IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2009-02-25

ShadowJKand bluetooth for internet connectivity00:00
AStormand we even have code examples of the sdk00:00
ShadowJKthey run Linux I believe00:00
*** hannesw has joined #maemo00:00
AStormShadowJK: yes00:01
AStormI think it's some 2.400:01
qwerty12_N800AStorm: if the zaurus can run it in demo mode, i have faith in your efforts for the n8x0 ;P00:01
AStormit's armv400:01
ShadowJKhm, they include MPlayer in their firmware? wtf :)00:01
AStormqwerty12_N800: uh, should be easy once I get framebuffer simulation00:01
sashka_n800AStorm, in control panel i can move contacts up and down but can't remove it00:01
AStormthe other stuff is simple00:01
AStormsashka_n800: you need something to replace it with :>00:02
AStorme.g. personal menu00:02
AStormyou cannot remove an icon00:02
lcukcyas later evil people00:02
* lcuk was meant to be codin00:02
AStormShadowJK: yeah, they do00:02
qwerty12_N800ShadowJK: wish nokia had followed their lead... only thing the built in media player does better is wmv (barely)...00:02
AStormsomething to play the video00:02
ShadowJK"TomTom GO uses the 2.6.13 and versions of the Linux kernel, with modifications by TomTom, which provide drivers for the specific TomTom GO hardware. "00:02
AStormand audio00:02
AStormah, right00:03
AStormmy bad00:03
AStormI don't know if they build statically or not00:03
AStormif they don't, then it's LD_PRELOAD and we're all set00:03
sashka_n800ok, i understand, going to sleep, bye00:03
AStormthen need to write a GTK emulator of linux framebuffer ;P00:03
*** sashka_n800 has left #maemo00:03
CorsacAStorm: gtk has a directfb backend00:04
AStormbackend doesn't matter00:04
AStormand we want X or Xv as a backend00:04
ShadowJKwanna do LD_PRELOAD trickery to emulate fb00:04
AStormbecause that's what maemo has00:04
Corsacoh, you want the opposite00:04
AStormfb device emulation00:05
ShadowJKActually for my gps needs I'd rather have Nokia Maps running on N810 than tomtom running on N810, but that'd be a gigantic task :)00:05
*** sashka_n800 has joined #maemo00:05
AStormShadowJK: yeah, just take over /dev/fb*, /dev/ts* and /dev/ttyS*00:05
*** sashka_n800 has quit IRC00:05
AStormNokia Maps would work too00:05
AStormit also uses FB I guess00:05
ShadowJKBiggest issue is that it's symbian00:06
AStormand both tomtom and nokia use standard NMEA GPS00:06
AStormah, bummer00:06
AStormwhy does nokia cling to that failure os00:06
qwerty12_N800nokia's navigation devices use ce...00:06
ShadowJKYeah but the cellphones usually come with Nokia Maps or Wayfinder00:07
roopeastorm: which os should they then use?00:07
ShadowJKmaemo :)00:07
AStormShadowJK: wayfinder we already have00:07
AStormroope: Linux of course. Maemo is workable.00:07
ShadowJKYeah, but Nokia Maps > Wayfinder. Atleast for my part of the world..00:08
AStormwell, tomtom > nokia maps > wayfinder for here00:08
AStormbut the most powerful one is "Automapa" ;P00:08
roopeNokia Maps is improving steadily. 3.0 is better than the previous ones.00:08
AStormI should extend maemo mapper to support vector maps00:08
AStormmaybe by borrowing code from osm2go00:08
AStormroope: the problem is maps themselves00:09
AStormcentral/eastern europe sucks.00:09
roopeastorm: blame Navteq then.00:09
roopeIt's their maps.00:09
AStormthese are at least better than wayfinder's00:09
AStormtomtom has good ones, but expensive00:10
ShadowJKMy issue with tomtom is that it is super-allergic towards dirt roads. Nokia maps on the other hand, when faced with the choice of 400 metres of asphalt and 1 turn, vs 300 metres of dirt road and 3 turns, will happily suggest the dirt road alternative even when you've asked for fastest route :)00:10
AStormand local produce Automapa has the best00:10
AStormShadowJK: that's a bug IMO00:10
AStormdirt roads are almost always a bad choice00:10
AStormtomtom avoids them by design00:11
roopeastorm: Finns love the dirt roads. :) They drive like Ari Vatanen.00:11
*** bergie_ has quit IRC00:11
AStormtry to drive a truck through one00:11
AStormwe recently had some idiot drive into a lake00:11
AStormthanks to being an idiot and following GPS blindly00:11
ShadowJKtomtom when faced with 10 km of dirt road vs 30km of asphalt, will take the longer 30km asphalt. In reality the dirt road is only marginally slower than 10km of that asphalt road00:11
AStormthought the truck is a submarine or sth00:12
AStormShadowJK: corner case00:12
AStormqwerty12_N800: yes, stupid00:12
AStormand the road was marked as a dead end too00:12
*** kyon has quit IRC00:12
*** kyon has joined #maemo00:12
AStormthe story hit the news - that was some 13ton truck00:12
ShadowJKWinter in finland, all roads become equal with regard to the surface. It's either ice or snow :)00:13
AStormhe took a friggin dirt road into woods...00:13
AStormthen drove into a lake...00:13
AStormthe fun part is that the actual destination has many main roads and even highways to it00:14
AStormheck, I could chart a route in 10s00:15
AStormthe name of GPS system he used was not disclosed.00:16
AStormbad publicity and all00:16
AStormbut they did mention he had old maps00:16
AStormbtw, I'd be more happy if we could reverse-engineer tomtom map format00:17
* qwerty12_N800 's dad uses a old ass garmin nuvi with old maps. it's not worth downloading new ones because it sucks so badly...00:17
AStormbut I suspect they'd take offense and sue to hell00:17
*** realitygaps has joined #maemo00:17
AStorm(even though technically the decryption key would be required)00:18
* RST38h moos00:20
qwerty12_N800baa RST38h00:20
AStormok, time for that reboot... bbl00:21
*** fab has quit IRC00:21
*** yerga has quit IRC00:22
b-manrun apt-get moo ;)00:24
*** gomiam has joined #maemo00:26
*** ignacius has quit IRC00:28
* b-man resumes updating the Ubuntu-N8X0 guide to include neatojones's 'E17 for ubuntu-n8x0' port00:29
*** Sargun has quit IRC00:32
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Pebby_lbt: I was just reading about that... I'm going to plug in 10 and distcc everything in my house, wheeee!00:43
*** AstralStorm has joined #maemo00:45
lbtit does sound interesting... :)00:46
GeneralAntilleslbt, the Category dropdown in the Add item dialog seems a little funky.00:51
lbt0.5.1 ?00:52
lbtoh wait, that may not be there yet00:52
lbtI added a 'tick' gesture to the dialog box and forgot to remove it00:53
lbtI think that may explain it00:53
lbtit should be in extras-devel RSN00:53
GeneralAntillesI see it on the builder list.00:53
lbthow is it otherwise? still a bit small for my taste00:54
GeneralAntillesNot fingerable enough for my tastes.00:55
lbtany suggestions?00:55
GeneralAntillesI was thinking about it00:56
GeneralAntillesand, no, not really.00:56
GeneralAntillesI might poke around in PS at some point.00:56
GeneralAntillesOr maybe we should get wazd to do it. :P00:56
lbtI'm open to ideas...00:57
lbtI've not spent much time on the UI though - all defaults00:57
lbtit's where I was going next00:57
*** b-man has quit IRC00:58
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GeneralAntilleslbt, david at dgreaves dot com is good for bugzilla?01:00
milhousethe sheevaplug would make a great server for a squeezebox...01:01
*** borism_ has joined #maemo01:01
lbtthat's fine01:01
GeneralAntillesHi, milhouse.01:01
milhousehi general01:01
*** dougt has joined #maemo01:01
GeneralAntillesandre__, ping?01:02
*** dougt has joined #maemo01:02
andre__GeneralAntilles, pong01:02
GeneralAntillesandre__, bugzilla is bitching about general@shopper.garage.bugs not existing.01:03
andre__but what's the beginning of the story? :)01:03
GeneralAntillesMe swinging around a large baseball bat in bugzilla. :P01:04
GeneralAntillesCreating a new product for lbt's Shopper01:04
GeneralAntillesTrying to add a General component.01:04
andre__WAIT! not the italian porcelain!!! :-P01:04
andre__i think that is the product that timeless added when bz died01:04
* GeneralAntilles finds a particular pile on the floor and procedes to hit it again Office Space-style.01:04
andre__hence it wasn't finished01:04
GeneralAntillesWell, in general, is there another step that needs to be taken to create QA contacts?01:05
*** alex-weej has quit IRC01:07
andre__you have to create a virtual user, yupp01:07
andre__just did that01:07
andre__and also added a "General" component01:07
andre__feel free to reset the default assignee01:07
*** borism has quit IRC01:07
GeneralAntillesOK, cool.01:07
GeneralAntilleslbt, do you want any more specific components?01:07
andre__ah. uh. cool. this is live and a maintainer really exists. :-P01:08
lbtdon't think so - shopper is fine01:08
GeneralAntillesIs there a website?01:08
*** tulkastaldo has joined #maemo01:08
GeneralAntillesSo, no, not really.01:09
lbtit's a tad sparse01:09
lbtwell, RSN01:09
lbtbug #1 - no website01:09
GeneralAntillesandre__, website component, too?01:09
GeneralAntillesAlso: for the future, can I create these virtual users?01:09
andre__GeneralAntilles, if you can create a website component or whatcha mean?01:10
andre__same qa contact i'd say01:10
andre__creating virtual users: don't know, let me look into the permissions tomorrow01:10
GeneralAntillesWell, Maemo Mapper, for instance, is www@maemo-mapper.garage.bugs01:10
GeneralAntillesversus general@maemo-mapper.garage.bugs for General01:11
lbthmm - andre__ I would like my garage page to get links to the new package I uploaded - so should know that 0.5 is there (and 0.5.1 in a few minutes)01:11
andre__lbt, uh, i'm only into bugzilla01:11
lbtok :)01:11
andre__GeneralAntilles, if you want one I can quickly create one :)01:11
andre__just tell me the name of it01:11
andre__(yupp, i'm going to look at permissions tomorrow)01:12
* lbt goes back to coding01:12
GeneralAntillesandre__, something more interesting you want to be doing at 1 AM? :P01:12
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:12
andre__well, club is open until 4AM, no need for hurry ;-)01:12
andre__GeneralAntilles, can you create the component or are you also missing permissions?01:12
GeneralAntillesI can create components01:13
GeneralAntillesJust not their QA contacts01:13
GeneralAntillesOr maybe I can01:13
GeneralAntillesBut I dunno how.01:13
andre__GeneralAntilles,   Edit: Users ?01:14
andre__www@shopper.garage.bugs created01:14
andre__does work for you?01:14
GeneralAntillesandre__, I can search for existing accounts01:14
GeneralAntillesBut I dunno if I can create anything01:15
andre__ah, so there's no "You can also add a new user." on that page for you? ok01:15
GeneralAntillesWhich is related to: And you can turn on or off the following bits for other users: I guess.01:15
andre__yupp, guess so too01:15
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC01:16
GeneralAntilleslol . . . Gatorade is ripping off The Holy Grail in their new ads.01:16
