IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2009-01-16

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Shadow_MTrueJournals, wouldnt i want to mount the files as user not as root so then i can modify them00:03
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b-manit looks like  xserver-xorg-input-tslib has dependencie issues in ubuntu jaunty now >:(00:05
b-manwere you having those problems?00:05
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Stskeepswe are using our own custom version00:06
johnxStskeeps, ah, did you end up fixing the tap+release stuff yourself?00:07
Stskeepsjohnx: my memory seems to hint so00:07
b-manxf86-input-tslib? - that errors out too00:07
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Stskeepsb-man: pastebin error00:08
johnxStskeeps, heh...I remember trying to fix it, and you don't remember fixing it :P00:08
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Stskeepsjohnx: i got pissed at it and in a raging caffeine fit fixed it00:09
johnxfair enough00:09
qwerty12_N800Hah, the kobayashi theme reminds me of my old palm pilot...00:09
johnxqwerty12_N800, hmm?00:10
johnxsomething new?00:10
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qwerty12_N800johnx, yer, in -devel by Leif Ryge (lcars). He's uploaded a lot of themes to -devel actually, the one i'm using is a monochrome lcd emulation of sorts00:12
b-manuploading now...00:13
qwerty12_N800trying out titanium actually now, the nice thing about his themes is that he uses hildon theme layout :)00:13
Stskeepsyeah.. more people should do that00:13
Stskeepsvery easy source packages that way00:13
johnxqwerty12_N800, pics or it didn't happen :P00:13
Jaffaindeed :)00:14
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qwerty12_N800give me a sec :)00:14
qwerty12_N800titanium is the shit :)00:14
TheFatalany1 have play the mana world whit N8*0 ?00:15
Stskeepsb-man: meh. i wonder if that hits mer too00:16
Stskeepsb-man: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core00:16
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qwerty12_N800johnx, Jaffa:
RST38hwazd: Sorry, was away. The GBA icon looks pretty nice =) Will put it into Maemo package tomorrow00:18
Stskeepsb-man: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-input-tslib00:19
Jaffaqwerty12_N800: ta00:19
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wazdRST38h: I've done "fat" version if you need it00:21
Stskeepsb-man: hm, ok00:21
Shadow_Mhow do you find a uid and gid of a user00:22
b-mani'll post my /etc/apt/prefrences file00:22
Shadow_Mand what is the gid00:22
Stskeepspreferences, you mean, b-man00:22
b-manyes, sorry :p00:22
TrueJournalsShadow_M: D'oh, I'm here now :-P uid 29999 = user, gid 29999 = users00:23
TrueJournalsuid = user id, gid = group id00:23
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qwerty12_N800Stskeeps - English teacher at work. :P00:23
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: no, just wanted to sure he spelled it right when he made the file :P00:23
qwerty12_N800hehe :P00:23
lcukjohnx, you are in japan arent you?00:24
Stskeepsb-man: i'm not confident those pin numbers are correct though00:24
b-mani made those pin priorities low to prevent this verry reason :p00:25
Shadow_MTrueJournals, when i do exactly what you said in xterm it works but i still cant get into this one dir that i should be able to as user but if i loginto root i can00:25
TrueJournalsShadow_M: Hmm... that's very strange...00:26
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Shadow_Myeah i know your telling me00:26
Shadow_Munless i am doiing something wrong that i cant tell00:26
TrueJournalsYou're trying to access a share on a Windows box?00:27
* b-man is starting to go crazy again :p00:27
Stskeepsb-man: this kind of stuff takes a toll on your sanity00:28
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b-manhehe :p00:28
Shadow_Mno its on a linux box00:28
b-manis there any way to fix this problem?00:30
TrueJournalsShadow_M: Hmm... then you really shouldn't be having all these problems if the user you're accessing the share as has access to the files00:30
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Stskeepsapt-get install xserver-xorg-input-tslib=0.0.5-1mer700:31
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Stskeepssee if it helps00:31
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b-mani'll try that00:32
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* b-man starts blasting music in his room00:32
Shadow_Myeah i know TrueJournals esp since that same user gets used on 2 other comps windows and linux with no issue also on her if i loginto root all my issues dissapear00:33
Shadow_Maccessing the files as user is giving me all the issues00:33
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TrueJournalsHave you tried chowning the mount directories to user:users ?00:33
Shadow_Mwhat directory00:34
TrueJournalsWhatever directory you're mounting the share to00:35
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Shadow_Mah yeah i just checked is 1000:100000:35
TrueJournalsThat's not user:users ;-)00:36
TrueJournalsMaemo has user:users at 29999:2999900:36
Shadow_Myes agreed homeslice00:36
TrueJournalsTry chown user:users (mount directory)00:36
b-manStskeeps: "E: Version '0.0.5-1mer' for 'xserver-xorg-input-tslib' was not found" :(00:36
Stskeepsb-man: 700:37
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b-manyyyyeeeesssss!!!!!, it finally worked, thanks!!!00:38
Shadow_MTrueJournals, did that but it doesnt let me do that when its mounted00:38
Shadow_Mso i unmount it it works fine but when i mount it again it goes back00:39
TrueJournalsHmm... I'm not sure then :\00:39
TrueJournalsSorry, don't know what else to try :P00:39
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Shadow_Myeah i thought i was an experienced linux user leave it to maemo to reverse that00:40
TrueJournalsThat'll teach you!00:40
StskeepsShadow_M: i have lost my faith in computers several times, it's normal :)00:40
Shadow_Mah yes00:40
Shadow_Mi will try another dir00:42
lardmanhmm, I need more sockets00:44
Shadow_MTrueJournals, is it supposed to be -o username="",password="",uid=2999,gid=299900:44
TrueJournalsWith filled in usernames and passwords, yes00:45
Stskeepsb-man: how does your virtual keyboard problem manifest btw?00:46
Stskeepsany key press, or just enter or backspace?00:46
Shadow_MTrueJournals, whenever i mount something the gid and uid of the dir goes to 1000:100000:48
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Shadow_Meven just using sudo mount -t cifs00:48
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TrueJournalsShadow_M: Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how cifs works... It seems that if you are connecting to a linux box, it will inherit the permissions from the share00:50
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Shadow_Mhmm oh00:50
TrueJournalsSo, since the shared directory is set to 1000:1000, the mount gets set to that00:50
TrueJournalsUnfortunately... 1000:1000 isn't user on maemo00:50
TrueJournalsI'm just not sure how to fix that :-\00:50
Stskeepsmount manually?00:51
Stskeeps2999? no, it's 2999900:51
b-mandum question; how can i pack up my rootfs into a .tar.gz without messing up permissions?00:51
b-manStskeeps: the keyboard problem came back in my original ubuntu jaunty install, but i haven't tested it yet in my new install (i don't have a desktop installed yet and i haven't booted it yet)00:52
Stskeepsb-man: how did it manifest?00:52
Stskeepstar.gz? get gnutar and gzip00:52
Stskeepsand tar zpvcf /somewhere.tar.gz .   in your mounted directory00:53
b-man i think hal was having issues with keymaps witch caused dsme to have issues witch caused xserver-xorg to crash witch caused xsessions to screw up - witch eventually killed my install00:54
Stslaptopb-man: i'm not sure how DSME got into play? :P00:55
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b-mani'm not shure how it got involved eather :p00:55
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b-manbut i  believe it boils down to upstart00:56
Stskeepsi think it's just Xorg dying. :P00:56
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* lcuk warns stskeeps about the piano hanging dangerously above his head00:59
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Stskeepslcuk: i'm so cooked up on caffeine i wouldn't be surprised if i missed it completely01:00
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b-manstability issues? :)01:01
b-manhow did you get it to play nice with virtual keyboards in mer?01:01
johnxparanoia setting in Stskeeps?01:01
* b-man cuts the rope XD01:01
Shadow_MStskeeps, i have been mounting manually do you have any ideas01:01
Stskeepsb-man: it's not playing nice right now01:01
StskeepsShadow_M: maybe 'noperm' as well01:01
lcukheh b-man, you evil01:01
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Shadow_Mwhats what01:01
b-manMOHAHAHA!!!! >:)01:02
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Shadow_MStskeeps, whats noperm01:02
StskeepsShadow_M: disables security check on the client01:03
Shadow_Mah how do i enable that01:03
*** housetier is now known as s0nted01:03
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]01:04
b-manhmmm i wonder if we will ever figure out what causes xorg to die with the virtual keyboard...01:04
Stskeepsb-man: we hope we will as not having backspace in mer kinda -sucks-01:04
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johnxit works in h-i-m in maemopad for me now, but I'm not sure if I'm on the latest01:05
* qwerty12_N800 has a flashback of using dos without doskey..01:05
johnxI should probably backup my $HOME and reimage both machines...01:06
b-manmabe it could have something to do with how xserver-xorg-tslibs was written.... nah :p01:06
Shadow_MStskeeps,  how do i use noperm01:06
* johnx has a flashback of using linux on the wii with a japanese keyboard and a spanish key layout01:06
lardmandoes cherokee2217 from itt come on irc?01:06
StskeepsShadow_M: it's a option in mount01:06
johnxnah, it's part of that comma separated string after the -o01:07
johnxyeah, like that01:07
b-manjohnx: cool :D01:07
qwerty12_N800johnx, ha, japanish? (lame, i know...)01:07
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johnxqwerty12_N800, it was pretty special...01:08
johnxah, which reminds me01:08
qwerty12_N800I can imagine :)01:08
johnxStskeeps, how hard would it be for me to setup a PPC build box?01:09
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Stslaptopsec, weird noise outside01:09
Shadow_Mno perm worked thanks Stskeeps01:10
johnxStslaptop, more planes landing in places that aren't airports?01:10
Shadow_Mwater is kibda an airport01:10
qwerty12_N800Nokia's hitman crew01:10
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johnxqwerty12_N800, what? for fixing their init scripts?01:10
Stslaptopjohnx: i think they might have it out for me after some of the bugs on bugs.* ;)01:11
qwerty12_N800johnx, for the above :p01:11
johnxif you get us kicked out of the next summit :P01:11
Stslaptopjohnx: if i get kicked out, i'm sure it'll be alcohol related01:11
Stslaptopjohnx: you have a powerpc? :P01:12
johnxheh...I was gonna say we could do a "mer summit" where we hang out in the corner of some bar, hack on stuff and get progressively drunk while making rude comments at people who come by to check our progress :D01:12
johnxStskeeps, I do. it's called a Wii :)01:13
johnxand yes, I am aware that I'm supposed to be playing games on it, but ... compiling things is like a gambling or something01:14
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*** gregorovius_ is now known as gregorovius01:15
qwerty12_N800but the only thing you can lose is hair :)01:15
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lardmananyone fancy testing nicer sounding a2dp?01:17
lardmanthanks to ssvb's patches that is01:18
lcuksorry lardman ive never used my tablet for anything audio01:18
lardmanlcuk: no worries01:18
qwerty12_N800lardman, you had to ask now :). I can't be bothered to get out of bed now :P01:19
lardmanmy headset is charging, so I can't tell yet01:19
lcukthis is the wireless headphone thing isnt it01:19
lardmanit's just a replacement for the existing bluez-utils, same version, no dsp stuff01:19
lcukcan you get speakers which do same thing01:20
Stskeepslardman: how is it CPU wise?01:20
lardmanjust with sbc patches from bluez 4.2601:20
lardmanno idea, can't be any worse though01:20
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe01:20
Stskeepsso, if we have a new bluez-utils in mer, we would already have that stuff?01:20
lardmanthere was another patch for something outside the sbc directory to reduce copies, I'll have to dig that one out and try adding it in too01:20
lardmanStskeeps: only if you have 4.x.x01:21
lardman4.xx that should be01:21
lcukssvb is digging out patches for lots of things, hes found me a nice looking asm stretchblit which im gonna try and get in as soon as the dust settles here01:21
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo01:23
*** Toba has joined #maemo01:24
*** chmac has joined #maemo01:24
Tobai'm using 2.2007.51-3... that's far out of date, no?01:24
johnxyes. the latest release is about a year later :)01:24
Stslaptop5.2008.43-7 is latest on n8x001:25
*** dougt has quit IRC01:27
* b-man starts applying patches to ubuntu to make it function properly01:28
Tobawhere on earth do I get it?01:28
johnxcrap, no infobot01:29
TobaI am stumbling all over the internet and there are no good pointers to how to flash it, I have flasher-3.0.amd64 but no new .bin file01:29
johnxToba, one sec :)01:29
johnxthe first link has instructions for mac, linux and windows. the second has the actual firmware files :)01:29
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo01:30
johnxah, didn't read that last part :) nevermind me01:30
*** b1ackdeath has quit IRC01:30
* b-man is extremely excited - school is canceld for me tomorrow!!! - meaning more time on ubuntu!!! woho!! :D01:31
b-man~and installer01:31
Stskeepsb-man: ubuntu might cause you to drop out of college01:31
Tobathanks johnx01:31
qwerty12_N800ha, read that one...01:31
Stskeeps( )01:32
*** benh has quit IRC01:32
* johnx wonders if it was ubuntu all this time01:32
Stskeepsjohnx: it was actually a mac..01:32
Stskeepsoh, in -your- case01:33
*** alextreme has quit IRC01:33
b-manStskeeps: the temperature for tomorrow is so low that thay canceld school for tomorrow!01:33
Stskeepsb-man: how cold in F?01:33
b-man(for low)01:34
Stskeepsyeah, okay01:34
b-man(for high)01:34
gnutonhi there01:34
gnutonis it possible to uplad a package source via SCP to extra-devel?01:34
Stskeepsb-man: about 37.4 F here atm01:34
Stskeepsgnuton: isn't it the only way?01:34
qwerty12_N800you can use dput01:35
gnutonStskeeps: it's the only way for me :(01:35
qwerty12_N800(which does scp to my knowledge...)01:35
gnutonI receive this error:01:35
*** matmo has joined #maemo01:35
gnutonPermission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).01:35
qwerty12_N800Are your keys correct?01:36
b-manStskeeps: the average here is usally 24-36 F - so this is verry unusual01:36
matmoevening all. Is the site to dl diablo always so sodding slow?01:36
Stskeepsmatmo: tablets-dev??01:36
lcukmmmmmmmm bacon01:36
Stskeepslcuk: mmm. bacon.01:36
gnutonqwerty12_N800: what do I need?01:37
matmoStskeeps: yep01:37
gnutonqwerty12_N800: do I need to genereate my ssh public key and upload it on the server..01:37
johnxlcuk, I think a 'flying bacon' screensaver ala 'flying toasters' may be in order01:37
Stskeepsmatmo: i usually get it with 900k/s or so01:37
Stskeepsjohnx: for Mer+01:38
lcukjohnx i already have one, :)01:38
matmoI'm getting 10 KB/s01:38
qwerty12_N800gnuton, it goes on your garage page:
lcukliqbase includes it but yeah it will be standalone01:38
gnutonqwerty12_N800: ok, I'm reading it..01:38
* lcuk is migrating liqbase as we speak :)01:38
qwerty12_N800gnuton, is this the sign of new qt packages? :)01:39
matmoCould anyone check tablet-dev dl speed for me? I'd like to know if my isp is throttling.01:40
gnutonqwerty12_N800: Yes I have to uplad the new one01:40
gnutonqwerty12_N800: QT 4.4.3 + MAemo patches01:40
*** juergbi has quit IRC01:40
qwerty12_N800gnuton, wicked, hope you get everything sorted :)01:40
gnutonqwerty12_N800: I hope that01:41
b-manmore bacon on #maemo :D01:42
wazdphew, today was totaly console day :)01:42
qwerty12_N800lardman, dpkg isn't fussy about extension btw :)01:42
lardmanok cool, thanks for that01:43
* qwerty12_N800 regularly uses dpkg on "php" attachments01:43
matmostrange, it's now up to 120 KB/s. Someone must be listening :-)01:45
gnutonqwerty12_N800: done..01:45
lcukoh yeah, sorry we were playing numpty on the server01:45
qwerty12_N800gnuton, wicked :)01:45
matmo11mins is much better than 3.5hrs01:45
Stskeepsmatmo: must have been the microwave in use in the server room!01:46
lcukgnuton, whats the payload for qt now then?01:46
gnutonqwerty12_N800: I've reinstalled everything and I forgotten to upload my ssh public key to the server01:46
*** hvelarde|stealth has quit IRC01:46
qwerty12_N800"What is life if we have no time to stop & stare..."01:46
lcukgnuton, upload does not require pub keys any more i think01:46
lardmandepends what you stare at :)01:46
Stskeepslcuk: for uploading it does afaik01:46
Stskeepslcuk: you mean signing packages01:47
qwerty12_N800gnuton, hah, i had to ask X-Fade for a new invite when I lost my keys :)01:47
matmoStskeeps: yeah or someone co-opting the server like lcuk says :-)01:47
lcukahhh yes01:47
qwerty12_N800lcuk, it does01:47
lcukits ok, sts pointed out the difference01:47
gnutonlcuk: I cant upload a file via scp without a public ssh key01:47
matmoso did anyone manage to get a cheap N800/810 today?01:47
*** dmsuperman has joined #maemo01:47
*** hellwolf has quit IRC01:47
gnutonqwerty12_N800: :P01:48
Stskeepsmatmo: no UK based :)01:48
dmsupermanI know a very little bit of python, but that seems to be the language I want to use. I know how to program, and I use linux on my desktop. What would you all suggest in order to learn how to program a GUI app on Maemo? Does maemo use a normal GTK python library? What sort of testing solutions exist?01:48
gnutondamn, is about the 2 o'clock and I'm still working.. :(01:49
matmoStskeeps: you not in the UK?01:49
qwerty12_N800gnuton, He told me that he'd get the Nokia hitman crew on me if I lost them again :P01:49
dmsupermanI want to write a calendar application that syncs with google calendar and actually works01:49
gnutonqwerty12_N800: ahahah :D01:49
