IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2009-09-12

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wazdI'm back :)00:04
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wazdSo, I see everybody finaly understood tht nokia will allow to custmize n900 but without limitations :)00:05
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RST38hthat was kinda obvious wasn't it?00:06
wazdRST38h: well, mass-media didn't think so :)00:06
zerojayMass media was reporting on the n900?00:07
RST38hwazd: bloggers you mean...00:07
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wazdIt's pretty stupid to think that nokia will slap the hands of careers no allowing to modify cause it's damn opposite way of "openess" :)00:08
javispedrohey, I've seen printed articles about the n900...00:08
RST38hthere are really three different actions there:00:08
zerojayYou have?00:08
RST38h1) adding custom stuff 2) locking custom stuff 3) removing features00:08
javispedroI have? :)00:09
RST38h#1 is pretty harmless so why not?00:09
RST38h#2 is also relatively tolerable at least for Nokia00:09
zerojayI've never seen a print article about the tablets.00:09
wazdRST38h: I remember great quote of Walt MossPuppet: "Hey, I've sent you a link! -Hey!! I've sent you a link too! Great! We're journalists!" :D00:09
zerojayOr ever seen anyone else with one.00:09
javispedrozerojay: me neither.00:09
RST38hwazd: Bloggers are
javispedrobut the n900 is not a tablet, but a "new phone" :P00:10
wazdjavispedro: well, it is :)00:10
RST38hjavis: wrong, it is a mobile computer :)00:10
zerojayMaemo device then. Heh.00:10
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javispedroThe mass media "article" i'm thinking of said "phone".00:11
JoeBraindoesn't the Nokia website say "communications computer" ? :D00:13
RST38hthat's new00:13
javispedro"linux gizmo"00:13
RST38hanyway, it's a comlog00:13
RST38hlet us just call it comlog and stop at that00:13
zerojayThey've been calling all their phones multimedia devices for so long now.00:13
RST38hsince n9500:13
RST38hand every new model was marketed as the FIST multimedia computer00:14
JoeBrainlol FIST?00:14
* javispedro has a multimedia computer dumbphone00:14
zerojayChuck norris' phone.00:14
zerojayThe FIST00:14
JoeBrainah I thought it was some dumb acronym :)00:15
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wazdarent these bumper stickers suppose to be fun? :)00:17
RST38honly if you have a car =)00:17
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wazdTim is proposing some rather serious but a little boring stuff
ShellEvilI don't see a reason for 'collaborative'00:19
RST38hhe is too serious. the whole council is too serious.00:19
RST38hShellEvil: well, at least the word "paradigm" has not been used.00:20
ShellEvilAlso - the device list is pointles00:20
RST38h"open source community" is a generic entity00:21
RST38hdoes not say anything new or interesting00:21
wazdRST38h: well, comment there :)00:21
ShellEvil'Free your phone' - or something00:21
*** jrocha has quit IRC00:21 - we do shit00:21
ShellEvilbut 'Free your internet connected computing device which may or may not have a cellular modem integrated' ...00:21
wazd"Please, open your trunk, Sir" :D00:22
ShellEvil'We know these open-source people - look at reiser - killers - the lot of them'00:22
zerojayLol00:22 - nerd alert trigger :D00:22
zerojayBastard. Made me lol on the bus.00:23
zerojayFor real.00:23
zerojayEveryone's staring.00:23
wazdzerojay: nerd alert! :)00:23
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zerojayHeh, damn straight.00:24
qwerty12In Quebec, you do not laugh.00:24
javispedronokia pedo logo ftw ;)00:25
zerojayWell, i did laugh really loudly, heh.00:25
* ShellEvil has an image of some confused marketer using the bear with ipodesque headphones.00:25
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wazdIn fact, I don't understand people that stare at laughing man00:28
JoeBrainI think the bumper sticker needs a different tag line than both of those00:29
wazdHe's not jerking or pooping in the bus, he's just happy00:29
RST38hmaybe he is a terrorist?00:29
wazdRST38h: terrorists usualy poop :D00:29
RST38hbefore or after the laugh? =)00:29
ShellEvilIt can't be a tagline that only the involved will understand either00:30
wazdRST38h: same time :)00:30
wazdShellEvil: well, that's my point00:30
JoeBrainOOoooooh I like Maemo forum's captcha system.00:30
JoeBrainShellEvil: especially when the non-involved might be misled into thinking it's something else entirely..00:31
wazdShellEvil: I actually came up with "I have loads of stuff in my trunk" - it's funny for those who don't know and it's understandable and funny for those who do :)00:31
JoeBrain"Loads of Packages in my Trunk" sounds... umm...00:31
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ShellEvilrecaptcha is good00:31
wazdJoeBrain: oh yeah, packages, not stuff :D00:32
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* RST38h laughs diabolically00:32
qwerty12"my humps, my humps..."00:32
wazdqwerty12: that's what she said :)00:33
JoeBrainactually it is what she said :P00:34
qwerty12yes, i remember. it was a good night00:34
wazdqwerty12: I still remember it was you who dated infobot :D00:35
qwerty12who said that i still don't?00:35
wazdqwerty12: ooooh, it's so cute :D00:36
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qwerty12infobot, $5000:36
* infobot takes the cash and sucks qwerty12 off00:36
wazdRST38h: btw, I have enlarged windows in my appartments now, so it's pretty cool to laugh diablically while standing in front :D00:36
RST38hwazd: Only if you have got a doomsday weapon in the background00:37
RST38hwazd: or at least an audiophile-grade audio amplifier with Huge glowing tubes00:37
wazdRST38h: well, does good 'ol wooden piano counts? :)00:37
RST38hwazd: Is there a human skull on it? =)00:37
wazdRST38h: not yet :)00:38
RST38hit is almost a required accessory =)00:38
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pupnikThe main motivation for VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) is to enable hardware accelerated video decode/encode at various entry-points (VLD, IDCT, Motion Compensation etc.) for the prevailing coding standards today (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ASP/H.263, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, and VC-1/VMW3).
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* GAN800 slaps zerojay.01:37 is never capitalized.01:37
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zerojayPCBlame the tablet.01:45
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Jaffacrashanddie, lcuk, luovanto and I have just come up with the *coolest* Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Rock Drummer game idea for the N90002:01
JaffaI'd upload a video, but Bluetooth is being annoying and I can't be arsed to get out a USB cable02:02
wazdJaffa: Multitask first :D02:02
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* wazd curses the fucking 1.5 GB patch for the game02:04
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ShellEvilJaffa: video recognition of air guitar?02:12
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo02:12
ShellEvilJaffa: can also do air-drums, air-trumpet, and air-glockenspiel.02:13
ShellEvilAir-one-man-band may be overdoing it.02:13
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Captain_Picarddoes n900 also got virtual gun?!02:15
JaffaShellEvil: Microphone + accelerometer + table02:15
Captain_Picardpoints to:
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Captain_Picardi want that to my n90002:17
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lardmanJaffa: having a nice evening I take it? :)02:19
lardmanqwerty12: I missed you, sorry02:20
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Jaffalardman: Apart from having to rush to get the last train home02:20
JaffaAnd Jussi's taste in food is as bad as his taste in music. KFC indeed!02:21
JaffaAt least we ended up in Nando's rather than KFC.02:21
JaffaNo bacon. But beer.02:21
lardmanJaffa: I had the same problem yesterday :)02:21
lardmanlol, we had a proper sit-down yesterday02:22
JaffaBah, I'm old hat now02:22
JaffaNo pushing the boat out to impress me!02:22
lardmanjust 'cos it was so late we couldn't be arsed to walk anywhere :)02:23
lardmanyou on the train now then?02:23
JaffaTapping into first class' free wifi02:23
Jaffa(arbitrary MAC address FTW)02:23
lardmanvery good :)02:23
JaffaAt least 40 mins before getting into Rugby02:23
lardmanI walked in the door at 2am yesterday02:24
lardmanbloody train took 2hrs to get home02:24
JaffaMrs Jaffa ain't going to be happy02:24
lardmanMrs Lardman wasn't too pleased either02:24
JaffaOr awake02:24
lardmanI think that was the problem, she woke up when I got back :D02:24
lardmanit was a long day, I was stumbling around a little I admit02:25
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Jaffa"long day" ;-)02:27
lardmanI did have to sit through 3 hours of lectures in the morning, and drink wine at lunch time, so was quite tired come the evening :)02:27
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lardmananyway my evening of coding didn't quite work out, will have to crack on tomorrow02:31
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* lardman wishes the Ubuntu search was easier to use02:37
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bobbydI was wondering if there's any support for sipe (the office communicator protocol) in any maemo app, or if it's possible to run Pidgin?02:58
endorphinumgooood morning everyone :)02:58
bobbydI'm considering getting an n900 over an iphone02:58
endorphinumbobby: u better do02:58
ShellEvilOr we Keeeeeel you!02:59
bobbydif I can connect to the office IM server, that would do it for me02:59
ShellEvil(well  - probably not.)02:59
bobbydwhat does the chat in the n900 use?02:59
bobbydShellEvil: there's a plugin for pidgin02:59
ShellEvilI do know that you can definately use pidgin - though I'm unsure if it's the default02:59
bobbydI use that under Ubuntu and it works well02:59
endorphinumshelll: pdigin might be all you need :)02:59
bobbydI'd love to add support to the default chat program03:00
endorphinumpidgin rocks. just like miranda does03:00
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bobbydthe one thing I'm concerned about is having lots of applications that don't look good, making the phone look like a mess03:00
ShellEvilNow tends to be a moderately quiet time.03:01
bobbydare all applications skinned using the current theme on the n900?03:01
ShellEvilYeah - there aren't _huge_ numbers of polished apps.03:01
ShellEvilIphone does have that of course - but there are some things apps simply can't do on iphone.03:01
ShellEvilLook at the comedy over the C64 emulator.03:01
bobbydyep, I understand the functionality over beauty argument, but I'd like it to look nice too if possible :D03:02
endorphinumbobby: you checked out my online project ?03:03
bobbydhas anyone here actually used an n900?03:03
bobbydendorphinum: nope03:03
endorphinumbobby: www.mojocafe.net03:03
*** tbf has quit IRC03:04
bobbydhopefully the n900 will get a large following03:07
endorphinumthnx. at the moment i am seeking a way to develop a maemo app that would make it run fullscreen.03:07
*** gomiam has quit IRC03:07
endorphinumbobby: hopefully yes - but i do not hope it for the device. i hope it for the OS :)03:08
endorphinumdid i mentioned that i luv maemo !?03:08
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* luke-jr dislikes both.03:10 -- an empty webpage03:10
bobbydLuke-Jr: seems like you're in the wrong channel if you dislike maemo03:11
luke-jrbobbyd: I have hope for Maemo 6?03:12
endorphinumluke-jr ... u visited it with your device ?03:13
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endorphinumluke: if u check it with your device then u must enter http://m.mojocafe.net03:14
luke-jrendorphinum: I wasn't using my device.03:15
endorphinumbut u will need a playlist code to enter or you wont see the fullscreen widgets03:15
luke-jr"Either your screenresolution could not be detected or your gadget screen size is not supported by the MOJOCAFE."03:15
endorphinum??? strange03:15
luke-jrmy screen resolution is none of some retarded website's business03:15
luke-jrnor do I run my browser fullscreen03:16
endorphinumok. then ignore the project please :D03:16
endorphinumwait.... u certainly have a flash blocker - that'S why the page was white.03:17
t_s_osure wish vacuuming my place was as easy as the firefox databases...03:21
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LiraNunaany clue to when the Rober/N900 comes out?03:41
*** asj_wrk- has joined #maemo03:41
LiraNunaI remember when it was in 'late july' but I don't think that happened :P03:42
Sho_LiraNuna: October03:42
*** asj_wrk has quit IRC03:42
LiraNunaah, k03:42
Sho_LiraNuna: sounds like you've been out of the loop for a while? check out
* LiraNuna eagerly waits 03:43
LiraNunaSho_, I know it's in preorder03:43
LiraNunaI've been to that page too03:43
*** MaceN8x0 has quit IRC03:43
LiraNunadoes T-Mobile sponsor it?03:44
Sho_dunno about carriers, sorry03:44
LiraNunano problem, thank you03:45
*** endorphinum has joined #maemo03:45
luke-jrendorphinum: no Flash blocker. I just refuse to install any Flash support.03:45
endorphinumah ok.03:45
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bobbydLuke-Jr: what are you hoping will be in maemo 6?03:46
*** jhford is now known as zz_jhford03:47
luke-jrbobbyd: Qt. Which means a rewrite of all the terrible code in the existing Maemo.03:49
bobbydis it gtk at the moment?03:50
bobbydand will the n900 support version 6?03:50
luke-jrbobbyd: unlikely, Nokia has a history of dropping support for hardware before even the next generation of hardware is released03:51
luke-jrfor example the N810 hasn't been supported for at least 9 months03:52
bobbydthat's not good03:52
Sho_well, the problem with Maemo 5 on the N810 is the lack of OpenGL03:52
luke-jrMaemo 5 supports Qt apps though03:52
Sho_theoretically, there's no similar tech hurdle with Maemo 6 on the N90003:52
luke-jrSho_: did Nokia make the 770 hacker edition?03:52
Sho_luke-jr: no idea03:53
luke-jrit would be nice if they would fix XMPP support in OS200803:53
luke-jrand the GPS03:53
Sho_luke-jr: but the opengl problem also prevents an "n810 hacker edition", at least a straight-forward one03:53
bobbydLuke-Jr so you think there's no poin in getting the n900? May as well just wait for the next one?03:53
Sho_luke-jr: whereas the community should be in a much better position to backport maemo 6 to the n900 if necessary,03:53
luke-jrbobbyd: the N900 is the first to support cell phone03:54
luke-jrbobbyd: I would get it if the specifications for the hardware were open03:54
luke-jrsince I just got a N810 though (and regret it), I will probably wait to find a more ideal hardware platform03:55
luke-jreven if it means it comes with Windows and I need to port Linux03:55
bobbydLuke-Jr what abou the android stuff?03:55
bobbydhtc hero03:55
luke-jrbobbyd: I hear Android has the same problems03:56
luke-jrand Android is more Java-centric and known to have locked/closed platforms03:56
bobbydI still think the n900 looks pretty good considering everything out there03:56
bobbydhow are you feeling limited by the 810?03:57
luke-jrthe GPS doesn't work right, and both it and\ BME is closed03:57
*** xxiao has joined #maemo03:57
bobbydit's actually broken?!03:58
luke-jreven when it does work, it works poorly03:58
bobbydthat's poor03:58
bobbydwhy would they bother to release something that didn't work?03:58
luke-jrNokia has no interest in getting TI to give us specs since N900 uses a different GPS chip03:59
*** mkpaa has joined #maemo03:59
luke-jrbobbyd: I think some of the problems are time-based03:59
luke-jrsome of the problems aren't manifest in Maemo03:59
bobbydyou mean they're rushing to get it out?03:59
luke-jrone of the problems works with Linux 2.6.21 because of a bug that was fixed in 2.6.2704:00
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC04:00
luke-jrbobbyd: a lot of the problems are inherited from TI I think04:01
luke-jrI can only imagine the N900 will be closed on the 3D and cell phone bits too04:02
Sho_though there are a lot more open TI-related bits in this one than in the N81004:03
luke-jrSho_: ?04:03
