs has quit IRC02:42
*** waite has joined #maemo02:49
*** GiantTalkingCow has joined #maemo02:50
lardmannight all02:51
*** lardman has quit IRC02:51
juharhow i become a second maintainer of package in i've requested it about a week ago and it's been a "pending maintainer" since then?02:51
*** dolphin has quit IRC02:52
Flandryyou are talking about garage?02:52
juharno,, so i can promote packages from devel to testing02:53
*** dolphin has joined #maemo02:53
Flandrybut you didn't actually submit the package?02:53
*** sjaensch has joined #maemo02:53
*** philipl has joined #maemo02:53
Flandryi've no idea but the original maintainer must be around02:54
juharnope, i'm second developer of package.. i have rights to upload it in extras-devel, but not rights to promote it to extras-testing02:54
Flandryoh. So you uploaded a version to devel but can't promote02:55
juharyeah.. only a maintainer can02:55
Flandrypromotion is basically broken for me anyway02:55
Flandrytalk to jeremiah02:55
FlandryHe's on now and then02:56
juharyeah i should ask when he's around02:56
Flandry~seen jeremiah02:56
infobotjeremiah is currently on #maemo, last said: 'heh'.02:56
Flandryso, ask him your question and hopefully he can help when he's at the keyboard02:57
*** cure` has joined #maemo02:57
juharyeah i will02:57
pupnikthat media indexer is going to die by my hand02:57
Flandrypupnik the crawler killer02:58
Flandrydid you figure out what data structure it's using?02:58
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC02:58
pupnikit is like a wrt rat in a living room02:58
pupnikfat rat02:58
*** dolphin has quit IRC02:58
pupnikwet rat02:58
*** dolphin has joined #maemo02:59
pupniki installed mplayer and am going back to my filesystem-based media viewing02:59
AakashPatelpupnik: wave yet?02:59
*** n6pfkk has quit IRC02:59
pupnikcrawlers break on large datasets02:59
*** GiantTalkingCow has quit IRC03:00
*** kalikiana has quit IRC03:00
*** treitter_ has quit IRC03:01
pupnikAakashPatel: part of getting old is that you want big innovations like a cure for cancer and dont get excited about every little corporate attempt to rebrand and sell an existing idea03:01
AakashPatelLol I see03:01
* AakashPatel isnt old ;)03:01
*** n6pfk has joined #maemo03:01
crashanddieneither is pupnik03:01
crashanddiehe just read that in a book03:01
Flandryold is relative here03:01
CShadowRunpupnik: there already is a cure for cancer afaik it's just that no company wants to produce it because it's past it's 3 year exclusive rights03:02
CShadowRuni saw some article about it once03:02
*** treitter_ has joined #maemo03:02
Flandryyeah it's called death03:02
CShadowRunlies :P03:02
crashanddieCShadowRun, yes, and Obama is actually a robot and some guy in China is controlling him03:02
crashanddieCShadowRun, and also, they never went on the moon03:02
CShadowRunchina has spy cameras in the water too.03:02
crashanddieCShadowRun, even worse, 9/11 was an inside job, in order to enslave the american people!03:03
AakashPatelAnd microsoft help apple make osx03:03
pupniki like jello03:03
Flandryanybody claiming a cure for cancer clearly doesn't know enough biochemistry to realize that there can never be a single ucre03:03
crashanddieanyone claiming knowing enough about science to say there will "never be something for x" is an ignorant fool03:04
crashanddiemen fly on a daily basis ;)03:04
crashanddiethe world is round, and no, the universe doesn't gravitate around us03:04
Flandryyes it does03:04
CShadowRunbut only on fridays.03:04
crashanddieand leap years03:04
AakashPateltoday is friday03:04
Flandryonly for you :P03:05
CShadowRunit's caturday here.03:05
AakashPatelFlandry: it a saturday for you?03:05
Flandryi've been stuck in Monday for at least a fortnight03:05
crashanddiealso, Nokia didn't release the N900 because really, the 770, n800, n810 and n900 are all part of a very elaborate conspiracy to be able to see how the world would react when deceived03:06
crashanddieit's those damn sociologists, they're to blame03:06
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo03:06
CShadowRunwith their space ships.03:06
crashanddieno, those are aliens, AKA PhD in Math03:07
*** BabelO has quit IRC03:07
crashanddieI can go on for hours ;)03:07
crashanddiewell, not hours, I have a flight to the US to catch03:07
*** mfinkle has joined #maemo03:07
AakashPatelmmm food03:08
* Flandry met a man in Miami once who claimed that GM shut him down and made him a fugitive because he invented a better engine03:08
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo03:09
crashanddieand the ghosts in Pac-Man are named Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde03:09
Flandryoh great, here come's a lawsuit03:09
crashanddiehere's an experiment for you guys03:10
crashanddie1 is written "one", right?03:10
Flandrythat apostrophe sneaking in wherever these days03:10
crashanddie2 is written "two"03:10
*** woglinde has joined #maemo03:10
crashanddiekeep counting, until you reach a number with the letter "a"03:10
crashanddie(i know the most useless facts)03:11
*** jaem has joined #maemo03:12
crashanddiefunniest part is, some people in this channel are actually counting and trying to find one03:12
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC03:13
crashanddieand when quizzed about it, most of you will say "Nha, I wasn't doing it"03:13
Flandrynah i've never found that kind of game interesting03:13
crashanddieexhibit a03:13
Flandryif a computer can solve it faster, it's generally more fun to solve that problem03:13
*** Lorthirk has quit IRC03:13
Flandryi was actually trying to think of a good analogy for the single cure for cancer03:14
Flandrythe best i came up with is a single cure for N900 problems03:14
*** woglinde has quit IRC03:14
AakashPatelFlandry: reboot!03:14
Flandryyou either have to defeat each one separately or invent better hardware/software03:15
kynkyone hundred and one03:15
crashanddiekynky, wrong :)03:16
*** sphenxes01 has joined #maemo03:16
Flandryit's a, of course03:16
Flandrywe're using hex, right?03:16
kynkyone hundred and one is before a thousand03:18
crashanddieexcepted that "and" isn't a number...03:18
kynkynither is a thousand, its the englis representation, a thosand is still 1000, and one hundred and one is still 101, but the firs english representation of a number in base 10 with an a in it is one hundred and one03:19
kynkyi dont say one hundred one03:19
crashanddieand it's the guy with the worst spelling ever who's going to give us a lecture about "english"03:20
kynkyyep, blame lovely wireless kb :)03:20
kynkyto late to check03:20
kynkybut principle is there03:21
*** cure` has quit IRC03:22
*** dolphin has quit IRC03:22
*** dolphin has joined #maemo03:23
*** sphenxes has quit IRC03:31
*** dolphin has quit IRC03:33
*** dolphin has joined #maemo03:34
*** philipl has quit IRC03:34
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk03:37
*** fluff|afk is now known as fluff03:37
*** johnxx has joined #maemo03:37
*** DarwinSurvivor has joined #maemo03:41
dmj726looks like nintendo just lost at least $40 they could have had.03:42
*** sp3001 has quit IRC03:43
pekujadmj726: which $40 is that?03:43
pekujadmj726: also, I'm sure that they don't really care what with their money printing machines and all03:44
*** sjaensch_ has joined #maemo03:44
dmj726they're never going to get me to buy a wiimote for the n90003:44
CShadowRunand orbital mind control03:44
pekujadmj726: because they are investigating whether Nokia infringed on their copyright?03:44
* dmj726 wouldn't want a wii, but the wiimote might be nice for emulation and other uses03:44
madmikeukand intergalactic super lawyers which feed on the souls of young children?03:45
pekujadmj726: they didn't even sue yet03:45
pekujaunless I missed that03:45
dmj726yeah...and there's no emulator in extras little use for wiimote03:45
*** murrayc__ has joined #maemo03:45
pekujaah, I see, it was taken out?03:45
pekujait's not like Nintendo took it out03:46
pekujaand anyways, you could just download it manually03:46
pekujaI'm sure it's available somewhere03:46
dmj726a maemoized version?03:46
madmikeuki know that there are a few mirrors...03:46
pekujaI'm sure the repos didn't have the only copy of it03:46
pekujafirst of all there's bound to be a version control repository somewhere that the developers use03:47
madmikeukthe source code is still available in garage for drnoksnes03:47
pekujaso just build it yourself03:47
dmj726perhaps we need an extras-ugly03:48
madmikeukperhaps people should host repos for packages that nokia won't.03:49
pekujaI'm surprised that there isn't one03:49
pekujaare you sure there's not?03:49
crashanddiefeck off with your stupid ideas03:49
crashanddiebloody hell03:49
crashanddiewe worked for YEARS to not have everyone host their own bloody repo03:49
pekujacrashanddie: a 3rd party repo is a stupid idea?03:49
crashanddieyou're not going to undo all that good work just for a stupid emulator03:49
dmj726so don't have an emulator?03:50
AakashPatelcrashanddie: NO03:50
crashanddiework with Nokia to either disconnect from any legal obligation towards Nokia corporation03:50
MacerStskeeps: ?03:50
Maceryou weren't kidding about jericho.. what a crappy ending :)03:50
dmj726Perhaps have *one* third party repo like medibuntu03:50
crashanddieor have a nice discussion with them to understand the emulator isn't infringing anything03:50
crashanddieMacer, yeah, horrendous eh03:51
dmj726Isn't there even a DMCA exemption for emulators?03:51
pekujaif Nokia is the one deciding what gets to be on the Maemo extras repo, I'd say you didn't do a very good job in making sure we don't need 3rd party repos03:51
dmj726I think there is come to think of it.03:51
madmikeukit was a mild suggestion anyway03:51
pekujaunless of course it wasn't even Nokia that removed it03:51
crashanddiedmj726, oh yeah, the DMCA helps a lot in europe03:51
Macercrashanddie: heh03:52
Maceryeah. the ending i suppose had a bit of closure03:52
Macerbut it still sucked :)03:52
CShadowRunagree'd, don't be hostile towards 3rd party repos03:52
dmj726Europe doesn't even have DMCA like laws I don't think.03:52
CShadowRunthey are a good thing03:52
pekujadmj726: we have EUCD03:52
crashanddieno, 3rd party repos aren't a good thing03:52
CShadowRunwhy not?03:52
crashanddiewe had people running around with 50+ repos installed on their devices03:52
crashanddieconflicts everywhere03:52
crashanddieeveryone pushing their own binaries onto every single device03:52
dmj726Does the EUCD restrice format shifting?03:53
pekujadmj726: I think so03:53
CShadowRunubuntu seems to handle it ok03:53
madmikeukpackage conflicts. welcome to the world of linux package management03:53
madmikeukstuff happens03:53
pekujadmj726: actually maybe not... you can't break DRM though, I think03:53
crashanddiewe do not want pre-compiled binaries running on anyone's device03:53
dmj726Ubuntu has snes emulators and they're just fine03:53
crashanddiethe whole point about the builder we have in place, along with the full QA process is to ensure everyone has properly tested software on their devices03:54
*** murrayc_ has quit IRC03:54
crashanddieyou know how thick people are on TMO. As soon as something doesn't work "NOKIA ARE WANKERS AND PLONKERS"03:54
madmikeukyou can't censor an open OS03:54
pekujacrashanddie: I think we do need one repo that's detached from Nokia though03:54
CShadowRunI actually specifically want to install random .deb files on the N900. That's a major feature for me03:54
crashanddieno, we don't03:54
crashanddiethere is no real good reason to do so03:54
crashanddiethe repos aren't linked to Nokia03:54
pekujacrashanddie: it's a SNES emulator now. tomorrow it might be something more important03:54
pekujacrashanddie: well why did the emulator get pulled out then?03:54
dmj726Does Nokia have the ability to censor the repos?03:54
crashanddieknee-jerk reaction from legal?03:55
crashanddieMaybe they just heard something, and pulled it out of fear. I am sure we will be able to discuss this nicely with Nokia and have the app back there in no time03:55
dmj726The censorship issue is one reason I will never develop an iphone app.03:55
crashanddieso please, no cataclysmic reaction just yet03:55
crashanddiethere is NO censorship03:55
crashanddiecurrently, the servers are hosted/paid for by Nokia03:55
CShadowRunthere is no spoon.03:55
pupnikdmj726: try censoring
AakashPatelThey're jsut controlling how its distributed :P03:56
madmikeukcrashanddie: most people who know how to modify their apt sources will know the consequences.03:56
crashanddiethey have a legal obligation to their shareholders to make sure they won't get sued for a stupid mistake03:56
crashanddieonce that is cleared up, everything will be back to normal03:56
pupnikthe point of the extras fdevel and ftesting is to get apps to end-users03:56
AakashPatelWhat happened?03:56
pekujamadmikeuk: except when it's "you can get an SNES emulator if you do this!" then suddenly a lot of clueless people are doing it03:56
pupnikin extras, which moost users will enable03:57
madmikeukpekuja: touché.03:57
CShadowRunindeed, nokia make it clear that enabling root is unsupported03:57
AakashPatelI've been hearing all these legal convo's here03:57
CShadowRunand that's fine, we get that03:57
AakashPateloh god03:57
Macerthat is gross03:57
crashanddiemadmikeuk, you have a device which has unrestricted access to your SIM card, contacts and email, you're going to run binaries from an unknown third party?03:57
crashanddiemadmikeuk, seriously? Hang on, lemme send you some script I wrote, just for a quick test03:57
CShadowRuncrashanddie: yes, i am03:58
dmj726How directly does Nokia control
crashanddieseriously, are you trying to create windows or something?03:58
madmikeukcrashanddie: you have a computer with unrestricted access to your email, contacts and internet history, and anything else stored on it, from some unknown party?03:58
CShadowRunwhy is nokia more trustworthy than an open source developer03:58
pupniktouche madmikeuk03:58
crashanddiewhat is that argument?03:58
crashanddieNokia has nothing to do with it for crying out loud03:59
CShadowRuncrashanddie: who is nokia to decide who i do and don't trust?03:59
madmikeukwhere did i blame nokia?03:59
crashanddiefor fucks sake you thick idiot03:59
AakashPatelcrashanddie: deep breaths ;)03:59
crashanddieCShadowRun, it's the community that runs the QA processes03:59
crashanddiewe set up the bloody builder, we pushed for that03:59
crashanddienot Nokia03:59
CShadowRunand that's good, the fact that you've got everything most people will need in the repositories is excellent, that's what will make the device great04:00
*** sjaensch has quit IRC04:00
madmikeukwell I congratulate your work. but accept one thing: one size does not fit all04:00
CShadowRunbut don't turn into an iPhone and only allow people to install applications that are in the repo.04:00
pupnikcrashanddie's words bear consideration04:00
AakashPatelCShadowRun: but don't turn into an iPhone and only allow people to install applications that are in the repo.04:00
crashanddieunderstand this guys: Nokia does not control the repos04:00
AakashPatelI severly doubt they will *ever* do that04:00
dmj726okay, then who removed drnok?04:01
CShadowRunAakashPatel: true :)04:01
madmikeukdmj726: could just have been a C+D notice04:01
dmj726can't you just say bugger off to those if you know you've got a case?04:01
microlithdmj726: you can but they can still cost you money04:01
madmikeukmaybe they don't want to risk it04:01
madmikeuknintendo have some very smart lawyers04:02
Macerwtf does debian install for smtp?04:02
CShadowRunpupnik: that PS1 emulator looks interesting, i use pcsx on my ubuntu box. Reckon it'd run well on the N900?04:02
Maceri have a port conflict and can't seem to figure out what is using it04:02
Macersendmail and postfix aren't installed04:02
dmj726perhaps this needs to find it's way to a few blogger's headlines.04:02
AakashPatelMacer: I remember this happened to you before on something else lol04:03
* CShadowRun hands dmj726 a "I'm blogging this" T-Shirt04:03
crashanddieGuys, at this point we don't even know what the hell happened to "drnok". For all we know, it could just be a glitch or whatever (very suspicious glitch I agree, but still)04:03
AakashPatelmacer: any apps using UPnP?04:03
crashanddieI just ask you for patience04:03
dmj726Who manages the repos?04:03
madmikeukthe same suspicious glitch that wiped all the other nintendo emus? ;)04:03
dmj726We should ask them about it.04:03
w00tI expect there will be an explanation as to exactly what happened on monday, but from what I heard earlier, there was discussion on this04:03
crashanddiePlease allow the council, and the community members involved to understand what has happened04:03
AakashPatelWas drnok an app or something?04:03
w00tthere's already a thread on talk for it04:03
*** DangerMaus has joined #maemo04:03
AakashPatelI see04:04
dmj726snes emulator04:04
crashanddiedmj726, they're contractors04:04
Maceris there a wayy to find out what is using the port?04:04
*** peter__ has joined #maemo04:04
AakashPatelShit happens...thats life ;)04:04
pekujadrnoksnes, to be exact04:04
*** peter__ has quit IRC04:04
crashanddiedmj726, they're paid for by Nokia, but work for the Community04:04
w00tin particular:
madmikeuki'm not fussed though, i can just compile a copy of it using the garage tarball in the fremantle sdk04:05
AakashPatelMacer: Hmm i remember seeing some command :/04:05
crashanddieso please, just allow it to settle04:05
* AakashPatel forgot it04:05
crashanddiestop pushing the buttons on TMO04:05
crashanddiethe only thing we're doing is creating a shitstorm04:05
pekujacrashanddie: TMO?04:05
pekujaah, talk.maemo.org04:05
crashanddieI don't want to see all the good work that has been done around repos destroyed just because of this04:06
w00tif (and I emphasise if) there is a need for a shitstorm, it can wait for next week, when there will likely be more information about this04:06
lcukarent you going to aus crashanddie ?04:06
pekujacrashanddie: nobody's destroying the work right now. we're just talking about the issue here04:06
crashanddielcuk, leaving to california on sunday04:06
crashanddiepekuja, and talking about "creating a repo nokia has no control over"04:06
kynkyversion 1.2.4 was on maemo , but version 1.2.2 tarball on garage ?04:06
lcuki think ill finally be using the name lookup you wrote seb :)04:06
crashanddielcuk, heh04:07
*** Firebird has joined #maemo04:07
lcukive revived the irc app04:07
Macerexim ;)04:07
crashanddieDon't forget, if need be, you can always install a .deb directly from garage, or whatever the host is04:07
crashanddiebut for the love of god, no repositories, please04:07
dmj726I hope we never need a Medimaemo repo04:07
pekujacrashanddie: yeah, to which you say "NO! FUCK YOU GUYS, WE'RE NOT DOING THAT" instead of "actually, the current ones aren't controlled by Nokia, so there's probably something else happening behind the scenes"04:07
crashanddieseriously guys, you weren't here at the time04:07
lcuknor were you04:08
crashanddieyes, I was04:08
crashanddielcuk, memory issues mate? we joined at the same time04:08
pekujacrashanddie: but maybe it's a war flashback type thing, so I understand ;-)04:08
crashanddielcuk, and builder didn't exist ;)04:08
lcuk#and the repo history problem was well in hand on n800s04:09
*** MrGoose1 has left #maemo04:09
crashanddiepekuja, "THIS IS MY WAAAAAAAAR, ADRIAAAAAAANE"04:09
lcukwe arrived as a solution was being formulated04:09
lcukthe problem well existed before us04:09
crashanddieI didn't say it started with us, thank god for that04:09
*** waite has quit IRC04:10
crashanddieI just remember the outfall04:10
lcukyou sebastian are personally at fault for the repo cockup04:10
lcukcome on, hold your hands up :p04:10
*** serenity has quit IRC04:10
*** dolphin has quit IRC04:10
crashanddieI remember the shitload of stupid things there were, different repos with their own search engines, absolutely no control, and plus, once Nokia will implement the "Platform Security", there's going to be a lot more restriction as to what can and can't be installed04:11
pekujacrashanddie: so what's your involvement in Maemo?04:11
*** dolphin has joined #maemo04:11
crashanddiepekuja, official troll04:11
pekujahaha, ok04:11
w00t(at least he's honest about it)04:11
crashanddiepekuja, I used to be a dev, kinda, worked on a few things here and there04:12
crashanddiepekuja, then work happened, and not a lot of time to write code04:12
crashanddieso I just started to hack people rather than hack code04:12
AakashPatelCommand not recognized04:13
crashanddieOh look, someone told me I'm a double faced bastard on TMO, has nice04:15
*** tank-man has quit IRC04:15
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo04:16
AakashPatelTMO <wazzat?04:16
w00tcrashanddie: wait, you're not? :o04:16
* w00t is grossly misinformed!04:16
madmikeukTMO is troll or be trolled most of the time04:16
crashanddiew00t, as lcuk can attest, if I were double faced, would I be wearing this one?04:17
w00tcrashanddie: true. I expect you'd rather not break mirrors :-)04:17
AakashPatelCurses whoever took aakashpatel nickname on garage!04:17
* AakashPatel has to use aakashbpatel :(04:17
* lcuk puts his hands up04:17
* AakashPatel kicks lcuk 04:18
lcukcrash, yes you are 2 faced, AakashPatel has this ever happened before?  or is this the first ever time your doppleganger has got in there before you04:18
crashanddielcuk, I'm not 2 faced!04:18
crashanddiehow am I 2 faced?04:18
* lcuk laughs04:18
AakashPatelIm biplar04:18
w00tbecause if it was all in one piece it would be too ugly for anyone to tolerate04:18
* w00t ducks04:18
lcukcrashanddie, if you are being called in in tmo, obviously its true04:19
crashanddielcuk, lol04:19
AakashPatellcuk: Rarely ever happens lol04:19
crashanddielcuk, i don't give a crap about tmo, I do care about your opinion though04:19
lcukthen wtf are you lot gettin on your high horses about04:19 nods04:19
lcukseb i know its nearly your last day, but theres a security problem in the java class im editing04:20
crashanddieoh ffs04:20
crashanddiebastard, you got me04:21
* crashanddie throws a fag to lcuk 04:21
* lcuk gets back to code04:21
crashanddieoh, my paycheck!04:21
w00tnobody wants to talk to poor old me04:22
crashanddieit's one of my favourite "sounds"04:22
