IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2009-03-29

wazdjaem_afk: better ask RST38h bout that, I'm on the graphic side of the project :)00:00
jaem_afkokay - I just thought you might know00:00
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jackkdI hava a problem with maemo sdk can someone help me?00:05
jaem_afkjackkd: what's your issue?00:06
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jackkdI want compile cx3110x driver00:06
jackkdthis is what show me when I write make00:06
jackkdone moment00:07
Stskeepspastebin :)00:07
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jackkdmaemo@maemo:~/Desktop/cx3110x-0.8.1/src$ make00:09
jackkdmake -C  SUBDIRS=/home/maemo/Desktop/cx3110x-0.8.1/src modules_install00:09
jackkdmake: *** SUBDIRS=/home/maemo/Desktop/cx3110x-0.8.1/src: No such file or directory.  Stop.00:09
jackkdmake: *** [modules_install] Error 200:09
jaemjackkd: use pastebin00:09
jaemdon't just paste console output into IRC, please00:09
woglindeI guess kernelheaders are missing00:09
jaemsounds like it to me, too00:09
Stskeepsjackkd: you need to compile the kernel first and do make KERNEL_SRC_DIR=/path/to/kernel-src00:10
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Stskeepsalso, grab the 2.0 version instead as i presume you're doing this for n8x000:10
qwerty12_N800cd .. ; make00:10
Stskeepsand what qwerty12_N800 said00:10
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jackkdthe path to kernel00:12
jackkdwhere is?00:13
Stskeepswhere you place the kernel source00:13
Stskeepscan i ask what this is for, btw?00:13
qwerty12_N800770, N8x0?00:13
qwerty12_N800Chinook or diablo?00:13
jackkdlast firmware00:13
qwerty12_N800I'll assume diablo then.00:14
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jackkdfor compile I have download a image of sdk for vmware00:14
qwerty12_N800apt-get source kernel-source-diablo && cd kernel-source-diablo<tab> ; cd kernel-source ; make nokia_2420_defconfig && make prepare00:15
jackkdok I try00:15
woglindemake modules_prepare00:16
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hellwolfhow to keep the back-light on temporarily00:16
jaemhellwolf: under what circumstances?00:16
jaemsome apps, like Canola, can do that for video playback, etc00:17
hellwolffor example, xchat00:17
jaemthere is also a setting to keep it on while charging00:17
hellwolfI remember that option related of charging00:17
hellwolfbut what if I just want that sometime00:17
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jaemyou'd have to ask someone else on here, but I'd like to know too :P00:18
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hellwolfqwerty12_N800, cool00:23
hellwolfqwerty12_N800, thanks00:23
jaemqwerty12_N800: thanks also00:23
qwerty12_N800no problem :)00:24
qwerty12_N800That said, i do want to use my coding knowledge & add an option to XChat for that...00:25
lcukkeep it charging whilst doing00:25
lcukscreen stays on for me00:25
hellwolfand one more question00:27
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hellwolfgoogle satellite repositroy of maeomo mapper seems not working00:27
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hellwolffound it, the url changed..00:33
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lcukon the top page of iTT for ages there was a link to a flash based stopwatch/timer - is there a similar simple device for native building00:53
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jaem_afkif anyone has time (I don't), some help is needed with
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jaem_afkhuh... talk about future-proof. apparently works on OS20008 :P02:13
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qwerty12_N800The postinst just runs a couple gconftool commands :)02:15
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jaemthey still use GConf in the year 20008?02:16
jaemyou'd think it would have been superseded by then02:16
qwerty12_N800hehe, maybe windows will be gone by then too :p02:17
Stskeepsfunky fact - it's possible to have multiple hildon home windows it seems, heh02:17
jaemStskeeps: how exactly did you figure this out?02:18
Stskeepsjaem: killing my braincells one by one by spending too much time in hildon-desktop source package.02:18
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* b-man` is going crazy trying to compile perl - it's been compiling for 3½ hours XP04:55
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jeremiah_python setuptools?05:17
jeremiah_Where are they?05:17
jeremiah_I cannot find them in fremantle.05:17
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prctDoes anyone here uses pluthon?05:55
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z4chhprops to whoever wrote this  ...installing maemo sdk was mad easy06:13
z4chhand those scripts..06:13
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jaemhey folks07:35
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GAN800Stupid desktop wont boot . . . fun10:00
Stskeepsafter the power cut?10:00
GAN800After I turned it off10:00
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* GAN800 sighs10:04
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GAN800Oh yeah, that's definitely a leak.10:09
Stskeepsspeaking about your desktop still or the magical RX-51? :P10:09
GAN800Desktop. It's got drips. . . .10:10
GAN800Exactly what I need.10:10
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qwerty12Always a nice feeling: just realising that the clocks went forward >.<10:15
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* Stskeeps is trying desperately to make a hildon desktop plugin toggle the menu on h-d.10:42
*** fish999 has joined #maemo10:44
MeizirkkiStskeeps, the menu that should open instead of "all"?10:46
Stskeepsi have it working with "F4" now10:47
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MeizirkkiHow about using wmctrl for fullscreening in Mer? That way even unhildonized would fullscreen? :)10:51
Stskeepsmaybe, but you have to consider the events go to the window i think10:52
qwerty12powerlaunch can already do that, just go to its calendar interface and press the fullscreen key10:52
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GeneralAntilles                                                                                    Well, we'll see what Apple has to say in the morning. . . .10:57
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wazdhey everbody11:00
Stskeepsmorning wazd11:00
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qwerty12X-Fade, if you happen to be around on a sunday, ping...11:08
*** christefano is now known as Guest8084611:08
GeneralAntillesDoes somebody want to go explain why is an important distinction? I don't think the point will be well received coming from me, and I'm not in a great mood at the moment. ;)11:10
timeless_mbp_i'm not sure i want to explain it11:10
*** timeless_mbp_ is now known as timeless_mbp11:11
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timeless_mbpwait, explain it to some random end person who's being troublesome? count me OUT11:11
*** birunko has quit IRC11:11
*** bergwolf has joined #maemo11:12
GeneralAntillestimeless_mbp, it's the "why didn't you vote" thread on itT11:12
GeneralAntillesYour opinion wont be well received there either. ;)11:12
timeless_mbpitT? i don't go there11:13
timeless_mbpi'm not that stupid11:13
*** Guest80846 has quit IRC11:13
GeneralAntillesNot stupid in that way, anyway. :P11:13
* timeless_mbp chuckles11:13
timeless_mbpThe preflight script for MacFuse Core contains lines such as11:13
timeless_mbp /bin/rm -rf $INSTALL_VOLUME/Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext11:13
timeless_mbpIf INSTALL_VOLUME contains spaces (e.g., "/Volumes/MyDisk 2"), the11:13
timeless_mbpscript will execute11:13
timeless_mbp  /bin/rm -rf "/Volumes/MyDisk" "2/Library/Extensions/fusefs.kext"11:13
timeless_mbpyay scripts11:13
timeless_mbp(fwiw, it was fixed the same day it was reported)11:14
* timeless_mbp considers issuing zfs snapshot -r11:17
timeless_mbptimeless-mbp:Mobile Applications timeless$ zfs snapshot -r rpool@2009032911:18
Stskeepsi guess insanity has finally kicked in. i am occasionally thinking to myself "my, wouldn't it be great to just recode hildon-desktop to make it sane"11:18
timeless_mbpnow i can wreck most of my system safely :)11:19
timeless_mbpStskeeps: awesome11:19
timeless_mbpGeneralAntilles: btw, do you use MSOffice.mac?11:19
*** christefano has joined #maemo11:21
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GeneralAntillesHum, I'm too stupid to figure out how to make this netbook use an external display11:22
GeneralAntillesThe Display control panel is worse than XP's11:22
timeless_mbpwindows' display panel really isn't that bad...11:23
GeneralAntillesIt confuses me way more than Apple's does11:23
timeless_mbpapple's annoys me11:23
GeneralAntillesApple's has always logically done whatever I've asked it to do, which isn't something I can say for anything Microsoft has churned out.11:24
*** aksl has quit IRC11:24
timeless_mbpcan you get osx to do per display color profiles?11:24
timeless_mbpi seem to recall not being able to get that to work11:25
GeneralAntillestimeless_mbp, yes.11:25
GeneralAntillesAll of my displays are calibrated.11:25
*** aksl has joined #maemo11:27
timeless_mbpSo basically your kid is like a programming language with poor looping support -
GeneralAntillesIf I get a new Mac Pro out of this thing it'll make my year11:38
timeless_mbppersonally i think it's more like a REPL w/o looping support beyond your ability to yell another order :)11:40
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo11:40
timeless_mbpsince a programming language generally implies some degree of persistence (subroutines)11:40
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*** tmoenicke has joined #maemo11:43
qwerty12No, please. Don't throw a SIGSEGV, I can handle the pain. I won't go insane, I promise.11:44
*** rmt has quit IRC11:44
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vasily_pupkinHi. anybody play recent wesnoth on nxx0?11:48
*** aksl has quit IRC11:48
*** aksl has joined #maemo11:51
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* lcuk has lost an hour, anyone know where it is12:10
mavhcit's in october12:10
qwerty12lcuk, yeah, check Reykjavik ;)12:11
*** mgwpub has joined #Maemo12:14
lcukmavhc, yeah but that doesnt help today12:14
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo12:16
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Stskeepswazd: prod12:18
lcukmornin Stskeeps \o12:19
Stskeepsmorning lcuk12:19
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC12:20
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*** aksl has joined #maemo12:22
lcukoops i just nearly broke my 81012:22
*** madha1 has quit IRC12:24
wazdRST38h: moo!12:26
wazdRST38h: and I'm finishing Ti 82 faceplate right now12:27
StskeepsRST38h: good flight?12:27
Stskeeps.. if you didn't just go to airport for picking up someone ::P12:27
GeneralAntillesHum, Synergy sends keyboard events, but not mouse. . . .12:28
RST38hwazdá: !!! Let me unpack the laptop =)12:29
wazdRST38h: have you left Moscow at last?)12:30
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo12:30
RST38hstsá: an ok flight, just 9:10, non stop12:30
RST38hwazd: came back already, we went to us for two weeks to visit parents and do some paperwork12:31
RST38hsts: surprisingly short lines in iad - either they fixed something or people stopped flying12:31
*** apopelo has joined #maemo12:34
RST38hwazd: the device selector thing looks nice, although I would go for more bright, prime colors, and the button arrangement is a bit different =)12:34
*** aksl has quit IRC12:35
*** aksl has joined #maemo12:37
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JaffaMorning, all12:42
*** vasily_pupkin has quit IRC12:42
wazdRST38h: ok, will do12:42
Stskeepsmorning Jaffa12:42
wazdmorning jaffa12:43
Stskeepsanyone know any magic way from a panel plugin in hildon-desktop to activate the menu of hildon-desktop itself? :P12:43
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*** TheJere has joined #maemo12:48
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*** bobl1k has quit IRC12:54
RST38hwazd: Also, are you absolutely sure this vertical effect at the left and right borders looks exactly like you want it to look? =)12:58
RST38hwazd: (current button layout left to right: ti85,ti86,ti82,ti83,ti83+,ti83+se,ti84+,ti84+se, and in the bottom row there is reset at the left and quit at the right)13:00
*** aksl has quit IRC13:02
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* konttori_ is installing canola to check it out.13:34
*** hannesw has joined #maemo13:35
mavhcI like canola for podcasts, but it takes up too much ram, and there's a bug involving returning to a recording, and from then on whenever you unpause it skips back to the returning point13:39
mavhcalso needs more kb control for skip forward/back 5/30 seconds13:39
mavhcfails to dl some audio podcasts that videocenter works with also13:40
*** aksl has quit IRC13:40
*** aksl has joined #maemo13:41
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*** mlpug has joined #maemo13:52
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo13:55
sistohave you guys seen this?
