IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2008-12-12

lcukso, if anyone has a touchscreen pc knocking around they really arent using and could do with some love send it my way ;)00:00
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qwerty12_N800lcuk, come to our school, electronic whiteboards are taken quite a lot :p00:01
Stskeepsright, forgot those00:01
Stskeepselectronic whiteboards. Mer target.00:01
lcukheh, i imagine you live inside a touchscreen cube by now00:01
mavhcmake your own with a wii controller00:01
lcuklol Stskeeps send me one ill port it00:01
Stskeepsi plan to.00:01
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lardmanGeneralAntilles: ping00:47
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* Stskeeps wonders if he'll have any hair left after spending too long time with sb00:48
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Stskeepsyou did what kam didn't like now, w00t?00:51
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* Stskeeps glares at sb201:24
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* lcuk flicks a rubberband @ Stskeeps 01:29
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lardmannight all01:34
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Stskeepsok, something is definately wrong in their symlink handling01:35
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Stskeepsi can rm etc/fonts/conf.d/somesymlink to ../whatever, but not /etc/fonts/conf.d..01:37
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mavhcdarn, the bluetooth remote keyboard doesn't work if the n810 is locked01:46
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* Stskeeps notes himself two bugs found so far02:12
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GeneralAntillesStskeeps, I assume you're gonna want a Bugzilla product at some point?02:15
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: mm, i was actually talking about sb2 bugs02:16
Stskeepsi was annoyed at it erroring at many deb packages and i think i know why02:17
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lcukive just read power blackouts are possible.  can i get an exercise bike which would keep a couple of NITs charged?02:23
Stskeepsi'd say solar cell but that's kinda useless in britain.02:24
GeneralAntilleslcuk, sure, but you gotta find an old Jewish guy to power it for you. :P02:25
lcuknahhh i just wanna see if i can keep em running02:26
GeneralAntillesJust remember, Soylent Green is people. ;)02:27
lcukom nom nom02:27
lcukgnite anyway02:27
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Stskeepsweirdest bug ever02:35
timelessstskeeps: i have a bug where we're crashing because _gdk_windownew or something like that retunred null02:46
timelessi bet it's weirder than your bug02:46
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Stskeepsreturned null? doesn't it smell a bit of malloc failure? :P02:48
timelessso what?02:48
timelessgtk is supposed to kill itself when mallocs happen02:48
timelessexcept this wasn't one of those cases02:48
timelessso it isn't actually a malloc failure02:48
timelesswhich is what makes it cool02:48
Stskeepsstack corruption, perhaps02:48
timelessthe caller incorrectly assumes that the callee could never fail02:48
timelesswhereas the callee has a couple of ways to fail02:49
timelessi'm fairly certain it failed because the passed parent was a destroyed window02:49
timelessand it didn't approve :)02:49
timelessno true memory 'corruption'02:49
timelessit's just quite weird02:49
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timelesshrm, places as a daemon could make my group happy03:32
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hydesteris there away to adjust volume or toggle mute via the command shell?03:44
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zakkmhydester: of course, terminal can do everything . its just a matter of what the command is ;p04:05
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mib_nshyx1sweet, this works great on the tablet04:42
mib_nshyx1gotta get ready for the meeting Sunday04:43
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disco_stu~curse Newton05:23
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FrankB_TXHow does one add a page to the wiki?05:55
GeneralAntillesFrankB_TX, just go to the page name you want to create.05:56
FrankB_TXAh thanks05:56
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hugo33I'm porting a Java app (written w/ NetBeans) to run on the N810. Eclipse will generate a SWT-based app whereas NetBeans uses Swing. Has anyone in here written apps that should run on multiple platforms (Maemo being one, Windows the other)? Have you any comments re: languages, GUI toolkits etc.? WxWindows looks promising, so does Qt, ...06:02
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timelessxul :)06:08
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* hugo33 laughs06:10
FrankB_TXSo i made a page that would have saved me some time06:12
FrankB_TXAccessing this channel with rtcomm06:13
FrankB_TXWorth putting in user topics?06:14
GeneralAntillesXChat's an easier option. ;)06:14
Robot101er, :'(06:15
FrankB_TXI tried that06:15
GeneralAntillesRobot101, can I install the beta from Extras-devel yet?06:15
FrankB_TXWouldn't install06:15
FrankB_TXNot in extras06:15
GeneralAntillesFrankB_TX, yes it is.06:15
GeneralAntillesExtras-devel anyway06:15
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FrankB_TXThat's not quite the same06:15
FrankB_TXI suppose rtcomm's not either06:15
FrankB_TXOr is it now06:16
FrankB_TXAny way i'd rather reuse what i have installed06:16
FrankB_TXBut it wasn't obvious to me how to join a channel06:16
FrankB_TXSo i can trash the page or add some screen shots to improve it06:17
GeneralAntillesWhy trash it?06:17
FrankB_TXWell if xchat is better...06:17
FrankB_TXHow do you add it to users?06:18
FrankB_TXHow do you add it to user docs?06:20
FrankB_TXNever mind i see06:21
NaviJust keep the page06:23
FrankB_TXThanks for the help General06:23
FrankB_TXNavi, I left it06:23
NaviAdd a disclaimer somewhere that if the person goes with rtcomm, they are a loser06:24
FrankB_TXI'm a loser baby06:24
Navihugo33: timeless will always suggest his baby06:25
Navihugo33: I haven't heard anything about wxwindows on the tablets since it was hildonized06:26
NaviI don't suggest depending on that for the tablets06:26
NaviSupport is shaky and nothing uses it, so it's another dep to install06:27
* hugo33 nods06:27
hugo33Because of the requirements of the project, it's coming down to a choice between H2(database)+Hibernate+Java+Eclipse and GTK+SQLite+(some IDE). The app has to run on Windows and Linux (one binary per platform is fine) and has to access an embedded SQL database that resides in the same folder as the app.06:28
hugo33That's why Java is so appealing. Cross-platform language, cross-platform graphical toolkit (SWT), cross-platform database (SQL) accessed with a cross-platform SQL engine (H2).06:28
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hugo33...but Jalimo is relatively new, whereas hildonized GTK would not only run on Maemo but also on Ubuntu Linux (i386) and Windows.06:29
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hugo33If Maemo supported Swing then I would stick with NetBeans... but since SWT is what Jalimo currently supports (and since the efforts to recompile OpenJDK w/ IcedTea to run on the N810 have met with mixed results), I'm looking hard at Eclipse. Eclipse also has Maemo plug-ins of some kind.06:31
NaviWell, the Eclipse plugin that has to do with Maemo is for use with scratchbox06:33
NaviI think there might be another one that was python-related06:34
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NaviBut uh, does the tablets have a nicely running jalimo port/build?06:35
hugo33Nokia N810 has been running Jalimo reasonably well for about a year now, I gather. I'm still tempted to try to run IcedTea on the N810, just to see if I can build a native .deb package for it. :) I know it'll take ages (it's not a fast CPU) but why not?06:37
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hugo33PyMaemo looks good.07:21
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Proteousicecream sundays look good too07:32