crashanddieI w00t a lot04:22
*** b-man17 has joined #maemo04:23
* w00t feels unloved04:23
AakashPatelHm how come on when you enter your garage username and pass it doesnt redirect you to the website, instead keeps asking you for your credentials04:23
lcukis there a pattern match thing that will store away the pattern results in an array or collection04:23
*** aloril_ has quit IRC04:23
w00tAakashPatel: have you registered on garage? it's seperate from
crashanddieAakashPatel, search for SSO on TMO or BMO04:23
lcukAakashPatel, cos its not sure you are who you say you are, so it mst confirm04:23
AakashPatellcuk: lol04:24
AakashPatelcrashanddie: sso, bmo04:24
crashanddiesweet mother of jesus04:24
AakashPatelwhat do those stand for lol04:24
lcukobviously theres a fake you around04:24
crashanddieAakashPatel, single sign-on04:24
AakashPateloh okay04:24
crashanddieAakashPatel, bugs.maemo.org04:24
AakashPateli see04:24
crashanddiewtm tla ioi04:24
*** hardaker has joined #maemo04:25
lcukall the accounts are borkened but there are ninja hamsters running around trying to bring them all together04:25
crashanddie(way too many three letter acronyms in our industry)04:25
* AakashPatel 's brain farts04:25
AakashPatelHah true that04:25
crashanddieAakashPatel, basically there's an effort going on trying to establish a web-sso system that would allow all systems part of to function using the same credentials04:25
*** aloril has joined #maemo04:26
crashanddieAakashPatel, however it is quite a tricky process, as each solution to the issue has major drawbacks, so it requires careful planning04:26
AakashPatelvery understandable04:26
AakashPatelyou do something? YOU BETTER DUN IT RIGHT04:27
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo04:27
AakashPatelhaha i forgot whats taht off of04:27
*** edgar2 has left #maemo04:27
crashanddieObviously, as the Lead Technical Consultant for ActivIdentity Professional Services, I would recommend using ActivIdentity 4TRESS Authentication Server in conjunction with ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On, the industry-standard in terms of Enterprise-level security!04:27
crashanddieGeneralAntilles, can I get the official "Maemo/Spammer" hostmask?04:28
AakashPatelHaha you should be their spokesman also04:28
AakashPatelthat would be the coolest hostmask ever04:29
AakashPatelwell, in here at least04:29
*** waite has joined #maemo04:29
* AakashPatel wants ;)04:30
crashanddiefor $i in [~$query(/list channels)] -command=/join $i -tempo 0.3 -command=/say $i "Are you looking for a new corporate phone? May I suggest looking into the Maemo platform. For more information, /join #maemo or visit"04:30
crashanddiebonus points for those who recognise the syntax04:31
* AakashPatel doesnt know04:32
AakashPateloh wait wtf04:32
*** waite has quit IRC04:32
crashanddiePHP as a scripting language? ;)04:32
* AakashPatel hits himself in the face for saying PHP04:32
crashanddieerr, "irc scripting language"04:32
*** iDialekt has quit IRC04:32
AakashPatelOh hm, i really havent looked into scripts on IRC too much04:33
AakashPateltoo much/at all*04:33
crashanddielcuk, I just got paid, and it includes my upgrade salary for my new position in oz ;)04:34
*** ferdna has quit IRC04:35
lcukcool, so you can afford 2 hookers and still have enough for a 4pack of XXXX04:35
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo04:35
crashanddiepretty much04:36
lcukgood on ya04:36
lcukhow long you stateside, was it 2 weeks?04:36
crashanddienearly 3 in total04:36
AakashPatelWhat state?04:36
crashanddiebut won't be back in the UK until 5th Jan04:36
crashanddieAakashPatel, california04:36
lcuk1 week holiday, 10 days for the cavity inspection retests04:37
crashanddieI'm officially going to live in hotels for the next 11 weeks04:37
pupnikbring back the .install file :F04:37
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk04:37
pupniknobody will rent to you?04:39
crashanddiewhy would I rent? Company paying04:39
pupniki would ask for the money in cash04:39
crashanddieDoesn't work that way04:39
*** rsalveti has quit IRC04:39
pupniki can negotiate04:39
crashanddienot with our finance team you can't04:40
crashanddiethe CFO has an automatic reply for his emails. As soon as there is a question mark in an email he receives, a response is being sent out "NO"04:40
pupnikmhm h well04:40
crashanddieeasiest job in the world04:40
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo04:40
pupnik"Do you mind if we pay ourselves out of company accounts?"04:41
*** LurkerXXX_ has joined #maemo04:42
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo04:42
*** hexa has joined #maemo04:42
crashanddie500 strong company04:42
crashanddieone man only has the legal right to sign documents04:43
crashanddiethe CFO04:43
crashanddieanyway, nearly 3AM04:43
crashanddieI'm out04:44
crashanddietake care04:44
*** |dl9pf| has quit IRC04:47
*** |dl9pf| has joined #maemo04:47
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC04:49
*** florian has quit IRC04:51
*** myosound has joined #maemo04:54
*** wrapster has joined #maemo04:57
wrapsteri just finished installing the sdk04:57
wrapsterstarting xephyr opens up another black terminal? What is that.04:57
wrapsterand what does scratchbox contain>?04:58
*** Gelmir has joined #maemo04:58
*** hardaker has quit IRC04:58
cehtehwhat os?04:59
wrapstercehteh: ubuntu04:59
cehtehon debian it wors fine for me05:00
cehtehwell except the usual documented bugs05:00
wrapsterhmm.. or do could it be coz of compiz?05:00
wrapsterthe window is apparently called "xephyr on:2.0(ctrl+shift to grab mouse and keyboard)05:01
wrapsteri started the server i know that.. but should it throw up an empty black screen? is my question05:01
*** izzox has joined #Maemo05:02
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo05:02
izzoxHi all05:03
*** qwerty12_N900 has quit IRC05:03
*** izzox has left #Maemo05:03
cehtehnormally or at least here xephyr has the usual X background pattern .. kindof weaved dots05:03
wrapstercehteh: even after switching compiz off "Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x16 -dpi 96 -ac -kb &05:04
wrapster" when i run this.. i get the server window open but again a black screen?05:04
cehtehno idea maybe 'buntu patched the usual xserver pattern out?05:05
cehtehcan you start any normal app inside?05:05
cehtehDISPLAY=:2 xeyes05:05
wrapsterhmm... inside the server you mean?05:05
wrapsterecho $DISPLAY05:06
wrapsterthats from my regular teminal05:06
cehtehDISPLAY=:2 xeyes05:06
cehtehexactly like that05:06
*** simula_ has joined #maemo05:07
wrapsteri see the cursor blinking on the next line and in the xpher server i see eyes... lol05:08
wrapsterresponding to my mouse movement?05:08
wrapsterbut still a black screen on the whole05:09
cehtehcursor blinking on the terminal where you started it? or inside the xephyr window?05:09
*** niedobry has joined #maemo05:09
wrapsterwhere i started it05:10
simula_the n900 rocks05:10
Hydroxidewoo for figuring out how to get the internet via my N900 over a usb cable from Linux! :) [using kppp from kde4 in this case, but that's a detail]05:10
simula_now i just have to install qt for maemo :05:11
cehtehany news about the microphone problems?05:11
Hydroxidea web page aimed at sierra wireless customers running linux combined with t-mobile apn info combined with a couple of google searches and some trial+error got it working05:11
*** promulo1 has joined #maemo05:11
cehtehand GPS fix without net connection05:11
Hydroxidecehteh: my n900 mic is functional. (sep 3 preorder from, shipped nov 24, arrived nov 25)05:11
cehtehgermany here05:12
Hydroxidehaven't gotten gps fix successfully yet, but only tried with a very obstructed view of the sky once05:12
cehtehpreordered from a retailer so it will take a bit05:12
simula_i haven't played with my mic yet05:12
Hydroxidegood luck.05:12
cehtehwell some tell gps without net connection doesnt work at all05:12
Hydroxidesimula_: just try to make a call and have someone else hear you?05:12
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo05:12
wrapstercehteh: any idea? is it normal or not? how do i run python scripts on it? i just want to check before i start.. hmm lets say a python hello world prg05:12
cehtehwith network no problem05:12
simula_hydroxide... i don't have a sim card in it... wifi baby :)05:13
Hydroxidecehteh: I'm guessing it will take longer to get a fix without having recently downloaded AGPS coordinates05:13
Hydroxidesimula_: so? do a voip call :)05:13
cehtehwrapster: if xeyes display then xephyr is working .. just go on as the manual says05:13
Hydroxidejabber/google talk/sip/skype05:13
simula_i haven't set up a voip account with it yet :)05:13
Hydroxideah :)05:13
*** JoeBrain has joined #maemo05:13
cehtehHydroxide: they say 'not at all' means really not at all05:13
cehtehsitting for hours and get no fix05:13
wrapstercehteh: manual?05:13
cehtehthat would be a no deal for me05:14
cehtehwrapster: SDK manual05:14
wrapstercehteh: ok05:14
Hydroxideanyway, I'm not too worried for myself since I have a flat-rate data plan... but i might test out of curiosity05:14
Hydroxideand for places out of reception, of course05:14
cehtehwell if mine arrives someday and doesnt get a fix without sim card i send it back05:14
Hydroxidecehteh: most likely wifi would work too, but depending on use that might not be useful05:15
cehtehwhen do you need gps most? .. i do when i am  in a foreign country or in the wilderness05:15
AakashPatelNavigation on my old phones05:15
cehtehmeans no net or expensive roaming05:15
Hydroxidepersonally I use it for tracking map-based navigation within my home country :)05:15
cehtehso i want a reliable gps without net05:15
Hydroxidethen again, my home country covers a much larger area than your home country, so I travel outside of it less often even for the same distances05:16
cehteheurope has more smaller countries05:16
*** sjaensch_ has quit IRC05:16
cehtehit already turned me off that it doesnt have a compass ..05:16
*** rsalveti has quit IRC05:16
HydroxideI've been to a few of them. not germany yet though - maybe if munich wins their bid to host debconf1105:16
cehtehbut if gps doesnt get a fix that would be extremely disappointing05:17
Hydroxidecehteh: some of the rumors say it has one of those. I haven't tested. the official specs don't list an FM radio or the IrDA but it has those05:17
cehtehyeah there are some rumors05:17
AakashPatelDoes the N900 have a compass?05:17
*** fernand0 has joined #maemo05:17
HydroxideAakashPatel: that's what we're wondering about :)05:17
cehtehbut there are also disassembled pics of it and looks like no one seen a compass chip yet05:18
AakashPatelOh hah05:18
cehtehwhile fm reciever is on the chipset for free05:18
*** jnettlet has quit IRC05:18
cehtehprolly just a little chip which could be soldered to gpio or i2c .. i really wonder why it doesnt have one05:19
*** nybble has quit IRC05:19
*** ajaxous has joined #maemo05:19
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo05:20
simula_has anyone installed build-essential on their n900?05:20
*** timeless_mbp_ has joined #maemo05:21
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC05:21
*** timeless_mbp_ is now known as timeless_mbp05:22
simula_i think i found a good link for devs:
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC05:23
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo05:24
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo05:24
*** niedobry has left #maemo05:24
Aveanyone gotten a production n900 yet?05:27
AakashPatelAve: many people05:28
AveI read many forums and people only bitch about continuous postpones05:29
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:29
Aveeven from official nokia store and operators05:29
simula_i have one05:29
simula_pre-ordered early05:29
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:30
Avedid you 810?05:30
AveI gotta get to try one ..05:30
AakashPatelAve: even amazon US is shipping a few out a day05:30
AveI have android phone now and had 810, but I have no idea what to expect from n90005:30
AakashPatelI have an android phone also05:30
Avejudging form iamges alone, the 900 seems a bit bulky05:31
simula_it is extremely sweet... i'm still putting it through it's paces05:31
AakashPatelAve: what Android based phoen do you have rigth now05:31
pekujaAve: it's smaller than an 810 I think05:32
Avehtc hero05:32
AakashPatelo.O the sprint one or the other one?05:32
Avea bit underpowerd, but still nice05:32
AakashPatelYeah, underpowered05:32
Aveum its stock unlocked one, I think I bought mine from france05:32
Aveman these messages
lpotterit is smaller than the tablets05:32
AveI found that the 810 hw keyboard had too little clearing at the top, it was hard to type05:33
Avehope 900 has more space there05:33
AakashPatelAve: Tell him to quit bitching and he'll get it before that date05:33
simula_i'm picking up the little keyboard pretty well :)05:33
AakashPatelOn twitter people are posting they're shipping05:33
AakashPatelsimula: Are the keys nice on the n900?05:34
AakashPatellike typing on it?05:34
* AakashPatel has wide thumbs05:34
Avethe waiting must've been rough ..2 months!05:34
AveI would've exploded05:34
simula_they seem pretty nice to me, but i'm not a big guy :)05:34
lpotterthe space between the kayboard is the same, but the n900 has more definition in the keys05:34
*** alecrim has joined #maemo05:34
pekujaAakashPatel: can you type on other thumb keyboards?05:35
Avehm well, I always ran into the screen with my thumbs, and I dont have particularly big hands05:35
AakashPateli can type on the HTC Dream okay05:35
*** range has quit IRC05:35
lpotterI find its easier to type on the n900 than the n81005:36
Avewell it does have 1 less row right?05:36
lpotterya 3 rows05:36
Avebtw, is there a dpad/home/back hw keys anywhere?05:36
AveI mean how are you supposed to run old legacy apps05:36
Aveif any ..05:36
lpotterthere are arrow keys05:36
lpotterand the spacebar is not in the middle and takes a bit to get used to05:37
*** madmikeuk has quit IRC05:37
lpotterspacebar is to the right of 'M'05:37
lpotterits not bad.05:38
Avehad to mod the keymap in 810 to get pipe and pgup/pgdown05:38
Aveessential for screen/irssi ..05:38
Avewell shell in general05:38
Avetab also05:38
AveI mean without resorting the the horrible CHR picker05:39
lpotterits extremely easy to send a txt or im message05:39
Aveare all common IM standards supported now without 3rd party app?05:40
Avepeople use mostly msn05:40
lpotteri suppose at some point there will be05:41
Aveeven 810 had something, but in reality you had to install different app to get real world IM capabilities05:41
lpotterya, it will be like a plugin, I suppsoe05:42
Aveiirc its now using the telepathy framewoek05:43
*** Sargun has quit IRC05:43
Aveor no was it just latest gnome/ubuntu reelase switching away from pidgin ..05:43
Avetoo many things going on05:44
*** hardaker has joined #maemo05:45
*** dolphin has quit IRC05:45
*** dolphin has joined #maemo05:46
*** eton has quit IRC05:51
*** eton has joined #maemo05:52
*** tank-man has joined #maemo05:54
*** eton has quit IRC05:58
Arkenoi if we only had replacement back cover..06:03
*** KMFDM has quit IRC06:04
*** dolphin has quit IRC06:05
*** dolphin has joined #maemo06:05
pekujaArkenoi: we'd have a really thick phone then06:07
pekujaArkenoi: I'm sure an extended battery for N900 will come out soon enough if there is demand for it06:08
Avethe htc hero has same thing going on, someone sells a custom extended battery AND custom back cover06:09
Avebut the outside dimensions arent changed06:09
Avethe back cover is just slightly thinner06:09
Avedue to thicker battery, obviously06:10
Aveyou get few hundred mAh more ..06:10
pekujathat battery on eBay is double the capacity of the original06:11
pekujaso that's pretty good06:11
Aveis it really06:11
Aveyou can buy most anything from eg dealextreme, but you'll get whatever ..06:11
pekujathe original battery is 1320mAh06:11
pekujayou may be right06:12
Aveif the battery is ~ twice the size, then why not06:14
Avequite cheap huh06:14
Aveand they have worldwide free shipping, thats insane, really ..06:15
*** xnt14 has joined #maemo06:15
AveI've bought one cree high power led lamp from there, pretty nice quality for the price (about 10 euros)06:16
AveI felt sick due to the fact that they ship everything from hong kong in airplanes all over the world ...06:16
pekujawell basically they ship so much stuff that it doesn't cost them a lot to ship any individual product06:17
GAN900Ave, telepathy-extras is in Extras-devel06:17
*** treitter_ has quit IRC06:17
GAN900lpotter, the N900 has more space above the keyboard than the N81006:18
*** treitter_ has joined #maemo06:18
GAN900sjgadsby has a comparison shot up on flickr.06:18
Aveyeah I know they ship insane amount of stuff, but still06:18
Avesometimes people order <1 dollar items just for kicks06:18
Aveyay more space!06:19
Avenokia did SOMETHING right atleast!06:19
GAN900The N900 keyboard has great feel.06:19
*** swc|666 has quit IRC06:19
GAN900Though, honestly, I still prefer the fullscreen keyboard coming from nearly 3 years with an N800.06:20
greenflyscreen keyboard makes interactive shells tough06:21
Avebut there still is osd kb in 900?06:21
Myrttistupid canola2, can't update it on my n800 :-(06:21
greenflylike mutt, vim, and irssi06:21
*** treitter_ has quit IRC06:21
GAN900Ave, worst part of Maemo 5 is all of the rough edges they need to smooth out to get it up to par featurewise with something like S60 for phone use.06:21
GAN900Per-contact ringtones, voice dialing, caller announcement, profile customization, etc.06:22
GAN900As a tablet it's great, though.06:22
Avesounds harsh06:22
Avewell as a tablet, I like tne 810 even if its a bit underpowered06:22
AveI got it customized to my liking06:23
GAN900N900 aint underpowered. ;)06:23
AakashPatelLol its a besat06:23
* AakashPatel drools at the specs06:23
GAN900It's particularly nice being able to play back mostly anything from my UPnP mediaserver.06:23
pupnikit is a balanced lightweight sports coupe for me06:24
Macerafter dicking around with this damn zimbra crap for hours i finally got it working06:24
Maceri was about to switch to ms server and exchange06:24
GAN900Probably more MX-5 than Z4 M, though.06:25
* Myrtti stares at the application manager of her n800 with distaste06:25
AakashPatelMacer: I thought ZIMBRA WAS AWESOME06:25
pupnikto me a monster is something that consumes lots of energy06:25
Myrttistupid bloody thing06:25
AakashPatelpupnik: its worth it lol06:25
AakashPatelfeed it all the power it wants06:25
pupnikever ride in a mx5?06:25
AveGAN900: also 720p h264 video?06:25
GAN900Myrtti, really wish we had a couple of interested UI hackers for that thing.06:25
AakashPatelhow about 1080p :006:25
pupnikid like to try one for a few days06:25
Avethat really needs hw assistance/gpu offloading06:25
MacerAakashPatel: it is when it's running06:25
Macerit totally sucks to set up when you have problems06:26
Macerwhich really my major problem was the goddamn godaddy ssl cert06:26
GAN900Ave, MPEG4 is doable, built-in stumbles with the higher quality h.264 profiles.06:26
AveI have yet to see a pc that doesnt06:26
pupniki thought we had a media engine folr that06:26
GAN900There's a NEON optimized decoder floating around.06:26
pupnikin hadware06:26
GAN900DSP handles video.06:26
pupniknot powervr06:26
Avemy netgem stb decodes absolutely everything h264 without a hiccup, but it has dedicated hw06:26
MyrttiGAN900: it told me I have problems, but didn't give any suggestions how to fix any06:26
Aveand its linux based too06:26
*** treitter_ has joined #maemo06:27
GAN900Myrtti, apt-get  to the rescue! (?)06:27
Avethe package manager is fail all around06:27
Averoot shell and apt-get wins, every time06:27
GAN900Ave, except for the fact that the cache is on rootfs by default. ;)06:28
MyrttiAve: we should've evolved past that ages ago06:28
AveI have many problems, I wonder if the package manager knows about those06:28
Myrttito get to consumer markets06:28
Aveby the geeks, for the geeks, never forget06:28
Myrttinot just for us geeks06:28
Myrttifuck that06:28
*** raz955 has joined #maemo06:29
AveI suppose nokia has, or should have, some usability/ui experts in staff06:29
raz955the sound in n900 is loud like n96 or n73 music edition ?06:29
cehtehapt-get install --reinstall microphone :)06:29
*** `0660_ has joined #maemo06:29
GAN900Ave, they do, they have funny ideas about stuff sometimes, however.06:29
raz955the sound in n900 is loud like n96 or n73 music edition ?06:30
Aveyou can actually buy a megaphone as addon06:30
Avea Nokia©® one06:30
pupnikit is a good speakerphone volume06:30
GAN900raz955, I can only compare to my 5800 and N80006:30
GAN900It's louder than both.06:30
*** ideamonk has quit IRC06:31
pupnikman winter06:31
pupnikit just doesnt count wikthout snow06:31
raz955GAN900 : N900 Louder than 5800 ?06:32
pupnikhe just said that06:32
GAN900raz955, yes.06:32
GAN900Louder than most Apple laptops, too.06:32
pupnikthink of another question06:32
GAN900pupnik, my thin Florida bload disagress with you.06:32
cehtehohnoes ... more disco in public transportation :P06:33
* GAN900 is cold.06:33
raz955GNV900 : ok nice06:33
AveI watched the multitask demo from youtube, was fairly impressive06:33
Avehow much does the 900 have memory?06:33
Aveactual ram06:33
GAN900Plus 768MB of swap06:34
Avehuh only ..06:34
cehtehit is directly on the cpu chip so dont whine, no change possible06:34
GAN900Which it generally uses to good effect.06:34
raz955the phone very slowly06:34
raz955# Large and heavy06:34
*** Ford_Prefect has joined #maemo06:34
*** b-man17 has quit IRC06:34
raz955# No voice recorder, no MMS, and no handwriting recognition06:34
GAN900Ave, find me another OMAP3 device with more. kthxbye ;)06:34
raz955# Outdated camera interface and features06:34
GAN900cehteh, false.06:34
AveI mean only that much, consiering the multitas capabilities06:34
cehtehvoice recorder should be trivial by 3rd party06:35
Avesuppose much shared mem and a sane swap algo06:35
Ave2.6 kernel?06:35
AveI suppose06:35
GAN900cehteh, it's a PoP which is purchased separately and attached as part of the fab process.06:35
cehteh  << anyone with the actual phone may try to port that there06:35
GAN900Camera works great.06:36
cehtehnitin is working/planning on compressed swap on the backing device too06:36