luke-jrthe only deficiencies in the N810 were battery charger (not TI) and GPS04:04
luke-jreven if N900 GPS is open spec, the new closed bits probably outnumber it?04:04
Sho_luke-jr: A lot more of the drivers for the SoC are open and even in the kernel mainline, and the biggie is probably that the DSP framework is now open as is access to the DSP04:04
luke-jrDSP is the same as N810?04:04
*** MaceN8x0 has joined #maemo04:04
Sho_luke-jr: I.e. it's actually possible to, say, throw in a Vorbis decoder there that uses the DSP, and thus leaves the main CPU free to do other stuff04:05
Sho_unlike on the N81004:05
luke-jrSho_: uh, the DSP takes up CPU time...04:05
luke-jrat least in OMAP-204:05
Sho_luke-jr: well, less than a CPU-only decoder04:05
Robot101its a different part of the chip, it only takes CPU time doing I/O04:06
*** ziyourenxiang has quit IRC04:06
Sho_On the whole, a kernel should basically work to drive an OMAP3 system these days, I think, which was definitely not the case on the N81004:08
*** MaceN8x0 has quit IRC04:08
smackpotatolets talk about this karma thing04:09
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo04:10
smackpotatoI'm going to save my karma in case it can be used for a discount on a non phone product04:10
*** zz_jhford is now known as jhford04:10
smackpotatoam I delusiional04:11
smackpotatoor perhaps schitzophrenic because i apperar to be talking to myself04:12
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC04:16
*** eichi has joined #maemo04:23
*** MaceN8x0 has joined #maemo04:26
*** pupnik has quit IRC04:26
bobbydI don' think you cane use karma to buy phones04:27
bobbydonly to buy happiness04:27
*** MaceN8x0 has quit IRC04:28
*** dieb_ has joined #maemo04:28
*** MaceN8x0 has joined #maemo04:29
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GAN800bobbyd, pay no attention to the troll.04:29
GAN800The likelihood is that Maemo 6 will be released for N900.04:30
*** dieb__ has quit IRC04:30
bobbydok, I think I'll get one anyway as it looks excellent to me04:31
GAN800bobbyd, the reality is that Nokia has been one of the biggest drivers behind TI's recent movement towards openness.04:32
GAN800They're the ones that got the STLC43xx spec released, too.04:33
smackpotatoits fryday night04:33
bobbydI really just want something that's quite flexible and that I can write some small apps for, preferably in python04:34
bobbydit looks really good in the videos04:34
bobbydI'll get the SDK up on my other machine and see how I go04:34
GAN800luke-jr is more interested in supporting Windows on a closed platform with leaked specs than supporting open source on a mostly open (but not 100% open) platform that's getting more open every year.04:34
bobbydyeah, he seems rather disgruntled04:35
*** MaceN8x0 has quit IRC04:35
GAN800Which is interesting, because the profits from Maemo go to pay the salaries of a very large number of open source developers.04:35
bobbydGAN800: are there any significant problems that you know if with the n900?04:35
GAN800Only big one is that oFono is still too young to ship in Maemo 5 so the phone stack is still mostly closed.04:36
*** n6pfkk has quit IRC04:37
bobbydis oFono an open source stack?04:37
GAN800Also: the fact that there's no AT&T 3G support sucks.04:37
bobbydI'm in the UK04:38
bobbydso that shouldn't affect me?04:38
bobbydand what might I want to access the phone stack for? like modifying how the phone functions work? Getting the audio directly out of i or something?04:39
qwerty12We have proper networks. And a friend of a friend told me that it works brilliantly on T-Mobile.04:39
GAN800Well, you should be able to get audio through Telepathy.04:40
bobbydI'm thinking that not having access to the phone stack isn't going to affect me at all :)04:40
GAN800qwerty12, which is great, but T-Mobile has the worst non-regional coverage in the US.04:40
bobbydas long as I can get ogg and flac support (which I could add) I'll be happy04:40
GAN800So, 3G isn't even available here.04:40
GAN800Whatever the realities are, it's still killing my enthusiasm.04:41
* qwerty12 nods04:42
bobbydone question, I suppose the usb port is not a host, so you can't plug things into that with an adaptor?04:42
bobbydhas anyone got an lspci or other info from the n900 yet?04:42
GAN800USB is OTG, so you either need to switch in software or use an OTG adaptor (pin 5 grounded).04:43
GAN800100mA max bus power.04:44
smackpotatoon the other tablets bobbyd usb can be a host04:44
*** ShellEvil1 has quit IRC04:46
bobbydcool, so maybe a keyboard would work04:47
GAN800It's too bad there's no easy way to provide outside power while in host, though.04:47
GAN800As long as it doesn't run more than 100mA04:47
GAN800Then you'd need a powered hub.04:47
smackpotatomaybe the hardware guy will do an aftermarket power supply04:49
smackpotatopeople seemed to like his sd addapter04:50
GAN800There's a shitton of pins in the battery compartment to work with.04:52
*** Jucato has left #maemo04:52
smackpotatook here is a question04:54
*** MaceN8x0 has joined #maemo04:54
*** endorphinum has quit IRC04:54
smackpotatoin ubuntu the screen goes grey when the cpu maxxes out,  would you like to see an app that does that04:56
smackpotatoa daemon04:56
qwerty12No. I'd prefer to be able to see what I'm doing so I can run kill.04:57
smackpotatoit is still visible just a little darker04:57
*** PhlowX_ has joined #maemo04:58
smackpotatothere is an easy way to run kill?04:58
qwerty12I don't, personally, see what that effect brings to the table. Put it this way: if my CPU is maxed out, it's not hard to see :p04:59
smackpotatoit causes me great angziety i click i max i min i swear05:00
*** xxiao has quit IRC05:00
*** promulo1 has quit IRC05:00
smackpotatothe extra power of the n900 will be great05:02
*** MaceN8x0 has quit IRC05:02
Macerwtf is going on05:04
luke-jrGAN800: not really getting more open that I've seen05:04
GAN800luke-jr, those blinded by their extreme convictions see little.05:05
*** Macer has quit IRC05:05
luke-jrGAN800: what has been opened about OMAP-2 since the N810 was released?05:05
luke-jrgo ahead, prove me wrong...05:06
*** MaceRep is now known as Macer05:06
smackpotatoThere is a lot of stuff to play with05:07
smackpotatoto make better05:07
* qwerty12 utters curse words about browserd05:11
*** ShellEvil is now known as SpeedEvil05:12
qwerty12mutters, even05:13
*** PhlowX has quit IRC05:13
*** eichi has quit IRC05:13
bobbyduters and mutters05:14
*** jhford is now known as zz_jhford05:15
smackpotatohas anyone been hired at nokia for the open source work anyone has done05:17
smackpotatocool what was he involved in05:19
*** svu_ has quit IRC05:20
*** zimmerle has joined #maemo05:21
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s05:22
zerojayPCbobbyd: SIPE is possible through the internal chat program on the N900, just like it should be within Diablo on the N800/N810.05:24
GAN800He did Python stuff05:24
bobbydzerojayPC: out of th ebox?05:25
bobbydthe box even...05:25
zerojayPCbobbyd: It won't be there out of the box, no.05:25
zerojayPCbobbyd: Let me explain quick.05:25
GAN800Plus the dozen of other open source developers like timeless, zeenix, and the BlueZ guy Nokia has hired.05:25
bobbydok :)05:25
zerojayPCThe tablets use Telepathy for stuff like chat protocols.05:25
zerojayPCTelepathy has a plugin called haze which allows us to use Pidgin protocol plugins on the tablets.05:26
*** smackpotato has left #maemo05:26
zerojayPCIt's what I've used to add support for Facebook chat, Twitter, etc...05:26
bobbydoh cool05:27
zerojayPCSo it should be possible to use the SIPE plugin from Pidgin through telepathy-haze to talk on  your company's Communicator server.05:27
zerojayPCI haven't tried that particular plugin yet though.05:27
bobbydso all we'd need to do would be to recompile the sipe plugin (just hit the n900 box, right?) and we're good to go :)05:27
*** svu_ has joined #maemo05:27
zerojayPCAnyways, as I said... no, won't be out of the box. There's a group of guys, Collabora, who I talk to from time to time and they are working on getting support for these extra protocols into the tablet.05:27
esaym153Wow good deal, I am impressed with mine so far:
zerojayPCSo after launch, there will probably be a package that implements the protocols.05:28
zerojayPCI don't know that SIPE is on the list however.05:28
bobbydI've actually done a lot of ARM development in the past, so recompiling the sipe plugin should be relatively simple05:28
zerojayPCAnd it's a bit more involved than just recompiling the plugin as you have to tell haze what it needs to know about the protocol... what it supports, etc...05:28
bobbydsipe is a big deal in a lot of companies, we used to use XMPP, but unfortunately they changed it05:29
bobbydxmpp worked fine for three years :)05:29
zerojayPCYeah, I work for Ubisoft and we have to use SIPE so... believe me, it matters to me too.05:29
bobbydI work for Realtime Worlds, and we have a bizzare mix of open source and MS stuff05:29
zerojayPCSo like I said... it should be possible as long as the Pidgin plugin's any good.05:30
bobbydmostly the MS stuff comes from our OPs team05:30
bobbydthe pidgin plugin is pretty good now, was flaky for a long time05:30
zerojayPCbobbyd: Getting ABP ready? ;)05:30
zerojayPCCan't wait.05:30
bobbydbut I need my n900 to get bug status updates when I'm not at my desk :)05:31
bobbydso it's a vital part of the development process05:31
bobbydhave you applied for the beta?05:31
zerojayPCOf ABP?05:31
bobbydyep, registration is open now05:31
zerojayPCNo, I haven't. I'm not a Windows user so... ;)05:31
bobbydand we even removed the need for you to tell us how many children you have.05:32
bobbydwell, I might have it working under wine before the beta is out :P05:32
zerojayPCOh nice. Please let me know when it does. ;)05:32
bobbydpunkbuster is the kicker there though, literally05:32
bobbydI'm going to work on it with a few guys in overtime05:33
zerojayPCI sure know that feeling.05:33
bobbydwe should be able to add the required stuff to wine to get it working, or hack up a config05:33
bobbydwhat do you work on at Ubi?05:33
zerojayPCUnannounced stuff so secretive no one will hear of it for another two years and we're not even allowed to have the window blinds open.05:34
zerojayPCWorked on mostly mobile stuff until recently killing it off in favor of console stuff.05:35
bobbydplaystation 5 !05:35
bobbydxbox 72005:36
zerojayPCIt's a living. :)05:36
*** zimmerle has quit IRC05:37
Macerwhen you say "console stuff"05:38
Macerwhat exactly do you mean?05:38
bobbydwell, nice to speak to you, hopefully I can get work to buy me an n900 rather than an iPhone05:38
Macerlike firmware for dvd players?05:38
Macerbobbyd: don't iphones have an exchange connector?05:39
bobbydyes, as does the n900 from what I've read05:39
Macermost places will get a phone that appeal to their "collaberation" suite05:39
Macerjust so they can use the word05:39
Macerwhen they justify buying it05:39
bobbydwell, Exchange support is listed on the nokia page for the n90005:39
Macerdoes it say which type of support?05:40
Macerit may only support the mailbox :)05:40
zerojayPCMacer: I mean making games for videogame consoles.05:40
MacerzerojayPC: really?05:41
bobbydMacer: calendar and mail05:41
Macerwhich games have you worked on?05:41
Macerbobbyd: no contacts?05:41
zerojayPCMacer: Nothing you'd care about/stuff you'd care about and I can't talk about yet.05:41
Macercan't talk about it yet? :)05:41
Macerwill black trucks pop up in front of my house?05:41
bobbydMacer: don't know05:41
Macerwhich consoles?05:42
bobbydall the main ones :)05:42
Macerif you are coding for ps3. why not release a version of opensolaris for it that can use all the cores :)05:42
zerojayPCNothing's stopping it from using all the cores.05:42
zerojayPCNothing's stopping Linux from using all the cores.05:42
Macerso i don't hvae to buy an ibm cell blade that costs 10x the price05:42
Macerwhat about the cells?05:42
zerojayPCThat's what I'm talking about.05:43
Macerwow really?05:43
Maceri thought the "linux install" option limited the hardware05:43
bobbydzerojayPC: I like how APB is listed as Eurogamer's 5th most anticipated game....for the 36005:43
Maceras though it was being run somewhat similar to a vm05:43
zerojayPCNothing's stopping Linux from  using the SPEs.. it's just that the programs aren't written to use it because they need to be portable. I use the SPEs to run a scaling program to upscale my emulators to 1080p though. :)05:43
bobbydit's not like we haven't said many times that it's PC only at launch05:43
zerojayPCMacer: There's a hypervisor that stops all access to the RSX chip and for accessing game discs.05:44
Macerapb? :)05:44
Macerheh. is that euro talk for a soccer game?05:44
zerojayPCbobbyd: Yeah, I know. That's an accomplishment. :)05:44
MacerzerojayPC: ah ok. i see05:44
*** mkpaa has quit IRC05:44
bobbydno, it's american for sending all your cops after someone05:44
Macerso it's really the dev that limits it huh?05:44
Macerbobbyd: haha05:44
qwerty12bobbyd: it's a hint! =)05:44
Macerso a drug dealing game?05:44
Macerlord knows it isn't a game about the wealthy :)05:45
bobbydno drigs in it that I've noticed05:45
zerojayPCMacer: It's sort of a mix of virtual machine and cop standing over you.05:45
Macera football player was driving drunk and smashed into a car05:45
Macerkilling its driver05:45
Macerhe got like 3 years probation05:45
Macerand people say money isn't true feedom05:45
Macerfreedom.. lies :)05:45
Macerany other person would have gone to jail for years05:45
zerojayPCBecause the PS3 has absolutely no graphics acceleration (2d or 3d) when running Linux, I just tell the emulators to play at their lowest resolution, whatever their native res is, and just upscale it on an SPE.05:46
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:46
zerojayPCSo you avoid the CPU time being wasted... gets some games playing better.05:46
Maceri could have sworn that someone here was saying 3D accel worked on a ps305:46
Macerin linux05:46
Macermaybe i'm wrong :)05:46
zerojayPCI have a full unified emulator frontend.05:46
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:46
zerojayPCYes, you did and he's wrong.05:46
zerojayPCFull video previews of games and everything. :)05:46
MacerzerojayPC: emulated in a native res upscaled?05:47
Macerin linux?05:47
Maceranything good? :)05:47
zerojayPCFor example, NES games.05:47
zerojayPCThey run at 256x224.05:47
zerojayPCI run them at that resolution and bump it up through the SPE.05:47
zerojayPCHow's that a fail?05:47
zerojayPCSNES, Genesis, MAME, pretty much everything portable...05:48
Macerbecause if someone is stuck playing nes games on a ps3 they are fail :)05:48
*** trbs2 has quit IRC05:48
zerojayPCThat makes no sense.05:48
zerojayPCHow would you be "stuck" playing nes games on a PS3? You can go back and forth whenever you want.05:48
Macerheh... ok so stuck was the wrong word to use05:48
zerojayPCSo it's a PS3 that can now also play all my older games without dragging out other hardware to do so.05:49
Macerbut i suppose if people want to play nes games that is their perogative05:49
zerojayPCBecause I'm one lazy fuck. :)05:49
*** fuzzy has joined #maemo05:49
Maceri just don't see the need anymore as most nes games (even the ones i would have considered fun) kind of suck05:49
zerojayPCI've got 3TB of video shared to my PS3 also. Believe me, it's nice having all my games and videos and music accessable in one place. :)05:49
Macerlike when i installed os/2 warp on a system remembering how awesome it was and used it for 10 minutes and realized it now sucks05:50
MacerzerojayPC: the videos i could understand05:50
Maceri use a pch for that ;)05:50
zerojayPCHow old are you?05:50
Macerwell.. a couple05:50
Maceri'm 30.. i had my fair share of nes games when i was younger05:50
Macerdoing the whole blow in the cart deal as it constantly blinked05:50
zerojayPCThere's a hell of a lot of NES games that beat the pants off of PS3/360/PC games these days.05:50
zerojayPCYeah, that didn't actually do anything.05:51
MacerzerojayPC: i know.. but it was urban legend ;)05:51
Macerlike blowing dice to shoot craps05:51
MacerzerojayPC: yet there are just as many that aren't worth it. although to this day i should get ninja gaiden and see if i can actually beat it05:52
Macertalk about frustrating05:52
zerojayPCI finished the second one again last week.05:52