Stskeeps.. long ago?13:58
sistosome pretty neat projects13:58
sistoStskeeps: good for you13:58
qwerty12Considering that the GSOC link is in the topic...13:59
sistoI never read topics13:59
sistoI'll try to remember though13:59
sistosorry I guess it's a bad subject to talk about14:00
sistofor some reason14:00
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC14:01
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:02
sistoor some people like to be assholes14:02
GeneralAntillessisto, chill out, there's no need to get defensive.14:02
konttori_mavhc: well, with the new open source version of canola, it's easy to fix those issues14:03
GeneralAntillesOld news is just that, you can't blame people for being apathetic to things they've know about for a long time.14:03
konttori_except the ram consumption of course.14:03
*** aksl has left #maemo14:03
GeneralAntilleskonttori_, which should be less relevant with the 256MB in the next tablets, right? ;)14:04
mavhcdoes more ram use a lot more power?14:05
konttori_GeneralAntilles: ;)14:05
*** fish999 has quit IRC14:05
GeneralAntillesEither there's going to be a product announcement or I'm going to get a Nokian tarred and feathered. :D14:06
konttori_product announcement where?14:06
* Jaffa imagines there'll be a product announcement at *some* point...14:06
Stskeepsyeah, a lot of wasted sw work otherwise :P14:07
lcukthere will be a product announcement announcement first!14:07
GeneralAntillesI hope the product announcement comes first, as I'd hate to see the fine, open source loving Nokians in this channel replaced by more S60 types. ;)14:07
JaffaStskeeps: BTW, 0.11 going to include the new UI - with finished(ish) theme?14:07
StskeepsJaffa: finished(ish) aye14:07
* konttori_ also hopes an announcement would come soon, but has no idea when that would happen. Did we have some estimation of that?14:09
Stskeepsquirks atm: menu button in h-d doesn't work in h-d itself, but hw key does, zenvoid is working on the backgrounds of the buttons when selected14:09
GeneralAntilleskonttori_, we're in the dark14:09
GeneralAntillesI guess we can only hope it'll come sometime around the beta release14:09
GeneralAntillesHaven't even gotten any spyshots. :(14:10
*** netvandal has quit IRC14:10
sistoif not we can put maemo on the openpandora14:10
* Jaffa could imagine it being wanted to announce product and "and you can start developing for this device *now* by going to and downloading the beta SDK, including this final UI"14:10
*** jeff1f has quit IRC14:10
GeneralAntillesLacking an announcement the community is starting to go a bit stir crazy14:11
Stskeepsa bit?14:11
JaffaAnd the community was pretty crazy to start with14:11
*** _BuBU1 has joined #Maemo14:12
StskeepsJaffa: testing images of 0.11 coming out tomorrow14:12
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc314:16
b0unc3good morning14:16
konttori_Jaffa: it would be great if beta had all the final stuff14:17
konttori_(or close to final )14:17
Jaffakonttori_: that sounds like it's followed by a "but"14:17
konttori_but, I really don't know whether it will.14:17
konttori_it comes pretty soon, right?14:17
Stskeepsapril-may i think beta14:18
Stskeepsah, march-may14:19
timelE61igan: we're actually doing that internally14:19
timelE61iThey keep adding s60 process lovers14:19
timelE61ibtw, if i get my mac stuck14:20
timelE61iWhat's the equiv of ctrl-alt-del?14:20
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo14:21
* timelE61i breaks computer14:21
konttori_eh, must be april-may then, right? Not much happening this month anymore, right?14:22
* timelE61i hopes the mac port of zfs isn't horribly broken14:22
*** timeless_mbp has quit IRC14:22
timelE61iaww, it could be Jun/Jul ;)14:22
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:22
timelE61iPlenty of months left in the year14:22
Stskeepsdid your MBP die?14:23
timelE61iCan someone suggest a way to download'14:23
timelE61i /applications and /users/timeless didn't mount :)14:24
GeneralAntillestimelE61i, cmd-opt-esc14:24
GeneralAntillesHow long have you been using Macs?14:24
timelE61iMore than half my life on and off14:24
timelE61iBut i don't break the kernel that often14:25
timelE61iOk... So...14:25
GeneralAntillescmd-opt-esc is mostly for killing stuck apps, anyway14:25
GeneralAntillesThe powerbutton is to be used in the even of a kernel panic. ;)14:25
timelE61iyeah, i doubt it'd have helped14:25
*** trofi_ has joined #maemo14:25
GeneralAntillestimelE61i, ssh?14:26
timelE61i1. Find mac ip14:26
timelE61i2. Ssh14:26
timelE61ifrom wXP or 10.3.9 ? :)14:27
* Stskeeps ponders idly about hildon-desktop 2.214:27
Stskeepslet's see if this one is more sane than the one we tinker with..14:27
GeneralAntillestimelE61i, should work from XP with Bonjour installed.14:28
*** timeless has joined #maemo14:28
GeneralAntillesOr Linux with Avahi14:28
*** udovdh has quit IRC14:29
*** sphenxes01 has joined #maemo14:30
timelE61iok .2 is ppc, .7 is x8614:30
*** _BuBU has quit IRC14:31
timelE61iZpool status: no pools available14:31
Stskeepszpool import?14:31
*** netvandal has joined #maemo14:31
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo14:32
timelE61inone avail14:32
timelE61iAnd osx claims my pool volume is fat14:32
timelE61iWhich means i lost a week's work14:32
*** ignacius has joined #maemo14:33
Stskeepsinteresting, hildon-home doesn't seem to require clutter14:34
Stskeepsmight there be some sanity.. hm14:34
lcukno Stskeeps clutter is used as a compositor14:34
GeneralAntillesHome applets don't require Clutter, they _are_ clutter. :P14:34
timelE61iSts: i believe home applets are now hosted by a dedicated process14:35
timelE61iSo they only kill eachother14:35
StskeepstimelE61i: yes, and thank god for that14:35
qwerty12_N800if $user = Stskeeps; then "clutter not needed" #just to keep him happy14:35
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo14:36
*** sphenxes03 has quit IRC14:37
Stskeepsi'd much prefer to get API compatible with fremantle than spend another hour in hildon-desktop. :P14:37
*** trofi has quit IRC14:38
*** rzr has quit IRC14:40
*** rzr has joined #maemo14:40
*** fnordianslipeee has joined #maemo14:42
*** udovdh has joined #maemo14:46
*** housetier has joined #maemo14:48
*** nielsslot has joined #maemo14:49
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC14:51
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:53
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo14:54
*** gnuton has joined #maemo15:01
*** rsalveti has quit IRC15:03
GeneralAntillesHey, gnuton.15:07
gnutonhello GeneralAntilles:D15:07
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC15:07
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo15:08
*** trofi_ is now known as trofi15:10
*** ElPollo_ has joined #maemo15:13
*** bergie has joined #maemo15:13
*** bobl1k has joined #maemo15:18
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:19
*** secureendpoints_ has joined #maemo15:22
*** netvandal has quit IRC15:23
*** ElPollo has quit IRC15:24
*** derkaiser has joined #maemo15:24
*** derkaiser has left #maemo15:24
*** ustunozgur_home has joined #maemo15:24
*** gatestone has joined #maemo15:27
*** florian has joined #maemo15:27
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC15:28
*** gatestone has quit IRC15:29
*** asdfsdnkg has quit IRC15:31
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo15:36
*** secureendpoints has quit IRC15:39
yergaplease nokia, the rx-51 must be a phone15:39
yergai lost my n95 yesterday and need a new one15:40
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:45
*** Sargun has quit IRC15:46
*** housetier_ has joined #maemo15:46
mavhcopen source phone? won't the carriers complain that it'll distrupt their networks?15:47
keesjwith the current traffic options offered they must care less15:49
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo15:50
*** housetier has quit IRC15:50
keesjthe bug problem if it's a phone is that is will be less accesible/usable to students15:50
*** rsalveti has left #maemo15:51
*** fysa has quit IRC15:54
GeneralAntillesI don't think we can have it be a phone without a huge negative impact to Maemo.15:56
GeneralAntillesIt moves from being a generic Linux OS (with embedded undertones) to a real phone OS. Which is a Bad Thing in my opinion.15:57
*** fysamobi has joined #maemo16:00
* Jaffa wonders if the stuff Ari was "theoretically" discussing at the dinner at OSiM might explain RX-51/71 *and* the phone-y stuff in the s/w stack16:03
*** jegp has joined #maemo16:09
*** jegp has left #maemo16:10
*** eichi has joined #maemo16:11
GeneralAntillesApple phone support was no help.16:15
*** stv0 has joined #maemo16:16
GeneralAntillesHehe, Twitter for Canola.16:16
GeneralAntillesCanola OS16:16
ShadowJKI'd love it if the next tablet has HSDPA16:18
ShadowJKThen I'd just use transfer my current cellphone number to VoIP and use that16:18
JaffaShadowJK: The next tablet has HSPA16:18
ShadowJKor get a new one if they wont allow me to transfer16:18
*** stv0 has left #maemo16:18
*** x29a__ has joined #maemo16:21
*** x29a_ has quit IRC16:36
*** bergwolf_ has joined #maemo16:37
lfelipeGeneralAntilles: not until emacs, not until emacs :P16:38
*** bergwolf_ has left #maemo16:39
*** bergie has quit IRC16:40
*** disco_stu_N800 has joined #maemo16:42
*** disco_stu has quit IRC16:42
* ShadowJK is hoping for 512megs16:43
*** b-man` has joined #maemo16:43
*** disco_stu_N800 is now known as disco_stu16:43
ShadowJKOh, anyone noticed Nokia is selling a 16gigabyte /micro/sdhc now?16:43
GeneralAntillesWho buys flash media from OEMs?16:44
*** lopz has quit IRC16:44
ShadowJKGeneralAntilles, well I just found it strange to not find 16gig microsdhc from the regular places, but that nokia sells them, and nokia seems to be a bit "lazy" with their own store as to not piss off resellers too much16:45