cehtehi used that on my laptop and it increased performance considerably06:36
GAN900and the device's size and weight feels appropriate considering that what you're getting is a little laptop, not a phone.06:37
AveGAN900: beagleboard has nore if you count the nand flash!06:37
Avereally, no06:37
GAN900Ave, Beagle and N900 have the same PoP. ;)06:37
cehteh   cool06:38
AakashPatelmmm beagleboard06:38
* AakashPatel has one06:38
*** hardaker has quit IRC06:38
GAN900raz955, if you want the N900 just to use as a phone, you probably want to use something else.06:39
cehtehcan anyone please report me the value of /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode on the actual device?06:39
GAN900raz955, however, if you want a laptop that fits in your pocket and also has phone functionality, then this is the device for you.06:39
AakashPateland if you dont know what that means..n900 isnt for you06:40
raz955very funny06:40
GAN900cehteh, 0.06:41
cehtehand the filesystems are mounted with commit=1 iirc06:41
raz955Iphone 3GS Better :)06:41
*** fernand0 has quit IRC06:41
AakashPatelraz955: now THATS funny06:41
raz955the true is very funny :)06:42
raz955you right06:42
GAN900swappiness is 10006:42
AakashPatelraz955: you're srs?06:42
microlithraz955 is back?06:42
cehtehsounds like excessive writes to the nand06:42
*** DangerMaus has left #maemo06:42
GAN900raz955, having used both devices rather extensively, both of them cater to different audiences.06:42
GAN900cehteh, Ew06:42
cehtehthe buildin flash isnt replaceable or?06:43
*** ideamonk has joined #maemo06:43
GAN90032GB is a lot of room for wear leveling.06:43
cehtehi mean not even not by service06:43
Avelaptop is slightly broad claim sconsidering that you cant run everything a small real x86 laptop would06:43
cehtehwell only if you have a lot free06:43
*** Unmensch has joined #maemo06:43
raz955well i think the keyboard in n900 not comfortable and unnecessary06:43
AveI guess the sony vaio P ultraportable comes closest at that06:43
AakashPatelAve: MOSTLY everything is good enough lol06:43
Aveyeah in reality06:43
cehtehif you use it frequently like video and swapping mp3's then not06:43
raz955Virtual Qwerty is better06:43
AakashPatelraz955: have you useed it?06:44
microlithraz955: that's your opinion, honestly06:44
Avehell I have everything I need in n810 and android atm06:44
GAN900Even if not, the N810 had fairly similar swap arrangements and I've not heard of any wearout issues.06:44
Aven900 would suffice too, I guess06:44
raz955AskahPatel : no but i used N97 the keyboard not comfortable06:44
AakashPateli dont even think he's used a n90006:44
microlithAakashPatel: this much is obvious06:44
AakashPatelraz955: guess it...IS NOT the n90006:44
GAN900raz955, it has a virtual input, too.06:44
*** esaym153 has quit IRC06:44
raz955but its the same keyboard06:44
GAN900raz955, not even close.06:44
cehtehwell if i ever receive mine .. the gps and the microphone works i may try to make it little less write happy :P06:44
* AakashPatel gives raz955 a cookie or being an idiot 06:44
AakashPatelraz955: Bull shit06:45
raz955the buttons very small06:45
AakashPatelDo you have eyes06:45
GAN900N900's keyboard is SO much better than the N97's.06:45
raz955ok 5800 better06:45
AakashPatelSays a man06:45
raz955virtual keyboard06:45
AakashPateltaht actually HAS an n90006:45
lcukraz955, you know the real problem don't you.   fucking thing isn't available in red.06:45
*** `0660 has quit IRC06:45
Myrttiraz955: have a lollipop06:45
* lcuk wants a red n90006:46
microlithlcuk: a red one would go faster06:46
AakashPatelzoom zoom06:46
GAN900Ave, well, I showed the N900 to a bunch of Android hackers at the Florida Linux show and very nearly instantly converted all 6 of them. ;)06:46
raz955you just jealous that you dont have N95 8GB Like me06:46
AakashPatelGAN900: haha im doing it right now06:46
AveGAN900: meh!06:46
raz955AHAHA ! sucker06:46
lcukpink for you Myrtti06:46
* AakashPatel looks down at his ADP106:46
GAN900Ave, and Maemo devices have long since obsoleted laptops for me.06:46
Myrttiraz955: the door, it is that way06:46
AveI ♥ my 11" vaio06:47
Avenuff said06:47
AveI'll prolly get n900 eventually, but I have to get my hands on one first06:47
GAN900raz955, trolling is not a productive sport here. :)06:47
lcukMyrtti, someone nicked your thing06:47
*** dolphin has quit IRC06:47
AakashPatelAve: push just buy one06:47
Aveno way jose06:47
* AakashPatel did06:47
AveI bought n810 blind06:47
*** hardaker has joined #maemo06:47
lcukMyrtti, gulp06:47
Avemyrtti is screwed06:48
lcukYou are about to do something potentially harmful06:48
lcukTo continue type in the phrase ‘Yes, do as I say!’06:48
*** dolphin has joined #maemo06:48
Avetry aptitude too, it resolves dependencies better ..06:48
lcuk"no way"06:48
Aveif its available, I forget06:48
*** Gelmir has quit IRC06:48
AakashPatelincompatible encoding LOL06:48
AakashPatellcuk: what did you type after the end quote o.O06:48
*** Firebird has quit IRC06:48
MyrttiAve: i'm not an idiot, you kniw06:48
raz955capcitive or resitive what better ?06:49
AveMyrtti: did I say you were ..06:49
raz955depends in what ?06:49
*** esaym153 has joined #maemo06:49
GAN900Myrtti, SDK repo and Extras-devel are dangerous.06:49
microlithraz955: personal preference06:49
Myrttictrl-c and i'm not 'screwed' anymore06:49
lcukraz955, i look forward to using the high resolution screen on my n90006:49
AakashPatelmicrolith: I didnt wanna say taht cuz i know he's gonna say somehting stupid back06:49
lcukand writing and drawing my ideas06:49
microlithAakashPatel: then why give him attention?06:50
AveMyrtti: bah, I meant regarding the to-be-removed packages06:50
GAN900Ave, the N900 is a much better device than the N810.06:50
Aveit better be!06:50
AakashPatelmicrolith: its like i have to make sure stupid people are stupid lol06:50
Avenokias last hope06:50
AakashPatelknow they are*06:50
MyrttiAve: *shrug*06:50
GAN900Ave, yeah, right, with their 40% share of the smartphone market.06:50
lcukMyrtti, you in the uk nowadays? coming to long weekend?06:50
MyrttiGAN900: probably didn't even realise i had them06:51
Averunning symbian, and its massive app list06:51
GAN900Apple and Android hardly matter compared to Nokia's volumel06:51
Avehaving tried N97, I'm not at all sold06:51
Myrttilcuk: back in Finnie until date x06:51
AakashPatelGAN900: what IRC client are you using?06:51
lcukwhere abouts?06:51
* AakashPatel cant wait to use XChat on an n90006:51
GAN900Ave, I agreep, but sales numbers speak volumes.06:51
lcukxchat works06:52
Myrttilcuk: tampere06:52
Flandryis libsdl supported by nokia or maemo?06:52
lcukcool - literally06:52
GAN900Myrtti, going to Barcelona?06:52
GAN900Flandy, silly question.06:52
GAN900Maemo is Nokia06:52
raz955N900 VS N95 8GB , ( N95 8GB HAVE Better Camera , Sound ) Thats improtant !06:52
Flandryum that's not what they told me :P06:52
GAN900"the community" is the second word you were looking for. ;)06:53
GAN900and, um, Nokia I believe.06:53
Aveeven so, I still feel that future mobile wars are fought between android, maemo and apple06:53
AakashPatelraz955: SHUT THE FUCK UP06:53
Avesymbian is yesterdays news06:53
lcukraz955, never had one06:53
MyrttiGAN900: did ask my boss, but doubt it06:53
GAN900raz955, first warning. :)06:53
GAN900Myrtti, :(06:53
raz955GN900 you @ ?06:53
lcukbut ive also never hada  camrea i code up and do stuff with either06:53
GAN900Ave, Android rather distresses me.06:53
lcukgan is god unfortunately06:53
AakashPatelGAN900: On android, the "multitasking" is a bit unintuitive, the way you swtich apps06:54
microlithAakashPatel: chill06:54
AakashPatelmicrolith: *deep breaths*06:54
* lcuk sleeps06:54
AveJava irks me, but other than that the google offering is pretty solid platform that has almost everything (including the evil)06:54
raz955every one here can kiss my pussy06:54
GAN900Ave, it plays at being an open platform but isn't anything of the sort.06:54
AakashPatelokay, someone ban him06:54
raz955wow "BAN"06:54
raz955please dont do that06:54
raz955im "really" need this room lol06:55
Flandrywell i'm trying to figure out what i would do to add code to libsdl. I have the source package but where should i look?06:55
AakashPatelyou might wanna join #english also06:55
Avedont know if maemo is any more open, it too, has black boxes (like dsp, gps, booatloaders, whatnot)06:55
Myrttiso a duck walked into a bar06:55
lcukave it has black boxes, sure06:55
lcukjust like every circuit board has chips06:55
AakashPatelThats expected :)06:55
Aveandroid has its shady areas too06:56
lcukbut we are free to build the board how we like06:56
lcukand use any language or toolkit to make what we need06:56
Avewell android has been ported to n810 as well06:56
Flandrylol android has its shady areas...06:56
Avewhy not n900 ..06:56
Avesomeone will do it, no doubt06:56
GAN900Avi, it has some compatability with desktop Linuxes and vaguely open governance.06:56
AakashPatelDoes the radio and such work?06:56
AakashPatelon the n810 port?06:56
Flandrywhole of it in the shade of google06:56
Avealmost nothing works, its mostly proof of concept06:56
GAN900Ave, because I don't want that evil Google Java shit on my device.06:57
Aveyeah it is a bit nasty, but I dont really care, its nice from user perspective06:57
*** Unmenschlich has quit IRC06:57
Aveand I can code apps for it06:57
Avemaemo is nicer in many respects,for sure06:57
AakashPatelAndroid imo is meant just to be a phone06:57
AakashPatelOn a phone*06:57
Aveit is06:57
GAN900Maemo 5 kicks its ass, though. ;)06:57
microlithandroid is basically a winmo replacement06:58
Avethat alone justifies its existance06:58
AakashPatelmaemo is like you want a UMPC that makes  calls lol06:58
AakashPatelAve: people try to do soem crazy shit with it lol06:58
Avewe'll see about that in few years time06:59
AveI eargerly wait what happens in the device and app space on coming years06:59
Flandryi really have no idea where to look for this06:59
Flandryit's not on gitorious06:59
AakashPatelAve: see about what? lol06:59
AakashPateli got lost07:00
GAN900Android is worse than WinMon and iPhone OS to me.07:00
GAN900At least those platforms are upfront about not being about.07:00
Flandryyeah it's a bit hypocritical07:00
GAN900Android is billed as an open OS but is really nothing of the sort.07:00
AakashPatelThe core OS is open07:01
AakashPatelBut all the stuff that makes it useful is not lol07:01
GAN900It locks you into its toolkits, its language, and Google.07:01
GAN900Open isn't just about source.07:01
GAN900It's also about governance.07:01
AakashPatelGoogle is REALLY shady about android07:01
Flandrythat's why i'm so down on it--i spent  quite a while enthused about it before i realized the scam07:01
AakashPatelupcoming feature and stuff like that07:01
AakashPatelFlandry: you should have seen how many dev's were angry about how 2.0 was released07:02
Flandryit wasn't until the C&D thing hit that i realized how  pointless Android is without google07:02
Aveandroid is not 100% libre by any means, but nothing is07:02
AakashPatel2-3 weeks before an actual device launch07:02
Flandryand therefore how unopen it is07:02
AakashPateland they release the sdk07:02
Avemaemo is "more free" if you want to define it like that07:02
GAN900Ave, I'm not open source zealot, but Android scares me.07:03
AveI guess07:04
GAN900The platform is much to eager to hand over controll to carriers and device manufacturers.07:04
AakashPatelLol I just want something that they actually communicate with you07:04
*** eie has joined #maemo07:04
AveIphone is locked more than android07:05
GAN900The N900 is the first really open phone.07:05
Aveaha, what about neo freerunner!07:05
GAN900Ave, sure, but Apple doesn't lie about that.07:05
Aveit even runs debian07:05
*** hassanakevazir has quit IRC07:05
AakashPatelAve: Freerunner blahah07:05
Flandrynobody ever claimed iphone was open though :P07:05
GAN900and that isn't a piece of shit.07:05
Aveit was open, and phone07:05
Avefine add parameters then!07:05
eieGAN900 open phone, how?07:05
GAN900Freerunner can't even manage to run Mer decently. ;)07:06
AakashPatelthe only TRUE open phone07:06
AakashPatelis the openmoko devices lol07:06
*** ferdna has joined #maemo07:06
GAN900eie, it's the first phone you can pretty much do whatever you want with without having to fight for the ability to do so.07:06
raz955N900 cheap features Nokia suck , only N95 8GB07:06
AakashPatelraz955: dont make me tell you again07:07
microlithAakashPatel: shh!07:07
Myrttiraz955: you're a broken record07:07
* AakashPatel hits himself in the face07:07
Flandryaugh wtf are there no maemo maintainers in the control file07:08
raz955n900 its like shit , two of them suck HAHAH07:08
eieGAN900 like what things?07:08
AakashPatelIs there no op's here?07:08
infobotAakashPatel meant: Are there no op's here?07:08
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o GAN90007:08
*** raz955 has left #maemo07:09
*** GAN900 sets mode: +b raz955!*@*07:09
AakashPatelThank you GAN900 :D07:09
*** GAN900 sets mode: -o GAN90007:09
AakashPatelNow you're bannin people "on the fly"07:09
GAN900I think that's the first IRC ban from an N90007:09
* AakashPatel had to say that07:09
Flandryhey, it's one for the history books07:10
AakashPatelWrite it down!07:10
GAN900We're making history here, people! ;)07:10
* microlith cheers?07:10
GAN900eie, like boot Debian.07:10
Avefirst, just now? that is historic07:10
cehteh.. and emacs on a smartphone? :)07:10
Avebut he left by his own hand ..07:11
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC07:11
GAN900Ave, ah, damn, I have join/part spam turned off here. ;)07:11
* microlith ponders ruby-based mobile applications07:11
Ave[07:09] -!- mode/#maemo [+o GAN900] by ChanServ07:11
Ave[07:09] -!- raz955 [n=raz955@] has left #maemo []07:11
Avepretty funny ..07:11
AakashPatelI say we DDoS him to death07:12
eieGAN900 someone said its like a laptop, wonder if its really is07:12
Aveyou may do so, but only using n900's07:12
AakashPatelI'm nto gonna waste my time microlith dont worry haha07:12
Aveit has the oompah!07:12
* GAN900 still has pie from Thanksgiving to finish.07:13
GAN900What a burden.07:13
* AakashPatel didnt get any pie07:13
AakashPatelemail me some07:13
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo07:13
GAN900eie, Maemo devices have completely replaced laptops for me.07:13
Macerabout time07:13
* GAN900 hoards.07:13
Maceri think i'm just about done with this friggin zimbra server07:13
Macerand now it's runnign in debian instead of centos07:14
Macerwhich i honestly don't know if that's a good or bad thing :)07:14
Flandrylol SDL sets a max of 32 joysticks07:14
cehtehohnoes, no multiplayer pong07:15
Aveonly if multi <= 3207:15
Aveor actually >=07:15
cehtehmassive multiplayer pong :)07:15
Flandrymassive multiplayer online pong07:15
Avethe next big thing, maybe07:15
Avemmorpg is getting so old07:16
Flandrymmoping the world07:16
Averetrogaming is the shit07:16
AakashPatelfuck yeah07:16
Aveenjoy the new communal pong in train, aeroplane, anywhere!07:16
cehtehhey nethack for n900?07:16
Avecertainly I'd say07:16
Aveif you have terminal and curses, you are there07:17
*** Tyrant91101 has quit IRC07:17
Aveeven 810 oughta have it ..07:17
cehtehnot in the repo yet07:17
Macerdon't knock pong07:17
eieGAN900 if it wasnt for the financial crisis I think it would have been sold for much more than $800 lol07:17
Avemy first videogame experience was pong, dammit07:17
eiewonder if prices will drop soon07:17
AakashPatel800 for an n900???07:17
* AakashPatel wouldnt go that high07:17
Macern810 wimax!07:17
eieAakashPatel yes in here07:17
Macerfor $100007:17
AakashPatelwhere is here07:17
AakashPatelMacer: Now thats a bargain!07:18
Macerthey are actually pretty expensive07:18
eieAakashPatel dubai07:18
Maceri guess everybody in baltimore is buying them.. or wherever the city is that actually has it07:18
Maceris that 800 indian?07:18
eie800 usd07:19
Macerwow in dubai?07:19
*** dolphin has quit IRC07:19
Maceri didn't think people had that much american money07:19
eie816 to be exact07:19
AakashPatelMacer: haha07:19
Macer816 in dubai .. that would be like someone who owns half the country07:19
eieMacer their currency is fixed to american dollar07:19
*** dolphin has joined #maemo07:19
AakashPatelMacer: Oh, my parents told me about castes the other day07:20
MacerAakashPatel: hahahaha!07:20
Macergoddamn americanized indians07:20
Macereie: how is that even possible?07:20
Macerlike 8923479347839749247938274 indian = $1?07:20
eieMacer lots of virtue shops here, many people got that phone here lol07:21
Macerthen tomorrow it's 2893472893789374982378978934389247892372384707:21
AakashPatelwtf is taht07:21
AakashPatelRs. ftw07:21
eieMacer 800 sounds like nothing07:21
Maceror something?07:21
Macerweren't they called rupees in zelda? :)07:21
AakashPatelI believe so07:22
Aveyou guys are hilarious, I'm offended07:22
Avenot being indian and all07:22
Maceri've seen india. it is NOT  a very nice place07:22
AakashPatelYou got aht right07:22
Macerlike the worst of the worst of the worst ghetto here in chicago...07:22
AakashPatelMacer: Unless you're a Patel ;)07:22
Maceris nothing compared to a semi bad place in india07:22
Macerthere is human feces on the streets!07:23
AakashPatelThat's if youre low class :P07:23
Avenice way to get some perspective into things huh07:23
Ave"man my n900 has too little memory"07:23
Avethese people dont have shoes, or water, or house fwiw, yay07:23
Macerwomen in india try to sell their babies and when they can't they just throw them into the street and walk away07:23
GAN900Macer, Dubai is a fuckload richer than wherever you're living.07:23
eieMacer the biggest *cough* democracy *cough* in the world they say 1.3 billion07:23
MacerGAN900: probably now :) chicago is kind of hurting for money heh07:24
AakashPatelMacer: That's if you're poor :P07:24
eieMacer though half the population lives on streets07:24
AakashPatelLike *poor*07:24
GAN900Macer, Dubai is where they build artificial islands.07:24
AakashPatelYeah haa07:24
AakashPatelDubai is rich as fuck07:24
eiedubai has 80 USD billionS debt lol07:25
GAN900eie, that's nothin'07:25
Macereie: US has 12Trillion USD debt :)07:25
Avedubai would be one of the top filthy rich places07:25
Aveand man they are screwed when things go south07:25
Macerfilthy is a good word to describe it07:25
Avethey have NO infrastructure for anything whatsoever07:25
Avethe place is gonna be deserted07:26
Flandrythey've got some pretty fantastic desal plants07:26
eieGAN900 US is screwed anyways and its big, cant compare it to a small city07:26
AakashPatelAve: the place is gonna be deserted07:26
Flandryand that new super-high tech city07:26
Flandryif the oil ran out tomorrow they'd be hurting, but then so would everyone else07:27
* Macer is reminded of the indian enron power plant07:27
Macerso how's that thing working out?07:27
AakashPatelI never watched taht movie lol07:27
Avetheres no food, water, anything, they just fly everything in, not self sustainable at all07:27
AakashPatelMacer: i got 10 mins in and fell asleep07:27
Aveif things go up shit creek, the rich just move away ..07:27
MacerAakashPatel: haha07:28
Macerthat movie is awesome07:28
Maceryou have to get into the 20th minute to really watch the bastards at work07:28
Flandrynot really sure how that's different than anywhere else though07:28
Macerwe have a weather man in chicago named tom skilling07:28
Maceri never realized that was jeff skillling's brother07:28
Macerthe guy who ran enron into the ground07:28
eieAve its like expecting andora to manufacture planes07:29
Avesorry, dont get that :\07:29
*** caotic has quit IRC07:29
Aveyou mean the desert environment07:30
Aveit is extremely futile07:30
*** Moku has joined #maemo07:30
*** AakashPatel is now known as BitchSlappin07:30
*** BitchSlappin is now known as AakashPatel07:30
Aveyet they waste lots of water into making some green areas flourish07:30
eieAve its a small city with a small population not even a million07:30
Aveyeah, thats small07:31
Avecompared to what :D07:31
Flandryah that's nothing. You ever drive around southern CA?07:31
eieAve wouldnt expect it to make big stuff or be totally independent07:31
Flandrythey're wasting water on lawns like you wouldn't believe07:31
*** hardaker has quit IRC07:31
Avewe are pretty independent, except for oil (finland, ~5e6 people)07:31
AakashPatelIs there a tethering app for maemo?07:31
AakashPatelover wifi?07:32
AakashPatelor bluetooth07:32
*** qwerty12_N900 has joined #maemo07:32
AveFlandry: sure but usa will never run out of fresh water, surely07:32
Flandrynot true07:32
Aveelec maybe, but water, noooo07:32
eieAve finland is not a desert lol07:32
Aveno, its cold and dark and a sad place07:32
eieAve and 5 million07:32
Flandryjust because energy is the popular topic07:32
Flandrywater is looming07:32
Aveoverpopulation is looming07:33
Flandrybut we are using it to make corn into ethanol07:33
Aveand resource deficiency07:33
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:33
Aveyeah this eco-bio-greenwash is something I just dont get07:33
Flandrymy research is water treatment oriented07:33
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:33
Avewhat the hell, put FOOD into car? basically07:33
Aveno sense whatsoever07:33
Flandryand very few people realize what an issue water is already07:33
eieAve they say once oil runs out the big deserts here will export energy07:33
*** Shinto has quit IRC07:34
Aveyeah suppose that'll happen07:34
Avethe oil barons surely are investing into solar and other alternavite tech07:34
Flandryexporting energy is a fairly losing proposition07:34
Flandryunless it's free07:34
Avethese days they even have solar panels that have efficiency =>107:35
eieheard france is buying huge charged solar batteries from here07:35
Flandrythe transmission losses are why we don't use our deserts now  for power07:35
eieshipped to france07:35
Avemaybe use some mad-ass tesla coils and low frequency transfer07:35
Aveand bigass antennas07:35
AakashPatelAve: Thats what i'm talkin about107:36
Avesee the TED talk about wireless power07:36
AakashPatelIngenuity ftw07:36
Flandryover thousands of miles?07:36
Aveits usable for short distances atleast07:36
Avewell in theory ..07:36
Avebut large wavelength requires big antennas ..07:36
eiealso germany invested in big solar projects in the sahara desert07:36