Naviused frequently07:33
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pupniki'd like to see a graph of cvs commits globally in the last year08:00
pupnikbetcha they took a dive08:00
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Navipupnik: why?08:06
pupnikopen-source work is a luxury08:06
Proteousbecause no one likes CVS08:06
NaviProteous: :)08:07
Proteousif you were using subversion or git things would be differnt08:07
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rwhitbypupnik: alternate view is that those who loose jobs have lots of time for open source work ...08:27
infobotrwhitby meant: pupnik: alternate view is that those who lose jobs have lots of time for open source work ...08:27
pupnikgood point rwhitby08:28
rwhitbyI thought you were talking about CVS -> SVN/GIT transition :-)08:28
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pupnik  check out one of my soundtracks08:58
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Sargunthe word is in:
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RST38hmoo all10:28
*** AstralS is now known as AStorm10:28
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korgothanyone know where (if) i can find 'locate' for maemo?10:31
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Meiz_n810mm.. What would fennec be in Mer ...10:32
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JaffaMorning, all11:16
qwerty12Morning Jaffa, feeling better I hope?11:17
JaffaGetting there11:17
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qwerty12morning StsN80011:34
*** hannesw has joined #maemo11:35
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* StsN801 tries to catch-up on new stuff11:36
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StsN801hm, pnatd mention in ke-recv11:50
StsN801in assocation with g_nookia11:50
StsN801tether -to- your tablet?11:51
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo11:53
qwerty12Probably, as it does have a radio in it and pc suite lets you easily connect to your nokia phone to tether11:53
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lardmanmorning all12:25
qwerty12morning lardman12:25
lardmanhi qwerty1212:26
*** geaaru has quit IRC12:26
StsN800morn lardman12:27
qwerty12lardman, when you used SBOX_REDIRECT_IGNORE to compile gmp, did it take you massively long ; out of question? :D12:27
lardmanah, don't think so12:27
lardmanhi StsN80012:28
lardmanqwerty12: I do have a half decent machine though12:28
qwerty12hehe, trying it with aptitude and it seems to be stuck on one file :/12:28
qwerty12lardman, ah, probably why :D12:28
*** christefano has quit IRC12:29
lardmantrying with aptitude?12:31
lardmanto install it?12:31
qwerty12no, trying to compile aptitude12:32
qwerty12it's a shame that ubuntu stopped providing a gcc++-3.4 package for intrepid, I had to take the hardy one and butcher the deb to remove the dependencies line but I can't expect them to keep on supporting old stuff I suppose :/12:33
lardmanah, I see12:33
Meiz_n810haha, i have never had this much fun.. sending faxes to all my frends in the classroom12:40
Meiz_n810the fax service calls 3 times in a  row =P12:40
StsN800meiz the script kiddie:P12:41
*** bergie has quit IRC12:41
* StsN800 waits for meiz' n810 to be confiscated12:42
Meiz_n810Sts: gimme your number, you'll get some faxes12:46
Meiz_n810not really12:47
*** Pebby__ has joined #maemo12:48
StsN800pfft :p12:48
Meiz_n810hmm, how can i build fennec ?12:48
Meiz_n810for mer12:48
*** Pebby_ has quit IRC12:48
StsN800blood sweat and tears12:49
StsN800sb2 really needs documentation12:51
*** bergie has joined #maemo12:51
GeneralAntillesStsN800, actually, tethering was something I hadn't considered.12:52
GeneralAntillesFor some reason I was thinking it wouldn't be possible.12:52
GeneralAntillesWhich'd be problematic when the cable goes out (as it often does :\) since tethering is my fallback then.12:52
StsN800sure is, just as g_ether + nat + hsdpa12:52
*** frade_ has quit IRC12:53
StsN800or bluetooth pan instead of g_ether12:53
*** AStorm has quit IRC12:54
StsN800pcsuite has one touch connect too so12:55
*** andrunko has quit IRC12:56
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*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo13:03
qwerty12thanks StsN80013:05
*** caio1982 has joined #maemo13:06
*** Grackle has quit IRC13:09
* StsN800 ponders if sb2 works better with a huge rootstrap than a minimal one13:09
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Meiz_n810i can install nothing to Mer: dpkg: syntax error: unknown group `Debian-exim' in statoverride file13:20
Meiz_n810it appeared when i ran dist-upgrade (it upgraded openjdk-6)13:21
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*** frade has quit IRC14:06
*** frade has joined #maemo14:07
kost-bebixHi. I am doing apt-get update and it says something like (it's in russian, so I'm translating): "Reading packages list...done \n W: GPG error: chinook Release: next signatures cannot be checked, because general public key is unavailable: NO_PUBKEY AE384AC3584BD4D6 \n W: you can do 'apt-get update' to fix those errors14:09
*** andrunko` has joined #maemo14:11
*** andrunko has quit IRC14:11
*** andrunko` has quit IRC14:11
*** andrunko has joined #maemo14:11
kost-bebixI've disabled that mozilla repo and everything looks fine14:17
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo14:19
GeneralAntilleskost-bebix, it's a non-critical error anyway14:19
GeneralAntillesYou can ignore it.14:19
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC14:23
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:23
*** andrunko has quit IRC14:28
*** andrunko has joined #maemo14:28
lardman cool :)14:30
kost-bebixGeneralAntilles: apt should have some key to ignore it, right?14:30
GeneralAntilleskost-bebix, I dunno, but it doesn't actually mean anything.14:30
*** luca_o has quit IRC14:30
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo14:32
* Stskeeps sips his coffee14:34
* GeneralAntilles wonders if they're waiting on the beta SDK to start working on the Fremantle Stars14:35
Stskeepsmm, not entirely unfair though - stars might look crap in the new UI14:36
lardmanhas all gone quiet hasn't it14:36
kost-bebixGeneralAntilles: you're right. Now I'm trying to do apt-get -f update14:36
lcukalpha blended luminous stars maybe14:36
* lardman wants galaxy simulator14:37
GeneralAntilleslardman, last I heard a few weeks ago when it was brought up on itT was that they were still looking at the candidates14:37
* lcuk wrote "universe contains lots of worlds" last night :)14:37
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, well, there's always back-end work to be done.14:37
lcukthen promptly started thinking about a universe class :)14:37
GeneralAntillesSay they pick up lardman's barcode reader14:37
GeneralAntillesThe UI is only a part of the bigger picture and I'm sure he'd appreciate some db help in the meantime. ;)14:38
lardmanyeah, you seen my code hey?14:38
lcuklardman, galaxy sim would be cool actually, and with a accel built in we could really shake things up14:38
lardmanI think the db stuff is pretty much finished now, untested mind you; now I need to read my gtk+ book and get a working ui14:38
lardmangive me another day or so and I hope to start trying to compile, and iron out the bugs14:39
* lcuk wants to help lardman and everyone as much as possible, whoever gets stars needs assistance :)14:39
lardmanbut the web parsing bit I will probably need help with14:39
lcukits beneficial for all of us if we pull together and help all our projects14:39
lardmanyep for sure14:40
lardmanonce I have something that shows the structure I'm looking for I'll do a call out for people to improve, etc14:41
lcukthe more i think about this 2d clutter idea, the more i like it - i really need a linux slate to get a feel for clutter14:41
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: curious, how many people does employ?14:41
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, directly?14:41
lcukunknown - perhaps every person at nokia is involved, or perhaps quim wears many hats14:41
Stskeepsas in people working full-time for maemo.org14:41
GeneralAntillesX-Fade, dneary, andre___, and eventually the debmaster14:42