Macerholy shit01:18
Maceri guess document fed scanners are just all expensive huh?01:18
*** xnt1337 has joined #maemo01:19
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lbtnight all02:13
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AndrewFBlackis there a graphical partiton manager for maemo?03:14
tank-manprobably no03:15
*** simboss has quit IRC03:16
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*** lemmyslender has left #maemo03:35
GeneralAntillesAndrewFBlack, none that I know of.03:36
GeneralAntillesI wish somebody would put together a wizard or something for SD booting, though. . . .03:36
*** AstralStorm has quit IRC03:36
*** AstralStorm has joined #maemo03:38
*** riot has joined #maemo03:42
riothow do i enter a pipe on the n810?03:42
riottried via the iconbar in the terminal, but hmm no03:42
*** alex-weej has quit IRC03:43
*** lemmyslender has joined #maemo03:47
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AndrewFBlackGeneralAntilles I wish people would do alot :)03:50
*** jacques has joined #maemo03:52
*** housetier has quit IRC03:58
bef0rdriot, press the Chr03:59
bef0rdand use the arrows on the side03:59
*** x29a_ has joined #maemo04:00
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*** jacques has joined #maemo04:12
Macerwhat can i use to allow windows to use an ext3 partition?04:14
Maceri have to hook up an external drive that is ext304:15
*** x29a has quit IRC04:16
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GeneralAntillesAnybody mind stress testing athf-splash and maemoorg-splash?04:50
GeneralAntillesI think all the bugs are out, but I want to make sure before I promote them.04:50
*** profoX` has quit IRC04:50
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riotbef0rd: thanks.05:17
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:21
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Maceri'm scanning all the paperwork i have in the house and shredding it06:32
Macerthen burning it06:32
Macerholy shit this stuff piles up.. i think i've shreded 2 30gal garbage bags worth of shit already06:32
*** oilinki has joined #maemo06:34
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* b-man sleeps07:13
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RST38hehlo all08:23
*** bergie has joined #maemo08:28
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*** dougt has joined #maemo09:34
dougtanyone know much about liblocation -- specifically why it is linking to glib debug?09:35
*** gomiam has joined #maemo09:38
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:42
*** eocanha has joined #maemo09:42
dougtbasically, i am seeing something like this:09:52
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo09:52
dougtand I am worried about those GLIB DEBUG prints.  I am pretty sure they should not be there. ideally, right?09:52
*** Zic has joined #maemo09:53
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*** Pavlz has joined #maemo10:06
Pavlzi need of tftp for nokia 77010:07
AstralStormwhy? use ssh and sftp - works almost as well10:07
Pavlzbecause to access to the buffalo is necessary tftp10:08
*** pupnik has quit IRC10:08
*** Pio has joined #maemo10:08
AstralStormhmm, can't help you with that, sorry, I've no idea10:09
AstralStormmight want to try gronmayer10:09
Pavlzyou don't port it ?10:09
*** Pavlz has quit IRC10:10
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC10:13
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:13
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*** mavhc has joined #maemo10:16
dougtanyone have qgil's email address?10:19
dougtsuihkulokki: does that work?  :-)10:20
jaemhey timeless10:21
jaemwhat was that pm about?10:21
* timelE61i tries to send dougt an sms10:22
jaemon the 19th, but I didn't get it until today, for some reason10:22
jaemyou sent me a link to a zip of a bunch of l10n pkgs10:23
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC10:23
aquatixmorning all10:24
*** mario_ has joined #maemo10:25
*** mario_ has quit IRC10:26
*** juergbi has joined #maemo10:28
RST38hehlo astorm10:32
*** TimRiker has quit IRC10:35
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo10:35
dougtsp3000: could you help me out?  I need the dbg package for liblocation.10:35
Mouseyn810 + EyeOS = win!10:38
*** alterego has joined #maemo10:39
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*** lbt has joined #maemo11:20
tank-manspying thru your tv? someones reading 1984 too much11:20
RST38hgood hoax though, must have brought many mentally unstable guys over the brink =)11:20
*** simon____ has joined #maemo11:21
*** ignacius has joined #maemo11:22
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JaffaMorning, all12:06
* Stskeeps notes twitter searches are an interesting way to get live news updates from citizens watching.12:08
Stskeeps(turkish airlines crash in amsterdam)12:08
JaffaStskeeps: URL?12:08
Stskeepsnot much yet, is on breaking news on cnn, :P12:09
X-FadeAh ;)12:09
aquatixalso with other picture12:10
aquatixX-Fade: btw, check
aquatixit has the twitter pic :)12:10
X-Fadeaquatix: Great crowd sourcing ;)12:10
aquatixthat's a better pic12:10
X-FadeNo runway in sight.12:11
Stskeepsimpressive if people survived that12:11
JaffaStskeeps: ah, so you're searching twitter do find info on news stories, not the news stories themselves.12:11
X-Fade40 people are said to have walked away.12:11
StskeepsJaffa: well i read it initially on news stories12:11
X-FadeBut about 130 estimated on board. Nothing known about the difference in count..12:12
Stskeepsand then i went for higher update rate on twitter :P12:12
Stskeepsaquatix: maybe an old pic12:12
Stskeepsaquatix: i mean, if that's a runway..12:12
Stskeepsthen schipol got a little more grassy since last :P12:13
X-FadePlane in better days:
aquatixthey almost made it to the runway12:13
aquatixStskeeps: this is some field  outside Schiphol12:13
*** calvaris has joined #maemo12:13
* Stskeeps went to schipol a year ago or so12:14
* aquatix lives in a city about 20 minutes away from it12:15
Stskeepsyou have to wonder if stuff like twitter is future of news reporting though :P12:16
RST38hWhat happened? Missed the runway?12:17
RST38hSts: "Stuff like twitter" existed for years under the name IRC :)12:18
RST38hSts: Has been used for real time news reporting too12:18
StskeepsRST38h: yeah, true12:18
Stskeepsi do recall sitting on irc with some of the more major events12:18
RST38hLike in 1991 for example12:18
Stskeepsthough not that far back :P referring to the russian coup or how was it?12:19
X-FadeIt seems it ran out of runway and ended up in that field.12:19
aquatixit `missed the runway' news sources say12:19
aquatixnot sure how to interpret that12:20
*** booiiing has quit IRC12:21
RST38hSts: yea12:21
RST38hSts: but it was also used in 2001 and on some other occassions12:22
Stskeepsyeah, i really ought to have used that as a better example :)12:22
JaffaStskeeps: you might quite like, btw for constantly updated search results.12:22
Stskeepsoh neat12:23
Stskeeps<- news junkie :P12:23
* Jaffa wonders why Jaffa2 isn't following Stskeeps on twitter12:26
Stskeepsi'm not on twitter :P12:26
JaffaAh. Just stalking those who are :)12:27
X-Fade Eye witness.12:30
andre__uh. just heard that on the radio :-/12:35
dnearyJaffa: What do you think of this (I'm writing the "nominations are open" mail):12:36
dnearyCandidates eligible for election (*) can be nominated by anyone in the community. If a community member nominates someone other than themselves, the nomination must be accepted by the nominee before it is official.12:36
dnearyAnidel and one other person had a comma in their employer field12:37
dnearyAnd awk isn't intelligent about escaping commas in quoted strings12:38
X-Fadeaquatix: Journaal 24 is showing live pictures now.12:38
*** krutt has joined #maemo12:38
*** booiiing has joined #maemo12:39
dnearyGood ol' John Costigan12:39
Jaffadneary: Are you going to have two sections: "Declared candidates" and "Other nominations"12:39
*** christefano_ has quit IRC12:39
dnearyJaffa: I plan to ensure that nominations are accepted or declined quickly, so that isn't necessary12:40
*** mortti has quit IRC12:40
dnearyThis is to address a concern of lardman (I think) who wanted to see more people nominated by people other than themselves12:41
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo12:42
RST38hdneary: Is Quim an eligible candidate?12:43
dnearyRST38h: Of course12:43
RST38hOr, to clarify, are Nokia employees eligible to run?12:43
dnearyRST38h: I don't think he'd want to be on the council, but there is definitely nothing preventing someone working for Nokia being on the council12:43
Stskeeps <- jeez12:43
dnearyIn fact, I would encourage it12:44
dneary(after all, Nokia employees are part of the Maemo community, are they not?)12:44
RST38hThey are of course12:44
JaffaRST38h: They just have to make it clear in their declaration that they have a commercial interest in Maemo12:44
RST38hBut I am having a feeling there might be a conflict of interest12:44
RST38hJaffa: Well, as individuals, they do not12:45
JaffaUp to the voters to judge ;-)12:45
RST38hOk, fair.12:45
JaffaRST38h: I can't remember the exact wording. Suffice to say, they have to make it clear when campaigning that they are employed by Nokia12:45
dnearyRST38h: Between any two people on the council, there is a conflict of interests12:46
dnearyRST38h: Jaffa doesn't always agree with lardman or GeneralAntilles12:46
RST38hdneary: that is not the conflict of interest I meant :)12:46
dnearyRST38h: "Conflict of interests", as you use it, is when someone has two masters, in some sense: when their role as a community council member is in conflict with their role as a Nokia employee12:47
dnearyI can conceive of a few situations when that might happen12:48
dnearyIf the person has some confidential information that would be useful to a council discussion, or if the council were advocating something which would be counter to his employment contract, but they're few & far between12:48
dnearyAnd can, I think, be managed12:48
* Jaffa now's going to have to consider whether or not to stand again.12:49
dnearyJaffa: You'll get a sore bum if you don't12:49
Jaffadneary: but my legs won't get tired12:49
dnearyOK - failing opposition, bombs away!12:49
*** beavis has quit IRC12:51
Jaffadneary: someone needs to update with the referenda changes12:51
* Jaffa can do so, instead of working. Shouldn't take long12:51
*** smyows has joined #maemo12:53
*** yerga has joined #maemo12:53
dnearyJaffa: OK, go for it12:54
Stskeepsmorning yerga12:56
*** calvaris has quit IRC13:03
*** doc|work has quit IRC13:06
*** wazd has joined #maemo13:06
*** doc|work has joined #maemo13:06
Stskeepsmorning wazd13:10