*** zimmerle has joined #maemo05:52
zerojayPCFucking birds.05:52
Macerhaha yeah05:52
Macerthey are a pain05:52
Macerespecially in part 105:52
Macerthe birds and bats and crap.. i always mistime it05:52
Macerwind up falling and dying05:53
zerojayPCI remember playing through Secret of Mana with my wife 2 players over the net when we weren't living in the same country.05:53
Macerhonestly though. i don't really play games too much05:53
Maceronly console i have is a wii and that's just because my 3 yr old son like swinging the controller around05:53
zerojayPCI can't get into it. I bought it for my kid and he never played it.05:54
Macerthe nes thing though... i watched an episode of thundercats a little while ago and it was stupid05:54
Maceri couldn't understand why i liked it05:54
MacerzerojayPC: mariokart ;)05:54
Macerenough said05:54
zerojayPCA lot of it is nostalgia.05:55
Macermario galaxy was good too05:55
Macerall the franchise nintendo stuff is great05:55
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]05:55
zerojayPCSuper Mario Kart. Mario Kart 64 and the others were garbage.05:55
Macerno way!05:55
Macermario 64 was awesome!05:55
Maceri loved the n64 one05:55
zerojayPCMario 64 is still one of my favorites of all time.05:55
Macerit was like 1 of the 3 games that were good on the thing05:55
zerojayPCMario Kart 64... ugh.05:55
Proteouslover mariocart 6405:55
zerojayPCI felt like I was watching a slow slideshow playing that game.05:56
zerojayPCIt was really where I lost faith in that company.05:56
Maceryou had to zoom out to feel like you were going faster ;)05:56
zerojayPCAnd then the 3d Zeldas confirmed it.05:56
Macerno way!05:56
Macerzelda64 was great too!05:56
wazdwhat do you see here: :)05:56
Macerexcept that 2nd one.. that one sucked05:56
zerojayPCThey felt so generic.05:56
Macerthe majora's mask one :)05:56
MacerzerojayPC: they were the nes version turned into 3D05:56
zerojayPCLike it was Quacky McFuckduck starring in the game and they just added Link at the last minute.05:56
Maceri thought the n64 version of zelda was the best one ever made05:56
Macerand yeah. mario64 was golden05:57
Maceri loved that game so damn much :)05:57
Maceri could play it over and over05:57
zerojayPCYeah... it's just kind of sad that I can pick out some of the same recycled animations in Galaxy.05:57
Maceralthough i never did understand the 120 star bonus of 99 men from yoshi05:57
zerojayPCAnd then the DS version was completely fucked up.05:58
Macerthey should have added a hidden area with more levels or something05:58
MacerzerojayPC: haha.. i thought galaxy was pretty entertaining05:58
zerojayPCI was really a hardcore Nintendo freak until the 64... and then the Gamecube.05:58
zerojayPCGalaxy was good... but not great.05:58
Macerespecially the gravity effects where you think you're going to fall over a cliff05:58
Macerbut wind up flipping up-side-down05:58
Macerit took me 5 minutes to realize you can do that05:59
zerojayPCGamecube and Wii... they make me feel stupid even thinking of playing them.05:59
Macergamecube was bust :-\05:59
Macergarbage system05:59
Macerwith probably the worst mario franchise game ever created05:59
Macerthat whole water pack thing totally sucked05:59
zerojayPCThe gamecube's giant green A button made me feel like Nintendo didn't think I could handle more than 1 button at a time.05:59
zerojayPCAnd then the Wii... well... it's nice being treated like a lobotomized retard.06:00
Macerthe zelda game sucked on it too06:00
Maceri like most wii games tho06:00
Proteousplayed the shit out of goldeneye06:00
Macerwell.. not most .. but the franchise games were good06:00
zerojayPCGoldeneye was really good. Loved me some proximity mines.06:00
Macerand seriously.. mario baseball all-stars :)06:00
zerojayPCBut that's one game that aged terribly.06:00
Macerwas made for the wiimote06:00
zerojayPCThere's a handful of games I find interesting on the Wii. All the rest (including my own) give you all the gameplay you'll ever see in the first two minutes.06:01
zerojayPCThey blow their load and just repeat.06:01
zerojayPCGotta love that they had the balls to just make movements replace button presses in a lot of Wii games. Sad.06:02
zerojayPCNo 1:1 until WiiMotionPlus.06:02
Macermushroom men was interesting06:06
Macerbut you're right06:06
Macerthe swinging doesn't go well in some games06:06
Macerbut they also sacrificed buttons06:06
*** bobbyd has quit IRC06:06
Macerrealistically the + - 1 2 buttons on the wiimote aren't easily accessable06:06
Maceron the brighter side tho.. they have house of the dead06:07
Macerthe one with the intro that cracked me up06:07
zerojayPCSo did my Dreamcast. :)06:07
zerojayPCAnd it was better looking.06:07
Maceryeah .. but the latest one06:07
Macerwhere they had the b movie intro06:07
zerojayPCIf you want to laugh, take a look at Dead Rising on the Wii and compare it to the 360.06:07
Maceromg i was dying laughing when the black dude06:07
Macer"He'll fuck you up"06:08
Macer"I'm gonna fuck you up!"06:08
zerojayPCDead Rising has something like 200-300 zombies on the screen at a time on 360.06:08
Macerwell. nintendo had a good business model though06:08
zerojayPCOn the Wii? Take a wild guess.06:08
Macerthey actually pulled profit from the actual console06:08
Macerwhereas sony and ms would lose money in hopes of making it up06:08
zerojayPCBritney Spears sells. Does it mean her music's any good?06:09
Macerthe wii also targeted a broader crowd than the sexless teen boy :)06:09
MacerzerojayPC: only to those that buy it ;)06:09
zerojayPCI wouldn't say they targetted a broader crowd as much as they just gave the finger to their previous fans.06:09
Macerhow so? their previous fans were people like me06:09
Maceri think the franchise games did well on the wii even though it had a different style of control06:10
zerojayPCYep... and now the games are boring as shit and treat you like a complete idiot.06:10
MacerzerojayPC: because they were targeting a younger audience who probably couldn't grasp the conscept of using all the buttons06:10
zerojayPCDownright insulting the player's intelligence.06:10
Macerand the real older crowd ;)06:10
Macermy father06:10
Macerwho for the life of him couldn't even use a pocket calculator06:11
Macerwas able to play tiger woods golf like it was nothing with the wii06:11
zerojayPCAnd that's what keeps it from being fun for the people that have gotten Nintendo to this point.06:11
Macertry teaching him to play madden football on a ps306:11
qwerty12zerojayPC, I still prefer my Dreamcast over the Wii...06:11
Macerand he would have to go to special classes06:11
zerojayPCNo challenge... gameplay depth is near nil.06:11
*** wazd has quit IRC06:11
Macerqwerty12: heh.. don't they have the same cpu power? ;)06:11
zerojayPCqwerty12: Same here. I just got a new Dreamcast, actually.06:11
Macergpu and all?06:12
Maceri know a wii has a cheesy radeon gpu with like a 600MHz ppc cpu or something?06:12
zerojayPCNo. Wii's more powerful than the Dreamcast.06:12
qwerty12No, Dreamcast is weaker (can't remember the specifics but running VCDs on it were the rage...)06:12
zerojayPCBut no one pushes the Wii at all, so it's hard to tell.06:12
MacerzerojayPC: haha06:13
Macerthey don't? :)06:13
zerojayPCMacer: They don't.06:13
Macerwii and dreamcast have the same problem06:13
Maceri miss sega consoles tho :(06:13
Macersega was so great in their prime06:13
GAN800Conduit looks pretty good.06:13
zerojayPCNo, Dreamcast was fucked from the beginning thanks to EA giving them the finger.06:14
MacerzerojayPC: sports games do not make a console ;)06:14
Maceralthough i suppose ea has a few other games that don't suck06:14
GAN800zerojayPC, depth is there with the right games.06:14
pupnik_pricey too iirc06:14
zerojayPCMacer: EA puts out a hell of a lot more than sports games. When the world's biggest 3rd party publisher says no to your console, you are done.06:14
MacerzerojayPC: i figured the downfall was due more so to lack of copy protection than anything else06:15
zerojayPCAll because of Saturn's failure.06:15
Macerjust wait until nintendo starts to feel it considering all a wii needs is a software hack06:15
zerojayPCMacer: That's part of it. I work with a guy that was in Sega of Europe on the technical support team for developers. He told me why the piracy worked.06:15
Macerwhy piracy works? hahaha06:15
zerojayPCMacer: Sega of Japan struck some deal with a Japanese singer.06:15
esaym153lol sega06:16
zerojayPCAnd the singer wanted her new CD with some special added shit for computers to work on the Dreamcast as well.06:16
Macerto not add copy protection to the saturn in exchange for a free sound track?06:16
zerojayPCSega added the ability to run it.06:16
zerojayPCAnd then the CD got canned.06:16
zerojayPCThey forgot to remove the ability to run them.06:16
Macerwow. it's like tech jerry springer06:16
zerojayPCSo... the piracy on the Dreamcast is all because of some random Japanese popstar that no one remembers. lol06:17
Macerwas the piracy why ea gave them the finger? :)06:17
Macerfigured that was it06:17
Macerea is extremely anti-piracy06:17
zerojayPCSega putting out the 32x and the Saturn so closely together was the reason there.06:17
zerojayPCAlso, EA had their own console.06:17
Macerthe 32x06:18
Macerthey did?06:18
zerojayPCYes, they sure did.06:18
Maceroh yeah!06:18
Macerdamn. i totally forgot about the 3do06:18
Macerthgat thing was worse than the wii hahaha06:18
zerojayPCThey spun off the company that made 3D0 before launch. Trip Hawkins, the EA CEO, headed it up.06:18
zerojayPCAnd a lot of EA's big titles now all come from 3D0 days.06:18
Macerthey should have fired him06:18
zerojayPCNeed for Speed, 3d versions of their sports games...06:18
Maceri remember the 3DO having this...06:19
Macerawkward controller06:19
Macerthat looked like a tv remote control06:19
zerojayPCDepends on which 3D0 you got.06:19
Maceri thought it was O not 006:19
zerojayPCThe Panasonic 3D0 was terrible. The Goldstar 3D0 had a great controller.06:19
Macerthey didn't make it themselves?06:19
Macerno wonder it failed :)06:20
zerojayPCNo, they licensed out the tech.06:20
zerojayPCTo like... 5 different companies.06:20
Macerthought they could take the PC route or something?06:20
zerojayPCSomething like that.06:20
zerojayPCThey also made a PC card to play 3DO games, but it's rare.06:20
Macerdamn i totally forgot about that tho06:20
Macerthe 3DO06:20
Maceri remember getting a segaCD06:20
Macerthen the 32X came out... and like everybody else i was pissed06:21
*** croppa has quit IRC06:21
Macerthen the saturn came out right after that and i gave up on consoles06:21
zerojayPCSega of America fucked that straight up. They didn't think people would be willing to pay for Saturn.06:21
MacersegaCD would have been great if they added more color to it06:21
Maceryeah and right after saturn06:21
Macerwtf? :)06:21
zerojayPCDreamcast was the first Sega system I owned.06:22
zerojayPCAnd I absolutely loved it.06:22
Macerwell.. not right after.. but close enough06:22
Maceryeah. dreamcast was pretty awesome06:22
Maceri was hoping it would get sega back in the game06:22
zerojayPCBought the Japanese console from someone with 5 games about 6 months before US launch for $500.06:22
Macerbut i guess not06:22
zerojayPCSold it to someone 2 weeks before US launch for $550. lol06:22
zerojayPCI killed 7 or 8 Dreamcasts.06:22
zerojayPCBecause Sega fucked up.06:23
Macertook a hammer to them or something?06:23
zerojayPCNo, not quite.06:23
zerojayPCI was playing Phantasy Star Online constantly.06:23
zerojayPCHad like.. 5000 hours racked up.06:23
zerojayPCIn two years.06:23
zerojayPCBut Sega didn't properly author and master the disc.06:23
Macerdont they have phantasy star online for wii?06:24
zerojayPCThe file layout on it was completely messed up, so the laser would be all over the place accessing everything to play the next level instead of having it sequencially.06:24
zerojayPCBecause of that problem, the laser would burn out far faster.06:24
zerojayPCYou'd think that because the save games are kept on a memory card that it wouldn't matter though.. buy a new Dreamcast and keep playing, right?06:24
zerojayPCPhantasy Star Online locked characters to specific consoles and specific memory cards.06:25
Maceromg that sucks06:25
zerojayPCSo... if you had a character you spent 2000 hours on, what do you do?06:25
zerojayPCYou do what I did.06:25
Macerstart over?06:25
zerojayPCBuy new Dreamcasts to harvest for parts.06:25
Macer:) or hack the mem card?06:25
zerojayPCI replaced everything in that Dreamcast 7 or 8 times.06:25
Macerwow.. you seriouslyt kept replacing the drive?06:25
zerojayPCNot just the drive.06:25
zerojayPCThe case, the power board, the controller ports.06:26
Maceri'd have given up the first time it screwed up06:26
Macerand been so pissed that i'd ship it to sega with defication inside the box on top of it06:26
Macerbut. you just made me want to play wii :)06:26
zerojayPCShit.. the site my pic is on is down. Oh well.06:27
zerojayPCI didn't even have the top on it anymore.06:27
Maceri still haven't beaten mario galaxy..06:27
Maceri have the starts to get there but just haven't finished the last level06:27
zerojayPCJust a piece of tape to hold down the "lid closed" lever.06:27
Macerwhy not just rewrite the disc?06:27
zerojayPCA pirate group eventually did do that.06:28
Macergood thing the games on my wii are on my external hd06:28
zerojayPCBut only years later.06:28
*** dreamer_ has joined #maemo06:28
Maceri don't think i've used the actual optical drive in a year06:28
Maceri think i messed with it once to play a dvd06:28
Macerdid the dc have that much of a following for so long?06:29
Macermakes me wonder why sega folded06:29
Macermaybe some day they will release a new console :)06:29
Macerbut they would probably have to do it under nintendo's nose nowadays06:29
Macersince nintendo really did help them out06:29
zerojayPCYou do know that it celebrated it's 10 year anniversary yesterday, right?06:29
Macerdo they still make them or something?06:29
zerojayPCA new Dreamcast game was just announced.06:30
Macera new dreamcast game?!06:30
zerojayPCI got mine new in box two months ago because someone found a bunch of them in a warehouse somewhere.06:30
zerojayPCThere's still shooters being made for it, especially in Japan.06:30
Maceri should order one06:30
Macerbut meh06:30
Maceri'd rather wait and hope sega makes a new console06:30
zerojayPCThey won't.06:31
qwerty12macer: Dreamcast discs were not CD-ROMs - they were GD-ROMs which a computer couldn't read. so pirates would use serial or the rare ethernet adapter to transfer games06:31
zerojayPCqwerty12: Not entirely true.06:31
Macerqwerty12: i thought that was gamecube ;)06:31
Macerthey had to use some phantasy star hack to xfer the games06:31
qwerty12There were some rare Yamaha drives I believe that could read them06:32
zerojayPCYeah, there was an exploit in PSO's online connection code.06:32
Maceris that some way to dodge paying fees to some organization?06:32
zerojayPCAnd a few other games too, but those never got released publically.06:32
Macerare there any dc emulators that actually work?06:33
qwerty12nullDC worked when I tried it some years back06:33
Macerqwerty12: full speed?06:34
zerojayPCnullDC... there's also Makaron.06:34
Macerare they any good?06:34
qwerty12No idea about now though06:34
zerojayPCMacer: Depends on your hardware.06:34
Macerwell.. "years back" means my hardware should be good enough even on a mid ranged PC06:34
Maceranyways. i'm going to hook my wii back up06:34
Macerttyl ;) want to play mushroom men06:35
qwerty12this code for something? ;)06:36
*** dforsyth has quit IRC06:36
*** Texrat has joined #maemo06:54
Texratanyone home?06:54
*** Texrat has left #maemo06:55
*** chx has quit IRC06:57
*** droid0011 has joined #maemo07:09
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo07:10
*** Moku has joined #maemo07:11
t_s_ohrmf, for some reason, the user account have gained a password :S07:13
t_s_oah, simple as that...07:14
*** Shinto has quit IRC07:16
*** droid001 has quit IRC07:25
*** Firebird has quit IRC07:27
*** rkirti[zZz] has quit IRC07:29
*** rkirti[zZz] has joined #maemo07:29
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:32
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:32