Stskeepsand the usual structure is hired by a contractor i guess14:42
GeneralAntillesThere are lots of people at Nokia whose job description involves a lot of work14:42
GeneralAntillesthen there's Nemien14:43
GeneralAntillesPeople like tekojo and _marcell_ are Nokia people that are basically working on maemo.org14:44
GeneralAntillestekojo in particular14:44
GeneralAntillesAll told probably a little over a dozen14:44
zhaozhouAnyone here got the GPS working on the n810?14:44
*** aantn has joined #maemo14:45
lardmanzhaozhou: yes14:45
zhaozhouHmm, so it's only mine then... odd.14:46
wizawayfinger doesn't work?14:46
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC14:46
lardmandoesn't work as in no lock, or doesn't start up?14:47
zhaozhouI cant find any satellites, ever. Even if i let it sit at the window for an hour it just stays at "searching"14:48
zhaozhouDon't have wayfinder, so i cant try that one14:48
andre___zhaozhou, does it work outdoors, without any buildings around?14:48
zhaozhouI've tried at the park outside the house, clear skyes and everything, no go.14:48
zhaozhouthere were buildings around, but not close14:49
GeneralAntilleszhaozhou, did you install A-GPS?14:49
lcukis this too cheeky:
Stskeepslcuk: meh, if it works, it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't:P14:49
zhaozhouGeneralAntilles, Uhm, no. Do i need it?14:49
GeneralAntilleszhaozhou, if you want fast locks, yes.14:49
lcukyeah Stskeeps thats what im thinking14:49
lardmanzhaozhou: where fast <age of universe14:50
zhaozhouGeneralAntilles, I'll try searching for it then. :-)14:50
GeneralAntilleslcuk, Asus has shipped that touch computer, haven't they? :P14:50
gomiamlcuk: no, not really. I've seen worse. If I wasn't still using my old laptop I would probably consider sending it :-P14:50
lardmanit should be in the standard updates repo14:50
lcuklardman, age of universe is a bit off - it overflows before then14:50
gomiamit's not a computer I can sell, anyway.14:50
Stskeepstime is constrained in a unsigned 64-bit integer.14:50
lcukGeneralAntilles, yeah but cashflow got a bit worse with things happening14:51
*** mk8 has quit IRC14:51
Stskeeps(new religion item.)14:51
GeneralAntilleslcuk, what's wrong with your Windows machine, anyway?14:51
GeneralAntillesCan't you dual-boot Linux?14:51
lcuki cant touch the screen14:51
RST38hCan't you use mouse instead?14:51
lcukwell, i can but its not the same14:51
GeneralAntilleslcuk, you can't touch the screen of a laptop, either. :P14:52
kost-bebixis there tcl/tk in maemo's repos?14:52
lcuktthats why i ask for a touchscreen laptop14:52
GeneralAntillesAh, right.14:52
lardmanStskeeps: yeah, but we can go fixed point with the 64bit number for the case of GPS locks, 1 bit of mantissa and 63 bytes of exponent, no sign needed14:52
gomiamoh, touchscreen laptop... that I have none of.14:53
gomiamlardman: 1 bit of mantissa and 63 bits of exponent?14:53
lardmans/63 bytes/63 bits14:53
lardmanyeah, sorry, typo14:53
gomiamyou mean sign and mantissa, right? :)14:53
lardmancould probably round that anyway, no need for a mantissa, assume it's 1, then use all 64bits for exponent14:54
lardmangomiam: no, this is GPS time to lock, so we need large numbers ;)14:54
zhaozhouOdd applikation this, A-GPS14:54
GeneralAntilleslcuk, alternatively, just ship a liqbase update that holds people's tablets for ransom. ;)14:55
lardmanprobably best to raise a googleplex to the power of the 64bit exponent too, just to add some extra range14:55
*** chenca has joined #maemo14:55
zhaozhouHow does it work? Does it add a GPS driver too or is it just a front-end?14:55
Stskeepsit helps by getting the information about sattelite positions from an online source afaik14:55
lcukheh GeneralAntilles i keep tihnking about a beowulf cluster of tablets14:55
lardmanzhaozhou: it downloads almanac/ephemeris data from online for your location and feeds it to the chipset when it starts14:55
lardmanzhaozhou: make sure you close down the agps-ui before starting up the gps14:56
lardmanso it will update14:56
zhaozhouAah. Do i need to restart the device or is the info already there?14:56
zhaozhoulardman, oh, okay, thanks14:56
lardmanrestart the gps, yes14:56
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:56
lcuka-gps is  a psychological tool designed to sidetrack you into doing the things people say in the forums ("restart device, wait for a bit, think about stuff, feed the cats")  etc14:57
lardmanlcuk: :p14:57
RST38hlcuk: sounds like maemo sdk14:59
RST38hon a smaller scale at least14:59
* Stskeeps is still in a love-hate relationship with sb214:59
*** murrayc has joined #maemo15:00
RST38hSts: it is better than my hate-hate relationship with sb115:00
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]15:00
Stskeepsyeah, agree15:00
lardmanhmm, I have a working wifi connection, but the agps cache isn't being updated15:03
lardmanno wonder people have troubles15:03
zhaozhouSweet, it worked!15:03
Stskeepswoo, i reached the 200th thanking on iTT15:04
zhaozhouOne more thing though, i wont always have a wifi-connection, if i'm on the road for example... what would i use for maps?15:04
Stskeeps200 thanks in 85 posts, 232 posts in total. :P15:04
Stskeepsso far ratio shows me it's worth doing what i'm doing :P15:05
*** aantn has quit IRC15:07
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo15:07
Stskeepslo meiz15:08
*** namtastic has joined #maemo15:08
lcukStskeeps, you only got that thanks because you STOPPED posting naked pictures of yourself and promised to release the squirrels you had been "abusing"15:09
Stskeeps.. in a previous open source project we had a coder that took countless pictures of squirrels on his campus15:09
lardmanzhaozhou: download them in advance?15:10
lardmanzhaozhou: or use a GPRS/other mobile connection?15:10
StskeepsGeneralAntilles: i'm really starting to ponder if there's even OS-on-internal-flash in new device15:11
zhaozhouIt seems maemo mapper isn't in the repos anymore though..15:11
zhaozhouOh wait, yes it is, i had a repo disabled15:12
Stskeepsah, nm15:12
* Stskeeps ponders what the hell fremantle needs a 4mb linux partition for.15:12
Stskeepswith a 2gb one just after it15:12
Stskeepsinitfs? :P15:12
GeneralAntillesWho knows15:13
lardmanthat's quite a bit of memory15:13
*** namtastic has left #maemo15:13
GeneralAntillesI really hope it's a 32GB eMMC with an *GB rootfs15:13
GeneralAntillesThey've got OneNAND listed in the kernel15:14
Stskeepslardman: internal mmc partitioning layout is 768mb swap, 4mb linux, and 2gb linux, and rest FAT15:14
lcukholy moly @ desktop sized swap15:14
lardmanperhaps the kernel is flashed in the separate partition?15:14
lcuknahhh with that much space, its stored as source, as unicode15:15
lardmanStskeeps: how large is "the rest"?15:15
GeneralAntilleslardman, ,,15:15
Stskeepslardman: no clue, it doesn't reveal that. it uses sfdisk notation for the rest15:15
lcukisnt this kind of discussion like quim was saying yesterday?15:15
lardmanlcuk: future proofing, esp with so much space avaulable15:15
Stskeepslcuk: sure, but hope is good15:16
lcukyeah lardman understood totally,15:16
*** blade_runner has joined #maemo15:16
lcukthe 3x performance boost will get eaten by the 1`0x media requirements15:16
* Stskeeps ponders to sleep in his office tonight15:17
Stskeepsgot a xmas lunch up here at campus15:17
lcukwont the night workers disturb you15:17
lardmanI've got one next wed lunchtime, so that afternoon will be interesting :)15:17
lardmanlcuk: he should be passed out, doubtful ;)15:17
Stskeepslcuk: not many people on this floor work at night15:18
Stskeepsand my office is quite sound proof15:18
lcukyeah, forward thinking, they know you snore15:18
Stskeepsbackside however is i don't have a sofa.15:18
lcukalways an ouchy, waking up with YTREWQ on your forehead is such a good thing15:19
Stskeepsgiven it's the last xmas lunch while most of us are at university, i suspect i will end up duct-taped to the wall somewhere.15:19
*** Zic has joined #maemo15:19
lcukanyway, must dash,  theres a problem with romans15:19
lardmanthey turn the heating off at night here, would get bloody cold15:19
lardmans/romans/barbarians ?15:20
Stskeepslardman: i have my heating off. 3 towers in the room keep it warm15:20
lardmanStskeeps: :)15:20