*** gomiam has quit IRC13:15
*** matt_c has joined #maemo13:20
*** thekondor has quit IRC13:25
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo13:28
*** mbuf has quit IRC13:29
*** parazitus has quit IRC13:30
*** florian_kc is now known as florian13:30
aquatixX-Fade: ah13:33
Stskeepshm, danes on that plane13:41
aquatixhighres pics of the plane13:43
Stskeepsyeah, saw most13:43
Stskeepsdid the authorities agree on how many dead yet? :P13:43
aquatixnot that i know13:45
aquatixCNN Turkey said 1 (at least)13:45
aquatix80 have left the plane already13:45
* Stskeeps ponders idly how bad a pr disaster it would be if the danish prime minister resigned today along with danes being in a plane crash..13:46
Stskeeps(there are rumours due to NATO general secretary position so :ÆP)13:46
zs1so many planes crashes recently, wtf?13:46
Stskeepsit's winter, it's snow, ..13:46
Stskeeps.. and the terrorist birds13:46
*** housetier has joined #maemo13:47
aquatixStskeeps: oh please, not the terrorist talk13:47
aquatixit's likely bad maintenance or some overly tired or badly schooled pilot13:47
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo13:49
Andy80hi all13:50
*** zs1 has quit IRC13:50
Stskeepsaquatix: terrorist bird flocks! ;p13:54
X-FadePlane tried to land in the field. Stalled at the last moment and dropped straight down from low hight.13:54
Stskeepswell, if it was low height that probably helped..13:55
*** timelE61i has quit IRC13:55
aquatixStskeeps: ha, suicide birds13:55
X-Fade5 body bags spotted. Most people just walked away.13:56
aquatixX-Fade: ah13:56
aquatixthere are also rumours about 7+13:56
aquatixamong which 1 pilot13:56
X-Fadeaquatix: I saw live images where there were about 5 people under blankets. Rest is rumour ;)13:57
pupnik_hmm interesting ..   Ex-Treasury official confirms gold suppression scheme13:58
aquatixX-Fade: yep13:59
JaffaBBC says "all 135 survived"13:59
X-FadeJaffa: Misinformed.14:00
glasssome places are saying else14:01
JaffaQuoting Turkish Transport Minister -
glassbut no pics of bodies?14:01
JaffaThe summary is more specific in this statement on than the article itself.14:01
RST38hglass: check in a few days14:02
*** chenca has joined #maemo14:02
glassRST38h: that would've had confirmed it one way or another14:02
RST38hglass: indeed14:02
glassmost of the press is just quoting initial press at this point i suppose14:02
glasswhich is conflicting14:02
RST38hself pollination14:02
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:03
*** bergie has joined #maemo14:05
X-FadeNOS news now says 9 dead. 3 in cockpit.14:07
*** frade has joined #maemo14:08
*** filip42 has quit IRC14:09
*** beav1s has joined #maemo14:16
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:20
*** mbuf has joined #maemo14:23
*** zakkm has joined #maemo14:35
*** parazitus has joined #maemo14:37
*** rmt has joined #maemo14:42
rmtSo... I want a toy... and soon enough I'll want a new phone.. I'm basically tossing up getting a N810, or waiting for the/a new android phone (available sometime in April, according to Vodafone).. I want to be able to do development for it..14:46
rmtI could either get an N810 and later a cheaper phone (so long as it has bluetooth).14:47
* Stskeeps works fine with a SE 3g phone and a n80014:48
*** vobiscum has quit IRC14:48
Stskeepsand i wouldn't touch an android phone that is locked like the G1 one is :P14:48
rmtThe Maemo platform gives me much more flexibility as far as programming goes.. but will I really be carrying the device around with me so much when I'll want it..14:48
* xnt1337 is Stuck With a Blackberry, with no data plan, and no compatability with n810 :(14:48
Stskeepsrmt: my tablet lives close to my chest when i'm on the go14:49
jeremiah_Oh. That is not so 133714:49
RST38hrmt: If you want a toy, then this shouldn't really be an issue14:49
*** vobiscum has joined #maemo14:49
jeremiah_rmt: I think you will find Maemo a better platform than Android, but that's just me, I'm biased. :)14:50
rmtI could also spend a bit more in the future and also get a decent phone (eg. Nokia E71) that isn't quite so open, but will be a reasonable substitute when I don't have the 810.. I'm largely thinking navigation and the odd webpage/email.14:50
RST38hE71 is bad for navigation14:50
RST38hSmall screen14:50
aquatixI think the combination of an E71 with a N810 is quite nice14:51
* aquatix has a SE m600i with a N810 and liking it14:51
aquatixRST38h: i have good eyes ;)14:51
rmtI suspect that Maemo isn't a viable option for many commercial apps, though .. but, in all seriousness, I doubt I've got the staying power to develop and support a commercial app.. :-P14:51
* aquatix uses his m600i for navigation now and then14:51
RST38haquatix: it has few pixels, your eyes won't help14:51
aquatixRST38h: hell, the thing talks to me14:51
aquatixwhat more do i want :)14:51
Stskeepsrmt: they're excellent playing with and experimenting on, for sure :P14:51
RST38hdoes it have breasts?14:52
aquatixRST38h: ha14:52
rmtHow's the N810 for reading in sunlight?14:52
* lcuk giggles at another hit on his keyword bingo14:52
aquatixlcuk: hm?14:52
RST38haside from a weird scanline effect that pops up in direct sunlight14:52
lcuk" breasts" :D14:53
aquatixyeah, what RST38h says14:53
rmtI could wait for a Pixel-Qi display for ebooks, but then it probably won't be in a device I want in the near future anyway..14:53
xnt1337RST38h: what scanline effect?14:53
aquatixlcuk: oh, i read buzzword bingo14:53
aquatixxnt1337: you see some refresh rate14:53
RST38hxnt: try taking your tablet out and holding it under the sun14:53
RST38hxnt: you will see slight flickering horizontal lines14:53
*** parazitus has quit IRC14:53
aquatixRST38h: any idea how that's possible btw?14:53
aquatixi have wondered myself14:54
RST38hxnt: it is only visible under direct light14:54
RST38haquatix; well, the screen does have to refresh14:54
*** zs1 has joined #maemo14:54
aquatixRST38h: myeah14:54
RST38haquatix: I guess when it refreshes the crystals shift a bit :)14:54
RST38hby "shift" I mean changing polarization of course :)14:55
lcukin sunlight the tablet goes greyscale14:56
lcukall the color washes from it14:56
RST38hlcuk: not all color, really :)14:56
RST38hit does look bleaker, yes14:56
RST38hbut does not lose the image like most laptops14:56
lcukno, it doesnt lose the image, but the saturation drops quickly14:56
rmtI'm guessing that the 810 would be a good companion device to language learning (I'm in Italy at the moment, learning the language half the time) .. jot down new words/maintain my own dictionary, have a grammar reference in there, and a proper Italian-English dictionary.. Stardict should do the job, I guess.. any (better) other/commercial dictionaries?14:57
lcukthe internet14:57
RST38hStardict is pretty much what you will have to use14:57
RST38hunless you want to go online14:57
rmtProbably not an option in the classroom.. okay, will explore stardict some more.14:57
RST38hwell, if you have a decent data plan, you can use internet from the classroom14:58
RST38hconnecting through a phone is really painless with n8x014:58
rmtMight be a possibility for a couple of months.. no great data plans.. but I think €9/month for 250MB should be enough for classroom usage.14:59
Stskeepsmm, didn't the "iphone subscriptions" hit italy yet?14:59
rmtPrepaid.. not here long enough for a contract.14:59
rmtLast contract I got was in Germany (2 years).. had it for 2 months before leaving for a contract in Holland.  Not quite worth it.15:01
Stskeepson the other hand the n810 is an excellent travel device.15:01
Stskeepsit has saved my ass so many times, heh15:01
rmtYeah.. was thinking that walking around new cities would be great with it. It has apps to use OpenStreetMap, yes?15:02
Stskeepsmaemomapper is excellent15:02
aquatixrmt: 250MB/month for regular light browsing should suffice i think15:02
rmtGot enough WiFi hotspots at cafes for the normal places I'd use it. :-)15:02
*** rsalveti has quit IRC15:06
* lcuk cannot get rid of this cough15:06
aquatixlcuk: eat some liqorice?15:07
lcuki tried everything, medicine to seeing the doctor - i even installed Norton AV15:07
*** vobiscum has quit IRC15:07
lcuk:D liquorice15:07
lcukwhere would i get some15:07
lcuk /media/mmc1/svn/liqbase/libliqbase/vworld/widgets/liquorice.c15:08
aquatixlcuk: not sure15:08
* lcuk hates that path15:08
aquatixhere you can get it everywhere15:08
lcuki'd prolly be arrested if i tried to buy some liquorice here15:09
*** laliux has joined #maemo15:09
lcuk"scuse me mate, you got any liquorice?"15:09
*** wazd_hp has joined #maemo15:10
*** wazd has quit IRC15:10
*** laliux has quit IRC15:11
lcukgoin workin again anyway15:11
* lcuk deletes 20 fields and adds 315:11
andre__argh. fullquote + answering above the quote in bugzilla. i should define a "do this again and you get blocked" policy :-/15:12
*** simboss has joined #maemo15:13
rmtDoes the N810 have an accelerator meter or a compass?15:14
*** vobiscum has joined #maemo15:14
rmtSad, but not that important.15:14
Stskeepsrmt: next one (RX-51) seems to have though. and i think someone did a hw mod for it too15:15 is a good place to look up all the crazy stuff people do with this stuff :P15:15
*** beav1s has quit IRC15:16
rmtIs there any anticipated date for the RX-51 ?15:17
Stskeepsnop, but we're eagerly awaiting :P15:18
* rmt twiddles his thumbs impatiently.. what about now?15:19
Stskeepsrmt: i'll (sadly) have to warn you that Nokia is not porting the new OS for RX-51 to the older tablets :/15:19
Stskeepswe are working on backports of many of the components though ( )15:19
Stskeepswhich may prove to be even more useful in action than Fremantle, heh15:20
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo15:20
Stskeeps(but that's just cos i'm biased.)15:21
RST38hSts: Speaking of Mer, has the situation with binary components changed?15:21
StskeepsRST38h: not yet, but so far combination of kernel+rootfs and initfs staying there works.. and since we can now communicate with BME15:22
xnt1337I am richer
Stskeepsbut yes, i am waiting for any progress on that too :/15:22
*** frade has quit IRC15:23
*** parazitus has joined #maemo15:23
xnt1337lol that wants me to install i-am-free on my n81015:24
*** bergie has quit IRC15:24
xnt1337i mean makes me, lol my Keyboard suck15:24
xnt1337i mean sucks15:24
RST38h   <-- Android developers having same problems as iPhone ones (not directly related to I am Richer thing)15:24
rmtI wish I were still working, then I'd feel much better about spending over €300 on a whim.  Might wait for a little while longer before buying something. :-(15:25
Stskeeps300? for a N810? :P15:25
Stskeepsi think it's slightly less these days15:25
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s15:26
