IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2009-02-09

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thopiekar ( lcuk )00:09
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mavhcI can't find my n810, ssh'ing into it to start mplayer so I can hear it00:12
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thopiekar_N800mavhc: ?00:12
* thopiekar is shuting down the pc00:13
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Stskeepswoo, mer on my old laptop00:15
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wazdNext step is "mer on coffee-machine" and "Mer on vacum" :D00:19
qwerty12_N800Don't forget the toaster :P00:19
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sts|mertopits the mertop!00:20
thopiekar_N800mertop :D00:20
sts|mertopthis can be read on 100m distance00:21
lcuksts|mertop, "visible from orbit"00:22
b-mansts|mertop;  - uploaded new merinstaller package ;)00:22
sts|mertopb-man: alright, would still like to see it committed to bzr00:23
lcukI love the idea of a dynamic touchable slate being used by old people :)00:23
lcukreally big easy focus controls00:23
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sts|mertopbut seriously, we need to fix that ctrl-m problem.00:24
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Macerwow... my psu on my shuttle k45 died00:24
Macerso i got a picopsu to replace it00:24
sts|mertoppicopsus are interesting00:24
Macerwhich wound up costing just as much as a k4500:24
Macerat least the picoPSU will not make the disgusting noise the fan in the stock psu made00:25
Macerit's really no wonder why it died now.. it sounded like it was grinding to death00:25 has some interesting shit00:26
Maceri might make something even smaller if i get the chance00:26
Macerwonder what i'm going to do about that giant hole where the stock psu used to be.. guess i'll just put some tape there00:29
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* thopiekar_N800 has thought that Macer is just another user using mer.. maybe M(ac)er on an (M)acer pc/laptop... but this would be a unbeleaveable chance...00:31
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Macerer... no.. i'm on my mb00:31
Maceri haven't even put mer on my n800 yet :)00:31
Maceri'm still using maemo... will probably put it on tomorrow tho to try it out00:32
Macerjust need to grab another SD .. i like being able to print from my sd maemo install with my n80000:32
Macerworks great with my su8w and brother laser printer00:32
Macersure wish i had a good office app and cups for my damn G100:32
Macerand bt kb support :)00:33
mavhcand an external monitor00:33
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thopiekar_N800mavhc: for what?00:33
mavhcfor the desktop computer in a phone00:34
sts|mertopi present you the - the friggen mertop!00:35
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Macermavhc - would be nice to just use vnc for it ;)00:36
Macervnc has an independent display.. might go a little slower.. but at least you'd get a larger desktop00:36
mavhcwhat about those usb monitors?00:37
wazdIt's a Merbook!00:37
wazdNot a Mertop!00:37
mavhcsurely a merbook is mer ported to kindle00:37
Macerwow sts :) that looks a little ghetto00:37
sts|mertopi was bored and my other laptop is crashy00:39
Jucatoexcuse me, a question: how can I edit I'm logged in as root (ssh), but it's still readonly00:39
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qwerty12_N800mount -o remount,rw /mnt/initfs/00:40
Jucatoah thanks00:40
Jucatojust need to change the timeout and menu entries :)00:41
sts|mertopi can reveal that droid sand is .. interesting, on a huge screen00:43
qwerty12_N800good or bad? :/00:43
sts|mertopnot sure00:44
Maceri'm still kind of pissed about this damn shuttle00:45
Macerwith its shitty psu00:45
Maceri wound up spending like $60 for this damn picoPSU00:45
Maceron a barebones case/mb that cost $9000:45
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mavhcI do irc-know the guy writing the linux drivers for displaylink, but looking at they're not going to be open source for a while00:49
Macerthey seriously need to make an esxi client for osx or X00:49
Maceri need one.. i don't have a windows box anymore right now00:49
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Macerthink it's time to install fusion on the macbook or something00:49
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thopiekar_N800is streamripper opensource..?00:53
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lcuk:D wow00:58
* thopiekar_N800 is away: <away|from|tablet>01:02
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jiivhello everyone.01:04
thopiekar_N800hi *oops01:05
jiivstskeeps: looking forward to trying mer if ever i get some free time :/01:05
Stskeepsaway from tablet.. isnt that impossible01:06
timelessgeneralantilles: ping01:06
Stskeepsjiiv: hehe, i think my devel time just dropped 15 percent, my home laptop overheats and dies01:06
jiivwell, i'm fairly reliant on the 810 for worky stuff at this point.01:06
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Stskeepsgrab a vmdk then01:07
jiivhow does power management compare to maemo now? deblet rocked, but seemed to kill batteries pretty quickly.01:08
StsN800didn't start measuring yet as we need to replicate some stuff to give really good power savings (mce)01:09
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jiivah. i may go ahead and throw it on a spare card later and see how it goes.01:10
Stskeeps:nod: else fire it up in vmware or virtualbox01:11
timelesssts: got a diablo device?01:11
* timeless is reviewing strings01:11
StsN800timeless, w01:12
timelessopen bookmarks01:12
timelessapp menu>bookmark01:12
timelessi'm considering dropping the elipsis for 'edit' in that menu01:12
timelessdo you understand the rules for elipsis?01:13
qwerty12_N800It opens a dialog though01:13
timelessthat's not the rule01:13
timelessthe rule is based on whether the dialog is the intended consequence or something which interrupts the intended action01:14
Maceranybody here mess with fusion?01:14
timelessa 'settings' dialog should have a menu item w/o an elipsis01:14
StsN800timeless, bookmarks so need an ordering feature01:14
Maceri guess there is no infrastructure client for osx for esxi01:14
jiivOh, unrelated question: anyone know of a way to lock the position of home applets in maemo? i haven't found a solution yet and i'm sick of moving them around on accident.01:14
Macerwhat a let down01:14
jiiv /agree sts01:14
timelessbecause the goal of selecting settings is to view/edit the settings01:14
StsN800jiiv, fixedinfremantle01:15
timelesssts: bookmarks need to be shot, we're going ot shoot them for fremantle01:15
Maceris fremantle out?01:15
jiivah :/ ok.01:15
timelessmacer: we haven't event shipped an alpha sdk for fremantle01:15
Macerheh.. i see01:15
timelesslast i checked there was a pre2 of an alpha sdk01:15
Macerit's not going to work on an n800 anyways is it?01:15
qwerty12_N800jiiv, there's a patched h-d on bugzilla but it doesn't remember a lock setting on reboot01:16
Macertalk about feeling abandoned :)01:16
StskeepsMacer: purpose of mer..01:16
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jiivqwerty: thanks, will have a look.01:16
Stskeepsthis discussion was earlier today01:16
Macerah.. missed it01:16
Macerstill.. mer is all community open source01:17
Macerany actual nokia support for it?01:17
timelessyou say that it's like a bad thing01:17
Macersometimes it is01:17
StskeepsMacer: again, we had discussion already earlier today. yes, nokia helps a lot already01:18
Macerlook at GTK :)01:18
Stskeepsthe pre-alpha code drops has made it possible to get quite ahead, so :P01:21
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Macerwell... still have a couple more months of record unemployment numbers01:25
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johnxmorning all :)01:25
Stskeepsmorn johnx01:26
Macerhey johnx01:26
Stskeepsjohnx: ze mertop!: :>01:26
Macerit's actually almost night time here01:26
johnxMacer, yeah, but I'm on UGT01:26
* timeless grumbles01:26
timelessis "Zoom in" used in diablo's browser?01:26
qwerty12_N800Macer, it's nearly midnight here :p01:26
Stskeepstimeless: "Zooming to"?01:27
Maceralmost midnight?01:27
Macerwhere are you at? iceland?01:27
qwerty12_N800London :P01:27
Macerclose enough :)01:27
johnxStskeeps, nice :) our h-d could use a little bit of resolution independence01:27
thopiekar_N800Berlin,Germany (oops^^)01:31
tonyyarussoSay, I just ordered up a Nokia N810.  However, from what I can see in pictures, the keyboard lacks a tab key.  Since I do a fair number of things with tab-complete, I was wondering is there a way to rig up a hotkey combo for a pseudo-tab?01:31
johnxlike in a terminal?01:32
qwerty12_N800I've seen posts on itt where people describe how to map tab to a keyboard button somewhere01:32
johnxor ctrl-i should work01:33
johnxin the terminal at least01:33
tonyyarussojohnx: Cool, that would be okay.01:34
tonyyarussoqwerty12_N800: Don't suppose you bothered to bookmark any eh?01:34
qwerty12_N800Nope, got an N800 here :)01:34
johnxyou kids and your N810s with physical keyboards. Why back in our day... :D01:34
timelessqwerty/johnx: wanna try a new version of my strings?01:35
johnxtimeless, sure01:35
timelesssts: i specifically mean a 'zoom in' or a 'zoom out' menu item01:35
lcuktonyyarusso, just a mo01:35
timelessit's vaguely possible such a string is used in a context menu of a frame or something similarly obscure01:35
Stskeepstimeless: don't think so01:36
jiivtonyarusso: something like xmodmap -e 'comma = comma tab tab tab tab tab' will turn function-comma into a tab.01:36
lcuki remember the keywords :)01:36
lcukread the comments as well01:36
tonyyarussojohnx: Hehe.  What can I say, it was on sale for like $250 off.01:36
lcukjohnx, :) i like res free rendering01:36
qwerty12_N800tonyyarusso, google "nokia_vndr/rx-44"01:36
qwerty12_N800ah lcuk got there first :)01:36
lcukor google "n810 pipe tab"01:36
lcukwhich is what i remember it as01:37
lcukthe comments give an alternative method as well01:37
lcukso read it all first01:37
qwerty12_N800timeless, not now, i can't be bothered to run dpkg at 11:37 pm sorry :)01:37
johnxqwerty12_N800, jeez. it's later here :P01:38
* b-man compiles packages untill he falls asleep01:38
qwerty12_N800johnx, i made myself tired by debianising evkey in a mer chroot with on hildon keyboard :o :P01:39
qwerty12_N800s/on/only a/01:39
infobotqwerty12_N800 meant: johnx, i made myself tired by debianising evkey in a mer chroot with only a hildon keyboard :o :P01:39
johnxwell, then I appreciate the work :) you have permission to be tired01:39
qwerty12_N800hehe :)01:39
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* timeless grumbles01:41
* Stskeeps heads to bed01:41
timelesscan someone please explain why (browser)app Menu>Navigation> has Bookmarks(!) but History list(...)01:41
* qwerty12_N800 really needs to figure out how he can get osso_cp_plugin_execute to play nice with advanced backlight. so far I've added a "display settings" option that segfaults hildon desktop >.<01:41
timelesshrm, seems maemo can't get elipsis right for Settings01:43
* timeless will fix that in a future rev01:43
timelessperhaps 0.1.201:43 the 'we can't guarantee' your software will be changed in 0.1.2 or you're sticking with it?01:50
timelessoh, i forgot01:50
timelessThis software might work, there are no guarantees about it.01:51
johnxthat's not true either01:51
timelessThis software might not work, there are no guarantees about it.01:51
timelessthere are two strings01:51
johnxcloser, but conceivably the person who put it in extras is providing a guarantee01:51
timelessso, the difference between work and not work01:52
timelessis whether it mgiht be from nokia01:52
timelessif it is from nokia, it's the latter01:52
*** lbt has quit IRC01:53
timelessThis software might (not) work, there are no guarantees.01:53
johnxgah! but that's still not necessarily true. the intent is to excuse Nokia, not anyone else :P01:54
timelessyeah well01:54
timelessi'm screwing the intent here01:54
johnxeh, then you'll get nothing but bug reports from me :P01:54
*** jiiv has left #maemo01:54
timelessalright, offer something else01:55
timelessthe dialogs happen for 'might be from nokia (or not)' and 'not from a verified source'01:55
timelesswhatever those concepts are01:55
timelessask the h-a-m- code01:55
johnxThis software ( may | may not) work, but Nokia provides no guarantee. Do you still want to continue installing it?01:55
timelessai_nc_non_verified_package, ai_nc_unsure_package01:55
timelessThis software may (not) work and Nokia does not provide any guarantees. Do you still want to install it?01:57
timelessi take it you don't like 'at your own risk'?01:57
johnxthat's lawyer-speak that I wouldn't mind seeing on the cutting room floor :)01:58
timelessyou picked 'may' over 'might'01:58
timelessany reason?01:58
johnxaesthetic preference01:58
timelessalright, may + but01:59
johnxI really don't care about the specifics, but I think the important part is including "Nokia" somewhere in there01:59
timelessshould do you want to install it be on its own line?01:59
Maceran arctic fox female has a penis and lays an egg in the male01:59
Macerhow odd01:59
johnxtimeless, they're the ones that cared enough to add a click-through to a linux package manager. it's important for users to understand that the warning is coming from them I think02:00
timelessmacer: that wikipedia article has dozens of typos in a single paragraph02:00
johnxalso: I'm sure the lawyers had to vet the original string02:00
Maceryeah.. i thought that was strange too02:00
Macertimeless: i think i'll find another article heh02:00
Macerfrom another web site or something02:00
johnxor try that new tool for visualizing wiki-fights :)02:01
timelesswikipedia is being attacked02:01
timelessat least that page is02:01
timelesserr, wrong window02:02
Macerheh.. yeah02:02
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC02:02
Macerthat article is fucked02:02
Maceri thought the female penis and inside the male egg laying was ... well.. very unmammal like02:03
*** sts|mertop has quit IRC02:04
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*** r0dent is now known as Mousey02:05
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johnxMacer, that's what she said02:07
Maceryou know.. the hax0r should have left all the typos out02:08
Macerthen i would have seriously thought that female penii lay eggs in male arctic foxes02:09
johnx'hax0ring' wikipedia: like stealing books from a library or jacking food from your local food bank02:09
Maceryeah.. i suppose so :) well.. i can write wikipedia off the list of sites to get information from02:09
Macerthere goes my whole concept of the theory of relativity02:10
johnxyou just have to be critical about what you read...just like...anywhere02:10
timelessbtw, that Fox page fixed itself02:10
Maceri suppose.. but i wouldn't be as critical towards encyclopedia britanica02:11
soapI just saw a stat.  Forget the >50 number, but a vast majority of wiki edits are reviewed within 5 minutes.02:11
johnxwhich is silly, because as a corporation they may have a vested interest in affecting your opinions on certain subjects02:11
soapand individuals don't?02:11
Macerjohnx: possibly.. if there were encyclopedia lobbyists outside their doors ? ;)02:12
johnxthat was @Macer. I'm just too slow before coffee02:12
Macerwhich i doubt because sales are down02:12
johnxor if they had an article on wikipedia :)02:12
johnxor by extension: the internet02:13
Macerwhat a slap in the face that is02:14
johnxor if they were associated with another company who might have expressed that it would be nice if the negative parts were cut out of the article about them02:14
Maceryeah i suppose... but eventually someone would discover such a thing02:14
johnxand then...?02:15
Macerblackmail them i suppose02:15
MacerGod knows that they wouldn't want to tell others when there is self gain to be made :)02:15
johnxyou're right. sounds like a fine system :)02:15
Macerisn't it?02:15
Macergreed usually is02:15
Macerbbl.. need to eat and take a nap02:16
Macerhave to take the gf and her mother to the airport tomorrow02:16
timelessso um02:18
timelessanyone here understand cauldron?02:18
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik02:19
timelesswhat does that mean?02:19
*** Shadow__X has quit IRC02:20
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo02:21
timelessi've tried the commands it lists in my Mer session02:22
timelessand it works fine02:22
qwerty12_N800me &  sp3000 sorted that out a few days ago, just move your gtk20-l10n-enus1 depend onto the Depends line like "Depends: gtk20-l10n-enus1,"02:22
timelesscan someone try building that package w/ diablo?02:22
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* timeless chuckles02:32
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* timeless cries03:00
timeless"Join a multiperson chat"03:00
*** gnuton has quit IRC03:00
timelessMind indeed if i do.03:00
johnxdo it! do it now!03:01
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*** herz1 has joined #maemo03:06
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* b-man reports a malicious individual that has been attacking a website that he was a member of - the hacker was taking over everyones profile >:(03:17
johnxeither that or it's just a fad to have the same profile :)03:18
b-manno, people are complaining - and freaking out03:18
*** fiekia has joined #maemo03:19
b-man(amagin being on ITT, having someone unknowingly steel your password/username and begin posing as you)03:20
*** herzi has quit IRC03:21
GeneralAntillestimeless, pong.03:25
*** Pio has quit IRC03:31
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Macerdamn popcornhour03:40
*** glima is now known as glima[AWAY]03:40
*** zap has quit IRC03:42
timelessGeneralAntilles: so, i have an updated package for you to try03:46
lcukquiz: what do you think will happen when i click on the cluster of photos?