lcukyou wll have to biverwack down behind the desk and burn books to stay alive15:20
*** Wikier has quit IRC15:21
lcuk"omg electrical engineering second edition 1976, a timeless classic"   page by page15:22
lcuki should be gonen ow shouldnt i15:22
*** lmoura_ has joined #maemo15:24
*** efleury has quit IRC15:25
*** guysoft42 has quit IRC15:25
*** efleury has joined #maemo15:25
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s15:30
*** webustany has joined #maemo15:33
webustanyhi there15:33
webustanyhas somebody here managed to run diablo in qemu ? I read the slides about that, created the image with poky image, but all I get is a white screen in qemu...15:34
webustanythere's something happening behind, I see logs about mmc and touchscreen15:34
Stskeepsi think chinook runs but not diablo, though i'm not sure15:34
Stskeepslooked at hrw's posts?15:34
Stskeepsadmittedly i didn't have it booting myself either, except for kernel and initial initfs15:35
webustanyI followed these slides
Stskeepswhat's your purpose for it?15:35
webustanyscratchbox is a pain to install on fedora15:35
webustanyI wanted to test it as a possible build env15:35
*** kost-bebix has quit IRC15:35
qwerty12_N800diablo runs but you have to edit the source to reflect new flash layout15:35
webustanyqwerty12_N800: yep, I applied the patch15:35
webustanybecause the initfs is larger15:36
Meiz_n810What was the command to download imager?15:36
StskeepsMeiz_n810: update or download from scratch?15:36
Meiz_n810from scratch15:36
Stskeepsbzr branch lp:~mer-committers/m-r/imager15:36
qwerty12_N800webustany, what mtd dump are you using? it has to be taken from a device with the rd flag no-lifeguard-reset set15:38
webustanyqwerty12_N800: yep, I ran the flasher with --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset or something like that on my n810 running diablo15:39
webustanythen I did as root dd if=/dev/mtd1 of=dump15:39
webustany(not sure if it's the right way to do it)15:39
qwerty12_N800i used 'cat /dev/mtd1ro > /media/mmc2/dump' but dd seems fine afaik. hrw linked me to  a patch that supresses those errors but it seems it's been deleted from the pastebin :(15:41
webustanyhmm, is there a difference between /dev/mtd1 and /dev/mtd1ro ?15:42
webustanyI didn't apply the kill debugs patch, but it doesn't bother me15:42
qwerty12_N800no, I just used mtd1ro for a tiny bit of added safety incase i messed something up :)15:42
* Stskeeps ponders what to use the beagleboard in his office for.15:43
webustanyqwerty12_N800: any hint on how I could guess where it fails ? Like hooking a gdb, or having verbose output...15:43
Stskeepsserial console?15:44
qwerty12_N800webustany, no idea, sorry15:44
Stskeepsthat's what i did personally15:44
webustanynp, thanks anyway :)15:44
Stskeeps(there's command line things for that)15:44
webustanyStskeeps: the serial console ?15:44
Stskeepsmaemo kernel likes ttyS2 i think15:44
Stskeepsthere's a qemu thing to set ttyS2 to be stdio for instance15:45
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:45
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: what is the package called "matchbox-window-manager-maemo" in jaunty repo?15:45
suihkulokkiif you try some other serial port, you might end up putting login prompt to talk to some unexpecting hardware like gps ;)15:45
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo15:45
webustanyok, I'm gonna try that15:46
StskeepsMeiz_n810: probably the custom patches in new matchbox15:46
Stskeepsin old15:46
Stskeepsi'm not sure really15:46
*** luca_o has joined #maemo15:47
Stskeepsi wonder if there's any videos of clutter & matchbox-window-manager-215:47
webustanyhmm, I can access the serial console using ctrl alt n, but it's all empty15:47
webustanydoes hrw hang here sometimes ?15:48
Stskeepshe used to i think15:48
Stskeeps~seen hrw15:48
infobothrw is currently on #oe. Has said a total of 44 messages. Is idling for 5m 40s, last said: 'great'.15:48
*** lbt has quit IRC15:48
webustanyI could try to catch him...15:48
webustanyStskeeps: thanks15:48
*** raulherbster has joined #maemo15:48
r2d2rogersStskeeps: heading to work, but I was able to go through the entire imager run with a kingston card.15:51
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: alright15:51
r2d2rogerswill check logs and upload later today, looks like behavior is about the same15:51
Stskeepsi'm going to be coporiously drunk the next two evenings, so we'll see how i function during the day15:52
r2d2rogersbe safe <G>15:52
r2d2rogersI'm out.15:52
*** AStorm has joined #maemo15:53
* Stskeeps waits on imager to make a proper image for him.15:53
Stskeepsfor rootstrap15:54
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:54
*** eichi has joined #maemo15:54
Stskeepswe so need a more portable way for distingusing hardware types than /proc/component_version.15:55
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, run a benchmark suite on boot. :P15:55
Stskeepstrying to get a sdk set up of some kind15:58
qwerty12_N800odd that the omap_rng & rng_core modules are shown as being shown as inserted on my N80016:00
Stskeepsqwerty12_N800: they're OSS right? never quite cleared that up16:00
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, i don't think they are, at least i can't remember seeing source for them in the 2.6.21 kernel16:01
*** bstock has quit IRC16:02
StskeepsomaP_rng seems to be in 2.6.25 and above, at least16:03
Stskeepswould suck to have more closed blobs16:04
Stskeepsi'm already worried about g_nokia16:04
GeneralAntillesWell, it seems likely to be functionality that's more or less optional, right?16:05
GeneralAntillesmore optional than WiFi, anyway16:05
qwerty12_N800if it communicates with pc suite, i'm erring on th side of it being closed16:05
Stskeepsyeah, true16:05
*** eocanha has quit IRC16:05
qwerty12_N800Stskeeps, no sorry, omap_rng can be found in 2.6.21 according to mxr16:06
*** birunko has joined #maemo16:06
*** gomiam has quit IRC16:06
GeneralAntillesStskeeps, and there's more inertia behind opening stuff up these days than there was a year ago16:06
GeneralAntillesAt worst, it'll probably be simpler to talk Nokia into updating in when an API break comes around.16:07
*** dougt has quit IRC16:08
lardmanam heading off now, should see you chaps later on today16:10
GeneralAntillesI think as long as the closed stuff isn't 3rd-party we're fairly well off16:10
GeneralAntillesBye, lardman.16:10
*** lardman has quit IRC16:10
* Stskeeps begins to seriously think about qemu + distcc again.16:12
*** pupnik has joined #maemo16:19
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo16:19
*** thopiekar has left #maemo16:19
*** guysoft42 has joined #maemo16:21
ccookehmm. Been looking around the forums... I'm trying to see what the consensus is for when we can start to expect the next tablet (yes, I realise the consensus could be "somewhere in the next year or two")16:24
*** slapin has quit IRC16:24
ccookeanyone got a better feeling for it?16:24
GeneralAntillesSummer 200916:24
AStormis that official?16:25
GeneralAntillesAStorm, of course not.16:25
GeneralAntillesBut it's a reasonable conclusion based on the SDK timeline16:25
ccookeHuh. Slightly better than I was expecting, then. I hope that works out correct :-)16:26
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:29
AStormbut it means there will be o mind-reading interface ;)16:29
RST38hccooke: Just yesterday we were promised a huge deadly laser in the next tablet16:31
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo16:31
*** eichi_ has joined #maemo16:32
*** eichi has quit IRC16:32
*** tekojo has joined #maemo16:33
ccookeRST38h: really? Damn, that sucks. I was hoping for a chainsaw :-(16:34
StskeepsRST38h: would a chroot with binary emulation be more sane for a SDK, with some binaries being native (compiler, sh, etc)?16:34
* aquatix wants both16:34
Stskeepsit would sadly need binfmt stuff in kernel :P16:35
Stskeepsthen it's no bullshit after that16:35
ccookeaquatix: now, that's just unreasonable. the vibration from the chainsaw would prevent you from aiming the laser, for a start.16:35
ccookeStskeeps: you might be able to do it with the binfmt misc support16:36
GeneralAntillesccooke, that's what the stabilizer chip they put in there is for16:36
Stskeepsccooke: yeah, that's what i'm thinking16:36