Flandryand you think people will ever allow that...07:37
Flandrythey freak out over phone radiation ffs07:37
Avewell those people are NUTS07:37
Avenon ionizing radiation and all07:37
Flandryand a significant voting population07:37
AakashPatellol so is taht radiation shit just buncha BS?07:37
Avelittle education wouldnt hurt07:37
Flandrygood luck07:37
* AakashPatel wonders if he can sleep with his phone 1in from his face07:37
AakashPatelw/o getting brain damage07:37
*** penguinbait has quit IRC07:38
Avethe brain damage would come from the heating effects of the near field07:38
Avenot radiation per se07:38
Aveatleast according to current knowledge07:38
Flandryhow is that not radiation?07:38
AakashPatelSo...isnt taht radiation? lol07:38
*** droid0011 has joined #maemo07:39
Aveits not ionizing radiation07:39
Flandryi guess not in the "scary nuclear" sense07:39
Avethats what people SHOULD be worried of07:39
Flandryit's all EM07:39
Avehell, light is EM07:39
Avehooo I'm sscared!07:39
AakashPatelHah yeah07:39
AakashPatelAve: IT BURNS07:39
AakashPatelTHE LIGHT07:39
Flandrypoint is anyway you gotta do what people will accept07:39
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo07:40
*** dolphin has quit IRC07:40
Flandrywe've got a huge NIMBy problem with wind in the US07:40
Avewell people are asses07:40
Flandryand nuclear07:40
Aveand when their asses are in need, they'll accept anything ..07:40
Flandrywhich are both essential07:40
Flandrypower plants aren't built overnight07:40
*** dolphin has joined #maemo07:41
Flandrythe lead time on nuclear plants is ridiculous07:41
AveI dont actually like wind, in theory its nice supplement, but to replace even one small reactor, you'd need so insane amount of propelleres that nobody wants them in their backyard making WOOSH WOOSH 24/707:41
Avethank you energy density of riched uranium ..07:41
Flandrywe've still got a bunch of basic research to do on geothermal, and the government keeps killing off those projects halfway07:42
Avehere geothermal is being used extensively for small housing now07:42
GAN900Ave, that's why you buld 'em out in the middle of nowhere. ;)07:42
Flandrywe don't have uranium reserves to go full nuclear unless we can get over the breeder reactor phobia07:42
Avelow and passive energy houses07:42
Flandrythat's good07:42
Flandryi'm talking geothermal electrical production07:42
Aveand how do you get the power from middle of nowhere to civilization07:43
Flandryyou have to drill down deep and extract high quality heat07:43
GAN900I want fusion!07:43
Flandryyeah don't we all07:43
AveI've been waiting for tokamat to deliver for some time now07:43
Aveabout to turn BLUE07:43
Flandrybetter take a breath :D07:43
Ave"it must be oil conspiracy"07:44
*** wazd has joined #maemo07:44
Ave"once we hit peak oil they'll reveal 100% working fusion desings"07:44
Flandryi don't think you have to look to conspiracy to explain it07:45
Flandrystupidity will do :/07:45
AakashPatelomg did someone say reactor?07:45
Avenah, just basic greed07:45
rashed2020It's not efficient enough07:45
* AakashPatel has reactor phobia 07:45
AveAakashPatel: psst, you are living on one07:45
Aveand near one too07:45
Aveearth core and sun, dammit07:45
Aveall amok!07:45
rashed2020AakashPatel: You noob. planet earth is a react0r!07:45
AakashPatelOwow youre smart07:46
rashed2020And arrogant.07:46
Flandryyeah i subtitled my  minor thesis: Geothermal, the safest, cleanest nuclear power source07:46
rashed2020I subtitled my thesis "Why random people who sound like they know what they're talking about rarely do"07:46
AveI propose you all see the movie "The Core", not only is it the CRAPPIEST MOVIE I've ever seen, it at the same time neatly demosntrates the dangers of messing with earth core07:47
rashed2020A bit. More Maemo than anything else though.07:47
Flandryoh man07:47
Flandryi winced at just the previews07:47
Ave2012 was entertaining tho!07:47
AakashPatelAve: I thought it was shit07:47
Flandryit's like some evil spawn of SyFy was released into the wild07:47
* AakashPatel wasted 8 bucks on taht07:47
AveI've promised to myself that I'll never see another turd by bay/emmerich/bruckheimer07:47
Avebut I got free tickets, so meh ..07:48
Flandryinstead of being confined to the channel itself07:48
AakashPatelthen its okay07:48
rashed20202012 was crap. How scientifically inaccurate was THAT movie.07:48
Avebut did they blow up shit!07:48
AakashPatelThey did?07:48
GAN900I saw the new Nightmare on Elm St trailer before the 2012 one07:48
AveI would've killed the cusack character tho07:48
Aveand that fucking DOG07:48
GAN900I swear they switched the produce credits.07:48
AakashPatelAve: AND THE HOT CHICK07:48
Avethere was one?07:49
AakashPatelthat was cool haha07:49
Flandrywho was the hot chick?07:49
AakashPatelthat other blondie07:49
AakashPatelwith the dog07:49
AakashPatelparis hilton almsot haha07:49
Aveoh yeah the rooskie07:49
Avebut didnt she die, drown ..07:49
Avethe movie had few nice things in it, like the ark idea, I always assumed some space ships ..07:49
AakashPatelThat part was pretty cool07:50
*** TommyBres has joined #maemo07:50
Aveand making the chinese do it, that was ingenious07:50
Avein reality too, they have the most resources ..07:50
AakashPatelThem chinese!07:50
AakashPatelAve: taht was probably the only fictional part haha07:50
TommyBresAve: resources = people + land, so sure07:50
Aveand COAL07:50
rashed2020Absolutely. The level of research that has gone into that production to closely mimic real life tendencies of manufacturing is abosolutely flabbergasting.07:51
TommyBrescoal is overrated07:51
TommyBresoil is underrated07:51
Aveco2 ftw07:51
AakashPatelthats ftw07:51
TommyBrespercentage of CO2 in the atmosphere?07:51
* AakashPatel blows up the o2 tank07:51
Aveactually I want oil to diminish so we'd get rid of cheap plastic crap07:51
TommyBresglobal warming _my ass_07:51
AveI want more metal and wood, dammit07:51
rashed2020Ave: How do you get your Amazon packages?07:52
TommyBresAve: say goodbye to your LCD screen, you can't make that out of metal or wood07:52
TommyBresunless you want every screen in the universe to be glass07:52
Flandryor oled07:52
Avethen its back to flintstones methods07:52
rashed2020And you'd live in a world like that?07:52
Flandryairport sign07:52
Aveactually the problems with rare earth metals is gonna hit is sooner than oil07:52
Avesemiconductur business is gonna get hurt07:52
AakashPateldiamonds :007:52
TommyBresi'm a semiconductor07:53
rashed2020They'll be making that shit in labs in no time.07:53
rashed2020I read it in an article that I'm fully preaching atm.07:53
Flandryrare earth metals?07:53
* AakashPatel buys a $100K intel p507:53
Flandrytransmutation ftw now eh07:53
Avegallium, arsenium, etc07:53
TommyBresrashed2020: remember, once you've read it from a newspaper or respected magazine, it's your own knowledge and you can preach it like you have a PhD in the subject07:53
rashed2020TommyBres: Please keep in mind that doing so is only acceptable in certain mediums and not others.07:54
AveI'll be dead before any of this shit happens, so for now I'm getting ALL THE TOYS I CAN07:54
Averemember kids, the one with the most toys wins07:54
* AakashPatel writes that down for future reference 07:54
TommyBresrashed2020: IRC is included in those medium07:54
*** droid001 has quit IRC07:54
rashed2020Indeed it is, friend.07:54
Flandrysome concern about limited lithium supply too while we're on the subject07:54
rashed2020Screw lithium. That's the only reason we're stuck with crappy batteries.07:55
Avestop press: earth resources are limited07:55
TommyBresAve: i'll buy Tyko and own your ass in plastics possessions07:55
Avewho knew?07:55
AakashPatelWhere does the worlds lithium primarily come from?07:55
Flandryyou'd think at element number 3 we'd have a ton around07:55
Flandryhas 1/2 world reserves07:55
AakashPatelI see07:55
Flandrythe saudi arabia of lithium07:55
TommyBresi think i just pooped out some lithium07:55
AakashPatelLETS DIG 'ER UP07:55
TommyBresshould i dig it out for $?07:55
Avewell we still have antarctica and siberia up for grabs!07:55
Aveno worries07:55
Aveonce they melt, its gonna be a par-tay07:56
Flandrybut apparently there are no processes that produce lithium in stars07:56
rashed2020Siberia is motherland property.07:56
AakashPatelYeah, lets go live there07:56
Flandryit actually has been decreasing in abundance since the big bang07:56
AakashPatelrashed2020: Pack my bags07:56
TommyBresAve: are you a geologist?07:56
AveI'm an ASS07:56
AakashPatelFlandry: Li has?07:56
TommyBresoh okay07:56
rashed2020AakashPatel: Sorry, don't know how. Haven't read any articles on bag packing.07:56
TommyBresis your major geology?07:56
Aveno, I'm EE/CS07:57
AakashPatelwhats ASS07:57
Avebut I've been reading about antarctica lately :D07:57
TommyBresAve: oh, i see... you talk like you're a geologist07:57
rashed2020In magazines?07:57
Aveno, just an ass07:57
Flandryi take it as proof God has a sense of humor07:57
TommyBreswell i was just curious if you knew these things based on a good background of related education or if you read an article in the new york times science section and decided to spew someone else's ideas on your own soapbox07:57
*** auenf has quit IRC07:57
*** EugeneKay has joined #maemo07:58
TommyBresnow that i know it's the latter, i'll leave that topic alone07:58
Avethat makes panda sad :(07:58
AveI didnt know we were SERIOUS here07:58
EugeneKayOn the contrary. Pandas are tasty07:58
Flandryyou have an element that by all appearances should be THE perfect battery, and then it turns out to be relatively rare07:58
*** eton has joined #maemo07:58
rashed2020Panda's consume more than 99% of the world's Bamboo resources.07:58
AveI hear pands are actually unpalatable07:58
TommyBresi think you're the only one on IRC that doesn't know the internet is serious business07:58
EugeneKayYou've never tried them with Soy Sauce07:59
Avethat must be it07:59
TommyBresAve: you read that in a Zoology article?07:59
AveI was wondering about how the pandas taste, and that in china THEY MUST also eat them07:59
Avejust must07:59
rashed2020Pandas with Soy Sauce <307:59
TommyBreschina eats dogs, why not pandas07:59
TommyBresthey eat kangaroos in australia07:59
GAN900I like it when advertisers don't realize that Adult Swim isn't Cartoon Network.07:59
Aveendangared species, pish07:59
Flandryit's a wonder they're not extinct eh07:59
AakashPatelGAN900: haha08:00
Flandrydo they eat hedgehogs in England?08:00
rashed2020Probably. Why not?08:00
TommyBresno, just hydrochloric acid judging by their teeth08:00
Flandrythey're cool08:00
rashed2020Only when they're blue.08:00
rashed2020And run really fast.08:00
Aveman tommy is on a roll08:00
AakashPatelAve: Lol08:01
TommyBresi know right, if i didn't know better i'd say i'm trolling08:01
Flandrywe're all trolling08:01
Flandryi should be asleep08:01
AakashPatelWe are a community of trolls08:01
AakashPatelFlandry: as half of us here lol08:01
AveI'm not a troll even tho I smell like one08:01
Flandryor trying to wrap my head around latinga's code08:01
TommyBresif this is the maemo community, it's going nowhere but down08:01
*** auenf has joined #maemo08:01
Avethat said, a shower would be nice08:01
*** dolphin has quit IRC08:01
AakashPatelAve: what do i smell like?08:01
TommyBresinstead of "Internet" the shortcut is gonna be changed to "intarwebz"08:01
AakashPatelnot troll!08:01
rashed2020You need some Sans.08:01
AakashPatelFlandry: haha08:01
Aveteh inter tubes are full08:02
*** dolphin has joined #maemo08:02
* TommyBres adds Flandry to my friends list08:02
Flandryyay a friend08:02
AakashPatelFlandry: that makes...2 :008:02
Avegreat, now get a room ..08:02
AakashPatelAve: ...08:02
AakashPatelYou dont get any huggles today08:03
EugeneKayThis channel ain't notihng.08:03
Aveoh what the hell, just do it right here08:03
EugeneKayFor a great time(with a corpse), visit the #necrolounge08:03
AakashPatelAve: rofl08:03
rashed2020Ave: SOME friends don't put out :(08:03
AakashPatelEugeneKay: is there actual people there now?08:03
* TommyBres grabs 5 hot sluts from craigslist08:03
TommyBresFlandry: we're gonna do them right here08:03
EugeneKayat least 3 regulars08:03
v2pxwait.. is this #maemo?08:03
EugeneKayThis is #randomshit08:03
AakashPatelv2px: if you havea question, ask ;)08:03
AakashPatelother than that08:03
TommyBresv2px: nah, it's actually #4chan08:03
AakashPatelits random08:03
Flandryit's been all downhill since that guy got banned08:04
TommyBresi wish i were freenode staff, i'd make #maemo forward to #4chan08:04
AakashPatelFlandry: Hmm you make a very good point08:04
rashed2020What guy?08:04
EugeneKayI know a staph08:04
rashed2020For what?08:04
TommyBresEugeneKay: there's a staffer that hangs out in offtopic08:04
Flandryescaping from T.M.O08:04
rashed2020Trolling mhile ontoxicated?08:04
AveToo Much Onanism08:05
TommyBresokay i'm back to #android-offtopic, later noobs with a shitty linux-only SDK08:05
rashed2020I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that thing about onanism.08:05
EugeneKayDoes listening to Linkin Park make me gay?08:05
rashed2020Cuz now that's stored in my search history forever.08:05
AakashPatelEugeneKay: quite08:05
*** TommyBres has left #maemo08:05
AakashPatelFlandry: That was interesting08:06
*** jgoss has joined #maemo08:06
Averight, calm down everyone, we must save the worls, for pete's sake08:06
AveI'll start by taking a shower and some oatmeal08:06
Flandrylol well i think i've done enough damage around here08:07
AakashPatelAve: evasive manure!08:07
rashed2020WORL (660 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a news talk format. Licensed to Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA, it serves the Orlando, Florida area08:07
* AakashPatel checks his spell check again08:07
EugeneKayYeah. You'd hate to end up watching The Men Who Stare At Goatse by mistake08:08
* AakashPatel passes out08:08
EugeneKayIt happens.08:09
rashed2020I don't know whether to laugh or cry.08:09
rashed2020Or not be surprised at all that you posted that.08:09
AakashPatelOkay...back to maemo talk...maybe?08:11
rashed2020Does it work like a MiFi?08:14
luke-jrI hate Google.08:15
AakashPatelluke-jr: why so08:16
luke-jrFrom icmp_seq=1 Destination unreachable: Administratively prohibited08:16
luke-jrwtf is with that crap? :p08:16
luke-jrI need a new search engine now08:16!08:17
Klownerthat chicken one08:17
luke-jrv2px: no AAAA record for that one at all?08:17
* arachnist got around the bug #2051, at last :>08:17
povbotBug Unable to connect to EAP PEAP MSCHAPV2 without certificates08:17
v2pxoh, hmm08:17
luke-jrlinks can access Google O.o08:17
Klownererr duckduckgo.com08:18
Klownerchicken != duck08:18
*** hardaker has joined #maemo08:23
simula_yay! build-essential on my n90008:23
*** poster_ has joined #maemo08:24
AakashPatelsimula: compile somethign cool now08:24
*** dolphin has quit IRC08:24
*** dolphin has joined #maemo08:25
AakashPatelhaha compile the linux kernal08:25
AakashPateltell us how long it takes08:25
simula_there's a good chance i'm going to compile the qt sdk which will take longer08:26
* AakashPatel would compile that in sbox08:26
AakashPateli say it will take a whole day08:26
simula_gcc 4.2108:27
AakashPatelhaha this should be fun to watch08:27
AakashPateli wonder if the n900 can overheat08:28
AakashPatelfrom constant high cpu usagte08:28
simula_it's amazingly low wattage08:28
arachnisthow does one quit the openarena?08:29
Klownerone does not quit openarena08:30
Klowner(though 'quit' in the console may work)08:30
arachnistthat was my first thought08:30
Klownerif there's a tilde key to press..08:31
Klowneror escape08:31
arachnistwhich is also missing08:31
Klownerwrap foil around the device to destroy the internet connection08:33
arachnist"FN + [,;]" == escape08:33
arachnistKlowner: that would totally destroy the connection to localhost ;)08:33
Klowneroh, darn08:34
Klownerthat'd take a lot of foil08:34
arachnistbut still, managed to get out08:34
AstralStormI might buy n900 next year... or maybe even the next device once that's out08:35
arachnisti could have just logged-in over ssh, but i don't know what's my ip in this network08:35
AstralStormnow, I'd love it to be a tiny bit slimmer and instead larger08:35
KlownerI might buy one if they take my money from me and ship it08:35
AstralStorm(maybe with a bit larger battery)08:35
AstralStormKlowner: why wouldn't they? ;p08:35
arachnistAstralStorm: it's not really as thick as it seems so from the photos08:35
KlownerAstralStorm: amazon hasn't yet08:35
AstralStormarachnist: it's 20 mm08:36
AstralStormor close08:36
AstralStormthat's thicker than n810 already08:36
AakashPatelAmazon US is shipping to a few customers08:36
AstralStormwhich is not the king or queen of slimness08:36
arachnistAstralStorm: most of the smartphones with keyboards are about that thick08:36
GAN900It's not that thick.08:36
KlownerAakashPatel: yeah some that pre-ordered back in october08:36
KlownerI ordered on the 6th of this month08:37
AakashPatelOh :/08:37
AstralStormthe whole issue is that they made the screen and the device smaller for no real reason08:37
AakashPatelim ordering tomorrow08:37
AstralStormheck, I can fit n810 + a slim phone in a pocket easily08:37'll bea  while08:37
arachnisti preordered back in september08:37
AstralStormso n900 being smaller is not really any help ;p08:37
KlownerAakashPatel: sounds like people are having good luck ordering directly from the nokia store08:37
AakashPatelI'd rather save 150 bucks lol08:37
arachnistbut that preorder was cancelled due to bank issues08:38
KlownerYou can drop $600 in the toilet and still dry it off08:38
Klownerin the form of an N900, not so much08:38
AakashPatelHah yeah08:38
AakashPatelI can wait a few weeks :)08:38
* AakashPatel hopes he gets it before christmas 08:39
cehtehhey the first users pay premium for being test bunnies and beta testers :P08:39
arachnistKlowner: i ordered directly from the nokia store, but i'm not in the US08:39
KlownerI *must* have it for my Holland trip, but that's in April08:39
AstralStormI'm considering some android goodie instead though08:40
AstralStormto complement n810 functionality08:40
KlownerI always wanted an N700, and then N800.. so08:41
Klownerfinally going for it08:41
cehtehn910 ...08:41
AstralStormn1k ;)08:42
cehtehwith compass AND microphone :P08:42
AstralStormmicrophone? there is one on n900 already08:43
AstralStormcompass is in as well08:43
cehtehwell working one ... :)08:43
simula_we have a compass?08:43
AstralStorm(but not sure how to access it)08:43
cehtehno compass08:43
AstralStormyup, in the GPS chip08:43
AstralStormit's used for dead reckoning08:43
arachnistAstralStorm: it might as well not be there, if it's like that08:43
cehtehany reliable specs?08:43
cehtehso no compass08:43
AstralStormarachnist: is the GPS ok?08:44
AstralStormor still borked08:44
AstralStormand slow08:44
cehtehfast with internet connection borked without from what i hear08:44
AstralStormAGPS doesn't count08:44
cehtehtake the sim card out and try to get a fix08:44
AstralStormso, it is still crummy08:45
AstralStormAGPS is not a solution, it's a workaround08:45
arachnistAstralStorm: seems so08:45
cehtehpeople complain its not only slow but absolutely not working without agps08:45
AakashPatelWho said they ordered from amazon also here08:45
AstralStormanother reason to buy another phone and not n90008:45
AakashPatela few mins ago08:45
cehtehfor me too08:45
arachnistAstralStorm: i managed to get a lock in about 20s in the tram08:46
AstralStormfor net browsing, n810 is adequate08:46
cehtehi just keep my order an watch, but if thats not fixed i give it back08:46
AstralStormarachnist: not great, same as n810 with AGPS08:46
cehteharachnist: without sim?08:46
KlownerAakashPatel: I did08:46
AstralStormwith real GPS, you get 0s locks08:46
arachnistcehteh: with08:46
AstralStormmax 5s08:46
AakashPatelKlowner: Does amazon get small shipments every day or something?08:46
AakashPatellike 5 or something? haha08:46
cehteharachnist: yes thats known .. i want to know without08:46
KlownerAakashPatel: I have no idea, seems like it08:46
AstralStorm(for example, with a certain Sirf Star III bt one I tried)08:46
AstralStorm(and Sirf aren't the fastest chips)08:47
ShadowJK_you dont get 0-5s with gps..08:47
AstralStormsure you do08:47
AstralStormwith AGPS08:47
ShadowJK_oh, sure08:47
AstralStormand n810 and apparently n900 can't do that08:47
AstralStormeven with AGPS08:47
cehtehwell 1-2 minutes without net would be ok for me too08:47
AstralStormthis means the chip is suck08:47
ShadowJK_n810 does08:47
arachnistAstralStorm: you know, tram is a big metal box moving at some speed that's faster than you can run08:47
cehtehbut no fix at all is unacceptable08:47
AstralStormarachnist: I know, that doesn't matter08:47
arachnistAstralStorm: so i wouldn't say that 20s lock is a bad thing08:47
AstralStormit is08:48
AstralStormtram is comparable to a car08:48
cehteharachnist: still talking about without net/sim .. not agps08:48
AstralStormagps doesn't need constant update08:48
AstralStormephemeris info + right software means still fast fixes for some time08:48
AstralStormesp. if you use the gps often08:49
cehtehwell if you dont have net then you dont care if it needs only one update or constant08:49
AstralStormgood GPS grabs ephemeris from clean state in about 30-60s depending on conditions and luck08:49
cehtehmy usecase is to leave the plane somewhere far away, turn it on and be able to navigate08:49
AstralStormwell, n810 gets 90s on good conditions08:49
ShadowJK_I would guess that on n900 it only ffetches agps data when you request a fix. on n810 there's daemon fetching it regulary08:49
cehtehwithout net or expensive data roaming08:50
AstralStormand on bad... usually can't lock08:50
AstralStormcehteh: ... really, that is but some few KB of data08:50
AstralStormshouldn't be expensive08:50
AstralStormeven w/o a data plan08:50
AstralStormit's only transferred on grabbing the first fix if the AGPS data is too old08:50
cehtehAstralStorm: even then ... i might have no peering there or no network altogether08:50
cehtehthere are still areas in the world where you dont have network you know08:51
AstralStorm"the data is too old" means some many hours08:51
AstralStormand you don't technically need it, yes08:51
