IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2009-04-27

konttoriperhaps I should mention that we have exactly the same tracker in the latest ubuntu as we have on fremantle00:00
torkianoAStorm, so I should develop in 32 bit virtual machine00:00
luke-jr     Available versions:  *0.6.3 ~*0.6.6 *0.6.6-r1 ⁑9999 {applet debug deskbar gnome gsf gstreamer gtk hal jpeg kernel_linux pdf xine}00:00
AStormtorkiano, yes, that will work the best00:00
luke-jrI think that means they're all masked on ARM Gentoo :/00:00
AStormscratchbox is very picky00:00
torkianoand with sb2?00:01
AStormluke-jr, there's almost no ARM Gentoo :)00:01
luke-jrAStorm: N81000:01
AStormtorkiano, I don't know how to set that up, so ask someone else00:01
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torkianoI installed it in jaunty (Its on the official repos)00:01
*** guardian has joined #maemo00:01
GeneralAntilleskonttori, awesome, thanks.00:02
GeneralAntillesI was going to bug the Tracker devs to do something more user-oriented.00:02
konttorinp. lemme know if I can help00:02
AStormukmp... again? :)00:03
AStormI guess I should try it out00:03
AStormbut that after I fix my earphones00:03
luke-jrAStorm: want to be the 4th Gentoo N8x0 user⁈00:03
AStormno reason to yet, and I'd have to ebuildize a lot of stuff00:03
luke-jrlike what?00:03
AStorm(maemopad++, maemo-mapper)00:04
konttoriAStorm: well, I thought it would be fun to update it to work on fremantle00:04
luke-jrI think the only thing we don't have so far is sound00:04
luke-jrAStorm: ah, I'm hoping to use Marble for GPS00:04
luke-jrKate/KWrite should be usable for taking notes00:04
AStormsound should be possible via ALSA, I somehow managed to get that running, though with some CPU usage00:04
AStormI could try again00:04
AStormbut still, I don't have that much spare time00:05
AStormand especially can't afford n810 being out of order for a few weeks now00:05
luke-jrme either00:05
luke-jrI just want something usable00:05
AStormthere you have Maemo? :)00:05
luke-jrwhich I didn't consider Maemo to be00:05
AStormwhy? it's *almost* good ;P00:05
luke-jrfor taking notes maybe00:06
luke-jrthat's about it00:06
AStorm(excluding random broken nokia closed software)00:06
luke-jrMapper works half-decent I suppose00:06
AStormand using GPS, and IM, and text editing, and...00:06
luke-jrit wasn't usable for IM00:06
AStormmapper works very well00:06
AStormpidgin works00:06
AStorm(skype too, but eats too much CPU)00:07
luke-jrI got GPS working on Gentoo00:07
AStormgood, how? the driver is open or sth?00:07
luke-jrno, the ebuild uses the .deb00:07
luke-jrI admit, it has a long TTFF00:07
luke-jrsince it has no persistent data00:07
AStormwell, you can upload ephemeris, ask agps developer00:08
luke-jror at least00:08
luke-jrUSE=-gconf has no persistent data00:08
luke-jrbut I really really don't want GNOME on my system00:08
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AStormdeal with it... the almost well done part of maemo is the input method00:08
luke-jrUSE=-gconf uses dd to null out some regions00:09
AStorm(one annoying thing is that hwr can't take national characters of my language)00:09
luke-jrMaemo input is terrible. :/00:09
luke-jrI like my X keymap better00:09
luke-jrso I can type pipe and stuff00:09
AStormbetter than no virtual keyboard and no handwriting00:09
luke-jrI suppose the stickkeys implementation is OK00:09
AStormyes, that can be done on Maemo too00:09
AStormsticky keys are actually broken, you can do better using that X extension... AccessX00:09
luke-jrsticky keys works for me in Maemo00:10
AStormwork, in GTK apps00:10
AStormwhich is meh00:10
AStormesp. when there's X-wide support00:10
z4chh_im going to break the world record for time it takes from recieving an  n810 to the time it takes to flash it :)00:10
luke-jrKDE 4.2 screwed up my Xmodmap :<00:10
AStormheh, that's KDE, taking over your world00:11
z4chh_ive got scripts ready so i can type one command...and my usb cable ready00:11
AStormz4chh, add HAL/udev to launch them00:12
luke-jrz4chh_: chances are it won't work with your USB cable00:12
AStormno need to type ;)00:12
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z4chh_luke-jr, is it not the same type as the n800 cable?00:13
z4chh_at least one end..00:13
luke-jroh, you already have one?00:13
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo00:13
z4chh_n800 yes00:14
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GeneralAntilleskonttori, I much prefer updating play count at 50% for scrobbling purposes.00:16
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wazd_n800hello world!00:35
xnt_wazd: hello00:36
wazd_n800I'm in the middle of the nowhere, heading to St. Petersburg :)00:36
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[A2K]_i have problems installing nitdroid, can somebody help me?00:50
*** zach__ is now known as Guest9782800:50
guysoft42hey, someone in my bug report just said that the latest maemo version is 5.2008.43-7 and not 4.2008.23-14. should't the update manager make it available for me to upgrade without re-flashing?00:50
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GeneralAntillesguysoft42, not if you removed osso-software-version somewhere along the way.00:50
infoboti heard ssu is
*** Guest97828 has quit IRC00:51
[A2K]_i have mounted internal card on my computer, created 3 partitions (vfat,nothing,ext3) and flashed the nitdroid kernel, but it does not boot - i see only droid image.00:51
*** z4chh has joined #maemo00:51
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[A2K]_i have copied android files to third partition too.00:51
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guysoft42GeneralAntilles, thanks... upgraded..01:07
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guysoft42andre__, hey, i commented back on your reply to my bug.. still happens01:09
* b-man` is porting Darwin software to his N800 XD01:14
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andre__guysoft42, thanks!01:21
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GeneralAntillesandre__, get my email?01:23
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC01:24
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andre__GeneralAntilles, yeah, just got back a few hours ago from a wekkend trip01:32
GeneralAntillesHave fun?01:32
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GeneralAntilleslol . . . closing Sopwith doesn't stop the horrifying music.03:31
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man_in_ltopi just had to install sopwith03:36
man_in_ltopyay for cga graphics03:36
* b-man` has ported the PDisk mac osx partition utility to maemo & ubuntu03:40
*** KurtKraut has joined #maemo03:41
b-man`i still need to package it though03:41
*** fuzzy has joined #maemo03:41
man_in_ltopthat's always the fun part03:42
fuzzyDoes pidgin work with the maemo sdk?  I can get it installed, but I can't seem to get it to run03:44
GeneralAntillesProbably not.03:46
GeneralAntillesThe SDK is not an emulator.03:46
b-man`man_in_ltop: the hard part was editing the source code so it was compatible with the system ;)03:47
* b-man` starts to brag about it in #mac XD03:48
man_in_ltophehe, so ... my app should have preferences03:49
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fuzzycan a full emulator be used to emulate a nokia n810?03:51
b-man`i believe you can if you use qemu-system-arm03:53
*** RP has joined #maemo03:53
* b-man` was able to boot NITdroid in qemu03:53
GeneralAntillesfuzzy, sure, but you'll need an N81003:56
*** brolin has joined #maemo03:57
*** x29a_ has joined #maemo04:00
pupnik_anybody got ekiga working?  i have a friend who would like to test it04:05
luke-jrpupnik_: I'm more apt to try getting a Qt phone workign04:09
pupnik_mk.  i'd really like to show live video to my leenux friends04:09
pupnik_and or make a n800 doorbell ;)04:10