Stskeepsadmittedly it probably would just evolve into scratchbox.16:36
ccookeGeneralAntilles: ah, I should have thought. I do apologise16:36
GeneralAntillesAD5820 :P ;)16:36
aquatixccooke: excellent point16:37
aquatixccooke: maybe a chainsaw extension then16:37
*** tekojo has quit IRC16:37
Meiz_n810Stskeeps: um, sorry, there is no matchbox-window-manager-maemo in jaunty repo... :P16:37
*** lmoura_ has joined #maemo16:41
*** luca_o has quit IRC16:41
*** luca_o has joined #maemo16:42
Stskeepsright, im going to go get horridly drunk16:42
*** lmoura has quit IRC16:42
*** lmoura_ is now known as lmoura16:43
dnearyAny sign of Tim about?16:49
qwerty12_N800~seen timsamoff16:50
infobottimsamoff <i=cfa0a5b4@gateway/web/ajax/> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 7d 17h 42m 25s ago, saying: 'w/ a Q.'.16:50
GeneralAntillesdneary, email's your best bet.16:50
*** fiferboy has joined #maemo16:52
*** zakkm has joined #maemo16:53
*** simboss has quit IRC16:56
*** profoX` has joined #maemo16:58
*** eocanha has joined #maemo16:59
*** murrayc has quit IRC17:00
*** raulherbster has quit IRC17:06
*** Sho_ has quit IRC17:13
*** t_s_o has quit IRC17:13
*** ttmrichter_ has joined #maemo17:13
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC17:14
*** abinader has quit IRC17:16
*** Oli-n800 has joined #maemo17:16
ddenisdid anyone see these errors when flashing a maemo device? "usb_bulk_write: No such device" ?17:17
*** Pyrhos has joined #maemo17:18
Oli-n800hey, i've just installed screen rotator on my n, it works ok but is there any key shortcut to turn the screen?17:18
*** Pyrhos has quit IRC17:21
*** lele has quit IRC17:21
*** Pyrhos has joined #maemo17:21
webustanyOli-n800: AFAIR you need an applet to do that17:21
webustany(or you can use the xrandr command line utility)17:22
Oli-n800i've got advanced backlight applet but i want to use keys17:22
Oli-n800to change screen orientation17:23
webustanyI don't know how to do that...17:23
qwerty12_N800Oli-n800, you want sliderotate17:25
Oli-n800it's what i was thinking about, thanks qwerty12_N800 !17:26
*** fab has quit IRC17:28
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC17:32
*** Oli-n800 has quit IRC17:32
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo17:34
*** lubyou has quit IRC17:34
* lcuk calls for an airstrike of 40,000 banana skins near qwerty12_N800's house17:36
qwerty12_N800Shit, it's raining bananas!17:36
*** simboss has joined #maemo17:37
lcukno, im saving the bananas themselves until the go black n mouldy, then im gonna pour em through your letter box :P17:37
lcuk(carefully navigating the skins of course)17:37
* inherited is proud owner of a new 8gb sdhc card17:38
qwerty12_N800I see, you want to start a North v South war (and then cry as you lose) :P17:38
*** lubyou has joined #maemo17:39
* lcuk gives qwerty a chinese burn17:39
lcuknow whos cryin b1tch :P17:40
Meizirkkiwhat package contains dhclient?17:40
qwerty12_N800lcuk, you, as i kick you in the zone and run off :P17:41
RST38hEHLO, gentlemen. It is your SENDMAIL speaking.17:47
RST38hlcuk,qwerty: moo17:47
qwerty12_N800kill -9 `pidof sendmail`17:48
qwerty12_N800moo RST38h17:48
* RST38h is a zombie sendmail. kill -9 will not work.17:49
RST38hRelease the lock! RELEASE THE LOCK!!!17:50
RST38hToo bad.17:50
* RST38h deletes the lock file.17:50
qwerty12_N800What have you done?! :O17:50
RST38hToo late.17:52
mgedminapplied a shotgun to the lock, hollywood-style17:52
lcukyou bastard, you should never kick a guy in the zune.  i might lose my DRM protected media content17:52
*** harryl has joined #maemo17:53
mgedminserves you right for paying actual money for DRM-ed content17:53
qwerty12_N800and then you will cry?17:53
RST38hlcukL You never owned it anyway, why bother?17:53
lcukit was qwertys fault, he kicked mei n it17:54
* lcuk will return later and unleash a devistating northerner attack17:54
qwerty12_N800Omg, I'
*** mardi__ has quit IRC17:55
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC17:57
MeizirkkiMer boot stops17:59
Meizirkkiat DSP pausing failed, skipping OP change17:59
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:00
*** lardman has joined #maemo18:00
zakkmqwerty12_N800: may i pm you?18:01
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo18:02
qwerty12_N800zakkm, sure, give me some minutes as i'm connecting via my computer as soon as ndiswrapper gets its act together18:03
qwerty12_N800and I see it has :)18:03
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC18:03
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC18:09
*** hannesw has joined #maemo18:11
*** zap has quit IRC18:15
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:17
*** zakkm_ has joined #maemo18:18
*** madhav has joined #maemo18:19
zakkm_Can anyone help me install Nitdroid on my n800 please18:23
zakkm_I run Mac OSX on my computer by the way18:23
*** eocanha has quit IRC18:24
*** zakkm has quit IRC18:25
*** lbt has joined #maemo18:25
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:27
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo18:28
*** fab has joined #maemo18:28
*** fiferboy has quit IRC18:29
*** zakkm_ has left #maemo18:30
*** ab has quit IRC18:31
*** Mousey has joined #maemo18:39
*** AStorm has quit IRC18:45
*** lfelipe has joined #maemo18:46
*** luca_o has quit IRC18:50
*** guerby has quit IRC18:51
lfelipeHey, I'm upgrading some packages for maemo, and I've a new dependency that needs to be installed as part of this upgrade, and application manager is not showing this as a possible update (most likely because of the new package requirement).18:51
lfelipe(i.e. apt-get upgrade keeps the packages back because of the new dependency, and apt-get dist-upgrade marks everything to be upgraded)18:52
*** ciroip_ has joined #maemo18:53
*** eichi__ has joined #maemo18:53
lfelipeanyone has any idea of how to solve this ?18:53
*** geaaru_ has quit IRC18:54
MeizirkkiI thinks you should not use upgrade or dist-upgrade on maemo, only hildon-app-mgr :P18:54
*** eichi_ has quit IRC18:55
*** davi has left #maemo18:56
Meizirkkitry apt-get install <package>18:57
Meizirkkiapp-mgr is annoyin it naggs about depends, even if they are available18:57
lfelipeMeizirkki: I'm not using, I just mentioned it because it shows a possible cause for the situation18:58
lfelipeI'm trying to fix it to work with application manager18:58
lfelipeapt-get install package works fine as well18:58
*** ciroip__ has joined #maemo18:58
*** bergie has quit IRC18:59
*** hellwolf has quit IRC19:00
r2d2rogershello maemo <G>19:00
Stskeepshvlo r2d2rogers19:00
Stskeepsback to beer!19:00
r2d2rogersdifferent card boots faster19:00
r2d2rogersgot a usb network connection working out to the interweb19:01
*** Navi_ is now known as Navci19:01
*** Navci is now known as Navi19:01
*** calvaris has quit IRC19:01
r2d2rogerstrying to figure out where to go from there19:01
r2d2rogersMeizirkki: did you say you have wlan up with mer using deblet packages?19:04
r2d2rogersor am I mistaking you for another nick?19:04
Meizirkkiyep, wlan works :P19:06
*** ^Tux^ has joined #maemo19:06
MeizirkkiHow is mer now on 770?19:06
Meizirkkir2d2rogers: Meiz_n810 = Meizirkki19:07
Meizirkkisome pics about mer on n810 with wlan are on my picasaweb19:08
*** ciroip has quit IRC19:10
*** ciroip_ has quit IRC19:11
*** roue has joined #maemo19:12
*** matt_c has quit IRC19:14
r2d2rogersMeizirkki: still trying to get the X up like it should be19:17
r2d2rogersbut performance looks good19:17
*** AStorm has joined #maemo19:18
r2d2rogersI am trying to get locale-gen to run right now19:18
AStormskype is broken with diablo apparently19:18
r2d2rogersMeizirkki: what packages should I look for?19:18
AStormit has a "sound recording error"19:19
* r2d2rogers has 770s19:19
AStormlog msgs in console tell that it can't find a GstBin19:19
AStormshould I report this as a bug?19:19
Meizirkkir2d2rogers: For wlan?19:19
r2d2rogersMeizirkki: yup19:20
*** luca_o has joined #maemo19:20
Meizirkkiadd deblet repo, normal + source. then install tablet-hw-n810-nonfree19:20
MeizirkkiYou need to have the source-repo to get umac-module deblet-way.19:21
Meizirkki sid main contrib non-free19:21
Meizirkkiafter installing nonfree, mount /mnt/initfs to /<chroot-dir>/mnt/initfs/ and run /usr/libexec/tablet-nonfree/make-repo19:23