gnutonqwerty12_N800: you can burn them on a CD.. :P01:49
Stskeepsmatmo: not, yeah :)01:49
Stskeepsdmsuperman: pygtk is represented on maemo, yeah01:49
gnutonqwerty12_N800: you have to backup them :P01:50
qwerty12_N800gnuton, hehe, yes, that could save my life :D01:50
matmomaybe they do deals elsewhere or maybe it's just pcw dumping stock01:50
gnutonqwerty12_N800: and you can save a bit of X-Fade's time :P01:50
Stskeeps <- this thread is quickly turning very disturbing01:50
dmsupermanStskeeps: What about testing? Should I just VNC to my N800 and run things there?01:50
Stskeepsdmsuperman: yeah. some people even develop directly to tablet01:50
Stskeepsor ssh to them01:50
Stskeepsto = on01:51
dmsupermanIs there a way to perhaps run it in a VM or something?01:51
*** lbt has quit IRC01:51
qwerty12_N800gnuton, :P01:51
lcukStskeeps, i think it sounds like an ideal developer assistance01:51
lardmanhmm, my gtk dialogs don't seem to have any contents01:52
lcukcan you accept them though?01:52
dmsupermanStskeeps: Wow, perfect, I already use eclipse :D01:53
dmsupermanStskeeps: Thanks :)01:53
lardmanlcuk: yeah, they have buttons, just no labels, etc01:53
lcukusers never read them anyway, they won't notice.   ship it!01:53
matmoback down to 15 KB/s. Hey you! Yes you in the server room! Stop f**king around!01:54
lardmancreate new table? yes, name, who cares!01:54
Stskeepsmatmo: frying bacon in the microwave..01:54
lcukheh are you making microsoft access?01:54
matmoStskeeps: you keeping me from my bed dude01:54
b-manStskeeps: dum question, how can i safely pack my mounted ubuntu jaunty rootfs into a tar.gz?01:55
Stskeepsb-man: answered earlier01:55
lardmanlcuk: yeah, something like that :)01:55
Stskeepsand tar zpvcf /somewhere.tar.gz .   in your mounted directory01:55
b-mani got disconnected01:55
Stskeeps-> b-man01:55
lcukexcellent, im making visual studio, perhaps we can find someone to make word :)01:55
Stskeepsmake sure its not from within ubuntu :P01:55
Stskeepsand you have proc and dev/pts and such unmounted01:55
b-manok, thanks01:56
lcuk:O @ realisation of the name01:56
lardmanI'd prefer Excel01:56
lardmanI tried making my own a long while back, never got finished01:56
dmsupermanStskeeps: So that just runs the apps on the N800 through X over SSH?01:57
lcuktrees and tables and relationships between them interest me more than a flat spreadsheet01:57
Stskeepsdmsuperman: think it runs them on-tablet and shows on-tablet possibly01:57
Stskeepsi actually dunno01:57
lardmangraphs and equations between cells :)01:57
lcukyeah but i prefer a bit more structure lol01:58
lcuktoo many prototypes built in a spreadsheet end up in production01:58
dmsupermanStskeeps: Heh, alright01:58
lcukwould be nice to have a way to export from a spreadsheet to a db01:59
lcukand ensure it still works and maintains the formulas and relationships01:59
lardmanhmm, my program just tried to allocate 20,480 Megabytes of memory01:59
lardmanfailed strangely enough01:59
lcukheh i got liqbase upto 200mb01:59
lcuki think i loaded 25000 sketches01:59
lardmanand I'm English so that's 20Gb for any Europeans02:00
lcukstill scrolled nicely though :)02:00
lardmanwith swap?02:00
lcukyeah, was stress testing it02:01
lcukseeing how long it would take to fill up memory using sketches alone02:01
*** resiak has joined #maemo02:01
johnxgrrr...where's my usb ethernet adapter02:02
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC02:02
*** skibur has quit IRC02:04
matmoeveryone seen hack-a-day post on audio-to-ir widget for TV etc remote control (iTouch)?02:06
*** eichi has quit IRC02:07
*** prometoys has joined #maemo02:07
wazdmatmo: that's pretty old trick02:07
matmofk! Diablo dl stalled at 111M02:07
wazdmatmo: Maemo even has an app for it02:08
matmowazd: I know, some may not02:08
lardmananyone know if the char* returned by gtk_entry_get_text() needs to be freed, or does it point to internal data?02:08
*** prometoys has left #maemo02:09
*** resiak_ has joined #maemo02:09
lcukReturns :02:09
lcuka pointer to the contents of the widget as a string. This string points to internally allocated storage in the widget and must not be freed, modified or stored.02:09
lardmanah cool, thanks02:09
lcuk:) np02:09
matmowell fk-a-duck, my dl wouldn't restart. 40mins wait for nuddin02:09
* lardman should learn to rtfm :)02:10
lcukgnite anyway folks \o02:10
lcuknahhh lardman :) its easier to ask sometimes02:10
*** Mousey has joined #maemo02:11
*** TheFatal has quit IRC02:11
matmoany US based nokia people here?02:12
*** wjt has quit IRC02:13
matmolcuk: you are in the uk yes?02:13
lardmanlol, I charged my Nokia GPS all night and was wondering why it wouldn't turn on this morning - I hadn't put the battery in :)02:13
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo02:13
matmolardman: uk?02:13
*** cjdavis has left #maemo02:14
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo02:14
gnutonnight guys02:15
*** b1ackdeath has joined #maemo02:15
lardmanmatmo: ?02:15
matmoif you are in the uk would you start a diablo dl and tell me what speed you get?02:16
lardmanyeah, can do, from the site?02:16
*** resiak_ is now known as wjt02:16
matmofrom from
matmoreally would like to know if nokia server is the problem or my isp02:18
*** tank-man has joined #maemo02:19
*** yigal has joined #maemo02:20
* lardman considers getting a wiimote02:20
*** resiak has quit IRC02:20
lardmanbed time, night all02:21
lardmangood luck with the d/l matmo02:21
*** lardman has quit IRC02:21
matmothks, g'nite02:21
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo02:26
matmoenough, c ya02:26
*** matmo has left #maemo02:26
hellwolfhow to support flac files in meadiastreamer or youamp02:26
b1ackdeathStskeeps  in this picture what is the wireless icon your using in the top right?02:32
Stskeepsnetwork-manager, i believe02:34
Stskeepsnm-applet's resources02:35
b1ackdeathcuz i just did i deblet install  like 20 mins ago and its not there by default02:35
Stskeepsb1ackdeath: didn't design the gnome nit env myself so im not sure if its there or not. In any case, i moved on from deblet and we're now actively working on Mer02:36
Stskeepswhich has a lot more potential02:36
b1ackdeathalright thanks02:37
Stskeepsbut you'll hopefully see more of that eventually02:37
b1ackdeathwhat about Ubuntu Jaunty ?02:38
*** tulkastaldo has quit IRC02:39
Stskeepsalso possible02:40
*** hellwolf has quit IRC02:40
* b-man is maintaining nit-env-gnome and ubuntu jaunty02:41
b-man(for nit's)02:41
johnxha! found my usb ethernet adapter02:41
Stskeepsb-man: yeah, except deblet repo is kinda stalled :)02:42
b-manyah :)02:42
*** mike_morrison has quit IRC02:42
*** Gadgetoid has joined #maemo02:43
Gadgetoid  :)02:43
Stskeepsyes, but where's the hardware?02:43
b-mani think Deblet is slowly becoming obsolete ;p02:43
GadgetoidJust because it's a figment of our collective imagination, doesn't mean that it does not exist!02:44
StskeepsGadgetoid: are you speaking of God or of the Pandora?02:44
GadgetoidAre they not the same thing, oh brother Stskeeps?02:45
StskeepsGadgetoid: well, pandoras do require sacrifice..02:45
GadgetoidStskeeps: touche!02:45
StskeepsGadgetoid: so, anyway, what is the wallpaper for? :P02:45
GadgetoidIt's the new backdrop to Penguin Command02:46
GadgetoidOr the version I am currently tinkering with02:46
Gadgetoidtaking over from pupnik and muddling my way through cleaning it up02:49
dmsupermanStskeeps: Any idea where pluthon has IRC support?02:50
Stskeepsdmsuperman: no clue. maybe some of them hide here02:51
*** riot has quit IRC02:52
dmsupermanAny pluthon people here? I can't create a project: No more handles (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-mozilla-gtk-3349 or swt-mozilla-gtk in swt.library.path, java.library.path, or the jar file)02:52
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo02:53
dick-richardsonI have a reverse ssh tunnel to allow me to ssh from my desktop to the n810 after the n810 has ssh'd into my desktop. I'm getting publickey error when I try to do so. I've scp'd the file from the desktop directly to .ssh/authorized_keys, so I know the key is correct...any suggestions?02:54
*** TheJere has quit IRC02:55
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo02:55
*** xkill has joined #maemo02:56
johnxcheck permissions on .ssh and authorized_keys. make sure that read and write is off for 'other'02:56
dick-richardsonread too?02:57
johnxyou probably want it off for .ssh, yeah02:57
johnxsince theoretically your private key is there02:57
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo03:00
dick-richardsonsame error03:00
*** TeringTu1y has joined #maemo03:01
soapwhich desktop distro dick-richardson?03:02
dick-richardsonubuntu ... latest stable (I can't remember the moniker)03:02
soapshouldn't that be authorized_keys203:02
dick-richardsonnot this round03:03
dick-richardsonit's really quite baffling :/03:04
*** gregorovius has quit IRC03:05
*** TheFatal has joined #maemo03:05
dick-richardsonis there a hosts.allow I need to edit on the n810?03:09
*** TeringTuby has quit IRC03:13
*** andre___ has quit IRC03:13
*** s0nted has quit IRC03:13
*** Sargun has quit IRC03:14
*** Stslaptop has quit IRC03:15
*** monkeywraith has left #maemo03:17
dick-richardsonit does work via password, but when I turn off password authentication it chokes03:17
dmsupermanI had an issue where my key just simply wasn't being accepted03:20
dmsupermanWith my host03:20
dmsupermanSomeone suggested I use the gui tool which ships with Ubuntu to set it up03:20
dmsupermanThat worked03:20
dmsupermanI can't for the life of me remember what the tool was called though03:20
*** b-man has quit IRC03:22
dick-richardsonnew key from the console utility didn't fix it03:25
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC03:30
*** b1ackdeath has quit IRC03:33
dick-richardsonI don't know if this is progress, but trying a dsa key just sits at a newline on the desktop, rather than a flat-out publickey rejection03:35
*** hannesw has quit IRC03:42
*** gnuton is now known as Gnut[OFF]03:44
*** lcuk has quit IRC03:46
*** kcome has joined #maemo03:46
*** blassey has joined #maemo03:47
*** sisto has joined #maemo03:49
*** dougt has joined #maemo03:51
*** TheFatal has quit IRC03:55
*** TheFatal has joined #maemo03:55
*** Gadgetoid has quit IRC04:04
*** Gadgetoid has joined #maemo04:07
*** b-man has joined #maemo04:07
*** benh has joined #maemo04:09
*** monkeyiq has quit IRC04:09
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo04:16
jpt9Random question... would this card:
jpt9work in a Nokia 770?04:16
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:19
*** kcome_ has joined #maemo04:23
*** kcome has quit IRC04:23
*** zap has quit IRC04:27
*** Navi has quit IRC04:29
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*** TheFatal has joined #maemo04:36
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*** b-man has joined #maemo04:47
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*** yigal has joined #maemo04:57
*** tank-man has joined #maemo05:16
*** Grackle has joined #maemo05:18
*** yigal has left #maemo05:22
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC05:23
*** LopLiii has joined #maemo05:26
GeneralAntillesAnybody else see Glaubert's mockup?05:30
GeneralAntillesWho the hell decided that fixed-width that tight was appropriate.05:30
LopLiiiHahhaa inflexibility is never good05:31
GeneralAntillesWhich I tried to argue when the discussion first came up05:31
GeneralAntillesand was shot down.05:31
GeneralAntillesIt's gonna screw up a lot of the pages on the wiki.05:31
*** tank-man has quit IRC05:36
*** herzi has quit IRC05:38
*** herzi has joined #maemo05:39
*** tank-man has joined #maemo05:39
TheFatalcan i set a ftp server in N8*0 ?05:41
LopLiiiyes you can05:43
*** pcfe` has joined #maemo05:51
*** Ipndrmath has joined #maemo05:52
IpndrmathHope this is the right place: I've done some searching with no success. Can I set up the chat program on the n810 to send and receive sms. I know that gtalk can do it, but setting it up has been problemaic.05:56
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:59
*** _freelikegnu has quit IRC06:01
*** _freelik1gnu has joined #maemo06:01
*** ttmrichter has joined #maemo06:06
*** pcfe` is now known as pcfe06:08
TrueJournalsIt will show up as unauthorized, but you can still send and recieve sms messages06:12
*** chmac has quit IRC06:13
Ipndrmaththanks. I'll give it a try.06:13
*** blassey has quit IRC06:13
*** kcome_ has quit IRC06:19
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*** konttori has joined #maemo08:01
*** lcuk has joined #maemo08:02
*** bergie has joined #maemo08:03
pupnik_So alan greenspan goes into a pizza hut.  He orders a medium peperroni to go.  Boy behind the counter asks 'do you want that cut into 6 slices or 8?  Alan says "Eight, i'm feeling very hungry today"08:04
*** konttori has quit IRC08:06
wazdmorning all08:18
wazdRST38h: I'm about to finish Nes icon :)08:19
*** fireun has quit IRC08:25
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo08:25
*** madhav has joined #maemo08:33
*** bergie has quit IRC08:35
*** ssvb has quit IRC08:36
*** kcome has joined #maemo08:37
*** geaaru has joined #maemo08:41
*** yigal has joined #maemo08:42
RST38hwazd: moo!08:46
*** christefano_ has quit IRC08:46
RST38hwazd: GBA one is pretty decent, much better than I can ever hope to draw myself =)08:46
*** christefano has joined #maemo08:47
*** LopLiii has quit IRC08:52
wazdRST38h: it's not so hard as it looks :) You sure can draw like that, you'll just take a bit bore time)08:59
wazdRST38h: there is nothing magical in outlining photos :)08:59
*** kcome has quit IRC08:59
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC09:07
*** kcome has joined #maemo09:07
*** christefano_ has joined #maemo09:10
*** dneary has joined #maemo09:10
*** christefano has quit IRC09:20
*** yigal has quit IRC09:22
*** pupnik has joined #maemo09:23
*** kcome has joined #maemo09:24
*** lpotter has joined #maemo09:27
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*** bergie_ has quit IRC09:28
*** Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton09:31
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo09:35
*** ab has joined #maemo09:35
*** juergbi has joined #maemo09:37
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo09:38
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:38
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*** kcome has quit IRC09:59
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*** benh has joined #maemo10:02
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*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:05
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*** kcome has joined #maemo10:08
*** kcome has quit IRC10:16
*** greentux has joined #maemo10:20
*** Omegamoon has quit IRC10:23
wazdRST38h: ok, NES has gone to your e-mail :)10:24
*** ccooke has quit IRC10:25
*** ccooke has joined #maemo10:25
*** acydlord has quit IRC10:25
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo10:25
*** kcome has joined #maemo10:28
*** murrayc has joined #maemo10:30
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*** Pyrhos has quit IRC10:32
*** kcome has quit IRC10:33
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo10:36
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:36
* Stskeeps looks10:37
wazdpoor titan is blown to hell :)10:38
StskeepsMeiz_n810: quite interesting - how did you do it?10:39
Meiz_n810some changes to ~/.osso/hildon-desktop/desktop.conf10:39
*** greentux has quit IRC10:40
Meiz_n810and statusbar.conf too10:40
Stskeepsgood, so within realm of hildon-desktop-layout package then10:41
StskeepsMeiz_n810: good job :)10:43
Meiz_n810thanks :) it's interesting to see how  much hildon can be modified :)10:44
Stskeepsits quite flexible10:45
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo10:45
*** fab has joined #maemo10:46
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo10:48
kyndehas anyone ported IPsec to maemo? e.g. strongswan?10:49
*** Stslaptop has joined #maemo10:50
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo10:51
*** eichi has joined #maemo10:55
*** calvaris has joined #maemo10:55
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo10:57
*** kimitake_______2 has quit IRC10:59
*** kcome has joined #maemo11:00
*** simon_ has joined #maemo11:02
*** tbf has joined #maemo11:02
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: ping11:03
*** mk8 has joined #maemo11:08
* Stskeeps ponders if he should bother taking frank.wagner's troll bait11:10
*** ignacius has joined #maemo11:10
*** lcuk has quit IRC11:18
*** ijon_ has quit IRC11:19
*** Mousey has quit IRC11:19
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo11:19
Stskeepsheh, now that's a shot to the bow of people wanting to bitch about Windows not doing ODF and such..11:20
*** gomiam has joined #maemo11:20
*** christefano has joined #maemo11:21
*** greentux has joined #maemo11:25
*** gnuton has joined #maemo11:27
gnutonHi there11:28
gnutonX-Fade: ping11:28
gnutonX-Fade: Hello :D11:28
gnutonX-Fade: I uploaded qt 4.4.3 tarball last night11:28
gnutonX-Fade: And this morning I've uploaded the diff.gz and .dsc11:29
gnutonX-Fade: But I can't see anything on
gnutonX-Fade: any hints?11:29
gnutonI uploaded the .dsc and .diff. some hours ago11:30
*** christefano_ has quit IRC11:31
X-Fadegnuton: checking..11:31
gnutonX-Fade: k11:31
X-Fadegnuton: :)11:32
X-FadeIt is still in the build queue..11:32
X-Fadegnuton: You can see the packages that are waiting there..11:32
gnutonOk, thank you! :D11:33
gnutonSo I need to wait11:33
gnutonX-Fade: Have a nice day.. and good work.11:33
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo11:33
X-Fadegnuton: Hmm but there are no other packages building atm.11:33
*** hannesw has joined #maemo11:34
gnutonX-Fade: So? What I need to do?11:34
gnutonDo I need to upload the sources again?11:35
X-Fadegnuton: Let me check. The md5sums look op..11:35
gnutonX-Fade: k11:35
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC11:37
X-Fadegnuton: Found it. The tarball has wrong permissions. 60011:41
X-Fadegnuton: Group didn't have +r, I changed that now.11:42
X-FadeLet's see if that helps.11:42
gnutonX-Fade: Ok. So that's not a issue due to me.11:42
X-Fadegnuton: How did you upload the files?11:43
gnutonX-Fade: i uses scp11:43
X-Fadegnuton: Then you need to make sure that you set the rights properly on your local file.11:43
X-Fadegnuton: I guess the orig tarball has only rw for user at your end?11:44
gnuton-rw-------   1 gnuton gnuton 108M Jan 11 12:37 qt4-x11_4.4.3.orig.tar.gz11:45
gnutonthat's true.11:45