luke-jrsomething tells me you could make a better doorbell cheaper04:11
GeneralAntillespupnik_, rtcomm?04:11
GeneralAntillesThe beta should support Ekiga, I think.04:11
pupnik_wasn't rtcomm for bluetooth headsets?04:12
pupnik_oh durr04:12
GeneralAntillesrtcomm is the Maemo telepathy framework.04:12
pupnik_ty - i'll check it out04:12
GeneralAntillesYou'll need Extras-devel, the rtcomm beta repo and the Colabora repo from gronmayer to install the rtcomm beta.04:13
GeneralAntillesNeed to ask qwerty12 what the status of the telepathy libs in Extras is. . . .04:13
luke-jrthe whole "Internet Call" thing worked nicely for me when I used Maemo04:14
pupnik_missing video call is a bit of a hole in the product04:15
pupnik_skype is probably holding out for a bigger bribe04:15
GeneralAntillesIt's too bad Google can't be arsed to implement their own damn protocol04:16
GeneralAntillesor else GTalk video would work fine.04:16
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*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo05:36
b-man`hello zakkm05:37
zakkmb-man`: how did the fvwm-crystal go?05:38
zakkmyou like it?05:38
b-man`it was ok05:39
zakkmstill prefer gnome over it for tablet?05:40
zakkmyou think if i run off SD + run 48mhz kernel, i would see a speed boost for maemo?05:40
zakkmi found my 4gb card :)05:41
zakkmmy other one05:41
b-man`awsome :)05:41
zakkmso now i got 8gb total :D05:42
zakkmdont know what to do with it05:42
* b-man` ported the pdisk mac osx partition utility to maemo/ubuntu btw05:42
zakkmonly good mac osx partition utility is disk utility :p05:42
zakkmb-man`: is your repository for diablo maemo too?05:43
b-man`nope, just ubuntu at the moment05:43
zakkmtrying to add more packages to application manager05:44
zakkmthinking extras + extras-devel isnt enough ;p05:44
zakkmohhh do you know how to do the msn haze fix for rtcomm?05:44
b-man`zakkm, btw, is disk utility open-source? - i could port it ;)05:45
zakkmno, its the builtin one.. the one that gets used to install the OS05:46
b-man`hmm :(05:46
*** glima is now known as glima[AWAY]05:47
*** dougt has joined #maemo05:49
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pupnik_apparently dneary has done some work on wengophone / openwengo / qutecom.  apparently it's a good FOSS voice/video chat solution.05:54
pupnik_not finding many links though05:54
*** luke-jr has joined #Maemo05:56
pupnik_luke-jr: were you talking about openwengo / qutecom back there?05:56
pupnik_ < luke-jr> pupnik_: I'm more apt to try getting a Qt phone workign05:56
*** pcfe` has joined #maemo05:57
luke-jrpupnik_: I hadn't anythign in mind specifically05:57
luke-jrpupnik_: but since, I've decided on Kiax205:57
luke-jrhowever, Kiax2 is unlikely to suit your needs05:57
*** pcfe has quit IRC06:05
*** coeus82 has joined #maemo06:07
*** b-man` has quit IRC06:08
coeus82hey guys, I seem to be having issues installing Ubuntu-N8x0 2.2. On step 3 when I enter the following: "mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt/jaunty -o noatime" I get mount: mounting /dev/mmcblk0p2 on /mnt/jaunty failed06:09
coeus82any suggestions?06:09
*** rwhitby has left #maemo06:10
zakkmcoeus82: did you do insmod?06:12
*** pcfe` is now known as pcfe06:13
coeus82zakkm: if I do it again it says "file exists"06:13
zakkmdoes both mmcblk0p2 and /mnt/jaunty exist?06:13
zakkmb-man`: you here?06:13
zakkmcoeus82: insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/`uname -r`/ext3.ko <-- is the one you want in particular06:14
Macerwow... cleveland is kind of a fucked up city :)06:14
coeus82zakkm: Ya, mmcblk0p2 exists in /dev/ and jaunty in /mnt/06:14
zakkmcoeus82: do 0p3 ... not 0p206:14
Macerthe streets and houses are really runned down06:14
zakkmb-man has to edit the guide, for some reason he put 0p2 , when thats swap, so it wont mount for obvious reasons06:15
zakkmguide error by the looks of it06:15
zakkmcoeus82: yeah, do 0p306:15
coeus82zakkm: When I try it again I get : "insmod: cannot insert '/mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.21-omap1/ext3.ko': File exists (-1): File exists06:16
zakkmcoeus82: i just realized he did that mount.. in guide wrong.. it should be mmcblk0p3 .. not 0p206:16
zakkmshould tell him to change it06:16
zakkmhe just left awhile ago06:16
coeus82zakkm: so what should I do?06:17
zakkmmount /dev/mmcblk0p3 /mnt/jaunty -o noatime06:17
zakkmhe screwed up guide making06:18
zakkmgot the numbers wrong06:18
coeus82I see, makes sense and worked06:18
GeneralAntillesLiquid cooled, took a piss all over itself.06:18
GeneralAntillesPiece of shit computer.06:18
zakkmgeneralantilles: whattt?06:18
zakkmgeneralantilles: you see the new adium nightly, running irc from adium :D06:19
GeneralAntillesWrong damn channel.06:19
GeneralAntillesAny good?06:19
coeus82zakkm: do I need to get boot menu installed to run this? I'm not really sure what to do once all is done06:19
zakkmworking perfectly06:19
GeneralAntillesColloquy is a buggy, CPU cycle-eating piece of garbage.06:19
zakkmi dont know any special irc stuff mind you06:19
GeneralAntillesNick coloring?06:19
zakkmfollows normal adium skin06:19
zakkmirc channel is a chat window06:19
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC06:20
zakkmand on right side shows the users06:20
zakkmautologins and such , channels and all you want06:20
zakkmneve rliked colloquy, linkinus was awesome though but its like 14 day trial06:20
GeneralAntillesLinkinus's window management sucks.06:20
zakkmits so nice for me, this, cause it fits perfectly into adium06:21
GeneralAntillesOr, rather, lack thereof.06:21
zakkmand its like another person your talking to , with skin and such06:21
zakkmis there a simple way to make menu items? like simple nano'ing typing?06:22
zakkmin maemo06:22
*** rm_you has quit IRC06:24
*** rm_you_ has joined #maemo06:24
*** rm_you_ is now known as rm_you06:25
zakkmgeneralantilles: you dont happen to know the rtcomm msn haze fix would you?06:25
GeneralAntillesDon't use MSN06:26
zakkmim a highschool student, i dont have a choice in the matter06:26
zakkmsocially i require it, same with facebook06:26
zakkmi remember being on here ages ago and someone had a fix and it worked, but i totally forgotten everything06:27
GeneralAntillesEr, I don't.06:28
zakkmalso if you dont mind me asking, do you know a good way to fill a 8gb sd card?06:29
zakkmuseful way06:29
GeneralAntillesMusic, movies, ebooks?06:29
zakkmmy music takes like 200mb, dont watch movies on the go, ebooks are small i think06:30
rm_youzakkm: I keep like 3g of maps for Maemo Mapper for my area :)06:30
zakkmi was thinking bigger swap, but thats all06:30
zakkmgive it like 512mb swap for maemo or something06:30
rm_youoften proves very useful06:30
zakkmi lived in the same place my whole life, i think i know the area too well06:31
zakkmalso, if im with someone, like everyone i know has a ipod touch/iphone, and then theres maps on that thats cool06:31
rm_youbrb, reboot necessary06:31
*** rm_you has quit IRC06:32
*** GAN8001 has joined #maemo06:32
*** GAN8001 has left #maemo06:33
*** GAN8001 has joined #maemo06:33
*** christefano has joined #maemo06:34
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC06:34
*** GAN8001 is now known as GeneralAntilles06:35
*** torkiano has quit IRC06:35
*** thekondor has joined #maemo06:36
GeneralAntillesNot perfect.06:38
GeneralAntillesNo tab-completion is bad.06:39
zakkmadium irc?06:40
zakkmwhats tab-completion?06:41
*** rm_you has joined #maemo06:41
*** GeneralAntilles has left #maemo06:41
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo06:41
*** KurtKraut has quit IRC06:41
GAN800zak<tab> gives you zakkm06:41
zakkmzakkm: yes it does06:42
GAN800Hum, it loses tabs and doesn't actually receive messages.06:42
zakkmGAN800: ..06:42
GAN800Bad start06:42
zakkmits working fine?06:42
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC06:42
GAN800Not here06:42
zakkmi might of enabled it somewhere ?06:42
