IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2009-05-17

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Yagami_exhello people...00:00
Yagami_exthere a way (maybe a easy way)to port desktop programs like GIMP(only a example) to the maemo?00:01
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Stskeepsyou can always look into easy debian00:04
Yagami_exsorry but i am a windows user so i am noob on linux, what is the easy debian?00:06
Stskeepssec :)00:06
Yagami_exBut the Easy Debian will overwrite the Maemo?Or the easy debian accept Maemo Programs?00:10
StskeepsYagami_ex: it won't overwrite maemo00:12
Stskeepsit is within maemo00:12
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Yagami_exso i can download the maemo programs on repositories and use with easy debian00:12
johnxeasy debian runs inside of maemo00:13
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Yagami_exand have anyway00:14
Yagami_exto i port the desktop programs to the easy debian?00:14
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johnxanything that runs in debian can run in easy debian00:15
johnxbut it might be slow :)00:15
Stskeepslo johnx :)00:15
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Yagami_exthats great, but how i install the debian programs and the screen will be right?00:17
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sarujiHi i have a question, ive installed openssh client and server on the 810 abut how do i use the client? ....Is it just from command line? Or can do i need another program for it....what im saying is that im used to putty and i dont see a gui for
kfxsaruji: go to utilities -> x terminal00:25
kfxthen you can use ssh from the command line00:25
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sarujiOk cool thx, is there no gui for it?00:25
kfxnot really00:25
sarujiOk cool thanks00:26
kfxjust type ssh hostname to get where you're going00:26
sarujiOk so ssh 192.x.x.x for a local machine right?00:26
kfxdon't forget to specify your username, too00:26
sarujiCool thx00:26
kfxso for example ssh saruji@
sarujiOh ok so ssh hostname then user pass00:27
kfxno, you have to specify the username with the address00:27
kfxit'll prompt you for a password, but unless you tell it otherwise it'll assume your current username (which by default on the n810 is 'user')00:27
sarujiAh ok00:27
sarujiDo i have to be in root?00:28
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sarujiThx :)00:29
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kfxno worries00:29
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luke-jrb-man: !02:20
* b-man is trying to translate some python code into c ;)02:21
luke-jrb-man: food game in #anime02:23
b-manok :)02:23
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sarujiHey guys, another quick question, what is the correct command for openssh on your n810 when trying to specify a port that you want ssh to connect through?06:04
sarujiIs tried ssh (ip):port06:05
sarujiAnd also tried ssh -D user@ip:port06:06
sarujiAhem thats ssh -D user@ip: port06:07
sarujiAnd ssh user@ip: port06:07
tank-manmaybe "-p 22"06:07
sarujiAt the end or beginning?06:07
tank-mananywhere perhaps06:08
sarujiOk will try thx06:08
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chxmake note that scp uses capital P for this purpose06:30
chxeveryone loves consistent interfaces.06:31
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* b-man starts experimenting with Gentoo on his tablet07:12
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Maceri am watching ncis.. it's not that bad07:22
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LiraNunaare there any plans to upgrade the default gcc cross compiler for maemo5?07:37
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GeneralAntillesThis expired cert bullshit must be the must user-hostile insanity imaginable.08:18
GeneralAntillesCan somebody tell me how to bypass this reliably before I put a bullet through my phone?08:19
Macerncis is pretty good08:24
Macerthey aren't too bad with teh military stuff08:25
Macerusually the military stuff is way off :)08:25
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Macerlike when they do the dramatic "I REPEAT!" over the radio08:26
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kfxGeneralAntilles: when I had an e61 I found some app someone had made that basically wrecks the cert system, and lets you install whatever the hell you want08:35
kfxif I can find it I'll let you know :(08:36
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RST38hkfx: This is called "a Chinese certificate"09:00
RST38hIt is not an app really, but a method to get a "universal" certificate and disable certificate checks09:01
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napsyHello. I  have chinook on my n810 but want to upgrade to diablo. How to  do this. Just edit the sources.list?09:17
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JaffaMorning all09:30
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RST38hnapsy: You should use Nokia firmware upgrade utility09:31
napsyOk tnx09:34
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ShadowJKhm, I thought there was a thing in program manager to disable certificte checks10:07
ShadowJKor maygbe that  was just to let you install self-signed stuff :)10:07
* ShadowJK vaguely recalls the nokia shoutcast client not wanting to install at one point because the certificate they signed it with expired10:09
ShadowJKI think they just signed it with a fresher one when prodded about it...10:09
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RST38hSelf signed stuff can be installed as is10:14
RST38hAbsolutely no problem there, except for a single checkbox in settings10:14
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liricanola2 refuses to play any music, I can fire it up, browse my music but when I click a song it goes to the Playing screen and doesn't play, then after a couple of clicks it hangs11:09
liriI un-installed it and re-installed, didn't help11:10
liriJust to test that this isn't a sound driver issue I tried another music player which played it fine11:10
liriI'm thinking maybe to not install the latest version11:10
thuxis canola generally better than other players?11:11
thuxi think i haven't tried it yet just heard the name often11:15
liriit's a nice interface, good for me as a portable device11:16
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Macertor seems to be a little bit of a failure11:30
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lcukx41is there anyway to teleport milk into my house (preferably bottled)12:08
* wjt starts writing telepathy-moo with support for MoIP12:11
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lcukx41Stskeeps: might work lol12:13
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pupniknaeno sdk vm image 0.9 is preferred environment to build for extras?12:38
pupnikneed to get up and running fast12:38
*** geaaru has joined #maemo12:41
pupnikhi geaaru12:42
RST38hmoo pupnik, lcuk, Sts12:43
Stskeepsmoo RST38h12:43
pupnikok ok ok ok12:45
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biiteris it possible to somehow settup any mail client to try to connect every 20 min to WIFI and check for email, than disconnect automaticaly?12:55
*** MoonTiger has joined #maemo12:55
lcukbiiter, i think you can tell the wifi to disconnect if not used and connect as required12:56
lcukhiya MoonTiger12:56
MoonTigerheya lcuk  :)12:57
lcukhows your lazy sunday goin12:57
biiterlcuk: that is the "iddle" time? in settings? when i choose any time avaliable in the select box.. it yelds that it conflicts with genera settings12:57
lcukwhat general settings12:58
MoonTigerwell the sea is looking warm and inviting and the sun is warm and the beach isnt too crowded ... not bad id say :)12:58
biiterdon§t know12:58
lcukbleugh! ive got manchester sun (which is i know its there somewhere behind the clouds)12:58
MoonTigeralmeria, spain ... right on the south coast12:59
lcukbiiter, how long does your battery last if you just leave it to its own devices?12:59
MoonTigernice :)12:59
lcukyeah, and you wont swap lol12:59
biiterlcuk: it didnt survive the night12:59
lcukthats not good13:00