*** myosound has quit IRC08:51
cehtehstandalone gps devices can handle this08:51
ShadowJK_the biggest problem is probably apps that close/reopen the gps all the time, and user covering gps receiver or moving it around so it never gets a continous view of same sector of sky :)08:52
AstralStormbecause they have non-sucky chips08:52
cehteheven turned off for a few days08:52
AstralStormShadowJK_: close/open is simple, ephemeris data is saved08:52
AstralStormuser covering gps receiver just spells "crummy" all over it08:52
AakashPateli cant make up my mind08:52
AstralStormit shouldn't even really cause a problem08:52
AakashPatelorder from amazon08:52
AakashPatelor nokia08:52
AstralStormAakashPatel: roll 1k6, divide by 3 rounding up08:53
AakashPatelHOLY SHIT08:53
AakashPatelpRICE DROP08:53
DocScrutinizerwhy should amn app08:53
*** hardaker has quit IRC08:53
DocScrutinizerconstatntly close/reopen GPS?08:53
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: because GPS sucks quite a bit power08:53
AstralStormsure it does08:54
AakashPatelim going from amazon08:54
AstralStormmeasure it08:54
DocScrutinizeryou won't help it with close/reopen08:54
AstralStormbut it's not constantly08:54
AstralStormit means that when you close the app, the GPS is stopped08:54
AstralStormthat's what ShadowJK_ meant by "constantly"08:54
AstralStormnow, 30s hot fix time is bad. and it's my average with n81008:55
cehtehanyone knows what GPS chip is exactly used?08:55
*** alecrim has quit IRC08:55
DocScrutinizershutting down GPs makes sense *only* if you do it for >60sec08:55
AstralStormcehteh: the TI thingy08:55
cehtehsame as 810?08:55
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: ... stating the obvious08:55
ShadowJK_reports say ovi maps shutsdown and restarts the gps several times per minute, it never stays on long enough to download ephemeris from any satellites I'd guess08:55
AstralStormcehteh: likely not, but a close relative08:56
AstralStormcehteh: maybe a next version08:56
ShadowJK_20s is average for me on n810 :)08:56
AstralStormShadowJK_: that would be real fail08:56
AstralStormShadowJK_: good weather conditions, yes08:56
AstralStormbad weather conditions, urban environment - much harder ;p08:56
AstralStormbecause the chip sucks08:57
* ShadowJK_ draws random squiggles at ovimaps, how the hell does this thing work anyway08:57
DocScrutinizer+6dB on sats make a diff of 15sec to 3min on a GPS08:57
cehtehAstralStorm: so its on a serial port08:57
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: true08:57
AstralStormcehteh: huh? no.08:57
AstralStormcehteh: it's internal bluetooth08:57
AstralStormwired one08:57
AstralStormmaybe it's also available via SPI08:57
* AakashPatel is so happy price dropped right before he was gonna roder08:57
AstralStormwho know08:57
AstralStormno, there's no i2c in n8x008:57
AstralStormthere's SPI08:58
cehteh5300 is used on 81008:58
*** DarwinSurvivor has quit IRC08:58
cehtehuart or i2c ... :P08:58
DocScrutinizermuhaha, no I2C??08:58
ShadowJK_the n810 gps chip is connected to serial, I think08:58
cehtehon 81008:59
cehtehn900 has i2c08:59
AstralStormShadowJK_: yes, to SPI. but I think the driver also simulates it being a bluetooth device or something08:59
AstralStormquite a bit of work08:59
cehtehlooks like a match09:00
AstralStormnot sure09:00
AstralStormand also, those chips are junk considering all GPS that is available09:00
AstralStormthey're the worst ones09:00
cehtehwell bluetooth, FM rx/tx and agps09:00
AstralStormeven old Sirf chips are better09:00
AstralStormcehteh: so?09:00
DocScrutinizerGPS is via UART2 on N81009:00
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: nice.09:01
AakashPatelwhat the hell09:01
AakashPatelyou have to pay sales tax?09:01
ShadowJK_even if you put sirf in a phone, it wouldn't perform as good as standalone sirf :/09:01
AakashPatelon nokia US store?09:01
AstralStormAakashPatel: ...09:01
cehteherr ... bluetooth is from braodcom09:01
AstralStormShadowJK_: not really that bad09:01
AakashPatellol seriously09:01
*** jaem has quit IRC09:02
cehtehat least on the preprod models09:02
AstralStormShadowJK_: maybe a bit due to extra noise09:02
AakashPatelDo the N900 models from Nokia Store come with the $50 rebate?09:02
AstralStormwith careful PCB design, you could reach the kind of quality you get from standalone09:02
*** dolphin has quit IRC09:02
*** dolphin has joined #maemo09:03
AstralStormfortunately, GPRS frequencies are a bit away from GPS range09:03
cehtehnokia could be little more open about the hardware they use .. we are not going to buy the parts and solder our own n90009:03
*** AakashPatel has quit IRC09:03
AstralStormcehteh: they can't09:03
DocScrutinizerPCB has nothing to do with it. It's just it has to be normal correct and a good antenna09:03
DocScrutinizerand of course good chipset09:03
AstralStormTexas instruments has a stranglehold on this09:03
cehtehand anyone who would do so wont resist to analyze an actual device09:03
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: sure it has09:03
AstralStormto minimize noise09:04
AstralStormwhat you need is clean power, good and well placed antenna09:04
cehtehwhat cant? they coud just tell which chip they use09:04
AstralStormcehteh: NDA I bet.09:04
DocScrutinizerI'd subsummon that under "normal correct design"09:04
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: yup09:04
AstralStormbut TI solution is highly integrated09:04
AstralStormthat might be part of the reason why the GPS chip is such fail09:04
AstralStormit's very close to the CPU09:05
AstralStormand has no separate filtered power source09:05
ShadowJK_gprs is good at causing interference with everything. radio pulsing on/off all the time :)09:05
AstralStormShadowJK_: ... not the right frequency09:05
*** DarwinSurvivor has joined #maemo09:05
DocScrutinizerAstralStorm: how can you tell they have no filters on GPS VDD09:05
*** Spinnukur has joined #maemo09:06
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: I don't know09:06
AstralStormit's fully integrated09:06
AstralStormthat alone will cause noise09:06
ShadowJK_my computer's capacitors start going beepitybeep if phone is near it :)09:06
DocScrutinizermore integration actually means less noise usually09:07
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: ...09:07
DocScrutinizeryou got shorter traces to catch noise09:07
AstralStormtry to integrate a small amplifier with a noisy circuit09:07
AstralStormsee the SNR drop. a lot.09:07
DocScrutinizerwhat's the noisy circuit on GPS chipset??09:08
AstralStormnot GPS chipset09:08
AstralStormCPU itself09:08
arachnistDocScrutinizer: even sound cards these days get EMI shields09:08
DocScrutinizerof course09:08
DocScrutinizerthey sure need09:08
AstralStormand here, you also get one, except the noise gets in via power line09:09
DocScrutinizerand GPS of N900 for sure has a dedicated separate shielding can09:09
AstralStormsure, so?09:09
AstralStormthe power line and connectors don't09:09
AstralStormand it's a very short distance from the CPU09:10
AstralStorm(bad decision IMO)09:10
ShadowJK_imagine all that huge amounts of noise on n8x0 headphone port, you could hear the touchscreen on it even..09:10
DocScrutinizeryayaya we got that power line interference issue on Openmoko GTA0209:10
DocScrutinizerwas really poor layout though09:10
AstralStormsame here ;p09:11
AstralStormreal poor layout IMO09:11
AstralStormI did take apart the n81009:11
AstralStorm(and put it back together, it works)09:11
arachnist(almoast) ;)09:11
DocScrutinizerhmm, wondering how you can tell as long as you don't have the project files of PCB layout program, to see all 8 layers09:11
AstralStormarachnist: not almost, fully09:11
*** pillar has quit IRC09:11
DocScrutinizerAstralStorm: I did as well09:12
AstralStormthe damage was caused by fall(s) and not myself09:12
AstralStormso, the GPS is the left top chip09:12
AstralStormnear the tiny strip of metal that is the antenna09:12
AstralStormand to the bottom right (less than 1cm) is the CPU09:12
AstralStormanother fail is that GPS and its antenna is near bluetooth and wifi antennas09:13
AstralStormI figure harmonics of those could interfere09:13
simula_what is a good way to transfer files to my n900?  i tried treating it as a mass storage device, and copying files to it, but "find / -name 'x'" can't find the files i copied09:14
AstralStormnice, you have more and better pics than me09:14
AstralStormsimula_: hmmh? they should be there09:14
*** |R_ has joined #maemo09:14
ShadowJK_simula: usb still connected?09:14
AstralStormalthough, I'd use sshfs09:14
AstralStormbut that's just me09:14
simula_shadowJK_ i had it connected, then disconnected.. let me try again09:14
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: this pic is good09:15
ShadowJK_your computer and n900 can't access the filesystem both at the same time09:15
*** warp10 has joined #maemo09:16
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: but you need better focus with those pics ;p09:17
DocScrutinizerwas a ETEN M800 IIRC, no way09:18
DocScrutinizeror samsung OMNIA09:18
DocScrutinizersimilar crap09:18
RST38hsimula: USB connection only exposes ~user/MyDocs09:19
simula_shadowJK_, i ejected it from my linux box before, but now i'm going to exit the terminal09:19
RST38hsimula: If you want the whole tree, use sshfs instead (but it is slower)09:20
AstralStormor use usb_gadget on another filesystem09:21
AstralStormusb_file_gadget what's the driver called09:21
ShadowJK_simula: is the cable physically connected?09:21
AstralStorminstead of sshfs, you could use NFS or CIFS09:21
RST38hAStorm <-- being fancy09:21
AstralStormCIFS is plain old Samba09:22
DocScrutinizerhere's the GPS antenna:
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: yeah yeah, the golden strip09:22
DocScrutinizerguess it's not really great09:22
AstralStormtoo small for the frequency09:22
AstralStormeven with a length multiplier it's going to be fail09:22
AstralStormsomeone should hack it to use the whole backplate as the antenna ;p09:23
AstralStormI wonder how well would that work09:24
AstralStormI bet not really, because of noise captured, but worth a try09:24
simula_found it... just had to close and open xterm... hmmm09:24
simula_thanks astralstorm09:24
ShadowJK_there's a gps hack for n97 which involves improving the nantenna with more foil09:24
AstralStormyou know, the antenna should be a bit like GPRS phone antenna09:25
AstralStormnot a weird strip of metal09:25
simula_the folder made available to other boxes when the n900 is mass storage is /home/user/MyDocs09:25
AstralStormit's a close frequency range09:25
AstralStorm(1,5 GHz for GPS, 1,9GHz for GPRS in some countries)09:26
AstralStormshould actually be even longer than that09:26
*** dolphin has quit IRC09:27
AstralStorm(the antenna as it is is below lambda/2 length, which means suck)09:27
*** dolphin has joined #maemo09:27
*** |R has quit IRC09:28
DocScrutinizer1.8, 1.8, 2.1(UMTS)09:29
DocScrutinizererr 1.8, 1.9, 2.1(UMTS)09:29
AstralStormGPS is about 1,509:29
DocScrutinizerand of cours e850, 90009:29
AstralStormso, a bit longer waves09:29
ShadowJK_and umts90009:29
DocScrutinizerumts900 is a weird american non-standard09:30
AstralStormno, european not-yet-standard ;p09:30
AstralStorme.g. Finland.09:30
DocScrutinizernever seen european buerocrats09:30
DocScrutinizerfinland is a poor country, with looooong distances between BTS. They simply *need* D-band09:31
DocScrutinizereven for UMTS ;-P09:31
arachnistN900 is about as thick as the ThinkPad X300 without the display09:32
DocScrutinizerwho cares?09:32
AstralStormwhich means thick09:32
ShadowJK_they should've taken 450 away from digita and used it for umts too :)09:32
AstralStormfor a cell phone09:32
suihkulokkiDocScrutinizer: umts900 is european. umts850 is american09:32
RST38hit is ok09:32
RST38hdoes not feel thick09:32
AstralStormRST38h: try carrying it some more, huh09:33
DocScrutinizersuihkulokki: ok, that might be correct09:33
ShadowJK_my e70 was probably thicker09:33
AstralStorme70 is almost a brick09:33
DocScrutinizer850/1900 is US09:33
DocScrutinizer900/1800 is sane world ;-P09:33
AstralStorm900/1800/2100 actually09:34
ShadowJK_still small compared to 1610 and e9009:34
AstralStormShadowJK_: those actually *are* bricks09:34
ShadowJK_nah, cityman is a brick09:34
AstralStormno contest on that09:35
arachnistAstralStorm: it's not much thicker than the N97, really09:35
arachnist1 or 2mm09:35
*** JoeBrain has quit IRC09:35
AstralStormthat's definitely not slim09:35
arachnist(when put one next to the other)09:35
cehtehmy newton message pad is a brick :)09:35
*** qole has joined #maemo09:35
AstralStormcompare to HTC Hero for instance09:35
arachnistAstralStorm: start comparing N900 to phones that actually have a non-flat keyboard, and it doesn't seem very thick09:36
*** JoeBrain has joined #maemo09:36
AstralStormn810? ;p09:36
AstralStormbut this doesn't have the camera09:36
* DocScrutinizer wonders if Nokia will manage to ship his N900 today o.O09:36
AstralStormwhich adds some 2mm thickness09:36
ShadowJK_n810 keyboard is kinda flat..09:36
AstralStormarachnist: Xperia 2?09:37
AstralStormwhich is thinner09:37
AstralStormShadowJK_: not flat enough, it's ok09:37
*** qole has quit IRC09:37
arachnistAstralStorm: besides, it being a little thick actually helps holding the device09:37
DocScrutinizerwhen they delay a little bit longer, I simply will send it back and get may money back09:38
ShadowJK_hm huh, swapon on microsd card on n900 hung :)09:38
AstralStormremkswap it09:38
AstralStormprobably the swap file broke09:38
RST38hAStorm: I carry it all the time. It is ok.09:38
arachnistbtw, the default 256MB of ubifs for / is a bad joke09:39
ShadowJK_it got stuck somewhere from vfat bmap code09:39
arachnisti managed to fill it yesterday :P09:39
RST38harachnist: Let me guess: this is your first maemo device?09:39
ShadowJK_if only people wouldn't have their software installed there :/09:39
arachnistRST38h: nope. had an N800 earlier09:39
RST38hthen I do not see what changed09:40
ShadowJK_atleast on diablo you didn't need xterm to see space on / :)09:40
arachnistRST38h: the fact that i could get entire system on the N800 on the internal SDHC card09:40
RST38hah tha09:40
RST38hyou can probably still do it with N900, just has not been tried by anyone09:41
ShadowJK_control panel -> memory, doesn't show free space on / on n90009:41
RST38hShadowJK: There is an app for that afaik09:41
ShadowJK_and with control panel i mean settings09:41
arachnistShadowJK_: xterm -> df -h09:41
DocScrutinizer /opt /home etc on iSD?09:42
ShadowJK_arachnist: context, context, context, banana09:42
ShadowJK_doc, yes09:42
DocScrutinizerI bet that's been tried dozens if not hundreds of times on N900 now09:42
arachnistShadowJK_: pineaple09:42
ShadowJK_call me a philistine, but I think I'd preferred n900 hw with maemo4 software ;)09:44
DocScrutinizerhave fun placing a phonecall09:44
arachnisti might just do what i did with my other arm-powered device: mount some NFS rw, copy everything from / to it, pivot_root, rearrange the partitions (like giving / at least 2GB, by shrinking /home/user/MyDocs) and hoping that everything will still work09:45
RST38hShadow: yep.09:45
DocScrutinizerarachnist: why should it fail?09:46
arachnistDocScrutinizer: some crazy u-boot hack?09:47
AstralStormRST38h: fix your autocomplete ;)09:47
ShadowJK_n900 has no tab09:47
arachnistShadowJK_: the terminal has tab09:47
AstralStormarachnist: and no, 256 MB ubifs is almost good09:47
DocScrutinizeraaaww, a few MB for kernel, another partition... nothing that uld stop you09:47
* RST38h uses IRCII inside screen inside ssh session. What autocomplete?09:47
AstralStormarachnist: in that it's ubifs and not jffs209:48
AstralStormI can easily fit n810 system in the jffs2 flash09:48
arachnistAstralStorm: i have nothing against ubi09:48
AstralStormbut I *could* use extra 256 MB there09:48
arachnistAstralStorm: it just sucks that it's so small09:48
AstralStormno, why09:48
AstralStormit's not meant for data storage09:48
AstralStormyou have the internal MMC for this09:48
arachnistAstralStorm: because some of the stuff you install still lands there09:49
arachnistAstralStorm: especially from the extras-devel repo09:49
AstralStormsome of the stuff like what09:49
AstralStormthey do and should09:49
arachnistAstralStorm: like fennec, or tear09:49
AstralStormbut as I've said before09:49
AstralStormit is a bit tight09:49
arachnistso 256MB is not enough09:49
AstralStormsomeone should try uclibc09:49
* ShadowJK_ has 64M free there09:50
AstralStormShadowJK_: on a fresh system, I bet09:50
AstralStormafter removing pointless junk09:50
ShadowJK_i havent removed anything09:50
DocScrutinizer(some stuff lands there) I really doubt any app nstaller or whatever will care *where* the rootfs lives, as where do the mounted /opt /home /etc etc09:50
AstralStormShadowJK_: so do that, remove e.g. multilingual user manuals09:50
arachnistbtw, there's /omweather.xml - WTF?09:50
AstralStormsample video and sounds09:51
arachnist(yes, /)09:51
ShadowJK_i did install openssh, rootsh, pwsafe though09:51
AstralStormpwsafe? lol, nobody sane uses that09:51
AstralStormpasswords are safer in head09:51
DocScrutinizernot in mine09:51
* cehteh uses uuid's for passwords09:51
AstralStormfix it then ;p09:51
ShadowJK_i figured pwsafe is marginally better than a plaintext 'passwords' file09:52
*** EugeneKay is now known as EugeneSleep09:52
* DocScrutinizer fetches the wooden hammer09:52
AstralStormShadowJK_: of course09:52
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: use a rubber one instead09:52
ShadowJK_and more convenient than openssl bf -d in terminal09:52
*** Spinnukur has quit IRC09:52
AstralStormShadowJK_: less convenient than just remembering your passwords09:52
*** dolphin has quit IRC09:53
*** caotic has joined #maemo09:53
arachnistit's easy to remember passwords if you have a different one for everything09:53
*** dolphin has joined #maemo09:53
AstralStormyes, it is.09:53
ShadowJK_i cant keep up. heck, just needs like 3 of them09:53
AstralStormno need for split passwords there09:54
arachnistat least when most of them is made using the same schema09:54
AstralStormcould use one09:54
AstralStormsince this is the same server09:54
*** croppa has quit IRC09:54
AstralStorma break there means an attacker will grab all of these anyway09:54
arachnistthey could have made it "one account rules them all"09:54
AstralStormarachnist: or not.09:54
AstralStormmaybe OpenID? :>09:54
ShadowJK_they,re not the same server though, and not in same dc even?09:55
AstralStormI'd love a one time password based system09:55
AstralStormShadowJK_: they're linked09:55
AstralStormthat's enough09:55
arachnistbtw, locking the keyboard with that thingny on the right side is a good idea09:56
arachnistconvinient and doesn't seem to get turned on/off by accident09:57
*** croppa has joined #maemo09:57
ShadowJK_hm. xchat crashes on n900 if i go to preferences and then tap ok09:58
arachnistok, need to get my daily fix of cola09:58
DocScrutinizerShadowJK_: eeeeek09:59
DocScrutinizerwas the first app to install tomorrow :-S10:00
arachnistthat reminds me to configure irssi-proxy10:01
*** `0660 has joined #maemo10:01
DocScrutinizerwell, the config files are plaintext anyway, as it's good custom on unix10:01
*** dob has quit IRC10:02
DocScrutinizerxchat on OM has no config dialog I knew of ;-P10:02
arachnistbtw, i think that the N900 might have usb host after all10:04
arachnisteither that, or lsusb is lying10:05
*** Rhoruns has joined #maemo10:05
pupnikhow can i test that here arachnist10:06
pupnikoh nm10:07
pupnikwhat device do you have10:07
ShadowJK_lsusb wouldnt know about the wiring :)10:07
pupniki thought you had done something else nm10:07
AstralStormn810 keyboard lock has a tendency to unlock10:07
arachnistpupnik: N90010:07
AstralStormbecause the slider autounlocks10:07
pupnikcrazy brain hoppin on some passin cloud10:07
AstralStormI find that broken10:07
AstralStormwould love to disable autounlock on keyboard being extended (that sensor is too sensitive)10:08
pupnikarachnist: what is connected to n900 that seems to show usb host mode working on n900?10:08
arachnistAstralStorm: as i said, the lock on the N900 works great so far10:08
ShadowJK_how does it autounlock?10:08
AstralStormShadowJK_: you extend the keyboard, the screen is unlocked10:08
AstralStormthat's how it works on n81010:08
AstralStormbut the keyboard is a slider10:08
ShadowJK_ah right10:08
arachnistpupnik: lsusb shows the "usb host" device10:08
AstralStormit's easy to move it accidentally enough for the device to register "being extended"10:08
ShadowJK_never happened to me accidentally.. and it relocks when you close it unless you do things in between10:09
pupniki just see Bus --1 Device --1: ID 1d6b:000210:09
AstralStormShadowJK_: yes, it does relocks10:09
pupniki just see Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:000210:09
AstralStormbut that's too late10:09
AstralStormthe telock is usually too slow10:10
AstralStormsome screen press might happen in the meantime10:10
AstralStormit's real easy to move keyboard enough when putting the device in the protector10:10
AstralStormand it tends to be < 1 mm precision10:11
AstralStormmaybe my slide got loose with use and abuse ;p10:11
* ShadowJK_ hasnt had much happen even when he forgets to lock and has n810 in pocket :)10:11
AstralStormI had music playback start10:11
AstralStormdesktop being reordered (dumb idea, no lock there ;p )10:11
AstralStormetc etc10:11
pupnikeat more ShadowJK_ son!  You all skin and bones!10:12
pupnikso anyone else fill up the n900 ?10:12
pupniknotice the crawler getting in your way or not?10:12
DocScrutinizerI assume OMAP3 SoC has multiple USB interfaces10:12
pupnikis that interesting to us?10:13
DocScrutinizerso it could conect any internal "peripheral" via USB which shows up as host then10:13
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: if you find the wires10:13
AstralStormassuming they're even connected10:13
AstralStormoh wait10:14
AstralStormthe camera is via that USB10:14
AstralStormno joy for you10:14
DocScrutinizer[2009-11-28 09:04:52] <arachnist> btw, i think that the N900 might have usb host after all10:14
ShadowJK_yes it has an ehci host controller and a usb1+usb2 otg controller10:14
DocScrutinizer[2009-11-28 09:05:10] <arachnist> either that, or lsusb is lying10:14