zakkmadium preferences - advanced ?06:42
*** GAN8001 has joined #maemo06:43
zakkmthats so cool i neve rknew that existed, i always used to type full name06:43
GAN8001It also works in XTerm. ;)06:44
*** GAN8001 is now known as GeneralAntilles06:44
zakkmhave a n800 though06:44
GeneralAntillesThere's a tab on the vkb06:45
zakkmoh cool06:45
GeneralAntillesBy the way, this isn't nick coloring.06:45
zakkmis that why when i started a command with tab, in my whole linux life, it was like do you want to list all ___ possibilities?06:45
GeneralAntillesNick coloring is where the client assigns a different color for each nickname06:45
GeneralAntillesmakes it easier to follow who's talking.06:45
*** Jebdm has joined #maemo06:46
zakkmthink i saw that on irc once06:46
zakkmgeneralantilles: its still just a nightly ;p its not in stable version yet, irc06:46
*** Jebdm has left #maemo06:47
zakkmstill a nice start :)06:47
*** antognolli is now known as antognolli[AWAY]06:47
coeus82the pirate bay is officially down?06:49
zakkmis it?06:51
zakkmcops totally raided it?06:51
zakkmfined and jailed06:51
coeus82looks like it was taken down today06:52
zakkmhow goes the install?06:52
GeneralAntillesGoogle is the new Pirate Bay, didn't you hear?06:52
*** KurtKraut has joined #maemo06:53
zakkmit always has been06:53
zakkmi never use torrents06:53
coeus82installing sys-env-x as we speak06:53
zakkmhave full megaupload + rapidshare premium's ;p06:53
GeneralAntillesRapidShare is handing over info to German authorities, just fyi.06:54
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo06:54
zakkmim in canada :)06:54
zakkmand thanks06:54
GeneralAntilleszakkm, in today's world that doesn't mean a thing. ;)06:55
zakkmi always got my good defense :P06:56
zakkmit wasnt me :D06:56
zakkmopen wifi, it was probably the neighbors06:56
zakkmcoeus82: something is happening with the main hub of TPB, but it is still running
GeneralAntilles"That's not my computer" doesn't even work with the RIAA.06:57
coeus82ya.. I don't think it has anything to do with the recent verdict06:57
GeneralAntilleszakkm, burden of proof is slightly less rigorous in civil cases.06:58
KurtKrautI tried to call to the thepiratebay datacentet to ask if it was just a tech outage but they're not 24x706:58
zakkmwhat you talking about, thats a perfect defense06:58
zakkmall it shows is it comes from your internet yes,06:58
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo06:58
zakkmthey have no actual proof thats its from my computer06:58
GeneralAntilleszakkm, don't say I didn't try to warn you.06:59
zakkmits a last resort :P06:59
zakkmalso i dont download at home06:59
zakkmi have my highskoolfor that06:59
zakkm85mbit :D06:59
*** brolin has quit IRC07:03
*** fireun has quit IRC07:05
luke-jrhow would putting the updates password in ebuilds be any different from Nokia themselves putting it in the public apt deb?07:07
GeneralAntillesIt doesn't matter what you think about it.07:08
GeneralAntillesWhat matter is that it satisfies the 3rd parties that Nokia licenses software from.07:08
*** else58 has quit IRC07:09
luke-jrso why wouldn't including it in ebuilds? O.o07:10
GeneralAntillesIs ebuilds Maemo?07:11
GeneralAntillesDid Adobe license Flash to Gentoo?07:11
zakkmdoes it really matter?07:13
GeneralAntillesYes, it matters.07:13
GeneralAntillesand circumventing it will damage Nokia's relationship with open source and possibly with the companies it licenses software from.07:14
zakkmwhat exactly are we talking about?07:15
zakkmmaking closed source debs?07:15
GeneralAntillesNo, using the Diablo updates repository password in the apt source to grab licensed binaries for Gentoo.07:15
zakkmthat gentoo port looks sick :)07:15
pupnik_german government just forced DNS filtering on all isps07:21
pupnik_broke regular sites like
*** rm_you| has quit IRC07:23
slonopotamusi don't like that 'for Gentoo'.07:25
slonopotamustablet users download files for themselves07:26
GeneralAntillesSure, but you can't distribute the keys with Gentoo.07:26
slonopotamusi don't.07:26
GeneralAntillesIt's obnoxious in the shortterm, but Nokia's working on relicensing their stuff.07:26
GeneralAntillesslonopotamus, that's what luke-jr seems to be proposing.07:27
slonopotamuswhat prohibits him from doing that?07:27
GeneralAntillesNothing more than, hopefully, his own consideration for the community's relationship with Nokia and Nokia's attitude towards open source.07:28
luke-jrmy point was that Nokia shouldn't care because they already do it07:29
GeneralAntillesYou're clearly missing the point, then.07:29
GeneralAntillesNokia distributes the keys to authorized licensees of the software.07:29
GeneralAntillesNokia tablets running Maemo (OS2008, more specifically).07:30
slonopotamusuh? how running different distros on _my_  tablet makes me either licensee or not?07:30
luke-jrNokia distributes the keys to *anyone*07:31
GeneralAntillesslonopotamus, you're free to go and download those binaries on your own.07:31
GeneralAntillesLook, we'd all REALLY appreciate it if you didn't try to circumvent Nokia's setup here.07:31
GeneralAntillesIt's going to harm the community and it's going to harm Nokia's relationship with open source if you do.07:31
luke-jrI don't see how it would circumvent anything.07:31
GeneralAntillesThat seems to be exactly it, you don't see.07:31
luke-jrthen explain07:31
GeneralAntillesI've tried to explain it.07:31
GeneralAntillesBut evidently you'll just have to trust me that it's a bad idea.07:32
luke-jrhow is it any different to add the Gentoo overlay vs add Nokia's apt repo and install Nokia's apt?07:32
* slonopotamus rereads again07:32
GeneralAntillesNokia doesn't license Flash for Maemo07:32
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: Nokia doesn't license Flash for Gentoo07:32
luke-jrGeneralAntilles: and that is relevant how?07:32
GeneralAntillesThey license it for a very specific set of releases for Maemo no a very specific set of hardware.07:32
luke-jrwe're not even talking about Flash07:32
GeneralAntillesWhen you talk about the update repo, that includes Flash.07:32
GeneralAntillesHave Stskeeps or Jaffa explain it, I've tried and failed.07:33
luke-jrthe URI in the overlay would be used only for things we make ebuilds for07:33
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]07:33
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s07:33
slonopotamusoh crap. luke-jr, does that gps stuff do something really complex so rewriting it isn't a good idea?07:34
luke-jrslonopotamus: …07:34
luke-jrrewriting stuff is generally a bad idea without a good reason ☺07:34
slonopotamuslicensing crap is enough reason? :)07:35
luke-jrrewriting the ebuild won't affect licensing crap07:35
* RST38h does not get why gps stuff is complex07:38
*** SunilGhai has quit IRC07:39
luke-jrRST38h: I think he's talking about using dd to remove the GNOME dependencies from gpsdriver07:39
luke-jror actually07:39
luke-jrmore likely the LD_PRELOAD half of that07:39
luke-jrI should probably slap a license on it07:40
* luke-jr pokes slonopotamus07:41
slonopotamusdd??? woot! let's program in dd!07:42
luke-jrslonopotamus: I guess you haven't looked at files/*.c yet?07:43
luke-jrplease don't freak out07:43
luke-jrI'll slap a license on it when I'm done w/ this other stuff07:43
slonopotamusnot yet07:43
luke-jrslonopotamus: those make the ebuild look trivial ;)07:44
ShadowJKhow about installing to sd and fishing binaries from mtd?07:47
zakkmyou guys talking about the gentoo port?07:47
ShadowJKinstead of from repos07:47
slonopotamusand how that differs?07:48
zakkmif you want, i might be able to help with a small server for you guys07:48
zakkmmake a repo out of it and such07:48
zakkmgot a 160gb harddrive being unused you guys could use07:48
luke-jrzakkm: I bet our repo is < 1 MB07:48
slonopotamuszakkm, we have already07:49
zakkmnot just a repo, whole server machine07:49
zakkmroot access and all07:49