*** mord has quit IRC07:41
*** tchan has quit IRC07:44
*** zap has joined #maemo07:47
*** tchan has joined #maemo07:47
*** rkirti[zZz] is now known as rkirti07:49
*** tchan has joined #maemo07:53
*** ustunozgur_ has joined #maemo08:03
*** gunni has joined #maemo08:16
*** jmc93739653 has joined #maemo08:17
*** croppa has joined #maemo08:19
*** benh_ has joined #maemo08:24
*** benh has quit IRC08:24
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC08:25
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo08:25
*** gunni_ has quit IRC08:33
*** rkirti has quit IRC08:43
*** rkirti has joined #maemo08:43
*** jmc93739653 has quit IRC09:00
*** franz_ has joined #maemo09:04
*** vasily_pupkin has joined #maemo09:04
vasily_pupkinanybody use nmap here?09:05
vasily_pupkinis 65Mb -- normal memory usage level? (%09:07
vasily_pupkin(with -O)09:07
*** franz_ has quit IRC09:07
johnxI wouldn't think so, but i never checked09:07
vasily_pupkinplatfrom go to swap at once09:08
*** DarwinSurvivor has joined #maemo09:25
*** bbigras has quit IRC09:28
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo09:32
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC09:32
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC09:39
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo09:39
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC09:40
*** qwerty12 has joined #Maemo09:41
*** Komzpa has joined #maemo09:43
Macerthe spirits within seems kind of stupid09:51
Macerthey need to work on making a good final fantasy movie09:51
Maceradvent children was OK09:51
Maceralthough i liked ff viii more09:51
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC09:53
RST38hMacer: Try Time Bandits09:55
Maceri saw that when i was like 609:55
Macerwith the midgets?09:55
RST38hAnd Napoleon09:56
RST38hStill better than 99% other fantasy movies09:56
Maceri didn't like it that much09:56
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo09:56
RST38hAh watch it again09:56
RST38hIt is not really a kiddie movie09:56
Macerheh, no thanks. midgets scare me like clowns09:57
Maceryou ever see the south park where the midget goes to teach tolerance and catman laughs at him for like 30 minutes?09:57
RST38hI watched exactly 1 (one) Southpark episode09:57
Macer"words are like bullets, i will let them pass through me"09:57
RST38hIt was about Mr Hanky and I had a misfortune to be having lunch at the time.09:58
Macerwow really?09:58
Macerthat one was stupid09:58
Macerthe absolute best one was the one where cartman starts a christian rock band09:58
RST38hSo, you must understand why I avoided it since then =)09:58
Maceryeah.. that one totally blew.. some of them are hit and miss09:58
Macerthat was a miss09:58
RST38hYes, I really missed my lunch...09:59
Maceryou should really watch more episodes ;)09:59
Macerthe obama / mccain one was pretty good too09:59
RST38hOnce you say "christian rock band", the rest sounds unnecessary =)09:59
Macerwhere sarah palin is on stage and says "well. i'm sad we lost.. but maybe we can win next year"09:59
MacerRST38h: haha09:59
Macerit was classic09:59
RST38hBut you see, Sarah palin is actually funnier in real life10:00
Macerhe has one of those commercials where they are trying to sell his cd10:00
Macerand he just took other songs and replaced the words10:00
RST38hNobody can beat the geniune stupidity =)10:00
RST38hBTW do they still make new episodes of Southpark?10:00
Macerand one of the songs was like.. "i want to get down on my knees and start pleasing jesus.. i wanna feel his salvation all over my face"10:00
MacerRST38h: yeah10:00
RST38hIf it were Allah...ehehe10:00
Macerit's like the simpsons (which lost funny about 5 years ago)10:00
Macerthey had the allah one10:01
RST38hBut I guess Jesus is more tolerant =)10:01
Macerthe allah one i guess family guy was going to show mohammad's image on tv and i guess that's a bad thing to muslims10:01
Macerso in order to pretend like it doesn't exist all the people start sticking their heads into the ground10:01
Macerthe metrosexual one was pretty good too10:02
Macerwhere the kid gets straight-bashed10:02
Maceri mean honestly i know some of the humor may be immature but the points they make are a lot more sophisticated10:02
Macerthan people give them credit for10:03
*** zer0mdq has quit IRC10:04
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC10:04
RST38hYea, the problem is that if you make your point with immature humor, it harms your point10:05
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo10:05
RST38hSimpsons were actually way better at it10:05
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC10:05
RST38hOk, another 20 minutes and I am off to the airport10:06
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo10:07
*** jofjdi_ has joined #maemo10:07
*** zer0mdq has joined #maemo10:08
mavhcsouth park was the only satire on usa tv, now there's colbert too10:08
RST38hUSA TV is often a satire on itself10:09
mavhcok, deliberate satire10:09
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC10:10
* RST38h stopped watching when he could no longer recognize whether news was coming from "legitimate" news source or from The Onion10:10
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo10:10
RST38hThat was about 2-3 years into the first Bush term10:10
mavhctv news is for people who can't read10:11
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC10:13
mavhcthe funniest thing about the south park mohammed ep was a few years before they had an episode about jesus fighting evil with mohammed, joseph smith, moses etc, and noone cared10:14
RST38hnobody still cares10:15
*** johnx has quit IRC10:15
RST38hexcept for a few towelheads who pulled their heads out of their asses, disturbed by all the noise.10:15
RST38hnotice that as far as any normal muslim is concerned, it is all infidel business, to be resolved by Allah Himself.10:17
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC10:17
mavhcif there's a crazy person in your group the loudest protesters should be the sane people in the group10:18
*** script has quit IRC10:19
*** johnx has joined #maemo10:19
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo10:20
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo10:20
*** fuzzy has quit IRC10:21
*** LiraNuna has quit IRC10:21
*** LiraNuna has joined #maemo10:21
*** jofjdi has quit IRC10:24
*** jofjdi_ is now known as jofjdi10:24
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo10:25
*** felipec has joined #maemo10:28
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:36
Macerlol.. eureka is a riot10:37
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC10:38
*** bilboed has joined #maemo10:41
JaffaLast night at #onedotzero with lcuk, luovanto and crashanddie10:46
Stskeepsa fist fight? :P10:50
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC10:51
JaffaNot quite10:52
*** lbt has joined #maemo11:01
*** felipec_ has joined #maemo11:01
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo11:01
X-FadeJaffa: Sweet.11:01
X-FadeHmm I see that you can attach a lanyard to the N900?11:02
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC11:03
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo11:10
johnxX-Fade, keen. so they do have a chance in japan :)11:11
*** felipec is now known as Guest1154411:12
Macer10 things i hate about you cracks me up11:13
*** Guest11544 has quit IRC11:13
Maceri like the principle. and the damn english teacher11:13
Macerthe english teacher makes me die laughing11:14
*** felipec_ is now known as felipec11:14
*** jgoss has quit IRC11:15
*** BluesLee has quit IRC11:16
Macerone day you're going to get bitch slapped, and i'm not going to do a thing to stop it11:16
*** ustunozgur_ has quit IRC11:17
*** jgoss has joined #maemo11:23
*** rsalveti has quit IRC11:26
aSIMULAterjaffa: that's awesome11:26
SpeedEvilThe OpenMoko Freerunner is _clearly_ superior in that aspect. It has a special lanyard hole!11:29
qwerty12On the downside, it's not really needed. I mean, who'd wanna steal a Freerunner?11:31
johnxqwerty12, look up: "cell phone strap japan"11:32
johnxthe true purpose of those "lanyard" holes11:32
johnxif you don't have a collection of stuff attached to your phone that's at least twice as heavy/bulky as your phone is in the first place, well you're probably not even cool enough to talk to11:33
qwerty12My eyes! :(11:34
qwerty12In that case, I'm glad I don't hail from that part of Asia11:34
johnxyeah, there is some definite randomness11:34
aSIMULAterhrm i don't seem to see a lanyard hole on mine...11:36
johnxI guess X-Fade was asking a qustion then...11:37
rmtSo - the Q is - how is the N900 at making normal GSM phonecalls, and how's the battery life in general?11:37
qwerty12The hole in the bottom left corner, probably11:37
aSIMULAteroh THAT tiny hole?11:38
johnxaSIMULAter, think you could fit a string through it?11:38
aSIMULAtershould i take a photo and show? it looks really small11:38
aSIMULAtercause usually those holes have this metal bar u could see11:38
qwerty12The hole on my W810 is bigger11:41
aSIMULAterlet me sec..i have one of those lame cell phone charm things in some drawer11:41
Stskeepsshouldn't there be two holes for lanyard?11:41
Stskeepsat least my q5 has that :P11:42
qwerty12One's enough, I believe11:42
qwerty12Although you'd probably need small fingers to tie any knots with the space given...11:43
Stskeepssmall asian fingers?11:44
johnxusually, you'd use a loop of something11:44
*** beavis has joined #maemo11:44
aSIMULAterfunnily enough i have small asian fingers :P11:45
* qwerty12 does not :p11:46
aSIMULAterhrm, i dunno..wasn't able to fit this charm i have..there's no metal bar in that tiny hole to put the string through one end11:46
SpeedEvilmetal bar?11:46
* Proteous headbanks11:47
* Proteous headbangs too11:47
aSIMULAteror something for the string to latch onto11:47
aSIMULAteror maybe i'm just retarded it's saturday morning11:48
*** rkirti has quit IRC11:48
*** rkirti has joined #maemo11:48
johnxaSIMULAter, so it's just a hole that goes straight down into the device, not something you could pass a string in one side and out the other?11:48
aSIMULAterthere's nothing to pass a string from one side and out the other...but the hole obviously stops :P11:49
qwerty12No, you can pull it out from the other side once you have taken the battery cover off11:49
aSIMULAterthat there is11:50
qwerty12My Wii straps are upstairs or I'd try...11:50
fralsso its for the mobile latches kindofthing that pretty much every device got right?11:50
qwerty12I know: I'm the definition of laziness11:50
*** pH5 has joined #maemo11:50
aSIMULAterok works11:50
* SpeedEvil copies qwerty12s definition.11:50
* SpeedEvil is too lazy to write his own.11:50
aSIMULAtercover even snaps close like normal with the string there11:51
aSIMULAterneat! but i'll never use a lanyard11:51
qwerty12Same here :D11:51
aSIMULAteryeah wiimote strap would be cool to put..then use your n900 as a weapon11:52
aSIMULAtertwirling it around your wrist11:52
johnxthought I wouldn't, but I have a SE phone that takes micro memory stick cards and the card came with a usb adapter...well one thing led to another and ...11:52
aSIMULAterthen now you have this manga character strap with bells on it11:52
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC11:52
aSIMULAtertiny little pink bells11:52
*** qwerty12 has joined #Maemo11:52
aSIMULAteryeah i see where it's headed john :P11:52
fralson another note, preordering the damn device yesterday made me want it even more... october seems so far away :[11:52
qwerty12infobot, lart key-sequences11:53
* infobot burns key-sequences to a crisp with a laser11:53
johnxqwerty12, thought my startling revelation knocked you off the internet :)11:54
qwerty12aSIMULAter, I could never use this n900 as a weapon :'(11:54
qwerty12heh johnx11:54
aSIMULAtersure you can, it's robust ;P11:54
SpeedEvilqwerty12: sure you can11:54
*** krutt has quit IRC11:54
*** RST38bis has joined #maemo11:54
RST38bisoh shit svo has got free wifi now11:55
SpeedEvilqwerty12: you can write _any_ software - including
aSIMULAteroctober is just 2.5 weeks away11:55
* RST38bis is impressed11:55
johnxif you strapped two N900s together you'd have a nun-chuk11:55
RST38bissts: sheremet'evo 2 airport11:56
qwerty12speedevil, interesting...11:56
RST38bisjohnx: iphones still make ashinier nunchuk though11:57
aSIMULAterbetter than a real gun i suppose11:57
RST38bisthey must be superior!11:57
aSIMULAteror apps like this
* qwerty12 would rather have a gun instead of an iPhone. more fun11:57
SpeedEvilI wonder when the first augmented reality shooter wil be out.11:58
Stskeepsaugmented reality shooting game in schools!11:58
RST38bisisntit alr11:58
qwerty12True geekdom. Can't get the stuff, simulate it...11:58
qwerty12stskeeps, with special doom theme11:59
* RST38bis had a modified xroach with usernames on roaches backs , does it qualify?11:59
*** eichi has joined #maemo12:02
qwerty12Only if one of the names is "Cthulhu"12:03
RST38bisit spells "root" in unix12:04
RST38bis"He was a very religious man and had been scared when he was trapped in the lift and had prayed for release. A short while later he was pulled out of the elevator and he went straight to the church to thank God. He seems to have embraced a stone pillar on which the stone altar was perched and it fell on him, killing him instantly."12:05
*** user_ has joined #Maemo12:06
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC12:06
*** user_ is now known as qwerty1212:06
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo12:09
aSIMULAterRST38h: pwned12:12
RST38bisby jesus.12:13
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s12:16
GAN800Holy shit that was the loudest lightning strike ever.12:16
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]12:16
aSIMULAteroh noes scared?12:17
* GAN800 is now awake12:17
lbtGAN800: No, the loudest one ever is a little more terminal since it hits your ear.12:17
aSIMULAteri watch a lot of MMA..and i find it funny when fighters thank jesus and god after they KO someone12:17
GAN800Well, born and raised in the lightning capital of the hemisphere. ;)12:17
lbtyou just hold a seance and ask someone who's been hit.... they'll tell you12:18
SpeedEvilGAN800: Is it a dark and stormy night?12:18
GAN800SpeedEvil, apparently.12:18
aSIMULAterlightning capital?12:19
GAN800i.e., more strikes per square mile than anywhere else.12:20
RST38bisnext milestone for tablets: play video for 10 hours on a single charge12:20
GAN800So it doesn't bother me much anymore, but that was loud.12:20
aSIMULAterborn and raised in the lightning capital sounds much better than growing up in the porn capital of the world like me :(12:22
RST38biswhere is it? =)12:23
aSIMULAtersan fernando valley :P12:23
Macerthe school in 10 things i hate about you12:26
SpeedEvilI have played videos and logged GPS with a 200 hour battery life with my OpenMoko. (It was however sitting on top of a car battery at the time)12:26
Macerwtf.. is that an actual high school?12:26
Macertalk about high property taxes that must be paid there12:26
aSIMULAteryeah i guess it's an actual high school12:27
Macerno way12:27
Macerthat has to be like a college or something12:27
RST38bisspeed: ah my car battery has been confiscated by airport security, they found it unusual...12:27
Maceryou took a car battery to an airport? :)12:27
aSIMULAterThe high school's exterior was shot at Tacoma's Stadium High School.12:28
aSIMULAterguess in washington state12:28
Macerwow it's actually a high school?12:28
Macerholy shit12:28
aSIMULAterhigh schools can be huge in the states12:28
Macernot in chicago :-P12:28
Macerthey are shitholes12:28
SpeedEvil(I was using it to log a couple of days of GPS)12:28
aSIMULAtermy highschool was pretty friggin big12:28
*** VDVsx has joined #Maemo12:28
Macerheh.. well. that one looks like a castle12:29
Macerand they say we don't put enough money in public schooling heh12:29
Macerthen again. in chicago someone would have stolen the bricks it is made out of12:29
RST38bisdependds on the state12:29
*** debian-san has joined #maemo12:29
*** kozak has joined #maemo12:29
aSIMULAtercould be a private high school12:29
Maceri'd hope so12:30
Macerif that is a public school there should be an outcry haha12:30
Macerthat thing is awesome12:30
aSIMULAterpublic hs in los angeles were big though..but then you have to cope with like million billion student body12:30
aSIMULAterso why exactly are you mentioning 10 things i hate about you? :P12:30