johnxit will show up a larger version of the gallery?03:47
*** alex-weej has quit IRC03:47
lcuk:D then they zoom to fullscreen in just the same way03:47
lcukits effing marvelous03:47
*** hatseflats has joined #maemo03:48
hatseflatsevening everyone03:48
hatseflatsI'm having a bit of trouble flashing my n81003:48
b-manhello, hatseflats03:49
*** ssvb has quit IRC03:49
hatseflatsI follow the instructions on the wiki page, but the flasher tool complains that there is no suitable usb device03:49
johnxare you running as root? does the usb icon appear on the n810?03:49
hatseflatsChecklist; correct flasher, correct image, battery charged, charger unplugged, device switched off, connected over USB, running as root, no icon on the n810, in fact, it's just 'off'03:50
hatseflatsno backlight, no led, nothing03:50
hatseflatsthe USB connection itself should be okay, I just used it to backup my /home03:51
*** jgoss has joined #maemo03:51
johnxok, so you plug it into usb, start the flasher, hold the 'swap' (aka squares button) and then you need to turn on the tablet03:51
hatseflatsnothing happening03:51
johnxthe tablet doesn't turn on when you press the power switch?03:52
Macerthis nzbget crap this popcornhour has is... interesting03:52
Macerit's kind of shitty03:52
hatseflatsjohnx: when I hit the power switch it does, when I hit the power switch AND the swap button, nothing happens03:52
johnxso it won't turn on if you press the power switch while holding the swap button? quite strange03:53
hatseflatsflashing like this worked fine a few months back03:53
hatseflatsbut this isn't a known issue then?03:53
johnxok, isntead of hitting the power switch, try just plugging in the charger03:53
johnxcorrect, not a known issues AFAIK03:53
hatseflatsplugging in the charger boots it up as usual, testing with swap button in a few secs03:54
johnxgenerally if the flasher is running and it's plugged in to USB, attaching the charger should boot it up in 'flash' mode I believe03:55
hatseflatsnothing there either03:55
* timeless grumbles03:56
timelesstitle: Join chat03:56
hatseflatsthis is quite frustrating, n810 works fine on diablo, save for the GPS03:56
timelessuseless message: Join a multiperson chat03:56
timelessRoom name: [                     |v]03:56
hatseflatswhich won't get recognized anymore, so I figure, reflash with a new image03:56
timeless[ OK ] [ Browse ] [ Cancel ]03:56
timelesscan anyone think of *any* useful text to stick in the useless message line?03:57
* timeless is probably going to blank it03:57
hatseflatsjohnx: I got lucky... power on + swap worked this time03:57
GeneralAntillesJoin a chat room?03:57
timelessdoes it really add any value?03:58
johnxhatseflats, ah. good deal :)03:58
timelessi mean, what else are you going to do in a chat app in a dialog labeled 'join chat'?03:58
timelessjoin a convent?03:58
johnxI recommend keeping a stock of PSAs for occasions such as this03:58
GeneralAntillestimeless, wouldn't that be a surprise.03:59
johnx"Remember not to drink and drive."03:59
GeneralAntillestimeless, what should I be paying attention to besides the Control Panel?03:59
GeneralAntilles(Which looks good)03:59
timelessmostly control panel04:00
timelessi've changed browser a bit04:00
timelesspossibly backup04:00
*** b-man has quit IRC04:00
timelessi'm probably going to change 'Compose message' to 'Write mail'04:00
* GeneralAntilles is proofing all of the 150 photo from Cuba my friend is about to post on Flickr.04:01
GeneralAntillestimeless, none.04:01
* timeless frowns04:02
timelessA/V Chat isn't really a verb phrase04:02
timelessit's tolerable as an app name04:02
*** fiekia has quit IRC04:02
timelessbut in the action section it should probably be Chat (A/V)04:03
*** philipl has joined #maemo04:08
wazdI've made Ti 86 skin :)
GeneralAntilleswazd, drop the Almost Real branding?04:09
GeneralAntillesOverall, I think it just takes away from the total effect.04:09
wazdnot very accurate replica but recognizable)04:09
wazdWhy drop?) It mimics Texas Instruments :)04:09
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC04:10
hatseflatsthat's kind of a problem with the people who would consider a Ti skin04:10
hatseflatsthey are the die-hard nerds04:10
hatseflatsyou know, the ones that want perfection04:10
GeneralAntilleshatseflats, it's for an emulator.04:10
GeneralAntilleswazd, subjective, but I don't like it. :P04:10
*** philipl has quit IRC04:10
wazdhatseflats: well, Ti calculator is too long to make it pixelperfect with 16:10 screen04:11
*** philipl has joined #maemo04:11
hatseflatswazd: you can always crop or zoom to fit04:11
wazdhatseflats: then it's too small to use comfortly04:12
GeneralAntillesI want a TI-83 or TI-8904:12
GeneralAntillesI dunno how to use the TI-85/86. :P04:12
hatseflatsTi-83/84 is what I'd want04:12
wazdwell, that's the questions to RST38h :)04:14
hatseflatsmaybe I'm going nuts, but in maemo-mapper, the GPS itself is /dev/pgps right? not a bluetooth passthrough or a GPSD host on localhost?04:14
*** fiekia has joined #maemo04:15
*** Shadow__X has joined #maemo04:16
hatseflatswell, my GPS icon in the taskbar turns on when I use the /dev/pgps device04:18
hatseflatsbut maemo-mapper just keeps looking for the receiver and eventually bails out claiming it can't find a GPSD server :/04:18
johnxI know the trick used to be selecting "bluetooth" and not specifying an addres04:19
johnxnot sure if that's still the case but it might be worth a try04:20
GeneralAntilleshatseflats, Bluetooth, no MAC.04:20
*** housetier has quit IRC04:20
hatseflatsthat worked04:20
hatseflatsa bluetooth passthrough still04:20
johnxeh. I think the maemo-mapper dev never had an N81004:21
GeneralAntillesYou gotta get gpsd started.04:21
hatseflatsright now I'm just downloading some 200 megs of maps, and I'm happy the GPS itself is working again, is there an advantage to using gpsd?04:23
ShadowJKSo what's this "qtmapper" thing that appeared04:24
*** radic__ has joined #maemo04:28
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo04:28
*** xdx has quit IRC04:28
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo04:40
*** radic_ has quit IRC04:44
*** wazd has quit IRC04:45
*** b-man has joined #maemo04:47
*** ezadkiel_mB has joined #maemo04:50
rm_youjohnx: hey so when do you move back again?05:12
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]05:32
* GeneralAntilles emails qgil about the new categories.05:33
*** daperl has quit IRC05:33
*** daperl has joined #maemo05:34
*** smackpotato has left #maemo05:38
*** dlmarti has quit IRC05:39
Macerthis popcorn hour box takes like 2 hours to repair par files when you use an nzb05:40
*** pcfe` has joined #maemo05:41
*** dlmarti has joined #maemo05:42
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:49
*** pcfe` is now known as pcfe05:58
*** Vulc|Laptop has joined #maemo06:02
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC06:15
*** des^^ has joined #maemo06:17
*** des^ has quit IRC06:21
*** b-man has quit IRC06:23
*** thopiekar__ has joined #maemo06:25
*** b-man has joined #maemo06:25
*** daperl_ has joined #maemo06:29
*** daperl has quit IRC06:30
*** daperl_ is now known as daperl06:30
themactepI've just published how to connect Maemo Garage Git repos from Eclipse despite the untrusted SSL certificate. Anyone would be interested to add it to Garage docs along with the GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY solution?06:30
rm_youGeneralAntilles might do it, he seems to like documenting, lol06:39
GeneralAntillesI aint doin' shit.06:39
*** thopiekar_N800 has quit IRC06:41
*** jaem has joined #maemo06:48
Macerok. pch nzb client actually seems to work pretty well06:53
Macerbefore it used to make the video stutter.. probably because of lack of hw demuxing or something.. who knows06:53
*** jaem has left #maemo06:55
*** jaem has joined #maemo06:55
jaemI saw Sts' screenshots of the Pimlico apps on Jaiku... is the Mer team working on those, or just testing?07:00
jaemthey needed some work, last time I tried them07:00
*** alex_mayorga has joined #maemo07:01
alex_mayorgahi there07:01
alex_mayorgaI keep getting a no space on /var when trying to install apps07:02
jaemis there space on var?07:02
jaemwhat does df tell you?07:02
jaemare you familiar with the terminal?07:02
alex_mayorgaalso random fake update packages reminders07:02
jaemwhich packages?07:03
alex_mayorgajaem, kinda07:03
jaemtry running df in the console07:03
jaemit will give you the disk usage info for all filesystems07:03
alex_mayorgaok, trying, thanks07:04
jaemalex: if you want lots of system stats like that easily accessible, the Advanced Battery applet does a good job, as well as being better than Nokia's battery applet07:04
alex_mayorgajaem, thanks on the suggestion, problem at hand is / 99% full07:06
jaemhave you tried cloning your install to the SD card?07:06
jaemthat will give you much more space07:06
jaemthe onboard flash is a bit limited for some things07:06
alex_mayorgajaem, total maemo n00b, sorry is there a how-to?07:07
jaemyep - just looking it up07:07
jaemthere's probably a command to the bot to get the link, but I'm not familiar with it ;)07:07
*** Paxicide has joined #maemo07:08
*** thekondor has joined #maemo07:09
jaemalex: I forget where the most recent version is... and I have to go offline for a minute07:11
jaemI'll be back07:11
alex_mayorgaI have an 8gb internal card but it doesn't seem to be in use at all07:11
jaemwell, normally it uses the onboard flash for the main filesystem07:11
jaemyour card is just for general storage07:11
jaembut you can clone it to the card, and boot from that instead07:12
tonyyarussoThere must be a howto about cloning to the card somewhere, right?07:13
alex_mayorgathis ?07:14
Stskeepsjaem: straight from  ubuntu hildon stuff (pimlico)07:17
*** Paxicide has quit IRC07:19
*** jaem_ has joined #maemo07:23
*** daperl has quit IRC07:23
jaem_alex: did you find what you were looking for?07:24
alex_mayorganot really found this not sure if that's it07:25
jaem_no - the problem is that the original tool to do it isn't supported for the most recent FW version07:26
jaem_and I forget what is07:26
jaem_I'm a bit out of the loop07:26
tonyyarussoalex_mayorga: cool, thanks07:26
alex_mayorgatonyyarusso, might not be it07:27
jaem_tony: I don't think it is07:27
jaem_here we go:
jaem_ *07:28
jaem_that's what I wa s looking for07:28
jaem_my N810 isn't back from repairs, so I haven't been able to try that method yet07:28
*** jaem has quit IRC07:29
*** cmvo has quit IRC07:33
*** cmvo has joined #maemo07:33
*** b-man has quit IRC07:34
*** Zic_N800 has joined #maemo07:40
*** jaem_ has left #maemo07:49
*** themactep has quit IRC07:53
*** meetpatty has joined #maemo07:56
*** bef0rd has quit IRC07:59
alex_mayorgaconsole tools doesn't seem to install on my n80008:05
*** alex_mayorga has quit IRC08:09
*** cjdavis1 has quit IRC08:22
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo08:24
*** croppa has joined #maemo08:36
*** lpotter has joined #maemo08:41
*** benh has quit IRC08:46
*** fireun has quit IRC08:47
*** gopi has quit IRC09:01
*** Phantom has joined #maemo09:05
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo09:05
PhantomIs it possible to download maemo repos snapshots via torrents ?09:06
*** geaaru has joined #maemo09:06
Meiz_n810I don't know what i did wrong first time i tried KDE in Mer..09:08
Meiz_n810it works now09:08
*** murrayc has joined #maemo09:13
PhantomWell, maybe even usual ftp/http will do :)  Somebody suggest please where I can get archived repo snapshot (official nokia's and/or from, for diablo)09:14
*** jaem has joined #maemo09:18
meetpattyanyone out there able to give me some help getting usb networking running?09:23
timelessphantom: it's doubtful anyone does that09:23
timelessdo you really really need that, andif so why?09:24
PhantomI want to rebuild local repo.09:24
meetpatty770 running mer so no wifi currently09:24
timelessphantom: i have an ancient mirror09:24
timelessbut i don't see how that's better than the official repo09:24
johnxrecursive wget maybe?09:25
timelessthat's what i did09:25
timelessi still don't understand why someone would want a torrent for this purpose09:25
PhantomThere were problems with apt and maemo repo file/directory structure looks different from debian or ubuntu.09:25
*** lundh has joined #maemo09:25
timelessit seems amazingly odd09:25
* timeless puzzles09:26
PhantomI can't make sure what is the reason and wanted to build local repo and deal with it.09:26
timelessso, i'd probably write a web server that acted as an evil proxy09:26
timelessand had it remap things as needed09:26
timelessbut it sounds like you aren't sure what's needed09:27
lundhjust begun looking at maemo. I have an old ipaq hx4700 that I wanted to do something fun with. Can I install maemo on it somehow?09:27
timelessanyway, wget recursive does work09:27
timelesslundh: you can try mer09:27
*** ken-p has quit IRC09:27
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo09:27
timelessyou can't try a shipping version of maemo (to the extent that such a thing exists)09:27
PhantomI asked for torrents just because it is an easy way to get files.09:27
Phantomwget -r doesn't get deb files for some reason...09:28
*** eichi has joined #maemo09:28
johnxhmm...wonder if they tweaker robots.txt...09:28
lundhtimeless: thanks, I'll read about it :)09:28
*** tulkastaldo has quit IRC09:28
timelessyou can use that url09:28
timelessit has a catalogue.tableteer and a repository.maemo09:28
lundhyeah, thanks :)09:28
timelesskeep in mind it's 6-12months old09:28
timelessif you want to see the .pl files, lemme know09:29
PhantomI think I will try to mirror current official one with httrack.09:29
lundhok, is the resolution going to be a problem. looks like all info I can find is about 800x480 screens, not 640x48009:29
timelessactually, i'd be willing to describe the .pl files, but i wouldn't s hare them as is :)09:30
PhantomIf it goes wrong I come here again :)09:30
Phantombtw, how much space does it takes?09:31
PhantomI have quotas for incoming traffic :(09:32
timeless206M    extras-devel/pool09:32
timeless2.4G    extras/pool09:32
timeless342M    pool/herring09:33
timeless274M    pool/maemo2.209:33
timeless569M    pool/maemo3.209:33
timeless1.9G    pool/maemo4.009:33
timeless1.7M    pool/maemo4.0-beta09:33
timeless329M    pool/os200809:33
timelessagain, thesea re old numbers09:33
timelessbut that's a general idea09:33
timelessso, say 10g?09:33
*** jgoss has quit IRC09:33
PhantomHmm... I see... it is big enough to not to fit into monthly quota :-/09:34
*** sisto has joined #maemo09:34
timelessagain, it doesn't sound like something a normal person would do09:34
timelesspick an actual problem and we can try to do something09:35
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:35
PhantomI have the actual problem with apt, but explanation is long enough. If I could send an e-mail that would be great. :)09:38
johnxwrite up an explanation and pastebin it? :)09:39
johnxdoes it have to do with apt getting 302 moved?09:39
*** ezadkiel_mB has quit IRC09:39
johnxor are you trying to use apt on a different device to download for your tablet?09:39
timelessfwiw, while it's true apt sucks, most things aren't so bad09:40
* timeless has done all sorts of evil things to apt09:40
PhantomNo, apt on my tablet breaks after updating from just any repo.09:40
timelesshave you tried disabling most repos?09:40
johnx'breaks' as in 'borken dependencies' or 'breaks' as in 'no longer downloads'09:40
PhantomYes, i discussed that problem at special forum, but it is not in english. So I would have to translate that thread anyway...09:41
johnxwhat language?09:42
*** gomiam has joined #maemo09:42
johnxyeah, can't help with that :)09:42
timelessa wiki page might make more sense than a private email09:43
johnxif you drop me a link I might get a clue from the command line output though09:43
* timeless isn't really soliciting email09:43
* timeless chuckles09:43
timelessso, my local repo has *one* change from the 0.1.1 release09:43
Phantomlook for attachments09:44
*** dymaxion has quit IRC09:45
johnxfunny to see what parts of the messages are localized and which aren't09:45
PhantomIn short, it looks like apt can't process what it have downloaded.09:46
gomiamerm... hello. I have had this weird problem with the browser in Diablo: after keeping it running for a few days, its memory consumption goes way up.09:47
timelessgomiam: your device lasts a couple of days09:47
timelessand you're annoyed that the browser uses a lot of memory?09:47
timelesshow hard is it for you to close the browser?09:47
gomiamtimeless: hard enough. I usually download stories to read, and I mostly keep whatever story I'm reading in a browser window09:48
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo09:48
johnxgomiam, html files? have you tried them with fbreader?09:49
timelessgomiam: and you can't use bookmarks?09:49
johnxtimeless, but then he loses his place09:49
* timeless tries not to sound too incredulous09:49
johnxand it does sound like  a memory leak ...09:49
gomiamjohnx: yup, HTML files downloaded from websites to mmc09:49
timelessjohnx: in code that's 2 years old09:50
johnxI can definitely recommend fbreader for files like that09:50
timelessor dead09:50
gomiamhold on09:50
timelessi can't justify even listening to him09:50
gomiamperhaps I'm using a newer version and I didn't even know it09:50
gomiamjust a second09:50
*** acydlord has quit IRC09:50
timelesspersonally, i'd just copy a line of text as part of my bookmark title09:50
timelessand when i load the bookmark, i'd 'find' that line09:50
timelessand continue reading09:50
hahlois webkit engine any better?09:50
johnxPhantom, my only idea is that something is wrong with the Translation-ru file and not many people have run into this problem yet. Could you maybe try switching your locale and seeing if the problem continues09:50
gomiamwhat version would 4.2008.23-14 be?09:51
johnxhahlo, it's 'better' in that it's in development, but my experience with Tear is that it still has memory leaks (or just high memory usage)09:51
gomiamok, that would be Diablo09:51
timelessjohnx: so his problem was catalogue.tableteer, not repostitory.maemo, right?09:51
PhantomI tried every repo separately. No go.09:52
timeless23-14 doesn't sound like it's the latest...09:52
gomiamunless the control panel is acting up. By the way, timeless, how can Diablo be "two year old code"? Just wondering...09:52
johnxtimeless, ok. I'm looking at the post. he gets an error pulling Translation-ru from tableteer. I don't understand your point though...09:52
timelessgomiam: we imported the browser code at a certain point09:53
timelessand generally didn't pull in the latest code past that point09:53
*** TheJere has quit IRC09:53
timelessthat point isn't a really recent point in time now09:53
* timeless isn't sure how long diablo has been available09:53
* timeless is really bad w/ math09:54
PhantomSo... idea #1 is to try to change locale before running apt. Is that right?09:54