*** christefano has quit IRC07:49
zakkmfor compiling, and such , idont know07:49
luke-jrwe compile on our N8x0 ;)07:49
zakkmthat would take agess ;p07:49
luke-jrnot really07:49
luke-jrjust half an age07:50
zakkmrepos should host binaries shouldnt it07:50
zakkmits not like the hardware varies07:50
luke-jrGentoo doesn't do binaries07:50
zakkmyes it does07:50
luke-jrok fine -.-07:50
luke-jractually, sure, I could probably use it07:50
zakkmim a old gentoo user myself, just on desktop use07:50
luke-jrmake binpkgs for stuff07:51
zakkmit would come to the same stuff, wouldnt it07:51
zakkmeveryones nokia is the same07:51
* luke-jr wonders how to mark the Nokia-based binpkgs so they don't get copied07:51
luke-jrzakkm: CFLAGS can differ07:51
zakkmits not like a desktop/laptop where compiling would make a difference07:51
zakkmcflags between tablets?07:51
luke-jr-Os and -O2 are unknown which is better07:51
luke-jrslonopotamus: that's mirroring the SRC_URI, not binpkgs?07:51
zakkmbetween tablets ?07:51
luke-jrzakkm: again, we dont' know if -O2 or -Os are better07:52
zakkmi heard -Os is better07:52
slonopotamusluke-jr, err... yep07:52
zakkmi forget who said it07:52
zakkmsomeone here did07:52
zakkmhad a reason for it07:52
luke-jrI think it's an open debate07:52
zakkmno, for tablet wise07:52
zakkmbut even still, then it wouldnt matter much07:52
zakkmits much better than compiling it all07:52
zakkma binhost would help, even just like openoffice-bin ... like adding -bin to packages07:53
slonopotamusluke-jr, i think we can push binpkgs to gentoo mirrors directly.07:54
slonopotamusanyway, it's offtopic here :)07:54
ShadowJKI get the feeling on arm it's not about which flags makes gcc produce fastest code... more about which flags make gcc produce correct code... :)07:54
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]07:57
*** Shadow__X has quit IRC08:01
coeus82i'm on the last step of installing ubuntu-n8x0... what fstab do I need to edit? the one in maemo or jaunty?08:08
*** radic has quit IRC08:09
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo08:10
RST38hShadow: GCC produced wrong arm code for you?08:11
ShadowJKI've had it produce wrong code on x86 and x86-64 too :)08:12
*** beav1s has joined #maemo08:27
*** Interocitor has joined #maemo08:33
*** ab has quit IRC08:41
RST38hShadow: Still, consistently producing wrong code is unusual08:41
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC08:46
*** melmoth has joined #maemo08:46
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:50
man_in_ltopmy crappy app is nearing completion08:52
man_in_ltopyay for python08:52
man_in_ltopno, crappy, not gassy :P08:52
man_in_ltopnow where were those instructions on packaging it? :P08:53
*** calvaris has joined #maemo08:54
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo08:54
luke-jrhi Stskeeps08:54
luke-jrStskeeps: do you see any difference between Nokia putting their password-included apt in a public repo, and our Gentoo overlay including the password-included URI in a mirror list?08:55
Stskeepsluke-jr: i just discussed this with slonopotamus in #mer08:55
Stskeepsgo with the .pl way, or drop in binaries, then you're aligned with what we do with mer.08:56
Stskeepsand there's quite a big difference08:56
*** else58 has joined #maemo08:56
Stskeepssecond one allows any idiot to download the packages without having a n8x0, first one requires having a n8x008:57
Stskeepsthen you're doing exactly the same as Mer is doing when we're developing, until we (and hopefully you as well) move on to a saner way08:57
luke-jreh, what stops Joe Random ARM user from adding Nokia's repo and installing their apt?08:59
Stskeepstheir apt uses the kernel info to auth08:59
luke-jroh, true08:59
luke-jrforgot about that bit08:59
slonopotamuswhat stops me from installing vanilla apt?08:59
*** tekojo has joined #maemo09:00
luke-jrslonopotamus: vanilla apt won't work09:00
Corsacwell, if the server request a signature you won't be able to authenticate09:00
luke-jra Nokia guy joined, so let's shut up ;)09:00
* man_in_ltop waves at Corsac 09:02
* Corsac waves back09:02
*** kozak has quit IRC09:04
timelesskonttori: please try to spell "lose" correctly09:06
Stskeepsyou loose!09:06
CorsacI'm a bit loose09:06
Corsac 1896 root      20932 DW< /usr/libexec/apt-worker check-for-updates09:07
timelesswould someone please smack konttori until he fixes his blog post?09:07
Corsacok, I guess I can wait for quite some time before this ends?09:07
*** murrayc has joined #maemo09:07
Corsacha no, good09:07
GeneralAntillestimeless, I think the guy we hired to do that is on sick leave. ;)09:07
timelessalso, while you're smacking, please give him a lecture about "its" v. "it's"09:07
*** AmateurScientist has quit IRC09:08
GeneralAntillestimeless, did you see my MXR screenshot?09:08
ShadowJKi thought only native english speakers had issues with its it's :)09:09
Corsacfuck, maemo mapper is segfaulting again09:11
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo09:11
pupnik_Lol @ german government - passes a new law mandating DNS porn filters - here's the result from 2 hours ago - (resolve failure on
pupnik_temporary glitch - fixed now09:13
*** beav1s has quit IRC09:14
herz1pupnik_: I don't see how this is related to the child pornography filtering09:15
*** KurtKraut has quit IRC09:15
herz1this is just a dns failure09:15
pupnik_t-offline has had DNS problems all week09:15
herz1not over here...09:15
herz1(which means at my other place)09:15
pupnik_i've had about 80 failures the past few days09:16
*** danielwilms has joined #maemo09:16
ShadowJKwhen .fi isps started using a dns redirect list (voluntary) maintained by the police, one of the sites blocked was an anti-censorship site :)09:16
pupnik_i'm just sticking with them to see how bad it is09:16
herz1pupnik_: they are doing better than many others, I've had Alice (Hansenet) and the current local isp09:18
pupnik_ah ok09:18
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo09:20
Corsacpfff, debugging is just a pain09:21
Corsacmaemo-mapper --help09:22
CorsacSegmentation fault09:22
ShadowJKmaybe you need gdb :)09:23
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo09:23
ShadowJKor strace09:23
Corsacand more room on /09:23
CorsacE: Package gdb has no installation candidate09:24
*** alexga has joined #maemo09:26
slonopotamusmuahaha :)09:26
timelessgan: no, url?09:27
*** guardian has quit IRC09:27
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:28
* timeless wonders what interesting browser gan is using09:28
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo09:28
*** guardian_ has quit IRC09:28
Corsachmhm, it seems that it tries to read from the dbus system socket and fails09:30
Corsacconnect(8, {sa_family=AF_FILE, path="/var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket"...}, 33) = 009:30
Corsacead(8, "l\2\1\1\v\0\0\0\1\0\0\0=\0\0\0\6\1s\0\6\0\0\0:1.101\0\0\5\1u\0\1\0\0\0\10\1g\0\1s\0\0\7\1s\0\24\0\0\0org.freedesktop.                   DBus\0\0\0\0\6\0\0\0:1.101\0l\4\1\1\v\0\0\0\2\0"..., 2048) = 26209:30
Corsacread(8, 0xa8e00, 2048)                  = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)09:30
GAN800timeless, the sidebar was a bad idea, but you get the gist.09:30
*** doc|work has quit IRC09:30
Corsacthough I'm not sure this is the cause of the segfault09:31
timelesshrm, can you use hg?09:31
timelessbecause you should be able to hg clone mxr.maemo.org09:31
ShadowJK0 from connecr means success09:31
timelessand provide a diff :)09:31
ShadowJKeagain from read just means there was no data waiting to be read09:32
timelessis community or development?09:32
GAN800timeless, development.09:32
CorsacShadowJK: yeah so it should be ok, the segfault won't be shown in strace09:33
timelessalso, the footer you have has 'all content cc'09:33
timelesswhich wouldn't be right09:33
GAN800But, yeah, I can get a patch together.09:33