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: ... it's the main chip10:14
AstralStormthe one you have connected externally10:14
DocScrutinizerI call that SoC10:14
AstralStormit is both host and client10:15
AstralStormnice OTG10:15
DocScrutinizer[2009-11-28 09:12:46] <DocScrutinizer> I assume OMAP3 SoC has multiple USB interfaces10:15
*** Rhoruns has quit IRC10:15
AstralStormwhat for10:15
AstralStormremember how much power USB eats10:15
suihkulokkiDocScrutinizer: the omap3 SoC supportes ehci but you still need to pair it with PHY10:15
AstralStormthe chip can handle 2 USB.10:15
AstralStormthe Phy is not connected10:15
suihkulokkiDocScrutinizer: look at the beagleboard schematics10:16
DocScrutinizersuihkulokki: that's true for full featured USB interface10:16
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo10:16
*** dolphin has quit IRC10:16
DocScrutinizernot though if you e.g. connect an internal BT-module via usb, like it's done on OM freerunner10:16
AstralStormDocScrutinizer: ... no, not w/o phy10:16
*** dolphin has joined #maemo10:16
AstralStormit's not USB w/o phy10:16
AstralStormit's.... something internal ;)10:17
DocScrutinizerAstralStorm: the protocol and D+/- *are* USB10:17
AstralStormyes, so?10:17
AstralStormwrong voltage, wrong current10:17
AstralStormyou still need the Phy10:17
AstralStormif only a small one10:17
DocScrutinizerlsusb doesn't need a PHY to show an nterface as host10:17
AstralStormyes, so.10:18
*** `0660_ has quit IRC10:18
AstralStormthe problem is that both - and + go positive here I think10:18
*** EugeneKay has joined #maemo10:18
AstralStormand low voltage10:18
DocScrutinizerwhat do you tell me?? On FR we have *no* PHY to connect hte BT module to S3C2442 SoC10:18
AstralStormno real USB device will work w/o a Phy AKA adapter10:18
AstralStormthis USB host is a bit different10:18
AstralStormit doesn't send proper levels10:19
AstralStormunlike most other phy-less chips10:20
AstralStorm(which send proper differential output)10:20
AstralStorm(if lower in voltage)10:20
DocScrutinizerlsusb doesn't need a PHY to show an nterface as host10:20
DocScrutinizerneither does xHCI10:21
*** ajaxous has left #maemo10:21
*** ferdna has quit IRC10:21
DocScrutinizersome laptops have >3 internal USB host interfaces and sometimes >10 internal USB-connected devices like touchscreen, Wifi, dunno what else10:22
*** JamieBennett has quit IRC10:23
*** jaem has joined #maemo10:24
pupniksome people stick things into air vents10:24
*** eton_ has joined #maemo10:26
*** dolphin has quit IRC10:27
RST38hthings like live fish and calamari tentacles10:27
RST38hhelo, pupnik10:27
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC10:27
*** dolphin has joined #maemo10:27
*** timoph_ has quit IRC10:29
*** bigbrovar has joined #maemo10:30
*** eton has quit IRC10:31
*** aol has quit IRC10:31
*** fluff|afk is now known as fluff10:33
*** zs has joined #maemo10:34
*** EugeneSleep has quit IRC10:35
*** timoph has joined #maemo10:37
*** archebyte has joined #maemo10:39
*** |R has joined #maemo10:40
*** stiev3 has quit IRC10:42
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo10:43
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo10:44
*** archebyte has left #maemo10:44
jaemwho's in charge of
* jaem has a bone to pick10:46
jaemhow are you, Stskeeps ?10:47
*** Khertan has quit IRC10:47
*** |R_ has quit IRC10:47
jaemsigh... me too10:47
jaemdown to the wire on a project10:47
jaemtrying to work out BT D-Bus calls on Maemo10:48
jaemyeah, but Maemo has some wrappery stuff10:48
jaemI need to bug timeless about mxr, because for *some* reason, it's indexing PNGs as plaintext :/10:49
*** dolphin has quit IRC10:52
*** dolphin has joined #maemo10:53
*** rsalveti has quit IRC10:53
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC10:58
*** Flyser has joined #maemo11:03
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo11:03
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo11:06
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC11:09
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo11:12
*** doos has joined #maemo11:13
*** Lorthirk has joined #maemo11:13
*** BabelO has joined #maemo11:16
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC11:16
*** dolphin has quit IRC11:18
*** dolphin has joined #maemo11:19
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk11:24
wazdheya all11:26
*** Sargun has joined #maemo11:28
Stskeepsmorning wazd o/11:29
*** Dantonic has quit IRC11:31
Stskeepswazd: so your pc finally stable again? P11:32
wazdStskeeps: looks like :D11:32
*** dob has joined #maemo11:34
*** BabelO_ has joined #maemo11:35
*** gunni_ has joined #maemo11:36
*** v2px_ has joined #maemo11:38
*** felipec has joined #maemo11:39
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC11:39
*** lbt has joined #maemo11:40
*** Termana has joined #maemo11:42
TermanaImma need to change my password now :\11:42
Stskeepsyou change password first, then tell11:43
qwerty12_N900Someone /ghost him11:43
Termanashut up11:43
Termanathats not the full password11:43
TermanaBesides, its my birthday - don't hurt frigle old me on my birthday11:44
Stskeepshappy birthday :P11:44
qwerty12_N900Grr, fine. Happy birthday, then11:44
TermanaThanks guys :D11:45
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo11:46
*** v2px has quit IRC11:46
*** user__ has joined #maemo11:47
*** DantonicN800 has quit IRC11:47
* SpeedEvil passes Termana a cake with 8 candles on.11:48
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC11:48
TermanaThanks for the cake, but why only 8 candles?11:49
TermanaOnly an 8 year old would accidently show part of their password in an IRC channel?11:49
*** BabelO has quit IRC11:50
* SpeedEvil did that accidentally once with his most secret password.11:50
SpeedEvil'Argh - pull network cable, change password on 8 systems time.'11:50
*** dolphin has quit IRC11:50
*** gunni has quit IRC11:50
Termanalol :P luckily I don't use the same password everywhere11:51
*** dolphin has joined #maemo11:51
SpeedEvilRoot password for local systems11:51
*** asolsson has joined #maemo11:51
LupuYeah, and be sure not to keep any secrets highlighted so that you might accidentally paste it into IRC or onto the web browser, creating a DNS query with the contents...11:52
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo11:52
Lupu(middle mouse paste, on X systems)11:52
TermanaSounds like another victim11:52
SpeedEvilsystem was swapping, I was typing into xterm, xterm got oomkilled, and buffered keystrokes went into IRC11:52
*** avs has joined #maemo11:54
*** sphenxes has joined #maemo11:55
*** dolphin has quit IRC12:03
*** zap has joined #maemo12:04
*** asolsson has quit IRC12:07
pupnikSpeedEvil: on n900?12:09
pupnikoh dear12:09
pupniksorry nevermind12:09
*** baze has joined #maemo12:09
pupniki seem to be the only person reporting severe lags entering text into google12:10
Stskeepspupnik: keep in mind you are using the live search probably12:10
pupnikwhat causes that?  is google on maemo running javascript that table-lookups each character i type?12:10
*** edgar2 has joined #maemo12:11
pupnikon the n900 mobile link i can type one character into field12:11
pupnikthen a 10 second delay comes12:12
pupnikthen the rest of what i type is shown12:12
*** lardman has joined #maemo12:12
pupnikthis is 'drive user nuts' behavior12:12
*** baze has quit IRC12:12
kynkyseems fine for me12:12
pupnikmany many possible causes12:12
pupniki guess i need to make a survey now that devices are shipping12:13
kynkytoo many apps open at once ?12:13
kynkylots of browser plugins installed ?12:13
pupniknone, two or three12:13
pupniklemme see if ssh might be causing it12:13
Lorthirkdoes anyone knows where to download previous versions of maemo (of the one currently installed)?12:13
Arkenoihow do you get a mouse click in easydebian?12:14
pupnikclosed all apps, started browser.  clicked googlie-mobile page.  started entering text.  suddenly page froze up and i couldn't type (after 4 letters) then it continued - no other programs running12:16
kynkyrestart ?12:18
kynkyyou got desktop widgets on?12:18
* RST38h moos at Arkenoi12:18
*** baze has joined #maemo12:18
*** filip42 has joined #maemo12:19
Arkenoiah, it is just slooooow12:19
*** dolphin has joined #maemo12:20
pupniknope, turning the search history, locations off (and signed out of gooooooooglebrother)12:20
pupnikand search suggestions off in google 'preferences'12:20
RST38hpupnik: swapping maybe?12:21
RST38hI have seen this happen a few times, with system being seemingly "stuck", usually eating 100% CPU, but no significant processes in htop12:22
pupnikhow do i get swapping shown to me live12:22
StskeepsRST38h: mmc I/O maybe12:22
pupnikat least it helps to get confirmation that it's something unique to me12:23
pupnikbut it might indicate a security hole12:23
RST38hSts: yea12:23
pupniksince i am one of the canaries in a coalmine when it comes to getting hacked12:23
jaempupnik, you use your N900 in a coal mine? :S12:24
jaemno wonder you have issues12:24
Stskeepsif there's a good enough wifi signal, who cares.12:25
jaemStskeeps, I'm guessing not12:25
*** homeasvs_ has quit IRC12:25 homepage is not as simple as it looks12:27
pupnik<input autocomplete="off" maxlength=2048 name=q size=55 class=lst title="Google Search" value=""><br><input name=bt12:27
pupniknG type=submit value="Google Search" class=lsb onclick="this.checked=1">12:27
Arkenoiwell, looks like OOo defaults are incredibly ugly and customizing on such a slow machine is real pain :-(12:27
pupnikmaybe if i set maxlength=255 this whole thing speeds up?12:28
pupnikopen office?12:28
pupnikArkenoi: talked to any open office folks about it?12:28
Arkenoifrom easydebian12:28
kynkykoffice on its way12:29
pupnikanybody here in germany12:29
* jaem growls at BlueZ12:34
Arkenoiactually if OOo *wasn't* customized for n900 and just had its default look on such a screen size it'd be much more usable12:34
jaemthis is most odd12:34
*** tulkastaldo has quit IRC12:34
jaemI've been referencing
* CoreFusion- is amused by all the these threads in t.m.o about N900 sucks, N900 pushed out too early, etc.. :D12:35
jaemand using the show_search_dlg call12:35
kynkyn900 is awesome12:35
jaemit worked initially, when using qdbus-send manually, but now it doesn't12:35
jaemthe DBus call returns (apparently) successfully, but the response contains no arguments12:35
CoreFusion-still one week until I get my N900 :/12:36
jaemis anyone familiar with this area of things?12:36
jaemkynky, agreed :)12:36
kynkygot my n900 on thursday, loving it12:36
*** ziller has joined #maemo12:37
kynkytotally dont mind bugs being fixed over time, i expect it as an early adopter of a deveopment machine12:37
kynkyhad to do a few reboots, for settings to kick in sometimes12:38
*** felipec has quit IRC12:38
arachnisti'm happy since i worked around the #205112:41
Stskeepsbug 205112:41
povbotBug Unable to connect to EAP PEAP MSCHAPV2 without certificates12:41
kynkywhich was?12:41
*** nielsslot has joined #maemo12:41
arachnistthough i don't think i would be able to guess what's the issue without access to the AD server12:43
*** homeasvs_ has joined #maemo12:43
lardmantime to do tidying the house :(12:44
*** lardman has quit IRC12:44
kynkylardman , too late, but hire a maid, and enforce strict compliance to uniform12:46
Arkenoiwell, lxde is almost unusable due to stupid huge fonts someone set to default and just changing those is damn too hard12:49
kynkylxde was fine for12:51
Arkenoii was unable to use any dialog12:52
Arkenoigo to preferences and those huge fonts kick almost everything out of screen12:52
Arkenoii could not even find where to change it to something reasonable12:53
kynkyi use gentoo12:53
Arkenoisame thing in ooo12:53
*** Kusk has quit IRC12:53
Arkenoikynky, on n900?12:53
RST38hArkenoi: Wy not fix it the way you want? It does not even require programming, does it?12:54
crashanddieArkenoi, no, not on the N90012:54
kynkyoh, lol, that will be why, but yah planning on putting gentoo om n900 at some point12:54
crashanddiekynky, you aware of the effort for Gentoo on the N8X0?12:54
Arkenoirst38h: well, it takes some time to figure out where all is that located. i wish i'd go back to good old .Xdefaults days to do things like our ancestors made it to be12:55
*** felipec has joined #maemo12:55
Arkenoikynky, i guess it *IS* the point, you are *NOT* doing that on n900 :-/12:55
Stskeepseh? :P12:56
Stskeepsn900 can run gentoo just fine if you aren't picy12:56
kynkyi used lxde on my box im typing on at the moment on gentoo, using xfce at mo, but cant ou just change config files for lxde , its gtk based, maybe have a predefined gtkrc first ?12:57
kynkygentoo , doing work with armv7 stuff as we speak12:57
Stskeeps(as in, you -will- have to deal with some binary blobs)12:59
Stskeepskynky: talk to luke-jr and slonopatomus12:59
kynkyi use nvidia binaries on my box anyway, i dont mind binary blobs12:59
kynkyStskeeps, cheers12:59
kynkyis there an image out now to use with maemo flasher, if you install somthing that kinda messes up your n900?13:04
*** JoeBrain has quit IRC13:05
kynky :)13:06
arachnistthe imei is also available on the order info, if ou ordered from the nokia store13:07
kynkyi did, but too late now, cheers though13:08
*** lorelei^ has joined #maemo13:09
*** Kusk has joined #maemo13:09
kynkyalso enough ppl posted their imei numbers (instead of just serial) on tmo13:09
*** eton_ has quit IRC13:10
kynkyso i want global release for uk (not usa or middle east and africa)13:12
arachnistalso, it seems to check only a few first numbers13:12
infobotarachnist meant: thelso, it seems to check only a few first numbers13:12
arachnistanyway, s/numbers/digits/13:13
*** jgoss has quit IRC13:13
*** Flyser has quit IRC13:14
RST38hThe N900 is up for 9 days now and most operations got really sluggish13:14
RST38hDisk space is fine, including /13:14
RST38hMemory use also seems to be fine13:14
cehtehmhm emacs/gtk doesnt look that good ..13:14
RST38hHTOP does not show any abnormal activity13:15
cehtehbut i guess in xterm will be better anyways, just for memory consumption and performance13:15
arachnistyou can change at least the last 7 digits of the IMEI13:15
*** Flyser has joined #maemo13:16
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo13:16
arachnistthink that gives a good enough range for anyone to download the software13:16
kynkylast seven digits is serial anyway (except 7th)13:16
*** Flanbix has joined #maemo13:16
*** user__ has quit IRC13:18
cehteh /scratchbox/compilers/cs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/4.2.1/libgcc.a(_divdi3.o):(.ARM.exidx+0x0): undefined reference to `__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0'13:18
SpeedEvilpupnik: no.13:18
cehtehgood night13:18
SpeedEvilpupnik: Perhaps it's caused by goiogle suggestions13:19
*** bilboed has joined #maemo13:19
pupnikwas wondering if some of this googlecode is odd13:20
SpeedEvilDo normal FF plugins work with the browser?13:20
SpeedEvilif so, xulprofiler13:20
*** sleipnir has joined #maemo13:20
arachnistat least adblock works13:20
pupnikty sir13:20
*** baze has quit IRC13:22
*** user__ has joined #maemo13:22
pupniki'd like a system level profiler that helps me figure out exactly what is active when this hang situation happens13:22
pupnikhello kernel i guess13:22
kynkygot a battery charger for bl-5j for £2.50 :)13:22
pupnikwow, i paid 2013:22
arachnistpupnik: oprofile13:23
arachnistpupnik: but that needs kernel support13:23
arachnistwhich, i assume, the n900 kernel doesn't have13:23
pupniki had oprofile running on n81013:23
kynkyjust gotta find a place that does cheap offical bl-5j batteries13:23
SpeedEvilpupnik: while true do ps ;sleep 1; done >log ?13:23
pupniknice - i got a univ charger so it can do different voltages and battery types13:24
arachnistSpeedEvil: not very accurate13:24
pekujakynky: where did you get the charger?13:24
SpeedEvilarachnist: no, of course it's not. It'll tell you if anything is actually wedging the CPU though13:24
kynkyfriend ordered 2 from a retailer on ebay13:24
SpeedEvilarachnist: or if something is waiting on something13:24
pupniki'm not following13:24
*** fluff|afk is now known as fluff13:24
kynky , for prices on cheap chargers13:25
SpeedEvilpupnik: just run ps and date to a logfile, every second, and check the exact time of your stall13:25
SpeedEvilpupnik: then investigate13:26
kynky3rd link down ithink13:26
arachnist*#06# doesn't work on N90013:26
arachnistyes, i know, there are other ways to check imei13:27
pupnikhmm ty SpeedEvil that is fine grained enough to yield something13:27
Stskeepscontrol panel -> about product, yeah13:27
pupnikjust need to synch clock and i'm good13:27
kynkyStskeeps, lol, yeah13:27
Dantonichey how do I check my IP on my N800?13:28
pupniki use 'ifconfig'13:28
kynkybit scared if i lose n900 though, guess i should not have it remeber passwords13:28
pupnikthere is also an applet that should be on its way to maemo extras repository13:28
Dantonicoh :P needed sudo I guess13:28
DantonicI had tried it without13:28
arachnistDantonic: /sbin/ifconfig13:28
pupnikmyip or smth13:28
kynky"personal ip"13:29
kynkyits awesome13:29
arachnistDantonic: you can call it without any special priviliges13:29
DantonicI see13:29
Dantonicgot the IP :)13:29
arachnist(if you really need to know the ip all the time)13:29
kynkyand "personal data plan" tells you how muchdata  have usedon 3g13:29
pupnikthat is very nice!13:29
kynkyand what network type u on13:29
arachnistyeah, the "personal data plan" is actually useful13:29
SpeedEvilDoes the n900 know magically what APN/... to use with a SIM somehow?13:30
kynkyi use both in compact mode13:30
StskeepsSpeedEvil: it has a list yeah13:30
StskeepsSpeedEvil: otherwise it's configurable13:30
arachnistSpeedEvil: it seems to have a built-in list13:30
kynkyits awesome (n900 thatis)13:30
pupniktry em all! mwaahaha13:30
kynkyi can get settings over the air i thought in uk13:30
SpeedEvilpupnik: My deeply annoying WSP doesn't provide that sort of details...13:30
pupniki hope no dorks start doing stupid cell network abuse tricks13:30
SpeedEvilpupnik: you can't13:31
kynkyim with vodafone13:31
SpeedEvilpupnik: the phone part is just AT commands13:31
* Arkenoi had to set it up manually13:31
pupnikvery simple api13:31
pupnikwas going to ask13:31
SpeedEvilpupnik: you don't have any programmatic access to it even if you hack the kernel.13:31
arachnisti've tried my N900 with 2 of the 4 major networks in poland, and i didn't have to set-up anything by hand13:31
SpeedEvil(well - maybe not strictly AT commands - but the kernel is not bit-banging the hardware - there is a seperate phone core.13:31
pupnikhonestly, probably the only way *to* build and sell such a thing13:32
kynkyvodafone uk, has fastest 3g in uk, orange has greatest coverage , three mobile is cheapest13:32
crashanddie"The latest in a parade of hits, Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has sold an estimated $550 million in the first five days of its release, bringing the entire The Call of Duty series $3 billion in sales between its six titles. To put that in perspective, James Bond has been a franchise for 47 years and grossed just over $5 billion."13:32
*** bitcrusher has quit IRC13:32
SpeedEvilpupnik: Not quite. Some platforms use one core, and trusted computing techniques.13:32
arachnistcrashanddie: lol13:32
crashanddieI was discussing MW2 with our VP of sales in EMEA13:33
crashanddieWhen we were talking about WM2 results13:33
crashanddieHe gleefully came to the conclusion "MW2 made ActiVision as much money in 24 hours as we do in a quarter"13:33
*** shdb has quit IRC13:34
crashanddieI'm in the wrong business13:34
SpeedEvilcashanddie: insane13:34
crashanddiepupnik, modern warfare, as per the quote above13:34
*** shdb has joined #maemo13:34
kynkypupnik, neckwarrior sounds like a dodgy porno13:34
* pupnik shudders13:35
SpeedEvilSo do many unix commands.13:35
johnxneckwarrior2: revenge of the larynx13:36
pupnik"it was monday, april 17.  And my neck had just detached itself from my body.  It was on a mission."13:37
*** mavhc has quit IRC13:37
crashanddie"If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my vocal chords... and you have my elbow... and my [fuck it's hard to find a bodily part that rimes with axe]"13:39
*** Sho_ has quit IRC13:39
crashanddieaxe rimes with pecs now?13:39
Stskeepsaxe packs?13:40
pupnikdancing above the fire above the black13:40
Lorthirkhairs, maybe?13:41
kynkywhats best way for irc on n900 ?13:41
crashanddieaxe and hairs?13:41
crashanddieGod you guys suck at this!13:41
moo-_-kynky: screen + irssi maybe13:41
kynkyxchat in extras-devel ?13:41
SpeedEvilcrashanddie: coxex.13:42
SpeedEvilcrashanddie: cortex13:42
crashanddiedoesn't rhyme with axe either13:42
kynkyinstalling screen and irssi, means use debian armel stuff ? or compile myself in sdk ?13:42
SpeedEvilCoxxyx rather13:42
crashanddiehacks, jacks, fax, facts...13:42
SpeedEvilcoccyx rather13:43
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo13:43
SpeedEvilcortex and axe are quite close.13:43
Arkenoido you have keyboard working in lxterm/easydebian? for some obscure reason mine does not13:43
moo-_-kynky: you install screen  + irssi on server side and use ssh to connect to them13:43
moo-_-se even if your (mobiel) connecton is terminated you don't drop out from the channels13:43
kynkymoo-_-, can do that already :)13:43
kynkybut can use irssi as a proxy13:44
crashanddiemoo-_-, psybnc?13:44
moo-_-crashanddie: bouncers are not always easier at least13:44
moo-_-crashanddie: but if you want real multiplexed ircing use quassel + quasselcore13:44
crashanddiemoo-_-, you're the one asking13:45
moo-_-however, quassel QT user interface is not very suitable for N900 in its current form13:45
SpeedEvilquassel needs a commandline client13:45
crashanddiemoo-_-, don't turn the conversation the other way around, please13:45
kynkyso basically i can get xchat armel deb and then optify it, then install, or it already optified ?13:45
moo-_-crashanddie: why so serious? ^_^13:45
*** radz has joined #maemo13:46
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo13:46
*** crashanddie has quit IRC13:47
*** crashanddie_ is now known as crashanddie13:47
RST38hAll right, anyone has a quick sample of About dialog?13:50
RST38hsorry, this is not what I meant.13:52
crashanddieoh, simpler yet?
viggihow about this one?