Maceryeah. in the movie they have like 12 kids per class12:30
MaceraSIMULAter: i was watching it right now.. pretty funny movie12:30
aSIMULAterjust watched it?12:30
RST38bis12 is many?12:30
Macer12 is nothing12:30
Macerin my hs classes we had like 50 per class12:31
Macerthey try to cram as many as possible because less students = more teachers = more $12:31
RST38bisthat is more like "many"12:31
Maceri'm sending my son to private school when he is old enough to go12:31
Macerpublic schooling is a joke12:32
Maceri'd guess that all the brilliant people in the world learned everything they needed in public school by 8th grade and were just naturally smart12:32
aSIMULAter50:1 damn12:32
Macerthat actually went to public school :)12:32
RST38bishmmm... tear seems to tax cpu more on the same pages as microb12:32
MaceraSIMULAter: yeah. it is bad here12:32
aSIMULAterwe had like 15-2012:32
aSIMULAterbut i went to a private hs12:32
*** Sho_ has quit IRC12:32
MaceraSIMULAter: that's why ;)12:33
Maceryou probably recieved a better education also12:33
Macerdue to the fact that the teachers probably actually knew your name12:33
aSIMULAteryeah i would admit, better education but at the end of the day, public private it doesn't matter12:33
Macersome classes i took in hs literally just gave you a number12:33
MaceraSIMULAter: oh i think it does12:34
aSIMULAtergranted a lot of my classmates are in good positions right now12:34
Macerprivate schooling eliminates the sorry bastards from going to the school12:34
aSIMULAteri remember in elementary school, some kid threw an eraser at our teacher and we all started laughing12:34
RST38biswhat if their parents pay?12:34
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC12:34
MaceraSIMULAter: haha12:34
aSIMULAterthen the teacher said "stop your laughing you know how much time we've wasted? your parents are paying 25 cents a minute for you to go to school"12:34
aSIMULAterthen we all shut up12:35
aSIMULAterfor some reason12:35
MaceraSIMULAter: i'm sorry but i've seen both12:35
Macerand private schooling is just better12:35
aSIMULAteri went to CATHOLIC private school12:35
Macerit is EXTREMELY rare that a private school has a mass murder :) i mean i'm sure it's possible12:35
aSIMULAteru know how many years it took me to get over some of the things they brainwashed us with12:35
Maceryet in chicago... we have a child dying every other week in public schools12:35
Macergetting shot to death12:35
Maceror some other thing12:36
aSIMULAterthe education was great, yes we had to perform in order to continue cause they DID throw out the idiots12:36
aSIMULAterbut the religion mixed into it12:36
MaceraSIMULAter: i'm catholic ;) didn't go to catholic school but i understand what you mean12:36
SpeedEvilWe don't have shootings here thank goodness.12:36
aSIMULAterthere's school shootings here in finland :P12:37
MacerSpeedEvil: heh12:37
MaceraSIMULAter: oh i am sure there is the possibility everywhere for some nutjob to go on a murder spree or to have a random act of violence at any school12:37
Macerbut in chicago the statistic is far lower in private schools12:37
aSIMULAteryeah cause they weed out all the weirdos12:38
Macernot really12:38
Macermost of the killers are from poor places where crime runs rampant12:38
aSIMULAterat least in the schools i went to, if you did just one thing out of place you were kicked out12:38
aSIMULAtergranted yes you're right all depends on the demographics12:38
Macernot to mention that parents have been reduced to being time out pussies12:38
MaceraSIMULAter: sad but true12:38
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo12:39
Macerand for some reason the city sees a need to bus kids all over the place in public schools12:39
Macerin order to mix demographics of race and money for some oddball reason12:39
RST38bisthat is supposed to create racially mixed schools12:39
Maceri am a firm believer of kids should only go to the school in their neighborhood12:39
aSIMULAterthey did that at my high school..some kids from inner city neighbourhoods given a scholarship to go to our school12:39
MacerRST38bis: so everybody is a one worlder?12:40
aSIMULAterthen they ended up being ridiculed just because of the area they grew up in12:40
aSIMULAtermust have been difficult12:40
RST38bisdid they do well?12:40
aSIMULAteri guess12:40
MaceraSIMULAter: but most kids that get the scholarships to go to private schooling are usually very bright12:40
Macerwhich even more so reduces the statistical probability of them killing other children :)12:40
aSIMULAterthey're bright yes, but because of their social status they were ridiculed which affected their studies12:41
RST38bismacer: my crystal balls fail to show me the reasoning used by education board members12:41
*** VDVsx has quit IRC12:41
MaceraSIMULAter: well.. then that would be even more incentive to do well and get a good job and prevent that from happening to their children12:41
MacerRST38bis: haha12:41
MacerRST38bis: political points ;)12:41
Macerthat's it12:41
aSIMULAterthat would be a good mentality yes..but how would you explain the school shootings here in finland12:41
Macer"we gave poor children a chance at the best schools"12:41
Macerwhich really just dragged the whole school down12:42
RST38bisasimulator: ridiculing people by their soc status is silly12:42
aSIMULAterwhere you have 2 kids, who come from middle class families, going to their neighbourhood schools, shooting kids12:42
Macerrandom nuts12:42
Maceror their parents didn't beat their asses haha12:42
aSIMULAterRST38h: yes it is silly, but this is what happens when you go to a private school where the families are upper middle class12:42
RST38bisasimulater: does not happen here much12:42
aSIMULAterthere is that snob factor unfortunately12:43
Maceri had this discussion with a black friend of mine who works at CSU12:43
Maceri asked him why the black population considers other black people who have become successful sell outs :)12:43
Macerironically enough rich black people are ridiculed by their poorer counterparts12:43
Macerdon't get me wrong. this is true with all racial demographics12:44
Macerbut it seems to prevail in the black population.. he blamed it on socialism :)12:44
aSIMULAtersocialism heh12:44
RST38biswhat socialism?12:44
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC12:44
Maceri should have saved the log it was an awesome debate haha12:44
aSIMULAteri don't see how socialism can be factored into that discussion12:45
Macerbut he meant socialism on a smaller scale.. and that most people are reminded of freedoms they do not have since they were unable to become as successful as the man who was able to escape the poor area12:45
aSIMULAterhuman nature, jealousy12:45
Macerso they hate from envy because they are reminded by the successful person12:45
Macerhow bad their life is :)12:45
* RST38bis does not see where they found socialism in us12:45
Maceri forgot how exactly he worded it but when he did it made sense12:46
aSIMULAterthere's a recent study that shows that mentally and physically our bodies are able to withstand traumatic experiences just fine and you can bounce back to "normality"12:46
Maceri believe he agreed with me when i said "if everybody is poor, then nobody is poor"12:46
aSIMULAterok now i get it12:46
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo12:46
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC12:46
aSIMULAterbut what it boils down to is sheer jealousy12:46
Macerwhen people are poor they want everybody to be the same12:46
Macerso in the US12:47
Macerthe poor are socialist12:47
Macerwishing to spread all the wealth of an area12:47
Macerwhereas rich people are capitalistic12:47
RST38bisnot really12:47
MacerRST38bis: sure really12:47
Macerusually it is the poor people asking for more government spending12:47
Macerwhich really is nothing more than redistribution of wealth12:47
RST38bissocialism is not about making everybody poor12:47
Macerso the US is actually capitalistic socialism :)12:47
MacerRST38bis: no... it is about making everybody equal12:48
RST38bisalthough it often ends up that way12:48
RST38bismacer: not that even12:48
MacerRST38bis: haha. sure it is ;)12:48
RST38bismaking everybody equal is communism12:48
MacerSocialism refers to various theories of economic organization advocating public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with an egalitarian method of compensation.12:49
RST38bissocialism is about providing everyone with reasonable minimum12:49
RST38bisyou still make and spend money though12:50
Macerso you let the govt do it for you?12:50
RST38biswell that is what govts do12:51
aSIMULAterit's funny how a lot of capitalists think that all poor people are "lazy" and they "want to stay the same"12:51
MacerSocialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and derives its wealth through exploitation, creates an unequal society, does not provide equal opportunities for everyone to maximize their potentialities and does not utilize technology and resources to their maximum potential nor in the interests of the public.12:51
aSIMULAterthere's 150 million poor people in the US12:51
aSIMULAterso those 150 million people want to be in that position? :)12:51
Macerthat's from wikipedia12:51
Macerif you believe in wikipedia ;)12:51
Macerso it is fair to say that poor people are socialist12:51
Macerconsidering they are the ones who use the most of the distributed wealth of tax dollars12:52
johnxI believe *in* wikipedia. not necessarily everything on it12:52
RST38bismacer: too many words, leaving it open for interpretation either way12:52
aSIMULAterthat's bullshit macer12:52
johnxMacer, people who support gov't run fire departments are socialists12:52
RST38biswrong iinference, yes12:52
aSIMULAteror libraries12:52
Macerjohnx: uhm12:52
Macerwe have govt run fire departments here ;)12:52
johnxthey can't afford to hire their own private fire fighters for their property and want the gov't to do it for them12:53
johnxMacer, madness! it would be better left to private companies!12:53
johnxit's a waste of tax payer dollars12:53
RST38bisthere is nothing wrong with govt performing certain social services for everybody12:53
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo12:54
MacerRST38bis: i didn't say there were12:54
johnxRST38bis, next you'll have them building roads! or schools! it's a slipperly slope12:54
aSIMULAteror health care :P12:54
RST38bisit only becomes a problem when govt becomes too nosey12:54
MacerRST38bis: but that is off the topic.. the point is that most rich people are capitalist and most poor people seem socialist12:54
RST38bisthis point is wrong12:55
Macerthe less money someone has the more they absorb distributed wealth12:55
RST38bislots of piss poor republlcan zombies in us12:55
Macerie: free health care clinics... free food... free housing12:55
johnxMacer, that's a pretty broad generalization, and I'm not sure if it would be borne out by a real survey12:55
* dottedmag wanted to be rich, not others to be poor in childhood12:55
Macerjohnx: i know.. i need to find numbers ;)12:55
johnx*mumble* fire fighting12:55
Macerjohnx: haha12:56
* RST38bis will go eat something12:56
*** RST38bis has quit IRC12:56
dottedmagMacer: most stupid poor people seem socialist12:56
aSIMULAtermacer, of course they do that's the whole point12:56
aSIMULAtershould the poor give their money to the rich instead?12:56
aSIMULAterwhat????? HAHA12:56
aSIMULAteroh yeah they're not just lazy they're ALSO stupid :P12:56
aSIMULAterwhat have we learned today, stupid, socialist, lazy12:57
Maceri never said that should be the case :) i was just stating my observation on the US society12:57
dottedmagYou have to be stupid and lazy to be socialist :-P12:57
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s12:57
*** eichi has quit IRC12:57
Macerdottedmag: haha.. no. i don't believe that either12:58
Maceri just think that historic examples of socialism gave way to greed ;)12:58
johnxMacer, I think you're modeling other people's behavior based on what you would do in their situation12:58
johnxwhich is a good start12:58
Macerjohnx: of course i am :)12:58
johnxthen just say "if I were poor ..." and no one would argue with you :P12:58
dottedmagMacer: it's easy - those who are smart or at least have energy will get _less_ in socialistic society.12:59
Macerbut it seems quit a common trend.. if you are poor and can not survive you rely on the society to help12:59
aSIMULAterof course, what's wrong with that exactly macer?12:59
aSIMULAterthere's a lot of poeple who don't have any other option.12:59
MaceraSIMULAter: i didn't say anything was wrong with that. i just made the observation12:59
johnxand if you are !poor and have empathy for your fellow man, you don't want them to suffer12:59
Macerso this is socialism :) redistribution of wealth in order to crutch society13:00
aSIMULAteroh noes13:00
johnxMacer, I'd have to agree with you in general. yes13:00
Macerempathy goes against darwinism ;)13:00
aSIMULAterit could also be called "humanism" :P13:00
MaceraSIMULAter: haha.. touche13:00
johnxMacer, open source goes against darwinism :)13:00
aSIMULAterjohnx: :D13:00
johnxbut darwinism is 0 sum13:01
Macerit took that long for a comment on the opensource relationship here? :)13:01
johnxa good goal is to try and figure out how to make zero sum games into positive sum games13:01
Maceryou guys are slipping13:01
johnxI was watching a movie :P13:01
dottedmagslonopotamus_: RTFM Russel. egoism and humanism are independent13:01
aSIMULAterif you do open source you're a socialist :D :PPP13:01
Macerjohnx: haha13:01
dottedmagaSIMULAter: ^^13:01
aSIMULAterso recap, socialist are poor stupid lazy and write open source software :D:D:D: HAHA13:02
MaceraSIMULAter: agreed... put that on wikipedia13:02
johnxsooo, Nokia is a bunch of un-American socialists?13:02
MacerSocialism - Stupid poor lazy people that take money from the rich because we aren't allowed to kill them. They also use open source software.13:02
johnx...and rely on public fire depts13:02
aSIMULAteruse public roads13:03
aSIMULAterand sidewalks13:03
Macerjohnx: oh yeah :)13:03
aSIMULAterthis is a funny channel13:03
aSIMULAteri don't think i've laughed this hard in a long time13:03
Macermaybe we can get the sidewalks to melt poor people13:03
johnxaSIMULAter, they can buy cement! why can't they make their own sidewalks13:03
Macerlike everybody carries a card that checks their bank accounts and if they go below the poverty line they are just simply melted on the spot for not being able to afford walking on the sidewalks13:03
johnxMacer, but you're still talking about ... shared sidewalks?13:04
johnxsounds awfully socialist to me13:04
johnxmaybe a pay-per-use model is a better fit13:04
Maceroh yeah.. tolls on sidewalks!13:04
Macerawesome idea!13:04
johnxwith competing companies laying sidewalk right next to each other13:04
Macerhasn't someone made that yet?13:04
Macerjohnx: that would be AWESOME!13:05
johnxthen one company would bribe the gov't, become the local monopoly and we could have crappy falling apart sidewalks we have to pay to use13:05
johnxand then they'd put monthly 'caps' on our walking13:05
Macerno. we have anti-trust laws13:05
* SpeedEvil wants skytran.13:05
Macerthere are toll roads :)13:05
Macerin chicago there are privately owned toll roads13:06
johnx"whoa, whoa. done a lot of walking this month buddy. were you borrowing CDs from a friend? that's illegal on our sidewalks."13:06
SpeedEvilmaglev hyper-light rail with 1-person cars.13:06
Macerthe city sold them to private companies :)13:06
* johnx extends metaphors beyond all reason13:06
Macerjohnx: hahhaa!13:06
dottedmagjohnx: sidewalks idea pretty much describes situation here13:06
johnxdottedmag, pay per use? monthly caps? private companies?13:06
johnxwow. that's pretty crazy13:07
dottedmagjohnx: monopolies13:07
slonopotamus_dottedmag, o_O13:07
*** slonopotamus_ is now known as slonopotamus13:07
Macerdottedmag: china? ;)13:07
dottedmagMacer: russia :-/13:07
Maceri didn't know russia was still a socialist republic13:08
Maceroh wait13:08
* Macer stares at the US13:08
Macernever mind13:08
dottedmagMacer: there are lots of places when xUSSR is still felt. E.g. house maintenance.13:08
Macerhouse maintenance?13:08
Macerdidn't the govt recently unban a book there? :)13:09
Macerwhere the author was exiled for writing it13:09