MoonTigerlcuk, well we are on so you're welcome to come for a free stay if you like :)13:00
lcukcos wifi thats just idling properly should last much longer13:00
lcukMoonTiger, i know of the service and its a great idea, but im more a stickler for a nice hotel room and privacy lol13:01
lcukso when you open moontiger hotels inc ill make a booking :D13:02
MoonTigerahh well ok ... we do have a spare room so you get the privacy thing13:02
MoonTigerbut the hotel services etc ... not so much ;)13:02
lcukdamn, so no room service13:02
lcukdo your rooms have air con and free wifi? :D13:02
MoonTigerfree wifi yes13:03
MoonTigerair con - open the window13:03
MoonTigerwe are literally a stones throw from the sea13:03
lcuki couldnt do that in the last hotel i stayed in13:03
lcuki was on the ground floor and with all the tech i took with me i didnt wanna leave it open over night13:03
lcukyeah you said, are you woken by the waves crashing on the beach?13:04
MoonTiger(i know cos i threw a stone from our front door into the sea)13:04
lcukyou couldv hurt a poor fish13:04
MoonTigernot woken by them but they do relax you to sleep if you cant sleep13:04
lcukare you a coffee drinker?13:05
MoonTigerwell i think the velocity of an object entering water is slowed sufficiently to cause little or no harm from a hand thrown projectile13:05
MoonTiger:rolls eyes:13:05
lcukwhenever ive been awake early mornin near a beach its so relaxing to just sit with feet in the sand drinkin a nice cuppa :)13:05
MoonTigerpg tips me13:05
MoonTigerdecaf coffe only13:05
lcuki can just imagine that little fishy swimming by innocently when a 10tonnoe boulder comes out of the sky and flattens it into the sand13:06
lcukhow do you think all those fossils are made13:07
MoonTigerwell if its swimming in 12 inches of water it should expect some problems13:07
* RST38h looks out of the window: clouds, +5oC13:08
RST38hWhere did you say the sun was?13:08
lcukin the sky13:09
lcuklook upish13:09
MoonTiger50C ??!!13:09
lcukheh i thought that too13:09
* RST38h shudders at the thought13:09
MoonTigeri've been in 46C and that was bad13:09
RST38h+5 I can take, actually. +50 can't13:09
RST38hAnything >25 is bad13:10
lcukthe only time ive ever been in greece i think it was that hot13:10
lcukafter coming back my back peeled13:10
MoonTigerwow i love the sun :)13:10
lcukliterally, in one piece like a tshirt coming off13:10
Stskeepsand we hereby confirm lcuk is a shape shifting alien13:11
* lcuk waves his ET finger around13:11
lcukive become quite adept at fitting bandage now :$13:11
*** jgoss has quit IRC13:12
lcuki made a stupid mistake last night13:13
lcukthe end of the bandage is squishy13:13
MoonTigerewwwwwwww ++13:13
*** jgoss has joined #maemo13:13
lcuklol MoonTiger i could show the pics :P13:14
MoonTigeri had yoghurt with strawberries for brkfast ... i'll pass13:14
lcukand i was just kinda absent mindedly half nibbling the end (proxy finger nail nibbling..) and i caught the end of the finger and yelped so loud i woke tracy up :$13:15
lcukive found i like fruit salad with banana yoghurt for breakfast13:15
Stskeepslcuk: are you at all able to code? :P13:16
lcukyes, ive got 9 fingers13:16
MoonTigerbrb trying to edit xfce menu13:16
lcukand they work13:16
lcuk:( moon13:17
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lcuki think i need to vanish too, ive got some heavy debugging to do13:18
MoonTigeri'll be around more now i have internet at home :)13:18
MoonTigersee you laterz ;)13:18
lcukcya \o13:18
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mlpughow do I know what filesystems n810 supports. this is diablo/2.6.21. I have NAS box supporting cifs/samba and would like to mount that on boot. I would like to have it just like in ubuntu (=one line in fstab). is this straightforward?13:52
*** geaaru has quit IRC13:53
mlpugsome cifs.ko module exists. I wonder if i should use that13:53
pupnikwho here uses maemo-sdk-0.9?13:57
pupnikis it the right thing to use to get something finished, and in extras?13:58
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Maceranybody use tor on n800?14:00
Maceri wish i had known about tor when i had it :)14:01
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chrisk_hi there! has anybody some experience with openobex on diablo? anybody ever use the c api?14:07
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chrisk_anybody some bluetooth programming experience in c? i hope there are still some c programmers out there ;-)14:19
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pupniksorry chrisk_14:31
pupnikall i remember is bluez-utils14:31
chrisk_np pupnik. i am programming a bluetooth security tool and have some problems with openobex...14:33
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rmt_Hmm.. how to read files from a zip files with gnome-vfs?15:05
rmt_And vala. :)15:06
rmt_I was thinking that a simple working replacement for Comix shouldn't be hard..15:06
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RST38hWowowow, somebody ported Crimson Fields!15:19
RST38hmikkov actually15:19
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lcukrmt_, there should be libs for reading zips and stuff15:40
*** VirginiaSteaks has joined #maemo15:41
rmt_lcuk, libz, which I think is used by gnome-vfs (at least on my version, don't know about the cut-down osso version)15:41
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VirginiaSteakshi guys, i want to compile a simple xmlrpc-client for maemo and getting the program cannot connect to localhost. why?15:44
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, It does some tests during it's compile, and tries to connect to a local server?15:44
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC15:44
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, What's your build environment?15:45
VirginiaSteaks@rmt_: it has "http://localhost:8080/" hardcoded15:45
lcukdoes 8080 have anything listening15:45
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, What's the xmlrpc client for?15:45
VirginiaSteaksi used the sb2 for building and now the maemo sdk sudo runtime for starting15:45
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, in order to make use of an xmlrpc client, you need an xmlrpc server.. it sounds like your client is for a specific purpose, if it has a hardcoded server..15:46
VirginiaSteakswe want to implement a little audio blog software for maemo at university. and i have to build the communication part for it between client and server. we decided to use xmlrpc so that we can easily call functions over the network. but not as easy as expected ;)15:46
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: i already compiled and started a sample xmlrpc-server. wait, i will send you the link, then you see. only a few lines of code. only for a proof that it is working properly..15:47
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*** t][s][o is now known as t_s_o15:48
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VirginiaSteaksrmt_: the client example:
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:51
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: and the server example:
biiteris there any notepad application that behaves like paper and not like text editor??15:51
VirginiaSteaksi can get both compiled for armel15:51
rmt_biiter, With or without character recognition?15:51
biiterrmt_: without15:51
rmt_biiter, MaemoPad lets you draw.15:51
VirginiaSteaksthen i start the server, which seems to be listening. after that i start the client, which exits with an error15:52
rmt_But also keep text notes and lists15:52
lcukbiiter, liqbase is faster than paper :)15:52
biiterthx.. i§ll trz both15:54
*** x29a has joined #maemo15:55
lcukbiiter, :)15:55
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: brb15:55
*** VirginiaSteaks has quit IRC15:55
*** VirginiaSteaks has joined #maemo15:56
*** x29a has quit IRC15:57
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, Not really sure (and I don't consider looking at random C code fun) .. but I suggest you do "telnet localhost 8080" on the tablet and see if it's actually listening, which should then tell you if the problem's with the client or the server.15:57
lcuktelnet isnt (wasnt) directly available on the tablet lol15:57