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC09:33
timelessthanks :)09:33
*** Addison has joined #maemo09:33
Corsachmhm, wow09:33
GAN800How do you feel about converting the table layout to CSS?09:33
Corsacafter a gconf reset:09:33
Corsacprocess 1637: D-Bus library appears to be incorrectly set up; failed to read machine uuid: Failed to open "/var/lib/dbus/machine-id": No such file or directory09:33
* Corsac reboots09:33
GAN800Yeah, gotta figure our an appropriate license line09:33
timelesspersonally i tend to use fairly old browsers09:34
timelessand text browsers09:34
timelessi could perhaps be persuaded09:34
ShadowJKthat might be in a dbus faq somewhere, iirc09:34
GAN800Well, I can give you both versions and you can decide later.09:34
timelessbtw, which browser is that? camino?09:34
Meiz_n810Corsac: dbus-uuidgen --ensure09:35
GAN800Which is using the Safari 4 WebKit now. Wicked fast.09:35
CorsacMeiz_n810: I was running MM as root, that's why09:35
Corsacdamn, still segfaulting09:36
*** doc|home has joined #maemo09:39
timelessone thing... i'd like to try to fix mxr so you don't have to skin it ~5 times09:41
timelesscurrently the header isn't actually so "common" :(09:41
* timeless should try to fix that09:42
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:42
*** ab[out] is now known as ab09:45
*** jjo has joined #maemo09:47
*** zap has joined #maemo09:47
*** tekojo has quit IRC09:47
*** trofi has joined #maemo09:49
*** melmoth has quit IRC09:59
*** man_in_ltop has quit IRC10:00
*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:03
*** StsN800 has quit IRC10:03
*** tekojo has joined #maemo10:03
*** coeus82 has quit IRC10:11
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo10:11
*** coeus82 has joined #maemo10:12
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo10:14
*** frade has joined #maemo10:15
*** eichi__ has joined #maemo10:17
*** beav1s has joined #maemo10:18
*** simon_ has joined #maemo10:23
*** cousinitt has joined #maemo10:27
*** bergie has joined #maemo10:28
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:30
aquatixgood morning10:31
*** cousinitt has quit IRC10:31
*** sergio has joined #maemo10:33
*** johnx has joined #maemo10:34
*** Addison has quit IRC10:34
thuxofftopic, any jaunty users here? does your mouse work? my lap mouse freezes all the time :P10:36
Meiz_n810thux: memememee10:36
Meiz_n810but i don't have such problem10:36
thuxlucky you10:37
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo10:37
thuxi got always psmouse.c: TouchPad at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost synchronization10:37
mgedminhmm, there recently was one user complaining about mouse freezes in a local mailing list10:37
mgedminmy thinkpad works fine10:37
thuxok i got also apic error when it happens10:38
*** tbf has joined #maemo10:39
*** ceyusa has quit IRC10:42
zakkmanyone know why flasher would stop at10:43
zakkmVersion of 'sw-release': RX-34+RX-44+RX-48_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_MR010:43
*** calvaris has quit IRC10:44
*** greentux has joined #maemo10:46
*** gnuton has joined #maemo10:47
gnutonHi there10:47
zakkm wow kernel 2.6.29 maemo?10:48
Stskeepsbe aware that things probably don't work10:50
zakkmim just trying, just found out10:50
zakkmwould you know why a flashing of diablo would stop at sw-release?10:50
*** doc|home has quit IRC10:53
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo10:53
RST38hmoo all10:54
thuxRST38h: moo10:56
thuxzakkm: does it boot?10:56
*** gnuton has quit IRC10:56
*** Interocitor has quit IRC10:56
thuxwaited newer kernel for maemo long time10:56
zakkmnot a clue10:57
zakkmim not even sure if it is for n800/810, it might be for like beagle board booting maemo or something10:57
*** GnutOnMobile has joined #maemo10:57
Stskeepsit's for n8x010:57
zakkmworse comes to worse you reflash kernel, and only time is lost? i think10:58
zakkmyou guys try the app "knots"10:58
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo11:03
*** hannesw has joined #maemo11:04
*** ameng has joined #maemo11:05
ukkizakkm: yes11:05
*** zap has quit IRC11:05
zakkmukki: do you use osx?11:08
zakkmi cant find the server download ;p11:08
ukkimostly linux though11:08
ukkiu might want to try the rewrite11:08
zakkmthe rewrite?11:09
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC11:09
ukkivlc is a bit broken in os x atm11:09
*** tekojo has quit IRC11:09
ukki0.9.9a starts using cpu and becomes unusable after a while11:10
zakkmi use 0.9.9a vlc for all my video watching?11:10
zakkmhas never failed me11:10
ukkiseems to be fixed in nightly, but flash is broken in nightly :)11:10
ukkiwanna test the rewrite?11:10
zakkmi want to use knots for my tablet ;p11:10
zakkmwhat rewrite?11:11
zakkmi just want to view my mac's videos on my tablet ;p11:11
zakkmover wifi11:11
ukkiyes, that's what it's for :)11:11
zakkmhave nothing to compile11:12
ukkibut that works with a browser + mplayer plugin or flash11:12
zakkmthats binary11:12
zakkmwow this is too complex11:12
ukkino need to compile anything, should work pretty much out of box11:12
zakkmi thought it was full gui , share... and then view on nokia11:12
ukkipm for install instructions if you want to test it, it's pretty simple really11:13
*** tekojo has joined #maemo11:15
konttoritimeless: fixed11:16
*** eichi__ has quit IRC11:17
*** coeus82 has quit IRC11:18
JaffaMorning, all11:18
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC11:19
johnxmorning Jaffa11:20
*** calvaris has joined #maemo11:21
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo11:22
*** murrayc has quit IRC11:23
*** murrayc has joined #maemo11:24
*** ameng has quit IRC11:24
*** murrayc has quit IRC11:26
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:29
*** filip42 has joined #maemo11:31
Stskeeps :)11:33
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC11:34
*** ssvb has quit IRC11:34
*** guardian has joined #maemo11:39
* Jaffa wonders what interesting things may happen at the Nokia Developer Summit today/tomorrow11:42
RST38hThere are no potential announcements to make11:43
bergielots of PPT :-)11:43
JaffaRST38h: There are lots of potential announcements to make - although many of the ones we're waiting for would be odd to announce at a developer, rather than industry/media/consumer focused event11:43
Stskeepswell where was N810 announced?11:44
RST38hJaffa: Ah, list at least some11:45
JaffaStskeeps: 17 Oct 2007 at the Web 2.0 Summit11:47
JaffaRST38h: Beta SDK, product announcement, launch timetable, ...11:47
*** yerga has joined #maemo11:50
*** matt_c has joined #maemo11:51
mikkov_Tomorrow's agenda has "Update on Maemo"11:53
Jaffamikkov_: indeed11:54
RST38hJaffa: Ok. Beta SDK is probably a bit off right now11:54
mikkov_actually it's for wednesday11:54
RST38hJaffa: Judging from the state of the Alpha SDK11:54
RST38hJaffa: Product announcements are not made at developer events, usually, and we both know that n9xx will not be announced, it is also a bit off11:55
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo11:55
johnxRST38h, but a beta sdk is exactly the thing to announce :)11:56
RST38hJaffa: Launch timetables are commercial secret, so the best you can hope for is a launch timetable for the beta SDK11:56
RST38hWhich isn't secret but does not have the impact of a n9xx sample being shown to the public =)11:56
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo11:56
RST38hSo, in short, there isn't much to announce11:56
*** woglinde has joined #maemo11:57
* Jaffa would hope for an exciting device launch to start the hype machine with a "and you can start developing for it today, with the beta SDK available at The final SDK will be launched when the device goes on sale in 6 weeks!". But that's a h/w announce at a developer event, which doesn't make a lot of sense - but there aren't many other events on which to piggy back a device launch until OSiM World in September11:57