*** kcome_ has joined #maemo11:45
*** kcome has quit IRC11:45
X-FadeIt is building now.11:46
gnutonX-Fade: thank you :D11:47
solmumahamaybe builder should sanitize the permissions before trying to extract11:48
X-Fadesolmumaha: md5sum failed because it runs as an unprivileged user..11:48
*** mxttie|work has joined #maemo11:49
X-FadeI can run a script in cron to set perms. Although that is a bit ugly :)11:49
X-FadeI think dput sets rights the right way.11:50
X-FadeIt is only direct scp that can trigger this.11:50
solmumahawell, i still think it should be fixed at your end :)11:50
X-Fadesolmumaha: I think that is the only solution.11:50
GeneralAntillesI think we should throw small bits of rubbish at X-Fade until it work correctly. :P11:51
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, pong.11:51
Stskeepsmorning GA11:51
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo11:52
* GeneralAntilles shivers.11:52
GeneralAntillesIt got cold last night. :(11:52
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: I'm with you on your design issues..11:52
*** florian_kc is now known as florian11:52
solmumahaGeneralAntilles: define cold11:52
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: The content part is getting rediculously small.11:52
GeneralAntillessolmumaha, I'm a weak Florida boy, it's in the low 30s outside (°F), but 57° in here right now.11:53
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, I wasn't satisfied with the way the fixed/variable discussion ended.11:54
X-FadeI think we need to go to a fixed sidebar, fluid content layout.11:54
GeneralAntillesI'm not sure why at least a little variability is so bad.11:54
GeneralAntillesSet a max-width and a min-width at either end to keep things from breaking.11:55
X-FadeMin-width of the total page 780px, and scale up..11:55
X-FadeSidebar has no content that needs to grow.11:55
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo11:55
GeneralAntillesYeah, fixed for that sounds good.11:55
*** christefano has quit IRC11:57
X-FadeI'm sure I can code up that idea without much changes from a fixed width one.11:57
GeneralAntillesNothing needs to be changed in the navbar11:58
X-FadeBut apart from that, the sidebar in these mockups just looks too wide.11:58
GeneralAntillesSo it's just changing some size parameters on the content.11:58
GeneralAntillesThe text rendering on these mockups makes my eyes bleed.11:59
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: And things like planet and downloads don't look innovative to me?12:00
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC12:00
GeneralAntillesI'd lop about 25% off the sidebar12:01
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: It is this wide because it aligns with the searchbox and login form.12:01
X-FadeBut yeah, too wid.12:01
GeneralAntillesThe giant subscriptions box has to go on Planet.12:02
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s12:03
*** eichi has quit IRC12:05
*** eichi has joined #maemo12:05
GeneralAntillesDebian has a long list along the right12:05
GeneralAntillesGNOME has a big AJAX list down at the very bottom.12:05
*** Dar has joined #maemo12:06
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo12:07
*** hannesw has quit IRC12:08
X-FadeWell, we have some content to add to the sidebar if needed. But it shouldn't need to be more than 150 or 200px wide..12:09
*** benh has quit IRC12:09
Meiz_n810this time fun with marquee-plugins12:09
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:09
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, at worst, it can always linebreak, no?12:10
GeneralAntilles'morning, lardman.12:10
lardmanhmm, /me sees people just noticing that Nokia are working on the next gen tablet on maemo-users!12:10
*** hannesw has joined #maemo12:10
lardmanhey GeneralAntilles12:10
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Sure, it all depends on the longest word we use ;)12:10
GeneralAntilleslardman, -developers too. O_o12:10
wazdscrew the sidebar :)12:11
*** kcome_ has quit IRC12:11
X-Fadewazd: Well, that is also an option..12:11
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, if we get to have a Antidisestablishmentarianism entry, then the whole site might just implode.12:11
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: overflow: hide ;)12:12
wazdAnd the applets should be 40px in width, but I guess that's not the main problem now :)12:12
GeneralAntilleswazd, website sidebar. :P12:13
*** _berto_ has quit IRC12:13
wazdGeneralAntilles: whoops :)12:13
wazdwhatever :D12:14
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, we should harass Freenode about the cloak again.12:14
timelyxyou guys have or want a cool cloak?12:14
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Be my gues ;)12:14
X-FadeHmm I really have packetloss on my wireless kb..12:14
GeneralAntillesGotta hunt down kloeri . . . he stopped idling in my other channel.12:15
GeneralAntillestimelyx, trying to register with Freenode.12:15
GeneralAntillesApplication was sent in about 8 months ago.12:15
wazdRST38h: around?12:15
timelyxre Standard_Page12:16
timelyxcan you guys fix the sorting?12:16
timelyxG, P, I, E, M12:16
timelyxwhat kind of crazy sort is that?12:16
timelyxof them, I is the most important12:16
wazdwhy the hell my widget is not uploading to the nokia website...12:16
GeneralAntillestimelyx, content isn't indicative of anything in that mockup.12:16
lardmananyone Nokia Bluetooth related lurking here?12:17
timelyxyou want jbh iirc12:17
lardmanthanks timelyx12:17
GeneralAntillestimelyx, but, yeah, sorting should be looked at when we get to that stage.12:17
timelyxi'd expect he's more likely to be in #bluez12:18
*** timeless has quit IRC12:19
* timelyx cries12:19
* timelyx grumbles12:20
timelyxohloh's js crashed my safari1.x12:21
GeneralAntillesGet a real OS.12:21
lardmantimelyx: no, not in there either12:21
lardmantimelyx: not to worry, I'll submit a bug12:22
timelyxthat's the guy i'm talking about fwiw12:22
lardmancool, thanks :)12:23
timelyxi'm not certain about his irc handle12:23
timelyx99% certain it's 3 letters and which the first and last are :)12:23
lardmanjhe: are you Johan Hedberg?12:24
GeneralAntillesNickServ would seem to indicate yes.12:24
Stskeepsor just whois :P12:24
lardmanah good stuff, never used that before12:24
lardmanjhe: ping12:25
timelyxoops :)12:25
lardmantimelyx: np, close enough :)12:25
timelyx /whois jhe jhe12:25
timelyxsays 46min idle12:25
timelyxnot bad :)12:25
Stskeepsa who's who of this channel would occasionally be useful still :P12:25
lardmanyep that's true, with pictures too12:25
timelyxit's been mentioned12:26
timelyxit got voted down at one point12:26
X-FadeStskeeps: We have an IRC nick field in accounts..12:26
StskeepsX-Fade: yeah, true, but my lookup normally from nickname pov12:26
X-FadeStskeeps: So we could make a page listing all accounts with irc nick field not is null ;)12:26
lardmanin which case it would be nice to get a table view of that - name, nick, job, etc12:26
Meiz_n810Sts: saw ?12:28
StskeepsMeiz_n810: no, but whoa?12:28
timelyxMeiz_n810: um12:28
timelyxwhat locale / region is that?12:28
Meiz_n810marquee-plugin gave me nice clock :)12:28
StskeepsMeiz_n810: didn't that mess up horridly? i couldn't get it to compile :)12:29
timelyx(hint: i've been whacking the clock people over totally ****ing up fremantle's clock/region stuff)12:29
timelyxMeiz_n810: bugs (not in order)12:29
timelyx1. row 6 of 512:29
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: i installed the ubuntu one12:29
timelyx2. unclickably miniscule arrows12:29
GeneralAntillestimelyx, row 6 has numbers in it.12:30
Meiz_n810timelyx: i'm in finland, no idea how to set up that clock12:30
timelyxGeneralAntilles: ok.12:30
Stskeepstimelyx: think this is a bastard child of marquee-plugins, Mer and hildon-desktop really :)12:30
timelyx3. nearly invisible items for next/prev month12:30
Stskeepstimelyx: and the focus is on the marquee, not the calendar :P12:30
timelyx4. year/date should not typically be in the right/left position of a calendar12:30
timelyxwhat's a marquee, other than something worse than <blink> ?12:31
GeneralAntillesThe world might end if Nokia manages a regression on #303.12:31
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: "meltdown of internal nuclear reactor"?12:31
timelyxMeiz_n810: so... seriously, what's your locale/region set for?12:31
timelyxis it en-US/en-US, or en-UK/en-UK, or ?12:31
timelyx5. first day of week is probably supposed to be Sun!12:31
GeneralAntillesI'm pretty sure all tablets will turn into black holes and suck everything around them in.12:31
timelyxGeneralAntilles: btw when we say fixed in frem for 30312:32
timelyxwe mean "not really visibly fixed"12:32
timelyxmore like "totally broken first impression"12:32
*** geaaru has quit IRC12:32
* timelyx spent a few weeks on that12:32
Meiz_n810locale in en_GB12:32
timelyxbut i'm not going to add a comment to that bug12:32
GeneralAntillesThe comments in that bug will double in about 12 hours if you do.12:33
*** beavis has joined #maemo12:34
timelyxyou could comment "nokia engineers are rightfully scared of public bugs such as this one"12:35
Meiz_n810 leafpad... it looks weird how windows are maximized, opening up h-i-m  seemed to crash X12:35
Corsacjust export a correct LC_TIME?12:35
timelyxCorsac: the diablo and older stuff was 'clever'12:36
timelyxit had localization strings for strftime12:36
timelyxwhich meant that env vars weren't going to win12:36
*** gpd has joined #maemo12:36
timelyxthe stuff currently for fremantle is um...12:36
timelyxalso differently clever12:36
timelyxit wasn't exporting enough env vars to get proper dates12:36
timelyxthat's supposed to get fixed RSN12:36
Corsacorage clock in xfce panel respects the locale, but you can pass strftime format too12:36
timelyxalthough i think they asked me to confirm the spec lang12:36
GeneralAntillesDjesus. Freenode, apparently, has a 16 month group registration queue.12:37
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: it's even less efficient than the danish immigration service. lovely.12:37
Stskeepswazd: seeing Meiz's snapshots?12:37
timelyxthat reminds me12:37
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Does paying help? :)12:37
timelyxquick survey of living souls12:37
timelyxSURVEY: what's the first day of your week?12:38
GeneralAntillesSo I might get 2 or 3 months of cloak if I run again in April.12:38
timelyx(mine's Sunday)12:38
GeneralAntillestimelyx, Sunday.12:38
Stskeepstimelyx: monday12:38
X-Fadetimelyx: Monday.12:38
timelyxno takers for other days? :(12:38
Stskeepswhich is the sole reason we have locales12:38
Stskeepstimelyx: i think the adventists have saturday12:38
Stskeepsbut i'm not sure12:38
GeneralAntillesIf I start my week on Tuesday, does it mean I get a 3-day weekend?12:38
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, dunno, my supporter cloak expired a little while ago.12:39
*** booiiing has quit IRC12:42
*** krutt has quit IRC12:44
*** booiiing has joined #maemo12:44
timelyxoh goody12:46
timelyxStarting on Saturday12:46
* timelyx is glad to see one group courageous enough not to start the week on sunday/saturday12:46
*** pvanhoof_ has joined #maemo12:48
*** TheJere has joined #maemo12:51
wazdStskeeps: yep)12:53
*** dneary has quit IRC12:58
timelyxoh, back to first day of week13:01
timelyxdo any of you use a first day of week which disagrees w/ your region13:02
wazdtimelyx: well, there should be a "guest" option like for timezones13:04
timelyxwazd: don't get me started on time zones13:05
* timelyx grumbles at the finn who 'designed' the startup wizard13:05
timelyxcould someone explain the '+' near Add "Zooming to x%" messages to Modest ?13:05
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC13:06
* timelyx decides it means there was an internal bug13:06
GeneralAntillesYeah, the alias field is non-zero.13:06
Stskeepsbtw, maemo UI specs (not speaking fremantle, just in general), once the new shiny UI is released, are those specs public?13:06
* timelyx rotlf13:07
wazdohmygod, the Onion movie is super hilarious :)13:07
timelyxStskeeps: start a campaign13:07
timelyxthere's imo no reason they shouldn't be13:07
timelyxhowever, the default would almost certainly be 'no'13:07
Stskeepstimelyx: it's just that people were trying to submit patches to let's say.. modest, and getting replies of it not fitting UI spec13:08
* timelyx nods13:08
X-Fadetimelyx: I'm not so sure. At the summit there were some discussions about that.13:08
Stskeepsnot exactly something that contributes to developer willingness :)13:08
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]13:11
* timelyx shrugs13:12
timelyxfwiw, given spec length, no one in their right mind would (or does) read it/them13:12
timelyxnote: i'm not a spokesperson13:12
timelyxi know nothing about plans for anything13:12
timelyxi could be wrong13:12
*** pvanhoof_ is now known as pvanhoof13:13
timelyxotoh, no one would want to read the browser ui spec <period>13:13
timelyxi don't think anyone in the browser team has recently13:13
* timelyx read some older versions (maybe from 2.0 or 3.0)13:13
Stskeepsi'm just looking forward to tablet-browser-ui going open source again :P13:13
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]13:13
* timelyx wonders what it will look like13:14
timelyxseriously. i have no idea :)13:14
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo13:14
*** t_s_o has quit IRC13:15
*** borism_ has quit IRC13:17
*** geaaru has joined #maemo13:19
*** zap_ has joined #maemo13:21
Stskeepstimelyx: yeah.. i guess the old ui was pre-chinook times or something13:23
*** borism has joined #maemo13:25
*** dneary has joined #maemo13:26
*** Pakke has joined #maemo13:28
*** gnuton has quit IRC13:30
*** caio1982 has joined #maemo13:31
X-FadeLol, see the  AM broken mail on -users. That RBoS disclaimer is huge..13:32
*** timeless has joined #maemo13:34
X-FadeRBS, sorry. Royal Bank of Scotland.13:35
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo13:35
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo13:36
*** lcuk has joined #maemo13:36
X-Fade"please return the message to the sender by replying to it"13:37
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo13:37
* lardman wonders, while sitting listening to his n810 while programming, if there are rss readers which parse messages and give a warning ping when something interesting appears13:39
*** chenca has joined #maemo13:39
lcuki wonder whether there is a way to have an app give overview of RSS but also when clicking headlines if connected to "big daddy" desktop at the time of clicking to actually open the main link up in the desktop window13:41
lcukso the RSS becomes an input device for the desktop :)13:41
lardmansounds doable13:42
lardmanas does my idea13:42
lcukyeah eminently, but what is "interesting" you have subscribed to everything13:42
lcukif you werent interested you wouldnt have subscribed13:42
*** eichi has quit IRC13:42
lardmannah, i still think keywords would be good13:42
lcukahhh subscanning within - have a wilhelm scream everytime a posting by the general posts to the blog :D13:43
lardmanthings like "Nokia", "N810", "plague", "nuclear war declared", that sort of important stuff13:43
lcuk"miracle landing"13:44
lcukok, so like you can do with x-chat - highlight extra special postings within the channel you are monitoring13:45
*** timelE61i has quit IRC13:47
*** lbt has quit IRC13:47
lcukquim mentioned something about haivng the feed reader doing more than just rss, its something ive always wanted to do :: enumerate "today" - show latest stories via rss, but also include localized work tasks and messages (from a database), new emails, new build logs and comments, irc feeds, sketches photos and other stuff which flies under the radar of rss as a specific medium13:48
lardmanhmm, I'd prefer the desktop was the "app" that did that, and you have various applets to handle the different bits of data13:49
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe13:49
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo13:49
lcukwell a feed can be one of numerous types (one is RSS with params, another is from database with params, another is CSV with params etc13:49
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, when can we start tasering people who send emails with stupid disclaimers like that to the list? :P13:51
lcukie: database,"ccmwork-db/tasksdb","select * from tblTasks where username='gary'"13:51
*** dneary has quit IRC13:51
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: The people can't help it, it is the company lawyers who should be tased.13:52
lardmanlcuk: well that should be added into the rss feed reader then13:52
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: As if that disclaimer will do any good if you mail your secret to the wrong person..13:52
lcukyeah agreed, the "feed reader" should simply cater for different classes of feeds13:52
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, yeah, I know. :( But maybe when a high enough manager complains about being tased. :P13:53
lcukx-fade speaking of which, what should i do with all these mails you keep sending to me13:53
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: There should be an RFC for automatically sending mails with disclaimers to the company postmaster. ;)13:54
X-Fadelcuk: treasure them!13:54
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s13:55
lcukx-fade, how can i treasure them :'(, the pictures you keep including cannot be unseen.13:55
*** eichi has joined #maemo13:55
lardmanburned in hey?13:55
X-Fadelcuk: I just forward GA's mails, sorry ;)13:56
lcukright, suppose i need to run back along i only called by to grab a file13:56
*** bergie has joined #maemo13:56
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, have you put any consideration into an autobuilder overview page?13:56
mavhcI was asked to put a disclaimer on the company emails, so I just added a link to the disclaimer on the website, only 1 line then, 0 people have ever clicked that link13:57
*** jott has quit IRC13:57
*** jott has joined #maemo13:57
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: I like something like:
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, oh, nice.13:58
GeneralAntillesSomething with more "wow"13:59
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: But really, we need more people to help out coding features for the autobuilder etc.13:59
GeneralAntillesCool trend stats and such13:59
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, I'm blaming lardman. :P13:59
lardmanX-Fade: like a debmaster?13:59