gomiamtimeless: according to my control panel, this version I have is from 200809:54
timelessphantom: it'd help the readers here :)09:54
johnxPhantom, yes. that's my only idea09:54
*** TheJere has joined #maemo09:54
timelessgomiam: what's your native language?09:54
gomiamtimeless: spanish :)09:54
timelessimagina ud. un hobre que quiere translatar ''09:56
PhantomI will try this evening or tomorrow. There is no wireless network by my side right now.09:56
gomiamtimeless: yes, I can. I have done part of that for the Spanish Wikipedia09:56
timelesseso hombre <download> en.wikipedia.org09:56
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo09:56
timelessdespues eso hombre entrarse un <cave>09:56
*** meetpatty has quit IRC09:57
timelessy. translata muchas paginas del <>09:57
* timeless pauses to look up a word09:57
gomiamtimeless: ok, I see you are really helpful09:57
* Stskeeps ponders idly how many languages timeless knows09:57
gomiamdid I mangle english so bad or was it just that one sentence?09:57
timelessal mismo tiempo09:57
gomiamStskeeps: I would guess one... badly09:58
timelessmuchas hombres cambian muchas muchas paginas del en.wikipedia.org09:58
timelesssts: ignoring computer languages09:58
timelessi studied spanish for 4 years, ASL for a year, hebrew for ~3 years09:58
timelesssome russian, some finnish, and i've picked up pieces of french/italian09:59
jaemthat's rather impressive09:59
timelessand i can bug check a dozen languages09:59
jaemI can read some French, and that's all09:59
timelessoh, Soy un americano09:59
gomiamtimeless: lamento decirte que tu español aún necesita pulirse un poco :)09:59
timelessgomaim: sorry, ... contiuarse...09:59
Stskeepsmy primary language is danish (+ swedish/norwegian understanding), secondary english (taught) and then i have been taught german and french :P10:00
Stskeeps.. and gf trying to teach me polish atm10:00
timelessel primer hombre tiene un viejo copia del <>10:00
johnxI know English and bad English :D10:00
gomiamtimeless: are you using Google's translator, perhaps?10:01
timelessdurante esta vez,10:01
timelessgomiam: not in general10:01
timelessmy spanish is 10 years rusty10:01
gomiamah, ok10:01
timelessthere's no point in me using google translator10:02
timelessi could write this in English and make you do that10:02
timelessthe point is to express a problem in my aged spanish10:02
timelessi am looking up some words, because my spanish dictionar is ~5,000 miles away10:02
* BugBlue talks nederlands, english, deutsch, francais, afrikaans, friesk, polski (a bit), svenska (a bit)10:02
timelessor 10 years, whichever10:02
timelessunless you're saying what you babble isn't worth considering 'speach'10:03
BugBlueno speaking is meaning that you know what you say :P10:03
timelesserr speech10:03
* timeless isghs10:03
* timeless ,.,m10:03
BugBluethat's very rare for me :P10:03
* timeless looks for a peach10:03
gomiamtimeless: I understand that. I can't see the relation with Wikipedia, though. Anyway, I'll shut the browser down from time to time.10:03
johnxStskeeps, in the unreal tournament announcer voice?10:03
* timeless pleads hunger10:04
Stskeepsjohnx: i actually never played UT10:04
timelessgomiam: so...10:04
timelessthe idea is that a guy downloads a copy of something 'big'10:04
timelessand spends a lot of time 'translating' it10:04
timelesswhile he's translating his *downloaded* copy10:04
timelessthe real version changes10:04
timelessif he downloaded it a year ago10:04
timelessand has been translating that copy for a year10:04
timelessthe real thing has been changing for that entire year10:05
johnxgomiam, the rendering engine used in the N810's browser was branched from firefox a long time ago10:05
timelesswhich means even though he could deliver his translated version 'today'10:05
timelessand claim it's a 'new' translation10:05
timelessit's in fact a new translation of something very old10:05
gomiamjohnx: then it would had been much simpler to tell me, "sorry, it's an old version and it's not supported any more". I would keep dealing with it and that would be it.10:05
timelessi can't say that10:05
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC10:06
timelessfor one, i did say that it didn't look like you had the latest version of diablo10:06
timelessi could be wrong10:06
* timeless is bad w/ versions10:06
timelessbut diablo is the latest supported product10:06
timelessthere's nothing released that's newer10:06
timelesswhat is the latest diablo version? :)10:06
Stskeeps <- this is a -real- problem with language on internet.10:07
timelessgomiam: so... first, you should switch to 43-x10:07
timelessit's unfair to everyone else here to use an old version of diablo10:07
timelessbut keep in mind, that it probably won't fix any specific problem10:07
timelessit's not a magic pill10:07
timelessit's just that.... memory leaks are hopefully fixed already10:07
doc|homeStskeeps: pffft, definitely the latter. No question.10:08
timelessor might be in code we won't use in the next version10:08
gomiamtimeless: that's interesting. I'm supposed to have 23-4 but no updates show up.10:08
johnxStskeeps, I tend to use a smiley, then a space, then an end-parens10:08
timelessgomiam: i don't remember which version offered over the air updates10:08
timelesssome required a reflash10:09
timelessanyone other than me would know :)10:09
johnxtimeless, from the first diablo release updates were by SSU10:09
gomiamand, for example, I have osso-dsp-modules-rx44 installed already :)10:09
timelessthe rx44 is a hardware version10:09
* gomiam checks browser version...10:09
timelesswe don't update hardware over the air10:09
Stskeepsgomiam: chinook latter had that10:09
Stskeepsi think10:09
timelesstoo heavy for the pigeons10:09
Stskeeps(rx-44 is n810)10:09
jaemtimeless: is SSU using RFC 1149, then?10:09
timelessjaem: we have to support it!10:10
jaemwith or without QoS?10:10
* timeless presumes gomiam missed that reference10:10
timelessjaem: definitely w/o10:10
gomiamtimeless: the IP over Avian Carrier RFC? No, I didn't miss it ;)10:11
Stskeepsheh... danish bike rider got run over by a truck, and before he died he asked for a cola10:11
Stskeepsthat's hardcore10:11
jaemI wondered why MIT's tech model railroad club never (to my knowledge) did IP over Model Train10:11
gomiamanyway, I don't have African swallows around to carry it, so it's a moot point.10:11
timelesswell, given our source is Finland, i'd assume they were European, not African10:11
gomiamtimeless: but European Swallowds are smaller :P10:12
Mouseyladen or unladen?10:12
infobotgomiam meant: timeless: but European Swallows are smaller :P10:12
gomiamMousey: in any case, I think.10:12
timelessgomiam: as i said, too heavy10:12
gomiamtimeless: perhaps if you put four of them to carry it together...10:13
*** simboss has joined #maemo10:13
timelessanyway, sorry, sometimes it's easier to try switching explanations out of a realm when it seems like the natural domain isn't well understood10:13
jaemI wonder if my tracking number would work if they'd sent my N810 back by pidgeon, instead of UPS10:13
sp3000perhaps not if you fracment the packet enough10:13
sp3000fragment even10:13
timelesssome assembly required?10:13
sp3000ikea tablets?10:14
jaemI hope not10:14
johnxI want my GPS update for my N80010:14
gomiamwould some kind soul please tell me what's the latest version for the Diablo browser?10:14
johnxgomiam, whatever comes with the 43-7 SSU. do you need just the browser version?10:14
timelessgomiam: everything we've released of late has been as part of a system wide package10:15
timelessjohnx: the browser version is often not bumped properly10:15
timelessso it's pointless :)10:15
timelessits calculation is also mostly "strange"10:15
timelesssince it thinks that the date it was compiled is somehow relevant10:15
jaemisn't it?10:16
jaemit's birthday?10:16
timelesscheck out code in 2000 and build it in 2010 and it'll give a different number :)10:16
gomiamjohnx: since I don't know whether I can rely on the information shown at "About this product", I wanted so indirect method of knowing if I'm up to date.10:16
gomiams/so /some /10:16
infobotgomiam meant: johnx: since I don't know whether I can rely on the information shown at "About this product", I wanted some indirect method of knowing if I'm up to date.10:16
timelesscat /etc/osso_software_version10:16
johnxyou should be able to trust that info10:16
gomiamoh, forgot that.10:16
timelessbut about should be trustworthy10:16
timelessminus any strange spelling errors that may be present10:16
timelessor inconsistencies between (c) and &copy;10:17
*** dymaxion has joined #maemo10:17
timelesssomeone actually complained about that this weekend!10:17
gomiamnow this is funny... I have no /etc/osso_software_version10:18
*** jaem has quit IRC10:18
timelessosso_software_release ?10:18
* timeless is typing from memory10:19
gomiamI'm going to "find /etc -name \*osso\*" just in case :)10:19
timelessmy n800 has an /etc/osso_software_version10:20
timelesswhat did you do to your poor n800?10:20
gomiamI think I did nothing unusual to it10:20
gomiamit might have had some update problems, though.10:20
* gomiam checks more...10:20
johnxyeah... update problems around 23-whatever sound somewhat familiar10:21
gomiamok, it seems I don't have osso-software-version installed. Connecting to install osso-software-version-rx34 ...10:22
*** mib_ouom6r has joined #maemo10:22
timelessdo you have an n800 or n810?10:22
*** solmumaha has joined #maemo10:22
timelessthat's because those pigeons never delivered the rx44 hardware update10:22
timelessover the air updates are limited to softwqare10:23
infobottimeless meant: over the air updates are limited to software10:23
*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:23
timelesssp3000: so...10:23
Stskeepstablet subscriptions..mmm10:23
timelessi need a script which um....10:23
*** gomiam1 has joined #maemo10:24
timelessgiven output from a diff decides to munge foo/debian/changelog10:24
*** gomiam has quit IRC10:24
*** gomiam1 is now known as gomiam10:24
timelesssts: sounds like a good revenue model10:24
johnxStskeeps, sign up here. just $50 / week directly to me gets you a new tablet whenever one is released :>10:24
Stskeepsi'm sure someone would catch :P10:25
gomiamsorry, pulled the wrong cable O:-)10:25
timelessjohnx: hey, have you been to teh vertu store?10:25
johnxwhere is it?10:25
*** calvaris has joined #maemo10:25
* johnx googles10:26
Stskeepsjohnx: oh, did you see Bundyo in some strange way managed to forward port 770's cx3110x to a modern kernel?10:26
timelesswe announced a vertu.jp10:26
johnxholy craps10:26
johnxin Ginza, huh10:26
johnxopens on feb 19th?10:26
johnxyes, I exist in your future...but not actually that far ahead contrary to popular beliefe10:27
timelessit's at the corner of %#!@$ and $#%#10:27
johnxin Ginza, Tokyo10:27
gomiamok, I see. osso-software-version-rx34 won't install because it depends on some packages to be installed with old versions10:27
timelessi'd give a link, but the page is 100% flash10:27
*** wazd has joined #maemo10:28
johnxand seems to be form over function10:28
johnxhow uniquely suitable :>10:28
timelessthankfully 'store' is in English until you hover over it10:28
gomiamso I guess I'll have to download them and install them by hand.10:28
timelessjohnx: you can buy a phone for 100,000 EUR iirc10:28
timelessor was it USD10:28
johnxgomiam, ah. that would explain it. I would let it downgrade if I were you10:29
gomiamjohnx: yup. And I just found how to tell apt-get to install a specific version, too.10:29
johnxyou probably got something from another repo that had a higher version than Nokia uses10:29
timelessoh brother10:29
timelessthe article was stolen from wpost.com10:29
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:29
timelessshould be the original article10:30
johnxwow...that website basically sums up the the whole vertu experience10:30
timelesshelsinki times or the flash one?10:31
johnxthe vertu flash website10:31
timelessanyway, if you can visit the store for opening day10:31
timelessit sounds like it could be amusing10:31
*** Khertan has quit IRC10:31
timelessif it were a us store, they'd give something away10:31
timelessheck, even here in HEL i've been to openings w/ giveaways10:31
StskeepsN810W surplus? :P10:31
johnxthere will be lines. around the block10:31
timelessjohnx: send pictures10:32
johnxthere was an hour plus line at crispy creme in kawasaki10:32
johnxon 'gurando open' day10:32
*** mib_ouom6r has quit IRC10:32
wazdhello everybody)10:34
gomiamok, running a big bunch of upgrades that were hanging on osso...rx3410:34
*** z72ka has joined #maemo10:35
timelessyour spelling of krispy kreme stumped google10:35
johnxwhatever. it's a US thing (or *was* a US thing)10:35
Stskeepsmorning wazd10:35
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC10:36
*** thopiekar__ has quit IRC10:37
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]10:39
johnxso let's see: Who thinks I should visit the Vertu store on opening day just to take pictures of the insane lines that will be there10:39
timelessi think something ate my homework10:40
gomiamtimeless: "something" not being your dog, I guess :)10:40
timelessi don't have a dog10:40
timelessi do have a mer and an rsync10:40
Stskeepsmer steals your wife, not your homework10:40
timelessi don't have one of those either10:40
timelessor did you mean 'life'?10:41
Stskeepslife may qualify10:41
timelessso um10:41
gomiamtimeless: no dog? Then... cat? parrot? pet corruption dragon of Tzeench? ;)10:41
johnxsame idea, different form factor10:41
Stskeepstablets and wives?10:41
timelessgomiam: that last one sounds interesting10:41
johnxheh...a little restaurant that calls itself vertu seems to occupy the top of the search results around Ginza. might be hard for people to find this "Vertu phone" store :>10:42
gomiamtimeless: sorry, I had to hook up on a neighbour's connection on Saturday night to let some friends watch the new trailer for some Warhammer Fantasy computer game, and I think that was the name of the big ugly thing that showed up at the end :)10:43
* timeless returns to not understanding where the homework went10:43
johnxI have the strangest feeling that the planning for this "Vertu phone" store was handled by Europeans ...10:43
timelesstimeless@swift:~/translate% diff -u .zfs/snapshot/release-0.1.1 .|grep -v ^Common|wc -l10:44
timeless       010:44
Stskeepsjohnx: there's no obligatory hello kitty posters?10:44
timelessjohnx: what gave you that idea?10:44
timelessoh no!10:44
* timeless cries10:44
johnxlack of a usable map, no place in the search results, *a website that can't be used on a mobile phone*10:44
timelessjohnx: hrm10:45
timelesswhat happens if you load that in your mobile?10:45
johnxthat's for winmo and S60 right?10:45
Stskeepsjohnx: exclusive phones for those who own expensive laptops? :P10:45
timelesswell, i've only used it on s6010:45
timelessi was wondering if it supported whatever you had10:46
gomiamStskeeps: Hello Kitty? (yeah, yeah, I've been around Warhammer players too much time)10:46
johnxkeep in mind: opera mini is the high end of mobile browsers here10:46
johnxI'll try it on my phone's included browser first10:46
timelesssts; no, exclusive phones for people w/ personal assistants and chauffeurs10:46
Stskeepsi would love opera mini on tablets.10:46
Stskeepsok, am i odd for wondering where the heck the maemo5 beagleboard on fosdem is on p.m.o and iTT?10:48
Stskeepszip null mentioned :P10:48
johnxunknown phone model10:48
StskeepsMyrtti: your leg(?) better?10:48
timelesssts: the nokian who presented probably isn't on pmo10:49
timelesswe could bug him10:49
Stskeepstimeless: well normally there's a small bunch of fanboys ;)10:49
timelessfanboys don't go to real tech conferences like fosdem :)10:49
Stskeepswhat are gnubies then? ;)10:50
johnxback in ~30 minutes10:50
* timeless is amused by a conversation among localizers10:51
Stskeepstimeless: 'timeless is more effective than 10 of us'?10:51
timelesswrong context, this is  hg10:52
timelesstranslate "hook" => es10:52
timeless"script de enganche"10:52
timeless> Ironically, "script" is another imported term without translation10:52
timeless> (the correct one would be "guisn de enganche").10:52
timeless(note: my irc client eats accents, that should be gui['o]n)10:53
timelessbtw, sts?10:53
timelessblack text on dark blue background...10:54
*** fab has joined #maemo10:54
timelessisn't what one would typically call 'readable'10:54
gomiaminteresting, now apt-dist-upgrade wants me to remove busybox... and complains about it being dangerous.10:55
timeless"don't do that"10:55
*** dneary has joined #maemo10:55
timelessyou have the wrong repos enabled10:55
timelessfix it10:55
gomiamtimeless: I won't :) Last time I did I had to reflash XD10:55
timelessiirc you have sdk10:56
*** eocanha has quit IRC10:56
gomiamI guess it's time to shut down all the non-basic repos and see if it still complains10:57
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo10:58
*** christefano has quit IRC10:58
*** zommi has joined #maemo10:58
*** StsN801 has joined #maemo11:01
*** lundh has left #maemo11:01
StsN801timeless, yeah its a bit odd11:02
* tonyyarusso waves at the Myrtti here too11:02
* StsN801 tries to figure out how he managed to get out of bed and on to the bus11:03
*** Mousey has quit IRC11:04
gomiamStsN801: it's a conspiracy, I tell you.11:04
sp3000if you find out, let me know11:04
timelesssp3000: error, cafeine not found11:04
* timeless tried to do diff instead of diff -r11:04
StsN801why does maemo gtk do funny things with the enter key btw? is it cos it would launch finger kbd normally?11:06
StsN801so enter on rx44 is mapped to what11:07
timelessi think the middle button in the square for up/right/down/left11:07
timelesstriggers one of enter/return11:07
timelessand the keyboard thing on rx44 triggers the one that isn't enter/return11:07
timelessi hope you don't expect me to be able to keep them straight! :)11:08
*** tbf has joined #maemo11:08
mgedminone is Return, one is KP_Return, iirc11:08
gomiaminteresting: if I add (diablo), apt-get dist-upgrade will try to uninstall osso-software-version-rx3411:08
timelessonly diablo?11:09
gomiam(as it depends on packages for which there seems to be a newer version)11:09
timelessno other repos?11:09
StsN801mgedmin, ta11:09
gomiamtimeless: hold on while I check current sources.list11:10
RST38hmgedmin: KP_Enter11:10
*** rzr_ has joined #maemo11:10
StsN801bergs the next q.. wtf does usb keyboard people use?11:10
RST38hmgedmin: also known as the second most annoying keyboard feature after the one where Fn keys were mapped to hardware buttons11:10
timelessrst38h: personally i consider the Fn key thing less annoying11:11
timelessthat i have to use ctrl-j in mer in vmware11:11
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:11
timelessis really really annoying11:11
timelesssp3000: right...11:12
timelessso i need that version bumping script11:12
timelessor should i just bump all the packages11:13