xnt1337lol I wonder if google is gonna take down the I am richer app15:26
xnt1337I got my n810 for 25015:26
rmtProbably possible.. but in Italy, all technology costs more .. same 20% VAT as Germany, of course..15:28
xnt1337ok I gotta go to School :)15:28
rmtYet trying to order technology across borders here is just painful.. Amazon doesn't do it, nor most other online stores.15:28
Stskeepswell then again we do have them within EU :P15:29
*** jgoss has joined #maemo15:29
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:30
zakkmsell you guys a good condition n800  + F-F adapter (working ) for $150 Canadian ( US is worth more..)15:31
Stskeepsgetting rid of it for what reason? :P (also, iTT selling forums is decent too)15:31
zakkmlack of using mostly15:31
zakkmbought a 22" WS, thinking i was getting a high paycheque and i was wrong15:32
zakkmhavent used it since mer 0.6 came out ;p15:32
Stskeepsmm, 0.8 was certainly a lot more sane15:33
zakkmyeah i read the forum15:33
zakkmgoing to wait until mer is equal to maemo somewhat15:33
Stskeepsin terms of, btw?15:34
Stskeepscurious question15:34
zakkmapps / proper battery life15:34
Stskeepshehe, we do have lock screen now and wifi power saving :>15:35
zakkmyeah thats cool15:35
RST38hEnjoy :)15:35
zakkmicq ;o15:35
StskeepsRST38h: neat15:35
zakkmwow its been yearss15:35
RST38hThat is Jalimo though15:36 folks say it runs but is a bit unstabke15:36
zakkmon the java thingy it looks like its running icq though15:36
StskeepsRST38h: i should really try openjdk on mer sometime..15:36
Stskeepsqole claims it actually works15:36
RST38hSts: it is kinda pointless though15:37
RST38hSts: Too large, too heavy on CPU15:37
StskeepsRST38h: true15:37
* Stskeeps wouldn't mind a j2me though.15:37
zakkmprobably totally wrong but i thought the tablet is suppose to have like native java or something15:37
zakkmjava acceleration of some sort15:38
oliyou'd run opera mini on it :)15:38
Stskeepszakkm: yeah, jazelle, but nokia didn't license it15:38
Stskeepsi think15:38
RST38hzakkm: No.15:38
RST38hThe CPU has jazellebut it is not being used15:38
RST38hand there is no Nokia's JVM on the tablet15:38
JaffaThe chip does, but it's not exposed15:38
zakkmno mer stuff that would expose that? :p15:39
RST38hJaffa: It is exposed, afaik15:39
RST38hJaffa: BJ <address> :)15:39
RST38hAnyone knew you can videocall from rtcomm to jabber clients?15:39
JaffaRST38h: Well, true. I was trying to use "enabled". There is no technology available for Maemo to exploit the Jazelle extensions15:39
zakkmwhy not? sounds like that would be a big release15:40
StskeepsRST38h: that actually works?15:40
zakkmhow come when i did gizmo videochat.. the other person just got pixels15:40
zakkmlike lots of pixels15:40
zakkmlike 10x10 resolution..15:40
Stskeepsdid you pop out the camera? ;p15:40
zakkmit showed it perfectly for me15:40
*** vobiscum has quit IRC15:40
zakkmim like you watching? there like its just pixels.. * sent screenshot * im like -.-15:41
Jaffazakkm: The only official word is that Nokia did not consider Java applets a big selling point in its core "Internet tablet" use. There's no official comment on why there's no sponsored Java development environment, though15:41
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo15:42
RST38hSts: Apparently it does, there is a proof image15:42
zakkmah dont have a screenshot to show but it was really terrible15:42
zakkmoh wait i do15:42
RST38hjaffa: jalimo guys aren't using Jazelle?15:42
Stskeepszakkm: maybe you are actually just a digital lifeform and you don't know it yourself..15:43
* RST38h remembers this mentioned somewhere and has got an impression Jazlimo did use Jazelle15:43
JaffaStskeeps: lardman and others on maemo-dev were trying to reverse engineer the context you needed to make BJ <address> work in practice. I don't think they ever got any code actually executing15:43
JaffaRST38h: No, there's no Jazelle being used by Jalimo AFAIK.15:43
StskeepsJaffa: yeah, i recall15:43
JaffaJust straight bytecode -> ARM JIT.15:43
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo15:43
zakkmthats crazy for something that calls "video support"15:44
zakkmthats my bed by the way15:44
StskeepsJaffa: makes sense really.. using another instruction set15:44
*** rsalveti has quit IRC15:44
aquatixzakkm: wtf15:44
zakkmaquatix : thats videochat with gizmo from my n80015:45
zakkmit just shows pixels for the person im chattign with15:45
RST38hzakkm: Who is in the bottom right crner? =)15:46
zakkmlol a friend15:46
zakkmbesides the point , why does that happen ? like for my end.. it shows perfect "webcam"15:47
aquatixwell, your bed is barely recognisable15:47
Stskeepszakkm: probably codec issues15:48
zakkmits gizmo and gizmo?15:49
Stskeepsyeah, well :P15:49
zakkmwindows too15:49
zakkmnot like a svn linux version or something15:50
zakkmby the way, for reference.. thesource by circuit city.. sells female to female usb adapters.. ( canada + US )15:50
zakkmfor those looking15:50
* Stskeeps found f-f adaptors in .dk at some obscure shop. delivered next day. was impressed.15:51
zakkmi got in store :P15:51
zakkmat the mall15:51
zakkmhow much you pay?15:51
Stskeepsnot much.. like 5$15:51
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo15:52
zakkmwould a female usb to miniusb( the nokia "port" i think its called miniusb) work?15:52
zakkmfor usb keyboard?15:52
Stskeepsguess so15:53
*** parazitus has quit IRC15:53
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:53
zakkmthat would save space then ;p15:53
AstralStormn800 has miniusb, yes15:53
zakkmwould it work though15:54
zakkmwould it accept usb devices15:54
AstralStormn810 has microusb, major PITA15:54
aquatixzakkm: don't you need a special `usb host' connector for that?15:55
zakkmthats my question15:55
zakkmwould i15:55
*** tekojo has quit IRC15:55
zakkmi saw a female usb to miniusb adapter at like the dollar store and it got me curious15:55
Stskeepsaquatix: actually mine works fine with f-f adaptor15:55
zakkmf-f works perfectly for me too15:56
aquatixStskeeps: interesting15:56
zakkmawesome actuallly, but its like cable + adapter + cable15:56
zakkmi want just adapter + cable :P15:56
Stskeepsbut i do need usb hub to make it anything sane15:56
zakkmstskeeps: usb hub for what?15:56
*** chenca has quit IRC15:56
aquatixi want to get some usb stuff too, so i can use thumbdrives and such with my n81015:57
Stskeepszakkm: there's a limited power budget on tablets15:57
Stskeepslike 200mA15:57
aquatixand/or card reader15:57
zakkmonly tried keyboard15:57
zakkmit was cool ;p15:57
zakkmfast too15:57
aquatixand hooking up a keyboard would be cool too indeed15:57
zakkmits weird though ;p15:58
aquatixmy bt foldable keyboard already owns15:58
zakkmyeah those are good expensive though15:58
zakkmits weird with nokia  + cable + adapter + normal usb keyboard15:58
zakkmtoo much wiring and looks odd15:58
aquatixbought it just when iGo stopped making them15:58
AstralStormStskeeps: 100mA really15:58
AstralStormit actually has 2 USB ports15:58
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:58
Stskeepsa secondary one hidden inside?16:00
Stskeepslike, unwired16:00
AstralStormyes, not connected16:01
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo16:02
oliit would work if I solder some wires and plug? :>16:02
dnearyI understand why those test users have so much karma16:03
*** vobiscum has joined #maemo16:03
X-Fadedneary: Sure, they have Ferenc's email or something like that?16:03
dnearyThe email addresses ( and have lots of bugs & discussion associate16:03
dnearyX-Fade: Yeah, Ferenc & Marcell16:04
AstralStormoli: if you add traces16:04
AstralStormnot easy16:04
X-Fadedneary: Not new, really :)16:04
*** Wikier has quit IRC16:04
AstralStormdneary: why do you expose them to spam?16:04
dnearyAstralStorm: Because they deserve it <grin>16:08
dnearyAstralStorm: Just testing Nokia's spam filters16:08
*** Wikier has joined #maemo16:10
*** ferulo has joined #maemo16:11
*** ezadkiel_mB has joined #maemo16:16
*** chenca has quit IRC16:19
*** lindever__ has quit IRC16:23
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:23
*** vobiscum has quit IRC16:25
*** vobiscum has joined #maemo16:26
*** vobiscum has joined #maemo16:28
JaffaWoohoo, fixed my Fn key16:28
* Jaffa wants Mer on a dark red UMID Mbook:
JaffaOr Ubuntu Netbook Remix16:31
udovdhI am trying to install e2fsprogs16:32
udovdhon my n810 with OS200816:32
udovdhI get this:
udovdhwhat is the right thing to do?16:32
udovdhwhat is the libuuid1 thing?16:33
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:33
*** frade has joined #maemo16:35
*** mbuf has quit IRC16:37
lcukjaffa, i saw that this morning somewhere, very attractive16:37
udovdhhow to install e2fsprogs in maemo on n810?16:37
udovdhI get this:
*** sgh_ has joined #maemo16:37
udovdhwhy the vague libuuid1 thing?16:37
JaffaMaybe the form factor of RX-51/Rover will be more conducive to longer typing sessions (N810 form factor with a better keyboard)16:37
RST38hWhat is Rover?16:38
aquatixJaffa: hope so16:38
* lcuk would like to ignore which device im at. i dont mind the size/factor of the 810 keyb0oard because most of the time ive got alternatives16:38
* lcuk just wants his useful data where needed16:38
sgh_I have a crash when trying to read the files from a directory using qt in armel target in a thread16:39
sgh_does anyone know what could be the cause of this?16:39
lcukbad code?16:39
* lcuk screwed up directory parsing in the past16:40
Stskeepssgh_: running in scratchbox might provoke odd results :/16:40
sgh_the same thing happens when trying to application on the device16:40
StskeepsJaffa: yes, i want Mer on that thing too.16:40
sgh_it just enumerates the files and then crashes16:41
sgh_it's a very small application16:41
Stskeepsgot a backtrace? easier to help :P16:41
sgh_it have a thread different than the main which looks for the files in the home directory16:42
RST38hJaffa: Mmm?16:42
sgh_it has16:42
RST38hJaffa: No mention of Rover there16:42
lcukjaffa, mmmn interesting16:42
StskeepsRST38h: leftmost16:42
sgh_i'm not very familiar with this backtrace16:43
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC16:43
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo16:43
Stskeepssgh_: core dumps, gdb, stack backtraces :P16:43
RST38hSts,Jaffa: thanks =)16:43
RST38hA LEAK!16:43
udovdhwhere is the repo for e2fsprogs for os2008?16:44
StskeepsRST38h: meh, not much to use it for.16:44
JaffaRST38h: more of a drop16:46
sgh_I don't have any core file16:46
RST38hSts: But neat anyway: we can now match this name against other Nokia leaks16:46
sp3000dougt: doesn't seem to be available, same as for other maemo-sdk-nokia-binaries16:46
JaffaRST38h: stskeeps and I already tried without much success16:46
sgh_it seems it doesn't generate one16:46
RST38hAnyone up for extreme yachting?