lcukit was compiled and pushed to extras-devel yesterday after a long ML discussion15:57
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: hmm but since even ping localhost doesn't work,..15:58
*** christefano has quit IRC15:58
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: I installed ping in sudo runtime via: apt-get install ping15:58
rmt_install it or netcat or something..15:58
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: XML-RPC Fault: HTTP request completed with HTTp error -906.  Fatal Error: Can't locate remote host (localhost)15:59
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, No iptables rules setup?15:59
rmt_Stop using the client and start testing;.15:59
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:00
rmt_Divide and Conquer.16:00
rmt_"sudo apt-get install netcat" (probably in extras or extras-devel) .. then do nc localhost 808016:00
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: no, I am not yet familiar with the scratchbox. I don't know what the differences are between it and my host system. (except other environment variables)16:00
rmt_~ $ nc localhost 808016:00
rmt_Nokia-N810-43-7 [] 8080 (webcache) : Connection refused16:00
rmt_On mine, I get that - because I have nothing listening.16:00
rmt_VirginiaSteaks, Ah, you're in the scratchbox.16:01
rmt_What kind of scratchbox16:01
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: alright i will try the netcat16:01
rmt_VMWare image?  chroot?16:01
biiterlcuk: that liqbas is some demo?16:02
lcukbiiter, its got every single note ive taken since i started it last year :)16:02
lcukand i read and review often16:02
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: we have gotten a VMware image (kubuntu) with an already installed maemo-sdk. i set both rootstrap and toolchain and i am compiling in sb2 and running in "maemo-sdk enter runtime"16:02
lcukdwhen does a demo become a real app :)16:02
*** x29a has joined #maemo16:02
lcukand im building on what ive started16:03
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo16:04
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: netcat localhost 8080 timing out with: localhost:8080: forward host lookup failed: Host name lookup failure16:04
lcuktry it with
VirginiaSteakslcuk: same problem16:05
rmt_The vmware image doesn't have localhost defined in /etc/hosts ?  Craziness!16:05
rmt_netcat 8080 ?16:05
rmt_Shouldn't be returning host name lookup failure16:05
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: bash-3.1# nc 8080 ....  timing out, no response16:07
rmt_Check iptables.. iptables -nvL16:07
VirginiaSteaksrmt_: iptables v1.3.616:08
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo16:08
pupnik_how to resume download?16:09
pupnik_wget -c can not resume.  firefox can not resume16:09
*** eichi has quit IRC16:09
*** rmt_ has left #maemo16:09
*** greentux has joined #maemo16:09
pupnik_apparently the server doesn't support 'range' command?16:10
*** LinuxCode has joined #maemo16:10
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo16:10
*** eichi has joined #maemo16:11
VirginiaSteaks*sigh*, iptables answers this:
VirginiaSteaksif anybody has a clue how to ping localhost in scratchbox or runtime, please tell me16:14
*** christefano has joined #maemo16:14
pupnik_kernel module misatch VirginiaSteaks ?16:15
VirginiaSteakspupnik_: yes, its  obviously server thing, cause firefox can resume normally16:15
pupnik_that's harsh for a 1.7 GB download16:16
VirginiaSteakspupnik_: y :/..  hmm i don16:16
VirginiaSteakspupnik_: y :/..  hmm i dont know, wanted to run an xmlrpc client / server on the maemo runtime.. but it doesn't work and i dont know why (not leet enough in linux)16:17
VirginiaSteakspupnik_: even ping localhost doesnt work. he cannot find localhost. but how to make him find localhost?16:18
pupnik_don't check iptables, check interfaces, no?   ifconfig?16:19
pupnik_and then route -n?16:19
pupnik_is there a 'lo' interface in ifconfig in sdk?16:19
pupnik_(/me has no idea)16:19
VirginiaSteakspupnik_: even ping exits with: ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted16:19
VirginiaSteaksnot enough rights i guess16:20
pupnik_um.  i don't recall but i think you need to be root to ping16:20
luke-jryes you do16:20
VirginiaSteaksdoesn't work as root also16:20
VirginiaSteaksi enter "sudo" runtime and it doesnt work16:21
luke-jrdifferent error?16:21
VirginiaSteaksor is there another third runtime environment? *confused*16:21
VirginiaSteaksno, exactly the same error16:21
luke-jrin scratchbox16:21
luke-jrso it's probably faking root16:21
luke-jrwhich won't work on a large scale16:21
luke-jreg, networking16:21
GAN800Symbian is just not a very well put together platform and Nokia's utter failure to sell phones in the states is fully deserved.16:23
pupnik_i haven't logged into scratchbox since april16:23
biiterlcuk: i can't use liqbate, the blitting is superb and it's what I had in mind but I miss the editing features and the GUI is terrible16:23
StskeepsGAN800: finally had enough? :P16:23
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: it is working on chroot. but this doesn't mean too much to me since in chroot it is only possible for i386 targets. and we need to compile for arm16:23
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: I chroot to arm16:23
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: how? for me there is written it only works for i38616:24
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: do we have an old verison?16:24
luke-jrgotta hack in a qemu thing16:24
luke-jrand set it up with bin_misc16:24
GAN800Stskeeps, OTA isn't available for the NAM version, apparently, which, of course, they don't tell you when they're advertising the feature and only one person on the internet seems to know.16:24
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: ok that is too hight for me...*sighs*16:25
GAN800Stskeeps, the cert insanity is ten times worse though.16:25
StskeepsGAN800: well you're spoiled having had a tablet..16:25
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: so you had to be in the maemo-sdk's developer team to know how to make a simple ping localhost work? ;-)16:25
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: what? I don't even USE Maemo, let alone be on some SDK devteam16:26
Stskeepsyeah, luke-jr is a heathen16:26
GAN800Basically, I don't know what software these Symbian freaks have been using (or what they've been smoking) that makes them think this is worthwhile software.16:26
luke-jrping isn't *that* simple, either16:26
luke-jrIIRC, ping works with raw sockets16:27
StskeepsGAN800: so, maemo > symbian? ;)16:27
*** man_in_pda has joined #maemo16:28
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: ok luke, any clue what i can do now? i already did the following: -compile xmlrpc api for am -compile the examples provided with the api -start the example xmlrpc server (listening to port 8080). and now i only want to test out if the whole thing is working by starting the xmlrpc-client which should connect to localhost:8080 and make a procedure call (add two numbers).16:28
GAN800Stskeeps, Maemo doesn't not let me install software for no reason.16:29
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: yeah, now you can migrate to Gentoo and leave that confusing stuff behind :p16:29
*** ferulo has joined #maemo16:29
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: i love gentoo, but we have to use this "nice confusing AWESOME" toolchain, because we need to crosscompile for the arm plattform because our blogsoftware has to run on the nokia 800 later on16:30
GAN800Stskeeps, anyway, bring on tge Linux phones. Symbian can rot.16:30
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: AFAIK, mere crosscompiling won't make it work in Maemo16:31
GAN800I amazed at how much better Maemo's app distribution is than Symbian's.16:31
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: if you missed the hints: I run Gentoo on my N810, I don't use Maemo.16:31
*** StsN800 has quit IRC16:31
VirginiaSteaksluke-jr: wow, i really missed your hint ;> was it hard to get it installed on N810?16:32
LinuxCodeluke-jr, gps, kb and touch screen work for you ?16:32
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: it's a work-in-progress16:32