dottedmagUhm, dunno the right term - there are appartment blocks, which are managed by locla companies.13:09
Maceroh.. that is similar to here13:09
Maceryou can't just trash an apt :)13:09
Macerand the company can sue you if you do13:10
dottedmagBut those "companies" are mostly the same old gov't-subsidized agencies.13:10
dottedmagSo appartment owners can't change the company if it is inadequate (and they are most of the time, as they don't need to get a profit)13:11
*** ppppppppp_358 has joined #maemo13:12
johnxyeah, gov't installed monopolies are always a special situation :)13:12
Macerwolverine and the x-men is pretty good13:14
*** lardman has joined #maemo13:16
lardmanmorning all13:16
*** ppppppppp_358 has quit IRC13:17
Stskeepsmorn lardman13:18
lardmanhi Stskeeps13:19
*** BluesLee has joined #maemo13:26
*** guaka has joined #maemo13:27
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo13:29
*** wazd has joined #maemo13:29
*** BluesLee has quit IRC13:30
*** stv0 has joined #maemo13:30
*** stv0 has joined #maemo13:31
*** ppppppppp_053 has joined #maemo13:32
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*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo13:36
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo13:36
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*** baze has joined #maemo13:58
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*** croppa has joined #maemo14:05
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*** veiz has joined #maemo15:18
*** McLightning has joined #maemo15:20
McLightninganybody here15:20
McLightninganybody here????????????15:21
Myrttiecho replies: ...lo15:21
McLightninganybody online?15:21
*** avs has joined #maemo15:22
*** sampppa has quit IRC15:23
McLightninganybody has tried Linux Multimedia Studio with easy debian??15:23
jeremiahI am not online either.15:26
*** qwerty12 has joined #Maemo15:27
Myrttiyeah, we're all totally offline15:28
*** t0h has quit IRC15:30
*** t0h has joined #maemo15:30
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo15:30
*** stv01 has joined #maemo15:33
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:40
lopzgm ;)15:42
*** stv01 has left #maemo15:42
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]15:42
*** McLightning has quit IRC15:42
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s15:45
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:45
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:46
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC15:47
Andy80Jaffa: you've a roommate :P15:48
*** rkirti has quit IRC15:56
*** rkirti has joined #maemo15:56
wazd'lo everybody15:56
jeremiahlo wazd15:57
wazd <- what do you see here? :)15:57
jeremiahI see wazf15:57
jeremiahsorry. wazd15:57
wazdjeremiah: cool :)15:57
jeremiahCool logo, looks like an anagram as well.15:58
rkirtiwith the updside-down-reversal propert :)15:58
Myrttitwo fists15:58
wazdjeremiah: that's an ambigram :)15:58
jeremiah <- Why can't we see anything else under there?15:59
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]15:59
Myrtti(last one upside down, with az in the middle)15:59
rkirtiif you take a very very quick first look, it seems like pwned15:59
wazdambigram generator told "no design is possible with this letters"15:59
wazdtake that, sucker! :D15:59
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo16:00
wazdMyrtti: the more you see - the cooler it is :)16:00
wazdMyrtti: now I see fists too :P16:01
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s16:02
wazdambigram "az" was a pretty tough challenge :)16:02
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo16:02
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo16:06
*** baze has quit IRC16:13
*** blkno1 has quit IRC16:14
jeremiahWho runs maemo-guru?16:21
jeremiahIt is a great site.16:21
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo16:22
jeremiahAh, Ricky Cadden16:22
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:29
*** mandara has quit IRC16:30
*** baraujo has joined #maemo16:35
*** zap has quit IRC16:37
*** Firebird has joined #maemo16:39
*** blkno1 has quit IRC16:40
zerojayPCShift-Ctrl-P = screenshot on N900.16:40
zerojayPCWhich looks... painful.16:41
Stskeepswell, that or use load applet16:41
aSIMULAterit's not so bad16:41
zerojayPCNice that there's a shortcut at all.16:43
*** myosound has joined #maemo16:43
zerojayPCLooks like someone beat me to the idea I had for an N900 background... hehe:
wazdzerojayPC: nice :)16:50
wazdbut I think it doesn't fit16:51
zerojayPCHow so?16:52
* qwerty12 finds ctrl-shift-p to be quicker than the Load Applet, personally16:52
wazdzerojayPC: it's too wide imo :)16:54
zerojayPCwazd: How is it too wide?16:54
zerojayPCIt's the background for all four desktops.16:54
wazdzerojayPC: oh, no, it's fine, looks like I have bad eye today :)16:55
wazdzerojayPC: yeah, I know, I've downloaded Theme Maker too :P16:55
wazdas for n900 itself, I'd rather develop "multiple plains" concept to blow user minds16:56
zerojayPCI always just prefered grabbing the icons from /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ and screwing with them. Heh.16:56
wazdnow there are 2 plains - widgets and background16:56
zerojayPCYeah, more paralax would be nice.16:57
wazdwhat if background itself would be 3 or 4 different plains itself16:57
ShadowJKit would be cool if you could have more then panning transition, say rotating a cube ;P16:57
wazdlike good ol 16 bit games does :)16:57
wazdthat would add very cool 3D effect while sliding, just awesome16:58
ShadowJKI know what you mean :)16:58
wazdyou can fake real 3d landscape panorama for example, or console game aswell :)16:58
wazdShadowJK: well, yeah16:58
wazdor you can emulate FOV, possibilities are really cool16:59
wazdAnd I don't think that it would affect framerates17:00
ShadowJKOn N8x0, I wonder if (in Mer?) you could have the panning desktops... Except, for smoothness, you'd probably want to halt X temporarily and bang the omapfb direct for HW-assisted panning :)17:00
zerojayPCBeing able to script the background... would be very nice.17:00
wazdjust sliding .pngs17:00
StskeepsShadowJK: saw qtablet video?17:00
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC17:01
*** myosound has quit IRC17:01
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo17:01
wazdcan anybody explain how widgets are skinned in m5? like this for example:
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo17:05
wazdare the row colours hardcoded of not?17:05
zerojayPCwhat row colors?17:06
wazdzerojayPC: calendar applet17:06
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:07
ShadowJKhah... one thing that's amazing about S60... when it works... How you can, for example, in the IRC client, connect to one network through cellular data, and to another network via WLAN17:07
*** chx has quit IRC17:08
ShadowJKSetting that kind of stuff up in Linux would be a painful excercise :)17:08
*** DarwinSurvivor has quit IRC17:08
*** geaaru has joined #maemo17:09
*** airtonarantes has joined #maemo17:09
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo17:10
airtonarantesCan I solve instalation problems maemo sdk here?17:11
zerojayPCIf the right people are here and awake, sure.17:12
ShadowJKGeneric advice: Don't ask if you can ask a question, just ask the question. With luck there will be someone around who can help, or then someone will see the question later and reply17:13
airtonarantesI've just finished to install scratchbox.  Then, I has gone to install the maemo sdk, but I get an error: E: You must close your other scratchbox sessions first. I don't know what session could be. Does anyone can help me?17:14
lbtyou have some running process - did you do sb-af-start.sh17:16
zerojayPCJust try restarting your scratchbox completely.17:16
airtonaranteslbt, there is no only: sb-adduser    sb-conf       sb-menu       sb-reinstall  sbrsh-conf. zerojayPC , How can I restart my scratchbox?17:18
Stskeepsuh, odd question - HAM in maemo5 doesnt support installation from deb, right?17:18
Stskeepshow are we supposed to get people to use deb file themes? :)17:18
zerojayPCStskeeps: I believe you still can do it in red pill mode.17:19
Stskeepssure, or dpkg -i17:19
Stskeepsi know that, but does joe user? :P17:19
zerojayPCWhy wouldn't your deb file theme be in extras?17:20
qwerty12Tom is expected to upload his theme to Extras =)17:20
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC17:22
*** Anunakin has joined #maemo17:22
Stskeepswazd: got any .debs for me to try yet of whatever theme?17:22
zerojayPClbt, airtonarantes: not sb-af-init.sh17:23
Stskeepspreferably something without grey default background17:23
lbtzerojayPC: yeah - but if he'd done that it would have jogged his memory17:23
* lbt doesn't use scrutchbox17:24
*** Anunakin has quit IRC17:24
* qwerty12 would castrate himself before touching SB2 again17:24
* zerojayPC remembers that.17:25
airtonaranteszerojayPC, sorry, there isn't.17:26
zerojayPCairtonarantes: You must have messed up something during the installation of scratchbox then.17:28
airtonaranteszerojayPC, I just run the scratch box script  and added my user.17:29
pupnik_extended backlight would be cool if it removed the existing brightness/volume icons to make space, and allowed setting of screen-dimming times (extended)17:29
wazdStskeeps: not yet, sorry, that fricking deadline is killing me :(17:29
Myrttipupnik_: but it's a nobrainer to remove the existing icons yourself?17:30
pupnik_i'd have to google that :)17:30
*** asj_wrk- has quit IRC17:30
pupnik_and then id lose setting dimming periods17:30
Myrttiatleast in diablo the dimming period isn't IIRC related to the icons at all17:31
*** asj_wrk- has joined #maemo17:31
Myrttiand the panel settings are in the configuration options just like about everything17:31
pupnik_click brighness icon -> display settings17:31
Myrttipupnik_: display settings are in the configuration options too17:32
*** airtonarantes has quit IRC17:32
pupnik_true enough17:33
Stskeepswazd: ah, my apologies, i thought it was over alread  :)17:33
*** script has joined #maemo17:33
*** parigaudi has joined #maemo17:41
wazdStskeeps: well, it is :D but I've not finished my work :) That's how deadline works :D17:41
*** lardman has quit IRC17:44
*** lardman has joined #maemo17:44
*** baraujo has quit IRC17:45
*** kpel has joined #maemo17:46
Stskeepswazd: ah ;)17:46
*** zap has joined #maemo17:49
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC17:49
*** qwerty12 has joined #Maemo17:50
*** Guest14876 has joined #maemo17:53
*** papi is now known as k`sOSe17:54
*** asj_wrk- has quit IRC17:56
*** asj_wrk- has joined #maemo17:56
*** javispedro has joined #Maemo17:58
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:59
*** Anunakin has joined #maemo18:11
*** paroneay` is now known as paroneayea18:11
lardmanhey Jaffa18:16
*** angasule has joined #maemo18:17
*** parigaudi has quit IRC18:17
*** Guest14876 has quit IRC18:20
kpelhi Jaffa18:21
*** t0h has quit IRC18:24
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk18:24
*** t0h has joined #maemo18:24
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*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo18:39
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*** Anunakin has left #maemo18:49
*** mandara has joined #maemo18:50
*** lardman has joined #maemo18:58
* SpeedEvil adds vegetable shortning to tesco order.18:59
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC19:00
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo19:01
*** paroneayea has quit IRC19:03
pupnik_does maemo5 wrap any x or sdl window in an opengl texture?19:03
pupnik_for that multi-app overview thing etc19:04
*** paroneayea has joined #maemo19:04
*** andre810 has joined #maemo19:05
Stskeepsandre810: managed to avoid the water masses in turkey?19:05
*** kpel has quit IRC19:05
andre810Stskeeps: yeah. but the neighbours of a friend of mine now have nothing left19:06
Stskeepsauch :/19:06
Stskeepsi did worry just a little bit when seeing the news, so19:06
andre810no fun. this town grows way too fast19:06
andre810yeah. tuesday's raining  was heavy here19:07
*** avs has quit IRC19:08
Stskeepshope it still has been some degree of vacation though19:09
*** stv0 has joined #maemo19:11
*** mkpaa has joined #maemo19:13
andre810Stskeeps: definitely it is. weather is really differing as the town is so big :-)19:14
andre810time for a beer....19:15
*** andre810 has quit IRC19:15
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo19:17
*** t_s_o has quit IRC19:22
*** debian-san has left #maemo19:24
FirebirdX-Fade, ping19:27
*** javispedro has joined #maemo19:28
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*** chx has joined #maemo20:05
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:08
*** qwerty12 has joined #Maemo20:08
*** caotic has joined #maemo20:11
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC20:14
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo20:14
*** javispedro has joined #maemo20:16
*** alehorst has quit IRC20:22
*** rkirti has quit IRC20:25
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:25
*** igagis has joined #maemo20:29
*** lardman has quit IRC20:29
*** wirelessdreamer has quit IRC20:32
*** trofi_ is now known as trofi20:33
*** veiz has quit IRC20:35
*** HeckleJeckle has joined #maemo20:39
*** HeckleJeckle has left #maemo20:39
*** t0h has quit IRC20:40
*** t0h has joined #maemo20:41
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:48
*** gunni_ has joined #maemo20:53
*** Komzpa has quit IRC20:54
*** gunni has quit IRC20:55
*** Komzpa has joined #maemo20:55
*** zerojay has joined #maemo20:56
GAN800Man, my battery life has suddenly gone completely to shit.20:58
*** lopz has quit IRC20:58
*** lopz has joined #maemo20:58
ShadowJKGAN800, on?20:59
GAN800My N80020:59
ShadowJKbluetooth tethering or wifi?20:59
*** trbs2 has joined #maemo21:05
*** Federico2 has joined #maemo21:06
*** qwerty12_N810 has joined #maemo21:09
*** jgoss has quit IRC21:11
GAN800ShadowJK, WiFi, but my setup hasn't changed.21:12
ShadowJKHas the high battery use persisted across reboots?21:13
*** angasule has joined #maemo21:13
*** TheJere has joined #maemo21:14
*** jnettlet has quit IRC21:15
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:17
luke-jrlow battery life does not imply high battery use21:24
luke-jrthere ARE other factors21:24
ShadowJKI wish I had some spare time so I could make some software to help in diagnosing21:26
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman21:26
SpeedEvilGAN800: how suddenly? And do you have anohter bateryt? And how old is th ebattery21:27
*** eichi has quit IRC21:28
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC21:28
*** L0cMini9 has joined #maemo21:29
ShadowJKThe way the battery meter seems to work, is that if the battery is old and crappy, after it shows 3 bars instead of 4, it starts dropping fast21:30
*** ziyourenxiang has quit IRC21:35
LoCusFI saw at one video that there is a nokia energy profiler available for N90021:35
ShadowJKLoCusF, yes :)21:36
ShadowJKI noticed that too21:36
*** beavis has quit IRC21:37
*** L0cutus_ has joined #maemo21:37
*** chx is now known as chx_afk21:39
*** qwerty12_N810 has joined #maemo21:40
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo21:42
Stskeeps - thanks to the template in theme maker :)21:42
*** jgoss has joined #maemo21:43
GAN800ShadowJK, since last night suddenly, about two years.21:43
ShadowJKany reboot cycle since?21:44
GAN800Yes, I have about a half-dozen other batteries, but haven't swapped out yet.21:44
GAN800It died early this morning.21:44
SpeedEvilWith mdern devices that use lots of energy in peaks battery failure can be very sudden21:45
ShadowJKAlso the nokia battery metering seems to assume the battery has it's new capacity when full charge is reach21:49
*** edbartosh has joined #maemo21:49
ShadowJKso when it doesn't, and it realizes it, it drops the meter pretty fast, if it even realizes it in time .)21:49
GAN800Have to swap one of the newer batteries in.21:49
GAN800To any Hava users, I emailed them asking about Fremantle support today.21:50
angasulecan one buy batteries for the N900 from someone other than Nokia?21:50
Myrttion your own risk21:50
ShadowJKangasule, you can search for it21:50
ShadowJKNokia tends to use the same battery in many devices, so there's usually many third parties making them21:50