woglindewhere the heck I can get the libgles2-dev?11:57
RST38hWe will most likely see more of Tracker and Clutter updates11:58
*** florian_kc is now known as florian11:58
RST38hWith some cheesy demos11:58
*** filip42 has quit IRC11:58
X-Fadewoglinde: in extras-devel non-free for fremantle.11:58
RST38hMaybe some demo of that media player extension framework11:58
X-Fadewoglinde: Just put it there ;)11:59
*** geaaru has joined #maemo11:59
woglindex-fade hm11:59
woglindediffers the deb line?11:59
woglindeI just tried11:59
woglindeah okay12:00
X-Fadewoglinde: For i386 it is there..12:00
*** mardi__ has quit IRC12:00
woglindeand for arm? not?12:00
X-Fadewoglinde: There were some problems in the SDK, so it is put in Extras-devel now to speed it up.12:00
woglindefrom the opengl page its state the othwerway12:01
X-Fadewoglinde: I hope they fix the issue for the beta sdk.12:01
woglindeno packages for x8612:01
woglindehm maybee kate mixed something up12:01
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo12:01
woglindex-fade do you know what man has to do to be allowed to distribute the gles libs?12:02
*** dneary has joined #maemo12:03
X-Fadewoglinde: I have no idea, you have to ask Kate that.12:03
X-Fadewoglinde: It is a 3rd party lib.12:03
JaffaHmm, whenever I try to favourite something on the new site under /news/ I get a blank page.12:04
woglindex-fade hm okay, because Imagination Technologies ships the libs to the hw distributors and they give it to the enduser12:04
X-Fadewoglinde: Yeah, but I don't think that you are then allowed to redistribute again. But I'm not sure..12:05
RST38h(if you have not seen it)12:05
woglindex-fade hehe but then why nokia is allowed12:05
Stskeepsprobably they have an agreement :)12:06
*** avs has joined #maemo12:06
X-Fadewoglinde: Well, I would imagine that they can because they license it?12:06
Stskeeps as well12:06
Stskeeps(mer 0.12)12:07
*** mardi__ has left #maemo12:08
RST38hSts: Little comment on the MER icon highlight (when the menu is open): purple is wrong, WRONG color12:10
StskeepsRST38h: yes, and i agree12:11
Stskeepswazd's been busy so :)12:11
RST38hSts: Unless, of course, it's done in secret worship of the Tentacled One12:11
Stskeepsyou never know.. :)12:11
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo12:11
RST38h[there are rumors that the Tentacled One isn't green, as acolytes show him, but purple]12:11
* ShadowJK just realized we'll have to live with "are we there yet?" for probably 6 months /after/ release too12:12
RST38hSts: In general, it looks pretty cool12:12
StskeepsShadowJK: mm?12:13
ShadowJKfirst after product announcements but before launch people will be condemning/whining/etc over the specs, and doing pseudoreviews based on specs12:14
ShadowJKthen after launch people will whine about when will it be available in their favourite store12:14
RST38hShadow: You mean the n9xx?12:16
johnxRST38h, actually, it can be just about any device :)12:16
ShadowJKyeah :)12:16
RST38hjohnx: yea, but for the n9xx I have a precise list of predictions :)12:16
RST38hjohnx: I can pretty much tell you where the clusterfuck will hit12:17
johnxI predict: initial whining that feature x, y and z were dropped, followed by healthy sales12:17
pupnik_hardware or software wise?12:17
RST38hSoftware wise12:17
RST38hCan't tell much about hardware because I have no data on it12:17
pupnik_what will people yammer about loudest then?12:17
JaffaThere's whining *before* any device has been announced about the removal of the stylus (WTF?), the position of the dpad and all sorts.12:18
* Jaffa wants a big stick12:18
ShadowJKI wish there was a way to avoid twitter-itis whining12:18
RST38hJaffa: Yea but it is all bogus we do not know yet12:18
*** mardi__1 has joined #maemo12:18
*** lcuk has quit IRC12:18
ShadowJKcontinued whining about microsd and microusb12:19
pupnik_i think nokia prioritizes their limited software resources quite well12:19
*** andrei1089 has joined #maemo12:19
RST38hpupnik: Users will whine about battery life, weird new UI, and broken apps (browser, Modest being the top offenders)12:20
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo12:20
RST38hpupnik: Other complains will include Tracker slowing down the system and eating disk space12:20
RST38hpupnik: Developers will not like (and probably won;t use widely) the Clutter APIs12:21
ShadowJK a tons of whining of the highly articulate and astute variety as in this comic, too ;p12:21
*** zap has joined #maemo12:21
RST38hpupnik: There probably will be some last moment screw up similar to what we have got with the Blizzard chip12:22
RST38hpupnik: Personally, I have no issues with Blizzard (it works fast enough for me) but you know how mileage differs for different developers...12:23
ShadowJKwouldnt it be much better if we never knew thered be another device12:23
pupnik_what is blizzard?12:23
ShadowJKif they just srprised us one day12:23
RST38hpupnik: the chip that sits between OMAP2 and LCD display, slowing down screen updates12:23
pupnik_oh interesting12:24
RST38hpupnik; Apparently introduced because OMAP2 does not support 800x480 natively12:24
pupnik_yes i got that much12:24
RST38hOMAP3 should fix that, but my guess is some other similar screwup will be introduced somewhere12:24
pupnik_anybody manage to lock-in 25-30 fps *real* *actual* refreshes?12:24
pupnik_at reduced res12:24
* RST38h does 25fps12:24
RST38hat x2/x3 magnification12:24
*** andrei1089 has quit IRC12:25
RST38hNo idea if it is real 25fps but my frame counter shows the number12:25
pupnik_i never got rid of tearing in my nes emu12:25
pupnik_yes, lol12:25
RST38hwell mine tears a bit as well but I do not care12:25
pupnik_not *my* nes emu12:25
ShadowJKthe really interesting bit would be the differences in how blizzard is wired on n800 vs n810 when there have afaik been no reports of scrolling death on n810 so far12:25
RST38htearing is really the smallest of my worries12:25
pupnik_i don't like hardware lying to me12:26
ShadowJKlcuk does tear-free silksmooth :-)12:26
*** Dar has joined #maemo12:26
pupnik_i haven't seen such a thing yet12:26
pupnik_and the gp2x nes emu runs at reported 90fps12:26
pupnik_can't wait to see new dosbox with faster fmopl on omap353012:27
* ShadowJK goes back to staring at e75 and e71 specs, trying to decide12:28
RST38hrunnning XP!12:28
ShadowJKbut e66 has no hsdpa12:28
RST38hShadow: e71 if you can live with smaller keys but use your second hand for "other" stuff12:28
*** zakkm has quit IRC12:28
RST38hShadow: Otherwise e75\12:29
wjtbut E71 is *sidetalkin'*12:29
ShadowJKand did e66 support 3g on 900MHz at all? i forget12:29
RST38hShadow: Or just wait until the Tentacled One makes Nokia release a sequel to E7012:29
glasswjt: how do you define sidetalking so that it applies to e71?12:29
ShadowJKI've given up hope on that one :(12:30
ShadowJKwhat is sidetalking?12:30
glassShadowJK: ngage classic / 7700 proto, phone speaker on the side of the phone12:30
RST38htalking into the edge of your phone?12:30
glasswhich e71 doesn't do12:30
RST38hyea, it does not occur with e7112:30
RST38hShadow: have you given a thought to 5800 though?12:31
ShadowJKwho the hell uses a phone for talking anyway, I thought they died off with the neanderthals ;p12:31
glassShadowJK: you know, regular people you can't irc with either12:31
wjtglass: i'm using it in the "comically wide phone" sense12:31
ShadowJKI'm not so sure about the lack of keyboard on 580012:31
glasswjt: .. ? you ever held a e71?12:31
RST38hShadow: It simulates keyboard pretty well12:32
ShadowJKyeah but touchscreen typing... blech12:32
glassShadowJK: 5800 was a positive surprise for me12:32
wjtglass: sure, and it's pretty wide :)12:32
pupnik_saw a nice Nokia product placement in the "Dark Knight" movie yesterday12:32
pupnik_too bad it wasn't a N810 though12:32
ShadowJKyeah definitely it looks nicer in real life than i would have expected12:33