GeneralAntillesOh? Amazon doesn't have 16GB?16:45
ShadowJKjust odd to find something as new and big there16:45
ShadowJKAmazon doesn't ship to finland :)16:46
ShadowJKatleast not !books16:46
GeneralAntillesFinland doesn't count16:47
*** florian has quit IRC16:47
qwerty12_N800Florida V Finland16:49
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo16:50
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC16:51
*** secureendpoints_ is now known as secureendpoints16:51
*** housetier has joined #maemo16:53
GeneralAntillesqwerty12_N800, :P16:54
GeneralAntillesFlorida & Finland vs qwerty12's stupid face.16:55
qwerty12_N800Aww, gee, thanks16:56
*** crashanddie_ has quit IRC17:00
*** crashanddie__ has joined #maemo17:00
*** housetier_ has quit IRC17:03
*** qwerty12 has joined #maEMO17:03
*** b-man` has quit IRC17:12
wazdI'm back17:13
* GeneralAntilles hides17:13
*** lcuk has joined #maemo17:14
*** lcukx41 has joined #maemo17:14
*** zlirp has joined #maemo17:15
*** jnettlet has quit IRC17:15
zlirpHey all.  Can anyone help me get my N810 doing GPS with any degree of speed & accuracy?17:15
zlirpI just flashed with RX-44_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin, and when I try to install A-GPS, it sits there saying "Downloading 190KB"17:16
zlirpThen eventually fails.17:16
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo17:16
*** yerga has quit IRC17:18
RST38hheya wazd17:18
GeneralAntilleszlirp, something wrong with your internet connection?17:25
getxsicki have 2 questions related to gsoc17:25
zlirpGeneralAntilles: I am using the same connection to chat here :)17:25
RST38hBeep! Another "tablet sucks" thread on itt!17:25
zlirpThe IT can access the internet through the web browser.  Albeit slowly.17:25
*** alecrim has joined #maemo17:26
GeneralAntilleszlirp, have you tried apt-get install a-gps?17:26
* timeless grumbles17:26
zlirpDo I need root privs for that?17:26
timelesshow hard is it to spell a cipher suite's name correctly when referencing it?17:26
getxsickfirstly, tests on maemo platform are necessary?17:27
zlirpGeneralAntilles: I get "permission denied", likely because I'm not root17:27
GeneralAntilleszlirp, yes, try installing rootsh from application manager17:27
timelessgetxsick: this channel doesn't really seem to answer such questions17:27
zlirpk, one mo17:27
lcukgetxsick, a project for the maemo platform should be usable on the maemo platofrm, no point in creating a masterpiece if its not optimal for the device17:28
timelesspersonally, i'd hope applicants for GSoC could figure out the answer for themselves17:28
RST38hwazd: Looks stunningly perfect =)17:28
RST38hwazd: Saving, will reboot to Linux and try it as soon as the ftp transfer is finished =)17:28
getxsicklcuk: what with student doesn't have hardware with maemo device?17:28
*** fysamobi is now known as fysa17:29
getxsicktimeless: personnaly, open moko year ago gave their devices for free for the students17:29
timelesshow's your open moko device doing?17:29
wazdI forgot 1 detail17:29
zlirpGeneralAntilles: "couldn't find package a-gps"17:29
RST38hwazd: ?17:30
zlirpGeneralAntilles: Odd because it does show up in the application manager?17:30
GeneralAntilleszlirp, I got the package name wrong17:30
ShadowJKzlirp, agps-ui17:30
GeneralAntillesRight, that.17:30
getxsickmine? i wasn't work on this project, different one. but my flatmate did, he got freerunner17:30
zlirpk sec :)17:31
timelessdoes he still use it?17:31
getxsickdon't think so, at least i only saw it on his desk17:31
zlirpGeneralAntilles: It sits at 0% [waiting for headers]17:31
timelessright... sounds like a wonderful project17:31
timelessi'll be sure to recommend we waste however much money on a similar project the next time i speak w/ someone about this17:32
getxsickyou mean about whole openmoko idea? :)17:32
GeneralAntilleszlirp, maybe an issue with your local Akamai mirror.17:32
GeneralAntilleszlirp, have you had issues with the repositories in the past?17:33
zlirphard to say17:33
timelessthere's a requirement somewhere about being enthusiastic17:33
timelessif the result is giving away hardware to people who don't use it less than a year later17:33
timelessi'd say that something failed17:33
GeneralAntilleszlirp, well, you can try waiting a day to see if it improves, or maybe grabbing the debs directly will work.17:33
timelessi'd much rather give away hardware to people who have proven they will remain involved17:34
*** eichi has quit IRC17:34
timelessfwiw, i've given away a number of nokia tablets17:34
RST38hwazd: btw, ti83+ is here: (and both ti83+ and ti83+se have blue APPS button instead of MATRIX)17:34
timeless(at least 3, a 770, an n800 and an n810)17:34
zlirpGeneralAntilles: Somehow I just don't think this package is in high enough demand for a day to solve the problem :(17:34
getxsicktimeless: maybe other do, not he. at least there were a lot of bad words about his mentor made by Leslie. whatever17:34
GeneralAntilleszlirp, it's not the package17:34
GeneralAntillesIt could be local connectivity issues17:34
timelessyeah... wonderful17:34
zlirpYeah, it's the cache.17:34
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo17:34
zlirpBut will this mean that all my other updates will have to be done manually?17:35
getxsicktimeless: so, should i have own maemo platform?17:35
RST38hwazd: what changed? =)17:35
GeneralAntilleszlirp, no, it'll go back to normal whenever the repo figures itself out.17:35
wazdRST38h: shadow on the screen bevel17:35
timelesspersonally, if i were organizing it (and i'm not)17:35
wazdRST38h: screen is a bit deeper than the case17:36
GeneralAntilleszlirp, if you're feeling adventurous, you can try changing the sources entry for the certified repo to instead of repository.maemo.org17:36
GeneralAntillesWhich'll bypass the misbehaving cache17:36
*** darkblue_B has left #maemo17:36
zlirpGeneralAntilles: I definitely am.  There's so much I want this tablet to be able to do, but it just seems incapable of the most basic of things.17:36
zlirpI'll try that right away.17:36
* RST38h is itching to release this version17:37
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo17:37
GeneralAntilleszlirp, well, repository connectivity issues are a good way to hamstring yourself starting off.17:37
zlirpYeah :)17:37
zlirpI hope that future OSses *not* produced by Nokia don't tank as badly as Maemo has.17:37
GeneralAntillesMaemo really works pretty well17:37
zlirpIt's slow.17:38
GeneralAntillesBetter than most of the competitors out there.17:38
RST38hDid maemo tank?17:38
GeneralAntillesEh, you're asking a lot of a relatively small CPU.17:38
zlirpI've been *sold* a lot of a relatively small CPU.17:38
zlirpFit for purpose comes to mind.  I'm just trying to get somewhere with what I'm left with.17:38
GeneralAntillesAs long as you stick to light multitasking and are realistic in your expectations it works just fine.17:38
GeneralAntillesIt's my primary mobile device and laptop replacement.17:39
timelessgan: but i want the world in my pocket and three full sized ponies17:39
zlirpI think you misunderstand.17:39
timelessnone of these mini ponies17:39
zlirpI'm not asking it to be a supercomputer.17:39
GeneralAntillestimeless, I'm hoping to get at least some of the world with OMAP3. ;)17:39
timelessi've seen the world, and i still want three full sized ponies17:40
zlirpIt's not unreasonable however to anticipate that the device will be able to fulfil everything written on the box with some degree of speed and responsiveness.17:40
*** fredix has quit IRC17:40
timelesszlirp: um, what does it say on the box?17:40
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:40
GeneralAntilleszlirp, I've found that it does that and more.17:40
zlirpI just can't use this thing with any degree of satisfaction.  It's slow and unresponsive.17:40
zlirpHave you been able to use the GPS effectively?17:41
zlirpAs in --- moving around.17:41
* RST38h has been17:41
RST38his there a problem with using gps?17:41
RST38hthere was problem with gps locking on a position but that has been mostly solved with agps17:41
zlirpSee, and I've had AGPS going on prior flashes of the device (this is just my quarterly kick at the can to get this thing working)17:42
* timeless grumbles17:42
timelessis too hard to read17:42
timelesshow does anyone expect to read the box that way?17:42
zlirpIt helps with getting the local sats going for sure.  But holding the lock and the actual data returned is still pretty shoddy.17:42
RST38hworks for me17:43
GeneralAntillestimeless, what, have they gotten rid of all the N810 boxes there in favor of the new hotness already? :P17:43
timelessgan: my box is 7' behind me17:43
timelessi don't want to reach for it17:43
GeneralAntillesLazy SOB17:43
timelessok, i will hereby recite the box17:43
timelessNOKIA Nseries17:44
zlirpGeneralAntilles: Which catalogue should I update?17:44
timelessNokia N810 Internet Tablet17:44
timeless<rotate box>17:44
timelessNOKIA Nseries17:44
timeless<rotate box>17:44
timelessNokia N810 Internet Tablet17:44
GeneralAntilleszlirp, the one that has certified in the URL17:44
timeless<rotate box>17:44
timelessNokia N810 Internet Tablet17:45
zlirpGeneralAntilles: So from to ?17:45
timeless<rotate box>17:45
GeneralAntillesI though AGPS was on maemo.org17:45
zlirpI have 4 repos (I enabled extras)17:45
timelessKeep in touch.17:45
zlirpNokia catalogue, Nokia catalogue (3rd party software), nokia system software updates, maemo Extras17:46
GeneralAntilleszlirp, sort of hamstrung myself over here, my main desktop just died.17:46
GeneralAntillesOne sec17:46
timelessEntertain. Acess your social sites, update blogs17:46
timelessand enjoy the best of the web. With the Nokia N810 Internet17:46
timelessTablet you are free to go and discover what's new -- it's the17:46
timelessentire internet in your pocket.17:47