angasuleI'm not planning to, this is out of curiosity, is it legal, etc?21:50
GAN800Sure, there's a ton of Chinese clones.21:51
angasuleah, ok, thanks :)21:51
unixSnobwhat's the deal with these Nokia holograms on batteries?  Why does the consumer care about battery authenticity?21:51
GAN800Good luck getting comparable capacity, though.21:51
angasuleI wouldn't do it at all, though, the cost of a battery is nothing compared to the N900 + the data I would put in it21:51
MyrttiunixSnob: if the battery explodes inside your device...21:51
unixSnobaftermarket batteries often have more capacity.. that's teh selling point21:51
GAN800unixSnob, because non-Nokia batteries are explosion prone at worst and lower capacity at best.21:51
unixSnobah, so Nokia is voiding the warranty.. makes sense21:52
ShadowJKunixSnob, the Nokia hologram (and the code you can find beneath the black thick paint you can scratch off and enter on a nokia website for a one-time authenticity check) guarantees that the battery has been manufactured with Nokia's quality standards and is less likely to blow up :)21:52
GAN800No, they really don't.21:52
ShadowJKBtw, the much acclaimed mugen power battery that's rated at 1800mAh is really only 1200mAh21:52
ShadowJKmarketing inflation :)21:52
GAN800Many ADVERTISE higher capacity, but actually have lower capacity.21:52
ShadowJKyeah :)21:52
GAN800So, Nokia batteries really are your best bet.21:53
* angasule got into an argument with a Mac fanatic recently :P21:53
GAN800Both for safety and practical reasons.21:53
GAN800Zealots are everywhere.21:53
*** stv0 has joined #maemo21:53
Myrttion related news:
angasuleyeah, pointless to argue with them, but he raised some points I found interesting to check, like whether one can buy alternative batteries21:54
unixSnobwell I hate the idea of batteries not being a competitive market.21:54
GAN800I just bought a bunch of eneloops.21:54
ShadowJKeneloops are the best :-)21:54
GAN800I'm excited to have some NiMHs that don't run out in a month.21:54
angasuleunixSnob: it sounds to me like there is competition, but nokia just creams the rest21:54
unixSnobwhat if something not battery related goes wrong w/ the NIT, and you return it with a chinese battery?  Is that voided?21:54
unixSnobangasule: well if they void the warranty, it's anti-competitive21:55
GAN800angasule, the aftermarket batteries for Apple laptops are actually higher capacity than the Apple ones in many cases.21:55
*** t0h has quit IRC21:55
ShadowJKunixSnob, put the nokia battery back in first :P21:55
*** t0h has joined #maemo21:55
unixSnobyeah, guess I'll hold on to dead OEM batteries21:55
unixSnobi was just about to toss one out21:55
GAN800Recycle, please.21:56
*** Federico2 has quit IRC21:56
unixSnobGAN800: i didn't mean toss it to the landfill21:56
unixSnobmobile phone dealers in belgium accept the batteries21:56
angasuleunixSnob: hmm, does it void the warranty if they blow up, or always? in the blow up case, I'd say it's justified21:56
ShadowJKif it blows up and destroys your device, then the warranty doesn't cover it :P21:56
GAN800Batteries are actually surprisingly recycleable.21:57
unixSnobangasule: yes, it's justified in the corner case of batter explosion, and the OEM swap won't work in that case.. so I don't have a problem with it.  But if nokia denies warranty on the screen because of a chinese battery, I would object21:57
ShadowJKunixSnob, they don't have to know, just put the nokia battery back in ;)21:58
GAN800I doubt they would.21:58
angasuleShadowJK: I was about to say that :P21:59
angasulethat kind of warranty voiding shouldn't be allowed, same with the software on laptops21:59
angasule'if you uninstall our crapware/spyware, warranty is void'21:59
unixSnobit's better to wait until the OEM warranty runs out anyway... the credit card companies give cash under their warranties.. and I'd rather have cash ;)21:59
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]21:59
unixSnob(at least that's the case in the states... europeans are screwed in that sense)22:00
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:00
ShadowJKyeah, by the time our two year warranty runs out, the device is obsolete :)22:01
*** L0cMini9 has quit IRC22:01
*** stv0 has quit IRC22:01
unixSnobShadowJK: not only that, but Nokia is the only means to get the warranty claim honored during the 2 years22:01
unixSnobShadowJK: in the states, the first year you deal with Nokia, the 2nd year you deal with the credit card company22:02
ShadowJKhere you deal with the store you bought it from. They're obliged to handle it for you22:02
ShadowJKOr you can go straight to nokia :)22:02
unixSnobShadowJK: really?  all EU countries?22:02
ShadowJKatleast in .fi.22:02
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo22:02
ShadowJKUK is somewhat backwards, and I can't speak the language of other countries so I don't know how they do it :P22:03
unixSnobShadowJK: I think belgian customer service folks would laugh if I tried to make a warranty claim22:03
ShadowJKBut I do know that in .fi, it's always the seller's responsibility22:03
unixSnobShadowJK: so the seller must deal with the manufacturer?  I like that... that's a good system, because it's the seller that had a contract with the mfr in the first place22:04
unixSnobShadowJK: hopefully you can still go to the manufacturer if the seller goes under22:04
ShadowJKAtleast with nokia you can go to nokia care22:05
unixSnob(or if the seller is a fly by night operation)22:05
JaffaShadowJK: Same in the UK. The seller has legal responsibility. Not the manufacturer.22:05
ShadowJKah :)22:05
JaffaIt's just most of the time, people don't know their rights and they'll fob you off onto the manufactuer.22:05
unixSnobManufacturers must have a legal responsibility as well... to the vendors22:05
JaffaSale of Goods Act 1979 (amended) is fantastic. It's also got the "expectation of reasonable use"; which convention puts at 7 years for electrical devices.22:06
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:06
JaffaMeaning the whole "you've only got a 2 year warranty" thing wouldn't stand up if you pushed.22:06
unixSnobi would hope the manufacturer would cover consumers directly, when the vendors are gone/bankrupt/non-responsive22:07
*** vladovg has joined #maemo22:07
unixSnobThe UK must be the best place to buy electronics, because they have the extra protection of good credit cards (unlike the rest of europe)22:07
ShadowJKcredit cards are a bit tabu in many other places :)22:07
unixSnobbritish credit cards are as protective as US credit cards, from what I understand22:09
* unixSnob wonders if it's possible to get a British credit card that's settled in euros22:09
*** chx_afk is now known as chx22:09
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC22:10
unixSnobchina is the only place that has dual currency credit cards22:11
unixSnobi wish I could get a dual currency credit card in USD/EUR22:12
SpeedEvilThe Distance Sales Act is good too.22:12
SpeedEvilYou have 10 days to return an item after you buy it online.22:13
SpeedEvilAnd can open it.22:13
Jaffas/10/14/ :-)22:13
SpeedEvilAlso - if they don't do the required paperwork - it's 6 months to return22:13
*** lbt has quit IRC22:13
unixSnobsounds like the way to buy one of these triple sim chinese phones that retailers won't carry22:14
SpeedEvil( large sellers with a clue do comply with the letter)22:14
*** L0cutus_ has quit IRC22:16
* GAN800 doesn't get the portrait obsession.22:17
GAN800I use my 5800 almost exclussively in landscape.22:18
zerojayMe either, ugh.22:18
GAN800Except for the stupid homescreen which is portrait only.22:18
SpeedEvilClearly the only logical way is the way that gives you the widest screen.22:18
GAN800It seems like the capacitive insanity.22:18
SpeedEvilThis is holding the device diagonally22:18
JaffaEveryone I've seen using an N97 also uses it landscape22:19
zerojayWe should start complaining for diagonal mode.22:19
zerojayOr sidetalking.22:19
qwerty12_N810I want to see a B&W mode22:19
SpeedEvile-ink on the back would be _so_ cool22:20
ShadowJKthat sounds a bit silly22:20
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:20
lardmanhmm, anyone know what order a list of files will be processed in for a Makefile?22:20
javispedroag, talking about portrait here too? :P22:21
GAN800I want upside down mode.22:22
SpeedEvilGAN800: What about the times when you're lying down next to a mirror, and it's just more convenient to look at the screen in the mirror?22:23
javispedrolardman: what you mean? a rule like "test: a b c d" would run a first, then b, etc.22:23
lardmanmore like somemodule: ${OBJ}22:23
lardmanin which order are the files in ${OBJ} looked at?22:24
javispedroif OBJ is a var, it will be textually expanded in the rule definition22:24
lardmanand if it's a list of .o files, what order will the .c files be turn into the .o files?22:24
lardmanwow, that sentence is just all bad in grammatical terms22:25
javispedroit will try the first .o file, deduce from it that the .c file exists, and thus try to build the first on the list22:25
lardmanok, so starts from the front, cool, thanks22:25
javispedrolardman: ultimately tho, I don't know if it's safe to depend on that behaviour, but at least that's what it does here.22:26
* javispedro wastes time rebuilding sbox22:26
lardmanam trying to work out why I'm getting undefined reference errors while compiling, thought order might be partly it22:26
javispedrowhen linking22:27
javispedroyes, that happens usually :S22:27
lardmanyeah, ~lart Makefiles ;)22:27
*** bbigras has joined #maemo22:28
javispedroI wonder if there's any sbox dev here?22:29
*** zz_jhford is now known as jhford22:31
lardmanwhat commands do I need to make a .a library?22:31
lardmanobviously not -o libname.a22:31
javispedroi don't know if gcc can do that, the usual approach is to use "ar"22:32
lardmanok, thanks22:32
*** MrGoose has quit IRC22:32
SpeedEvilDoesn't ar only work for pirate software?22:33
Proteoustiver me shombersa22:34
Proteoustiver me shimbers22:34
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:36
JaffaRight. I've dropped 3 people in it on -community (hopefully they'll accept).22:38
JaffaI'm going on holiday tomorrow and haven't got time to spend persuading them to run ;)22:39
Stskeepsphew, i wasn't on the list :>22:39
JaffaGood idea :)22:40
Firebirdanyone know what that "category selection thing after you install an application" is called in the wiki?22:40
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:40
JaffaStskeeps: Thought about running?22:40
*** Igg-man has joined #maemo22:40
StskeepsJaffa, i have enough in my hands already for council stuff :/22:41
Stskeepsi'm better off as a henchman ;)22:41
Igg-manWhat's "mer"?22:41
infobotfrom memory, mer is, or on #mer22:41
GAN800Firebird, maemo-select-menu-location. Deprecated in Fremantle.22:42
*** brbrbr has joined #maemo22:42
Stskeepsit's also what the swedish fremantle says instead of 'More.."22:42
JaffaGAN800: It's not deprecated. It's gone.22:42
GAN800That too.22:42
JaffaGAN800: I thought it was going to stay as a no-op, but it's just not present :-/22:42
javispedro"if you're going to break binary compatibilty anyway, why not do it the big way?" ;)22:43
qwerty12_N810Jaffa: It was exactly that in the earlier SDK releases...22:43
Jaffaqwerty12_N810: Indeed, that's what I thought22:43
* brbrbr warmly greet everyone22:43
JaffaSo it was deprecated in one beta, and gone in the next! ;-)22:43
*** jgoss has quit IRC22:47
*** vladovg has quit IRC22:48
*** vladovg has joined #maemo22:49
*** angasule has quit IRC22:50
*** blkno1 has quit IRC22:51
*** droid001 has joined #maemo22:51
*** rm_you has joined #maemo22:51
rm_youSo, when should I be arriving in Amsterdam? Need to tell the travel people so I can get my flight booked... Sometime on the 8th?22:52
* unixSnob just discovered that there is a USA Cherokee keyboard layout option in debian22:52
Jaffarm_you: I believe so.22:53
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:53
Stskeepsrm_you: i'm there from 8th around 2pm at least22:53
unixSnobwhat's going on in amsterdam?22:53
rm_youwhen do your guys flights get in?22:53
rm_youIf I arrange for around the same time we could meet up and make things easy22:54
unixSnobi'll be in amsterdam on the 8th I think.. what's going on??22:54
StskeepsunixSnob: maemo summit? :P22:54
aSIMULAter8th at 4pm22:54
unixSnobhmm.. maybe I should stop by22:54
Stskeeps9-11 oct22:54
rm_youJaffa: have you booked yet?22:54
Jaffarm_you: Just doing it now (checking flights from BHX)22:55
unixSnobwhat's the agenda at a maemo summit?  and what's on the 9-11th?22:55
JaffaunixSnob: ;-)22:56
*** BluesLee has quit IRC22:57
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo22:58
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:59
unixSnobit just happens that i'll be on vacation.. but I'll be with a friend who is not a nerd - who doesn't even have a computer22:59
unixSnobhe'll be bored out of his mind at that23:00
JaffaunixSnob: Party. User track.23:00
unixSnobhis party options are limited too... he's a recovering alcoholic23:00
luke-jrI think I found my next handheld...23:01
unixSnobluke-jr: does it accept triple sims?  No?  then it's a piece of garbage and not forward thinking enough23:01
luke-jr1024x600, nice keyboard, CortexA8 @ 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM23:02
mavhcwhy not just have a software sim?23:02
*** Komzpa has quit IRC23:02
luke-jrunixSnob: not a phone23:02
* chx is excited23:02
luke-jrchx: Sharp NetWalker PC-Z123:02
luke-jrsuccessor to the Zaurus clamshells23:02
JaffaNo BT, IIRC23:02
luke-jrJaffa: hmm, good point23:02
chx5 inch.23:02
* luke-jr wonders how to expand it23:02
chxdoes it have wifi? bluetooth?23:03
luke-jrwifi, yes23:03
lardmanhmm, should I be able to use pkg-config with python?23:03
luke-jr2x USB23:03
luke-jrnot sure on BT23:03
lardmanI don't seem to have any python entries23:03
chxsix row keyboard23:03
chx$480? i have $480 left in my bag in various currencies from my last trip23:03
unixSnobJaffa: it just occured to me that in this part of the world, the party substances are a bit more enhanced than alcohol23:03
chxif it has BT, where can i get one? right now ?23:03
unixSnobJaffa: so my buddy might have some fun there23:04
aSIMULAterdon't forget the hookers23:04
luke-jrchx: no BT :(23:04
*** victorpoluceno has quit IRC23:04
*** esaym153 has quit IRC23:04
JaffaaSIMULAter: You shouldn't be encouraging such things!23:04
chxthen how do you hook it up to a phone :( ?23:04
*** victorpoluceno has joined #maemo23:04
luke-jrchx: USB? :/23:04
qwerty12_N810Jaffa: shh...23:04
unixSnobi know my buddy will like the red light options too23:04
chxluke-jr: i have a USB BT dongle sure23:04
luke-jrchx: but it will stick out :(23:04
chxbut the cool stuff about N810 is the builtin celullar provider wizard23:04
luke-jrI know from experience those sort of setups = broken adapters23:05
chxluke-jr: you are behind23:05
luke-jrchx: I run Gentoo on my N81023:05
Jaffarm_you: Looking at flights from Birmingham, I'll be arriving in AMS at about 09:15 on the Thursday. Whole day of fun23:05
luke-jrchx: behind?23:05
chxluke-jr: have you seen the latest BT adapters?23:05
luke-jrchx: this was on my *last* handheld23:05
aSIMULAterunixSnob: there's also an xqlisive event on the 10th23:05
luke-jrchx: never used BT actually23:05
aSIMULAterhe could go to that if he's bored23:05
JaffaaSIMULAter: You going to be there, BTW? Your T-shirt comment suggested you were...23:05
aSIMULAteryes i am :)23:05
luke-jrchx: my SL-C760 didn't have WiFi, so I had a CompactFlash Wifi card23:05
* aSIMULAter kinda scared23:05
luke-jrit stuck out just a little for the antenna23:05
aSIMULAteri don't know anyone hehe23:05
luke-jrbut still got broken somehow23:06
JaffaaSIMULAter: hmm23:06
*** droid0011 has quit IRC23:06
chxluke-jr: i have similar23:06
aSIMULAteri know a few people going from finland23:06
*** esaym153 has joined #maemo23:06
chxluke-jr: its so small that you actually need needle nose pliers to pry it out :D23:06
aSIMULAterso it won't be that bad but otherwise it's my first time going to such an event23:06
JaffaaSIMULAter: Hopefully it'll be less geeky than last time. Even *I* felt out-geeked.23:07
chxluke-jr: this is what i have23:07
JaffaAnd I'm a pretty big geek23:07
aSIMULAterhehe :)23:07
luke-jrchx: nice23:07