Meizirkki(run /usr/libexec/tablet-nonfree/make-repo at Mer side)19:23
*** dneary has quit IRC19:24
r2d2rogersI'm part way there I think19:24
*** luogni has quit IRC19:24
*** luca_o has left #maemo19:24
*** luca_o has joined #maemo19:25
Meizirkkiwhen you have the nonfree repo you can just install tablet-hw-n8x0-support and tablet-wireless with apt :P19:25
webustanyAStorm: skype works here19:26
AStormwebustany, on diablo?19:29
AStormit dooesn't here... for some reason19:29
webustanyI use it almost daily19:29
AStormany idea why19:30
webustanyAStorm: can you pastebin the log ?19:30
StsN800Meizirkki, doesnt work that easily d19:30
StsN800wi 77019:30
AStormI get some assertions (null) os not GstBin19:30
AStormyes, in a sec19:30
*** Grackle has joined #maemo19:31
Meizirkkimm.. i forgot 770.. of course n8x0-support sounds like it's not for 77019:31
r2d2rogersStsN800: yeah I was planny on looking19:31
r2d2rogersno worries19:31
r2d2rogersI thought I had messed up by running the apt-get upgrade, but hildon desktop is up now19:32
AStormwebustany, later, now dling a lot and connection is sloooow...19:32
r2d2rogersgetting funky terminal errors due to the locale issues I think19:32
*** Gracana has joined #maemo19:33
*** frade has quit IRC19:33
r2d2rogersdouble spaceed top19:33
StsN800beer is good19:34
*** luca_o has quit IRC19:34
r2d2rogerssapwood server is the theme engine right?19:34
Meizirkkigtk2 engine19:34
Meizirkkiwhatever :P19:34
r2d2rogerswhen hildon desktop dies it hits 98 percent of the cpu19:36
*** Meizirkki has quit IRC19:37
*** hannesw has quit IRC19:40
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo19:41
*** Gracana has quit IRC19:43
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:46
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:47
r2d2rogerswhere is the xsession started in mer?19:48
*** Gracana has joined #maemo19:48
*** guerby has joined #maemo19:48
*** melmoth has quit IRC19:53
*** guerby has quit IRC19:53
*** Sargun has quit IRC19:56
*** zap has joined #maemo19:57
*** florian has quit IRC19:57
*** Pebby has joined #maemo19:57
*** guerby has joined #maemo19:58
*** housetier has quit IRC20:01
*** sergio_ has quit IRC20:03
*** eichi__ has quit IRC20:04
*** gnuton has joined #maemo20:05
gnutonhi there! :D20:05
AStormhey... is there a way I could have system-wide eq on maemo?20:12
AStormlike, use pulseaudio with ladspa?20:12
AStorm(and hope it's fast enough)20:12
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo20:13
AStormhas anyone got pulseaudio running here?20:14
AStorm(it should be fast with speex integer resamplers)20:14
*** roue has quit IRC20:15
StsN800r2d2rogers, rc.local20:17
pupnikAStorm: pulse on NIT?20:17
AStormpupnik, yup20:17
AStormpossible definitely, but fast enough?20:17
AStorm(yes, it's possible to have ALSA on NIT)20:18
AStorm(with kernel config change)20:18
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC20:18
AStormthe modded esd uses some trick to send sound over dsp20:18
AStormprobably faster that way20:18
pupnikany young scruffs show up with interest in working on games?20:19
pupniki can help ppl get started20:19
AStormpupnik, does it involve ai? :>20:20
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo20:21
lcukheh pupnik you have to be nice to your proteges20:21
lcuksure, some might actually be scruffy, but aren't you meant to say things like "urban ambience" or "disadvantaged youth"20:22
pupniki want to start a compound of disadvantaged youth, feed them gruel, and tell them what to program20:23
AStormpupnik, forgot about salaries20:23
AStormgruel and housing is not enough nowadays20:24
pupnikwait a few months20:24
*** Wolfy[wee] is now known as WolfSage20:24
r2d2rogersStsN800: thanks, I have the firmware from my maemo install moved over now20:25
lcukAStorm, housing as well?  in my day we were thankful of a place out of the rain for a few hours a day.20:26
lcukmy wifi is bein arsy20:28
qwerty12quake1 on the n800 is being a pita :(20:28
* qwerty12 gives lcuk a router20:28
lcukthanks :D got a tablet pc nearby as well?20:28
qwerty12actually, my brother does but I don't think he would be too happy if I took it...20:29
lardmanhave a nice weekend chaps, am away I'm afraid20:29
*** lardman has quit IRC20:29
lcukwhat about one of those touchscreen whiteboards you have lying around your house?20:29
lcukyeah, cya speedy20:30
* lcuk never gets time to say bye to lardman 20:30
qwerty12lcuk, as tempting as it would be, I'm not the one who steals those from my school :P20:30
lcukits like musical bumps20:30
lcukyou just fence them for others20:30
r2d2rogersStsN800: bluetooth working20:30
r2d2rogerscli anyhow20:30
lcuk"sorry ociffer it was my mates"20:30
* lcuk nearly walked into a policeman today20:31
lcukhe craftily avoided a situation by walking in the mud20:31
* lcuk felt guilty afterwards20:31
*** pdz- has joined #maemo20:31
lcukbrb tea anyway20:32
* qwerty12 shoves a pizza in the microwave20:33
*** thopiekar has left #maemo20:33
AStormlcuk, :P20:34
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:34
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:34
*** Zic has quit IRC20:35
AStormlcuk, these whiteboards suck20:35
AStormmost are far too unresponsive20:35
*** pdz has quit IRC20:35
*** cjdavis has quit IRC20:37
*** harryl has quit IRC20:37
*** cjdavis has joined #maemo20:37
konttori_nokia music store cracked20:40
pupniksomebody needs to work on mypaint20:42
*** lele has joined #maemo20:42
*** gentooer has joined #maemo20:42
*** hannesw has joined #maemo20:42
qwerty12_N800konttori_, now tunebyte needs to be cracked (though i don't have tracks with drm)...20:44
*** madhav has quit IRC20:46
Navipupnik: I disagree20:49
Navisomeone needs to stab it with a fork20:49
*** jpuderer has quit IRC20:50
pupnikNavi: wut?  it's the closest thing to usable sketch i found20:51
pupnikas far as approaching sketching with charcoal/pencil at least20:51
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo20:53
*** simboss has quit IRC20:54
* Navi wonders what the best way to maximize screen space with mypaint is20:54
*** andrewfblack has joined #maemo20:54
AStormby moving tools into fewer buttons?20:55
AStormbtw, I'd like a non-sucky combo of maemopad+ and xournal20:55
Mouseyyou mean liqbase?20:56
NaviMaybe a toggleable tool bar20:56
AStormas xournal is extremely bad at handling large documents, while mp+ lacks a few nice drawing tools20:56
Mouseyoh, nm20:56
AStormMousey, liqbase has next page as sucky as mp+20:56
* lcuk agrees20:56
AStormcontinuous is better20:56
Mouseyi just want one of those that saves to opendoc format20:56
AStormMousey, is pdf not enough?20:57
* lcuk has things in his shed to deal with this20:57
*** pdz has joined #maemo20:57
MouseyAStorm: no, not editable20:57
NaviHas Abiword officially been released yet?20:57
AStormmarker tool of xournal was nice20:57
MouseyNavi: i have it installed, from a repo. does that count?20:57
lcuki would like to save the markings as side overlays to any arbritary document20:57
AStormlcuk, now, when I'm done with text recognition, might help you with liqbase20:58
NaviAbiword has some open document compatibility in the works20:58
lcuk:) astorm, excellent!20:58
Navibut the ODT spec supports more features than Abiword supports20:58
MouseyNavi: i thot the regular version already handled odf20:58
AStorme.g. putting the recognition into it :>20:58
lcukyou are interested cos of the strokes :p i saw your eyebrows raise when i mentioned that20:58
NaviMousey: it's not done20:58
Mouseyah, that's how it is eh20:58
AStormlcuk, :>20:58
*** guerby has quit IRC20:59
* Mousey achieves enlightenment20:59
NaviNested shtick, column sizes for tables20:59
AStormhopefully the code isn't too much of mess20:59
AStormMousey, e17? :P20:59
Navianchored frames20:59
MouseyAStorm: ha, no the traditional kind..20:59
*** madhav has joined #maemo20:59
*** eocanha has joined #maemo21:00
r2d2rogersStsN800: responsive desktop acheived, killed sapwood-server and the x session unfroze21:00
AStormr2d2rogers, :>21:00
r2d2rogersnow to figure out what else to do21:00
lcukastorm, pm21:01
*** pdz- has quit IRC21:01
*** guerby has joined #maemo21:02
*** eocanha has quit IRC21:03
*** denny has joined #maemo21:03
*** eocanha has joined #maemo21:04
*** guerby has quit IRC21:05
*** benh has joined #maemo21:08
r2d2rogersanyone know how to get the gpe-screenshot tool to upload?21:08