timelessEasy internet connection over Wi-Fi or compatible17:47
VDVsxgetxsick, your friend work in which project for OpenMoko ?17:47
timelessmobile phone17:47
timelessExperience Web 2.0 with a browser based17:47
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:47
timelesson Adobe(r) Flash(r) 9 plug-in17:47
getxsickVDVsx: sms middleware17:47
timelessInternet calling with built-in web camera17:47
timelessInstant messaging and email with17:47
GeneralAntilleszlirp, you'll have to edit the sources list directlyh17:47
timelessa QWERTY keyboard17:47
ShadowJKI haven't really experienced any of the GPS problems other people seem to have.. I am constantly running out of RAM badly though. I wonder if there's anyone that makes DRAM in miniSD formfactor ;-)17:47
timelessBE entertained with music and videos17:48
timelessHelps you find your way17:48
GeneralAntillesSince the Application Manager wont let you mess with the bundled official repos17:48
timelesswith built-in GPS17:48
timelessBe closer with your Nokia N810 Internet Tablet17:48
timelessModel Number: N81017:48
timeless{translated into a number of languages, i'm relatively confident the translations do not promise more than the English}17:48
ShadowJKActually, I have a complaint about the box. It says Nokia N-Series but the Nseries website tells me to get a Nseries device ;) </joke>17:49
zlirpAlright, so just nano /etc/apt...sources whatever?17:49
timelessGoogleTalk (logo) penguin (logo) skype (logo) Bluetooth (logo) wayfinder (logo) flash (logo)17:49
timelessWarning: Emergency calls are not supported.17:49
GeneralAntilleszlirp, hum, looks like it's on tableteer17:49
timeless(c) 2007 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Nseries, and N810 are trademarks or registered trademarks of17:50
GeneralAntilleswhich there's no non-Akamai mirror for.17:50
GeneralAntilleszlirp, just download the .deb directly17:50
timelessNokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners.17:50
GeneralAntillesYou'll need to grab the suplicant daemon, too.17:50
zlirpweb browser crashed17:50
timelessNOKIA Connecting People17:50
zlirpGod this thing is such a lemon.17:50
timeless<end of box>17:50
timelessI don't see any promises about time to lock17:50
zlirpK, I'll grab 'em both...17:51
GeneralAntilleszlirp, what were you doing when it crashed?17:51
Stskeeps <- wow :P17:51
zlirptyping in THAT URL17:51
GeneralAntilleszlirp, not loading a page?17:51
zlirpWell, typing it in and hitting enter, so yeah...upon attempting to load it.17:51
zlirpGonna try again though, to be fair.17:51
GeneralAntillesI wonder, have you ever reformatted the internal 2GB?17:52
zlirpmultiple times17:52
GeneralAntillesrepartitioned, I should say.17:52
*** Guysoft42 has joined #maemo17:52
zlirpIn the past, I've followed lots of instructions.17:52
* ShadowJK still has the broken partition table17:53
GeneralAntillesWell, a corrupt filesystem on the internal 2GB can lead to lots of slowdowns and instability17:53
timelessshadowjkl: i think i might have finally fixed mine17:53
timelessor not, i can't remember17:53
GeneralAntillesMany of those bugs have been fixed, but not all of them.17:53
timelessanyway, having read the box, i can vouch for the box not having promised a time-to-fix17:53
zlirpYeah, and I'm sure I've followed instructions to redo a bad partition table.  Something to do with size, right?17:54
GeneralAntilleszlirp, I'm assuming you've been through something like ?17:54
timelessand in fact, very few boxes are stupid enough to actually promise time-to-fix17:54
zlirpLike I said, about every 3 or 4 months, I dust this lemon off and try to get some degree of functionality out of it.  But it's slow and unresponsive even running ONE app.17:54
timelesspeople who make boxes are in the business of selling products, not accepting returns for failing to do what they promise on their boxes :)17:54
zlirpI'm not too sure I can adjust my expectations any lower - nor do I think I should be expected to.17:54
ShadowJKMine seems to get a fix in the time it takes me to walk out the house, get into the car, take tablet and phone out of pocket, put them in their places and attach charger to atleast one of them17:54
mavhcI never managed to get anything to fix a corrupted mmc1 vfat partition17:55
Stskeepszlirp: you can always hack the OS though. 80% open source17:55
zlirpMy old Palm performed better than this.17:55
GeneralAntilleszlirp, there is always the chance that you do, infact, have a lemon.17:55
zlirpWell, how do I warranty it?17:55
Stskeepsi have seen a dead internal SD17:55
timelesszlirp: call nokia care?17:55
timelessit's document in the manual17:55
zlirpCan I contact Nokia and do some kinda setup?17:55
timelessboth printed and electronic17:55
GeneralAntilleszlirp, not being able to interact with your particular tablet, I can't say whether it doesn't fit the norm or whether your expectations are skewed.17:55
zlirp(like I do with most every other electronic device that breaks on me)17:55
zlirpMy expectations I think are reasonable.17:55
* timeless isn't sure17:56
*** ffbb has joined #maemo17:56
zlirpI've been using lots of devices and the best I can say is that it's very slow to respond to most forms of input.17:56
ShadowJKI wonder what kind of sensitivity threshold the nokia care people have for the touchscreen, like, am I supposed to be able to use it with finger without the LCD going funnycolors? :-)17:56
zlirpWe could split hairs on that all day long, but the fact is that smaller more powerful devices are produced that have better usability than this.17:56
zlirpI can conclusively say after trying to do a few runs at geocaching that it's nowhere near accurate or usable though....17:56
Stskeepsoh, the GPS we can all agree on is miserable :P17:57
zlirpI'll have a Garmin Etrex vista in one hand, and my N810, and my N810 is kilos off.17:57
GeneralAntilleszlirp, well, considering that the basic platform is from January 2007, yes, I'd say so.17:57
mavhcthe gps seems about 1 second behind reality when I'm in a car17:57
zlirpMy GPS is barely in the same area of the city.17:57
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC17:57
mavhcit's broken/corrupted then17:57
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo17:58
timelesszlirp: the nokia n810 is not sold as a gps device w/ accuracy of 1 inch17:58
zlirpGeneralAntilles: I have followed those instructions in the past.17:58
zlirpTo no improvement.17:58
timelessagain, having read the box, just now for everyone else's benefit, it just doesn't say that17:58
*** madhav has joined #maemo17:58
timelessif you want the best gps signal detection, you probably will find that the latest and greatest dedicated gps will be much better17:58
zlirpI'm beyond forgiving of this, I try to do everything possible to get the N810 working nicely because I WANT it to work - rather badly.17:58
zlirpIf my N810 exploded today, I'd probably wait for another linux-based device.17:59
ShadowJKI have a sirf III gps dongle.. the N810 GPS doesn't get first-fix as fast, and needs stronger signal to get fix, but it stays locked on in weaker signal than the dongle.. accuracy seems similar17:59
zlirpI wish someone at Nokia would offer me a good-will trade up price or something.  I'll mail the N810 and pay a kind difference.17:59
GeneralAntillesTrade up to what?17:59
zlirpWhatever is out next whenever it's out next.17:59
zlirpI've waited almost a year already, I can wait longer.18:00
zlirpThat's what I mean.  My expectations are not unreasonable thus far.18:00
zlirpI've really let it all slide.18:00
mavhcdon't wait longer than the warrenty, whic is what?18:00
*** D has joined #maemo18:00
ShadowJK2 years in europe I believe18:00
zlirpat least a year I hope.  Otherwise I'll know this device was a red herring :(18:00
*** D is now known as Guest570318:00
*** Guest5703 has left #maemo18:01
mavhcformat the internal card, reinstall the OS, does it make a difference?18:01
RST38hzlirp: My universal advice is to get an iPhone.18:01
zlirpI've done that multiple times (even tried Mer, but it's pretty beta)18:01
zlirpI don't want an apple product.18:01
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:01
RST38hOk, buy an HTC.18:02
mavhcso in the non gps department, what's wrong?18:02
zlirpWhy are you telling me what to do outside of the scope of the N810?18:02
zlirpI don't want windows mobile.18:02
RST38hzlirp: Because it is clear to me that you are not satisfied with n81018:02
mavhcdoes it take 3 mins to load the browser?18:02
ShadowJKOnce when I rebooted, a kernel process was using 99% CPU. It made it pretty unusable18:02
Stskeepszlirp: tried the webkit engine?18:02
zlirpRST38h: Okay, well respect the fact that I'm talking about the N810 and not your preference then.18:02
zlirpGeneralAntilles: Should I install the supl-daemon from web or repos?18:03
GeneralAntilleszlirp, whichever you can make work.18:03
zlirpK, sec.18:03
zlirpGeneralAntilles: "Unable to install supl-daemon.  Incompatible application package."18:04
Stskeepsis it diablo?18:04
GeneralAntilleszlirp, dpkg -i18:04
qwerty12dpkg -i it18:04
GeneralAntilleszlirp, it's not a user-facing package, so Application Manager wont install it.18:05
zlirpWhere is the "documents" folder on the actual filesystem itself?18:06
zlirpMan, if I could even just geocache with this thing, I'd be so happy!18:07
RST38hzlirp: I am simply making a practical suggestion18:08
GeneralAntilleszlirp, well, a Bluetooth GPS is an option18:08
GeneralAntillesThat'll get more accurate fixes faster than your Garmin.18:08
zlirpRST38h: Okay, well your practical suggestion has a familiar aire of "haha, I just told you to go away" to it.  I have an N810, it's staying with me, and I'm TRYING to make it work.  Maybe you could give me some credit?18:08
zlirpAlright.  We got A-GPS installed.18:09