timelesssince i've changed 30/6411:13
gomiamtimeless: I currently have{certified,non-certified,updates/diablo-2} and, all on diablo. If I remove the extras repo, apt-get dist-upgrade finds nothing to upgrade. When I add extras it will try to bump osso-software-version-rx34 to upgrade libdb4.211:13
timelessstsn801: my host isn't debian based11:13
timelessand i'm not going to run dch 30 times11:13
gomiamwhere I typed "bump", I meant "remove"11:14
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC11:14
StsN801timeless, ah, it has non-interactive too so i script once in a while11:14
*** rzr has quit IRC11:15
*** ch4os_ is now known as ch4os11:15
*** StsN800 has quit IRC11:16
*** johnx has left #maemo11:19
*** johnx has joined #maemo11:20
johnxthanks. great to be here11:20
*** lykki has joined #maemo11:20
gomiamjohnx: will you be here all week? ;)11:22
johnxremember to tip your waitress11:22
gomiamlast time I tipped her, she fell down with a lot of glasses. I won't try that again11:23
gomiamgetting hit by a tray hurts.11:24
infobotgomiam meant: getting hit with a tray hurts.11:24
*** mib_sigg07 has joined #maemo11:25
johnxeither one is fine :)11:25
RST38hmoo johnx11:26
*** meetpatty has joined #maemo11:26
gomiamdamn it. I lost my keyboard configurations so I can't type > again. Oh well, time to change it again...11:28
JaffaMorning, all11:30
gomiamwhere were the keymaps stored? /usr/share/something?11:30
mgedminX11 something11:30
mgedmineither /usr/lib, or /usr/share11:30
mgedminmight be X11R611:30
mgedminand xkb inside that11:31
wazdRST38h: moo, Ti86 is ready11:31
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC11:31
Stskeepsmy office, woo. :P11:42
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo11:45
RST38hwazd: Oh yesss11:47
RST38hwazd: it had TABLE instead of STAT though11:47
wazdRST38h:ah, missed it11:49
RST38hwazd: also the 2nd key was bright yellow, I think11:50
wazdRST38h: anything else?11:50
RST38hoh, ti85 also had it bright yellow11:51
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo11:51
RST38hwazd: arrow keys were smaller, with more space between them:
wazdRST38h: yes, but they will be difficult so use in that layout :(11:52
wazdRST38h: so I had to make them larger11:52
RST38hI think the only very minor thing I can still see there is that the capital "PI" is used, the one usually used for a product of a sequence11:53
wazdRST38h: well, I'll try to make them smaller11:53
RST38hnah, I guess if it is difficult to make them smaller retaining the same layout then there is no reason to try11:54
RST38hI would stil fix PI on both ti85 and ti86 layouts though11:54
RST38h(btw, fixed display colors/contrast in 1.0.1 release, and swapped red/blue back)11:55
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo11:56
*** florian_kc is now known as florian11:57
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo11:58
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo12:01
*** zap has joined #maemo12:01
*** _berto_ is now known as berto12:01
*** berto is now known as _berto_12:01
*** lykki has left #maemo12:01
*** dneary has quit IRC12:02
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s12:02
*** dneary has joined #maemo12:03
*** StsN801 has quit IRC12:04
*** kcome has quit IRC12:07
*** meetpatty has quit IRC12:08
* Stskeeps updates his old MerTV setup.12:10
*** dymaxion has quit IRC12:12
*** _berto_ has quit IRC12:15
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo12:16
*** lbt_ has joined #maemo12:18
*** alterego has joined #maemo12:19
*** eocanha has joined #maemo12:19
*** jgoss has joined #maemo12:19
JaffaStskeeps: MerTV?12:19
StskeepsJaffa: <- old installation12:20
Stskeepsjust got my test setup back from the local architect so :P12:20
hahlobtw does android run on internet tablets?12:23
Stskeepsyes, it does, nitdroid12:23
hahlocool must try that12:23
Stskeepsit's kinda freaky to see maemo mapper on a tv though12:27
*** smyows has joined #maemo12:28
*** Zic_N800 has quit IRC12:29
*** Zic has joined #maemo12:33
*** housetier has joined #maemo12:33
Corsachmhm, what is the most convenient way to sync contacts and calendars from/to a phone/computer on a n810?12:35
*** beavis has joined #maemo12:36
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo12:36
*** StsN801 has joined #maemo12:37
RST38hwazd: Yep. That's it!12:40
RST38hwazd: going to try booting ti86 tonight, if I have time =)12:40
*** booiiing has quit IRC12:41
wazdRST38h: cool :)12:42
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo12:44
*** ciroip has joined #maemo12:46
*** jgoss has quit IRC12:47
*** krutt has quit IRC12:47
Macerthat seems interesting12:49
RST38hit is a VIA based little box12:50
Macerdual 1.6GHz atom12:51
Macerw/ PCI slot12:51
Macer1 silent fan on the cpu.. no psu fan12:51
Macertotally quiet12:51
RST38hit will not do well as an HTPC (too slow)12:51
Macerwell. not for hd12:52
RST38hit will not work as a mobile device (not pocketable)12:52
Macerbut i really just wanted something very quiet that can run ;)12:52
RST38hMacer: There is plenty of choices12:52
Macerthat's high class ghetto12:52
Macersomething like that would be good if you had a usb utms modem i suppsoe12:53
RST38hMacer: I would personally go with Shuttle12:53
Maceri got a shuttle12:53
MacerKPC K4512:53
Macerthe psu fan died in it.. which was a total piece of grinding shit to begin with12:53
Macerso now i'm waiting for a picoPSU to replace it because you can't find a fucking replacement anywhere!12:53
RST38hIs it an AMD based model?12:53
RST38hbecause the fan failed?12:54
Maceryes... because the fan failed12:54
Macernow i could have done a couple of things to repair it...12:54
Macerlike bought a new fan and have to SOLDER pins onto the psu after ripping the old one out12:54
Macersent it into newegg for a rma replacement12:54
*** booiiing has joined #maemo12:54
Maceror get a picoPSU for it.. which i did12:55
Macerbut either way it goes.. the psu it comes with is a total piece of shit12:55
Maceryou can tell they KNEW they were going to break when they built them.. but they sent them out anyways with all the fucked up fans and poor psu cooling12:55
Macer(made in china)12:56
RST38hit is all made in china anyway12:57
Macerwhich is why it all sucks and is shitty12:57
*** meetpatty has joined #maemo12:57
Maceri built a pc a long time ago ... i went out of my way to make sure that most of the parts came from here... got a supermicro board... fans built by US companies... etc12:58
* RST38h wonders if there are any US companies left12:58
Macerit's been running 12 years without a problem.. i think the only thing i've done to it since is move it into a case12:58
Macermade in china shuttle K4512:59
Macerlasted 5 months12:59
soapThey build it to the specs demanded of them.  I rather think the locale of manufacture has no direct bearing on the construction quality, rather is indicative of the level of money willing to be spent by the manufacturer.12:59
*** StsN801 has quit IRC12:59
Macersoap: i suppose.. but whether you want to believe it or not.. actual american made products are usually of higher quality than made in china12:59
Macerwhether it be the fact that it is not made in a sweatshop13:00
glassmy nad amplifier i bought for the subwoofer is made in china too.. transformer is from sweden though.. or at least swedish design13:00
RST38hsoap: Shuttle is a .TW company13:00
Maceror for whichever reasons... china just pushes out a lot ... at very low quality13:00
glassat good quality too13:00
RST38hMacer: Say what you wish, but Chinese will basically build it as well as you pay for13:01
MacerRST38h: i suppose... but they are used to low pricing13:01
Macerand not higher quality13:01
Macerthey are the nasa of the production world... always take the lowest bid :)13:01
RST38hMacer: Of course - because they get better margins and volumes on low-priced items13:01
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, :P13:01
Macerbut i suppose supply and demand13:01
Maceroversupply with quick and cheap parts that can be easily replaced in order to keep price down and demand up13:02
Macerhow far the chinese have come :)13:02
glassthey're the new japan, nothing new in that13:02
RST38hExactly. In other words, it is not Chinese, but *you* to blame =)13:02
MacerRST38h: sure is ;)13:02
RST38hYou want electronics cheaper? Here is cheaper electronics for you.13:03
Macerthat's it.. no more chinese parts for me13:03
glassgood luck trying to live your life13:03
RST38hMacer: Going back to the stone age? ;)13:03
Macerbut the US doesn't seem to have any more places that produce these sort of things13:03
MacerRST38h: yeah.. i guess so13:03
Macerno more china!13:03
glassMacer: and even when they do it's assembled from parts from china haha..13:04
Macerglass: i know :)13:04
Macerit's a no win situation13:04
glasswell, buy quality designed and from brands that keep a quality assurance to your liking13:04
Macerwe need to bring back the tariffs13:04
soapyea, lowering everyone's standard of living through imposed decision making for you work well.13:05
* RST38h wonders why Macer hasn't mentioned the a-bomb so far13:05
Macerglass: yeah.. i think i'm just going to shell out the money for my next build13:05
Macerlol... what about the a-bomb?13:05
glassMacer: remember that shelling out money is not a sure win either :)13:05
RST38hI mean, isn't it the obvious solution for his problem? =)13:05
Macerwe need china to buy our food ;)13:05
glassMacer: lots of brands are just the same chinese shit you could buy from the chinese straight13:05
Macerglass: yeah. like a shuttle kpc k4513:06
Maceri suppose i could have bought the cheap chinese mini itx case they use and a fucked up psu from whatever sweatshop they make them in13:06
RST38hMacer: That has been tried by the British, don't you know?13:06
Macerwhat has?13:07
RST38hMacer: Selling food to chinese13:07
Maceri meant actual food13:08
Macernot food replacement :)13:08
*** kcome has joined #maemo13:08
glassfood replacement is better13:08
Macerlike the monkey that has to choose between the bananna or the cocaine13:08
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: hehe13:08
Maceri want to find the study where they did that13:08
Macereither the monkey eats or uses13:09
Macerit's interesting.. like the spiders on all the drugs making webs13:09
Maceri think the lsd spider was the most fucked up13:09
glassbut which of the spiders was having most fun?13:09
Macerthe lsd spider13:09
soapso what you're saying is:  in a very price sensitive market, where people will make purchasing decisions based on savings of $10 or less, there is pressure on the manufactures to build it as cheap as possible with little regard to quality?  Whodda thunk it?13:09
Macersoap: sad but true :)13:09
glassit's not sad13:10
glassthats why your shuttle cost something instead of costing 3-5x13:10
Maceri think now i'd rather have paid  3-5x for something that wouldn't break in 5 months ;)13:10
*** thopiekar_school has joined #maemo13:11
glasswhy didn't you buy 5 shuttles?13:11
Macerwanted to test 1 out first13:11
Macerfigured it might be a good server solution if it actually worked well.. lasted 5 months :)13:11
Macerput that on the "no" list13:11
soapthe only sad part about it is that the majority tends to remove options for the minority as (despite some pop-econ musings) there is little profit in manufacturing for the long tail.13:12
Maceramazingly small.. pci slot... lga 775 so you can put a pretty strong cpu in it.. 2G ram... 2 sata ports and and ide port13:12
glassMacer: it's an eycandy desktop, not a server replacement :D13:12
Macerno.. i don't think it was marketed as a desktop replacement13:12
Maceri think they specifically wanted these to be used as small business servers13:13
soapin that so long as the majority of the market is hyper price sensitive, the manufactures have little financial incentive to build for the less price-sensitive.  Most the non-PS products you see are actually aimed at the next largest demographic - the technical voodists - see "audiophile" products.13:13
Macerespecially when you consider it can run esxi ;)13:13
Maceryeah i suppose so13:14
Macerbut ... considering the cost.... you just have to produce less and make the same13:14
soapahh, assuming linear cost structures, which don't exist.13:14
Macerit sure doesn't :)13:15
glasssome products don't get any better if you throw money at them either13:15
glasslike bt dongles13:15
soapthe economies of scale are so vast that a "quality" TV would cost disproportionately more than a "cheap" one.13:15
glasscheap tv's are pretty good quality nowadays compared to expensive tv's just few years ago13:15
Macerless demand in raw materials13:16
*** mbuf has joined #maemo13:16
Macerprice drops everywhere13:16
soapwell bt dongles are rather unique in that they were designed from the specification stage to be made with as few parts as possible and for those parts to be ICs with a minimal number of discrete components attached.13:16
Macerbetter chinese patent infringment :)13:16
soapCheap TVs today tend to have undersized caps and underspecified ones at that, one of the few places where you can save money.13:17
Macerthere is one thing that i'll give china credit for13:17
*** simon_ has joined #maemo13:17
Macerthe popcorn hour network media tank13:17
*** meetpatty has quit IRC13:18
Maceri think i've gotten my bank for my buck out of that thing.. even though the first one broke in 3 months due to cheap chinese soldering of the power connector onto the mainboard13:18
*** mardi__ has quit IRC13:18
Macerbut it's ok.. 2 months later i received my replacement mainboard13:18
soapI just replaced the PSU caps on my DVD player as two of them had blown.  In this Philips they were undersized from day one.  Spent $3 at Radioshack to use better-than-stock parts.13:18
Maceri think they were able to squeeze my mainboard in by kicking one of the refugees out of the container13:18
StskeepsMeiz_n810: you mixed KDE and H-D?13:20
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo13:22
*** greentux has joined #maemo13:27
GeneralAntillesOf course the vnc server tz uploaded is totally broken.13:28
*** thopiekar_school has quit IRC13:32
* Stskeeps ponders creative uses for the beagleboard13:34
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman13:34
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: yep :)13:34
Meiz_n810morning lardman13:35
wazdlardman: hola13:35
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: saw the swap uage in that pic ? it's because i just had bunch of apps open13:36
Meiz_n810normally there's about 60 mb of memory used and 60 mb of swap too13:36
timelE61igan, i'm poking mediaplayer13:37
timelE61iI'm considering renaming it to Multimedia13:38
* GeneralAntilles deletes large swaths of the wikipedia article on Canola.13:38
timelE61iTo match Images13:38
timelE61iV. Image viewer13:38
timelE61iOr just Media13:39
timelE61iI'll probablty rename Internet radio to Net radio13:39
timelE61iAnd i'm considering changing Library to Home or " "13:40
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo13:40
*** vivijim has quit IRC13:44
*** vivijim has joined #maemo13:44
timelE61iIt'll be Media13:46
*** eichi has quit IRC13:46
timelE61iAnd either AV Chat or Chat AV13:46
*** alecrim has joined #maemo13:47
*** eocanha has quit IRC13:48
* GeneralAntilles fills the room with bacon smell for lcuk.13:49
lcukmmmmmmmm thanks13:51
*** Shezi has joined #maemo13:51
SheziHi every body. Just want to know, if i can upgrade the glib in Diablo SDK13:52
Shezi? is it possible?13:52
*** ciroip has quit IRC13:52
lcukwe just had a powercut here - so i sat down munching bacon n egg :)13:53
lcukmornin lardman13:53
*** rsalveti has quit IRC13:54
Sheziany body?13:55
GeneralAntillesHrm, anybody here good with IPA?13:56
*** Jucato has quit IRC13:57
*** alehorst has joined #maemo13:59
lardmanIndian Pale Ale?14:00
lardmanI'm not too bad14:00
GeneralAntillesInternational Phonetic Alphabet. :P14:01
lardmanI was hoping for some samples14:01
*** Jucato has joined #maemo14:02
lcuklardman, samples of ipa?  theres whole guides online i believe14:02
lcukahhhh beer samples14:03
* lcuk is slow14:03
*** eocanha has joined #maemo14:03
lcuklardman, barcode.  if you were browsing through pictures taken with the phone would you expect  to be able to scan any picture with barcode?14:05
*** Shezi has left #maemo14:05
*** chenca has joined #maemo14:05
lcukie just randomly going through recent pictures (for instance..) and zooming into one picture, being able to scan it for barcodes.  this would obviously be ontop of the live scan14:06
lcukcos i sorta made an icon for it :$14:06
ccookeAnyone else here use eggtimer?14:07
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:08
lardmanlcuk: yeah, you should be able to scan any picture I'd have thought14:09
*** kenneth_afk is now known as kenneth14:09
lcukgood - ive made the UI buttons (no backend screens yet) for sketching and scanning and tagging and managing any photo from recent photos14:09
*** kenneth is now known as kenne14:10
lcukwwhen you zoom into a pic the buttons just appear at the bttom - i take it now you have seen the video14:10
*** setanta has joined #maemo14:12
*** wazd_hp has joined #maemo14:14
*** b-man has joined #maemo14:14
*** b-man has quit IRC14:18
lardmanargh, wish I'd brought my a2dp headphones in today14:19
lardmannote to self: must package bluez-utils with ssvb's latest patches14:19
*** kcome has quit IRC14:20
lcukits very sliq :$14:23
lardmanlooks very nice14:24
*** kcome has joined #maemo14:24
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo14:24
lcuklardman, since that video i put the recent pictures section of liqbase back in and can zoom to photo group and then individual one smoothly14:25
lcukand its on the individual view that ive put the ui bits :)14:25
*** dneary has quit IRC14:25
lardmancool, so what's the direction now then?14:25
keesjlcuk: !!! kudos14:25
lardmanuse it as the desktop UI? and have apps use it?14:26
*** jgoss has joined #maemo14:27
lcukwell its the base of what liqbase playground needs to be.  i have made each app now into a standalone .so file now so that i dont have to load up and worry about the whole big monolithci app14:27
*** AndrewFBlack has joined #Maemo14:27
lcukobviously this then makes it easier not only for myself to do stuff, but for others as well14:28
lardmanit is very cool, but do produce an app which uses it14:28
lardmani.e. a photos viewing app would be pretty easy I imagine14:28
lcukim importing liqbase apps (which were all internally standalone anyway)14:28
lardmanor a general organiser app, etc14:28
lcukall the standalone fullscreen things in old liqbase should come in without an issue14:28
*** wazd_hp has quit IRC14:29
lcukadding ui and linkage between things for the tagging and doing things between the different apps is expected14:29
*** wazd_hp has joined #maemo14:29
lcuklardman, the calendar day view i keep zipping into on the vid - i want that to be proper hand drawn on the wall calendar14:30