r2d2rogersgot it!21:11
r2d2rogersMer on 770
*** madhav has quit IRC21:12
*** Interocitor has joined #maemo21:12
AStormr2d2rogers, a bit... empty :>21:13
AStormalso, forgot to install l10n files21:13
r2d2rogersI need to install some apps21:13
r2d2rogersis that it?21:13
r2d2rogerslittle bit better
StsN800AStorm, got a weird problem after upgrading to hildon fremanrtle21:14
qwerty12_N800r2d2rogers, i see the cpu usage :(21:14
r2d2rogersqwerty12_N800: not constant21:15
r2d2rogersonly during the capture or other ops21:15
qwerty12_N800r2d2rogers, ah, good news21:15
r2d2rogersit idles down nice21:15
*** andrewfblack has quit IRC21:15
r2d2rogersI installed hildon-input-method, trying a restart with sapwood commented out of start-hildon21:17
AStormbtw, what does sapwood do?21:18
r2d2rogersnot sure...21:18
r2d2rogersmesses me up ?21:18
qwerty12_N800'tis a theme engine, open source anyway21:18
*** profoX` has quit IRC21:21
*** gentooer has quit IRC21:21
*** profoX` has joined #maemo21:21
StsN800r2d2rogers, good to know progress21:22
r2d2rogersworked on reboot BTw looks like it was sapwood keeping the desktop unresponsive before21:23
r2d2rogersSo, what l10n packages? <G>21:25
*** guerby has joined #maemo21:25
*** _berto_ has quit IRC21:30
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo21:33
r2d2rogersmidori loads, but I have no text input yet21:33
AStormr2d2rogers, hmm, let me check apt21:33
r2d2rogersmidori loads google!21:33
AStormany with l10n in name21:34
AStorma lot of them21:34
AStormI have 58 just for en_US21:34
r2d2rogersMer on 770 with midori at google
StsN800r2d2rogers, how is speed?21:35
AStormStsN800, tell me when all the important features are in21:36
AStormthen I might install it21:36
r2d2rogerssome lag on witing to load21:36
AStormStsN800, btw, do enable accessx for x server21:36
r2d2rogersbut less than maemo21:36
AStorm+accessx option and some xset21:36
AStormfor stickykeys21:36
r2d2rogersbrowsing and scrolling are fine, some refresh issues with images on scroll21:36
AStorm(unlike h-i-m works everywhere)21:36
StsN800AStorm, its xorg, should be trivial21:37
AStormI mean, mod the init script21:37
AStormand build xset :)21:38
*** bergie has joined #maemo21:38
lcukr2d2rogers, "warning, you are using a superuser account!"       "why yes, I am a super user!"21:39
r2d2rogersty ty <G>21:39
lcukthats a badge of honour :D21:39
lcukcan i get a toolbar like that for mine21:40
AStormStsN800, and build firefox 3.1b2 while you're at it21:40
AStormlcuk, I'd like one telling "Hackers may take over your machine"21:41
AStormI actually think an invitation might be in order21:41
*** Free_maN has quit IRC21:42
lcukwhat happens if i am myself a hacker21:42
*** caio1982 has quit IRC21:44
AStormoh, then you know what I mean :D21:44
StsN800AStorm, im not sure why anyone would run it on tablet21:46
AStormfor ease of building packages?21:47
AStormand modding21:47
lcukexcuse me21:47
* lcuk wafts frantically and opens a window21:47
Mousey...that reminds me21:48
Mouseydoes fsck EVER run at boot on the partitions on the n810?21:48
Mouseyi set the mount count to 38457287345628793465289734659287346528734651287346582710934650128934 and it still didn't fsck at boot21:49
Mouseynow my drives are ;_;21:49
AStormMousey, no, it doesn't21:50
AStormno fsck being done21:50
Mouseyso i have to periodically usbconnect and fsck, OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES21:50
AStormdoes jffs2 have a working fsck anyway?21:50
Mouseywell i'm more concerned with the internal and external flash21:51
AStormwhy usbconnect?21:51
*** eocanha has quit IRC21:51
AStormah, well21:51
AStormthese can be unmounted21:51
Mouseyso i can address them and fsck them21:51
AStormand you'd need dosfsck and the one for immc21:51
AStormdo we have a dosfstools package?21:51
Mouseynope, i've reformatted my internal mmc ext221:51
Mouseysince ext2libs and utils exist, it works fine, ext3 too21:52
*** profoX` has quit IRC21:52
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo21:54
*** zakmm has joined #maemo22:00
zakmmcan anyone help me install nitdroid ? on Linux currently ( Clone to SD )22:00
*** ron1n has joined #maemo22:00
r2d2rogersStsN800: should I upgrade omap-fb-tools and utelnetd from deblet?22:02
r2d2rogersStsN800: and I see the tablet-hw-su-18-nonfree and support now also22:03
*** Interocitor has quit IRC22:04
* lcuk bangs head against chanwall22:11
r2d2rogersk, still looking good otherwise, trying to make headway on input,22:12
t_s_ohmm, now what?22:12
r2d2rogersmidori shows up on the menu now22:12
zakmmAs a workaround enable R&D mode to prevent turn off crash: sudo ./flasher-3.0 --enable-rd-mode22:14
zakmmshould i do that?22:14
zakmmwhen installing Nitdroid?22:14
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:16
*** kenne has quit IRC22:16
zakmm-Flash the NITdroid kernel with 'flasher -f -k zImage-nitdroid-n8x0 -R'.22:18
zakmmwhere should i do that? on pc or nokia?22:18
*** qwerty12_N801 has joined #maemo22:18
zakmmfrom the mountpoint?22:18
zakmmhow should i do the flash nitdroid kernel22:18
r2d2rogerszakmm: wish I could help, but I know nothing about nitdroid22:19
*** kenne has joined #maemo22:21
*** ron1n has quit IRC22:21
zakmmSuitable USB device not found, waiting22:21
r2d2rogerssudo ?22:21
zakmm... that would give me permission not found22:22
zakmmor w.e permission related22:22
r2d2rogersplugged in?22:22
zakmmbut yes i did sudo22:22
zakmmyes plugged in22:22
zakmmi can see it on desktop22:22
r2d2rogersturn it off22:22
r2d2rogersand then back on22:22
zakmmohh right flash mode?22:22
zakmmhow do i achieve that?22:22
zakmmi forgot22:22
r2d2rogersmight just does when it's plugged in on boot22:23
r2d2rogersbut you might need to hold down menu or home22:23
zakmmuh oh22:23
zakmmapparnatly it worked before22:23
zakmmbut now my nokia is all black?22:23
zakmmnothings happening22:23
r2d2rogersyou sure it's on?22:25
r2d2rogersnot plugged into the charger on reboot was it?22:25
zakmmnokia goes22:25
zakmmand the backlight is on22:25
zakmmohh there22:25
r2d2rogersno clue...22:25
zakmmjust took a long time, first time i guess22:25
zakmm(The first boot takes longer populating cache)22:26
zakmmaccording to nitdroid page22:26
zakmmheard nitdroid is faster than maemo, so i thought id try it out :)22:26
r2d2rogersI'm on a 770, so there's a limit to what fast can be fore me ;)22:27
zakmmmy 770 WSOD'd within like two weeks of buying22:27
zakmmand i bought it on ebay for $85.. and it went past the persons warranty22:28
zakmmso i was screwed22:28
r2d2rogersI ahve 222:28
zakmmgot nokia n800 for $145 though, nicee condition and a nice case and all for it too22:28
zakmmand he came to me.. :P22:28
zakmmso i didnt pay shipping or anytihng.. paid cash22:28
r2d2rogersone original price, and one second hand from same age, 47522:28
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo22:29
r2d2rogersfor $75...22:29
*** Ivan_Chelubeev has joined #maemo22:30
solcazakmm: still there?22:30
*** mardi__ has joined #maemo22:34
*** zakmm_ has joined #maemo22:34
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC22:35
r2d2rogerswhat's the name of the network applet for maemo?22:35
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo22:35
StsN800r2d2rogers, not oss22:35
zakmm_StsN800: you try nitdroid?22:36
StsN800not interested in it22:36
*** andre___ has quit IRC22:37
StsN800i believe its something that should be as easy to put on your tablet as maemo and mer however22:37
zakmm_it keeps rebooting my n80022:37
*** andre___ has joined #maemo22:37
zakmm_i get animation booting22:37
zakmm_and it just takes forever and then reboots22:37
zakmm_is it safe to unplug battery22:38
zakmm_while nokia is on22:38
*** Sargun has joined #maemo22:38
zakmm_i heard nitdroid was faster22:40
zakmm_and it would be cool to show ppl .. hey look at my new nokia phone.. it runs android :P22:40
zakmm_have no service, so i cant call ppl though ;p22:40
*** qwerty12_N801 is now known as qwerty12_N80022:41
r2d2rogersStsN800: any thoughts on getting the 770 online through wlan or even bt?22:43
zakmm_Debugging kernels have the console output redirected to screen and serial.22:45