zlirpShould I fire it up off the menu first?18:09
zlirpSelect my general location?18:09
zlirpOh, it pops up for me :D18:09
mavhcthe problem is you come in saying it sucks, thus everyone hates you, go out, come in again and say you can't get it to work18:09
zlirpmavhc: I'm not exactly in an unfounded minority.  Maybe a vocal minority ;)18:09
GeneralAntillesGenerally with open source, it helps to stroke peoples egos rather than tearing them down before you ask for help. :D18:10
Stskeepsheh.. the times i have moaned about maemo when i was doing deblet18:10
zlirpmavhc: There are more than enough accounts of the N810's performance from multiple sources.  At least I'm still trying because I know at least one application could be useful and still fit.18:10
Stskeepsuntil i realized there's good things and good reasons for things being as they are18:10
zlirpI look forward to other projects taking the N810 on as a platform.  I realize performance will never exceed expectations.  But maybe one day something will take root.18:10
zlirpMer looks great TBH.18:10
timelesstrying to annoy people isn't a good starting position18:11
timelessyou're asking for help.18:11
timelessthese people for the most part are just people like you who happen to be slightly happier than you are18:11
zlirpGiven time, it could have potential.  Especially if some focus is done on just some simple (and boring, yes) UI usability an responsiveness efforts.18:11
timelessnone of them are paid to support you18:11
zlirpAnyway, that's not here right now.18:11
zlirpGeneralAntilles: Should I allow packet data?18:12
* GeneralAntilles doesn't have an N81018:12
zlirpJust wondering if it's a setting I want to enable for A-GPS...18:12
Stskeepszlirp: trust me.. some of the other open source frameworks are miserable in comparison :) (usability/responsiveness)18:12
GeneralAntilleszlirp, I can't answer usefully. I think it only applies to if you're tethering, but I'm not sure.18:13
mavhcdo you have a mobile phone connected to the n810 for internet?18:13
mavhcthen no18:13
zlirpkk, thanks18:13
zlirpmoving forward :D18:14
zlirpI fire up maemo mapper.  It's stuck in the English channel right now and establishing GPS fix.18:15
*** sisto has quit IRC18:15
GeneralAntilleszlirp, note, you're unlikely to have much luck getting a fix indoors18:16
GeneralAntillesTake it to a southern facing window if possible.18:16
timelessaww, what if he travels to .au? :)18:17
GeneralAntillestimeless, who would want to go there?18:18
* timelE61i !18:18
timelE61ithey speak English or so i've heard18:18
zlirpSo, now...Should it be able to hold a lock once I get it and walk around?  My house is a bungalow, if that helps at all ;)18:18
mavhccome for the snakes, stay for the coffins18:19
*** Fifth has joined #maemo18:19
qwerty12To the land where the government are anal about games & the internet. No thanks.18:19
*** sisto has joined #maemo18:19
GeneralAntillesIt apparently hold locks well once it gets them.18:19
*** fredix has joined #maemo18:19
mavhcif you're not outside I'd say leave it on a south facing windowsill until it locks, however long that takes18:19
mavhcthen experiment18:19
*** aloisiojr has left #maemo18:20
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: It apparently holds locks well once it gets them.18:20
*** udovdh has quit IRC18:22
*** alecrim has quit IRC18:22
*** aksl has joined #maemo18:23
*** alecrim has joined #maemo18:24
*** udovdh has joined #maemo18:24
zlirpOk!  I have a lock.18:26
zlirpThat was reasonably fast I'd say.18:27
zlirpWould it need the internet on always to get that kind of precision and speed?18:27
*** kozak has joined #maemo18:27
GeneralAntillesOnly if you move more than 300 miles.18:27
zlirpThat's unlikely ;)  LOL18:27
timelE61isome people do18:27
zlirpOh, I do lots of driving.  I just don't have much of a reson to take this with me.18:28
zlirpMaybe that will change.18:28
mavhcmove 300 miles without turning the gps on that is18:28
zlirpYeah, if you keep it on, I guess it can track the changes?18:29
ShadowJKI think it needs internet in the last half hour or hour before you try start and get a lock with the gps18:29
zlirpIs there any way to tell maemo-mapper to pre-cache an entire region?18:30
ShadowJKotherwise it's a bit slower18:30
zlirpSo that I can go offline with this?18:30
Stskeepszlirp: yeah, you can ask it to download i think18:30
* Stskeeps does that occasionally18:30
GeneralAntilleszlirp, yes, there's an option in the menu18:30
GeneralAntillesIt's covered in detail in the help18:30
timelE61iif you're bored, you can do it by hand from the ui18:30
*** aksl has quit IRC18:31
timelE61iNot a bad way to pass time at an airport...18:31
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:31
timelE61i(LHR, works best if a carrier is offering tetherable phones for net access)18:31
mavhcdo you not have the wayfinder map software?18:32
*** aksl has joined #maemo18:32
zlirpI think I'll use the google sat maps.18:32
zlirpThat's a lot of data to cache though.18:32
timelE61iit's not bad18:33
zlirpAh.  It just lost my GPS fix.18:33
timelE61iI used a 1g card to cache data for both sat and st for the globe at a bunch of res's18:33
zlirpIt's kind of jumping around, is there anything I can do to get better stationary precision?18:33
Stskeepsnot be indoors? :P18:33
timelE61iMove in a straight line in a car :)18:34
zlirpIn the past, I've left this "tracing a route" an left it sitting still, and I get a 10KM square scribble for a route.  LOL18:34
timelE61ii think my bouncing has generally been closer to 100m18:35
ShadowJKabout 50-100m for me18:35
ShadowJK(indoors in a window)18:35
suihkulokkicould be a hw error. gps antenna not connected properly or something.18:35
timelE61iOtoh, having used google maps on a phone recently, it was off by an entire cell18:35
zlirptower GPS or phone GPS?18:35
timelE61iPhone doesn't have gps18:36
zlirpYeah, tower GPS is a joke.  LOL18:36
timelE61iSo whether it was triangulating or trusting...18:36
zlirpIt does it based off of the current tower it's communicating with.18:36
*** danilocesar has quit IRC18:36
zlirpI've been driving on the road and my blackberry thinks I'm 30KM "back that way".18:37
*** EgS has quit IRC18:37
*** eichi has joined #maemo18:37
ShadowJKIt would be awesome if you could get the full list of towers in range and the timing advance, for added precision, but I think you can only get the ID of the current cell the phone is communicating with :/18:37
mavhcthere's various kinds of agps, the cell phone tower stuff is about 3 of them18:37
timelE61ihistorically phones new of a couple of towers18:38
ShadowJKyeah but there's no sane API to get the phone to tell you?18:38
infobottimelE61i meant: historically phones knews of a couple of towers18:38
zlirpJavaScript in an opera browser :D18:38
timelE61iWhether they expose that to apps is a different story18:38
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC18:38
*** chelli has joined #maemo18:38
timelE61iZlirp: eh?18:38
zlirptimelE61i:  I'm not 100% sure as I haven't tried it myself, but opera I think can pull GPS data when running on a phone.18:39
zlirpI think it's an option on my BB.18:39
ShadowJKThe triangulation business requires network/operator support though :(18:39
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo18:39
zlirpSo if that were the case, they might abstract it a little.18:39
timelE61ioh, fennec can get gps from supported models too18:39
timelE61iSo what?18:40
mavhcthat lists 6 or 7 things agps can do18:40
ShadowJKmavhc, you know, timeless was talking about google maps on phone without (a)gps18:40
mavhcthat's number 1 on the list18:41
timelE61iHeck, fennec on your n810 can support gps too18:41
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC18:41
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:41
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo18:42
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo18:42
*** EgS has joined #maemo18:43
ShadowJKin the google maps case, when you use google maps with a GPS unit, google maps is recording the cell ID and the GPS position and sending that to google. When you don't have a GPS, google just looks up the cellID in their database and draws a circle around previous GPS-enabled observations of that cell, or something similar :D18:43
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC18:44
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s18:44
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:44
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo18:45
mavhcI'm wondering if they scan for wifi networks and gps locate them whilst they're doing streetview18:46
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo18:47
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo18:48
*** aksl has quit IRC18:49
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo18:50
*** jeremiah_ has quit IRC18:50
mavhcwhat's minigpsd about?18:50
qwerty12Oh, nice. osso_display_blanking_pause() actually worked for me.18:50
*** aksl has joined #maemo18:50
timelE61iWorking apis?18:51
*** lbt has joined #maemo18:52
qwerty12Lol, yeah. If they weren't working though, I'd blame the person in front of my monitor :)18:53
timelE61iHrm, you've been conditioned- you may pass18:54
qwerty12Ah, cute, the autobuilder/scratchbox chokes when building Bundyo's libwebkit for x86 :)18:54
qwerty12I was hoping I could avoid setting arch: armel as opposed to arch: any but I guess I'll have to.18:55
MeizirkkiWhy is marquee-background disabled atm?18:58
*** ab has joined #maemo18:58
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]19:03
StskeepsMeizirkki: it fails to work properly19:04
Stskeepswe suspect it's because the background is -actually- black :P19:04
*** lele has quit IRC19:05
Stskeepsok, this is possibly violating a bunch of encapsulation principles..19:07