lardmanyeah, probably is my fault too :)13:59
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: I guess one of the tasks of the debmaster would be to gather more contributors to that too.13:59
lardmanaaaargh, why can't I find the problem!?14:00
GeneralAntilles"debmaster" is actually "press-gang leader"14:00
*** bef0rd has quit IRC14:00
*** eichi has quit IRC14:01
lardman~curse my adiabatic boundary which is getting cool for some unknown reason14:02
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC14:11
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:11
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo14:13
GeneralAntilleser. X-Fade, what help do you need on the Downloads plan?14:17
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: Let me post the actual wiki page with ideas I have now.14:18
X-FadeI have some notes that I should post..14:18
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: I have to step out for some time now, will improve it later today..14:25
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:30
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo14:31
*** thopiekar has left #maemo14:31
*** Andrewfblack has joined #Maemo14:32
*** calvaris has quit IRC14:32
*** calvaris has joined #maemo14:33
glass this already here?14:37
glass80£ n81014:37
lardmanPC world?14:37
lardmanapparently out of stock pretty much everywhere14:37
glassyeah i'd imagine14:38
glasspretty nice deal for those who got it tho14:38
lardmanbut even when the offer started14:38
Stskeepsoh finally - a good data plan14:38
AndrewfblackStskeeps: Who is the good data plan with?14:39
*** kcome has joined #maemo14:39
*** Summeli has quit IRC14:40
Stskeeps500mb / month, 5000 sms , 3.6mbit, 8 US cent per minute talk, for 26$ a month14:41
Andrewfblackis that really that good? I guess it is if you send text messages14:42
*** Zic has joined #maemo14:42
*** TheJere has quit IRC14:43
StskeepsAndrewfblack: compared to my existing plan, yes14:43
glasspretty meaningless that it's 3.6mbit, if it tops at 500mb14:43
Andrewfblackdoes it allow teathering?  Because mine seems better I'm just not supose to tether it14:43
StskeepsAndrewfblack: yes, we aren't the US14:43
Andrewfblackahh yeah14:44
AndrewfblackI hear data plans a cross the pond sucks14:44
Stskeepsglass: it's fine for me since i paid 40$ per month in just simple data traffic14:44
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC14:45
GeneralAntillesFunny thing is, the first carrier that actually prices their data plans reasonably will make a killing.14:45
glassStskeeps: yep but it fills up 500mb really fast, so not usable as a long term 3.6mbit connection really14:45
Stskeepsglass: yeah, i know14:45
Stskeepsi'm just happy saving money since i use tethering a lot14:45
AndrewfblackI only pay $15 a month for unlimited but its not the fastest.14:45
*** kleist has joined #maemo14:45
*** Summeli has joined #maemo14:45
*** tahitibob35 has joined #maemo14:46
Andrewfblackwow kinda disencuraging when over 800 people look at my screenshots of latest theme and only 24 download it14:50
RST38hbastards! can I look? url? =)14:51
AndrewfblackSame from yesterday I think you saw it14:51
*** Pakke has quit IRC14:53
Andrewfblackso I guess 24 would be about 3% of the 800 people didn't run when they saw the screenshot lol14:53
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo14:53
GeneralAntillesAndrewfblack, your download rates would be much higher if you pushed them to Extras.14:54
timelE61itHat was cute14:54
Andrewfblackyeah I was going to start working on how to do that today14:54
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: that's the problem of theme maker really14:54
Stskeepsit makes debs, not source debs14:54
timelE61iOne ui spec said monday or whatever default is specified by region14:54
RST38hAndrew: Sorry, my nick is always here but I am not =(14:54
timelE61iThe' other spec said nothing on the subject14:55
Andrewfblackahh thats cool I thought you commented on it yesterday did you see the link I posted to my project14:55
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, obviously it's time we harass konttori. :P14:55
RST38hAh, that one screenshot!14:56
RST38hI did.14:56
AndrewfblackGeneralAntilles:  I already harass him about it I got him to do the last 2 updates14:56
AndrewfblackI did add the line you wanted just havn't updated screenshots or deb14:56
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, anyway, for themes, non-free is an option.14:57
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: yeah, but not a pretty one :P14:57
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, well, there's no compiled code14:57
AndrewfblackOk, who wanted to help me with Extras I don't even know how to accept the invitation I got lol14:57
GeneralAntillesand, arguably, some artists may want to retain rights to their art.14:58
*** eocanha has quit IRC14:58
GeneralAntillesAndrewfblack, clearly you want X-Fade. ;)14:58
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: mm14:58
*** konttori has joined #maemo14:58
GeneralAntillesSpeak of the devil!14:58
Andrewfblacktheres konttori jump him!14:58
*** tahitibob35 has quit IRC14:59
* Stskeeps waits on the online chat for changing subscription15:00
Stskeepsthis means i can finally start mucking around with my custom made positioning-using system that tries to connect to my work AUWLAN when it notices i'm in that cell network cell15:00
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]15:01
Stskeepsor switches dynamically between cell plan and wlan :P15:01
*** lizardo has joined #maemo15:02
*** konttori has quit IRC15:03
StskeepsAndrewfblack: also, it's a savings my per-mb switches from 1.7 dollar to 0.17 ;)15:03
*** eocanha has joined #maemo15:03
*** luck^ has joined #maemo15:03
GeneralAntilles$1.70 a MB?!15:03
Andrewfblackyeah its not a bad plan15:04
GeneralAntillesI'm not surprised it costs that much15:04
GeneralAntillesBut I am a bit that you'd continue paying that month-to-month. :P15:04
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: i was waiting for the iphone binding period range to have its impact on danish mobile companies15:04
timelE61iyou didn't believe the internet was an addiction?15:05
Stskeepsthe company with monopoly on them, the binding period expired around now, so people start having sane data+sms plans15:05
Andrewfblackohh no I just booted into my ubuntu partition I'm going to have to drop out of college now!15:05
timelE61iIp - the drug of choice for a nw generation15:05
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:05
*** housetier has joined #maemo15:06
timelE61iyou can't get connected or run msword?15:06
AndrewfblacktimelE61i no I can do that I just thought I had to drop out if I use ubuntu15:07
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:07
*** sergio__ has quit IRC15:08
*** jpt9_ has joined #maemo15:08
GeneralAntillesAndrewfblack, you probably missed the memo, but you're also going to have to kill yourself. Sorry.15:09
wazdreallyh weird thing to draw a console that died before I was born :)15:09
*** madha1 has joined #maemo15:09
*** lizardo has quit IRC15:09
GeneralAntilleswazd, hey, at least you're not dying drawing a console. :P15:09
Stskeepswazd: how old are you, btw?15:09
Stskeepsjust curious15:09
AndrewfblackGeneralAntilles: Dang can I alteast boot back to windows beforeI do?15:10
wazdStskeeps: 51615:10
lcukwazd, i have the same conceptual problem everytime i want to draw a dinosaur :)15:10
GeneralAntillesOld. This is for RST38h's abacus emulator.15:10
Stskeepswazd: gandalf?15:10
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:10
wazdStskeeps: his father :)15:10
wazdStskeeps: 21 actually)15:10
Stskeepsfair enough15:10
Stskeeps<- 24 here15:10
GeneralAntillesWoo, high-five!15:10
GeneralAntilles(@ 21)15:10
RST38hwazd: ColecoVision?15:11
wazdRST38h: yep)15:11
Andrewfblackall you kids I'm 2515:11
lcukRST38h, stop teasing him, but im sure hes seen one on antiques roadshow15:11
wazdRST38h: that was really tough one)15:11
*** aantn has joined #maemo15:13
lcukStskeeps, did you see the posting about debian on g115:14
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo15:14
Stskeepslcuk: yeah15:15
GeneralAntillesPoor johnx didn't get /. coverage for Deblet.15:15
lcukis it much of a jump to get mer on it?15:15
Stskeepsmy comment was that "why would i put anything on something i need to pay 300-400 usd to unlock"?15:15
wazdRST38h: check your e-mail, hope it's nice enough :)15:15
thopiekarhey luck^, are you there?15:15
lcukGeneralAntilles, before its time :) but johnx the trailblazer is instrumental in helping with this15:15
lcukStskeeps, sorry i had computers off and everything i lost followup15:16
*** lizardo has joined #maemo15:16
GeneralAntillesMaemo on Android would probably make /.15:16
lcukim just sick of android being pushed onto everything else (ie our $400 n810) and wanna give back the love15:16
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: my plan is to slam out a wide range of Mer devices, wii, zaurus, netbooks, maybe freerunner etc15:17
GeneralAntillesMer on Android15:17
* wazd wonders why the hell Nokia doesn't post his widget to the competition gallery15:17
lcukkettles fridges15:17
* GeneralAntilles is a dumbass.15:17
GeneralAntillesMer on G1.15:17
GeneralAntilleswazd, they hate you.15:17
wazdGeneralAntilles: thats for sure :(15:17
Stskeepswhere are the hw specs for G1?15:18
Stskeepsah, MSM7201A15:18
lcukStskeeps, low res screen though, you would have trouble with theming15:19
Stskeepsmm, wonder what arm version that is15:19
Stskeepslcuk: not really15:19
*** sampo has joined #maemo15:19
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, ARM1115:19
lcukwell themes are fixed res arent they?15:19
sampois it possible to run home-applets inside scratchbox?15:19
Stskeepslcuk: yeah, but since johnx can make zaurus ones..15:19
lcuksampo, is scratchbox your normal homescreen?15:20
Stskeepslcuk: also, with meiz's new discoveries..15:20
wazdIt reminds me one old PC game called "The Elder Scrolls: Arena". There were messages like "You can't enter this zone because you can't"15:20
wazdYou can't participate in the contest because you can't :)15:20
lcuk*nod* Stskeeps, merely pointing out issues, if they are solvable all the better15:20
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe15:20
sampolcuk: what do you mean? if want to write my own applet, i'd like to test it inside scratchbox on emulator15:21
Stskeepswazd: new challenge for you.. mockup for Mer on a 320x48015:21
lcukwazd, you cannot enter this competition because: *DUPLICATE ENTRY, MICROSOFT POSTED FIRST"15:21
Stskeepssampo: i think it's possible yeah15:21
GeneralAntilleswazd, buggiest game ever.15:21
lcukStskeeps, resolution was one of the first things i looked at15:21
wazdStskeeps: lets port Mer to Gameboy :)15:21
Stskeepswazd: hehe15:21
Stskeepswazd: i'd rather say DS, but ok ..15:21
GeneralAntillesToo slow15:22
GeneralAntillesWhat's it, 64MHz?15:22
wazdStskeeps: my previous mock up is pretty flexible I think15:22
Andrewfblackhow about porting it to my calculator watch?15:22
lcukAndrewfblack, theres a deb already15:22
wazdStskeeps: Just smaller number of items in a row15:23
Stskeepswazd: true15:23
GeneralAntilleslcuk, 4MB of RAM. :P15:23
sampowell i keep getting all kinds of error messages when i try to add applet on emulator15:23
lcukanyway, back again later15:23
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: wouldn't it do wonders for the Maemo platform if suddenly it was easily possible to put Maemo platform on a wide range of devices?15:23
sampohildon-desktop[20222]: GLIB WARNING ** default - hildon_help_dialog_help_enable: topic uiframework_home_select_applets is incorrect!15:23
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, yes.15:23
sampohildon-desktop[20222]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Plugin desktop file not found, ignoring plugin15:24
GeneralAntillesHi, Jaffa.15:24
wazdJaffa: hmmm)15:25
Stskeepssampo: you might have to edit the .confs in .osso15:25
wazdJaffa: re is one of standard greetings in ru-net :)15:25
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:25
Jaffawazd: and the old talkers I used to inhabit, oh so many years ago15:25
wazdJaffa: Kind of "Hi" typed in wrong language15:26
Stskeepswazd: ru-net.. what net is that?15:26
*** beavis has quit IRC15:26
wazdStskeeps: russian part of the internet) you better know nothing bout it :)15:27
Andrewfblackwish I knew why my ubuntu install keeps randomly changing work spaces15:27
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC15:27
*** Stskeeps has joined #maemo15:27
Stskeepswrong button..15:27
RST38hwazd: my guess is that they only post to the gallery stuff they consider very very good. OR they have not got to your submission yet15:28
AndrewfblackRST38h: so your saying wazd's wasn't very very good :) JK15:28
wazdAndrewfblack: well, mine is totaly un-original)15:29
*** krutt has joined #maemo15:29
*** danilocesar has joined #maemo15:29
*** blade_runner has joined #maemo15:29
wazdRST38h:Mine was unuriginal, but RSS reader, for god sake :D15:29
*** madhav has quit IRC15:30
RST38hAndrew: Not exactly, I suspect Nokia's definition of very very good is somewhat eccentric =)15:30
RST38hwazd: it sounds useful though, unlike most of the stuff in their gallery15:30
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:30
wazdRST38h: don't you think it's already built-in the system?)15:31
wazdRST38h: Then I can draw a clock for example)15:31
RST38hwazd: I would go for something original instead =)15:32
wazdIn fact I don't much care bout the competition, but I want my widget to be shown cause there is "Coco de Mer" request on it :D15:32
Andrewfblackalso since they are going to make the widget work make sure its not something thats going to  take them 6 months to program lol15:32
*** hannesw has quit IRC15:32
wazdAndrewfblack: "Hello, world!" widget is the best :)15:33
*** kcome_ has joined #maemo15:33
Andrewfblackthat would rock with black letters and white background15:33
*** kcome has quit IRC15:34
RST38hwazd: they promise an N97 to the winner15:34
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo15:35
GeneralAntillesUgh. Gender-neutral usage of "her" drives my insane.15:35
RST38hwazd: it is a nice prise to try for =)15:35
wazdRST38h: I've never won any serious competition in my life)15:35
*** dneary has joined #maemo15:35
JaffaGeneralAntilles: ditto15:35
*** jpt9_ is now known as jpt915:35
JaffaGeneralAntilles: +1 on the fixed width thing. Unfortunately, I get shouted at when raising it ;-)15:35
RST38hwazd: there is always first chance and it is not a serious compo too15:35
RST38hGeneral: Herstory!15:36
jpt9Quick question... do you think this card: would work on a 770?15:36
GeneralAntillesJaffa, yeah, so did I. :\15:36
GeneralAntillesRST38h, ohgod.15:36
Andrewfblackis translution working in Mer now?15:36
wazdRST38h: I can't even get my widget to the show :)15:36
StskeepsAndrewfblack: transparency you mean15:36
AndrewfblackStskeeps: yeah15:36
RST38hwazd: probably a delay in review (7:3 for that)15:36
GeneralAntillesjpt9, should.15:36
StskeepsAndrewfblack: yessir, and you mean composite15:36
wazdRST38h: hope so)15:37
wazdRST38h: hows coleco?15:37
GeneralAntillesRST38h, when do we get to see wazd's cool new icons?15:37
AndrewfblackThinking about making the light gray border on MerEcho a little transparent15:38
* Stskeeps decides to get at editing the mer blueprint and getting it up to date.15:38
* johnx returns15:39
Stskeepswb johnx15:39
wazdStskeeps: btw, is there any way to add alpha channel for windows in Mer?15:39
johnxwas dealing with viruses on a friend's laptop O_o;15:39
wazdStskeeps: to use semi-transparency in window borders15:39
RST38hwazd: About ColEm icon: too much detail (it will all be lost) and the colors are not contrast enough15:39
Stskeepswazd: i have no clue - qwerty12_N800 ?15:40
RST38hGeneral: Prbably tonight unless I fall asleep. Otherwise, some time until Monday15:40
* jpt9 just ordered one.15:40
* jpt9 hopes it works...15:40
jpt9If not, it's only like $13.  Which was less than the last memory card I bought.15:41
*** luck^ has quit IRC15:41
wazdRST38h: I'll try to reduce the details15:41
RST38hwazd: make it lighter than the real thing is also ok15:42
* wazd summons qwerty12_N80015:42
wazdRST38h: ok15:42
*** eocanha2 has joined #maemo15:42
*** eocanha2 has joined #maemo15:43
*** bergie has quit IRC15:43
*** thopiekar has quit IRC15:44
GeneralAntillesdneary, ping?15:45
GeneralAntillesYou wouldn't happen to know how to change the url for ?15:46
dnearyGeneralAntilles: I suppose you could close that bug & open a new one, the URL would change15:47
dnearyOr do you mean the URL field in the bug?15:47
GeneralAntillesI mean the URL for the bugzilla link in the bottom of the documentation pages.15:47
dnearyIf you have the right level of rights (which I think you should have) you can do it yourself15:47
GeneralAntillesIt needs to be updated for the new product and component.15:47
dnearyAh! Sorry15:48
dnearyMisunderstood you15:48
GeneralAntillesI'm fairly certain I do, but I think it's buried in Midgard somewhere.15:48
dnearyI did look at that once, it was hairy Midgard stuff, I didn't understand it15:48
GeneralAntillesI've been clicking through, but haven't seen it.15:48
dnearyI can try again, though15:48
GeneralAntillesbergie left just in the nick of time. <_<15:48
dnearyWhat should it point at?15:48
*** aantn1 has joined #maemo15:55
dnearyGeneralAntilles: Still hunting15:56
*** aantn1 has left #maemo15:56
*** aantn has quit IRC15:56
dnearyNothing in topic configuration that I can see15:56
dnearyI should probably check in midgard2maemo15:56
*** eocanha has quit IRC15:57
GeneralAntillesdneary, don't worry over it too much unless you really want to spent the time getting dirty with Midgard. ;) I CCed X-Fade, so he can fix it whenever he gets back.15:57
dnearyI'd like to understand midgard more15:57
dnearyI'd like to at least have the tools to be able to figure out how to fix this kind of problem15:58
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:59
*** zimmerle has joined #maemo16:00
*** eton has joined #maemo16:01
*** tobmaster has joined #maemo16:05
*** bilboed-tp has quit IRC16:05
GeneralAntillesI like comment #2. Arguably the news article is more correct.16:06
johnxlinking to them does nothing but encourage them16:07
johnxtheir ad revenues have to be through the roof16:07
GeneralAntillesjohnx, meh, I find the whole think amusing.16:08
* GeneralAntilles is also a dumbass.16:08