zakmm_would that mean i would get to see error22:45
zakmm_why it wont boot/restarts22:45
*** zakmm has quit IRC22:46
`0660can anyone else use facebook with microb?22:49
zakmm_works for me?22:49
StsN800r2d2rogers, bluetooth pan is easy. look at deblet hack challenges22:49
zakmm_what error you get?22:49
`0660it tries to offer me wap version :p22:50
StsN800r2d2rogers, wlan: patched cx3110x22:50
zakmm_StsN800: finally got wifi at home ;p22:50
`0660that's the address i use:
lcukfffffffffffffkn freezing22:51
zakmm_lcuk: you try nitdroid?22:52
lcuk0660, they are scanning browser key thingies22:52
lcukno, is it contagious?22:52
zakmm_it keeps rebooting for me22:52
r2d2rogersStsN800: patched?22:52
lcukthen use a stable system :)22:53
lcuklike maemo22:53
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo22:53
zakmm_ppl keep saying nice phone... so i want to have android22:53
zakmm_plus it sounds like a cool alternate22:53
`0660lcuk, they don't do it very well :)22:53
lcukbut its a phone os, and as far as i recall, the 810 isnt a phone22:53
lcukunless you know something i dont22:54
zakmm_i know22:54
zakmm_but now i can be like yeah i know eh? :P22:54
* lcuk cant personally see the point in installing something designed primarily for use as a phone on something that isnt one22:54
zakmm_plus alot are like like android right22:54
zakmm_i just want it working :(22:54
lcukthen buy a phone22:54
zakmm_no money?22:55
lcukthats a reasonable point - i have less than no money22:55
lcukinfact i have interest owning on the lack of money i have22:55
*** flo_lap has quit IRC22:55
lcukbut even if i had a zillion quid i still couldnt make a proper call using android on n81022:56
zakmm_i just want android OS .. not the calling part22:56
*** djcb has joined #maemo22:56
NaviThere's nothing good running on Android at the moment anyways :P22:56
*** zhaozhou has quit IRC22:56
lcukbut your mates will all go "oh cool, android, ARHGHGHGHGHGHH I HAVE FALLEN AND BROKEN MY LEG, CALL ME AN AMBULANCE!"22:57
zakmm_Navi: you tried nitdroid?22:57
lcukyou would look like a right wally22:57
* lcuk gets off his high horse and gets on with code22:57
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: there's a bunch of patches around for mamona etc that fixesproblems and amongst others gives WPA and wireless extesisons22:58
*** zhaozhou has joined #maemo22:59
r2d2rogersStskeeps: thanks, I'll see if I can dig around for those tomorrow22:59
lcukzakmm_, having said all that, hows perforance, or havent you got it runnin at all yet23:00
zakmm_it shows the bootscreen23:00
zakmm_of nitdroid23:00
zakmm_and then it just reboots the nokia23:00
zakmm_and it loops23:00
zakmm_apparantly performance beats maemo significantly23:01
Stskeepsyes, but does power usage? :P23:01
zakmm_i dont know23:02
lcukthat sounds like quite significant speedups, i doubt maemo could ever reboot that fast23:02
zakmm_i want it workinggg23:02
Stskeepslcuk: some of it is right probably but i haven't seen anything regarding hw interfacing to produce power savings so..23:02
qwerty12_N800you did make sure that the userspace was on the *3rd* partition right?23:02
lcukpower savings arent an issue personally, 9)% of time its tethered23:03
zakmm_qwerty12_N800: the uhh23:03
lcuk3 partitions? :O23:03
zakmm_filesystem extracting?23:03
zakmm_sdc3 it was23:03
qwerty12_N800also, was it done as root?23:03
zakmm_i copied the tar to /mnt23:04
zakmm_mounted sdc3 to /mnt23:04
zakmm_and then extracted the tar.. to the /mnt...23:04
zakmm_from /mnt23:04
zakmm_and then umount'd .. and then did the flasher...23:04
*** florian has joined #maemo23:04
qwerty12_N800i'd bet my right ball, that if you did get it working, that there would be no touchscreen anyway23:05
zakmm_according to nitdroid.. touchscreen works?23:05
zakmm_The good: Latest Linux 2.6 kernel (2.6.28-rc8-omap). Touchscreen.23:05
qwerty12_N800yes, for a patched N810 touchscreen driver23:06
zakmm_isnt it the same driver?23:06
zakmm_for n80023:06
qwerty12_N800i'm pretty sure that solca didn't do the modifications for the N80023:06
zakmm_so im out of luck?23:07
zakmm_should i flash back diablo?23:07
*** gnuton has quit IRC23:07
qwerty12_N800well, you could get the kernel source and get to patching yourself ;P23:08
zakmm_difficulty level?23:08
zakmm_i cant program .23:08
zakmm_know linux quite well though23:09
qwerty12_N800so can't I but I managed for the old android23:09
zakmm_so should i reflash with diablo?23:10
zakmm_since it doesnt look like android will work23:10
zakmm_wont even boot.. let alone touchscreen23:10
qwerty12_N800probably easiest for now :/ but you just have to flash back the diablo kernel, not the whole thing23:11
zakmm_how do i do that?23:11
zakmm_i use clone to sd... btw23:11
zakmm_i got 2 SD cards though .. and i installed android to the other one23:11
Stskeepsyou know the closed devices stuff is shit when a new word in the danish language is "jailbreak23:12
qwerty12_N800zakmm_, flasher-3.0 has a --flash-only option but I prefer to unpack the fiasco image and use flasher with -f -k options to flash just the zimage23:12
zakmm_i used -f -k when doing android?23:13
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo23:13
zakmm_so what would i do?23:13
zakmm_guide me please :)23:14
zakmm_meizirkki: you here?23:14
*** webustany has left #maemo23:14
*** thoughtfix has joined #maemo23:15
thoughtfixGood afternoon23:16
qwerty12_N800zakmm_, probably easiest to do sudo flasher-3.0 -F RX-34<tab> --flash-only=kernel23:16
zakmm_oh cool :P23:16
qwerty12_N800evening thoughtfix23:16
zakmm_so i need diablo image?23:16
*** hannesw has quit IRC23:16
thoughtfixtabletblog is still down. Grr @ Google/Blogger23:18
thoughtfixApparently they're working on (i.e. breaking) custom domains23:18
*** lpotter has quit IRC23:18
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:19
*** djcb has quit IRC23:20
*** TokyoDan has joined #maemo23:21
*** TokyoDan has left #maemo23:21
*** thoughtfix has quit IRC23:24
*** zakmm_ has quit IRC23:24
*** sven-tek has quit IRC23:27
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC23:27
*** guerby has quit IRC23:31
*** guerby has joined #maemo23:34
*** luck^ has quit IRC23:37
*** Grackle has quit IRC23:38
*** setanta has quit IRC23:39
*** andre___ has quit IRC23:40
Stskeepshome sweet home23:41
*** StsN800 has quit IRC23:43
Stskeepsheh, took 15 mins for my tablet to time out :P23:44
lcuki was just gonna ask how much you pay for roamin23:44
*** andre__ has joined #maemo23:44
Stskeepsmm, pay too much for data, but its only choice i have atm23:45
lcukheh, good job you dont use your NIT as repo23:45
lcukanyway, its friday night23:46
Stskeepsmm indeed23:46
* lcuk raises a beer to the hardworking guys around maemo23:46
lcukall 2 of us :P :D23:46
* Stskeeps had a bit too much of socializing so23:46
Stskeepsam a bit odd like that23:46
*** straind` has joined #maemo23:47
badw00tyou're not drunk enough, carsten23:47
lcukStskeeps, :) we do what makes us comfortable23:47
badw00tyour typing is still comprehensible23:47
Stskeepsbadw00t: that's true.23:47
* badw00t passes the vodka23:47
Stskeepsi had beer tonight, not vodka, so :P23:47
Stskeepsvodka's tomorrow23:47
lcukthats your problem then23:47
badw00tit is never too early to start23:48
Stskeepsbadw00t: and you so need to come to .dk for a good night out23:48
lcukwhy put off till tomorrow what you can drink tonight23:48
*** lmoura has quit IRC23:49
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: ++ on the screenshots btw23:51
*** straindwtf has joined #maemo23:51
r2d2rogersMeiz_n810: Stskeeps thanks23:51
r2d2rogersStskeeps: thanks23:51
r2d2rogersno luck witht he BTpan yet23:51
*** straind has quit IRC23:52
r2d2rogersscript fails without saying why23:52
r2d2rogerssuspect password23:52
*** konttori_ has quit IRC23:52
Stskeepsr2d2rogers: if you can make a scrshot showing cat /proc/component_version and uname -a, it'd be a nice touch23:52
Stskeeps(from terminal)23:52
Stskeepsi think lxterminal might do the trick23:52
r2d2rogerslxt... k23:54
r2d2rogerswhat's the keyboard from deblet called?23:55
r2d2rogersxvkbd didn't quite work out23:55
*** straind has joined #maemo23:56
*** jpuderer has quit IRC23:57
*** straindwtf has quit IRC23:59

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