lardmancan you hook into the Xserver, have liqlauncher or similar14:30
lcukbut at the same time it needs to have typed up ical type sync14:30
lcuki dont know enough about xserver itself :$14:30
lcuksomeone else might though :)14:30
lcukthats in part why i broke the stuff down into lib|ui|widgets14:30
wazd_hplardman: btw, have you seen new lcuk video?)14:31
lardmanI was thinking of being able to display normal GTK+ apps using your acceleration features, as people won't just port stuff straight away14:31
lcuki wish i could send you a picture from here :)14:31
lcuklardman, thats ok - its my playground at first it will have the stuff i want it to have, no pressure to change - cos you can close/reopen as required14:32
*** wazd has quit IRC14:32
*** wazd_hp is now known as wazd14:32
lcukif others get involved and WANT to write them thats also fine :)14:32
Stskeepslardman: i think a a simple screen scrape and redraw and WM stuff can do quite a lot of neat stuff..14:33
lcukStskeeps, "screen scrape" == read the x11 window definition at runtime14:34
lcukits entirely feasible14:34
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo14:34
Stskeepslcuk: well, same way that you take a screenshot14:34
Stskeepsis what im talking about14:34
*** vobiscum has joined #maemo14:35
lcukStskeeps, nahhh much better to simply read the locations of the windows and draw as required in the overlay14:35
lcuk"mybutton1","button" -> liqcliprect_drawcell("jaffa'superbutton") ;)14:36
lcukbut thats less my concern tbh, im not personally considering bringing gtk compatability into this and im not spending time right now doing x11 either.  i will however try to setup base screens and example code in the layouts and formats required for the different kinds of applications14:37
lcukciro ip has an amazing clock (the clock on the video is called "ciroclock.c" :))14:38
lcukit just needs some of his polish14:38
lardmanmy point is that if you did that, people would be able to use it14:38
lardmanand it would be cool too14:38
Macerholy shit i just twisted the hell out of my ankle.. that sucked14:38
MacerSTUPID SNOW!14:38
lcukpeople will be able to use it anyway simon14:38
lcukouch macer!14:38
lardmanlcuk: yeah, but they need it to do something useful, not just look cool :)14:39
Macermy foot slipped off a stair.. i had to do the whole "i'm a man.. walk it off.. i'm a man.. walk it off" for like 20 minutes haha14:39
aquatixjust fyi: bluetooth keyboard+n810+gprs+ssh works just fine nowadays :)14:39
aquatixused to lag and repeat like hell14:39
Maceraquatix: especially the keyboard14:39
Macerthat shit drove me nuts14:39
lcuklardman, thats the point, i use it now to do reading andwriting from data, but what i use it for is nothing to what you guys could use it for14:40
aquatixMacer: yep14:40
Maceri hated typing like thiiiiiiis :)14:40
* aquatix has been irc'ing over ssh for 1:45h yesterday from the train14:40
lardmancould being the operative word there, someone's got to write an app which uses it14:40
aquatixyeah :)14:40
Maceri like using my n800 with my g1 more than my n95... att sucked so badly14:40
Maceri kept having ppp drops14:41
Macerit was like slow torture14:41
lardmanlcuk: the text reading is very cool, as are the photo viewing tools, package them up and release them - they are something people can use right now14:41
*** krau has joined #maemo14:41
lcuklardman, i have and i am doing - i am porting and bringing in all the bits from liqbase which are needed to handle and manage photos and sketches14:41
AndrewFBlackMacer you can give me your n95 if you don't want it :)14:41
lardmanI'm just wondering if you'd be better having individual apps, rather than one super app which does everything14:42
lcukyou can have your own app - just install the .so into the prper place14:42
lcukthen it will show on the playground14:42
lcukno need to ever get involved in heavy libliqbase stuff14:42
lardmanyeah, but most people don't write apps14:43
MacerAndrewFBlack: it still workes on tmob edge14:43
lcuklardman ?14:43
Maceralthough i might repair it and sell it on ebay.. had a couple minor ... "accidents" with it14:43
Macerneed to buy an encasing for it14:43
Macerand the repair tool to rip the stock one off14:43
*** lmoura has joined #maemo14:43
lardmanlcuk: most people don't write apps, so making it easy to write them is good, but also releasing individual ones (or a wm which has the features) would be more accessible for most people14:44
Macerit's all cosmetic... but it hurts in the heart walking around with a $500+ phone with scratches on it :)14:44
AndrewFBlackMacer I've been looking on ebay hoping to get a decent phone for quick email checking but half the phones are ebay now are not much cheaper then new14:44
lcuklardman, ive seen many many weekend projects over the last 12 months which are cool in their own way, but which are no more than a single dialog in the right place14:44
Macerthan compares... then is time (had a girlfriend that used to drive me nuts when i did that shit so now i'm stuck driving others nuts for the rest of my life)14:45
lcukscreensavers, options dialogs, tea timers, calculators etc14:45
MacerAndrewFBlack: yeah though... phones on ebay aren't worth it.. plus.. i probably wouldn't trust an ebay phone anyways14:45
lardmanlcuk: yep?14:45
AndrewFBlackI'm considering getting a Nokia 9300 off ebay I know its old but its cheap lol14:45
lardmanlcuk: if you want to replace the ui, then do the whole thing it what I'm saying14:45
MacerAndrewFBlack: get an e71.. they're pretty low now too14:46
lardmanor produce individual apps which use the liqbase abilities14:46
lcukthose same weekend projects can be made and used in liqbase and look pretty and act like nice fast 3d dynamic things14:46
lardmanif they could just be run as is, that would be cool14:46
slonopotamuslcuk, so... you've created meta-weekend project?14:46
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC14:46
Macere71 is a pretty sexy phone too if you ask me14:47
lcuklardman, the alternative at this moment in time will be exactly the same: use clutter to get pretty things14:47
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]14:47
lardmanneeds a hook into the wm though14:47
AndrewFBlackMacer, Most of the E71s are still $300 on ebay14:48
lcukbut it sits on the wm itself, how can it hook into it as well14:48
lardmanlcuk: clutter?14:48
Macerreally? had a friend who was finding them from 200-25014:48
Macermaybe he bought them all haha14:49
lcukisnt that gonna be what the new ui will be in?14:49
lardmanyes, and the wm will use it, no?14:49
AndrewFBlackThese are all unlocked so that might be why they are charging more14:49
lcukdunno, ive run clutter apps, not a clutter compositing manager14:50
lcukits got its own actor ui elements and stuff14:50
lcukit can sit *inside* a gtk window14:50
AndrewFBlackI saw a E61 for real cheap14:50
lardmanindeed, but it would be far cooler if the wm itself used clutter, and likewise liqbase14:50
lcukobviously, but that involves learning x11 server14:51
Stskeepsabuse libmatchbox2?14:51
lcukwhich i have pondered about over the time14:51
Stskeeps(that's what nokia is)14:51
slonopotamusanyone can explain  what this crap does? dh_installinit -pnokia-tablets-pointercal --name=nokia-tablets-pointercal -u"start 92 S . stop 23 0 1 6 ." --no-start14:51
Stskeepsslonopotamus: sets up a init.d thing14:52
*** forger has joined #maemo14:52
lcukbut im not gonna sit down and do that because it will be a half fix and limit more than it allows and also take 10longer14:52
slonopotamusStskeep, i understand that :) but what are those magc numbers for?14:52
lardmandefault settings14:53
lcuklardman :D how about a halfway house - read in gtk dialog description xml file thingies and produce liqcells thereof :P :D14:53
lardmanyeah, sounds good, but again people will need to recompile14:53
lardmanwhy not replace libgtk+ ;)14:54
lcukhow can they use things in maemo without recompiling14:54
lcukthey are developers :P14:54
Stskeepsslonopotamus: S9214:54
lcuki did consider that as well14:54
lardmanno, most people aren't devs14:54
Stskeepsslonopotamus: in /etc/rcS.d/S92nokia-tablets-pointercal i think14:54
lcukive been arguing for this for months simon - i think its MUCH too difficult to get involved in dev in maemo14:54
slonopotamusStskeeps, --no-start?14:55
lcuka weekend projject coded with libliqbase ON DEVICE can be entirely achievable14:55
lcukeasily and quickly14:55
Stskeepsslonopotamus: i think it meant "don't start this while installing the package"14:55
slonopotamusStskeeps, omg14:55
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo14:55
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:55
Stskeepsslonopotamus: it makes sense occasionally to do this though14:55
slonopotamusStskeeps, you start init script from installation scripts?14:56
Stskeepsslonopotamus: there's some cases it makes sense14:56
slonopotamusoh my14:56
Macerholy shit.. supposed to be 63 here today!14:58
Maceri've got to go wash my car!14:58
* slonopotamus likes debian less and less14:58
*** kcome has quit IRC14:58
* lcuk has to go as well. lardman i do understand your concerns, why dont we try and thrash out a plan to bring gtk into it properly :)14:59
Stskeepslcuk: i think this stuff can be done entirely without gtk :P14:59
slonopotamusStskeeps, now i understand why ubuntu is so  slow. it just runs everything iit has installed.14:59
* lcuk agrees too, but lardman has a very good point14:59
Stskeepsslonopotamus: well if you want an application to depend on a x server, you better well want it running..15:00
slonopotamusStskeeps, nope15:00
slonopotamusStskeeps, maybe i want remote x app15:00
slonopotamusStskeeps, and don't need local x server15:00
Stskeepsi knew you were going to say that :P15:01
slonopotamusStskeeps, or  i want local server but didn't configure it yet15:01
slonopotamusStskeeps, for example, i need to choose gdm/kdm15:02
Stskeepsi'm not a debian fan, btw.15:02
slonopotamuswell... hmm... it's ok enough for you that you build a distro on top of it15:03
Stskeepsnor ubuntu for that sake, deep down i'm a freebsd person, but for the sake of ease of development and use, and the targeted intent of mer, it makes sense to build it with ubuntu bricks15:03
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:03
slonopotamus'ubuntu bricks'... have somee links to read about that?15:04
Stskeepsi run nexenta on my fileservers, xp on my media centre & laptop, maemo on my tablet, freebsd on some of the servers i manage, so, i just go with what makes sense15:04
slonopotamusomg. nexenta is something scary :)15:05
*** Stskeepz has joined #maemo15:06
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC15:06
lardmanlcuk: yes i agree a w/e project can be coded on device, fine, but most people still aren't devs, nothing will change that really15:06
lardmanand people will just use python if they want that anyway15:10
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo15:11
*** w00t has quit IRC15:12
*** w00t has joined #maemo15:12
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe15:13
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk15:14
*** Stskeepz is now known as Stskeeps15:15
*** Stskeeps has joined #maemo15:15
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:17
*** rzr_ has quit IRC15:18
*** hannesw has joined #maemo15:19
*** rzr_ has joined #maemo15:19
*** glima[AWAY] is now known as glima15:19
*** blade_runner has joined #maemo15:26
*** calvaris has quit IRC15:29
*** eton has joined #maemo15:31
*** khaoohs has quit IRC15:31
*** ezadkiel_mB has joined #maemo15:34
* Jaffa scans the Canola beta 11 thread; has anyone pointed out to them that open sourcing at the point of release isn't very... encouraging15:39
*** geaaru has quit IRC15:40
aquatixJaffa: like, "here's a release and oh, here's the source to fix the bugs still in it"?15:40
* RST38h does not see the problem15:41
Jaffaaquatix: something like that; it's a "oh, you wanted the source - here it is" rather than "we're approaching release, let's make it better"15:41
johnxwell, better than the Netscape/Mozilla: "Here's a bunch of code. Now go turn it into a browser."15:41
Stskeepsthey actually open sourced now?15:41
*** mbuf has quit IRC15:41
johnxthey will after the final release15:41
johnxsoo...3 weeks I think they said15:41
JaffaStskeeps: "within 3 weeks" (again)15:42
MoRpHeUzJaffa: canola was meant to be open sourced since the just had problems with lawyers15:42
johnxheh...I recall betting it would be out before 2009. *cough*15:42
MoRpHeUzit's a shame it couldnt be opened before...15:42
RST38hJaffa: You seriously believe that if they release the source now, someone will help them make it better?15:42
MoRpHeUzbut it's better late than never =)15:42
johnxRST38h, at very least I think we'll see some packages for different devices15:42
*** thp has joined #maemo15:43
RST38hjohnx: if at all15:43
JaffaRST38h: I don't know; typically when people throw code out with release - and don't want to show code that is in development - the level of community interest in improving it is diminished15:43
GeneralAntillesJaffa, tell who, exactly?15:43
GeneralAntillesThe devs? :roll:15:43
RST38hJaffa: Well, let us say you are a developer, some developer15:43
MoRpHeUzJaffa: and the code that is being developed is going to be released as well so....15:44
RST38hJaffa: And somebody releases n megabytes of PMP code and tells you "go fix it!"15:44
GeneralAntillesJaffa, I think you're misunderstanding the "motivations" for the delay.15:44
* MoRpHeUz goes back to work =)15:44
RST38hJaffa: Notice a few things:15:44
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:44
MoRpHeUzGeneralAntilles: probably he is ;)15:44
* Jaffa asserts that open source code which is thrown over a wall, with a release; rather than has been developed in the open has a harder time garnering a development community.15:44
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo15:44
*** kcome has joined #maemo15:44
*** Meizirkki_ has joined #maemo15:44
RST38hJaffa: 1) it is not your code 2) you will most likely spend a lot of time trying to understand it 3) whatever changes you make won't help your ego much 4) you are not being paid15:44
johnxah well. I can at least say I'll be making sure it works nice on Mer on VGA devices, but that might be a trivial amount of work given that it already seems to handle rotation on the n8x0 well15:45
*** Meizirkki_ has quit IRC15:45
JaffaGeneralAntilles: No, but I have no route to explain things to the lawyers/management/...15:45
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo15:45
GeneralAntillesJaffa, exactly.15:45
RST38hJaffa: No, do tell me, as a REAL developer, not a fictional OSS developer suspended in vacuum at some OSS museum, WILL you work on this code?15:45
GeneralAntillesJaffa, anybody who you have a route to talking to already understands all of that.15:45
GeneralAntillesJaffa, the real problem are lawyers/management15:46
*** MoRpHeUz has left #maemo15:48
thpquestion for the Mer people: having a package in maemo extras, are there any steps necessary to offer my apps to Mer also? or can mer use maemo extras as repository?15:48
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo15:48
etrunkoinfobot: seen chelli15:48
infobotchelli <n=chelli@debian/developer/tschmidt> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 61d 16h 45m 42s ago, saying: ':)'.15:48
Stskeepsthp: which language?15:48
Stskeeps(which packages, more particularly)15:49
thpStskeeps: gpodder (python/pygtk), tennix (c/sdl)15:49
Stskeepsthp: probably not but best way is to test if it builds or runs :)15:50
thpStskeeps: so, if i want my apps in Mer, I have to re-compile them in a Mer SDK?15:50
Stskeepswe have taken a bit different direction than just patching on top of a maemo4, so things might be new and shocking (read: up to date linux alignment), so many things work :P15:50
Stskeepsthp: basically, if you grab the mer VMDK, and you can build your packages with apt-get install build-essentials, it will work15:51
Stskeepsthp: your python packages should work fine15:51
Stskeepsi would check right away but i dont have a mer installation handy :)15:51
thpStskeeps: ok. and is there an "official" mer repository where i can submit my source packages?15:51
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo15:52
Stskeepswell we have currently, but it's mostly for the base system and such15:52
Stskeepswe don't have sound just yet, btw15:52
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, would it make sense to merge the Mer and Extras autobuilders?15:53
Stskeeps(on nxxx)15:53
thpStskeeps: yep, but I'd love the idea and direction mer is going15:53
*** dneary has joined #maemo15:53
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: i am still pondering how much trouble it causes if we state scratchbox is an accelerator and not what defines the platform it compiles for15:53
thpStskeeps: so, if mer continues at the current pace, it might be a real alternative for daily use to maemo (at least on n8x0 devices)15:54
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: which means, if it doesn't compile accelerated, it will compile "native" (emulation)15:54
*** z72ka has quit IRC15:55
Stskeepsthp: well, best way to test if your apps work is by installing mer, and simply installing the packages - mer allows you to build your packages on device too :)15:55
Stskeepsand then you can submit it to our builders (it's fairly simple to gain uploda rights)15:56
thpStskeeps: ok. will try that. my last attempt with 0.7 failed, so i'll try again today15:56
Stskeepsthp: alright, if you need any help just prod me15:56
Stskeepsjohnx: any luck with powerpc builder yet btw?15:57
*** calvaris has joined #maemo15:57
*** Dar_ has joined #maemo15:58
Stskeepsi wonder how many apps will keel over and die if i reverse Enter and KP_Enter, to make maemo more cross-platform15:58
johnxStskeeps, nope. Haven't been poking at the Wii lately. I want to get my set of hardware packages for the zaurus in shippable state first15:59
johnxI tend to spread myself too thin...16:00
johnxWhat daemon handles N810 keyboard slide-in/out events?16:02
*** Zic_N800 has joined #maemo16:03
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:04
*** birunko has joined #maemo16:05
bensonjohnx: dsme, maybe? uncertain, but that's what I thought.16:05
*** thekondor has quit IRC16:05
*** krau has quit IRC16:06
johnxyeah. I'm still waiting for word about OHM one way or the other :/16:07
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:09
bensonAh... I didn't realize you meant in 5; no clue there. :)16:12
StsN800johnx, 10 bucks on HAL16:12
*** benson is now known as benson[away]16:13
johnxah, neat. that'd be nice to hook into then16:13
StsN800johnx, how does your usb keyboard work with maemo? enter works as kp enter?16:16
*** KwisatzHaderach has quit IRC16:16
johnxmaemo4 or mer?16:17
johnxenter is enter I believe. it prints a carriage return / linefeed in a text editor. need a different test?16:17