luke-jrLinuxCode: depends16:32
luke-jrLinuxCode: kb is broken in latest 2.6.3016:32
LinuxCodei see16:32
LinuxCodehow about gps and the screen ?16:32
luke-jrGPS requires evil dirty hacks due to Nokia being closed source16:32
luke-jrand unwilling to budge reasonably16:33
LinuxCodeI thought of that, hence me asking16:33
luke-jrtouchscreen "just works"16:33
*** jnettlet has quit IRC16:33
luke-jrplasma eats RAM tho, so I don't usually run X16:33
luke-jrand my Xmodmap (Fn key support) broke when I installed KDE16:33
luke-jroh, and qt-webkit needs to be linked on another system16:34
luke-jr128 MB doesn't cut it16:34
LinuxCodeI hope the new Nxxx will have ta least 512MB16:36
luke-jrI'm not sure I want to buy Nokia again16:36
LinuxCodeI will16:37
LinuxCodewouldnt buy a standard mobile though16:37
luke-jrN810 has kinda soured me16:37
LinuxCodeI want the Nxxx with 3g and phone support16:37
luke-jrI bought it because I thought it was open source16:37
luke-jror at least capable of being run open source16:37
LinuxCodeluke-jr, well, lets face it, you wont get full OSS on all hardware platforms16:38
luke-jrinstead I find it's simply an abandoned product that Nokia won't even let the community support16:38
LinuxCodeand thats often not due to compnaies like Nokia16:38
LinuxCodeits due to them having to apply the T&Cs they get from other chip makers16:38
LinuxCodeyeh support for maemo seems to have been abandoned16:39
luke-jrLinuxCode: the GPS example lets me blame Nokia16:39
LinuxCodeat least it always sounds like it16:39
LinuxCodeluke-jr, why ?16:39
LinuxCodeI bet you they dont make the actual part16:39
luke-jrthey could have put TI's IPR into a library16:39
luke-jrand left the rest open16:39
luke-jrso I could modify it to not require GTK+16:39
luke-jrand not require "user" user16:40
luke-jrand a library would be easier to reverse engineer than the entire blob16:40
LinuxCodewhat we really need is mainstream distros that people can pick and mix from16:40
LinuxCodeand then do like interfaces the distros can use to use the hardware16:40
luke-jrsigh, no16:41
LinuxCodewhy no ?16:41
luke-jrwe need the companies to mainline their hardware support16:41
LinuxCodeor that16:41
luke-jrso I can just build a vanilla Linux kernel and boot16:41
LinuxCodeyeh, that would be better16:41
LinuxCodeor ideal reather16:41
VirginiaSteakshi guys, on general question about autotools: let's say i downloaded and installed xmlrpc-c library. i do "./configure", "make" and "make install". but let's say i want to write a small piece of c code that uses this (already compiled) library. how can i automatically compile it with the right flags/paths so that it will make use of my xmlrpc-library? or is this too difficult to explain it in short?16:43
luke-jrthe thing that really bugs me the most is the whole attitude of "we're not making any money off N810 anymore, so no time to spend giving you the required stuff to use it"16:43
LinuxCodeN810 agreed16:43
LinuxCodeconsidering its age too16:44
Stskeepsdear god @ the haiku thread16:44
*** rmt has joined #maemo16:44
luke-jrVirginiaSteaks: xmlrpc-c-config16:44
*** rmt has left #maemo16:44
luke-jrLinuxCode: doesn't change the fact that I paid $200 for it and should have fair use rights to information on how to use it16:44
luke-jrinstead of having to spend days reverse engineering crap16:45
LinuxCodeI know what you mean, but then thats how we got most stuff in the kernel, but its a bit like going to the olden days yeah16:45
luke-jrI suspect most stuff in the kernel was documented :p16:46
LinuxCodesadly some compansies are still ignorant what linux is concerned16:46
luke-jrthere's only a few notable exceptions like Atheros and Broadcom wifi16:46
LinuxCodethe way I see it though16:46
LinuxCodeId rather see some Linux based devices, than non16:47
mavhcis it more open than any other company managed?16:47
Stskeepsnokia's not ignorant in that regard though, did you see the massive amount of patches nokia have made? :P16:47
LinuxCodeor horrible hacks like the Jornada 710 hack, to reset it into system mode to then boot a linux kernel16:47
LinuxCodeseems rather stupid16:47
LinuxCodeStskeeps, yeh16:47
Stskeepssome of the equipment used in the tablets however are ofdd16:47
luke-jrmavhc: no16:47
luke-jrSmartQ outdone Nokia well16:48
luke-jrnow they just need to get a keyboard and stuff16:48
LinuxCodeit requires a combined effort really of mnay manufacturers16:48
mavhcand a sales force16:49
LinuxCode;-| 128mb mem only16:53
* LinuxCode bookmarks16:53
*** christefano has quit IRC16:54
luke-jrLinuxCode: ?16:54
LinuxCodeis that what you are talking about ?16:55
luke-jryeah, I think16:55
mavhcif people are going to write inefficient apps we need >128MB ram16:55
luke-jrStskeeps has a 516:55
luke-jrmavhc: I've been mind-ranting over that for a few days16:55
luke-jrmavhc: NT 3.1 only needed 12 MB RAM16:55
luke-jrwhat do we have today to justify over 10 times that?16:55
LinuxCodesmartq havent even got a decent web page16:55
LinuxCodeI cant even find the right link16:56
luke-jrLinuxCode: it has no US distributors yet AFAIK16:56
luke-jrjust Chinese16:56
* LinuxCode rolls eyes16:56
mavhcthe only thing I can excuse is the browser16:56
mavhcI'd rather buy from nokia than randomchineseguy16:56
*** joelmaher has joined #maemo16:56
luke-jrmavhc: I can't see the browser making up for 118 MB extra RAM use :p16:56
LinuxCodemy mandarin is rusty16:57
luke-jrmavhc: I wish Sharp stayed in the market16:57
luke-jrthe Zaurus SL-Cx series was a much better form factor16:57
mavhcthere's no reason for other apps to use so much when I ran DTP apps in 1MB ram16:57
luke-jrwell, I need to get going16:59
luke-jror so says my wife16:59
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]17:00
*** gomiam has joined #maemo17:01
mavhcso smartq has the driver source code on their website?17:06
Stskeepsnah, but i do - i asked for it and got it17:06
Stskeepsexcepting some S3C IPR with codecs (which we don't need), we have everything (except one measly tool..)17:06
chrisk_are there normally some differences between distro libraries and the libraries for maemo in it's functions?17:10
*** x29a has quit IRC17:13
slonopotamusoh my17:14
slonopotamusopen-wlan-cal learned to set iq values17:14
Stskeepsgood work :)17:15
Stskeepscan you set regulatory domain yet? :P17:15
*** skibur has joined #maemo17:15
lcukbiiter, :D the ui is terrible how17:15
*** avs has joined #maemo17:16
*** x29a has joined #maemo17:17
slonopotamusStskeeps, nope, i need more strace data for that17:18
slonopotamusah, thought broke smth17:20
pupnik_i can't get the pic of gothopotamus out of my head17:21
*** x29a_ has joined #maemo17:22
pupnik_nice, someone made cat-typing detection software to prevent cats from chatting on your machine, executing commands etc17:22
lcukalso prevents drunken typing17:23
*** sin18_ has quit IRC17:24
*** x29a__ has joined #maemo17:24
*** bergie has joined #maemo17:24
*** x29a__ has quit IRC17:24
LinuxCodelcuk, haha17:25
LinuxCodewasnt there a project17:25
pupnik_that would be an impressive feat17:25
LinuxCodedidnt google implement that feature /17:25
lcukgoogle do it for mail17:25
pupnik_neural-net.  train it to detect your Blood-Alcohol-Level17:25
lcukbut thats slightly different17:25
lcukrequires knowledge before sending17:25
*** bergie has quit IRC17:25
lcuknot the same as generic wfaweaegweufaufgkajDGAKDJTG IDENTIFICATION17:25
VirginiaSteakshi guys, why doesn't provide the "enter sudo runtime" of maemo-sdk REAL root rights?17:26
pupnik_it's a chroot environment, afaik17:27
lcukparse i sentence cannot17:27
slonopotamuspupnik_, o_O17:27
VirginiaSteaksi need to implement sockets, which isn't allowed in "maemo-sdk enter runtime". it only works in the chroot environment, but the chroot doesn't work for crosscompiling to ARMEL17:27
slonopotamuspupnik_, gothopotamus - ?17:27
pupnik_never seen the pic, slonopotamus ?17:27
pupnik_  slonopotamus17:28
lcukthe harpoons, man them!17:29
lcukinfact, i think we should nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure!17:29
slonopotamusoh my17:30
*** rkirti has joined #maemo17:30
slonopotamusah, luke gone17:30
Stskeepsslonopotamus: didn't know you actually coded :P17:31
Stskeepsslonopotamus: good job on open-wlan-cal btw17:32