sgh_I could provide you the code if you could help me16:46
RST38hJaffa: including upcoming leaks =)16:46
StskeepsRST38h: nothing matching, so yeah16:47
sgh_there only 5 files + a .pro one16:47
Stskeepsat least the roadmap16:47
aquatixJaffa: whoa, that umid is cute16:48
*** zs1 is now known as zs_16:51
*** azuk` has joined #maemo16:53
lcuksgh_, it should not take 5 files to enumerate a folder (which is where you say the fault is).  add lots of printf() type debug messages to your code and check where it stops running manually yourself16:54
*** simon____ has quit IRC16:55
*** zakkm has quit IRC16:57
udovdhwhy is this happening?16:57
udovdhI cannot insatll e2fsprogs this way16:57
Stskeepsudovdh: you are -probably- behind some kind of firewall16:57
udovdhwhich works fine for all other sites?16:57
udovdhthe n810 can reach the net16:57
Stskeepsotherwise, file a bug report16:58
* Stskeeps wonders why is slow today.16:58
X-Fadeudovdh: Does this happen everytime?16:58
udovdhX-Fade, tried a few times16:58
udovdhnow it is slower16:58
udovdhjust need e2fsprogs16:59
RST38hudovdh: what country?16:59
udovdhI am in the Netherlands16:59
udovdhsame 404's now17:00
RST38hthat's bad17:00
RST38hlet me try from us17:00
RST38h2009-02-25 10:00:40 ERROR 404: Not Found.17:00
RST38hX-Fade: it's broken.17:00
Stskeepsyup, getting 404 too17:01
Stskeepsudovdh: you have set up your sources wrong17:01
RST38hAH i KNOW WHY17:01
X-FadeRefreshing it on my tablet now. Let me see.17:01
RST38hYour repo address is wrong17:01
udovdhStskeeps, what must I change?17:01
Stskeepsudovdh: well i don't know how your sources list look but one of them is wrong17:01
X-FadeWorksforme[tm] ?17:02
udovdh ?17:02
RST38hudovdh: you should use diablo/tools or diabo/sdk17:02
*** azuk` is now known as azuk17:03
X-Fadeudovdh: Ah yes, you are trying to use the SDK repo on the device?17:03
udovdhI just need e2fsprogs17:03
udovdhwhat line needs change?17:03
Stskeepsudovdh: afaik e2fsprogs is in extras17:03
udovdhapt-get insatll wget works17:03
X-Fadeudovdh: Easiest way is just to wget it if you need it from SDK repo.17:03
udovdhapt-get install e2fsprogs doesn't17:03
udovdhapt-get is the easy way?17:04
udovdhif itworks?17:04
udovdhwget is nice as well17:04
udovdhbut a workaround17:04
*** calvaris has joined #maemo17:04
X-Fadeudovdh: But if you one day type: apt-get dist-upgrade, you brick your device..17:04
udovdhanyone with a direct url to e2fsprogs?17:04
RST38hX-Fade: Sounds like fun17:04
udovdhX-Fade, yes, so what line in that file do I change?17:04
RST38hudovdh: You can open that URL in firefox and navigate17:04
*** stv0 has joined #maemo17:05
*** stv0 has left #maemo17:05
udovdhno e2fsprogs?17:06
X-Fadeudovdh: Hmm I see it too. That is not right.17:06
*** parazitus has joined #maemo17:06
udovdhso maybe apt-get is ok here17:07
udovdhbut not the site?17:07
X-FadeNewest version here btw, but no deb there too:
udovdhbut no deb for e2fsprogs?17:08
udovdhany idea why?17:08
udovdhI could bitbake it probably17:08
udovdhbut I'd like to try the repository17:08
X-FadeNo, sounds like a bug..17:08
udovdhStskeeps,  thanks17:09
sampois there newer gstreamer than 0.10.13 anywhere for maemo4 ?17:10
*** Andy80 has quit IRC17:10
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC17:13
udovdhStskeeps, now that site is frozen slow17:14
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:15
*** mmatth has quit IRC17:15
*** FuzzyBunny has joined #maemo17:15
*** jpuderer has quit IRC17:15
RST38hWhoever wanted a file manager try this:
RST38h(I can't, don't have tablet handy)17:18
*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:18
qwerty12Is it hildonized?17:19
FuzzyBunny hey qwerty1217:19
FuzzyBunnyyou all stird17:19
FuzzyBunnysorry, that was my stupid friend17:20
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:20
qwerty12Google translates "Ответы на вопросы о таблетках" as "Answers to questions about the pills" - hmm...17:21
* RST38h translates it as a string of unicode garbage =)17:22
*** cjdavis has quit IRC17:23
qwerty12If it is hildonized, it should have more dependencies than:"Depends: shared-mime-info (>= 0.16)17:23
qwerty12" :)17:23
qwerty12Then again, it sounds like it's missing a shlibs thing17:24
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe17:25
*** asedeno_ has quit IRC17:25
RST38hqwerty: Try installing it =)17:25
*** des^ has joined #maemo17:25
qwerty12Yes, good idea, I'm being OTT here :p17:26
*** asedeno has joined #maemo17:26
*** xnt1337 has quit IRC17:27
RST38hjudging from rox filer screenshot, you may not even NEED to have it hildonized17:27
RST38hreally minimal stuff17:27
*** straind has quit IRC17:28
qwerty12Does Avahi or similar exist for Windows? I've gotten rather used to typing my N800's hostname under linux when I need to ssh into it.17:29
RST38hthere is a hosts file17:29
*** kenneth has joined #maemo17:30
qwerty12Aye, but I don't keep a static IP on my N800. I guess though, there is nothing stopping me...17:30
RST38hjust assign it a static IP - I did17:30
RST38hThere is absolutely no need to use dynamic IPs for clients residing in your home17:30
udovdhjust installed e2fstools plus dependencies17:30
udovdhnow I try to mount the card17:30
udovdhbut it fails17:30
Stskeepsqwerty12: rendezvous/applet's stuff17:31
udovdhalthough i think I use correct paths etc17:31
Stskeepsudovdh: insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/somethingsomething/{jbd,mbcache,ext2,ext3}.ko17:31
udovdhmount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /media/mmc217:31
qwerty12Stskeeps, wicked, thanks17:31
udovdhno auto module loading?17:31
udovdhare we back to 1994?17:31
udovdhthis 2009, right?17:31
qwerty12RST38h, yeah, but I'm too lazy to assign static ip's to all my siblings computers :p17:31
*** ijon_ has quit IRC17:32
udovdhwhich persons decided tro push this to the market?17:32
Stskeepsudovdh: it's an embedded system, in their eyes..17:32
RST38hqwerty: Make them do it themselves =)17:32
qwerty12It's really not hard to make a simple script that insmods the modules manually.17:32
Stskeepsor back then17:32
udovdhI guess we do need a non-nokia distro for the n8xx?17:32
Stskeepsqwerty12: can you upload patched apt source somewhere btw?17:32
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo17:32
Stskeepsudovdh: we do have quite a few17:32
udovdhqwerty12, yes, but that is a workaround17:32
qwerty12RST38h, ha. :P17:32
udovdhStskeeps, do they have full driver support?17:32
udovdhif so I will install one soon17:32
Stskeepsudovdh: yeah, as long as you use same kernel it is fairly simple :P17:32
qwerty12Stskeeps, if this ext3 driver for windows works...17:33
udovdhsame kernel, different distro17:33
udovdhwill wlook into this17:33
Stskeepsqwerty12: ah, nuked your distro?17:33
qwerty12Stskeeps, no, I feel like playing GTA :)17:33
qwerty12explore2fs worked, lemme upload from winscp :)17:34
Stskeepsta :)17:35
Stskeepsi'll test it tomorrow probably, if my flu has lifted sufficiently17:35
udovdhdoes maemo have libdbus  1-3 ?17:36
udovdh>= 1.0.3?17:36
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo17:36
qwerty12Stskeeps, , & (diff.gz contains changes plus a few files I forgot to cleanup) :)17:37
*** FuzzyBunny has quit IRC17:38
*** dneary has quit IRC17:38
udovdhwhat provides libgmodule ?17:39
*** mortti has joined #maemo17:40
*** setanta has joined #maemo17:42
*** luck^ has joined #maemo17:42
*** jgoss has quit IRC17:43
*** luck^ has quit IRC17:43
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC17:44
*** L0cutus has quit IRC17:44
qwerty12RST38h, I wouldn't call rox-filer unusable but certainly not hildonized17:44
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo17:44
*** zap has quit IRC17:45
RST38hqwerty: Worth installing though?17:45
*** luck^ has joined #maemo17:46
RST38hqwerty: Anyways, look at this:
qwerty12It's missing a menu and because there's no right click, I'm unsure as to how you actually move files around (unless there is a keyboard shortcut or somesuch - if so, on a N800, makes it useless for me)17:46
RST38hqwerty: Ignore the text, type partial program name into the third input from the left and click on the leftmost button17:47
RST38hqwerty: It is not supposed to have a menu judging from screenshots17:47
RST38hnoted about right click17:47
jeremiah_andre__: Wow. I just installed trac on an older Ubuntu machine - it is a pain in the ass to install.17:47
jeremiah_andre__: I am glad we are running bugzilla and you did not listen to me to install trac.17:48
udovdhwhat provides  Package update-rc.d  ?17:48
jeremiah_andre__: Although, GNOME's bugzilla installation is cleaner looking, but I guess that is a template issue. :)17:48
andre__gnome bugzilla has lots of custom patches in17:49
andre__there's currently work ongoing to get them upstream for bugzilla 3.417:49
*** simboss has quit IRC17:51
*** straind has joined #maemo17:52
*** kcome has quit IRC17:53
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo17:53
mavhcrox was based on risc os which has no menu bar, only popup menus17:55
qwerty12Been a long time since I've seen an Acorn :)17:55
*** zs_ has quit IRC17:55
Jaffamavhc: s/was/is/17:56
mavhcwell, it seems to have gained lots of non riscosy features17:56
RST38hAnyone found the right button in the tablet port? :)17:57
*** frade has quit IRC17:57
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo17:58
*** madhav has joined #maemo17:59
*** t_s_o has quit IRC17:59
*** qgil has left #maemo18:00
*** murrayc has joined #maemo18:01
*** simboss has joined #maemo18:03
*** skibur has joined #maemo18:05
*** fr01 has left #maemo18:05
*** fr01 has joined #maemo18:07
*** eocanha has quit IRC18:08
*** sgh_ has quit IRC18:08
*** drjnut has quit IRC18:09
*** drjnut has joined #maemo18:09
mavhcin rdesktop clicking then pressing the menu button does a right click18:10
*** baddu has joined #maemo18:18
*** chenca has joined #maemo18:20
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC18:20
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo18:26
*** bergie has joined #maemo18:26
*** ezadkiel_mB has quit IRC18:26
*** Juhaz_ is now known as Juhaz18:26
*** baddu has left #maemo18:26
*** alecrim has joined #maemo18:28
X-FadeAh, the successor of RX-51 is alive :)
*** bergie has quit IRC18:29
JaffaReading the blurb may gives clues to Fremantle18:31
timelE61ior not18:32
Jaffaor not18:32
timelE61iSince i've never heard of t :)18:32
JaffaDoes anything in there sound familiar?18:32
JaffaOr is it all marketing/designer wankware?18:32
timelE61inOt at all :)18:32
X-FadeJaffa: But still fun ;)18:32
timelE61iBut they don't talk to us18:33
timelE61iSo it could be real :)18:33
X-FadeI'm sure there are a lot of protos that the outside never sees. And they should be thinking about the future, everybody else does ;)18:38
X-FadeAnyway, nice rumour.. nothing more.18:38
*** qwerty12 has joined #maEMO18:39
*** Wikier has quit IRC18:41
*** murrayc has quit IRC18:41
wazd_hpuber-crazy stuff18:42
qwerty12They're not convincing me with the year being 09 and it having the OS2007 interface :)18:43
wazd_hpqwerty12: it's n800 frankenstein)18:44
qwerty12Hehe, that keyboard doesn't look appealing to me imo18:44
*** kozak has joined #maemo18:44
dougttimeless: yt18:45
*** parazitus has quit IRC18:45
wazd_hpqwerty12: well, it's said that this is just a mockup made according to Eldar Murtazin's words18:46
*** x29a has joined #maemo18:46
*** krau has joined #maemo18:46
wazd_hpqwerty12: that's russian "famous mobile analyst" xD18:46
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo18:47
qwerty12wazd_hp, the mobile review guy?18:47
wazd_hpqwerty12: yep)18:47
timelE61iWe looked and couldn't find your cores, we're unsure the upload went somewhere18:47
qwerty12wazd_hp, Hehe, used to go on that site a *lot* :D18:47
timelE61iI'll see about sending toy a dbg deb shortly18:47
timelE61iFirst i need to poke my workstation a bit18:47