RST38h"AOL subscribers are one of the few online populations that still actually click on contextual ads"16:18
* RST38h cackles gleefully16:18
StsN800k - it doesnt act like dpad center?16:18
*** marcoil has quit IRC16:18
johnxbeen a while since I used it. I'll do some testing16:19
RST38h(sorry johnx, I know you hate those links :))16:19
*** Robot101 has quit IRC16:20
benson[away]I think Enter on USB keyboard is "Enter", just like D-pad center, not "KP_Enter",  but D-pad-center=keyboard is disabled when USB keyboard is connected so it still works.16:23
* benson[away] actually _is_ awau in 10 seconds. :p16:23
johnxyeah, xev is showing me Return from the D-pad center in all cases16:24
RST38hGentlemen, there is a BUG filed for this16:24
* RST38h can't believe some people are still not aware of this crap16:24
johnxhmm? a bug filed for google being fickle about its toys?16:25
RST38hjohnx: No, a bug filed for the bloody dpad center being return key16:25
*** hannesw has joined #maemo16:25
RST38hand messing up bt keyboards16:25
johnxwhy is that a bug?16:25
RST38hjohnx: it is, if you happen to use an external keyboard16:26
johnxpretend I'm using one right now. wat problem should I see?16:26
johnxah, thanks16:26
RST38hjohnx: Any application that uses N810 ENTER key will not work with external keyboard enter16:27
RST38hjohnx: Unless that application also processes N810 RETURN key which is PITA because it is so easy to press accidentally while navigating16:27
johnxthe d-pad center or the return key?16:27
RST38hjohnx: The dpad center IS the bloody RETURN key16:27
RST38hjohnx: That is the whole problem16:28
*** marcoil has joined #maemo16:28
*** eocanha has quit IRC16:28
johnxso the key on the right edge of the n810 keyboard sends the same keysym as d-pad center?16:28
RST38hjohnx: Ok, it is half of the problem. Another half is mechanical: because dpad center is easy to press accidentally, an app programmer would usually disable it16:28
RST38hjohnx: No. The proper n810 ENTER key sends KP_Enter16:28
johnxok, that's the bug16:29
*** Robot101 has joined #maemo16:29
RST38hjohnx: Which is normally reserved for keypad ENTER16:29
RST38hcheck the 3913 description16:29
*** bergie has joined #maemo16:29
* johnx reads16:29
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC16:30
RST38hjohnx: I will add a clarification about RETURN in a moment16:30
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC16:31
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC16:31
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo16:32
*** Sargun has quit IRC16:32
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s16:35
RST38hjohnx: Done16:35
*** jegp has joined #maemo16:35
*** thp has left #maemo16:36
johnxok, so what should d-pad center send?16:36
*** ezadkiel_mB_ has joined #maemo16:37
*** StsN801 has joined #maemo16:38
*** jegp has left #maemo16:40
*** radic__ is now known as radic16:44
*** ezadkiel_mB has quit IRC16:45
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:45
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo16:46
*** thopiekar_N800 has joined #maemo16:47
* timelE61i chuckles16:47
timelE61iyou do't need a bt keyboard to suffer16:48
timelE61iRun mer in vmware on a traditional laptop16:48
timelE61iEnter won't work most of the time16:48
Stskeepsi know :P16:48
RST38hjohnx: dpad center should ideally send GDK_DPAD_CENTER :)16:49
*** StsN800 has quit IRC16:50
thopiekarwho of you has got a N800?16:51
GAN800Hum, I think the adv-backlight component needs some fixin'.16:51
thopiekartoday i had the first time strange black bars/lines on the right side of my screen...16:52
thopiekarthe same line when the device restarts after a long time of 100% cpu load..16:53
johnxI don't see lines when the watchdog is triggered. have you been seeing this since the beginning?16:53
thopiekarno the first time today...16:54
thopiekarI just removed the key-lock to note my new homework at school..16:54
*** glima is now known as glima[AWAY]16:55
*** mlpug has joined #maemo16:55
*** glima[AWAY] is now known as glima16:55
timelE61igAn: fixing, how?16:57
timelessso, um has anyone noticed any glaring errors in my l10n-package?16:59
*** Sargun has joined #maemo17:00
* timeless found one :(17:00
*** ijon_ has quit IRC17:01
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo17:03
r2d2rogersmy 770 just passed the punt test....17:06
r2d2rogersmanaged to drop, and kick it17:06
Stskeepswell it is a solid thing17:07
r2d2rogersluckily my boss was in the way and has a good sense of humor17:07
Stskeepsmy tablet has taken some quite bad beatings once in a while too17:09
*** StsN801 has quit IRC17:09
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]17:10
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe17:10
johnxmine mostly deals out the beatings :)17:11
Stskeepsso, it acts differently when usb keyboard connected, but same keysym?17:13
johnxyup. special huh?17:13
Stskeepswell, there'shope..17:14
johnxand when a USB keyboard is connected the enter key on the keyboards sends Return while the N810's keyboard's Return key sends KP_ENTER17:14
StskeepsRST38h: yeah, i know the bug and i think it's a horrid design error, but im wondering if i can work around it :P17:16
GAN800timeless, components, versions, assignees, etc. I compile a list later.17:16
johnxat very least the N810 keyboard should send Return from return key...17:17
johnxas for the d-pad center...I'm still not sold on what would be best for it to send...17:17
timelessfeel free to file a bug for it17:17
RST38hSts: You can't17:17
*** hannesw has quit IRC17:18
StskeepsRST38h: obviously you can since usb keyboards work and send Return with expected results17:18
RST38hSts: I have tried hard but the only "solution" I found is to make KP_Enter = Shift+Return17:18
Stskeepsi just want it to act sane on x86, really17:18
RST38hSts: at the application level of course17:18
RST38hSo, with this "solution" USB keyboard enter works when pressed with shift17:19
johnxfurther question: is there any app that breaks if the "Enter" key on the N810 keyboard actually sends "Return"?17:19
RST38hand the damn center key does not work =)17:19
RST38hjohnx: My emulators will, currently17:19
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:20
RST38hjohnx: I had to disable GDK_Return processing, otherwise I would get lots of accidental keypresses17:20
*** L0cutus has quit IRC17:20
johnxah, from the craptastic N810 d-pad?17:20
RST38hBut N810 dpad is not alone in this17:20
johnxI really did think the N810 was about as bad as it could get...17:20
RST38hOn Symbian, it is customary to disable dpad center17:20
johnxs/N810/N800 d-pad/17:20
infobotjohnx meant: I really did think the N800 d-pad was about as bad as it could get...17:20
RST38hjohnx: Well, someone at Nokia should take a really hard look at dpads17:21
RST38hjohnx: Stuff in E61/E71/E60 was ugly but perfectly usable17:21
*** ezadkiel_mB_ has quit IRC17:21
*** kcome has quit IRC17:21
johnxI've said it a million times. They badly need to steal the Zaurus keypad wholesale17:21
johnxand it doesn't even matter which one...17:21
RST38hjohnx: The later dpads (N810, E90, etc) are pure crap17:21
*** kcome has joined #maemo17:22
RST38hjohnx: there is a *worse* dpad on the market. Look at any RAZRsque Moto phone ;)17:22
*** mlpug has quit IRC17:22
* johnx won't touch a phone unless it has decent physical keys that I can thumb-type without looking17:22
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC17:23
wazdRST38h: hm, E90 d-pad felt pretty nice for me :(17:23
*** ijon_ has quit IRC17:25
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo17:26
johnxRST38h, besides your emus it's mostly other non-GTK apps that would break, right?17:26
*** zommi has quit IRC17:28
RST38hwazd: how many times have you accidentally pressed the center key though? =)17:29
RST38hjohnx: Anyone who disabled dpad center will break17:29
RST38hjohnx: gtk or no gtk, it does not matter17:30
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo17:30
*** JussiP has joined #maemo17:30
johnxI think the tendency in gtk apps is to not disable d-pad center though17:30
johnxat least from my experience with an N80017:30
RST38hjohnx: then your navigation becomes PITA17:30
RST38hwe really only have two gtk apps though: Gnumeric and Abiword. Worth checkign at least these17:31
RST38hXChat and Pidgin too17:31
johnxah, I was lumping hildon apps in that pile too17:31
RST38hjohnx: well, Xournal is also a gtk app, but it mostly uses touch17:32
*** eichi has joined #maemo17:32
*** Sargun has quit IRC17:33
johnxquicknote, leafpad, cbrpager17:33
johnxsuch a stupid situation O_o;17:34
RST38hjohnx: if I remember correctly, don't expect it fixed until harmattan17:36
johnxyeah, will probably be 'fixed' one way or another in Mer17:36
thopiekarhas someone of you this ( problem, too? theme glasser, background Tritanium 1...17:36
johnxpossibly s/fixed/different, hopefully better/17:36
*** qwerty12 has joined #maEMO17:37
thopiekarthere is a shadow behind light-colored windows..17:37
thopiekaror here the home menu..17:37
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo17:39
johnxthopiekar, I can't see what you're pointing out. sorry.17:40
thopiekarhmm its very hard to show but if I open the menue like it shown a shadow appears on the right side if the menu.. so hmm very hard to explain but is it really to hard to see?!17:43
johnxit's hard to tell what's actually there and what is an effect of the camera you used17:44
johnxmight be better if you could use macro mode or similar so it wasn't so blurry17:44
johnxbut I think I can see. it's a straight dark area that goes all the way from the right edge of the home menu to the right edge of the screen17:45
*** wazd2 has joined #maemo17:46
thopiekaryes thats what I mean17:46
thopiekaris this behavior of the screen normal?!17:46
thopiekarI never noticed that before, too17:46
johnxI don't know. I've seen it on other LCDs. probably a standard problem with age?17:47
*** sisto has quit IRC17:48
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo17:48
thopiekarjohnx: hmm17:48
johnxwhat's strange is I see it more often on CRTs17:48
aquatixsounds like an ancient lcd17:49
aquatixthose where the days17:49
thopiekarbut when the other problem with the thiny bars appears and I would be able to make a photo of it I will send my n800 with the photo to nokia..17:49
johnxis it under warranty?17:49
johnxmy warranty ended quite a while ago...17:50
*** eocanha has joined #maemo17:51
*** simon_ has quit IRC17:51
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:52
t_s_ough, i keep getting the feeling that MID's will be a disservice to linux, as it seems to be used as a "featurephone firmware" RAD rather then a proper os...17:52
t_s_owhen one see windows and "just works" in the same text, there is a problem17:52
johnxbut it's part of the gradual shift to 'computer as an appliance' IMHO17:52
*** fab has quit IRC17:53
johnxthe first steps are always painful, especially for the people who like the status quo17:53
thopiekarwhat are CRT's johnx?17:53
t_s_oeven tho the same text also mentioned a driver conflict resulting in a reinstall17:53
qwerty12Can it be true!? An radio application for N800 that can actually record radio :O :)17:53
johnxthopiekar, those older monitors :)17:53
t_s_oso maybe people are just so used to the windows issues that they no longer see them?17:53
t_s_oqwerty12: what app is that?17:54
t_s_ohey, nice17:55
johnxt_s_o, just like people who road horses in the early 20th century didn't think about horse poop but still saw the problems with cars :)17:55
johnxs/road/rode/ <- fail17:55
t_s_oor maybe one could speed of a "nessesary evil"?17:56
johnxgreat ars technica that covers the (in my mind) related issue of moving from paper books to ebooks:
*** StsN801 has joined #maemo17:57
*** StsN801 has quit IRC17:59
*** ignacius has joined #maemo18:01
*** p has joined #maemo18:02
johnxdoes anyone else see a dead-end to completely open, general purpose computers? or am I just crazy?18:02
*** p is now known as Guest9714418:02
Stskeepsjohnx: i just see everything going towards pervasive computing18:03
Guest97144holy crap! My power outlet just fired up! xD18:03
t_s_ojohnx: it depends on ones definition of a gpc...18:03
*** wazd has quit IRC18:03
*** Guest97144 is now known as wazd18:03
t_s_owazd: at first glance i read "fried up"...18:04
johnxthe model that desktop windows, desktop linux and desktop mac os represent today18:04
wazdt_s_o: well, that was next :)18:04
t_s_ojohnx: it may well be, for the most part18:04
t_s_oin that more and more entertainment boxes are computer internally but present a custom interface18:05
slonopotamusStskeeps, gimme some hints on wifi and bluetooth, please18:05
t_s_oand that with networking, both wired and wireless, becoming simpler and more powerful, as well as protocols being more and more standardized, there is no real need for them18:05
Stskeepsslonopotamus: tablet-wireless18:06
Stskeepsbluetooth is simple18:06
slonopotamusStskeeps, thx18:07
Stskeepsalso, cx3110x.ko from mer18:07
johnxt_s_o, and with everyone's important stuff moving onto someone else's server anyways...18:07
t_s_ohell, i sometimes see the people that insist on putting windows or ubuntu on netbooks as derailing the concept. as to me the netbook is my thought of a "typewriter with a browser" coming into existence18:07
*** dneary has quit IRC18:08 means that the browser is a superset of the typewriter :)18:08
*** sisto has joined #maemo18:08
lcukjohnx, i dont see an end to them - i see the way we interact as changing18:09
johnxah, I don't see an end per se, so much as an end to them being the machine that most people use18:10
johnxto rip more great analogies from that ars technica article, horses didn't go away either :)18:10
lcukgranted - right now i carry my 810 with me and find a terminal keyboard/screen to do my dev from18:10
lcuk(i love that principle by the way:D)18:11
*** wazd2 has quit IRC18:11
*** rzr_ is now known as RzR18:12
*** KwisatzHaderach has joined #maemo18:12
slonopotamushildon project @ looks dead. or i'm mistaken?18:12
Stskeepsnot mistaken, i believe18:13
t_s_ohmm, qwerty12, can you find any way to route the audio to speakers?18:13
*** simon_ has joined #maemo18:13
*** themactep has joined #maemo18:13
t_s_oin that boafm app, that is18:13
*** kozak has joined #maemo18:13
slonopotamusHildon (last edited 2008-02-03 14:47:11 by localhost)18:14
t_s_ocute, its toolbar shows a exit button when in fullscreen mode18:14
slonopotamusyep, it's dead18:14
qwerty12t_s_o, not in that app but you can run "dbus-send --type=method_call /com/nokia/osso_hp_ls_controller" from a terminal18:15
t_s_ough :P18:15
t_s_oi somewhat hate those dbus commandlines18:15
qwerty12Creating one generates more hate in me ;)18:16
*** myosound_ has joined #maemo18:16
t_s_oheh, your probably right18:16
johnxI never complained much because I figured I just wasn't smart enough to appreciate the sheer elegance of those lines...but yeah, they're kind of opaque18:17
* Stskeeps fails too understand how the heck Enter on USB keyboards can work.18:21
*** Dar_ is now known as Dar18:21
johnxwhat do you mean?18:21
johnxwhen you have a keyboard plugged in apps treat the 'Return' keypress differently18:21
Stskeepsi cannot find any piece of code matching it18:21
Stskeepsyeah, but where do they get the info from?18:21
qwerty12In mer? X86? ARMEL?18:22
* RST38h yawns18:22
johnxguessing now: I think H-I-M normally eats the "Return" keysym18:22
RST38hSts: Your USB keyboard is handled by a USB driver that send RETURN key event to /dev/input that gets mapped to GDK_Return by GDK18:22
RST38hSts: This is an absolutely normal situation18:23
Stskeepsyes, i agree18:23
RST38hSts: Any desktop GTK app will treat GDK_return as, well, return key18:23
aquatixbtw, is it a known bug/issue that the enter key of my keyboard doesn't work in Mer?18:23
aquatixquite confusing in a VM18:23
Stskeepsaquatix: exactly what we're discussing18:24
RST38hSts: Now, an extended PC keyboard (and they are all extended now except for portable ones) will also have a numeric keypad and on that keypad there is another return key18:24
aquatixStskeeps: yeah, got that feeling18:24
aquatixStskeeps: but i just dropped in here18:24
* aquatix listens for a bit :)18:24
RST38hSts: THAT key maps to GDK_KP_Enter but most desktop apps will treat it the same way as GDK_Return18:24
RST38hSts: And now we come to the problem: for some reason, Nokia mapped DPad center button to GDK_Return. When they made N810, GDK_Return was already taken, so they used GDK_KP_Enter for the REAL return key18:25
RST38hSts: At that time, it made sense to them. Now, when people port desktop apps to Maemo, it no longer has any sense18:25
RST38hespecially considering that GDK_Return is a live minefield, mechanically18:26
Stskeepsright, so why does USB keyboards work, and what reads the keyboard-attached thing?18:26
jaskadanger of repurposing something18:26
Stskeepsso GTK starts actually normally when receiving GDK_Return18:27
johnxRST38h, you have only an N810, correct?18:27
RST38hjohnx: Yep18:27
johnxRST38h, do you know the N800 behavior we're talking about?18:27
RST38hSts: USB keyboard will work with any app that takes KP_Enter into account18:27
RST38hSts: Sorry, with any app that rakes GDK_Return into account18:28
RST38hSts: no problem there18:28
RST38hSts: The problem is that on NIT, you are better off ignoring GDK_Return for normal navigation. And once you ignore it, USB keyboards do not work18:28
johnxthat's actually a different problem than the one we're talking about18:29
RST38hwhich one are you talking about?18:29
johnxon the N800 when there is no physical keyboard (usb or bt) attached, hitting d-pad center (usually) brings up the fullscreen finger keyboard18:30
johnxit still sends the "Return" keysym, but that never gets to the app18:30
johnxagain, in most cases18:30
*** dneary has joined #maemo18:30
johnxthis is only in text fields though18:31
johnxif you have a usb/bt keyboard present hitting d-pad center will actually act like a normal "Return" key, getting you a newline in the Notes app18:32
RST38hah, what you describe must happen somewhere in gtk18:32
RST38hnot even in gdk18:32
* RST38h has to go, will be back later to look at it18:32
johnxalright. 'later :)18:32
slonopotamusnit-bootmenu-compat - what license?18:33
*** madhav has joined #maemo18:33
Stskeepsslonopotamus: bsd licensed18:33
Stskeepsit is a mismatch of a lot of different peoples stuff18:34
Stskeepsjohnx: OK, removing HIM helps18:34
qwerty12It's not actually licensed :/18:34
Stskeepsjohnx: as in, it works sanely18:34
Stskeepsjohnx: as in, removing totally as IM18:34
slonopotamusyou're a pirate then :)18:36
*** tbf has quit IRC18:36
Stskeepsslonopotamus: arr.18:36
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman|gone18:37
*** dougt has joined #maemo18:37
slonopotamusok, easier question. nokia-tablets-pointercal license?18:38
Stskeepsslonopotamus: same as xserver-omapfb one18:38
Stskeepsits from there18:38