*** rmt has joined #maemo17:33
*** john_G has left #maemo17:35
*** z4chh has joined #maemo17:35
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints17:35
thuxthere are two kinds of people some code others don't17:36
StskeepsGAN800: think there's any way we can tell Maemo SW that closed source dbus APIs are ridicolous?17:37
*** blade_runner has joined #maemo17:37
*** x29a has quit IRC17:37
lcukStskeeps, send them a letter17:37
lcukphone them up17:38
lcukuse a very loud tannoy17:38
lcukt-shirt campaign?17:38
samueldrI would wear such a t-shirt17:39
samueldrit would sure make everyone asks me what's an API and what's a dbus17:39
man_in_pdastardict doesn't come with dictionaries17:39
man_in_pdathis is irritating17:39
samueldrhow would it know which dictionnary to load?17:40
*** x29a_ has quit IRC17:40
samueldrI mean from apt, if that's what you mean17:40
lcukshould it load all dictionaries for the world and hope you speak one of them?17:41
man_in_pdaeven a simple interface to select dicts to download would be nice17:41
lcukagreed there17:41
man_in_pdalcuk, yes :P17:41
samueldrbut hardly possible from apt17:41
samueldrthere should be some "post-apt-installation-tasks-for-localisation-issues" type of tasks available17:41
samueldrI mean, it should be added17:41
man_in_pdayeah, but would be nice from inside app17:42
*** avs has quit IRC17:42
slonopotamusStskeeps, uh? you thought i'm just talking? :)17:43
Stskeepsslonopotamus: yeah, well, i'm glad to have underestimated you ;)17:44
slonopotamusStskeeps, :P17:45
*** konttori_ has quit IRC17:47
slonopotamusstill nobody wants to hack on open-wlan-cal? :) it's still missing rx/tx tuning data reading17:49
samueldrwooh! it's hard to state my thoughts in 140 characters17:50
samueldrwhat's open-wlan-cal?17:50
man_in_pdai can't find downloadable dictionaries for stardit17:54
slonopotamussamueldr, opensource rewrite of wlan-cal utility17:54
samueldrand wlan-cal is?17:55
samueldrthe wlan driver?17:55
slonopotamususerspace driver helper17:56
slonopotamuswifi chip doesn't have persistent memory, so data has to be read from flash and given to it17:57
samueldrI'll nod affirmatively to that, and back away slowly17:57
samueldris it reverse-engineered or do you have a reference to follow?18:00
slonopotamusi use strace to see what it does to kernel/fs18:00
*** man_in_pda has quit IRC18:04
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo18:05
*** rmt has quit IRC18:08
*** chrisk_ has quit IRC18:11
Stskeepsoh for fucks sake18:13
Stskeeps"open is not a known keyword. The legal keyword names are listed here. "18:13
*** pcfe has quit IRC18:17
*** chx is now known as chx_sleeping18:21
*** `0660 has quit IRC18:24
*** `0660 has joined #maemo18:26
*** jgoss has quit IRC18:27
*** Summeli has quit IRC18:28
*** Summeli has joined #maemo18:29
*** disco_stu_N800 has joined #maemo18:30
Stskeepsany device community with linux on it diverges towards having Debian on the device.18:31
*** crashanddie has quit IRC18:32
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo18:33
pupnik_is android something that should Just Go Away (tm) ?18:34
pupnik_that's my gut feeling atm18:34
*** `0660_ has joined #maemo18:35
pupnik_anybody else want to putz with new dosbox?18:36
pupnik_exciting patches lately18:37
pupnik_with some memcpy optim, perhaps 1.5x faster now18:38
pupnik_and attention paid to cache18:38
*** disco_stu has quit IRC18:39
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo18:42
*** rmt has joined #maemo18:44
*** pcfe has joined #maemo18:44
*** disco_stu has joined #maemo18:45
*** blade_runner has quit IRC18:46
*** ferulo has quit IRC18:47
*** lopz has quit IRC18:47
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC18:48
*** `0660 has quit IRC18:49
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo18:50
*** disco_stu_N800 has quit IRC18:52
*** StsN800 has quit IRC18:52
* pupnik_ wants to hwhack the n81019:00
*** krutt has quit IRC19:01
*** pcfe has quit IRC19:01
pupnik_  micro usb dpad - Eu 6,9019:03
* pupnik_ ponders a homemade mold to fit around n810 with controls embedded19:06
*** pcfe has joined #maemo19:08
RST38hpupnik: lcuk is your man19:11
RST38hhe has made a wooden one19:11
*** fireun has joined #maemo19:11
*** fysa has quit IRC19:12
*** jegp has joined #maemo19:12
*** ssvb has joined #maemo19:15
*** pcfe has quit IRC19:16
*** VirginiaSteaks has quit IRC19:17
*** fysa has joined #maemo19:19
rmtJaa - turn n810 into a real gaming device. :-)19:22
RST38hrmt: Wiimote is sufficient for that =)19:22
rmtFor < €10 would indeed be ideal. :-)19:22
rmtHehe, indeed.. how's that project going? :)19:23
*** trofi_ has joined #maemo19:26
*** jegp has left #maemo19:27
*** trofi has quit IRC19:28
*** jgoss has joined #maemo19:29
*** igagis has quit IRC19:30
*** pcfe has joined #maemo19:30
*** igagis has joined #maemo19:33
*** Free_maN has quit IRC19:34
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo19:34
*** ignacius has quit IRC19:36
*** fiferboy_n810 has left #maemo19:38
*** Guest9971_368 has joined #maemo19:40
Guest9971_368general A is here?19:40
Guest9971_368GeneralAntille   i need some info about make a start up appli ( iam stock in the changelog file editing)19:41
Guest9971_368vs source19:41
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo19:42
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo19:46
*** mk500 has joined #maemo19:51
*** igagis has quit IRC19:51
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo19:55
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC19:58
*** ccooke has quit IRC20:00
*** [A2K]_ is now known as [A2K]20:02
*** taplax has joined #maemo20:05
*** taplax has joined #maemo20:06
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo20:06
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC20:07
*** etrunko_lap has quit IRC20:08
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC20:11
*** taplax has quit IRC20:11
*** taplax has joined #maemo20:12
*** rm_you has joined #maemo20:15
*** gomiam has quit IRC20:17
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo20:22
*** avs has joined #maemo20:34
*** tulkastaldo has joined #maemo20:38
*** x29a has joined #maemo20:41
lcukevening maemoers \o20:42
*** Firebird has joined #maemo20:43
*** lopz has joined #maemo20:45
lcukhiya lopz20:46
*** t][s][o has joined #maemo20:46
lcuklopz i had a user asking me the other night if you are a bot20:46
*** trofi_ has quit IRC20:47
*** trofi has joined #maemo20:47
lopzlcuk, no :)20:47
lcukwell you would say that lol20:48
lcukwhat *do* you do then20:48
lopzlcuk, I love python, but I speak little English20:49
lopzand you ?20:49
lcuki hack at liqbase :)20:49
lcukwhat are you writing in python then20:50
lopznothing for now, but worked on a GUI for gentoo, for /etc/conf.d/*20:52
*** torkiano has joined #maemo20:52
lopzand small scripts for my personal use20:52
lopzI have an N800, but little use now that I do not have wifi at home20:53
lcuk:O what happens when you are replaced by one of your own small scripts?20:53
lcukwhat other handhelds have you gotten to play with then20:53
lcukor are you just back on your desktop20:53
lopzI'm in windows, that the Uni I'm learning c# :(20:54
*** fireun has left #maemo20:54
lcukewwwwwww c# smells.  they should be teaching you visual instead :)20:55
VDVsxlcuk, bahh, just C :P20:56
VDVsxlopz, you are Spanish ?20:56
lopzVDVsx, sí, y tu ?20:56
lcukyeah RST38h20:56
*** [A2K]_ has joined #maemo20:57
VDVsxlopz, Portuguese ;)20:57
lopzoh, ok20:57
lopzbef0rd, yashira?20:57
*** t][s][o has quit IRC20:58
x29aanybody set up an openvpn server somewhere and client on n810/maemo?20:59
lcuki think they have20:59
lcuksince theres stuff in extras for it20:59
x29ai have it running and everything21:00
x29ajust the routes are messed up21:01
x29aso id need somebody with indepth knowledge21:01
*** gentooer has quit IRC21:01
lcukwould it be something generic enough that indepth tutorial for maemoline linux could help?21:01
lcukor whatever the grep thing is21:02
*** cjdavis has quit IRC21:03
*** krutt has joined #maemo21:04
lcukhehe Moo-mo :D
*** t_s_o has quit IRC21:05
*** Guest9971_368 has quit IRC21:09
*** [A2K] has quit IRC21:12
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo21:13
*** mardi__ has quit IRC21:14
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo21:15