timelE61isp3000 could answer other q's18:47
dougttimelE61i: what does it mean if my crashes with a sig11 but doesn't produce a core even though /media/mmc2/core-dumps exists and has space?18:48
dougts/my/my app18:48
*** uE1 has joined #maemo18:51
uE1Anyone know where I can find osso-ic.h?18:51
*** alehorst has joined #maemo18:51
timelE61idOugt: 1 - is ulimit 0?18:51
uE1I am trying to install mauku and I am stuck on this header.18:51
timelE61i2 - if nitro is active, it should be stealing your cores18:52
uE1install -> build18:52
timelE61iCheck /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern18:52
timelE61iIf it starts w/ a pipe, nitro is stealing18:52
qwerty12uE1, icd2-osso-ic-dev18:53
uE1Ah ha! thanks qwert1218:54
*** fab has quit IRC18:54
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo18:55
*** housetier has quit IRC18:55
GeneralAntillesIs anybody using athf-splash or maemoorg-splash without bootmenu?18:56
dougttimelE61i: |/usr/sbin/rich-core-dumper18:56
dougtnitro disabled in prefs/control-panel18:57
*** lmoura has joined #maemo18:57
timelE61idougt: well.. Gah, nitro is kinda lame18:57
dougttimelE61i: yeah, i do not see any cores I have created since last night18:58
timelE61iSu echo /media/mmc1/core-dumps > /proc....18:58
timelE61iIn theory if nitro was enabled it should have collected them and offered to send them18:58
qwerty12Not if Control Panel > About has the version listed as "<unknown>"...18:59
qwerty12Means that the version information in /dev/mtd1 is messed up and NITRO refuses to start if it's messed up19:01
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC19:01
slonopotamuspssst! what NITRO is?19:01
timelE61itHink netscape talkback19:02
timelE61iBasically it lets you send core dumps to nokia for statistical analysis19:03
slonopotamusoh my19:04
dougtoptional slonopotamus19:05
slonopotamusuh? i'm not optional19:05
slonopotamusi'm required19:05
dougtsays you. ;-D19:06
dougthere is a comma.19:06
GeneralAntillesqwerty12, I think the logo isn't big enough to cover the Nokia logo for people without bootmenu.19:06
*** kevinverma has joined #Maemo19:06
*** _BuBU has joined #Maemo19:06
*** forger__ has joined #maemo19:06
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC19:08
*** Zic_N800 has joined #maemo19:10
dougtso, maemo hackers... if I am not getting core's, and ulimit is unlimited, is there anything else to try?19:14
timelessdougt did you change that core_pattern back to normal?19:14
timelessuntil you do, you won't19:14
dougt"normal" == empty || "normal19:15
dougt" == path to core-dumps19:15
timelessi gave you the beginning of the echo command19:15
dougtyeah, i did that.19:15
dougtand no luck19:15
timelessyou should probably get someone to verify the exact string19:15
timelessi'm typing from memory19:15
dougtjust a file name19:17
dougttimeless: core, or whatever magic formating you wanna do19:17
timelessyou want the maemo string not the linux default :)19:17
sp3000|/usr/sbin/rich-core-dumper is normal :)19:17
timelessif you uninstall nitro, and reboot, you should get the default back :)19:17
*** alterego has quit IRC19:17
timelessalthough sp3000 and i would like to know why nitro didn't send them somewhere useful19:18
timelessalthough... disabling nitro certainly won't get you anything useful ...19:18
*** darkblue_B has joined #maemo19:19
*** pH5 has joined #maemo19:19
timelesssp3000: swift2:80 is up :)19:20
darkblue_Bhi all- I found a stray file this morning on an N800 at root directory, /grsync.service.. I see that there are many services in /usr/share/dbus-1/services..19:20
darkblue_Ba) can I just pop this file there, where it was likely to be intended to go?19:21
darkblue_Bb) can I read something briefly about this services directory somewhere?19:21
timelessdarkblue: you should use dpkg -S to find out which stupid package messed up and file a bug :)19:22
darkblue_Bwell, grsync19:22
darkblue_BI believe... but ok, I can try19:22
timelessiirc those files are plain text, so you can read them and decide if it's likely to work19:22
darkblue_Byou assume I will understand what I see :-)19:23
timelesssp3000: so, i've switched from the loaner box to romaxa's tinderbox. the usb drive is 140g, the box host drive is 70g19:23
timelessdepressing, ain't it?19:23
timelessnah, but plain text is plaint text19:23
sp3000it's still bigger, right? :)19:24
timelessbut at least this box has 4g of ram and dual xeon (ht)19:24
*** alehorst is now known as alehorst119:24
timelessi think we'll return the other box now, it served some purpose, but..19:24
*** alehorst1 is now known as alehorst19:25
darkblue_Bok, so i moved the file.. I guess I wont be reading about dbus-1/services.. where to file a bug?19:26
*** slonopotamus_ has joined #maemo19:30
*** myosound has joined #maemo19:30
Stskeepsooh. n800 look :P19:32
darkblue_Bthe authors email is listed on the general web site for the sfwr.. I guess I'll just send it to him19:32
*** fab has joined #maemo19:37
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC19:42
*** birunko has joined #maemo19:44
*** murrayc has joined #maemo19:48
darkblue_Bwell /usr/share/dbus-1/services is apparently the place you put something to make a menu option in the Maemo GUI19:48
darkblue_Bgood thing you guys pointed that out when I asked about it19:49
darkblue_Botherwise I'd be totally lost19:49
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo19:49
*** Khertan_n810 has left #maemo19:49
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo19:49
Khertan_n810Hello !19:49
Stskeepslo Khertan_n81019:49
*** alex-weej has quit IRC19:50
Khertan_n810lo stskeeps19:50
Khertan_n810does someone can explain me why some garage project have there bugtacker on and some on the bugtracker of garage19:53
qwerty12They're VIP19:53
GeneralAntillesKhertan_n810, we like them more than you. :P19:54
GeneralAntillesIf you want a product, just ask.19:54
Khertan_n810ah ...19:54
Khertan_n810ah ...19:54
Khertan_n810if i ask, this is because mnotes is on bugzilla19:54
thopiekarStskeeps: hey.. is there a list of needed packages from maemo to build into mer?19:54
*** jgoss has joined #maemo19:54
Khertan_n810and my other products on garage :)19:54
GeneralAntillesKhertan_n810, poke andre__ or timeless and they can set up some more for you.19:55
Khertan_n810and an other question, how to see all bugs related on mnotes on bugzilla19:55
Khertan_n810ok thx gan19:55
*** mgedmin has quit IRC19:56
Stskeepsthopiekar: is a good start, there's a deblet package on
andre__pah. too easy :-P19:57
qwerty12Timeless's random product adding actually worked? :P19:57
Khertan_n810gnié ?19:58
GeneralAntillesqwerty12, yeah, when other people are there to poke the maintainers. :P19:58
*** slonopotamus_ has quit IRC19:58
andre__that's why i have my doubts that it's useful. if maintainers themselves ask to get their product into b.g.o it's something else... :-P19:59
andre__but "hey, i create a bugtracker for you because it's easier for me to file bugs against your product in my bugtracker" is not the aim :-P20:00
GeneralAntillesandre__ is revealing his true loyalties. :P20:01
Khertan_n810yep ...  but have you try to use the one on garage ?20:01
GeneralAntillesYes, Khertan_n810, yes I have.20:01
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:01
*** florian has quit IRC20:01
andre__oh well. just clarifying my position :)20:01
Khertan_n810i think that the bugzilla one is far away better20:02
GeneralAntillesandre__, b.g.o :P20:02
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo20:02
* Jaffa should get mediautils' bugs moved from garage <big-shudder/> to Bugzilla <minor-shudder/>20:02
andre__GeneralAntilles, *cough* err... "b.g.o is our internal codename for Bugzilla. you know nokia, they always have funny names, like rx-44 and so" :-P20:03
* timeless coughs20:03
GeneralAntillesRover is interesting20:03
GeneralAntillesFits with the space theme, though it's a diversion from the Russians.20:04
Stskeepsi'm willing to bet the next tablet is -actually- a car entertainment system.20:04
*** Sargun has quit IRC20:04
slonopotamusquiver happily lead tablet to reboot (oom) by trying to generate preview for 4117 x 4392 300kb png20:04
*** zs1 has joined #maemo20:04
*** alehorst has quit IRC20:05
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, also: Atom.20:05
GeneralAntillesStskeeps and WinMob 6.520:05
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:06
GeneralAntillesAll this nonsense about continued Maemo development is actually just a diversion.20:06
JaffaGeneralAntilles: you could *almost* imagine it as a product name ("access the Internet whilst roving around")20:06
GeneralAntillesThis is what they're replacing Internet Tablet with, then? ;)20:06
* Jaffa shushes himself.20:07
Stskeepsit could almost be true .. ;P20:08
darkblue_BMaemo is a dead end.. its being moved to the mer project20:09
Stskeepser, no :P20:10
qwerty12Nice joke20:10
GeneralAntillesWinMob 6.5 and car navigation are probably why they're delaying the product announcement.20:10
GeneralAntillesThey want to put off the riots for as long as possible. ;)20:10
darkblue_Bwell what then>20:10
Stskeepsdarkblue_B: mer doesn't exist without maemo, and if anything, mer is a different approach to the maemo platform20:10
Stskeepsand mer isn't a nokia project.20:10
lcukjaffa, it could also be a network protocol "red rover, red rover, send something right over"20:10
Stskeepsonly reason we can do Mer is because of Nokia's open sourcing a quite well written touch/stylus desktop for tablets20:11
*** _BuBU has joined #Maemo20:11
darkblue_Bso there are more Meamo devices coming then?20:11
Stskeepsyes, RX-5120:12
Stskeepsbut also Mer will provide a lot of different HW with the maemo platform :P20:12
* GeneralAntilles tosses some more capital M's into the room.20:13
* lcuk loves maeMo20:13
*** Pebby_ has joined #maemo20:13
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: i kinda don't want to call it Maemo as Maemo implies the entire OS, whereas i often mean maemo, the hildon+etc mix :P20:13
* lcuk never knows what anything means20:14
Stskeepsor whatever :)20:14
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, WTF?20:14
*** calvaris has joined #maemo20:14
* GeneralAntilles throws old fruit at Stskeeps.20:14
lcukquick Stskeeps make a soup20:14
Stskeepsi had way too much soup lately20:14
darkblue_Bthats a terrible way to distinguis things;.. I just suffered throgh onmouseover and onMouseOver in Dojo toolkit20:15
*** herz1 has quit IRC20:15
Stskeepsunix, case sensitive ;p20:15
GeneralAntilles"Let's invent arbitrary naming conventions to be more confusing." :P20:15
lcukif you keep pissing of the general thats all you will be eating20:15
* GeneralAntilles waits patiently for to see some nominations to decide whether or not he wants to run again.20:16
darkblue_BRX-51 == N900 (?)20:17
darkblue_Blooks like a rumor for 6 months now20:17
GeneralAntillesdarkblue_B, well, we don't actually know if it'll be called "N900"20:17
*** herzi has joined #maemo20:17
GeneralAntillesBut, yes, it's the next tablet.20:17
GeneralAntillesIt's not a rumor.20:17
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: you're hoping noone dares to nominate you so you can focus on being a maemo hacker? ;)20:18
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, well, I'm basing my decision on who else runs.20:18
darkblue_BI like your platform, and I like other platforms too.. I cant dink around with Maemo or maemo  if it isnt giong anywhere20:18
Stskeepsdarkblue_B: it is going somewhere, fremantle and harmattan20:18
Stskeepsthere's even roadmaps20:18
Stskeepswhich not even mer has :P20:19
darkblue_BQt ?20:20
Stskeepsplanned for official support in harmattan20:20
Stskeepsso the maemo platform is definately going somewhere20:21
lcukmaemo has been going somewhere for years, we all take our devices out with us20:21