StskeepsXomap, i mean18:38
*** fiekia has quit IRC18:38
qwerty12woot, my dodgy hack to adv-backlight to have an display setting entry works18:39
slonopotamusand Xomap is same as xorg?18:39
slonopotamusi hate microb18:39
*** fab has joined #maemo18:39
qwerty12it's all about webkit now :P18:39
slonopotamuswith its windows constantly stealing my focus18:40
*** stv0 has joined #maemo18:40
Stskeepsslonopotamus: xomap is the old one18:40
*** stv0 has left #maemo18:40
*** dneary has quit IRC18:40
*** philipl has quit IRC18:43
*** philipl has joined #maemo18:44
*** dougt_ has joined #maemo18:44
*** dneary has joined #maemo18:44
Stskeepshm, someone is working on HIM and cellwriter18:45
*** cjdavis has quit IRC18:45
qwerty12Dunno if he got far though, I remember him posting that the plugin crashes and he needs debugging help18:45
Stskeepschanged 10 days ago18:46
*** fiekia has joined #maemo18:46
slonopotamusoops.;a=summary they're doing something18:47
*** alterego has quit IRC18:47
AndrewFBlackto use a new xmodmap you just xmodmap mapname?18:48
*** dougt has quit IRC18:49
*** kcome has quit IRC18:49
Stskeeps~curse closed-source him18:51
infobotMay you be reincarnated as a Windows XP administrator, closed-source him !18:51
johnxhmm? the other plugins? or the framework itself?18:51
Stskeepswell i found out what does the magic now18:51
AndrewFBlackwonder why xmodmap that makes FN key work on b-mans ubuntu Jaunty wont work for Mer if I'm using Lxde18:51
johnxStskeeps, it's in the plugin itself?18:52
StskeepsAndrewFBlack: possibly some strange HIM stuff..18:52
Stskeepsjohnx: observes /system/osso/af/keyboard-attached and sets hildon_im_ui_set_keyboard_state18:53
Stskeepsi so feel like making that thing a gconf option instead..18:54
johnxwhat is 'hildon_im_ui_set_keyboard_state'? an env var?18:54
AndrewFBlackohh well I'll just stick with onscreen keyboard for now18:54
*** rsalveti has quit IRC18:54
Stskeepsjohnx: method in HIMF18:55
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo18:55
Stskeepsdisables HIM or enables it, effectively18:55
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]18:55
johnxdrrr...that's pretty kludged18:55
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s18:55
StskeepsMer: Adding Sanity To Maemo But Losing Our Own18:55
johnxlike worshiping before the elder gods18:56
*** housetier has quit IRC18:59
*** Meiz_mer has joined #maemo19:01
StskeepsMeiz_mer: how does your Enter key and dpad center work in Mer?19:01
Meiz_merlet me try19:02
Meiz_mercenter works everywhere19:02
Meiz_merenter only in few apps19:02
*** glima has quit IRC19:02
*** Dar has quit IRC19:03
Meiz_meronly center work in maemopad19:04
*** Wikier has quit IRC19:04
Stskeepsand osso-xterm?19:04
Meiz_meronly center19:05
Meiz_merenter was working in midori or epiphany i think...19:05
Meiz_meri just tried openoffice3.0.1..19:06
*** glima has joined #maemo19:06
*** mlpug has joined #maemo19:06
Meiz_merhow to rightclick in kde with touchscreen?19:08
Meiz_merin mer19:08
Stskeepsno clue19:08
Meiz_mermaybe some mac users know...19:08
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC19:08
qwerty12Meiz_mer, maybe you may find something in
Meiz_merwho are having kde 4 in their macs :P19:08
Meiz_meroh, thanks19:09
* qwerty12 <3's dget19:09
MekMeiz_mer: in mac you can just ctrl-click, but that is handled at the OS level already19:11
slonopotamusi like approach19:11
Meiz_merMek, ok19:11
johnxslonopotamus, question is always what level to do it at though...19:11
slonopotamusjohnx, lower - more apps will benefit19:12
*** glima has quit IRC19:12
*** glima has joined #maemo19:12
johnxlower = more universal, higher = more flexible19:12
slonopotamusjohnx, hmm... what  do you want to configure in right-click emulator?19:13
johnxI want to be able to tap and hold without it suddenly sending a right click :)19:14
slonopotamusjohnx, you can't even with him19:14
johnxwhat does an individual app like H-I-M have to do with this?19:14
slonopotamuserr... i mean with maemo approach19:15
johnxit depends on the app to interpret in maemo19:15
slonopotamusmake a long left tap in microb19:15
slonopotamusnot right one, but long left19:16
johnxapps don't receive "right click" they receive the amount of time the pointer has been held down19:16
slonopotamusyou can't19:16
*** Vulc|Laptop has quit IRC19:16
johnxit's their choice what do with it19:16
*** Sargun has joined #maemo19:16
johnxa right click isn't necessarily what you want to happen in a sketch app when you hold the stylus down :)19:16
johnxor a game19:17
slonopotamusyou wanna patch each and every app just because you 'want to make long left click'?19:17
johnxpeople already patched the apps19:17
*** eton_ has joined #maemo19:17
slonopotamuskde, maybe?19:17
johnxkde is in scope for your distribution19:18
MekI agree that by default it would make sense to send right-click to apps when you make a long left click, but allow apps to override this19:18
johnxand out of scope for Mer :)19:18
Mekthan you only have to patch those few apps that want other behavior19:18
lcukjohnx, what you should say is "send us a patch"19:19
johnxMek, if you hack this at an X11 level you can't 'change back' at the app level (AFAICT)19:19
slonopotamusMek, you can't want to install kde on mer19:19
Mekslonopotamus: hmm?19:19
infobotslonopotamus meant: Meiz, you can't want to install kde on mer19:19
Stskeepsslonopotamus: Meiz did already :P19:19
Mekslonopotamus: (and I install kde on maemo...)19:19
*** madha1 has joined #maemo19:20
slonopotamusMer itself if out of scope :) and gentoo too19:20
johnxslonopotamus, I guess I shouldn't say 'out of scope' so much as we're worried about making hildon apps work as well as they can, and not interested in compromising how well they work to make KDE kinda work19:20
*** Shadow__X has quit IRC19:20
slonopotamusjohnx, ok, ok, i'm just kidding :)19:21
slonopotamusi need to know license of nit-bootmenu-compat19:22
johnxslonopotamus, so you're going to make sure that all apps work 100% on gentoo? :>19:22
lcukmekjohnx, that could technically be curable by having x11 itself check if the app its sending events back to is hildonized or not19:22
lcukfor hildon apps have it responsing the same way as currently19:22
lcukotherwise try some alternative patched variation?19:22
johnxlcuk, here it's appropriate: that's out of scope19:22
johnxso we patch *every* X server we want to run on?19:22
*** ciroip has joined #maemo19:23
lcukno, they do19:23
johnxthey patch the x server to play nice with us?19:23
lcukif the kde bunch want specific desktop like reactivity then the kde install should do something itself19:23
slonopotamusnext step is to patch kernel so it plays well with hildon apps, i guees19:24
lcuksince its not used for any of the normal maemo/mer apps its out of scope..19:24
slonopotamusi thought you're building more open system than maemo19:24
johnxwe are19:25
lcukthat is open - spending time coding something that does not need to be coded for any hildon app is out of scope for a distro with hildon as its primary..19:25
slonopotamusthere can't be 'out of scope'. everything is in scope if there is someone who hacks it.19:25
johnxthen why haven't you been working on making open office run great?19:26
slonopotamuswell, i don't need it19:26
johnxI think maybe 'out of scope' was the wrong choice of words earlier on my part19:27
lcuk"not my priority"19:27
johnxI should have said something more like 'we're concentrating on making hildon apps work really well'19:27
lcukbbs anyway19:27
slonopotamusaccepted :)19:27
slonopotamuslooks like somepne has to  rewrite nit-bootmenu-compat?19:29
Stskeepsnit-bootmenu-compat was written mostly by me.19:29
Stskeepsthere's a slight portion which is from one of the init scripts, the sysctl stuff19:29
*** themactep has quit IRC19:30
Stskeepsyeah, it came from there19:30
Stskeepsim off for a bit19:30
t_s_ohmm, while im a bit slow, distractions are to blame, im reading the ars article on ebooks and ran into the part about the final harry potter book being transcribed from photographs.19:30
*** greentux has quit IRC19:30
t_s_othing is, that reminds me about the production of elephant armor in ancient india19:31
slonopotamusStskeeps, your part is 'as-is'?19:31
*** themactep has joined #maemo19:31
Stskeepsbsd licensed yeah19:31
*** dneary has quit IRC19:34
slonopotamusStskeeps, or ?19:35
slonopotamuswoops. there was 'or'19:35
*** eton has quit IRC19:36
slonopotamus2-, 3- or 4-clause? :)19:37
Stskeepsslonopotamus: first  one19:37
slonopotamusStskeeps, k. will use irc logs as prooflink :)19:37
t_s_oheh, i love how one have to remove the selection of a text (say the url in the browser) for the onscreen keyboard to show19:37
*** madhav has quit IRC19:38
*** stv01 has joined #maemo19:40
*** maddler has joined #maemo19:44
*** zap has quit IRC19:46
*** JussiP has quit IRC19:46
*** eichi has quit IRC19:47
*** themactep has quit IRC19:47
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik19:49
*** eichi has joined #maemo19:50
*** murrayc has quit IRC19:53
*** glima has quit IRC19:53
*** thopiekar_N800 has quit IRC19:53
*** gletelli__ has joined #maemo19:56
*** KwisatzHaderach has quit IRC19:58
timelesshello world20:00
timelesswhat was i trying to install a couple of hours ago? :)20:00
*** RzR has quit IRC20:01
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo20:02
Stskeepssomething involving localization strings? ;)20:02
Stskeepstimeless: short fix to ctrl-j is rm'ing /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules btw20:04
Stskeepsand reboot20:04
timelesswhat is gtk.immodules?20:04
Stskeepsit sets HIM as the input method for GTK20:04
timelessand the him doesn't actually let me input fancy chars, right?20:05
Stskeepswell, until i make this gconf patch, it will block for Enter otherwise :P20:05
timelessi think my box crashed or rebooted or something20:05
timelessbecause i'm now staring at a console20:05 which usually deals with this stuff is closed source so :)20:05
Stskeepspossibly X crashing maybe20:06
Stskeepsor HD exiting20:06
timelessthere's nothing in the console20:06
timelesswhat alt-f would have x? 6 ? 7?20:07
timeless7 says:20:07
Stskeepsit'd be in .xsession-erroors20:07
timelessnm-system-settings: Adding default connection 'Auto eth0' for /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/....20:07
timelesswhat's my password?20:07
Stskeepsthe one you set when it asked you in first-boot-wizard :P otherwise, root/rootme20:08
timelessyeah, root/rootme worked :)20:08
timelesswhere's xsession-errors? ~ ?20:08
*** alex-weej has quit IRC20:09
timelesshildon-desktop: Fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server :0.0.20:09
timelesssapwood-server: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.20:09
timelesswhat does that mean? :)20:10
timelessalso, what does:20:10
timelesshildon-desktop[2610]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Application Application Mnaager - did not provide valid .desktop file20:10
*** housetier has joined #maemo20:11
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC20:11
timelessshows a crash of some sort20:12
timelessSaw signal 11.  Server aborting.20:12
*** themactep has joined #maemo20:15
timelesssp3000: food?20:15
pupnik"'stimulus' plans are economic methamphetamine, not medicine" - me20:16
derfNot a big Keynesian, eh?20:17
*** wazd has quit IRC20:17
sp3000timeless: maybe, eventually20:18
* timeless kicks Mer20:18
timelesseh, No directory, logging in with HOME=/20:18
johnxtimeless, what did you do? :P20:19
timelesscrashed x20:19
*** skibur has joined #maemo20:19
timelessso now i'm asking Mer to reboot20:19
timelessand um... it's sitting at:20:19
timeless[196423.532941] Restarting system,20:20
infobottimeless meant: [196423.532941] Restarting system.20:20
Stskeepsvirtualbox acting up? dunno20:20
*** florian has quit IRC20:20
*** texel has quit IRC20:22
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:22
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC20:22
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo20:25
timelessooh, enter works!20:25
Stskeepsi'm working on a better fix20:26
*** skibur has quit IRC20:28
timelessok, problem20:29
timelessi was playing a BBC "net radio" thing20:29
timelessand it said20:30
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:30
timeless"Connection to media stream lost.\n"20:30
timeless"Try connecting again?"20:30
timelessbut, i was playing something from a net radio20:30
timelessi don't know what a media stream is20:30
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:30
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:31
*** gopi has joined #maemo20:32
slonopotamusStskeeps, no tablet-wireless in
*** alehorst has quit IRC20:32
slonopotamustimeless, that means 'something broke'20:33
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo20:33
timelessaww g, thanks20:33
*** alehorst has joined #maemo20:33
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo20:33
slonopotamustimeless, 'press ok and we'll try once more. if it brakes again, try more'20:34
slonopotamustimeless, if it keeps braking, ask your system administrator for help20:35
slonopotamustimeless, something like that :) programmers can produce either too technical or completely useless error messages :)20:36
timelessslonopotamus: i gave my n800s to a couple of school age girls20:37
timelessthey wouldn't know what a system administrator was20:37
Stskeepsslonopotamus: contrib/20:37
slonopotamustimeless, maybe that should be replaced with 'ask someone smarter'?20:37
slonopotamusStskeeps, thx20:38
*** rzr has joined #maemo20:38
timelessanyone here use skype (en-us, win)?20:38
slonopotamustimeless, yep, not very polite20:38
*** Zic has quit IRC20:38
*** sergio_ has quit IRC20:38
slonopotamusStskeeps, hmm) the only thing in contrib20:39
johnxs/something broke/go find that friend of yours. the one who's good with computers. no, not him. the other one. still have his number? yeah, call him right now/g20:39
slonopotamusjohnx, well, you know what that means :)20:40
johnxthis is why they don't let me write the error messages20:40
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo20:43
*** Omegamoon is now known as Omegamoon|away20:43
*** gletelli__ has left #maemo20:44
slonopotamusrmmod cx3110x # remove initfs-provided wlan20:44
slonopotamusand then insmod back20:45
johnxwe use a different cx3110x module20:45
johnxpatched with linux wireless extension support20:45
johnxamong other things20:45
timelesssts: hey, when do i get a theme picker?20:47
*** tbf has joined #maemo20:47
timelesswhat the heck20:48
timelesswhy does numpty require libosso-email-interface?20:48
Stskeepstimeless: when someone codes a CPA for it20:49
Stskeepsand mailing level designs20:49
timelessit's just a gconf setting, right?20:49
*** maba has joined #maemo20:49
Stskeepstheme? no, scary .osso/current-theme etc20:50
timelessyou mean .osso/current-gtk-theme.maemo_af_desktop ?20:50
Stskeepsyeah, for instance20:51
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:52
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:52
*** Pebby_ has joined #maemo20:52
*** bergie has quit IRC20:53
timelessis there an example of:20:53
timelesszenity --list --radiolist --text=xx --column=yy this_stuff_that_i_can_not_guess ?20:53
johnx or man zenity20:55
*** Shadow__X has joined #maemo20:55
slonopotamusjohnx, cool site20:56
Shadow__Xhow do i use a ssh tunnel for traffic on maemo20:56
* johnx heads off to bed20:57
timelessit doesn't look like i can change the title of the dialog20:58
*** opengeekv2 has joined #maemo20:59
Stskeepswe do it in mer20:59
timelessit wasn't in --help-list20:59
slonopotamussts, you were faster20:59
*** bain753 has joined #maemo20:59
||cwShadow__X: install openssh20:59
Stskeepstimeless: open source software and documentation are often not things that mix well20:59
timelessno kidding20:59
Shadow__X||cw, already installed21:00
* timeless is spoiled by solaris21:00
qwerty12_N800timeless, it's an option generic to all types21:00
Shadow__Xhow do i get microb to use the tunnel21:00
Stskeepsmy favourite example is still openssl docs21:00
Shadow__Xor anythong else for that matter21:00
slonopotamusShadow__x, the same way you do that for other apps21:00
timelesswhat tunnel?21:00
timelessmicrob supports gecko networking prefs21:00
timelessincluding PAC21:00
Shadow__Xslonopotamus, how?21:01
Shadow__Xi am asking21:01
timeless(as long as you make sure it ignores gconf networking junk)21:01
*** hellwolf has quit IRC21:01
Shadow__Xtimeless how do you do that21:01
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:01
*** qwerty12_N800 is now known as qwerty12_N800_21:01
timelessabout:config for the gecko stuff21:01
*** dforsyth has quit IRC21:01
*** dforsyth has joined #maemo21:01
timelesspersonally  i use vi /var/lib/gconf or something for the gconf stuff :)21:01
Shadow__Xso about config to tell microb to use the ssh tunnel21:01
*** solmumaha has left #maemo21:01
timelessmicrob wouldn't understand an 'ssh tunnel\21:01
||cwShadow__X: that's not how tunnels work...21:02
* slonopotamus is somewhat outdated. i'd just add a route.21:02
timelessit would understand "use socks please"21:02
timelessand ssh supports socks (-D ?)21:02
timelessuse firefox, setup your socks proxy correctly21:02
timelessload about:config there21:02
timelessthen copy the bits and set them in microb's about:config21:02
Stskeepsze magic patch21:02
*** mardi__ has quit IRC21:02
Shadow__Xi know i guess a better question would be how to setup socks proxy in mircrob or in maemo as a whole21:02
timelessif you're using a real n800/n810, you'll probably need to set some pref to tell microb to ignore gconf21:03
Stskeepsgconftool-2 -s -t bool /apps/osso/inputmethod/keyboard_available true21:03
Stskeeps-> Enter works.21:03
sp3000zenity's help isn't too bad21:03
Shadow__Xtimeless, its a n81021:03
Stskeepsset to false, it doesnt work21:03
sp3000though I can't see how you select radios or checkboxes21:03
timelessshadow: you can't setup21:03
timelesssocks for normal gnome stuff21:04
timelessnot w/ our connection manager21:04
sp3000oh "true" / "false"21:04
Shadow__Xah ok21:04
timelesssp3000: ok, this isn't too hard to do21:05
* timeless wonders how to find a theme's "name"21:05
Stskeepsprolly in the desktop file21:05
timelesswhat desktop file?21:05
qwerty12_N800_timeless, mer or maemo?21:05
timelessmaemo has a theme picker21:06
* timeless is writing one w/ zenity atm21:06
timelessi think for now i'm going to assume names come from the theme directory name21:07
qwerty12_N800_look at the index.theme in a given theme's folder21:07
Stskeepsisnt there simply a .desktop file? :P21:08
timelesswhat's a theme folder?21:08
*** glima has joined #maemo21:08
qwerty12_N800_Stskeeps, backgrounds, not themes21:08
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800_: damnit :)21:08
timelessyou guys are smoking something21:09
timelessdpkg -L
timelessit has a gtkrc, and a .so, a .la, and debian gunk21:09
timelessnothing more21:09