Macerleave it to the IRS to be the first agency to try to force the swiss to give up banking information21:16
RST38hAt least it has not come to bombing Switzerland yet21:19
derfGive us time.21:19
* RST38h will get some popcorn in the meanwhile21:20
LinuxCodeMacer, the US is not the only country to put pressure on Switzerland and other countries21:22
LinuxCodeThe EU is angry21:22
LinuxCodepeople hiding money21:22
LinuxCodeLiechtenstein is worse21:22
*** chx_sleeping is now known as chx21:22
derfYeah, but the EU usually doesn't go around shooting people when they get angry at them.21:23
LinuxCodedefine shooting21:23
LinuxCodesome memberstates have bribed people to get the info on tax evaders21:23
* RST38h wonders how to define shooting without killing LinuxCode in the process21:23
LinuxCodeRST38h, guns are banned here21:23
RST38hMaybe got for his kneecaps first?21:23
*** radic_ has quit IRC21:24
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo21:24
derf"Shoot, v. i. 1. To cause an engine or weapon to discharge a missile; -- said of a person or an agent; as, they shot at a target; he shoots better than he rides."21:24
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:24
LinuxCodederf, far better way to kill people21:26
LinuxCodeyou are living in washington21:26
LinuxCodeyou should know21:26
LinuxCodeevery 13th person is hiv positive21:26
RST38hHIV isn't the best way to kill people really21:27
*** [A2K]_ has quit IRC21:27
derfI also don't see what HIV has to do with Washington.21:27
LinuxCodederf, Washington DC has a AIDS rate similar to the worst affected areas in the world21:28
derfIt was also the murder capital of the world for a long time, and still ranks up there pretty high.21:28
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe21:29
*** ccooke has joined #maemo21:30
derfI don't know which one actualy results in more deaths, but I know which one makes the news regularly.21:31
*** avs has quit IRC21:35
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo21:36
*** StsN800 has quit IRC21:37
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo21:38
*** igagis has joined #maemo21:38
*** iamlindoro has quit IRC21:40
*** Free_maN has quit IRC21:41
*** iamlindoro has joined #maemo21:41
*** etrunko_lap has joined #maemo21:42
*** thopiekar has quit IRC21:43
MacerLinuxCode: well.. too bad :)21:49
LinuxCodeMacer, plenty of other places to stash your billions21:50
Macerwhy must everybody in the world adhere to invasions of privacy?21:50
Maceri suppose complacency?21:50
LinuxCodewhy must every rich fucker who has a billion try to not pay taxes21:50
LinuxCodeif you dont wan to pay tax, move to a country where they dont have any21:51
RST38hMacer: because there is not much anyone can do21:51
MacerLinuxCode: probably because their success has been penalized21:51
RST38hMacer: or, actually, there is a few simple things you can do but people are sheep and thus do not do them21:51
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo21:51
Macermost countries give breaks to people who decided to make errors in their lives.. and turn around and tax doctors who spent most of their lives in school21:51
LinuxCodeMacer, paying 30% tax on the interest of your billion isnt going to make anhy difference to you21:51
Macerso the doctor who decided to do the right thing.. it taxed more for success simply because there are too many stupid people?21:52
LinuxCodeMacer, you can negotiate a deal with the swiss cantons21:52
RST38hLinuxCode: Says who?21:52
Macerwho need to be taken care of because of their mistakes?21:52
LinuxCodeif you ar rich and want to move to switzerland21:52
LinuxCodeproblem is, the rich people dont want to move21:52
LinuxCodethey want to  keep their money and live in the country of choice21:52
LinuxCodethen you pay tax! Like you and me do!21:53
MacerLinuxCode: because a lot of rich people would rather stay here and fight it with campaign money21:53
MacerLinuxCode: it is not a matter of percentage. it is the principle that success is being taxed21:53
* RST38h frankly sees no point in this discussion21:53
Macerwhile failure is being rewarded21:53
LinuxCodeeverybody is being taxed21:53
LinuxCodeRST38h, +121:53
RST38hDo any of you have at least one million bucks?21:53
LinuxCodeRST38h, exactly21:54
RST38hNo? Then you are fucked by definition, punks.21:54
LinuxCodethatnks for that point21:54
Macerlol.. no but i am on track for it.. and in the end i am paying for someone's drug rehab21:54
LinuxCodeMacer, you are paying for streets etc..21:54
LinuxCodein a fair manner21:54
Macerthsoe are property taxes and municipal taxes21:54
LinuxCodei.e. by paying a percentage that will not do you much harm21:54
Maceri will give you the national highways.. but a lot of those are also taken care of by tolls21:55
Macer(another "tax")21:55
LinuxCodebut will help others earning minimum, to help better themselves21:55
Macerwhich statistically has failed21:55
Maceryet money is continually pumped into failures21:55
Macerlook at aig :)21:56
* LinuxCode is happy with the 50% tax rate above £100k21:56
LinuxCodevery few people earn that21:56
Macera massive failure . yet .. taxes are "saving" them21:56
LinuxCodeand those who do can afford the tax21:56
Macerour sympathy system rewards failures21:56
RST38hTranslation: your friendly UK government makes it impossible for people to make >f100k21:57
RST38hand <f1m21:57
RST38hBecause if you make >f1m you have ways to stash it21:57
Maceri don't think helping 1 out of 1000 better themselves is a good investment of my money21:57
LinuxCodeMacer, you want to pay less tax, tell your government to spen less on amrs21:57
RST38hIf you make <f100k you are taxed less21:57
RST38hFor the rest of poor hapless brits, the moment they make >f100k, their government takes the half21:58
LinuxCodeRST38h, you can keep the money in the business, then you dont pay tax21:58
MacerLinuxCode: protection is more important than helping a woman who decided to have 10 kids with 7 different men while dropping out of school21:58
LinuxCodeif it is reinvested21:58
RST38hLinux: Only if you have a business21:58
*** StsN800 has quit IRC21:58
LinuxCodeMacer, thats not the average person21:58
MacerLinuxCode: that is the average person who is on our sympathy programs21:58
LinuxCodeRST38h, you dont make a million unless you do have a business21:58
LinuxCodeMacer, time to emigrate then21:59
LinuxCodesaying that, you get those people everywhere21:59
LinuxCodenot the norm though21:59
MacerLinuxCode: norm enough to require massive amounts of currency in order to support failure21:59
LinuxCodewell thats your problem lol22:00
Macerthen there are people who worked 5 years and collect social security .. amounts that are far more than they put in beacuse they didn't properly prepare for the future22:00
Maceranother rewarded failure22:00
LinuxCodeif it were that simple22:00
Maceri suppose that is a valid point LinuxCode22:01
LinuxCodeMacer, your Health Insurance is also a tax22:02
*** ttmrichter_ has joined #maemo22:02
LinuxCodeand thats not even coming from the Government22:02
Macerwith so many people the system becomes a complexity of statistical data which is the only way our government can decide on how to deal with, as you said, getting people to better themselves22:02
MacerLinuxCode: but that is worth paying for ;)22:02
LinuxCodeyou reckon ?22:02
LinuxCodewait until you get ill22:02
LinuxCodeonly pay 12 months treatment, pay excess22:03
*** FilipLinux4BE has joined #maemo22:03
lcuki dont mind people who work and put their share in and then through no fault of their own they end up jobless and need supporting22:03
LinuxCodethen its pre-exisiting condition22:03
*** john_G has joined #maemo22:03
Maceri have.. and i have awesome coverage because i pay for it22:03
LinuxCode= you stuffed22:03
LinuxCodeGod bless America!22:03
Macerlcuk: i agree.22:03
Macerbut when is enough.. enough?22:03
lcukthose same people will try what they can to get back to "normality" and a paying job asap22:03
LinuxCodelcuk, I think we in the UK are lucky22:03
*** radic has joined #maemo22:04
LinuxCodelcuk, most will22:04
LinuxCodecant live from job seekers allowance22:04
LinuxCodeand there will always be people exploiting the system22:04