* Stskeeps watches gf play with the 77020:23
JaffaGeneralAntilles: ditto. It sounded like anidel was going to nominate himself.20:24
* Jaffa may well have to do so to try and be on the council when the next device is released :-)20:24
Jaffa*cough* I mean to help serve the community20:25
* lcuk pondered running for the council for about 0.000000000001 seconds before realising theres lots of bureaucracy involved20:26
qwerty12Community? Fuck those guys, if I join, it's all about me :p20:26
*** ignacius has quit IRC20:26
lcukjaffa, does the council get to actually drive the direction of the community? :D as in a dictatorship20:27
*** pH5 has quit IRC20:27
*** murrayc has quit IRC20:29
Jaffalcuk: we got to pick jeremiah20:30
Jaffalcuk: we piss people off quite easily if we get brusque20:30
Jaffalcuk: we get about 3 seconds head start on the announcement of some things20:30
GeneralAntillesThat's fun.20:30
GeneralAntilles"Hi, how are you today?"20:30
lcukwhat about enslaving the natives and making them create follys and monuments to your greatness?20:31
*** alecrim has quit IRC20:31
Jaffalcuk: not so much20:31
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:31
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:31
lcukGeneralAntilles,  but thats not the behaviour expected - they are below you and should never speak directly to you20:32
lcukyour itt pic should actually have you on a throne (just for a day :D)20:32
*** alehorst has joined #maemo20:33
RST38hmoo again20:33
RST38hlcuk: He should just use Rygel's image for his userpic =)20:34
lcuktook a quick google search but im gonna use his voice to read every single itt post in future now you bastard20:34
olihey, what about maemo-barcode? is somebody working on it?20:36
*** blade_runner has joined #maemo20:36
lcukyes oli20:36
GeneralAntilleslcuk, you've never seen Farscape?20:37
lcukive seen it, but never often enough to have instant recall of a single character from within20:37
lcuk<<< terrible memory20:37
* lcuk remembers there was some blue bint and a pretty gal in it20:38
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]20:38
lcukand some guy from wow20:38
*** kcome has joined #maemo20:38
* RST38h hasn't watched Farscape either, just a little bit20:38
olim-bcode is rather un-useful for n810 users :>20:38
Stskeepsandrew de quincey .. any nickname associated?20:38
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe20:38
GeneralAntillesIt's a great series.20:39
*** mardi__ has quit IRC20:40
lcuk     reminds me of
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo20:40
lcukoli, its not that bad - you just have to watch out that you dont bump the screen with your tin of beans20:41
olilcuk: I'm wondering when would 2D barcodes become more popular... now I can see it only at computer-related pages under the articles20:42
lcukthey will become popular as used, it will take time though20:43
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:43
lcukis there a way in windows (or linux on tablet) to list the currently identified members in an ad-hoc network20:44
lcukive disconnected all the known clients and windows hasnt closed itself like it normally does20:44
olilcuk: kismet/airodump-ng20:46
*** AstralStorm has quit IRC20:47
lcukholy crap, kismet is 45mb!20:48
lcukbut that does say one thing20:48
oliimpossible :P20:48
* lcuk knows which machine is on the net20:48
lcuknot impossible20:49
* Stskeeps sends off mail claiming to work on 770 wifi20:49
olilot of additional packages related to kismet?20:49
Stskeeps+to guy20:49
oliis't just a little, terminal app :> probably the best wifi scanning tool20:50
darkblue_BQ. I gather that adding a file to /usr/share/dbus-1/services with the 3 right lines in it adds something to the GUI menus to run a binary of some kind...20:50
darkblue_B.. so I have a faceless python app, I want to start20:50
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo20:51
darkblue_B.. justmake a file like that? fair?20:51
lcukoli, ive already got a net established, i just wanted to look in windows or linux itself to see what it already knew20:51
*** zap has joined #maemo20:51
lcukdidnt want to scan for more20:51
lcukbut nm anyway20:51
lcuki solved issue20:51
lcukit was the laptop20:51
qwerty12_N800darkblue_B: no, /usr/share/applications/hildon20:51
olilcuk: it shows detailed informations about network, including client list20:51
olibtw, after using monitor mode on my n800 (kismet, airodump-ng) it can't connect to WPA2 secured network until i reboot, is it normal?20:52
darkblue_Bqwerty12_N800: for a non-GUI program?20:52
qwerty12_N800gui doesn't make a difference.20:53
darkblue_Blooking.. .desktop files20:53
*** madha1 has joined #maemo20:53
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:54
qwerty12_N800oli: google for my build, i added a lot of niceities20:54
darkblue_Bare these fields in the .desktop files documented somewhere?20:54
*** murrayc has joined #maemo20:55
*** sergio_ has quit IRC20:57
oliqwerty12_N800: what does your script do?20:58
*** pH5 has joined #maemo20:58
qwerty12_N800i thought i'd explained it. but dpkg-deb -x is nice ;)20:58
darkblue_B(is that to me?)20:59
darkblue_Bcant be21:00
r2d2rogersStskeeps: how goes it?  any suggestion (imager, etc. )  to get to a good current test point for Mer & 770?21:00
oliqwerty12_N800: yes, but what way you'd used to reset connection?21:00
*** Khertan_n810 has quit IRC21:00
darkblue_Bwhat is this huge silence about docs?  I asked where to read about .services, and now .desktoip files.. and a big nothing.. Is this a secret?21:01
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo21:01
darkblue_Bnone of you read docs I know.. you are all psychic21:01
qwerty12_N800oli: like I said, dpkg-deb. I'm not typing the commands again (iirc, it's decently commented)21:02
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: mmm. got a bit of a flu, but i have cx3110x-module-770 there now, but i have doubts on stability21:02
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: i had it working with wpasupplicant once though21:02
r2d2rogersStskeeps: understand, flu  ick!21:03
oliokay ;921:03
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: but i've contacted a guy who was working on stlc45xx for 77021:03
r2d2rogerswe might be over all or ours, waiting to hear on how the 4 year old did today21:03
*** Veggen has quit IRC21:03
*** Veggen has joined #maemo21:03
*** eichi has joined #maemo21:04
*** Veggen has quit IRC21:04
*** Veggen has joined #maemo21:05
r2d2rogersStskeeps: I'll kick off the imager here and see what I get <G>21:05
Stskeepsi have a tar.gz too if you want to try :P21:05
darkblue_Bok, I am looking at
r2d2rogersStskeeps: even better <G>21:06
darkblue_Bclues as to where .desktop file fields might be ?21:06
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo21:06
darkblue_Bthx so much21:07
*** kcome has quit IRC21:07
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC21:09
qwerty12_N800RST38h: rox-filer sucks. it uses glade which doesn't seem to agree with my tap n' hold and some other hildonising stuffs...21:10
*** madhav has quit IRC21:10
darkblue_Bso then the next part.. I saw an app on which said "choose the menu item to turn it on, choose the menu item again to turn it off.. no indication of state, sorry thats the best I can do right now"21:11
darkblue_Bwhich is junky21:11
darkblue_BI suppose I need a faced app to show status.. of off and on21:11
darkblue_B(eg the menu wont show icons in one of two states )21:11
darkblue_Bpython site-packages has hildondesktop21:13
*** birunko has quit IRC21:14
*** Zic has quit IRC21:15
*** Davide-Banana has joined #maemo21:15
*** Davide-Banana has left #maemo21:15
*** Davide-Banana has joined #maemo21:15
darkblue_Bgee Internettablettalk keeps coming up21:16
darkblue_BI guess thats where to look21:16 is both a hell-hole and a enmourous(sp) source of information21:17
darkblue_Byeah _ got the hell hole part21:17
Davide-Bananahello I have a question.  I'm new with linux so bear with me.  a little while ago I installed some package on my N800 that gave me a bunch of stuff including Open Office 2.4, and "debian" not sure what that is21:17
darkblue_BI dont care for the interface21:17
*** jyro has quit IRC21:17
Davide-Bananadoes this mean I can install regular linux programs on my n800?21:17
Davide-Bananaand they would run?21:17
darkblue_BDavide-Banana: debian is the bass OS21:18
Stskeepsdarkblue_B: yeah, but it doesn't act like that :P21:18
StskeepsDavide-Banana: yes, easy debian21:18
Stskeepsyou can get most things ported for debian-armel (lenny)21:18
*** mardi__ has quit IRC21:18
Davide-Bananaso what is the benefit of what I installed?21:18
Davide-Bananawhat else can I do with it?21:18
*** _BuBU has quit IRC21:18
StskeepsDavide-Banana: that is what it is for :P21:18
Davide-BananaI only use openoffice really... and that's great21:18
darkblue_BDavide-Banana: Open Office is the most resource intensive GUI app you will ever see21:19
Stskeepsdarkblue_B: did you ever try Joost? :P21:19
Stskeepsthat was hell.21:19
Davide-Bananayeah its a bit slow... but it works fine21:19
darkblue_BI cant imagine you are talking about installing it on a small device21:19
*** ceyusa has quit IRC21:19
Stskeepsdarkblue_B: scaringily people use it :P21:19
Davide-Bananayou mean open office?21:19
Davide-Bananait's on my device21:19
Davide-Bananaand it works fine21:19
*** solarion has joined #maemo21:19
* GeneralAntilles facepalm
darkblue_Blike an elephant balanced on a beach ball21:20
Davide-BananaI mean it responds sightly delayed21:20
Davide-Bananabut I can live with it21:20
GeneralAntillesand I still can't comment on that blog to correct the insanity.21:20
*** birunko has joined #maemo21:20
Davide-Bananawell I was just wondering... I wanted to have a simple sound editing program21:20
darkblue_Bso the answer is yes, you can run debian linux things.. I would not go deeply into general desktop linux stuff myself21:20
Davide-Bananaand was wondering if it existed for the N80021:20
darkblue_Bsound editing !!!21:20
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: we should do a test how easy it is to make consistent tablet rumours21:20
GeneralAntillesI mean, multi-core isn't particularly exciting.21:21
GeneralAntillesThe Cortex A9 is off on the horizon21:21
* darkblue_B goes back to hildondesktop python article21:21
GeneralAntillesIt's rather obvious that Nokia will eventually move that direction.21:21
Davide-Bananawell darkblue_B I may be wrong, but I remember a while back there was an icon in the App Manager installable programs menu that was some kind of lite sound editing program21:21
GeneralAntillesThe rest of it is just silliness.21:21
Davide-Bananait's no longer there21:21
Davide-Bananamaybe it was for a previous OS21:21
Davide-Bananadoes anyone remember what I'm talking about?21:21
Davide-BananaI may have dreamed it up21:21
Davide-Banananot sure21:21
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo21:22
Davide-Bananais there any such program?21:23
fiferboymikkov_: Thanks for the regex package!!21:23
*** Khertan_n810 has quit IRC21:23
Davide-Bananayou may ask why would you want to do sound editing on your N800?!21:23
Davide-Bananawell sometimes I listen to podcasts of some radio shows21:24
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo21:24
Davide-Bananaand I have the desire to take an excerpt out of the long podcast... to save21:24
Davide-Bananaand would like to do that on the go...21:24
Davide-Bananaon N80?21:24
tank-manthat can do it, but i dont know of a port on the n80021:25
Davide-Bananawell I was thinking of a prog similar to... audacity21:25
Davide-Bananaor cool edit21:25
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC21:25
Davide-Bananasomething like that21:25
tank-manover kill21:25
Davide-Bananawouldn't have to have all those features21:25