luke-jrso sacrifice one USB port for BT? not bad23:07
* dottedmag has mentioned '#maemo' in twitter and now half-of-the world follows him23:08
chxluke-jr: yeah but will the software be good enough?23:08
luke-jrchx: does the black part fit into the USB slot?23:08
luke-jrchx: like I said, I use Gentoo23:08
Jaffaluke-jr: What's the shipped OS on it?23:08
luke-jrJaffa: Ubuntu23:08
chxluke-jr: no it sticks a tiny out23:08
luke-jrand with 512 MB RAM, I imagine KDE should be usable23:08
* zerojayPC perks.23:09
zerojayPCDid someone say "hookers"?23:09
Jaffaluke-jr: NBR or just std?23:09
luke-jrJaffa: no idea23:09
JaffazerojayPC: Ever been to Amsterdam? The Red Light District is *fascinating* (and pretty).23:09
aSIMULAterhookers and cheese23:09
JaffaJust don't try to take any pictures.23:09
*** Sho_ has quit IRC23:09
*** chx is now known as chx_afk23:09
zerojayPCJaffa: No, I haven't. Show me.23:09
luke-jrif this PC-Z1 is sufficiently open spec, I think I'm selling my N81023:10
qwerty12_N810Do they do discounts for two people?23:10
zerojayPCI need to learn more about this "Amsterdam" and it's culture.23:10
luke-jrJaffa: "Smartbook Remix"23:10
Jaffaqwerty12_N810: I think they might charge more ;-)23:10
Jaffaqwerty12_N810: Or did you mean two punters? ;-)23:11
qwerty12_N810Jaffa: two punters23:11
zerojayPCMight not be the best site to be looking at with my wife on the bed next to me. lol23:11
JaffazerojayPC: And,
*** endorphinum has joined #maemo23:11
zerojayPCI keed, of course.23:11
aSIMULAteri think the city is willing to let you understand its culture zero23:11
aSIMULAterit will welcome you with open arms.23:11
qwerty12_N810I thought it may be cheaper in bulk. Ah well23:12
JaffaAnyhoo, also watch the bit at the start of Pulp Fiction about pot.23:12
endorphinumhi everyone, just a small question - if i have aptana for win xp, is there a more or less easy way to code a small web browser application for maemo ?23:12
Jaffaqwerty12_N810: I don't think that's how it works. I'm not an expert though...!23:12
zerojayPCaSIMULAter: Then I shall still the keys and run.23:12
* zerojayPC brain xplode23:12
unixSnobthe red light district is shrinking though -- conservatives are pushing back, and there are fewer coffee shops too23:12
qwerty12_N810Jaffa: lol23:12
qwerty12_N810Fewer coffee shops?!  This is a disgrace :(23:13
* Jaffa was last there 5 years ago, but only had a brief walk through the RLD between a bus stop and the train station.23:13
unixSnobthey're being driven into a smaller area23:13
zerojayPCGood thing it was only brief.23:13
JaffaAnyway, time to pack for the Netherlands (I'm getting to the summit 4 weeks early(\23:13
qwerty12_N810"Brief" meaning longer than an hour? ;)23:13
aSIMULAterno coffeeshops allowed near schools and playgrounds23:13
zerojayPCPoor Starbucks. :(23:14
unixSnobaSIMULAter: yeah, and that's another problem.. students can't relax between tests23:14
*** dreamer_ has joined #maemo23:14
zerojayPCunixSnob: They can always whip out their dongs.23:14
unixSnobdongs?  you mean bongs?23:14
qwerty12_N810And blow their load23:15
qwerty12_N810of money23:15
aSIMULAterthey've also made shrooms illegal because of some tourist's death..icelandic girl if i remember23:15
unixSnobI saw a shop selling shroomers a few weeks ago23:15
zerojayPCWhen I told my friends that I was going to Amsterdam, they all looked at me VERY funny.23:15
zerojayPCSince I've never touched drugs or hookers or anything like that.23:15
aSIMULAterbut there's a loophole in the law which allows for philosopher stones to still be sold at smartshops23:15
unixSnobwhat are those?23:16
zerojayPCI guess shrooms.23:16
aSIMULAterthey are the sclerotia of fungi23:16
aSIMULAterbasically solid mass formed on the substrate of what the mycellium is growing on23:17
aSIMULAterit doesn't actually turn into a fruit body23:17
zerojayPCI am such a n00b.23:17
zerojayPCI have NO idea what you're talking about now. lol23:17
aSIMULAtera good way to put it is like a truffle23:18
unixSnobkinda silly we have to eat the mycellium23:18
unixSnobthat's normally just an act left to the impatient23:18
*** rm_you_ has joined #maemo23:18
unixSnobhow did the tourist die?23:19
*** rm_you has quit IRC23:19
zerojayPCThe tourist's died by connection reset by peer, apparently.23:19
aSIMULAterto create sclerotia it takes months unlike just having fruitbodies appear23:19
aSIMULAteri think the tourist became dellusional and jumped off a canal23:19
aSIMULAteror a roof23:19
aSIMULAterone or the other23:19
unixSnobdamn that sucks.. she ruined a great option for pschonauts23:20
pupnik_depends on substrate - weeks in some media, months on logs23:20
*** tank-man has quit IRC23:20
aSIMULAtersclerotia only occurs in a number of species but if you mean fruiting bodies yeah you're right...reishi for example23:21
*** alecrim_ has quit IRC23:21
pupnik_that is a cool looking mushroom23:21
aSIMULAterit is23:21
* Jaffa is so totally out of his depth. And he went to UK public school...23:21
aSIMULAterhehe i'm interested in mycology it could explain a lot23:22
aSIMULAterand i like mushroom identification23:22
pupnik_:)  growing mushrooms (for food) is a nice hobby23:22
aSIMULAteryes it is a nice hobby, it teaches you to clean your house :P23:22
Jaffa /nick pupnik_ EgonSpengler23:22
aSIMULAterespecially when doing agar work23:23
qwerty12_N810growing them to get high with is even better23:23
* unixSnob thinks someone should genetically modify reishi to have a yin/yang symbol23:23
aSIMULAteredibles are more rewarding23:23
aSIMULAterwell i guess depends on who you are :P23:23
zerojayPCaSIMULAter: Oh yeah... I remember seeing your various mushroom pics now.23:24
aSIMULAteryes it's been a great season here in finland23:24
pupnik_fresh homegrown taste better than supermarket - though the agaricus from supermkt are usually fine23:24
unixSnobthis prohibition on shrooms is probably just cyclic.. more conservative BS that will go away23:24
aSIMULAteri found quite a rare edible..very chanterelles23:24
aSIMULAterand of course boletes edulis..porcini23:25
aSIMULAtergolden chanterelles are out in full force too23:25
*** PhlowX_ has quit IRC23:25
aSIMULAterbut i think they'll be less of them now that the weather is getting a bit colder in the evening23:25
* pupnik_ is jealous23:25
pupnik_time to finish my hepa bench23:25
*** bbigras_ has joined #maemo23:26
*** bbigras has quit IRC23:26
aSIMULAterhehe you made your own hepa bench23:26
*** darkmatter has joined #maemo23:26
wazdguys, ambigram modification, what do you think:
*** lcukx41 has joined #maemo23:27
qwerty12_N810It's missing mushrooms23:27
lcukx41and bacon23:27
aSIMULAterand cheese23:27
lcukx41and bacon23:28
aSIMULAterand crunk music23:28
unixSnobthat's something i should have done.. all my shroomers got contaminated23:28
wazdcan you understand what;s written without shrooms? :D23:28
*** darkmatter has quit IRC23:28
* unixSnob had to carry huge piles of contaminated raunchy steer manure through the college dorm -- just as a boatload of new Japanese exchange students walked in23:29
unixSnobneedless to say, I didn't hook up with any of them23:29
lcukx41qwerty12_N810, hows life in the #ivegotann900 club23:29
aSIMULAterwell, if you were in fruiting stage with your mushrooms then you wouldn't need a hepa filter..hepa filter is mainly for innoculation and agar work23:29
qwerty12_N810lcukx41: I banned myself; ask javispedro :)23:30
unixSnobaSIMULAter: never got to fruiting.. just mycelium23:30
lcukx41look at this23:30
lcukx41its liqflow across multiple machines23:30
zerojayPCYeah, cool stuff.23:30
aSIMULAterdid you pasteurize?23:30
lcukx41jussi crashanddie and jaffa and i were jamming23:30
unixSnobyeah, used a pressure cooker23:30
unixSnob(on jars of grain)23:30
aSIMULAterthat's not pasteurizing23:30
unixSnobthe mycelium was good.. the manure ruined it23:31
aSIMULAterpasteurizing manure is by boiling it at a certain temperature for a certain amount of hours23:31
aSIMULAterthen letting it cool slowly23:31
aSIMULAterthat way not all of the bacteria is dead from the substrate23:31
pupnik_right, just bought innoculated grain/sawdust cultures and let them fruit23:31
lcukx41qwerty12_N810, that vid was a really innovative thing23:31
pupnik_ (kuehneromyces mutabilis)23:31
*** trbs2 has quit IRC23:31
wazdlcukx41: let me guess, they are not networked? :)23:31
lcukx41does it matter23:31
*** trbs2 has joined #maemo23:31
qwerty12_N810lcukx41: I saw the liqflow one this morning :)23:31
unixSnobThe Mushroom Cultivator didn't suggest boiling the manure.  It was composted, and naturally came up to temp23:31
lcukx41#and when im done they will be23:31
qwerty12_N810Your profanity filter is bs :)23:32
aSIMULAterdon't know anyone who's grown those pupik23:32
* zerojayPC switches his computer over to diagonal mode.23:32
unixSnobaSIMULAter: the bacteria can't be killed in the manure.. it's in fact needed.  The composting activates it23:32
lcukx41its not mine23:32
wazdlcukx41: well, if they are - then there's a sense :)23:32
lcukx41yeah zwazd23:32
pupnik_Agrocybe aegerita / Agrocybe cylindracea23:32
lcukx41gotta use the osc stuff i built23:32
*** mcpi has joined #maemo23:33
lcukx41and the n900 rocks for power23:33
aSIMULAterso you just put your grain into manure?23:33
aSIMULAterwithout preparing the manure?23:33
unixSnobthe bacteria supposedly has some kind of necessary role in the composting23:33
qwerty12_N810lcukx41: When is the stuff in Fremantle extras-devel getting updated? I'd love to try it out here...23:33
unixSnobthe preperation was to mix water and some other things with the manure, and stir it daily23:33
unixSnobdid that for a week before it was "ready"23:33
unixSnobthat was per the guide.. but obviously something went wrong..  I may have added too much fertilizer23:34
aSIMULAterthis is wrong23:34
* zerojayPC air guitars.23:34
aSIMULAteryou SHOULD sterilize in some way the manure23:34
unixSnobat the end?23:34
*** brbrbr has quit IRC23:35
aSIMULAterno...before you introduce spawn into it23:35
aSIMULAterlike the rye grains23:35
*** luke-jr has quit IRC23:36
unixSnobi simply won't use manure again... especially in a dorm.  Didn't do much to get me laid having a strong farm smell fuming from my door23:36
aSIMULAterand it's also good to use non treated horse or cow pies...just sun dried till the nitrates from the piss goes away23:36
zerojayPCUh.. yeah.23:36
crashanddie_Jaffa, you're going to hate me :P23:36
lcukx41qwerty12_N810, try monday23:36
zerojayPCI'm starting to hate e-mail.23:36
lcukx41ive got bugfixes done whilst here23:36
qwerty12_N810Ah, cool23:37
lcukx41crashanddie_, Jaffa \o huzzah23:37
qwerty12_N810crashanddie_: easily done :)23:37
crashanddie_qwerty12_N810, stfu, unless you want to reset your beating counter and next time it'll be for real23:37
zerojayPCBetween some random Chillian dude that can't read a "readme.txt" file for his life and some Aussie retard trying to sue me for using "zerojay" as my nick online... I don't even know why I bother with it anymore.23:37
wazdqwerty12_N810: congrtulations on joining the dark side btw :D23:37
pupnik_also Pleurotus eryngii - tolerant of low humidity, huge fruitbodies, great meaty texture23:37
qwerty12_N810crashanddie_: wanker :p23:38
qwerty12_N810wazd: :D23:38
crashanddie_qwerty12_N810, there you go23:38
crashanddie_qwerty12_N810, now next step, learning how to say that to my face without ducking for cover23:38
* lcukx41 kicked vdvsxs ass23:38
pupnik_aSIMULAter - check the varieties i posted23:38
aSIMULAteryes those are nice23:38
aSIMULAterthis is cool, do you want to trade plates?23:38
aSIMULAteromg does that sound retarded23:38
aSIMULAterdo you want to trade plates23:38
*** luke-jr has joined #Maemo23:38
aSIMULAteror prints23:38
pupnik_slants, when i have some23:39
pupnik_or just order online23:40
Jaffacrashanddie_: Aww, *sob*. "You like me, you *really* like me!"23:40
aSIMULAterwell yes i can do that23:41
Jaffacrashanddie_: And I'm _going_ to hate you? ;-)23:41
*** lcukx41 has quit IRC23:41
crashanddie_Ok, I think *I* need to start a few beating counters23:41
wazdJaffa: please please, let Max go to the Summit, please please :)23:41
aSIMULAterit's usually nice to want to trade prints or cultures as camraderie in the same hobby :P23:41
crashanddie_Jaffa, link to the youtube vid?23:42
crashanddie_or the very russian-sounding comradeship23:43
*** dreamer_ is now known as wirelessdreamer23:43
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC23:43
*** ShellEvil has joined #maemo23:44
*** florian has joined #maemo23:44
crashanddie_that's just soooo coooooool23:44
floriangood morning23:44
*** ShellEvil is now known as SpeedEvil23:45
pupnik_aSIMULAter: yeah.  It would also be nice to find some edible sapphophyte that other people haven't cultured.  Or a different variety.  Also i think i am noticing big taste differences depending on the substrate.23:45
endorphinumgoood morning.23:45
qwerty12_N810crashanddie_: I can buy a bib if you need it23:45
aSIMULAterwhat substrate do you use?23:46
crashanddie_qwerty12_N810, I think you're become a bit overconfident23:46
crashanddie_don't forget I'm actually in range to just stick my hand out the window and bitchslap you, so don't go too far mister23:47
qwerty12_N810True, your hands are massive23:47
JaffaOnly one thing he's got isn't...23:47
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo23:47
wazdqwerty12_N810: he can just crash you and then... you know :)23:47
crashanddie_Jaffa, yeah, don't have a big n900 :*23:49
*** krutt has joined #maemo23:51
wazdhildon still draws buttons even if decorations are turned off23:51
wazdwhiskey tango foxtrot23:52
endorphinumhey guys, i am trying to find out how i could develop a fullscreen maemo application to play my mojos on my n800. i downloaded aptana as IDE so the main question is: do i realy realy realy need linux for the sdk or could i grab somewhere the framework of a browser (what is all i need) to develop my own kind of "browser" !?23:52
zerojayPCendorphinum: What's a mojo?23:53
crashanddie_Jaffa, do we have a video of the identity projectors outside/23:53
zerojayPCwazd: Nice.23:53
*** caotic has quit IRC23:53
endorphinumzerojay: www.mojocafe.net23:53
Jaffacrashanddie_: I don't.23:53
*** edbartosh has quit IRC23:53
zerojayPCendorphinum: I'm even more confused now.23:53
wazdcan anybody tell how to turn it off completely?23:53
Jaffacrashanddie_: lcuk had some; and there are others on the interwebs23:53
JaffazerojayPC: A series of Flash files to give widget-like behaviour23:54
zerojayPCLike Chumby then.23:54
endorphinumzerojay: a fullscreen widget offering clocks, calendars etc. to mobile devices. it's done via Adobe Flash so what i am searching for is a way to script some kind of browser without any buttons but a link to
endorphinumzero: exactly. but that you are not fixed on one device as you can use it on any of your mobile devices that support at least flash lite 2.123:54
zerojayPCendorphinum: Chumby isn't either... except they don't tell you that. ;)23:55
zerojayPCendorphinum: Any reason a browser running full screen isn't good enough or...?23:56
zerojayPCWait.. the site says it supports previous Maemo versions already.23:56
endorphinumzero: correct - but my aim is not to offer a quantity of widgets but quality of widgets. i love the chumby gadget but when it comes to the content it simply just sucks. you have hundreds of thousands of widgets done by people that think that they are vector artist but unfortunately they aren't :)23:56
*** trbs2 has quit IRC23:56
zerojayPCendorphinum: Fair enough.23:57
endorphinumzero: the allready works on any device with flash lite but i want to make the starting of it for the user as easy as possible. at the moment i am playing around with Aptana to develop a s60 WRT so that people can install a Mojocafe application on their mobile phone and start it from the app folder.23:57
zerojayPCendorphinum: Wouldn't a shortcut under applications that uses a dbus call to run the browser and send the user to the site be good enough?23:58
* zerojayPC thinks he confused himself midway through the sentence there.23:59
zerojayPCOr... no, it's right.23:59
endorphinumyeah that sounds sure, but the main problem is that i do not own a pc with *unix on it so i am unable to download the maemo sdk and play around with it. but that solution would be just fine i think.23:59

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