*** radz has quit IRC13:55
*** woglinde has joined #maemo13:56
*** Zambezi has left #maemo14:02
Dantonichey, if I've created an SSH tunnel for VNC can I remove it? does it stay active even after I log off my ssh session?  I used the following command: ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@remote_host14:04
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo14:04
woglindehi pupnik14:05
woglindedantonic you want nx14:05
woglindewhich makes graphical sudo14:05
kynkynx is nomachine i thought14:05
woglindegoogle for nomachine nx14:05
lbtDantonic: add -N14:05
woglindekynky in extras devel is qtnx14:06
DantonicI've no idea what you're talkinga bout woglinde14:06
kynkynxclient for n900 ?14:06
pupnik_bloop bloop.  woglinde14:06
Dantoniclbt, add -N to do what exactly remove it?14:06
lbthmm, Dantonic I assume you want a tunnel and no console?14:06
woglindeI ported it to diablo14:06
woglindefor n900 will follow14:06
Dantonicbasically lbt  I was just trying to figure out how to vnc through SSH to be more secure14:06
Dantonicbut idk what I did14:06
Dantonicnow I can no longer vnc at all14:06
*** bergie has joined #maemo14:06
Dantonicnot even without SSH like before14:06
woglindedantonic as I say look into freenx and qtnx14:07
kynkynxis like vnc but better, secure by default too14:07
lbtyeah, the ssh session is needed since the tunnel uses it14:07
lbtbt the console isn't needed14:07
pupnik_it is awesomeness, and then someday some smart guy named me or not-me will make it also stream mpeg4 or something when the screen goes into high-refresh mode (game was started)14:07
woglindekynky we even tested it on n810 and umts14:07
lbtso : ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@remote_host -N14:07
woglindeopenoffice worked14:07
lbtwill ask for a pw and then "hang" - ie no shell14:07
lbtbut there's a tunnel14:08
kynkyso few weeks and qtnx will be on n900 ?14:08
Dantonicand sorry what will that provide?14:08
woglindekynky maybee next weej14:08
woglindeargs week14:08
pupnik_wow woglinde, that kind of thing now just needs a video production team :)14:08
woglindeIf I am in the mood14:08
lbtso it's suitable for running in the bg14:08
Dantonicwhat's the reason for doing the -N?14:08
pupnik_"working on my desktop from the train, phone, yacht..."14:08
lbteven as a daemon14:08
kynkywoglinde, you're amazing, so didnt wat to revert back to vnc14:08
woglindekynky its simple install sdk take fremantle env download the packages from diablo14:09
woglindecompile for fremantle14:09
Dantoniclbt, so how do I terminate it?14:09
pupnik_i needs surgery14:09
Dantonicjust Ctrl C?14:09
RST38hpupnik: Know of any example of creating a decent About dialog in Maemo?14:09
woglindebut I wanted to update it to the latest nx libs14:09
Dantonicnow once I've terminated it lbt the tunnel no longer exists?14:09
RST38hpupnik: The default GtkAboutDialog looks extremely ugly14:09
lbterr..... correct14:09
woglindemoo rst14:10
woglindehi lbt btw.14:10
* RST38h moos at woglinde14:10
lbthi woglinde :)14:10
* kynky working on removing holding hands at boot14:10
woglindekynky maybee tomorrow I will do it14:10
woglindesome one knows if sdk+ works now with latest fremantle?14:10
lbtkynky: that's the boot movie14:11
lbtyou can add/remove it easily14:11
kynkyibt, yeah, should b really simple14:11
kynkywoglinde, :)14:11
lbtsearch wiki/tmo14:11
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC14:11
kynkyibt, just looking into what to replace it with ;)14:11
Lorthirkdoes anyone know ehre to get system informations about plugged in/out headsets (whether they are recognized or not, and how) apart from dmesg?14:12
lbtkynky: it's Lbt btw...14:12
*** jophish has joined #maemo14:12
lbtLorthirk: dbus14:12
kynkylbt, sorry :)14:12
woglindewasnt hal dead?14:12
lbtis it?14:12
woglindein near future14:13
woglindeI heard something14:13
lbtsounds daft14:13
lbtso could be14:13
*** El-Scorcho has joined #maemo14:13
Lorthirkdbus AND hal?14:13
Lorthirkboth of them have info?14:13
woglindeno hal provides the info to dbus14:13
kynkyparts if hal being replaced by devicekit or consolekit, cant remember14:13
woglindethats what dbus is for14:13
Lorthirkso who i should query? :)14:13
pupnik_RST38h: maybe you should make your 'About' open a web page stored in the game data.14:14
lbtLorthirk: listen to dbus14:14
lbtand plug in the headset14:14
lbtand see what you get14:14
Lorthirkok thanks14:14
pupnik_my suggestion is probably bad for some reasons i can't fathom14:15
*** JoeBrain has joined #maemo14:16
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC14:19
*** pupnik has quit IRC14:21
*** igagis has joined #maemo14:23
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo14:23
*** crashanddie has quit IRC14:24
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo14:25
RST38hpupnik: I really wanted to play by the rules and use GtkAboutDialog14:27
RST38hpupnik: But it appears to suck royally, until in Maemo514:27
*** Dantonic has quit IRC14:28
*** jeanjean has joined #maemo14:29
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo14:31
*** lizardo has joined #maemo14:32
*** bergie has quit IRC14:33
pupnik_RST38h: why use about dialog - put the info on splash screen and move to something else?14:33
pupnik_or is it just to play nice with tradition14:33
* RST38h tried that too14:35
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo14:36
*** range has joined #maemo14:37
*** fluff is now known as fluff|afk14:37
pupnik_i wonder if an emulator author has ever entered 'easter eggs' to fool the user into thinking they discovered an egg in their emulated software14:38
RST38hthis is too deep for me, sorry =)14:38
*** MerkurAlex has joined #maemo14:39
pupnik_<button sequence detected?> - <Call Dancing Panda animation>14:39
RST38hand who has got time to do dancing panda animation?14:40
MerkurAlexAnyone seen any good deals for a n900 US version? so far i have found is the cheapest...14:40
pupnik_you are so polite14:41
pupnik_amazon and dell stores had deals - check for deals discussions14:41
* RST38h kinda satisfied all the public requests by the way: emulators will now report if they cannot open a file on startup, the About box is now standard and refers to the web site with documentation, and the files are filtered by extension14:41
pupnik_but i bought my 770 from nokia direct14:41
pupnik_why not give them the money14:41
pupnik_they invest it in the community14:41
MerkurAlexmm good point14:42
jeremiahHey Hydroxide!14:42
jeremiahHow goes life? :-)14:42
MerkurAlexi can hardly believe im buying one.. considering im still in a contract with at&t14:42
MerkurAlexno 3g rofl14:42
arachnistthe US networks issue makes me laugh14:43
RST38hOk, anyone else noticed that after ~7-9 days without a reboot, N900 becomes sluggish?14:43
arachnistask someone who has his N900 for >7 days ;>14:43
pupnik_MerkurAlex: i have convinced myself these devices are very valuable to me too because they really can change my life, how i communicate, what my prospects are.   Staying in contact in this way, rather than just having a voice connection.14:43
jeremiahYeah, it becomes sluggish sooner than that14:43
MerkurAlexRST38h, Memory leak or something?14:43
RST38hI.e. everything you open (XTerm, Messaging, etc) opens very slowly, with spikes in CPU load, although HTOP shows nothing unnatural?14:43
RST38hjeremiah: is there a bug for that?14:43
RST38hpupnik: Hey, it sounds like religion =)14:44
jeremiahNot that I know of.14:44
jeremiahBut there probably should be14:44
pupnik_yes RST38h14:44
StskeepsRST38h: swapping maybe14:44
moo-_-RST38h: i haven't noticed14:44
pupnik_maybe someone wants to keep an eye on us14:44
MerkurAlexpupnik_, i have to agree with that i still can't bring myself to sell my n810 lol but i suppose i should before i get that new shiny n900 o.o14:44
moo-_-i am doing "normal use" though14:44
moo-_-like web, phone calls and sms14:44
pupnik_can you afford to keep the N810?14:45
MerkurAlexyeh..... but at the same time i would rather not have to haha14:45
pupnik_i kind of like having that metal case14:46
MerkurAlexi will just be the happiest person ever to stop using this samsung eternity with a cracked screen...14:46
pupnik_i imagine myself pulling it out of a drawer in 2050 and saying "look timmy, this... was an ... internet tablet'"14:46
pupnik_that's not that far off man14:47
MerkurAlexhow is the app development going on maemo 5?14:47
pupnik_time seems to move slow to you now14:47
pupnik_the slide gets steeper man14:47
wjthmm, someone should update
RST38hpupnik, jeremiah, Stskeeps: Folks, I am gong to file a bug for this, could you please comment and vote on it, ok?14:48
MerkurAlexwjt, go for it! lol14:48
pupnik_yes if i CAN14:48
wjtMerkurAlex: i don't have the original image14:48
StskeepsRST38h: basically interactive processes should go above swapping: P14:48
MerkurAlexwjt, it was a joke i figured you were asking someone else to do it because you had a reason for not being able to do it :)14:49
moo-_-if you want to give n900 hard time try watching 1080p youtube:
RST38hSts: Whatever they should do, they are not doing :)14:49
arachnistthe desktop switch effect (with icons/widgets "hovering" above the wallpaper) looks cool14:51
RST38hjeremiah, Stskeeps, pupnik_ :
povbotBug 6382: Device becomes sluggish after several days14:52
*** javispedro has joined #maemo14:55
MerkurAlexso uhh how fat is the n900? lol14:55
MerkurAlexbasically is it annoying at all with it in your pocket?14:56
Stskeepsnot really14:56
Stskeepsit's good cos you actually feel the vibrations :P14:56
*** mavhk has joined #maemo14:59
*** zs has quit IRC15:00
*** mavhk is now known as mavhc15:01
*** ad-n770 has joined #maemo15:07
moo-_-MerkurAlex: it is heavy, but not annoyingly heavy15:07
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo15:07
moo-_-worth of the compromised size15:07
TomaszDzaheerm, around?15:08
MerkurAlexi figured it would be heavy but thats not a big deal to me so long as it fits nicely in the pocket :)15:08
*** IcanCU has joined #maemo15:11
*** _claesbas has joined #maemo15:14
w00tanyone want a google wave invite?15:15
edgar2RST38h: i've got a feeling that i've experienced similar15:22
RST38hcomment + vote15:22
edgar2i've made a habit of rebooting every second day or so15:22
edgar2i think i'll test it specifically first, without rebooting for a few days15:23
edgar2it's just that with all the extras-testing and extras-devel stuff, it's been next to impossible to tell what has caused the sluggishness15:24
edgar2but since the 42-11 update i've been going clean for awhile15:24
*** Flanbix has quit IRC15:25
RST38hSo, what is the torrent search engine of the day?15:27
lcukthp :)15:28
RST38hah, thanks15:28
Ceron^thp still active15:29
RST38hnot responding...probably all those people from mininova =)15:30
TomaszDOK, I'm having a problem with the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly package15:30
TomaszDit basically conflicts with already installed libraries15:30
TomaszDno-one tried to install it before uploading? :P15:31
RST38hIt is -ugly!15:31
TomaszDI know, but in this case the packaging is ugly15:31
* lcuk wakes up properly15:31
javispedromorning lcuk :)15:31
lcukmornin javispedro RST38h \o15:31
lcukand tomaz15:31
* RST38h notices that it is completely dark outside15:31
TomaszDof course, everyone gets my name wrong :P15:32
* lcuk notices he missed bowling today15:32
* javispedro opens the window to watch yet another glorious morning..... makes me sick!15:32
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo15:33
javispedroah.. bowlink.15:33
javispedrobowling. I'm so bad a it :)15:33
*** zap has quit IRC15:33
lcukyeah me too15:33
MerkurAlexw00t, got any google wave invites left? :D15:33
w00tMerkurAlex: sure, drop me your mail address15:33
* lcuk has google wave invites somewhere15:34
TomaszDI also have them is anyone needs them..15:34
lcuki dont think anyone needs them lol15:35
TomaszDthat's actually correct.15:35
*** yannj has joined #maemo15:35
MerkurAlexi does but i has one nao15:35
MerkurAlexso i don'ts15:35
lcukpupnik_, what did you drop your n900 onto15:35
w00tsome people still do, I've sent 9 out to maemo people the past week15:35
lcukwant is not the same as need :P15:36
yannjhello everyone15:36
SpeedEvilAnyone want one, I have them to give out15:36
lcukhello yannj and how can we help you today15:36
SpeedEvil(google wave)15:36
pupnik_marble floor from 2.5 feet15:36
yannjI'm still tracking the bug with location15:36
lcuknice, did you crack the marble?15:36
pupnik_i should have photo-surveyed it before moving15:37
pupnik_not sure15:37
MerkurAlexo.o you dropped your n900 already?15:37
pupnik_not mine, nokias15:37
lcuklast time i dropped my device it burnt a hole through 12 floors and came to rest in the basement15:37
*** bergie has joined #maemo15:38
yannjI had a look at liblocation, but it seems this is not the library which associate GPS position with the city name. Does someone know where this association is done?15:38
w00tlast time I dropped mine I ..oh, wait, I don't have one yet >:(15:38
MerkurAlexw00t,same :(15:38
lcuk:( w00t15:38
pupnik_yannj: what bug?15:38
pupnik_i publically apologise for dropping it15:39
yannjpupnik_ :
povbotBug 6359: Geolocation gives the wrong country15:39
lcuklol pupnik_15:39
lcukdropping your n900 could be catastrophic, people are worrying about the LHC making mini black holes15:39
lcukthey should be worried about n900s15:39
lcukyikes yannj15:39
lcukits not the wrong country, its the country where it will end up if you drop it15:40
yannjThe fact is I really would like to be in Tahiti instead of france... but ...;-)15:40
RST38hn900 is the first step in the Apocalypse plan15:40
RST38hwhen you rotate the name, it looks like 006n15:40
Stskeepsso next one is n999?15:40
RST38hThey are going to release n990, then n999, and the world will end15:40
w00t007 would have been leeter15:40
yannjlcuk : you mean the antipode?15:41
* lcuk palmfaces15:41
RST38hw00t: that would have to be nLOO though15:41
pupnik_hmm n is ascii 11715:41
w00tRST38h: at least you have a device you can legitimately use while on the toilet15:41
w00t"i'm just on the loo, done in a minute"15:41
pupnik_and 006n , well since it's upside down, that's supposed to represent  -006 + n15:41
lcukdidnt the early models have n00 on them15:41
lcuki kept wanting to scratch a b at the end15:41
pupnik_* 615:41
pupnik_which = 666 when viewed rightside up15:42
*** pH5 has joined #maemo15:42
pupnik_so yes, numerology is the powerful tool to unlock the secrets of the universe15:42
pupnik_sorry ph515:42
*** igagis has quit IRC15:42
lcukand helping nicolas cage save the world15:44
*** viggi- has quit IRC15:44
*** ali1234 has quit IRC15:44
yannjbenjamin gates reference?15:44
*** bergie has quit IRC15:44
lcukno, "Knowing"15:45
*** IcanCU has quit IRC15:45
lcuki tohught windows had a lot of updates. ubuntu just gave me 125 updates15:45
MerkurAlexlol ubuntu is win15:45
MerkurAlexdon't question it15:45
lcukim not15:45
MerkurAlexwin != windows :D15:46
lcukoooh it needs to restart too15:46
lcukit really does wanna be windows15:46
*** igagis has joined #maemo15:46
*** Termana has quit IRC15:46
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo15:47
*** cure` has joined #maemo15:47
yannjregarding to the geolocation, has anyone else experienced the same issue?15:48
yannj(I mean before to drop ...)15:49
*** cure` has quit IRC15:49
lcukn900ive been lost15:49
lcukn900without a lock15:49
lcukn900and it spent time cached showing amsterdam until it foumd out i was in cambridge15:50
*** cure` has joined #maemo15:50
lcukwhen it found out it was in cambridge it spent its merry time downloading tho15:50
*** bigbrovar_ has joined #maemo15:50
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC15:51
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC15:51
yannjso you travelled from amsterdam to cambridge at light speed15:51
*** crashanddie has quit IRC15:51
lcukno, i just didnt open maps after amsterdam15:51
lcukuntil i went to cambridge15:51
yannj.... less fun15:51
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo15:52
yannjis there a way to preload maps?15:52
lcukjust a mo15:52
lcukill find link15:52
lcukjust go find the country or region you need15:53
lcukput em in the right place and it will use them15:53
*** ad-n770 has quit IRC15:54
*** sleipnir has quit IRC15:54
* lcuk sits back with a warm mug of coffee and surveys the clutter15:55
woglindehi lcuk15:55
lcukhiya woglinde \o15:55
Mozillionhow do I enable ssh for user@<myn900>.. I've installed openssh-server-client, have created ~/.ssh/authorized_keys with the correct fpr in it and verified .ssh and .ssh/authorized_keys perms15:56
Mozillionstill ssh user@<myn900> prompts for a password15:56
yannjok.. I wonder if I have to download France or Tahiti15:56
*** MerkurAlex has left #maemo15:56
Mozillionssh root@<myn900> seems to work using the password I provided on install of openssh-server.. but I don't want to login as root15:57
pupnik_flag to lcuk16:04
lcukthank you pupnik_ :)16:06
lcukMozillion, urg dunno, i think it just worked for me last time i tried16:10
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo16:12
*** JoeBrain has quit IRC16:12
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:12
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo16:13
*** realitygaps has joined #maemo16:14
yannjIs there a way to get the code of the photo app?16:21
pupnik_lcuk: i think we found whoever wrote that blog is the guy who promoted pulseaudio16:22
pupnik_that wiki page i mean16:24
pupnik_:)  not quite serious about that, but i sure would like to ask the proponents some pointed questions16:24
yannjOk, I found the library which handles the GPS coord <=> city mapping : libcityinfo16:25
lcukindeed yannj16:25
yannjand the reason is :   Country code!!!!!16:26
lcukpupnik_, the other night when we were talking fluid dynamics, you mentioned using a grid - you meant like this didnt you
*** javispedro has quit IRC16:26
yannjTahiti is owned by france so it should share the same country code16:26
lbtanyone else had any feedback on the community video upload thing?16:26
lbtooh, fluid dynamics ... :)16:27
SpeedEvilComputational fluid dynamics involves computing the states of voxels, which may be cuboidal or other shapes16:27
SpeedEvilA moderately significant part of the problem of computing flow past structures is appropriately gridding the flow.16:27
lbtwas doing that ~15yrs ago for groundwater flow for radiological dispersion at Sellafield16:27
*** mord_ is now known as mord16:27
*** ali1234 has joined #maemo16:27
SpeedEvilSo that it does not misrepresent the flow conditions by being too coarse, or use too much computation by being too fine16:27
lbtturned out to be harder to model a jet for a jacuzzi though ;)16:28
pupnik_nice job yannj16:28
*** mord is now known as Guest3381416:28
SpeedEvilIn this case 'grid' may not be a rectiliniar grid, but it may be a mesh of assorted geometries.16:28
pupnik_ask france to pay for updating that useless data16:28
pupnik_rather the french govt16:28
* SpeedEvil wants to do CFD of something.16:29
SpeedEvilBut hypersonic gas dynamics is hard.16:29
lbtpartially submerged jacuzzi jet with power assisted air inlet16:29
derfAnything with shocks is hard.16:29
pupnik_lbt i was talking about the technique that first appeared on PCs with 'clouds' - winamp, goom, cthugha, etc16:29
SpeedEvil(On my todo list is a 4 stage orbital rocket with a 1Kg payload for under 10K launch cost.)16:29
pupnik_that would be the greatest project in a long time16:30
lcukSpeedEvil, have you seen liqflow16:31
SpeedEvilBut I have no funding.16:31
lcukit doesnt quite take stuff into space16:31
lcukbut its pretty16:31
lbtMozillion: did you sort it out?16:31
SpeedEvillcuk: I have no n800/900 yet16:31
SpeedEvillcuk: so no16:31
yannjpupnik_ : we pay enough taxes to pay something more :p16:32
*** Flyser_ has joined #maemo16:33
*** MrGoose1 has joined #maemo16:33
* Flandry peeks in and sees computational fluid dynamics discussion and pops out16:34
Mozillionlbt: uhm no16:35
Mozilliontried to find some logs (like auth.log) but there aren't any16:35
lcukFlandry, dont be afraid :)16:36
lcuk love the variety in this chan16:37
lbtMozillion: so is it prompting for a pw ?16:37
pupnik_I wonder what fights at nokia ensued over this eq and pulseaudio stuff16:37
lcukhey david16:37
Mozillionlbt: yeah16:37
Mozillionlbt: usually it means that something like authorized_keys is not mode 644 or something16:37
Flandrywell i was on my soapbox about water and energy sustainability last night, but fluid dynamics isn't my cup of tea16:37
Mozillionbut hard to check without logs16:37
lcukeithout fluid dynamics you wouldnt have a cup of tea16:38
lbtMozillion: ssh -v <device>16:38
Flandrysure i would :P16:38
lcukprove it16:38
Flandryi don't have to be able to virtually boil water to do it in real life16:38
lcukusing equations16:38
Flandrythank God16:38
Flandryanyway i don't like tea either :D16:38
*** NGNUton-B has joined #maemo16:39
SpeedEvilFlandry: Without CFD you wouldn't have good weather forecasts. Which are used somewhat by the tea industry.16:39
Mozillionlbt: yeah, so the publickey auth method is tried but not successful, so it proceeds with method password16:39
pupnik_for e.g. many things in gstreamer now appear to be running in dsp.  why is pulse taking such a big chunk?  why isnt xprot on dsp?  or eq in hw?  the questions they will not leave me alone! ;)16:39
* Flandry lives in Boston, and has never seen a good weather forcast.16:39
lbt.ssh is 700 ?16:39
lcukboston tea party?16:39
Flandrybit before my time16:39
lcukand i live in manchester, i can beat your bad weather forecast history16:40
lbthow did you get the .pub key into authorized_keys2 ?16:40
pupnik_i picture someone saying "what do you want, pizza?" ... yes lbt16:40
lcukoh, sorry in 1977 there was a sunny spell16:40
Flandryi thought you'd understand16:40
lcuklasted about 30 mins16:40
*** ideamonk has quit IRC16:41
Mozillionlbt: yep16:41
lbtsec, my wifi won't connect16:41
lbtit's been dodgy since I flashed retail16:42
Flandrymaybe someone on now can help me out. I'd like to get some code added to the maemo libsdl but can't figured out who/how to contact about it16:42
Mozillionit has been dodgy here since I got it16:42
Mozillionsometimes need over 10 attempts to connect16:42
Mozillionalthough changing the channel from 9 to 3 seems to have helped a lot16:42
*** Flyser has quit IRC16:42
Flandrythe maintainer field is just debian people16:42
lbtused to be flawless16:42
lbtFlandry: I know - this is the problem for packages in extras-devel ... they should have a maemo contact16:43
yannjNow...have to find where country code are stored16:43
Flandryis it in extras-devel?16:44
lbtreboot - wifi connects first time16:44
lbtFlandry: libsdl - weren't you discussing that last night with qwerty12_N90016:44
*** ideamonk has joined #maemo16:44
*** mOrO^ has joined #maemo16:44
Flandryuh not afaik16:45
Flandryi asked about it last night but no one really could help out16:45
Flandryi think gan900 was the only one on who responded16:45
Flandryand that was just to say that Maemo is Nokia16:45
*** mOrO^ has left #maemo16:46
lbtFlandry: ah, it was sdl-ttf16:46
*** IcanCU has joined #maemo16:49
*** Guest33814 is now known as mord16:51
lbtMozillion: user is disabled with a ! in /etc/passwd16:51
*** mord is now known as Guest9258116:51
lbtgive user a pw and it'll work16:51
Mozillionjust found that out at the same time :)16:51
Flandrylol wtf was that about16:51
*** baze has joined #maemo16:52
*** realitygaps has quit IRC16:52
lbtMozillion: or change to *, not !16:53
*** Guest92581 is now known as mord16:53
Mozillionthat's a better idea actuall16:54
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC16:54
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo16:54
RST38hHm, Nokia seems to be the onyly one making fuss about "mobile computers"16:54
*** NGNUton-B is now known as GNUton-BNC16:55
jaska.. claiming something running symbian as one.. lol16:55
RST38hthat is "multimedia computer", as someone corrected me =)16:55