Stskeepsbut it makes menu button work in H-D19:07
*** zeptar has joined #maemo19:08
zeptargood afternoon19:08
zeptardoes anyone have an alternate download link for MediaConverter for OSX Intel?19:08
zeptarthe link i have doesn't work anymore19:09
zeptaris a dead link19:09
GeneralAntilleszeptar, try mediautils?19:09
zeptarand the new 'beta' one doesn't work well for me19:09
zeptarwhere would that be GeneralAntilles ?19:10
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo19:11
zeptarthanks! i'll give it a shot!19:12
zeptardo you know what happened to konttori's ?19:12
*** booiiing_ has joined #maemo19:13
qwerty12Why not ask him yourself? He's currently on the channel, just dunno if he is around.19:13
*** booiiing has quit IRC19:13
zeptari emailed him earlier today19:13
zeptarkonttori_: i was wondering where i can download your mediaconverter for mac osx intel19:13
zeptarkonttori_: the link on your site doesn't work19:14
zeptarthe link for PPC works, but converts to slow under rosetta19:15
Stskeepsqwerty12: i has clickable h-d menu, and through it, drag lock :>19:17
Stskeepsseems to be trivial to add state with gconf19:17
qwerty12Stskeeps, ooh, sexy19:17
qwerty12Cool, I was thinking about trying to do the same sometime19:17
lbtgnuton: you around ?19:18
gnutonlbt: Hi David! :D I'm cleaning my flat. But every N minutes I check my laptop19:19
*** kozak has quit IRC19:20
qwerty12Stskeeps, wow, looks wicked. Although, had any luck with the task switcher chopping the first line of the title off? :)19:20
*** danilocesar has quit IRC19:21
*** herzi has quit IRC19:21
Stskeepsqwerty12: not yet, but next week is for bug fixing19:21
qwerty12fair ennuf19:21
Stskeepswhich means theme errors, inconsistencies, etc, but not extra features19:21
Stskeepsso we can probably look into it there :P19:22
lbtgnuton: no probs... I had success last night :)19:22
lbtI am running qtdemo as a test suite :)19:22
*** herzi has joined #maemo19:22
lbtand I think you are going to like it :)19:22
lbtgraphicsview, TreeView, textedit, scrollarea... all working19:23
lbtI'm going to make a video...19:23
*** matt_c has quit IRC19:24
*** ignacius has quit IRC19:27
zeptarhave a good day maemoers :D19:27
*** zeptar has quit IRC19:28
lcuk+1 lbt19:29
lcukinfact, +a cherry as well19:29
*** aksl has quit IRC19:29
*** croppa has quit IRC19:29
gnutonlbt: cool :D19:29
*** croppa has joined #maemo19:29
gnutonlbt: I've done some progress too with the ariya code. Now it works, but the animation could be improved with jumping edges, limits in the maxiumum speed..19:32
*** zeptar has joined #maemo19:33
zeptari found a link that works19:33
zeptarjust in case anyone was wondering19:33
zeptarpeace and love, peace and love19:33
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC19:35
*** geaaru has joined #maemo19:38
*** Meiz_mer has joined #maemo19:41
*** ustunozgur_home has quit IRC19:41
zeptarthanks konttori i found it.19:41
zeptargreat tool waay better than the new beta they got19:42
Meiz_merStskeeps, are those menus in panel meant to look like this?:
zeptarkonttori_: you may want to update the links on your site, it was driving me crazy19:43
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:45
*** zlirp has left #maemo19:46
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC19:46
*** qwerty12 has joined #maEMO19:47
*** brolin has joined #maemo19:49
StskeepsMeiz_mer: grab a newer version of hildon-theme19:50
Stskeepsor is this your own theme?19:50
Meiz_merthat is hildon-theme-liberty-mer, latest available19:51
Stskeepsalso hildon-desktop? :P19:51
Stskeepsgrab hildon-desktop and marquee-plugins19:51
Meiz_merthanks again :)19:52
Stskeepsjust dist-upgrade really19:52
*** eichi has quit IRC19:52
Stskeepsnp, tomorrow it is party time for the testers, as they can have 0.11 images to start testing :P19:52
Stskeepsnice job on the (x)19:52
*** Meiz_mer has quit IRC19:52
Stskeepswhat filename is that?19:52
*** Guysoft42 has quit IRC19:58
*** ZrZ has joined #maemo19:59
*** madha1 has joined #maemo20:00
*** tmoenicke has quit IRC20:01
*** getxsick has left #maemo20:03
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:05
*** netvandal has joined #maemo20:07
*** torkiano has joined #maemo20:08
*** Meiz_mer has joined #maemo20:09
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:10
*** Meiz_mer has quit IRC20:11
*** yerga has joined #maemo20:12
torkianohello all, I read and I'd like change the version of one bugs but I can't20:12
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC20:13
torkianofor example this bug is still valid in latest maemo release 4.1.320:13
*** TheFatal has quit IRC20:14
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:16
*** ymalheiros has joined #maemo20:17
*** beavis has joined #maemo20:17
*** madhav has quit IRC20:19
*** Meiz_mer has joined #maemo20:19
timelE61igan: do you have grant:canconfirm+editbugs?20:22
GeneralAntillesDon't believe so.20:24
timelE61itorkiano: not having read the article, and not knowing you, i'd sooner have you comment in a couple of bugs20:25
*** t_s_o has quit IRC20:26
timelE61iUnless someone vouches for your reliability20:26
*** fireun has joined #maemo20:26
*** krutt has quit IRC20:28
torkianotimelE61i, I'll comment in the bugs then ;)20:28
*** brolin has quit IRC20:30
*** ZrZ has quit IRC20:32
*** wazd has quit IRC20:32
*** drjnut has quit IRC20:35
*** ffbb has left #maemo20:36
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu20:37
RST38hIntel Core 2 Quad S-Series shaves power consumption to 65W20:37
* RST38h hehes nervously20:37
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo20:39
*** Macer_ has joined #maemo20:39
summatusmentisis there anyone around that chose to use an n8x0 over an eee?20:40
RST38hwhat is there to choose?20:40
RST38heee is a laptop, n8x0 is a gsm-less phone.20:40
RST38htwo absolutely different animals20:41
*** blkno1 has quit IRC20:41
summatusmentisright, but they both have similar functionality20:41
RST38hyea, they both run Linux20:41
RST38hand can run the same applications20:41
freelikegnueee does not function in my shirt pocket20:41
RST38hthat is where similarity ends20:42
summatusmentisi'm trying to figure out if I can get away with using my n8x0 as the only mobile device (well, a phone)20:42
summatusmentisThat is, switching from macbook, to desktop+nit20:43
summatusmentisas compared to desktop+eee20:43
RST38hCould you list what you are going to use it for20:44
* RST38h was able to use n8x0 as the only mobile device (+ phone) for 3 weeks, in a pinch20:44
summatusmentisuh... web (browsing,im,irc,etc.), ssh, document creation/editing20:45
summatusmentisbasically a mobile computer when not at a desktop20:45
RST38hok. IM and IRC are no problem at all as long as you can deal with the keyboard input.20:46
till-document can be a problem20:46
summatusmentisI'm irc'ing from the n810 as we speak20:46
RST38hDitto for ssh20:47
summatusmentishow well does google docs work?20:47
RST38hNow, browsing is a bit different20:47
RST38hwork well but slow20:47
till-gnumeric is usable20:47
RST38hFor browsing, I suggest you collect URLs for mobile/iPhone sites and use those20:47
summatusmentisis the slow gonna be an issue all around?20:48
RST38hThey are much lighter on both the traffic and the cpu20:48
RST38hAND they are usually ad free :)20:48
till-well adblock :)20:48
RST38htill: This does not solve 1B-of-javascript problem20:48
till-iv'e used a mobile and a n800 for 2 month20:49
till-during a bike trip20:49
summatusmentisI was using my n810 for a while, switched to an iPod Touch, and stopped using it20:49
RST38hsumma: Basically, for browsing I have got: iGoogle Mobile, Google Reader Mobile, LJ+ Mobile, ITT in its Mobile skin20:49
*** netvandal has quit IRC20:49
RST38hsumma: And the mobile version of for local news20:49
till-used it for blogging and watching movies mainly20:49
RST38hsumma: Google Reader for iPhone edition works like a charm20:50
RST38hsumma: for document editing, I think you are fucked, no reason even trying20:50
summatusmentisI really like the idea of a full keyboard20:50
till-you can use an usb-keyboard with an mini-usb adaptor20:51
RST38hsumma: I did try Gnumeric etc, and they work fine for viewing and making a few modifications, but you won't be doing heavy duty editing20:51
summatusmentisand the other desktop type environments aren't usable?20:51
RST38hDunno, but suspect that they are not20:52
RST38hSoftware isn't a limit with NITs, it is the hardware that limits you20:52
summatusmentisjust too old?20:52
RST38hFor external keyboard, you can use any USB or BT keyboard (Apple BT kbd works well), but they all lag hideously20:52
*** netvandal has joined #maemo20:52
RST38hsumma: No, just not designed for heavy duty desktop apps20:52
till-maybe an umpc is better in your case20:53
RST38hsumma: As I said, N8x0 is a generic OMAP2-based smartphone20:53
RST38htill: No more than 5 hours runtime. Usually 2-3.20:53
summatusmentisRST38h: I know, I was using it for a while...20:53
*** Macer has quit IRC20:53
summatusmentisalso, the eee's with 6cell batt. get at least 5 hours20:54
*** zpol has joined #maemo20:54
RST38hsumma: Two main differences between OMAP2 and its ARM friends and the desktop Intel CPUs are cache sizes and memory performance20:54
*** lopz has quit IRC20:54
RST38hsumma: General desktop apps have huge memroy footprints, so they miss meager ARM cache all the time. And once they do, the SDRAM speeds are in 100-180MHz range.20:55
summatusmentishrm... ok20:55
*** zpol is now known as lopz20:55
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:55
RST38hsumma: Intel CPUs have 512kB-4MB caches and memory bus speeds of 400-800MHz20:56
torkianotimelE61i, can you see I think that you can mark it as solved20:57
summatusmentisRST38h: yeah, I'm leaning more toward eee, obviously you lose some mobility (non-pocket thing)20:58