darkblue_Bway over the top21:25
Davide-Bananamaybe something that would also allow fading idk21:25
darkblue_Baudacity doenst even work well on ne desktop machines21:25
Davide-Bananalike amplify sound etc..21:25
Davide-Bananawell I dont use audacity on desktop21:26
Davide-BananaI've used cooledit21:26
Davide-Bananaand wavepad sound editor21:26
darkblue_BI want to climb a mountain in my bare feet, will someone pleae show me the path?21:26
Davide-Bananais that the kind of question I'm asking?21:26
darkblue_Byes I think so21:26
Davide-Bananaenough said21:26
darkblue_Bsound editing is hard21:27
Davide-Bananaman I swear I saw a prog before in the repositories a long time ago21:27
Davide-Bananabefore os 2008 I think21:27
*** fiferboy has quit IRC21:27
darkblue_Beven new desktop machines with big pakgs dont do it well21:27
Davide-BananaI'm probably dreaming it21:27
darkblue_Byou can have a small splice thing that will make a cut in a sound file21:27
darkblue_Bbut you started out by talking about Open Office21:27
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo21:27
darkblue_Bits just not realisitc21:27
Davide-Bananaok well I'm telling you I run open office fine on my N80021:28
darkblue_Bok, well thats new to me21:28
Davide-Bananait's not 100% fast like it would be on a desktop21:28
darkblue_BI suppose it is a testimaent to the careful work of the sfwr world21:28
Davide-Bananabut its fast enough for use21:28
darkblue_Bbut think a moent21:28
darkblue_Bis it really the best use of a timy handheld?21:28
Davide-BananaI have use for it...21:28
Davide-BananaI have lots of doc files I need to view... and it works great!21:29
Davide-Bananagoogle docs is MUCH MUCH slower for me21:29
darkblue_Byou type formal docs with it>?  anyway, I dont want to debate Open Office on a handheld21:29
Davide-Bananathan openoffice21:29
Davide-BananaI dont really type with it21:29
darkblue_Bok ! so a .doc VIEWER21:29
Davide-Bananajust view docs21:29
darkblue_Bthat makes so much more sense21:29
Davide-Bananaah ok21:29
Davide-BananaI mean I'm guessing I could type with it just haven't done it...21:29
Davide-BananaI dont like typing on my N800 anyway21:30
darkblue_BI have written commercial sfwr for 20 years.. I know first hand the amount of effort that goes into a large user editing package21:30
darkblue_B.. so the idea of all of OpenOffice is just .. well, disproportionate to anything that makes sense to me21:30
*** alehorst has quit IRC21:30
glassdarkblue_B: still, it works for large number of people, so somewhere your logic fails21:30
darkblue_BI am here myself today to get some direction oin making a tiny fornt end for a small python program that I have running21:31
darkblue_Bbut I am not geting very far yet21:31
darkblue_Bglass: of course, run Open Office.. how can I be so blind21:31
Davide-Bananaok well my original question I guess was simply:  1 do you know of a sound editing prog for N800?  and if not 2  can I port a regular sound editing prog due to that debian package I have installed?21:31
darkblue_BDavide-Banana: I bet you there is a small linux program, or a dozen, that will trim mp3 st a pint21:32
*** harbaum has joined #maemo21:32
darkblue_Bbeyond that it is asking alot IMHO21:32
Davide-Bananaand if I find it is it difficult ot port it?  or I would just install it?21:32
Davide-Bananabasically I don't quite understand what this deb package does for me it completely allows me to install regular linux apps?21:33
Davide-Bananaor more still has to be done?21:33
darkblue_Bthe wise guys here said most things from debian lenny amel will run21:33
darkblue_BI think something like that21:33
Davide-Bananaah ok21:33
darkblue_B(see above)21:33
darkblue_BI am new to this,21:33
darkblue_Bor, seldom tried it, over the last yeat21:34
darkblue_Byear.. ie not an expert21:34
Davide-BananaI have an icon called:  Debian LXDE21:34
Davide-Bananawhat do you think that is?21:35
* oli thinks it's an icon21:36
*** madha1 has quit IRC21:36
olilxde is a graphic environment21:36
*** frade has joined #maemo21:37
*** mmc has quit IRC21:37
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo21:37
*** guaka has joined #maemo21:38
Davide-Bananaoh cool it gives me another desktop!21:38
Davide-Banananever tried it heh21:38
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo21:38
*** _BuBU has joined #Maemo21:39
*** setanta has quit IRC21:39
*** setanta has joined #maemo21:43
*** murrayc has quit IRC21:44
*** _berto_ has quit IRC21:45
*** pH5_ has joined #maemo21:46
*** borism_ has quit IRC21:54
*** borism has joined #maemo21:54
*** Zic_N800 has quit IRC21:55
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC21:56
*** Sargun has joined #maemo21:56
Stskeepsplace to complain :P21:59
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:02
*** thopiekar has quit IRC22:03
*** pH5 has quit IRC22:03
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC22:04
*** L0cutus has quit IRC22:07
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo22:09
*** blade_runner has quit IRC22:09
*** timelE61i has quit IRC22:12
*** myosound has quit IRC22:14
Macerjust flashed the new firmware for my G1 onto it22:15
darkblue_Bpydon hildondesktop22:16
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:17
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC22:18
*** GAN800 has quit IRC22:19
Stskeepsthat's disturbing22:21
olihow to edit menu entries?22:21
oliok, nevermind22:24
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo22:24
Stskeepsheh, vmware on tablets, .. i kinda want it though22:24
timelE61ibE careful what you wish for22:25
Stskeepsyeah, well,
Stskeepson a n800 :P22:25
* qwerty12_N800 wouldn't mind, I kinda miss having a ppc after trying my sister's xperia22:26
robtaylorStskeeps: that's freaky22:26
Stskeepsrobtaylor: yes, it is22:27
*** yerga has quit IRC22:28
Stskeepson the other hand, immensively cool :P22:28
robtaylorStskeeps: heh, guess so!22:29
*** bilboed has joined #maemo22:30
*** stv0 has joined #maemo22:31
*** stv0 has left #maemo22:31
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]22:31
timelE61ihello robtaylor22:32
robtaylortimelE61i == timeless, right? :)22:33
darkblue_Bso apparently this hildondeskop python search has been somewhat non-productive.. its gtk.dialog that I want it seems22:33
darkblue_B.. finding the python version of things is not easy22:35
Stskeepspython-hildon vs python-hildondesktop i hope22:35
darkblue_BI dont know that the difference is22:36
* timelE61i nods22:39
*** Neithan has quit IRC22:39
Stskeepsdarkblue_B: hildondesktop is used to make home applets, whereas hildon is for apps22:41
darkblue_Bhome applets.. vs apps... ??22:41
lcukapplets are .so plugins which live on the desktop, apps are well, umm apps22:42
darkblue_Blive on the desktop.. ok22:42
timelE61iThey're loaded *in*to the desktop process22:42
timelE61iIf they crash, the desktop crashes22:43
darkblue_Bwell after much eyeball glazing, I am getting the idea tht what I should be reading is GTK stuff, not hildon anything22:43
darkblue_Ball I want to do is put up a window, with two buttons and a picture, and respond to the two buttons..22:43
darkblue_Bto turn a python program on and off22:44
darkblue_Bthx for the clarification22:44
darkblue_BI dont htink I care about dektop apps22:44
*** Neithan has joined #maemo22:44
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo22:45
*** Sho_ has quit IRC22:46
timelE61ijAem: that link is what i'm working on outside of work22:47
timelE61iit needs continuous testing+feedback22:48
timelE61iAlthough atm it's stalled behind my vpn breaking my laptop22:48
timelE61iI'll probably go back to it tonight22:49
*** kevinverma has quit IRC22:49
*** zommi has quit IRC22:50
darkblue_Beverything is glade22:51
*** smyows has quit IRC22:51
Stskeepsglade is nice :P22:53
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo22:53
Stskeepswb GA22:53
*** ph5 has joined #maemo22:54
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:56
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:56
*** filip42 has joined #maemo22:56
*** ph5 has quit IRC22:56
timelE61iGan: so bugzilla product creation went ok?22:57
* Stskeeps ponders idly how much a gain prelink made for 770 OS'es23:00
timelE61iSts: in general such things are done for 5+s wins or to get under a 5s limit23:01
Stskeepsmm, true23:01
timelE61ithere are maintenance and debugging penalties, so if the win isn't noticable somewhere important23:02
timelE61iIt shouldn't be included23:02
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo23:03
*** chmac has joined #maemo23:03
Stskeepsoh that's terrifying. wifi working on 770.23:03
r2d2rogersStskeeps: different fromt he image I have?23:04
Stskeepsyes, new .ko23:04
* r2d2rogers reboots23:05
*** forger__ has quit IRC23:06
*** hannesw has quit IRC23:07
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s23:07
*** ignacius has joined #maemo23:08
darkblue_Bugh.. Glade interface builder resists simple efforts23:10
darkblue_Bbreak on this23:10
*** pH5_ has quit IRC23:10
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC23:11
GeneralAntillestimelE61i, haven't tried yet.23:11
* GeneralAntilles has fun with power outages.23:11
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: , put in /lib/modules/ , you may have to ifconfig wlan0 down & up, and chroot /mnt/initfs wlan-cal and then try. i recommend killing process.23:12
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo23:12
r2d2rogersStskeeps: thanks, trying to get USBnet working now23:13
*** eichi has quit IRC23:13
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:17
*** fireun has joined #maemo23:23
dougttimelE61i: found my crash.  location_gpsd_control_start() does some badness.23:24
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo23:25
timelessdougt: cool23:27
timelessdougt: did we get you a dbg package?23:27
timelessif not, i can grab one in 15mins23:27
dougtnot sure if it is going to due me much good.23:27
dougtthat too23:27
*** igagis has joined #maemo23:28
* timeless kicks itunes23:28
timelessMDCrC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\MDCrashReportTool.exe23:29
* timeless chuckles23:29
timelessi suppose that's a good reason for itunes not to be working properly23:29
igagisdoes anybody know how to disable that click sound when tapping tablet screen? I mean disable it from my application, for my application only...23:29
r2d2rogersStskeeps: \o/ on reboot it worked on boot, auto connected, testing speed etc now...23:31
*** chenca has quit IRC23:33
*** Veggen has quit IRC23:36
*** Veggen has joined #maemo23:39
StsN800r2d2rogers, with my ko?23:39
r2d2rogersStsN800: yup23:40
r2d2rogersstill not getting there with a WPA2 enterprise PEAP authed network, but I was having issues with that under maemo also23:40
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo23:40
*** Khertan_n810 has quit IRC23:40
StsN800i found a mamona patch that stopped wpa supplicant so23:40
StsN800er, stopped crahing23:41
r2d2rogersbut it's actually coming back with errors is shtead of just locking into trying23:41
*** Khertan_n810 has joined #maemo23:42
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo23:43
*** thopiekar has quit IRC23:43
*** Guysoft422 has joined #maemo23:43
Guysoft422hey, is there a way to make a script exacute on startup in maemo? after the gui starts23:44
zs1Guysoft422: maybe you want to put it into /etc/rc2.d/ ?23:49
*** benh has quit IRC23:52
olibrothers :)
*** callahad has joined #maemo23:53
zs1oli: what's that?23:53
olikismets running on my PC and n80023:54
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo23:55
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC23:56
*** b-man has joined #maemo23:56
olinokia's sensitivity is the same as my wlan card's with external antenna made from can23:56
*** setanta has quit IRC23:58

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