glasscalling a user an idiot is an idiotical thing to do if you plan to promote your os, if you want to be an elitistic fucknut then it's of course the right way16:08
GeneralAntillesglass, no, calling a user an idiot is redundant. :D16:08
wazdRST38h: ok, 2nd version gone)16:08
johnxglass, do you know how hard it is to unintentionally end up with an ubuntu laptop from dell?16:09
glassjohnx: dunno - not that hard apparently16:09
johnxglass, last time I checked there were all sorts of warnings and notes about it not running windows software16:10
johnxto avoid exactly this situation16:10
glassjohnx: it's not too hard for some folk to fill a petrol engine with diesel either16:10
johnxglass, and it serves as a good lesson to them16:10
glassjohnx: maybe she ordered via phone?16:10
johnxand if she ordered via phone she probably would have had to ask for ubuntu specifically16:10
wazdwhoa, crazy ubuntu users)16:10
glassubuntu is the fanboi distro of the season16:11
Corsac“This is inaccurate. Ubuntu is a version of linux.”16:11
glassjohnx: minilappies around here are easy to buy with linux in 'accident'16:11
Corsacwell, that's wrong and the article is right :)16:11
CorsacUbuntu sure contains Linux16:11
*** birunko has joined #maemo16:12
GeneralAntillesCorsac, yeah, I chuckled at that.16:12
RST38hwazd: I am still afraid that at 40x40 or 26x26 the Coleco will look like a piece of unidentifiable gray stuff16:12
RST38hwazd: maybe worth trying it ix axonometric projection16:12
wazdRST38h: crappy designed console indeed :D16:12
wazdRST38h: Maybe just make a top view?16:13
RST38hwazd: it was state of the art for those times :)16:13
RST38hwazd: also a workable idea16:13
wazdBut 26x26 will still make it gray noise16:13
*** frade has joined #maemo16:14
RST38hwazd: better than the side view though16:14
wazdRST38h: not so much in fact :)16:14
wazdRST38h: Maybe just write "colem" for 26x26?)16:15
RST38hwazd: you are proceeding along exactly the same path I have16:15
RST38hwazd: the current icon does indeed show "ColEm" or "Coleco" (don't remember)16:16
GeneralAntillesJust do the controller?16:16
RST38hyep, especially considering how distinctive the controller is16:17
StskeepsGeneralAntilles, johnx: <- work in progress16:17
* johnx reads, eats16:17
wazdRST38h: Well, v2 is recognizable in 40x4016:18
*** jeez__ is now known as forger16:18
*** forger is now known as forger__16:18
* RST38h can't check: even the original size I can only view in Google Chrome at the moment =)16:18
GeneralAntillesJust make all the 26x26 icons middle fingers.16:18
wazdRST38h: maybe use controller's "hat" for 26x26?)16:19
*** kimitake_______2 has joined #maemo16:19
johnxGeneralAntilles, nah, how about rude gestures from different countries. there are so many fun ones :D16:19
RST38hwazd: there are similar looking things in other hardware16:19
wazdRST38h: true(16:19
* GeneralAntilles makes the ok sign at johnx.16:19
dnearyGeneralAntilles: Google and ohloh to the rescue:
* johnx gives GeneralAntilles the thumbs down16:20
GeneralAntillesDamn, dneary, nice find.16:20
dnearySo it was hard coded in a .php file16:21
* GeneralAntilles gets another blanket.16:21
dnearyNow - what was that link you wanted?16:21
johnxGeneralAntilles, you need an electric space heater for under your desk :)16:21
*** skibur has joined #maemo16:22
GeneralAntillesdneary, just s/product=Website/product=Development%20platform/ in the bugzilla URL its got already.16:22
GeneralAntillesjohnx, got one, saving electricity.16:22
johnxyeah, I only turn it on enough to heat my area of the room16:22
dnearyGeneralAntilles: Component stays the same?16:23
GeneralAntillesYeah, Documentation.16:23
*** Kathrin-25^away has joined #maemo16:24
dnearyNow it just needs to get deployed16:25
dnearyI can't do that16:25
dnearyBut it's fixed16:25
*** jpt9 has quit IRC16:25
GeneralAntillesAwesome, thanks, dneary! :)16:27
*** lizardo has quit IRC16:27
*** simboss has joined #maemo16:28
zenvoidjohnx: I saw your picture in launchpad, absolutely love that funny face :-)16:30
*** eton has quit IRC16:30
johnxyup, I was on a hiking trip and I kept taking pictures of everyone else, but I was the only one with a I figured I should take at least a couple of myself :)16:31
johnxplus it distracts from my crappy packages :D16:31
zenvoidhahaha :-D16:32
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo16:33
Stskeepsjohnx: saw meiz's succesful use of marquee earlier?16:34
*** krutt has quit IRC16:34
Meiz_n810Stskeeps / johnx, it was missing statusbar...16:34
Meiz_n810so, there was load-applet and adv-bkglight but no nm-applet16:35
johnxMeiz_n810, we can sort that out. how did you get it installed?16:35
Meiz_n810apt-get install marquee-plugins ;P16:35
Meiz_n810i had to --force-overwrite one of it's depends16:35
*** kimitake_______2 has quit IRC16:35
*** kimitake_______2 has joined #maemo16:36
Stskeepsso you actually used the libhildon of ubuntu ;)16:36
johnxI had issues getting it to compile in mer, but actually I'm do for a new image install anyways. mine's pretty crufty16:36
*** krutt has joined #maemo16:36
JaffaOh FFS, the Maemo documentation is absolute rubbish. I'm trying to find the icon sizes I should distribute in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ for a package. And there's no list *anywhere*16:38
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo16:38
johnxyeah, there's often missing docs, but at least there are examples :)16:38
GeneralAntillesjohnx, I bet better docs would help get more people involved.16:39
JaffaI bet they would too.16:39
johnxGeneralAntilles, goes without saying16:39
Jaffaaha -
GeneralAntillesBastard won an N810 >:(16:40
johnxGeneralAntilles, huh? jealous or what?16:41
GeneralAntillesjohnx, a bit. :P16:41
wazdwho won?16:41
wazdlet me be jeloz 2 )16:42
GeneralAntillesthp and Fred Chittenden16:42
wazdwho's that?)16:42
GeneralAntillesDunno who Fred is16:43
wazdok, won where?)16:43
GeneralAntillesThomas Perl is in every one of INdT's mockups.16:43
JaffaIt's a conspiracy16:43
GeneralAntillesThere's a bunch of clones grinning at you in the right column.16:44
JaffaHe's the only community member - we're all just figments of his imagination16:44
GeneralAntilleswazd, N810s from the Maemo/OpenMoko survey that got sent to -developers a month or two ago.16:44
*** TheJere has joined #maemo16:44
mgedminwhy did you have to remind me about that?16:44
GeneralAntillesAbout being a figment of thp's imagination?16:45
mgedminI'd forgotten I had a chance to win a n81016:45
johnx*(#&$ it's cold16:45
GeneralAntillesmgedmin, now you're disappointed? Yeah, me too. ;)16:45
mgedmin-1°C here16:45
johnxmgedmin, in your house?16:46
mgedminno, outside, thankfully16:46
johnxit's about the same outside, but my insulation is crap it appears16:47
*** wms has joined #maemo16:47
zenvoid24C here :-)16:48
johnxguess it's daytime there too :P16:48
zenvoidyou guys sleep during daytime?16:49
johnxI'm UTC+916:49
johnxthough actually yes, I do sleep during the daytime when I work night shift16:49
wazdI remember thoughtfix's n810 giveaway contest16:50
wazdWas that lady someone's sister/cousin honestly?)16:50
*** eichi_ has joined #maemo16:51
TrueJournals-14 F here O_o16:51
wazdRST38h: btw, what other consoles should I draw? Gamegear?16:52
* GeneralAntilles would die.16:52
TrueJournalsPretty comfy in the house, though16:52
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo16:52
zenvoidTrueJournals: wow, where are you?16:53
wazdBehold! There is -49 C in Seymchan!16:53
*** eichi has quit IRC16:53
TrueJournalsNorthwest suburb of chicago16:53
johnxGeneralAntilles, there's a point at which the rest of us suck it up and pay the electric bill :)16:53
wazdSo stop crying!)16:53
*** kimitake_______3 has joined #maemo16:53
wazdDamn, how people live in such cold climate :)16:54
zenvoid-49C !!!16:54
wazdand they will have -50 on monday night16:55
zenvoidwell... no need to put fans on your server16:55
wazdjust open the window))16:55
mgedminoverclocking heaven ;)16:55
wazdpoor people(16:56
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: targets/mer-armel-rootstrap will only make a basic roofs with no hildon stuff?16:57
*** dneary has quit IRC16:57
*** zimmerle_ has joined #maemo16:57
StskeepsMeiz_n810: hmm? yes16:58
Stskeepsit will set up pinning correctly though16:58
Stskeepsi think16:58
Meiz_n810./imager: .: line 5: can't open foundations/mer-buildd16:59
*** kleist has quit IRC16:59
*** sergio has joined #maemo16:59
*** kleist has joined #maemo16:59
*** fab has quit IRC17:00
Stskeepsyeah, probably forgot to commit it17:00
wazdwow, we have 2 Wi-Max networks in Moscow)17:01
Stskeepswhat do you need it for? is not really that runnable :)17:01
*** kimitake_______2 has quit IRC17:02
*** b1ackdeath has joined #maemo17:02
StskeepsMeiz_n810: pushed17:02
Jaffamgedmin: rebuilding vim-7.2 as we speak :-)17:03
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: i'm gonna try UME once :)17:03
StslaptopMeiz_n810: fair enough17:04
Jaffamgedmin: assuming the toddler & the baby stay asleep, there should be an extras-devel upload within an hour or so17:04
mgedminJaffa: many thanks17:04
r2d2rogersStskeeps: what's the prefered place for documentation for Mer?17:04
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: think we'll put it on the blueprint wiki for now and then slowly spread it out on wiki pages17:05
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo17:05
Stskeepswhat do you have in mind?17:05
r2d2rogersStskeeps: I want to get the instruction for 770 up in one place...17:07
*** b1ackdeath has quit IRC17:07
r2d2rogersStskeeps: and try to keep up with status notes in the same place17:07
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:10
*** nfi has joined #maemo17:12
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: , working on this atm, think that'll be the primary collaborative space17:12
rZrr2d2rogers: how many MB is requiered to install mer on 770 ?17:14
r2d2rogersrZr: I was about to check17:14
r2d2rogersI'm talking to someone who just got a 1 gig card ...17:14
rZrI may test it soon17:14
rZri have only 51217:15
r2d2rogersI can tell you in a few minutes17:15
rZrthank you r2d2rogers17:15
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo17:15
r2d2rogersrZr: I have 560 MB used17:16
r2d2rogersnot counting the 256 MEG swap partition17:16
r2d2rogerslooks like you'll need at least a 1 gig card17:16
rZrthis may be shrinked in the future ?17:16
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: hmm, think it would be possible to get a Mer component in bugzilla?17:17
*** sergio has quit IRC17:17
*** sergio__ has joined #maemo17:17
r2d2rogersrZr: I can get a link for a $13  card the other person just ordered I think17:17
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, sure.17:17
Stskeepsi just realized we're starting to get a decent pile of bugs noticed so17:17
*** kimitake_______3 has quit IRC17:17
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, just find andre and throw things at him until he does what you want. :P17:18
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: ponies would do the trick probably17:18
rZrr2d2rogers: sure this will end on some wiki soon17:19
r2d2rogersjust talking about it17:21
*** kleist has quit IRC17:22
*** TheFatal has joined #maemo17:24
*** keesj has joined #maemo17:24
*** qwerty12 has joined #maEMO17:24
Jaffamgedmin: adding all sorts of lovely mud features to enable this with me having to do the minimal amount of work for the vim package itself.17:25
*** dmsuperman has left #maemo17:25
Jaffahi keesj17:26
Jaffakeesj: adding package/pre-build and package/post-build directories to contain shell scripts to execute pre/post compile steps. Easiest way of adding wholly new files (especially binary ones)17:27
*** jpt9_ has joined #maemo17:27
*** jpt9 has quit IRC17:28
*** jpt9_ is now known as jpt917:28
*** jpt9 has left #maemo17:28
keesjI did a few debian packages without mud in the mean time and it was once again a awfull experiance while reading the debian packaging guide17:29
keesjHow was the Qt new recieved around here?17:30
*** kcome_ has quit IRC17:30
JaffaMostly indifference, most people have GPL apps, so it's not much of a problem17:30
*** dougt has joined #maemo17:31
wazdbtw, if Qt is now opensource then Sony MyLo so too?17:32
*** LopLiii has joined #maemo17:32
Stskeepswazd: open source doesn't implicate having to open source your own program17:33
keesjI makes me want to try it again(I always liked it)17:33
johnxwazd, qt has been avaiable under a gpl and proprietary license since the late 90s17:33
* Jaffa 's never liked the appearance of Qt apps17:33
johnxStskeeps, except with the GPL :)17:33
LopLiiiHi all, johnx17:33
keesjJaffa: I do but I mainly liked the programming17:34
johnxhi LopLiii17:34
* mgedmin finds pygtk more pleasant to use than pyqt17:34
*** sergio__ has quit IRC17:34
*** forger__ is now known as forger__away17:34
*** kcome has joined #maemo17:38
*** geaaru has quit IRC17:38
*** lsobral has quit IRC17:38
keesjand FOSDEM anyone?17:38
*** fab has joined #maemo17:39
*** tchan1 has joined #maemo17:40
*** zap_ has quit IRC17:41
*** TheJere has quit IRC17:41
*** zommi has quit IRC17:42
*** kcome has quit IRC17:43
*** TheFatal has quit IRC17:44
Meiz_n810mer-armel-roostrap fucked up dpkg >:(17:45
StskeepsMeiz_n810: i told you it was a bit special17:45
*** ab has quit IRC17:46
Meiz_n810i'll try if installing the original libc6 helps...17:46
johnxag, were marquee plugins unthemed for you?17:46
Stskeepsqwerty12, johnx, Meiz_n810, wazd, zenvoid, r2d2rogers, and others involved in Mer: - Feel free to document your activities up till now, and commit to some of the tasks, or suggest new tasks we need to get a "proper" first image. and please update your activity logs so we can keep track of what Mer actually is right now, cos it's starting to be confusing :)17:47
Meiz_n810johnx: i think theme-problem were my fault...17:48
*** lbt has joined #maemo17:48
lcukmgedmin, i find putting head in a blender a more pleasurable activity than either of your options ;)17:48
*** Sho_ has quit IRC17:50
qwerty12Stskeeps, re "Modern kernels, get newer kernels working with the 770, N8x0," - I've booted into diablo before with 2.6.28-rc9-omap1 - but it was little weird...17:50
r2d2rogersStskeeps: sweet, I just managed to see I havethe date working correctly now17:50
Stskeepsqwerty12: yeah, it's also to figure out how much is needed to switch, etc17:50
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: and just augment the page with your documentation on there and point to it in tasks / activity log17:51
wazdqwerty12: freeze!17:51
* qwerty12 puts his hands up. Now he can't type17:51
r2d2rogersr2d2rogers: will do :)17:51
wazdqwerty12: :P17:51
qwerty12hehe :P17:51
keesjJaffa: and doing Mer Stuff?17:51
wazdqwerty12: is it possible to add alpha-channel to windows borders in Mer?17:51
johnxStskeeps, alright. I'll start adding something to the activity log as I make changes17:52
wazdqwerty12: to use semi-transparency, not stupid .gif-alike17:52
qwerty12wazd, I have no idea sorry, theming & graphics are not my area :/17:52
wazdStskeeps: liar! :)17:52
GeneralAntillesHehe, the property manager wants everybody to leave their faucets on a little so the pipes don't freeze tonight. 8°F. :(17:53
Stskeepswazd: damnit :P i would be really surprised if it isn't possible17:53
*** ijon_ has quit IRC17:53
johnxStskeeps, wait, you mean the matchbox part?17:53
qwerty12Do you mean hildon borders, btw?17:53
johnxas in the title area?17:53
wazdStskeeps: it will add 500% coolness to Mer as we could do shadows and stuff17:53
Stskeepsjohnx: think so17:53
wazdjohnx: yep17:54
wazdqwerty12: yep17:54
johnxnot that I've seen in matchbox17:54
johnxthat's not a hard and fast rule and also keep in mind that nokia is planning to use matchbox in maemo 517:54
*** tchan has quit IRC17:54
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo17:54
johnxit's possible they're working on it17:54
johnxwazd, so you want compositing, right?17:55
wazdJohnx: I wan't smooth edges of the windows17:55
johnxso you want partial transparency in the parts that are rendered by matchbox, correct?17:56
*** rsalveti has quit IRC17:57
*** tchan1 is now known as tchan17:57
lcukwazd, wouldnt that kind of compositing slow things down as a general rule?17:59
Stskeepslcuk: there's already some degree of compositing going on though18:00
*** ciroip has joined #maemo18:00
lcukyeah i know some occurs18:01
*** mgedmin has quit IRC18:04
wazdlcuk: Well I definitely don't want it "at all costs" but if it's possible)18:04
wazdlcuk: this trick will add much adore to the UI so if it won't add terrible lags then why not :)18:05
wazdlcuk: you can finaly do proper shadows'n'stuff, not "hello win95" like in maemo now18:06
lcuki just thought window borders were minimal sized (due to low res)18:06
*** madha1 has quit IRC18:08
*** madhav has joined #maemo18:09
wazdok, gone to the pub, have fun everybody :)18:12
Stskeepshave fun18:12
Stskeepsmy god, it's friday18:12
wazdStskeeps: yep, I got it when friend called :)18:12
*** wazd has quit IRC18:12
*** madha1 has joined #maemo18:13
*** mat has quit IRC18:14
*** kcome has joined #maemo18:15
*** LopLiii has quit IRC18:15
*** thopiekar has left #maemo18:15
Stskeepszenvoid: so you wanted to work on open system sounds?18:19
*** eocanha2 has quit IRC18:21
zenvoidStskeeps: oh, yes... sorry for being quiet, I'm busy in this moment...18:22
Stskeepszenvoid: hehe, it's fine :)18:22
zenvoidI'm looking at the instructions to set up Mer in my computer (the tarbat image and sdk)18:22
Stskeepszenvoid: i put up a list of sounds and such on the mer blueprint, so just edit the tablet to show you're doing that part then, when you have time :)18:22
Stskeepszenvoid: k, - you can also do x86 chroot18:23
Stskeepsusing the imager18:24
*** madha1 has quit IRC18:26
*** madha1 has joined #maemo18:27
zenvoidok, lets see if I understand correctly: all Mer packages are in launchpad, they are built with the autobuilders from bzr branches and uploaded into the repository...18:28
*** b-man has joined #maemo18:28
GeneralAntillesGood lord FBReader's new icons are horrifying.18:29
Stskeepsyeah, okay, that's the old one :P Most mer packages are in launchpad (except the very simple ones), all source is in repository. They are build by you making a source package for them and uploading them to the repository, and running a command on the repository server. Then, you to to #merbuilder on jaiku, write "build sourcepackage=version", and it builds and keeps the jaiku channel uploaded18:29
Stskeeps-> zenvoid18:29
johnxGeneralAntilles, it's a long tradition18:29