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC22:04
Macerhonestly. i think the govt should have a "one chance ACT" where they will pay for someone's housing and education and child care long enough for them to finish an undergrad .. and if they fail. then that's it.22:04
* Macer writes his congressman22:05
LinuxCodeMacer, US unis cost 60k or so22:05
LinuxCodefree market economy22:05
LinuxCodeyou cant have all you want22:05
LinuxCodeRST38h, per year22:05
RST38h60k is kinda high for a US uni22:05
RST38hPer year, yes22:05
LinuxCodeI paid that per the whole course22:05
RST38h+ smart people get workstudy program22:05
lcuk29.9k on beer22:06
LinuxCodelcuk, exactly22:06
LinuxCodeliving expenses22:06
lcukactually, this is us22:06
LinuxCodeI didnt even pay fees22:06
RST38hFolks, I think we have met different US students :)22:06
lcukwhat DO american students spend money on if its not the SU bar22:06
* lcuk asks one22:06
LinuxCodelcuk, lol22:06
lcukz4chh, what would you spend your money on22:06
Stskeepsthe only american student i met was one joyous to find out she could drink in denmark but not at home, and ended up sleeping with a lot of danes22:06
lcukahhh , so the publishers spend the money on the beer22:06
LinuxCodeRST38h, we arent in the US22:07
z4chhgsoc money?22:07
RST38hLinux: I got BS, MS, and PhD in the US22:07
lcukno, the yearly money you will need to be in uni22:07
LinuxCodeStskeeps, proper American girl then22:07
RST38hLinux: And, as kinda expert, I can tell you that it is NOT partying all day and night22:07
LinuxCodeRST38h, I dint imply that or say that22:08
LinuxCodeI didnt say beer22:08
derfYou can go in-state for <$16k in a lot of places.22:08
RST38hLinux: In fact, UMD.EDU was a pretty boring place. Some frat guys, usually rotating as they get kicked out22:08
RST38hLinux: $30k/year for out of state, less than that in state22:08
StskeepsLinuxCode: blonde, loose and drunk, just like in porn22:08
RST38hLinux: lots of study if you actually want to graduate22:08
LinuxCodeStskeeps, lets import some American girls22:08
LinuxCodeRST38h, Ive been through the University system22:09
RST38hLinux: + some of these poor guys had misfortune of having me as instructor =)22:09
LinuxCodeI know how it works22:09
lcukyeah LinuxCode we can tell22:09
LinuxCodelcuk, lol22:09
RST38hLinux: Import Polish girls. Way cheaper, less brain bugs, better looking22:09
LinuxCodebrain bugs ?22:09
StskeepsRST38h: being engaged to one, i will agree22:09
derfReally, I don't know why anyone would want an American girl.22:09
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo22:09
LinuxCodeohh you mean spoilt bitches22:09
LinuxCodeyeh I would agree on that22:09
RST38hLinux: I mean feminist shit22:10
LinuxCodebut then Europeans are more down to Earth22:10
lcuki wouldnt mind a world tour actually :)22:10
LinuxCodemy ex-gf (US bird) was a bit "warped"22:10
RST38hLinux: and not the women advancement kind but let-us-kill-male-chauvinist-pigs22:10
lcukone from each country - THEN ill tell you whos best22:10
LinuxCodelcuk, haha22:10
derflcuk: I assume you will blog your progress.22:10
LinuxCodeRST38h, European birds dont take no shit22:10
lcukgod i hope mrs lcuk isnt watching :D22:10
lcuklol derf22:11
LinuxCodeso I guess you could say a lot of EU chicks are just like that22:11
lcukLinuxCode, you sure about those german girls22:11
LinuxCodelcuk, yah22:11
lcukive heard about those videos22:11
LinuxCodelcuk, wanna meet my sister in law22:11
LinuxCodeshe will tear your balls off22:11
*** lbt is now known as Tracey22:11
TraceyGary... I want a word....22:11
lcukphew, for a minute there i thought david was my missus - but thankfully he misspelt her name :P22:12
*** Tracey is now known as lbt22:12
lcuknow we just know hes a tranny22:12
* RST38h noticed that too22:12
LinuxCodeback to Uni for him22:12
LinuxCodeLevel 1 Spelling22:12
lcukits ok everyone gets it wrong22:12
*** stiev3 has joined #maemo22:12
lcukshes given up fixing bday cards lol22:12
derfBut RST38h is right. I swear there isn't a girl in this country who's right in the head.22:12
LinuxCodelcuk, thats because most British suck at spelling22:13
* LinuxCode recalls his Business lecturer22:13
lcuki am crap at spelling as well, but im consistently bad - otherwise my code wouldnt compile22:13
RST38hderf: Not entirely true, there are trace amounts left22:13
derfRST38h: The odds of encountering one in a random walk appear to be pretty low.22:14
*** hellwolf has quit IRC22:14
* soap weighs the probabilities. 1-That 100% of women in USA aren't right in the head VS. 2-That a single male isn't right in the head.22:14
LinuxCodeme goes with 222:14
derfOh, I make no claims that I'm sane.22:14
LinuxCodethats what he hears all the time22:14
LinuxCodeforgot the action there22:14
lcukno woman will ever admit they are wrong22:15
RST38hderf: true22:15
LinuxCodelcuk, lol22:16
derfMaybe they keep them all in Iowa or something.22:16
derfThey are as gekk aren't in DC.22:16
* RST38h still remembers a nightmare of encounterng UMD lacrosse team (?) at the student union22:16
RST38hSame clothes, same hair, same size, same faces x 3022:17
LinuxCodeall 30 had boob jobs ?22:17
RST38hLinux: Don't think they had problems in that department really22:18
lcukhairy tash22:18
derfNot if they're at UMD, they don't.22:18
LinuxCodehairy tash lolol22:18
RST38hIt is just seeing 30 clones of the same girl is disturbing22:18
LinuxCodelcuk, Im sure the US is wax nation of the world22:18
derfThat's really more of a west-coast thing.22:19
lcukRST38h, depends upon the situation, but im sure theres a top shelf video22:19
* RST38h will stick with Tremors for now22:20
lcuklbt, btw, your cross dressing nickchange was transmitted over all the chans :P22:20
lcukheh rst22:20
lbtit's no secret <grin>22:20
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s22:21
lcuki thought about asking the dentist people downstairs to take a new xray of my finger to see where my bone is22:21
lcukdo you think they will object lol22:21
RST38hlcuk: not afraid to find out it has grown teeth?22:22
lcukheh they will detect cavities22:22
lcukand try to drill it22:22
RST38hA moment, there is an SCP object for that22:22
lcukim sure there is about lots of things22:22
RST38hnice bedtime reading too22:23
slonopotamusopen-wlan-cal learned to set tx tuned values22:25
soapmmm, teratoma22:25
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo22:27
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo22:27
*** lpotter_ is now known as lpotter22:27
Stskeepsslonopotamus: did you manage to microwave chicken with it yet?22:28
*** `0660 has joined #maemo22:28
*** Dantonic has quit IRC22:28
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo22:28
*** john_G has quit IRC22:30
* Macer gets back to his ncis marathon22:33
*** konttori_ has quit IRC22:34
*** `0660_ has quit IRC22:39
slonopotamuscraaazy. 13 items, 42bytes each + 6bytes header. and for some reason it must write 550 instead of 552.22:41
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo22:42
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]22:45
*** mlpug has quit IRC22:45
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s22:45
luke-jrwhy hello everyone22:46
luke-jrslonopotamus: how should we deal with Nokia's GPL violation in NOLO? ;)22:46
ShadowJKthere's a GPL violation there?22:47
slonopotamusluke-jr, hello. please be more specific :)22:47
luke-jrShadowJK: jffs222:47
luke-jrin theory, RedHat may have sold a proprietary license22:47
luke-jrso I guess we need to ask them22:47
keesjthe FORMAT should be free (when not talking in terms of code)22:49
luke-jrkeesj: it uses the code22:49
*** thopiekar_tablet has quit IRC22:49
luke-jrI have string matches in the blob22:49
Stskeepswhy on earth is that a gpl violation?22:50
luke-jrStskeeps: jffs2 is GPL; NOLO does not provide source nor offer22:50
Stskeepsyes, but NOLO doesn't need jffs222:50
luke-jrNOLO contains jffs2 code22:50
Stskeepsnolo just loads a kernel22:50
luke-jrdump the mtdblock for NOLO22:50
Stskeepsif you're right, nokia messed up :)22:51
luke-jrwhether it uses it or not, I don't care :p22:51
luke-jrthe code is in there22:51
luke-jralong with a bunch of debugging tools it seems22:51
luke-jrI suspect NOLO may be capable of booting a kernel on a jffs2 partition22:51