RST38hShadow: it is not tat much different from typing on those e71/e75 keyboards12:33
RST38hShadow: 5800 does provide tactile feedback to keypresses by using the rumble device12:33
ShadowJKexcept in a year or two the tochscreen is so insensitive it misses half your taps?12:34
RST38hShadow: We did not have 5800 that long so I cannot tell12:34
glassdunno. i don't plan using it for a year or two12:34
aquatixtoo bad that E71 has a 2.5mm jack and not a `regular' 3.5mm one12:34
RST38hstill better than that ugly plastic appendage with pins12:34
aquatixthe N97 is damn nice, but damn expensive12:35
glasspersonally i'm going to grab a n9612:35
glassnot n9612:35
glassn96 sucks12:35
aquatixRST38h: yeah, but i'd rather plug in my headphones directly12:35
aquatixglass: yeah12:35
RST38haquatix: Use BT headphones, I do12:35
ShadowJKI wonder how it deals with opera mini... does it get a fixed amount of space o screen, and is that bigger area than on my e70 in fullscreen...12:35
glassShadowJK: which?12:35
aquatixRST38h: i'd rather stick with my regular ones12:35
aquatixRST38h: which do you have?12:35
ShadowJKhow 5800 deals with opera mini12:35
RST38haquatix: Then suffer! ho ho ho ho12:36
RST38hme cackles evilly12:36
aquatixpffft :P12:36
glassShadowJK: dunno, havent tried. the webkit supplied one has done it's job good enough12:36
RST38haquatix: Some noname Chinese headphones I got from AT&T Wireless store for $6012:36
aquatixRST38h: i have a feeling my sennheisers sound better12:36
RST38haquatix: Given that E70 does not support A2DP, they sound as good as they can12:36
aquatixand cost less battery12:36
ShadowJKopera mini is my preferred choice, it's faster and eats less battery :-)12:37
RST38hah, that is no problem12:37
ShadowJKI <3 my sennheisers12:38
ShadowJKsmall enough to wear at work12:38
*** mardi__ has quit IRC12:38
* aquatix has px20012:38
aquatixsmall, but really decent sound12:38
aquatixand shields outside noises a bit12:38
ShadowJKdo I remember wrong or does nokia have this box that's basically a2dp receiver with 3.5mm headphone output jack? that's an alternative too I guess12:39
* ShadowJK has cx30012:39
ShadowJKonly issue is that I need to eq bass down by about 12dB12:40
aquatixShadowJK: that still takes juice12:40
aquatixi'd rather have a simple setup that has long autonomy12:40
ShadowJKmy e70 does 3-4 hours tops anyway12:40
aquatixespecially nice when i'm going on a long trip12:41
ShadowJKoh yeah, that's what also makes e71 attractive, there's a big fat mugen battery with cover available for it12:41
aquatixotherwise i'd better get some dedicated music player with 32 hours of playing time12:41
aquatixShadowJK: an even fatter battery?12:41
aquatixi like how it has 1500mAh already12:42
aquatixsame battery as the n81012:42
ShadowJKwell my e70 has 1000mAh or something12:42
ShadowJKand it manages 3 hours of shoutcast playback on average12:42
aquatixand offline playback? as in, from card?12:43
aquatixi wonder how long the n810 can do music playback when being completely offline12:43
ShadowJKfor offline playback I use my mp3 player anyway12:43
ShadowJKnow that I managed to solder it back to life again12:43
aquatixi only have an oldish muvo^2 with 4GB microdrive12:44
aquatixworks fine12:44
aquatixbut i'd rather take some more music with me12:44
ShadowJKn8x0 are a bit bulky, and lack of hw keys for blind control is a big minus12:44
aquatixbesides, it doesn't really like utf812:44
aquatixShadowJK: true12:45
aquatixShadowJK: but i take it with me anyway12:45
aquatixand it takes a 16GB microsd12:45
aquatixn97 would be even more awesome; 32GB build-in and 16GB microsd12:45
ShadowJKI only take it with me on my unfortunate sidejob of removing malware from people's computers12:46
aquatixwell, it's almost as trusty a companion for me as my cellphone12:50
*** murrayc has joined #maemo12:51
*** fr01 has left #maemo12:54
*** frade has quit IRC12:55
*** simon__ has joined #maemo12:55
*** simon_ has quit IRC12:57
*** simon__ is now known as simon_12:57
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*** murrayc has quit IRC12:59
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*** StsN800 has joined #maemo14:13
man_in_pdaok, so i have no idea how to code up hildon ColorChooserDialog in python :D14:13
*** alehorst has joined #maemo14:14
*** alehorst1 has quit IRC14:15
*** wms has joined #maemo14:18
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*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:41
*** simboss has joined #maemo14:52
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC14:53
man_in_pdaso, anyone happen to have sample code for hildon.ColorChooserDialog in python?14:54
*** abner has joined #maemo14:56
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo14:57
*** geaaru has quit IRC14:57
*** zimmerle has joined #maemo14:59
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* man_in_ltop waves15:38
*** lizardo has joined #maemo15:40
*** briglia has joined #maemo15:40
man_in_ltopi can't find anything on how to use ColorChooserDialog15:43
*** lcuk has joined #maemo15:46
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo15:48
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo15:53
*** gomiam has joined #maemo15:56
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man_in_ltop << well, i found this16:00
man_in_ltopuses FontSelectionDialog16:00
man_in_ltopwhich is pretty much entirely unlike ColorChooserDialog :D16:01
*** radic has quit IRC16:01
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC16:04
*** thekondor has quit IRC16:04
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man_in_ltopblaargetty blaarg blaarg16:18
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo16:18
MyrttiI agree wholeheartedly16:19
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC16:19
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*** jpuderer has quit IRC16:22
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*** antognolli[AWAY] is now known as antognolli16:24
man_in_ltopstill not finding any useful docs on hildon python bindings16:24
yergaman_in_ltop, what need you about ColorChooserDialog?16:25
*** krau has joined #maemo16:25
man_in_ltopwell, how to use it :D16:25
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:25
*** danilocesar has quit IRC16:26
*** eichi__ has joined #maemo16:26
man_in_ltopkeep getting "Colour cannot be modified", can't work out how to get the OK or Cancel buttons to close it, can't work out how to get the selected colour (not that i can select a colour atm)16:27
yergawait five minutes, I'll do a small testcase16:28
*** konttori has quit IRC16:28
*** konttori has joined #maemo16:29
*** joelmaher has joined #maemo16:29
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man_in_ltopneato, thanks16:38
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo16:39
*** lakin has joined #maemo16:39
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*** konttori_ has joined #maemo16:46
man_in_ltopvery useful, yerga16:48
*** konttori_ has quit IRC16:48
yergaman_in_ltop, glad I helped ;)16:48
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo16:48
*** glima[AWAY] is now known as glima16:55
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*** joelmaher has joined #maemo17:21
RST38hheya qwerty17:21
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo17:21
qwerty12hey RST38h17:21
*** chiguire has joined #maemo17:23
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VDVsxlardman|away, ping17:41
*** krutt has quit IRC17:41
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*** ab is now known as ab[out]17:48
RST38hbacon, lardman, bacon17:51
mgedminspam eggs spam17:52
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC17:56
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*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo17:59
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* RST38h finishes another corporate training and wishes people who write these were at least laid off18:02