RST38hsumma: Unless you are short on money, I would just suggest buying a real small subnotebook20:59
RST38hsumma: Will cost you $900-$180020:59
summatusmentisRST38h: poor college student here21:00
*** madhav has joined #maemo21:00
*** ezadkiel_mB_ has joined #maemo21:00
RST38hsumma: Then a netbook it is (not necessarily EEE though)21:00
summatusmentisand I'd rather invest money in an upgradeable desktop too21:01
*** tmoenicke has joined #maemo21:01
RST38hsumma: which is probably wrong, given that few people upgrade their upgradeable desktops :)21:01
*** netvandal has quit IRC21:01
summatusmentisRST38h: well, the idea would be to build it myself, etc. :D21:01
RST38hsumma: I have been doing some comparisons lately and found that a netbook basically has 75-90% of a Centrino1 (Pentium M) performance21:02
*** myosound has joined #maemo21:02
RST38hsumma: As they run at higher speeds than Pentium Ms, you should be able to get something that will even let you run VS.NET, albeit sluggishly21:02
summatusmentiswhich means it's not _that_ useful21:03
summatusmentiswell, I'd be running linux on it, and I can shell into other machines if needed21:03
RST38hsumma: Hey, my R100 is a 1.1GHz PentiumM and I have just stopped using it due to cardiac arrests21:03
RST38hsumma: Have done all development on it for the last 4-5 years21:04
*** brolin has joined #maemo21:04
*** crashanddie__ has quit IRC21:04
summatusmentisRST38h: hrm... thanks for the hlep21:05
*** madha1 has quit IRC21:05
*** Meiz_mer has quit IRC21:05
*** ezadkiel_mB has quit IRC21:06
*** ezadkiel_mB_ is now known as ezadkiel_mB21:06
*** drjnut has joined #maemo21:06
RST38hsumma: Other ideas: get a netbook with N280 (I think they have slightly higher FSB clock) *or* wait for Moorestown21:07
summatusmentisthe n280 isn't out, is it?21:07
RST38hit is21:07
RST38hMoorestown is not but it is gonna be real soon now21:08
summatusmentisMoorestown is the 330 model, or whatever, right? and dual-core/21:08
RST38hsumma: It is an Atom with memory bridge integrated21:09
RST38hsumma: supposed to be the first Atom suitable for cellphones, energy wise21:10
summatusmentisthanks for the input, I'll play more21:10
*** eichi has joined #maemo21:13
*** gnuton has quit IRC21:14
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:17
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo21:19
*** madhav has quit IRC21:19
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s21:27
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo21:28
*** xoox` has joined #maemo21:29
*** madhav has joined #maemo21:30
torkianoI can't reproduce bug #2186 with latest diablo release. Can someone mark it as fixed?21:31
torkianoI think is solved too21:33
zeptarhere's a bug. on the default media player if mp3s are tagged with track number the program orders the tracks in the playlist 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...21:34
xoox`Can anybody give me some tips on moving/resizing the "personal launcher" applet?21:35
*** summatusmentis has left #maemo21:36
zeptari've not used that program xoox`21:36
qwerty12_N800xoox`: when applets prove difficult to move,  I find tapping the applications menu & trying to move the applet again helps me21:37
*** gnuton has joined #maemo21:37
*** hannesw has quit IRC21:39
*** greentux has joined #maemo21:40
*** tmoenicke has quit IRC21:41
*** VDVsx_ has joined #maemo21:43
xoox`Thanks, I got it.21:45
*** xoox` has left #maemo21:45
*** rockz has joined #maemo21:45
*** Macer_ has quit IRC21:46
*** madhav has quit IRC21:46
RST38hAm I the only one unable to connect to n810 via obex:// from Ubuntu?21:46
qwerty12_N800sftp? Or is BT your only option? :)21:47
RST38hsftp works fine21:47
RST38hJust wondering why obex does not work. It may come handy if there is no wifi nearby21:48
*** glima[AWAY] is now known as glima21:49
*** filip42 has quit IRC21:51
*** filip42 has joined #maemo21:52
*** florian has joined #maemo21:52
*** rkirti has quit IRC21:53
*** sisto has quit IRC21:54
*** sisto has joined #maemo21:55
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:55
*** VDVsx_ is now known as VDVsx21:56
*** SunilGhai has joined #maemo21:57
*** filip42 has left #maemo21:58
*** ymalheiros has quit IRC22:03
*** rockz is now known as ymalheiros22:03
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo22:04
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo22:06
*** Frito has joined #maemo22:06
*** freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu22:07
*** Frito has quit IRC22:08
*** lele has joined #maemo22:09
*** rzr has quit IRC22:10
*** sisto has quit IRC22:14
*** sisto has joined #maemo22:15
*** _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu22:17
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo22:17
* GeneralAntilles bangs his head against the wall repeatedly.22:18
*** ignacius has joined #maemo22:18
*** greentux has quit IRC22:18
* qwerty12_N800 sneaks up behind GeneralAntilles and shoots him while he's banging his head22:19
GeneralAntillesPretty please22:19
GeneralAntillesdo it22:19
GeneralAntillesThe Mac Mini's hard drive has now failed22:19
GeneralAntillesThey're dropping like flies.22:19
AStormfrench variety?22:20
*** rzr has joined #maemo22:20
fireuncriss cross22:20
* GeneralAntilles kills himself.22:20
StsN800GeneralAntilles, happened after you got something dell?22:20
AStormnow, we have to resurrect him22:20
AStormotherwise, the council will be incomplete22:21
* fireun reads scroll of resurection22:21
RST38hGeneral: No way?!?22:21
RST38h(about hd)22:21
StsN800GeneralAntilles, hard fail? SMART reporting what?22:21
GeneralAntillesNext up, the Mini 9's going to explode in my lap.22:22
AStormfireun, you're missing the 3000gp-worth diamond22:22
* RST38h guesses it will be the Battery22:22
GeneralAntillesStsN800, flashing questionmark Mac on startup. No apparent issues until this point.22:22
RST38hnice high temperature burning with visual effects22:22
StsN800GeneralAntilles, hmm. i would verify the hd in another device with smartmontools22:23
GeneralAntillesStsN800, if I had the other devices22:24
GeneralAntillesor the patience22:24
fireunwillpower is a slippery thing22:24
GeneralAntillesI'm about at the end of my rope for technology bullshit for one day.22:24
fireunGeneralAntilles: its sunday, try going outside?22:24
* fireun stays inside despite his recommendation22:24
*** StsN801 has joined #maemo22:25
GeneralAntillesfireun, then I have to come back inside to thousands of dollars worth of paperweights.22:25
*** hannesw has joined #maemo22:25
GeneralAntillesUnless I just skip town22:25
fireunGeneralAntilles: in time, this too will pass22:25
GeneralAntillesfireun, not before it ends up costing me a lot of money and/or time.22:25
*** Mace_ has joined #maemo22:25
fireunbeen there holmes22:26
*** Mace_ is now known as Macer22:26
*** naick has joined #maemo22:26
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo22:27
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC22:27
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo22:28
GeneralAntillesOf course, a fun X crash as the pretty little cherry on top.22:28
*** zeptar has quit IRC22:29
StsN801time to grab a cup of tea and a book and considering to go into the wild :P22:29
GeneralAntillesMove out west and hunt coyote for ranchers for a living.22:30
*** crashanddie_ has joined #maemo22:30
*** crashanddie has quit IRC22:30
fireunGeneralAntilles: hey, you got a lead on that job? really?22:30
GeneralAntillesfireun, got a friend in the business.22:31
StsN801you could also consider hunting iTT trolls for profit22:31
GeneralAntillesWho would pay me?22:31
* fireun is out west22:31
StsN801i'm sure a donation fund would be possible22:31
fireunwould I need to bring back the pelts, or are ears good enough?22:32
GeneralAntillesfireun, dunno, honestly.22:32
*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC22:33
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC22:33
fireunI suppose slogging through the cold woods, getting tick bites and craving hot coffee would drag after awhile22:33
fireunand no internet!22:33
fireunor do coyotes have wifi?22:33
GeneralAntillesThat's the best part!22:33
fireundoes it pay by the coyote, or is it a general retainer?22:34
* fireun finds the idea appealing22:34
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo22:34
GeneralAntillesI think he's got a part-time position with one guy and by-the-dog with some others.22:35
timelE61iTorkiano: just comment in the bug(s) someone can speed through them if you do22:36
*** mlpug has quit IRC22:37
timelE61igan: what are the odds i can find a firewire cable at work? :)22:38
GeneralAntillestimelE61i, slim to none?22:39
* timelE61i nods22:39
* GeneralAntilles wonders what the odds of something exploding in his face are.22:39
timelE61ii should just buy one on my way to work22:39
timelE61igan: high :)22:40
*** EgS has quit IRC22:40
timelE61iThat is... If you have anything that hasn't failed yet22:40
timelE61iBt headset/phone :)22:40
*** EgS has joined #maemo22:40
GeneralAntillesDouble failures22:40
GeneralAntillesMan that's a scary thought.22:40
* GeneralAntilles moves the G5 paperweight into the other room just in case.22:41
StsN801and that's why raid isn't a backup22:41
GeneralAntillesFirewire cables are a pain.22:41
GeneralAntillesI can never manage to scrounge one up when I need one even though I have at least a dozen.22:41
fireunthe student mail server at school crashed this weekend too22:42
fireunhd failure22:42
fireun*apparently* they dont have it on a raid ):22:42
timelE61iPlease say that unlike usb there's only one cable type22:42
Veggengah. I don't dare not even for my home desktop :)22:43
timelE61iFireun: raid sucks22:43
timelE61iThey should use zfs w/ a supported os22:43