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo18:30
Stskeepsthe built packages are put on the repository by the builder18:30
johnxGeneralAntilles, you missed the 'yellow books' icons for the zaurus18:30
GeneralAntillesjohnx, not an aesthetically gifted bunch, then? :P18:31
GeneralAntillesI'm going to have to accost MishaS nexttime he stops by.18:31
johnxwhy not make some nice icons :P18:31
zenvoidStskeeps: ah, ok... supose that I want to build all of them (for armv4, for example)18:31
*** madhav has quit IRC18:31
GeneralAntillesjohnx, the ones they've had since forever looked great to me.18:31
zenvoidwhat I would need to do?18:31
Stskeepszenvoid: apt-get source each package, build in scratchbox, i guess18:32
Stskeepsit wouldn't be my first project, but that's me18:32
johnxzenvoid, but keep in mind that ubuntu jaunty is armv5te and it's toolchain is probably setup to build armv5te binaries by default18:33
Stskeepsjohnx: SBOX_COMPILER_ARGS can handle that18:33
johnxgood to know :)18:33
johnxzenvoid, is it an armv4 or armv4t?18:34
*** avs has joined #maemo18:34
Stskeepssometimes i wonder if i speak more to the pizza guy than to some of my friends18:35
Stskeepszenvoid: targetting the freerunner? ;)18:36
johnxStskeeps, maybe it would just be more efficient to be friends with the pizza guy?18:36
zenvoidyes, freerunner... sorry for my lag in the responses18:36
johnxzenvoid, ah, ok armv4t I believe. thankfully18:36
Stskeepszenvoid: hehe, don't worry, sometimes there's half days lag on me and johnx's conversations when he is having a normal timezone ;)18:37
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, so you're paying for friendship, then. ;)18:37
zenvoidI just have a flood of conversations in pidgin (why all people always start talking at the same time????)18:38
GeneralAntilleszenvoid, lag is normal. ;)18:38
Stskeepszenvoid: warming up for drinking tonight18:38
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: well since my fiancée isn't home to cook for me..18:38
johnxStskeeps, they're a little late. I'm already thinking about after-drinking snacks18:39
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo18:39
zenvoidsome time ago mentioned about porting mamo to the freerunner in the spanish openmoko mailing list18:39
* GeneralAntilles ponders how good the INdT guys have it right now.18:39
zenvoidmany people there was interested18:39
johnxzenvoid, should be doable with the mer packages. I was thinking about that, but I have no openmoko phone :)18:39
Stskeepszenvoid: can only be better than openmoko..18:40
GeneralAntilleszenvoid, can you just yank the phone functionality out of whatever OpenMoko ships?18:40
zenvoidjohnx: I could try, I have one18:40
Stskeepsyeah, is the phone driver redistributable?18:40
GeneralAntillesI'd assume so.18:40
johnxGeneralAntilles, you can just ignore it. it's connceted by serial port IIRC18:40
GeneralAntillesSince open source and redistributability is a large part of why the hardware sucks so goddamn much. :P18:40
GeneralAntillesjohnx, well, I assume people might want to use the phone functionality of their phones. :P18:41
zenvoidthe FSO people work in something similar to maemo18:41
johnxGeneralAntilles, aaah, you mean yank the software out of their distro, not yank the GSM module out of their hardware. got it18:41
zenvoidthay have dbus and daemos for events, too bad it is not the same effort18:42
*** dneary has joined #maemo18:42
johnxzenvoid, anyways, if I were you, I'd get debian booting on your openmoko (since ubuntu targets armv5), then just start compiling mer packages and seeing where they need to be changed to work in debian / armv4t18:42
johnxsapwood is going to be a pain I bet18:42
GeneralAntillesjohnx, yes, brain surgery. :P18:42
johnxGeneralAntilles, well I know you don't like hardware with GSM modules... :P18:43
*** kcome has quit IRC18:43
zenvoidmost of them seem to compile18:43
zenvoidat least from maemo diablo18:43
GeneralAntillesjohnx, rawr18:43
* GeneralAntilles ponders chicken quesadillas for dinner.18:43
zenvoidthe freerunner needs its own xserver, though18:44
johnxyou could use a different computer for testing18:44
johnxxephyr on the desktop for example18:44
zenvoidtake a look at this:
johnxdo they use something based on xfbdev?18:44
zenvoidFSO is the base software for the freerunner (distro + daemons)18:45
*** eichi_ has quit IRC18:46
*** kcome has joined #maemo18:46
zenvoidlook at software architecture and software components: very close to maemo/mer18:46
zenvoidthe have similar goals18:46
zenvoidbut different implementations :(18:47
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo18:47
johnxvery close to desktop linux, or angstrom.GPE, or poky linux, but in the end maemo has apps written for it, and they work well18:47
lardmanurgh, Friday afternoon meetings18:48
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC18:48
*** cjdavis has left #maemo18:48
GeneralAntilleslardman, sounds like an excellent opportunity to beat your Mahjong time.18:48
johnxwhat we need is one popular platform that spans multiple devices, not multiple platforms on one device...18:48
zenvoidjohnx: yes, the openmoko software does not work very well, indeed18:48
*** gomiam has joined #maemo18:49
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo18:49
*** cjdavis has left #maemo18:49
GeneralAntillesjohnx, we'd be two years ahead of where we are now if that were the case. :(18:49
johnxGeneralAntilles, yeah, but I don't see how we could have done it until right about now18:49
*** frade has quit IRC18:49
GeneralAntillesIf only we could get Nokia behind the idea.18:50
lardmanGeneralAntilles: nah, just been in one, and now have lots of Friday afternoon work to get done18:50
johnxGeneralAntilles, meh. they've done enough. :) the n8x0 community hasn't splintered and now there is some real momentum behind maemo and it has a proper amount of mature bindings for toolkits and languages18:51
GeneralAntillesjohnx, well, get them to push Maemo for other manufacturers.18:51
zenvoidI could help with the port to the freerunner... but first, let's try to do it in nokias ;-)18:51
johnxGeneralAntilles, they won't. they're in the hardware game. :)18:52
qwerty12Stskeeps, can vte be compiled on device (in Mer) fine?18:52
johnxzenvoid, good, that's why I'm focusing on the n8x0 first, but I must say it works just fine on my zaurus. shouldn't be much porting, just making some ubuntu-targetted packages work right on debian18:52
GeneralAntillesjohnx, yeah, I know (Apple user, remember :P), but still. ;)18:53
Stskeepsqwerty12: not libvte9 :/18:53
Stskeepsand libvte4 is too old18:53
GeneralAntillesIs johnx|zaurus running Mer?18:53
johnxGeneralAntilles, "Apple should make the IPhone OS for my HTC Touch and it would be awesome." :D18:53
johnxGeneralAntilles, ubuntu command line, but yes, from there I can get into mer18:53
zenvoidjohnx: what is the plan for alternative packages? For example, when a particular xserver is required in an architecture18:53
qwerty12Stskeeps, I want to compile vte9 with maemo changes. If I can't do it in your SDK or on device, it kinda makes "Working X-terminal with hildon input method working " sound like a far away dream.18:54
*** Omegamoon is now known as Omegamoon|away18:54
Stskeepsqwerty12: well. the problem is a GDK thing we dont have18:54
Stskeepsin maemo gtk18:54
Stskeepsim not sure its cos we are 2.12 and not 2.1418:54
johnxzenvoid, I think maybe a large mer-zaurus, mer-n8x0, mer-freerunner meta package might make sense. what do you think?18:54
zenvoidjohnx: OK18:55
Stskeepszenvoid: i do that kind of selection in imager really18:55
Stskeepsand then using Provides:18:55
Stskeeps(i have Mer on x86 going already, so)18:55
Stskeepsqwerty12: right, sorry, - libvte4 compiles but crashes18:55
Stskeepslibvte9 didn't compile when i tried18:56
Stskeepsthere's probably a logical reason why18:56
Stskeepsqwerty12: i'll gladly help you out with it though18:56
zenvoidStskeeps: could you please point me to the url to imager? :P18:56
Stskeepszenvoid: bzr checkout lp:~mer-committers/m-r/imager18:56
Stskeepsi'm putting up a guide right now on wiki18:56
zenvoidStskeeps: thanks!18:56
zenvoid(I will be away during an hour or so...)18:57
*** gomiam has quit IRC18:59
b-manStskeeps: how can i create a new directory with scp on
johnxb-man, login with ssh and mkdir18:59
*** madhav has joined #maemo19:00
b-manhow do i log in?, is it a similar prosess with scp?19:00
Stskeepsssh :)19:01
b-manthanks :)19:01
Stskeepsjohnx: a zaurus target script could be useful too19:01
* b-man writes that down on a note ;)19:01
johnxStskeeps, agreed. I'll poke at it later tonight or tomorrow. trying to get my wii networked ... :/19:02
* Stskeeps waits for the pizzaa19:03
*** Free_maN has quit IRC19:06
qwerty12Stskeeps, why doesn't NITboot work outright as "nit-kernel-compat" for Mer?19:07
qwerty12(minus the paths which can be changed easily)19:07
*** TheFatal has joined #maemo19:09
*** TheFatal has joined #maemo19:09
Stskeepsqwerty12: looking19:09
Stskeepsqwerty12: two things, one - packaging ;), two - mnt/initfs/tmp needs to be bound to a tmpfs on /boot/tmp for the other scripts to pick it up19:11
Stskeepsbesides that..19:11
Stskeepsalso, dsmetool --root-mounted seems to be missing19:11
Stskeepsbesides that, that's it. it's basically i havent had time to do that so19:12
qwerty12I guess the stlc45xx section will need to be changed too19:12
Stskeepsyeah, just remove19:13
qwerty12Do you set up wlan yourself later on?19:13
qwerty12done ;)19:13
Stskeepsqwerty12: oh, and it needs to be /sbin/tablet-init or whatever we decided, and then run init19:14
qwerty12ok :)19:14
*** florian has quit IRC19:14
qwerty12I'll probably do the basics and package it and then pass it over to someone who wants to check it and finish off anything I may have missed.19:15
*** b1ackdeath has joined #maemo19:15
*** hvelarde|stealth has joined #maemo19:15
Stskeepsfair enough19:15
*** madha1 has quit IRC19:16
*** kimitake_______3 has joined #maemo19:20
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC19:20
*** konttori has joined #maemo19:22
konttoriAndrewfblack: what's going on?19:22
konttoriyou were asking something 4 hours ago19:23
*** TheFatal is now known as TheFatal^Away19:23
*** mmc has quit IRC19:25
*** mmatth has joined #maemo19:26
*** mmatth has left #maemo19:26
b1ackdeathwhats the current status w/ mer if you dont mind me asking?19:27
GeneralAntilleskonttori, theme-maker generating source packages.19:28
qwerty12Stskeeps, does look correct?19:28
*** TheFatal^Away is now known as TheFatal19:28
qwerty12oops, that should be /mnt/initfs/tmp instead of /mnt/tmp19:28
Stskeepsqwerty12: mount --bind19:29
Stskeepsi use normally19:29
qwerty12Ah, I'll use  that but it shouldn't make a difference.19:29
Stskeepsremember to read the text19:30
*** calvaris has quit IRC19:30
qwerty12Stskeeps, do you think -n option is necessary?19:31
konttoriGeneralAntilles: what about those?19:31
Stskeepskonttori: basically that theme maker makes debs, not source packages :)19:31
*** mmc has joined #maemo19:31
konttoriStskeeps: yeah. so, please tell me how to make source package for themes.19:32
konttoriI really don't know how.19:32
konttoriAnd also why it should make a source package.19:32
qwerty12So you can upload to extras.19:32
konttoriYou can upload it to the non-free19:33
*** Pyrhos has joined #maemo19:33
konttoriAnd anyway it's too difficult for a windows UI designer to upload it there.19:33
*** TheFatal is now known as TheFatal^Away19:33
konttoriSo, it's not like I would expect that to be any solution (the source package)19:34
*** TheFatal^Away is now known as TheFatal19:34
qwerty12Well, I presume the web uploader can be used instead of dput but I do see your point re source packages & windows.19:34
konttoriSo, I would say that we should instead think of a nice way for a windows theme designer to be able to upload a deb to extras19:34
b1ackdeaththanks Stskeeps iv already seen that post nvm i answered my own quistion19:35
konttoriyou would still need the pgp key, right?19:35
*** TheJere has joined #maemo19:35
konttoriand signed changes file19:35
Stskeepskonttori: source package signing isnt needed anymore, i believe19:35
konttoriok, well, that would be just fine then. So, how do I make the source package?19:35
qwerty12With web interface, you need to have keys generated and put into garage profile but you aren't asked for the keys when uploading19:35
GeneralAntilleskonttori, you still need to move UKMP to free.19:36
konttoriI mean, currently I'm making the deb pretty much manually in theme maker.19:36
konttoriGeneralAntilles: I don't know how to make the source package of ukmp19:36
*** tobmaster has quit IRC19:36
konttoriI did try once to figure it out, but ran out of patience.19:36
Stskeepsi guess it might be problematic to construct a proper source package on windows19:37
Stskeepsthat's what i get for being a unix geek :)19:37
GeneralAntilleskonttori, plenty of knowledgeable people here. ;) Some, even, that I bet you could get to do it for you.19:37
konttoriqwerty12: getting pgp keys should then be optionally also be done at server side.19:37
*** b1ackdeath has quit IRC19:37
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo19:37
konttoriStskeeps: well, if you can instruct me properly on what to have in the file, I can surely make the java code that constructs the source package19:38
konttoriit's really not that different from the deb package, right?19:38
*** ijon_ has quit IRC19:38
konttorijust the creation scripts are beyond me.19:38
Stskeepskonttori: the "easy" way of a source package is a simple template tar.gz filling in some pieces that simply takes the contents of the theme and installs it19:38
Stskeepslet me find a simple one..19:38
konttoriI mean, I'm now creating the deb pretty much that way in theme maker by using a tar library and the constructing the surrounding envelope of the two tar files.19:39
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo19:39
konttoriSo, what is the difference from my POV from the full debian package and the source package.19:39
konttoriI will need to create both at the same time anyway, as devs need to be able to test out the theme as well.19:40
Stskeepsqwerty12: easiest way to avoid my Makefile install thing and just install the contents?19:41
Stskeepsin packages19:41
Stskeepskinda like your links stuff19:41
*** simboss has quit IRC19:42
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo19:42
qwerty12Stskeeps, yes, make a <packagename>.install with what you want to install and destination and place the file in debian and make sure dh_install is there in rules19:42
*** Khertan_n810_98 has joined #maemo19:43
*** kcome has quit IRC19:43
qwerty12(worked for me before with solmumaha's knots but I left the folder it got the files from as usr/ etc)19:43
Stskeepskonttori: i'll return to you at some point with a template package you can use to make it :)19:44
Stskeepsthen you just search for certain strings and replace them with contents, and dump in the theme contents19:44
*** simboss has joined #maemo19:44
konttoriSounds doable. I'll definitely try to investigate that possibility.19:44
Andrewfblackso we get this theme maker extra thing figured out yet?19:44
Stskeepsthe "right" way is taking a hildon-layout-4 and basing on that, but im not sure if that is how your theme maker is designed :)19:44
konttoriAndrewfblack: not yet.19:44
Khertan_n810_981/ Someone know a web irc client better than mibbit ?19:45
konttoriStskeeps: what do you mean basing on that?19:45
Stskeepskonttori: well, , look at wallpaper/ and template/19:45
konttoriWell, getting to know the structure of the package, what is the format, what kind of checksums of the internal files I need to create and so on.19:46
Khertan_n810_98konttori: do you autorize me to fork your theme NuvoPearl ?19:46
konttoriKhertan_n810_98: be my guest!19:46
konttorithat's the idea.19:46
AndrewfblackKhertan_n810 if you want to host it there are some good ones but mibbit is really the best19:46
Khertan_n810_98i don t use theme maker :) just changing some things i found annoying19:46
konttoriKhertan_n810_98: sure.19:47
*** mk8 has left #maemo19:47
Khertan_n810_98Andrewfblack: mibbit is really slow on nit19:47
AndrewfblackI would say just about all of my themes have a little Nuvo in them still19:47
Khertan_n810_98konttori: of course it ll be gpl:)19:47
konttorinuvo is not gpl19:48
AndrewfblackKhertan_n810 you can look up CGI:IRC and there is one you can hold on your web server it used to be real good19:48
Khertan_n810_98? public ?19:48
StskeepsKhertan_n810_98: creative commons19:48
Khertan_n810_98so it ll stay cc19:48
Khertan_n810_98andrewfblack cgi:irc have bug ... when i m disconnected it never disconnect tghe irc session19:49
Khertan_n810_98so many clone stay :)19:49
konttoriStskeeps: are the deb src packages also AR envelopes?19:49
qwerty12a source package is basically a tar.gz with a debian folder inside with the rules etc19:50
AndrewfblackKhertan_n810 the bad thing is most the web irc clients have gone Java now so out of luck on tablet19:50
Khertan_n810_98for example Khertan_n810 is a clone he is here since 1 months19:50
Khertan_n810_98andrewfblack yep19:51
*** nfi has quit IRC19:51
konttoriso, does it have data.tar.gz inside and a debian.tar.gz?19:51
Stskeepskonttori: it's more like a recipe on how to make one19:52
Andrewfblackis the name registered?  Most servers have a way to kick a clone if you have the name registered19:52
konttoriAh, so it's only the data.tar.gz and inside it is the debian folder with the rules?19:52
konttoriAnd there is no control.tar.gz19:52
qwerty12konttori, here's a source package I made for a simple game I ported:
Khertan_n810_98if you want to make src package for autobuilder you can try py2deb :k19:53
qwerty12ignore the use of quilt, just look at the structure etc19:53
Khertan_n810_98or just look at the code to port it in java for theme maker19:54
konttoriso, the rouce package is *JUST* the tar file?19:54
*** madha1 has joined #maemo19:54
konttoriok, now I see the tar file and it contains tons of stuff in the debian folder. what is the bare minimun amount of files in there?19:55
*** mlpug has joined #maemo19:55
lcukthank f**k its friday19:56
qwerty12lcuk, seconded :)19:56
*** housetier has quit IRC19:56
b-manday off for me :D19:57
GeneralAntillesMmm quesadillas.19:57
konttoriand how can I recycle my data.tar.gz file? Can I use the rules to just directly install that as-is to the debian file?19:58
johnxkonttori, bare minimum is: control, rules and changelog19:59
konttoriand the control file content is the same as the binary packages control file, right?19:59