GeneralAntillesluke-jr, assume good faith and contact the maintainer.22:52
luke-jrGeneralAntilles: since it's RedHat's code, I don't have any authority to represent them..22:52
GeneralAntillesI really don't get what rose-tinted glasses these Symbian fans got ahold of.22:53
luke-jrsuppose I could file a bug like "hey, just noticed this…" any see how they respond before bothering to mention it to RH22:54
luke-jrbut simply beginning to comply doesn't get Nokia out of the hole22:54
luke-jrtheir GPL license is now void, if they didn't get a proprietary one22:54
ShadowJKGeneralAntilles, I'd like to get a hold of the happypills they've been eating22:55
keesjluke-jr: So what are you hoping for?22:55
Stskeepsluke-jr: well, isn't there always the option to ask for the source? :P22:56
luke-jrkeesj: I'm hoping for compliance. But at least legally, they need to deal with RedHat to get a new GPL license.22:56
luke-jrStskeeps: that doesn't make them compliant22:56
Stskeepsluke-jr: what strings are you thinking of btw?22:56
Stskeepsit is entirely plausible they did their own mini jffs2 though22:57
Stskeepsi mean, they did do ubifs..22:57
luke-jr"Erasing JFFS2 blocks %d-%d…"22:57
luke-jrmaybe not that one22:57
luke-jrno, that's one22:57
luke-jrI think22:57
Stskeeps.. doesn't confirm it's jffs2 though22:57
luke-jrGoogling for the string returns Linux kernel code22:58
Stskeepsyeah, but it's not an accurate matc22:58
luke-jrbut apparently Google decided to ignore my "" around it22:58
* luke-jr wonders what the purpose of "" are if not to insist on a literal match22:58
luke-jroh well22:59
luke-jrNOLO's not in my scopes yet22:59
luke-jrI just hit it looking for the config partition22:59
* luke-jr goes on with what he was doing22:59
luke-jrfalse alarm this time I guess22:59
slonopotamuscan someone send me output of 'strace -s600 chroot /mnt/initfs/ /usr/bin/wlan-cal  1>/dev/null 2> wlan-cal-strace'  please?23:00
slonopotamusneed strace installed23:01
slonopotamustx limits & rx tuned values look constant but i need to compare23:02
Stskeepsyeah, i concur, luke-jr23:02
Stskeepsit's a self-made jffs reader23:02
ShadowJKslonopotamus, dunno but the service manual says they're tuned per device by measuring the RF output?23:03
slonopotamusRF output - ?23:03
mavhcif you're searching code use google code search23:04
mavhcRST38h: the 50% tax only applies to money >£100k, if you earn 100001 you're only taxed 50% on the 123:05
RST38hmavhc: Ah, nice23:07
RST38hmavhc: Better than I thought, anyway23:07
RST38h<sleep> though23:08
*** jaem_N810 has joined #maemo23:08
jaem_N810hello folks23:09
GeneralAntillesGoddamn computer was done 5 days ago, but Apple didn't bother to try telling me.23:09
x29ahm, how would i get screen on my n810?23:09
slonopotamusShadowJK, we can know that for sure if you show me your results :) from what i see in strace, it doesn't read that info from anywhere23:10
jaem_N810x29a: thanks for inadvertently reminding me of something ;)23:10
Stskeepsx29a: installing it?23:10
x29ajaem_N810: hehe, sorry ;)23:10
x29aStskeeps: apt-get?23:10
x29amaybe it needs an update23:10
x29aE: Couldn't find package screen23:11
ShadowJKslonopotamus, dunno, but there's a troubleshooting flowchart for how to write new values to device if oscilloscope attached to the antenna output of the wlan shows that it's transmitting with wrong power and/or wrong frequency :)23:12
*** jaem_N810 has quit IRC23:13
slonopotamusShadowJK, have a link?23:13
ShadowJKit was on itt somewhere..23:13
x29aopenvpn is already the newest version. <<<--- meeh (built on Jul 31 2008)23:13
*** eichi has quit IRC23:14
*** jaem_N810 has joined #maemo23:14
jaem_N810oops... qtnx took out my desktop23:15
*** eichi has joined #maemo23:15
jaem_N810is there a way  to bring back a window that isn't shown in the window list?23:18
jaem_N810or do I have to kill it?23:18
Stskeepsit's gone, jim23:18
jaem_N810has anyone else tried qtnx in extras-devel?23:19
x29aStskeeps: is screen available in some package? or would i have to build it myself?23:20
*** zap has quit IRC23:20
*** kimitake has quit IRC23:21
Stskeepsx29a: i got a package i think23:21
Stskeepsnot sure where from23:21
Stskeepstry packrat?23:22
Maceri give up on second life23:22
x29ano clue what packrat would be23:22
slonopotamusgimme strace! :)23:22
Macerfucking site has a problem with its registration page23:22
Macerit fucks up yesterday and says its unavailable and today says that i had too many registrations from my household23:23
Macerthey should find the disgusting coder that made that reg page and fire him :)23:23
*** zap has joined #maemo23:23
jaem_N810Macer: I've never used SL, but my uni has a campus there23:23
x29ai bet hes busy playing second life23:23
Stskeepsand having virtual sex with his creations23:23
Macerjaem_N810: lol well.. their registration is broken23:24
Macernot only that.. there is no way to contact them23:24
Macerthe only place you can contact is "billing" go figure23:24
jaem_N810well, not a campus per se, but they lease an island, and have a lecture hall and a few other things, and the building is inspired by one of our campii23:24
Maceri wonder how many thousands of probable users they are losing23:24
Macerjaem_N810: their site has no way to contact them without an account23:25
jaem_N810maybe it's like the ISP tech support that tells you to go online23:25
Macerso what do you do if their registration site is broken and you can't create an account? :)23:25
jaem_N810register, of course :P23:25
*** Dantonic has quit IRC23:25
Macerwith the broken registration page?23:25
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo23:26
Macerthat says "unavailable" then tells you "you have too many accounts in your household"23:26
Macerwhich i'm guessing is because the attempts yesterday went through halfass23:26
Macerbecause of a poorly coded registration page23:26
jaem_N810yay bad code23:26
*** simon_ has joined #maemo23:26
Macerit probably logs the ip and now i probably have 4 accounts23:26
Macerthat i can't use :) lol23:27
jaem_N810we need a poster campaign: "Bad Code Costs Lives"23:27
jaem_N810and have a gruesome video, like the workplace safety videos they show people23:27
Macercosts money at the least :)23:27
Macerright now i could be checking out second life buying stuff on it23:27
jaem_N810guy getting mauled by a malfunctioning shrinter23:27
Macerso i was kind of serious when i said someone should be fired23:28
Maceri will forget about it and wait a few days and try again and see what happens23:28
mavhccode monkey say maybe manager wanna write goddamn login page himself23:29
jaem_N810a friend of a friend once won a contest, because he noticed a hidden field: "win="false""23:29
jaem_N810that's bad code23:29
jaem_N810mavhc: XD23:29
*** sp3001 has quit IRC23:32
jaem_N810has anything been hinted about a Skype update for Fremantle?23:33
*** igagis has quit IRC23:34
lcukmavhc, jc is an exceptional artist :)23:35
Jaffajaem_N810: Nope - nothing hinted third-party s/w wise at all, AFAICR23:35
jaem_N810Jaffa: darn... the current client is... lacking23:36
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo23:37
jaem_N810I'm surprised they didn't include SMS functionality, as you'd think that N810 users would like that, anyway23:37
jaem_N810I know on the desktop Linux client, SMS is not exposed, but can be accessed through the API23:38
JaffaMMS/SMS might very well be built in to Fremantle, what with the HSPA stack23:38
jaem_N810ah, right23:38
jaem_N810any idea if the current client has SMS available internally?23:39
jaem_N810I've seen a python app for the desktop that adds a GUI for that23:39
JaffaNo idea23:40
Stskeepstry? :P23:40
Stskeepsthere's python-skype so23:40
jaem_N810okay, I will then23:40
jaem_N810I hadn't had time to look into it - it was a passing thought :P23:41
jaem_N810it's a pity the Skype subscriptions don't (last I checked) include SMS23:41
luke-jrSkype ftl23:42
jaem_N810luke-jr: it's not perfect, but it's a lot cheaper for me than getting a long-distance plan23:43
jaem_N810and it works on all my devices23:43
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luke-jr… or he could just get a standard VoIP service23:48
*** Free_maN has quit IRC23:48
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