StsN801i have 2x raid, seperated in different buildings22:43
timelE61i!= OSX22:43
GeneralAntillestimelE61i, 422:43
GeneralAntilles4-pin, 6-pin, 9-pin22:43
GeneralAntillesFirewire 800, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 to 400, and Firewire 400 (MiniUSB style).22:44
fireuntimelE61i: I didnt say raid was the only way to do it, just pointing out they still dont have it back up again and so likely dont use any kind of failure avoidance22:44
timelE61iI want to slave my mbp to a desktop workstation22:44
GeneralAntillesTarget Firewire drive is genius.22:44
GeneralAntillesI can't tell you how many times that's saved my ass.22:45
* timelE61i nods22:45
timelE61inow tell me which cable type :)22:45
GeneralAntilles6-pin to 6-pin22:46
GeneralAntillesOr, actually, does the new MBP ship with a 400 port?22:46
*** StsN800 has quit IRC22:47
*** ymalheiros has quit IRC22:48
fireunthe shadownet s destroying hds22:48
GeneralAntillesI actually have a replacement HD on hand, but I don't have a putty knife to get the damn thing open.22:49
timelE61ithere was a port of about the same size as the usb ports next to them22:49
timelE61iW/ a Y logo which i presume is firewire22:49
GeneralAntillesWas it USB A shaped or USB B shaped?22:49
GeneralAntilles Is this a Unibody MBP?22:49
timelE61iIs that powered/unpowered?22:49
*** glima is now known as glima[AWAY]22:50
*** glima[AWAY] is now known as glima22:50
GeneralAntillesWell, the Firewire 800 port is more square, the Firewire 400 port is more rectangular22:50
GeneralAntillesThey've removed the 400 ports from most of the newer Macs.22:50
timelE61ithe usb ports are what i consider rectangular22:51
timelE61iAnd the adj port seemed about the same22:51
timelE61iMy phone's running low on power :V22:51
*** AStorm has quit IRC22:52
GeneralAntillesProbably 40022:52
*** AStorm has joined #maemo22:52
GeneralAntillesSo a 6pin to 6pin Firewire 400 cable will do.22:52
timelE61iUm, are those my choices?22:53
timelE61iBecause i have 2usb, power, express and two optical, and ethernet iirc22:54
* timelE61i gives up and walks home22:54
* GeneralAntilles can't be usefully specific without more details.22:54
* GeneralAntilles is also addled.22:54
timelE61i2.4ghz 4g ram, 300g hdd?22:55
timelE61iNew thinner than previous model22:55
GeneralAntillesBlack border around the LCD?22:55
*** sisto has quit IRC22:55
GeneralAntillesIt may not even have Firewire, actually.22:55
*** sisto has joined #maemo22:56
GeneralAntillesThe rectangular port is the DisplayLink port22:56
* timelE61i decides to walk home and look22:56
GeneralAntillesthere's a Firewire 800 port on there22:56
GeneralAntillesSo, depending on whether your desktop has Firewire 800 you'll need either an 800 cable or an 800 to 40022:57
timelE61iso basically i have to walk to work before i buy22:57
timelE61iWell, in that case, i think i'll buy more storage too22:58
timelE61iSp3000: where's the price point for sata-ii?22:58
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:58
GeneralAntillesBigger is always cheaper per GB22:59
timelE61iYou'd suggest i use mynokiapurchase?22:59
GeneralAntillesWell, buying retail here basically means a 20-30% markup over what I could get online22:59
timelE61iTypically those take a while, don't match what you want, aren't compatible, and are more expensive and slower than retail. Plus smaller22:59
*** atv has joined #maemo23:00
timelE61iWe're good at purchasing23:00
GeneralAntilles1TB is the price I like for drives, anyway.23:00
timelE61iOh, and they recommend the wrong components23:00
timelE61iE.g. They recommend an 8port noisy unstackable switch23:01
timelE61iInstead of a 16port quiet stackable one which costs nearly the same...23:01
timelE61iDo you find internal is cheaper than ext?23:02
*** StsN802 has joined #maemo23:03
*** TheJere has quit IRC23:03
*** kulve has quit IRC23:03
*** ccooke has quit IRC23:03
*** k`sOSe has quit IRC23:03
*** Juhaz has quit IRC23:03
*** mat has quit IRC23:03
*** taplax has quit IRC23:03
*** mikkov__ has quit IRC23:03
*** flatface has quit IRC23:03
*** jumpula has quit IRC23:03
*** jlep has quit IRC23:03
*** Dasajev has quit IRC23:03
*** milhouse has quit IRC23:03
*** karbas_ has quit IRC23:03
*** Bleadof has quit IRC23:03
*** dob has quit IRC23:03
*** Jasu_M has quit IRC23:03
GeneralAntillesWell, for US prices anyway23:03
*** flatface has joined #maemo23:03
*** ccooke_ has joined #maemo23:03
*** kulve has joined #maemo23:03
*** Bleadof has joined #maemo23:03
*** jlep has joined #maemo23:03
GeneralAntillesI can't speak for crazyland23:03
*** dob has joined #maemo23:03
*** mat has joined #maemo23:03
*** Juhaz has joined #maemo23:03
*** k`sOSe has joined #maemo23:03
*** naick has quit IRC23:04
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo23:04
*** naick has joined #maemo23:05
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC23:05
timelessyay, stupid irc client crashed23:06
timelessok, so i have a fw800 port23:06
timelessand dp, and the other stuff i mentioned:)23:06
*** milhouse has joined #maemo23:08
StsN802'lo milhouse23:08
atvAfter submitting application in gsoc, how we r supposed to get feedback from mentors?23:09
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo23:11
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:12
*** r2d2rogers_ has joined #maemo23:12
*** Dasajev has joined #maemo23:13
*** karbas has joined #maemo23:13
*** jumpula has joined #maemo23:13
*** mikkov_ has joined #maemo23:13
*** Jasu_M has joined #maemo23:13
*** taplax has joined #maemo23:13
GeneralAntillesitT -> Talk is like XP -> Vista . . . wait, what?23:14
GeneralAntillesI wish it would just happen so people can stop making idiotic predictions about it.23:15
lbtFor those who are interested (and haven't already seen it on #liqbase) I've been working on fingerscrolling for Qt4.5 on the nokia tablets:​23:16
*** ffbb has joined #maemo23:16
timelessgan: compare:23:16
GeneralAntillesSo, what does it mean when something with no moving parts starts making noise?23:16
lcukGeneralAntilles, you need a bigger hammer23:17
GeneralAntillestimeless, I don't read Finnish.23:17
timelessnor do i23:18
timelessafaict the only difference between those are the price23:18
timelessand probably the one that costs more is internal :)23:18
GeneralAntillesThe Seagate serial is different, too.23:18
GeneralAntillesMaybe one's the enterprise model?23:18
*** svu has joined #maemo23:19
GeneralAntillesOr OEM package and retail package23:19
timelessanyway, nothing makes sense in this messed up land :)23:19
*** hfwilke has quit IRC23:21
GeneralAntillesThe 340AS is heavier, uses more power and has faster seek times.23:21
GeneralAntillesThe 333AS is, apparently, has higher theoretical throughput.23:22
GeneralAntillesIs there a next-tab/previous-tab in Firefox?23:22
timelessgan: wanna verify 2642?23:23
timelessdepending on your ver, ctrl-tab/ctrl-shift-tab may also work..23:23
GeneralAntillesAh, thanks Jaffa23:23
* GeneralAntilles is used to having those as mouse buttons.23:24
*** StsN801 has quit IRC23:24
fireunctrl-pgup/pgdwn works as well, and is the same under chrome23:24
GeneralAntillestimeless, I don't have any bookmarks in Google.23:25
*** r2d2rogers has quit IRC23:25
GeneralAntillestimeless, ask me in a week.23:25
*** netvandal has joined #maemo23:25
*** mardi__ has quit IRC23:26
*** timelE61i has quit IRC23:27
*** konttori_ has quit IRC23:28
*** padovan is now known as padovan[AWAY]23:29
*** dougt_ has joined #maemo23:30
sp3000timeless: oh, yeah, my pvr fails at dst23:31
timelesscome to think of it23:31
timelessi suspect mine does too23:31
* timeless goes to find out23:31
*** naick has quit IRC23:31
sp3000it updates local but the programming doesn't follow23:31
sp3000which is a pretty exciting way to fail23:32
timelesswell, that stems from the fact that pvrs here utterly suck23:32
timelesssp3000: anyway23:32
timelesstomorrow i need help getting a firewire cable23:32
sp3000I guess it's valid if things you record are usually not on your tz, but that seems ...uncommon23:32
timelessso i can try to rescue my mac23:32
timelessand i also want to buy a new hdd23:33
sp3000you're making a tradition of breaking it on weekends?23:33
timelessbtw, does verkokauppa have an en thing23:33
GeneralAntillestimeless Goes Shopping23:33
timelesssp3000: i guess so23:33
GeneralAntillesYou should put that on YouTube23:33
timelessbut next time, i'm going to ZFS Send to my new HDD :)23:33
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo23:33
VDVsxatv, yes, all the applications under maemo org have comments right now23:40
GeneralAntillestimeless, by the way, newegg really doesn't like that drive23:41
timelessas in claims it sucks?23:41
timelessistr saying that the quality of what we get here is awful23:41
GeneralAntilles3/5 stars23:41
timelessalso note the price differential23:42
timelessit's about 2x as much here23:42
suihkulokkitimeless: an en thing ?23:46
timeless? for verko? that'd be nice, yes23:46
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]23:47
suihkulokkiah, you mean the language23:47
*** netvandal has quit IRC23:47
timelesssome of us don't speak fiFI23:47
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC23:48
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo23:48
suihkulokkiI don't think their business has enough profit margin to translate all the stuff in their shop23:48
suihkulokkithey don't even have swedish pages although that's a official language23:48
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:49
timelesss/ a / an /23:49
*** dougt_ has quit IRC23:50
*** sisto has quit IRC23:53
*** torkiano has quit IRC23:54
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo23:55
*** bergie has joined #maemo23:55
*** hellwolf has quit IRC23:56
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:58

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