konttori(as is preinst, postinst)19:59
qwerty12Stskeeps, (and diff - Let me know what's wrong and missing and I'll fix that and package the script up.20:00
johnxkonttori, control is not quite the same, because it has a source section that tells the build depends20:00
*** hvelarde|stealth has quit IRC20:00
konttoriwell, this doesn't have any depends20:00
johnxin your case you won't have build depends20:00
*** mxttie|work has quit IRC20:00
lcukkonttori, dont let qwerty make your postinst20:00
*** briglia has joined #maemo20:00
qwerty12minus debhelper20:00
johnxwhy not look at the debian package for the plankton theme from debian20:00
konttorisure, but I would still need to add that section to the control file?20:01
*** Stslap has joined #maemo20:01
johnxand qwerty12 is right, debhelper is a build-depend you need20:01
konttoriok, so can I keep the source section on the binary file as well?20:01
qwerty12Stslap, did you get the pastebin links?20:01
*** hvelarde|stealth has joined #maemo20:01
johnxno, they'll use different control files, dpkg-buildpackage does this20:02
johnxright, but you want to do this on windows...hmm20:02
*** greentux has quit IRC20:02
*** briglia has quit IRC20:02
konttoriWell, I looked at the pipepanics control file and that does not have any source section20:03
johnxthere is a top part and a bottom part separated by a newline20:03
johnxthe top part is the source part, the bottom part is the info about the binary package to be created20:03
qwerty12The first 6 lines of the control file is the source section in pipepanic20:03
konttoriWell, I can create two different control files, not a problem.20:03
konttoriI just wanted to take a shortcut if it was possible to keep the same file for binary and source20:04
Stskeepsqwerty12: does root-mounted actually do anything?20:04
qwerty12Stskeeps, hah, I have no idea. I just added it in because you said to do so.20:04
johnxyou can derive the binary one from the source one20:04
konttoriwell, I have the binary one already, so that's not an issue20:04
johnxbut you want to make it automatically from now on, right?20:05
konttoriyeah, both from now on.20:05
Stskeepsqwerty12: i just wonder what it does20:05
qwerty12Stskeeps, If you really want to find out, I could run a strace from initfs.20:06
*** Khertan_n810_98 has quit IRC20:06
johnxthat should be what you need, or close enough20:06
*** briglia has joined #maemo20:06
johnxyou may need to tweak versions of dependencies to match diablo20:07
konttorijohnx: so, what should I do with the rules file?20:07
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:07
konttoriI only want to install the data.tar.gz that I have as it is.20:07
*** qwerty12 has joined #maEMO20:08
johnxkonttori, the rules file tells dpkg-buildpackage how to arrange the files for the data.tar.gz20:08
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:08
johnxnormally it also has compiling instructions like './configure --disable-foo ; make'20:09
konttoriso, as it is already just fine, what do I need to do?20:09
qwerty12Stskeeps, but anyway, disregarding the root-mounted stuff, is there anything wrong?20:10
Stskeepsqwerty12: missing call to init20:10
* johnx looks at the link he pasted20:10
konttoriI would definitely figure it out by myself with enough time, but I'm really stretched thin atm.20:10
qwerty12Stskeeps, Yeah, forgot about that one. Can I just call /sbin/init straight or do I need special foo?20:11
Stslapqwerty12: use 'exec'20:11
johnxkonttori, source packages for themes will help mer too, so give me a sec :)20:11
qwerty12Stslap, yep, just thought of that one :)20:11
qwerty12Stslap, but apart from that, init doesn't need any arguments?20:11
johnxkonttori, ok, hildon-theme-plankton was not a great example if you want the quick way20:12
*** madhav has quit IRC20:12
konttorijohnx: thanks. And this is a good time to make the change before I branch to make the fremantle changes20:13
konttoriIt would actually be pretty nice to add the option to theme maker to just directly upload the package to the web form.20:14
konttoribut that's probably not worth the time to code it20:14
* Stskeeps dls theme maker to actually try it20:14
johnxkonttori, so if I was doing this, here's what I'd do: have two folders at the same level: data/ and debian/20:14
johnxunder data will be data/usr/share/themes/theme-foo/*20:15
konttoriwell, I'm writing the stuff slightly differently on the file system, but I'm fixing the urls when creating the tar file (manually of course).20:16
johnxok, but I'll just use this as an example20:16
konttorijohnx: sure, I can fake that structure anyway when I make the tar, so yeah, good start. thanks.20:16
Stslapqwerty12: '2'20:16
Stslapas parameter20:16
* b-man starts making a Ubuntu-9.04-N8x0-rootfs.tar.gz tarball to make things simpler for everyone20:16
qwerty12Stslap, ok.20:17
johnxin your debian/rules file just have the install part be:20:17
johnxmkdir -p debian/hildon-theme-foo/20:17
Stslapb-man: just dont put it on trac if its ok :) low bw20:17
johnxmv data/usr debian/hildon-theme-foo/20:17
*** dneary has quit IRC20:18
johnxkonttori, do you have access to a debian/ubuntu machine or vm to make an initial copy of the package structure?20:18
* b-man needs to think of a different mirror for ubuntu :)20:18
konttorijohnx: I can boot ubuntu in vmware20:18
johnxkonttori, great. are you working on this right now? or just looking for ideas right now?20:18
b-manenyone have plenty of server space? :)20:19
konttoriI'm taking notes to a txt file20:19
konttoriI'm having a bad cold so I might not have the strength to actually pull this off today20:20
johnxkonttori, if you have the time it might be quicker if I walk you through it, that way you can be sure it will actually work too, instead of me saying things I think work20:20
johnxah, then no worries20:20
*** avs has quit IRC20:20
konttoriso, on the rules file, how much can I clean it up?20:20
johnxyou can clean out most of it20:21
*** Stslaptop has quit IRC20:21
konttorias in actually everything but those two lines?20:21
johnxprobably not20:21
johnxactually, why don't I start you with a dummy package and you can drop files into it. even if things are a little different it should give you a good place to start20:22
*** Kathrin-25^away has quit IRC20:22
konttorijohnx: if you can make a package that just puts one file to certain folder. I can take the script the further to install the icons, themes and such.20:23
konttorijohnx: that would be so great. thanks!20:24
johnxalright, I'll just go with my example from earlier. should be quicker to do then trying to explain over IRC :)20:24
konttoritrue enough!20:24
johnxand once you see how it's structured you'll have an idea of what's going on I think20:24
konttoriand expecially to a non debian guy like me.20:24
qwerty12Stskeeps,  nit-kernel-compat packaged.20:24
Stskeepsqwerty12: thanks!20:24
konttoriyeah, should not be an issue20:24
qwerty12Stskeeps, I'll need you to test out the script properly though :)20:25
*** ssvb has joined #maemo20:25
Stskeepsqwerty12: hehe, yeah, i have a flashable tablet at work20:25
Stskeepskonttori: so what your theme maker basically does is take a png, slice all the icons into the right pngs and such, possibly edit some things in gtk, and output a zip with the compiled theme?20:25
konttorijohnx: can I actually put a tar inside that source tar and just untar that?20:25
*** hvelarde|freezin has joined #maemo20:26
Stskeepsgtkrc, i mean20:26
*** rZr has quit IRC20:26
johnxtechnically yes...but why? why not just have the right fs structure in the source tar?20:26
*** briglia has quit IRC20:26
Stskeepsjohnx: more clean maybe20:26
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:27
konttoriStskeeps: essentially that20:27
johnxjust drop it under data/ or similar20:27
konttorijohnx: well, I have the correct structure in the binary debian files data tar file.20:27
konttoriso, I'm just considering recycling it as-is.20:27
johnxright, so when I give you this source package, just untar into it and then tar it back up20:28
konttoriso, I'll first build the binary package and then use that to create the source package20:28
Stskeepskonttori: ah :) the source package i showed you earlier does exactly that using hildon-theme-layout-4 when compiled20:28
konttoriStskeeps: so that which contains the data folder.20:28
Stskeepskonttori: btw, Icon-Template.png in your theme maker, is that CC too?20:29
qwerty12konttori, btw, here's an example of a very simple package I just did:
konttoriyeah, except that it assumes that the data folder is a fs , but I suggested it to be a data.tar, that will get extracted then in rules file as the file structure20:29
qwerty12In that one, I get dh_install to do the work so it reads the install file to see where the files should be read from and placed20:30
konttoriqwerty12: thanks!20:30
Stskeepsjohnx: seems like we can basically do a cp of the .png in a thememaker deb and shove it into a hildon-layout btw20:31
Stskeepser, hildon-theme-4 using source package20:32
*** rzr has joined #maemo20:32
*** hvelarde|stealth has quit IRC20:32
konttoriHmm.... ok. so, if I'll put all the data into the data folder, in the form of data/usr/share... like johnx suggested. and then I take your base tar qwerty, then that should do the trick, right? (well, and add postinst, prerm files)20:32
qwerty12Stskeeps, nit-kernel-compat sent to builder. Only disclaimer I have is that I leave the script testing to you :)20:32
Stslapand edit the debian/install file listing where the files should do20:32
Stslapqwerty12: fair enough20:32
konttoriStslap:  so, I'll just need to iterate the file locations to the install file. Sure. WIll do. thanks!20:33
qwerty12konttori, yep, like Stslap said. I assume that you will have the files under data/usr so the debian/install file should look something like "data/usr /usr"20:33
johnxqwerty12, ah, neat trick. I always did that in rules :)20:34
johnxdebhelper has been teaching me poorly20:34
*** madha1 has quit IRC20:34
*** Pebby_ has joined #maemo20:34
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC20:35
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:36
johnxso if this is sorted out then I guess I'll stop working on this for now and actually get some sleep for once :)20:36
AndrewfblackKonttori you see my message on Google?20:37
konttoriAndrewfblack: not yet. it's on my n80020:38
konttorii'll take a look20:38
*** ignacius has quit IRC20:39
*** hvelarde|freezin is now known as hvelarde|away20:40
StskeepsAndrewfblack: btw, your themes, how do your configuration settings look for them, within theme maker?20:42
Stskeepsfor example MerEcho20:42
*** alecrim has joined #maemo20:44
*** ceyusa has quit IRC20:44
*** Zic has quit IRC20:44
*** simboss has quit IRC20:46
*** yerga has joined #maemo20:49
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC20:49
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:50
*** chmac has joined #maemo20:52
Stslapqwerty12: source code looks fine, feel free to mark it 90% at some point and write Needs Testing :P20:52
qwerty12Stslap, cool. I fell into the binary-arch trap, I need to fix that so that the builder will produce a deb :)20:53
Stskeepsbeing able to flash rootfs and kernel will be a bonus :)20:53
*** Pebby has quit IRC20:54
*** efleury has quit IRC20:55
*** hellwolf has quit IRC20:55
qwerty12damn, I fixed it but the builder produced a deb anyway (despite saying there's been errors in the logs :P)20:56
qwerty12Ah well, a correct rules file can't hurt :)20:56
konttoriStskeeps: check teh20:59
konttorithe about.txt21:00
*** gnuton has joined #maemo21:00
konttoriNuvoPearl template image is copyright Urho Konttori under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 - <>21:00
gnutonHi people21:00
Stskeepskonttori: oh, i wasn't talking about NuvoPearl-template.png, i was speaking of Icon-Template.png21:00
konttoriOh. Lemme have a look21:01
Stskeepscos those look very like the ones we have on the tablets21:01
konttorioh, the icon template is as illegal as it gets21:01
Stskeepsjust checking ;)21:01
konttoriI'll make a proper cc version of it.21:01
*** TheFatal is now known as TheFatal^Away21:02
Stskeepssounds good :)21:02
konttoridon't you just hate when companies won't release all the art under creative commons21:02
Stskeepsi kinda understand it sometimes.. until i see the themes and imagery people can come up with, just in this channel21:02
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC21:02
konttoriAnyway, I'll try to render a globe in some 3d app. and then I'll take a look if I can use ubuntu iconography for the connecting people part21:03
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC21:03
konttorithe contacts icons I mean.21:04
konttoriHmm... I could as well just make those in 3d as well though.21:04
Stslapwe have the very pretty plankton icons currently, so ;)21:04
*** Stslap has quit IRC21:05
*** krutt has quit IRC21:06
*** Pebby_ has quit IRC21:06
*** LinuxCode has joined #maemo21:06
*** gnuton has quit IRC21:07
*** zap has joined #maemo21:08
Stskeepswtf @ itt21:14
StskeepsFor Sale: 770 for parts; bad LCD. Dog tried to eat it.21:14
qwerty12_N800I like the selling the dog line :)21:16
AndrewfblackStskeeps Just got back what about my config files were you asking?21:19
zenvoidI think the dog is not included in the pack :)21:19
StskeepsAndrewfblack: well, what settings you use in theme maker21:19
*** Shadow_M has quit IRC21:19
AndrewfblackStskeeps One sec let me boot into my wnidows partition and I'll tell you21:20
Andrewfblackwant me to just screenshot the screen?21:20
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: btw, providing mer x86-generic target for insane people wanting to try and make it bootable21:20
StskeepsAndrewfblack: yeah - its just if you even change anything21:20
*** dneary has joined #maemo21:21
Andrewfblackwell I keep my top bar at 60 for both home view and appication view for one thing21:21
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, hehe :P21:21
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: (i have it booting at work. we just demoed a mer-based system at a hospital thursday)21:22
Andrewfblackdang i forgot I can open theme maker from my windows drive in linux ohh well 5 more mins of booting lol21:22
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, wow, that is an exciting use of Mer :)21:23
Stskeepsit doesnt use hildon (but it does use gtk + themes) but we exploit the small size and complete control over the distro21:23
AndrewfblackStskeeps Basicly I use Top Bar Height 60 and for font sizes I normally use system 12.75 Large 16 and Title 14.75 only one I change is Large for the most part21:24
StskeepsAndrewfblack: alright21:24
*** housetier has joined #maemo21:24
*** sisto has quit IRC21:24
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: mer-x86 generic is 489m21:25
AndrewfblackAlso I check maximize application view size21:25
LinuxCodeStskeeps, sell your dog mate21:25
StskeepsLinuxCode: not my dog21:25
AndrewfblackKhertan_n810_98 you here21:25
LinuxCodeI know..i know!21:25
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, shit. i always knew x86 was a whore compared to arm :p21:25
LinuxCodeStskeeps, wait for the x52 or whatever the model is21:26
LinuxCodebefore you buy something else new21:26
LinuxCodebut I bet you got a n8x0 as well ?21:26
Stskeepsi have a n8x0..21:26
LinuxCodebtw any of you know what happened to the uae4all project ?21:27
LinuxCodeis that still alive ?21:27
LinuxCodesomebody was making a port21:28
LinuxCodeto N8x021:28
* lcuk tells Chuck Norris that LinuxCode spat in his drink21:28
* LinuxCode smears cat smell on lcuk and lets Stskeeps' dog take a sniff21:29
Stskeepsi don't have a dog!21:29
LinuxCodeStskeeps, ohh21:29
LinuxCodeso it wasnt your n7xx then21:29
LinuxCodelcuk, come to Bristol zoo please21:29
LinuxCodethey have lions...21:29
LinuxCodethat will do the trick21:29
LinuxCodehi lcuk ;-D21:29
* lcuk goes to kenya21:30
LinuxCodethat might be even better yes!21:30
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC21:30
r2d2rogers\o/ just made my first bzr commit to lp!21:30
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: woo21:30
lcukhow you doin lc21:30
LinuxCodelcuk, im fine thanks...yourself ?21:30
LinuxCodelcuk, remember the badger stuff ?21:31
LinuxCodethats the same voice21:31
LinuxCodeprobably the same dev too21:31
lcukim ok, had a long week  gonna have a long weekend as well, but hoping to get this lib into good enough shape to start alpha testing it21:31
lcukyeah tis21:31
*** b-man has quit IRC21:31
LinuxCodelcuk, for your project ?21:31
LinuxCodehow is that going anyway ?21:31
lcukit stopped entirely whilst i did a load of learning about libraries and apis and stuff :) ive broken it up and am putting everything into nice little stand alone apps - the idea being i can write my apps and others can use/modify/take the lib and use for their things as well :)21:33
*** caio1982 has quit IRC21:34
AndrewfblackStskeeps: You seen anything in MerEcho you want to change?21:35
StskeepsAndrewfblack: i didn't try it on Mer recently21:35
Stskeepsthe reason i asked was because of how to include themes sanely21:36
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo21:37
AndrewfblackStskeeps How are you going to include them?21:38
StskeepsAndrewfblack: there's two ways. did you ever see the source package for the plankton theme?21:39
*** hvelarde|away is now known as hvelarde|freezin21:39
AndrewfblackStskeeps Nope21:39
Stskeepsbasically, based on a layout package, the source package, when compiled, slices the template.png into all the .pngs and such21:40
Stskeepsand generates the gtkrc files and such21:40
Stskeepsthen there's the lazy way where we do it once and just have a deb package storing it all21:41
*** k-s has quit IRC21:41
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]21:42
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC21:42
*** dneary has quit IRC21:42
AndrewfblackStskeeps ok21:42
*** b-man has joined #maemo21:43
Stskeepswb b-man21:43
*** TheJere has quit IRC21:43
*** sisto has joined #maemo21:45
* Stskeeps builds dsme-tools21:45
* b-man is still looking for a place to upload 140mb ubuntu rootfs to21:45
Stskeepsb-man: give me a place to dl it from and i'll put it somewhere nice21:45
Stskeepsbut just this version21:45
b-manok, thanks! :D21:46
zenvoidb-man, I have space21:46
b-manok, how can i send it? (in a fast, sain way)21:47
Stskeepsb-man: rapidshare and then i can grab it21:47
Stskeepsi guess21:47
Stskeepsmaybe too big file21:47
b-manyes :)21:48