timelessdpkg -L gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks21:09
qwerty12_N800_timeless, grep Name /usr/share/themes/<theme>/index.theme | sed s/Name=//21:09
timelessthat's what provides 'Human'21:09
Stskeepstimeless: dpkg -L hildon-theme-liberty is a better one :P21:10
Meiz_merwhat is the keycode for fullscreen key?21:10
timelessther'es no such file in Human21:10
Stskeepstimeless: not sure Human qualifies as a maemo theme21:10
*** chelli has joined #maemo21:11
timelessso i shouldn't list it?21:11
qwerty12_N800_is there in liberty21:11
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo21:11
*** Juhaz has quit IRC21:12
Stskeepstimeless: think it would have bad effects when trying to switch to it21:12
*** eichi has quit IRC21:13
Stskeeps <- neat21:15
*** stv01 has left #maemo21:15
Stskeepskinda funny you need to build friggen openjdk to sanely rebuild a base system21:16
opengeekv2hey zenvoid soprry for not appearing over here in days21:17
opengeekv2you have done all the hard work for the system sounds21:17
timelessperl -e '@a = </usr/share/themes/*/index.theme>; %b=(); for $c (@a) { open THEME, "<", $c || next; $d=<THEME> while ($d !~ /^Name=\s*(.*)\s*$/); if ($1 ne "") { $b{$1} = $c; }; close THEME; }; $,="\n"; print %b;'21:17
timelessanyone wanna tell me what's wrong there? :)21:17
Stskeepstimeless: so what they say about perl is true.. it is indistinguishable from noise21:17
Stskeepsand no, i can't even read it ;)21:18
opengeekv2oh hi si not there sorry21:18
Stskeepsopengeekv2: hehe, he's not in here right now :)21:18
t_s_oi wonder what kind of sound that would made if feed to the audio chip...21:19
timelessperl -e '@a = </usr/share/themes/*/index.theme>; %b=(); for $c (@a) { open THEME, "<", $c || next; do { $d=<THEME>; } while ($d !~ /^Name=\s*(.*)\s*$/); if ($1 ne "") { $b{$1} = $c; }; close THEME; }; $,="\n"; print %b;'21:19
timelessactually works :)21:19
lcuki expect it will sound like a camel farting21:19
t_s_ostill, i dont think anything beats the perl script that outputs 99 bottles of beer, and comes in the shape of a ascii art beer bottle ;)21:20
timelesspersonally i prefer the perl dolphin21:20
timelessok, so um21:21
lcukbeer == better. you never hear people saying "free as in dolphin"21:21
timelesshow do i decide which theme is active?21:21
timelesscheck the gtkrc file?21:21
timelessor the hildon one?21:21
Stskeepstimeless: the ~/.osso/current one? i guess21:21
timelessthere are two files21:21
Stskeepsboth point to same theme name i think21:21
timelesswell, they typically do21:22
timelesshow little do we care about the edge case :)21:22
Stskeepshonestly, im not sure how they're supposed to work. Diablo spec could be interesting to read at some point.21:22
Stskeepscos some of this stuff is just far out. :P21:22
timelessyou really want to read a 300 page browser ui spec that no one read?21:22
timeless(including the author)21:22
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind a reference.21:22
*** Meiz_mer has quit IRC21:23
*** opengeekv2 has left #maemo21:24
*** zenvoid has joined #maemo21:26
Stskeeps'lo zenvoid21:27
timelesswould it help if i said most of it isn't accurate?21:28
zenvoidStskeeps: I saw your comment21:28
timelesswould you not trust me if i said the document isn't worth the paper it's printed on?21:28
Stskeepstimeless: yes, of course, we're dealing with developers :P21:29
Stskeepszenvoid: yeah - i was bored the other week and put up a debian-armel buildd21:29
Stskeepsit will put it up on
Stskeepsits not the prettiest way, but it would do the trick21:29
Stskeeps(from UI POV)21:29
Stskeepszenvoid: 'build-l-armel' on builder, takes source packages from the repo21:30
zenvoidStskeeps: I was dreaming of compiling the base system with custom cflags. Already done it for chinook, but compiling jauntly is not funny21:30
Stskeepszenvoid: yeah, i read your post :)21:30
zenvoidso using debian binaries seems better idea for now21:30
sp3000timeless: yeah, food21:31
Stskeepsi'm at libhildon current so if you want to continue up the dependancy chain and send off the builder cmds you're welcome21:31
timelesssp3000: ok21:31
timelesscmoe here? :)21:31
Stskeepsi just had time to waste so got it bootstrapped enough to libhildon21:31
Stskeepsso glib, gtk, dbus-glib and such are already built21:32
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:32
timelessmy current theme is /usr/share/themes/default21:32
timelessbut my named themes don't include that one21:32
Stskeepstimeless: yeah.. its a symlink21:32
Stskeepshildon-desktop-env, start-hildon21:32
Stskeepser, no, postinst in that21:32
Stskeepsit's a bit weird, really.21:32
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:32
timelessso, i'm supposed to use readlink on the directory?21:33
zenvoidI will give a look, but in this moment I'm so angry with build-dependencies that I will prefer to do other things ;-)21:33
Stskeepszenvoid: hehe21:33
Stskeepszenvoid: just be glad you're not building gentoo.. :P21:33
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:34
*** kpel has joined #maemo21:34
timelesssts: ok, handled21:35
timelessit now knows i'm using liberty21:35
zenvoidhave anyone used cellwriter in tablets? I think it would be very good to port it as hildon input method21:35
Stskeeps , start-hildon and debian/postinst is an interesting read21:35
Stskeepszenvoid: there's someone working on it actually21:36
zenvoidStskeeps: ahhh, ok21:36
timelessperl -e '@a = </usr/share/themes/*/index.theme>; %b=(); for $c (@a) { open THEME, "<", $c || next; do { $d=<THEME>; } while ($d !~ /^Name=\s*(.*)\s*$/); if ($1 ne "") { $b{$1} = $c; }; close THEME; }; $,="\n"; if (open THEME, "<", "/home/timeless/.osso/current-gtk-theme") { $e = <THEME>; close THEME; $e =~ s/[\n\r]+//g; $e =~ s{.* "}{};$e =~ s{/gtk-2\.0/gtkrc"}{}; $f = readlink($e) || $e;}; for $c (keys %b) { $e = $b{$c}; $e =~ s{/index\.theme}{}; next21:38
timeless\n";} '21:38
timelessthat code now knows your current and available themes21:38
slonopotamusoh my21:39
*** avs has joined #maemo21:39
qwerty12_N800_timeless, what's your secret to staying sane as you write that? :)21:39
qwerty12_N800_although you'll wanna change /home/timeless21:40
timelesshrm, i think ~/ had issues21:41
timelessit evolves about 1 statement at a time21:41
*** eichi has joined #maemo21:42
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo21:44
dick-richardsonI'm getting an abort error when syncing gpe with evolution via multisync: gpesyncd[4162]: GLIB ERROR ** default - file mimedir-vcard.c: line 2524 (mimedir_vcard_write_to_profile): assertion failed: (priv->fn != NULL)21:45
*** _berto_ has quit IRC21:45
dick-richardsonhow can I find which contact is #43?21:46
*** Omegamoon|away has quit IRC21:46
*** smyows has quit IRC21:46
*** rzr is now known as rZr21:46
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo21:49
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC21:50
*** thopiekar_N800 has joined #maemo21:53
*** gopi has quit IRC21:55
*** qwerty12_N800_ is now known as qwerty12_N80021:55
*** Gracana has joined #maemo22:05
*** mardi__ has quit IRC22:05
*** madha1 has quit IRC22:05
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo22:06
timelessmy theme picker is finished22:06
*** chenca has quit IRC22:06
timelesshow do i tell theme thing to recheck theme ?22:08
slonopotamushmm. looks like i setup some ugly git overlay22:08
*** florian has joined #maemo22:09
*** p13|2nd has quit IRC22:09
AndrewFBlackwow cat on computer but she wasn't talking to you guys22:09
timelessshe was listening to my line noise instead22:10
*** eocanha has quit IRC22:11
AndrewFBlackhey using xmodmap could I remap the left control or left shift to do numbers since I don't think I will be able to get FN button to work on Mer with Lxde it isn't even seeing the FN button being pushed22:11
*** Juhaz has joined #maemo22:13
timelesscould someone please convert that into some scripting language supported by Maemo/Mer?22:13
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo22:13
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo22:13
timelessok, my theme switcher half works22:15
*** dougt_ has left #maemo22:16
*** tlax has quit IRC22:17
*** sibbe has quit IRC22:17
*** lele has quit IRC22:17
*** Myrtti has quit IRC22:17
*** inz has quit IRC22:17
*** Juhaz has quit IRC22:17
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:17
*** cjdavis has quit IRC22:17
*** alehorst has quit IRC22:17
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:17
*** greentux has quit IRC22:17
*** fauxmight has quit IRC22:17
*** tableteer has quit IRC22:17
*** VRe has quit IRC22:17
*** jkyro has quit IRC22:17
*** air has quit IRC22:17
*** romaxa has quit IRC22:17
*** Aisling has quit IRC22:17
*** alextreme has quit IRC22:17
*** _freelikegnu has quit IRC22:17
*** hahlo has quit IRC22:17
*** Firehand has quit IRC22:17
*** MiskaX has quit IRC22:17
*** disco_stu has quit IRC22:17
*** terbo has quit IRC22:17
*** [pablo] has quit IRC22:17
*** Juhaz has joined #maemo22:17
*** zenvoid has joined #maemo22:17
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo22:17
*** alehorst has joined #maemo22:17
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:17
*** greentux has joined #maemo22:17
*** fauxmight has joined #maemo22:17
*** hahlo has joined #maemo22:17
*** tlax has joined #maemo22:17
*** lele has joined #maemo22:17
*** air has joined #maemo22:17
*** alextreme has joined #maemo22:17
*** terbo has joined #maemo22:17
*** Aisling has joined #maemo22:17
*** disco_stu has joined #maemo22:17
*** VRe has joined #maemo22:17
*** jkyro has joined #maemo22:17
*** tableteer has joined #maemo22:17
*** romaxa has joined #maemo22:17
*** sibbe has joined #maemo22:17
*** inz has joined #maemo22:17
*** Firehand has joined #maemo22:17
*** _freelikegnu has joined #maemo22:17
*** [pablo] has joined #maemo22:17
*** MiskaX has joined #maemo22:17
*** Myrtti has joined #maemo22:17
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:18
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo22:18
*** x29a has joined #maemo22:19
timelessif i gave you a script which half changes the theme22:20
timelesscould you finish it?22:20
qwerty12_N800My bash scripting skills aren't plentiful, perl skills non existent :)22:21
timelessyou're free to use the language of your choosing22:22
timelessbasically the thing there reads your current theme, let's you choose another, rewrites the theme pref file(s), and switches matchbox22:22
timelessit doesn't switch currently running apps22:22
timelessbecuase that seems to require an X/gdk message22:23
Stskeepskaltsi: happen to have your FOSDEM slides online anywhere?22:23
qwerty12_N800timeless, i could take a look (can't guarantee anything concrete sorry) but your server wants to execute the script, can you tar it? :)22:24
t_s_oheh, maybe you know this qwerty12_N800. how do hildon-desktop play its system sounds?22:25
*** lardman has joined #maemo22:25
Stskeepst_s_o: in the newest, libcanberra22:25
t_s_oStskeeps: newest, as in maemo5?22:26
qwerty12_N800t_s_o, not sure sorry, I didn't know h-d actually played  system sounds :)22:27
timelesssorry, using tar takes too much intelligence22:28
*** bain753 has quit IRC22:28
*** croppa has quit IRC22:28
qwerty12_N800hehe, zip works well :)22:28
*** croppa has joined #maemo22:29
t_s_onever mind, some quick testing here seems to indicate its the hardware, as youamp produced the same "hiss" after stopping playback...22:29
*** ssvb has joined #maemo22:29
lardmanhi ssvb22:32
*** p13|2nd has joined #maemo22:32
Stskeepsevening p13|2nd22:33
p13|2ndhi sts22:33
p13|2ndreinstalling mer22:33
qwerty12_N800timeless, In maemo at least, selecting cancel selects "no theme"22:33
lcukhehe lardman22:34
timelessqwerty: yeah, i'll deal w/ the cancel case some other time22:34
timelessthe question is how to get the sytem to update the running apps22:35
lardmanhey lcuk22:35
timelessw/o forcing the xserver to restart22:35
timelesswhich is what i managed to do to get something22:35
lcukhiya simon, you have just been collared into cooking at the next summit :D22:35
lardmanhave I? Bacon? :)22:35
lcukon the mamiling list22:35
* lardman fires up webmail22:36
*** lpotter has quit IRC22:36
timelessok, so ... i have themes enough for me22:36
timelesssts: you should be able to take what i did and get it the rest of the way22:36
timelessconsider my code Public domain or if necessary MIT22:37
Stskeepsalright, feel free to add it to the sprint overview - there's an item regarding theme switcher22:37
p13|2ndalright, are most people here that were here last time during my last appearance22:38
p13|2ndseems so anyway22:38
timelesssts: we're hunting dinner22:38
Stskeepsp13|2nd: place didn't catch fire yet ;)22:38
timelessplease add it :)22:38
Stskeepstimeless: alright22:38
p13|2ndi want to make a public statement here22:38
p13|2ndto anyone i might have offended or annoyed:22:38
p13|2ndI never meant to offend nor irritate anyone.  I've installed and ran mer, i'm very impressed.22:39
Stskeepsp13|2nd: before you say anything your future employer may not want to see, this is publically logged :>22:39
p13|2ndyou are doing good work and giving these devices a future22:39
*** forger has quit IRC22:39
Stskeepswe're giving a lot of things a future :P22:40
lardmanlol @ email22:41
lcuki just like the way he used your full official name22:41
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC22:42
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC22:42
*** eton_ has quit IRC22:42
*** rsalveti has quit IRC22:42
*** fiekia has quit IRC22:42
*** simon_ has quit IRC22:42
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*** flatface has quit IRC22:42
*** `0660 has quit IRC22:42
*** dragorn has quit IRC22:42
p13|2ndthe internet, it splits22:43
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo22:43
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo22:43
*** eton_ has joined #maemo22:43
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo22:43
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RST38hAdded TI8622:50
*** Omegamoon is now known as Omegamoon|away22:57
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AStormhmm, new canola...23:09
*** rsalveti has quit IRC23:10
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qwerty12_N800timeless, if around btw, matchbox-remote expects the theme argument to be name of the folder -- not the name given in index.theme i did a dodgy workaround by adding '$f =~ tr/[A-Z]/[a-z]/;' but that is pretty stupid as it expects the theme folder name to be always lowercase...23:11
*** thopiekar has quit IRC23:12
*** benh has joined #maemo23:13
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*** acydlord has joined #maemo23:13
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timelE61iLcuk: ping23:15
*** cjdavis has quit IRC23:15
timelE61iLcuk: your .desktop file is +x, please fix23:15
timelE61iSo are mtetrinet and othello23:16
timelE61iqwerty: try lc $f23:16
*** Zic_N800 has quit IRC23:18
*** nelson has quit IRC23:18
Stskeepsright, the friggen ctrl-m problem definately put to the ground now23:21
*** dougt_ has joined #maemo23:21
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC23:21
Stskeepsif you have issues, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, and gconftool-2 -s -t /apps/osso/inputmethod/keyboard_available true23:21
RST38hOk, ATI85 1.1 is now in the Extras23:24
RST38hThis version supports TI86 as well23:24
Stskeepsit needs the roms i presume?23:25
RST38hno, it includes all the roms23:25
timelE61isounds gray or even black23:25
RST38hTI does not give a damn about these particular models23:25
RST38h(in fact, it does not give a damn about any of them, but these are also discontinued)23:26
* Stskeeps restarts the mertop23:28
timelE61iDiscontinued products can compete w/ existing products23:28
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]23:28
timelE61iWhat's mertop?23:28
*** vivijim has quit IRC23:28
kaltsiStskeeps: hey hey, I can put the slides up to the garage site tomorrow, now I'm going to sleep zzz23:28
Stskeepskaltsi: alright, nini :)23:28
Stskeepstimeless: my oldass 1ghz VIA c3 laptop running x86 mer :P23:28
timelE61iHey, has anyone here had the mer menus go berserk?23:29
*** maba has quit IRC23:29
timelE61iI can't see application manager or control panel23:29
timelE61iAnd my extras menu has emptyish slots between items23:29
* timelE61i dances23:31
*** sts|mertop has joined #maemo23:31
* timelE61i finally found the gtk colorpicker23:31
*** sjgadsby has quit IRC23:31
lcuktimelE61i, whats +x? execute?23:31
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo23:32
*** lardman has quit IRC23:33
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*** nelson has joined #maemo23:35
*** Omegamoon|away is now known as Omegamoon|Dozing23:36
Stskeepsyou know, maemo could actually do as a netbook distro.23:36
Vulcanismaybe a netbook tablet23:39
*** simon_ has quit IRC23:39
Vulcaniseverything's too big for a mouse >.<23:39
Stskeepsi mean, on my Mertop i can view my screen from 100m.23:39
Vulcanisits a netbook23:40
Vulcanisit should not be 100m away from you23:40
timelE61ilcuk: yes23:40
timelE61iDoes the guy from mypaint irc?23:41
qwerty12_N800Maemo port or upstream author?23:41
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC23:42
*** tmoenicke_ has joined #maemo23:42
*** skibur has joined #maemo23:42
timelE61iThe menus and dialogs are icky23:42
timelE61iAnd the app fails if there's no pressure on your mouse23:43
qwerty12_N800~seen anders_gud23:43
infobotanders_gud <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 178d 23h 39m 9s ago, saying: 'bye'.23:43
Stskeepshmm, everything in extras is also i386 built isnt it?23:43
Stskeepsor mostly23:43
qwerty12_N800not anymore it seems :)23:43
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC23:43
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, yer23:43
* Stskeeps goes try some vaguely insane thing23:44
*** dougt_ has left #maemo23:44
qwerty12_N800I find it a waste of time for most things but I've refrained from making arch: armel for my things :)23:44
Stskeepsits most excellent for being able to install stuff into mer i386 ;)23:45
Stskeeps.. why is apt-worker running at 1427% and why doesnt XP run apps over 100%23:46
timelE61ixp can23:48
RST38hAll right, ready23:48
timelE61iIt an app is well threaded23:48
mavhclinux is way more efficient, proof at last23:49
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, do you know if gtk-perl works well in mer?23:50
Stskeepsno clue. it may need recompiling to match the bindings23:50
Stskeepsi had issues with pygtk initially23:50
*** avs has quit IRC23:51
*** b-man has joined #maemo23:53
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:53
Stskeepsdamnit, i-am-free doesnt insert nicely ;)23:53
Stskeepsthe silly "i am rich" clone in extras :P23:54
lcukand timelE61i its not over here23:56
lcuklemme dig deeper23:56
Stskeepswoo \o/23:57
StskeepsMauku works on Mer23:57
*** fireun has joined #maemo23:59

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