Flandrywhy is it so ridiculously hard to find different parts of maemo from m.o16:56
*** n6pfk has quit IRC16:57
RST38hWhat do you mean by different parts?16:57
Flandrypackages rep, garage, gitorious etc16:57
RST38hah that16:57
*** sjaensch has joined #maemo16:57
RST38hbecause nobody ever fixed the Development section16:58
Flandryor any useful documentation16:58
Flandryfor that matter :D16:58
yannjis there a svn repository for sources from Nokia?16:58
lbtwhy would there be?16:58
lbtsvn <shudder>16:58
Flandrybetter than nothing16:58
lbtis it?16:59
*** n6pfk has joined #maemo16:59
qwerty12_N900stage is still used for some things, like GTK :p16:59
* lbt prefers an rss feed from a dev keyb to svn16:59
yannjon the libcityinfo it is written :17:00
*** sjaensch has quit IRC17:00
yannjAll source code is stored in subversion repository fmca, subdirectory Clock, component cityinfo.17:00
RST38hFlandry: When this layout was being designed, I proposed a new layout and even made a sample, but they ignored me17:02
FlandryTime for my daily RFT (request for testers):
FlandryWell what there is now is fail17:02
Flandrynot sure there's a link to m.o/packages anywhere17:03
Flandryor, there probably is, but it's obscure17:03
Flandrythey should make that "Intro" tab into something more useful and add a few more to the bar17:04
Flandryi proposed a few things myself17:04
*** Khertan has joined #maemo17:05
*** n6pfk has quit IRC17:05
Flandryhmm there's both a libsdl-13 and a libsdl1.3 in packages :/17:06
KhertanHi !17:06
*** n6pfk has joined #maemo17:07
Khertan <<< still require some votes :)17:09
KhertanStill no news of DDP ?17:10
* Khertan is just fearing that they charge my credit card at the worst moment ... after christmas bought :)17:11
*** akeripper has quit IRC17:11
kirmais there some sort of "how to hack preinstalled software" guide for maemo5?17:11
kirmawell, it might be relatively debian-specific stuff... but not on all aspects.17:12
Khertankirma: depends, what are you trying to do ?17:12
kirmaI'm not trying to do anything specific at the moment, but interested in patching the open source packages supplied with device in general, adding experimental features and such17:13
*** Firebird has joined #maemo17:17
*** zs has joined #maemo17:19
Flandryit is possible to develop on the device17:19
Flandryyou'd have to grab the source package and then rebuild the package17:19
Flandryor some of the apps have a RCS17:20
crashanddieFlandry, sure you can develop17:20
Khertanflandry> of course ... and there is a nice source code editor in extras-testing waiting for votes :
crashanddieFlandry, some apps have been developed exclusively on the device itself17:20
Khertanlike ->
crashanddieFlandry, also, Khertan wrote that ;)17:21
Flandryi'm talking to Kirma17:21
Flandrytalk to him...17:21
Khertanok i stop the advert :)17:21
Khertanhi crashanddie17:21
crashanddieyo Khertan17:21
crashanddiecomo vach?17:21
Khertancrashanddie: alles ist gut17:21
kynkyapt-get install nano , no worky17:21
Khertanund du, wie geht's ?17:21
Khertankynky: apt-get install pygtkeditor :)17:22
kynkynano is ncurses17:22
kynkydidnt try pico though17:23
crashanddieestic be, gracies17:23
Khertankynky: yep ... bugs #1 in nano is ncurse17:23
crashanddieKhertan, em vaig mudar a australia!17:23
kynkylol, i like ncurses, i like apps that work in screen17:23
ShadowJK_screen and nano missing from extras :)17:24
Khertancrashanddie: wait ... i m launching pygoogletranslator17:24
ShadowJK_emacs and vim available though..17:24
crashanddieKhertan, je demenage en australie mec!17:24
Khertancrashanddie: oh serieux ?17:24
yannjtu parles français?17:24
kynkyemacs is massive, and ive been to lazy to learn vim properly, although vi comes preinstalled, i just used that17:24
Khertancrashanddie: tu vas faire quoi la bas ? nouveau jobs ?17:25
Khertanyannj: yep :)17:25
crashanddieKhertan, j'ai recu une promotion, je deviens principal tech lead pour asie et pacifique ;)17:25
yannjok, vous êtes de france?17:25
Khertankynky: i was using vi for writing the first line of PyGTKEditor ;)17:25
Khertanyannj: yep17:25
crashanddieyannj, j'ai vecu 10 ans en france, perpignan, khertan est un parigo17:25
Khertancrashanddie: félicitations !!!17:25
kynkyich habe eine langes chlange17:25
kynkyich habe eine lange schlange17:26
yannjah ben il est pas loin de moi (à côté de versailles)17:26
crashanddieKhertan, toi ardennais? Et mon cul c'est du poulet, t'en veux une aile?17:26
Khertanbon a la base ... now j'ai une maison dans le nord nord de paris :)17:26
Khertancrashanddie: héhé17:26
kynkydammit, thats like the only german i know, didnt know the german word sorry, for the girl i told that too, who started to get really upset17:26
yannjnord nord de paris = Picardie?17:27
Khertanyannj: yep ... a 30m de la frontiere de la seine et marne ... à 15 min de meaux :)17:27
crashanddieKhertan, merci, donc voila, demain je me casse en californie pour 3 semaines, ensuite je retourne a perpignan pendant 2-3 semaines, et apres retour a londres et on prepare le demenagement... beaucoup de boulot17:27
Khertancrashanddie: tu m'etonne ... par container par bateau j'imagine ...17:28
kynkybon bon17:28
crashanddie'fin, j'ai pas 3 gosses et une femme a demenager non plus, donc de ce cote la cava, mais c'est insane tous les visas, papiers et machins17:28
*** mavhc has quit IRC17:28
Khertancrashanddie: ah ouais ... j'avais jamais pensé au coté paperasse ... ca doit etre bien relou17:28
yannjcrashanddie, Khertan : vous aussi vous avez remarqué le bug avec la geoloc sur maemo?17:28
kirmaFlandry: welll. anyway, I suppose there's no "guide" for the task... ;)17:29
Khertanyannj: which bugs ,17:29
Khertanyannj: ?17:29
crashanddiej'ai le droit de te degouter? J'ai passe moins de 2 ans en angleterre, donc je viens de remplir de la paperasserie pour recuperer toutes les taxes que j'ai paye... Grossomerdo entre 8 et 14k...17:29
yannjessaye de geolocalisé une photo , il te dis que tu es à tahiti :
povbotBug 6359: Geolocation gives the wrong country17:29
*** javispedro has joined #maemo17:29
Khertancrashanddie: GRRRRRRRRRR !!!!17:29
crashanddiethanks povbot17:29
Khertancrashanddie: :)17:29
Khertanyannj: lol17:30
yannjça marche comment ce truc?17:30
Khertanyannj: a vrai dire j'ai jamais essayé de geoloc une photo en france ...17:30
Khertanyannj: j'ai geoloc mes photos a amsterdam ... mais jamais en france :)17:31
yannjvous bossez dans quoi17:31
crashanddieexpert en securite pour banques et gouvernements17:31
*** n6pfk has quit IRC17:31
Khertanexpert en développement a la con dans une petite boite :)17:31
yannjun peu pareil que moi alors17:32
*** crashanddie changes topic to "Welcome to #maemo | | | Maemo Community Council | | | Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend - Registrations open - | Scratchbox + Xephyr is not an emulator, don't expect a terminal or browser | It's french happy hour"17:32
yannjle "à la con " en moins17:32
Khertanchef de project / developpeur dans une petite société de conception de software de gestion pour les agence immobilieres (boite situé a issy les moulineaux)17:33
Khertancrashanddie: ca va te changer du climat londonnien l'australie ... :)17:33
yannjok, moi je fais de la R&D pour une entreprise spécialisé dans la mesure de QoE en particulier pour les opérateurs17:33
KhertanQoE ?17:33
KhertanQuality of Emission ?17:34
crashanddieou Queen of England17:34
yannjQuality Of Experience17:34
yannjmais la mesure de queen of england...beurk17:34
crashanddietraduction, c'est yannj dans le pub de verizon "Can you hear me now?"17:35
Khertanyannj: qu'est ce qui ta ammené sur Maemo ?17:35
*** Flandry has quit IRC17:35
*** Flandry has joined #maemo17:36
yannjpas envie d'avoir un iPhone fermé et de suivre le business model de la firme agricole17:36
yannjet puis je cherchais un tel de bonne qualité sur lequel je peux mettre mes applis sans payer 100$17:37
Khertanperso à l'epoque des palm tx (quand le miens a rendu l'ame) je voulais un appareil sur lequel je puisse faire du dev embarqué ... et j'ai hésité entre un sharp zaurus et le n90017:37
Flandryso libsdl1.2 is in SDK and root filesystem and has no maintainer
*** n6pfk has joined #maemo17:37
Khertancrashanddie: Cette vidéo n'est pas disponible dans votre pays en raison de restrictions sur les droits d'auteur.17:38
yannjben là j'ai acheté le n900 et c'est vraiment bin17:38
Khertanyoutube powa :)17:38
Khertanyannj: ah oui je confirme ... :)17:38
Flandrywtf do i do to contribute to it17:38
javispedroFlandry: maintainer is "nokia". what do you want to do?17:38
yannjla je voudrai porté PPTP client pour utiliser Ipredator...17:38
Khertanyannj: haha :)17:38
Flandryi want to add the accelerometer as a joystick driver17:39
Khertanyannj: shouldn't be too difficult17:39
wazdJe mapelle Andre, je fais mes etudes a l'ecole 1259 :D17:39
Khertanwazd: 1259 ... unknow school17:39
javispedroFlandry: file a feature request in b.m.o17:39
yannjKhertan : I think the most difficult would be to recompile the kernel module17:40
KhertanFlandry: and send your patch :)17:40
yannjand to make the GUI17:40
wazdKhertan: that's basically all I remeber in french :D17:40
Flandryok. Think the chances of them adding it are reasonable?17:40
javispedroFlandry: right now, no.17:40
javispedrobut getting the ball rolling is always good :)17:40
FlandryAlso, is that something that would show up as an update on HAM or would it have to be part of the firmware17:41
Khertanyannj: the module should not be too difficult to recompile ... the most difficult part will be to install scratchbox :)17:41
yannjI did in a VM17:41
javispedroand we can get a list of bugs to add to libsdl1.3 which is not going to be a system lib.17:41
javispedros/bugs/fixes ;)17:41
yannjnext step will be to write a "tweet deck" like from N90017:41
Flandryaren't some of the better parts of sdl1.3 proprietary?17:41
javispedro"better parts"? I am interested in the compat layer and multiple windows support mostly :)17:42
Flandrywell, new stuff17:42
Flandrymulti mouse support17:42
Flandryi think17:43
Khertanyannj: what is tweet deck ?17:43
Flandryie multitouch17:43
Khertan <--- that ?17:43
yannjkhertan : yes....17:43
javispedroFlandry: never read about that17:43
* Khertan still didn't understand why everybody is exposing their life on social network17:44
* Khertan didn't see any interest in social network17:44
Flandryhuh is joomla oO17:44
javispedroKhertan: they've been brainwashed.17:44
yannjKhertan : I don't use it as blog, but to follow some interesting things like CNN Breaking news17:44
lorelei^Khertan: social pressure...17:44
FirebirdFlandry, ...?17:45
Khertanyannj: i'm using rss for following news17:45
Flandryi guess i was wrong17:45
*** cure` has quit IRC17:45
Flandryit's iphone and embedded device support that's commercial17:45
Flandrygood to know17:46
yannjKhertan : I know... but I also follow some people17:46
yannjF*ck my software partition is quite full17:47
Flandryanyway, would  you like to access the accelerometer as an sdl joystick?17:47
Flandryor is adding that to sdl pointless17:47
javispedroIMHO the hard part is doing anything useful with the accelerometer data17:47
Flandryit would work best if it was frequently polled and smoothed, and then passed as axis events17:48
javispedrowell if it's smoothing it's already doing something useful :)17:48
Flandrycould act as an analog one-stick joystick that way17:48
yannjkhertan : Nice, I installed fenec yesterday , they put everything in /usr/local/fennec-1.0b5/17:49
yannjhad to move and symlink17:49
yannjKhertan : c'est quoi ton opérateur?17:50
Khertanyannj: est sait pas faire : sfr17:51
*** cure` has joined #maemo17:51
Khertanyannj: yep fennec isn't optified yet17:51
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC17:52
*** choppa has joined #maemo17:52
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo17:53
ShadowJK_is python optified these days?17:53
GAN900Khertan, it just was.17:53
lizardoShadowJK_: yes17:53
GAN900ShadowJK_, that one too.17:53
KhertanShadowJK_: yep but don't know if it s available yet in extras-testing17:53
KhertanShadowJK_: package pymaemo-optify17:53
yannjKhertan : ben j'utilise fennec à cause de SFR, impossible de changer le user agent du coup je peux pas utiliser le navig de base17:54
Khertanbut before installing it i suggest you to remove python-gdata before and reinstall after ... i got some strang things on gdata17:54
*** mavhk has joined #maemo17:54
Khertanyannj: ah ... mais si :)17:54
ShadowJK_I don't have python installed right now17:54
yannjKhertan : how?17:55
Khertanyannj: in microb just go to about:config17:55
yannjI did17:55
Khertanyannj : validate the warning ...17:55
yannjalso did17:55
Khertanlook in the field for user17:55
Khertanchange it ... for Nokian900 for example17:55
Khertanand it s work17:55
yannjI did17:55
Khertanbut it s not permanent17:55
Khertanyou need to do it each time you restart the browser17:56
Khertanfor a permanent solution just add a user.js file17:56
*** mavhk is now known as mavhc17:56
*** Unmensch has quit IRC17:56
yannjI tried to change prefs.us17:56
*** KMFDM has quit IRC17:57
Khertanprefs.js is rewrite at runtime by internal preferences of microb17:57
Khertanyep sfr sucks17:57
Khertanthey detect the string firefox in the user agent17:57
Khertanthe other solution i use on n810 is privoxy setting a false user agent17:58
Khertanthe advantage of using privoxy is also to ban advert :)17:58
Khertanbut it s not available yet for Fremantle17:59
Khertan... need to do some works at home ...18:00
Khertansee you later ... bye18:00
GAN900AdBlock is in Extras18:00
FlandrySo how do i handle it if my app wants the sdl version that supports accelerometer-joystick. Could i upload an alternative libsdl1.2 to depend on?18:00
Khertanand do not forget to vote for :
qwerty12_N900Khertan: I voted. Love it :)18:01
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo18:01
KhertanGAN900: the advantage of privoxy is that the rss reader is also blocked in diablo due to the useragent and sfr ... but there isn't any way to change the user agent ... so i use privoxy to do it :)18:01
Khertanqwerty12_N900: thx18:01
Khertanqwerty12_N900: the next release will be faster i hope for parsing the first time a large file ... i m working on optimizing it18:02
* qwerty12_N900 nods :)18:02
*** pH5_ has joined #maemo18:02
*** pH5_ has quit IRC18:03
Khertanqwerty12_N900: anyway if you have any requests, suggestions , patch feel free to comment on my web site ( or filled a bug to b.m.o18:03
yannjKhertan : can microb handle xhtml+xml??18:04
Khertani ve some works to do in my home ... like finish the floor at the first stair ...18:04
Khertanyannj: depends what you mean by handle but as it use gecko as rendering engine ... it should :)18:04
yannjlike to read the
Khertanit s not xhtml ... but wml18:05
Khertanand no microb doesn't handle wml18:05
yannjif the user agent is NokiaN95 it is xhtml+xml, bye18:06
yannjI just want to get TV...18:06
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo18:06
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:13
*** lorelei^ has quit IRC18:14
*** lardman has joined #maemo18:14
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC18:14
lardmancall me lard-scrouge if you will, but I hate all the xmas shoppers getting in my way in town on a Saturday18:15
*** caotic has quit IRC18:15
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo18:15
qwerty12_N900lard-scrouge, have a gun for Christmas18:15
Stskeepsjeremiah: debhelper 7 missing is due to scratchbox overriding it.18:15
*** sjaensch has joined #maemo18:15
lardmanI'd quite like one of those Chinese pikes with a blade on the end18:15
lardmanscythe my way through the peasants18:16
lardmantimeless: you about?18:16
lardmantimeless: is that your Paris favourite bug on the ml atm?18:16
lardmandunno, in my inbox18:16
lardmancalled "[libcityinfo issue] Where is the cities databases located?"18:17
povbotBug 6359: Geolocation gives the wrong country18:17
lardmanyep, that too18:17
* timeless_mbp rotfl18:17
GAN900lardman, hater.18:17
lardmanI like Xmas, just not the meandering18:17
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo18:18
timeless_mbplardman: so, that sounds like the ovi reverse dns services are drunk18:18
timeless_mbpi've only rarely complained about them being bad18:18
timeless_mbpe.g. returning 'null', 'undefined' to Maps18:19
lardmaninteresting, is it just using the db, or is it a proper geolocation service?18:19
timeless_mbpit's a service18:19
timeless_mbpif you go to settings>gps18:19
timeless_mbpyou'll see the hostname18:19
timeless_mbpoh wow18:20
lardmanhas he mixed things up then?18:20
timeless_mbpyou're right, i'm wrong18:20
timeless_mbpwell, if he actually managed to fix it by mucking w/ clock18:20
timeless_mbpthat means we can fix all the other bugs18:20
lardmanI presumed the photo tagging used a service, but the liblocation app was just used for the world time app?18:20
* timeless_mbp frowns18:20
* timeless_mbp wtfs18:21
*** GNUton-BNC is now known as gnuton18:21
crashanddieffs, answer a few questions on tmo and have people sending you PMs on how to get roms for the emulators18:21
RST38h...thanks to sites like the student-run (ACB=Anonymous Confession Board), which can get hundreds of thousands of hits on a good day, TIME reports that anonymous slander is going viral on campus.18:21
lardmangnuton: I have a quesiton for you18:21
lardmangnuton: why does iirc qt4-dev alter the qemu method of the sb target18:22
gnutonhi lardman.18:22
timeless_mbplardman: note that i have 0 working n900s handy atm18:22
gnutonlardman: it was true just for Diablo18:22
timeless_mbpso i can't play around18:22
*** flo_lap has quit IRC18:22
timeless_mbplardman: but, could you try to fix Augusta, ME for me?18:22
lardmangnuton: yeah, I was trying a diablo build18:22
*** plr_ has joined #maemo18:23
RST38hMhm...The UMD board is pretty boring, 99% frats.18:23
lardmantimeless_mbp: : how?18:23
timeless_mbpassuming it's this /usr/share/clock/wdb18:23
timeless_mbpcurrently Augusta, ME is at the GPS coords for Augusta, GA18:23
timeless_mbpso... move it north ;-)18:23
timeless_mbp(maybe a bit east too...)18:23
lardmanis wdb flat text?18:23
* Stskeeps wonders when a proper caching map sw comes along for maemo18:24
timeless_mbpaccording to comment 5 it is18:24
timeless_mbpagain, i'm kinda short on devices :)18:24
RST38hSts: What is the probability that Gnuite is working exactly on that?18:24
lardmanStskeeps: how are the builds of maemo-mapper coming along?18:24
plr_hmm, anyone else having trouble using google.reader with n900 default browser? the scrolling doesn't seem to work properly. probably because of the framea18:24
ShadowJK_ovi maps doesn't cache?18:24
Stskeepslardman: no sure, last time i tried it crashed hard. that said, my /home/user was owned by root last time.18:24
lardmanStskeeps: I also hear that libchamplain will start caching soon, so that will mean emerillon with cache also18:24
qwerty12_N900RST38h: It's another guy porting Maemo Mapper to Fremantle. Gnuite has gone to the dark side =)18:25
* timeless_mbp sighs @bug 630018:25
povbotBug :/ in http:// is converted into an emoticon in some cases18:25
lardmanqwerty12_N900: do you know who it is?18:25
ShadowJK_timeless_mbp: congrats on the browser, it's about the only thing so far that doesn't annoy me ;)18:25
timeless_mbpShadowJK_: thanks18:25
RST38hqwerty: Yes, ubut you know, the dark side has got a maps app on its own... nAnd Gnuite looks like a good match...18:25
qwerty12_N900lardman: No idea, but he posted on Talk once18:25
timeless_mbpbtw, if you use gmail, i suggest mail/x or mail/h18:25
timeless_mbpotherwise be sure to visit browser options and turn off disable background js18:25
lardmantimeless_mbp: what do you want me to change it to then?18:25
timeless_mbplardman: um18:26
*** ideamonk has left #maemo18:26
* GAN900 had temporarily forgotten what high-humidity winters were like.18:26
timeless_mbpAugusta, Maine is at coordinates 44°19′25″N 69°45′55″W / 44.323535°N 69.765261°W / 44.323535; -69.765261 (Augusta, Maine)Coordinates: 44°19′25″N ...18:26
* lardman wonders which states ME and GA are?18:26
timeless_mbpMaine, Georgia18:26
timeless_mbplardman: after you fix that, if it works18:26
timeless_mbpi have a bunch of others to change18:26
timeless_mbpoh, and please keep a backup18:27
timeless_mbpbecause when you're done, i want to write a perl script-package to fix other people's db's :)18:27
Flandrystill wondering about the acceptability of uploading custom builds of libsdl for a package to depend on. Is that kosher?18:27
lardmanwell send me a list if you want, I'll have to pull it over to my pc and edit there18:27
timeless_mbpFlandry: if a package is owned by the os18:27
timeless_mbpthen ham will not let it work18:27
lardmanno promises on how quick I'll get it donw though18:28
timeless_mbpyou'd need a new deb package name18:28
gnutonlardman: that was necessary because we built Qt with some armv6 specific g++ optimizations18:28
timeless_mbpand a new file path18:28
Flandryi wouldn't call it libsdl1.218:28
Flandryhmm yeah i'd have to change a lot :/18:28
lardmangnuton: it's just that for those of us building diablo stuff in the fremantle sb, we don't have that qemu18:28
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:29
Stskeeps - hell must be freezing over.18:29
Flandryapril 1st today?18:29
Stskeepsseemingily not18:30
*** lorelei^ has joined #maemo18:30
RST38hThere is now a prebuilt .deb file for Fremantle Maemo Mapper 2.6.218:30
lardmanoh cool, where is it?18:31
lardmananyone know of a tv listings app for the tablets?18:31
Stskeeps bottom18:31
lardmanStskeeps: wrong one, but looks quite cool anyway18:31
lardmanRST38h: thanks18:32
Stskeeps1. By installing the Special Developer Edition firmware on a device, it will forever loose the capability of playing DRM (digital right management) protected content even if I restore it later to a legacy ARCHOS firmware.18:32
*** trevor13 has joined #maemo18:32
RST38hForeva, man!18:32
trevor13hi everybody18:33
Stskeepsstill, archos 5 and 7 open18:33
RST38hits corporate virginity is gonna be lost foreva18:33
Stskeepsthat's a bit amazing :P18:33
trevor13I want to play Quake 3 on my N900 How can i do ?18:33
trevor13where can i download quake 3 for my N900?18:33
RST38hApp Manager18:34
derflardman: Don't they make websites for that sort of thing?18:34
*** sven-tek has quit IRC18:34
RST38hInstall Open Arena18:34
Robot101Stskeeps: it deletes its drm keys?18:34
RST38hAnd Quake318:34
lardmanderf: yeah, but I'm after something lightweight18:34
RST38hah, hello derf18:34
lardmanderf: probably one somewhere tho yes18:34
StskeepsRobot101: yeah18:34
wazdArchos accidentally developer firmware18:34
derfMoo RST38h.18:34
lardmanthey are still pretty expensive aren't they? Archos 7s?18:35
lardmanProbably much cheaper to get a SmartQ V7 to watch movies on18:35
Flandrylardman, you use the accelerometer in your app. Any idea of its hertz?18:35
Stskeepslardman: 399 eur, 320gb hd18:35
*** mikhas has joined #maemo18:35
Robot101lying on back with n900 in the air18:35
RST38hStskeeps: btw, what is the latest story with smartqs? Are you still developing Mer on them?18:36
* timeless_mbp sighs18:36
StskeepsRST38h: some people are, i'm not personally18:36
Robot101tip: don't let go. it hurts when you drop it on your face.18:36
lardmanFlandry: I only use the standard system notifications18:36
* Stskeeps is sticking to nokia devices18:36
lcukRobot101, sounds like the voice of experience18:36
* Robot101 fails at today18:36
lardmanFlandry: does the wiki page not say, otherwise pester Jaffa perhaps or look at the kernel source18:37
*** peyo22 has joined #maemo18:37
lardmanStskeeps: yeah 399 euros is pretty dear, but I suppose it does have a large hdd18:37
Flandrydoesn't really say
Flandryi'll check the talk thread18:38
lcukFlandry, at least 25hz18:38
lcukwhat you looking for18:38
Flandryyeah, i guess that's true18:38
lcukor rather expecting to hear18:38
Flandrythat's probably fine18:38
trevor13FOr quake 3 , openarena/                                                      17.10.2009 13:46       -18:39
Flandrythanks :)18:39