Andrewfblackb-man I can give you access to the ftp server that hosts Easy Debian if you want21:48
StskeepsAndrewfblack: how big is that tar.gz these days?21:48
b-manbut i'll need to figure out how to upload/acsess it :)21:48
AndrewfblackI think around 150mb not sure I don't keep up with how much space qole uses anymore lol21:49
Andrewfblackyou got an ftp client21:49
Stskeepsb-man: i like UltraFXP21:49
Stskeepsfor ftp purposes21:49
b-manmaemo ftp21:49
*** gnuton has joined #maemo21:49
zenvoidb-man: try this http://www.sendspace.com21:49
Stskeepsb-man: true, you use your tablet exclusively21:49
Andrewfblackpm me a user name and password and I'll set you up with about 500gb of HD space and 6TB of Transfer a month lol21:50
* qwerty12_N800 pimps hildonized gftp21:50
b-manyes, for now, untill i get my laptop :)21:50
Andrewfblackqwerty12_N800 Yeah I got gftp lastnight it rocks21:50
qwerty12_N800Andrewfblack, hehe, yerga did some wicked stuff with it :)21:51
Andrewfblackbtw Qwerty I'm not shutting maemobox all the way down just scaled it back.  You can keep using it now new people just have to tell me what project its for so they don't use it for personal websites and suck21:52
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo21:52
* b-man starts looking for his maemoftp deb somewhere on one of several partitions on his mmcs21:53
AndrewfblackGoing to setup a donation thing for it to only costs be about 30 dollars a month but any donations people make would help lol21:53
Stskeepsb-man: there's also gftp it seems like21:53
qwerty12_N800Andrewfblack, w00t! Thanks :)21:53
AndrewfblackStskeeps if you need any hosting for any Mer stuff let me know also and i'll set you up21:54
b-mancan i get it va apt? or do i need to look for it :)21:54
qwerty12_N800it's in extras21:54
StskeepsAndrewfblack: hehe, i have a good contact in :)21:54
*** lfelipe[AWAY] is now known as lfelipe21:54
Andrewfblacklol ok21:55
Andrewfblackqwerty12_N800 every since I shut down that ad site someone was running on Maemobox I'm using aton less resources21:56
b-manah, finally found it :) installing...21:57
qwerty12_N800Andrewfblack, urgh, what a way to take advantage :(21:57
*** k-s has joined #maemo21:57
Andrewfblackyeah and I was only watching peoples transfer and storage but his script was killing my system memory.  Which is why we couldn't get on ftp for a litte while21:57
*** lmoura has quit IRC21:57
AndrewfblackI'll put it this way I took it from over 200 members to 5 members including you and now new people are going to have to explain why they want access kinda like garage21:58
Andrewfblackone day I'll get off my lazy but and make a new site.22:01
Andrewfblackbtw if anyone has use for the doamin I have given up on that project and would allow you use to use the domain until it expires22:03
*** ian_at_synth has joined #maemo22:03
ian_at_synthhi all.22:03
*** lmoura has joined #maemo22:04
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo22:04
ian_at_synthi hear you guys need some themes w/ source packages or something?22:04
ian_at_synthhave you seen the new ones we put on extras-devel22:04
qwerty12_N800Are you one of the LCARS guys? :)22:04
ian_at_synthyes, i do the graphics, leif does packaging22:05
qwerty12_N800Wicked, I'm using platinum atm22:05
ian_at_synthtritanium you mean? heh22:05
Stskeepsian_at_synth: so you use theme maker or hildon-theme-layout-4 and slicers?22:05
Andrewfblackyou guys released some new themes?22:05
qwerty12_N800ian_at_synth, Hehe, I knew I got it wrong >.<. thanks for the theme!22:06
ian_at_synthwe use a modified version of hildon-theme-layout-4,
ian_at_synthno thememaker22:06
*** eichi has joined #maemo22:06
Stskeepssynth, interesting22:06
Stskeepswhat are the changes?22:06
ian_at_synthwe added graphics for browser controls, so that they don't have to use the graphics used throughout the rest of the theme22:07
ian_at_synthalso, we have different graphics for the home statusbar thing, so that our themes identify the device. i.e. rx-34, rx-44 etc22:07
ian_at_synthanyhow, i'd love to see my stuff used in mer22:08
ian_at_synthand i think these new themes would be more suited for that, as opposed to the lcars colors :D22:08
Stskeepsaw, i had thought about making LCARS the main theme.. ;)22:09
Stskeepswe welcome any contributions :)22:09
ian_at_synthwell we have source up, so have at em if you want22:09
* qwerty12_N800 loves tritanium. A theme that doesn't burn out my eyes when using my tablet in the dark :)22:09
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: i usually use turning the brightness up to wake up in the mornings :P22:10
b-manAndrewfblack, hold on, allmost done packing up the rootfs (98.3% done)22:10
ian_at_synththat was the goal. i've heard the general say that the lcars themes are the greatest themes for any device ever, except he can't be seen w/ them in public. so i made these :)22:10
Andrewfblackok just give me some ftp login info for you in PM and I'll set you up22:10
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, hehe, I wish this had vibration for that :)22:11
Stskeepsian_at_synth: so, tritanium, meta, okuda, kobayashi?22:11
Andrewfblackian_at_synth I will as a theme designer admit you guys blow me out of the water22:12
ian_at_synthyep, those are the three new ones, sts. all 7 of our themes are on extras-devel tho. anyhow, we're actually going to rebuild the 3 new themes before promoting to extras-proper, but the only change will be the package icons (right now they still have the starfleet logo, even though they aren't really trek themes)22:13
*** hvelarde|freezin has quit IRC22:13
ian_at_synththanks andrew :) nice to have options tho, glad i'm not the only one doing this stuff22:13
Andrewfblackshit I like tritanium better then I like my MerEcho22:14
Stskeepsian_at_synth: did you happen to see some of wazd's recent mockups btw?22:14
Andrewfblackian_at_synth yeah some times I feel I'm only one working on themes to lol even though I know I'm not just not alot of us22:14
ian_at_synthno i don't think so sts. hey, try out the 3 desktops i included with the new themes. especially the transparent sidebar one22:14
Stskeepsah ;)22:15
Stskeepsin my world desktop = hildon desktop configuration files :)22:15
ian_at_synthyeah i'm a recovering mac user22:15
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo22:16
b-mandone packing rootfs, now to just upload :)22:16
b-manonly 10mb off my estimation, 150mb22:17
* Andrewfblack now knows why only 24 out of 800 people downloaded MerEcho lol22:17
Stskeepswe're playing a little so, (experiment), (wazd mockup)22:17
Stskeeps-> ian_at_synth22:17
AndrewfblackStskeeps I really like wazd's mockup22:18
Stskeepsian_at_synth: i've added a task to include your themes on
Stskeepsif you'd like to participate in Mer in any way, you're more than welcome :)22:19
b-manAndrewfblack: it's going to be quite a while before it's fully uploaded - (2-3 hours) :p22:19
ian_at_synthto anyone who has our new themes: each theme has one wallpaper which uses transparency, so after you select that image, you can select the background color as well. kinda confusing, but i was stoked when i realized i could do it that way22:19
ian_at_synththat mockup looks great22:20
Andrewfblackb-man you uploading it straight to my ftp server or somewhere else first?22:20
b-mani'm uploading to
*** efleury has joined #maemo22:21
Stskeepsian_at_synth: we also have plans to include zenvoid's theme ( ) , see screenshots)22:21
Andrewfblackok well you can upload it right to my ftp server if you want22:22
*** ian_at_synth_ has joined #maemo22:23
b-manok, i'll use your server :)22:23
Stskeepswb ian_at_synth_22:23
Stskeepswelcome back :)22:24
ian_at_synth_ah yeah, not sure why i dropped22:25
*** mat__ has joined #maemo22:26
*** mat__ is now known as mat22:26
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo22:26
Stskeepsian_at_synth: are there any screenshots of your new themes btw?22:26
Stskeeps(i've been kinda buried in exams)22:26
ian_at_synth_no, not yet. hopefully we'll update our wiki with screenshots, and promote our packages to extras proper later today. school is taking up all my time as well tho22:27
* Meiz_n810 is installing Mer back...22:28
* Stskeeps is writing guide on how to make a boot device bootable and run x86 mer22:29
*** b-man has quit IRC22:31
* r2d2rogers is trying to figure out why his touch screen doesn't work, but he can use synergy to mouse and type over the network22:31
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: what tslib package do you have?22:31
*** hvelarde|freezin has joined #maemo22:32
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: is /etc/pointercal there?22:32
r2d2rogerspointercal ... no22:32
Stskeepswell then22:32
Stskeepsapt-get install nokia-tablets-pointercal22:32
Stskeepsand reboot22:32
Stskeepsfeel free to edit that in imager22:33
r2d2rogersStskeeps: wilco22:33
*** pupnik has quit IRC22:33
* r2d2rogers watches gmail load in midori22:34
*** geaaru has joined #maemo22:35
*** forger__away has quit IRC22:35
Stskeepsi'm waiting for dsme-tools to go through builder22:37
Stskeepsi should really apt-get dist-upgrade those images22:37
Stskeepswould cut build time 50%22:37
*** ian_at_synth has quit IRC22:37
*** b-man has joined #maemo22:37
*** Pebby has joined #maemo22:37
b-mani'm back, my tablet crashed :p22:38
*** krutt has joined #maemo22:40
Meiz_n810b-man: you got your ubuntu back?22:40
Meiz_n810it the keyboard working? :P22:40
r2d2rogersStskeeps: MUCH better22:40
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: i just recalled the 770 file didnt have them :)22:40
Andrewfblackb-man you get message about how to login?22:40
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo22:41
*** lardman_ is now known as lardman|home22:41
b-manyes, but i wanted to ask a nother question (privetly)22:41
r2d2rogerslooks like it could be useable if I can get the wireless working next, checking h-i-m now22:41
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: i'm going to tear my hair out if backspace crashes your xorg too22:42
r2d2rogersWoot! verified the  LOL  backspace issue...22:42
Stskeepsdpkg -l | grep xkbdata22:42
b-manMeiz_n810; yup :), but i havn't booted it yes (don't have gnome installed yet)22:42
b-manedit: yet22:43
r2d2rogersStskeeps: no es aqui, no results22:43
r2d2rogersStskeeps: I have moved the sapwood .so lib to make it useable without having to kill sapwood immediatly22:43
Meiz_n810UME is'n as nice as i tought...22:44
Stskeepsany reasons why?22:44
Meiz_n810it does not look any better than maemo22:45
Meiz_n810UME is just maemo, with no sidebar...22:46
Stskeeps <- for the people interested, btw22:46
*** rghosh has joined #maemo22:47
*** mlpug has quit IRC22:47
StskeepsMeiz_n810: when you have mer installed, apt-get install dsme-tools will you?22:48
Stskeepsshould give you backlight dimming and turning off and wifi power saving22:48
Meiz_n810but i'm sorry, i might have to wait for tomorrow... imager is now only about 40% far and i have to go to sleep soon :(22:49
*** danilocesar has quit IRC22:50
Meiz_n810tomorrow i'll start messing with x86-mer :P22:50
Stskeepsinstall on to a usb stick really :P22:51
* b-man starts to worry about apt-pin collisions again with mer/deblet repo22:51
Stskeepsb-man: yeah..22:51
Stskeepsb-man: perhaps with the Andrewfblack space you can build a mini repository22:52
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: no way :) my computer is so old it does not support booting from usb22:52
Stskeepsso you dont collide22:52
StskeepsMeiz_n810: how old?22:52
b-manshure :)22:52
Stskeeps.. specs22:52
Meiz_n81098? not sure...22:52
b-manmine has a pentium 3 :)22:52
StskeepsMeiz_n810: RAM/CPU i meant22:53
Meiz_n810800mHz duron, 512mb sd-ram22:53
Stskeepspft. it'll run mer fine22:53
Meiz_n810yep, but from hard-disk for sure :P22:53
Stskeepsnot floppy certainly..22:53
Meiz_n810switching to 154th floppy now...22:54
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: could you test dsme-tools too?22:54
Stskeepsi think wifi power saving might not work too well22:55
Stskeepsbut i'm uncertain22:55
rghoshI'm experiencing a problem on diablo where librsvg2-bin won't install, complaining that I don't have package python, but python is installed.  console output is here:
r2d2rogersStskeeps:  willco, was about to reboot anyhow, had to add the symbolic link to /dev/fb0 again22:56
Meiz_n810rghosh: it depends on package python but there is only package for python2.5?23:00
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: symbolic link?23:00
rghoshMeiz_n810: yes23:01
rghoshMeiz_n810: and the repository from which the librsvg libraries comes from has python2.5, but not python named as such23:02
r2d2rogersStskeeps: xorg is looking for /dev/fb1 and I have /dev/fb0 only23:02
Stskeepsadd that to imager i gues23:03
rghoshI wonder if there's any way for me to enter in an alias so that "python" points to "python2.5" ?23:03
r2d2rogerswill do23:03
Stskeepsi'll get at fixing kernel-770-modules so i can generate 770 images23:04
r2d2rogersI'm taking notes as I plan to redo an install from maemo up23:04
r2d2rogersStskeeps: what needs fixing in it?23:04
qwerty12_N800rghosh, install
r2d2rogersStskeeps: power saving for the backlight works on 770 with dsmetools apparently23:04
Meiz_n810rghosh: if you really wanna use it, you can use dpkg -i --force-depends....23:05
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: depmod change23:05
rghoshqwerty12_N800: ok, will try23:05
lcuklardman|home, was this written just for you?
*** gnutonio has joined #maemo23:10
*** lfelipe is now known as lfelipe[AWAY]23:10
*** hvelarde|freezin has quit IRC23:14
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: btw, do you have fbcon yourself or is it in kernel-modules-770?23:14
rghoshqwerty12_N800: thanks, it worked!23:16
rghoshMeiz_n810: thank you as well23:17
qwerty12_N800no problem :)23:17
r2d2rogersStskeeps: I didn't grab it separate23:18
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]23:20
* Meiz_n810 is installing dsme-tools...23:22
*** gnuton has quit IRC23:23
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: apt-get update, apt-get install kernel-modules-77023:25
Stskeepsdoes anything break?23:25
*** jpt9_ has joined #maemo23:25
*** fab has quit IRC23:26
*** jpt9 has quit IRC23:30
*** jpt9_ is now known as jpt923:30
r2d2rogersStskeeps: installing, btw do you have a pgp key for the repo?23:30
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: no, i didn't expect repo would last this long :P23:31
Stskeepsalso the way we do it currently is contrary to how its really supposed to be23:31
r2d2rogersStskeeps: hope for a dist?23:32
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: yeah, but i wanted some things ready first so it wouldn't have to be every week bothering the admins :)23:33
r2d2rogersStskeeps: seems to work  (kernel-770.....)23:34
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: good23:34
r2d2rogersStskeeps:  yeah I can understand that23:34
r2d2rogersI see meiz has nice screen shots up on picasa23:34
Stskeepsyeah quite a few23:35
r2d2rogersdo you know what bluetooth applet he's using?23:35
*** Khertan has joined #maemo23:35
Stskeepsbluez-gnome probably23:35
KhertanHello !23:35
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC23:36
* Stskeeps starts x86, n770, n8x0 build23:38
* Meiz_n810 boots to Mer23:38
r2d2rogersodd, something is killing my symbolic link for /dev/fb0 => /dev/fb023:39
r2d2rogerswouldn't be surprised23:40
r2d2rogerswhy is Xorg insisting on using /dev/fb1 if /dev/fb0 is in the xorg.conf23:40
Stskeepsoverlay stuff i think23:40
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC23:40
Stskeepsfor XV23:40
*** renato has quit IRC23:41
* Stskeeps looks how many updates have come since last23:41
*** wms has quit IRC23:42
r2d2rogersMeiz_n810: what bluetooth applet are you using?23:42
*** vivijim has quit IRC23:43
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: i think there's a wide range of changes to xf86-xorg-video-omapfb since we branched, so you're welcome to try and patch it from;a=summary23:44
Stskeepsit might work better23:44
r2d2rogersStskeeps: got the note, will see if I can try it23:45
*** rghosh has left #maemo23:45
Stskeepsonly change i did was with update fb23:45
r2d2rogerscool, I can see the notes in lp23:47
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC23:48
r2d2rogersI'll install the SDK on a 32bit OS and try it there.23:48
r2d2rogersStskeeps: thanks23:48
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo23:48
Meiz_n810screen dimmimg worked well23:48
Meiz_n810infobot is turned off?23:49
KhertanSomeone have already do tunneling ip encapsulated in http on nit ?23:49
Khertan~seen Khertan_n81023:49
Khertanyep :)23:49
StskeepsKhertan: are you able to access https on your data connection btw23:51
*** bilboed-tp has joined #maemo23:52
r2d2rogersMeiz_n810: what bluetooth applet are you using?23:53
KhertanStskeeps: nope23:53
StskeepsKhertan: thats silly.. i think in .dk that would be illegal to filter23:53
Stskeepscos it is needed to access government services23:53
KhertanStskeeps: here it s not ... unfortunatly23:53
r2d2rogersMeiz_n810: awesome, thanks23:54
Meiz_n810np :)23:54
* Khertan vote for mNotes integration in Mer by default :)23:54
qwerty12_N800Khertan, I _think_ this is what you're asking for:
Khertanouch ... the look&feel of the site ...23:55
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: how can i get that battery-applet you said was working?23:56
Khertansomeone can compile it for me ?23:57
Khertanas it s only depends on libc ... it s look like c code23:57
*** setanta has quit IRC23:57
JaffaKhertan: also, see corkscrew for something similar.23:57
lardman|homelcuk: thanks, just watching it :)23:57
Khertani ve just finishing compiling google desktop sidebar for my computer ...23:57
JaffaKhertan: Finally, PuTTY can SSH over HTTPS by default23:58
Khertanand i m still downloading the vmware image for maemo :)23:58
KhertanJaffa: yep ... but putty is not something i want to use on my nit23:58
RaytrayKhertan, mind if I bother you about mcalendar with a short question? :D23:58
Khertanhéhé ... yep ask ...23:58
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: we -so- need a putty/gtk port23:59
Stskeeps(yes, it exists for unix)23:59
* Khertan know that he should finish this log window !23:59
RaytrayWhere's the file that mcalendar saves it's info too?23:59
RaytrayIf there is one anyway23:59
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, I've already packaged it for maemo (unhildonized) ;)23:59

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