*** gomiam has quit IRC18:02
man_in_ltopok, that's interesting18:03
*** StsN800 has quit IRC18:05
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo18:08
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo18:10
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RST38hRMS officially curses "software as a service" model18:18
*** calvaris_ has joined #maemo18:22
*** calvaris_ has quit IRC18:26
*** calvaris has quit IRC18:26
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo18:29
man_in_ltophildon is weird and silly18:29
qwerty12You'll have to be a little more specific than that...18:29
man_in_ltopthat's not specific enough?18:30
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo18:30
*** myosound has joined #maemo18:30
man_in_ltophildon.ColourButton is useful though18:30
qwerty12hai rm_you|18:30
man_in_ltopjust the signal is called "setup-dialog", and in gtk it's "colour-set"18:31
man_in_ltopwhich makes more sense?18:31
*** calvaris has joined #maemo18:31
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:31
*** lakin has quit IRC18:31
yergammm, I need a name for a stocks application18:32
X-Fadeyerga: StockPy ;)18:32
*** brolin has joined #maemo18:33
yergastockpy maybe, there isnt many results in google18:34
yergacrisis would be funny though ;)18:34
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo18:36
yergaI am going to open a poll in iTT, I am very undecided :)18:38
*** sergio has quit IRC18:38
*** ceyusa has quit IRC18:39
man_in_pdayou should just go for my suggestions18:41
*** alecrim has joined #maemo18:42
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qwerty12yerga: the application looks good. I lack in imagination however, so I can't suggest an name ;P19:13
yergaqwerty12, thanks19:13
yergaqwerty12, it happens to me too ;)19:13
*** guardian has quit IRC19:18
*** glima is now known as glima[AWAY]19:19
*** antognolli is now known as antognolli[AWAY]19:21
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]19:23
timsamoffyerga: Stocker19:24
man_in_ltopthere appears to be no signal for when the colour of a hildon.ColorButton changes19:24
*** mardi__ has quit IRC19:25
yergatimsamoff, thanks, I like it ;)19:26
timsamoffyerga: Or... PersonalStocker. ;)19:26
*** secureendpoints has joined #maemo19:26
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo19:26
man_in_ltopit emits "clicked" when the colour changes19:28
*** myosound has quit IRC19:30
*** myosound has joined #maemo19:30
*** joelmaher has joined #maemo19:31
*** mardi__ has quit IRC19:32
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo19:33
man_in_ltophmm, interesting issue now19:34
man_in_ltopfirst time my prefs window appears, it renders fine19:34
man_in_ltopthen hide-on-close happens, and second time it doesn't draw, though the window is created19:35
man_in_ltopso if i click on the icon for it, the window is drawn correctly19:35
*** mgedmin has quit IRC19:38
*** myosound has quit IRC19:42
*** beavis is now known as krutt19:44
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Corsachmhm, how one is supposed to investigate segfaults without gdb20:21
Corsacis there a gdb build available for the device?20:21
Stskeepsmagic? :Pa20:21
Stskeepsand afaik, yes20:21
qwerty12By installing it from the SDK repo...20:21
Stskeepsin sdk repo20:21
Corsac    deb maemo4.1/tools free non-free ?20:24
qwerty12deb diablo sdk/free tools/free sdk/non-free tools/non-free20:25
qwerty12(well, tools doesn't contain gdb)20:25
*** lopz has joined #maemo20:29
Corsachmhm, doesn't seem to be in sdk either :/20:31
*** herzi has joined #maemo20:33
Corsac       gdb | 6.8-3maemo2 | diablo/tools/free Packages20:35
* Corsac shakes qwerty12 20:35
qwerty12Ah, sorry, my bad20:35
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s20:36
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo20:37
Corsac#0  0x000471d4 in ?? ()20:38
Corsacsighs :)20:38
*** sergio_ has quit IRC20:39
*** man_in_pda has quit IRC20:39
*** Andrai has joined #maemo20:40
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Corsacrah fuck and I really need more space21:00
*** hmmb has joined #maemo21:01
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slonopotamus!earch gnome21:08
slonopotamuswoops, wrong channel21:08
*** des^ has joined #maemo21:09
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*** radic has joined #maemo21:55
konttori_pupnik_: snes9x worked on the 'new' device out of the box (I just used your binary)21:57
konttori_so, the binary compatibility of omap2 and omap3 is not only a myth :)21:57
qwerty12_N800konttori_: pics or it didn't happen! ;p21:58
*** KurtKraut has quit IRC21:58
GeneralAntilleskonttori_, well, the binary compatibility was never in doubt.22:00
GeneralAntillesAt least OMAP2 > OMAP322:00
GeneralAntillesWhat you can't do is take armv7 binaries and use them on OMAP2 devices.22:00
konttori_well, it's nice to notice it anyway22:00
*** riot has quit IRC22:00
GeneralAntillesI can't wait to steal all of the OpenPandora's emulators for Maemo 5.22:00
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: well, it's good they didn't mess up binary compatibility :>22:01
*** yerga has quit IRC22:01
konttori_if we could only also steal the dpad of pandora22:01
*** Mousey has joined #maemo22:02
* konttori_ really doesn't comment how god or bad, whether it exists or not on the new device, but what is sure, no nokia product after ngage has had a proper dpad.22:02
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo22:02
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo22:03
GeneralAntillesI'd love to see a gaming-oriented tablet.22:03
GeneralAntillesE-series tablet, N-series tablet, gaming tablet.22:03
*** alexga has quit IRC22:04
*** wms has quit IRC22:04
GeneralAntillesI can't believe I missed sub-$200 5800s from Dell.22:05
GeneralAntillesI was LOOKING at a 5800 yesterday. . . .22:05
*** riot has joined #maemo22:05
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*** christefano has joined #maemo22:21
pupnik_o/ konttori_22:22
pupnik_wonder what happened to transmeta22:24
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, would simply fetching packages from the Debian repos be an option for Easy Debian?22:25
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: would increase installation time 70x :/22:26
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konttori_pupnik_: any chance that you could get the gp2x emultator working?22:43
pupnik_there's an emulator?22:43
konttori_or do you even have time to work on it?22:43
konttori_eh, gp2x ses emulator22:44
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]22:44
konttori_you were talking about that previously in itt22:44
pupnik_gp2x snes emulator i have 1/3-1/2 finished22:44
pupnik_it starts and loads the rom22:44
pupnik_ok 1/4-1/322:44
pupnik_i was happy to get it to not segfault22:44
pupnik_not much time really22:44
pupnik_makes more sense to wait for pandora versions i think22:45
pupnik_since they're using a more standard set of libs22:45
pupnik_and in terms of efficiency, anything i do takes way too much time.22:46
*** croppa_ has joined #maemo22:48
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konttori_pupnik_: ok, thanks. I also think that waiting for the pandora version might make sense then.22:52
*** AndreLuiz has joined #maemo22:52
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*** rm_you| has joined #maemo22:54
Stskeepslo rm_you|22:54
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo22:55
rm_you|lo Stskeeps22:55
Stskeepshow goes?22:55
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]22:56
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* RST38h yawns23:03
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GeneralAntillesAnybody think a Talk product for Bugzilla is worthwhile?23:57

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